ORIGIN-SOURCE -- The question resides: The Universe is Eternal why aren’t we while alive? Are we each the effect of our own determined cause? The source of our own origin?


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The question resides: The Universe is Eternal why aren’t we while alive? Are we each the effect of our own determined cause? The source of our own origin? The human experience is a divergent reality. Children are gently  introduced into a distracte4d culture where all material realized through time continuously disintegrates. Including the human self.  We are taught to repress our Eternal birthright. We oblige. Unknowingly denying the Eternal Cosmic predisposition… from which we can be continuously emergent. (A deferred divinity persists). What awe is lost to your success?

The near all on planet earth exist less its Cosmic ideal. The earth people indulge a sustained death materiality that revokes their intended lives purpose. This terminal “disintegrating” life cessation determines the earth people’s daily discourse. Disease, violence, good fortune all events culminating with loss of purpose. We live waiting our end while witnessing the end of all life. Our disintegrating existence. (Through conflict we resist ourselves, our reality: Major industries profit from death while trying to avoid the same. Governments and religions sustain their prerogatives through death. And death intent. (Earthly sustenance Cosmic fiction). The earth people’s  life is fulfilled as revoked. A sad curiosity of being. A life unnecessarily  revealed, God deferred.

Repressing such a futile existence is understandable, reassuring.  Also rare and discouraged…. A peculiar reality.  We reassure ourselves by denying our existence. We must st3eal from life to sustain our non-Eternal intent. An incomplete identity. Such irony can not sustain the Eternal, except as displaced allegory evident after death. The earth people separate Heaven from earth.  Understandably the Universe is endless Eternally timeless, the earth material ends through time. Accordingly you must die…end your time encrusted existence to be delivered unto Eternal self. Thus non- Eternally you survive. Not surprisingly human beings validate their worship forgiving themselves. What of God’s love need be forgiven? When you devalue another y9ou devalue God thus yourself. A nuclear “war” prerogative is maintained to protect humans from themselves. To whom do you surrender if you’re the only enemy?

Revoking such a life through death while alive becomes rational. Yet is denying the acquired life through which we survive the most compelling choice?  We can begin to comprehend the denied Eternal by examining divergence. Attempting to conjoin the Eternal with the non-Eternal without repressing either. Irony compels.  Even when one emerges who creates a shift, this “enlightened” presence is eventually assimilated into the reality challenged. Elevated to a distinguished sometimes Godly status. “Not one of us.” The lessons offered are easily diminished. An inconsistency of sin becomes revealing and redeeming of the inadequacy created by the non-Eternal self. Transgression- disintegration becomes essentially kindred inhibiting the Eternal. Forgiveness thrives love forgiven.

Those challenging the non-Eternal  most often unknowingly approach an enlightened purpose of self. Challenging individuals quizzically  evolving  through the our birth status the non-linear self… origin of their own source. Most who depart from the linear awe, a life diminishing time encrusted life loss, also spoken of as success-assume the status of a damaged-unworthy self. A transient “limited” life style. None the less a departure, a protest of the non-Eternal culture which insists that you can not attain a vibrant bond with God while  alive. Your non- Eternal being resists your Eternal self. God “created” the Universe therefore yourself.  Thus you predate your birth.  Yoiur birth becomes a localized event in time in a non-localized timeless Universe?

A baby child is a divine being that the child has not yet been denied to the non-Eternal culture. Indeed the human body is non-linear meaning the body need not- can not be separated from itself in order to function. The body is intact, complete, divine. Cosmically  attuned. Divinity…the Eternal seed is lost through our shared diminishing-timely interactions.  We diminish ourselves. And allow others to devalue us. These behaviors, many deemed natural and necessary, explain our depleting relationship with Creation’s environment.  We know these  choices as the many violence’s, the many deceits, the many hungers. All activities that reveal the death non-Eternal life . Intriguingly “unknowingly” the encouraged alternative also sustain the death non-Eternal way of life: Being good, successful and spiritual are all death relevant.  Engendering your non-Eternal self…

Noting all earthly religions are localized to the planet earth.  Not galactic. Yet God is creator of the Universe. The Universe is all inclusive. Un bordered.  Un ordered except byas God. Universe includes the planet earth (ie) Creatio0n. The earth peoples inspired Holy efforts do not recognize “while alive” an active Eternal bond with the Cosmos. Current earth religions reveal the ideal self by denying the active Eternal self.  Your divinity in its totality is a singular discourse with God, otherwise dislocation fosters.

Through memory we repress or can attain the Eternal self.  Presently in time we are limited to memories of the past. The Cosmic differential is realized as “ what is forgotten.” But life experienced is not lost as forgotten. Non- linear memory is spontaneous…all embracing thus without border meani9ng without Cosmic exclusio9n. As such “your” memory predates your birth and is not denied by your death. (All inclusive-timeless memory resolves to the Eternal the irony of disintegration). You are God’s memory of yourself…. The Eternally engaging memory of yourself, family, species, planet. The Eternal  reciprocating communion. Denied as ironic timely disintegrating  non- Eternal choice. Spontaneous is also defined, “without the pretext of thought.” Explaining the current reality including the “self” realized through” timely” thought. In time all that begins ends while ending. Time the human contrivance is the disengaging near opposite of endless Eternal duration. Time is the incomplete of the Eternal.

Many protest the “death” non-Eternal culture. Drug addicts, alcoholics, smokers,  homeless, those surrendering to disease of mind and body and criminals. The dieing.  Those who question less the answer’s preference. Those death imminent denying death. The  God inquiring determioned ones. And your anticipated self.  Sustained resources are realized trying to reclaim these aspirants to the non- Eternal awe with minimum success. Many who return “recovered” are silent as consensus compels.

Acknowledging if you’re not invested in the non-Eternal, whatever the suffering disposition, you are evident as approaching the Eternal being of self.  For most  unknowingly. As earth philosophers offer: “Ending” life while living…meaning attaining the non-linear self while alive.  Observing… the Eternal being of self continues to evolve after the presumption of death. Otherwise diminishing schism defines. The Eternal self abides beyond words discerning. The earth people’s existence is a localized (interrupted) reality in a non-localized Universe. Presently the human experience after death is static, dormant. An allegorical mosaic of beautiful inactivity compatible with its origin the non-Eternal life.  Not reciprocally engaging… Dormant:  Yet the Eternal is continuously conversant. Nurturiong. Otherwise through selective awareness that  evokes a convenient0 adequate death which redeems an incomplete non-Eternal life.       


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