Many years ago our ancestors lived a challenging existence. We were hunters. And we were hunted. We couldn't influence our environment rhythms. Day became night. Weather. Disease injury duration. Mudslides and betrayals. Famine. Pregnancy. And eventually life surrendered to death. But we were shrewd we came up with our own cycle....time. Not realizing in time everything that begins has to end. We began to alter the environment to the needs of time. Whatever we applied ourselves "altered" culminated as a disposable juncture where activity and direction ceased. Including ourselves. We had unknowingly decided to challenge God's timeless way. Creation’s infinite flow. We weren't able to comprehend. God's endings, not endings at all, are part of the Eternal continuity. But through time everything ended without continuing. We lived altering all material to satisfy time's expectations. Even death was altered to killing. Wars became inevitable. We lived with death's permission. Having walked away from God's Creation we created exclusionary Holy Temples that pleased us. We attended temples that attended us. Holy Temples became death's witness. Not able to make sense of our timely acquired life the temples made sense of death. Death became their meaningful jurisdiction. We could only fully value God after life ended. But the Universe is Eternal why aren't we? While alive uninterrupted by death cessation. We are born unaware of death and time ...we become the self denied answer to our contrived-altered existence.

In the absence of time Eternity becomes functional. The past is certain. We remind you the Universe is timeless. We die in time not in space. Meaning that past is certain the future we can only anticipate and wonder about. The future becomes certain "complete" when it becomes the past. That's why time is a diminishing experience. Unless there's a shift in our perception we can only have less time. Life and Creations environment are also diminishing because they are experienced through time. Through time past events are completed, no longer materially active. Engaging. The problem: Our lives are influenced by past and future events, two places of self (of life) that are no longer active materially. Not real. Through time we separated ourselves from our timeless Eternal origins. The Cosmic source. The trees, birds, rivers would all eventually lost to our selves. We had claimed timeless Creation to ourselves and could only benefit and value from our effort by denying the reality we had created. We had to die to go to Heaven we had denied while alive. Time had become as basic to us as we were to each other. We could not arrive at a location unless we arrived in time. Time and "our" lives became interchangeable. But remember time is condition we made up. It's not real. Physicists point out, " Everything is material except time." We suffer separating ourselves from our Cosmic predisposition. Everything we experience including ourselves is temporary. Consequently while alive we separate ourselves from the Cosmos that we also know as Heaven. We had to cease to exist run out of time to "go" to Heaven. This irony we came to exaggerate through our technology, our religions and economies. Our religions offer death not life as the ideal God witness. Afraid we trusted ourselves more than God. We surrender Eternity to our desperate temporary selves. We could only value our lives by rejecting our existence. We live creating the need for our own prayers. We politely repeat our prayers waiting for God to get them right.


Essays, Glimpses & Consequentials


Dr. Wisman and the Light

Formation iNi

Origin Source


Ageless Sound Two

Evolving Collective Assimilation

Initial inference assimilation

Word Silence

Ageless Sound Five

Meditating Sphere

Psychiatric Spere

Inclusion Spherical

Wind Gravity


The Room

Joan Costello and the Sphere

Ageless Buddhist

Displacement Frequency

Wemo Adora

Graduate Divine

Intergalactic Earth Ironies


Eric's Musical Spere

Ageless Curtis

Ageless Isabella

Noam Chomsky and the Light

Destruction a Linear Event

Missing Canvas

Corresponding Memory

Ageless Kelly and Lori

Leaves Fall Rising

Duplicate Universe

Ageless Ladies Two

Ageless Rainbow

Credit Card Sphere

Prison Sphere

Prairie Schooner and the Light

Life Insurance Sphere

O's Cancer


Ageless Rodney We Love You

Ageless Tammy

O 4th Dimensions

Pneumatic Resonance

Resonant Linear Assimilation


An Opening

Tier Assimilation

Light fully Elaine

Assassinations Opiates
Nuclear War

Non Linear Machine

All There Is Is All There Is

Echo's response "Concurrence"



Acabamos Manana Empezamos Hoy


Chaos Theory Completed


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