…Falling leaves rising…
 Subtle implication ofby the Spherical Light 
Logically coherent and beautiful.

….. The Spherical Jesus: Accepting that there is no death, the dematerializing separating function that currently reveals the lives of earth people, the consequences abound. If the beautiful Nazarene did not die (leave us) the resurrection is amended. Jesus the Christ will not return. Unless you prefer death to life. The pained temporary to the infinite Eternal.

…. Understanding that death is not a displacing-separation from life rather a continuum, not a distancing of self, not a decaying breaks down of self, but unquestionably an other materializing of self. You don’t go to Heaven you  “return” from whence you came. Never left evolved unsilenced always articulate.

*A guest ion of thought please: Accepting that God created the Universe “everything”…how can your Mom and Dad have you exclusively as their baby child. As such would you not become more than the God determinant everything. Born we come from the Light bequeathed by the love of our parents. Upon the presumption of death we return. Never left. The autumn leaves once green the same. AS a smile is not a frown all material refines as per God’s desire. God breath’s we thrive.

*A second question of thought please: Understanding if by praying we do? In the absence of time there can be no dimensions or form. And in the absence of form or dimension the result is Brightness luminosity the Light. The explanation: In the absence of the linear causality of time the dimensional material form actualized on this planet as width-depth-length becomes other dimensionally materialized as the all loving-inclusive undisplaced Light. Consequence: Relevant to the chosen reality of the earth people current man-woman live the confused, temporary, punishing conflict between their time displacement and the Eternal Light refining. Implications. Yourself you know. “Fraid of liven scared of dien…”What folly we thrive to pray. Accepting that death is other than our practice perceived, accepting that death is neither time active nor time engaging then clearly as your eyes do see death is without dimensional form consequently and congruently ofby the Light. You other materialize. You don’t go to Heaven walking past the Pearly Gates once judged of sin. These are displacements of form or process that negate the inclusive-fluidity of the infinite Eternal Light. Upon the articulation of death you don’t go to Heaven you stay in Heaven you chose otherwise while alive. You don’t walk streets paved of Gold greeted by angels smiling and replete. You become Heaven. Of n’ by the Light holographic ally resplendent. Undisplaced unfragmented ofby the Light. Your Godsoulprint attuned to God. Finally not separated from God the origin source of the all Universe. Understanding further please. Appreciating whatever the material texture n’ process of what was once chosen and practiced as the de materializing death, this return of self through self, this reaffirmation of our interrupted relationship with God…is not even through suicide the conseguence of our exclusive choice. The presumption of death returns us spherically to the Light. Choice amidst the Light presence denies the Light Eternal. WE do not die by the folly and foible of our choices, truly we a called home never left. Assuming the Light tasks of the Eternal self, the Universe unfolding. God breaths we thrive.

But what is of the Light when of the darkness we know. And thrive. Soldier taxpayer alike. What displacements thrive we call the progress of our success (warrants to our prayers)…language mathematics are two, our perception reflecting “our” Creation’s market another, the temporary ironic self you know, aging to die while questioning life one more not enough, the unbearable unfairness our social contract, what soldier not an enemy to self, what chosen religion’s door blissfully opened not the darkening passageway to all other religions (the fewer words) you have claimed God the self reflecting relevance of your choice. God the earthly one way reciprocal. And so our times allowance is spent, the diminishing self; The God Light presence opportune as dream, prayer’s wait, miracles happenstance, coincidence, luck ie that which is not causal of time, not human or machine derivative. Chance not choice. Predictably so we chose ourselves before God. Time our earthly machination. The nice n’ gentle Mr. Einstein offering charms logic. The quieter words whispering haste. The Universe is one location. How can we relocate? Hence what displacements time. What past away? What futures location another way. The answer is that we don’t relocate. WE argue aging otherwise. Screaming our fate not God’s creation ours. Destruction proof forgiveness is love. Sins offered as selected. Patience is a virtue forbearance anoints, our bodies ours. The souls are Gods. Bodies disposable. Souls Eternal once your not. What agreements we nurture. Heavenly reward not us.

…. What Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, and Krishna do you prefer? Not yourself? The anointed other God’s will be done. Preferential choice again not ofby the Light Eternal. Ourselves at play. Mirrors reflection hesitates.

WE do not dance to our own music

What words we hear

*Karma is God’s motion disguised as us, unnecessarily counter fit.         

* You cannot have an enemy without being one. Antagonist to self. God darkening of the Light.

*What Temple you prefer not yourself less God. What logic loves less the truth? Acknowledging? The Holy Temples are the only institutions from which the earth people do not graduate. What miracle flesh not less souls Eternity such revelation. Enlightened not redundant.

*Body and soul are one not less the same.

*The Spherical Jesus, Mohammed, Krishna, Buddha, one ofby the Light no less the same. One presence. Reciprocal and Reciprocating. The MosquTempChapel…. Creation’s door. Soul’s our dreams. The stars articulate. Unless hatred’s response you prefer. The time of now is forever. Darkness or Light.

*Turn the other cheek? What pray invite violence one not enough. Assailants assaults twice less himself. Cheek turned. Brother fallen. Love redeemed to God? Better embrace your neighbor that God feel your hearts. What loves dance not love…



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