November 28, 2006
words silencing
and C. Woram and…
Ageless ladies

The fewer words compel the song be heard

The Universe is without time. As such no endings thrive less inception. The infinite Universe is all inclusive, accordingly un bordered.  The infinite Light like the “sound” of silence is without the limiting boundaries of form. The Light and the presumed sound of silence  are all inclusive, a casual and non linear.  The infinity is inescapably continuous. Otherwise infinity is separated (ie) infinity is not. Eternally all Creation abides
sound does not dematerialize. Ageless sound. The Eternal sound of you Cosmically unfolding.                                

All motion has sound relevant to its motion. The motion distinguished by its genetic code. The unique silent motion is conduit to the conjoined Light refining. The Eternal soundLight of you. For which you are waiting…Godsoulprint.

All motion has sound unique to its motion. Your genetic code is static (will not change while you are alive). Upon death your DNA becomes engaging. Assumes motion (we interpet as death-decay) therefore sound unique to its genetic disposition.  Uninterrupted DNAsound. Communing with your genetic familial  flutter.  (Hence luck, coincidence, miracles, answered prayers?) Gathering  all that you have expressed, darkness or the Light, while you lived. Otherwise infinity would be fractured-invalidated. (Upon death your lives karma continues, Heaven unfolding). Karma while you live is God’s motion disguised, unnecessarily.

Death is non-directional. Non-linear. While alive the same by your willful disposition, Godsoulprint actualized. Birth and death Light the same. (The birth of your silence, the silence of your death). Unless we insist otherwise.

Infinity is inescapably continuous, otherwise infinity would be not. And Eternally we would abide temporarily. Hence what separation is death from life. But living Eternally. As such life and death are not Cosmically apart. Life and death spherically accruing not less the Light. Otherwise we subsist  your  biorth and death as our own instruction, the Cosmic God repressed.

Your parents…their parents removed the many times before we  reside a status that pre exists  the materializing of the planet earth. Still your parent, the Eternal Light. This flow is a casual, non-directional; life and death conversant not one less the other. Hence reincarnation resurrection(origin source) one. Spherically conversant prior to birth after death. Whose memory are you if not God’s? Your own? Only God can remember an event as it happens.  God’s timeless continuous memory of you. There is the Cosmic God and the earthly variations. Humans worship God less their displaced selves. Thus God unfolds less God man-woman preferred as not. A planetary life inconsistent dematerializing. Life defined through death while dying.

Your past is a temporal adjustment in a timeless Universe.  The Celestial sound of silence sings your life. Yet we speak our instructions haste. Who are we that we speak to hear the silence. As there is the darkness there is the Light. These words are incomplete less your response…


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