June  9, 2003


Protocol? Can a materially displaced presence, organic or synthetic, relocate from a determined point of origin other than through (in spite) of the space-time perceivable continuity- maintain the original organic cohesion. Can this process be maintained to location, in time referred to as destination and in turn be reversed to a pre determined advantage or purpose? (Referred to in the space time non continuum as departure location) Does having a “pre determined function” (ie) organic purpose relevant to the inter galactic mission create time anomalies that might be disruptive, displacing-de materializing? Ie reference…. (What is the clearer understanding-application of soundcryogenetics and Acoustic Osmosis?).

Does the space-time sequential or causality have to be transcended-transmuted in the absolute as a process? Clearly the intent is to arrive at “another location” and re establish our organic time displacing presence (as organically displaced being we have little choice)… ie…thought perception ie assimilation of purpose. And consequentially to materially revert to origin. (Whether the human must remain organically intact to function as a perceiving, self-regenerating presence process is an issue for another paper)…. It would appear that as a “flight or relocation sequential process” the time discontinuity must be absolved or transmuted in the absolute or the linear-casual elements (space vehicle and humans) would trans fix the flight to the limits of materiality…the time irony we experience as de materializing. Meaning the intrinsic dichotomy between mass n’ density, realized to an extent as weight and temperature and gravity (otherwise as aging & the contrived alteration of material from one form dimension to another…always temporary n‘ organically ironic). How can this time material dematerializing be absolved materially to the non-dimensional non-locality the Ever presence of Light? Which the earth people currently through their machine time self-contrivance are constantly displacing to their ironic self-defeating…presumed advantage. An organic irony of selfspirit essence … the self defined, centrally “intact” -perceiving earth people whose reality is revealing n‘ relevant through it‘s termination). Can a harmonic time form transmogrify (transom) be gracefully realized to the ideal of the Universe the core Light? The one location. Beyond location. A holography flow which initially appears contradictory to language perception since the proposed flow materially foreign to the Light would through form ie dimension ie time revert the Light core to the ironic sequential. Suggestive or dark matter, black hole and the impending darkness of the earth people. Biblically forecast in the Bible. The Moslem the Christians condemning their respective Godsoulprints-consequentially their own. Symbolized by the two world destroyed. World Trade Towers.

Our concern:  Is a materiality of process, a self-refining event intact, not casual…representative of the Universe spherically infinite holographic9or an sphelograghy-is such a presence process assumable by the human. (Inferred as Ever presence. The infinite. The Eternal Light. Marginally implied as the life-death cycle).  This non-displacing presence process:  Also substantially suggested in through the work of the Curly haired earth scientist. (This causally nice gentleman’s name will be added to the script Matthew Oddonnell and Curtis Slama have this memory for reasons peculiar to my limitations names are a difficulty to myself. This English gentle man  heard himself offer…. “There is a field between species exists irrespective of time and space. And has its own acquiring memory. Example…. Alleged rats in America taught certain behaviors. Different alleged rats fin Australia learned the same behaviors time times faster. Clearly a transmogrify of not only form but time has occurred. The direct inference of a spherical near holographic process that is not elemental to time relocation or material polarizing causality as currently experienced by the earth people. Further (no.1) the suggested presence process, this inferred sphere, functions irrespective or completely independently of the human presence.  (no.2) Did this event or non-event occur seemingly as spontaneity or a near simultaneous spontaneity sponsored by the human intervention? (Is “it” lasting?) can this apparently non-polarized occurrence be intentionally controlled (other than consciously?) or accommodated by a third presence (ie) the human scientists. Is the event reciprocal in nature or one sided given our organically-institutionally and spiritually contrived-displacing choices (nature?)(no.3). It is not clear whether the unintentional or other than organically human element is essential to the process event. Are we accordingly acquired, if so, is this evidenced as precognition, answered prayers, inspiration, luck coincidence, sleep dream benefits. Is the aforementioned process involving our little cousins the alleged rats one of the initial trasnom openings or “breakthroughs” as earth people prefer to say which is inferred in the various reference such as “beam me up Ginger or Scottie“ the DNAs pattern continuums one of which we are examining…. Inter galactic non-sequential not relocation, but allocation. (no.4). Nor is it clear whether there were any residual benefits or possible disadvantages. Was the time continuity of these little cousins affected? Aging disruptions such as evidenced in cloning. Was their relationship to their ecosystem affected? If this presence process event occurred-irrespective of space and time this suggest a holograph dynamic.
****But what is clear is that we do have is a non casually engendered relocation process that by passed any sequential “order” known to man. A process that was “apparently” instantaneous. Not human driven in virtually any regard except the seeming incidental. Not as process. Not as consequence. (no.5). The notion of acquiring memory appears incomplete. Is it possible that the described dynamic involved a knowing process common to some species suggested by migration skills or the homing abilities of alleged pigeons? Is it possible that if no such process dynamic occurred that the initial realization of this dynamic activity manifest in an other than timely spatial world created a near non-casual avenue not previously evident or possibly perceivable to the human. (Suggestive of a vibrating string…the Super String Theory often referring to one of now many dimensions as “magical“). This suggestion will become hopefully more clear, another essay perhaps. (no.6). Is the dynamic process suggested reciprocal in nature. And accordingly relevant. And revealing.  Meaning in part what functional role did the organic or displaced life forms, the alleged rats, play in this process dynamic. Did the curly haired scientist waken a process presence dynamic otherwise temporally repressed (ie) silenced that is also not harmonic to the organic nature of the planet earth…that the earth people have displaced through time irony  and its many curious sublimations. Gifts harmonic all the others of God‘s nature are conversant of thereby,? Can a human engender such a process presence event and remain organically coherent. Can Curtis, Matthew or yourself facilitate a sound pill or altered state suggestive of remote viewing or remote listening…that will actualize the desired “event“ as a conversant-inter active protocol? Undistracted finally of our destructive selves we become Light available without converting these gift sensations to the shared greed irony of self… evidenced as the many linear entrapments. (no.7). Does this process flow already occur in human, but is essentially repressed in time. Otherwise evidenced as Light flow we dismiss as luck, coincidences, answered prayers, the precognitions, inspiration, and miracles. Each immediately delegated to time irony in the multiple ways not the least the ying-yang apposition…good luck-bad luck-answered prayers-unanswered-coincidence verses being on time or late or soldier taxpayer. “Repressed marginally frustrated” as choice. Progress. Un educated sleep.  The incomplete able partiality of science.  The incomplete practice-perception of an earth presence or event as a disease. (What if any are the difference, the inconsistencies…are they perceivable by the quantum riddling human…. Meaning can these inconsistencies, essential to time casual-space displacement be harmonically resolved while the human the self contained-centrist human is evident and involved. A life form materially ironic to their own existence (spiritually, scientifically, institutionally) perpetuating a temporary centrist notion of the one human body as an intact-self contained materiality, organically dependent- independent...communal n’ spiritual by a multiplicity of choice that is consequent to a conflicted free will (as qualified by others and death and the preferred linear karma).  A birth life relevant by its lives anguish, the same ironic displacing life secured by a death process which is ever present, immediate to and defining of life individual and global.  And always the preferential God. Institutionally secured… revealed-experienced by self doubting-self reflecting choice…. A God relationship that is “earned” on earth through contrived rituals and selected prophets who often allow themselves to be legitimized through violent death, Accordingly encouraged. And esteemed. Most curious.  When one being kills another he or she has silenced God to the maxi mine greed irony of self. And all gathers-gathered spherically. And becomes spherically reciprocal. In the many linear ways the nuclear end war has already occurred. As the earth people continue to insist, a God relationship that is not intrinsically or materially relevant until the other world status of Heaven is attained. The earthman and the earth woman have made God consequential to their essential self-contradicting irony, themselves. God the dichotomy. God the exclusionary belief. The mirrored indulgence. God is consequential to exclusionary choice. Not breathe: God the sequential earthly panorama. Not a Universe Cosmic realization.

Numerous question, observation insights if I may: The earth people, the planet earth…are a portion partiality of the Universe. Not the reverse.  Hence inherent in or temporary, de materializing nature-is the all-embracing essence of the Universe…the infinite Eternal. Godslove. (That from whence we came pleasantly, lovingly, interrupted as birth and resumed uninto n’ upon the wonder us partiality of death birth). The planet earth arrived. And continues arriving.

*A process presence dynamic that we experience in time sequential or casual displace3ment.  We are attempting to resolve this temporal irony to the inclusive, unordered spherical refining core (ie) the Light infinite Eternal. WE have designed a protocol beyond the linear displacing sequential suggested by time space relocation and evidenced by de materializing. (IE) 00. Not the linear angst of destination-departure, bur rather three curvilinear junctures or impending transom, identified as an impending & inherently un displaced revealing presence (tri DNAs). Which when converging as “spin-span” begin to resolve the vagrancies of time through a harmonic transmogrify. (The creating of bizarre-fantastic forms ie dimensions)…the eventual resolution of these three initial DNAs quasi formulation will absolve dimensional form suggested by the material dichotomy’s of mass-density…. Weight variance…temperature…torque…the two centrifugal forces and the flowing inconsistent response of gravity to these form dimensions, which include the organic presence of the human. (Appreciating that all in the planet in space-time is triangulated: past, present, Future… 3 states of matter…3 dimensions and the spiritual continuum life-death-after life. All of which as material mass density are realized (and altered) through the anomaly of time displacement as dimensional inter active form de materializing…sometimes experience in the positive (ie) healing, birth, happiness, spiritual catharsis, but always temporarily, amidst the impending futility of purpose suggested by the many tiers of the shared self.  Reminding the nice Mr. Eddington effort, “Mass is a function of luminosity.” or Once the Light conflicted anomaly of mass-density is resolved to the all inclusive pertinent and revealing mass Luminosity prevails…conceivably a status almost post prior to the All inclusive…the infinite unordered Light did (Does God dwell as the Universe or otherwise conversant and Eternally affluent)….hence the difference between  unordered Light and un bordered. Not Light refining many ways displaced many of choice, the earth woman, earthman can not know all remain articulate.

Yes refining” as opposed to re-defining or dematerializing ironically.  (Location…relocation approaches the essence seed core of the Universe the infinite Eternal suggested as the all presence or ever presence…. The refining holography of God. Any perspective perception beyond on this “currently?” becomes endless conjecture. Man-woman can’t know all and remain the same, though the shared selfless effort leans the linear irony to the Light. Evidenced when three years past nuclear war fighting officers from earth’s America and earth’s Soviet Union gathered together in a common brotherhood-sisterhood of purpose concerned that the Y2K might cause their self-reflecting missiles to accidentally discharge.

Appreciating that computers whatever their flow efficiency remain a function reflection of the human, though no doubt within the linear irony computers will be designed to beget computers that will propose otherwise. And man has shown a willingness the accept-adopt material inconsistency to the preferred greed of the moment). Yes these three states of matter given dimensional form through the time flux material (through) this “approaching tri curvilinear DNAs are arriving at a Transom DNAs singular juncture that in actuality is already evident (the origin source Universe), but is experienced otherwise the organically displaced human. Much of this irony is consequential to choice. Examples: The wars, misuse of purpose such as denying food to a hungry neighbor…in the ideal institutionally at present the interpersonal angst appears essential to the evolving human who is approaching the dimensional extinction of self through darkening self technology. WE are discussing in the context of the Super String… three “vibrating strings” hastening a singular approach, the curvilinear springs spin spanning until a harmonic Light avenue (the refining) transom is attained as a singular uncorrupted event presence indicative of the Light Eternal. (Beyond human Tran actual perception, but not experience or realization evidenced by answered prayers, coincidence, miracles, inspiration, clairvoyance etcetera. Further implications.  The seemingly spontaneous irregularities suggested in the quantum riddle, a response to the mass-density de materializing angst of man-woman…is assumed to the ideal harmonic inby the aforementioned tri curvilinear spin span approaching. Within the nice Mr. Einstein’s model. “At the speed of Light there can be no passage of time”. The converse has occurred, without dime sequential displacement or liner causality Light no longer has speed function, but presence. Non-locality or one location. The ideal of space curvature has occurred ie infinity. Not a linear comprehension with an initiating point, but again presence or ever presence. From the human organic the spherical holographic…impending spheorlograghy. And this uncomplicated de materializing, un separating status is attaining through the profound silence ie relevant and related Danes which is the refining inexplicable element off the Light, the Creator of new worlds and the harmonic explainer of the old which we realize as self and that reflective of self the planet, the stars, the Heaven here after…the time ironic man-woman experiencing through de materializing irony self as being potentially all perceiving. The greater creator evidenced as by the destroying human.  Apparently believing that through controlling the de materializing of the planet earth, the essential man of choice is Lord purveyor. The earth woman noble and divine as excluded will self actualize to the darkening choice or garnish the ideal spiritual androgyny to the origin God source. Our journey to the stars happily beyond is a spiritual happening, not one of propulsion and powerful machineries.

Relevant to inter galactic “relocation” or Tran presence: Inherent in the de materializing, displacing, self-damaging nature of the earth people are Holographic Universe representative soundings (DNAs) that are not partial to and engendering of cause-effect (therefore) the earth time anomaly…. Witnessed as sleep. Science fiction. Myth. Dream sleep. The ideal prayer. Meditation. Imagination. Selflessness. Receptivity to the precognitions. (As ironic brevity defused upon expression)…. The erroneous utility of these Universe holographic soundings, profound silences suggested by the Super String Theory as vibrating strings (we) experience as a time organic self reflection of self (ie) mass vs. density, temperature, erratic and manipulated weight, opposing forces ie ying-yang, the variance of gravity, form dimension, 3 states of matter, the two centrifugal forces, a life revealed by death decay ect. Reminding please that virtually everything on the planet earth remains an allegation, a theory. Except yourself arguing your preferential god against the one of the other, your spherical self.

There is no time in the Universe. Time is an earthly machination, which casually displaces the Universe from the planet earth: In the absence of time there can be no dimensions (ie the linear dependent form) and in the absence of dimension or form we have the all inclusive, unordered? Un bordered Universe Light. The infinite Eternal. (Non-time resolves dimensional form as-of-to the Light). Harmonically processed as presence (therefore holographic) as relevant and revealing DNAs…the profound non-casual silences. Suggested as vibrating strings that clearly actualize irrespective of time-space and have “their own” acquiring memory or the presence process event would simply revert to another form…most often through de materializing.

(WE are a self-chosen world of lines. A line begins by ending. You must experience yourself before you realize the tree, Creation, God. You the linearly defused self. You must look at the mirror before you can look to see (at) yourself. The tree you “see to perceive” is not the Universe tree. But the ironic tree of self. (Perception is a displacement). Gravity also reflects this self-inconsistent flow. Though gravity would be more core representative of the Universe than form. Gravity would appear to be “spherically” the bi-functional assimilation of displacing form. The initial transmute realized casually…the attraction-repulsion of gravity. (The suggestion is that gravity does not “repulse”…. near all of man perceivable, alterable by presence or intent, opposes self to self. One degree of gravity less the other ones attraction to the repulsion of the other.  In the absence of the ear people? As light has not speed. Hence gravity flows?  A throbbing holograph….  Simultaneous contraction, expansion, each the spontaneous each of the other. God breaths. The Light refines. New World those not destroyed. “Sound silence” given that is not casual in nature is least or not affected by gravity at all. (Silence sound can engage the earth people, but the earth people can not engage sound silence. Any attempt thereby renders the sound silence an organically displaced extension of the earth person. Other than silence. This is suggested by the Quantum riddle.

*A sound that is harmonic to the material inconsistencies essential to time casual displacement (de materializing) are sounds suggestive of silence (light silence)…non casual sounds that are consistent to the Spherical Light nature (not time derivative as dimensional form). But also not exclusive of the aforementioned. We have entered uninot through the world below the sub atomic level. A wonderful world currently magically hidden in vibrating strings.

A tri curvilinear Tran presence would create a material transom (doorway) that would allow for a non-relocation of self to another location, the spanning of a sequential continuity to the soundLight ideal of presence as process. (Material cannot be made harmonic to self and time not be voided sequentially)…. Understand please the issue is one of earth self remedy, the earthman has made the planet earth incongruous to itself through himself. The Universe must not be adapted to man-woman. But the pleasant reverse.  We are discussing three harmonious material locations, already Universe holograpahically pertinent “ relevant and revealing,” converging in unto an emergence of a singularity. The inherent sound silence intrinsic in a material that is reciprocally and symbiotically a conduit to the Light. Not materially ironic, not anomalous to time, but the essence nature of our human self. The ideal of materiality… casually referred to as Spirit. Our infinite undisturbed self-communing as presence.

*Whether this be the inter Galactic journey or yourself. One negates the other negates the other. Body n’ soul are one. What fences you thrive. You thrive. Consequentially. Spherically.

The irony of three material “locations” are acknowledged, “ sound mapped” or if you will sound engineered, though certainly Wick Winstrum or yourself can arrive to the better term. The new word sounds are needed. (Whispering without propulsion). The voyage not of age begins. Spin and span…seemingly oppose one another in location and motion. Because they are exclusionary in time. But the tri curvilinear Tran presence begins to affect a transmogrify (bizarre change of form) which also in the evolving tri linear begin to cancel time displacement in the favor of the un displaced Light revealed-realized through harmonic sound that are non casual in nature therefore not time relevant. WE are in the midst of acoustic osmosis. Approaching non-form, non dimensional, the interim dimensional that allows our first glimpse to mass Light, harmonic gravity, weightlessness, non-sequential linearity. (Remember please the sound of silence is non casual, once a silence is materially engaged though thought-thinking in any form the silence is Tran located as otherwise.) Reminding further please the near of everything temporally relevant on this planet is experienced as a tranquilization (ie) 3 states of matter, life death after life, past present future, father mother child ect. And is reversed-resolved as such. (We are un displaced organically Light full. Not organically perceivable by the human. Nonetheless essential to the human. God is in charge if you will…. Recalling the nice Mr. Einstein’s observations. “At the speed of light there is no passage of time…. The ideal curvature of space manifests as infinity.” Noting the material “ultimate” ideal of speed is presence. Ever presence. The same infinity. Not an endless continuity. But the non-displacing essence of continuity or presence. The Universe refining, not defining…already defined as God Created. Space not expanding into space. But as space. Cohesion immeasurable.

Interestingly a nice artist at MIT, Joe Davis, who might be generously assisting us in location the Asian gentlemen whose work with DNA and musicality was first related by the nice ‘n seemingly eager Dan Rather in 1987 + or- one year, also referred us to Professor Larry Van Sant work at Purdue University. Mister Davis points out that all work done in the area of sound materiality and genetics has been random in nature. Suggestive initially of the Quantum riddle. But  the no doubt nice and gentle Professor Van Sant was able to establish a harmonic commune between one form materiality and a sympathetic apparently non displacing molecular response. Please acknowledge these are the presumption of “my” words, now hopefully to the better yours and through you us (the Light flows the garden grow our children thrive). But sadly the nice and patient lady on the phone yesterday explained that Professor Van Sant has left us behind.

Perhaps do you know? But the nice lady secretary whose voice beats her heart, like the near most of all, suggested I speak with Professor Earl Prohofsky also a physicist from Purdue University. Patience is faith knowledge is waiting. Knowledge selfless  of no harm flows.  Wonderfully forever. The other many of good joy whispers  beyond these gathered words, most silenced by the ideal of our quiet. Nonetheless thriving.  On that Freedom of Speech TV the recent yesterday one Professor Noam Chomnsky of MIT speaking calmly in Boulder, Colorado.  Curious do you agree should be available to those kind of desire, grit and devoted intentions. And not graduated mortgaged themselves away. Like Costa Rica  What sad words promising this gentleman spoke Creation waits our tender hand, God’s instruction you know. What day not your birthday and Gods.

The tri curvilinear revealed as a refining sound, the “voyage” becomes a sound event less the anomalies of the involved immaterialities. This transmute, this assumption…negates issues of propulsion, the material dichotomies mass-density, weight, vagrant gravity, temperature. These are assimilated coherently to what they already are…the Light UN bordered all-inclusive. The voyage becomes a communing holographic echo inferred in our life=death cycle and the “arrival” of the planet earth.

Noting the actual inter galactic voyage might possibly involve no material relocation in time, not displacement of the space vehicle and the astronauts. Obviously…. The quasi trip itself might very possibly more an issue of witness translocation involving (the profound of travel) a command “control” center as opposed to the current notions of departure de materializing relocation. Going to come back seems curious, do you agree. Given the relevance of these word sounds. The first trip (is)… Appreciating that the near all of earth functions “needs” can be transmuted beyond the voyage sequential re location…materialized beyond casual polarity when polarization is already evident not as process but presence process and can be harmonically attuned accordingly.


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