December 19, 2006
The non-linear God
an essay gathering
by Charlie Woram                                                                                                                    

God reciporcall

Allowing the unfolding spherical leading us to the presence of this gathering, ourselves.

Language becomes the seed of its own blossom when good is intended and good results that life not be harmed.

We do not live on the planet earth; we live on the planet earth that is part of the Universe. The planet earth evolved from the Universe. The Universe did not evolve from the planet earth. The Universe, created by God, is the source of our existence. Spiritually we live in God’s house, the Cosmos, God does not resiode by our consent-awareness. The rules of the Universe prevail over the rules of the planet earth. God’s intention should prevail over our own. If we do not experience a single God we cannot accept God’s intent.

But God’s intention does not prevail on this small planet. Our relationship with God is fractured; there are many variations of God on the planet earth. The humans on the planet earth are God’s children. But God’s children on this planet do not have one God. Jews, Buddhists, Moslems, Christians, Hindu’s and others have their preferred God purpose. Thus unhappily God resides our soul’s unrest….. Each religion the seed of the previous fruit. Fractured as the denominations thereby. Shadow less divine shade. The humans on the planet earth have fragmented their relationship with God separating themselves from the fullness of God thus themselves through their exclusionary worship. Acknowledging that our bond with God has been evolving. Much of the God totality resides as fractured.

How did our separation from God come to be?  Likely the separation from God was an evolution of choices that developed over thousands of years. These choices were “became” determinant because of how we adapted to our surroundings, not because we were without spirit. And in turn our perceptual adaptations determined our choices revealing God the inadequate of ourselves. We persist displacing self and Creation’s environment thus dislocating God. Thus divinely intended?

At the near beginning of our history we lived trying to adapt to the planet based on our limited observations that did not include an understanding of the Universe. Our initial observation on which we based our lives were made prior to  language through which we could share ideas, (interact) a shared awareness with God-express our prayers…our human existence was limited to simple tools and uncertain social understandings that over the years became relevant as denied. For these reasons and others our bond with God the Creator of the Universe remains beautiful and incomplete. We grew amidst God’s Creation learning about God and ourselves. Our initial God acknowledgements must have been mysterious. And silent. Language created an irony of preference. And wondrous opportunity. As we approach the time of now forever.

What ofby God do I know  as “I” know my neighbors, the trees, our hands and unfolding memories …the Holiest words I know are I don’t know God knows. The question answers (the Light) my neighbors, the trees, our hands and unfolding memories. As I evolve that kindness be true and telling more ofby God I know familiar.

Can we please examine our separation from the Universe therefore God? Thus oblige our potential once we begin to resolve these separations. Delivering us to a reciprocal God familiarity. Realized spiritually as the timelessness of self…. Our effort is based on the logic of common sense. (Logic a casually availing reason beyond completion). Yes all in the Universe is God relevant thus our waiting selves…as such science, mathematics, music, our birth and death-otherwise by our disposition. The human practice that God can be realized through a preferential religion is God denying…. A rejection of the totality of God’s Creation therefore God. As such the fuller spiritual self. Our near distant ancestors wondered about God as we nurtured life to the better lesson of ourselves. The first temples were made of rocks and bones. Temples nonetheless. We had started to ask questions. And were in awe of the answers.

The Universe we have come to recognize is timeless. As such without end the U&niverse as itself unfolds endlessly. (Accordingly infinite). But the people on the planet earth live and function through ironic time. We live through time in a Universe that has no time. We are therefore out of step with God’s Creation Universe. Consequently with God. And our Cosmic Light full predisposition. We pray for guidance. We dream and aspire. But we have separated ourselves from God’s  “ideal” Cosmic  intention: We live, we kill, we despair, we die, we seek disease. Can this be God’s preference?  If we are not suffering we persist in expectation. We cause others suffering, we anguish as witness suffering often unable to help… our acquired life teaches us to anticipate pain. Our journey on this planet is not an easy one. We hunger and labor under many fears. Amidst the many foes of self. Who will argue that we are not in sympathy with God? And not be arguing against themselves? God’s ideal for us is also evidenced by our inspired humanity. As truth is kindness even without hope we thrive praying for the better day. We labor understanding that love be our companion. And often our despair leads to the best of our love. We love God’s children our own…our future. Yet our truth compels  we are separated from the awe of God’s Universe explaining our troubled selves. Thus we thank God for the good  ask deliverance from the bad while acknowledging all even our prayers  as temporary.  As love is gentle let us not chastise ourselves less than we are. We have been bold and loving and it is important that we comprehend…. We can only respond to what we are aware. And pray accordingly. We have separated ourselves from Heaven, but Heaven has not been separated from us. Repressed we thrive lost as found. We can not respond to what we do not yet know…but once knowing we have not always been.

Once more as we watch the stars watching us, the Universe is timeless, we realize our material reality through the ironic cause and effect of time. Fragmenting our lives and environment. And a more abidi9ng, conversant relationship with God. Our tragedy is not that we suffer, but we suffer much unnecessarily.

What other knowing explains our troubled separation from God’s infinite Universe? And also explains our relationship with time.  A few words suffice our Cosmic dislocation. You cannot experience dematerializing form realized through time without cause then effect, without linearity. Accordingly we arrive less ourselves. It is in this cause-effect linear sequential way that we observe (alter and change) as our experience on God’s planet earth. What do we mean by linear cause and effect? Our lives events like time sequentially follow one another…one event begets the other…it’s a process of cause leading to effect…. (Cause then effect speaks to separation).  Linearity…meaning one point (a beginning point) separating to another point is realized as straight line as a complete action. Which is how we live causing different beginnings be completed (eventually to end) in as orderly sequential manner as possible. A straight line is also defined,” as a disturbance between two points.” We live in an acquired world of straight lines, beginning and endings that are never satisfied as complete. Interestingly the nice Professor Einstein proved that there are no straight lines in the Universe. How could linearity function in an infinite Universe? One point (event or action) separating to another event juncture would create a separation in infinity. Infinity would be compromised.) An event or action leading to another event can be anything we do, a process like crossing the street, going to sleep and waking up, going out on a date and getting home safely, being born and then presumably dieing. All cause then effect activities, also linear though sometimes that actio0n is never completed or is completed as futile. Amongst humans this happens often. In our uncertain world even prayer evolves as an issue of chance…. Remember as we wait for the response to our prayer’s we are not living in God’s Creation, but our own Creation. Thus we must listen to dislocated selves before we can hear God. Many on the planet earth accept…. You must die to go to Heaven. As such we are deplete and often lonely.

There is one embrace that holds these words. Can our causal lives validated often as invalidated be conjoined with the harmonious Universe? And thus abide God. We are approaching a Universe that cannot tolerate death dematerializing and remain infinite…. There is one idea that defines our entire existence on the planet earth. An idea that is completely opposite the rule of the Universes. And that idea is…everything that begins ends-while ending uncertainly. Everything we experience on this planet ends by our insistence because it once begun. As well we don’t know when or how this ending will occur. But  “everything that begins ends” is not the way of the infinitely continuous Universe. Which cannot end, but continues beautifully without interruption therefore uncertainty. One who redeems the Cosmic God awareness is the prayer-life’s  response. And that response is you . Is it not so the only one you can wait for is yourself thus God whispers. Thus a casually the Celestial flower blooms.

How could we have been unknowingly so out of step with the Universe from which we emerged?  How could this of happened? Remember our ancestors had limits and like ourselves they didn’t have a full appreciation of those limits. They were preoccupied surviving, protecting their families from the cold and other of God’s predators while trying to make sure everyone had enough to eat. Not much has changed; expect the primary predator we worry about is ourselves. Of course there have been amazing improvements including our understanding of God. And like our past mothers and fathers we still look up at the stars wondering. Considering our challenges we have done well do you agree? And we came to understand however uncooperative we have been with God through ourselves God continues caring, patient and true beyond truth.

What speaks to death that denies life as living. We are discussing death in its broadest sense…an issue of dematerializing, decay or disintegration…. One of the observations our earliest ancestors must have made was that everything around them seemed to be disintegrating, eventually dieing “naturally” in its own way. And we came to change and alter our environment and each other within our understanding of disintegration. We caused things to disintegrate. We became part of the disintegration. Possibly we eventually came up with the idea of “time” as a way trying to control (measure) the disintegration. (Noting the best way to measure something while trying to create order in a world that was disappearing before our eyes was by actualizing the material (as)  time (ie) all science on this planet is based on measurement and cause and effect observations. If not our cause at least our effect). Of course our conclusions about disintegration included God through our alteration of “our“ environment that meant also ourselves. We worshipped God as our disintegrating selves. Our relationship with God would be the most compelling when we disintegrated or died). We satisfied our needs based on our acceptance of disintegration as the way things are supposed to happen and convinced ourselves that God approved. We created the need for our prayers. And the response to our prayers was limited to our ability to assimilate the Divine  response…We struggled we sufferied and asked if God was a good God. When we needed ourselves the most we sought the God we denied. Adding to the schism some religions separated body and soul…Heaven became distant from earth. We had given up on ourselves and each other while alive.

By alteration we mean changing our environment including ourselves to some presumed “anticipated” advantage or disadvantage. One such alteration is killing or disintegrating another person, growing vegetables in our way, another alteration is building a linear house, of course realizing a baby who would be taught our cause and effecting ways…. mass human and property displacement (war) became a defining sacrifice to alteration-fracturing our living bond with God. Yes there are good and bad alterations that reflect our investment in disintegration, but does the bad have to be so bad and can the good be better? Our earth religions dealt with these concerns as our way of better comprehending a Heavenly God. And determining why God was not the effecting omnipresent cause in our lives. Heaven most humans accepted as  proof of themselves…. did not include the planet earth. Friend did you anticipate the incredible irony? The Universe will not tolerate-encourage death, disintegration and unresolved separation in the way that we insist. Very simply we got it wrong. Very wrong. (Which is not surprising since presently on this planet right or good is not possible without wrong or bad). And since disintegration isn’t the way of our resident Universe… alteration (the way we live) is also not the best way… consistent with the way of the blossoming Universe. Do you sense we are approaching earth-shaking shift in our perception therefore our lives. Our relationship with each other, ourselves, this planet, the Universe meaning God. The news is wonderful and still mysteriously beyond comprehension. As the hand is the seed that holds the flower, let’s continue. You will be the proof of these miracles.

Once again our question …our troubled disintegrating existence will be reclaimed in an advantageous harmonious way with  the Universe…. (Our impending selves).  If we prevail the results are going to be stunning. Acknowledging we are always going to be involved in cause then effect, were still going to fall off ladders, the ones we love will still hurt our feelings, for better or worse we will still have challenges, we will never know enough because we include ourselves in the search.

We continue the unfolding a few thoughts: The Light is the material of infinity because the Light is all-inclusive (all-embracing) and without borders that separate and as such without linear or material limits realized as dematerializing. Do you agree the Light appears to be unordered except by God…. Also like (our cause sometime realized by effect linear reality)…the infinite Light experienced in time and realized through disintegration is not concordant with our willful linear adaptation. But the Light is not beyond our valuation as evidenced by all answered prayers (are not all prayers’ answered), spontaneous remission, precognitions, placebo luck, coincidence, cancer, your birth and death and of course God…..So you can see the infinite Light has no use for cause and effect, the Light does not value disintegration or our troubled altering chosen disposition. Understandably sionce we are discussing the Eternal Light. But do we have a problem. We exist through cause and then effect; our very bodies are a function of “limits” bordered separations from each other and ourselves. When we introduce ourselves, just stepping into the Light, the Light is no longer seemingly un bordered because we have introduced the borders of our bodies into the Light. We have created a separation. But the separation is only due to our casual disintegrative choices. Because the Light is all embracing and without borders we are included in the Light awe. If we are available. Very few on the planet earth have availed themselves to the Light Eternal. All can. The question unfolding…. How can we cross the already existent bridge our two exclusionary worlds? And benefit in the amazing ways?

Presently a new understanding is coming to Light ….the mystery of the sound of silence. Please follow the thinking and contribute lovingly at will while appreciating that these words are as much yours through the presumptuion of your reading as they are mine though the presumptuion of writing. We read and write accompanied that God be so. And forever so. And may so be so…. Remember because of our investment in time and disintegration our experiences, our observations are not as they seem. We literally do noit see what we are looking at. Yes we are real, but we’ve decided we can best validate our material reality  by constantly changing ourselves and our environment in order to redeem disintegration as essential and God familiar. Given that our material reality is based on our separation from ourselves and  God it becomes reasonable and reassuring that our successes are valued through our potential failures and material summation is realized as dematerializing or death. We are discussing a sound of silence we never really knew before. Sometimes we called it quiet or speechless or deaf, we even associated silence with death also conception, sleep, meditation, birthing, hugging, listening, kissing, serenity and the inference of silence during what we call a luck occurrence, coincidence, faith healing, remote viewing (not yet remore-remote listening), answered-unanswered prayers, placebo and I’m sure when earth people found themselves in the middle of a miracle the silence was unbelievable. Meaning the unbelievable of themselves. But there is something very interesting about the sound of silence. Interesting and mysterious. The sound of silence has exactly the same qualities as the Light, the silence we are discussing is also without borders, its all embracing and like the Light once you engage the sound of silence (in any way) the silent sound is no longer silent. Obviously what happens when you talk about silence? Well I think its called life, but whatever happens its no longer silent. (Also the sound of silence like the Light is not about cause and effect, its not about separation). The issue is how, by what Creation language, we engage the silence. You can share the silence, the Light by being as self without interruption of self and others. Not by altering the environment of self and others …being your Cosmic self.  We have a clarification on the question of union between the Universe and ourselves…. We have stepped through the Cosmic door. Smiling amazingly we realized all along that door was us…each one of us not less the other life forms. Couldn’t be otherwise…or we’d dealing with separation again. Separation of self therefore everything else. (The reverse reciprocal applies). You might be wondering what does your DNAsound feel like. It’s presence. Listen to yourself quietly loving without fear with anticipation ….We begin there. Do you understand in loving you have been loved. Loving another based on their response good of bad dislocates self…love becomes displaced away…. love is separated.  Alter God’s love alters you.

What thought is this that holds our hand as due embraces a flower. Begging to understand these thoughts as seed are only complete by our labors desire. Thus hopefully anointed we continue. The thought tender by your agreement? Why are women on the planet earth rarely if ever selected as saints? (Because they all ready are). Little boys and little girls as God’s children saintly abide. But most boy’s are taken away to the unhappiest harvest. Unnecessarily. Unbearably. Curiously do your prayers agree? Women must compel men to be he equal of themselves. The gentler hand the gentler heart. Visit men that they put down there weapons, themselves. Thus God will nest  our dreams…. Yet6 ofby the last 5-10 years women have become more violent. What will happen when there is no one left to claim the peace.

Let’s just make one or two more points then ask for some help from some nice hard working earth people. Are you familiar with this research? Understanding each time we open the same door the door is open accompanied. Another opportunity in substance, method or the entirely of something new. And always ourselves wondering and wandering. The same door ourselves rethinking, reinventing, relocating, remarrying, killing…. The more of others less the light than ourselves evidenced as the Light your birth. There’s very little repetition if we keep politely searching. And please underline the next thought… as many times as there are humans, trees, rivers, rabbits, birds and grasshoppers on this beautiful planet….each one is distinct ofby God the same. All God’s well spring, our loving mystery in prayer. Yet be so…we really cannot sustain without you. Acknowledging  the gathered words of nice man  Emmanuel Kant in his essay  “Universal prerogative ” offered as paraphrase…if we leave just one life form behind we’ve failed. Well what pause does breathing allow, let’s continue in full God expectancy. Appreciating if we dwell into the darkness we know the Light of need… pain instructs, know the darkness claim the Light. God assists by our knowing. The basic ways that we separate ourselves from the Light and disrupt the sound of silence are linarily casual language and mathematics. Now the following insight is very interesting… music is the one experience we do not have to alter or translate in order to experience or assimilate. Unlike language and mathematics music is it’s own response. Music is complete unto itself. Music within its own design has no need of cause and effect… does not need the activity of other words or additional music for us to experience the music. Music is not about cause then effect (not about separation but harmonic continuity suggestive of infinity) once we begin to listen we become less displaced. The idea of music in a way we haven’t understood before becomes our entryway into the Cosmos. It’s not surprising that babies respond and value music before the babies learn language and become aware of the life based on the instruction by cause and effect adults. Apparently plants also enjoy music.  Consider that a baby is born without a capacity for language or math, a baby is untutored as or by time, a baby has little to do with cause then effect, a baby has not been  assigned a linear intelligence, a baby has no awareness of death. A baby is therefore a child of the Light. Also a baby’s relationship with God is one of essence, not instruction, rules and rituals. God’s baby and yours. Do you agree? Let’s go one step further. Everything we just said about babies upon birth no language, non-linear, non-localized, least casual, no time bond, a non-verbal spontaneous bond with God…all these condition qualities speaking to a life birth divinity are true about death…. Meaning upon death we return to the Light. Disintegration and fear yield to spherical music. There is one possible difference between the status of birth and death… an awareness of death or death as awareness. More precisely being aware during death and thereafter. And what that might mean. Oh yes did you agree we shouldn’t leave a single life form behind. You disagreed? But what if its you? Let’s keep going let’s stay together. There are no inadequate people God knows. Only ourselves self denying as adequate. The more of together the more of God.

I mentioned the few words ago that we were going to ask some help from some other nice folks. Relevant to sound, music and a different type cause and effect…. Yep spontaneous. In 1987 a nice biologist at MIT apparently for his own amusement took the DNA code of a fish. The nice Asian gentleman then took this code and placed it over a standard musical scale. The result a melody of a fish. The same method a leaf. The result. A melody of a leaf. Then this determined and brave researcher took the DNA code of one of the cancers. Eventually played the resultant melody backwards. And got Mozart’s funeral Requiem. What does this mean? Let’s anticipate fate as we continue. Waiting for ourselves therefore God is this what we must do best? We pray to listen not to hear ourselves.

Let’s look at another effort in science (ie) God’s science. This field in physics is called the Super String theory. GUT or TOE. Meaning the theory of everything or the grand unified theory. This nice folks got together. Which is interesting because even though these folks work apart in different locations and sometimes for different reasons they always seem to end up eventually together. They share pretty well. Which I think means they care. Yes GUT and TOE these nice folks got together and thought it was time to come up with an idea or theory that would explain everything. Join the Universe ideas with the sub atomic world ideas. And this is what has evolved from their efforts. There are quite a few more than three or four dimensions. The only non-material in the Universe is time. And get this one, below the subatomic world is a world of vibrating strings. Sounds right what else? What does it mean? It means what it means…. The next paragraph you might find even more interesting. Perhaps you are beginning to sense the mysterious relevance these inquiries have relevant to revealing God to who we are becoming. As we wait for a prayer’s response let’s be patient. Always I am reminded all spiritual edicts can be expressed- realized in one word. Be polite and all will come. Do you comprehend as love understands? A polite earthman or earth woman does not kill another. A polite earth woman or earthman does not dine in the midst of hunger. A polite earth person does not love themselves less others or others less themselves. A polite person yearns for the ideal in a shared truth-offering the same without deception. A polite earth person protects God’s Creation dearly that all life forms are nurtured as one. Be polite and all will come. Is Giod one word?

Let’s please look at one more mysterious study. This curly haired researcher from England encouraged the following idea brought to application. I must tell you my effort to identify the nice Asian gentleman’s names with considerable lack of success. I don’t know how many times I called the lovely-polite people at MIT. Of course my capacity for confusion contributes, I am not a sequential human being. My cause is without linear effect. Vamos a ver como Dios guiere. But that’s another way we separate ourselves from the Universe and each other institutions. Another way we separate ourselves from the Universe therefore ourselves is intelligence, I mean assigned linear intelligence expr3ssed through the current language design. (Anagram for intelligent…tell it to the gene). Thank you for your patience, yes the idea suggested.  “There exists a field between species that evolves without regard for space and time that has it’s own acquiring memory.” Amazing. “in the absence of time.” Were getting there a place not of time. Also not relevant while in time and space. This condition event must speak to the absence of borders. No cause then effect approaching spontaneity. (Finally no separation approaching infinity and the Light of course). You can realize cause to a determined benefit without causing a separation of what were involved in measured-validated trough time. And borders? In the absence of time and cause and effect we have arrived at infinity and the Light. And there doesn’t seem to be a problem, I mean were getting along…. But there’s the additional very important insight, this field of infinite Light has its own timeless acquiring memory. This brave researcher has identified an activity event that seems to have an endless memory through which we can engage and get along with the Light that is compatible with form’s limits or essential borders. We mentio9ned these ideas have been brought to application… beyond the dream of word. Changing our material reality in a different way. What happened? The nice gentleman taught alleged rats certain behaviors in America. Different alleged rats learned the same behaviors ten times faster in Australia. Again irrespective of time and space a field with its own acquiring memory (meaning not our memory).  What do “I” mean by alleged rats. We can’t know the complete story of a frog, a tree or a kitten. Their dreams. The kitten’s sense of smell that might be the equal of our ability with language. How they feel about each other and us. Yet we claim we know them well enough to identify whio they are to God and ourselves. The alleged birds, the alleged stars, our alleged dreams. And our alleged selves. Therefore God we similarly allege. This idea has been substantiated by the nice people at Yale University. Also our friend was able to  (initiate) this timeless activity event though it’s not entirely clear how he managed to do so. At least not to me. Since I can remember being an adult I’ve learned by contradiction. I say to folks correct me if I’m wring preferably if I’m right. People like to say to each other your wrong and your right. But no one can know the totality of one person at any juncture except God. Do you agree we can become a little eager. Our inconsistencies in a world revealed through denial and validated through loss of utility seemingly increases our choices, but the opposite most often prevails. Because we can destroy does not mean that we created that which we destroyed.

What do we have developed and expressed in these three research efforts. We have a new connection between the DNA of a material and a presumption of music.  We have an indication of timelessness, new dimensions…. And a world of sound beyond atoms that are the building blocks of all material. And in the final study we have a field related to the absence of time, timelessness related to the absence of space. And a completely new activity (irrespective of time and space) that has its own “an acquiring memory.” All of this a world niot currently our own. But one that happens in our world in spite of ourselves. Closer and closer the mirror becoming the reflection. The applicable reference includes your bond, Godsoulprint, with God. Realizing as a non-incremental sound. The spontaneous musical sound of you. Evolving Eternally with each choice. The darkness the Light accruing. What do “we” say that saying hears? How can all this information once applied change our lives? What prayer heard as answered. And if you allow this occurrence of self to happen how would the shift occur? We are offering a new way of experiencing the material world. A new language of being. A Cosmic being of self. The explorers come home to God. A new way of perceiving and expressing. A life and death that is not about disintegration. A more amazing life. Some things won’t change. And what change occurs will depend on your choices. People can still chose between hurting others or caring. Because4 the earth people will continue affecting casually non-linear decisions relevant and revealing of life. We are discussing new linear options…. Currently our lives in one word are an issue of process. As we discussed a process of cause then effect invalidated through disintegration (9uncertainly influenced through ironic time) further displaced through the consequent anomalies. (A life defined through death)…. But the Universe cannot in its essential seed be an activity of process, because the increments of process would compromise infinity since increments are a series of separations. The Universe is an issuance of presence. Ever presence. A world where everything seems to happen at once, the Eternal refining immediate toofby God puirpose.  The Universe is an infinite formulary where nothing ends that is not as such begun. Refining beginnings purposefully. Beautifully. Anticipation forever as Eternal. A spontaneous awe much different than our world of cause-approaching-disintegrating-effect- where events initiated might not be completed or result opposite of what we intended. Clearly any activity that is spontaneous is not in any way involved in casual dematerializing duration or ironic time. The chances consequently for confusion and danger are much less. The chances for Cosmic awe are immediate. The sum of awe we have evolved.

What evidence is there in our lives other than science fiction (often science delayed) that speaks to the spontaneous infinite Light? A number of familiar event occurrences you have not fully understood. These are happenings that do not come from another person, a machine and when they are manifested don’t refer to what we already know…a pre-existing body of knowledge. Therefore these events are not a process of cause-effect, they are spontaneous consequently not time invested thus ofby the Light not dematerializing. These unscheduled events involve to one casual person. Suggesting the condition presence of silence. Suggesting no casual separation (no shared time) involving human activity. Making us available to the following Light conditions: Precognition, luck, coincidence, intuition, placebo, xenology, answered and unanswered prayers, miracles, the mysterious waiting of self, your birth, your death, sleep, “some” inspirati0ons, the essential of birth and death effect. Always God. We are discussing interventions. Though the language is similar each intervention is distinct because we are not. Once occur rent the Light Offeriong is lost to dissimilarity, casual irony based on disintegration…our linear instruction based on concurrent belief and disbelief. Our linear response fractures the spherical? Human beings also are curiously determined at claiming what happens to them as their own. Even when they are neither origin or source not surprisingly their possessions are troublesome and temporary. You understand you didn’t arrange the coincidence, the luck, you requested the prayer, but it wasn’t you that answered. Yes we have many ways of separating ourselves even from our good fortune. The suggestion is to greet these non-sequential opportunities with your all-inclusive silence…a genetic assimilation. We will devise an assimilating language that will allow us to identify the DNAs of such an occurrence and be able to sustain and share the same with others. The language of concurrent spontaneity. Assuming the sympathetic ofby the Light. Oh yes why sleep. Well you do not determine that exact moment you fall asleep or when you wake up (you might sleep through the alarm clock) whether you sleep or not is not up to you and what happens while you sleep is also not determined by your influence. Sleep is not linear reality. You sleep in the Light invested in silence. And yes thouse dreams. You do not seek them, do the  dreams seek you. And like some memories then reappear somewhere else. Amidst the Eternal. And you wake up refreshed ready to try again. Not a bad deal sleep. Especially if you’re not awake….Now we have glimpses of the world we might be looking at… What other wellsprings of self speak the silence be true, a hug, a memory, a kiss, holding hands, a dream approaching, meditation and awaiting a prayer’s response. About a kiss I know the silence can become busy, the silence can feel like music, the breathing lyrics, “I” meant more like a snowflake falling on your cheek…that kiss. I didn’t really have to make the distinction did I? A kiss is a kiss…bonding souls Can you think of any other moments enfolding the silence Eternal as we near the unfolding Light. What 9of new waits?

Curiously the only institutions from which we do not graduate are Holy Temples. Imagine as patience allows we graduated from Holy. God familiar thus articulate to do good deed…speak the flower seed’s of word like Buddha, Jesus, Krishna, Mohammed, Mother Teresa and the other nice-gentle God Determined Ones. In one generation the Galaxies cheer God’s earthly children reclaimed of self, their Cosmic Light predisposition.

Why do Churches, Mosques and Synagogues lock their doors after worship service. As much by key as explanation? To keep the people out?  Very curious do you agree? Temporary Temples that humans never leave.

Yet once graduated you’re as a Cosmic Temple replete, a mosguetempchapel, the ashrams acquiring dream of yourself. Can you feel to see your smile? Loving astute and magical. Fluent with the stars. This is possible. This is true. Be with God conversant beyond believing. Beyond faith articulate.

When you graduate from the preferential Holy Temple an important  displacement has been resolved. Will not others follow?  Your linear casual bond yields as the Light. The Temple unfolds as your silent Godsoulspring with God. Heaven ion earth knows your smile, deeds divine. All paths are God’s as God the Galaxies. No separation speaks Eternal. Holy Temple the same University, prison, , mental hospital, success… your silent yearning desperate self. And garden’s waiting Temple-retirement. The wonderful many God’s nearest children. Waiting as waiting does. Flower children once again. The only one you can wait for spherically once linarily instructed is yourself. Love’s sincerity ascribes. Your Godsoulprint beneficent. What joys we blossom God will see. Our destination redeemed.

Let’s politely examine the seeds. And wait easily for the garden ourselves to bloom. Understanding again please these expressed ideas attributed to my effort are as much yours in the reading as they are ours in the writing or separation from the Light prevails. Your contributions cherishes waiting Eternal. (Thereafter the same unless we deny otherwise). Frustrating the Light between us, our Cosmic bond. The approaching Lightfullness speaks share alike that opportunity avail as love allows. What less denies when all is Eternal. Unless you insist otherwise. (The anagram for share is…“he she hears.” The anagram for silent is “listen.”) Do you not find it other than explainable ofby happiness that babies starve nearing death while sucking on their dieing mothers breast. While we in excess derive. Further the riddle begs response not less prayer‘s haste. Why does a blind man need two cars? Too much is not enough and more will never be. Further we embrace…when you die you only need one kidney… Don’t worry less prayer’s response we will arrive. We know where we are going. And we are not alone because we are. Let‘s continue appreciating we need no instruction to know the miracle as witnessed because miracle we are. Unless you have a clearer suggestion possibly the best way to unfold word to application of these ideas is through question- examples that give reference as developed. You remember the nice gentleman at MIT…the exciting work with DNA and sound, converting different material to their specific melodies. The suggestion is that you have a distinct DNAsound or DNAmelody that is unlike any other sound in the Universe. You’re sound of silence that is not an issue of cause and effect, but rather a spontaneous connection to the un-conflicted all-embracing Light. A non-incremental sound that speaks to the motion of your life evolving to the Light or as the Light denied…still we pray the impending Light. Your connection to the Eternal. Once we identify your uniquely singular sound we can distinguish the related sounds of your life. (Breaking down your DNAsound to your related sounds). Each person is made up of many organs, linarily influenced brain activities and processes good and bad like aging, acquired self defining disease, our ability to think, read, fly an airplane. (A brief aside don’t you find it interesting that some days we are much better at what you do than others? You have an answer? That might be the question. Many rules are detours. What does being nice mean? Remember hesitating our progress is redeemed through invalidation). The suggestion for example is that once we identify your unique sound we can identify the “variation” sound that speaks to your aging process. Reverse this material sound and favorably affect your aging process. One possibility is by reversing your aging sound in a room where there are no other distracting sounds. (A bath in the Light where we are pleasantly “acoustic osmosis” expunged of all the damaging-divisive material sounds from our body that we sustained during the day….a spherical inversion). We are discussing two distinct activities meaning you and your aging process, but also we are discussing an activity that we have no control or influence whatsoever except to let it happen (not linarily casual)…it’s a Light event, an other world Cosmic event. Which is a primary reasons why the results are not going to be separated, conflicted, random or unsuccessful unless otherwise Cosmically intended…as such still the Light. There are limits you wont live forever inby the determined linear form of yourself-you can’t influence the aging process in an extreme way, but this effort will be substantial-engendering of health….Also consider please: Communing-mediating in “your” DNAs sphere. (Patiently will you allow an interruption. Yes a smile is the surface of your soul). Let’s at this point make a common sense observation before we continue. Everything on the planet earth moves and that motion creates a sound that reflects that motion. And the motion in question (therefore its sound) is created by what something is…its material make up. No two trees are alike, no two birds, no two people are alike and this difference at its most basic is expressed in the motion of the material involved and the resultant sound. (People have different fingerprints, we look different each from the other and their conditional selves, we have different DNA and interestingly each persons voice evokes a different sound)…. (Recalling everything is material in the Universe except time therefore only time doesn‘t factor as a sound that is conduit to the Light…in and of itself time has no spatial material interchange), when a specific DNA assumes or is caused to assume a motion the sound will be different. The question insight offers. Why is everyone taking the same aspirin? When each person is different as is his or her DNAsound that includes the Dnasound of the headache. …. And do you agree we can accept that the sound can be temporarily irregular (not the ideal within our needs) as in the case of the motion sound of a headache. Meaning not part of persons usual or ideal sound…there preferred motion sound. Which is just a simpler way of looking at someone’s unique material make up.  (Don’t forget those 3 research protocols speaking to a new world of sound with its own spontaneous memory). Now being that we are talking about somebody’s siongular evolving sound whether that sound speaks to sleeping, heart “disease,” playing a piano or the headache it stands to reason that the ideal way of dealing with the motion sound in question is by correcting or improving the sound with the least amount of disruption and thereby returning the person to their ideal or improved self or motion of self, often we identify with an intimate calmness-expressive of our preferred self. As we’ve observed treating or engaging a problem or improving on a skill like driving a car with a cause and effect process is not a material ideal because cause then effect doesn’t work very well-sometimes not at all. Of course until now except for the temporary of luck, intuition,  linarily accepted prayers and the like yes until now when we thought cause then effect was the only way. And given that we are able to appreciate benefit from  music we are capable of sustaining (spontaneously sharing) the aforementioned non-casual Light intervening spontaneous events as suggested by the research on time-space-acquiring memory, evidenced also as faith healing, spatially sharing a miracle, meditating, prayer response anticipation and being receptive to timeless memories. And always our evolving selves allowing the garden of these words, their truest seed by your offering….Spherically  partial and expressive meaning that in an uninterrupted dynamic listening and expression become the near of one. Remember we are born Light imbued accordingly sensitive and expressive until we are deemed otherwise. Indeed within the presence flow of a DNAs condition event are all its potential formulations (ie) imagery, acoustic, tactile, combination and other material occurrences (we can reasonably assume) that are currently not perceivable by a linearly displacing life form that relies on assigned intelligence, the design limits of language and institutional preconceptions like a science and technology that are relevant only as they are measurable, linear, non-personalized, disposable and dependent on an external fuel. Which means not cause followed by uncertain effect, but rather a material activity not potentially defined as random…meaning linarily transcendent …yes spontaneous. And spontaneous doesn’t allow for separation like good and bad, but an evolving degree of good given our linear reality even spontaneity will sometimes become an issuance of explanation, hesitation-ouir shared-individual uncertain selves.  We are suggesting a condition opportunity more in the nature of simultaneous spontaneity. Cure and disease or a life begun ending into nothingness or decay and disintegration. There is no better material ideal we are capable of than the sound of silence…the sound of silence connects (resolves the irony of form) us to the all embracing Eternal Light that is respondent to but to accepting-assuming of casual exclusion or designed intentional fault. Of course because we are human beings we aren’t perfect so what happens to us will not always be what we want, but when it happens in and through the Light it does suggest that what happens will be better and is intended given our sympathetic disposition (has this not always been as such), because resistance of any kind denies the Light as it’s opposition. The Light gives the Light does not deny. And it also means that if you die of cancer you wont spend the “last” months of your life miserable coughing blood on your knees. Now the last thought of this busy paragraph…death isn’t that bad if you don’t have to die to prove you’re no longer alive. “I” have smiled for years, there must be a better way to end your life than dieing. And of course there is. Beginnings relevant- revealed through endings are linear formulations reliant on duration. In the Universe there are only beginnings evolving. The garden grows Eternal.

It is intereting do you agree that the applied concept and practice of “temporary’ and  “briefly” also “patience” and “later” are time perspectives but are not quantifiable as time. Does “gone” suggest a location or a time reference. Both? How do we exchange the material with time? If time was not the uncertain mediumn what might be? Patience is faith knowledge is waiting. Does not a smile seeem to transcend time?                                        

What life ends that death prevails? A less than believable materiality given our determination that our lives are secured through disintegration even though most of us believe in an after life. Though the directions have always been a little unclear. Not on our linear map. I know were supposed to have faith and not ask too many question.  I’m not too sure exactly what people mean by “having faith”….  faith apparently is a choice. What’s the difference between not having faith and faith if having faith is based on not knowing? Or letting someone else know for you.  I sense searching confusion beyond its beautiful seed is more compelling. Eventually do people realize its not God they didn’t have faith in but themselves? Has that been your impression? (Karma whispers faith’s choice denies). Of course a good denial can be a wonderful start. I’ve searched amidst the uncommon sense of self, yearning logic, proof, substance and waiting communal application…. Yes when all is said an undone the insights relevant to death “seem” curiously simple. The cause of birth leading to the effect of death, a life beginning ending in death (these process) do confirm our investment in disintegration, but cannot be tolerated by the Universe because death as a disintegrating completed juncture would negate the inescapable continuity of infinity. And remember the infinite Universe (where “your” birth and “your” death are realized) is timeless, non-linear all-inclusive one location, therefore continuous and uninterrupted. Infinity is inescapably continuous…consequently what escape is death. Where would you go back to your Eternal self? (Allowing the linear motion as explanation). Even more simply what we witness and experience through cause and effect in time realized as life based on disintegration is actually something else…. Each one of us has DNA (a genetic structure) that is unlike anyone else’s. While you are alive this DNA will not change. We change, but our DNA wont, we evolve through our DNA or genetic code. But your DNA begins to change after death when it assumes a different motion status (you are no longer linarily interrupted-conflicted), therefore a different sound, that is unique to that motion that is your death realized through your unfolding-acguired or blossoming DNA that we witness as death decay. Actually something else is at play. (The disintegration is over). Your death becomes is no longer an interruption of its linear source (meaning life) realized in a world where distance, denial and separation no longer factor… you become  DNAsound conjoined. Light fully astute. The unfolding motion of your body (which we misperceive as death or decay) creates a unique sound that is occurring in a timeless world. An ever-present world no longer a chaotic cause and effect reality, but a world of Light. Eternally Light. Your death becomes a communion with the Light. (Your death influences your Cosmic Communal DNAs and theirs-ours potentially yours…potentially meaning relevant to your resistance). As the Light refining. An evident all inclusive condition event that includes your linear life. Relevant and revealing to those (thise) “left behind.” A spontaneous world of the all-embracing Light. Death is no longer about separation but the opposite, death is no longer an end point witness through disintegration. Death is not the cause of its own defect, not about time, but a unique sound that connects us to the infinite all-embracing Light. And as the Light “death” one another (all life) living and dead. As does life otherwise by our choices.

Understand please when we discuss our current disorientation we are discussing separation, displacement, waiting uncertainly, wrong preferred to right, the exclusionary God, Heaven not  earth. Your choices and insights of course included.  You might find some of these perceptions troubling since human beings are preoccupied with what is theirs or will be or should be theirs, borders, limits their own and somebody else’s, “our own space” humans like to say; actually those few activities are much of what keeps us busy our entire cause-will-there-be-an effect lives. But in the spontaneous world we no longer have the conflict of separation… this is what I’m trying to say when your DNA upon death becomes unique uninterrupted sound of silence something amazing can happen that doesn’t have anything to do with death as we know and dread it. Noting we are taught about death and deny our lives accordingly. You become available to the planet asby the acquired memory of self. A status of self that is realizable as well (while) we are alive. (In an important way identifying-engaging and the motion sound of your DNA before death is what we are discussing. The bliss Godsoulprint of self. Relevant as de aging and the other conditional DNAs spherical affects…. Having said that lets please develop an idea that is even possibly more difficult to accept. The sound motion of death, which we witness as decay at some point, joins with the DNA you share with your extended family meaning your ancestors who have “died” before you. A nice person told me quoting the nice God determined Depook Chopra that forty generations of your family (with very similar DNA) is 5-6-7 million presumably deceased people. A spherical  family reuni8on.  “Being called home.” A sustainable uninterrupted harmonious variation on reincarnation and resurrection. One more thought about decay we are witnessing a timeless other world activity from our separating-incomplete perspective. Given that death unlike life is not casual linear anomalies like distance, separation, variant temperature, mass-density…we are watching a wonder of space where infinity becomes self sustaining reciprocal as spontaneously refining, the refining awe….Space refining as space not in spite of space. And of course this incredible blossoming of Light sound is all embracing therefore it must include the living people we supposedly leave behind when we supposedly die. They are ofby the Light as such inclusive of our available-unavailable selves. Does this explain our luck, those helpful coincidences, healings, intuition, maybe some dreams…. Sometimes we realize more of the truth than we can appreciate when folks talk about guardian angels, you’ve heard people say, “somebody up there is watching over me,” or “it came to me.” These ideas need clarification…(everything does ourselves the same) understanding that these “thoughts” at a certain juncture are beyond expression, even beyond observation, but not necessarily beyond our ability to benefit from them. Can we really have more faith in the mirror meaning reality than ourselves when the near total of our self defined existence is ideal by our on-going and summed invalidation. These ideas are beyond our current selves because expression and observation are casual linear process that compromise  the infinite Light. But let’s remember death like birth is beyond language, not involved in time, death is not casual, death does not involve the linear of intelligence, death is an issuance of silence, death is spontaneous…all the conditions we need to realize the Light. An expressive awareness of the Light. There is one additional element relevant to the presumption of death we can develop later and that is memory.  Timeless memory as such all embracing-uninterrupted-infinite accordingly interactive. At some point of understanding application there need not be a defining distinction between death and life as defiling and exclusionary of one another. Understanding as we can deny one in life we can deny one in death. You might like to consider reading the previous sentence again. Meaning if death doesn’t mean, “it’s over” we are still involved and answerable…. The flow continues once we knew as life truly beyond linear comprehension but not expression valuation…. There is no past in a timeless world no future of self-anticipated as preferentially excluded thus resolved. Inby a timeless non-linear world there is no forgiveness but love denied. (What love forgiven twice is still God’s love). Each event is spontaneous and Eternal realized as the darkness or the Light karmic ally refining as such. Would you rather be forgiven or loved. Forgiven the same misdeed one hundred times what learning is this that love must wait and as such dignified as denied. There is the darkness spherical and the Light of God spherical. Your choice is one. Did you really think when you died you would no longer be involved with yourself, your friends, family and God because you no longer could interrupt, recent, fear, harm and you left the Holy Temple. Come on…

The only sin is a sin. What love punishes love? The one Cosmic sin is killing. Confirming a sin as a sin is a linear validation of sin. What unfolds right or wrong by your linear choice avails the darkness or the Light through  love or love denied. Forgiveness confirms sin as sin less the ideal of ourselves as love. Hence what sin. Would you rather be loved or forgiven? What love forgiven still God’s love.

Karma is God’s motion unnecessarily disguised as ourselves. Do you agree? Do you disagree? What permanent agreement do you abide as yourself. The Universe uis one location how an we relocate?                     

Yes yes what of God? I speak to write of God what else can swallow death’s appetite .  Let us search our own non-linear reflection. Let us look that we be seen. As seen by God not less ourselves. Cosmically resident. Beautiful and astute. Pause as breathing holds. The Light embraces all. Yourself the same as all. Not less more yourself. You are the acquired memory iof an Eternal way. Now yourself less yourself still yourself. Proof denied as proven. Linear awe. You are a miracle unfolding always impending the Eternal ideal of self. A miracle explainable. Thus a shared miracle. Yourself your life do you disagree. Born a child of light. Reconsidering living life as death afraid. As linearly instructed. Loved as loving not. No poetry reads these words as word. Your body soul one. Environment Creation the same. You already know. You cannot have an enemy without being one to God. You need more then need you are. You have read these words yourself. You need more than God then more than God you are…. Good luck and loving be. We are not strangers in the Llight love let us be.

More precisely the reflection speaks. Currently our relatuionship with God is one of destination. We wait as ourselves. Forgiving our effort. Our lives are explained unfolding as death. We are Cosmically displaced, life dissatisfied, distracted, delegated. Does the good have to turn to bad. And can’t the worst be better. The time of now we are forever you be the darkness or the Light. You are the choice of yourself. You require more then you need yourself. You need more than the Light of God…

What prayer less it’s deed not prayer less yourself. God reciprocal. Kill one two die. One hungers many starve. Love as loving you are. You  fear others as yourself. Thus you wait. One soldier has two enemies, one himself. Pain instructs love the same. It takes two to make a thief. You value your wallet more than God’s thief  then thief you are…. You can only fail if you value failure more than God. All enemates from you because you have been a believer in death. Questions have no answers, but yourself.

Your Godsoulprint thrives as gardens do flower. You need linear instruction in life? Life not enough. You need a life’s instruction in God. Yourself in God not enough. You need guarantees. Don’t wait for life wait for death, yourself. Know yourself not less others. Love your neighbor in spite of yourself. At times in spite of love. You want a painless life  deny your life. The pain we cause others ours the same. Thus live a life of pain unknowing love. Alonely and afraid…. Blame others yourself denied. Cause harm. Harm you are. Love…love you are. Love and be harmed. Love you are. You need an explanation more than love. Explanation more than love you are. We are sometimes mystery our linear world insists. There is good. There is bad. Choose bad. Bad you dwell. Choose good. Good you are. Impress others less yourself. Choose both neither one. You are the abandoned cause of your own effect. Life is good. Bad is not. You need prove of good. Prove yourself. You’ve been bad  needing  help with good. Ask for help. You need good more than love. Good luck.

What words enough that are not seeds that led us to the garden of God. Please understand if by understanding still we must. Your relationship with God, your Godsoulspring is one of One. You and God. Not complete as language design. Not of time and Holy instruction. You and God explainable as God and you. Though certainly we learn from all and in expressing what we learn we hope “determined” God is realized.  You can spend your life in a Church, a Synagogue, a Mosque or an Ashram and as such you will be spent. More the word of others than you and God. Though the Holy Temples are the great deliverers of God. If you are delivered not less your God determined  self. Graduate from the Holy Temple. Approved by the yearning  Godsoulprint. Having thus meditated prayer’s speak let us peek around the final corner of who we have been…glimpse. God non-linear, without rupture, without shame, love unheeding of forgiveness. God your Eternal partner. Shared presence reciprocal awe. Prayer esteemed.

As your relationship with God is only knowable to you and God, though we can be much the beneficiary, we as God’s children share the alike of ourselves divinely intended. We have two legs, two arms we have form. We dream. We think. We speak. We love and don’t. Most the all of this good because chosen as such. We are born fromby the Light. And die to and as the Light. We are instructed-accepting otherwise. And prove the hope of this through suffering. Caused or suffered. As such we are familiar. We walk the path of self. And can thus as path clearer be…. What I ask (I) pray your answer happens when our conversatuion with God becomes spontaneous. Not begun as ended that we might better be. What happens when your divine walk is no longer the cause of your confessed effect? You pray as you breathe. And hate no one that love be preferred to others and yourself. What happens when technology becomes an infinite reflection of the Light? What happens when your divine gifts are no longer linarily repressed? What happens when you are no longer afraid of death? What happens when killing no longer proves you are alive? What happens when you graduate from your Holy Temple realized as your divine self, your birthright, your Cosmic predisposition. What happens we do…

Words are seeds that flowers whisper. When you know your genetic sound, DNAs, you can identify any shifts in that sound. One such shift is the being of mediation (ie) meditation. Thus evolve closer to the Light ideal. Removing any materials, activities or dispositions that are not compatible with that sound. Your distinct non-incremental meditation music you can learn to know. And knowing be. A sound sphere-a  tactile, visual, olfactory, auditory panorama. And other senses not yet known.  You can join with others who share a common DNAsound. And perhaps accordingly nurture. A divine chorus. You might like to begin by taking the sound release we are discussing relevant to de aging. Your Light sound is near all-inclusive. Can you design a sound light wind chime that reflects your distinct meditation DNAs that in its presence will accompany you-evolving during “you” mediation. Chime along. Correct me if I’m wrong preferably if I’m right, but “I” see little to no difference between prayer and meditation. Both are mediations. When you exclude another you look away from your Eternal self. Whether this other be an idea, a river, another person, another religion, you’re children or yourself.

Understanding to comprehend (approaching less the perception of self) we are dissonant life forms presently limited to an inconsistent- hazardous existence displaced through a time-space interchange that is validated through the disintegrative loss of utility we know as death and confirms God as our exclusionary choice. We are offering a Cosmic resonance of the divine self. Evidenced by your birth and the continuity death life. Your life’s bridge is not lost by the crossing. A life living bridge of self between your birth light predisposition and the divine acquiring memory of your death. A reality past (not less) unreality. Availing a new expressible Cosmic perception of life self, a non-linear technology, a resonant education formulary, a physiology  redeemed through cure less disease, catharti9c economic options, spherical yoga, DNAs meditation, a travel gravity effect less dislocation (your earth voyages are in actuality unfolding in the Cosmos), a Revelations of the Light not extinction Relevations, a life not as death beyond dieing and more yourself you know. Your infinite Eternal self realized.

Let’s continue as begun with two logical common sense observations. When you die you don’t go to Heaven. You stay in Heaven. Going would speak of death as a both a linear process and a separation, a displacement or dislocation from life. And of course God created the Universe that includes the planet earth. What happens beyond question’s answer when you die? “I” don’t know exactly because as we just mentioned we’ve entered into the Light a world beyond expression and observation as we know. We can assume as each life experience is distinct to self similarly death will be realized. You can’t know the flavor without the taste. Am “I” afraid of death? Possibly our deaths are not unlike our first kiss. A little scary, but we go ahead with the kiss anyway. {Are you surprised when people have  “a near death experience” and their going through a tunnel of Light. Some hear music and their back with their family members they thought were dead.} You are the music-tunnel unfolding. The nice researcher-wanderer of the Cosmos Carl Sagan suggested a near death experience is the reliving of  birth. Yes of course coming and going already been…. But if we can maintain the logic we’ve already developed and in several ways substantiated the Pearly Gates, St. Peter, our Muslim brothers greeted by 72 virgins…these are bordered forms that would fracture the Light and cause the Light to be other than infinite, other than Eternal. Yet the Light infinite is all-inclusive and all is material (except time) likely like our lives death is incremental duration transcendence. And how we see our deaths while alive we see ourselves while alive. The question gently abides by your discretion how Cosmically attuned is your devotion. Is yours a Cosmic God? I did not mean to be  exclusionary. We keep learning, the Eternal of God is without end in substance, intent and deliverance. When you die you become Heaven, if the flower need be repeated includes the planet earth, otherwise separation would yield infinity less Eternal Creation. We are returned to our origin source the Light. Which speaks to the last thought of this essay gathering. Your birth is also not a separation from the infinite Eternal Light. Meaning your birth is predated by your essence the Light. You are God’s child before your parents materially conceived you. Your birth was (is) an intervention byof the Light. Listen and watch-feeling carefully please the next sentence…. Your parents their parents therefore yourself “removed” how many times before we arrive a status prior to the materializing of the planet earth, still your parent the Eternal Light. Thus the flow avails as the flow avails. Darwin unfolds before Darwin, the same “intelligent design” all is true likely less your preference. We hide from ourselves before our neighbors.

The Light flow refining is non-directional. Life and death not moving in opposite directions or infinity (Eternity) would be separated from itself. Death opposite of life denies the infinite Eternal. A species disappears communion ends. What music that is not heard as played. Always remembering God speaks. We listen. Remembering differently. The totality of God is beyond comprehension. The Universe we might some day claim to understand, but we are limited by the eyes we see. Beyond the Universe we cannot. God can…God is beyond totality, asofbyin totality. And in spite of totality. Do you agree? The Light Eternal “must” be God’s shadow. Our shade. The Holiest words I know are I don’t know God knows.

But as there is the Light there is the darkness. The darkness denies the Light memory. The death of life the death of death. Revelations yields to the Light, ourselves. Always acknowledging man-woman cannot kno9w all. The stars beckon. All commandments evolved as one obliges. Be polite and all will come. There is no holy book that is the Heavenly equal of your children’s flesh. Though learning our dreams and prayer’s guide we aspire. One planet One God our neighbors the Galaxies. Peace on earth hillside, river valley-choice divine. So simple the tears direct. You can’t have an enemy without being one to God.

These ideas are incomplete because they are expressed in language-comprehension in our current cause disintegrating effect world. Also incomplete truly so because without your response separation dictates again. The Cosmic Eden grows by the labor of each not less one. One more insight if I may. A dimension on this planet is defined, “as a property of space an extension into space.” Hence form abides asking is it not true that each one of you is a dimension, linearly suppressed. There are presently 3 encouraged dimensions on the planet earth, length, width and depth. Explaining all material form. In a timeless Universe without linear cause and effect you can no longer have the 3 dimensions extended and connected to each other…form has not devolved but converted into a sound as it approaches what some on this planet call the 4th dimension. The Light. Through the resonant DNAs expression of self you become a dimensional being….When any material event including self  instructed “resolves” linear dematerializing to the Cosmic spontaneity…the Eternal smile unfolds. Linear casuality evidenced most as our alteration of Creation therefore God yields to spontaneity. No longer randomly uncertain us defined through pointless death, Heaven after death, the God exclusionary. Timeless memory ensues. Cosmic gifts abound not less our linear thrift. Reminding only God can remember an event as it happens. Doesn’t this mean we “knew” each other before we met. God’s intent. God’s memory of ourselves unfolds. Ourselves the same. Beautifully evolving. Space as space refining. Eternally. Not in spite of space tempered as space material vacated.

We pray, yearn and meditate in a linear world. Less ourselves in love evolving. Are not the responses to our prayer’s meditations non-linear. We hear our prayers? The respionse? I ask to know not knowing as knowing denied.

Now a near final embracing perspective: There is the Cosmic God. And our earthly adaptation. We spend our lives separating ourselves from the Creator of the Universe through language, the preferred God choice, through the idealized martyr often validated through a violent death, the dormant Holy Temple and a Heaven we reveal to ourselves through death. Not life. And death. Imagine your eyes to see yourself to feel a relationship with God Universe Creation a conversant bond. Spontaneous, relevant and revealing as reciprocal.

Your accompaniment’s companionship you have been kind. Thank you. Will you complete these words that we might gently unfold. And Eternally glorious we will be…


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