PRAIRIE SCHOONER AND THE LIGHT -- As the limitation of word’s gathering allow please read with the care you might devote to approaching the shadow of an anticipated memory.


…An essay…
and by C. Woram and…

As  the limitation of  word’s gathering allow please  read with the care you might devote to approaching  the shadow of an anticipated memory. The following more a concentric tapestry than a linear progression.

…. The nice Professor Einstein offered. The Universe is timeless. Infinity suggests as much. Infinity is an inescapable uninterrupted continuity.

…. Time is our  earthly adaptation. We are therefore out of sync with the Cosmos of which we are a derivative part, therefore out of step with ourselves. The implications abound.

Without causalities displacement the measurable duration  we know as time is not possible. Curious our earthly progress is reliant on  “eventually” invalidating what we esteem. One protocol defines our material existence…everything that begins ends. While ending.  This causal irony is experienced and witnessed through dematerializing. The disintegration of material.  Our body aging culminating in death one example…. Perception and inevitability justified we alter the environment accordingly. So we live, death applauds we bow.

The self defining question persists through what timely casual practices do we  displace (separate) ourselves from the infinite Universe? The answer: Language, mathematics, assigned intelligence and our abiding definition of death. (All cause followed by uncertain effect  process sustained and measured in our linear world  through the irony time). This lifetime linear formulary is experienced as conflict, randomness, inconsistency, irony, and death beyond utility.  And the ironic-displaced spirituality on this planet. On this planet all sciences are functional to the incremental concept of measurement, but the infinite Cosmos cannot tolerate the linear progression “incremental separations“ of measurement. (Does form tolerate so essentially?) We continue somewhat discontinued…dematerializing insists. Acknowledging form interaction is essential to form. One riddle abides…by what interaction do we thrive. Methodology is essence. One answer abides as garden does flower… does the bad have to be so bad and can the good be better,

The aforementioned displacements if not  immediate-anticipation derives. Time is the earthly contrived machine. Our lives we obligingly submit. Essentially? The human success decries our Cosmic origin.

Approaching the fewer words

…. The Cosmos is a  refining function of the Light infinite Eternal. Earth math offers there are no straight lines in the infinite Universe.  The Cosmos is evidenced not as a displacing process  whose linear increments would compromise the continuous  nature of infinity, but as presence.  (Ever presence). Not as the sequential, but as spontaneity. Appreciating what is sequential as process denies or distorts the essential nature of the Universe-the infinite continuity. Appreciating the singular material condition that is sympathetic with infinity is the 4th dimension “the Light.” Understanding to comprehend that “The Light” is without borders, all-inclusive , all-embraci9ng. Infinity similarly unfolds spontaneous an issue of presence not sequential process. Linearity, a straight line,  one source beautifully defines as “a disturbance between two points” explains our causal self opposing artificial material reality… the current chosen experience on this planet. Linearity… is an invalidated beginning point determined by an opposite end point, relevant through sustained irony-material devaluation.. This life casuality we pardon as rethinking, remarrying, researching, reinventing, refurbishing, relocating…infinity smiles one question-if the Universe is one location how can we relocate. The answer punishes the question. Duality yearns opposition’s haste,  exclusion thrives, displacement and opposition validated through the material dissolution of our world: Given the sustained  suffering defining the earth peoples chosen  existence…  One question abides. Can the spontaneous un- conflicted harmonic Cosmos be conjoined harmonically with  our displacing-altered-dangerous and conflicted  life…. Spiritually actualized through death. The earthly submission…Noting  we can not chose what  we are not aware of. Aspiration yearns knowledge tolerates. Though what we are not aware, often unknowingly resist, we can benefit from marginally-briefly.

The garden

The one material process we do not have to alter, measure- casually interpret in order to assimilate on this planet is the “presumption” of music. (Music is it’s own response…the ideal continuity).  Understanding if by understanding we must  form, particularly when interactive, negates-alters or displaces the Light. Form relies on and creates exclusionary borders. The nature of form is displacement, though not necessarily dysfunction ally beyond utility which is currently the earth peoples formulary. Form depends on its neighbors to sustain the question of form. The answer begs the question by what destination will be derive?

Intriguingly the presumed sound of silence unfolds obliging  much like the Light  …all-inclusive, un bordered and once engaged by form displaced. ( Suggesting the “silencing” music of all material including humans)…. Conceivably through  harmonically subjective silence (DNAs) all linarily conditional form can be  conjoined with infinite harmonic Cosmos. Resolving linear irony, conflict, randomness, de materializing (the displacements) to a Light reciprocally beneficent ideal. Our DNAsound we spend our lives denying.

Understanding and consequently applying infinity and timelessness is difficult given that the process through which we would do this (language-mathematic-ourselves experienced in time)…invalidates the effort. Given that the Universe is timeless it follows that everything within the Universe is timeless as well, including memory. Interestingly memory is like music, silence and the Light….Memory does not have to be linarily interpreted and as such altered through thinking inorder to assimilate. Memory is less so the servant of time. Memory can adjust for time and linearity spontaneously. Research offers .At your high school reunion the friend you have not seen in the many years, memory will adjust for the changes and you will most likely recognize your friend. Also if you only see a third of your friend’s face memory will defy linearity and complete the image. Memory suggest a non-linear world. In the material world of memory you will always be eighteen years old sneaking up to the punch bowl….Only God can remember an event as it happens. In timelessness the memory and the event are one and the  same spontaneity defines not cause and effect, until subjectively influenced by form….Indeed cure and disease as a functional linear relationship represents a further breath of the infinite continuity suggesting yet another ironic human adaptation. Possibly the suggestion is that the presumption of disease is more the status of memory suggestive of conditional memory. (Disease if distorted or misinterpreted Cosmic memory) Disease is information. And if this linarily designed assimilation is not relevant to dematerializing, oppositional linearity, but rather a sympathetic spontaneity…the implications smile. Disease guides death is not.

Imagine a surgical procedure that is not linarily displaced, sequentially incremental and functional as uncertain. The surgeon holding a scalpel that is DNAs compatible to the individual surgeon, intrinsically sympathetic to the desired event that is simultaneously spontaneous as intent. No longer the controlled certitude of probability. No longer the happenstance of tragedy since dematerializing (ie) death is no longer an optional consequence. Death happens pleasantly when this occurrence is no longer a denial of life suggestive of error or ill design and oppositional linearity.

One additional appreciation if (I) may. ICU nurse Nancy at Bergen Mercy Hospital offered in conversation that dark matter, defined as the absence of frequency, is consequential to the Light life sound of the Universe. This is a paraphrase of Nancy’s beautiful observation. Suggesting our own life-death expression reflect the panorama of super novas, collapsing stars is the infinitely life evolving Universe. Continous-Eternal. Not dematerializing. An Eternal infinitely uninterrupted Universe can only condone beginning, endings are the earth peoples accommodation. “I” have been painfully writing for years, the echo’s of a soldiers chores, there is no death but there is extinction. It seems I was beautifully  incorrect. Yet these are words. And the reminder hastens. Man-woman cannot know all and remain woman-man. Can we ever know the abiding truth of the Universe if we include our maturing selves in the search. Thank you Nancy

-Research infers-

…A geneticist at MIT for his own amusement in 1987 took the DNA code of a fish and placed this design unto a standard musical scale. The result. Melody of a fish. The same approach a leaf. The result. Melody of a leaf. Next this Asian gentleman too the DNA code of a cancer. Eventually played it backwards. Result…. Mozart’s Funeral Requiem. Note the reversal suggested by going “back.” Resolving past linear inconsistencies?

…More conventionally the Super String Theory which some believe will unify all the field forces on this planet into one applicable theory…GUT the Grand Unified Theory. This research offers (1). The one non-material in the Universe is time. (2). There are up to 29 dimensions one spoken of as magical in nature. (3). Beyond the sub atomic is a world of vibrating strings. Can we not therefore assume sound.( Other studies not mentioned reinforce).  Currently eight out of ten students devoted to the filed of physics are going into the Super String. Other research protocols invite Professor Larry Van Sonts work at Purdue. Essay on “The sonification of Protein” Texas Wesleyan University which I was not able to understand given that these nice and brave researchers tend to create a language that is intimate to themselves.

Another effort avails. The curly haired scientist conventionally educated at Harvard and Cambridge, invites. “There exists a field between species irrespective of time and sapce with its own auguring memory.” Do you understand  the inferred timeless Light . Research example. “Alleged rats (rats like trees or planets are human characterizations reflective of our ironic perceptions expressed further displaced through the designed flaws of language and varied institutions. Allowing the fewer words…we are species conversant by what dream do we explain a butterflies dream.)….yes the alleged rats were taught numerous behaviors in America. Different flittle ones in Australia learned these behaviors ten times faster. Are we identifying the acquiring venue of luck, coincedence, precogntion, intuiton, conceivably miralce that through actualized DNAs can become reciprocally conversant. Is this not further suggested when virus-bacteria acguire resistance to our invasive efforts. All is God’s and Godfully intended…

-Implications thrive-                                 

-correct me if I’m wrong preferably if I’m right-

…Why is everyone taking the same aspirin when this medication can be made sound intimate to the genetically unique individual’s distinct headache self? No two sounds are alike. Medicine, education, transportation…allowing viable application  the near all changes.

…Each human is a distinct sound. DNAsound. A few examples: The aging process…. This individual sound can be identified monthly and reversed while the individual mediates (meditates) or sleeps minimizing infirmity and aging. The same cancer. Much easier resolving a cancer  “spontaneously” as a sympathetically interactive sound that is unique to the specific cancer than the current displacing process that is not intimate to the individual and involves but does not sympathetically acknowledge all other body functions- sustaining a duality of cure verses disease that separates the essence of infinity. Kindness to either the cancer or the host is kindness to both. In a laboratory cancer is known as, “immortality in culture.” What lessons do we deny-our wit derived. Noting the sound of silence we are examining includes all senses, beyond the auditory, including valuating conditions that we are as a function of form unable to consciously assimilate. The “disease” becomes an issue of reciprocally availing information that is non-localized. Curiously the major industries on this planet deal with death as a dematerializing end point. Disintegration & congruent alteration  is intrinsic to perception currently the designed-engineered utility of a car is not functional unless it can crash.

DNAs coded jewelry (jewelry changes color, shape and texture during conversation), art, movies, music changing form relevant to the interactive response. An individual could experience throughout their life the same painting (not the same painting). A music band, assuming consent, the music would be structurally influenced. A spherical event the nature of the music would involve all sense. Including the non-sensual that is beyond our capacity to “know” but can still experience as suggested by the quantum riddle. Luck, coincidence etcetera. 

…. The same refining DNAs… Maximizing a skill like flying an airplane, playing a piano, digestion, meditation, love making. Assigned intelligence, aptitude, problem solving become non-linear. (Anagram for intelligent…tell it to the gene). Cause and effect result are less potentially fractured. By your kind allowance a few more anagrams. Time…“I’m it tie me.”  Silent…“listen.”  Patriot… “I tap the riot.”  Revelations… “real all the nations.”  Armageddon…”Are we done with God (factor) damned and mad.” Anagram for…laughter. “All gather true. I’m told only one L. Rules are detours.

Further clarifying this concept a recent study at Princeton University: A machine was designed by the nice-determined students and professors with a fifty percent probability on two results. Like tossing a coin. These researchers realized that who engaged the machine influenced the probability. Further determined that two individuals who  were resonant to each otheraffected the probability by a factor of seven. (Resonance infers spontaneity and non displacement) Appreciating to understand that the all-inclusive Light includes the displaced notion of machine or technology. Currently technology is an ironic reflection of the conflicted-Cosmically displaced human. In displaced world the designed utility of a car is incomplete, non-functional, unless you can crash the car on the way home. In a world resolved through alterable disintegratio0n four of the five major industries on this planet offer and sustain death as a dematerializing end point….(insurance, the medical network, various destruction industries, religion) Suggesting further a sentence is a displacement of a complete thought. Linear language is a designed inadequacy, sometimes beautiful. Presently language can tolerate the concept of yes, no and maybe in the same conversation as well as conflicting motives, various forms of deception, assumes compatible vocabularies. Clearly language is a reflection of our relationship with ourselves, each other and God’s Creation environment. And yes when the conversation is completed, its integrity by depend on the amount of ear wax one of the participants might bring to the effort.

…What evidence warms the Light ourselves…

…. What evidence is there of “the Light” in our lives. (These are sensations that are not derived from another human or machine and do not reference  a preexisting body of knowledge)…. Precognition, clairvoyance, luck, answered prayers,  coincidence, spontaneous remission,  sleep,  the presumption of birth and death, meditation, placebo, sleep, indeed the potential sum of our entire experience once resolved in a manner sympathetic with the Cosmos…. The exact juncture at which a human falls asleep is not casually-willfully determined therefore sleep is a function of the Light. You sleep  in the Light and waken to your slippers. While meditating you are not preoccupied to language, not displaced to institution, without motion. Meditation is an issue of presences not process. Potentially  spontaneous not linarily sequential. Hence spherical potentially boundless. Interestingly the aforementioned sensations invariably are spontaneous (non-linear) occurring to one person as such a casual…inferring silence. Also once realized linear displacement is immediate. We cannot yet share spontaneously intuitive information, luck, spontaneous remission etcetera. 

(Understanding to comprehend these Light sensations are not conversantly reciprocal). One way realizations once experienced become displaced consequently flawed and inconsistent. Currently the human cannot have a sustained intuitive conversation. Sustain a precogntioned moment with another etcetera. Noting when two individuals can identify a common (meditative sound) two can mediate in the harmony as one. The same “thought“, expressed not through the language of thinking but as suggested through Light intuition. Once the human acquire the un- displaced sound of self causality becomes harmonic. Appreciating all linear skills are learned. Humans are born Light affluent. Without language, institutional bond, functional linearity ie non localized, untutored to time, without death valuation. Intriguingly the same event conditions distinguish the status of death.

An observation,  individuals appear distracted, befuddled by allusions to a linear God however respectful. Relevant to the ideal of observation meaning logic, comprehending the near totality of God is not possible in a world where the legitimacy of perception is its displacement developed through the designed inconsistency of language which can further devalued to the material point of futility through inherent  probability and  the institutional-interpersonal anomaly. Which includes inconsistency and disbelief. A God experienced in time can only be ideally relevant through the denial or casual displacement of the same God. There is the Cosmic God the origin source and our earthly adaptation. Currently a subjective preference based on instruction actualized  through an allegorical death that denies God’s creative effort…meaning life.  Believing and knowing are linear casual effects accordingly distorted-displaced. We try. We continue. We are beautiful. Our Godsoulprint aspires. New forms of language are emerging….The divine rive4r flows ... We are galactic children. Are there extra terrestrials look across the dinner table. Meaning to say as logic allows the following gathering of word: Accepting the term “removed” to speak to the assumption of death. Further imagine this flow spontaneously as opposed to a linear happenstance validated through time and convenient dematerializing….Your parents, their parents, therefore yourself removed how many times before we arrive at a condition that predates the materializing of the planet earth. Still your parent the Eternal Light. (Does this formulary speak to all conditions of form including idea, process, imagination, life, birth, death and inferred assimilation). Clearly there is separation in the Universe, the question abides is the separation dematerializing beyond utility or is the separation seemingly dematerializing but a function of refining utility-accordingly sympathetic with the infinite continuity.

Our displacing self casual relationship with our Cosmic residence. Ones conversation with self at the exclusion of the God Universe seed: Killing in the many ways. Feeding in excess while friends hunger. The preferential God (ie) the Mosque, the Temple, the Church are the only institutions from which we do not graduate. What words say that prayers hear. We explain God to ourselves rather than allowing God the privilege. Curious on this planet we create the burdens we resist by carrying. What dream wakens no9t God’s children. There is the Cosmic God and the earthly adapation our fragmenting of God through language, the preferred Temple, the idealized martyr, unrelenting violence, Heaven revealed through death. Not life. And death.

Words of silence                                                                    

The Universe is without time. As such no endings thrive once begun. The infinite Universe is all inclusive, accordingly un bordered, un ordered except by God. (All motion has sound relevant to that motion).The infinite Light like the “sound” of silence is without  form’s boundaries  similarly all inclusive, a casual and non linear. (Silent form is conduit to the Light conjoined). The infinite Universe is inescapably continuous. Eternally we abide sound does not dematerialize. Ageless sound. The Eternal sound of you Cosmically unfolding

All motion has sound unique to that motion. Your  genetic sound of silence is not casual. Your essential self is non-directional. Non-linear. Birth and death Light the same. (The birth of your silence, the silence of your death). Unless we insist otherwise.

Infinity is inescapably continuous, otherwise infinity would be otherwise.  Hence what separation is death from life. What escape? As such life and death are not Cosmically apart. Life and death accruing not less the Light.….Resurrection- reincarnation are one. Less our own instruction.

One more turn please about the Cosmic dance floor. Your parents…their parents removed the many times before we reside a status prior to the materializing of the planet earth. Still your parent, the Eternal Light. Whose memory are you if not God’s. Universe the same. Only God can remember an event as it happens. Suggesting intent before event. And event condition before intent. The conversation offers. “There is no God.” The response smiles.” How can you deny what you just identified.” Reminding “only” in a linear world can negation or opposition validate material presence. ”Everything is material except time.” Seemingly only the validation or invalidation of the material varies and defines both the material and those participant as well as consequence.

Your past is a temporal adjustment in a timeless Universe. Hence what grave mourns your life, the Light. The celestial sound of silence sings. We speak our instructions haste. Curiously dark matter is defined as the absence of frequency.

Who are we that we speak to hear the silence?

Death not dieing

(infinity hence continuity)

…In the absence of time ironic casuality is negated… form becomes an issuance of the Light. The casual linear link between length, width and depth is absolved. (When form is no longer Time functional- causality, duality, displacement, linearity not longer abide…form becomes an issuance of un displacing Light not based on ironic dematerializing)… Accepting that death is not time-active… not time- engaging death is no longer a causally displacing function of form, not linear …death is an issuance of the Light. Death is no longer an issue of decay and dematerializing, but of other- materializing. (This dynamic speaks to all form). When an earth person assumes active status of a corpse, they emit uninterrupted DNAs, their static DNA assumes a sound relevant to it’s motion we witness as decay. And is presumably sympathetic similar DNAsound (ie) ( forty generations of one family is several million people). When a human “dies” they don’t go to Heaven. Going speaks to process, displacement that would make death time relevant. You don’t go to Heaven you stay in Heaven. You don’t walk through Pearly Gates, stepping onto streets paved with Gold or in the case of our Moslem brothers and sisters-greeted by seventy virgins…the gates, streets, virgins are casual-fragmenting-i9nter active  forms the perceptual nature would negate the all-inclusive un bordered Light (form has borders). But all is material except time hence all perceptions abide. How we see we are seen.  Upon timeless death form is assumed asby the Light.  Upon death you become Heaven…. The Light from whence you came. Comprehending whereas there is no death there is extinction.. Once a God species becomes extinguished, yielding to their accrued darkness, the spherical Light-sound communion (carnatio0nal flutter) has been severed.  The darkness prevails the Light. God is an issuance of Being. Spherically all is Eternally familiar otherwise by choice.


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