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Observing: The Universe is timeless accordingly Eternal. The earth people experience their reality in time. Consequently human beings are out of step with the Universe, our residence. All material engaged in time including the human self ends while ending. Material events from inception disintegrate-culminating with a complete loss of direction and purpose. Consider in the absence of the current time adaptation the infinite Eternal becomes functional.

Most expressive of a time disintegrating culture is death, the shared material cessation of self. Amongst the earth people death defines life. Major industries on the planet earth rely on death as a profit incentive. Human’s alter their  exist3ence, environment and themselves through their disintegrating invention, time. Even the presumption of death is altered to killing. Curious the earth people's existence is disposable. Linear skills- professions and awareness are contrary to the non-linear Cosmic ideal. Divinity?

Two questions unfold the clearer seed’s understanding. *Accepting that the Universe is Eternal why aren’t you while alive? * How can a life end in an endless Universe? Appreciating  if death is not as  you presume then disease, aging and life that are experienced through death are not as you realize.

The gentle Professor Einstein offers, “The Universe is non-linear.” Meaning the Universe is not like a straight line whereby one material event separates “displaces” uncertainly in time to a secondary juncture. (Linearity is also defined as a disturbance between two points). The Universe is intact, the Universe is complete. The Universe can not exit from itself. Interestingly a baby child has a non-linear body. The baby can not be separated from itself and still function. The body like the Universe is intact, complete-divine. The babies parents teach the baby child as they were taught. The little child is introduced to time and death, Cosmic fiction. The baby child is separated through time disintegration, death and death anticipation from the non-linear awe.

The Cosmic irony of time and life immediacy ending in death are sustained through linearly dysfunctional language. Failure prone earth people live and die unnecessarily in timely opposition to themselves: A love preferring people whose lives are protected  through self designed nuclear extinction. What other spherical reality awaits expressive of the great Cosmic efficiency.

Observing material events in time do lose all purpose, but the memory (adaptive memory) of each events is Eternal. The dilemma...in time memory limited to the dormant past.

How does such an Eternally denying life acknowledge God? The time encrusted earth people must continuously  surrender their Eternal lives unnecessarily through dying and death in order to enter unto the timeless Eternal Heaven. While alive the Cosmically dislocating human beings must separate the  timeless Eternal Heaven from their own God deferred non-Eternal selves. There is the Cosmic God and the earthly adaptation. Offering: There is no after life. But the same life continuing. Reciprocally evolving.




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