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Resonant linear assimilation
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Consider these words while acknowledging the designed  limits of language therefore thought, perception and observation.... Can we respond to what we are not aware of?  Denial is an acknowledgement of what is being denied. We must deny  our  spontaneous “divine” selves to realize the timely irony of our acquired existence. The anticipated future becomes the unengaged  past. Both dormant conditions minimizing immediacy.

Delivering the many previous “In the Light” essays to clearer resonance....Remembering: The Universe is timeless. Infinity suggests as much. Infinity is an inescapable uninterrupted continuity.(The infinite Eternal does no9t end).Suggesting  in the absence of tiome Eternity becomes immediate. Functional....Further Professor Einstein explains,” there are no straight lines in the Universe.” Yet accordingly we thrive. Meaning cause then effect realized through inconsistency-validated through disintegration and eventual lose of utility.(Everything that human beings engage including themselves culminates as a disposable-valueless juncture). The Universe unfolds otherwise. The implications abound. Applications imminent? There is more to  insight  than thrives as understanding.

We are a linear culture that exist through time in a timeless-non-linear Universe. The earth people are therefore out of step with their residence the Cosmos. As such their own existence, as such themselves. A few questions abide.

(1). What are the results of the separation between the Cosmos and the earth peoples adaptation.

(2). Can the ironic separation between the Universe and our acquired reality be resolved.

(3).Once resolved  the linear to the non-linear; once timelessness abides-not dysfunctional does this shift self,  technology, business, awareness, language, memory, the knowledge base. What happens to death in the absence of time. And in the absence of death cessation how is life affected. And spirituality. Approaching the new way?  Acknowledging until application sustains these perspectives dwell in the place of maybe.

(4). One question lingers: How can you wait for Eternity in an Eternal Universe?

Time is a human contrivance. One of the current theories in physics. “The Super String Theory” offers. “Everything in the Universe is material except time.”  A singular protocol defines the human existence on the planet earth. “Everything that begins while ending... ends.” The infinitely continuous Universe persists otherwise. Resolving our disintegrating reality to it’s  infinite origin source…explains this essay.

Thousands of years ago we lived a demanding existence. We hunted and were hunted. Life was determined by life cycles we couldn't influence: The weather. Night became day. Injury disease duration. Sleep. Digestion. Menstrual cycle. Change of seasons. Uncertain food source. Pregnancy. And we died. But the ancestors were shrewd they came up with their own cycle “time.” Not aware the affect this artificial cycle would have on life. (Everything that is realized through time ends while ending  less the material event experienced as time). The dormant future and  past diminishes material immediacy through the temporary self. The constant now was real as diminished and uncertain. As such your lives are incomplete, inconsistent.  Valued as denied.  Human beings made an adaptive mistake that became our lives.

Without the current anomaly,  diminishing measurable duration, we know as time the current human experience is not possible. Our lives became ironic to our own existence. Survival was impaired before reality challenged. Unless failure resolves an event all  material endings culminate through disintegrating. Intuitively sensing this irony not surprisingly the human ideal “progress” is reliant on eventually invalidating  what is presently esteemed. This  dematerializing-limiting materiality includes our spirituality.  And our depletion based relationship with Creation’s environment. We live afraid dying waiting for death’s final instruction. While profiting from the same.

Through what timely linear “incremental” practices do we displace (separate) ourselves from the infinite Universe? The incomplete answer less the tentative question... Incremental uncertain language and mathematics, temporary institutions that disposes people, interpersonal relationships reliant on dematerializing, assigned intelligence that predates your birth and your dysfunctional definition of death. Observing for emphasis: This lifetime formulary is experienced as conflict, randomness, inconsistency, irony, and death, Heaven separated from earth. Meaning your life...the process activities that sustain your Cosmic dislocation.....

On this planet all sciences are functional to some application of measurement revealed thro0ugh time, but the infinite timeless Cosmos only tolerates the temporary increment “separation“ of localized measurement. Materially your entire lives are experienced through time. Through time you claim this planet as our own.  Our lives are time insinuated. Through time you took charge of ending everything initiated by self and environment. Humans became entrapped in a temporary material existence revealed through uncertain conclusion and inevitable disintegration. The implications? We have time separated our relationship with the Cosmos. And God. We alter Creation to satisfy our artificial invention of time.  We also altered death to killing. The ironic separations are endless. Many separating their bodies from their souls. As such we can not reach our full spiritual potential while alive. We accept our ineptitude. Willfulness delegated to institutions. Love is valuated through forgiveness not love’s challenge.  Divine life reduced-ending through material cessation. Not surprisingly often your existence is valued as denied. Life and after life became  separated. Not the same-separated in time. We spend our lives denying while waiting for what we already are.

Distracted and limited by this irony we sought God. (Acknowledging the limitation of these words both less yourself). A perspective follows: A partiality. Less  your Godsoulprint. Less your carnational flutter.... There is the Cosmic God and the earthly adaptation. that is realized through the exclusionary  preferential Temple, condoned violence, the martyred example, death not life revealing Heaven. Noting...There has not been one holy text acknowledging, dignifying the spirituality of women. Whispering Eternal humans separate Heaven from their daily lives validating and revealing  their  mischief deemed inevitable tot he foibles of a timely reality. The aforementioned dislocation  if not  immediate then as anticipation derives. With no choice Holy Temples surrendered to time’s essential. irony.  Lost deplete an after life became lives distant irony.  The God ideal became a promise. In the absence of time Eternoity become functional. Waiting became puirpose. Goodness relied on transgression. Without transgression the Holy Temple lost much of its authority. The Holy Temples co-opted death their purpose less life. The human success decries our Cosmic origin.

Churches, Mosques, Synagogues and all other Holy Temples are the only institutions from which people do not graduate.(Attain a self defining maturity). Seemingly graduating might acknowledge the Eternal self at the exclusion of the Holy Temple and Holy Texts validated through an after life which denies birth life. As such the experience in a Holy Temple is not an individually progressive like obtaining a degree in science, dental hygiene, becoming an astronaut or solving a life long riddle…Yet what greater acknowledgiment of the Holy Temple therefore God than the divinity of attendants. And iif each God determined attendant graduated on their own God bond criteria, their God soulprint aspiration then the planet earth would a non exclusionary God presence. These observations while acknowledging the Holy Temple. Otherwise exclusion would determine less the Eternal. Noting only God can know the totality of one person or persons at any given life juncture. We wonder lost yearning the better day. Learning from the confused past. Waiting the uncertain future, influenced by extinction.... We forget. Deceive. Die unexpe3ctedly. (Unexpected to ourselves). We create our own burdens. You resist  by carrying. Joyfully, sadly.... We love unloved and caring cherish. You resist war. Seeking a peace that will lead to the war. We love and yearn that love be more. You direct  your children the better hope than yourselves. You pray that you be heard. You laugh and share your tears. What incredible challenge we are. Yet you smile. You lie preferring the truth. You  anguish that pain be less. Wondering we wander. Aware as unawareness hesitates...  only God can know-accordingly influence the totality of self. Similarly God be beneficent of your love’s labor...Do you agree?

There is much that separates-inhibits the earth individuals fraternity with God. Whiloe alive your bond with God is derived from the Holy temple and texts that predate your birth. You are must end your life awareness to be the ideally  aware of God. Accordingly while alive your God relationship is impeded.  Your knowing appreciation of God is revealed through others instruction whoi were similarly instructed. In time much of the God being is sought out-explained through suffering’s distraction. The earth people are compelled to subordinate themselves to spiritual prophets whose integrity became co-opted by Holy institution. Do you think Norman that Jesus would feel denied and would oppose anyone being able to improve on His wondrous deeds and offered understandings. Would not Jesus be happy with any progress encouraged by His example and that of others. What final word foretells when the first still cautions understanding. Remember Norman, “Correct me if  I’m wrong preferably if I’m right.” More fully accompanied Norman and  Jesus we continue.... The clarifying echo the better stead. Companionship esteemed eloquence. Love's guidance forebears.... In the absence of time (not life) Eternity becomes  material. Life is no longer determined by its uncertain ending. God is not about transient faith. But awareness. About expression. Realization...Yet all roads lead to God. All roads are God. There is no lie that does not speak the truth of God.

 --Approaching resonance --

The Cosmos is a  refining function of the Light infinite Eternal. The gentle Professor Einstein offers... there are no straight lines in the infinite spontaneous Universe. A straight line is realized when one event leads uncertainly to a secondary event. The Cosmos is evidenced not as a displacing-uncertain process  whose linear increments would compromise the continuous nature of infinity, but as presence.  (Ever presence). Not as the incremental sequence validated through disintegration, but as spontaneity...meaning Eternal. Appreciating what is ironically sequential as linear process distorts the essential nature of the Universe-the infinite. Particularly  through time. Though the linear can be elemental to spontaneity since the spontaneous Universe condones linearity. All ias (is as)Universe occur rent as such compatible. (Let’s wait more on that observation). Appreciating the singular material condition that is sympathetic with infinity is the 4th dimension “the Light.”  Understanding to comprehend that “The Light” is without borders, all-inclusive or all-embraci9ng. Infinity similarly unfolds spontaneously an issue of presence not sequential process. Linearity one source beautifully defines as “a disturbance between two points” explains our causal self opposing timely materiality… the current experience on this planet. To what extent is linearity essential to the human-environmental God experience on this planet. We are separate from one another, though are bodies are non-linear. We are separate but we need not be denying. Our separation does not have to define who we are. Linearity does not have to be expere3inced through diminishiong time. (unintentional “o” speaks to diminishing compete purposeless disintegration). The resolution of this separation explains the continuation of our species through procreation. How we determine our separation determines our divinity. Does linearity in time explain the disturbance? Linearity… is an invalidated beginning point determined by an opposite end point, revealed through sustained through time irony. Yet all originates returns to the light from whence it came. (Another term for light is life). An earthly dimension is defined as “an extension of space-a condition of space.” Are you not a “resistant” incomploete dimension? (Dimension is another way of crossing the street). Through time linearity becomes uncertain. Essentially? What is linearity in the absence of time? Your life temporal linearity is pardoned as rethinking, researching, reinventing, refurbishing, redundancy’ relocating-all leading to disintegration…whispering:  If the Universe is one location how can we relocate less the initial location. Less eventually ourselves.….. Accordingly you subsist less ourselves. And that whi9ch we create is disposed of including yourselves. (Disintegration is futility).... Non-linear-spontaneous continuity derives as itself not less itself.. Yet you continue our lives actualized through death. The earthly submission…Noting  we can not chose what  we are not aware of. We have to experience “repress” to deny. Aspiration yearns knowledge tolerates. Though historically once aware we have not always chosen.

We die in time not in space....If our timely perceptions of death change, our lives are redefined. Presently the five major industries on this planet offer death as a profit incentive and a dematerializing chaotic end point.(Life converted to death insurance companies, lethal weapon manufactures, medical networks that exchange cures for disease both conditions valuated and redeemed through death, interment and religions who have co opted life after death as their fulcrum....In an Eternal Universe which includes the planet earth this is silly. Human beings seem to create the burdens they resist by carrying. Patiently repeating their  prayers waiting for God to get it right. The irony of  diminishing time is resolved when those who created time are extinct. The nature of material experienced through time is extinguishment. Even time is not related to  itself, uncommonly separated from itself. (The past and the future are only kindred after the fact). In the absence of time death-meaning life continues. Both not one less the other. 

The other recent day a friend Vicki  vigorously asked .  “Die in time not in space?” The answer always partial to the question. Why do people surrender their questions to others? Interesting that people think they ask questions without knowing. Unanswered we continue.... In the absence of time the life condition is timeless therefore the space through which the life is experienced is different than our own. Meaning in the totality of Cosmos material space does not surrender to time irony as a cumulative end point. Nor is the origin seed. In a spontaneous Universe either as one are the same and can’t be less the other. Another perspective from the planet earth. The immediate and future time can only be consistent and constant as the past, the ideal time value is the past consequently there can only be diminishing time. Speaking to the status of a life form. As such in time all material eventually loses utility. Space that is not diominishing is continuous. And refining. Eternally refining. The Eternal grows. The Universe is expanding infinity accordingly the same. Though the expansion need not be into space, but rather as space. Perhaps both one not less the other. Suggesting the Universe possibly might be expanding and contracting. (Some things we can not know “approach” even by not knowing).The material improves. We see this in our own lives. More simply if we can no9t say and practice the applicable thought, “a person died a week ago” of a person “will die tomorrow” (then) death assumes a continuous-uninterrupted condition, in the absence of the past and a future we no longer have a time manifest. In the absence of time  your life and death are no longer (intact as denied) exclusionary localized events. Remember in time the past and the future are not engaging. And as such not materially relevant to the immediate. Also relevant is the human beings can anticipate, prepare, influence their own death, kill others.... But this is experienced as anticipation, a future, which as a time element culminates through disintegration. Meaning death is dreaded. But if death is life part of the continuity then the experience of death including anticipation is the opposite of dreading. So death is not consequential to who human beiongs are  or who they are going to become, meaning humans are not as their essential selves time  invalidated. One or two more thoughts if “I” may. Killing is an alteration, a distortion of death. There is greater difference between death and killing than there is between life and death. Killing is  distortion experienced through the human contrivance of time.(Killing is a distortion of death that creates a karmic debt. a distortio0n of the carnational flutter). Death  speaks to and is of God. People can choose suicide. But not whether they will succeed is not their choice..... Why do human beings speak to a  successful suicide attempt if the individual died? One life so many words assembled. Why do we ask questions of each other. Does not a question hesitate-caution the answer. Which is less incomplete is not a question often a summation of irony and an answer a return to irony or dislocation. Most often the answer understood effortlessly. Is not an a question fleeting in its own  gentle way as such more compatible with timelessness. Whereby the answer confirms irony assuming a time relevance. Aren’t questions and answers different shapes of the same effect. Suggestive of a result before the cause. We know much more than in purpose denied. Question and answers both responses.

--The garden ourselves--

The one altered material process we do not have to substantially alter, measure- casually interpret (interrupt) in order to assimilate and ion doing so accept is music. (Music is it’s own response). Music can also be shared without uncertainty or alteration by several. Music can be changed but it does not disintegrate. Understanding if by understanding we must... timely form, particularly when interactive, displaces (influences) the Light. Form relies on and creates exclusionary borders. (You can not oppose without opposing yourself). But these borders are truly exclusionary if the bordered activity meaning life culminates as a disposable juncture. We are separate but not spiritually apart. The nature of form is displacement. But the issue of displacement or dislocation can be refining, continuous. Meaning Eternal. Form depends on its neighbors to sustain the question of form. (Noting is not spirit material). All is material except time. Soul ...the form of yourself. Eternity means always. (Not now maybe later). The agelessness of form you  reference as silence is melodies intent. Sometimes referred to as music of the spheres? We return always in all ways to the silence, listening to the Light  life responds. The Eternal means always everywhere through everything presently. God desirous as evident or not The answer begs the question by what destination will be derive?

Intriguingly the presumed sound of silence is also much like the Light  …all-inclusive, un bordered and once linearly engaged through time by form  (influenced) displaced. The Light or the sound of silence assumes, acknowledges the entire life form. Through light sound silence body form is no longer dysfunction ally bordered. (Either flower, baby, teacher or machine) The sound of motion is suggested when Light assumes form. Remember motion suggest intent which infers awareness (ie)  source. (Suggesting the “silencing” music of all material including humans)….  Through  subjective silence (DNAs) all form can be sympathetically conjoined without evoking a dematerializing effect.  Resolving much of human irony, conflict, randomness, de materializing (the displacements) to a Light reciprocally beneficent ideal. We will still fall off ladders. Steal without permission. Forgive rather than love. Be bumped on the head by an unexpected asteroid. Accordingly we continue learning. Now the more embracing objective, liomit not as limit is derived. The concern is not that we suffer, but we suffer much unnecessarily. Pain instructs our DNAsound  the better way we spend our lives denying. 

In a linear timely culture science and math rely on subtraction. The activity condition permeates. An effort to asses-utilize loss of value or direction. Imagine a  reality that only exists in summation of itself.

David Hufford, a poet offers, “How would you be able to think about God, if there were no God to think about?”

Understanding and consequently applying infinity and timelessness is difficult given that the process through which we try to comprehend and apply infinity (language-mathematic-ourselves experienced in time)…compromises the effort. (The compromised effort becomes ourselves). Given that the Universe is timeless it follows that everything within the Universe is timeless as well, including memory. Interestingly memory is like music, silence and the Light….Memory does not have to be linearly interpreted and as such altered through thinking in order to assimilate. Memory is less so the servant of time. (Presently we adapt memory to time limiting memory to a past reference). Memory can adjust for time and linearity spontaneously. Research offers. Do you remember? At  high school reunion the friend you have not seen in the many years, memory will adjust for the changes in time and you will most likely recognize your friend. Also if you only see a third of your friend’s face memory will defy linearity and complete the image. Accordingly memory is not essentially loinear but can be realized through a linear reality by a non-linear being, memory is spontaneous-not displacing and its nature is timeless. Further the human is capable of  creating and sharing  this spherical (other than linearly disintegrative) memory accommodation. Let’s repeat with emphasis memory like the light and the presumed sound of silence does not culminate as a disposable, non-directional juncture. Memory is compatible with the infinite Eternal. (Is infinity, the Universe memory?) acknowledging “presently” only God can remember an event as it happens. Is memory the mysterious origin source between the Light and sound form effect, like a sympathetic gravity. In timelessness the memory and the event are either one or compatible (not uncertain or exclusionary) spontaneity absolves uncertain cause and effect. Memory and source or event are compatible as spontaneous until subjectively influenced by ironic timely form. We are the lost memory of ourselves. The interrupted memory of ourselves, less interrupted as sleep, coincidence, remission, birth, death etcetera. One memory away from who we are....Though clearly the nature suggests a more compelling efficiency. The question becomes one not of material resolution, but rather the nature of refinement. Not material space in spite disrupting space, but space refining  as space. Without essential loss. Loss without purpose. Thus Eternal.

Our capacity to sustain, express and presumably solicit memory suggests human beings are compatible with  spontaneous activity while alive. And otherwise....death is a non-linear condition event. (Birth and death are non-linear spontaneous events in result therefore substance that therefore pre-date...postdate their shift substance. Further birth-death as spontaneous conditions are compatible with memory, the light and “relevant” sound). Indeed as earth science suggests the human body is non- linear. Also inherent in memory and other spontaneous dispositions is a capacity to resolve time and linear irony... Memory accommodated to time speaks to the willfulness like qualities of memory...we can try to remember. (Whereas forgetting is an event not chosen, explaining why you can’t prove you forgot. Recalling what is forgotten is also not a willful event. Yet that which is forgotten is materially substantive. And as such a location with which we have an uncertain...a denying relationship, possibly a relationship that denies our acquired awareness or consciousness.(Like luck, coincidence, spontaneous remission etcetera). Given that the human memory capacity is relevant to and influenced by forogetting our capacity for memory like the near of everything else humans engage is also incomplete and circumspect. Also memory is realized in a culture that is denied, displacing... asleep. We wrote about memories ability to resolve time and linear irony....We  ask what would memory be without these minimizing distraction? Memory is experienced through linear time dislocation yet memory has an origin and a source that is not time imbued nor linear. Also in a linear timely reality memory is localized meaning limited to the individual, several people can share a memory but this condition event unless evoked seems to be incidental.(People can agree on a memory but not independently- simultaneously realize or conjure a memory specially if the memory is not common to the various individuals). Being able to share the spasm of memory, evoke and sustain purposeful spontaneity, would represent a shift in communication indeed a shift in being (ie) suggesting an intuitive spasm conversation, healing (ie) spontaneous remission, reciprocal precognition or reciprocal remote viewing (technology would reflect this shift) people become a near uni9nterrrupted medium to their Cosmic predisposition, their Godsoulprint). Will a clearer understanding and subsequent expression of forgetting bring us to conversant spasm memory. Again please what happens when memory can be sourced spontaneously, not dislocated to time. Potentially...a shared communicative  event. (Emphasizing memory is not an issuance of time). This shift would transcend our linear selves. Disintegration  is no longer determinant nor is ironic dislocation basic to linearity....Relevant to computers-information... realizations not longer based on the select dislocation realized through inadequate information which presently  reveals the exclusionary culture. Each computer event would be realized through its own refining time. It’s own memory space of the event. Presently a computer is an information dislocation machine. A computer is time efficient, but not spontaneous. A spontaneous computation would involve a synergistic effect between user, task and computer design. Suggesting the user is more available to his or herself....less distracted-capable of intuitive conversation thereby better able to interact with spontaneous technology. Technology is a reflection of the human not the reverse. (The non-linear comp0uter, the event becomes the computer). Probability and certitude become much more amenable. Each computer event would remain unfinished in this sense also not consequent to disintegration. All evolves. Functional disintegration suggests a contrived artificial interruption. Computer and user become DNAs compatible. Computers  become other than impersonal. (Human and machine remain separate, more compatible. Synthesis is revealing but  not organic).... Computers functionally as a matter of result become the absence of time they are limited to the duration of the computer event. (Is the design nature of their design ephemeral as was the current computer before its initial design).... Non-exclusion defines....we have the essence of interstellar not based on breach dislocation-departure vs linear destination. But rather a spontaneous memory event....not factored through time. The voyage is a relevant DNAs from inception to completion before the trip is initiated. Remember a spontaneous event is reciprocal from whatever initiate point or juncture. And DNAs includes all possible sensual-material formulation. Departure-destination are converted with the passengers to one compatible juncture, the process reversed to the original materiality. (Resonant linear assimilation-acoustic osmosis-pneumatic resonance).  Dematerializing without disintegration or other materializing (ie) a specific transmutation.  Relevant to “intelligence.” Presently intelligence is linear as is perception understandably everything accordingly derivative like technology and the kno9wledge base is substantively linear. Similarity expressible. Not inefficiently expressible, but expressible as inefficient. Success is temporary. Failure is intrinsic to process and inevitable as part of life continuity. Referencing  the disposable existence of a current human  interaction. The current aberration. Which willfully culminates as nuclear war. Spasm extinction.

It seems that forgetting is as forgetting does. Forgetting is an annoyance. A social inconvenience followed by a polite apology....Forgetting is much more. Forgetting is material place. Forgetting is a location of self that is kindred to self. A thriving location we do not influence willfully. We do not chose to forget. We can not chose whether we will remember. And we can not prove we forgot. Accordingly forgetting is not a timely inclination. Forgetting is a spontaneous place of self. More so than memory since forgetting is not willfully insinuated to time. ( Meaning memory is incoimplete as remembered...memory limited to past events). But because we do not fully remember or sustain a memory doesn’t mean we don’t benefit beyond the inconsistency of memory.... Perhaps all memory is relevant to the “forgetting place”  before memory is dislocated to a timely self as memory of the past. Do we not first need to have an event to remember before we can forget the same event. Given the nature of both forgetting and remembering it appears that forgetting is more efficient.... Accepting the forgotten memory  is spontaneous, not time determinant...the forgotten unlike memories of the past is not bordered. Not limited to the requisites of form.  As an un bordered condition that is not  willfully influenced “the forgetting place” accrues uninterrupted information rather than acquires1 ironically or in opposition to itself. We can also assume once this information is realized by the linear human in time loss occurs. Forgetting is not time conflicted. You can not forget what is forgotten wiothout forgetting ourselves. (Meaning releasing ourselves to a much more consistent condition). Do you agree the most forgotten or self dislocated reality is the Eternal. WE presumably have to discard as opposed to forget ouur boides to be embraced by Eternity. Further speaking to non-linear human inclination and forget tings un bordered condition status. Do these insights reference, “the field that exists between species that functions irrespective of time and space and has its own acquiring memory.” Though the activity between human and memory field is interactive-compatible and otherwise mutually influencing. All it seems enema ting from memory and eventually returning to memory. All good and bad accrues and while accruing is reciprocal. Presently much of this condition activity is left to an after life. What happens to resurrection and reincarnation in  the absence of  death as an end to life. One does not exclude the other. And in an inclusionary Universe the agreeable dislocation associated with reincarnation and resurrection is inclusiove-meaning occur rent while alive and not limited to humans, but rather all life activity including ideas. Yep it takes a pretty good memory to be able to forget.

Through time memories of “the future efficiency” are pointless since through time everything eventually disintegrates. The future until experienced to another time condition is always uncertain. (At least appears to be so).  If a material event can not evolve from nothing can a material event evolve to nothing. Most particularly not in a spontaneous infinite Universe, infinity would be fractured.  These disintegrated material events seemingly are assumed by the forgotten place. Including our bodies. All accrues as a summation memory of self as an evolving totality of self. Including knowledge, technologically and spiritually. Relevant to the individual this uninterrupted or non-linear summation occurs upon death when the body returns to its non-linear disposition indicated at birth. There is not much difference between birth and death. One is the summation of the other and both are the result of each other. (Please be patient you don’t have to understand to know). Yes... it seems that memories of the future efficiency from a time perspective are pointless since through time everything disintegrates as an inaccessible past constant....which would be denied as non-disintegration (ie) memory of the future efficiency. The forgotten place. Our forgotten place of self. Spiritually, technologically, organically, environmentally. We are alluding to the near of totality. The condition of  completion not designed through failure. We are approaching the infinite compatibility. Note the distinction near and compatibility. Perfection amongst linear beings is contradiction that inhibits-denies improvement (ie) refining.

Memories through the forgotten place appear to be infinite compatible since memories in a timely linear culture are limited to the past constancy. Constancy is critical to spontaneity. Past memories are a temporary dislocation. Reminding that the light and the silence are the two condition activities that are compatible with infinity apparently as timeless memory.

We should make a distinction between intelligence and memory. Intelligence is linearly influenced and assigned, through intelligence we alter our relationship with the environment to satisfy the requisites of our acquired intelligence. Intelliogence is experienced-denied through time. Memory is spontaneous as such not time based, not acquired through assessment or instruction. Memory is the one conditions we continue-that reflects our Cosmic origin source. We have not tampered with memory. Less so the forgotten place which also speaks to the forgetting activity. (Actually the opposite of forgetting). Forgetting is an ongoing process. We remember who we are because we've forgotten. But we can only forget because we once knew. We have an access way. Nothing disappears that doesn’t reappear.

We have an access way. The dimension of self. All inclusive ideal that  allows the distinction of self or self event. (Your DNAsound in the midst ofby the Light). Through time denied accordingly experienced. And remembered. We remember-realize our Cosmic roots when we forget our timely selves. Through forgetting we remember what  proof we need sustain our linear selves. Our denied being. Our Cosmic person. Our dislocated self. Did we forget something.

--Allowing melodies reprieve--

Thorn our flower less the celestial seed?  Time is not as disposition suggests.  We live in a Universe devoid of time, yet time compels life and through time insistent we die.  Distracted well lost in diminishing  time our dislocation of self persists. The non-linear Universe can no9t separated from itself, less the separation. No endings thrive once begun. We live immersed in diminished time. Accordingly we suffer vindicated by our demise.  One question’s grace.  Yourself.

Current reality compels devalued separation. We cross the street. Greeted  by success or disappointment. Anticipation considers both. At times failure claims joy our companion. Uncertainty thrives our neglect. We survive with death's permission. Even death humans have altered to their irony.  You kill. Death is life’s kindred companion, killing denies both.  We are authors of all except ourselves.

Elephants, ocean’s rivers, mountains nurtured by humming birds. Are mysteries inarticulate… (I) can not know a rabbits sleep. A puppies first sight. The trees companionship. Ourselves the same alleged delivered untrue. Our  Cosmic predisposition.  Denied. Lost we search our absence.Incongruity prevails.  War absolves oppositions, obliging time’s non-materiality. Our burdens ourselves.  Children sheltered from their parent’s world. We forgive love validating love’s transgressions….Our linear world floating in abandoned time. We are bold in life. Imagined in death.

One question pleads.  If the Universe is one location how can you relocate without the Universe. We relocate less ourselves meaning die. Curious do you agree our disintegrating reality. The space yourself you occupy Eternally is the Cosmos.

We are language… unfulfilled increment.  Temporary shadows understanding.  We are assigned a preconceived  linear intelligence. Death compels our  direction. Exclusion derives.  God the same as God denied. Death consents life.  Thus the immediate  flower withers  less the Cosmic root. And this before the endless linear crossing of a borrowed street. We are brave enemy ourselves, lost sublime. Innocence guilt’s companions. Pain instructs love’s direction lost.

Intimate  contrast. We are born silently bequeathed. Un aware of death. God embraces less instruction’s haste. Intelligence life divine. Our bodies are non-linear. (Then  linear flux begins. Two parents one embrace? Yes retains life abstains. How early pain directs. And death allows. And crying words are cryings shame. We  know what knowing permits. Finally Eternities invitation…death. Intriguingly the same as birth sublime. The silence sings quietly forever dreams. Death left behind. Intelligently we acknowledge our non- linear source.  And of death’s awareness we ask:  The Universe is all what all is death less than all. Your body and death are non-linear. Your body can not separate less the bodies identity. Eternity refines. What purpose death. Death awareness les? “No” awareness more, Eternity beguiles evolving all.  Motion directional awe. Pedestrian stars. The Universe perceives.

Accompanied politely we trespass.  Words predate our birth. As does our birth.  And identities purpose…. We read we write and love. One not of the other less the same? However charmed. A terrestrial view.  What life revealed (as not)  are we  that we do not know.  Absence explains purpose. Are we the singular wit. Origin  source one smile.

We are engulfed in time. Without time we would not know when to die. We die time not in space. The poem  disguised as the poet. Life the fruit death seeds the tree.... Life Eternities child.

Research infers. Let’s politely expand on the following research protocol. A biologist at MIT for his own amusement in 1987 took the DNA code of a fish and placed this design unto a standard musical scale. The result. Melody of a fish. The same approach a leaf. The result. Melody of a leaf. Next this Asian gentleman then took the DNA code of a cancer. Eventually played it backwards. Result…. Mozart’s Funeral Requiem. Clearly this intriguing effort has given a sound reference  to cancer.  Note the reference to backwards. If you can give a sound presence to that which leads to death, that denies and inhibits life can you not give a similar an active sound status to death. And therefore the dislocation of time through death or “our“ environmental equivalent ironic dematerializing. (What was the dna code of the fish in it’s pre planetary and we can assume uninterrupted (ie) timeless status, do you agree an ageless sound). What happens when this reference is reciprocally interactive or simultaneous in nature.(An accommodation that would likely require the personalized aforementioned computer event)....Without a past death is continuous. If you can give a related and consistent sound reference to a material event that previously culminated in its loss of purpose then that material event can be influenced to an improved consiostency. As such the disposable junctures of all current earthly materiality assumes a more eventful status. (Disease is a human skill “eventually” disease and cure are conjoined as one memory). We are examining affecting a material continuity that is not determined loss of function, direction both as an influenciong process and as intended result. We are engaging timelessness. A spherical event as opposed to a linear one....A spherical material event can have no ending that denies its initiation. A linear event...the definition explains. A straight line evolves when an initiating juncture or event is resolved or denied by a secondary juncture or event.... (Half life begins to move in the other direction. Either direction perspective relevant to cionsistency. Actually unaware to ourselves it has been all along). Being able to examine this profound irony through a research prerogative that is not a dichotomy to itself (uncertain, failure prone, error based) is again an exiting  shift. Incompletion is not functional. A direct perspective on resolving triangulation in time becomes available. Meaning on the planet earth the near of everything material is triangulated through time. (Past, present, future).(Length, width, depth). (3 dimensions). Three states of matter, liquids, gases, solids. Each the present of the others future settled to a static past). The same please read the next time triangulations patiently.

Life, death, after life. (Meaning life sustained in the absence of life. Cosmic life. Divine life. Yourself.).  

More conventionally the Super String Theory which some believe will unify all the field forces on this planet into one applicable theory…GUT the Grand Unified Theory. Which suggests an explainable Universe, not consequent to influence intent. Which includes the attempt to define its nature and apply subsequent refinement.

And understandings. God is excused further effort. This research offers (1). The one non-material in the Universe is time. (2). There are up to 29 dimensions one spoken of as magical in nature. (3). Beyond the sub atomic is a world of vibrating strings. Can we not therefore assume sound.  (Currently eight out of ten students on this planet are devoted to the filed of physics are going into the Super String). Once again considering that a dimension is defined as “a property of space an extension of space” why are not humans, humming birds and trees dimensions. Refining dimensions. Each an extended access way to the non-linear self. Reciprocally sympathetic refining as opposed to extended. Distinct5 space refining as itself. (Motion-intent-awareness-source. Spherically not one less the other. Each access to the same.)  Sound valuating-revealing  form (ie) vibrating strings. Can these material conditions exists Eternally and otherwise if they are not compatible with space. Form or not compatible the same. Confused by the less of ourselves realized as uncertainty and “our” disposable-disintegrating junctures. Also sevide3nt as the quantum riddle. Not unlike presently a dimension examining a dimension. Mirror glancing at a mirror waiting for a reflection other than itself., Each the memory of the other. And in their spatial process-interchangeable with space.

Another effort avails. The curly haired scientist, Rupert Scheldrake,  conventionally educated at Harvard and Cambridge offers. “There exists a field between species irrespective of time and space with its own acquiring memory.” Therefore not factored or realized through time. A memory presence other than our own. Timeless Eternal memory. As such more efficient not consequent to forgetting. A reciprocal memory not a memory function limited to one source. Spontaneous memory. Research example. “Alleged rats (rats like trees or planets are human characterizations reflective of our ironic perceptions expressed further displaced through the designed flaws of language and other inconsistent institutions such as progress based on invalidation or linearly assigned intelligence)….yes the alleged rats were taught numerous behaviors in America. Different little ones in Australia learned these behaviors ten times faster. “Acquiring memory function irrespective of space through time,” are we exami9ning a dimensional access way. The inferred source of origin. The Cosmic reference source that eventually explained birth, materializing and death or dematerializing on this planet. (Sometimes we have no9 more than a question?). Can this activity condition be garnished, realized or refined as an individual task. Human or technological or environmental....such as reversing the corruption of an ecosystem...which is a time effect. The evolution of disease  or the accommodation of aging. Are we identifying the acquiring venue source of luck, coincidence, spontaneous remission, precognition, intuition, dream. birth, death, allusions to miracle (events without acceptable explanation or denial). The aforementioned that through actualized DNAs can become reciprocally conversant (life and death not less one the other) otherwise-origin source becomes our own rather than the Light sound manifest.... Can we assimilate ourselves to this timeless memory? Does this Eternal memory speak to our spiritual quest. Our need to meditate, pray, dream, procreate and yearn. Our endless searching. Need we be lost as found. Again please does our acquiring memoiry explain (one way)  repressed luck, coincidence, healing, precognitions excreta. What is lost to our success is refined through failure. All continues all distinguishing refining. Whatever is lost is evident as sustained spherically without defining loss. Death? Disease? Dematerializing? All refines ideally as uninterrupted memory. IOs (is) the acquiring memory as defined  suggestive of the area we discussed as forgetting. Behind every disturbance there's a sphere. Nothing disappears...Meaning permanently.

“I’ve” sensed for some years that eventually linear language would not be able sustain this effort. Daily the designed purpose of language is to maintain its linear temporal source which in its material application culminates as sometimes unpredictable disintegration. Language functions concurrently in its own unfolding in the service of material invalidation, consequently similarity subsides.... Reflecting on an existence that is often valued as denied. In reading this essay particularly while writing about “forgetting” as an un willful material locality and ephemeral technology language seems to of become functional as depleted. Language begins to collapse on itself. Hopefully-likely you will be better able to sustain intent. The body presence is not without apparent  limitations. Words are us. And not us....

Interestingly in the context of the previous paragraph. The people who have listened to these concepts seem to only be able to remember substance by forgetting. The possible explanation? We gather information through an increment of language. We accrue “knowledge” in brain hemispheres as spontaneous information, referenced as memory that is expressed again linearly through language. When information is presented that is non- linear in nature the response from inception seems to be forget...without effort. The effort of the linear self.... One beautiful lady politely complained that she felt like she was, “fading.” Losing her linear identity which exists in opposition to her non-linear body. Can’t be certain... conversations are in many ways limited. Interesting also how readily folks become irritated with the term linear. Reading seems the easier flow...One silent the other not. Yes difficult to be certain when uncertain also rarely sustains.

The following a mysterious study of inference. Purposeful sphere. Inviting a sense of intuition more than acknowledgment:  Motion is intent. Intent suggests awareness. And awareness source. Motion creates intent affirmed as awareness motion's source confirming origin. (A sphere).  We are authors of all through the exclusion of what we create. We are left with partial impressions of reality which understandably we often value by denying. Yet we pray as  anticipation desires. We laugh. And meditate the mediation of ourselves....Consider a machine intent whose only space utility is function. As such task or function is adaptive to intent without design. (Design utility becomes ephemeral). Each task-event assumes its own duration. Not as a measure of anticipated-measureable therefore functional inconsistency. (The essence of lionear form realized in time). But only as event intent. You are confused? You do not understand? Good. Acknowledgment confirms ironies consensus. Silence is often it seems faith’s response without neglect. Patience is faith knowledge is waiting. Not knowing opens all doors less their answers closing...

Continuing less discontinued. A memory is spontaneous. Not less its essential self. Potentially uninterrupted. A specific motion intent is a memory of that event, a memory of itself. Functional uninterrupted memory. (Therefore without disposable form since disposable form occurs in a time imbued culture whioch includes the interruption of memory or memory limited to the past. And the belief that memories are not reciprocal). Dislocated or interrupted memory event are also technologically referenced as machine and the ideation that lead to the disposable machine. Indeed all eventually becomes therefore non-linearly was a memory)....Machine task is part of uninterrupted memory. As offered event and memory are interchangeable. The spontaneous nature of memory suggests as much. Presently this temporary-dislocating or localized  memory event process is apparent when memory assumes form through time. The life event memory  becomes uncertain, incomplete, forgettable-technologically distorted as an inadequate disposable machine. Machine and limited duration are interchangeable through the compelling inconsistency of machine, task and involved humans. Without this inconsistency current technology is not possible. You have to factor failure to prove you have a chance. Very curious do you agree? Failure remains determinant, referenced before as happenstance, but does failure have to be a design component.

What about “a dimension” is lost in a temporal linear world. Previously defined, “a dimension is an extension of space a property of space.” (All linear definitions are incomplete). Both space and motion or extension when one not realized less the other we can assume the status condition of the motion extension or intent is spontaneous. Universe sympathetic. Dimension functions as and through space in the absence of time. Dimension like music and uninterrupted memory is consequential to itself.  In a time imbued linear culture like everything else a relevant to its incompleteness, its inconsistency, its eventual disintegration. We live in a triangulated or dislocated 3 dimensional world. Which you believe you must surrender to enter and become participant in the 4th dimension, the uninterrupted Light. A dimension becomes active as relevant sound or DNAs. And DNAs becomes relevant as a dimension. Human beings are accustomed to creating, altering and destroying. You do not create a dimension you participate as  and with one...The element of extension, realization or intent...culminates as a disposable non-directional (non-utilitarian) event through intentional timely alteration. This breach is distorted in the extreme through technology and exclusionary spiritual allegory. But dimension like everything else in the Universe is spontaneous-timeless as such continuous. A reciprocal access way. As such the concept and practicality of dimension amongst humans like Heaven is a materiality that exists outside the current human existence. Relevant through a death that denies life and a life denied as death. (Whispering once again: The Universe is all inclusive not consequent to its invalidation). The dimension of self as a Cosmic access way remaions  as described whether denied or actualized. Remember you body is non-linear. You must first realize or access the all inclusive sphere before irony or displacement can become predominant. Your reality free of time  “while alive” you are dimensionally active, sympathetically infinite-spherical. Such a discipline pragmatically denies the  earthly materiality relevant as  killing. And also as unproductivethe profit commerce of death through  religion-business- technology that value death exclusion-material disintegration as summation. Sadly the violation of the  environment is disintegrative equivalent of the unstable disintegrating human effort. When you are not participant- beneficent in material cessation you become the preswent Godsoulprint event of yourself, though often challenged. If yoiur divinity were  not challenged your divinity would be static, likely not engaged and of benefit to others. Your reciprocally acknowledged extended material  self  becomes space sympathetic. A shared access way to the awe. Not denied. Not denying. How? You choose. And persist.

Most of your birth-death heritage, our Cosmic roots, is compromised by your  time diminishing materiality. Yet you attain a benefit appreciation of dimensional access way by knowing good from bad and preferring good, through sleep, anticipation, transcendent love...meani9ng in loving  you (I) have been loved. A love not based on charmed-compatible or coerced response..... And of course functional death. Though death presently is not a conversant affect, the conflict between timelessness and time the construed opposite of the other. (The Eternal and the non-Eternal). Reminding eventually, meaning spherically now, exclusions and opposites harmonize as one not less the other. These non-linear events are not without challenge. Even sleep can be troubled. God determined individuals who acknowledge the timely linear awe, their Godsoulprint most often suffer banishment. (Perhaps most often self banishment as suggested by drugs, a reclusive life style etcetera). As evidenced by Jesus the Christ, Mohammed, Joseph Smith, Mother Teresa, Buddha, perhaps yourself or others with whom you share. Banishment meaning the  exclusion of self. Examples: Killing such as crucifixion, marginalized by self or others  before or after death. Through the diminishing institution which attends to itself before those individually attendant. Through institution others are subordinated to ritual and preferred a God interpretation.

That likely predates your birth potentially denying your life contribution and certainly doing so in the “belief” that your God ideal can no9t occur while your a life, but occurs after death. You do not transcend the Holy Temple. The Holy Temple assimilates you...the life long process. You are  Godsoulprint defaced. Through the surrogacy of institution the God determined individuals “oppose” deny one another. The God love awe the determined ones lived becomes otherwise. Holy Temple not self becomes access way. Yet it is the self that prays, wonders and yearns. The self is responsible.

*Catching up to the nice spiritual man Einstein's two observations. “At the speed of light there is no passage of time.” Therefore in the absence of time the Light becomes manifest.  In the absence of speed or displacement the same since  you can’t affect-engage time without contrived dislocation. If it’s helpful for you to think in terms of speed or dislocation there can not at this juncture be a  more compelling experience in speed or dislocation than “spontaneous speed” (ie) every-always at once. Time relevance becomes an issuance of “spherical time.” Meaning consistent time, without displacement,  a function of duration and constancy not ending in time. Presumably as such each event would have its own time not only in duration, but constancy or refinement. Which speaks to dislocation wiothout displacement and disintegration The 2nd... “When  mass is constricted enough the curvature becomes infinite.” We can assume the curvature includes the affected mass or the process would deny the infinite ideal? And once the mass curvature becomes infinite? The process is reciprocal (ie) reverts which is the nature of the unfolding-refining sphere. Actually the two observations at a certain juncture become conjoined and interchangeable. Like a mirror disappearing into itself before reappearing as its own evolved-refined image...kind of: When...“mass is constricted enough” the time dislocations is not possible and the one condition that satisfies infinity  and “the absence of time” is the Light...which is reciprocal in nature in that its all inclusive and un bordered. Is not all self sustaining motion... a pulse...contraction-expansion then back: The ameba, a supernova, gravity, birth, death, night to day, your heart beat, a hug, a kiss, a sneeze, weather, farming...


Implications thrive-a sympathetic energy bond: When the motion-intent of an event is spherical does not the sphere create or represent its own energy (ie) fuel source.

Asking we persist: Why is everyone taking the same aspirin when this medication can be made sound intimate to the individual whose headache is also unique evidenced by its own DNAsound. Each cancer is dnas distinct similarly resolved. Also accrued  heart disease.(The body is non-linear but disease perspective and “cure”  is localized (lung disease, heart condition)...such accommodations deny the totality of the body through fragmenting.. the ideal cure as Curtis and “I” were just discussing should be non-linear which suggest simultaneous spontanioety during our one non-linear ideal sleep).... A non-linear approach would also allow for a more compelling appreciation of the presumed disease. (WE continue). Why is everyone playing the same harmonica, using similar stethoscopes, flying similarly the same jet plane(doing so even effectively denies to distinct self)..... these adaptive technologies can be made design intimate to the  individual in function design, utility which includes the ephemeral bond between human and machine much denied through linear time irony. Once again: The designed utility of your car is not complete unless you can unintentionally crash it on the way home. Your home is not ready for occupancy unless it can burn down. Your life is not complete unless it can end. Unexpectedly while expected. Destruction and death cessation are factored into your life. Not likely by you but so by your acceptance. Do you agree?(An your car, yourself, your home are insured to generate value after not before damage or loss). A gentle perspective. A safe car includes the driver, passengers, other vehicles, pedestrians as well as the highways.. A home safe (as itself) is safe for use.(Shouldn’t the concept of value and safety include all cars and homes as integrated related units). Remembering....  Kindness to either the cancer or self is kindness to both. All is life blissfully intended. Similarly as experienced-as designed.....The before and after of a destructive event are time linear conditioned realities. But as an  intact memory constancy cure and disease are be preserved without incompatibility or the spontaneity of memory (Its Cosmic materiality) is denied. The instability, futility of the house, self, the car, a species an environment are off shoots of  a culture that values as necessity  inconsistency and disintegration. This material futility is also evident as failure, death cessation, essential improbability, an exclusionary depersonalized God, incremental language and assigned static intelligence. Remember dematerializing need not and does not culminate as disintegration or loss of value purpose, loss of utility. But human beiongs trapped in diminishing  time experience their planetary reality through their accepted mortality which they project onto their material existence. In the absence of time the Eternal continuity thrives. Life the Light breaths-throbs Eternally.  The forgotten, the disassociated  dormant past is active; consequently immediacy is only tentative to the future. A less fragmented reality. The current triangulated materiality evidenced by 3 dimensions, 3 time dislocations, birth-life-death is more sympathetic to intent. Infinity becomes casual. Time becomes future oriented. The past no longer is the constancy only so because it is not integrated to immediacy. Reality is more integrated. (Time becomes spherical not diminishing). In the absence of a past death and dematerializing become continuous. The infinite Eternalo is expressible...

During a spontaneous condition-event process can also influenced as long as spontaneity is maintained. Departure and destination are resolved as a singular functional event. Suggesting inter stellar travel.  Medicine, education, transportation, gravity… the near all changes. Each human is a distinct sound. DNAsound. A few examples: The aging process…. This individual sound can be identified monthly and reversed while the individual mediates (meditates) or sleeps minimizing infirmity and aging. Accepting death is not as we perceive then neither is aging which culminates in death, both non linear conditions (ie) the body and the death effect  can be influenced while sustaining spontaneity. Meaning diminishiong disintegration both as aging activity and the  “illness“ that are associated with aging particularly as they relate to death cessation. The same cancer. Much easier resolving a cancer  “spontaneously” as a sympathetically interactive sound that is unique to the specific cancer than the current displacing process that is not intimate to the  entire individual and involves, but does not sympathetically acknowledge all other body functions- sustaining an opposing duality of cure verses disease that separates the essence of infinity. The “disease” ideally is  an issue of reciprocally availing information that is non- localized. Research factors instruments, research personnel, research protocols-all research becomes inclusive relevant and revealing. Researching a cure is as valid as a presumed disease. When disease evolution or cure prevention are no longer time factored or time factored as duration not exclusion...the shift from the concept of disease becomes distinctly amazing...its own magical dimension. Magical? Some languages we do not speak. Some perceptions are imperceptible... Yet our reach can exceed are self defining limitations. Straining logic. Accepting death is not an end of life, but an assimilation, an uni9nterrrupted non-linear assumption we can “assume” that your health can be improved after you die. Interesting do  you agree? The accrued assumption of your life as a  corpse has a DNAs reference that can be helpful while you are still “living.” Projection this ideal reference of  yourself, the complete assimilation of self suggested by death affords a new world of exacting knowledge and perspective. The complete library of self. Improving the nature, the disposition of death (during death and after) speaks to the integrity of your Eternal well being. And that of your extended family. A person can be placed in DNAs hibernation (assimilated death) thereby sustain the condition that is accept as death and continue the healing without interruption. When the human body can be engaged as an intact singular totality dysfunction is redefined. Each medical event is unique. It’s own pattern. Disease no longer is determinant because the disintegration, the destruction essential to a time event has been resolved. Further disease is a localized event in a non-linear body. Example lung cancer, heart disease, brain tumor. But a non-linear body can not be fragmented to any purpose without denying the body. A body can not be separated from itself without separating the body less itself. Further accepting the ideal of a non-linear body, suggested by its pre birth and post death status, a disease and cure activity derives from and benefits all. (A disease begins through communal behavior, but the cure element is not regarded similarly.... Result understandably is ambiguous when the initiating juncture and resolution of a disease are apparent but not explainable except in singular result. Adding to uncertainty is resolved in time. Life the same. (Remission derives from one disease, but affects both cure and disease). All dnas light sound events lioke cure-disease are all distinguishing (not exclusionary) as such un bordered and all inclusive (sympathetic with timelessness). That which is all distinguishing or accordingly compatible can not tolerate the singular exclusion of one disease verses its opposite cure without damage. Scientific, medical, technological and too a large extent historical knowledge is a recording of our linear irony. Our diminishing materiality. As such the ideal of progress is based on invalidation. Actually preferred or seemingly improved invalidation. Consistently? If what you esteem only has value because it will eventually be dismissed why does your initial estimation  have such defining value?<

A telling observation relevant to light sound. And dnas. (Spherical sound). We are accustomed to experiencing sound as a hearing “auditory” experience. But spherical sound as suggested by the siloence before it’s responded to, linearly adapted, is a spontaneous spherical presence that affects all senses at once. A sound with a visual, tactile, olfactory component, also taste. Like forgetting an un willful realization. The entire person becomes a sense of self. Non-linear. Unionterupted. An awareness...

“I” remember (I) were about to suggest to a young lady at the Om Center in Omaha. Wouldn’t  it be nice knowing before and after you die that you will receive a massage.  An American Indian tribe offers. You should be in the best shape possible when  you die so that you can benefit the most from your death. Twenty five years ago all the cemeteries in the United States were the size of the state of Rhode Island. And no ones there. And they are. Beacons...

The planet earth has a sound, an evolving sound. The same the Milky way. The DNAsound of humans is also evolving. Which includes their spirituality. Can we assume that upon the presumption of death a persons accrued life transcends  therefore influences the familial DNAs, otherwise exclusion would be determinant. Accrued Karma. Their darkness and the  their Light. Absolved to one or the other upon the assumption of life meaning death. Is a baby born with karmic debt. Likely not  again this would factor exclusion rather than refinement. But a babies destiny, opportunity is influenced by their family. Their linear family. Their neighborhood family. Planetary family. And extended Cosmic family.

Many forms of death are a dismal reflection of the earth peoples acquired disintegrating materiality. Irony, uncertainty and disintegration often translating to a disruptive, unstable, painful death. Examples: Anticipated0designed accidents.  Prolonged disease often interrupted by a temporary inadequate  cure and shared disease valuated through death dichotomy. And all inclusive shared violence that permeates the temporal linear culture, designed communal disintegration which can be invigorated by those who oppose a particular violent event.... We share our lives not ended by death, do we not share our deaths. Accepting that death is not a cessation event, not an end point, but part of the continuity the type of death influences the nature of the continuity. If death is not as we perceive then neither is life. The same disease and aging which culmionate in the contrived death. No endings thrive once begun. Referring to Creation the Universe environment.

Can a linear temporal economy function without depletion, dispossession and accrued damage? Can profit exceed material worth without denying human value. Are not economies, businesses, based on loss as value added.

We continue smiling: DNAs coded jewelry  changes color, shape and texture relevant to your conve4rsation conversation. Art, movies, music changing form relevant to an  interactive response, all senses experienced as  spherically one.  Music would be structurally influenced fans become participant. Musical echo’s internal-external-individual-communal... tactile, visual, olfactory. And combinations thereby.  Including the non-sequential that is beyond our capacity to “know” (source of origin source).  Still experience as suggested luck, coincidence, death, spontaneous remission.  The quantum riddle responds (ie) at the subatomic level all measurements occur in probability because the activity function of measurement interferes with that which is being measured. Interesting the concept we are discussing is a sympathetic “shared” response of the quantum riddle because the actual DNAs event becomes manifest irrespective of any effort we are currently capable of….Our linear cause then effect  presence through thinking and current technology fractures the all inclusive unordered and un bordered nature of silence or the Light. Our existence is based on effecting borders, intervening limits in order to realize temporary “time” result that eventually will loose all value purpose. Reminding  the Light, the silence are not ironically casual, but rather spontaneous  and as such timeless. Light affect requires no control-influence other than the Light as a  refining summation of itself. 

The same refining DNAs… Maximizing a skill like flying an airplane whi1ch includes adaptive skills which can not be prepared for like not flying the airplane meaning when you lose “control“ of the plane (there seem to be too many parallels between landing an airplane and crashing one).... (ie) getting in the grove-becoming light assisted, also playing your DNAs compatible piano, you will know when you are accompanied-indeed the “audiences” accordingly thrives, digestion (your own opportune piece of  adaptive cheesecake, meditation (mediation  you understand), love making....more like becomiong love, do you agree? Assigned intelligence, aptitude, problem solving become non-linear. (Anagram for intelligent…tell it to the gene). Cause and effect result are less potentially fractured. (Another term for separation, displacement, disintegration, distractions). We are profoundly distracted. Obviously in a DNAs sympathetic a desired event, process, intent and the result have to be sympathetic to each other. Certainly much more so than in out current linear-timely culture. Imagine Steve your Sanding motion machine adapting to each floor asnd to your effort in a distinctive manner. No two floors are alike how can they be sanded alike without mionimizing result.(Each job sound created would be individual to the event and yourself). The same a scalpel assuming its need. The scalpel becomes distinctively adapting- accommodating to the patient, the doctor and its purpose. (The scalpel would certainly not be metallic. Incision would not separate flesh or organ). Much of which we are presently not aware of, dismissing inconsistencies to the nature of the effort, bad luck etcetera. Imagine the dance floor. The rock concert would be influenced by “the audience,” the result would not be limited to sound. Light images, sensation. The same tactile and olfactory. New sense sensation when senses are not separate. Access way music. DNAs compatible  instruments never played before that would also be influenced by the condition event. Wouldn’t record profits have to be shared with the audience. At least some form of reciprocity. Attending the same rock concert more than once would approach the impossible. And of prayer? And visions. The list continues shifting as read....Remote viewing. Precognitive events. Remote listening. Insanity..? Can aberrant behavior or disposition be an unproductive deviation from that which is Cosmically aberrant. All is linearly incomplete ioncluding that which is incomplete. What is said about normalcy when its essential nature can only be near fully defined, not through sympathetic assimilation but through denial of the ideal. We create the burdens we resist by carrying. Accordingly you are instructed. Live and die.

Noting these access insights are suggested by the work of the PEAR Group at Princeton relevant to resonance  between human and machine. By the Asian gentleman's intrioguing work at MIT relevant to the transcendiong our limited materiality as relevant and revealing sound intent. And the Curly Haired biologist inspiring thesis that all species are influenced irrespective of time and space and their own acquiring memory. Meaning a timeless (other than linear)...seemiongly  Eternal memory that is  not limited to past events..... that is not functional through our irony. Also by your dreams. Your anticipations. God’s prayer answer yourself. We continue....Similarly the Super Strings  interest in dimensions and a sub atomic world consisting of vibrating strings. Are the strings reciprocal, meaning in part one element or end conversant and refining of the other. Is the string an echo, is the vibrating string concurrent to itself. Does the vibrating String have the same aspect conditions as memory? Are the Stings “attracted” to each other. One of the challenges' is that it is not possible reading specialized texts unless you have an advanced degree. Excluding many from the adventure, even wistful scholars, Curtis and I discussed whether texts should be translated into manageable language without loss of excitement. How can the GUT, the grand unified theory, not include all fields of comprehension. What bond do all sciences share besides a common purpose and exclusion. What spark? What Light source?

Appreciating to understand that the all-inclusive Light includes the  notion of machine or technology. Currently technology is an ironic reflection of the conflicted-Cosmically displaced human.  Offering a sentence is not ideally a complete thought as suggested a anagram is a closer assimilation of this synthesis. The beginning motion sound of a word. Anagram for silent is listen. Anagram for suicide is... I sue us I die. Anagram for share…he she hears. Laughter…all gather true. Patriot…I tap the riot. Armageddon…are we done with God (also factor mad and damned). The variation of anagrams in other languages is potentially interesting. Everything is relevant-revealing and connected. Anagram for died…”did I die-I did die.” All predates the materializing of the planet earth including yourself, including the activity of magic.

What evidence is there of “ Light sound sensations” in our lives. Evidence of your Cosmic self denied. (These are event occurrences that are not derived from a human or machine. And are not resultant from or reference preexisting  knowledge)….Asking, searching, yearning: Creation is no longer limited to our alteration response of  contrived stimuli. An event is ideally occur rent as the event happens, before and after are time reference that have already assimilated  dislocating linearity through time irony.... The memory immediacy of an event speaks to its infinite constancy not ionflouenced by future-past dormancy which inclines-develops material immediacy toward purposeless disintegration. Doors are opening. Emergent activity. Your Cosmic ever presence communes....partnership without minority.  Communal-individual intelligence  spherically immediate evolving. Duration purpose. Previously uncertain now solicited and conversant ....precognitions, luck, unexplained remission, coincidence, visions, placebo,  sleep, the presumption of birth and death, meditation, xenology, remission, intuition, indeed the potential sum of our entire experience once resolved in a manner sympathetic with the Cosmos which we know as forgetting. We can assume any improvement is Light encouraged….Note these non- linear occurrences happen to one person at a time suggestion a condition of silence our conduit to the Light, sound and Light conjoined as the person.  While meditating you are not language displaced, not displaced to  institution, your are without linear timely without motion. Meditation is an issue of presences not process. Potentially spontaneous not linearly sequential. Hence spherical or boundless. (Understanding to comprehend these Light sensations are conversantly reciprocal until acted on, introduced to your linear-temporal displacement). These  realizations once experienced become displaced consequently flawed and inconsistent. Currently the human cannot have a sustained intuitive conversation. Sustain a precognitive moment with another etcetera. Noting when two individuals can identify a common unique meditative sound two can meditate (mediate) in as the spatial harmony of one. Become Light sound conversant. A walk in the Light....Every straight line is a sphere impending. Appreciating all linear skills are learned. Whispering once again. All beings are born Light affluent (ie) divine, our bodies are  non-linear. Godsoulprint intact. Without language, institutional bond, time orientation, death valuation. Union with the Cosmic God is one of presence not linear instruction. Can the spherical harmonic presence be relearned. Become reinitiated. Clearly the Cosmic predisposition was never lost only denied. Misinterpreted...delayed.

Once again for the first time these concepts and all related values are as much yours in the sharing as ours in the expressing. Indeed  yours “ours” before the sharing. The anagram for...share. “ She he hears...are.” All is ofby Creation God origin, fulfilled or acknowledged as denied.

A polite observation.....on occasion individuals appear distracted, mystified by allusions to a linear God however respectful. Relevant to the ideal of observation meaning logic, comprehending the near totality of God is not possible-not encouraged in a world where the legitimacy of perception is its own displacement denied through language  inconsistency that is further devalued through the institutional anomaly. Which includes belief weighed through disbelief balanced through tentative faith. A God experienced in time can only be ideally relevant through the denial or casual displacement of the same God. There is the Cosmic God the origin source and our earthly adaptation. Currently “God” is a subjective preference based on instruction an immediate ideal denied till after death repressing God’s creative effort…meaning Creation life. A life denied till after death becomes the preferred “only inclusionary consequent” God ideal. Leaving God to an after life leaves the planet earth to the human aberration. Love denied as forgiven, is but one contempt.... We try boldly we continue. We are beautiful. Burdened beyond suffering still you prevail, the sum of awe. Our Godsoulprint aspires. New forms of language are emerging….The divine rive4r flows ... We are the galactic children of God. Another  word for the Light is Liofe.

Beautifully of understanding a baby is born without language, without contrived intelligence, not time determined, death unaware, not otherwise linearly insinuated, God ‘s baby is an issue of Being not knowing based on incremental instruction. (The non-linear body resides iontact).  A baby is born Light affluent. As such without border therefore with a prior essence. A babies body is non-linear as such all inclusive, Eternal, with a prior essence denied in life continued and accrued after the presumption of death. You are reborn with a language except for the language of being, born with a spiritual and  an evolving intelligence disposition that is spherical-sympathetic (shared as presence) with your non-linear presence. Ever presence..... Intriguingly death avails the same non-linear activity perspective. (Are our linear successes our Cosmic disappointments?) Our talents can well exceed linearity. In the absence of diminishing time your are infinitely disposed. What evidence speaks your eyes: Miracles require no translation. Precognition including luck the same. Uninstructed we sleep and laugh enjoin ourselves to music. We mourn our lives knowing ourselves a divine mystery. Our lives are struggle. We die unassisted. A disposition other than our own. Allowing poetries touch. (The Universe is inescapably continuous what escape is death. What grave  mourns your prayers). Eternally refining we continue. What words say that prayers hear. We explain God to ourselves rather than allowing God the privilege. Is God our gift to offer. What dream wakens no9t God’s children.

There is good. And there is bad. Kindness and unkindness. Love and it’s opposite. There is Heaven and Heaven’s exemption.  There is darkness. And there’s the light. There is no death there is extinction? NASA defines dark matter as the absence of frequency. Distinctions and contrasts. Recalling the Light sound Eternal events. Referenced by humans as  luck, coince3dence, precognition, remission, miracles, your birth and death...the other one-way occurrences mentioned that are not created by a human being, are spontaneous therefore not time relevant, affect one person at a time therefore suggestive of  silence, also these unsolicited sympathetic events do not reference accrued linear knowledge. Dark events. Most often are shared. Are consequent of human choice. Are realized in time and can be recurrent. Both Light and dark events accrue as material memory. And are consequent linearly. And spherically. Dark events can deny Light events. Light events can resolve dark events to the Light. Dark events and Light events can be chosen. Dark events chosen accrue as the darkness of yourself. Light events chosen accrue as the Light of  yourself. In a  disintegrating  reality the near of all events are uncertain as oppositional. Kindness is chosen over unkindness. Life over killing. The Eternal over the presumed non- Eternal. There is the darkness. There is the Light. One Light sound Eternal. The other the presumed absence expressive the non-Eternal. There is knowing. And unknowing. And there is the unknowable. But good is good. And bad is bad. Love nurtures good. And not loving discerns bad. Life is life. And killing is not. There is the darkness. And there is the Light. Which one yuou chose the choice you are...

*Given that non-linear speaks to that which is continuous, without borders-not separated dysfunction ally....we can assume birth predat4es conceptiuon and death postdates itself uninterrupted...A swirl, a flow, a carnational flutter. Again that if a sound presence can be given to cancer which leads to death the same can be done with death. And birth. (Motion is intent both sound). And any accruing sounds thereafter, complimentary or denying of the initial  birth sound. A DNAs sound of silence that is all inclusive, without borders therefore not interrupted by death or birth. The Eternal you. The refining-resounding of your Eternal Cosmic space.

The Cosmic orchard. Your parents Steve, Rodney, Curtios, Sandy, Vicki, Norman, Cleo, Tammy....their parents, therefore yourself removed how many times before we arrive at a condition status that predates the materializing of the planet earth still your parent the Eternal Light. Cosmic echo. This spontaneous Cosmic mosaic we linearly separate ourselves from and dislocate as time. Otherwise immediate. Without  exclusion. Aware and express.. Dreams do not need our permission. Neither does the Cosmois.

--Death not dying--
(infinity continuity uninterrupted)

In the absence of time ironic disintegrating causality evolves uninterrupted… form becomes an issuance of the Light. . (When form intent  is no longer time functional- causality, oppositional duality, displacement, linearity no longer abide as culminating without utility or direction both as process and as a valueless totality…Form mootion intent becomes a conversant issuance of the infinite Lightsound not based on disintegration. Accepting that death is not time-active. Not time engaging. Death is no longer a causally displacing-disintegrating function of form, not linear…death is an issuance of the Light.  Your “death” is no longer an issue of  the functional end of your bodysoul, but of other- materializing, reemergence. Acknowledge non-linear death is an unfamiliar place. Not fully of our eyes witness, not compatible with out linear time based perceptions. Difficult to know the flavor without the taste. (Yet both spherically the same memory less instructions haste)....Yet logic abides reason consents. Life and death are each one not less the other, otherwise infinity is other than infinite, the Eternal is not.

We assume as prayers listen..... When an earth person assumes active status of death, they emit uninterrupted DNAs, their DNA assumes an uninterrupted sound relevant to it’s motion we witness as decay. ( forty generations of one family is several million people). What does this mean? There is meaning. Presence is purpose is activity. Does this explain luck, coincidence, precognition, healing, your dreams, life and death. (Human beings can not know all and remain self aware. We are whole. But not all. (We continue somewhat doscontinued)? When a human “dies” they don’t go to Heaven. Going speaks to a linear  displacement of space that would make Heaven a separation from itself. You don’t go to Heaven you stay in Heaven. You don’t walk through Pearly Gates, stepping onto streets paved with gold or in the case of our Moslem brothers and sisters-greeted by seventy virgins…the gates, streets, virgins are casual-fragmenting-i9nter active  forms the perceptual  nature would negate the all-inclusive un bordered Light (form has borders). Yet all is material except time hence all perceptions abide. All is relevant not less as denied. The same percieve3d not as perception denied. We offer perspective. How Universe responsive is your awareness. Acknowledging each individuals relationship with God is as self determined....Any gathering of ideas not your own can be as denying an institution as a Holy Temple. How you see you are seen. (Is your God reference an earthly seed revealed (only fully-expressible) through the absence of your life. Or otherwise not less the same).  An emerging timeless death your body form assumes the Light expression.  Upon death you become Heaven…. The Light from whence you came. Comprehending cautiously whereas there is no death there is extinction.. Once a God species becomes extinguished, yielding to their accrued darkness, the spherical Light-sound communion (carnatio0nal flutter) has been severed.  The darkness prevails the Light. God is an issuance of Being. Spherically all is Eternally familiar otherwise by choice. Yet the all of God is our mystery, we are not God’s mystery.

Thank you for your  Eternal accompaniment. Without you we would be death as spoken, lost remiss...Oh joy be good that God may Be...


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