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Acknowledging your gentle patience relevant to repetition. We step often through the same door to better understand entries permit. We are amidst two separating-reciprocal worlds. One of form-time where form functions linearly and is casually dematerializing in its affect. More simply…that which begins ends. The second world is one of the all-inclusive un displacing Light. A world of refining Eternal essence. Not of process but presence. Not dematerializing but harmonic. Not conflicted… melodic. That begun by God never ends. And accordingly realizes. Unless your choice resides elsewhere. The abiding questions of our book is…can these two separating and exclusionary worlds become articulate as one. While maintaining the intrinsic nature of form and light, thereby transcending the current sequentially dematerializing world to one of coherence and spontaneity suggestive the infinite Eternal. Giving practical credence to inter galactic travel. A transcendent evolution of near all current human mediums, communication, travel, medicine, education, technology, perception etcetera literally beyond their own parallel. This realization of light-form (evolved as God the Light) assumes an interactive presence through resonant prayer, good deed unparalleled and harmonic un displaced meditation. Through the One God realized as the non-conflicted neighbor self … even as form while resident in a harmonic planet  choice remains functional. But no longer a choice of self-ironic reflective intellect, but literally one of perception and the consequent voice Eternal. A functionally material choice between the darkness and God the light.  

At a certain and specific juncture… resolving the dematerializing irony of material causality to the ideal harmonic and timeless-non casual disposition (suggests) an interchangeable status that infers what is known vaguely as memory. Meaning generally that the proposed transcending of the space-time non-continuity can only occur sympathetically or harmonically if no resultant destruction or de materializing occurs in the process. This un displacing protocol is suggestive of memory presence not a linear sequential medium but one of spontaneity. Memory our one conscious interactive conduits to the inter active Light (in composition-tone not unlike sleep or deep meditation) while not suffering the “necessary” anomaly of displacement usually inter acted through choice via language and reinforced through the instability of institution. The current fragmented Temple included. Though like the near of everything else that is Light derivative and assumed to form…. The potential of memory, God’s light memory, we are learning. And will idealize hopefully through a process that is other than linearly casual. The all God remembers all and accordingly is all timelessly available. Unless otherwise deferred…chosen.

The timely world transcended cannot be permanently  altered or damaged through a singular event or the Eternal nature of the Light is negated and the time anomaly prevails, the harmonic-un displacing transition does not occur. Light predominates as inclusionary essence not exclusionary form. Please now let’s examine two material concepts …Parallel Universes which speaks to potential displacement and Duplicate  Spherical Universes which suggests a material perspective that is elemental to the aforementioned conversion or harmonic passage. And represents the on going bond between the Cosmic Light and casual form. Of course linearly  this duplicate status is common to our species, evidenced as simulated events i.e. books, film, audio recording, drama…all memory collectives. Indeed without casual memory we would not of been able to alter an evolving Creation in our image and learning- application would have been impossible. And like all material, potential and otherwise, memory (in substance and process) predates the materializing of the planet earth or we would not be able to experience the same. But in the ideal these process of self are imperfect, profoundly so… fundamentally dependent on inconsistent error or flaw which is the basis of earth knowledge reflective of life progress.  Clearly this imperfection addresses our continuing struggle that unless harmonically idealized to the Light will always be casually conflicted… dematerializing and characterized by a danger that is expressive of extinction through the spasm violation of the environment or weapon technology. Both revelatory  of the earth peoples chosen self. As we dwell further in the time of now forever. A selective time of determinate darkness or Light transformation. As the two major earth religions approach spasm.

A duplicate spherical  event essentially is the immediate material witness of a past on going (no longer transitory) event in current time. The nature of witness given the  casually conflicted  nature of form within the aforementioned process becomes ambiguous. But we have suggested potentially evident and articulate. We are examining a dynamic that is Light relevant, reminding that memory unlike our casually displacing reality is spontaneous in nature accordingly like sleep Light essential. Further the suggestion becomes that the individuals inter active light essential self memory actively post dates our presumed “death.” Such is the nature of memory. Linear anticipation is a form of memory…memory of the future. Allowing the perspective of time. Much of the memory place currently remains mysterious since most often this realization is experienced in time displacement.. A past linear event like an ironically discontinued life, though seemingly completely dematerialized or other than evident, assumes a status that is refined in the Light as opposed “lost” to the anomaly of time. And lost inter actively, except in memory, to the living witness. Though it is assumed that a memory is origin derivative of the living witness, but in actuality given that a memory is Light resident (like the human witness) the function of memory is reciprocally conversant or it’s nature would be exclusionary therefore time based or limited to form. Memory is Eternal. When you are born you are “remembered” by God. If a process  need be considered the birth is spherical in nature not linear. Meaning not casually origin to self or related form-meaning parents. Your inception birth is Eternal in nature without beginning or end. Beyond the practical understanding of reincarnation and resurrection that are time seeded. Rather than the reverse. Meaning no.1 that the impetus for either resurrection and reincarnation are Light derivative or birth and death would be limited to a time manifest. And no.2. Inby the Light resurrection and reincarnation function jointly harmonically as one or displacement would predominate. You can choose between the fragmentation, the two, or the One inby and of the Light. And  the Light would be negated  not Eternal. In linear form resurrection and reincarnation are fragmented as separate.  Only preferentially separated in time by man for reasons spiritually prejudicial. In this sense a duplicate spherical event is similar to the original, one and the same while refining, otherwise separate only through time. Reincarnation and Resurrection are duplicate spherical event consequently your birth. Appreciating  please that duplicate alludes not to sameness, but the Oneness of the Light.

Time might be an ironic aberration of the Light, but still time causality remains functional to the intrinsic value of form. Meaning that without time causality or duality and it’s related anomaly form linearly becomes mute. This does explain why time is being realized in a stilted-distorted manner. A self-consuming dimensional congestion. (The nature of form and the value of Light are functionally interactive accordingly repressed as intended and elemental to the infinite Eternal. Perhaps both are form of a completely different nature. Clearly both are materially substantive.) And both are Light accordant, answerable to the rule of Light and accordingly assumable. Because the Universe of which we are part is Light consequently infinite Eternal. The suggestion has been made that our timely therefore choice oriented experience on this planet might be Light remedial. Meaning through our efforts good and bad the Light refines thus resolves as the Darkness or the Light. The earth people can not know all and remain form. God is the  One intervening Eternally. Most assuredly we nourish the determie3nd  ironic self. And this dynamic (darkness Light good and bad choices) are spherically reciprocal. An Eternal protocol. (Light and form are conversant). Given that the Light is origin manifest and timeless therefore not exclusionary we have further suggestion why the material nature of all events remains potentially divinely expressive. And in time memory we are duplicate or Light reflective not parallel to our own perception. Understanding through form and thought displacement (i.e.) thinking we record subsequently express the allegory of these Eternal events imperfectly. The limitless light does as well, perfectly. As does memory when not time factored, meaning of course a memory status that is not limited to the past or the anomaly of form. And otherwise organically assimilated to time structures such as institutions such as the Holy Temples. Otherwise you are Light witnessed potentially when you are being precognitoned, remembered as lucky or you are being preconditioned beyond the function of your witness otherwise known as coincidence or the Light shares it’s dreams. God intimate we are.

The substance of knowledge, the process of knowing, though critical on the planet earth otherwise displace the Light.  Yet through knowing we will become Light transcendent, Light articulate. A paradox yes?

Whereas a Parallel Universe speaks to inferred displacement of form as form  the Light is Spherically only limited when form and Light “briefly” become harmonic. A temporary dimension or convergent breach is realized.  A reciprocal harmonically inter active process which  explains inter stellar travel and the other resonant efforts to ideally resolve material duality or form displacement…as and to the Cosmic Light. The One location. Which includes consciousness. Not as thinking’ but intuitive thought. When a duplicate event once DNAs materialized is witnessed there is the sense of perceptual parallel, but this is only a reflective echo of the linear man a temporary and organically necessary inconsistency between form and Light. An example:  Within this dynamic prayers are answered. Meaning that a prayer’s answer is origin derivative of the Light therefore not casual to the prayer. The prayers answer is not the cause of the prayer offered. The prayer is its own response. Otherwise the prayer would be it’s own displacement. In praying you have assumed-invited the Light God to your conflicted life and accordingly while praying you are Light attendant and beneficent. God evident. Only a casual God dependant on impetus not omniscient would be summoned in this manner. Do you agree a God needing to be informed by us is a silly casual God reflective of ourselves not omnipresent omniscience? An earthly God not the Cosmic one. You don’t wait for a prayers response you wait for yourself. Your next prayer communion with God.

Appreciating that the “past event” has been perfectly assumed (once sequential form) the assumption in its final formulation becomes one of coherent sound. (Form is in constant motion yearning-reaching for the Light). Reminding Light and form border-overlap one and other (accordingly creating sound) and are accordingly exclusionary, since form itself is a dimensional affect of linear limit or border. Understanding that the presence-process of any form regardless of its status…. negates it’s own integrity as conjoined material process or seemingly as solitar5y form.. Meaning form is meant to dematerialize and this process is denying or fulfilling of the Light affluence.  But in the past we have always perceived and encouraged this as a dual-linear and casually unstable process. Rather than one that is harmonically Eternal or divine in nature. And is expressible as such. And the practices determination has been that the material linear world can only manifest through time displacement. Any suggestions to the contrary were pleasantly whimsical and not materially pertinent. Allowing an aside the human being has from the inception of language been sharing wondrous “stories-parables and fables” amongst one another not aware that often the allegory was more Cosmically pertinent than their own cherished-suffering and engineered reality. The seed essence becomes a process from the linear prerogative that inby the Light interactive with form is a symmetry of unique coherent sounds (when form and light interact sound is created and these sounds can function as stabilizing or harmonic bridge) that allowed the initial planetary schism or the very essence of planetary origin would be displacing-Light denying. The Bible offers the sound instruct, “Let there be Light.” Before the bliss awe. Clearly the current earth people subsist from a linear erratic and fleeting base not one that is spherically inclusive of form through the Light.

The Cosmos is Light essential. Revelatory as such. Form in its own nature is dematerializing or conflicted. Forms potential is imperfection. An evolving irony. Form exists ironically in the Cosmos as form. And it is through form that we ironically perceive and understand while applying ourselves to the Cosmos. Currently the fullness of the Light Cosmos can only be perceived through the limited rule of self-negating form whose nature in the ideal is inconsistent or Light dormant. Consequently anything perceived through the limit of form are partial and limited. Realizations that are Light origin are reflective of these limitations all of which are currently subject to the limits of perception that are both organic and consensual. Understandably perceptions of form even when they are origin of the light like precognitive sensations are reflective of the limitations of form (limited as such) or they could not be perceived or experienced. Explaining angels, ghosts though suggested as not being of our world are still reflective of ironic form consequently limited and allegorical not  accordingly inter active or complete unto themselves.  Indeed process such as death and in life are similarly distorted as form not expressive of their Light source origi9n. As is our practiced view of Heaven. Such expression can o0nly be all inclusive-assuming of form and as such denying under the current protocol.  The full story divine we experience while denying the same is the current nature of casual form. Precognitions once revealed become flawed to form in all its vagrancy. Form itself, language, the inter personal flux, practiced randomness and exclusionary Temples of worship are mediums through which  the self Godsoulprint is frustrated and otherwise denied. Imagine please a communication (all is communication denying God or acknowledging) that is not consequent to the necessary inconsistency and imperfection of form. Imagine  precognitions and intuition expressed as received. As one. Not conflicted intent or understanding not consequent to whimsy. Not doubtful and subject to the prejudice of understanding through interpersonal language, but flawless, complete and instantaneous. Intuition, the precognitive become conversant not linearly and doubtfully, but all embracing. Flui9dly and fluently. Perfectly within the limits of presence and form. Bliss conversant deserving of anticipation. And love becomes a near spontaneous entitlement to form … God intended not transient and selfishly transactional. How logically could this be otherwise. This is what current man-woman speaks to as Heaven on earth and deny while alive.  What true irony is form if love  becomes love infinite thus articulate and death is otherwise than dematerializing. What life then do you speak …. Reminding that without the ideal thought of logic buoyed by love we are left prostrate in the sand throbbing as apology.

An example of resolving the dematerializing irony of form to the infinite harmonic Light. Deaging to use a term suggested by the  eager and nice people studying at  the Church of Scientology. Acknowledging that at the most fundamental we are each one of  us a unique sound. Indeed form after the presumption of death continues an evolving DNAs sound. Interactive to linear environment and the Light Cosmos. The suggestion is wearing a sound absorption filter that would daily record all the sounds that are detrimental  or counter to your form. Your unique sound. Once the day is complete in your acoustic shelter reverse all those sounds. Melodically absolving all the adverse-negating sounds.  Permeating the ideal self, the harmonic wholeness of self. Briefly resolving the casually fragmented person to the spherical self. Your Cosmic connection. Evoking a state of oneness well exceeding the dormancy of sleep. Briefly evoking the Cosmic of self. Your un displaced self. Blissfully negating the daily dematerializing. The aforementioned “design” is elemental to transmuting casual-ironic form to the all inclusive Light. Whether this be transposing  a cancer i.e. cure presumes disease, inter galactic travel, accelerated meditation, conversations intuitive etceteras.

All is God derivative and attendant consequentially witnessed and explainable within the limit of form expression and desired opportunity. We are resident not of earth, but the Universe Cosmos. Accordingly “we will” be fluent. We understand all motion has sound relevant to that motion. And this harmony on the planet earth is thwarted-casually displaced through the dematerializing irony of time. The truly pertinent and exciting question becomes how can we resolve this fragmentation of the Eternal Light and accordingly become articulate beyond prayer’s expectation: All form in time casually dematerializes as motion and this motion has sound relevant to that unique activity or motion. (Temperature changes weight transference etcetera  all motion, which create distinct sound ). We are discussing the dematerializing life  sound of a material entity that through form function as well as human choice and practice represses-fragments the Light affluence. The relevant and revealing question is simple…what are the opposite sounds of this dematerializing process. Reminding casual opposition of the form process is integral to dematerializing, but inby and through sound we have entered a completely different language. Another world. We are dwelling into sounds opposite those created by dematerializing. Opposite sounds speaks to opposite status or direction. Sounds opposite those of linear causality therefore harmonically resolved inferring of the Light. The resolution of these two opposite sound parameters simultaneously speaks to realizing “exposing” a relevant-revealing and reciprocal Light impulse. The harmonic resolution of casuality of ironic duality.. (Previously referred to as  breach form convergence. A temporary dimension). A non-linear world of which form is resident however frustrated and once form irony or displacement expressed as dematerializing are harmonically resolved form becomes Light  attuned and expressible.  Given the discussed transcendent dynamic this progression is no longer linearly relevant or time manifest. We have in a sense time traveled leaving time behind. Acknowledging the derivative past while resolving the anticipatory future to the immediate presence. The sequential becomes spontaneity. Timelessness prevails. Process casuality or dematerializing yields to non-displacing presence. Form has become Light astute, harmonic no longer dematerializing. Though form remains essential to its nature otherwise any resultant alteration suggests negation or dematerializing and this speaks to time casuality not the harmonic Light. Once casual Ying n’ Yang are harmonically attuned the ironic form process becomes Light attuned. We are evident of Eternity, but until irony displacement is resolved. (ie)…. The cancer is resolved to no ill disadvantage of either lifework (life form)) or we are back to casual time effect…. Until the inter galactic “trip” is conjoined and the space vehicle is returned to form…. Your smile Lights up the room once you have assumed the needed medical books or all the work of Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman in a non-sequential moment…. Joyous once you and a partner have resolved sound irony and are able to facilitate hours of intimate information non-sequentially. Touching the availed Light of one another. Intuitive conversant….  Seven meditating as one accordingly Light astute. Beyond word not awe.9You are in a sense being remembered by the Light which is near omniscient in nature.) Reminding further that sound, the profound sounds of silence, are within their own nature Light articulate. Silence is un bordered-all inclusive like the light though if potentially displacing harmonically so. The sounds of refining. Whether this is Light assumed as another planetary system, a  “new” baby or a person harmonically deaged.  The sounds we are the most familiar with including the ideal of music are linearly displaced sound. Erratic sounds or noise.  Recalling that music is the one experience that does not have to be altered or translated in order to be assumed but nonetheless is not perfect.Most likely not as origin source or consequentially derivative (ie) the listener.. Cosmically fluent. But acknowledging the opposite sound to the familiar dematerializing sound joins the casual ying-yang to a Cosmic presence. Light familiarity.

….Imagine all the “distant” Galaxies, the stars and planets (the form Eternal) inby and through the Light assumed as you. The harmonic presence. Music of the Spheres. Light attuned your unique sound is a sphere. A dimensional musical sphere. You can go home again.

Precisely  what is a Duplicate Event. First this spherical presence is not a fleeting erratic memory-imperfect  as experienced. Numerous individuals can share the same memory and in recollection be discussing an appreciably different memory. Not factoring an individuals willingness to deceive, exaggerate or otherwise subjectively misrepresent. Simply a memory that is sequentially realized is a structurally flawed event. But a memory that is form-light attuned, spherical, not casually self opposing or dual is a different occurrence. When light and form are harmonically conjoined  linear inconsistencies no longer abide. A spherical memory or duplicate event is  not time factored, not dematerializing. A duplicate spherical memory is not structurally prejudiced. Meaning the linear-excluding variables no longer apply.

One example relevant to history. A tragic occurrence like President Kennedy’s assassination  can be viewed virtually without constraint. Currently as mentioned the collective linear memory is decidedly flawed. Memories developed amidst chaos and danger. The resultant memory collective of print, celluloid  follow. Clearly an objective assimilation of truth memory is near impossible.  No one presence human or technological could accurately represent this  linear event which represents thousands of  perspectives…parameters which when examined spherically become materially available without perceivable limit: Both sides of a closed door. The human assailant with a weapon. The inconsistent reactions of several hundred witnesses and participants can be much  more accurately observed. Singularly-collectively or any variation thereof. DNAs brings forensic evidence to a new significant level. The event can be examined calmly as collection of events…eventually an intact incident. As this violence materially occurred not as it was witnessed or planned and executed. Parameters that are in apposition to one another, often intentionally disrupted or concealed. The actual design or manifestation of such a duplicate memory or spherical print is suggested by the previously reviewed issues, DNAs, opposite dual sound resolution, Light verses form within a timeless context. Reminding that a memory is a  viable material entity. The nature of the human witnesses does become uncertain. Whether a human can attune form to a level of non displacement and remain organically viable enough to review a duplicate spherical event is the subject for another paper. Understanding when the light origin of a memory joins with human form  displacement-fragmentation is immediate. Possibly here some assistance of technology is needed, not the current modality i.e. linearly displacing technology but rather a machine presence that is Light attuned and facilitates the development of the human o a transcendent  extent. A DNAs reciprocal computer that allows it’s attendant user to maximize intuition and develop intellect like memory… holographically. Appreciating that currently technology represents an exaggerated reflection of the human irony not indicative  of the light in a sense that technology can realize the ideal of the human by expressing that same with a minimum of displacement.                

Let’s be more practical. The family photograph one hundred and twenty years old comes alive within its own intrinsic form process. Meaning the initial gathering steps leading to assembling the photograph and the taking of the photograph can be reformulated and witnessed as a duplicate on going event Briefly interrupted. Not unlike an old record on a gramophone, but instead of lovely music…relevant & revealing images. Since the witness is one of casualty apposing form the other of The Eternal un displaced Light the witness is neutral not inter active. Two worlds that at this juncture (one of organic visual perception) that are accordingly exempt… minably communal in nature and process. Attempts to inter act with the duplicate timeless event inby form would cause this event presence to decimate. Appreciating please that the light based memory events are without end (ie) precognition. Light technology, inter galactic travel, spontaneous healing, tactile communication and the many other form transcendent issues we’ve discussed. In an abiding sense the spherical duplicate seed event is transom transmogrify to the Cosmic Light. A doorway to the Eternal. Clearly even though much new can be garnished from objectively viewing such an event, there would have to be a material representation or source memory to facilitate the retrieval or reformulation. Even if that sound presence is a human memory recorded in a history book. At one linear-casual  level this is known as psychometry a material assuming the vibrations or memory of its user. And the dynamic presence process or commune is suggestive of ideal sleep, the precognitions, luck, coincidence etcetera.  In this context facts are musical notations suggestive of intimate-personalized silence. Once identifying the Light reformulation as unique DNAs related events could be tracked to further identify and clarify meaning both at the casual earth time reality and within the Cosmic Light Sphere. You can engage the theater of your own life. (This occurs imperfectly to form in the other than conscious state asleep) Which currently is done randomly and fleeti9ngly through memory. Would this process be reciprocally interactive or casual in nature suggestive of conversant language. The answer would appear not to be  conversational language. Language is sequentially or linearly conflicted and as such  displacement and we are amidst the Light (our presence harmonic) not ironically casual or the Light commune would burst melodically like a Light bubble. But what new languages abides? The harmonic nature of the duplicate event would suggest a transcendent form of communication or dialogue that would be other than sequential. Suggestive of what is called intuition or the wonderus ambiguity of shared incidence spoken of as random and purposeful coincidence. The language of touching now in it’s infancy whereby the human form harmonically intuned touches a light event such as a duplicate memory and assumes near completely including what language displaces. Imagine being able to assume “listen” to half an hour of lover’s sentiments in one instant. And similarly express. And to do so without the equivocation of doubt and ambiguity essential to language. Oh the smiles. This manner of communication has been dramatized in science fiction or science delayed.

Let us look again at the equation of understanding that is functionally as a process displacement suggestive of time, even if the time process is that of resolving the time material anomaly to the un bordered ideal of the Light. Given that the union between time material and the Light affluent is foreign (currently inarticulate) in nature and some measure of expression or translation must prevail in time i.e. form as evidenced by the dematerializing of weight-temperature alteration, gravity interaction, mass-density coefficient and the active forces such as torsion, centrifugal etcetera.  These energies in motion as causal process create sound that we disregarded (are not aware of) and is also sympathetic to the Light Eternal. The dichotomy of process yields to presence harmonic.  Accordingly a DNAs trail (spherical in nature) is evident however frustrated it might be. Reminding: Form or dimension  the absence of time becomes a function of the Light.    Form transcendent Light attuned. Whether this is a human cycle life unto the presumption of death or the instantaneous disintegration of an atom. The incremental spherical  tracking alluded to is sequentially a duplicate event that can be recalled for examination. How? The harmonic functional resolution (linarily experienced as dematerializing) of relevant and revealing causality of the transpired event allows for a reformulation of the event. (As we previously discussed i.e. dual sound opposites resolution  producing Light Impulses). A Light sound resonant  spherical trail (functionally not linear-casual in nature) is realized (not a location presence relevant or defined by another location)…  inclusivity assumes all that occurs within the nature of it’s event sphere is harmonically non displacing…the same the Universe when experienced rather than perceived or evaluated. Reminding the suggested logic, if the Universe is one location how can we relocate. Time has become a stationary mirror. And you are looking at your eventual self. The past glancing randomly in your di9rection. The organic act of perception, a vagrancy of time, forms and colors sounds, feelings (all senses) have become one and as such experienced. You are Light imbued. Eternally astute. And relevant. Until you are released back to form. Now the better ideal. Life defined by life. Hope by love. A peace transcendent planet. Heaven and earth One.


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