The  room
An essay gathering
How many drafts
short your effort?


In your world the extended presence of self is always devoid of your fullest being. Your time existence is based on inadequacy. You live as death consents.  Death’s encouraged opportunity. Temporary success is attained while acknowledging failure’s purpose. The room of self speaks to your life long interactive family, friends, business associates and chosen enemies. Also your acquisitions. And all the processes, choices realized in order to attain and maintain these conditions of self. Your room of self is most relevant and revealing by your prayers need precipitated by the denial of your Eternal essence…. The room of self  is  near empty as an issue of process and anticipation. Validated by the immediacy of your and others death … a conti9nously erratic much misunderstood activity event. Consider Cosmically we can only empty a room that is full….
Wondrous Cosmic splendor awaits. Beyond your comprehensions sway?

Presently all material events in your lives will culminate through their complete loss of purpose. Your room is designed to fade then expire.  Everything you accrue, witness during your life will cease to be. You die. The room is no more, except for lingering memories. Your bodies, your awareness- your fragmented senses will stop. You will no longer appreciate your love. From birth this has been your instruction, your witness. All that you once cherished…your family, the humming bird, the stars will cease in your absence.  A curious accomodation in a Universe that is Eternally purposeful. Continuous.  Responsive and aware.

Are human beings aware of who they are? (You must deny your acquired life to reveal your ideal Cosmic self). Presently you delegate awe to the mystery of anticipation less your Cosmic immediacy. You have created a world where the Heavenly Cosmos can only be revealed “preferred” after death.  Not while alive. You have humanized Heaven as yourself… Yet you live in the infinite Universe that can not be separated from itself. As such conflict and unresolved  irony sustain your reality. In the Universe there can be no permanent interruption. Infinity denied denies infinity. You deny your life to prove yourself worthy of a death you fear.  Much inconsistency plays your life. Anticipation’s joy tomorrows despair. Your comfort is the witness of others discomfort. What is amiss that inspires you?  Consider please your life’s misdirection is the result of an adaptive flaw.

In an infinite Eternal Cosmois there is no separation that culminates as  material cessation. The Universe is not disposable. There is no empty room. No death less life awareness.  “The Fountain” a movie  glances at the Mayan spirit. "Death is an act of creation, the road to awe."  If death is not as you perceive then your life is not as you experience. Your  existence displaces your Cosmic origin. Repressing your Cosmic skills. You hide to prove you are worthy of searching for yourself.

Death is an expressible summation of an Eternal life. Otherwise the Cosmic death would be a discontinuity of the Cosmic  source.  Infinity separated through the material cessati0on of your body would not remain infinite. Eternity would be fleeting, temporary. Your living Cosmic awareness need not  be deprived  while your  alive  (ie)dying   dematerializing-aging.  In a timeless Universe, our residence, you don’t surrender to a dislocated-inactive past or to an uncertain future. Disintegration (temporary material) can be realized without time. Time creates the non-material condition of a past. And the reliance of aging as disintegration culminating in loss of value direction. Which speaks to the future. (You can only be dislocated to an other than immediate condition if create disposable-disintegrating existence).  You unknowingly suppress your Eternal place. Your Cosmic fluency. You have accepted flawed instruction by those similarly instructed. You know no other language. Your loss is unnecessary.

Cosmically life-death are conversant while you’re alive and while you’re deceased (becesased).  Otherwise either event or both less one would fracture infinity therefore the Cosmos. Eternity would be temporary. You occupy “the same” changing space Eternally. And that space yourself is the Cosmos.   Life and death are not identical. They are express- ably compatible. All changes not less each change. Death doesn’t end life sustenance. Similarly birth is not an exclusionary beginning that your singularly intact body suggests. You are the source of yourself, but not the origin of that source.  An exclusionary intact beginning would represent another break from the Cosmic continuity.  Purpose intact as breach.  You are whole but not all. You are Cosmically evident prior to your birth substance.  Not a presence activity outside the Cosmos. The room continues accruing uninterrupted Eternally. You are God’s child before your parents as were your parents. Possibly you would appreciate a more practical perspective. You and your capacity to have children predate the materializing of the planet earth. Before human beiongs were relevant as you know them. Do you understand. The capacity is God’s not yours. Through God yours. Your room is God attendant. What is the meaning and substance of God? The holiest words “I” know are I don’t know God knows.


In a time fragmented reality life excludes death. And life is denied as death. The condition of “death” through life is imminent and diminishing as time… meaning other than Eternal. Life becomes  incomplete to itself because life is temporary to death. “You” have determined and accordingly practice… you are not Eternal while alive. You must wait for death to complete life. Living denies Eternity. You devote yourselves to rejecting death which is dependant on life. Yet death is not a rejection of life.  As such through your flawed understanding of death you misrepresent life. Death and time are dependant… the near of interchangeable. Through time the planet became yours. You could alter causing a material condition to end…delegate any material form to the past while resolving any anguished inconsistency to an anticipated  non-existent future. You accept a protested-accidental life, diseased, violent and terminal. If not so awaiting so. You value life because through life you avoid death which is a rejection of your life. Such a curious inconsistency. You must limit or refute the proof of our existence to prove you exist. You forgive life events, dismiss, alter, you blame. You are afraid of the existence you created. You improve wondrously while risking the worst. Extinction. The end of life the death of death. The Eternal Cosmic identity ends for a species?

 Appreciating death is a place not of our knowing. Not our language “logics” familiarity. Like life before life a  wondrous unknowing. (Can we know the flavor without the taste). Nonetheless death is a material place of being. A real place. Let’s persist knowing ourselves by our delivery. And arrival…. Mysteries and surprises adorn our labor. Wondering eagerly we continue. What  happens to our life acquired room when we die? Our bodies lose their form purpose, we begin to decay? We’ve made the point you die in time not in space. In the absence of time Eternity becomes immediate, engaging. Functional… do you understand? (There is no past less future’s blossom). Upon realizing the condition of death your non-linear body assumes a non-linear “un separated” condition presence-you are no longer separated from the Eternal Cosmos.  You can go home again…. What humans witness as dysfunctional decay is the opposite. Death is undistracted motion. Your material life being upon death avails a distinguishing motion sound relevant to your distinct DNA. This sound is ageless “Eternal” because it is occurring in a timeless Universe. The Eternal sound of you. All in the Universe is life motion. Are  you listening? Music is the only materiality “we create” that we don’t have to alter in order to assimilate.

Approaching the limits of language. Therefore ourselves. We are our acquired and nurtured limitations. Yet we yearn beyond comprehensions haste. We are Eternal beings. This is not whimsy, but as true as the moon, the oak tree  and your eyes witness. Yet knowing is not proof when proof is temporary. Searching we continue…Reaching for the stars not left behind…. In time reincarnation and resurrection as two separate  linear condition events. One the past of the others future. In a  spointaneous Universe resurrection and reincarnation are concurrent, neither displaces the other.  In an infinitely continuous Universe there is no permanently exclusionbary6 beginning no end less itself or less the  beginning. Spontaneous means everywhere always at once. (Always speaks to the infinite Eternal resolving the dislocation of time. Everywhere absolved the linear separation).

The Light and the presumed sound of silence, both as one each as either speaks to the spontaneous flow. Your death is not an end, your birth is not a beginning relevant to death cessation. (Searching wondering another perspective…a refining  spheroid): Your uninterrupted DNAsound is a reciprocal sound activity presence you share with  7 million individuals-forty generations of your family with similar DNA. The same motion sound. Your body and all you experienced while alive is now part of this undisturbed wondrous formulation, your extended family. A Cosmic-earthly evolutionary presence. No beginning knowable no end perceivable. Your birthdays are many. These activity conditions are suggested by near death experiences. The culminating encircling non-linear light tunnel characterized by family presence.  Sounds, colors without  an attributable- singular origin. An uninterrupted connected passage that sustains awareness.
Life perspective: Death remains an inexperienced mystery. Language is a limited medium. But examples abide. Another you might be aware. Twins adopted at birth join together years later. The coincidence strain probability, their children and wives have the same name, driving the same model car, using the same toiletries. Do you agree this would not occur if they lived in the same town. The Cosmic family “keeping the family together.” You are truly niot alone.

DNA sound motion presence you can share marginally with the living. While alive or beceased. Though as mentioned those alive are much distracted. Noting the sound of silence and the light are two condition statuses that are compatible with infinity. The light and the sound of silence or  DNA sound are all embracing, un bordered just like infinity. As you know there have been God determined individuals like Mother Teresa, Mohammed and Jesus who accrued Lightfull skills because they lived a daily Cosmically undistracted life. They were-are non-liner beings. (The same yourself willfully denied). They were(are) available to the Light sound of their accruing selves. Their Godsoulprint. Their Cosmic  roots. Which the  many rebuff in part by subordinating themselves to others deemed, God preferred.

Upon the assimilation of death you leave your money, the automobile and your self perceived uncertain identity. Cosmic dislocations of self….You do not  leave your pain’s relevance, disease, aging, the uncertainty, chaos, the fear… even though these conditions are consequent to time and linearity they occur in the all inclusive timeless non- linear Universe. You leave these in time, their denying consequence. There is the darkness there is the Light. The flow “life” continues awed refining. You’ve become Cosmically fluent.  These disposable linear entrapments, shoes and jewelry, are not organically part of your DNA, they are separated evident as temporary or timely…less  your Cosmic earthly presence. But the choices, the behaviors and activities that lead to these conditions,  possessions of self continue to  accrue… you do take with you. What inconsistency continues, what thought lingers unexpressed?  Memories are spontaneous accordingly Eternal, continuous.  Nothiong in a timeless Eternal venue is permanently disposable. The refining continues.  Spherical Memories are no longer linearly dislocated, limited to the past, future delayed. They are partial to your timeless condition. No longer revealed as forgiven. Not forgotten, not lost, waiting or promised. Not left behind. Not conseguent to your disposable reality.

As there is the darkness there is the Light. Light events as noted are not derived from  timely linear human being, they do not derived  from preexisting knowledge, they occur to one person at a time suggesting “a connection” to infinite Light compatible silence. Consequently Light events are spontaneous-timeless sympathetic with the infinite Eternal. Whereas  dark light denying “exclusionary” events most often involve numerous individuals, they evolve and influence preexisting knowledge, dark events are time insinuated-not spontaneous but rather linarily insinuated.  Any dark or light event pending or otherwise can be realized as a dark denying event reinforcing the time dislocation of self that culminates in disintegration, the loss of utility and purpose (or) become a light sharing life sustaining event. A dark event can be surrendered to the light. A light event can be maintained to the light. Though dark events are timely displaced, disintegrative and otherwise destructive both dark and light events are the prevue of the Universe. And are accordingly Universe conseguent. Dark events culminating in the “seeming” termination, loss of Cosmic disposition, the events sustaining- perpetuating the Eternal . Both events transcend the earthly timely reality. As such dark events from 1000 years ago such as wars and other light betrayals can be resolved to the Light. And Light events from several thousand years ago suggested by the labor of Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed can be corrupted the darkness. The karmiuc debot good or bad light or dark grows, There is no death, no material cessation that speaks endings, new beginning based on past exclusions…the karmic dance continues while alive and after the presumption of death…

Resurrection Reincarnation “sphelogrophies” acknowledging Curtis Slama’s a self sustaining scholars term…are uninterrupted timeless junctures (shift refinements of form suggestive of simultaneous spontaneity) that reference all life activities. Otherwise linearly in time realized as reincarnation and resurrection. Neither reincarnation or resurrection are indebted to any life condition like life or death, they are Cosmically continuous. No life beings “birth” form beginning (suggested by reincarnation) exists less itself suggested by resurrection-realized through death cessation.  Interestingly reincarnation n’ resurrection are both lineariloy and non-linearly compatible. Neither are beginning or end  time rooted as such timeless by your devotion….Observing that  upon birth you are not aware of time, the same your death-accordingly your are  timelessly Eternal. Cosmically articulate. Your rejection of the Eternal is an acquired contempt essential to the maintaining the linear irony through time. You walk as the Light or you deny the Light yourself. What endless awe much beyond languages insufficiency. Smiling (I) wonder and wander logically sublime.

Good deeds-bad deeds are memories as such spontaneous therefore timeless after death while alive in spite of our linear inconvenience and before death or memories would deny infinity. The same can be observed about your body form. Which after death joins with all the aforementioned seeming memory activities or again we are invested infinites Cosmic exclusion. Linearly in time this formulation you know as Judgment Day, Sins of the Father, Heave3n not the earth, death less life not living. Linearly in time this inconsistency perpetuated as material culminating as disintegration, death termination, essential inconsistency exaggerated by technology, death altered to killing, death profit, redundant forgiveness not love. All conditions either made essential by time or accordingly influenced. Everything tin time is temporary. Everything altered through time disintegrates.

Whispering can you hear? The flower once a seed became the oak tree nearing the star. Your timeless parents, theirs-yourself (each)  separated from yourselves how many times before you arrive at a condition status that predaites the planet earth still your parent the Eternal Light. Your acquiring self  without  permanent interruption. Influencing and responsive… karmic  carnational flutter continues. Life and death are the same flower. What understanding seed enough.

What Cosmic prayer God foretells. There is the Cosmic God. And the earthly adaptation… actualized perspective and worship in time through the dislocation of a diminishing self. A life denied revealed through death’s parable. As such the unintentional denial of God.
Breathing we pray the yearning…individually-communally God always exceeds effort good or bad. Religions reflect the culture they redeem. There is no intended failure in God only life’s horizon’s yearning.  Can “we” know God as God.  Limitations are ours not God’s. Irony persists with love’s respect. What love asks does love have to offer? In loving you we have been loved.... Eternally we continue:  Human beings separate Heaven from earth. Realizing Heaven only after the loss of God’s gift their bodies. Human’s separate God from each other, their religious disciplines are exclusionary….

Many religions profit preferring inactive excess….(Without inconsistency consistency would not guide?)…. Those who separate their body from their soul are unable to reach their full spiritual fruition while alive. (As denial truth languishes)…. What words seed enough? Your divinity, your God purpose speaks more to labors choice than grammar’s oracle.

The Light Spirituality is not a localized response. Technology, religion, medicine, business. That which seemingly denies spirit. Seemingly denies. Potential and event Eternity the same. Darkness reveal thbe Light, Not the reverse. All is God determined not less  your inclination.             

There has not been a singular Holy document that beseeches the earth woman’s divinity. (What miracle yourself needs instruction more than life)…. Holy Temples offer a linear time ritualized instruction that is not God intimate to the individual. God is personal God familiar journey that can only be aided, but not defined through a secondary  presence. Who meditates not yourself. Who prays not yourself. Your body is yours God is otherwise?

Does God require more translation more than life….Holy Temples on the planet earth are the only institution from which humans do not graduate. The earth bound institution is more relevant than the individualo, therefore is not individually God fulfilling. Thriving communities denial…. Spiritually life is less relevant than death…. Most earth religions condone the selective violence of their members. Most God devotion is influenced by geography….Your God persists preferential. Preference before devotion.

You transfer God allegiance not less God?  God consent by those who deny God?  The Hindu and Buddhist holy texts, the Old and New Testament, The Koran (all Holy texts) are incomplete less the chapter of you.

We offer: Your memory events presently are not reciprocal, not conversant, not sustained. The person, intent or event remembered (engaged) while  alive is presently limited by your self rejected existence.   “Spherical memories” suggest  light full spontaneous sound events (that don’t come from a timely linear person and are not knowledge based) like intuition, healings, coincidence, precognition, your death and birth. And anticipation. (Do you not sense a great unknowing) Once realized these light occurrences are lost to your incomplete world. (Note these light inspired occurrences happen to one undistracted person at a time suggesting an idealized silence hence the light). Eternally there is no exclusionary distinction between origin and source, between source and beneficiary. Consider being able to share intuition, healing, precognition, meditation, remote viewing and death without timely sustained dislocation. (A  Cosmically familiar happening that need not end uncertainly as or through one person). These are timeless incidents that transcend your need to alter, explain, disregard, believe and devalue. Which thwart your entire life.  Your being able to experience these Light  incidents speaks to your kindred relationship with the Cosmois.  Consider spherically your meditation, your love, prayers, your health and technology similarly enhanced. Events that are the functional sum of awe not determined through pragmatic uncertainty tempered by complete failure. Irony and  dematerializing becomes a developmental  phase not a conclusion…

Life perspective: Do you recall in previous essays. The Curly haired biologist offers in his book, The Science of Life, allowing the paraphrase. There exists a field that functions irrespective of time and space that has its own acquiring memory. As such a timeless spontaneous memory, intrinsic to the species. A collective beneficent memory. Denied. Example offered. “Rats” were taught specific behaviors in one country different “rats” in Australia learned the same behaviors ten times faster. Note please rats is a human term.

Your room is only empty as a response to your essential incomplete self. The Cosmos is without emptiness. (In a linearily  interactive culture incompletion and forgetting are part of life, but incompletion need not be life itself). The Cosmos never forgets. Disappearance has an address. Memory is spontaneous as such timeless-Eternal linearly comptaible. Memory not unlike luck, coincidence need not be sourced by human intent. Forgetting is a greater mystery. You can not prove you forgot. You can not know forgetting’s duration. Suggesting an intent motive other than your own. Is forgetting an unsolicited memory returned to you. Offering…only God can remember an event as it happens.

We need each other to continue the human species. One hurts or is hurt both are damaged… rooms “lives” overlap. We need one another other that our song be heard. We need one another that we need God. You wait for life while waiting for ourselves. Presently the result denies the need. You live feverishly filing your emptying room already full at birth. You are unsure as your body deteriorates in a Universe that does not disintegrate. A Universe that only separates while improving-never losing substance. Not a diminished separation revealing less. Like parents suffering the loss of “their” child.

You believe that each person is a source unto themselves.  An intact personalized body that thinks, eats-breaths, decides, procreates, gives, defines, de3nies and dies. And kills. A body that will spend a limited time duration causing all material events engaged to eventually cease through your designed contrivances. Your lives fleeting separations. Shared life form terminations. Your non-linear therefore potentially undistracted body becomes bordered to time and form limitations based on inhibiting separations. From the life Eternal community that acknowledges no such inconsistency, no separation between death and life. The Universe flows life to life, the stars, the flowers are always in bloom. The Universe is aware. The Universe responds. Listening…feeling.

In the absence of denial’s exclusion what forgiveness explains love… whose funeral would not a greeting, business would profit all,  no innocence deserving of guilt, insurance reveals life’s ventures, wars would fail disasters purpose, prisons?, hospitals melodies.  Love would need no explanation but your life.  And God would be…

What says that saying hears? What other professions similarly persist. Curious that medical science can not function without acknowledging the disease of others. And can’t resolve pain and disease without perpetuating the dysfunction of the human body. The healing task completed when the body form is without purpose. Death becomes the complete resolution not life.

So unnatural is the Eternal to you that in describing (trying to understand) Eternity you lose much of its meaning therefore its purpose. Your knowing is less your awareness potential. Again whispering you deem your  life’s room full by validating emptiness. (And this before we empty others room to fill our own). Can you express what we are not  aware of? Can you imagine your Cosmic absence while denying yourself? Your reality is incomplete “ends” because you accept that you are without lasting purpose. Your progress is based on invalidating what was once esteemed essential. As such extinction becomes redemption.  You can prove your on the right track if you to reject that path your on. Or interfere with the path of others. We give up on life to prove death meaningful. Life is purpose yet inadequacy encourages. Unnecessarily…

The Universe can not be less aware… the awareness of ourselves. Interestingly yoiu can not express what we are not aware of but we can experience that presence. We deny Cosmic awareness  through incremental inconsistent language, altering material beyond value redemption and death discrimination. But when we are “available” awareness changes. Awareness glows. Partially evidenced during meditation, laughter, loving, prayer’s response, your birth, your death, sleep. And what you inadequately refer to as  like luck, coincidence, unexpected healing. (And the anticipated desire-receptivity). Do you agree all emotions other than love are love denied? The Cosmos is alive a constant sharing. No fruit’s flower withers to lesser purpose…

We can not know All and remain human. Such knowing totality would include a timeless  “Eternal” appreciation of self. And others. And their complete unforgettable affect on us. But  wonderfully we need not know, be aware-have faith to be beneficent of the Cosmic touch. The Cosmic awe. Your dreams do not need your permission. Neither does the Cosmos….. Without denying yourself or another you can avail your desired self. Be polite and all will be. Except for killing there is no bad that is not good unresolved.

You need not wait for what already is. You wait you hesitate you mistrust you deny.  You can only wait for yourself “life” by denying yourself, denying others or accepting others denial of yourself. Waiting and mistrust are of timely-exclusionary value if you can compel others to mistrust-wait… your linear status increases. They become time-linearly  imbued  to you. All involved denied as agreed.

If you wait for death you have no choice but to wait for life. Deny one deny both yourself. In the Eternal Universe waiting for opportunity keeps you from your Cosmic destiny. You are a bountiful source, resonant opportunity of self, these words always one gathering short. The Cosmic orchard unfolding…



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