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“Cosmic God earthly li9near adaptation”

The Universe is one location how can the earth people relocate not less thems3elves therefore God. The Origin of source and the Source of origin.

The non-linear human beoings have designed a linear world that can only be validated as denied. We thrive less our Cosmic selves. God unfulfilled.

God's non-linear Universe is infinite as Eternal. Timely human beings unaware as instructed deny the Eternal self, therefore God. Self invalidating earth peoples have created a disposable materiality denying their Cosmic predisposition.

Self denying earth peoples have separated God's Heavenly Universe environment from the planet earth. Earthly religio0ns exclude each other denying God, therefore themselves. Many experience their bodies-souls separately. Thus human beings deflect life's Eternal Light. God's gifts diminished as nurtured. As such upon “death” human beings enter unto Heaven, birth's exit. You thrive afraid awaiting the dark extinction of your own design. Politely just learned. God's Muslim worship accepting body-soul are one. Except during sleep...

We deviate from the Eternal continuity, death is life's tutor. Actualized through linear language, assigned preconceived static intelligence. Valuating life death negation-exaggerated as technology through temporary knowledge. Revealed as repeated prayers.

Earth peoples prayers are linearly expressed, prayers response similarly anticipated. Thus prayers are often marginalized as accepted. All prayers are answered blessings. God does not avoid God's creations. Prayer's reach-response (inby) the mysterious ways of awe, whimper and silence. Human beings predetermine prayer's acknowledgment often the origin of prayer's need. We valuate God's response. Preferring our creation's to God's. Prayers are repeated, patiently we are willing to give God another chance. ( Babies need not pray as such prayer's answer). We learn as prayer's need. Often creating the need for our others prayers. Politely we invite, God is not our gift to offer.

... What seed less the flower still the Light...

- loving all as love all as love you are-

Through linear language, ritualized spiritual instruction, through life less death and death less life-the earth peoples deny God well shared. Linearity thrives uncertain, spherically we are the cause of of our own gentle effect, God's all distinguishing embrace. Only the singular spherical self can know God as God knows you. Presently linearly worshiped-adored as denied. Once born child of God we can whisper dream, love, believing Be...

...What deeds we say as prayer's near...

Prayers like birth-death-life Eternal are as ofby the Light., timelessly. As such prayers response is evident while spoken, many years later and before expression. What prayer that does not deny the mioracle of self. What prayer prayer enough. Unloved the loving seed abides. Flowers greet the sun our embrace. Do you understand as breathing explains? No hesitates love's delivery> Be polite and all will come.

The planet earth evolves refining with and as the Universe. All that was always is refining. Resurrection-Reincarnation spontaneous, life Eternal embracing death.

The Holiest words (I) know are ... I don't know God kinows. Being knows God not less the Universe. Do we understand. Only God can remember an event as it happens: A tree, tomorrow, the child, a dream, yourself- the butterfly near the flower approaching the river...

...What love forgiven still God's love..?

Thankfully acknowledging the God determined spherical ones, Krishna,Buddha, Moses, Sweet Mary, Jesus, Mo hammed, Joesph Smith, Mother Teresa. Not lovingly unlike ourselves. But labors giving of every day. Every night. Lovingly tender ofby the Light. One embrace tenderly All.

The earth peoples have un knowlingly dislocated the all they perceive from the Cosmic flow. Sustaining a life idealized through Holy Temples from which they do not graduate,esteemed. Unheavenly life resides death's possession. We joy and we suffer unequally thus we suffer God. They war God. They hunger God. They disease God. Accordingly we profit. Less ourselves. Burdened yet beautifully we sing. We love not cautioned by pain. Desire beyond failure's success. Need be we love our neighbors in spite of ourselves. We protect God's children as our own. Once us. We seek God's dreams politely. We regret the pain we cause. We know bad preferring better. Your next choice unfolds divine: What more prayer's response than your breath. One God One Universe.


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