… Linear time anomaly…
The dichotomy of destruction
“spheroid pulse”

Destabilized destruction of a three dimensional form involves instruction, planning, preparation, investment, offense, anticipation and a concordant reciprocal disposition. (Destruction in a linear temporal culture is a life long optional disposition, a lifestyle the near of impossible to avoid). The aforementioned activities only have value consequence if the entire formulation is not utilized as a destructive event or even if successful “intent” suffers damage. This entire dynamic only has value if there is a reciprocally offensive activity that is similarly destructive. (One destructive posture engenders many others).

Eliminate any activity facet and destruction is sublimated as a non- event. The most compelling willful assimilation linear inconsistency is the destruction in war. Peace is not the absence of war. But rather inherent to the condition of peace are essential elements that become manifest as war. War cannot happen without peace. This linear interactive process is futilely unproductive since war leads to peace. Given the structurally pervasive nature of destruction a non-linear culture would have to transcend this dichotomy to maintain its own disposition.

Appreciating that destruction is the extreme irony of a temporal linear culture. Meaning that one destructive presence can only value and validate its purpose if it concedes and condones its own destruction. Given the value resources invested in destruction much of the destruction occurs before the destructive inclination is affected. As noted the ideal in destructive predisposition is that the amassed process representing a major material and life resource  investment is not utilized as intended. Straining economies and political postures that are based on internal and external opposition.  Preparation without destruction represents a significant static depletion of industrial activity that in the long term can be almost as depressing as war. That a major industries ideal potential can only be realized as dormant status similar to a condition prior to the design and manufacture of their only product is an interesting linear irony. The parallel equivalent is to design a medical procedure that is only effective if it is not used.

Another irony to the dynamic of destruction is that a destructive event by its own designed nature is a self diminishing one. A destructive event results in the loss of creative life purpose. What is being suggested through these insights is a simple proposition can a destructive act be creative… not realized through a complete loss of utility-directional purpose. The question suggested  is there any condition activity in a non-linear event that might be creatively sympathetic with destruction but not by its own nature be self defeating and otherwise inconsistent. Seemingly destructive but not damaging. Vaguely and perhaps unintentionally suggested by the missile defense system.
Understanding that a war event in a linear culture resolves the very linear irony that created the event, the linear reality itself. Meaning casual opposition, the fundamental ironic separation that is essential to our linear culture is absolved through the war event. In a linear temporal culture the separation is either constructive or destructive. Either disposition in process and consequence is highly inefficient. Both influences have to be considered in all linear activities. Obviously including technology, the utility of technology and the eventual disposition of the technology are essential-defining prerogatives. (In a linear technology the designed utility of your car is not complete unless you can crash it on the way home, one of many events that might render your vehicle useless. And each loss of use or misuses is necessary to utility).Without exception in the earth peoples linear-temporal adaptation all material events realized through the altering of environmental material eventually assume a dysfunctional, non-utilitarian status. Ours is a disposable material accommodation. Noting these events, realities, inclinations are willfully consequent. (War is just a concentrated, localized representation of this linear inclination). This dysfunctional irony includes the human body form and all technology both in design and utility.

The non-linear timeless Universe of which we are a derivative functioning part does not work in this manner. Separation or what might be viewed as destructive event  in the Universe are Creative. Space material is not altered in spite of the material itself. In the Cosmos material refines as the material not through loss of material value. (Other than destruction verses constructive we have other oppositional linear  parameters (ie) success verses failure, anticipated  certitude verses incalculable  improbability. So fundamental is  degradation in a linear culture that progress, our ideal motivator, is  motivated by invalidation. Meaning what is esteemed presently only has value if eventually it has no or less value. Material degradation eventually leads to material loss of identity. Loss of purpose. Our potential is based on diminishing our potential. In a linear culture self destruction is inevitable proportionate to the destructive event including spasm extinction or the elimination of an entire species. Meaning that even a destructive material event eventually losses its destructive purpose because it  culminates as a completely diminished event. Destruction becomes valueless nothing is left to destroy. As such willful destruction exhausts the limits of our linear temporal adaptation. A destructive disposition through improved efficiency and by its own nature eventually leads to self  destruction.  Destruction is a temporary inconsistency-potentially complete in its exactness. Destruction eventually is realized as a dysfunctional non event. Presently in the extreme valuated irrationally as extinction. (Irrational in that the valuation presumes value beyond total negation). Very simply there is nothing left to destroy… more accurately no one left invested in destruction. Further when this final depletion occurs time itself no longer factors since time is an earthly non- material machination reliant on the source of its contrivance…. Time is an artificial measurable perspective perhaps created in an attempt to add order to the disordered linear materiality. The opposite effect resulted. The burdened linear immediacy “now” was further fragmented-distracted by a dormant nom-material past and distracted by future “artificial” non events. The linear immediate intact materiality was not clarified through time, but defused and further dematerialized through effect or consequence. (Time is an imagined contrivance in the absence of those who imagined time the Universe reverts to timelessness without further disruptive interference). Consequently destruction can only occur in and through an inclination toward non material time in the extreme realized through complete nuclear destruction. In an active destructive event the past and the future are not materially relevant- only consequential to the immediate if damaging. As such destruction is not part of the time continuum. In the absence of time seemingly the need to effect “realize” destruction becomes void. A void event speaks to inconsequential or limited destructive effect.

Can a temporal linear culture only absolve its own irony, its own breach separation from the Cosmos through material disintegration or self destruction. Again localized destruction  would be an anomalous event because the Universe is creative.( The planet earth is sourced from the infinite timeless  Universe not the reverse) The infinite as such continuously uninterrupted, not  defined as separated, not disposed to futile uncreative destruction. Separating infinity suggests more than one infinity. This is not a problem if both infinities are sympathetic not inconsistent, if they are exclusionary- inconsistent (destructive to one another)-infinity could only function reliant on its exclusion… other than infinite.  Infinity would   become its own interruption, linear as opposed to non-linear, limited not limitless. The nice Professor Einstein offers the Universe  is non-linear. Meaning not consequent to its own separation. Intact and creative. Seemingly destructive events like super novas have a value to the intact Universe. These “destructive” events are non-linear, creatively sympathetic to the whole. Not devalued as localized intact as exclusionary while strangely inclusive. Not dysfunctional, time infused. Destructive events on the planet earth are linear, uncreative, realized in time consequently culminated as non-material in nature. Destructive events are unsympathetic to the material whole as such self destructive. Through time this material aberration…the consuming irony extinction or self destruction can only be delayed while indulged. The perception of  “the enemy” offers itself as an example. You can’t have an enemy unless you become an enemy. In the absence of war you are limited to being an enemy to self. To whom do you surrender if you are y our own worst enemy. Since this is an unwelcome disposition  an enemy becomes a dysfunctional projection of an ill tempered self. Which is reciprocally greeted with similar acquiescence.

The Universe is creatively spontaneous meaning everywhere always at once a such timeless and not materially exclusionary of itself.(Infinity is not temporary not inconsistent). Not an ironic incremental process influenced by time innuendo-valued through  dysfunctional loss of material integrity, meaning, its Cosmic value and direction. Accordingly the Universe is not linear and timeless. Presently the earth culture is a linear time imbued schematic. As such the planet earth exists and functions in opposition to its own residence the Universe. This planets origin source. Allowing a more immediate perspective the human body is non-linear. Our linear existence functionally denies our essential form, our physiology…all that is derived from this contradiction must sustain the contradiction as essential or our existence would not be expressible. We must speak the language we have no choice but to create. Choice is derived and limited to anatomy. Denial of that anatomy limits choice. And valuates exclusion and opposition as well as destruction. In such a culture destruction and death are rational adaptations, but only as they are limited. And not yet realized, like everything else in a linear reality, are pertinent as they are functionally opposed and exclusionary. Not as an issue of choice or preference, but as an issue of functional essence. Meaning death is not as we perceive nor is destruction. There is a greater dematerializing, destructive time  engendering component to killing than there is to death. Death is a singular un willful Cosmically sympathetic event, a non-linear occurrence not sustained by time accordingly  in tune with infinity. Killing is a shared linear event. Time imbued in that its effects are continuous, sustained-influenced by preexisting knowledge which is a linear manifest. There is less expressive difference between life and death than there is between death and killing.

Destruction as we know it cannot occur as a spontaneous non- linear “timeless” event or the Universe would self destruct instantaneously through a singular destructive juncture. As such the Universe is not functional to destruction. Otherwise Cosmically destruction would  be functional as  impaired ie there would be no inconsistency between order and disorder. Destruction is a linear event accrued through time that eventually is resolved to timelessness. Consequently an issue of redundancy, brevity and inconsistency.  Destruction in  a linear culture is  structurally not inevitable but inclined. Because temporal linearity is not a material disposition, it is subjectively adaptive ie experiencing  material linearly through time is a human device suggestive of trickery. Can we  reconsider or review: ( A linear event speaks to a condition activity realized through functional separation). One point, event leading to a secondary point-juncture, event.(An event is any material activity including thought, the only non material is time as suggested by the Super String Theory).  Once again: All earth activity perceived and contrived by humans are linear events. Linearity on this planet is redeemed as invalidated, oppositional, inconsistent, random. Before an event can be realized as valid, consistent or other than random the inherent uncertain qualities of linearity have to be factored. We cross the street uncertain of our success. Most of the uncertain variables that might impede a successful crossing are a consequence of humans investment in temporal linearity. And if the crossing is a success invariably the event has to be repeated. Failure is structurally inevitable. Always as anticipated). Sometimes the failed event is misunderstood as success. At times in crossing the street failure is either not as severe as calculated or not consequential or only revealing after the crossing? But presently a linear culture functionally requires that our existence be diminished, invalidated or dysfunction ally destroyed. This ironic orientation resolves the linear dilemma to the spontaneous preference. But obviously does so a great cost. Again once a war event is complete the essentials of linearity have been briefly resolved. Meaning separation, the oppositional also marginally rendering time less relevant.

Human beings are anatomically separated “incomplete” from one another. We are accordingly dependant.  Any independence acknowledges the dependency.  We will spend our lives crossing the street. But our capacity to understand- assimilate and experience non-linearity and timelessness suggests that our crossings need to be so uncertain. Profoundly inefficient.  An application of the spheroid or non- linear intent both in purpose and technology suggests that crossing the street need not be affected and measured through intrinsic failure…. defined improbability. Failure and inconsistency in a non linear event can be limited almost entirely to happenstance “the unforeseen” which includes human error and possible mischief often pronounced as political and economic behavior. ***When departure and destination become the same ie a spontaneous inconsistency no longer becomes determinant.  When death through killing is no longer a life determinant influence, when destruction is not optionally inevitable to dematerializing then the breach essential to linear beings becomes Cosmically sympathetic or non-linear. Destination, departure are concurrent- sympathetic, birth and life one not less the other.  Refining permanency supplants dysfunctional-disposable materially. Killing becomes aberrant.

Examining these issues through a missile  defense concept: Initially the issue of defense, defiance or deterrence acknowledges offensive intent. Which as indicated only is purposeful if the offense is apparent as reciprocal. In a linear temporal culture the only compelling  deterrence is the deterrence of intent.  Absolute deterrence can only occur in the absence of event that creates the need for the deterrence. In a linear world these are functionally  impractical not utopian concerns. But new perceptions arrived at differently. Spherical physics if you will…. A missile defense concept implies a near absolute deterrent value  if both opposing conditions or forces  share equal deterrence. From the spheroid or spontaneous perspective this deterrence need not be reciprocal. The near absolute nature of the deterrence renders offense ineffectual. Not to suggest this would necessarily inhibit political-economic misconduct the opposing self displacing nature of which speaks to the linear humans need invalidate self and through self the consensual community.

We begin on a creative as opposed to destructive prerogative. A shift in culture identity. And technology.  We are discussing a defensive technology that is much more efficient, Incorporating a new material orientation. Absolving the linear time imbued dichotomy to a greater assimilated  consistency. Linear irony resolved to a near spontaneous event. A different approach to time (ie) resonant tiome displacement. Time rapprochement.  Presently material is experienced through a material time interchange. A space time non continuum. Whereby the localized nature of the Universe is fragmented eventually beyond measurement. Therefore linear utility. This paper does not concern itself with technology. But simply limited to the concepts considered including trajectory. (Functionally all that is linear begins or ends as metaphor). Once this artificial linear intent ie trajectory is resolved beyond its functional inconsistency spontaneity becomes evident and technology at least in its initial stages is implied.

The problem is that we are addressing not one trajectory, but a multiplicity of trajectories. Accepting that all is motion  a trajectory speaks to any designed “purposeful” extension of form. Not the least of which is machine and human inte3nt. This essay in detail is limited to “contact” trajectory. (Noting in anticipation where this paper will lead, a dimension by earth science is defined as “a property of space “an extension of or toward space. “Of or toward” are this writers distinctions. Clearly to resolve dysfunctional linear irony (inconsistent trajectory) we have to consider another dimensional perspective beyond the current linear adaptation ie length, width and depth. The initial dimensional reference not linear, the is the 4th dimension-an inferred generalized spontaneity. But we will see that what we are really engaging is a subjective dimensional plane which suggests a multiplicity of dimensions. Indeed each spheroid trajectory event becomes a dimension.

The space between two locations is a relevant linear convenience on which inconsistency is determined and realized. Space is material. From a spherical orientation there is no space between. In this sense trajectory is not a linear uncertainty. But a pulse. Not reliant on dislocation.

We are discussing resonant time displacement as it is suggested by intent spontaneous sound in previous papers referred to as DNAsound. Acknowledging there are two conditions that human beings are capable of perceiving, but can only utilize by fragmenting or denying, those two conditions are what are inexactly referred to as the Light and the sound of silence. Both of these two status conditions are all inclusive, un bordered as such tiomeless (o intended) and all distinguishing. But as suggested  once these spheroid conditions light and sound silence  are linearly engaged they  lose the all inclusive quality that makes them compatible with infinity. Except after and during a destructive act through which the linear inconsistencies are resolved. But as indicated this destructive disposition is costly, inefficient and involves retaliation ie culminates as self destructive.  As asked earlier can the destructive intent or trajectory be resolved creatively. Can linear  efficiency reach such a level that destruction becomes mute or functionally irrelevant.

Recall the work done at MIT by an Asian biologist. As interpreted and sublimated. A distinctive sound was identified to all materials. This sound was non linear in nature. Not realized through time. A sound more expressive of our form physiology  than our genetics. Which is an incremental configuration. As is our molecular view of all materials. Of course these perspectives are based on examining and interacting with material form once the material form is intact-functionally bordered. But this is not the original status of these intact forms. Not only is this form status evolutionary from the linear perspective, but all material on this planet once were not existent. Because substance form predates the materializing of this planet. (The planet earth is 4 billion years old the Universe 14 billion). Pre planetary from substance was and is compatible with the Universe whereas our linear time adaptation is not. Our accommodation is dysfunctional-valued through dematerializing, dispossession, alteration or destruction. Pre planetary form substance is timeless and compatible with infinity. We can conclude that the Universe is an evolving event that evolves through an activity that we can perceive, but do not fully understand-certainly do not affect as our culture. The fact that this planet once did not exist speaks to this process evolution. This paper  attempts to identify this spheroid process and bring it to application. We have identified its linear timely negation. And you can only negate, devalue or avoid what you already have.

A linear trajectory verses a spheroid pulse. Appreciating that in the initial stages we are examining a linear trajectory responded to by a spheroid event.  A spheroid or spherical occurrence is a non-linear spontaneous event that is not determined or influenced by  the linear anomalies like distance, mass density, oppositional-inconsistent gravity and other forces like centrifugal in favor of an acoustic transmogrify (the creating of bizarre forms). The spheroid event is not measurable in time, but can be acknowledged through time. Obviously if such an event can be created or recreated you have a much more efficient event…One of the conceptions that lingers unresolved is…acoustic osmosis.

Allowing a few possibly relevant thoughts. The body is non-linear. Simply the body can not be separated from itself. (Material substance can be altered, but not beyond its own integrity or identity. As such death  is not a disruptive discontinuity…Except by violating the rule and flow of the Universe which is our linear disposition on this planet. Killing though is a linear casual event realized in time.

The three terms I could not remember. Are spin, span and spun. When you examine them in the dictionary I think you can appreciate their relevance. These three self contained activity conditions “motions” explain how flying saucers can shift direction non linearly and attain extreme accelerations. One of the intriguing definitions of SPAN is… the motion of span allows a past event to be resolved to the present.  So you have a past non-material dormant event usually only relevant as a memory or a static object that can be retrieved “materialized” to our current status. (I assume under certain conditions this includes an object like a space vehicle. Departure resolved to destination you have the beginning of interstellar travel. Warp speed is the science fiction reference.

Definitions …Span… (1) The full extent or reach of something. (2). A short period of time. (3). The distance  between two supports. (4) To encircle with” the hand” as a measurement...Spin… (1) To cause to rotate rapidly. (2). Produce a web that hardens in the air. (3). To have a sensation of whirling. (4) To create or derive from something already in existence. (5) travel rapidly…(6) To derive a product from something larger-more or less unrelated.(7). A non negative integral…. Spun…  Intriguingly I haven’t over the recent years found a definition for this term.



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