April 26, 2006
March 10, 2010
Ageless sound
Memo wemo

Sound is ageless. Sound does not disintegrate. Disappear without purpose. The Eternal sound of you

A spontaneous event as you read. Your life…your parents and lover’s lives removed-separated from yourself many times before you reside at  a condition activity that predates  the materializing of the planet earth. Still your origin source, the Eternal Light. As a linear events insinuated in time the Cosmic occurrences are dislocated, uncertain, never complete and lasting. The Cosmic now denied. The nion-linear Cosmic now timelessly Eternal, all distinguishing accordingly divine, Life and death embrace one voice. God fraternal.

The Universe is timeless. We exist in time. We are therefore out of step with out own neighborhood. God’s Creation. And ourselves.  The Universe is infinitely continuous consequently life and death can not be separated without compromising infinity. As such life and death, failure-success, destination-departure, love and betrayal are Cosmically one. God’s affluence. Otherwise by our argument.

The infinite Light is all embracing and without borderers. Interestingly the sound of silence has the same qualities. Each human has a distinct sound of silence, there DNAsound. Evidence of the Light in our lives, the Cosmic immediacy. These  events  do not come from another human being, a machine and do not reference to a preexisting body of knowledge)…precognition, luck, clairvoyance, answered-unanswered prayers, intuition, sleep, the ideal of meditation, your birth, your death, your un denied life if uninterrupted.  (These activity events are our linear “instructed” repressed “brief” non-conversant witness of their Cosmic representation). Interestingly these events only happen to one person at a time thereby  allowing the Light it’s flow. The silence not interrupted by the quiet.

Ben the past is a timely adjustment in a timeless Universe. Hence what grave mourns the light, your life. The celestial sound of silence permeates. Unless we insist otherwise.

Curtis your concern about my breaking “the rules.” Again our progress is secured through invalidation. Politely rules are detours as iare our linear lives. Allowing sincerities patience ideally reflective of the Cosmic awe should a definition be repeated more than once. Correct us if were wrong preferably if were right.


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