Understand carefully please emphasis and clarification. Not all separations speak to flaw and irony. Meaning the separation and that which is separated less both as result.  Irony and flaw speaks to potential good or bad, choice impending. The Universe appears to garden itself through dematerializing separations. The determinant issue becomes is the dematerializing-separating event culminating without directional utility? A bridge to nowhere from nowhere. Potentially yielding nothing anywhere. Or is the dematerializing event or condition refining continuously. And as such sympathetic, sensitive and responsive to infinity…Timelessness. The Eternal. The question asks is the linear condition event potentially spherical? We continue…. Nearing the dimension of self. God memory of you. Deprived, denied as our Cosmic memory self. Have you forgotten your memory, the memory of your… Memories do not fade we do. Memories are timeless. Memory has no past, but us planning the future. In timelessness there is a certain memory of the future. The seed of the seed. Interesting and curious do you agree?

With your kind attention a few suggestions hopefully embracing God’s Cosmic garden. Linearity caresses the Eternal, our waiting…. These various economic ideas decentralize, humanize the market place availing a near spherical opening with more benefit at less expense spiritually and materially for the greater number of people. Humanizing the corporate anomaly. The consumer becomes a dynamic presence. Incorporation becomes Corroboration. Displacement embraced by inclusion.

* A rhetorical question begins. Smiling we persist. What happens if products, inventions (accordingly services) are purchased before they are manufactured? Allowing consequence: You don’t need extensive warehousing. Less insurance. The people become the bank.  You don’t have to borrow a million dollars, pay back three, tying up equity for many years. Limiting market events, innovations creativity and opportunity. There is no retailer except shared good intentions. Reminding…bank, insurance, warehouse, and retailer has been refined less their shared displacement. Marketing is not based on uncertain estimation and predetermined priorities and values, but purchased requested as such inspired and motivates. Wastefulness less profit more. Best as shared…. God’s farmers who waken to harvest Creations nest. And are not loved accordingly “know” whose door to knock on imploring explanations harvest. Why? Because there aren’t eight middlemen. Disguised in plane sight. The off shore bank. The temporal bank. Distribution seeding uncertain markets. Sustaining the linear anxiety. The same a homeless gentleman or lady thriving the libraries computer. (Homeless to us not to God). The same the nice folks in prison prospering, sharing. As such goodness smiles. Better ideas better realized. A more caring distribution of God’s Creation. Prayers echo… be polite and all will come. Yes be polite and all will come. (Too much is not enough and more will ever be, unless you are of self  kindly love expressing of God thankfully esteemed). The only one waiting for you is yourself. As you were biorn, you will die. Beceased… you do take your accrued life with you.  Timeless material memories unfolding, Eternally resplendent. Continuously linearly conversant. And when the peoples join together in common purpose…

*The familial bank timelessly recounting. Savings unified lives long maturing association. Note as dreams alert. Eighty percent of the human beings on the planet earth live in 3rd World Countries. Where family subsists God relies…. The daily challenges…in most 3rd world countries there is little social welfare. No unemployment insurance, no food stamps, health care, retirement benefits. As such family’s love survival sustains, families are closer…. Nourish patiently the image of individuals whose yearly income is between $1000 and $3000 when employed…. Investors in Canada, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Germany or America offer…structuring a family bank over four generations.  The initial benefactors. Three sisters, two brothers and family others. The investors offering generational benefactors 1-2-3 million dollars cash and equity over several years. Validated as result. More money than these individuals would be able to save in many lifetimes. Why? Because the investors will own eleven percent of the bank. And will insure the lives of the initial benefactors and their own for a relevant amount. The investors and the family bank are beneficiaries. After four generations, several hundred family bank members…prosperous and love challenged esteemed. Family businesses affluent and kind. Several of the initial benefactors still alive. These countries well of good prosperity investors themselves, purchasing goods and services from developed countries. Regional stresses are reduced, trade increased, markets more efficient, tax base increased, relationship with developed countries become more balanced less defined through instability. And when the families join together in common purpose…Nirvana unfolds. What Nativity more than this… God’s children alive less sufferings haste?

And truly love needs no extravagance, but love offered as redeemed. The nice loving individuals at Finca make a hundred loans available to a family India, Peru, Nigeria. A sewing machine is purchased. A family business otherwise called hope begins. A great movies watching.  Better a wonderful life sharing.

* Spirit and the economy:  Presently Holy Temples do not intimately engage respective economies…nucleus of a community. Example: Allowing the metaphor of one example suggestive of other investment, credit, mortgage possibilities. A Christian, Hindu, Moslem, Jewish credit card activated not 19% exacerbated through additional fees, but available at 8-9%. How is this possible? The credit card that is not excess profit is discussed and offered by each Holy institution, there is no need for advertising. Less liability insurance, less management costs which likely are tax deductible if tithed in part or whole to the Holy Temple. The Holy Temple will receive two percent tax deductible tithe on the credit card. In the case of American institutions, or those whose capital resources are secured in America…. due to separation between “Church” and State purchases with credit card are not taxable. Affluent member will welcome a credit card at 20%. Holy institutions become more financially secure generating economic activity that is less destabilizing, less subject to the vagrancies of Corporation and government. The wealth resources, including the dormant real estate assets of 360 thousand churches in America can be sympathetically invested. Spiritually inspired women and men acknowledging of good intentions. A bank will profit from your lose. Will A Holy Temple? This economic Eden potentially changing the capital aura of a country. When the Holy Temples become economically integrated, functionally of spirit derived…will not the good be the better divine. The spiritual planetary exclusion much resolved, Light fully attuning…And when the Holy Temples join together acknowledging God One Universe One God. What are the words you hear to speak that as prayer feel?

* In a spherically resonant reality. Heavenly. One prison imprisons all. Consider please a prison less the prison of ourselves. Example: An man unhappy in his anger commits a crime. While detained gentleman works on government contracts. Earning a substantial amount of currency over year. The person who was disadvantaged is compensated from the detainee’s income. The detainee is able to support his-her family, they will not require government assistance. The family who committed no crime is sustained often visiting, week ends together. The student detainee will pay for his own health insurance. And rent. And contribute to the guards pension plan. (Individuals who are chemically addicted, mentally confused or self-destructive will be treated for their pain and impairment). Detainees will keep diaries, write or record an autobiography that will be discussed in groups. And made available to other student detainees through “prison” radio, paper and TV. The literate will teach the illiterate. The healthy he will assist the unhealthy. Each temporary prisons physical structure, aura and direction will evolve. Student detainees will graduate from one conditional status to another. If selected, facilitating release, the student prisoner will spend his last year in a prison run only by prisoners. Citizens who value denying others as witness to their own kindness, perhaps will come to value kindness more. (interaction-reciprocity<> reciprocal-spheroid o0). The evolved gentleman or lady will be released with several thousand dollars in an escrow account with his parole partner. Failure results lose of assets and returns the inmate to a community prison. A “voluntary self supporting center” available for those who might regress due to drug addiction or life circumstances.  Criminal acts and violence need not be violently esteemed. When prison are not prisoners we will not be. What free woman or man incarcerates another that they be free one less the other not less themselves freely promised. The fewer words embrace. Give us  a break. In the quiet pace of wondering a woman asked. “Are you in favor of executions?” I answered. “Executions are unkind.” The woman protested her contempt.” “But that son of  two parents killed four people.”
Who responds. “Killing is unkind less unkindness is better than more.” What more need be said that does not as forgiveness speaks. What love forgiven still God’s love. Realized or denied as yourself accordingly expressed.


The dark the Light <> Spirit Eternal?

The value distinction between right and wrong is not singularly  immediate to the   self or shared value, but rather is the result of  our temporal linear opposition…a formulation that in its most essential is a Cosmically spherical experience.

Curiously doctors, nurses, teachers are amongst the few linear  profession that are not based on shared exclusion. Can you think of others friend? Can all professions accordingly unfold. Presently a priest is not everyone’s priest, a lawyer the same, your Mom is not everyone’s Mom, even the brave fireman needs the fire. And on this planet God is not everyone’s God, but a fragmented God. Yes also an artist, a poet, a musician. Interestingly these creative individuals all work inby the all embracing Cosmic  silence…either as participant-recipient or both. But the creative project begins or ends with an act of exclusion, reinforced by the values and whimsy of our planetary culture (meaning) the singular name is credited to the canvass, the poem, the song… An act of exclusion also potential inclusion…. Interestingly these three creative endeavors are also witnessed in the silence. Another clarification… whatever the futility of language it is through  language we can deny language and attain silence…ideal as love making, holding hands, embracing, smili9ng etcetera…What exactly is the distinction between the silence and the Light, the question continues.

Possibly GUT-TOE is a not as much a scientific inquiry as a singular spiritual undertaking. Of course the spiritual in its ideal should include all experience, particularly those activities that are the least spiritual that they might ofby spirit flourish.  “I” suggest singular journey because in a spherical world the only one you can wait for is yourself. Otherwise displacement defines our casually ironic acquired reality that exists in the denial opposition of its own Cosmic disposition. Even consensus involves displacement, a temporary condition and influenced as random result that remains random as linear. But at some juncture we must engage the linear dilemma, share the acquired gifts. Graduate from the Holy Temple, graduate from self…

Does not the motivation behind the Grand Unified Theory suggests a singular equation- explanation that denies-possibly frustrates  further  “change” by humans,  other life forms or God... Whether linearly interactive or reciprocal. There are those who suggest, “There is no God.” While identifying what the deny. One of the tricks in a linearly exclusionary  reality whereby each juncture is only valid through its negation. Reminding the Super Strings contention, “ Everything is material except time.” Though obviously time, however diminishing of the material, is not completely incompatible with the material…evidenced by consequence through the material time interchange. Does this irony become resolved during spherical time whereby exclusion becomes symmetrically concurrent therefore more sympathetic with the infinite continuity refining. As we suggested  language can lead us to the assimilation of linear language to the abiding silence possibly the same is true of time. Yes the idealized Cosmically sympathetic use of time can lead us to the infinite continuity, the Eternal us…. Even while we live-dieing an existence that culminates as death indisposition validated through an allegory of death that is not of this world. But is of this Universe. Very curious do you agree. Unknowingly we seem to experience ourselves beyond our own reflection, beyond our knowing. Not necessarily beyond our next conversation. Do you agree? Please I would welcome hearing your thoughts, your feelings…

Relevant to the retention of this information.  We accrue information linearly, sustain it spherically in the brain spheres (memory is spontaneous in nature) then express linarily in time through incremental language. But the manner that these essays  are nurtured are mostly  spherical. (Remember one of the first essay gatherings… a concentric tapestry not a linear progression). And in a linear world the spherical can only be assimilated as forgotten. In part because you can’t prove you forgot. We prove by altering what is already evident until a juncture of  disposable non-utility is reached…which in itself is a form of forgetting. The irony of proving repeatedly what appears to be already evident as incomplete is our planetary irony. As such we spend our lives rethinking, reinventing, remarrying, researching essentially relocating (at our material expense) in Universe that is one location. Through our  shared casual fragmentations (space in spite of space)  while avoiding  refining space (space evolving spherically as space)…a happenstance, our origin source, we spend our lives repressing-unknowingly separating ourselves from our existence. Experienced through the constant negation of our life’s therefore our awareness. One of many negations is our ever-present death. Our own immediate demise, death the medium of commerce, government and earth religions. Life through death or the offered  death coercion or death planning and subsidy or cure disease mitigated through death with life benefit. With life it seems the secondary benefit since the nice doctors and nurses don’t want to see you again unless your giving death another chance. We walk through the shadows of some many lives. So many beautiful people appear. And disappear. How about a picnic?

Let’s remember not to forget while listening to ourselves. Recalling…the occur rent Light events spontaneously (are) relevant-revealing “intervention” events that are not caused by us, when materialized the Light events do not allude to a preexisting body of knowledge and are not technologically connected. Also they happen to one person at a time suggesting the silence of self (DNAs potential) that avails the Light events themselves. Further when the Light events materialize “we” immediately displace them to our incomplete temporal linear world, the Light occurrences  are not conversant. These Light events are what we the current humans linearly are identified as….luck, coincidence, precognition, clairvoyance, answered prayers, insanity, various intervention aides, intuition, spontaneous remission, birth, death, remote viewing, dreams, impending you-after you pr (or) rebirth-afterbirth-reciprocally refining,, sleep, dislocated disease, life death  assimilation, ghosts, angels, myths, archetypes, resurrection, reincarnation. Also the human body is non-linear inferring silence. Are not the rhythmic motions of our organs silent…all in the Cosmos is motion, silence does not speak to non motion. We have unhappily accustomed ourselves to motion based exclusion and opposition culminating in valueless non-utility.  In an other than human category…expressive spherical technology that is not based on linear disposable  exclusion. Also the unknown current and impending. And the unknowable to the human self that nonetheless influences as all eventually does. Sometimes we have impressions about the unknowable two examples are death and extinction. It would appear to be difficult to observe our own absence without being aware of the testimony.  Good…bag, exclusion or otherwise the near of everything on “our” planet  is perhaps except perhaps, perhaps. A tentative ambiguity in the extreme. Once we externalize into our linear  irony a certitude of probability is as good as it gets. Either in the immediate, in anticipation or remorse. But…not always is also our way. And where do surprises really come from. If we must be ready to be foreign that we be loved,  if we can only be aware by acknowledging not being aware, if we must die to prove the totality-experience of our lives, if  we must question our most cherished perceptions, if we must design holocaust machines to prove ourselves worth of life’s continuance, can we be always fully aware….Do you really think you are only embraced when you pray, when you meditate, when you love each other? Please write down your answer. Seed the garden. Share the awe…

Also we have shared silent Light events that (we) initiate. And are able to share and sustain before after or during the event. These light events are hugging, kissing, dreaming, insanity, handshaking, meditating, sleeping, generous prayer, loving kindly,  embracing a baby, reading a suicide note to a caring companion, breast feeding a baby. Impending pre-birth or impending after birth-resonant as refining. Have people in this planet stopped tickling each other? Also coupling. Meaning when two humans resolve irony and join their bodies lovingly they evoke their shared dnas creating a union Light divine. Not surprisingly through this union babies are born, a Light event that is not determined, not linearly casual to either parent. Also the presumption of orgasm is a casually spontaneous We are God’s children before our own. Finally never finally always there are the Light events known as miracles. Spontaneous, shared, resisted-embraced, the Eternal materialized. Noting we do not instruction to appreciate-recognize these miracles…we are kindred. We spend our lives resisting the miracle of self.

Dark matter (is) defined by linear science as the absence of frequency….as the infinite continuity abides frequency becomes an issue of Light sound frequency. Let’s devolve-evolve to another formulation dematerializing activity that potentially exceeds non-utility. (Referencing in part current earth scientists belief that the Universe will disappear…that the dark will consume the Light and all of God‘s Creation will be as not…). Cautiously politely let’s continue. Unlike Like the Light we can initially assume the dark functions negating material through time consequently denying timeless memory, though not necessarily to a status that is without utility since the dark and the Light are spontaneously Cosmically  concurrent. Suggesting there is the Light infinite Eternal that humans fragment through the material time interchange as linear darkness that in turn has a spherical interactive representation like all in the Universe consequently  a Cosmic source value, but not necessarily a Cosmic origin. Meaning the darkness is not intrinsic to the infinite Eternal or infinity would be separated against itself. The dark includes our own acquired disposition that  enemates from human choices. Meaning to say whereas  Light occurrences “interventions” do not derive from another human including self, are not emitted from machine and when occurring do relate to a preexisting body of knowledge, only happen to one person at a time suggesting the condition self  status of silence that is compatible with the infinite Light Eternal. And evident are immediately fragmented or dislocated. The opposite in all regards  is the case with the dark or darkness. Dark events like disadvantaging yourself or a neighbor… killing, war or preparing for war are caused by human beings. These dark events evolve in the opposite of our silent Light selves. Remembering to realize…any idea is a divine idea if it‘s divinely expressed. (Darkness does not beget darkness, darkness does not create itself. Darkness does not create darkness denies. Darkness does not perpetuate itself darkness is perpetuated. The Light is darkness isn’t ). The darkness often evolves and is exaggerated to an extreme by our linear technology much of which is accordingly designed. Meaning linear disposable technology, but also machines designed to destruct while self destructing. (Silly and absurd do you agree, yet we engage  one another and ourselves in the same “no” way. Very silly indeed. Let’s please continue….

Amidst the negating-displacing flow, dark matter, anti gravity, death devaluation, vacuums…does darkness extinguish material permanently. Rendering Light victim. Spirit is material. Temporary Eternity? Good bye God? What do you think to feel? Do you agree, let’s continue…             

Dark events are singular in effect, but also sustainable as shared, the sharing causes both denial of the event and often those involved in the event. Linearly and spherically. Meaning  beyond our earthly displacing selves. Further these events, both Light and dark, are compatible (not exclusionary)  because they interact and both accrue presumably in the interest of the Light refining because the Light is the Universe seed. Suggesting otherwise infers a malevolent presence, energy or force in the Universe. An origin  presence other than God or a God that devalues-negates the God purpose. Presently the linear oppositional is realized as the dark when  the same event is not actualized spherically to the Light. These events like everything else unfold through and as the Cosmis (ie)  active Cosmos. Linearly this fragmented Cosmic irony we know as original sin, judgment day, hell, the sins of the father. Understandable material  perspectives in a culture that separates Heaven from earth, valuates life presence through invalidation of the same, separates body from soul and otherwise exists through linear casual exclusion rather than the refining infinite ideal apparent as the Light.

Allowing a brief synopsis. We create dark events. These dark conditions or events tend to deny the silence. They often involve and are exaggerated through technology. And allude, even enemate-validate preexisting  linear knowledge. Dark events also involve the one no9ne material time as a displacing condition. Darkness suggests extinguishment. The dark is a Light voiding event. Metaphorically and interactively closing the darkness over the Light Eternal creates time. Timeless surrenders as time. Extinction is an example in the extreme evident through global warming, pandemics, nuclear war, limited asteroid tracking, seed depletion. Each as a compact event with spherical implications, but also as an evolving event relevant as planned, financed and anticipated. Dark event junctures that can become collective or synergistic. With profound linear implications therefore spherical or Cosmic consequences. Similarly resolving these encroaching dark event to the Light affirms the Eternal. As does any good deed particularly when chosen over a bad deed often encouraged, sometimes deemed essential like killing, like war. These light moments are spherically spontaneous, not self separating or linear not self extinguishing. Examples. Smiling, loving, helping, curing please complete-continue the list…

Let’s continue hoping we can go beyond the happenstance of faith in our perspective  approaching awareness. Remember  in a timeless a casual refining Universe everything is in the near of permanent. As inferred by the infinite Eternal. All events, dark or Light,  are part of or sympathetic to infinity or infinity would be ruptured or otherwise rendered valueless or disposable as in the current earth culture. Which is the Universe seed, the Light or the dark? Is it possible the Universe will disappear when the acquired darkness consumes the Light? Noting that  dark events occur and perpetuate time valuating death of all material as valueless and beyond utilities direction. And Light events are timeless accordingly infinite as Eternal. (Yet through time we can attain timelessness, Nirvana, converse miracles, also evidence answered prayers, coincidence, heal death from our life’s offering…). Now at this juncture (hopefully) we can acknowledge and subsequently develop a distinction between infinity  and the Eternal. Yearning we continue: The Light is all inclusive, un bordered, all embracing and ordered by God the Cosmic origin source. Evidenced by logic, observation and our futility. Whereas the dark is casual to the human,  unlike Light sound frequency is  exaggerated through linear technology, sustained as linearly shared, time imbued. Consequently dark is not compatible with the infinite Eternal the light accordingly thrives. Noting the image of a carnation, a creational flutter, spherically reaching unfolding. Imagine to feel the Light events, your smile, your love excused from contempt, the prayer, meditation, all the good Light shared preferred to the convenient dark, love proffered to forgiveness, peaceful choices (all these chosen selves) spher4ically claim the darkness tofromas the Light determining the Eternal. Whereas the darkness accrues linearly, spherically evident as extinction resulting in a familial  breach, a rupture…the harmonious Cosmically nurturing bond linearly realized as resurrection-reincarnation Heaven and earth. There is no evidence that the dark is all inclusive, all embracing, ordered by God, there is no dark Eternal-except for our insistence. Again relevant to death in all its seed, whimsy and disguise you cannot know the flavor with the taste. The same the near fullest of Eternity. We know good we know bad one will prevail as ourselves. Now you know as knowing breaths, your neighborhood  Cosmically abides. Accordingly we derive, Eternity now instructs. Will we obliging be the life of life the life of death or the death of death be all, the day our music died.

We have noted previously that in a spontaneous Universe one dark event would cause the Universe to collapse, disappear-devolve into nothingness.( Our nurtured linear irony is in total validated-evidenced through junctures that all earth religions share in substance or denial…hell, judgment day, impurity, sins of the father. Heaven not earth, life after death not during and after death, original sin, martyrs, Holy Temples places of preferred being not divine catharsis, the exclusion or denial of women and children and other life forms, and each religion practiced as an exclusion of another religions ( divinity of purpose that has lead to many wars of  death destruction). We have also offered that in an infinitely compatible Universe the material evolves as space refining as space as opposed to our present accommodation space in spite of space. Yet both of these seemingly incompatible and exclusionary activities occur in the same Universe. We have evidence that the Universe evolves “refines” as contrasted or conflicted however amiably and Eternally. The refining evolution good or bad in part (conceivably entirely) emanates from our human choices interactive with God’s Creation environment-exaggerated to a gross extreme by current linear technology. The holiest words (I) know are I don’t know, God knows. Is there good and bad in and as the Universe. Is the bad partial seed to the good. Are infinity and the Eternal one the same. Does one yearn the other. Is timelessness an irony of either the infinite or the Eternal? What are your thoughts? And your prayers? I can say beyond prayers hesitation our lives offered to us are good. Let’s continue. The sun knows the flower as the butterfly greets us all in your dream.. And this is good and beautiful. And further we know beyond prayer’s reprieve that harming God’s Creation is not good. Unnecessary. Killing is a choice. Not killing is a choice. Killing in its many rhymes, riddles and  rhythms including planning denies the Universe materializes the dark. Giving reference to life confirms the Universe. Creation’s good  witness of God’s Creation is good as Eternal is better than not. And of course we will always speak to and aspire as uncertain because we will always in our shared world include ourselves in the search. Hopefully more happily dissatisfied, prayerfully in awe. Nurturing of God’s Creation gathering which includes ourselves. And through our unfolding selves our spherical bond with God sustaining. The time of now is as forever always. Always is the way. Let’s continue…


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