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Waiting is a timely occupation if knowingly we aspire. Exclusive knowledge linearly constrains. Spirit is immediate-timeless, linearly denied.  Silence the Light accompanies. Life-death-Eternity the same. Spirit’s instruction hastened as denied.   

All  the same orchard, less our  harvest’s share. In a linear temporal culture spirit is unexpected as such “brief” miracles abide, luck, coincidence foretell. Heaven-earth…body and soul are separated thus linearity is  sustained. Spirit is separated from itself as ourselves,  less ourselves.

Spiroit, the Eternal, the Light, divine journey, Godsoulprint, for each to determine God fraternal.

Spirit embrace’s all.  Otherwise God less “our” Creation’s intent. Linearly jurisdiction defines infinity denied as delayed. Spirit becomes like life transient. And  negotiable.

In a linear culture the science of math relies on subtraction. An effort to asses and utilize loss of value or direction.  This activity condition permeates the entire culture. Imagine a culture that only exists in the summation of itself.

Is there anything less denying of other material dispositions than spirit. Spirit is as spirit is obliged. Otherwise divine effort is not, divinity becomes effortless. Not opposing a linear event avails the Light Divine. Spirit thrives Eternally beyond our estimation. (In a linear world spirit is often born through struggle). A conscious effort to attain spirit. ( Realized expressed as denied). Spirits yearning is a solitary journey that is ciounter to the linear temporal instruct. Spirit is its own response as response. Spirit is its own reward. Resisting-denying linearity can oblige spirit. Exampoles: Alcoholism, drug reliance, homelessness, illiteracy, insanity, obesity, thievery, disease, pain, dissatisfaction, retirement, smoking. Linearly denying conditions that accordingly avail spirits immediacy. All solitary chosen activities, imbued in silence that avail the Light-spirit’s opportunity.  These individuals are often viewed as troubled, unproductive, needful, and linearly unworthy. Yet efforts to return these spherical wanderers to the linear fold are much resisted. Intuitively their prayers breathe. Pain instructs availing spirits path. Beyond forgiveness’ haste.  Each linear event not opposed as love avails spirit.

Are we not as spirits ideal denied… linearity insists. Spirit yields to our linear irony. Otherwise spirit would be oppositional to the chosen self. Not all embracing. Spirituality amongst humans becomes a   quizzical accommodation. Spirit represents a seeming denial of linearity’s benefits. Amongst human’s spirit is repressed. And conflicted. The earth people create the need for our own prayers. And marginalize the response as offered.  Linearity compels the ideal of your spirits life, yourself, as an after life. Alive we anguish.  Consensus  moiré the same, the Holy Temple instructs. We forgive one another God’s gift of life.


We yearn searching God. Believing God lost not ourselves? The evolution of spirit amongst the earth people involved challenging the consigned spirit accrued by God determined individuals. These solitary God determinant individuals were co-opted as spiritual icons sprouting religious move3ments. Spirit entrapped once again. Others used the spiritual vigor of the God determined ones to deny their own spiritual destiny. Spiritual acquiescence became a conduit for linear excess. Accordingly spiritual institutions became the obstacles to that which they offered. An articulate communion with spirit. The God determined were esteemed as the preferred children of God in order that God’s other children could pursue their material linear privileges unimpeded by spirit. Body and spirit were separated. Both denied through life. Both denied as death.

Allow please echo’s sublime:  You can’t have an enemy without being an enemy to God. There is no just killing. No abuse not God denying. Life predates conception as does the Universe the planet earth. A kiss. Coupling becoming love. Your embrace silently-spherically imbued. Thus spirits oracle. Through coupling’s non-linear embrace preconception occurs. As conception. Accordingly god’s children yearn.

Linearity relies on exclusion, current humans aspiring to spirit compel their own worldly absence. All God’s children are beyond distinction as such all distinguishing: The God aspiring labor of Jesus. Mohammed, Krishna, Moses, Buddha, Mother Teresa, your brief ideal self were used by oithers to deny their own spiritual seed, their Godsoulprint.  God obliges no leadership-instruction but self. Though through guidance self evolves.  Babies born again for the first time. Anew the Light refining.

Divinities spirit avails through struggle., resisting linearity. Those linearly dislocated. Not partial to the linear awe. (Acknowledging  that spirit is always immediate).  All embracing otherwise spirit would be God denying…. It is through linear timely denial that spirit is thwarted. The lionear awe is validated through opposition thus spirit consequent to the material linear haste. Forgiveness explains love.

We are born spiritually astute ofandby the Light. Otherwise through choice. Devolved from our linear, spirit denying instruction.  Spirit is all inclusive thus spirit mirrors each choice. God’s spirit rejected evident as linear preoccupations.  Excess becomes denial. We can only give what we  deny.  Self denial yearns absence.  Salvation denies God less ourselves. Improvement temporary as opposed denies improvement. Excess insults.

The earth people’s  Eternal view denies life. Therefore God. Temporal linearity is  an unnatural Cosmic condition valued as deprived. Linearity leads to war and hunger. The cumulative of war resolves the temporal linear dislocation. Linear opposition resolved. Very sad. Very curious. War, killing are spiritually tolerable when spirit ios loved as forgiven.

Can yoiou  attain Creation’s bliss by denying Creation. Amongst humans spirit is deferred. A secondary voice. Illogically spirit is dismissed  as a life denying lasting presence. Opposition insists time compels life forgives. Hence life and death not the same, Eternity deprived.  Most of spirits sway of solitude derived.  Solitude absolves most linear distractions. Silence prayer’s response.  “Our” timely venue denies Eternal timeless spirit. Holy Temples explain spirit unexplainable.  A preferential God renders spirit jurisdictional. (Prayer’s answer prayer’s need).  Many come to a Holy Temple and many leave. Befuddled abandoned by their own devotion. Entry exit not the same? Why do Holy Temple lock their doors?

Dilemma yields as seed when  parishioner’s blossom beyond  the  Temples construct. Not less the Temple.  God’s planet earth isofby God. Eternal Heaven and earth the same. One exclude not the other.  Graduates would bequeath the Holy Temple resolved to God. Unbordered Holy Temple.  God transcendent life before death. 

Your Godsoulprint and God is Eternal. Linear source presupposes an explainable-static God. Faith’s denies God fraternal….  Eternities glance. Words-deeds the same. Attending a Holy Temple for life denies God to the Temple.  Whimsical divinity. Endless and Eternal not the same.

Love valued as forigiven. God’s love judged. One Holy Temple trespasses the other. Not God? “Is God your gift to offer?” Holy Temples all as one “yourself” jurisdiction Eternal. Consequence transcends life...


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