May 16, 2006
Ageless Rodney                                        

Seeking derives,

The Universe is not time‘s consideration. As such no endings explain our lives.  The Universe is all-inclusive, un bordered.  (All motion has sound relevant to that motion, the Eternal motion).  What boundary death less life, Both similarly all-inclusive, a casual and non linear.  The infinite Universe is continuous. Hence what death speaks less life…Eternally we abide

Sound does not dematerialize. Ageless sound of Rodney. The Eternal sound of you….The same all form tree, idea the same. Refining…

Your silence is it’s own response. Your genetic code is a casual, permanent non-linear, spherically embodied…timeless as all in the Universe explains. Distance does not tolerate distance. Unless we persist less our spherical self…. The infinite Cosmos does not as infinity separate. Origin-source reincarnation- resurrection Cosmically one. Death life entry exit the same.

Karma is God’s motion “sound” disguised as ourselves.…. God’s timeless memory affords. Not curiously as such we cannot prove we forgot…. Pleasantly remembering. You are “preborn” Light attendant. Without language, choice, un chartered by time, unaware of death, not institutionally entrapped, unaware of life, non-localized, without assigned intelligence, not technologically determinant. Once materialized as instructed these are the ways we separate ourselves from our Cosmic root. Invigorating irony….Not space as space in spite of space, altered as dematerializing. But refining… life and death witness-sustain each other.  Accrued life not less death. Death no less life. Death’s  awareness counties God’s song we speak.  Fragmenti8ng infinity as we consent we laugh. Attending our own funeral. Allow the word unfold. Anagram for died. “Did I die…I did die.” We smile Rodney well done. The voice continues God’s witness.

Evidence of the Light you know. You are. Witnessed as the precognitions, luck. spontaneous healing, birth, death A casual, non-linear. Not derived from man or machine. Nor speaking to preexisting knowledge. Once more the silence of our birth. And the silence of our death. What more mystery noiw you know. Life and death the same not less the Light.

The past is a temporal adjustment in a timeless Universe. Hence what grave mourns the light, our life? The celestial sound of silence sings. We seek your instructions haste. We that we speak to hear the silence?

Words explain they do not breathe the dreams not enough. Thank you for your companionship Rodney. We will always love you Rodney. Buen hecho. Hasta lluego.


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