February 25, 2006
“since before” the
silence listens
…& CW &…


-Approaching the silence of words-

What does death mean that we are so obliging. Reverential and obedient. Linarily death presently speaks to the inevitable involuntary irreconcilable breaking apart, the ironic dissolution of a material life form beyond its desired utility. This ironic dematerializing process is considered to be as intrinsic to form as form is to itself. So basic is this perceived dichotomy between form and its dissolution that the process explains the human to life and life as itself; spiritually, organically, scientifically, culturally. As such material disintegration has always been the inevitable and acceptable  expression of self and self to environment. Material dissolution is experienced through a variety of form displacing activities, concealments, denials, extortions, measurements, destruction (ie) alterations…. Unbearably the life defining acknowledgement of death is inclusive of the shared death experienced realized as killing. All these activities and conditions initiated through choice based on linear perception are dematerializing and otherwise disruptive in their process result. These adaptive incomplete perceptions represent our perceptual heritage. The perceptual observations are based on  our conclusions that the nature of material form on this planet is self-disintegrating. Undeniably if form material did not break apart “naturally” its nature to the human would be incomprehensible, if humans did not participate in the breaking apart of their material world they would not be able to sustain their lives. What are the implications if these life defining conclusions are incorrect? Not truly the essence of material form. The answer follows unfolding the question.

Attempting to maintain rational insight as well as control through the accepted disintegration is the foundation of religion, the function of society, the intent of  linear education and knowledge. The fewer words this disintegration is what being human means, who we are… our human existence. Through the designed limiting event activities of perceptual language, the humans education of him-her self as himself-through themselves, ritual and myth, the linarily confirming measurements of science, the fragmented self justifying psychology of self, the fanciful allegory of life after death, securing life through disease, organized-assimilating destruction… these event activities as suggested  enemates solely from the believe that material form will as a function of itself break down naturally beyond utility…justifying the intentional dissolution of form. The unquestioned practice of fragmenting “altering” material form through human choice is completely accepted as an incontrovertible fact of life secured through our conclusions about death…further the material dissolution through designed alteration is progressively debilitating… before the complete lose of utility-of life value. (Our dematerializing reality). The conclusion is as basic and materially defining as breathing… death in its many forms is natural- integral to form and once evident is non-functional as decay or dematerializing. Whether the death ness  in question is the melting of an iceberg, a lake becoming a desert, a desert a lake, the invalidation of an idea, the disappearance of a child, the acceptance of an idea, the killing of a deer, financial loss, the ephemeral sub division of the human brain, peace based on war process, the unnecessary death of a human child, the waking from a dream, the extinction of a species, the worshipping of God through self displacement…. These disintegrating linear activity events, expressive of the human self-based on their observant perceptual conclusions, explain this planets separation from the Cosmos.                   

Inviting a brief  synopsis overview, assimilation’s sway. The Universe is timeless accordingly infinite. The earth people currently function through time. (One of our  1stperecepual tools?). We are out of synch with the Universe, our residence. We separate, displace ourselves from our infinite Cosmic predisposition through the causal linear increment of language, mathematics, assigned intelligence, the instructions of death…all derivative of our instruction based on our time manifest. These processes are chosen condition events that validate our evolved  perception that material intrinsic to its own nature disintegrates. Also please consider  patiently that  these activity events are congruent of our selective alteration of God’s Creation environment which is reflective of our disintegrating determinate  reality. Measurable time is our effort to give control, give bearing and relevance to this fundamental dematerializing irony that speaks to the one protocol that defines human life…everything that begins ends while ending. Randomly. These are activities and conditions that are not sympathetic with the infinite Universe. We are out of step with God’s Creation therefore with God and ourselves. Very curious do you agree. Is this a necessary adaptation?

The aforementioned process event activities are an attempt to control, explain and utilize the disorder (the dissolution of form) to a preferred advantage however limited and inevitably materially futile the effort will eventually become. This  perspective-process is relevant to past activities and is otherwise not immediate to the actual material event because the process is also influenced by consequent result…as such our singular linear methodology is inexact and ironic as temporally conflicted. Adding to instability…perpetuating disintegration is the accepted reality given that once the effort is complete the intended result or event might not materialize. More precisely humans must be willing to fail in order to prevail. In reality prevailing through a chosen event activity often is the result of causing others in a related or unrelated activities to fail…. Consequently-congruently material form on this planet is constantly unstable because humans have to engage the futility of disintegration maximized through death. Perpetuating further disintegration as intrinsic to form develops whe3n the intended results  born from choices  are not inherently complete, but rather a continuing  consequence of other incomplete…related potentially unrelated events which are reflective of our self defined incomplete able selves. (From inception to conclusion there is no material relief). The human consider themselves fragmenting material form, any suggestion to the contrary is unacceptable and is accommodated to a non-activity status that will serve in sustaining material disintegration. An example of this is  (life after death less your birth self)…another “body and soul are separate or material and spirit are separate” meaning that spiritual value on this planet is marginal and will not be allowed to interfere with disintegration, obviously since the humans spiritual culmination is validated through non-conversant death or disintegration. This material decay futility is a pre-condition to life value which is not  viewed as inconsistent or reason for concern, given that the progressive acceptable lose of utility through error is tolerated as encouraging and functionally is the basis for possible improvement on the material condition of form, though improvement can only occur through alteration (ie) once again participating in the “natural” disintegration of form material through a disintegrative process as being the only adaptive option. Therefore human life cannot (whatever the effort) be permanently improved upon except by  participating in the  uncertain non-material status we know as the future (a functional fiction) otherwise we are linearly limited to the conjoined disintegration of self  while breaking down  Creation’s environment and fracturing our bond with the infinite Cosmos. We have joined God’s Creation to our disintegrative irony…. Our aging bodies culminating in our ironic death offer witness to this singularly defining practice.  So basic is the fragmenting corruption of form that it’s witness carries across to the human’s communion with their God. Meaning that the form of life (the human body) upon death has no value and is ritualistically disposed of…illogically this decay of life results in access to a Heaven that is otherwise denied during a life that is acknowledged as a gift from God. This  divine contempt for material form inescapably reflects the dissolution of form as intrinsic to form Creation  profoundly suppressing further inquiry except within the limits of material disintegration. The human experience becomes a linear one based on negation, not a spherical one based on material affirmation. We invalidate God through the denial of ourselves.  And our altered relationship with Cratio0n’s environment…a spherical unfolding we have rende3red linarily unstable. We can only attain an enriching communion with God if we deny God while we are alive. Meaning of course that we must cease to live in order to be ideally one with God in Heaven. Very curious do you agree.  In short the totality of our lives are only relevant as  the denial of who we are…who we were born to be….

We mimic our perception of material dissolution inherent to form; our self-destruction becomes understandable as it is obligatory. (We have always assumed this perception was beyond refute). The effort to create relevance and utility out of disorder through the event activities in actuality perpetuate the disorder by accepting the inevitable invalidation of material form dissolution. The attempt to resolve the perceived inevitable material dissolution to some advantage as suggested through “alteration” activities condones, exaggerates and pardons the disorder that is being developed presumably to a predetermined utility. Choice becomes an invalidation of self as choice  because these selected determinations are also disordered as a result to there interaction with fragmenting form rendering the entire life dynamic inherently futile… appropriate as compromised. The solution is the problem there is no solution that is not problematic, temporary, socially, spiritually unstable meaning there is no solution that is not derived without value loss as the confirming seed to fragmenting disintegration of our material reality including spiritually. Life as such not only becomes a destructive function of itself, but through the progress evolution of ourselves we can only exaggerate this destruction… which is exacerbated through the irresolvable communion with multiple institutions: God ironic fraternity, interpersonal relationships, exclusionary conflicted values, surrogate technology and preferential Temple worship secured as life (denied) through a concurrent potentially imminent defined death. When the utility of form is based on accepting the disintegration of form as the only life choice, devaluation of form becomes the only remedy…extinction becomes unavoidable. Technology is a surrogate that significantly exaggerates material  dissolution. Technology avails material dissolution as comforting, impressive, efficient, reassuring …inevitably becoming exhaustively overwhelming. Technology proves, exaggerates, forgives, facilitates-defining our dissolution as  non-human. (Technology currently is a reflection of our investment in disintegration)…. A potential synergism of multiple event activities through technology that cannot be necessarily detected potentially intensifies disintegration. (An example is global warming other example are nuclear winter, or pandemic. another is the under funded asteroid tracking).

The near of everything that the human causes as the effect of themselves assures disintegration. Again this is so because the human unequivocally practices the singular consuming integrating belief that form is meant to degenerate, that we have no choice but to participate-encourage material disintegration, that during life significantly once disintegration occurs all material value is lost. Further compounding disintegration through instability is the ingratiating institutional practice-belief that the group that controls-perpetuates the greatest  material devaluation will suffer the least material disadvantage…their disintegration will be the least discomforting and the most profitable.  This grouping is self justified “entitled” by virtue of evolved opportunity, its exclusionary comfort also the  belief that the role is essential. (This communal-institutional consolidation further secures dissolution as the  group becomes more determinant  than the individual). Assuming the need to further explain inequity the preferred role is viewed as fatalistically preordained by history, God,  luck, wit and institutional aberrations viewed as inevitable (ie) engineered economic displacement that tolerates-validates poverty,  political insufficiency and  preferential status which includes access to health remedy and justice. The idyllic group status confuses material disintegration or disorder as the singularly defining communal norm. The nature of the group will change but the structure will remain the same. The shifts in-group status is most often politically-economically conflicted… potentially global. Those who are not of the preferential group will either spend their lives trying to attain the desired group status through acquiescence, conflict or be appreciative of a subordinate symbiotic relationship. The 3rd  options is non-involvement, the 4th option is  to try to affect what is a historically rare inspired  non-disruptive remedy. The result is that those who have the potentially invested will, the inspiration, the perspective or the power to create change either contribute to disorder through conflict or are non-involved due to their  socially engineered impediments such as poverty, illiteracy, hedonism (of either power or wealth)… surprisingly “submission” can also develop as a spiritual prerogative. Generally humans are materially over invested directly or indirectly with the preferential group, even inspired resolution serves to reinforce disintegration through the dichotomy of opposition-resistance… consequently  remedy (even introspection) becomes pragmatically self denying. Disorder is evident as and integral to disintegration  …perspective-justification to the contrary becomes proof of disorder as intrinsic to form since all efforts at order or remedy become essential as futile ideal as temporary. All constructs of  knowledge, thought, observation and perception are accordingly constrained as limited… ironic to both intent and result. We have no choice but to participate while indulging in the disintegration. (Noting most groups have some self identifying preferential qualities). As mentioned the human spirituality has little voice, their defining spiritual value relies in the fostered ideal of material devaluation (ie) disintegration. After death and during life the preferential subsidized worship however reassuring institutionally remains functional to the disintegration schematic frustrating a spiritual relief or resolution. Heaven is denied the living through life instruction that therefore is not divine in it’s ideal. (You must die to go to Heaven. You must be dead and remain dead to stay in Heaven). Disintegration is basic to form spiritual challenge while alive is denying of our ideal relationship with the heavenly God. And you must participate as pleasantly as possible in your own and your neighbors ironic material disintegration in order to attain entry into Heaven. A spiritual life accordingly becomes a sustained series of systemic aberrant evaluations that themselves are fragmenting of any possible permanence of near full divinity while alive. (Spherically expressive of Godsoulprint). Spiritual subservience including material payment must be rendered for the privilege of being denied an abiding-expressive relationship with God. Our singular Light predisposition… Cosmic authentication. The fewer words allowance humans deny God essence through their deferred worship-expressed through the designed flaws of language, the preferred Temple, the martyr… the ideal of God revealed through death not life. Rather than both life and death conversantly.

Any departure from disintegration is considered abnormal, rarely fully considered beyond the allegory of  the arts…a transcendence beyond the utility of disintegration to date has  never been brought to global application. Such a spiritual undertaking is prone toward inadequacy  because the potentially idealized departure will be questioned, tested-otherwise experienced through a system that  perpetuates disordered dissolution… as such the spiritual endeavor must  be actively compatible with disintegration. Collectively-irrationally any challenge to disintegration is viewed as threatening to our dematerializing disintegration. It appears to be logical to accept and encourage life disintegration because presently there is no other option. (Often unhappiness, insufficiency, alienation, insanity can infer the truer voice… interestingly these despairing reactions to disintegration that are much discouraged are seen as symptomatic of ineptitude or weakness, but in reality are symptomatic and po0tentially sympathetic to the greater good. (A spherical awakening). Major health industries are devoted to return the disenfranchised to the disintegrative fold. Interestingly rarely with compelling success thus frustrating lessons learned except for those that validate disintegration beyond utility)…. Otherwise denying life material dissolution becomes irrational, eccentric, comical or spiritually enlightened. Again for additional reasons the solitary heroic journey is compromised, not defining because “the message” is fractured  through conflicted institutionalized denominations and a ritualized redundancy that only marginally acknowledges the individuals bond with God.  Also frustrating the planets spirit… invariably the spiritual hero (or shero) is esteemed beyond  the potential of self…the admiring aspirant limits themselves to a supplicant relationship that will keep the individual from actualizing their Cosmic identity, engaging their unique evolving union with God…Godsoulprint. As well the heroic spiritual life becomes detached from its own human identity source through self-serving allegory, which renders the enlightened journey as oblique-other worldly. The spiritual journey is lost to assimilation, though its abiding value linearly and spherically cannot be estimated. God is God. And our mystery is not necessarily God’s. Meaning the Universe motive we do not know and in the ideal we can only surmise….

Life flounders chaotically disorder can be vaguely anticipated as engineered, but not controlled and inevitably the event activities including death itself are further exaggerated through randomness. (Certitude and probability become co-dependant)….No  hour of any night or day is ever immune from the many textures of disaster. Further maintaining disintegration or material dissolution as inescapably  futile…. Resolution through devaluation becomes a  materially empty value that is sympathetic with disintegration as evidenced by accepted hungers, war, exclusionary contemptuous worship, marriage secured through divorce, disproportionate access to medicines and education,  prisons and human executions. Attempts to rationally control event activities are further prone to disordered material dissolution because they are competitive in most regards. In addition insight material breakthroughs are institutionally territorial as such are denied many, these advantageous insights will profit the least and if  essential in nature (basic to disintegration) can eventually result in political, economic disruption which though often catastrophic will be experienced as redeeming. Validating of material disintegration. One example is “the patriot,” a status that is reciprocally exclusionary. Another is not providing HIV medicines to all infected thereby increasing the probability of infection. Another is not treating our friends and cousins  the birds  through exterminations in the hope of stopping or minimizing-deferring the results of avian flu. Many of these disordered materially devaluing behaviors individually are acknowledged as criminally intolerable or irrational, but in a mass scale are viewed as essential and endearing even though the disordered material destruction can incorporate major portions of the planet which through current technology (reflective and inclusive  the corresponding devolution of will) can  result in mass and permanent exterminations of life…including possibly extinction of the human and related species. Understandably…unbelievably the risk is considered acceptable. The synergism between material dissolution and the disordered attempt to control dissolution, both dynamics based on unnecessarily flawed perceptions, have attained the near of completion. If extinction defines the humans integrity of purpose it will be noted as witnessed that human beings perhaps made several evolutionary perceptual miscalculations and died trying understand…suffered accordingly and  failed to provide remedy. Humans will have failed more devoted to trying to understand after devaluation rather than to prevent the same… they were more devoted future as remedy through invalidation than the past as tutor… we were more invested in our destination than the journey, cause became secondary to result…forgiveness became more love’s remedy than the love itself … intransigent as such we became eloquent of despair….Death became life’s tutor.

Word silence


The Universe is without time. As such no endings thrive once begun. The Universe is all inclusive, accordingly un bordered, un ordered except by God. (All motion has sound relevant to that motion).The infinite Light like the “sound” of silence is without  form’s boundaries  similarly all inclusive, a casual and non linear. (Silent form is conduit to the Light conjoined). The infinite Universe is inescapably continuous. Eternally we abide.

sound of silence does not dematerialize…. Ageless sound. The Eternal sound of you unfolding

Your  genetic sound is it’s own response. Your genetic code is static. Upon death’s unfolding your genetic code assumes motion sound relevant to (it’s) Cosmic ideal. Upon the status of death you become uninterrupted DNAsound. As such a casual. Not separate. Non-directional. Consequently life and death are not apart….Reincarnation- Resurrection one

Your parents…their parents removed the many times and we reside a status prior to the materializing of the planet earth. Still your parent, the Eternal Light….This Cosmic “initiate” birthing  status is  casually non-directional. (Birth and death Light the same). Otherwise form displacing casuality would function as source. Fracturing-separating the Eternal Light. Meaning birth and death, refining, are not the same. Not less the same

Your past is a temporal adjustment in a timeless Universe. Hence what grave mourns the light, your life. The celestial sound of silence sings. Otherwise we speak our instructions haste

Who are we that we speak to hear the silence.

Inviting the full circles resolve, the beginning of your sphere, Godsoulprint, a conversation material you can “only” have with God. Though clearly wonderful to us by our valuation. Meaning to say as saying hears. The remembering embrace. You can’t have an enemy without being one. I cannot hurt, devalue cause another to bleed without causing similar like damage to planet earth thus all others and myself. Eternally the same. The same true Oh so true the good of love we avail to one another thus to all assimilating the infinite Eternal….You can only wait for yourself. Non-linear a casual unfolding hence the Light. You wait for who you already are, your birthright person, your Light predisposition. Truly so Oh so truly so the only one who can keep your from your Light reunion is the one you have been taught to deny. Yourself. And may so be so. And forever so. What a wonder us opportunity dio you agree? A good travel being human. Also not easy. Thank God.

By practicing and offering death (ie) material dissolution, as a sublimated attempt to salvage a measure of value before the materials own nature as life process renders utility valueless, death in all its forms had to become more defining than life because of its random finality that excluded no one. The major industries on the planet earth, employing many with great many clients, are groupings involved with death as a material decay end point (ie) disintegration without uti8lity. Undeniably if death were accepted as other than decay serviced through fear, disorder and disease these population groups would not be able to function,  there would be no basis for activity or shared profit. They would have no purpose; there would be no reason for planning and investment  based on  profit secured through irrelevant death. These behavioral groupings are… weapons designers and distributors, life through death insurance, militaries, hospitals for the sick not the healthy, pharmaceutical companies, educators-researchers-administrators-enforcers servicing these industries, religions promising death and forgiveness of life as a redemption of our love of life and science-technology facilitators that define life and the future through machination. All sustaining a linear  process  that is contrary to our Cosmic birthright. A dynamic that extends to family. And groupings like lawyers, social workers and enforcers whose role is to provide remedy when an individual or group determine that  they were denied their equitable share of material disintegration. Engineering functions similarly. A computer, a car, an airplane is designed to satisfy disintegration relevant to the desired function. One essential design function is disaster. (Just like our human selves). A computer will have to be repaired and is revealing as outmoded. If a car can not effect a collision causing death and injury, if a jet plane can’t crash into a hillside then these composite machines can not be a car or jet plane, their utility is not complete. The same is functionally true of a nuclear power plant and a hydrogen  bomb design. The suggestion that the nuclear triad has satisfied purpose because it has not been utilized does not acknowledge that a great deal of the form disintegrations has already occurred (ie) vast resources of mind, heart and material have been generated intended to sustain planetary dissolution. These resources reflect the considered employment and the labor of citizen subsidizers who are the anticipated decedents. A nuclear or biological extinction war has already at several significant levels occurred. And continues to evolve as a culmination of many disintegrative human processes. The observation should be developed humans are aware of material disintegration and acknowledge the flaws that perpetuate break down beyond utility… less so when their own advantage is denied; humans recognize the historical evidence that illuminates the engineered global disintegration, acknowledging risks, but engaging in a divine inquiry, a compelling introspection into their role as self on this planet that might provide applicable relief from material catastrophe is seen as fanciful-beyond application as grandiose or irrational… indirectly-unconsciously perpetuating disintegration as life decay, therefore life itself  becomes our final defining breath.  Indeed denying of God since this communion again is secured through death and linear God denial…. Meaning life defined through death as death. Though relief is desired  materializing a substantive effort given the current knowledge base (expressive of the acquired dissolution  modalities) has never been fully considered  therefore not utilized beyond life after death. And the adolescent anomaly of enemy. The human can only respond to what she or he knows. They believe themselves the unequivocal source of knowledge that speaks to who they are and who they can be. Very curious do you agree? When the accrued knowledge speaks to the denial of life as the motivation behind the knowledge.

Acknowledging amidst despair still humans are willful of kindness ….

What disposition our love without our chosen burden. Consider a doctor is everyone’s doctor. A priest is not everyone’s priest, a lawyer the same, even the nice ad gentle fireman needs the fire…. Meaning a child choking on food, a doctor in the restaurant assists, the little girl will grow and prepare for her first date smiling in anticipation. Walking a park in Paris and elderly woman falls to the ground afraid. By chance again a doctor not speaking French by kindness no longer a stranger assists, the elderly woman dies comfortably waiting. Being a doctor transcends all barriers that argue the separate less of self is enough. A doctor is everyone’s doctor. The same musicians and artists. Similarly the teacher. The teacher reaches for all…all reach for the teacher. Consider if all profession were accordingly affluent. Each individual the same. A Temple graduate?

Humans presently appear to be incapable of perceiving a resonant totality which includes themselves (ie) ironic self confirmed as denied through alteration. Explaining their separation between matter and Spirit. Body and Soul. Heaven and earth…. Faith  denies life as death. What accommodation thrives that God waits. Believing denies as believing argues- confirming exclusion. God is otherwise  and as such is so…

You say I am right I am not. You say I am wrong I am not. We can not acknowledge the fullness, the totality of self  relevant and revealed less ourselves linarily at any given juncture. Nor can you presently express the totality if your person. Yet the Light embraces without exclusion. Silently love’s caress whispers ourselves Eternally sublime. Silently our breath speaks God. The same the trees, the mountain range, the ant, the river, your dream, our waiting selves.

Appreciating to understand if through understanding we must. These words we share speak to our spherical accompaniment. Yearniong the Cosmic venue. Otherwise we speak that listening silences. The Light sings our love embraced. Unless you prefer otherwise. As we are born Light indisposed, un chartered by death’s dismay, timelessly we can live. Unafraid God embraced.

(Note if you will allow a brief-interesting  example of a sustained human-systemic activity event [initiate spherical finances unfolding into SULLMA]…allowing opportunity we will develop a distinction between devaluation linear economics and engendering spherical finance valuation. Whereby product is  manufactured after purchase. Purchase is developed as investment gathering interest. Currently profit is  substantiated through market loss potential, random market shifts and treating employment as other than a primary humanistic concern, but as  a usable disposable margin developed to secure an uncertain profit. We are examining a finance dynamic whereby economic function intent represents shared  ownership (inclusive of risk however minimized)  not the  doubtful potential of a product development defined through potential loss and secured by  time material displacing “interest” loans  the integrity of which are determined by long term economic forces that  can not be valuated or influenced except “possibly” after the fact through potential success-failure, default and engineered devaluation resulting in marginalizing human value….The current economic structure is an activity event whereby market, finance, employment integrity and distribution are the cause of each other as uncertain effects validated through an economic system that values failure and accepts human devaluation…. An ambiguous economic structure  which evolves as an ill-defined fragmented structure whose integrity is decisively influenced by random disparate competitive forces that are determined through inevitable loss and influenced through the instability of the entire economic experience that is global in nature. Though a few benefit substantially none are excluded from potential loss. Many suffer material deprivation, others “consumers”  endure an insatiable depravation. (The refrain explains comforts irony…too much is not enough and more will never be ). Reminding we are discussing an economic system that is energized by causing loss to others “competitors”…an uncertainly structured a  economic system that that attempts to minimizes loss to self through potential-profit loss, but cannot guarantee either. Meaning the degree loss is  uncertain , as such the  human anxiety is constant.  The profit-loss variant can flux between  minor to devastating, further unexpected conditions like weather, crop failure, war  further influence uncertainty potentially to the extreme-often beyond the humans ability to intervene. Also the source of the loss is not always apparent before it’s effect. Loss is so fundamental that it can only  be realized as loss. Once loss becomes determinant valueless non-utility factors. The economic system is accordingly designed and perpetuated. Profit without opposition and potential self loss is beyond current conception. (Next to accepted ironic non-directional casuality of death… linear economics is the most disintegrating experience revealing of our flawed perceptual anomaly). Remember we are proposing a new economic formulary the product is purchased before production is initiated rendering all the variables of supply and demand (profit loss) as a more consistent entity. Distribution and marketing are limited to predetermined need, advertising becomes informational and warehousing involving substantial expenses in security and insurance becomes mute. The purchase order becomes the warehouse. The purchase order finances the product; therefore the retailer-customer becomes the banker. Mortgage, excessive interest, foreclosure no longer factor. The retailer in partnership with the consumer is the investor, the insurer, the banker…which she-he already is but through a series unincorporated of displacing and  random long term instruments that marginalize the customer- retailer whereby  a devalued product is  made available through a  network that is  functionally devalues humans, determines gain through loss, profound  waste and designed inefficiency. The financing of a product is validated as risk mortgaged capitol which matures as bank profit independent of product-customer-retailer success that can not be consistently forecast…meaning the people [retailer] to a defining unincorporated extent becomes the bank. When the financing and marketing of a product is source as a peoples initiative the corporate concept potentially becomes  a humanistic franchise because the corporate anomaly has become structurally answerable to its primary income determinate…the people.

We are discussing the integrity of humans… becoming a congruent resource of defining economic value. Currently uncertain human need is ambiguously developed as a market process that is mechanistic, driven  through a disjointed  monetary finance- retail-customer network whose feasibility is in displacing its own idea intent  by   sustaining profit  through loss and maintaini9ng a structure that values uncertain-disparate result over humanity. Resulting in inertia  and engineered wastefulness that effects product quality, cost and human pain, quality loss of life. Meaning design driven human loss that that is essential to the economic design. A system that is energized as   mortgage debt carried over years or generations…. Clearly not a human adventure, but a multi faceted linear inadequacy, a displacement of intent, whereby the greater good  denies the majority in through the uncertain-inconsistent  interests of the few whose own existence (spiritual culpability aside) is anxiety driven through design loss….Economics currently is a machine that can only engage if one human suffers loss upon another human  “sustained able” through  product,. Noting finance investment  and the delivery network might not have value from the inception because the product is met with public disfavor. A result that further burdens a structurally inefficient process.  This oblige potential remains viable if the loss-profit roles can be reversed and the gains (actually losses) are further sustained… through further mortgage debt, loss of employees and possibly governments fiscal  interventions that are not elemental to the a specific economic event  and represent additional derivative burden tying the public sector to the greater governmental bureaucracy.

These linear inconsistencies are sustained when non-existent material resources can be borrowed from a conglomerate of future investors to subsidize an economic formula that in its ideal is driven by market dissolution evidenced as profit reflective of loss, randomness, workers being assigned and experienced through market value not as human beings…problems are exacerbated when this linear system is financed through the paying of substantial long term interest secured on potentially non existent resources to finance a product whose essential value is unclear or non existent because what value there might be is  legitimized as ill-defined risk that cannot be reasonably controlled. Not surprisingly the economic system through its structure and product is disposable and temporary. We are examining an economic design that is not given constant evaluation because the entire system is a reflection of ourselves, compelling self introspection of all concerned particularly  when sublimated to a group is not feasible, not productive. Hope or efficiency through spiritual challenge would bring to question our linearly oppositional reality actualized through eventual-inevitable non-utilitarian dematerializing.

The entire economic schematic is further secured as functional dissolution when natural resources like oil are developed through conflicting territorial imperatives, resources that  predate the biped led  human. These imperatives experienced through a disintegrating economic decentralized complex are politically based compelling greater confusion and inequity  through government bureaucracy, temporary governments, corruption and the aforementioned conflicted-random economic forces that often become a conduit for human behaviors at their most selfish…. In totality a economic formula which renders most wars likely if indeed  not structurally necessary. The current  economic formula perpetuates disintegration life value… compelling resolution attempts are not tolerated  as disruptive given that in sum the economic process we are discussing can only function as self defeating. If not in the immediate then in the potential long term.

Linear economy is functionally a machine that compromises human potential while compromising life quality. Non-durability compromises while defining the entire network, which relies on fragmentation as elemental to an economy driven and defined by its evolving dissolution. The fewer words our future is only relevant if eventually it is potentially not. Reminding “progress” can only be sustained through the invalidation of past successes…. If natural resources were disseminated in the same way they developed over millions of years without territorial regard or non functional interference motivated by a planetary prerogative, not territorial contempt and ironic self serving compensation, but rather bartered long term in an other than capital intensive investment basis while not  controlled by  localized self serving investors… the results become sympathetic and apparent. If  “research and development” did not have a propriety motive, but rather a communal value-while acknowledging the individual and company effort, but not exclusively human value prevails. A profit based system is created that acknowledges the dignity of employees, employers, investors and the environment that i9n comaprison is almost self generating-self sustaining. (Take care of the environment the environment will take care of you). Incorporating a  few of these adjustment factors converts a disintegrative process motivated by potential loss and intrinsic uncertainty into an economic protocol that is much more productive, unrestricting, less wasteful and less apt to create economic political strife meaning human suffering. Incorporating these concepts would allow for the removal of ambiguity, minimizing profit-loss-prerogative, improving self management bureaucracy and intuitional strife…a futuristic parallel computer model could serve as a checks and balances on the integrity of the spherical economic concept. Given our world of practical contempt’s the aforementio0ned spherical economic model might serve as a computer counter point control on the current economic impairment . (Community distorts individual will in both expression and perception). Yet individual will is dependant on community. Any variation is pleasantly or unpleasantly sacrificed. Does the sacrifice of self becomes the explanation of form dissolution as  intrinsic to form itself?

Again does community distorts individual will. Individual will is dependant on community. Any variation is pleasantly or unpleasantly sacrificed. The sacrifice of self becomes the essential explanation of form dissolution as form itself. May we please consider one last time….An integrating multiplicity of renunciations none more Cosmically displacing than the human worship of God: When all is said and undone our truest form potential is that when we die we go to Heaven. This  “Heavenly” presumed assimilation (profoundly lacking in materially linear  evidence…noting spirit is material the only non-material is time) linarily influences the value of life form as secondary to life itself. Spiritual rules are devised to influence potentially deny the Heavenly merger. And as such these spiritual rules conjoined to the institutionalizing of spirit (inevitability enema ting from the example of those like Jesus Christ who existed outside of lives devaluing material anomaly) serve as another event activity that encourage the dissolution of fo9rm as inevitable to its own organic nature which in its ideal is Universe sympathetic as Eternal. The final justifying accommodation is that material dissolution; form non-utility, material non-existence is divine and approved by God. What a curious, illogical accommodation, what an inept, befuddled God human’s have chosen to revere and follow less themselves. (In their own image they att4est) anyone that believes otherwise denies earth God the Creator will be shunned or ritualistically sacrificed. The humans worship “pray” as themselves displaced, less their own separated body spirit, as such often a fractured divinity labors as response to a disintegrating world. The absurdity that strains the limits of thought (through language as a perceptual tool) is that denying the Creator through the encouraged dissolution of Creation is not what the humans are avoiding, its exactly what they are effecting. We are the  temporal Satan in our midst.  The elite amongst the earth people spend their lives trying to extinguish   fires they put a match to, certain that without the fires we would have no purpose. We deny our burdens by carrying them, greatly denying through current earth technology the only burden ourselves anticipated as forgiven. We certify life through its sustained negation. We worship God by displacing God to the preferential Temple designed to the  human’s disintegrative image of self-violated as God esteemed. Our foibles and prejudices redeem. Our worship of God becomes our lives denial of God. Our salvation’s need suggests God’s ineptness. Revelations will not afford God to us, revelations already has...as our disintegrative self actualized unto Creation’s environment.  We are the enemy we stalk to kill while praying to vindicate our spiritual absence. Clearly earth man-woman cannot know the near of all which is denied through our linear effort as knowing. Further the human cannot respond to that which they are not aware. Though humans seem to vaguely comprehend the Cosmic God as denied. However we are not beyond God’s valuation of ourselves. And our  estimation though displaced through our disintegrative life, including worship, remains evolving….Offering our potential is beyond  calculation since it’s based on our Cosmic bond with God. Noting spherical occurrences not derivative of machine or human, not expressive of a preexisting body of linear knowledge, not responding to our command (ie) precognition, remote viewing, clairvoyance, miracles, sleep, laughter, coincidence, luck, timeless memory, answered prayers, unanswered prayers, birth and death…language of the infinite Light we hear not listening as expressed linarily defused through doubt language and relationship…. Needing to defer our divine ideal to a non-material future, as an answer to the incomplete question of our dissolution (suggested by our inactive past except by fleeting memory) is another reason why we are limited contradiction of ourselves. What we look at is not what we see…. There is the Cosmic God and the earthly adaptation. We live in a constant state of invalidation, progress so instructs, death confirms, our acquired  fate avails…we insist contrary to our Cosmic seed. We deny our existence as proof of our intelligence.

Acknowledging as prayers listen all these despairing words come to question when two human beings meet. And smile.

We are  one choice from bliss. Once so shared as such  expression asof self becomes spherical.

By what instrument process of self, extension of self, do humans separate themselves from their Cosmic root while sustaining their own disintegration…conjointly the dissolution of the planet earth. Humans cause the displaced effect created, this linarily conflicted process is evident in the near all human beings manifest as the ironic casuality of themselves. Our lives are an issuance of sequential process ironically shared, but the infinite Universe cannot condone process because process is a sequential series of events that would fragment infinity rendering infinity other than infinitely continuous. (Always anticipating the better of your word’s companionship). The Universe is a formulary of presence, Ever presence. Humans separate themselves from the Universe and each other thus themselves through language, mathematics, assigned intelligence and other linear formularies…our basic life expressions. Curiously music is one of the few experiences that the earth people do not have to alter in order to experience. Music is its own response. Apparently music is a casually intrinsic to humans beyond linear instruction given that as babies they are responsive to music. As are plants. And planets. The music of silence, relevant and revealing…. Interestingly the sound or sound status of silence has the same a casual, non linear qualities as the infinite Light (ie) all-inclusive, all-embracing, un bordered and un ordered meaning that once either the Light or the sound of silence is engaged in any way by material bordered form these two Cosmically compatible formulations dissipate or begin to disintegrate as silence and Light. Cosmically Light and Silence are compatible or displacement would result and infinity would be compromised. Ourselves through choice ideal the same. The conclusion is as beautiful as an embrace is simple and Eternal through a distinct sound of silence (their Cosmic conduit) the humans can engage the infinite Light with0out having to realize their lives through disintegration. The Super String theory which some earth physicists believe will lead to one singular understanding of all physical laws offers (less their displaced selves?)  that the only non-material in the Universe is time, there are many dimensions than three and below the sub atomic world is a Universe of vibrating strings. (Each human is a dimension spherically consequent to their choice).  Seemingly a profound, a casual non-linear union, affinity can be effected, spontaneous in nature. Time becomes mute or non-defining, as does disintegration. The current human linear reality shifts unlike ever before in human history, perhaps planetary history, we are returned home…communing conversant with the Cosmos. Examples of the spherical awakening approaching: A spontaneous sympathetic interchange between two material event locations currently experienced as displaced in time (departure-destination) justifies inter galactic travel. Human education, engineering, medicine, computers, language, the precognitions, thinking, sexuality and perception are no longer linearly sequentially realized as displacing process, but rather functional spontaneity. (The displacing dematerializing linear verses the near spontaneous spherical).  Consistent reciprocity replaces reasoned ironic effect actualized through assimilated dematerializing. Please be patient this will become more real as we continue. Let’s briefly continue to scan our resident ironic adaptation.

*What prayers say that saying hears?

The place of self we have chosen for ourselves is a doubtful place.  We compromise ourselves to prove value. And we agree we are in control, loss of control is essential proof. Any suggestion to the contrary will be challenged guaranteeing greater uncertain control. Most assimilation challenges of self-are potentially destructive some are born from the acceptance of self…cheers and reward. All material interchange the basis of life on this planet is based on human approval validated as our capacity to disapprove. Our conventions testify… you should devote your life to staying healthy because you’re going to die. Another convention there is one God and you will decide which one you will worship. Before and after death. Another fiat everyone agrees peace is better than war. And that’s why we have wars to arrive at the peace lost to war. Everyone agrees its better to be right. And that’s why were often wrong. (Preferably others ideally with their cooperation). And the consequences exposed of the ironical conflict between  right-wrong can be devastating and are accepted as not wrong, but right because these tragedies confirm the intrinsic futility of material form as disintegrating. (A notion of correctness not self invalidated as wrong related is currently beyond functional fathom less so appreciation in a world of self opposition defined trough death). You know the other rules, beliefs, accommodations the same. The rules are so basic you might have become a rule yourself. If not a rule then a rule maker or rule enforcer. Rules are often detours away from our Cosmic destiny. If not in substance then  expression assimilation. (The rules of the displacement of self). Perhaps as a result of our organic form time and some of its rules n’ processes  were inevitable. We’ll likely never know what our first miscalculation was, the one we built and justified our existence on. Our foundation perception. Possibly an observation that did or didn’t have to be….Likely this one perception event was evolutionary taking millions of years before its results became functionally material. But the linarily consequent effecting juncture was likely evident as an instant. And similarly can be absolved. (Brevity and infinity are mpathetic either in assimilation or departure if both spontaneous). The vestiges of infinity once availed are without limit either in assimilated process, substance or result. Disintegration becomes history. If the earth people survive we will have arrived happily lost of self. Exhausted. and smiling  

We know the ambiguous self-displacing form by our waking… our choice aftermaths seed is not our nurturing fruit. Appreciating that the only non-material in the Universe is time, whatever the texture disposition all-else is material and interactively materially pertinent. The devil like Santa Clause is most amenable we know them through our own concealment of self as consequent self. (Unreal doesn’t mean non-existent and non-existent is not  necessarily non-material). We know as we do not. Our relationship is therefore not finalized by limit, but as limit. Inevitably resulting in limit of self. Also these curios relationships like the devil, ghosts, saints devout as dead, miracles, luck, coincidence, the precognitions, dreams, unconscious, the finite  temporal self… become vague depositories whereby we don’t have to accept responsibility for our lives reaction and behaviors, our mysterious potentials.  And accordingly benefit. Also through the accommodating whims  of our ethereal companions (ghosts of self) can  justify further misdeed without  being brought to judgment. One such ghost is… the enemy. Another is the future. Another is love realized through forgiveness.

These mythic arrangements suggestive of an active vacuum keep us from learning fully through our mistakes and attaining-evolving into our greatest talents suggestive of our Cosmic origin. Our self satisfying arrangement frustrates us from better understanding-avoiding the pain we cause others and ourselves. Similarly our lives through death the same…. We are blissfully dissatisfied, defined often by our sincere aspirations, most often we know where we are hiding because we accept who we are…Undeniably we are blissfully dissatisfied, how could this be otherwise, we can not attain our fullest relationship with God while we are alive. What patience is knowledge sponsored by our absence….We are aware of  the pain caused when our choices are bad or  mean. We are disappointed and sad. If not as choice then consequence…the memory of unkindness lingers waiting for the better testimony. What we have forgotten another day we might another day remember. We are potentially in the constant 1st anniversary of ourselves. We learn and yearn the better learning. A life of contempt can be resolved by the pilgrimage of a smile. Every human being without exception will spend their entire lives attempting to understand, hoping to resolve their material irony. And if not so directly then serving as example. Those that are least able to join this divine mission will be raised to our kindest height that they not be left behind. We cannot leave another behind through love or execution without confirming our linear anomaly. Opposition of another becomes opposition of self. Thus dematerializing thrives. Imprison one imprison all.

Must we suffer our pain’s instruction as being needing of love? No love is miserable, do you agree, that is not made so.

Our prisons are our disappointments. We no longer cheer the executions of ourselves. We prefer peace. We are desirous of our neighbors better knowing. If our lives do not determine the better of our selves, we will gather all resources that our good be better. Parents will pray as their babies listen. We plan the future carefully. We glimpse our past trying to garnish lost opportunities. We will laugh to breath another day. We will hold each other crying. We will protest our aging. We will die effortlessly. Not an easy road we travelers of ourselves. We will be in awe learning from the Holy documents. We evolve they do not. Often unbearable, sad and lonely. Sleeping to waken. Children suffer not knowing the questions why. Many are lonely of food, medicine, shoes, eyeglasses to better open a rassuri9ng book. We aspire. And aspire more. This dignity promises ourselves the most. And when our pain has no language but itself. And we cannot bear any further telling. There are escapes…. Alcohol, drugs prescription and elicit, insanity, the option of insanity, drama, music, forgetfulness and remembering, sleep, promises and always love… Is divorce another? If all despair fails as further voice, anatomically God has not given us permissions to take our lives. Though suicide is not evil also it is not the good of tomorrow. And the fullest explanation of yesterday. And you cannot kill your life without testifying that love’s hope is less that we be without you. Understand allowing love’s caress suicide is not so much a choice as it is a reaction. If your journey begins to lean as death and you are unclear what direction unfolds the better of living… seek out the gentler hand that we might better help you offer your companionship to a better day. Another dream be wakened that sleeps purpose be fulfilled. Whatever your choice we will wait for one another.                                                    

May we share the giving of  ourselves that thinking be less the Light our splendor. Allowing a few word’s echo. A timeless non-linear Universe can resolve this planet’s casual form’s displacement linarily realized, witnessed as measured, confirmed through death, alteration and dematerializing. Expressing the human disposition. The fewer words caress. Spherical a profound affinity.

The human’s integrated material reality is  based on perceptual inconsistency (ie) an evolutionary determinant effected error based on time anomaly. We are separated from o0ur derivative essence. This inconsistency is realized through conflict, chaos, confusion (confirmed through measurable  time). Our lives irony is sustained through the alteration of form realized and expressed through death, destruction, dematerializing and designed extinction. The Cosmic God is  experienced as an earthly adaptation an ironic worship through self. Explaining the preferential God not one the same. Revealed as a non-spherical knowledge base which separates material and spirit…engendering a self deception. And destruction pardoned in the name of God…. God’s Cosmos is otherwise affluent.

Our selected reality is not the intended ideal. We are incomplete. We are Cosmically ironic.

The earthly experience is one of linear process therefore separation … intent realized through endless cause and effect. We have become the effect of our erroneous perceptions, the cause of our own incongruous effect. This  formulary is perpetuated as all that is human except for our aspirant capacity. Humans compromise-alter their lives environment to validate this profound inconsistency. Our spiritual selves,  technology and knowledge thus are Cosmically insensitive.

How is this Cosmic schism resolved?  Bravely of heart and soul we began thousands of years ago. Yearning, praying desperately that we be heard,  forgiving misdeeds that love prevail, nurturing our children as the better of our selves, desperately giving credence to death that life be tolerable. How brave of love’s pain we reside. Always waiting. Searching thriving anticipating our first greeting. Currently subsidized as death. We have prevailed as denied. Alive of God continuing delivered as not forever.

All form in its ideal is infinitely refined not casually altered as dematerialized. The only non-material in the Universe is time. Only time can be forgiven to time. The stars the trees ourselves our Cosmic home. And we their home.

We know what we have done preferring not. While awaiting deliverance. What delivery less ourselves… Now let us politely prevail reciprocally God’s witness. Godsoulprint conversant.  DNAsound conversant… resonant time absolved….How so that so be so forever so. Not less ourselves suffering. Dangerous and hateful. Wealthy as impoverished. Eternal not extinct.

What spontaneity speaks that infinity listens. There is linear knowledge. There is spherical scholarship. The quantum riddle  testifies, the Cosmic usion not fusion otherwise accrues. Our uncertain lives Eternally preferred less life:  How to join what has been rendered apart? Forms shared soliloquy.

What infinity speaks that spontaneity  listens. The Light and form’s silence is all inclusive, un bordered. And unordered. Already spoken to as such by God. When you identify the unique silence, Godsoulprint, God light intent, the DNAs of each separate materiality… a profound affinity materializes. Cause becomes effect the same.

Birth and death the same:  Inbyas the infinite duality does not explain. What earthly choice Celestial language sings. The Eternal does not whispers less God’s design. Linear intelligence less intelligent life. 

Can we promise more and love less.  Otherwise infinity interrupts itself less infinity. All lasts  Eternally  thus death speaks. Upon death life sums awareness speaks.  You are Eternal less your instruction. Profound affinity all less our explanations thirst. There is no death that waits, but living.

Death cannot deny life without opposing infinity. Consequently death does not end life. Life and death are inseparable. Thus death uninterrupted sums life continuous and aware. Our timeless death is sympathetic with the timeless Universe as such upon death we revert to the all inclusive Light. Currently death’s decay is our apology to life. Merchant’s avarice we buy and sale each other less God’s investment. Wrong proves right. What auction is this nothing bought as sold.

The Universe grows not less itself. As space not into non-existent space. Hence what life allows death that is not life itself as death. Death is timeless thus alive.  There is no past except in time. As such what death mourns life. Seed the flower’s garden. What  greater theft than theft of self.  Beyond  grave’s rebuff….There is no death there is extinction.  Our self designed extinction persists. The end of life. The death of death. Love is life sometimes not. Ours is a Cosmic struggle…

Humans perceive as they are denied. But there is no choice that awareness does not allow less itself….  Thus a life delayed. Progressively invalidated. Life tolerable as intolerable insists. Witness love life your birth and death Cosmically configured. Stars your neighbors love your home. Life without death’s instruction. Hence whose enemy your soldier. What hunger’s child not your own. Seed orchard the same. As promised Earth and Heaven one residence. Do you prefer otherwise.

So we continue. We take turns living. We take turns dieing. We love each other. And wonder to explain why we don’t. We are human beings. Incredible alive no mystery to God. How could we be otherwise. We will prevail. God’s offspring, the child always yourself, the trees, dreams, rivers, squirrels, the flying frog. We are family.

And there is wondrously more. Have you sensed  the Galaxies anticipating. We are who waits. Haven’t you always known? The day would come less the night’s fever. And living would make sense beyond our ability to justify death. Didn’t you always know your prayers would wait for you until you were ready?

There is more to the Universe than the planet earth. There is more to the planet earth than the planet earth. There is more to life than death. There is more to death than life. There is more to death than death. There is more to life than the life we know. There is more to who we are…. Listen carefully. There is more…. We are together. These are not words. Listen please to these sounds as you would hold a flower. We are arrivi9ng-new revealing. Listening approaching further 1st timethoughts. The flower holds your hand.

We are going to step into a world we only know through its denial, our absence. A world we cannot know as our ironic selves. A world babies knew before they learned the no of our acquired reality. A new world we suspected through distant whisperings. So lost a world we became the way of it’s unknowable finding, a world we claim as the promiose of death. Death while living our fearful uncertain dieing. A reality we spend a lifetime praying for and a lifetime avoiding….Wandering and wondering why smiles are involuntary. Why do dreams need us. Why do miracles require no introduction, but ourselves. Why do we believe in life after death. Approaching you will greet yourself. And you will be happy. And your skills will be many. And wonder us.

(I) will be calm. And write easily. As a flower would want of me. And a bee would appreciate. Let us better know. And in knowing better be…. We have entered a different world. Not one person will be left behind. Our hope is in your confusion. The best prayers come from the deepest pained desires. Our journey whispers to the better right not wrong as right denies. Understand if by understanding we continue, these are God’s ideas (all is God’s) ours in the borrowing. There is no ownership here. But the better day be love tomorrow. Let us begin. Already started many ways ago. We on the planet earth call billions of years ago…

One first look forward the easier look back: The Universe is timeless. If the Universe where not infinitely continuous there would be events occurring that would end as the totality of themselves. And only one such event would invalidate the Cosmos as infinite. Because we would have infinity plus ending. Yet human beings agreed to sustai9n life through death as time. Our lives are filled with events that end. Many end sadly. One such Cosmic event is your life. Very curious also impossible because we live in a Universe whispering again where there are no endings. The evolutionary human has miscalculated. The earth people have sustained a perceptual error. We live making mistakes. Trying to understand the mistake of our lives. Right is the mirror of being werong. Progress in every field is based on correcting mistakes we previously validated and valued as ourselves. Was our first mistake time? Possibly a fear of hope we tried to control through what we came to know as time. Not all question have answers. Over and over this is proven by our answers. On the planet earth questions and answers are inter changeable as progress negated therefore eventually unrelated to each other. The immediate is seed to the eventual irrelevance. We can only have progress if everything we think… do or feel is eventually dismissed. Our future is expressed through its invalidation. Is there another place in the way of ourselves? Attesting  the essential self is compatible with the infinite Eternal or the infinite continuous would be fragmented. May I please repeat. Is there another place beyond ourselves? Where our future will not be certified by our absence. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves since we can only do so by falling behind. Please understand the earth people do not have a planet. We have what we agreed is a planet.

We have over the many years become masters of time so good at using time that we have learned how to exchange each other as time. And how to exchange material for time. Is our utility of delay space time, the space time non-continuum.  We have determined time can end so we and all material can end as well.  Time is a sequential series of separations, one moinute interrupting the previous that will be through time displaced by the next. Accordingly we alter-interrupt Creation’s environment as our acquired temporal process. Thus we  perceive the Cosmos less ourselves. Meaning defined as absent. The earth people similarly interact with the material world to the extremes. We can kill another human. While risking harm to self and life property. Similarly we threaten similarly we anticipate time. We displace, dislocate exhausting vast resources of mind, heart, spirit and material to recover life from destruction while preparing more destruction. We dislocate a person’s material self into a prison. Imposing-exchanging a preferred material condition relevant to a period of time. These are but a few of the many all-material conditions… planetary disintegrating activity events that like the prison these arrangements spill over onto the planet as the planet…  our blood, our unfinished dreams, the children’s tears unending. These painful events have compelling divisive value if people are aware of them before the fact while determining their origin and result as life defining. The prisons of ourselves are the most convincing if people are cause to dread them. Their non-value is in their need. Soldiers are effective as a threat, but even through this non-utility the disposition to kill must be encouraged and spiritually validated as revealing of spirit. Hospitals thrive because people have agreed to die while preferring not to. Humans have made industry’s purpose of death, the enterprise sustains as Cosmically illogical. Opposition to initial intent is needed to justify intent. Two confrontational enemies are needed with similar dispositions, the uncomplimentary destruction occurs against  the same planet. These unhappy fear invested (time material interchange) activity events are based on behaviors we were taught. Ironic self-opposition is not intrinsic to material form. (Time being that which ends through the material time interchange material disintegration thrives confirming all endings)…. We will spend further life quality attempting to avoid the action events we create. And will once manifested authenticate through apology, psychic injury, disintegration glorification and shame while preparing for further self material devaluation. Surely there are also nurturing times of spirit’s beauty. And this amidst our hardship. Imagine the human joy and talent without the defining devastation. But even beauty ends our instruction prefers. What  peculiar arrangements we have devised.         

Nearing the better necessity.  Fantastically across the street and just a little bit further… material events don’t happen while not happening. There are few collisions, one event does not end so another one prevail, people need not fear life as death explained.  And the place across and just a little bit further a life form might be hungry, be lost as lonely, but if it’s possible it’s closer to impossible. Heaven? In actuality we’ve crossed into the Universe. The Heaven God created from which we have separated. Yes Our origin. Our birth denied through instruction. So deep is our Celestially ironic investment that we have agreed to dematerialize in order  to go to Heaven … the Heaven from whence we came we deny while we live. (Do you understand birth is also not an ending called beginning). Yes what shadow is this caste without shade. What is the space material you vacate upon your linear death, what is the material space you assume upon your linear birth? The answer neither assumed or vacated is the Cosmos. We have to leave our destination to return to where we are… Our shared resident Universe Heaven… Humans segregated themselves unworthy of their own neighborhood, the Universe, limiting their fraternity to their invalidation substantiated by damaging Creation’s planet earth…. What juncture is amiss. Somethiong  curious materialized? By what direction did we get lost creating as many edicts to violate in order to remain the homeless of ourselves. Desperate and unhappy with no ascendancy but dematerializing. We testified against ourselves to prove the worth of our incriminations.

Consider patiently please two individuals with the acquired purpose of all historical human beings… our deference toward weapons, all our pain, all our rage, all our hope...will Eve still embrace Adam.

And there is a problem. If there’s a remedy. And you need a problem to arrive at a remedy. And without solutions were lost since we’re the problem. We are desperate. This fencing (our chosen selves) we can surrender to ourselves is the greater impediment than the property protected as separated. What logic nurtures when we are born the most vulnerable… what solutions do we need except  God’s luck and our kind  parents.

We need a different way…. What value that value has less… possessing what is lost through possession like your life. Especially when it’s not the way inby the Cosmic elsewhere. Our way is not the only way. It is true…the place of being a human, effortlessly we can go across the street  and  a little bit further come back with what’s been learned. It’s not that far not that far at all. Only as far as our next thought.

We are approaching the fewer words approaching us. Until the words silently fade. We will finally hear.… Perception and preference one not the other denied as accommodated. We have knocked on this door before, but in now of self there is motion we are moving. The heavy metal sign reads. “On this planet everything that begins ends.” The sign is behi9nd us now. We haven’t moved. We’ve learned… in a Universe where motio0n is resonant sound we live on a planet that enforces time through the fragmentation-alteration of all material., less the revealing sounds. (Many sounds deafening)…. Remembering our lyrics song approaching, we cannot respond to what we do not know. (Responding we do). Words approaching their own silence. An audible smile conjoins the Cosmos more than the most impressive thinking valid as less the thought expressed, denied as spoken compromised as received. Not always. When people laugh they are in the absence of themselves therefore the presence of God. Similarly  sleep, prayers, the precognitions, mediation, our aspired self, memory, our hugs and kisses, dreams all of ourselves waiting for our preferred attendance. All material moves, all motion has sound. Karma is God’s motion you have disguised as ourselves. Unnecessarily do you agree? The silence speaks when we listen. The all inclusive silence, the all embracing Light includes you. Unless you prefer otherwise. And that’s what we call life.

Can we please  a few more knocks on the impending door already offered as the Super String Theory. Please those who are familiar with these research efforts we have additional insights providing  direction to this paper. (1). In 1987 an nice Asian geneticist at MIT took the DNA code of a fish, then a leaf, imposed each on a musical scale (the  result) the melody of a fish, the melody of a leaf. Next the DNA code of a cancer, eventually played backwards. Result Mozart’s “Funeral Requiem.” The inference… sound can transcend the irony of form assuming potentially a more Cosmically pertinent status. Further that given music is a casual (its own response) the implications speak to timelessness and as such non-displacing casuality. Also suggested by the playing backwards of the cancer musical adaptation (non linear polarity questions the separation between death and life. Suggesting an other materializing synthesis preferable to alteration-dematerializing). Offering a suggestion of evidence relevant to death not being a dematerializing end point, but rather other materializing…assuming as accrued. Suggestive of acquiring memory. And apparent as the accrued-revealing sound of the relevant form.(2) The PEAR group at Princeton University designed a machine with a fifty-fifty percent probability. Like the flipping of a coin. The research determination was that the probability result was influenced by who engaged the machine by simply pressing one button. (A minimum of displacing casual interaction). Additionally it was established that when two i9ndividuals who were resonant to one another effected the probability by a factor of seven. Does this not suggest a similar resonance with the machine. (Inference). Even when a near absolute dichotomy of opposition is designed (50-50) this can be influenced beyond determinant randomness more so through resonance when not casually expressed through choice, language, mathematics and alteration… some of the methods through which humans separate themselves from the infinite Light and through which they sustain-justify disintegration. Further this effort to some extent was incidental, devoid even of calculation. Consider the dynamic results if all materials involved, human and machine, were uniquely DNAsound sympathetic to a desired intent rather than seemingly random… (3). Remember the nice Curly haired biologist whose first name is Rupert offered in his book “Science of Life”….”there exists a field between species that functions irrespective of time and space and has its own acquiring memory.” Meaning not our memory realized through a non-linear formulation. (Inference) The first suggestion is one of spontaneity, Cosmic immediacy that is sympathetic not casually interrupted through time material interchange or assimilation of our lionear choices as activity events expressed through contemporary linear language. Without time as fragmented material spatial interchange we have the infinite Light inter actively refining form through its own resonant nature as opposed to dematerializing. Also this presence activity has its own “acquiring  memory” not suggestive of ourselves and our linear memory process experienced in time substantiated through needed consensus, random i9mmedicacy… forgetfulness both fragmenting-suggesting a timeless uninterrupted spontaneous memory. Not linear not casually subjective, not (presently?) human memory. Timeless memory not casually displaced memory. The offering is one of an infinite Eternal memory, God’s memory. In timelessness only God can remember an event as it happens. Acknowledging an important point the nice British researcher engaged the Light-initiating in some manner the event in Australia, perhaps the first step a resonant reciprocal activity like a responsive intuitive conversation, a spontaneous cancer remedy or inter stellar travel.  Will you allow yourself (imagine) experiencing your life on occasion in such a manner. Imagine communing with God similarly. Clearly at this juncture it becomes obvious that we are in need of  words of sound not presently available when we are linarily expressing ourselves relevant to these opportunities. We (God and us) continue thanking you for your patience anticipating your timeless fraternity as so0urce immediate. Inby the Light reader and writer are one. Hopefully more of love’s kindness by your disposition.

Everything that ends as time is no longer time engaging. We have entered uninto the timeless Universe. Which is without end therefore continuously infinite. You are timeless whatever your disagreement death the same, you are Eternal. Infinite and continuous. You are presence. The Ever presence of all self.  If the Universe were fragmented the Universe would not be continuous, but interrupted as itself. Infinity separate from infinity. And from you. Spherically we are no longer partial to an interactive sequence of disintegrating events. Spontaneous…. You are the cause of your own Eternal effect. And the effect of Eternal cause. The future and the past cannot trespass. You are without  borders limit, you are all inclusive, you are interactively un ordered. You are the Eternal Light refining. All that is the Universe potentially you are, otherwise we exist denying infinity. You are Eternal isn’t that nice?

Whether this death is yours, the melting of a glacier, the forgotten kiss, the invalidation of an idea, awakening from a dream, the impending idea, cancer’s sway, your child’s funeral, the family album. All lives materially forever is a place. Forever doesn’t take as long if you are patient.

*There is more to the Universe than the planet earth. There is more to the planet earth than the planet earth. There is more to life than death. There is more to death than life. There is more to death than death. There is more to life than the life we know. There is more to who we are…. Listen carefully. There is more

The patient Universe Eternal. Not space separating as displacing space into non-space. But space as space refining Eternally. God’s breathe the Cosmos breaths. Expanding contractiong spontaneously near the same. Yourself the same, hence what life is death less living. What birth is initiate less it’s Cosmic flower. How many parents times how many previous parents before we reside the Universe not yet the planet earth, parent nonetheless…the Eternal Light. Resurrection mirrors Reincarnation’s reflection reciprocally the same.…Eternal sounds Light refines. Younger older… both doors to the same  entrance. The Universe expands-refines as space not into vacant space. Not more of not enough. Painfully construed. But always better never less. The true refining apple on the truer resonant-refi9ning star. The future’s future if you need to smile in time.

The Unioverse is inescapably infinitely continuous. Escape speaks to separation, fragmentation….What death escapes less the Universe. Upon death all awareness (words that deeds be spoken) sums otherwise death displaces life less the Universe. No death leaves life forgotten…. Your casual disintegration insists, your linear memory testifies, disintegrations credit the same. God’s timeless memory in life-death ourselves the Light refining, otherwise the Universe invalidates God Eternally. There is no separation, forgetting is one of memories kindest service thus unforgettable. Where does death escape less itself, the Universe refines Eternally. What direction fear. Birth and death melody of the same song. Yet the apple not the tree. The moon is not the meteorite. The baby is not the mother. Mysteriously separate not apart as refining. God’s plan continues. What  pumpkin grows less the seed’s smile once an apple. The Universe Eternal patience. God’s plan unfolds. Man argues with himself before the elephant, the ocean and the rain forest looses the argument. Our story continues...

What song this speaks the lyrics that the planet earth can dance, Eternally the squirrel’s tree holds the river feeding the flower unfolding your babies dream God’s hand.

Form speaks as spoken to. The mole3cular nature of each form is unique unto itself. This uniqueness can be resolved as sound to the infinite qualities of the Universe. Amongst humans this occurs as dissolution ( Universe displacement ) through the time material interchange. But need not. All is not cause of the human’s effect. Humans are not responsible for their own materiality. The Universe refines the human. The Universe spontaneous abides. Where will this story lead? Man-woman can know all and remain as expressed the same. Yet good is good and bad is bad one is not both. Humans know what is good. Humans know what is bad. Themselves the same.

What death sets life apart not less the Universe. The same book and reader except in time. What cancer takes life from child when death does not. What infirmity disease without death’s warrant. Let us rest that tomorrow not be yesterday’s.

Can we step aside  from meter’s whispering silence. The next several paragraphs cannot be linked as a linear assimilation of thought. Language no longer allows our destination. We can only perceive to wonder, as we ironically introduce ourselves. Hence what observation as observed. We experience a material world that reflects our singular capacity to deny ourselves, therefore we have to deny what we witness. We live in a world we created. Not the real world.…God source our origin source apparent as the Cosmos.

The Universe is timeless. The Universe is a panorama of sound evolving as material refining Light. As such inescapably infinity abides. Any interruption, uncertainty of purpose, contrived alteration renders the Universe other than infinite. Which mysteriously of purpose the all-embracing Universe condones, meaning your conflicted lives. Infinity can not be acted upon less infinity, except as infinity.  Hence the darkness hence the Light? There can be no indefinite separation… no escape from  infinity without invalidating the Universe totality as infinite. What whole less the whole. Consequently what escape is death that ends life. Life and death the same neither escapes the Universe insists. Infinity brief infinity not. What escape is death that ends life that cannot be life without life’s awareness. Timelessly there is no past hence what death escapes it’s own life’s awareness. Each word’s purpose, each deed holds our DNAs print, memory witnesses as much, forgiveness, credit’s disintegration the same. Not forgiven, not forgotten spherically accruing constantly. The Universe continuous includes your death. Profound affinity the Universe grows not less itself. Hence what life allows death that is not less life itself as death. There is no past except in time. As such what death mourns life…. Through the Light refining dark-Light spherically accruing the earth people linearly experience displacing the Cosmos as redemption,  fragmented  Heaven, salvation, death, the past, sins of the father, anticipation and love forgiven as love…

Can we please begin to enter through Dr. Daughton’s window…. A window like yours as all windows on this planet are awkwardly without explanation the same. If words were flowers I would know what more to say…. By what linear event we need not ask, but Dr. Daughton’s window has been shattered. No longer is there a window. Do not despair explanation is love’s thirst. The window built is gone. Now we witness two windows…the first window intact now past and the current shattered window. But such a mystifying convenience can only occur in time. In a timeless uninterrupted Universe there cannot be two windows, one past and one immediate. Only one infinite windiow. Yet two window’s repair is proof. Whispering carefully…clearly there has to be an intervening dimension between the two windows that does not exclude either. Otherwise the infinite continuity is not. The same unquestionably unfolds of the Universe. Less our current selves… we call life through-in spite of death…life justifying death our Cosmic inarticulate self. You understand to breath you are the window. How nice…

The Universe moves. Moon sets, sun’s rise, and Galaxie’s whirl. Motoin has sound. Infinity can be acted upon as infinity does. The Universe refines. Nurtures  you prefer. One flower next not the same flower still a flower. But we live in a world, not the real world, of two windiows. There is a dimension “a mysterious venue” that connects both windows as two windows not less one. Earth people interrupt as the 4th dimension, “Light.” Better understood as the oOone dimension. A dimension where the mere presence of form validates form as otherwise. More that less not be itself. A space not entirely space where there are no broken windows less the window. A charm that is not beyond human fathom, but presently is beyond human effect. We live…Where knowing denies what you know. There is a residence of self whereby the human can be, accordingly benefit, not less themselves. A floating place where observation does not require reason’s permit. A space less place where thinking denies thoughts entry not less thought…. Words exit as expressed. And the Light silence speaks as listens.                            

Yet we have two flowers by whatever harmony not the same. Two windows. By whatever irony or permit still as such still the Universe. But that is the linear world of form. Our world where departure and destination are not one. Disease is bargain as cure. The old man is no longer young. The linear world is a challenging world. The linear world is not the real world. Unless you disagree. And that’s what we call life. Have you in your li9fe sensed something is amiss?

In the Universe the same flower no longer the same flower. Remains the same flower. You listen to the silence. The a casual silence listens to you. The same the Light. Listening to you the Light you are waiting  listen back…. (Your solitary self-otherwise casuality commands). The All-embracing Light…. Unless you’re ironically human.   Impatiently aging while repairing a window like yourself proven as broken. Each form has it’s unique sound of silence. Harmony conduit to the Light. (Godsoulprint). Sing your song that we all be safe and happy…

But we live in the Universe from whence we came. The Universe did not emerge from the planet earth. We can return. Witness the truer most beautiful flowers. Ourselves. Curious do you agree you can see more clearly through a broken window.

There is a world of temporary dimensions amidst the OoOne dimensional. A Universe where the infinite becomes resonant to the linarily material assuming world. Not like our current world where you must cross the street to know where you’ve been before you can be aware of where your not going while assessing your chances of success. A world of pulse dimensions. Undersanding to perplex a dimension is a property of space and extension into space. Clearily a linear definition applied as such experienced casually in time…. PEAT…. Planet earth after time…. A world of accommodating dimensions. Dimensions evolving refining continuous, echo’s and material near the same. Venue sympathetic avenue. Breach form convergence of separated material events. There exists an uninterrupted world prior to the building of the first window that is parent to that window. As a world where interruption is not possible as interruption, this is a world that continues without disruption through the shattering of the window… an inescapably continous infinite world. A world of pulse. Rhythm more than reason not less thought. Where expansion and contraction effect spontaneously and are only temporarily different where they simultaneously intersect. This intersection is not defining of a Universe already defined as infinite, but is a refining intersect. The intersection you might call life. Crossing the street. Building a window that will break. The function of this intersect is temporary, not a measurement in materializing time, but of refinement interchange. A world that holds two different un separated mirrors to the same image reflecting…God’s will. Like your biorth awareness… your  whoile living experience becoming your actualized death awareness.

This temporary intersect can be retained through resonant time displacement so that two seemingly disparate material event activities can occur without material dissolution, without irony consequence, without interactive material disintegration. A timeless breach can be effected (already Universe material) through relevant intersect resonance. Resonant acoustic osmosis. Affecting specific material sounds therefore the material themselves that are reflective of infinity and as such become continuously sympathetic to infinity…inescapably. Meaning without separation-disintegration. Cure disease become one without defining disparity to either persepcitve. Destination departure assimilated as one (ie) inter stellar travel. DNAsound convergent breach resolution…. Approaching the planet earth…. Let’s be good happily of love. Do you agree?                                 


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