Esperando la Luz -- In the preswence of our absence we continue. Whispering we dream awakened.... 


draft tier assimilation
essays 1987-2012

Esperando la Luz

By our unknowing disposition please read these words. A  gathering  accompaniment... As good compels clarity invites. Words blossom deeds to purpose. In the preswence of our absence we continue. Whispering we dream  awakened.... 

The nice  Professor Einstein offered  while lineraily sustained in time. The Universe is non-linear. Meaning unlike a straight line the Universe can’t be separated from itself. One point leading to another point or juncture, both points revealed and valuated by the separation. The Universe is timeless. Infinity suggests as much.…. The earth people while experiencing their time determinant linear existence deny their Cosmic predisposition. There actively denied Eternal selves. The great Cosmic efficiency. Through the human invention, time, you are out of step with our residence the Cosmos. The implications abound.

The Universe is Eternal therefore endless. Ironically all material events, including ourselves, realized in time end from the inception of the event.. All  beginning end while disintegrating....all material losing purpose and directionWe are an Eternally incomplete species. Time is the near opposite of the infinite Eternal. Through time human beings assumed control over the timeless planet earth. Presently as non-Eternal beings you defer  your relationship with God. And yourselves. Unnecessarily...

Please note the presumed typo’s i’s o’s  u’s  and numeration are “unintentional” non-linear flow. Reinforcing our non-linear predisposition. Giving further perspective to linear understanding. The same our lives deemed otherwise. We understand ideally less the explanation of ourselves.

The time encrusted earthly experience is  revealed through deficiency.  All material events altered in time are relevant through negation. (Cause and effect factored through failure.) Again one protocol through time defines our material existence from the inception of the event…everything that begins ends. While ending. This process is not reflective of a material ideal. How do we displace ourselves from the infinite Light? Linear dysfunctional language, material disintegration evidenced through depletion technology and finance, assigned intelligence, death cessation  (all) determining current religion, technology, commerce. Resulting in a conflicted-disintegrating life redeemed through death. Spirituality deferred. These Cosmic dislocations are a reflection of your time insinuated selves. Accordingloy the eloquence of death is denied.  Human success denies our Cosmic identity.

 Your body ius non-linear. (all-inclusive, un bordered). Explaining that your body can not be separated from itself. Body- soul are one, unless through separation you derive. Youir body is intact, complete, divine. Your non-linear body can’t be separated from itself and still function. Cosmically your body is all inclusive, un bordered. Not less your body forms own borders. Accordingly Eternal. Beyond death’s defining linear interruption. Your bodies essential nature, the space occupied and nurtured as body form is Eternal.  Thus the your essential space predates your birth and post dates your presumed death. Including during  after death. And  befoire birth. Your essential self, the space you “occupy” is Eternal. Only otherwise “repressed” through your timely choice. Evident and realized as your current reality. Your non-linear all inclusive body is complete. Intact. Divine...Irony sustains:  Time material disintegration is your mirror. Major industries and institutions on this planet perpetuate death as a motivating profit incentive. A material cessation of self. Indeed your existence, your reality is relevant as denied. Death while dying, Your science, technology, spirituality is time encrusted, realized through  disintegration. Witnessed as your Cosmically incomplete reality....


Whispering again earth science offers there are no straight lines that reveal and  are essential to the Universe. The Cosmos is evidenced not as an inconsistently displacing-linear process, one point separated- valuated to another point or event,  but as non-linear presence. (Ever presence). Not as  increments in time, but as spontaneity. Appreciating in the absence of time infinity becomes functional. The timeless Eternal is denied though time, consequently  human existence is non-Eternal, validated as denied through dying culminating in death cessation.  Understanding “the Light” and the presumed “sound of silence” are un bordered, all-inclusive. Consequently the Light and its sound of silence (are)  sympathetic with  the infinite Eternal.  Material spontaneity is an issue of  all inclusive presence not diminishing disintegration. Linearity in time, one source defines as a disturbance between two points explains our  self opposing time suffered material existence. The chosen experience on this planet. More precisely linearity in time is an invalidated beginning point determined by an uncertain process that might culminate as incomplete end point. Material events displaced through ironic disintegration. Meaning your existence sustained as death irony and environmental disregard: One question abides. Can the spontaneous Cosmos be conjoined with your altered -inconsistent, dangerous life. A spiritual ideal realized through death the negation of life.

Acknowledging we can not chose  “currently” what we are unaware of. But we can benefit accordingly. Examples of spontaneous therefore timeless non-linear events. Answered prayers, inspiration, forgetting, therefore remembering, luck, intuition, twin tuition, precognition, dreaming, sleeping-sometimes, clairvoyance, coincidence, anticipation, remission, birth and death...others. Once beneficent of these occurrences we become aware if we choose. But presently these Cosmic events can not be interactively sustained. We can not converse and intentionally sustain ourselves through these spontaneous occurrences. Our time linear existence will not allow. (Given that the Universe is non-linear in its development you can assume the earth people aren’t the only creative life enhancing presence in the Universe, technologically astute). Observing non-linear  Cosmic occurrences do not come from another person including yourself. Negati9ng time. Therefore availing the Eternal. These events are not knowledge or machine based.(Clairvoyance and precognition presently occur often from a different time reference other than the immediate). Most often at inception these Cosmic spontaneous events affect one person. Availing the all embracing un bordered spontaneous silence-Light in tuned. Offering in the absence of existing human presence time would be negated and the Eternal would subsist. Reminding us of your denied non-Eternal bond in  an Eternal non-linear Cosmos. Our limitations are self imposed....

The near opposite of time is that which is spontaneous. Spontaneity one source informs is... “as being without the pretext of thought.” Through current thought we created time and sustain our disintegrating reality. Thoughts and related events of the Eternal are not presently materially inter active. The linear Cosmically separated self in the absence of time becomes non-linearly inclined, Eternally divine. Do you agree George given that time is the near  opposite of the Eternal it becomes understandable that we have to reject our timely existence (our non- Eternal lives) in order to be Heavenly attendant. Become Eternally aware. Beneficent and expressive.

The Cosmic garden’s seed 

The one material process we do not have to alter in time in order to assimilate is performed music. Music is its own response. Form realized through time revealed as death while dying creates exclusionary borders. Form in time disintegrates, loses purpose, direction (is) non-Eternal. Silence in this context is disruptive sound.  The sounds of time altering  material. Otherwise timelessly, non-linearly silence is a condition awareness intent activity that is nurturiong, non-linear encompassing the Eternal ideal of the entire person. (Silencing music of each life form condition event)…As and through  subjective non-linear sound. Therefore light sensitive silence (DNAs) all form can be  joined with infinite harmonic a Cosmically beneficent (shared) ideal. A new material language.
Understanding is possible but applying infinity- timelessness approaches impossibility given that the process through which we linearly self actualize, language, mathematic reflective of our ironic self perceptions inhibits-distorts our effort. Evidenced as your repressed Cosmic selves. The Universe is timeless it follows that everything within the Universe is timeless as well, including memory, unless you are Cosmically indisposed. Interestingly memory is like music, silence and the Light….Memory does not have to be altered, interpreted through thinking in order to occur . Also when memory is allowed its own Cosmic nature it is not fragmented-affected by time. Meaning memory is spontaneous. Not linearly time entrapped. Your sneaking up to the punch bowl at your high school prom  (in and through memory) you will always be that eighteen year old. And the memory isn’t experienced through a chronology of time, but in the near of spontaneously. Memory is already inherent as the event, non-linear or memory and event would be exclusionary.  Yet our memories are time affected, we are limited to memories of the past. We can not interact-identify and sustain self through memory interaction. Appreciating that memories like all else in the Universe when not denied are Eternal, accordingly timeless therefore ageless. Only the Cosmos can remember an event as it happens. We can assume only God can remember an event before the event materializes while becoming a memory. Motion is intent. Intent suggest source. And source infers awareness. And this Cosmic formulation thrives as memory. The motion intent of memory. Reminding we all evolve from the place of maybe...

We do experience memory through time. (Allowing a different perspective). As mentioned limiting spontaneous therefore all inclusive memories to memories of the past. Material events in time lose their utility, end, disintegrate...but their  memories like everything else in the Universe unless denied is Eternal. Memories in time are forgotten. But the forgotten place is materially active. (Because memories including memory of self are not Eternal to you this does not mean the memories are not infinite and Eternal to themselves). Interestingly you can not prove you forgot. Memory in time don’t transcend our limited ironic awareness forgetting does. While not forgetting-excluding the person or forgotten event. (Because we forget doesn’t mean something is forgotten, Eternally unavailable). In time forgetting is non-linear memory. Yearning linear memory.  (We resolve the difference between Eternal memory and our memories limited to the past  through forgetting. The memory un willful place “pace” of self.).  Forgetting is not a willful condition event therefore spontaneous accordingly timeless, Eternal. We can not access forgotten event memories, but they can access us. Not unlike luck, coincidence etcetera  they access us singularly, but not at the exclusion of others. Yes  “irrespective of time and space” with an intent other than our own. The clearer perspective becomes one of source and origin, not cause and effect. (Sound not coercive force). Memory is Cosmic sound...Light intent. From our perspective DNAsound. Your genetic sound. Your uninterrupted denied bond with the Cosmos...if you desire.

 Beginning already started

A nice biologist at MIT apparently for his own amusement in 1987 took the DNA code of a fish and placed unto a musical scale. The result. Melody of a fish. Then as memory allows a leaf. Resulting in the  melody of a leaf. Next this Asian gentleman too the DNA code of a cancer. Eventually played it backwards. Result... Mozart’s Funeral Requiem.  Note “backwards” motion intent. Possibly a motion resolving time’s displacement suggesting origin source. (A time reversal to non-linear origin). The timeless non-linear event does not unfold forward- backwards, up or down excluding either, or a beginning determined culminating while ending. (Inception defines). Material space doesn’t function in spite of space, but as space. Past and present inferred future are issues of refinement  not displacement through disintegration. Refining the non-Eternal yields beautifully to the Eternal.  Note definitions of spin, span and spun, motion condition activity other than linear. Interestingly span is also defined in one dictionary as a current activity that resolves a past event to the immediate. Yes  approaching the denied Eternal. Uninterrupted essence. Approaching pre form. Again  the motion of either spin or span (one motiuon can evolve to another)  reverts a past event to a current status. Presently the nature of motion “u” is influenced by the observation source, our time acquired instruction. This motion shift resolving time irony can be affected through self and designed technology. Clearly their is a motion intent to Eternal  that human’s deny while aspiring. As instructed.

More conventionally the Super String Theory which some believe will unify all the field forces on this planet into one applicable theory…GUT the Grand Unified Theory. This research offers (1). The one non-material in the Universe is time. (2). There are up to 29 dimensions  one spoken of as magical.  The number of dimension  changes. (We offer dimensions evolve, shift-refine). (3). Below the subatomic is a world of vibrating  strings. Suggesting sound. Do you appreciate you are a repressed Cosmic dimension. A dimension is defined... as an extension of space a property of space. Presently revoked as the fourth dimension, the all-inclusive Light. If (I) may an observation relevant to the grand unified theory. Exclusionary beings observations are relevant as temporary, partial through essential inconsistency. Fundamental to progress is eventual invalidation of what is deemed innovative-progressive. Also GUT presumes the Universe is constant to itself. Further can a permanent shift be excluded due to a  life form intervention or God’s. Can their be an applicable consensus on GUT that doesn’t consider the foibles of self? We offer dimensions evolve, shift-refine. Time material displacement can be resolved to a material spontaneous  ideal evident sympathetic with the infinite Eternal. Please consider reading the previous sentence once again. This becomes the essence of non-linear “timeless” technology. Example interstellar travel not based on linear potentially dysfunctional dislocation actualized and measured through time and related depletion technologies. Revealed thr0ough invalidation's knowledge base. Progress is factored through failure, uncertainty and eventual invalidation. Negation not summation.

Another effort encourages. The curly haired scientist conventionally educated at Harvard and Cambridge offers. Finally a name the nice Professor Sheldrake offers an inspired observation. “There exists a field between species that functions irrespective of time and space with its own auguring memory.” Do you understand to feel the yearning timeless Light inferred. Research example. “Alleged rats were taught numerous behaviors in America. Different alleged rats in Australia learned these behaviors ten times faster. Appreciating that these transcendent events occur even though they are initiated and interpreted in time through linear “p0tentially dysfunctional”   perceptions. Also consider humans are the singular time determinate species. Denial acknowledges. Progress though self invalidating often loeads to the next clarification. Choice influence...often determining languages integrity). Are we identifying the acquiring venue of luck, coincidence, precognition, dream, intuition, miracle...the full sharing of non-linear events is difficult to comprehend and utilize-asses since measuring through language, mathematics or technology is a linear activity. Observati0ons-perceptions are influenced by education, the medium through which events are perceived. Explaining the non-linear realized through displacing time disintegration. Once a non-linear event is considered, observed its Cosmic fluency has been repressed. Whether the event in question is luck, coincidence, precognition, remission, yoiur birth, yiour death.  Miracles and answered prayers assume an interactive effect, their own voice. Through actualized DNAs  non-linear events are no longer relevant as denied, these condition events become reciprocally conversant. In this context cure and disease are only exclusionary in time, otherwise compatible. Both condition qualities enhancing, informing. When death either in culmination or as a continuous process are no longer determinant and consequential reality changes. A Cosmic shift has occurred.  Is this essential time based dislocation not further suggested when virus-bacteria acquire resistance to artificial invasive efforts.

Not to forgetting to remember the nice Professor Chomsky's  encouraging correspondence. We are not alone goodness thrives....We offered that loanguage like the near of all else linearly in time is an inadequate medium, reflective  our timely disintegrating culture. All conversations unfold as forgetting allows. Yet forgetting references our bond with Eternal memory however repressed ie memories in time limited to past memories though they can be experienced in the immediate. And are not excluded through anticipation. But even from these perspective mememory structurally is eventually delegated to the dormant past. (Dormant but still engagiung).  Language allows structurally for deception and self deception. But these distractions of purpose speak most often to choice. Also language allows for redemptions parable. We can recover a flawed conversation. Language can evolve from the positive to the negative or the reverse, language perhaps inhibits violent inclination, but does not exclude. We are not limited as victims of our own purpose. Cosmic awareness knows the difference. Intuitively we know good. We know luck, coincidence and the non-linear Cosmic occurrences without instruction. Meaning spontaneous the same miracles, kindred to self. And once the Cosmic doors are open more smiles benevolent. Alsoi.... the various mediums of language presume the ideal of definitions shared. What is love to one is otherwise to others. Yet we speaks as deeds unveil. And each word shadows the other. Also for distracted better not worse forgiveness cautiously hastens love’s direction. A realities integrity sustained through forgiveness validates and gives further vitality  to transgression. Adding validity to disintegration. (What of God’s love need be forgiven). What more to say that saying hears? Lyrics and music dance. And yes however repressed all language suggests its spherical kin. Denial acknowledges. Finally less initial intent the near of all language culminates as comprehension complete.  You notice that magic and  music allows for word’s allegory. Language does open mysterious doors.

 The nice professors Sheldrake’s study suggests that in the absence of time memory assumes an infinite non-linear material condition status. Not our current memory.  Memory otherwise in time becomes non-Eternally fluent. (Resolve time displacement and non-linear options abide). Meaning the Universe. Clearly humans are compatible in spite of their resistance with the infinite Eternal. Without resistancwe what awe avails? Can the same effect be initiated- sustained conversantly by humans without interruption, reverting to the non-linear self evidenced at birth and death overcoming displacement. Availing the great Cosmic awe. Finally transcending the non-Eternal self valuated and revealed through death? The question asked, we continue...

Cathartic application: Why is everyone taking same aspirin? When the aspirin can be sound Dnas” (intimate) to the individual. Meaning noit time contrived, spontaneous in nature non-linear “treatment” therefore Cosmically in tuned. Acknowledging the disintegrated irony of self and the consequent  materiality are resolved. Engendering the Cosmic preference. The non intrusive ideal. Consistency further invites: Why is everyone playing the same harmonica. Appreciating that a timeless non-linear sound compatible to event and self... embraces all affectation spontaneously: All relevant and revealing of the five senses. All adaptive form become amendable to the desired non-linear event. Including self. A non-synthetic union. Another example: Living in a home that is DNAsound  concurrent to the family, a self evolving materiality that is not design static. Not neutral, but sympathetic and responsive. A reciprocally nurturing home. Home and residents attend-accommodate each other. The same question a car, a space shuttle. Presently wearing the same predesigned “in active” shoe on each foot. Each foot should have its own shoe. A shoe that adapts to surface contact, weather and the changing physiology during event motion. Presently climbing whose ladder, up and down and while falling. Suggesting a dnas ladder. Distinct to your needs most of which affect you but your are not aware of. A ladder that participates in your fall by reducing chances of falling. Also collapsing with you. Absorbing your fall. Both in substance and anticipation.....All evolving “not disintegrating” materiality can be made sound intimate to the distinct-not fully knowable self. Your other than time linearily acquired self. Your non-linear self. Appreciating whisper, “your limitations are learned therefore can be un learned...the clearer language evolve” Reverting to your non-linear intended self. Your organic uniqueness which is also an element of your Cosmically inclusive self is deferred “delayed” to a time convenient “rationalized” after life.  Uniqueness... your voice, your genetics, your finger prints, yoiur appearance, the space you occupy. And the evolving chosen self. (You are taught the space you occupy is diminished “eventually lost” in time, but the space you occupy is the Eternal you. (Hence the conflict time and space).  All is God’s and Godfully intended. All path lead to God linearly beseeches. Non-linearly all paths are God. Politely we offer what deference aides less question’s answer if the timeless Eternal Heaven must be separated unnecessarily from your non-Eternal existence?

-The non-linear machine
an initial “philosophical” overview-

We continue examining the concept of machine. Clearly our progress in technology is applied and revealed through repressed non-linearity meaning through time linear displacement. Valued through disposable inconsistency or disintegration. The following is a definition the concept “machine” from the nice people at The American heritage Dictionary (2nd edition). A machine is...“A system, usually of rigid bodies, formed and connected to alter, transmit and direct applied forces in a predetermined manner to accomplish a specific  purpose...” Instruments and  tools in variation and degree the same. We are examining a time contrived human adaptation essential through time contrivance. Many of which are an extension of  linearly applied human  anatomical function. Maintained through depletion in design, engineering, intent-effect. A flawed disparity between human and machine that further distorts the earth peoples self displacement sometimes to an extreme. The human becomes reliant on the anomaly of machine, less so on their divine self. Displaced artificiality defines.

Can you sense the uncertain technological chronology. The design-engineering dysfunction that guarantee an inadequate machine result through an artificial “rigid” non- adaptive design often limiting machine to a singular inconsistent function. “Non-adaptive rigid” references current machines static qualities (ie) the linear machine will not accommodate unexpected events except by likely increasing the component of uncertainty and failure. The machione apparatus will only adapt ironically through disintegration to the environment. Linear machine dysfunction approaches the absolute since its limitations are predetermined from design inception. Result sustain a linearly deficient reality. Witnessed and affected by a time distracted human. Depletion-disintegration determines materiality.

*Of  revealing importance is the condition-activity of numeration which is seen as more consistently objective than language. Both numeration and language are independent of each other, each the applied serving explanation of the other. But numbers are not as objective-impartial as suggested, even though there can be little ambiguity as  between two, five or six or nine means relevant to those specific representations or a particular activity-event reliant on those numeric perspectives. Examples the little girls if five years old. The man walked away with six apples. Nonetheless numeration is expressed and valuated in a linear-time determinate world which is resident in a nonb-linear Universe. Numeration can otherwise be subjectively coerced. Numbers are temporary. Numbers can be used to asses and compel deficiency, depletion or disintegration. Numbers are used to measure the endless linear- incremental measurements in the current culture. Numbers can provide balance, additional perspective and clarity than the designed ambiguity of language. Note pleaswe in these essays (example bir9th)  numeration and language ar conjoined in the immediate. Availing additional consequential interpretation. We begin to appreciate and apply the union between number and language when understanding that each numbers has its own energy, form and meaning independent of an assigned numerical value appropriate to a linear source. This implied activity energy or motion  is inferred by numerology, example 8 is the number of individual evolution and 9 the umber of beginnings and endings. This intellect is also suggested as an issue of observation and logic. Presently numbers are not spherical. Numbers are consciously driven availing objectives that are presently linearly determinant. As is the near material all experienced by humans in time. Numbers most often unfold and reveal-measuring a disintegrating culture. Numbers are event static casual to an event result or conclusion. Non-linear numeration are sympathetic with the infinite Eternal. They are not localized, they are inherent as process-constantly intersecting, not  time constrained to an event. Timeless spherical numeration is on-going,  nut culminating through eventual inertia.  Spherical numeration as suggested are not exclusively event driven, this uninterrupted numeration is endless in the near of all regards. Which would include their form, texture and meaning. Spherical Cosmic numeration is constantly evolving. Not only as numeration, but in the eventual of all form-motion intent. (Eventual not alluding to displacement common to linearity, but spontaneous un bordering refinement). Sympathetic to the great Cosmic efficiency origin and source to the mystery of the Cosmos. The closest approximation we presently have to this activity phenomena Music like  spherical numeration is its own response. Do “I” remember the poster correctly at Lewis Clark Junior High school in Omaha, “Music is applied mathematics.” Music and memory while immediate are the only seemingly willful “experiences” we don’t have to alter in time in order to assimilate. In this context measurement, energy and location are redefined. We are considering the numbers of Eternal duration. Numbers of silence and the Light.

Numbers are more Universal. Less ambiguous. And lend themselves more readily to dramatic shifts in activity (ie) subtraction, multiplication and other formulations like calculus, trigonometry and algebra. Any error or deception in numeration is more apparent  requiring the assistance of dysfunctional language. And human ill intent. Numbers have a predetermined form and sequential evolution (ie) 12345. Any deviations in this progression are relevant to event intent and accordingly understandable, example 34521. But again whatever the numeric representation and revealing activity the developments are linear and occur in time. As such current number adaptations are always incomplete, reflective of the disintegrative non-Eternal. Approaching spherical numeration is the inspired work done by a nice German mathematician: Presuming the correctness of “my” memory. Nine linear representations are indicated from 1 to 9. The eight, number of indivdiual evolution is emitted froim further application. Each number in the linear representation is then multiplied by 9 the numeration that speaks to beginning and endings. When the 2 is accordingly multiplied you get nine  2’s. The three multiplied the result nine 3’s. The four nine 4’s. All the way to nine not factoring two which is the number of completion. If you have skills, interests or a whimsy that increase  your familiarity with numbers perhaps yiou can offer additional insight.... Given the all inclusive un bordered nature of the infinite Eternal we can assume the numbers or Eternity are Eternioty. Evolving similarly are the number of the Light, the silence and DNAsound. Though once integrated to a non-linear culture they assume a likely distinct presence relevant to application.

Conditionally linear machine is reliant on disintegrating material alteration that is reflective of time linearity. The machine loses value through use. The inevitable loss or depletions measure by current numeration. The value lose is intrinsic to the linear result since the entire effect is factored through disintegration therefore incompletion evident as uncertainty and considered failed result. Failure might not occur, but failure is a design component. Current machine events also create disruptive forces that are sustained by an external non-sympathetic fuel source. Non-linearly each unique machine event should have “largely” its own sympathetic fuel source. The machine event itself both in design, process and the human user influences-even determines the question of fuel. (Non-linear motion ideally does not have a fuel source that is incompatible or external to the machine event. Appreciating whatever additional fuel efficiency component might be needed (ie) 0 all fuels have a DNAsound). This congruent fragmented machine design is “transmitting” a predesigned linear machine result that has to be adapted to linear inefficiency (ie) disintegration invested. We have presently regardloess of innovation a self displacing erratic machine whose specific intent is determined through linear alteration... utility realized through disintegrating devaluation. Reminding that one of the definitions of linearity is a disturbance between two points. Often machine events involve numerous machines and personnel compounding irony.  (A single defect can determine machine result futility. We have a reliance on material alteration in design, process and result which is contrary to the Cosmic integrity of the material altered. Ideal non-linear materiality does not disintegrate, lose utility, purpose or direction which would include fuel. Again currently compounding deficiency....a depleting external polluting fuel source which is elemental to machine design and result. External...explaining a fuel source that is not sympathetic to the nature of  the specific machine. Obviously this systematically corrupting machine is  limited to its source (9human awareness).  In design, function and intent the machine has a beginning and an end which are measured and sustained by artificial non-linear time  function. (Without time parameters a linear machine would pointless from inception). Time determines, measures and sustains efficiency, actually inefficiency and deficiency. All elements of temporal linearity are evident. The machine is a disintegrating entity, essentially imperfect in design, utility is inadequate to implementation. And intent always factored through failure. The failure is calculated, integrated and active as the design schematic. And can never be completely calculated, resolved through anticipation. Once linear machine intent is initiated the machine can experience an unexpected catastrophic breakdown. Linear machines require repair, replacement. And the same basic linear machine design intent is often reengineered  with “possible” improvement in efficiency, but without any change in the overall dysfunctional linear adaptation. Attempts to diminish linear futility result in many different machines designed to affect the same result. (There are many lawnmowers. Market linear forces such as mortgaged time financing, creating a surrogate financing that loses value through usage that can’t be consistently be influenced nor anticipated. Deceptive promotion exacerbate machine limitations reinforcing linear irony. This entire schematic relies on machione los of value, the need to replace the machine). Clearly the current machine whether a space shuttle or a harmonica is a reflection of  incomplete ironic human self  that evolves through all inclusive consequential evolving disintegration. Not surprisingly technological innovation can only be redeemed through eventual invalidation. Progress becomes relevant as denied though unresolved potential remains determinant. Waste in the extreme becomes elemental to  the technological utility. Not surprisingly the most efficient machines are designed to destroy. Curious do you agree machines designed to destroy its creators.

We are examining predesigned motion events whereby the source that determines motion and the awareness that inspires both is inadequate and uncertain. Source and awareness predate event and are part of the event. The motion of a non-linear event. Whispering once again: Motion speaks to it’s intent, the intent is derived through a source and source is revealed through awareness.(Motion always has purpose or intent, a source determines purpose whether the source is a specific energy, human intervention, or a deferred-exclusionary God. Awareness suggests the same distinctions and are otherwise mysterious. Allowing the fewer words carriage. Motion is intentional awareness.). Considering  a non-linear timeless machine event. Not relevant to disintegrating time displacement in all its variant limitations in design, engineering and result through essential inconsistency, static rigidity form, external fuel, and failure component. All measurable as flawed disintegrating alteration due to acquired “adaptive” human limitations. A timeless non-linear machinbe event is spontaneous. Not resulting in an event that is essentially incomplete. Not a dislocating process. An all inclusive event not functional through uncertainty. An event that is sympathetic with Eternal or timeless memory of  the human-humans and the event itself which includes the non-linear machine. Meaning the memory of the event, not respective of time and space material that predates the event itself as suggested by the nice Curly haired professor Sheldrake’s inspired and bold observations. Inspiration a non-linear event itself do yoiu agree. not denying labor, sincerity and ingenuity. Indeed these are availing condition activities. Interestingly most researchers labor in the nurtured silence of self. (All inclusive- un bordered silence is compatible with the non-linear Eternal ideal. Not a silence as humans are currently aware, suggestive of an absence of activity. Also a silence being that pre dates birth and post dates the presumption of death). A unique silence formulation  that is adaptive and in part inexplicable. Yes back to Eternal memory... Availing influence-information not considered during implementation. A Cosmic karmic assimilation. The great Cosmic efficiency has been tapped. The specific or desired event result initiated through DNAsound ie relevant and revealing motion. Intent motion and derivative source provide energy source. Because the event is non-linear the event includes human viability or resonance as suggested by the nice-self imagining PEAR group at Princeton Universities' sustained inspiration both in process and substance. Defining condition activities that are  predated by the materializing of the planet earth. And are continuous. Acknowledged as denied-accordingloy repressed. We are not alone defined by our contempt. The Universe lives awareness thrives. Despair’s vanity availing lost direction.

What is a non-linear machine event? Consider please the following inference perspectives: *resonant time displacement. *Intent spheroid source energy (ie) self resolving “origin source” consequential motion. *Acoustic osmosis. Referenced an inferred previously as spontaneity, uninterrupted memory, DNAsound. A machine perspective that is timeless in effect because machine intent and design are adaptive and interchangeable. Each machine event evolves in its own unique time sequence. Sympathetic with Eternal duration. Refining not displacing. A spherical duration not measurable through displacement. inconsistency and disintegration. Coherent shifts not depleting material space factored through inconsistency and failure, purposeful disintegration. Not dysfunctional dematerializing, but other materializing. Flaw is not intrinsic to design or result when non-linearity motivated. When failure is not elemental to machine design,  linear intent and function deficiency has begun to yield to a non-linear ideal. Spontaneous in nature consequently a certain juncture self assuming or perpetuating. Spontaneous excludes time determinants inviting a light infinite time affect or result. (The all-inclusive un bordered Light). Suggesting a static or rigid machine form is no longer essential to purpose. Machine is adaptive to the vagrancy of human and non-linear events that can not be fully anticipated. (Explaining a Light event potentially excludes a defining human presence, certainly not an ironic presence). The machine event becomes Cosmically derivative like luck, coincidence, sleep, birth, clairvoyance, forgetting, death beyond current human knowing therefore influence though compatible with the  non-linear body evidenced at birth. And material before birth and after death. (There is no non-linear element or activity that is foreign to the Universe). The Universe can not exit from itself).... We are examining a machine that need not abide uncertain disintegration in design, utility and result. A spherical  non-linear machine. Not systematically displacing. Not a redundant machine or tool. We are considering an apparatus that is not design functionally deficient. A machine condition status that fundamentally affects the relationship between machine and its user... this alone begins to redefine current machine limitations. A machine, instrument or tool that are not intact through design-result inadequacy. Appreciating much frustrated effort, material and spiritual are invested to design, engineer and use current machine adaptation). We are considering a machine perspective whose function  provides much of its fuel source.  (Fuel speaking to the energy required to create the relevant motion of the machine, if the motion is not inconsistent or extraneous to intent or design the motion provides the fuel or energy). Also a machine that largely repairs itself through use. Yes a machine intent that can “fail” but as an issue of machine fallibility reflective of human presence. Failure is no longer a devalued-extraneous consideration and result. Repair and failure are redefined more an issue of relevant information than dysfunction. And in use provides improvement perspectives. Since the machine event is elemental to its own motion, fuel or energy is not externally sustaining to the machine event. Also while acknowledging the propensity for human error and accident we are  also examining a machoine that is self correcting through function. A non-linear machine is in harmony with itself, its user and its environment. (A harmonious aura of purpose suggested by musical instruments in use). An efficient symbiosis between machine initiation, environment and a unique bond between human and machine further “energizes” machine event result. (Heck of a tooth brush amazing space shuittle). Relevant and revealing fuel or energy source. Non-disruptive efficiency also becomes a fuel component. Idealized motion uninterrupted intent provides idealized energy or fuel. The notion of energy or fuel impetus is also adaptive and accommodating. Requiring further insight. Offering with emphasis since each machine event is non-linearily secured each event assumes its own time chronology ie spherical time, not time displacement through disintegrative devaluation. (Each machine-human event has its own time duration not localized to intent event-not factored through evolving disintegration-depletion). Non-oppositional gravity becomes elemental to function event, fuel relevant. For every action there need not be an equal and opposite reaction. An opposite reaction can only be eguaol if displacement disintegration is an encouraged material value. Inconsistency, determinant failure, a  need for a fuel  source need to provide the near entirety of energy are elements that are reflective of an unnatural “linear” machine effect. And are also suggestive of  a need to overcome the desired result which is not in keeping with the rules of the Universe. Devaluating, denial and disintegration evidence a better way. A flawed result currently valued through inconsistency and failure.

Appreciating that event shifts in nature are temporary, though disruptive never failed. (A hurricane always does what its supposed to). These events provide their own energy intent. These events can be experienced as disruptive, but the damage is realized through culture that exists in self opposition to its own existence which includes environment. And this devaluing opposition is designed as an issuance of awareness relevant to a destructive self altering culture. Example damage during a hurricane is predetermined to structural design flaws.(A home is not ready for occupancy unless it can burn down). Also not being able to anticipate, defuse, redirect or defer weather patterns which at a given juncture would be enjoined as a sound event. And as such manifest. Damage is also defined “tolerated” when institutional and income profiting is generated from damage, injury and death. In timelessness an anticipated event whether a weather shift, a voyage or a car accident are material events. Not unresolved, ambiguous and essentially uncertain. When a specific car accident can be anticipated as an issue of design engineering or while the accodent is evolving...the accident itself can be used to favorably resolve-define the accident. Each presumed accident has a unique motion sound intent, a specific materiality or energy that can be utilized. Sound energy can be “gathered” and “stored.” Reminding “music” is the one of the few experiences we don’t have to alter in order to assimilate, music is its own response. (Is music the motion sound of Cosmic memory). The same is true of  any material shift desired or otherwise as sound. Weather patterns, shifts can avail  energy resources actualized and contained as a sound event which would be much more efficient than coal, fossil fuel and less destabilizing than nuclear energy. The same is true of gravity. All is motion therefore has sound relevant to that motion. (Including motion created as human and by human beings). Presently the near of all human  sound with the exception of the sounds of nature, creative efforts and compatible dialogue are disruptive “damaging” sound reflective of our disintegrating time irony. These disruptive sounds contribute to aging, disease therefore the presumption of death cessation. Often human beings do you agree create the need for solutions often derived as a result of problems that are unnecessarily relevant. Can not the same be said of prayer. Suggesting the prayers response is already much in our knowing, the miracle of self. The nice God inspired Rabbi offered, “Prayers aren’t answered they are the answer.”

Offering a smiles reprieve from the inclination of machine while availing additional perspective. If you don’t live in the American Midwest  and are fortunate enough to be visiting you might hear folks offer, “There you go.” By way of  presumably attempting to clarify or give additional credence to a thought expressed in conversation. Over the recent months when hearing that refrain I suggest, “Hey that would be a great name for a mortuary.” With the exception of several nice medical people who perhaps a have a kindred-produ8ctive relationship with death, everyone else pauses while looking at me. They repeat the phrase, “There you go.” Then they start laughing. It would appear giving the practicality and dread people associate with death an effort is being made to place me in the mortuary before accepting laughter's salutation. This effort would seem to evolve without calculation, spontaneously. What other events similarly speak to our Cosmic origin-source. Two approach “deciding” to shake hands. Others compel love’s embrace.  At other critical times in our lives sound is expressed in deference to word. We are spontaneously assisted. We can assume other than our linear self....While being born. Mother, father and baby. Two resolving loves cautious soliloquy, kissing. When a person is scarred suddenly. Coupling inviting lives opening door. Laughter. Death’s invitation. Smiling. Can you think of any other, let us know please...

Reviewing spherical perspectives: Seeking further clarity we review. All otherwise non-linear material events realized through time end while ending, the selected material events disintegrate, lose all utility and direction from the inception of the event. This devaluation is unnatural to the integrity of material therefore ideally in the effort to utilities material. Which non-linearly would include environment. Earthly and Cosmic. This Cosmically displacing formulation is understandably and unnecessarily engineered into linear machines resulting in a flawed machine operationally evident through uncertain result, failure and repair. Rendering all material events including your life through technology even more incomplete, other than the non-linear. A non-linearity evidenced by yoiur birth. The Cosmic Godsoulprint ideal of self. Let’s reverse this deferred “unnatural” inconsistency and begin with what would of otherwise been the ending or the flawed intent result created by the inadequate linear machine. Emphasizing even though all timely material events do disintegrate, the memory of the event ( specific non-linear motion) in the ideal like everything else is Eternal. Accordingly memory is not a past dormant event, but continuously engaging. Problem  as noted is that memories are also time encrusted, we are limited to memories of the past. All memory  future event are humanized to the inactive-dormant past. Even though some humans are “ineffectively” sympathetic with precognitive-clairvoyant memory... spontaneous timeless or Eternal memory. (Infinite all inclusive un bordered memory). Presently  we are discussing machine memory. And machine memory intent. We know the desired machine event. The purpose of the machine. Which the machine under the current modality will limit through its temporal  linear design. The initial concept of the machine and the desired machine event have materiality therefore motion as such a distinct sound. (Recalling the Super Strings observation...“all is material except time.” Again all material has motion therefore motion sound or DNAsound or memory sound. (Motion is intent, intent suggest source and source awareness also expressive as intent: This dynamic is a constant- consistent “connected” status....a timeless sphere-spontaneously relevant to specific task as DNAs). Materializing this sound utility, a spherical ho9logragh will also provide you with the machine presence design that will give further relevance, substance or subjective inclusive direction to the “now” non-linear event. (All human attempts to give form or intent to an objective are realiozed through motion therefore have a sound relevant to that motion. Before effort is rendered to design the appropriate machine the motion sound of the anticipated machine and its result can be compared or matched to reveal efficiency. (Probe machine effort, a probe inquiry to the machine intent). Indeed this dynamic, this schematic is by and large the machine event and its result. The temporary consequent holographic sphere, attuned  with all senses. This is the resonant shift previously an altered disintegration event evident whether the issue is cancer, designing a musical instrument or a motion vehicle. Availing a Cosmic event. With its own spontaneous duration. Consistency and inconsistency we can assume are inter changeable without dysfunction as an issuance of material event refinement. The great Cosmic awe prevails.

Observing with emphasis a non-linear machine event essentially includes the human or humans involved in affecting result. Transcending the linearly acquired  skills suggested in driving a car, climbing a ladder, traveling in Cosmic space. The shift is well beyond the human presence repressed through time inconsistency disintegration a machine result  will be significantly changed. Evident of the great Cosmic efficiency. Each person iun their totality becomes intrinsic to the machine event. Each machine, each person and the machine result are uniquely sympathetic. Meaning the conscious perceivable human being and the non-linear being, both the same not one less the other ie the Eternal memory of the human being is involved. The observations explaining a non-linear machine result is a non-distinct generalization given the uniqueness of each event though the intent result would be anticipated.

Briefly in an embracing context: It appears that the near all materials, including the singular and collective self, are experienced through time are dimensionally  triangulated: Length, width and depth.....displaced while triangulated (ie) evolving from inception through inconsistent disintegration. Three conditions of matter; liquids, gases and solids. Life chronology; life, death and after life. And the inclusive embrace of time; past. present and future. All condition activity assimilated in three dimensions vaguely assimilated as repressed activity and result into the fourth dimension ie the Light sound. While the dimension status is unfolding we have the localized condition influenced by time which is deceptive ie soildis, liquids and gases. (Light sound meaning light motion intent evokes a relevant and revealing sound or dnas). Presently limited in appreciation as the silence. And it is the 4th dimension we are discussing. Refere3nced as the Light and sound, the relevant and revealing sound ie DNAsound as suggested. In the 4th dimension, the ideally active and utilized resolution of the three dimensions. The dimensional non-linear experience becomes subjective to the specific event. Whether a non-linear machine event. A cancer condition activity. Travel inclouding inter stellar travel. (Life itself). Also the presumption of death. The singular subjective event, which includes the human self or selves, is sympathetically intuned with the timeless Eternal awe, though exclusionary as a singular event. Certainly not exclusionary as is presently realized. Apparent through time displacement disiontegration. Inby the Light, the non-linear ideal of self, through DNAsound you become a dimension. A reciprocal dimension expressive as carnational flutter.

A brief change of pace as we continue our timely disguise. Appreciating you can only disguise what you already know.

Thorn our flower less the celestial seed? As poetry affords its own expenditure. Different shadoiws the same shade. Time is not as disposition suggests. We live in a Universe devoid of time, yet time compels life and through time insistent we die.  Distracted well lost in diminishing time our dislocation of self persists. The non-linear Universe can no9t separated from itself, less the separation. No endings thrive once begun. We live immersed in  time. Accordingly we suffer vindicated by our demise.  One question’s grace. How can a life event end in an endless Universe?

Current reality compels devalued separation. ( Random  certitude).  We cross the street. Greeted  by success or disappointment. Anticipation considers both. At times failure claims joy our companion. Uncertainty thrives our neglect. We survive with death's permission. One protocol seeds our existence, everything ends while ending. Even death humans have altered to their irony.  We kill. Death is life’s kindred companion, killing denies both.  We are authors of all except ourselves.

A family of  alleged giraffes, ocean’s rivers, mountains nurtured humming birds. Are mysteries inarticulate…(I) can not know a rabbits sleep. A puppies first sight. The trees companionship. Ourselves the same delivered untrue. Our  Cosmic predisposition.  Denied. Lost we search our absence.   Incongruity prevails. We create the burdens we resist by carrying. The burdens ourselves.  Our linear world floating in abandoned time. We are bold in life. Imagined in death. Death applauds you bow...

One question pleads. If  the Universe is one location how can you relocate. We relocate less our timeless selves. Time is a human contrivance. We are language… unfulfilled increment.  Temporary shadows understanding.  We are assigned a predetermined intelligence linearly oblique. Death compels our direction. Exclusion derives. God the same as God denied. Death consents life. Time past is not material. Time’s anticipation the same. Thus the immediate flower withers  less the Cosmic root. And this before the endless linear crossing of a borrowed street. We are the brave enemy, ourselves, lost sublime. Innocence guilt’s companions. Pain instructs love’s direction lost? What of love beguiles less God’s attendance. Kathleen’s breath Eternal serenade. All prayer’s answered. Dream’s awakened. Life’s explanation love sustains. Do you agree Katerine?

Intimate contrast. We are born without language. Un aware of death. God embraces less instruction’s haste. Intelligence  is spherical yearning eyes, sucking lips…life divine. Our bodies are non-linear. (Then  linear flux begins. Two parents one embrace. No retains life abstains. How early pain directs. And death allows. And crying words are crying shame. We  know what knowing permits…. Finally Eternities invitation-death…Intriguingly the same as birth submits.. No language. Death no longer directs. No linear intelligence. Our bodies return to their non- linear source.  And of death’s awareness we ask: The Universe is all what all is death less than all. Your body and death are non-linear. Your body can not separate less the bodies identity. Eternity refines. What purpose death. Death awareness less “no” awareness more, Eternity beguiles evolving all. The Universe perceives. Motion directional awe. Pedestrian stars.

Accompanied politely we trespass.  Words predate our birth. As does our birth.  And identities purpose…. We read we write and love. One not of the other less the same? However charmed. A terrestrial view. What life revealed (as not)  are we  that we do not know. Absence explains purpose. Are we the singular wit. Origin  source one smile. Remembering while forgetting: In 1752 the British Parliament converted to the Gregorian calendar. Citizens rioted. Believing they would lose twelve days of pay. How were our unhappy  temporal neighbors  reassured? We are engulfed in time. Without time we would not know when to die. Anticipation not substance. Does time affect a group differently than the individual. Do you agree in the absence of the human species time would disappear. What would the affect be on Creations environment in the absence of disintegrations flux. The poem disguises the poet…Our dreams the same. Similarly death accordingly life. One questions nests our breath...who are we. What would our reality be if the earth people did not exist less themselves?

In a linear time invested culture the science of numeration relies on subtraction. An effort to asses and utilize loss of value or direction. This activity condition permeates the entire culture. Imagine a material reality that only exists in summation of itself.

What greater Cosmic bridge than family. Summation’s allegory. Family tree Celestial star lust's orchard. What words suffice smile’s invitation. By whatever explanation family still. No debts worth ulceration's spending. All of mother and father bequeathed. God’s family. Love less caution’s haste. Memory and family the same. Sister Terry. Brother’s .Chris mountain cliomber. Tony avails. The song continues. And yourself?  Terry again. God’s instruments abide. Divine residence. Tio Bruce. Rodney thank you. Stuart sings. Emily cautions. Sunny. April. Where’s Noel. Sunny’s child God’s permit. Marta sings the same. Ana Lorena. Miles. The postman. The candle stick maker. What family all not Cosmic relatio9ns. Yourself God recognized. Heavenly introduction. We ciontinue these words  love accompanied, please...

Buscando hoy
and Charlie Woram and…
Solamente se
la verda sin lagrimas
no vale amor?
Wendolynn Lucas
corazon di mi corazon 
te amo mas que amo el amor.
Sin Dios te encuentro
en Dios conozco tu amor?
Enojada tu sonrisa
Ayer fue    
adonde esta hoy?
A mis labios no te mueres.
…adonde estas…
de mis lagrimas no las quieres.
Que es la palabra
ahora de amor?

A mis labios no te mueres.

en mi sueno me despierto…
la hora de esperar
si las estrealls me ayudan caminar.
Porgue te mueres
que de Dios conoces
que te vayas.
Espero querida
pero no me dices….
ayer eres manana
adonde esta hoy?
Que silencio puede ayudar?
Adonde busco
mis ojos no me ayudan
adomde voy buscando hoy?           

Ayer no eres manana
adonde voy buscando hoy
Contigo te perdio

Perdido adonde voy
buscando hoy….
En Dios te encuentro
otra vez?
Palabras de morir no mas que no
Adonde busco
adonde busco mas
que soy yo?
Adonde voy
adonde voy…
buscando hoy.
Preferio tus besos
sin tus labios
conociendo adonde eres.
Adonde estamos buscando hoy?
en las montanas escondidas
buscamos hoy
Te amo mi querida
Ayudame con Dios.

We return better delivered family: The following scientific precepts further clarify the non- linear ideal. Professor Einstein observed, “At the speed of light time is no passage of time.” (Is this the exact thought?) The gentle God determined professor further commenting that time was an “illusion.” Accordingly in the absence of time effect the Light becomes materially defining. Infinity prevails. The timeless Eternal ever presence defines. Light becomes all inclusive, ever present, not operational as inconsistent or denied. The Cosmic cultural materiality. More precisely light and its revealing motion evident as a  kindred-sympathetic sound would become the embracing non-linear manner and methoid through which we interact. An engaging  “expressible” condition  activity compatible with the infinite Eternal Cosmos. Sympathetic sound or dnasound and the Light are all inclusive and un bordered as such “kindred” with the in infinite Eternal. Sound previously referenced as DNAsound is a subjective adaptation of the Light. (These all inclusive material as  linearly abiding intransigent as steel, plastic  (other synthetics) and fuel such as nuclear fusion which are incomplete and inadequate linear adaptations relevant to the light sound materiality mentioned). Either the absence of motion or impeding motion. The medium that facilitates the new non-linear materiality is fluid uninterrupted memory, the near opposite of alteration through disintegration. The subjective sound is derived through memory, the memory of the desired human or machine event. Any representation of the anticipated event, drafting design, mathematical, engoineered simulation would evoke the relevant and revealing sound as concurrent memory. And as mentioned its non-linear compatibility would be measured in and through its Light component. Rendering the material effective or otherwise. An ineffective result would likely either be the consequence of human error or not knowable.

The PEAR group at Princeton suggests further ingratiating  understanding. A machine was designed with a fifty percent probability, it was determined that the individual who engaged the machine influenced probability. And an improved probability if there was “resonance” between the person and the machine. Of course we still have a the conventional limitations relevant to  machine, machine intent and human interaction, even though efficiency has improved and non-linearity evidenced as probability. But if we begin with the result first, the improved resonant probability as a relevant and revealing sound material event we can further improve resonance by adapting machine and human to the specific sound ideal. The result should be a substantially improved result event. Again the event is referenced as a non-linear therefore timeless memory, consequently a moemory that has occurred. We are engaging  timeless non-linear materiality. (The past and the future become the near of interchangeable certainly not exclusionary. All that can be realized on the planet earth pre- existed in some manner of material the materializing of the planet or it could not be experienced once the planet earth became an intact whole. In a non-linear timeless context “beginning and end” are no longer inconsistently  relevant as linear displacement. The material perceptions of “after and before” are no longer relevant as time mateiral dislocations. The non-linear begins to emerge.... The desired machine event is no longer a disturbance between two points. And the fuel source either as a factor in design, intent or the actualizing of the event is relevant as the event itself. Fuel is no longer an external, depleting component. Combustion, inconsistent motion resolved through failure no longer abides. Fuel source becomes motion, motion soiurce, motion intent, motion origin-realized as a concurrent sound facilitated as memory. This spherical condition event occurring as and through gravity that no longer is an oppositional force, but a concurrent determinant presence. And incredibly efficient event. A happening as opposed a many tiered, delayed, inconsistent and failure prone event. One of the embracing differences is that the event determines itself as  human identity shifts relevant to technology. The human is no longer expressed and confirmed as deficient. The spherical human and the non-linear machine are concurrent. Also the light sound event machine transcends human inadequacy and will often help resolve human limitations. Humans can not know all and remain human, this knowing includes the foible of self. One question lingers. Can this timeless therefore Eternal formulation be used to create weaponry. We can assume that the materializing of non-linear weaponry would invalidate “cause harm” to its designers. We can assume at the very least a non-exclusionary word would render violence unnatural. Depilating opposition becomes not the concern of politics and commerce, but rather evokes needs for concern and assistance. Violence becomes aberrant and unnatural. A non-linear act of violence becomes a functionalo act of violence against self. 

Recalling Professor Sheldrake's inspirational non-linear insights. “There exists a field that functions irrespective of time and space that has its own acquiring memory.” Note the reference of space not experienced in time through an acquired memory, offering we can assume a meomory other than our time displaced adaptation.  But compatible with our time memory accommodation or we would likely not be able to assimilate these non-linear insights except perhaps as unresolved confusion. More likely the same memory, but not displaced in time.... Also experience in however an incomplete manner non-linear Light occurrences like luck, coincidence, intuition etcetera. Relevant to aforementioned study: Apparently a life form, one of our neighbors referenced obviously insufficiently as “rats”....the alleged rats were taught specific behaviors in one country, similar life forms (not the same ones)  in another country “learned” the same behaviors ten times faster. (Clearly the learning was other than linear). The non-linear instruction apparently in the absence of time through its own memory became immediate or spontaneous. Not inconsistently ironic to itself. (If our little friends facilitated such an event why not humans and their acquired-reflective technology). We can assume do you agree the linearity of material space realized through time have been by passed through a memory function. As a memory event that transcends our memory limitations. (The relevance of reversal has already been suggested in the previous paragraph). But more basic than the linearity of beginning juncture evolving to a end point result, consider that these various efforts evident initially as inspiration, then process including and finally sustained conclusion through time encrusted linear language. (It is interesting that we can examine and develop timelessness through a time imbued medium). Which limits the effort both in perception and adaptation and subsequent interpretation. While developing these insights we are inferring-approaching  a new way of engaging  our material reality therefore expression, comprehension since the reality would include ourselves. (Non-linear awareness spasm expression suggested by intuition). Appreciating in the ideal human beings are inclined-attracted more compatible with a non-linear condition or condition event. Whether this speaks to placebo, luck, death, coincidence and the other light occurrences though presently these spontaneous non-linear events are inadequately material from their inception in their fullest substance also because these Light events are not created... they are a result of  happenstance explainable as mystery and once occur rent they are not conversant. Not sustainable. Interestingly also these Light sound occurrences are not factors in current linear technology, either in design, intent or result includiong the user of the technology. Presently as examined the ideal result at this juncture is influenced by inadequate ideal, failure and inherent inconsistency . This process is unnatural to the non-linear human. However expressed. Accordingly often relevant as denied. Like our bodies, always. Meaning idealized “linearly resolved” or divine through death. Loss of material integrity, loss of value is not inherent to the nature of material. Much is lost to mystery, happenstance and success.

And for my presumed self as denied self knowing allowed understandiong the song begun. Already started....Watching the determined and nice Dan Rather’s news caste. Our beautiful alleged dog Charlie downstairs. Listening did (I) stop to breathe.... In 1987 an Asian biologist apparently for his own amusement. (Anagram for laughter... all gather true).This nice gentleman  placed the dna code of a fish on a musical scale. The result was the melody of a fish. The same protocol a leaf. Result melody of a leaf. Next the genetic code of one of the cancers. Eventually the DNAs was played backwards. The result. Mozart's funeral requiem. What words speak that silence hears? What flower claims the better introduction than self? Ourselves eloquently the same by choice. The silence sings quietly forever dreams. Thus existence thrives. We can assume therefore God. Do you agree? May God continue to be blessed by you..

-Blissful implications-

...A sympathetic bond not resistant....
Whispering: Why is everyone taking the same aspirin.? Why is everyone playing the same harmonica? Medicine, knowledge fluency, language expression, transportation… the near all material changes. Your non-linear transcendent experience awakened. Each human is a distinct sound. DNAsound. A few examples: The aging process, the profound placebo, influenced by a multiplicity linear intrusions. Once and individuals DNAsound is identified the component sound that speaks to the specific aging process can be identified and influenced. (We can assume a substantial portion of aging speaks to time disintegrative3 noise a person tolerates during their lives). Also influenced  dynamic mediation...offering DNAS or spherical meditation ie mediation. Appreciating an all-inclusive non-linear event-evokes facilitates effects, conditions and qualities previously unknown or unknowable, but relevant to the effort. The meditation becomes a Cosmic event. Similarly non-linearity, timelessness or spontaneity changes the presumption of disease. Allowing the Universe is infinite, without duality, disease and cure become sympathetic. Cancer in an other than death invest culture becomes an issue of sympathetic information. Not disintegrative cancer. (As is all of life). Not  exclusion, death. Orientation begets result. (What is the pre form, the post form of cancer). Kindness to either the cancer or self is kindness to both. If death is not as you dread then cancer is not as yoiu anticipate, experience, perceive otherwise encourage. Silently we aspire listening: Any idea is a divine idea if its divinely expresse3d. Concurrently the idea of cancer, the idea of insanity, the idea of death, the idea of yourself...the non-linear divine totality of yourself. Your Godsoulprint breathes

The identification  and expression of an individuals unique DNAs meditation  sound .(Mediating the light to self). Expressible as a specific medium light, sound, music (your distinct  DNAs wind chime, prayer mat and beads). Your non-linear Om. (Intact Body Om). Non-linear Om. Your distinct non-exclusionary “ OM.” Our ageless sound, the Eternal sound of self. Godsoulprint evokes. Creating a meditation sphere. Non-linear mediation can also mean two in the space of one. Are not dream’s flowers similarly attendant. By them unknowingly by us. Om replete. By what arrival do we depart.

The same refining an evolving presently linearly displaced time insinuated behavior: Maximizing a skill like flying an airplane, playing a piano, digestion, learning, athletics, birthing, dying, love making ie becoming love. Interstellar travel is optional because the extremes of destination and departure are resolved experienced spontaneously as a singular juncture. Not unlike the spontaneioty of memory, inspiration, the presumption of death. And yes back to the current mystery of luck, coincidence, intuition. These insights incomplete without your inspirations. Suggestions: Again our eventual technology becomes a reflection of our evolved spontaneous, non-linear self as is your technology presently a reflection of our timely ironic Cosmically displaced self.  Currently technology is an distorted exaggeration of the denied-conflicted human. The incompleted human being. A machine formulation that perpetuates disintegration beyond utility and direction. In many machine instances affecting community beyond and in spite individual choice. The extreme example of this communal linear irony is war, war preparation and war intent.

As suggested a machine is a reflection of your ideal timeless Eternal self. Appreciating your body is unique. Your voice. Fingerprints. Genetics. The space you occupy.... meanoing you Eternal space of self, God’s active memory of you. Technology should by similarly actualized, non-linearly sympathetic. When you deny the essential self all consequence is similarily impeded.  Each machine event should be self inclusive self distinctive beyond intent. Assuming its own time, spherical timely development. Spherical meaning not functional through end disintegration. Your material reality should reflect these Cosmic non-linear sensibilities. Offering most divine ideal expressions are silently imbued. Actualized as sounds individual and collective other than verbal, inferring timelessness. Kissing, hugging, coupling, sleeping, inspiration, creativity, prayer response, anticipation, awareness, sudden joy or fear, birth, death, happiness, love before and after it’s encouragement. Silence is the absence of our often chaotic, troubled self. Each person has their own sound of silence. (Why do you prefer some musical scores over others?). The celestial silence, inferred  as “music of the spheres” that can be associated with the presumption of after death. Your Cosmic fiction. Are luck, healing, coincidence, remission healing, precognition, forgetting, your life and death the Cosmic language we repress in time. What really is a luck event, a coincident- shared incidence in the light, what happens to intuition and precognition when these condition activates are as immediate to the individual while conversantly shared self. Is a new language emergent, non-linear therefore not exclusive of  our current expression. What happens to life? What happens to death? God? As we excuse our focus on the machine....

                                        … Ourselves the Light Ourselves…

What evidence is there of “the Light” in our lives. Whispering cautiously. These are sensations that are not intentionally derived from self or machine. These spontaneous therefore timeless occurrences are not reliant on existing knowledge. Not consequent-reliant on disintegration. These Light events predate your birth as your  “immediate” capacity and does your disposition to benefit from them in a more involved manner. And are sympathetic with the silence. The Eternal silence. Which we can assume is both distinctive “individual” and all inclusive). Individual because the Light occurrences even though non-linearly all inclusive are presently singularly experienced. These Cosmic events in our limitation we know as our repressed non-conversant Cosmic selves.  The presently incomplete, sometiomes inconsistent: Precognition, clairvoyance, luck, intuition, twin tuition, coincidence, sleep, placebo, spontaneous remission, the presumption of birth and death, consequential mediation (meditation), xenology. Sleep…. The exact juncture at which a human falls asleep or wakens unless interrupted  is not willfully determined therefore sleep is a function of the Light. In the ideal wakening the same. Sleep though often coerced to a time schedule rather than  the need of a non-linear body approaches the spherical not linear. You sleep with God in the Light. And waken to your slippers.

While meditating you are not language displaced, not displaced to institution, without motion (the anagram for silent is listen...also (in) sent and the completion numeration ten). Ideal meditation resolves the linear self to the otherwise denied presences of self. Mediation “spherically evolves” engages the Cosmic non-linear Eternal self. Evoking with acquired resistance the timeless self that transcends the body form potentially spontaneous not linearly sequential. Hence spherical or boundless. Understanding to comprehend these Light sensations are not conversantly reciprocal. One way realizations once experienced become displaced consequently flawed and inconsistent. Currently the human cannot as offered  have a sustained intuitive conversation. Sustain a precogntioned moment with another of self. Noting when two or more individuals can identify a common (meditative sound) two can mediate accentuated  in the near space of  one, resolving linearity’s separation, absolving time irony. When you mediate approaching mediation you abstain from the linear repression inviitng the non-linear silence nearing the Light sound of yourself. The same “thought” expressed not through linear language but as suggested through Light intuition. Once the human acquire the un-displaced sound of self (uninterrupted DNAs) becomes non-linearily inclined. Appreciating all linear “skills” and there devaluation are learned in sustained linear time. The resolution of these skill to the non-linear Eternal ideal of self occur spontaneously... in the absence of time. Without uncertainty and equivocation. Humans are born Light affluent. Without sequential language, time linearity, sustained death valuation a spherical harmonic presence can be relearned. Understanding that the human can not chose what she or he is not aware of…(But they are always chosen.  They can make themselves available). We can benefit from that awareness and accordingly benefit.  Accordingly become aware and Cosmically articulate. What humans can not presently create they can avail themselves to...Living on borrowed time? You can only borrow if you have credit.

Smiling we breath remembering. Tammy is our wonderful Postmaster in Persia, Iowa. Tammy is the credible in incredible. One day feeling mischievous and funny I walked into the Post Office. We shared a few polite words. Before (I) asked. “Tammy are you alone?” Tammy hesitated actually it was more like a cautious pause before answering. “Yes.” Frustrated I responded. “Oh come on Tammy give me some credit.” You know I never heard of anyone dying while they are laughing. Have you?

 Spontaneity, interactive intuition, self sustained spontaneous remission, enhanced non-linear evolving intelligence, shared mediation, God bond transcendent. More previously inadequately delegated to magic, mystery, Heaven, death allegory, anticipation, irony, explanation and uncertainty....We are describing a new reality, a Cosmic community. Reflective of the non linear Eternal self. Further Cosmic occurrences like coincidence, intuition,  precognition, your birth and death are not as you observe or experience because from the moment of inception these occurrences are defused, fragmented to our culture. Further denied once marginally realized. Through these Cosmic events you further evidence your Cosmic predisposition, your Cosmic birthright Godsoulprint. Your uninterrupted non-linear self. In a Eternally denying timely world we often create the need for our own prayers. Do you remember the nice Rabbi’s offer. “Your prayers aren’t answered they are the answer.” You are the answer. A prayer denied as source denies the Light its source. This would be a non-linear perspective. All prayers are answered. Are we receptive? We can only “wait” for our prayers response in time. Politely reminding we have to die, reject our reality, to go to Heaven-since our acquired reality is the opposite of the unending timeless Eternal. Shucks and awe. The Eternal is endless. And our current reality is based on endings. You are the Cosmic origin of yourself. In time you must deny yourself in order to worship since you must wait for your God ideal while alive. Appreciating with whispers emphasis your God divine bond with God is distinctive and all-inclusive accordingloy articulate. And always God is and as such is so, origin source symmetrical. Concurrent spheres. Beyond words folly, beyond awareness's haste. Yet...

Dark events are related to Light all Eternal. But unlike Light occurrences which we can not chose these occurrences rather chose us. Dark events are chosen. Dark events are not intrinsic to the Universe, dark events are Light events denies. Incomplete-disintegrating events are inevitable in time. Are dark events? NASA identifies dark matter as the absence of frequency. (By denying the darkness we avail the Light). Dark events do not perpetuate themselves they are perpetuated. Dark opportunity events allude to prior knowledge they are likely shared and recurrent therefore not light silent indicated; consequently dark events are time encrusted divisive disintegrating events.  Non-Eternal. Dark events are Eternal as denied...repressed-deferred they can be sustained damaging conseguence3 for many years. Dark events can lead to the Light. Know the darkness claim the Light. Know the Light avert the darkness. Yet one Light event a spontaneous therefore timeless Eternal gesture can resolve years of recurrent accrued darkness to the Light. Dark events can also be briefly chosen. Non- Eternal events are imposed on others-shared incomplete. Cautiously whispering again dark events do noot perpetuate themselves. They are evoked and perpetuated through choice. Dark events are not Eternal therefore not intrinsic to the Cosmis, dark events compel...directing the human to the ideal of self, the Eternal self .Once dark events are evident they can be redeemed through choice to the Light Eternal. Know the darkness claim the light. The time indisposed planet earth is an unnecessarily disintegrating-death insinuated culture accordingly non-Eternal as such inclined to the darkness. Dark events are often encouraged in a time disintegrative culture. Even revered such as violence, preparing for extinction, coercive imprisonments, executions. And the many hungers suffered always unnecessarily. Dark events are also inferred facilitated by linear technology- financing...a linear time determined culture avails dark events as choice. Essentially? Often the Light it seems is a solitary journey. The darkness invites community. But are you not alone with God?

*Polite emphasis: Much effort, often unknowingly, is tolerated in an attempt to overcome time linear irony as we leave our initial understanding of the non-linear self and machine....We live waiting to die then we die waiting for life? We pray, we dream while sleeping, we die uncertainly anticipating the preferred self. And we wonder in awe of the unknown the mystery of ourselves. Placebo’s is another example, interestingly professional mourners as the nice writers at the New Yorker magazine observed are known as placebos. Placebos offer resolved unheard sounds of time altered material events. Placebo encourages events escaping to the Light. The words that follow speak to a linear unfolding of a placebo event to its the non-linear intent. (Like all material in time presently repressed including yourself). This unfolding of  placebo activity also references the non-linearity of coincidence, intuition, disease, forgetting, death cessation, DNAsound, accrued probability and other condition activities previously denied Cosmic predisposition. Observing: A placebo response is based to a “deceptively” encouraged belief that a non-biological placebo is actually a cure to specific disease. A placebo response to a placebo reality. A doctor or nurse encourages the belief that the individual can heal themselves; the patient can overcome their  instructioon’s legitimized disease. Clearly a non-linear being is self reliant, sympathetic with the non-linear nature of death...there are no external condition activities that deny self as less than self. A non-linear being is an actively Eternal being. Not surprisingly the placebo encouraged belief results in a remedy in more than half of the cases otherwise delegated to conventional  medications which often have side effects suggesting resistance. Placebo like all events evokes a sound relevant to that which is moving. When the motion intent is non-linearily indicated the sound is sympathetic to the Light-evoking the great Cosmic efficiency. (Why not all? A second question unfolds. What is a placebo without a disease reference?) We can assume in a non-linear event all results are positive, affirming the non-linear Eternal self. Placebos can not realized exclusively in time, placebos are sustained in spite of time reference. A smile invites recalling the nice and lovely Dr. Daughton. “What is the maintenance dose of a placebo?”  Placebos are not sympathetic they resolved disintegrationg which is the essence of disease, aging and death cessation. In the absence of time infinity “the Light” becomes optional. In the absence of time all including life is without end. In the absence of time disease, aging which culminate in death become otherwise. The same is true of all disintegrative events. (Again the nice Professor Einstein offered, “at the speed of light their is no passage of time.” Speed dislocation speaks to the interjection of the human self, the time essential self. One offered definition of spontaneous, “Without the pretext of thought.” And of course through thought you create your timely reality. Spontaneous denies speed dislocation realized through linear localized references destination and departure, before and after. Speed speaks to linear displacement resolved by non-linear “dislocation” ever presence. Dislocation becomes an issuance of refining not exclusion, of growth not devolution through disintegration. Other materializing not dematerializing. Reminding current language forms are not entirely compatible spontaneous Cosmic occurrences. Appreciating through language thought belief humans landed on the moon. And returned. Through language thought limitation the earth people continue to transcend their own predesigned self destruction. Through current language new language forms can be realized. Example. Shared spasm  intuition.

If  a medically encouraged belief can create a cancer cure. We can assume a similar like belief “ill tempered incomplete belief” can create a cancer. Also suggested as a nocebo.( The disintegrating disease is created not consciously over a period of timein a spontaneous uninterrupted Universe). The cancer inclination once a preform activity that predates time, the materializing of the planet earth-therefore is accordingly sympathetic with its own non-linear ideal the Eternal. (Disease, injury , pain instruct.). Pre form is sugge3stive of sympathetic sound light, linearily referenced the fourth dimension. Like self cancer is an adaptive accommodation to our linear aggravation. Cancer, death indeed our aggrieved lives are an attempt to redeem the linear angst to the Cosmic non-linear ideal. Return from whence we came. What is a disease in the absence of time disintegration....Further when an individual can assume the placebo effoect belief through self and not deceptively through another person a significant shift has occurred. A Cosmic bridge has been crossed....The “accepted” disintegrating time evolving disease can end a life in  an endless Universe, has been consciously transcende3d. (A life defining time disintegrating event has been resolved to its non-linear Eternal origin). More precisely you have overcome time to the timeless self. Two exclusionary time encrusted events, cure and disease have been abridged to the non- linear Cosmically Eternal individual. The divine self. (A non-linear life event wont tolerate destruction or loss of utility as a culmination of its process). Noting most people become impaired and die from recurrent diseases that reveal and perpetuate the timely non- Eternal disintegrating self....When a person can actualize the non-linear self the Cosmos is at play in their life. Again we are discussing consciously creatively altering the organic self in a manner that is the near opposite of aging, disease and death cessation. Also in ways that do not allow a complete explanation.(We can benefit from what we are not aware of assuming our availability as suggested by our limited relationship with coincidence, intuition, disease, death perspective precognition meaning life). How we experience a life opportunity also speaks to the expressions and creations of that life being. How explains current language, perception, consciousness. And how we realize life through science, art, spirituality, music, finance and technology which is a reflection of our evolved-evolving self. Our knowledge of ourselves will reflect that change. Consequently our spirituality. You become different beings through miracles, luck, intuition, prayer, coincidence dreams, imagination, magic and anticipation, condition events inviting of the Eternal self. The Cosmic shift most apparent when these Light occurrences can be actualized and become conversant. Expressive of the non-linear self. (Spasm awareness rather than calculated ie altered). Reminding these concepts are developed in tentative language prone to forgetting, incompletion subsists. Language sustained through forgetting. (The non-linear is sustained through forgetting). Accordingly the awe is inferred. The Eternal is reserved-sustained through forgetting. We sometimes know because we don’t. WE remember as we do because of our  acquired capacity to forget. Can you prove you forgot? Is silence the placebo to language. Whispering denial is acknowledgment. And we do know how to sing and dance. Not surprisingly artists, writers, lyricists, sculptors “create” in the midst of the silent awe. Concluding by denying themselves and their work to the singular name.

A conventional definition of illness is an interaction between patient and doctor. Interesting do you agree? A definition of organic biological process. Non-linearily would not either disease or illness therefore cure  by remission and placebo be a self accommodation. Reinforced that a percentage of assisted cures are not successful.  Disease and cure are kindred sharing a common reality, reliant on each other. Yet based on denying exclusion). In the absence of death and disintegration do not these otherwise adverse condition activities become beneficial. When an illness or disease can no longer have a negating effect how is disease, healing illness are redefined. Presently on the planet earth without pain, disease, illness, injury, death and their anticipation medicine and healing would be without a sustaining foundation. Further clarifying the non-linear ideal. A person does not choose their own death, even those who attempt suicide some prevail fortunately some do not. People spend their lives betting on an event that is not theirs to lose. Killing preempts God, killing is a dark-linear event. Acknowledging that death and killing are not one the same. There are profound debilitating differences between a death and killing event and consequence. Killing is the linear “dark” exclusion of two or more. Death is life. The difference between life and death are none. Neither denies the other. Indeed death enhance life. One through acquired license is a dark non-Eternal event waiting Light, the other an Eternal Light event. Both continuous. As offered to the inspired and lovely Sandy Chamberlain. “Except for killing  bad is good unresolved.” One of  time essential the non-linear realizations is to assume exclusionary credit for our life responses. Through linear time constraint we own our lives as denied. Death compels killing justifies.  Whispering again we are authors of all except ourselves thus ambiguity prevails. Death our acquired  certitude life tentative and inadequate. We are accompanied in this reading. Us....These ideas as much yours in the sharing as they are ours in the offering. Once more dancing between the stars. Your parents, their parents therefore yourself “remoived” how many times before we arrive at a condition status that predates the materializing of the planet earth. Still your parent the Eternal Light. This ever presence is Eternally concurrent. Through  time alteration often denied, deferred as the now. One question if we may? Why does “our” culture make reference in an unsuccessful suicide attempt. Why unsuccessful if the patient fortunately didn’t die. Curious. Anagram for suicide. (I sue us I die.)

As suggested other time determinate condition events can be similarly influenced. Indeed since intent predetermines material result and intent is predetermined by awareness (linear or non-linear) reality becomes Cosmically relevant and revealing or accordingly denied. Two examples of such a shift are aging and meditation...mediation. Can you mediate less your communal burden. Non-linear Eternal mediation aspires....Imagine  if you could meditate “mediate” in order to deliver s or return with a certain something an idea, a memory, an unknowable. Presently you wonder much unknowingly. Currently the near of all claim’s waiting instruction. Death through aging is an a flawed expression of time deficiency-denying the Eternal memory of yourself. (A nocebo). Forever doesn’t take as long once you get older, remember John? Why are some more diseased than others in a non-linear Universe? Also transcending is the ideal mediation of self evoking and sustaining a  meditative sphere of self. A limitation of current mediation is that you depart from and return to the disintegrative reality which presently you resist less yourself. You return less yourself. Less the mediations articulate. When the material self can be experienced through assumable choice which is evident as a new sound, Dnas,  previous limitations that were reflective-expressive of time disintegration can also be materially transcended. (Observing any motion shift will create a material sound expressive and revealing and in the Eternal the sustaining of that shift). Facilitating work, prayer, sexual uniuon, relationship between human and machine.  Language becomes inclined toward spasm sharing of information, reciprocal intuition. Linearly suggested by music memory. We are examining (is) reasserting our non-linear Cosmic self. Our Eternal seed. Remembering when we are born are bodies are non-linear...all inclusive self. Our bodies can not be separated from themselves without loss of value speaks to death cessation and birth. Bodies age disintegrate through time. In the absence of time death is not a disintegration therefore disease and aging which culminate in death would be otherwise. Bodies do change form, but the essential self is Eternal, the space location the body assumes upon birth and continues after the presumption of death is Eternal. Bodies change form while maintaining Cosmic form. Purpose... A vibrant space repressed in life not lost to death. Evident presently as life sustained through the denial of disease, aging, ever-present death evident externally in religio0ns, commerce, war assimilation and otherwise as the shared and individual self. Why do some experience more disease than others? We can assume as information disease and aging guide to the preferred self. And the anxieties associated with anticipating these evolving limitations. We “not all” are a species that is willing-obliged to destroy while trying to profit from our own destruction. A schematic deviation that  includes extinction. We succumb to our darkened totality. Knowledge and awareness based on ignorance. You suffer essentially and unnecessarily.

As your spirit’s patience allows: Acknowledging spirit and self one the same. Accordingly non-linear. All in the Universe was created by God. Yet we experience much in our lives through the perplexity of anguish. Anguish we endure ourselves or cause others to suffer. Accordingly God and Creation become evident as doubt eventually anger, fear, blame, depression. And destruction- final proof yourselves origin and source alike. (Our self tormenting protests of time other than death’s many determinations). Such a curious existence we suffer, our attraction. Not aware that pain is as pain is realized. Non-linear logics observation, if we may. Do the earth people have half life “moving” in the wrong direction. Yes is no and maybe isn’t. Half life appreciates. The same half life event in a light year away. Non-linearily distance is not determined by irony disintegrating dislocation. Infinity is immediate, the Universe does not exit less itself.

We accept that we are imperfect, yet we do not accept the consequence of imperfection often blaming others, circumstance or ourselves. Consequently creation is devalued evident as uncertain. Often suffering distracted and incomplete. We create our own problems despairing the absence of solution, our timely selves. We presume all that is God's should be good. And nurturing. Not  perplexing. We repeat our prayers waiting humbly for a preferred response. We want Creation on our terms. Not less ourselves the same. WE cause often denied by effect while waiitng to die. While acknowledging our inadequacy. Redeemed to death. And as justice begets, innocence’s truest companion is guilt. These contradiction defines our live. And are presently without solution. (Why life wonders and wanders?) Because the Universe is timelessly Eternal, the earth people exist in time consequently you are non- Eternal beings. Anything experienced through time ends, yet the Universe Creation is endless. Irony breaths life. Our pain and deferred Godsoulprint become inevitable. The Cosmic incongruity is not that we suffer, but we suffer much unnecessarily. Often unproductively. We suffer by our determinations. Not Gods. Whispering listens… our torment offers us a chance to reflect of our non-Eternal lives. When we are not distressed we are content even though others suffer. We cause the pain of others. Sometimes thus heroes are proclaimed. Soldiers are killed while seeking the death of others.  Denying Creation to ourselves.  Disdaining time that denies the Eternal human beings protect their lives through a self designed nuclear extinction, Denying Creation to God. “The day the music died.”

We sought out Creation as our own by challenging the timeless Eternal implementing time.  Earth peoples invention. Consequently you experience God and Creation on your terms. We preferred “our” immediate choices to God’s. Ambivalence decreed. Possibly the irony of time began while people  argued about God. Arguing about Eternity the Eternal became fragmented to the human self preferred time irony. God and the earth people became displaced. Remembering you can’t argue about God only yourselves.... God became determined less the Eternal shift. Lazily manifesting the inconsistencies between our reality and God, our existence and Heaven we deferred to an after life. Not this life. A spiritual life based on the absence of that life. Death became essential to our Cosmically denied existence. We became merchants of death. Any inconsistencies between our non Eternal timely limitations and the infinite Eternal we deferred to a life other than our own: Salvation, uncertain faith, forgiveness validating sin became essential to our spirituality while we lived. Unresolved pain, anxiety, despair, blame and depression. followed. Conditions that reflect of our active rejection of our Eternal selves. Concurrently your bond with God is unique not less all others. Your Godsoulprint aspiring. Yoiur  divinity between us less divinities sake. Uncertain sponsored by forgetting thrift. These words accepted without exception deny the fullness of your divinity, between you and God. And from you to the rest of us. And your divinities quest continues after the presumption of death.  Do you agree? Disagree? By either charm not less God. And ourselves. God is and as such is so. All paths are God…

The lessons afforded by our misery show us the way to our Eternal selves.  Pain beckons. Which is the being of self that is not without pain and uncertainty, but accepts the knowing benevolence of our anguish. Explaining the dynamic of  our torment like depression begins to shift:  Depression is awful, but preferable to that which caused the depression. The depression is yours, a spiritual interaction with yourself. Depression is your control-denying an unacceptable reality. Oh dear oh dear. Do you prefer disease to yourself? (All is spiritual unless yioiu have determined otherwise). That which caused the depression gives others control, the pain can get worse. A depression compels you to examine your life… the non Eternal events that have denied you life that God has given you. Depression is a blessing opportunity as is all unless chosen otherwise. But your tormented reality dictates. Not surprisingly because you are not active in the non- Eternal reality you will be viewed as unproductive, less relevant, diseased. And unworthy. In actuality because you are not contributing to the non Eternal ideal you dwell potentially amidst the Eternal awe. The sad irony is that many accept the belief that they are “ill” and don’t encourage the spiritual guide afforded them by their pain. We seek out cure rather than our spirit. Devolution is favored over creativity and prayer. Disease is encouraged less God’s accompaniment. Death applauds you bow.  Life on the planet earth is sustained less its Eternal seed. Oh dear…

Debacle, misery, success, death and destruction evoke opportunity compelling that we examine our  birth instructed non-Eternal disposition. Our preferred God ineffective self. Our incomplete-dangerous self. Imminent ever present death the culmination of our Cosmically deficient self. Intuition whispers logic’s need… rejecting our time encrusted lives in order to reside the timeless Eternal. A timely life a timeless death each excludes the other. Curiously we accept the material cessation of ourselves as death in order pursue a tormented life. Death while dying relevant and revealing as denied through disease, success, time determined disintegration, alcohol, insanity and self designed extinction. Thank God for love, joy and chilodrens dreams. We continue least disguised by our burdens. Creating the need for our own prayers while forgiving sins tuition. Learned anguish gardens anticipation. Aware we breathe God denied is God acknowledged. Yet we are good otherwise not preferred. Loving our children’s purpose. Respectful of our mystery. Knowing love as love and as love denied. We continue…

Accordingly we look not at what we see, ourselves. Thus all derived. Teacher denied as student? We smile unknowingly God attended.  God denied God invited. We are not alone the harvest of our dismay. We learn and dream. And wait. Knowing miracle without instruction’s permit.  As such let’s examine death’s harvest. Our witness convened beguiling whimsy. Death is not death Eternity persists. Yet death is not life as life waits death. Two world’s one passport. Who dies that life is remiss? The timely deny the Eternal death explains. Explicitly death is not time determi9ned ie non-linear, death includes both not one less the other. Temporal life denied as death defers both. Hence the living more partial to death’s sway than those deceased denied. Let us be cautious not risk making sense. Those deceased Eternally abide hence are without exclusion. Those alive wait less their lives surrendered to death. Do you understand the delivery. The living are without the dead, the living left behind, knowing and sad. Deceptively evolved pleasantly distracted. The dead are born less death’s weight called life? Beceased. Yet the living claim the final word. Their world. Easy chore themselves excluded. The dead sing silently. Reminding our embrace. Remembering  Kathleen gently love attended. Imperfectly sublime. Another examples seed. Your washing the dishes and remember your grandmother, years forgotten. Acknowledging yourself the credit. When memory is non-linear and your purview is linear. And forgotten, dreams and luck are not your neighborhood, except as flattery denies. All is Eternal including memory except when memory is time indisposed to the past. As such your Eternal friend timeless memory resides. Gone. passed away convenient language abides. We are left behind remembering sadly our departed friend. Misery our thrift. Death life not distracted continues: Generous visitation love’s well. Your dreams not your lofty navigation. What other Eternal eloquence do we credit ourselves with? What incident in the Light?  What parent forgets their child once themselves. Let us try to explain once more less words hesitation. Allowing time’s disguise. The planet earth is four billion years old. The Universe fourteen billion years. As such be such all that constitutes the planet earth had to exist before the planet earth materialized as an intact planet.  Cautions hesitation...before and after logic’s perspective in timelessness neither restrains. No endings once begun. We continue including all meaning of self whatever luster. The same tree, humming bird. And birth not death. Hey over there Carl and DeAnn. And there’s hey. And there’s and. And the frog’s smile about to jump onto the star lit pond. Mystery and magician  approaching. And well intentioned spies, Louie, Carl and Charlie. And there’s Ralph. And humpty dumpty Curtis Slama catching up to Buck Minister Fuller. There’s death and birth. Thanks Mom and Pop. Thank is again. The same not the same whether idea, process or invalidation’s decree. Discovery and Shuttle merging. All by all shadows the  planet earth preexists the planet earth. Now the planet earth. Emergent always however distressed. The seed sustains the apple the apple the seed. All ending without end Eternally. Cosmic awe ever present. Available all except by your construction, time’s trespass. Thank you is a prayer... Recalling  asking my dear friend Norman. “Remember we talked  about why churches close their doors after the Sunday se4rvice?“ Norman  smiling while asking, “Why?” (I) answered.  “To keep the people out...”

An observation if (I) may. Well intentioned you may we say. Many individuals appear uncertain, however respectful and loving when allusions are made to a God. Most often these inconsistencies are resolved through your language evolving as a condition of faith. Uncertainties guarantee. A faith that often seems intact as a comprehension rather than comprehending. Of course to a significant-desired extent faith as preferred uncertainty becomes inevitable when the ideal bond with God is delayed to an after life which we are only conversant as a depersonalized allegory. Faith reflects the uncertain self denied hopefully. Faith accommodates loinear perception. Fate challenges faith acquiesces. An allegory that is sympathetic with time’s irony. The schism continues: Relevant to the ideal of observation meaning logic, comprehending the near totality of God is not possible in a world where the legitimacy of perception is developed through the designed inconsistency of language and concurrent incomplete perceptions. Your institutionally reinforced disintegrating “incomplete” experience. Yours is a culture that discourages, but compels the departure of self through drugs, alcohol, crime, smoking, diseases of mind and body. Futilities struggle redeemed through an unacceptable death. A beautiful and frustrated passion that includes belief qualified  as belief. (Can faith be other than  uncertain when expressed as the deficient self). A God experienced in time can only be relevant through the deferred denial of the same God. The difference is between a timeless Eternal God and a time relevant non-Eternal God. The God we can assume remains the same worship perception, the bond is different. You are blind to your perceptions accordingly enlightened. Yet we dream, miracles embrace and our anticipation directs.  Do we no0t know mysteries less by their soloving. We understand our prayer’s despair... uncertainty through death defines explains a self that can only tolerate God as incomplete to self. Accordingly a timeless Heaven is separated from a time invented earthly existence. (Considering-experiencing a life without time is much discouraged-difficult to conceive since we already know such an existence as death). Suggesting the God ideal speaks to an after life that does not include life itself. The non-Eternal being denying the timeless Eternal self. Spirituality becomes self conflicted, God exclusionary and deferred. Realized in a linearily ironic world by the many God religions. The God exclusionary. There is the Cosmic God  and your earthly adaptation. God and God awareness predates the materializing of the planet earth and this planets knowing inhabitants. Yet again time’s dislocation allowing comprehension? What we4 know of God we know less ourselves? Thus we pray? Such assurance denies God’s Creation. And certainly be good each yearning invites deliverance.

Currently God is human preference based on instruction that is revealed as life ending death sustained. Dying that delays God’s creative effort…meaning the non-linear divine life that is delayed to an after life. Not your life. You must die reject your divine life while alive to go to Heaven. Your individual and shared life. You can not deny yourself or deny another and not deny God. Yet is denying you acknowledge, but do so tentatively. Inadequately through faith. And religion’s acquiescence. But do you not know it to be true: We are bold preferring good. We try eagerly anticipating better. Agonized and afraid we continue. Communally and individually agonized by our mistakes accordingly inspired. We are beautiful. We pray acknowledging our failures seeking a God’s tentative consent. Our Godsoulprint aspires. We love our children dearly. Love beyond explanations joy. And know waiting the better of ourselves. The divine rive4r flows. We are the galactic children of God. Appreciating once as one allows all conversant without exclusion. birth and death eloquent the same. Not one the other spontaneities garden derives.

Beautifully of understanding  a baby is born without language,  without an awareness of death, time or apparent violence. A babies relationship with God is an issue of Being not created need surrendered to life long  instruction. A baby is born Light affluent. A baby is a non-linear complete presence therefore not origin tot he baby self. We are born divinely derived all God’s Eternal children. ( Our earthly successes our Cosmic disappointments, yet seeds despair blossoms grow). Our talents are many not yet realized. Once more please the same embrace. Our talents are many not yet realized: Miracles, luck, healing, answered prayers require no translation. Conversant intuition and precognition. What other magic words not yet apparent? We sleep, love, birth and die, laugh enjoin ourselves to music and miracles. Dancing we understand. We mourn our lives sensing ourselves an unresolved divine mystery. We die God assisted not God denied.

We remain Cosmically active after death. Our bodies are non- linear, all inclusive therefore our presence speaks an active before birth and after death. Our bodies are non-linear therefore our birth and deaths “indistinctly” the same. We need not be denied by either. We are God embraced. All is compatible with the Eternal noin-linear Universe. The Eternal speak to Eternal beginnings. Your “birth” and yoiur “death” speaks to God’s love, expressed. You are the Eternal space of self. Acquiring Eternal intent while alive, karma. What words breath no less God’s breath. Except for killing all bad is good unresolved. If as gooid preferred. What words more not the same? We ask respectful of your answer, lovingloy unafraid.

Our Cosmic residence-ourselves, we knowingly revoke: Suffering the many hungers. The many violence. Your earthly successes are not as you esteem. Exclusionary God revealed as denied.  Graduate from your Holy Temples, your Godsoulprint aspires. Your non-linear bond with God, thrives. What words say that prayers hear. Go no longer confides less God’s Creation’s purpose. You are divine lessons’ learning. Learning what you know less hesitations purpose. Otherwise we explain God to a self denied in life until death. Are you alive? Curious on this planet your burdens you resist by carrying. By carrying anticipate. What wait your prayers not denied less your waiting’s haste. Success denies failure explained. Profit and loss the same breathe. What dream wakens no9t ourselves.

Death not dying
infinity hence continuity

In the absence of time-disintegration form becomes a sympathetic non-linear issuance of the Light. Light affluent is a choice. Death is no longer time-engaging, life no longer is relevant as denied. Death cessation realized through loss of material utility. Form is Eternally in tuned. Death is non- linear. Not interruption’s bequest. The end of life as organic form “death” can not deny its own source, form. And all life’s-death’s process. Death is no longer an issue of imminent  exclusionary finality, pointless decay- dematerializing. But of other- materializing. (This dynamic speaks to all form). When an earth person assumes in death an active motion  (presently dismissed as decay), they emit a sound unique genetics. A sound material relevant  to that which is moving. Uninterrupted DNAs. When a human “dies” they don’t go to Heaven. You can noit goi to Heaven while leaving Heaven. You acknowledge Heaven which through encouraged choice you denied while alive. Going speaks to the earthly dislocation “leaving behind” that would make death time relevant, material based on ending. Disintegrating. Not Eternal. You don’t go to Heaven you stay in Heaven. (Remembering Sandy, myself and Curtis at the Om Center eight years ago now?) You become Heavenly. Then now 1987 God, George Charlie and myself the first words gathering. Creation divine flower and seed the same. You are not separate from the Eternal Cosmos, denial acknowledges, incompletely. Do you walk through Pearly Gates, sit onto streets paved with gold or in the case of our Moslem brothers and sisters-greeted by seventy virgins…these are time i9nter active “disintegrating” forms. Yet all paths are God. All is God relevant. And revealing. All paths are God. Upon timeless death form is assumed asby the Light from whence you came. Concerned whereas there is no death there is extinction? The death of life the death of death. Once a God species becomes extinguished, yielding to their accrued darkness, the spherical Light-sound communion (carnatio0nal flutter) has been severed. Is the aforementioned knowable? By whatever distinction Cosmically aberrant. God is an issuance of Being. All paths are God, yourself. Choice full self. Some good some bad. Some beautiful some sad. Some divine some...All sum. Spherically accruing all is                        Eternally familiar in loving you we have been loved. Otherwise by our willful determination...Inviting prayers application in the absence of time infinity becomes functional, the Eternal by choice.

Transcending the planetary God: There is the Cosmic God and the earthly adaptation.  All is material except time. All is Eternal duration except time. All is divine otherwise by choice. Karma is God’s motion disguised as ourselves, unnecessarily. Thus the Pearly Gates are real. All is Cosmically material...real. We ask how Universe attuned are you, your shared life. A conflicted divinity acknowledges approaches your all inclusive divinity. You do not reside on the planet earth. Allowing  deferred explanation l the divine totality of self is between you God. As such your determinant divinity is without end. Your divine journey continues, Eternally. Not defined by the words of another. Your transcendent-inspiring journey continues after death. All arguments about God acknowledge God. All God arguments argue self. You devalue another you devalue God. Not graduating from your Temple you are denied to the Holy Temple. You become God deferred while alive. As death allows we are observers, influenced-acknowledged as denied. Unnecessarily. Your birth and death when non-linearily all inclusive become an endless God source. Thank you for your  accompaniment. Companionship the same. We are a reciprocally nurturing Cosmic beings. Your words unfold God accompanied waiting for the Light.



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