July 14, 2006
Impending sphere
Relocati9on less location
“Wind gravity”


What travel do we realize as direction sustained through incremental separation determined tho0ugh uncertain destination. Except through separation of self-effected through space time discontinuity therefore intent (ie) voyage.

Let us understand what we eventually hope to better understand by denying our lives, travel is not an exception: On the planet earth travel is an issue of initiating a departure juncture with the intent of arriving at a juncture destination. The effort in the ideal is resolved through travel machine (ie) a car, an airplane, a boat. These are machines engineered to facilitate  our linear casual adaptation that accommodates our contrived materiality  perpetuated as random, conflicted, linear and timely imbued. Meaning the journey will be measured and perpetuated in time, involving certain casual prerogatives and possibilities none of which are inevitable. Suggested by a conditional trip that  will always  be uncertain-tentative in nature…the vehicle that reflects your linear priorities might breakdown, you might become involved in an accident etcetera. Further the nature of motion displacement, energy consumption and accrued status during the linear dislocation or trip are also decisively relevant (ie) Cosmically ironic…. This is a very curious contrivance of purpose because in actuality your trip, though limited to the planet earth, in actuality occurs in the infinite Universe (where) none of the linear casual uncertainties are Universe sympathetic or functional including the dislocation trip itself, the design of your vehicle, its depleting  external energy dependency and the uncertainty that encompasses the voyage…. The Universe is not random. It is not linear and not intrinsically defined through dematerializing events like collisions. (an example) Curtis and Buckminister’s  current trip as arranged within the current limits of intent and technology to Montana from Omaha is counter to the  determinate rule of the Universe. This trip involving an anticipated destination from a determined departure facilitated through the current anomaly of mind reflective design, time-material displacement and a propulsion vehicle is a Cosmic inadequacy. If “I” may be allowed to say this linear casual trip is the equivalent of Cosmic animation.

Currently electro magnetism is considered a great and defining force on the planet earth. Gravity beyond its subtle and defining rule is considered a feeble presence. But this is a casually linear observation Curtis and Buckminister Fuller did not have to give any concern to gravity in order to initiate and complete their trip to Montana. Upon waking you and I did not have to concern ourselves with gravity in order to successfully complete the brushing of our teeth….Negligence is not pertinence. Assuredly from a multiplicity of Universe perspectives gravity (ie) gravitus is not a feeble presence, but truly profound. Whereas the infinite Light is all embracing, without border and as such not casually linear the displacing anomalies of distance, separation, weight, mass verses density and the related forces like torque  do not apply unless the norm of the Cosmos is disrupted.  (We can send a space shuttle into the cosmos that reflects our linear irony and believes in disintegration that are reflected by our investment in alteration). From a linear casual perspective gravity is “an attraction to the center of the earth”…also gravity is “the inverse proportionality between two objects functional to the square of the distance between them.” Clearly these are linear casual and measurable perspectives that are in keeping with the current displacement sciences of this planet.

Imagine if the activity presence of gravity, which in its ideal keeps planets together and apart, could be understood and applied not in its subtle evolving linearity, but as a spherical presence. Imagine of Curtis and Buckministers trip to Montana were a near spontaneous  inter stellar event. Realized as a Cosmically sympathetic energy field. Where the field becomes the trip, not the current reverse. A trip that occurs “irrespective of time and space” and becomes its own “acquiring memory.” We  glide the winds of gravity.

The defining issue is one of resonant time displacement and the assimilation of material linear form irony (our perspective) through relevant and revealing source sound origin assimilation. The Universe is only separate and apart because we are. Necessarily so it would appear, but not essentially so all the time. Our capacity to assume Light events such as coincidence, remote viewing, spontaneous memory, sleep, death spontaneity, a casual birth status suggests that we are organically capable of proportional   asymmetrical non linearity. Given the limits of form we cannot get there before we leave which would be the ideal sympathy with the Cosmos, but as we leave. Instantaneous becomes a direction. Such activity events are also evident as wormholes, quantum corridors which we perceive through our limit linearity and validate at through our displacing instruction that is valued through eventual invalidation. Another such Light event is our pre birth-birth-life and after life cycle viewed materially from a timeless perspective. The extension of the initial observation helps explain. Your parents birth removed how many times before we reach a status prior to the materializing of the planet earth still your parent the Eternal Light. This life birth flow status activity also has to apply to the other materializing of our presumed death otherwise displacement would factor and the concept of the infinite Universe from the timeless perspective would suffer and immediate breach. Meaning infinity would not be infinite. From a linear perspective these two different and seeming opposing formulation flows (life and death) seem casually exclusionary from one another. And of course from the perspective of time displacement validated through disintegration and reflective alteration they would be. But from a Cosmic valuation, the infinite harmonic Eternal, the difference between the two is relevant, not exclusionary, incorporated and relevant to the refining Oneness. Difference from a casual perspective however comparable is still an issue of separation. WE are discussing a difference that is not indifferent. Relevant as refining. Refining is compatible. Our current perse3pctive is one of displacement or disintegration valuated through progress, condoned-pardoned through alteration, integrated through measurement and redeemed through time meaning of course forgiving the past and anticipating the future. A Cosmic slight of hand. The difference refining we are examining is one of sympathetic flux or intersects. The Universe expand and contracts simultaneously creating a refining spontaneity. These expansion-contractions would be true of all material; all material events of the expansion-contraction would fracture infinity. And again in timelessness the fracture would be immediate. And obviously this next sentence suggests otherwise. The question becomes whether this flow, the expansion-contraction, will be realized casually or as a near spontaneity.

Accepting that the Universe is expanding is reflective of our casual linear instruction and possibly the primary organic nature of the human brain, also denying of our birth post death status, but to accepting that the expansion of the Universe is the intrinsic-enema ting rule of the Universe speaks to infinity as an incremental inconsistency (a separation of itself). The Universe expanding contraction simultaneously in resonant relationship to one another accepts the expansion and resolved the inconsistency. And further resolves causality also as a refining-resonant activity as opposed to a casually ironic or dematerializing effect. Reminding that our experience on this planet is casually linear and this is in fun mental opposition of the infinite Universe, but the aforementioned linearly ironi9c activity is also condoned inby the Universe because the casual irony occurs in the Universe. The question becomes not whether but how. Not whether there is a curious experience called death, but what is its true activity, its consequence or how. Not whether human life forms need to relocate from one location to another, but how. Not whether we need to continue communicating with one another, but how. The difference is between disintegration subsidized as linear causality through alteration and rationalized inconsistently through time displacement which is used to create an aura of control. Expressed through language and mathematics excused through self importance. And the adaptation of the Cosmic God to the earthly anomaly. Thereby condoning our linear material intolerance (ie) material perceptual relevance or life leads to and is defined through death dematerializing; and it is through this material dichotomy that Eternal bliss is attained. Linearity prevails God becomes a conscious  cause and effect convenience. Relevant and revealed  through earthly efforts however enlightened and bold, not a Cosmic community. Conversant-material and Eternal.

Curtis and Buckministers trip to Montana is Cosmically misspent in its risk, its uncertainty, its time duration and depleting technology. A decadent and unruly undertaking. We examined in previous essays the triangulated nature of event activities on the planet earth which are not necessarily a consequence of linear causality as influenced by the humans encouragement and investment in disintegration or material dissolution. Examples of the triangulation in question. Three conditions of time (past-present and future). Three conditions of matter (solids-liquids-gases). Two parents a child.  Life death after life. Three dimensions. Interestingly the fourth is the Light. Perhaps more correctly is the Light is the relevant assimilation of the other three conditions through relevant sound. Condoned- balanced through gravity What we are suggesting is a near spontaneous in stellar trip (Curtis and Ben head for Orious or return from Montana)…is a valuation of these three dimensions (actualized) through resonant time displacement as revealing sound to relevant effect. Each dimension is a separate entity, its own territory or material space…that can be resolved under ideal-influenced conditions as a fourth dimension. A spontaneous fourth dimension which is constrained to the intent configuration of the previous three dimensions. Which are essentially the trip itself. (Destination-departure and medium). Reminding we are examining at a different  material experience. A different material formulation. WE are no longer involved with a material or material event activity that involves separation-disintegration; we are no longer involved in an event of duration qualified through irony and displacement and evident as weight variance, material exhaustion, force fields, distance casuality. Material events that in the past were linearly maintained through a choice  force propulsion, the relevant engineering, measured or rendered rational through space material time interchange or alteration.. In the fewer words. We were in control. And we were willing to pay a price as proof. Now we are examining the Cosmic triangulation. Previously three interactive dimensions, evolving through different conditions of time-evident in part as consensual perception, but now the issue is one near spontaneity, not three dimensional separation resulting in a temporary ironic materiality including the human self, but sound, light, material form and gravity. Curiously still only three because the infinite Eternal Light remains a constant. An interactive norm refining not displacing in nature. Cause of its own effect

“I” remember sitting in the European Café in Omaha with Curtis and mentioning, “Gravity is the canvas on which the Universe draws itself endlessly.” Curtis reacted with certitude of silence that transcended language. People do tend to know more than they admit themselves to knowing. Which clearly is understandable when you are dealing with a formulation of knowing application that is secured as temporary and potentially relevant as invalidated. Not unlike the trip in question. More simp0ly it would be helpful perhaps to think of “gravity” as the Universes circulatory system. One we have abide and occasionally have to over come, but are otherwise unfamiliar with…as if we were speaking a language without verbs. Meaning almost with destination but no direction. Gravity flow. The winds of gravity. Which the nice Professor Einstein referred as a warping of time and space. But it seems the nice Professor only half the warp.

Gravity is most assuredly not a feeble force. Indeed gravity is the composite of all forces before the refining assimilation to the Light reciprocal. A force that most abide all other materials. A force that is not dematerializing fin nature. There- fore spontaneous in effect accordingly timeless. Therefore like music its own response. Next to the Light gravity is the one abiding compatibility. The Universal language that is not tempered by increment and invalidation or a defining force external to its own nature. If you can “ride a gravity wave” you can let our cousins the dinosaurs rest in peace. Understanding that the gravity wave is created by material intent. The Universe is in constant exchange of itself. All infinite possibilities always now. The Universe is source. The human has convinced himself source. Learns and alters accordingly. Given the dire challenges on this planet such a source adaptation, the essence of causality, perhaps was inevitable. Certainly understandable. Bravely the human in the last forty plus years has sought to identify a singular understanding, a singular equation that explains the totality of the Universe. The presumption is that when that understanding is accepted as proven the human will as a matter of due course become assimilative within and through that singular formulation. But man-woman’s nature has always been the opposite. Before the human can embrace the Universe as a functional spontaneity, the origin source of all the human is and can be, the human must appreciate his-her role in the Cosmic flow. Can we know the presumed mind of God when we must deny the cause of our own effect in order to sustain or material perceptions? Can we know the Heavens when we must surrender life and consciousness in the effort?


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