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Evolving collective assimilation 1987-2012


Time disintegration is a choice

Humans  in time must relinquish life ”die”  in order to assume a timelessly Eternal bond with God. There is the Cosmic God and the earth people’s non-Eternal adaptation. A preferred bond with God is delayed to an after life. The earth people prefer God  through death. Time and death are Cosmic fiction. Before and after exclusionary material  events are denying -diminishing time perspectives.


Ironic li9mitations of time

All material including life expereince3d in time disintegrates “dies while dieing” repressing Eternity. Unnecessarily.  The time invested earth people are out of synch with the timeless Universe, our residence. Eternity and time speak to duration: Time ends, Eternity is endless. Presently existence denies the Cosmic origin source. Consider please: How can life end in an endless Universe?  Through the earth people’s invention of time the unending Et4ernal is repressed.


Non-linear self is denied  through time

Like the Universe your body is non-linear… intact, complete, divine. Upon birth you are introduced into a time based reality that is revealed through death while dyiong. The all embracing non-linear is denied through purposeless time disintegrating separation. Resulting in an incomplete unnecessarily inconsistent life.  We dwell on terminal diseases while aging…sustain death to reveal life. We are taught an incremental language that is sustained through forgetting. You are assigned a depersonalized static intelligence that predates your birth. Your life religions, commerce, technology reflect these limitations. Non-linear unravels-clears singularity.


Time defines human existence

You spend your lives engaging death disintegration, waiting to die. This chosen time insinuated existence is determined through incomplete, flawed instruction: Reflected in a commerce that is implemented through risk, exclusionary profit resulting in global forces that can’t be influenced. Major industries profit from death: Insurance validate4s risk, medical networks sustain disease, lethal weaponry producers, interment. Disposable linear technology exaggerates time dysfunction: Examples…. Homes are structurally reliant on fire. Cars crash, ships sink. While you are dying cure is prolonged through disease. Experience is proof. Logic the same.


Activity conditions that transcend time

Examples of non-linear  event activity. Noted in other essays: Insurance sphere; prison sphere; psychiatric sphere; Sullma  banking concept; non-linear travel; Temple graduate; meditaton sphere; cancer 0; spin-span spheroid; gravity winds…


Light sound motion avails

infinite Eternal

Reverting to resonant time materiality, dnasound, disease, aging that evolve and culminate through death become otherwise. In the absence of death killing can not be explained  through war prerogatives, life imprisonment, executions and other denials. On the planet earth humans are the only death-time invested species. Human beings continue to sacrifice each other. Very curious very sad, do you agree?  Suggesting familiarizing the quantum riddle, reversing half life, engaging quantum corridors.  Doesn’t the grand unified theory have to include it’s human source?

Time death and killing

Non-Eternal earth people perpetuate a self designed global extinction. To whom do you surrender if you are the enemy?  Designed disintegration defers Eternity. Death applauds we bow?


We remember because we forget

The memory of events like all in the Cosmois is Eternal unless denied in time. God’s memory of you. Your often shared forgotten Eternal memory of yourself. Observing, ”all is material except time.”  Presently we are limited to memories of the past, even though memories are ideally spontaneous, timeless-Cosmically revealing. In  the absence of time the non-linear Eternal become real, viable and material. Including you.  Existence is no longer revealed through death and planned disintegration. Time frustrates-inhibits self: Unknowingly time conflicted human’s oppose each other resisting time irony. Time disintegrating irony becomes mute if humans become extinct. Time…death and disintegration are co-dependant. In the absence of displacing time disintegration infinity becomes  viable functional.

The Cosmos whispers you

Human beings are compatible with timeless Cosmic events. These spontaneous events aren’t created by humans and aren’t reliant on current knowledge- technology. Onloy manifest individually, though non- linear conditional events are not exclus9io9nary: These Cosmic events speak to a new  awareness language inadequately realized “deferred” as…. Luck,  coincidence, forgotten as event process,  dream body, super position, near death experience,  intuitoion, twin tuition,  divinity,  collective memory, placebo, (morphic field), clairvoyance, sleep, dnas,  imagination, epiphany, the anticipated-intended swelf  transmutation,  resurrection, reincarnation, xenology, miracle, meditation ie mediation, miracles,  prayer  Isntent. Reciprocal prayer. Carnational flutter. Heaven is earth.  Always your boirth and death.  Occurring  Light  is  available always. Otherwise by choice: A new awareness. Godsoulprint…All paths are God


 Darkness can lead to the light

Dark events inhibit  Light sound. Dark events often share- vindicate purposeless disintegration and are elemental to death futility. (Dark events are a result of choice. And as choice can be resolved to the Light). Dark events tend to be recurrent, are time encrusted, can be “reassuring” even though they are non-Eternal and often are damage motivated. These anguished choices often are realized-exaggerated through technology. And often are validated revealed through current coomerce, knowledge and religion; they can be secured-sustained through institution, validated-invigorated as opposed. And are often profitable. Self  and or group denying dark events are God deferring. (Repressing?). Redeemed validated as forgiven. Dark events are created by humans and deny the Eternal Cosmois…


Don’t  we dream what we know?

Yet amidst the many hungers human’s seek love. We cause pain and wonder why? Accepting darkness we sense the Light. We sing, dance and tell great stories. Yearning life, desiring better we love children the better of ourselves. Our wealth is in our prayers. Actively Creation God One are: Be polite and all will come.  Like your breathing and the Eternal space you occupy your thoughts and feelings are as relevant and revealing as anyone else’s…


9In current time applica(io)tion  life is realized as your revoked Cosmic potential. Identifyong a life  not revealed through disintegrationg uncertainty, designed chaos, fuel depleting disposable technology, risk commerce. And death. Offering a boundless Sound Light materiality. Spherical time continuity. DNAsound. Cosmic Ever presence. In the absence of death there is no after life, but  life continuing. The Sustaining-uninterrupted Eternal. Cosmic fluency.

When human self sympathetically transcends religions, technology, commerce, death and suffering transcend. We have a planetary shift




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