--Clarifying  terms--

  • Linear and or linearity…Speaks to a casual event based on separation invested in an intended result. A straight line is develops when  an initiating  juncture is resolved to a secondary often uncertain result. “We sometimes don’t make it to the other side of the street.” The effort is random, influenced through possible failure. This incremental process is redundantly futile culminating as non-directional disintegration. This earthly timely uncertain activity realized in opposition to an Eternal non-linear timeless Unioverse.

  • Opposite, oppositional, oppose…These terms or condition statuses explain the essence of linearity. Meaning that separation speaks to two material points that are no longer one therefore to some degree opposite. The material separation becomes more uncertain  more oppositional given the earthly experience based on dysfunctional alteration determined through time. Meaning that we alter Creation in a way that will satisfy our linear preoccupation based inconsistency  and diminishing time.  Note separation need not be opposing as such separation can be compatible with the infinite continuity, with life and the Eternal. Birth is a form of separation as is death both compatible condition events occur in and through the infinite Cosmos.

  • Time, temporal, timelessness…Time is an artificial condition human beings have imposed on their lives in order to try to affect order on their disordered experience. Time is a contrived increment, an artificially ordered separations intended to give human relevance (ie) control to our uncertain reality. The immediate material now is influenced by a dormant  non- material past and an anticipated non- material future.  Time’s non-material nature further fragments human’s already defused existence. The attempt to create order results in either greater disorder or only a temporary sense of order.

  • Infinity linearly is known as perceived while denied. EternalEternity is compatible with infinity but only immediate through the  service of death. The current death status related to time is an earthly contrivance. And like linearity death is a distortion of the non-linear which is not dysfunction ally  separable. Without time death meaning life would be without end. Timelessness can have no ending, infinity and the Eternal the same denying of origin. Without separating contrivance of linearity revealed through alteration birth and death would not be opposition ally separate, but rather kindred to one another. A continuance…Death is validated through the singular non-material in the Universe time, creating an artificial alteration that is denying of the infinite Eternal, The Universe.

  • Please note these ideas are expressed through linear language therefore are an inexact representations. As seed does flower consequence speaks. Hopefully your reading clarifies availing certitude…Availing these are as much your conceptions in the sharing as they are ours in the offering, otherwise linear displacement determines.

  • The presumption of death.  The human body is non-linear as such the body cannot separate from itself. Death is otherwise than we perceive.

  • A non-linear event can not separate from itself, less the separation. Meaning “separate” in a manner that is disadvantages to the material nature of that which is separating. The non-linear material activity event refines, othermaterializes does not dematerialize dysfunction ally. A linear presence human or otherwise allows for awareness, productive intent-we can assume an all inclusive-timeless non-linear material event includes similar like qualities that are significantly more compelling in affect given the differences between linearity and non-linearity.

  • Linear death-material cessation speaks to the loss of direction, utility or purpose of the human body or any form. All in the Universe is an expression.  All in the Universe has form-substance intent. All form is material. Time is not material, time is without form-time is an man-made condition  relevant as diminishing. Validated through material as the cessation of material. Amongst humans form expressible is valid as denied. All material form engaged by linear humans is altered- devaluated to satisfy and redeem the requisites of temporal linearity. The devaluation is measured in time. Realized as the material time interchange. Realized as decay, dislocation, dispossession, displacement… a non-reciprocal or non-conversant effects. Insinuating an earthly termination of life form functions. Again the ironic human adaptation is valid as denied. Temporarily otherwise. Consequently  form, therefore form intent are  misplaced ambiguities to current human beings. We alter what we either can not perceive or have difficulty perceiving. Including our lives. Material irony prevails preferred as Cosmically misrepresented… denied. Our bodies, our origin residence are non-linear…our nature, our capacity is uninterrupted-Eternal. We are Cosmically indisposed by choice.

  • Non-linear death…The active engaging-condition opposite of linear death. A nurturing awareness reciprocal continuity. Sympathetic with the in fine Eternal.

  • Vocabulary shifts. Tiome is different than time. Cosmis is different than Cosmos. Universe different from Unioverse. Infinite different from infinoite.  Beiong different from being. Inby and as if self explanatory. Godsoulprint, DNAsound,  Relevations as noted. Numeration within terms are unintended, but appear to be  pertinent.            

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