-echos response-
December 2nd 2014

Dearest Vicki,

A brief letter touching on some of the ideas we recently discussed. You in the last few years have “visited” places of being the rest of us have not attended. All in life avails opportunity. These words like a breeze touching the flower's greeting. A harmony of Eternal purpose. God is our mystery. We are not God's mystery...

There is an activity in Creation Cosmos that speaks to how long it takes for an event to unfold. Like a flowers blossom eventually leading to its wilting. Or the birth of a human child, an alleged kitten-sustained as life while leading to death. We can reasonably call this unfolding: Duration. Human beings know and experience duration as Time. The Universe experience the unfolding as Eternal duration.

Clearly there is another world of difference between Eternal duration and time duration. The Eternal is endless. Yet everything experienced by human beings in time ends. Even though the Universe is endless. Very curious...

Numerous essays begin: The Universe is timeless human be9ings exist through time. We are therefore out of step with our own residence the Cosmos. As such out of synch with out intended timeless Eternal selves.

We are the only species on this planet that experiences Creation through time and death. Very simply human beings make a mistake. Through time humans took over this Eternal planet. In an effort to become masters of life human beings became merchants of death. The five major industries rely on death as a profit incentive. Our religions are based on death. You have to end your timely life in order to enter into the Eternal timeless Heaven. Accordingly we have to separate Heaven from earth. Because Heaven we know is timelessly Eternal. And we live in time. The earth peoples non Eternal accommodation.

When you were born a baby child the same as God's kittens Yakna and Yentle you had no awareness of time. And death cessation. You were an Eternal timeless being. Unlike the kittens, racoons and humming birds and the gentle flowers you were introduced into Creation through time's heavy door. You became a non Eternal being. Time is our curious way of borrowing from Eternity and paying back with our lives.

But unlike the ones called animals we have to end our lives ionorder to reclaim the Eternal. Our God fraternity. Even though we are already Eternal beings. A wonderful condition of being we experience by denying. We get angry, we hurt and use each other unhappily. Not because we are bad. But because we are timeless Eternal beings living in time. And everything in time ends. Everything experienced through time is uncertain. It might happen or might not happen. Everything experienced in time is factored through failure. Time isn't easy. Also of course through time we experience and sustain life through death while dieing. Whispering once again how can any event including a life end in an endless Universe. We know the answer is...unnaturally and unnecessarily through time distortion.

Human beings made a perceptual mistake. But mistakes can be beginnings. Mistakes can be corrected. And that's what we are attempting. We can be bad, but we prefer being good. We anticipate the better of ourselves. And were willing to make the effort. We have the help of the flowers and God's animals as examples. And ourselves on our best well intentioned days. And truly the inspiration of our God determined timeless non linear neighbors, Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, Mohamed, Mother Teresa. Others you know likely as prayers response. And our own dream's expectations. And prayers gently delivered.

December 24, 2014

Opening the Holy Temple's door: Can God be defined not thriving less the uncertain definition's wit and labor? God is definition. God created aoll thus definition. We respond through uncertain language to define God. While denying each other (the God all) as such ourselves. Our sad unnecessary witness. Derives

Politely inviting these words can only deliver a whisper of God presence. Yet God's whisper we listen. Words beckon ambiguities thirst. Yearning the undelivered anticipated self. Unresolved seeking the better self

God is all embracing. Otherwise God would deny God's own Creation. The all inclusive God becomes our exclusionary experience. Unhappy in our anger for each other. We wander surrendering to times burden

Holy Temples each less the other. What prayer speaks less God's voice. Purposefully we deny Creation. Thus refusing God

God cannot be argued about. God is and as such is so. But we can use God unhappily to argue amongst ourselves.

Obliged we are instructed to deny God in the many ways of self. We deny God through exclusionary religions. Thus the Creator of all is denied by all. Choice.... An uncertain choice sustained by unresolved faith. The earth people proclaim. “All roads lead to God...” God destination not lives deliverance. Death our destination witness unknowing. Revealed through unnecessary dieing. Killing. Thus denying God gift of life. Nurturing life by denying life. Deferring our conversant bond with God to an after life. Thus we abstain God's breathe our ransom

Human beings discredit to prove value their intent. Thus we pray salvation's thirst. The earth people question God. Intemperate worship proves. Unaware the earth peoples repudiate thi9er God. Ending continuously God's giving. Eternal life. What deliverance less delivery.

Born our God intended Eternal lives allowance. We respond pain shared. Instructed inadequacies. Our prayer's anguished seed. Chosen

Consenting we create the burdens we resist by carrying. Sufferings we forgive again. And again validating transgression. Time's emptying thirst. What true ofby God's love need be forgiven? Revealing our disguising God worship. Forgive ourselves God forgiven. Our Creations haste. Denying the all of God. Unnecessary pain prayer's seed. OOur preferred God

Let's please review with your consent these acquired r3eflection. We seek the one God we deny to others. We realize God through language we experience by forgetting. While dieing. Thereby denying our Eternal lives while alive. Our lives success exhausted we culminate through death. Wondrously we esteem the end of our God created Eternal self. Afraid of death we exhaust our lives trying to avoid. How wise we are cautious of our success. Laughing we pray our tears delivery. What more to say that saying hears? Sad lonely mystery undeserving

God's Creation Universe is without end, Eternal. Yet everything born from the earth people's labor has “value” because it ends. (Assigned value). Including our lives. Everything created and experience by humans as Creation is made to lose its value “end.” Thus we claimed this planet from God as our own. Shrewdly delaying our frustrated remedy our salvation to an after life. And of the earth women, the valleys tree, the elephant and the mouse, denying we succeed. What pray tell explains. Valuing violence forgiven. Sin our currency. Depletion spent. The earth people re3vere their God determining prophets. Many killed. Accordingly esteemed. Death's anguished value redeems the Eternal? Measuring devotion our unnecessary God denying suffering. Irony surrenders purpose to inadequacy. A relationship with God is not supposed to hurt. Life's pain the same redeemed by more. We solve the problems we create.

Can we please examine the mysterious “successful” reality we have created. And sustain. Time duration is an exclusionary self determining activity whereby any material engaged in time ends. While endoing. Accordingly anxiety derives. All material events including our lives experienced in time culminate as a disposable loss of purpose and direction. Yet the Universe is timeless accordingly without end. Human beings can only give credence to their existence by denying their lives. People are born, th4ey beigin a debilitating age process validated by disease, violence and eventually a cessation or termination of the organic self. The end of life. Logic compels response. How can any material event end without value direction in an endless Universe?

Once again the Cosmic wind whispers. The Eternal duration which is endless. Thus Eternally affluent. And human time duration where material activity ends. Unnaturally we mourn our success. Our demise. Time distortion is revealed as inconsistency... value loss. All events realized in time are factored through failure. Efforts in time to create material opportunity, effect advantage are always incomplete. (Time events are linear less their timeless infinite Cosmic ideal). This depleting dynamic is reflected in science, technology, self knowledge and spirituality reflected. An acquired reality actualized through time derivative death. Corporate profits are realized through risk evident as potential loss. Intended business success is relevant as exclusionary loss. (One companies gain anthers loss). All time designed commerce & technology are deficient from event inception to conclusion. Inherent loss is inevitable, pervading and potentially catastrophic. Straining paradox loss generates value. This destabilizing dynamic is organic and institutionally reinforced. All time planetary activity is realized as value loss risk. Status profit is influenced by time imbued global forces that can not calculated therefore influenced. Without evolving loss culminating as total forfeiture life presently would not be feasible. Purpose is based on motivated-oppositional loss. Major industries rely on death as a profit incentive: Medicine, weaponry, insurance, interment. Politely observing religions base the Eternal birthroight “Godsoulprint” on life denied as death...There is the Cosmic God and the earth people's adaptation.

Let's examine briefly our current acquired and sustained reality, the earth people's struggle our success: Again we do not speak of bad, but that bad can be the impending of good. Bad is god interrupted. Our inevitable timely anguish is good unresolved. Materialized time distortion is evident as knowledge developed through dysfunctional time insinuated language sustained as forgetting. Irony continues : A time prerogative machine event is engineered to fail. Static-self contained machine activity is functional through disposable value loss. A car, computer, plane, hammer’s design intent is uncertain; machine integrity is maintained through repair and replacement. (Inefficiency and design flaw has value). Compounding irony proper machine use and depletion commerce results in environmental depletion. Unavoidable risk compounds deficiency: Car accidents, ships sink, computers collapse. Predetermined design events cause bodily injury, death. Loss of life and property generates profit. Ineptitude “liability” perpetuates this deficient dynamic generating further profit. (Financial, political, spiritual institutions accordingly derive “create” motivation and profit validation.) Misery sustained under the guise of inadequate remedy generates great profit. Very curious. This oppressive accruing culture has pervasive unintended results. ( Time repressed value loss is conscious, unavoidable, essential. And unnecessary. Pervasively realized as global warming, pandemics, limited asteroid tracking. Debilitating echos witness our success. And a “planned” planetary nuclear genocide. An initiate intent devised as choice or accident. Exhausting resources of spirit, material and life intent. Purpose actualized through complete loss. The earth peoples experiment with time ends.

Resolving time linear distortion these human- machine events become less coercive and inadequate. Inclusive not exclusive. Cosmically functional. In the absence of linear time deficiency, the non linear prerogative becomes optional. (A shift occurs). Loss has value as active potential not as essential valueless dysfunction. Dying culminating as death cessation is materially redefined. Pain's desperate dying is a human thing dead is a God thing. When dead “Eternal” we stop dying. Most dying on this planet is unnecessary; accidents, suicide, violence, time based diseases and impaired aging. ( Dieing is a linear thing death is a non linear condition). Human beings are not organically disposed to violence, uncertainty and deficiency. Our acquired time adaption creates “an anxiety” that encourages the many violence’s. And deprivations. We are good not bad. All material events don't end they evolve. Continuously without dysfunctional interruption. Unless we compelcoerce otherwise. And accordingly manifest. A deceptive time debilitating existence is incomplete in design. Ironically valid if discontinued. We are unnecessarily spiritually denied. Curiously deferred to the dislocated after life. Irony, value loss avail and compel insight...Anguish compels response. Bravely the earth people yearn the fuller garden of self.

Must human beings unintentionally deny themselves through God. And God unknowingly through themselves. Insulting Creation's environment our success? We ask the better question's knowing. We mean no disrespect less love's offer. Knowing now the seeds fuller blossom.

An interesting perspective offered to us by the thoughtful Plato recalling the gentle Socrates’s observation. Socrates indicates that... “teaching is not the matter of something be placed in one person by another, but in eliciting somethong already present.” Nice of interesting. It's lonely of sad Socrates killed himself. Not necessary sad again. Appreciating Socrates insight infers the careful understanding that we are born unaware of time displacement accordingly Eternal beings. Our earthly knowledge acquired reflects on and sustains your denied Cosmic roots. Intriguingly non linear sound by passes linear education. Our time based knowledge is witness to and perpetuates our time insinuated linear existence. Validated as denied and perpetuated through value loss. Which fundamentally speaks to death cessation through dying dysfunction. And the related miseries. If we may conclude this paragraph's offering with another consideration. Regarding self cessation. Consider please. Go for an inviting walk and come back. Pain instructs ts own deliverance. Whose around the corner. It's you. The anagram for suicide...( “I” sue us I die). Please stick around we need you. Darkness is the shadow of the Light. The run away children we offered yesterday to mysterious waiting Curtis. They are not lost gone and somehow bad. Their the ones who ran away. There is no blossom less its flower's purpose. The stars and Galaxies the same. Nurturing Milky way

Human beings often destroy what they create. Valuing the destroyers. What witness redeems this not true? Human beings execute each other. Human beings profit from their own misery. And have sp3nt the last fifty years preparing for their own extinction. An extinction level event they plan. A nuclear war. What progress is this God? The earth people by their own assignment, Creation's pallbearers. Each suffering chosen.

Each suffering witnesses it's God beautiful opposite. Aware all roads are God. Otherwise by our discretion.... Endless unnecessary anguish revealed through mystery. And our acquired death. Knowing well we can be bad. But we prefer the good. We are saddened by the violence we create. We love eagerly cautioning against hate. We love ourselves the better of our children. Determined we pray. The God intended anticipation of ourselves. These word's value by your estimation. Each not less the other not less God. Should we seek the better wonderment?

-Let's please continue less our interruptions gift

Death and mat4rial disintegration are time consequent. In time there can be no life without evolving material value loss. Mirroring reflections of current perceptions and practices related to death. Everything realized through time denies, distorts or defers the infinite Eternal. Both in substance, perception and expression. Language, knowledge, technology and worship are time insinuated realities. There is the Eternal Cosmic God and the earth peoples timely non Eternal accomadation. Your ideal relationship with God is delayed to an after life. Your time encrusted life must end before you can reclaim your Eternal identity. Evident as your birth. Born unaware of time therefore death you were born Eternal being. Accordingly eloquent and divine. Until instructed otherwise. Unaware yoou remain an Eternal being, denied and denying. Until after the end of your life compels.

A life without timely haste? There will still be the three minute egg. We speak of time's eggs better sharing. No time less its material expression. Eternal nourishment. No opposition thrives...

The near all experienced in time ends unnecessarily. Our lives are separated from their Cosmic origin source. One question embraces. How can life end in an endless Universe? The mystery unfolding. Human beings predate their invention of time. The Et4ernal is...

Through time resolution disease, aging, commerce, technology and death itself change. We are the only species on this planet that is time death invested. Inby the absence of time infinity becomes optional. Time accommodation delays Eternity while a life to an after life. Very curious do you agree? We validate our divinity by denying ourselves. Death proves us worthy of life. Curious...What have we overlooked? Ourselves? What graveyard mourns Eternity

Inviting consideration's toil. We create and deny our reality through words. Let's create: The words we choose determine whether we are happy, afraid , loved or unloved. Whether we fail or triumph. Individually and collectively the words we use are witness to the meaning of our lives. Many of these material sounds occur in conversation. Our life relationship with each other. And ourselves. God's environment unfolds through uncertain language. We love are afraid or alone through others language. And others through our expression. Our words speak our prayers merit. We anguish, suffer and hide through our choice of words. Our memories garden flourishes in word. The words we chose, chose us. Similarly we anticipate and attempt to prevail over death while dying. What words speak the hummingbirds delivery. What silence nest's whose song. What Eternal pulse explains. One answerable question trumpets words delivery. Presently silently esteemed. Is there another language through which we can timelessly engage Creation and God?

Appreciating we are approaching the limits of time based linear language. Uncertainty revealed through forgetting. Word locations leading to other words ambiguity in a non localized Universe. Yet doors open. And we glimpse the moracle of sight. Perceptual sensations that however briefly include ourselves. Revealing the miracle without explanations disguise. Melodic images sensations sublime? Awareness nest's our residency. Whispering the winds speak who listens. Sound is ageless. Sound does not disappear without value purpose. The Eternal sound of you. Do uou understand? Hopefully we do not. Unburdened we continue. Accompanied. Sounds echos of form impending. Awareness gardens intent. Origin and source conjoined.

When the human self resolves time's displacing irony we have a planetary shift. Once linear time disintegration and death activity “yield” to their Cosmic non-linear source, we have a new world. Let's politely pursue this inquiry. Breathing's anticipation. Our Cosmic ever presence

*The Eternal Universe is timeless, unless denied. Human beings exist through self displacing timely choice. We are out of synch with our own timeless Eternal residence, the Cosmos. Unnecessarily denying the ideal Eternal Cosmic self. Further denied as community. Impatient gathering. Separate from the Eternal we derive. Lost as found our destination guides.

* Curious symmetry. Directions tentative departure denies direction's purpose. Separation's thirst separation derives. We separate all repeatedly from the infinite Eternal. All material including the organic self experienced in time ends without purpose. While ending continuously. Yet the Universes endless. All progress in time is revealed- sustained through invalidation. What our young parents thought was essential now can only be located in a museum. Or linear time based memory. Eternal memory limited in time to the dormant past. More on that accompanied insight little later.

* The smiling Professor Einstein observed, “The Universe is non- linear.” The all inclusive Universe can not be separated from itself, less the separation. (without “unnecessary” direction value loss). When we were born Cosmically consequential life beings our bodies were non linear. Divine reciprocally God inclusive, Divine. The first breathe life. Intact complete, the body can not be separated from its origin and its organic itself. And continue to function as God intended. Born God intentionally unaware of time we were Eternal beings. Once introduced to “human” time we became non Eternal linear beings. Linearity is defined as “a disturbance between two points.” Unnecessary disturbance. Temporary cause realized as uncertainincomplete effect. We ask the questions we briefly answer. Thus we search anguished in our hope. Eager in our prayers. God attended, faith's waiver our burden...The fewer words embrace. Existence is God's Creating not our own

* Politely repeating? What embrace each the same. Linear consensus implores presumed redundancy. Repetition begs the better instruction. There is a condition activity in the Universe that speaks to how long it takes for an event to unfold (ie) duration. There is the Eternal duration. Which is endless. Always purposeful. And there is time duration. Whereby everything ends while ending. Less direction's purpose. We are the only species that experiences time. We search our own absence while deferring the ideal effort. Our eloquent Cosmic disposition.

*Being able to resolve our acquired time adaptation the infinite non linear becomes optional. Your presently denied divine Cosmic status is reclaimed. Time distortion is a human contrivance. Presently exaggerated by linear technology and commerce. A time insinuated “derivative” commerce and technology. The earth people's earthly compass, abstaining Heaven. Time's surrogate death compels. We thrive counting our unnecessary loses. Death redeems dying's inadequate instructions. A question's delay if we may? If the baby children can not pray are they not answered prayer's. Prayer's communion. Need you pray to be acknowledged? In a linear culture prayer's response claims waiting purpose. One way reciprocal. Non-linearily? The prayer's bond origin source God the same. Smiling we breathe God's patience. Would you like to hear a funnyinteresting one. Yes is nio and maybe isn't? Here we go already there. Many on the planet earth politely repeat their prayers. Waiting patiently for God to get them right. We remind God our self designed Creation's failings God's opportunity not ours. Wondering we wander. From whom does the nice unhappy thief steal? You or God? What can be taken already God's. Executions? Killing others is unkind. Yes the lost unhappy human being killed another. Also unkind. Less unkindness is better than more. Love's patience requires no forgiveness. Do you agree? Do you disagree? Who holds the flower less the thorn’s caution.

*Like all else denied memory is non-linearly Eternal, but even memory is exper3enced in time. Spherically unfolding memory, reaching. Presently we only have memories of the past. Thus memories are incomplete, dormant. Memory reflective of an anguished culture that values the reality it denies. Death applauds we bow repeatedly. The differential is resolved as forgetting. We spend our lives deferring, denying “forgetting” our Eternal non linear disposition. (In time location events ends never their memory). Ends for us we insist....Intent form changes, appears to end, but not its memory. And as memory its source. Memories forgotten lore is not a place gone of disappearance. Rather a place of waiting’s nourishment. Not a willful place of timely happenstance. The Eternal place of self. Divinely appointed. Denied, neglected. Apparent and aware. God's intent thrives our waiting. Currently absent with cause. We displace “dislocate” the non linear ideal through linearly dysfunctional language, an assigned intelligence a static formula that predates our birth. A temporary culture validated through death cessation realized through dysfunctional unnecessary dieing. Killing aberration of self. God dislocating. In an effort to become masters of life; the earth people have become merchant purveyors of death. Praying we reach::We can not devalue Creation and not devalue God. Current self displacing human beings...Cautiously we pause. Learning we aspire. Linear time insinuated technology has greatly exaggerated “distorted” our God intended life. Slaves to our burden masters of despair. The time of now is forever. Unless denied. We are a nuclear family. There is no death there is extinction. Who prays that listens less ourselves. The time of now is forever. Understand please if by understanding's despair we must, this is no horrors warning you already know: An invitation.

May we please briefly interrupt this concurrent flow. Concern compels: Leaning on hope's burden. “People are being asked to react-prevent an event that hasn't happened.” Meaning a spasm nuclear war. Yet decisive resources of spirit and material have been directed toward producing a global Holocaust.

The events depicted and referenced as a nuclear war are not a development of consequential events, but an assembly of events whose results we can not plan. No effort is made to ascertain guilt. Blame suggests remedy. These historic occurrences are about a people's choices. These are our weapons. We are the benefactors, intended victims. For the first time in planetary history a system has implemented that will destroy Creation. Denying God intent...

All bad is good unresolved: The anticipated extinction level event is an opportunity. Biblical in its dimension. Suggesting otherwise stifles daily purpose. In the absence of the human species Creation, the acquired spiritual intent is without recourse. Thousands of years of devotional effort surrendered to futility. Our vacancy.

These words are not a dire warning. Not a call to prayer's common purpose. Eternal “inaccessible” realities presently denied as the preferential God. (Perhaps). These planned events strain awareness. The daily efforts of nuclear war fighting officers. Our surrogate neighbors. To whom do we surrender if we are the enemy? Esteemed by labored choice. Can we pray that we be delivered from ourselves. While insisting otherwise.

This invitation is a call to prayers introspection. Divinity’s application. Not that bad be redeemed to ever lasting good. But that life not be forgiven to extinction. Need we forgive God our success to prove that we are worthy of our birthright. Denied as the violent life. Soldier and taxpayer the same. Fires blossom. Can Eden still be reclaimed to its intended harvest. Can we embrace God without embracing ourselves.

Whatever answer breathes good purpose. Holding dearly God deliverance. The Source of Origin. We are born to the well intended embrace of our ancestors. Their labor is bequeathed to us. Ours to God. We are the nativity of our own creation. The answer to our own prayers. The time of now is forever, otherwise as your choice compels. Good luck please be careful...We continue. Hastening prayer's caution

*Sound is idealized form impending: Eternalizing light motion sound intent, the distinct silences...distinguishing. Impending spheroid. A resolution to linear angst. The Light sound moves

“*” Relevant sound can transcend time based knowledge. And related events: Technology, medicine, transportation, commerce. And reciprocal God commune. Relevant and revealing uninterrupted sound retains, sustains information intent result without loss of value purpose direction. Thus a new interactive nurturing reality.

* Variant time dislocating duration can accommodate intent event, but does so incompletely. Facilitating a linear result. (Ideal effect is repressed-deferred acknowledgment, delegated to endless improvements). Presently an inconsistent machine intent evidenced as value loss culminating as an uncertain incomplete result, energized through asymmetrical depletion fuel source technology. A non-linear machine event would actualize as motion duration sound (is) its own “energy.” Motion is energy in the ideal refined as spherical sound. Presently machine motion intent evident through repair and potential complete breakdown requires an external depleting fuel source. Which is inefficient, polluting, valid through inconsistent redundancy also financed by a time based depletion currency. Numerous flawed activities sustain a machine event. Depletion fuel, repair, insurance, pollution, accident, weather, error, linear depletion financing. All directing an incomplete result. Success always consigned through anticipated improvement that validates inadequacy.

*Considering: As the nice gentleman Neale Donald Walsch who wrote “Conversations with God” politely inferred. Materials, conditions and events “appear” to be triangulated. Influenced we can assume by three time status displacements. Past, present, future. A time displacement of timeless duration which functionally as noted creates uncertainty, inadequacy and in completion. The fragmented-denied sphere, non linearity relevant as a three dimensional circle. (Which we experience as success). The past is a dormant effect that can only be realized through static memory, the future can not acti9vely materially engaged. Yet both dormant time conditions influence the immediate now, the present. This dislocation effect that permeates the entire human culture. And through the human experience the entire of Creation environment. While displacing the otherwise ever present infinite Eternal. The time triangulation; 3 states of matter, solids, liquids, gases; 3 dimensions, length, width, depth; 3 location dislocations, left/right, up/down, backwards/forwards; life, death, after life; yes isn't no excused as maybe; birth, dieing, death. Parents and children. The trinity. These time determinant realizations are linearly realized creating the uncertain-unresolved world we live in. (Triangulated impending “stalled” sphere). Otherwise evident non linearly as spherical events that are compatible and complimentary with the timeless infinite Eternal. (No beginnings end unresolved once begun). Noting a three dimensional circle is a sphere. Materialized spherical or non linear events realized through a motion effect we know and initially define as spin and spun. Whereby origin becomes its own source. Validating the non- linear. The continuous non-linear we divert through acquired dying and death cessation. Please note oone of the definitions of span. A motion that reclaims a past event to the immediate. Motion is its own intent. Resolving linear 3 dimensional material events to a non linearily intact spherical concurrence resolves time irony to the 4th dimension.(Refining form location through spherical sound condition effect (ie) the non linear ideal.) Backwards motion references a functional-engaging past. Forward motion an engaging applicable future, sustaining beyond human intent. Backward ad forward not one less the other, the non linear spherical intent. Actualized spheroid event. A time dislocated events becomes acoustically compatible to itself. Intent, design, engineering and application are non linearily coherent. Possibly these perception perspectives seem confusing. Confusion reflecting on a reality that we esteem by denying is a reasonable-exciting response. Ourselves the ionitial denial. Our limitations are assigned. Eventually solicited. Blissfully we continue...

Let's please further consider plotting-applying time dilation, constricted mass curvature and the suggested worm hole concurrently within the symmetry of a material time-linear schematic (assimilated) to a non linear event through our understanding of motion sound intent. An uninterrupted Cosmic event. Awareness thrives the Universe its own telling. Motivating determinant source, origins source. Appreciating that if consistent time inconsistency can cause a material event to lose value direction; similarly shifts in time flow can create other material changes-assimilation that might be more value productive. Complimentary of the non linear ideal. We proceed gradually. Hurrying is a time constriction. Patience evokes an ideal of faith while knowledge waits its own preference. Delayed. Word form and the reality they represent predate their own origin. Prior to anagram formulation found of sounds refining. And can calmly revert to the same. You can go home again: We have the self displacing time schematic; past, present and future. In our current frustration a linear waiting ideal realized uncertainly through failure and essential in completion. The past we can accept from our time encrusted perspective is done, no longer materially active, except as a perceptual reference. (A memory of the past). But not materially pertinent in the immediate now. But actually the past activity condition event has left a trail. All is ageless thus Eternal, distracted and deferred by those death invested in agings value. (Remember forgetting prot4cts memory). Memories motion sound intent. And motion has a distinguishing- perpetuating sound. And the specific sound motion, the process unfolding of an event-provides us with material information. The past becomes active. Approaching a continuous non linear completion status. Cure and disease concurrence. Travel destination departure assimilation. Reminding that idealized sound avails the non linear effect. We have two time condition displacements past and present conjoined without ironic dislocation. Which is presently the definition of a worm hole. (opening pulse). The desired event has assumed its own memory. Complementary with the infinite Eternal previously delegated unintentionally to forgetting, inconsistency and failure validation. Not to suggest the “desired” event will invariably be the preferred result. The initial motivating idea “need” might be flawed. We don’t always know what we want or what is good for us and our neighbors. The shoe laces again. The random inexplicable. And we are not the origin of ourselves. We can not be aware of all. We are not the origin of ourselves. Destruction is not validation. The great awe will continue. Much more beneficently. Efficiently. Happily God revealing. Unless the choice is otherwise. Nice right? Happily again thank you for your continuing accompaniment. A non linear symmetry, one not less the other. Thriving. These idea perception whatever their value are as much yours in the sharing individually and collectively as they are ours in the offering. (I) am entitled to no more a share than anyone one else. And through us all other selves. The more we share the more we have. The Cosmic sound origin of the term share....

Current earth science offers at the speed of light there is no passage of time. Therefore when the light ideal is manifest time irony is no longer functional. But the potential for linear duration or the non linear ideal denying might be. Time assimilation presently occurs spontaneously, but this condition status is a time is only briefly suggested. Not born from human conscious human effort, once evident not sustainable not conversant. Currently we can be early we can be late or presumably on time, but these are exclusionary unincorporated condition events. Before and after therefore during are dysfunction time events. Relevant and applicable less their intended Cosmic ideal. Duration process is relevant and revealing during a refining non linear consequential event. Time dilation also suggests that when you are able to move or dislocate faster than the speed of light time slows down. Suggesting material condition status can be influenced without loss of material value, direction. In a sense displacement without dislocation. When subjective time becomes compatible to intent inconsistency duration approaches a non linear effect. The perspective becomes not whether an event ends with desired intent, though always incompletely, but ending becomes an issuance of culmination. Value loss is non longer intrinsic to the effort. Opposition and inconsistent value loss is satisfied to concurrence. At least we have the option. Loss of value, disintegration, death cessation assume non linear relevance... inclusive actively refining purpose, continuously. Events are potentially always complete because the4y never are, they can improve essentially and relevant to need application. But the differential does not speak to a dislocating loss of value both in process and result but rather a refining consistency. Events are never complete because they already are...unknowingly. We are limited presently to a knowledge base that reflects essential deficiency. Unnecessarily. Unnaturally. We are wondrously drawn to the unknown. Intuitively motivated to the contrary of self. We waken the dreams we sleep.

Utility purpose speaks to location in a non localized Universe. Paradox is a location on our Cosmic compass. Imperfection's seed solicits renewed purpose. Whether a space vehicle, a presumed disease opportunity, death itself or the willful human life. Individual and communal. We need not suffer and be afraid to prove we are worthy of the gift of life. We need not create and sustain a disposable existence reflective of time irony. And of the gift of death? We do not have to die, compliment a dysfunctional death while alive. Yes people will still fall off a ladder. But the better non linear ladder lessens the likelihood. The unique ladder of self we can assume will cooperate with the fall. Life having value as life not through death cessation also certainly hastens the better result. And if falling we can assume the anxiety lightens the burdens delivery. Evidence suggests that people who tipsy or babies are more apt to survive falls. The babies have not been injury instructed, least invested in death's allowance. And the tipsy individual is not consciously aware of the fall, less able to participate in the fall and its consequences. Anticipation of course influences “determines” result. If you plan and develop your life around a dysfunctional and incomplete materialized perception of death you... (You become the less intended of yourself). Politely cautioned we continue. Now we approach being the aware. Smile politely in anticipation. And suffer less aggravations opportunity. (I) remember a moment of humor. A gentleman falling from a tall building was asked while passing the tenth floor window. “How is it going?” The nice man answered. “All right so far.” Hope can betray opportunity. Never permanently.

Approaching clarity's endless gathering. A non linear event occurrence including life can not be separated from itself without giving essential-defining value direction to death cessation, dieing dysfunction and disintegration uncertainty. Reminding dieing is linear death is not linear. One denies the other in application, the later in perception which becomes applicable through in completion and parable. Human beings “need” someone to oppose. Thus facilitating time discrepancy. One soldier risking his-her allotted life to kill another validates and perpetuates time irony. Further substantiated by commerce, religion's death valuation and the linearly defined self. The material idea of time duration is complete through non linear effect unless interrupted linearly further time deferred. Motion shift is expressive evidence of resolving sound adaptation. There is the refining idea of self or event before material revealing relevance. All impendoing events or idea of events or the events themselves need not have applicable value to our culture. Though they always do. Either impending or in the unknowing. Whiich is a permanent adaptation in an evolving refining culture. Inherent in time disease adaptation is the memory of the cure, otherwise cure and disease would be non- linearily incompatible (all material and material process is complementary and compatible). When disease, injury, accident and violence are not motivated, precipitated and assimilated through death disintegration...a life validation suggestive of the Eternal assimilates and compels. Harmony intent is denied in time the inconsistency is resolved through motion memory realized and evident as sound. The time memory disparity between linear time memory revealed as past memory is presently an involuntary condition activity. We do not necessarily to remember, when an effort is made to remember result is not guaranteed. Nor do we choose to forget and once forgotten we are not aware of what has been forgotten. And with the forgotten memory will be reclaimed, often under its own volition. Also often memory is sustained and expressed though linear language and valued when memory validates out time disposable culture. Not only is memory limited to dislocated memories of the past, but also for these reasons we are limited in memories value effect. Much of memory in a sense dwells independent of our conscious activity. And is able to under its own volition to interject its presence. Non linear memory timeless in its disposition is conjoined through the process designation of a worm hole ie idealoized sound motion intent activity. (A worm hole in a tangible sense becomes a created (uninterrupted) memory of the event that includes the instrument of the creation). Though presently except in surmising we are not actively engaged with worm holes. A wonder us condition intent effect evident as a life, denied presently through living. Once again dieing, dysfunction, functional denying, disintegration value direction are invalidated through the intended desired effect. An existence effect or reality currently viewed as normal, as success and as essential. Valuations of life actuality “quality experienced through dieing, inadequate death perception, disease dysfunction, violence. God irony deferred through laughter and prayer. Currently expressed while temporarily denied as linear language and assigned predetermined intelligence. Inconsistency resolved through music, persistence, hope and love ideal. God dispositions all. We are born divine. Denied as instructed. Offering instruction thrives as remedy. We can correct our own mistakes. Even the mistakes we value because we deny ourselves through them. The many violence’s assimilated as extinction spasm. An event impending, the earth peoples tragic summation. Unless otherwise decreed.

-Serenade Om cent4er-

Thorn the flower less the celestial seed. Time is not as disposition suggests. We live in a Universe devoid of time. Yet time compels life and through time insistent we die Distracted well lost in time our Cosmic dislocation of self persists. Accordingly we suffer vindicated by our demise. We survive with death's permission. Time's protocol seeds existence: everything ends less endings thirst. Words allowance whispered restraint. How can a life event end permanently in an endless Unioverse. The question begs permissions answer. We are authors of all. Lost we search our absence. Carrying our burdens we resist Creation. Embracing smile's reprieve. Many on the planet earth repeat “complete” their prayers. Waiting politely for God to get them right. Prayer's complete less completion's gift. The patron invites , “There is no God.” The proof speaks miseries merchant. The bartender's smile the surface of his soul, “How can you deny the exist3ence you just identified”

Elephant's, ocean's river, valley's sway, hummingbird's nest the skies. Mysteries inarticulate.(I) can not know a rabbits sleep. A puppies first sight. Trees companionship. Ourselves the same delivered untrue. Lost as found. Our Cosmic roots, denied. Incongruity prevails. Our linear word floating in abandoned timelessness. Bold in life. Imagined in death.

And of death's awareness: The Universe is all what all is death less than all? No retains life abstains. How early pain instructs. And death allows. And crying words are cryings shame.

Planetary physics foretells. “All is material except time.” So and so not so at all. The earth people dematerialize their existence calling this success. Merchants of death. Obituaries for the living. Stay current for an apology. There is no death there is extinction the end of life the death of death.

1758 the British parliament converted to the Gregorian calender eliminating nine days from the year. People rioted in the streets believing their lives were going to shortened by nine days. Time and life had become interchangeable. We are engulfed in time. Without time we would not know when to die. Death applauds we bow. We are authors of all except ourselves.

Linear commerce and technology have greatly been exaggerated time material devaluation in the last 200 years. Commerce evolves through risk loss evident as potential failure that can not be fully anticipated. A systemic uncertainty sustained by global forces which includes the weather that are difficult often impossible to influence and anticipate. Mischief and inefficiency are also determinant. Mischievous meaning breaches in linear law revealed through abusive punishment that permeates back to the source of punishment resulting in skilled or potentially skilled individuals are excluded from contribution to their families, friends, community and heir own dignity. (This curious debilitating irony often more costly to maintain by communities individuals than the deficiency suggested by the initial transgression. (A temporary material crime effect does not have to be sustained as crime). Linear machine events when properly utilized can result in failure, need for repair, accident. Also depletion consequences to environment. And those who use machinery. These intent limitations are engineered. Linear commerce and technology further exaggerate disease dysfunction. Depletion effect most evident in weapon production. And usage. Material as intent.

Referencing memory: Observing memory is event. Memory is or has location. Memory like sound speaks to non form or preform condition status. Observing location status doesn't require form, certainly not displacing form. First the critical perspective the Universe is nonlinear, unless denied or otherwise distorted all events in consequence, process and intent are also nonlinear. Time effect changes the non linear ideal to a linear condition event whereby all material culminates with a complete loss of value and direction. Unnecessarily and unnaturally. Compounding this irony events like diseases are “treated” through time based procedures, ie radiation, chemotherapy. Noting the presumed sound of silence and the light are the two condition activities that are compatible with the non linear infinite ideal... are all inclusive, not sustained through dysfunctional separation, Reminding everything realized through time ends while continuously ending. Ends prematurely with loss of value purpose direction. A non linear affect can not tolerate the dysfunction between oppositional “exclusionary” cure and disease. Particularly when both conditions are revealed and validated through death while dieing. Whispering again: How can any condition event (end) inconsequentially in result or process in an endless Universe? When death activity is redefined as a non linear continuous “uninterrupted” event human culture begins to shifts to a Cosmic ideal.

Idealized non linear sound “DNAsound” is a non linear response to a non linear condition that is not validated by time based linear inadequacy. Relevant to the presumption of disease linear exclusion begins before diagnosis and determines diagnosis....Prior to and during inception we have inconsistency, ambiguity both in the process of treatment and result. A time based experience. Which even in the ideal we assume to know as cure is...incomplete. And often debilitating. Creation does not have to hurt. Linearity’s temporary cause and depletion-incomplete effect measured through intrinsic uncertainty and redundant failure. Unresolvable repetition validates irony and disintegration, This flawed linear uncertainty validated as failure and temporary result is inevitable because we are discussing a linearity disruptive event like ptsd or cancer in a non linear body. Schism and dysfunction is present before either treatment or disease occur. An organic event deemed to be harmful unfolds through two condition activities that are not compatible, cure and disease. Curiously both exclusionary condition events sustain each other. And the process activity continues without lasting remedy.(Again all material including the human body realized in time culminates through a complete loss of value purpose and direction. Unnaturally). Inevitability and repetition are essential compelling a continuing effort that linearily is inherent flawed-always incomplete. And we do through many disease events, validated by linear science-medicine (until) the body is reclaimed to its non linear ideal evidenced by birth. And death, our linearily unresolved acquired presumption. Considering: ({ All motion has endless intent. All motion has revealing sound. Sounds intent avails awareness. Unknowable yet beneficent origin source}). Selectively. There is origin purpose in the Cosmos. Therefore intent. And from the current human experience mysteries motivating purpose.

Reflecting: The unfolding “uninterrupted” decay of a corpse we view in time is motion. (Essentially the same dynamic any material event realized through time dysfunction). And motion releases a sound relevant to what is moving. Unless distracted or misunderstood. Presently the genetic and all acquired self is delegated to ironical in-completion. Spiritually materially deferred to an after life salvation. Thereby delaying potential and clearer inquiry to inactive dormancy. Further facilitating futility and life value relevant as denied. Also forty generations of one earth person is seven million people. A non linear happenstance. A mysterious concurrence whimsically implied. Community continues Heaven and earth the same, unless engaged otherwise. Presently suggested on going events we can not create, we do not comprehend well enough to sustain, but none the less are compatible with yet experience only briefly less the Cosmically sustaining self. Including birth and death. Interestingly these marginalized events only occur when a person is alone. When we are the least time distracted. But once they occur they are introduced without choice into a time based culture. Event occurrences we know as spontaneous healing. And placebo. Other incidence we peripherally understand as luck, coincidence, intuition, precognition, forgetting...non reciprocal fleeting events. Seemingly non linear condition occurrences that are experienced “while denied” to a linear culture. Yet affecting and influencing. Suggesting an other world source activity. Where all has value direction because materiality is without end. Affecting endings on our terms, meaning time-this planet became our experiment. We have made value of negation, purpose of death, Explaining death cessation, industries that profit from death, disease sustained through cure and death idealization, violence. And global warming, pandemics, limited asteroid tracking. And nuclear war. Yet in a non linear Universe life and death are functional, complimentary. Concurrently beneficent...Dieing is a time distortion of death presumption distorted through disease, killing, depletion technology and divisive commerce. When the non linear death is attained people stop dieing. Most contrived dieing is unnecessary (ie) accidents, violence, suicide, linear drugs, alcohol, poisonous cigarettes, imprisonment, executions, war assimilation. And condoned behaviors which generate profit and employment. Misery is profitable.

Our anguished “contrived” existence compels learning thus hope. Often anguished opportunities, pain instructs those willing. Enlightenment impending. Chosen life defining behaviors such as drugs, alcohol, homelessness, over eating, silly cigarettes, those accepting insanity, others deemed ill, the dying these please consider are an attempt at convergence. A desperate attempt to realize the ideal self. The credible active Eternal self. Yet many experience these seekers as unworthy. Their experiences less the preferred value of themselves. And many of these Cosmic pilgrims similarly suffer their desperate often chosen reality. Lovingly we pray. All roads linearily “delay” lead to God. All roads are God's. Faith's reflection ironies devotion. Well intentioned of hopes intent we keep on trucken... There are none who are unworthy less the equal of their next prayer's deed

Do we comprehend to understand? The more we share the more we have. In loving you have been loved. Love's echo often restrains. What true love claims waits purpose. Let's consider earth's science. God's mirror our creation. Remembering “recalling” as forgotten. All progress is revealed and sustained through invalidation. We witness as improvements. How many years ago what we deemed was essential to our lives, now we revisit as memory. Museums. Dipsy dumpster. Sometimes embarrassment and laughter. Yet each seed the echo sings. We continue the roads of our construct destination's gift.

Physic's compelling Super String theory offers. “Everything is material except time.” So through the non material of time we dematerialize the planet earth to our advantage and we call this success. Curious attendance. Absent with cause. Thus evident as denied. During time end effect material events lose value. Result is based on value loss. Occasionally value loss is complete. All condition elements, human, environment suffer depletion loss during a linear machine event. Repair is inherent to engineering design, pollution and possible death or injury are also intrinsic to process. Damage tends to be cumulative and permanent. Even when a desired machine event is successful the result is temporary, knowingly and unknowingly inadequate and essentially relevant through repetition. Permanency as a value result is contrary to process and result, invariably delegated to improvements which reflect inconsistency and inadequacy. All major industries generate the greatest profit result through inadequacy and ineptitude. Often deficiency is essential to process, intent and result. As mentioned the five major industries rely on death anticipation as a motivating profit incentive. Destruction, devaluation, uncertainty are the cornerstones of linear societies. Medical networks. Death damage value insurance prerogatives. Temporary depletion weapon systems that create permanent damage. The consciously acknowledged value result of weapon options is that they not be used. Inefficiency and deficiency are fundamental to desired intent so much so that non utility becomes a value. Not going to a hospital. Not using a weapon. Not needing repair. Not participating in accidents, injuries- acquiring diseases we create. We devote “spend” our lives avoiding options we create. We sustain and profit from....Very silly do you agree. The earth people a species protected through self designed spasm extinction. Global warming. Pandemic. Limited asteroid tracking. Success human negation concurrence.

Consider the nice Professor Sheldrake's work on the morphogenesis field. (This is mysteriously interesting, “I” sense you will agree?). “There exists a field that connects species that functions irrespective of time and space and has its own acquiring memory.” (Inquiring memory?). Not our memory or our memory denied, deferred.., forgettable- forgotten. This soft spoken gentleman taught some of our cousins, alleged rats certain behaviors in America. Different alleged rats in Australia learned then ten times faster.” This is what we are discussing.” An interactive memory field that is not realized through time. Not defined through uncertainty, factored through failure and death cessation. A non- linear field ie flow. Not linear. The issue is one of application. Engaging this field. Referencing observations on sound assimilation intent. Consider to imagination and why not anticipate being able to interact with your friends through the morphogenesis field, the butterflies at Yosemite National Park. Those wondrous trees some that predate Jesus the Christ. Meaning without regard for time. Non-linearily, Eternally. Being able to engage and interpret the results of a computer sponatnaeously, not through the lienar dysfunction of of language and static intelligence. Being able to harmonize with disease presumption, but not through determinant dying activity or death cessation inactivity. Consider embracing yourself accordingly. We can consider sustaining possibly encouraging luck occurrences, co operate with coincidences, sustains spasm intuitioning , placebo healing. Meditation ie mediation, prayer symmetry. And the music we would watch to listen, all senses one dimension. What more can you offer? Consider breathing while engaging the God of awe...Finally coming home

Consider the work at Princeton University, the Peare group. These nice individuals designed a machine with a fifty percent probability. Like flipping a coin. They next realized that who engaged the machine affected the probability. Suggesting an other than conscious “linear” bond with a machine presently denied in time. The machine the information suggests appeared to be responding differently with each individual who engaged the machine. Whether this was a reflective condition event or a curioously subjective response from the human designed machine is unclear to myself. The Peare group also determined that creating resonance between the machine and the person increased probability. Suggesting a non linear interactive bond with other than human entities (ie) machine, environment, disease, travel. And intent thereby. Consider a computer, a paintbrush, a violin that is distinct to self, non linearily compatible in design, engineering intent and result to your Cosmic non linear predisposition. Not a machine design intent that engineers linear limitations and condones-encourages uncertain-incomplete therefore temporary result of inadequate value. Process activity conditions like travel, communications, disease, intelligence, language and death activity. Appreciating that unlike current time end conditional event which are controlled through inadequate human intervention. Non linearily idealized events would not be limited to the human presence. These events are compatible with the entire Universe. We are not the origin of ourselves. There is more in Heaven and earth Horatio than is dreamt of in your philosophy.” Including Hamlet, Horatio and the accompanying participant reader. Assistance...What song not heard before its played for the 1st time. We are not the origin of ourselves. We are Creation's quests

A question if we may: Would a non linear being not distracted in time rweguire sleep to dream. We sleep inby the Light. Waken to our chores. Presently we are able to experience luck, coincidence, precognition, forgetting. Cosmic anticipation suggested by imagination, but we are not able to create and sustain “share” these events that presently are dysfunction-ally actualized by linear time encrusted language. How would such transcendent skills which would include perception and spirituality translate to commerce, technology and self awareness. Interactive intuition is suggested as communication. Memory is not time depleted through forgetting. Forgetting becomes functionally immediate. Intelligence becomes spherical, evolving, not linearily deficient. How would such a culture view death, dying and killing. What would be the nature of remedy. Crime. Travel. Medicine. Opposition effect. “Our” prayers? Music? Our children God's. Old age? Unanswerable questions. Tickling? Sporting events. Buildings. Worm holes. Parenting. Mathematics. Comedy. Computers. Reading. Atmospheric and inter stellar transportation. Food. Violence abstention. Interactive cinema. Digestion. Music. The quantum riddle, Insanity intewnt. Sound. Memory. Forgetting. Death. Dying. Intelligence. Meditating ie mediating. Forgiving? Loving... God fraternity. Finally we would recognize ourselves. Pleasing we would be

Technology and commerce become non linear, Cosmically compatible, when knowledge is similarly invested. The seed during the flower claims the sun. The nice ang gentle Rabbi offers, “Prayer's aren't answered they are the answer.” The prayer seeds response, reciprocal awe.

Recalling with polite emphasis: A three dimensional circle is a sphere. Material sound location. A localized non-linear accommodation. The event actualized sphere functionally resolves without intent design the 3 time tenses; fragmented dislocating form, length, width and depth-also apparent during the transitory energy shifts between the 3 states of matter, solids, liquids, gases. These activity conditions when linearly realized result as noted in numerous deficiency response which when triggered by a force input sustained by depletion energy result extraneous energy out put that is not utilized. Energy initially viewed as combustion, centrifugal force, torque, entropy, friction and pollution. Time based linear science-technology validates this uncertain-terse dynamic. Not the least of which is the nice and eager Newton's law of motion. “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Clearly a linearly affectation validated through opposition value loss. The same event non-linearly revealed accordingly realized results in a fluid, functionally intact, self sustaining condition event. In the place of depletion fuel source we have resonant specified “light” sound. Light becomes the 4th dimensional access way that resolves 3 dimensional irony, form disparity and energy depletion out put. This form shift intent is a transitory duration material effect that can be measured in linear time effect if warranted, but the event itself occurs as a simultaneous spontaneity. We are aware form evolves, a material inception event apparent assimilation. The defining question is how do we measure, influence the material event and what are the consequence our involvement. If a material event is allowed to evolve without uncertain loss of value and does not culminate inadequately. A fundamental shift has occurred that we presently interfere with through time dislocation. Therefore result derived through intent and process is not time consequent. Not essentially form evident through value loss intent ie uncertainty, intrinsic factor failure. Rather than form devaluation in time we have inception motion that can be influenced refined through sound intent. Validation. Concurrence. The dormant not materially engaging time past is experienced as inception duration which in the ideal all inclusive non linear includes result, presently realized as uncertain future result. Refining motion evident and influenced by concurrent simultaneous sound rather form uncertain disintegration. Validated as denied. The inference sound of backwards motion revealing past status without deferring, materially denying process and result. From the non linear, the three dimensional circle is a sphere... inception intent process, result “conclusion” are the near of interchangeable. The differential we have a refining event not a devalued marginalized fragmented event. The aforementioned non linear forming event infers its own spherically symmetrical technologies. Perceptions, attitudes and instrumentation. We the new neighbor God esteemed. Nice right?


Allowing conceptions grace: Your parents, their parents, yourself “removed” how many times before you arrive at a condition status that predates the materializing of the planet earth. Still your parent the Eternal Light

The Universe is Eternal “all” begins not less its own origin. Allowing chronologies bliiss: The four billion year old planet earth predates its own materiality or it wouldn't of been able to materialize as one planetary location...Everything we became we once were in a different form. The seed before the planetary flower. God's instruction before our complaint

The all embracing timeless Universe thrives not less its own origin There are no endings in an endless Universe. No conceptions less their origin.

No beginnings less their source No beginning's intent less the Universe. Thus you predate your own birth. (As does the planet earth). Thus you are born an Eternal being. Unaware of time and death until instructed otherwise. Meaning we pray you predate your own birth

Origin and source Creation's cradle: Yes you are the immaculate preconception of yourself. God's caress before your parents loving touch

Presently our “Eternal” existence also an incomplete, flawed conception. When we view and engage memory as an infinite Eternal non linear activity condition then memory happenstance is not limited to memories of the past. Memory is not dormant, but constantly engaging. Our memories are time based therefore revealed through uncertainty, in completion and inadequacy...which we experience and sublimate through loss of material utility. But the ideal of Eternal infinite memory is not realized through uncertainty, loss of value and cessation, but rather as non linear uninterrupted sound. Eternal sound motion presence. Appreciating in the forgotten differential there is no active divisive misery, no dieing no death valueless cessation. The forogtten location of self is the Eternal place of self. Attended by the alleged animals, trees and little children still playing, wondering about the Eden's gardens the grown ups left behind. Understanding disease events that are realized by two exclusionary events, cure verses disease, both conditions are validated and valuated through death. Meaning that the purpose of the cure is validated by the event the cure is trying to avoid (ie) the assigned presumption of death. The problem of course is that the cure is also time based, years of radiation, chemotherapy. Other than natural organically previous time duration activity that parallels linear dysfunctional dieing. This is life disdaining linear activity, but the Universe is non linear (Light motion creates complimentary sound (ie0 bliss.) Unless denied, deferred, distorted. Consequently we experience incorrectly disease, injury, death. The one condition activity that is compatible with a non linear disease is sound. Not disruptive sound. But we presently know superficially as the sound of silence. Poetry concealing substance. Each Cosmic event status has such a sound presence. As noted the sound silence and the light are the two conditional activities that are compatible with infinity. Also ourselves and Creation unless denied. The non linear ideal. Most disruptive sounds we can to some extent engage, sublimate. Avoid. We realize and assimilate as damage. We sleep. The memory sound to some extent is not resolved. Accommodated. The problem with ptsd is the memory sounds that precipitated this condition sound event have not be resolved, fulfilled? (A stagnant incomplete sound event, reflective of shared killing condition activities that have no interactive niche when the sad soldier returns to life community). Without response dormant stagnation defines. Unresolved sounds like explosions which includes the anticipation of explosions. An absolute of linear affect. (Unresolved memory sound).{ Observing motion has intent, intent suggests specific source and source infers “resolution” awareness...these occur concurrently, simultaneous spontaneity (non linearily harmoniously can be engaged as singular events}. The resolution to a ptsd angst is an idealized memory sound response. (Presently assimilated as dormant inaccessible forgetting). Remember all sounds heard in a factory over two weeks experienced as one compact moment you have a disfiguring death event. These sound dynamic also is materially evident in the reverse. A static unresolved memory ie ptsd. Static intransigence... subjective death while alive. Death cessation realized through dysfunctional dieing. Observing death is a non linear “continuous” event, dying is life denying “interrupting” a linear event. There is time duration in the Cosmos whereby all ends while ending and Eternal duration which is endless or non-linear while alive. Either or both can lead to the other...Eternal duration... One harmoniously. The other not

Allowing brevity's companionship. Ideal memory is non linear inby time all inclusive active memor4y becomes linear, dormant. Thus memory like disease verses cure, life vs death, time vs timelessness, the Eternal verses the non Eternal...linear time encrusted memory is oppositional. Realized presently as an uncertain condition realized through value loss such as death. Like cure vs disease these dichotomies, devalued separations of two events can be resolved to their Cosmic ideal through relevant and revealing sound assimilation. Suggestive of music harmony. Recalling that music is the only design intended experience we can sustainassimilate without altering in time... denying-dislocating self. Current memory research offers that memory under its own volition will correct for time dysfunction and linear limitation. (If you bump into someone you haven’t seen in many years memory will adjust for aging recognition likely will follow. If you see a third of someones face memory will complete the image). Validating memories non linear disposition. In time events disintegrate including the human body, but these otherwise Cosmic events don't disappear...these events however distracteddeferred or denied remain potentially functional as memory. Eternal memory. Suggesting that memory activity under its own volition benevolent appreciation of the Cosmic ideal. Though presently memory is a dormant source perspective that reveals and validates linear denying limitations. Otherwise in the non linear ideal memory activity resolve uncertainty and inconsistent. Deferring is not problematic. Inherent in memory condition activity is a language assigned intelligence based knowing that is functionally inadequate-denying of the non linear preference. Though these linear events are an unknowing partial and sympathetic expression of the non linear Cosmic preference. Thus motivated we continue to seek a preferable reality. Concurrently however incomplete events are separated from themselves “unresolved” in linear time like uncertain destination derived from tentative departure, disease-cure, linear language, linear intelligence, death cessation, dysfunctional dying can be assimilated concurrently as one event that is compatible with the Cosmic Heavens. Thus inferred active non linearly engaging memory activity we have inter stellar travel suggested. Worm hole assimilation. Events briefly suggested by spontaneous condition occurrences like luck, coincidence, your birth and death, clairvoyance, peace, answered prayer, our capacity to resolve dark events to the light, intuition, dream, twin intuition, morphogenesis field, placebo, spontaneous remission, super position, infinite possibilities. And other presently inexplicable occurrences as an issuance of conceptual understanding that speak briefly to our Cosmic Eternal birthright, our truer potential. application through relevant spherical technology. Example: Linear travel through depletion time technology is not feasible given displacement dislocation disparity. At two thirds the speed of light a linear space craft will disintegrate. Loses purpose direction utility. The mission is both lost and assimilated to the non linear ideal. This disparity is resolved as noted. A few insights please. Miracles appear literally to be in a place, an indistinguishable source origin place of their own. Unlike other spontaneous occurrences. Miracles can involve more than one person, Miracles can be re occur-rent. Miracles can reference existing knowledge. Miracles can be interactive accordingly sustainable. We can not know all because we are not the origin of ourselves. You know how it goes we will continue to trip over our own shoe laces. And each other. Laugh and cry burdened by unresolved success and loss. But loss need not be the assimilating all. We continue do you sense to agree

Supper position in earth physics offers that two localized or separate points in the Universe need not for those reasons be oppositional or separate through value loss. This understanding is reflected in research offered. Non linearity. Timelessness. Mass curvature conversion. Acoustic resonant sound. Time dilation concurrence. The morphogenesis field. The efforts of the Peare group and the insights by the nice Asian biologist at MIT. We might mention efforts to identify this gentleman name have been unsuccessful. In 1987 while living with my lovely friend and alleged dog Charlie it was this mysterious protocol reported by the nice hard working Dan Rather that precipitated this effort.

Apparently for his own amusement this gentle biologist took the DNA code of a fish and placed it on an a musical scale. The result melody of a fish. The same dynamic a leave. Resulting in a melody of a leaf. Next this adventurous biologist took the DNA code of one of the cancers, eventually played it backwards and got Mozart’s funeral requiem. In one moments listening breath. Mind gathered direction to purpose.

Oh dear oh dear. Gentle Professor Einstein also reflects. “When mass is constricted enough “eventually” the curvature becomes infinite.” (Reverts to the infinite as the infinite refining). {tine displaces less the displacement, timelessness refines endlessly}. But all current earth science in insight and application is time based, while inferring otherwise. Something can only happen if it happens sometime. Time and space material human beings have determined are dependent and interchangeable. Loss of value direction is intrinsic to this natural reality. Separation of an intact whole became fundamental to our acquired experience. Loss and the risk of loss was historically evident and could be anticipated. Influencing “controlling” loss suggested advantage. Accordingly invested we gathered over the many years to our desperate purpose. Of course the most basic separation loss was through what we perceived as the end of a human life, death. A functional loss of value purpose that could be delayed, but not avoided. Affecting loss advantage indeed eventually death through killing became intrinsic to our anguished culture. But remember like the Universe our bodies are non linear. Our bodies can not need not be separated from themselves and still function as intended. (Separation loss is Cosmically unnatural, a linear distortion). Because your non linear body can not be separated from itself death is not a valueless separation from life. Our ancestors made an understandable perceptual error that hasn't been questioned till now. Thus respectfully appreciating The Eternal eloquence resides. Presently unnecessarily and unnaturally denied. Do you sense to anticipate the impending awe. Unfolding as our witness. The Eternal Cosmic validation of ourselves.

The eager and determined Sir Issac Newton offered, “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” How can opposite reactions be equal. Because inherent in time displacement is distortion, inconsistency, devaluation and inherent opposition. These insights are resolved as a concurrent non liner condition event through application ie maintaining organic form and reflective technology through a non linearly compatible transmutation of materiality. Transmutation meaning the changing of form presently through value loss and in completion. But through sound material irony and dislocation can be resolved. Reminding music and memory are the only event driven experiences we intentionally unknowingly assimilate without time. When memory effect becomes non linear we are remembering an event curiously before it happens. We have bypassed ironic linear displacement in f9avor of the refining non linear ideal.{Time effect can be resolved through memory affect}... Light having speed speaks to time dislocation increment. Spontaneity speaks to everywhere always at once. Eternal. A Cosmic condition that can define technology and commerce. Already evident as our birth and death. And denied as our lives. But denial is acknowledgment. Acknowledgment is not utility. And acknowledgment without awareness compels-invites futility. Therefore yearning's opportunity. Thus we struggle, learn, aspire seeking the presence of our absence. Politely appreciating these words accompaniment are always incomplete. Not one less the other. Politely we desire. The approaching. Approaching us...

There is the Cosmic God and the earth peoples evolving-inspired and brave response. The time confirming earth people are compelled to separate Heaven fr0m Earth. Thus themselves. Heaven is timelessly Eternal, we subsist in time. We are the denying creators of Light sound motion intewnt. Explaining why we must (die) surrender our timely lives to commune with God. The earth people prefer God through a death condition they spend their lives trying to avoid while profiting from. We create the need for our own prayers. Creating the need for salvation and forgiveness. Delaying God fraternity. A divine life value denied illogically to an after life. Imagine to pray if we did not have to interact iwith God through our own death absence. And the death killing of others. Heaven on earth not less ourselves. What more need be said, but “thank you.”


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