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non-linear machine

Time duration is an inclusive self determining activity whereby any material engaged in time ends. While endoing. All material events including our lives experienced in time culminate as a disposable loss of purpose and direction. Yet the Universe is timeless accordingly without end. Human beings can only give credence to their existence by denying their lives.  People are born, th4ey beigin a debilitating age process validated by disease, violence and eventually a cessation or termination of the organic self. The end of life. Logic compels response. How can any material event end without value direction in an endless Eternal Universe?

There is the Eternal duration which is endless. And human time duration where material activity ends. Time distortion is revealed as inconsistency... value loss. All events realized in time are factored through failure. Efforts in time to create material opportunity, effect advantage are always incomplete. (Time events are linear less their timeless infinite Cosmic ideal). This depleting dynamic is reflected in science, technology, self knowledge and spirituality reflected.  An acquired reality actualized through time derivative death. Corporate profits are realized through risk evident as potential loss. Intended business success is relevant as exclusionary loss.  (A companies success is another loss). All time designed commerce and technology are deficient from the inception of the event to its conclusion. Inherent loss is inevitable, pervading and potentially catastrophic.  Straining paradox loss generates value. This destabilizing dynamic is organic and institutionally reinforced.  All time planetary activity is realized as value loss risk. Status profit is influenced by time imbued global forces that can not calculated therefore influenced.  Without evolving loss culminating as total forfeiture life presently would not be feasible. Purpose is based on motivated-oppositional loss. Major industries rely on death as a profit incentive: Medical networks, lethal weapon manufactures, insurance, interment. Politely observing religions base the Eternal birthroight “Godsoulprint” on life denied as death...There is the Cosmic God and the earth people's adaptation. Do you belive we are alone?
Materialized time distortion is evident as knowledge developed thru dysfunctional time insinuated language sustained as forgetting. Irony continues to define: A time prerogative machine event is engineered to fail. Machine and machine task are functional through disposable value loss. A car, a computer, a plane,  a hammer’s design intent is uncertain; machine integrity is maintained through repair and replacement. (Inefficiency and design flaw has value). Compounding irony proper machine use results environmental depletion.  Unavoidable risk compounds deficiency: Car accidents, ships sink, computer systems collapse. Predetermined design events cause bodily injury, death. Loss of life and property generates profit. Ineptitude “liability” perpetuates this deficient dynamic generating value profit. (Financial, political, spiritual institutions accordingly derive “create” motivation and profit validation.)  This dire accruing culture has pervasive unintended results. (Repressed loss of value in time is conscious, unavoidable, essential and unnecessary.... realized as global warming, pandemics, limited asteroid tracking. And a “planned” planetary nuclear genocide...initiate intent devised through choice or accident.  Exhausting resources of spirit, material and life intent. Purpose revealed through complete loss. The earth peoples experiment with time ends.  

In the absence of organic- institutional time distortion these human- machine events become less coercive, less inadequate. Inclusive not exclusive. Cosmically functional. In the absence of linear time deficiency, the non linear prerogative becomes paramount. (A shift occurs). Loss has value as active potential not as essential valueless dysfunction.  Dying culminating as death cessation is materially redefined. Dying is a human thing dead is a God thing. When dead “Eternal” we stop dying. Most dying on this planet is unnecessary; accidents, suicide, violence, time based diseases and impaired aging. Human beings are not organically disposed to violence, uncertainty and deficiency. Our acquired time adaption creates “an anxiety” that encourages the many violence’s. And deprivations. We are good not bad. All material events don't end they evolve. Continuously without dysfunctional interruption. Unless we compel-coerce otherwise. And accordingly manifest. A deceptive time anguished existence is incomplete in design valid as discontinued.  We are unnecessarily spiritually denied- deferred to a divisive-dislocating after life.      Irony, value loss avail and compel insight...

The Universe is timeless. Human's exists in time We ar3e therefore out of step with the our residence, the Cosmos. Life, technology, commerce...testify.

Approaching breach form convergence. Non linear events realized in time are linearily dysfunctional. Non linear events that are sympathetic with the Cosmic awe are spontaneous, all inclusive. Completion of such events are resonant to the inception of the event itself not revealed through depletion uncertainty and eventual disintegration. Human beings in an effort to control and influence their material environment imposed their own limited time variation on their existence. Eventually this flawed adaption would become exaggerated by commerce and technology. Time material assimilation became an impediment that rendered life on the planet earth anguished and uncertain. Valued as denied. Human beings are the only species that experiences Creation environment through time. And time consequences. Meaning loss of material value most evident through death. A consensual effect that denies Eternal life while resident in an Eternal Universe condition, this profound irony is continuous and in reflected in our entire material existence (ie) perception, language, knowledge, technology, commerce and spirituality. Human beings made a mistake and have3 not stopped paying for it. But mistakes can be corrected. We went from guarding the days harvest with spears aaaround a camp fire to protecting countries with inter continental missiles. Curious devolution.

In an all inclusive timeless Universe material activity realized in time as process and result loose value direction "disintegrate" (ie) material events continuously end. Time derivative events are not infinitely continuous. (Linear as opposed to non-linear. A linear event evolves when a material is caused to evolve from its its initial value location, evolving to a secondary “desired” material juncture or location).In and through time the linear event evolves always uncertainly and always through a loss of material value direction A dictionary definition of linearity is, “disturbance between two points.” The distiction should be noted, an unecessary-artificially created distrubance. Being able to creat4e a material event through and as the infinite non linear or spontaneously, without time dysfunctional displacement (not linearly) represents a planetary shift. A transcendent shift occurrence presently evidenced as inconsistency, design failure and depletion loss of value direction.
In time all events culminate with a complete loss of utility, purpose and direction. This loss begins from the inception of the event. Example your born, you begin to age and you die-your life ends. The question beguiles... how can event including your life end in an endless Eternal Universe, a timeless Universe. The answer as noted through the unnecessary human distortion of time duration.

Which is a denial, a displacement of the timeless Universe. More precisely all technology (all reality) envisioned through time and accordingly engineered is structurally flawed, inconsistent, disposable and in its utility always factored through failure. Failure, inconsistency and flaw are inherent in the design vision before the engineering intent is actualized. Material time affected events from inception lose Cosmic value. Time material displacement of the timeless infinite condition is inevitable. Again this irony is true of life and is reflected-revealed in our technology, commerce, spirituality, medicine. Perception, language are similarly dysfunctional or Cosmically displaced (ie) linearly incremental, consequent through forgetting, language allows for deception-self deception, violence, words have ambiguous meanings, circumstances can stifle expression, uncertain motive can compel expression, listening is presumed. Words r' us in time. But language in inference and imagination appears to be potentially limitless in its evolutionary variables. Presently there are more than 6500 language some of which are synthetic. Music, motion, mathematics, intuition, creativity and other forms of awareness expression that transcend language expression. Language is linearily incremental accordingly uncertain.

We will be developing non-linear, spherical events that are Cosmically compatible with spontaneous occurrences that we currently randomly experience "partially and incompletely" as intuition, luck, coincidence, precognition, forgetting, time memory verses infinite memory. These events are not created and can not be willfully sustained through conscious human effort. Not unlike language these brief incedents influence temporal events. And are suggestive of information flow. Linear scientific precepts will also be considered through this intuitive timeless conditioon effect. As well material cessation events like death and life realized through death while dying. Curiously we are denying the relevance of language through language attempting to identify and sustain an awareness condition that is denied as language. And depersonalized static intelligence. Apparently as we suggested not entirely.

The Super String Theory offers an insight. “All is material in the Universe except time.” Time is non-material. Consequently through non-material time effect we dematerialize "our" planetary existence. We call this success. This Cosmic paradox evidenced...90% of species are extinct, global warming, pandemic and a species that protects their lives through self designed nuclear extinction. Time as suggested is a human adaptation its material irony became exaggerated through commerce, technology and the consequentrequirements of social order. Recalling Professor Einsteins observation that “time is an illusion.” (Though the gentle professors insights dramatically expanded our understaning of toime, the bold observations remained time based). We will examine additional insights in both conventional linear science and less established observations that infer non- linear assimilation, thereby suggesting a timless effect. The applicable meaning of a shift between linear and non-linear spheroid design intent will become more clear. Observing human be9ings are the only species on this planet that experience existence, Creation environment through time death cessation. In the absence of the human species time material defect becomes mute. Noting various interpretations of Super String suggests an excess of twenty five dimensions one of which consistently refereed to as "magical." In this essay we will attempt to logically devise and by 9impication design a non linear machine condition event. Beginning with an initial insight: Linear machines create uncertain, exclusionary events that result in value loss to machine. And loss to those who are intended to benefit from the machine event whether human, other species, Creation's environment or another machine. Though we design machinery and asses the value result, the macchne ideal has supplanted and otherwise marganlized the human self. Man and machine are inter active, result is communally valued, but function exclusionary. The relationship between machine, user and value recipent is limited and depersonalized. Some machines only purpose is to cause destruction. Current machine intent design exagerates and otherwise further disports “our” flawed investment in time. The nice people a Random
House Webster's college dictionary defines machine as,"An apparatus consisting of interrelated parts with separate functions used in the performance of a task."
We will through the limitation of language in time examines these linear insights suggestive of non linear timelessness. Considering a shift in fundemental scientific precepts that evolve and validate time irony inconsistency. (1) Newton's law of motion. (2). Time dilation. (3).Speed of light. (4). Time. (5) Casuality. (6) Entrophy. (7) Localiazed materiality...non-localized.
(8). Suggested shift in the nice Proffesor Einsteins theory of relativity. When time illusion becomes functional, non localized and resonant. (9) Straight line technology. (10). Information theiroy. (11). Half life reversal. (12). Cosmic spirituality. (13). The non-linear humanoid.(14). Non linear technology and commerce: Again noting given the non linear disposition these conceptions are as much yours in the sharing as they are ours in the expression. Each not less than the other....

Now the essential question. How can material time linear dysfunctional condition (be) resolved to a non-linear infinite uninterrut3ed idea event? How can time effect be resolved to a timelessness condition. Appreciating a distinction human beings are linear beings in the sense that we are separate from one another and we are capable of error, malice and mischief. Imperfection seeds our potential. These are organic and socially relevant conditions that are exaggerated- worsened and defined through time displacement. Human beings are not organically predisposed to inconsistency, failure, death dysfunction and moral deficiency. These anguished limitations are more a consequence of time inadequacy than human foible. Clearly the organic being and social political institutions will evolve and adapt to improvements suggested by technology and commerce. Technology, commerce, spirituality all fields of being that reflect identify and sustain also deny the desired self, the individual and collective human bei9ng are a reflection of the need for sustaining goodness however inexact and flawed the effort becomes in time. The earth people when all is said and undone are non-linear extra terrestrial beings. Denial of that ideal is acknowledgment of that ideal in time dysfunction..

Appreciating the displacement of the time insinuated linear self is not as perplexing as might be anticipated. End events engendered- facilitated through time displacement are not entirely foreign to the Cosmos or they could not be materialized and sustained however imperfectly. Rather than an event actualized and witnessed as a location where all purposeful directional utility is eventually lost (it) would be more accurate to think of a non-linear event being interrupted. Not a lost event, but an incomplete event we are presently not able to complete in a Cosmically fluent manner. Indeed we can logically assume that all failed, uncertain, devalued, inexact or otherwise incomplete events go on to complete themselves without our knowledge or benefit, otherwise they would remain a foreign deficient, not natural to the Eternal Universe condition. Clearly this would include what is currently experienced as the loss through human perection,awareness. life depletion and death dysfunction.

Attempting to approach these conceptions through accepted scientific precepts, the eager and nice Sir Issac Newton's law of motion observes, “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” The initial effect is one of separation and the assessment of oppositional displacement value. Whatever the desired value intent opposition has occurred. The non linear response offers, how can opposite reaction event be equal in opposition to the initial event. (This generalized observation presumably offered before uncertainty in time is factored or implement4ed). The initial linear response is that in time non linear events are exclusionary, events are consequent to their displacement-separation and accordingly opposition "exclusion" is fundamental and essential to the event. When you begin an event with a determined value and evolve that value juncture through uncertainty and disintegration we can assume opposition is inevitable, do you agree? The timely event is incomplete-not resolved to its Cosmic or non-linear ideal. And of course consensus dictates. Consensus that evolves from and reflects an ironic Cosmically displaced culture. Also loss of value is accepted as materially inherent to existence. But events and the ideas that precipitated these events are noit sustainable, all events are consequent through eventual invalidation. (All progress is revealed is through invalidation: What your parents in their youth accepted as essential to their lives now can only be located in a museum or a dipsy dumpster). Through and as this irony our lives already dim9inoshed in time become further diminished. Initial theory realized through incomplete linear perception and eventual application engineered through failure validates the dysfunctional, oppositional nature of the linear events while validating Mr. Newtons law. Once again this irony is one of in completion, not fundamental inadequacy. Newtons law we can assume is correct within its time based reflective and determinant scope. The Universe is flawless, Eternal and beautiful the human attempt to understand and apply our understandings of the Universe therefore ourselves is inexact. Evolving. Indeed all human insight and resultant knowledge is sustained through error, failure, disappointment, success weighed against anguish and eventual-evolving invalidation. Newtons law therefore can be considered an initial beneficial step while we approach the ideal. As in spirituality we need not invalidate, discredit and dismiss ideas and each other. In the nonlinear timeless Cosmos (9all) is relevant, revealing and connected. Refinement defines not disintegration. Duration disintegration displacement resolved to resonant refining is event specific. Opposition and uncertainty are not functional to intent, but a random consequence, the result of mischievous or error. The All; has value, direction and purpose. Otherwise through intent error, karmic misadventure or spiritual mischief, but these impediments are less likely, less profitable, less natural in a non linear culture. All is sympathetic motion intent, intent suggest origin source and source origin compels awareness. Consider the previous sentence, its meaningful sensation-not as a linear expression resolved through temporal in completion and uncertain understanding, but as an intact singular spasm or pulse. A moment rather than a deficient chronology that is born from the acquired timely human irony and exacerbates the same reality. Our current acquired reality is derivative not Cosmically determinant. Sustained spontaneity verses uncertain material dislocation.

Please note a key word in hard working Sir Issac Newton's observation relevant to motion is “action....” Meaning that the suggested law of motion is the consequence of a conscious choice derived from observation resulting in initiation or action. The action can be caused through human choice or observed as a natural occurrence in nature, either way the event in question is the result of perceptions linearily actualized in time are therefore incomplete as such inexact... accordingly flawed. These inevitable time thought events that in there material application are relevant through inconsistent materializing and eventual loss of utility also determine the texture and limits of theory, perhaps imagination and fiction. Therefore denied of full insight. Certainly these conditions of mind are conceptually limited in that they are interpreted in linear language mathematics and similarly expressed and eventually tabulated. In this context failure becomes as much or more representative of our our potential than success. Our current temporal reality inhibits and distorts insight suggestive of Cosmic fluency. Action effort through and during a disintegrating condition event inevitably creates coercive depleting forces even if the event is considered a success. These forces are evident as external depletion energy source, waist, pollution, redundancy, essential machine depletion, disrepair and risk. And noise. These deficiencies of technology and commerce also speak to the human organic experience evident as aging, determinate as disease and actualized through death while dying. Curiously straining the limits of irony these depletion conditions of mind, body and technology garnish great material profit. And are the basis of a thriving economy. Noting material sound effect experienced on this planet is damaging. The sounds heard during a day in a factory, an airport, a subway, during some military events, in highways, during some movies if these sound material disruptions were experienced during one intact moment disability and or death would occur. Understandably assimilating these natural acoustics
"gradually" explain and influence elements of aging and disease deprivation. Again politely emphasizing these are acquired impediments not derivative of the ideal organic self.

Another definition for "machine" from the nice folks at the American Heritage dictionary. First a curious question if I may "words" are added or excluded presumably as a reflection of the culture. But can words be excused from further use. Can folks volunteer words. Is their a mufti cultural or planetary dictionary that addresses variety, inconsistency and efficiency. It seems that numerous languages have their own distinct nuance in structure or content and expression. Spanish the subjunctive. The Hopi Indians, am I correct have no term for...the future.... Yes another definition for machine. "A system usually of rigid bodies, formed or connected to alter, transmit and direct applied forces in a predetermined manner to accomplish a specific objective such as the performance of useful work."

Inviting the gentler landscape, the gathering of a few paragraghs. Whispering we dance the moonlight our shadow. The Universe is timeless therefore without end. Accordingly Eternal. Acknowledging time's detour. (All experienced in time ends. Whiole ending). Example's mirror. You are born you begin to age you die. Reflective of our time disposable existence. Yet there are no endings in an endless Universe. Very curious what's goen on?

Two observations become apparent not less your own. Human events only come to an end through the human distortion of time. Assuredly there is an activity condition duration in the Universe that speaks to “how long” an event takes to unfold. There is the Eternal timeless “endless” duration. An human time duraiton whereby all events end in an endless Universe. As such through time duration our lives are incomplete, non Etenral, less the intended Cosmic Eternal ideal. Which explains why the earth people must seperate the timeless Heaven, why we must die-end our time encrusted lives inorder to commune “benefit” ideally with God. The earth people prefer God through death. Imaginng once the flowers we speak. What really is witnessed we deny by looking. No beginning thrives less its purpose begun. Our Godsoulprint...

The irony is complete less completions seed. Allowing speculations surmise. Many many years ago our ancestors lives were determined by cycles they couldn't influence: Night became day. Weather. Accidents- disease and healing uncertainty. Availability of food. Floods. Pregnancy. Asteroids. Nightmares. Nimble predators. Supersitions. We indulged-dreading death while waiting to die. We laughed and dreamed. And surived.

In the eventually of tomorrow we came up witho our own cycle, time. Giving greater bearing to order. And organization. Seekers of time we repreived reality to our advtage. Time's initial spark God's planet earth became ours. We could not intially appeciate that commerce, technology, science and our spirituality would eventually distort time's wonderus material contempt. All material was altered in time, life was surrendered to death and death was further denied through killing. Example's thirst: The value design of your disposable car is not complete unless you can crash. Planes the same. Ships sink. The design intent of your home is not complete unless it can burn down. What success divine is this we anguish and die. Unhappily we continue discontinued. The five major shared endevors ackowledge death as a motivating profit incentive: Life converted to dath insurance companies, lethal weapon manufactures. The interment industry. Medical networks that exchange cure for disease, both conditions valuated-validated through death. And our yearning religions that affirm the ideal of God less your live's Creation's purpose.

Thus struggling we survive. Suffering uncessarily. Human beings are not violent. Angry mean unhappily indisposed. Lost seeking their absence's purpose. We are not defined sinful and obligue. We are Eternal beings burdened with time. All in time is uncertain, ends while ending. All event's anticpate failure. We live dying denying our extence. This we call success. Lost as found we hide to prove we are lost. We pray for what we already value by denying. In an attempting to become masters of life we became masters of death. Anguished we continue, protesting the burden of our success. True we can be bad. Yet prefering good. We yearn. We wonder. Wandering we continue. Today's seed tomorrow's promise. How incredible we are burden by our success we thrive and dream another day.

Let's please pleasantly persist relying on the whim and frivolity of word: a few insights that will deliver us to non-linear understanding. And the application needed to transcend time irony and time's validating Cosmic consequence. In two initial word events.... pneumatic resodance....interesting error, presumed error, the term intend was resonance. But indeed we are examining an interactive process that is not initiated or culmination as a singular initially fragmented event, but rather an interactive process that is the event. Exclusionary not exclusionary. (A non linear condition event, spontaneous in its disposition not a chronology revealed through inconsistency and incomplete event result). Presently a machine event if successful in its desired- engineering intent once completed the result continues to represent the uncertain-incomplete culture from which it was derived. The success event remains incomplete, oppositional to its non- linear inclination. Even when successful the result might evidence problems either result, application or interpretation. The chances for flaw, error or failure are many. A linear machine event has many moving parts each in relation to itself and the other moving elements that represent potential dysfunction, this limitation is presently unavoidable. The machine involve3d will require repair, one one of the design intent flaws. The successful result will require sometimes clumsy always inexact human effort in application, which will have to be repeated in order to obtain the same response. Because a successful result is incomplete, temporary and eventually disposable. The same inadequate car function will have to be reproduced both as a singular machine unit and as a function in a persons life. The car as noted will need expected and unexpected repair. It is designed to crash. And constant improvements will never be adequate to an evolving and inconsistent prerogative. Also this linear process is influenced financial motivations that are similarly exclusionary and further impose linear limitations on technology and science. (Some form of profit is essential to success profit is based on risk and loss mortgaged again time). The car is a linear machine that is in compete and functionally denying of its functional ideal. And can only be used according diminishing life quality. The culture that sustains this inconsistent ideal reflects the engineering result explaining the need to insure the car and those immediate to its use, folks will be injured or killed when the car machine is used properly, the same car concept will have to be refinanced repeatedly during some ones uncertain and brief utility. The linear machine concept extends not only to how its used, but where. Cars require expensive depletion highways, that are not weather compatible, linear machinery damages the environment. The previous sentence warrants a pause, allowing reflection. Not surprisingly a major profit activity derives profit through loss. Loss has value, we profit and invest in each others anguish and disappointment. Curious do you agree? Expanding on a previous observation... the five, indeed all major group behaviors either profit from death as a motivating incentive or are accordingly influenced. Medicine in the absence of a debilitating death cessation becomes inadequate to its own intent. Medicine without death futility is an activity without integral purpose. Religion is based on an after life revealed through organically inactive death cessation which in time becomes a life long determinant dread. Life is incomplete without death. Noting the nice, still smiling and gentle Terence Mckenna's observation, "I know a lot about dieing, but nothing about death.”

Allowing the fewer words a linear machine uncertainly creates a temporary event that is extremal to itself. The machine and the event are eventual separated. These events have value direction if they can be repeated at risk. Loss human and otherwise can result in profit. The design presumption is that the individual using the machine, controls the machine. the individual is responsible for the success or failure of the machine, if a machine malfunction occurred, the individual using the machine accepts responsible for maintenance. A non linear machine event, the machine and the event are and the person relying on the mach9ine event are more involved. Design intent and consequent function are not exclusionary. A non linear machine event is all inclusive, ther4e is a functional relationship between machine and the benefactor of machine result. The human is not in complete control. Particularly during the current linear temporal adaptation when event result is uncertain and otherwise Cosmically incomplete or ironic. We'd like to reference at research project by the Peare Group at Princeton University. These nice and no doubt excited young student researchers and Professors designed a machine with a fifty percent probability. Like flipping a coin. Intriguingly the inspired researchers determined that "who" engage the machine influenced the probability. And further determined that when resonance occurred between machine and person the probability became even more favorable. An active relationship between the machine and the person is being suggested. Material non linear inclusiveness apparently includes artificial contrivance events like machines even when the union or symbiosis is function on of design intent or engineering. (The personal computer becomes an entirely different experience from this perspective alone). Whatever the origin might be of that symbioses or interaction. the machine is no longer a dormant. neutral or static entity. ("I" do not know how resonance was encouraged). But we are discussing an activity event that is also suggestive of the DNA work done by the Asian gentleman at MIT, Professor Sheldrake's work on morphogenesis fields, memory in general, timeless....non linear spontaneity. A spontaneous event presently suggests a brief fleeting occurrence, of course their is virtually no time chronology. Examples which as mentioned can not be created, sustained or presently influenced by human presence or input.... luck, coincidence, intuition, forgetting, precognition, pre birth and post death, super poswition, the striking of a match. But in actuality a spontaneous event is a duration event meaning not functional to time displacement and as such not determined through failure inconsistency and design uncertainty. A non linear machine event is a spontaneous event. A light material sound event that is completable with the infinite Eternal flux. A spontaneous event can be of brief duration suggestive of a spasm glow, not an event resolved through evolving disintegration and depletion uncertainty. But a spontaneous event becomes other than fleeting when the desired task is completed during the spasm occurrence. And completed much much more efficiently therefore with less risk and expense to self and community. This is also an event that the human initiate designer does not necessarily control in its ideal. This is a Cosmic event. A human event and a Cosmic event. We might also point out that the non linear studies and commentaries are not only met with subjective resistance by the linear scientific community, but resistance is also functionally material. You are challenging materiality, a culture of death and disintegration. There is also work done by Texas Wesleyan University that the inspired; nice and mysterious Curtis Slama kindly provided on the association of protein. Also the work done by Professor Larry Van chant at Purdue University recommended by one of fifteen Prosecutors Davis at MIT. “I” was unable didn't read neither of these two studies. Some work is difficult to obtain, much of the work assumes to esoteric language, the issue becomes one of translating English into English or another perfected language medium. Compounding exclusion, depletion and legitimizing uncertainty is the propriety nature of research. How different attitude and result would be if research were public ally available. Does not the prices have to become non linear or shared ideally before we can anticipate ideal shift results. When research on anguish condition events like cancer are localized, not shared....The remainder of that thought assumes itself.

We acknowledge previous insights were not fully developed. Also to relevant the preconceived linear rules of grammar, orderly language is not necessarily a bad or disordered expression. But it is curious when a new event occurs the language that created influenced the event is
unaffected, also the language relied on to describe the event except in the choice of words is not structurally affected. You would think that each event would result in its own language formation. And time duration. Suggesting spherical time as noted in previous essays. (Spontaneous duration assimilation.) Noting music and memory are two experiences conditions we don't have to alter in time in order to assimilate. Two other condition experiences that are similarly relevant are death and birth, but these two Cosmic junctures we experience and validate by denying. Meaning that life is relevant because its revealed and sustained through death while dying. And the ambiguous and ill defined death is valid not in its own right, but as a material rejection of life therefore in part functional to its own denial. An otherwise Eternal life. In and through time the body like the life which sustained the life individually and collectively becomes disposable. Interestingly in the context of memory earth science has not been able to locate the localized brain activity that suggests memory. Memory like all else in the Universe is Eternal, not consequent or ideal to devaluing interruption. But even memory is incomplete because in time we only have memories of the past. Memory also once realized can be altered. Memory which is essential a non linear existence is displaced while expressed through linear language in all its shared limitations. When memory is no longer time derivative then memory activity changes dramatically. Memory intent both as result and process becomes an inclusive affectation. Meaning all inclusive. Not limited to the human time dislocation. (Memory becomes functional, materially immediate...casual or interactive. Suggesting a different language utility and different results in science, technology and the derivative process). Memory transcends the limits of intelligence not only as collection of information, but an expressible medium. We are discussing the activity possible essence of the Universe. Noting even when memory is experienced linearly in time its inclination is non-linear, not time distracting. Example earth science offers if you attend a reunion after twenty years lapse memory on its own volition will likely be able to adjust for the changes in aging and you will recognize the folks you haven't seen in the many years. also if you see a third of someones face memory again on its own volition, not consequent to your will and choice will turn the corner, complete the image. You have been assisted by an activity not in your control, not presently in your sphere of influence. What is the origin source of memory since the memory event does not necessarily occur though our effort and at times inspire of our effort?

Let's please consider the non linear being, the God ideal of self. Appreciating that investing in our Godsoulprint, our Cosmic predisposition is difficult. Though such a devotion experience is in keeping with our essential self. But we live in a time cessation imbued culture where irony, anguish and uncertainty humans believe are inevitable and are realities that are further distorted by exclusionary time based commerce and a time based linear technology. Compounding irony the earth people profit, sustain their death determinant lives through these unsustainable distortions. In this acquired reality actualizing and sharing your Cosmic Eternal self is most difficult. (Also not being able to do so is unnatural). Yet we persist dream and plan for a better day while trying to avoid pain and death testifying to the bravery of our species. We suffer or anticipate suffering through circumstance not choice the many hungers. And the many violence’s. People improvised of food, shelter, education, medicine. The love caring result made difficult in time. Not surprisingly and perhaps surprisingly many reject the great success, the linear anguished awe. People use drugs, people who drink alcohol, similarly engage themselves as food, people contaminate themselves with poison, people our acquired self denied acquired lives, those who enjoy poisonous smoke and other yes like myself who have been offered mental illness as a defining prerogative or folks who have accepted the offer of cancer and other self contradicting death sustaining displacements. Other curious accommodations you might think of or have experienced....Significant resources of spirit, material and intent are devoted to return these individuals to the preferred self to the disposable community protected by nuclear weapons. The strangest of machine concepts the use of which will kill the subsidizers and designers of these weapons. Should we be surprised most compelled to return by well intentioned individuals, by family and dear friends refuse to return to the communal life irony they have rejected. Not unlike those witnessed in Holy documents walking the barren deserts of themselves seeking the better way. How many seeking unknowing, but seeking none the less. And by example testifying. Those who do return are obliged to surrender to the consensus questioned. The exhausted who return on their terms are celebrated or destroyed, either way celebrated as different, extra ordinary "unlike the rest of us" and in this manner utilized to sustain, validate, entertain the linearly anguished society. Most who separated themselves or are separated by circumstance while suffering are also convinced that they are unworthy. Accepting this contempt further burdens struggle. Redeeming and validating irony those yearning a better way are criminalized, defined through disease and weakness though they contribute little the desperate way. Many the angry merchants of menace the authors and subsidizers of death. And killing we parade. Let us cheer our prayers not our demise.

Please understand to consider I mean no disrespect not less the love of myself. Many amongst the preferred despair thrive offering the good in kindness. We are are miracles denied. No great desert need be reclaimed to river and flower. One gentle choice uncertain seed flowers good. And we drink smiling the milk of life. We search desperate thriving lost in time. Whispering all enemies self denied bequeathed. All bad nurtures good unresolved. God breathes we live. We approach good while good approaches us. God wakens our dreams we sleep. We love less reason 's haste. Many brave unworthy suffer inadequacy, restraining the uncertain need of self. Thus hastening the God intended self? Pain instructs denial testifies. Tomorrow waits. Our permission consents. If you deny Creation does Creation deny you? What the self you are you will know yourself to be. Beautifully we disguise. You suffer as others meditate. Walking the difficult shadow of yourself. You pray for what others deny as prayer. You can not deny yourself without denying God. The same another thus less yourself. What is God we know the question waits the answer. What love forgiven still God's love. True as truth allows we can not comprehend the totality of self. The divine self. Ourselves available, this divine awe we can express. And once expressed be aware. Our selves the same. Anger redeemed to the soft smile. Let us hold the flower holding us. Available waiting seeking opportunity. Singing we dance involuntarily. We can not comprehend what we are not aware of, yet ignorance thrives knowings purpose. Once beneficent of the unknowable we become aware. Eloquent grace. We thrive denying the ideal of self. Accordingly proving ourselves worthy. What an amazing mystery. We steal from life to prove we are worthy of the theft. (The shadow does not hide it's own shade). Beautiful struggle. Do you agree to understand? If by understanding we must God is our mystery, we are not God's mystery. All roads lead to God All Roads are God. Let's continue the journey. Be polite and all will come. Thank you for your accompaniment. Thanks a lot. Linearity separate not apart. We are the credible (in) the incredible...

While resolving disintegration to an intact ideal event, irreplaceable loss of utility direction no longer defines our interaction with material. The shift is profound. Philosophically the event predate the result, the result predates the event because disintegration, oppositional loss of value direction no longer determine process or event result. The distinction is one of refinement or improvement, not inconsistency exacerbated through designed loss of value intent. Origin asnd result are near the same only compatibly different in refining result. The following perspective will clarify these observations. The planet earth as a localized material presence is predated by iots own materiality. This insight from a time reference, the planet earth is four billion years old six-seven years ago the planet earth existed as an other than intact planet which eventually materialized as the planet we know. Everything we experience on the planet earth your shoes, your car, education, knowledge, the idea of your shoes and knowledge, death, travel, communication, medicine all had to exist in some form before the planet earth materialized as intact location or we couldn't realize these presently though presently the realization is incomplete both in result and comprehension therefore expression. Concurrently the ambiguity of the future also undergoes a shift, the future no longer is a dormant condition effect limited to planning anticipation validated through inconsistency. The future does not have the material presence of the immediate materiality, but also in the other than temporal non linear the future is less ambiguous, uncertain or compatible to the immediate. You can't walk into the future, but you don't have to hide from it either. You can't experience the future, but you can visualize with clarity. And awe. Immediacy can be less restrictive. (We are reverting “approaching” pre planetary materiality, spasm verses chronology). When this material discrepancy is corrected we have a profoundly different result. A non linear result. Example: We have the potential of an engineered inter stellar travel event. A resonant intact event as opposed to the time conventional depletion event realized through linear technology actualized through tentative destination realized through flawed departure, both measured and determined through failure. And inexact dislocation. Noting our current technology utilizes the Cosmic materiality improperly. Gravity in a non linear Universe is not a proportionally differential condition. In the non linear actualized through a gravity compatible machine human event gravity becomes an issuance of flow as opposed to displacement. (Gravity is the canvass on which the Universe conceives itself endlessly and the Universe is the canvass). Motion intent and source awareness become the near of interchangeable).Not only is this linear venture inconsistently flawed through design and intent inconsistency even if successful the event remains a dislocated fracture of the ideal whole. The journey result as intent and result is limited by its methodology. A non- linear venture would pursue more compelling objectives. Presently not apparent in a linear temporal culture. During a linear venture one localized condition event juncture is exchanged for another, either juncture losses material adequacy the non localized nature of the universe has been breathed. A foreign event has occurred that the Universe accepts by disregarding. Temporarily from the Universe perspective permanently from the human temporal accommodation. Suggestive of an intemperate erratic materiality.

Time allowing breathes consent. In the Eternal less times remittance reincarnation and resurrection are reciprocally concurrent. Immediate awe. Neither birth nor death derive less the others opportunity. Before and after thirst the same glass. You needn't die (experience death) in order to sustain life. Not life after death. But life after live as the young lady on television spoke to her brothers gift. Proven in life not denied in death.

Ob severing we still have not identified and developed the two or three insights acknowledged earlier. But understanding through language we are essentially limited this effort this perceptual effort. But the actual design, the event intended even when linearily casual is less displaced. The machine event will work or it wont, however imperfectly the result is easier to comprehend than to examine and anticipate through language. When the machine event and its comprehension is non linear its effect, effect result and comprehension are much more compelling, less inexact or inciomplete. Accepting this distinction our efforts in the ideal less incomplete than delayed. We are beginning to transcend the order evident and revealed our acquired perception, language or mathematics. The preferred term should be disorder../.;;;;;cccccccccccc7?^My beloved friend and alleged cat Tuxedo just walked across the computer. Please excuse the presumed ownership suggested by the term my. Lovely the poster on the 24th street animal clinic in Omaha. "Your nobody till you've been ignored by a cat." The thought idea we were about to engage. We are authors of all expect ourselves, yet we claim the planet as our own. The origin functioning essence of the universe is not knowledgeable except by and through God origin which we are not privy to. Can we know or anticipate knowing all when we know ourselves less our ideal, Eternal. Allowing an intriguing intervention, do you understand the concept
application of half life. Presently a digressing or devaluing evolution, what happens if the application can ascend or mature in the other direction? Further if we may, how can we pursue GUT, the grand unified theory when material irony of our own organic existence is not included in the comprehension. GUT and TOE are feasible and applicable comprehensions if disintegration is materially essential, but the universe refining "improving" renders a single theory implausible except through consensus, blissful fleeting comprehension or the awe of miracle In and through time debilitating we

Allowing the thrift of a few singular insights.

*You are the Cosmic origin of yourself...
*That which is lost or remains unresolved exists...
*If human beings weren’t able to deny the reality of their own design they wouldn’t be able to experience
reality as their own intent.
*There is the Cosmic God and the earth peoples adaptation...
*How can you wait for Et43ernoity in an Eternal Universe?
*Everything that human's experience in time culminates as a disposable non-directional event, including self. God awareness is similarly denied...
*Through time God is re3alized as the denied self. All material events that begin in time end less themselves. Worship and divine are realized amidst this strain. *Holy Texts do not acknowledge your
through self and others and after death. Holy Texts are time encrusted documents as such incomplete. Accordingly thriving.
*You have separated Heaven from your resident choice. Heaven is timeless you reside in time iorony.
*Forgiveness is human God is love. Does not forgiveness validate transgression...
*God is all God includes your denial of God.
*The Universe can not exit from itself as suggested bu death. And birth.
*Human's in time experience themselves as their own source not God.
*Without an enemy the earth people would have to surrender to themselves. Displacing opposition is basic to time irony-disintegration.
*Memory is not limited to the human event that “created” (represents) the memory.
*Humans esteem death and destruction proving life their own. Curious do you agree?
*The earth peoples defer-deny thei8r divinity (Sustain their inadequacy) by delegating their fullest potential to an after life.)
*Is memiory in nature dimension.
*Can we alter-deny Creation's environment and not ourselves. Death “disintegration” is not a localized event given the non localized “timeless” uninterrupted (genetic) sound released during presumption of decay.
*Can we imagine imagination.

Clearly there are linear events in the Universe which occur through our choices, but choices and consequent event results in time disintegration or time evolving cessation are dysfunctional and incomplete. But these material choices none the less occur, they are according Universe compatible. We can assume when a non- linear condition status, simply a portion of the Universe, is engaged with a particular intent either through the natureal flow of the Universe or in this instance through our intent the non linear condition status undergoes a change, a shift that is sympathetic with its own Cosmic nature and we can further assume this shift or stretch will appear to be linear in its disposition. But not linear as we experience in time, not a disturbance between two points or a separation that is functional less the value of the separation. Like a ship that materially disintegrates when it reaches two thirds the speed of light due to its incomplete design limitations which reflect linear time deficiency. But we are examining a linear shift presently limited to loss of value, purpose direction meaning a disintegration event; we are going beyond this juncture to a resonant, purposeful not dysfunctional- incomplete event status. In a linear resonant event a shift also occurs that "appears" to be suggestive disintegration or loss of purpose direction, but in actuality is otherwise because technically the design, the material, the purpose of the space voyage including the astronauts are resonantly or non linearly compatible. From inception intent design to the destination result, the entire process assemblage is sympathetically configured with itself, with intent and with the in finite Universe condition. It's a dnasound event. (What goes around comes around). A pulse spasm rather a linear breach design and anticipated as a possible rupture. In a real and material sense when the space ship disassembles at two thirds the speed of the light, the voyage, the astronauts, the ship have become a memory in time and as such a memory of the unresolved memory condition event. In this context a sad, frustrating and incomplete event. Not unlike the anticipated and presumed death of an individual. (Assuming a preplanetary materiality). Spontaneous duration suggestive of a spasm pulse has occurred. Observing much if not all of universe motion speaks to expansion, contraction a spasm pulse....birth, death; the motion of an amoeba, heart beat, lungs, super nova, sleep waking. If the Universe is expanding while simultaneously contracting what fundamental questions are answered. Spiritually God breaths. Reminding, how can an event end in an endless Universe, the answer through time displacement irony or the improper use of time. Similarly how can event begin in the Universe particularly when the beginning from inception evolves by loosing its non-linear disposition intent. You predate your own birth, but not your identity. The material activity suggested by resurrection and reincarnation are immediate, in timeless before and after are kindred, though material events can be denied, delayed and otherwise deferred. (In time unknowlingly since the inception of the denial begins with human 9intent). Life doesn't end life evolves. Even if the space journey is completed successfully it will be inadequate, because this has occurred by chance, not actually explainable and furthermore our current linear technology will limit us to minor space journeys. Reaching tinme dislocation speeds needed to navigate only the immediate regions of the Milky way would take up to seven years and seven years to slow down. Reminding that when a human being assumes the status of death, this continuing life being begins to release the accrued sound of self, including obviously genetics. (A sound material presence that is not essentially linear, has int3ent... a sound activity presence that convenes or converges with similar intent condition meaning 40 generations of your family is seven million individuals. The presumed sound of silence is the sound motion of the Light which becomes the sound of a specific event. Materializing light direction, linearily inadequately referenced the speed of
light. Speed of light is a dislocation measurement gauged in time, if you need to think in terms of speed efficiency the perspective is...spontaneity every always at once. Now a dynamic canvass which also describes a resonant linear travel intent. Presently referenced as inter stellar travel, time travel, DNA sound or in the material context of the Universe itself as derivative quantum um corridor. Which is condition status in the universe whereby you can traverse a small distance like a quarter of a mile, but cover or traverse materially hundred of millions of miles. Distance dislocation in time no longer become proportional. Wormholes and black holes provide further insight clarification. Reminding all in the Universe is sympathetically relevant revealing and connected. But commonality isn't symbiosis; symbiosis functions through commonality. Contraction expansion, bordered by an event horizon? We can only examine the Universe as part of the universe not as the Universe. the subjective or objective observation occurs through exclusion ie denial. Progress and invalidation, right, then progress invalidation and concurrence. Displacement occurs, but no dislocation. Localized events are non localized. We can only see what were looking at. We acknowledge ourselves while observing the Universe. the Universe reflects that limitation back to us. We read the books we write, we all don't go to the same bartender. Specially while asleep.

Remembering the term action in the regulation of thought....for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. We have a new form of action, a condition action that is compatible with the Universe intent status. Another law of motion provides clarification in its evolution."An event at rest tends to stay at rest." The critical term speaks not to event motion status, but tendency suggest an inclination activity, an event that is not yet complete even when presumably at rest. And in this sense is already occur rent in the Universe. The reaction is still in some regards opposite simply because of the change or shift of intent. But not oppositional either in intent or design. We have an evolving space ship formula. Not to suggest the space journey will always be a success. There are events in the Universe that can not be foreseen, an asteroid, a design or engineering error because the technician or engineer was distracted or tipsy while working. We will always be imperfect this do you agree is a reasonable assessment expectation, if we were not imperfect(God humble) our potential would be motivated less its own consequence. We need a reason. But our imperfection our need for growth, our need for improvement need not be troublesome in the essential of self and self realization.

The observation insight of the gentle Professor Einstein offers clarification. “When mass is constricted eventually the constriction becomes infinite.” This a paraphrase. But now we are examining the condition suggesting intent activity within the constriction (once disposition infinity is attained more correct to suggest confirmed or reaffirmed) the non linear has attained process accordingly. When mass assumes an infinite disposition the result either has no material form or the result activity condition structurally different, whatever the exacting result the event condition will be compatible with the infinite Cosmos. Not presently familiar to us. Not time relevant, spherical as opposed to essentially linear though a linear event or intent might serve as impetus. A transition form one materiality to another. The relevance of sound and sound light motion become integral and determinant. Reminding that the presumed sound of silence and the light are condition reactivates that are compatible "kindred" to the infinite Cosmos. The sound of silence is not the absence of sound. All in the Universe is sound manifest, all motion has sound. (motion has intent sound, intent infers activity source which also suggests sound and source alludes to awareness purpose which also speaks to sound motion intent.) Recalling a previous insight in an earliest essay, music is its own response..... When this resonant symmetry occurs do you agree we will begin to experience what we presently know and engineer as inconsistency through force and gravity resistance gravity within the context of relocation intent in a much more compelling manner. Wonderfully. Already the nice and gutsy astronauts have witnessed and testify eloquently. (now more so a coherent resonant event). Poetry in motion Professor Duggin might suggest. What did Professor Hufford offer at a “Provoke” poetry reading several years
not gone be....'How can we think about God if there is no God to think about." The same perceptive validates the space journey though in time the perspective journey becomes confused-reflective of the timely acquired self. Financing is one distraction. Will converting these ideas into three dimensional images through a three dimensional printer help. Of course everything helps. All doors open wondrous opportunities in part because we are opening the doors of self.

* Noting with emphasis: When the a transition in mass occurs, the resonant shift develops through and in compatible sound. Previously the machine remains intact space is relocated in time. But now the machine function becomes the actual event. There is a predetermined-designed resonant material dislocation that is inclusively compatible with design, function intent and the nature of the Universe itself. Time material have been transcended. And accordingly space. Space and material activity being essential one and the same. When this coherent event occurs gravity assumes a compatible disposition. We have assumed a planetary condition that is the essence of the Universe essence condition that gradually become the planet earth location. And presently the ironic and incomplete, spiritually deferred reality amongst us humans on the planet earth.

Observing excitedly when Newton's laws of motion are resolved to their non linear ideal, similarily when mass curvature becomes infinite, when time dilation simultaneously evolves to a spontaneous juncture we have the non linear timeless framework suggested by the morphogenetic field, Peare's research into probability and resonance, the condition activities evidenced by uninterrupted silence and light, quantum corridor, the other than human created occurrences that we are non the less compatible with such as luck, coincidence, forgetting, intuition, super position, miracles, answered prayer and non linear birth and death. Do you have any other suggestions, dreams, unresolved anticipation...the list flows, glows and grows. Including the human seolf. Creation's intended ideal.

Appreciating that language is linearly incremental, evolves through forgetting, allows structurally for various forms of deception including violence, there is no singular planetary language. Unless we can consider silence, light intent language deferred and luck, coincidence non lnear language impending. Also compelling further limitation in conversation or discussion we presume attentiveness and a sharing of similarity related definitions. The observation being that linear language can infer, tentatively appreciate, but not functionally acknowledge the non linear Universe. Our attempts at orderly express essence of language itself is in fact an incomplete and in substance or potentially a disordered conditional experience. Language as and through its own activity and the resultant comprehension is incomplete to its own ideal. But denial of the ideal is acknowledgment of the same, the inconsistencies resolved in part through our forgetting disposition and other sound mediums like music, coincidence movement, luck movement and the other Cosmic occurrence we’ve discussed including foursome our birth and death which once occur rent are not expressible at least intrinsically what we know as language therefore comprehension....Interestingly a gentleman at NPR radio comments that equations in physics seem have a code (apparently concealed) other than the information imparted by the equation itself. Not only is language expression and the assimilation of information and expression a denial or interruption of the Cosmic flow, external interruptions are also common. As previously noted at the most critical times in our lives we express not through language but spontaneous unskillful sound (ie) birth, death, laughter, when people join in the hopes of assisting in the creation of a new life being or to express love harm9ony convergence. When folks are scared, the sounds of a smile. Massaging, some medical treatments, waiting, hiding. Again all is motion because we are unable not to hear a motion event does not mean other species can not nor does it mean that sound intent has not occurred. All sound has motion because we do not presently experience the sound relevance doesn’t mean there has not been that occurrence. Also creative efforts are realized and sustained in silence, writing, painting, music composition, sculpting. Are not most medical procedures
affected in silence. Meditation, massage therapy, sleep, dream fraternity, anticipation, insight, studying reading and planning. Tickling and humming. Many skills like carpentry. And of course the wonders of kissing and hugging. Disruptive sound activities that are either dismissed like the sound activity of disease information and sound formulations that are presently organically foreign to ourselves that we can benefit from but not initiate or sustain. What we presently allude to marginaly as luck, coincidence, magic and activity such as ghost, intuition excetera. (Not only incomplete we can neither sustain or creat4e, but otherwise marginalized). In a linear self displacing temporal culture there is a vast area of tentative speculation that adds further ambiguity and uncertainty to the current material reality (ie) theory, fiction, speculation, anticipation, denial, desecration-activity conditions that affect life quality, life effectiveness also event conditions that directly limit sustainable life purpose....failure, denouncement, rumor, dysfunctional aging and of course devaluing death and disease evidenced daily as dying. And the reflective conseguent culture.

Referencing the Super String observation, all is material except time. But time condition as we know and misuse it might not be material, but time condition is materially interactive, not material, a medium we don't fully understand. Let's complete this paragraph by noting that the initial drift of this essay will remain as expressed, the presumption of error or code left intact as initially expressed without effort to impose further order meaning disorder on an already inexact and disordered language event. Clearly this is not correct words evolve influenced by our understanding and each person delivers themselves to the opportunity. Impression alone is substance that creates change that is not always apparent or knowable. Again the function of time is relevant to the Universe or it would not be occur rent. Suggesting the function of time during the evolving status of an event. the questions becomes whether the time function duration is compatible with the event or not. As such does the vent lose value direction or does the event continue its refining Cosmic inclination. there is linear time, non linear time and spherical time. All of which curiously fall within the sphere of timelessness. Which is our current appreciation of the Eternal, presently a condition reality limited to spiritual need, but spiritual ideal or divinity is not a localized event reality, but an all embracing adaptation. acknowledging the distinction between exclusionary time based religions and Cosmic Spirituality. The unknowable affects and influences and determines beautifully and blissfully engages.

Fundamentally all theories and therefore applications of these theories or understandings are not only inexact they are further fractured structurally during inception. Noting all science, knowledge is expressed as noted through separate information elements words or number, but these events are further fragmented through linearily adapted duration measurement, further adding to incomplete ion and further linear disorder. The contrasting difference is between a sphere or spherical event which is structurally compatible with the non linear all inclusive Universe an a linear event realized in time which is incremental, fractured in language, validated through incremental measurement or separation (and) culminates through the disintegration of the material event. This disintegration begins to occur from the inception of a material event materialized through time before total loss of value direction occur. Whenever this is a human life, a machine, commerce. Curiously, sadly this disintegration or loss of Eternal value and direction is seemed by a disordered time trusting species often as beneficial and necessary, disposable futility is deemed inevitable. Whether the event in question is the death of a life being validated through the loss value of the human body, a war event valuated through a peace that is sustained by the elements and conditions that lead to war, a successful commerce event that results on loss, depreciation to others. Not surprisingly major group events really on a Cosmic fiction ion order substantiate consequence and material validation, the Cosmic fiction is death. Not as a singular culminating event, but as a denying life long process. May we politely repeat if indeed we can? As the nice gentleman happy like many idea researchers happy in his knowing.... Terence McKenzie offered in his last interview after accepting the offer of braining cancer, “I know a lot about dying, but nothing bad death." Not surprisingly the essence of progress currently amongst our species is invalidation. (An extension of our willingness in many ways to invalidate ourselves. Meaning our essential and life defining, denying, events and applications only have value if they are eventually dismissed. Sooner better than later and ideally completely. Curious do you agree. Also relevant to the fracture suggested by measurement all sciences and understanding within in each knowledge condition base are fractured or functional separated denying of each other. We are presently limited to getting better at denying ourselves, out Cosmic roots. Our Eternal selves. The grand Unifying theory continues to become illusive, interesting this offer attempting to inclusively comprehend "our" material world flow does include the human being. No linear theory can be attained, validated ideally through consensus. Linear theory is substantiated through invalidation and is compatible with destruction, but this ambiguous “success” does not account for the lady or gentleman or extra terrestrial who might offer an inspired idea or a different way of expressing what is already accepted and valued. (Is this functional perspective occurring through these words accompaniment). Let's continue our inquiry without excluding ourselves. Appreciating politely all efforts are incomplete potentially devise, otherwise destitute or as tender effort compells...divine. Divine meaning as a framework invites nice and all inclusive, not exclusionary, demanding or Cosmically oblique. Acknowledging though divinity emrbaces community and community encourages each individuals reflects and acts on their evolving divinity communion with God. Appreciation religions do you agree are in expressible practice incomplete, one of the ideal evolvi9ng ironies of our existence. Religions are expressed through time dislocation, in time, they are exclusionary of one another, often idealized through the violent death of a nice man of woman and are actualized through the sacrifice of the attendant messengers meaning validated and revealed through the continuity and culmination of death. (There is no death, but there is something.) Religions denounce violence while condoning violence. Yet the religion source essence, the aura, the uncertain wonderful desire, the expressible need for God is real. Real and material and expressible. Witnessed daily in our lives and in a most God inspired-aspiring manner by self motivating individuals like Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, Mary, Mother Teresa, Mohammed and the impending you. Do you agree we have all had days as God sincere as Jesus, Mohammed and the God determined individuals others, would not yield, they would not surrender to ease, fear, self profit, they became noin linear beings with concurrent skills. Miracle beings like ourselves when we were born. Only otherwise by our encouraged choice. Will you agree the Bible, The Torah, the four fold way, the Bava Gita, all attendant Holy documents that testify to our potential and Cosmic dignity are missing a chapter...your story.

Witnessing desires awe we reflect silently esteemed. Thereis the Cosmic God and our earthly temporal accomadation. Whispering we breath. Universe Creation is timeless accordingly Eternal, without end. We resist inby time, our incomplete and mishevous duration. AS such we suffer less our Eternal selves. Seperating Heaven from earth. We must die, end our lives inorder to reclaim out Eternal “expressive” nurturing bond with God. Worshiping we prefer God less ourselves ideally through death. Dying while alive we yearn less ourselves afraid waiting for God. Timeless beings anguished in time suffering our self designed Eternal abstention. We are not bad, violent, sinfull thus unhappily inclined. Our temporal burden compells these protests. Suffered. Our religions oppose one another. Evolve testifying through linear language, redeemning Creation less our Eternal selves. We esteem the martyr, violence knows God less. One religion seeds one less the other. God's blossom withers our prayers bequest. History testifies. We create the need for our own salvation. Suffering success and disappointment.

As we suggested possibly impatiently to our non-linear friends George Bisacca and Louie Donato if festival gathering or a sports event unfolded as we witness our religions, ourselves anguishedGod esteemed. (Wars, torture, martyrdom, damnation, crusades, badness less good deserves,indulgences, the denial of women, inquisition, politicized un healed pedophilia, genoicde and rage. And the better God through death less God's gift of life while living).Those involved in the self gathering event would suffer arrest. And unhappy imprisonment. Laws would be passed prohibiting further demonstrations. Would waivers be available for spiritual reasons? Understandably perhaps the best of ourselves God we pray, acknowledging our Eternal selves while non Eternally anguished. Thus we seek suffering the enemy ourswelves. Breathing we pray God responds. We continue. Burdened we learn we wonder. Answered prayers we are. The saints we know ourlseves. We are not God's mystery. We forgive desiring the better of our love. Knowing love the better thirst. Though forgiveness repeated makes harvest of indiscretion. What agony needs twice the same lesson. Would you rather be loved or forgiven. What of God's love needs the better thrift our patience. Whispering we redeem the historical violence decries the insitutional self. The good of God ourselves individually we decree. Thus deeds be done similiarily we pray. One voice One God. Wonderful, curious, amazing. We can not devalue another or ourselves without devaluing God. All roads are Godsoulprint. We

Possibly the occasional disordered use of language in this essay is bothersome, but potentially productive. When you attempt to "alter" an inexact medium like language, the results are potentially good. Whispering once again all is relevant revealing a connect, if accordingly acknowledged and experienced. Except for killing all bad is good unresolved. But the essence of bad in a linear culture has value. There are conditions preferable to inconsistency, failure and death from this orientation are essential to our current culture. But the consequence and process that lead to either good or bad are not apparent often initially except as speculation. We can not know the result or its value once occur rent, good can turn out inconsistent to intent or bad. Noting once again a time disintegration culture relies indeed values anguish and destructiveness because these results can not be systematically avoided. Revealing the nice professor Einst3eins observation,”The Universe is not linear,”meaning without borders, into exclusionary, all inclusive functional through loss of value disintegration. Intriguingly when you were born a baby child your body like the Universe was also not linear. Similarly Creation environment is non linear, intact as a common purse until the environment is linearily engaged. Upon inception all life beings, the planet itself has no awareness of time, of death, of disintegration... events through which active Eternal identify is lost, dislocated, delayed till an after life or altered against its own nature. Your parents death you with “good” intentions as they were taught. You learn about death, about dying, you are assigned a depersonalized, static intelligence, a limiti9ng leniear structure that is sustained through dysfunctional language accordingly resulting in an existence condition reality that values loss of value created by a time encrusted species. We in turn impose this profound irony upon Creation environment which in turn further devalues and already inconsistent life that culminates in death disintegration. Unnecessarily. We interfere with natures own flow intent, more as an issuance of not knowing than malice, the malice also factors. A well intentioned species failing in its efforts while desperately trying to find remedy for the same effort. Allowing the emphasis in presumed repetition. The Super String theory offers,"All is material except time." Presently through the non material of time we dematerialize the planet earth to our presumed advantage (actually disadvantage) and we call this success. Planetary disintegration becomes the predictable non linear all inclusive event. More precisely non event. Nuclear war is another non linear inconsequential event, pandemics, limited asteroid tracking. Noting 90% of species on the planet earth have become extinct. there is no death, but there is extinction. The non localized becomes localized to its own material irony. Allowing clarification the dysfunctional use of time has non material consequences, but Eternal duration or time Eternal does not. Eternal duration does witness loss alteration. but not through a loss of Cosmic life value. Eternity subsists and sustains.

Politely revisiting two of the smiling Professors insights. (1). At the speed of light there is no passage of time. (2). If mass is constricted enough the curvature becomes infinite. We continue politely trying to separate shadow from shade. At the speed of light there is no passage of tiome. Therefore in the absence of the demonstrations of ourselves through time light becomes manifest. Expressible. Diminishing to ends upon death, begins upon birth, denying-inhibiting our Cosmic disposition. A limitation that is acquired, not organic. Death is a non linear event, like birth that in the absence of time becomes an active spontaneous “Eternal” condition. Expressible and wonderus. A summation existence not diminishing. Death comes from life, we can not have on without the other. Neither one not less the other. Neither Eternal event factored by linear effect, like distance. Except inby time aberration. The past and the future are not materially engaging, but inby the Eternal become not one the same less the other. Symmetry and intent abide. Material ideal is always immediate. Science and religion confirm. Birth form contraction and death form constriction are compatible with the infinite Eternal. Non-linearily origin and source pre exist the distinct birth and post date the distinct death. All motion thrives intent, source compels, awareness complies consent. Eloquence Eternal. What we do with our lives invigorates Eternally. Reciprocally otherwise by choice. Yet accrued darkness can be willfully reclaimed to the Light, ourselves. One smiles, a gesture Eternally complies.

Let's gather words to convention's purpose. A pneumatic spheroid: Convening less displacements irony; time dilation, donas (dnas) resonant sound, morphogenesis field, pneumatics, Peare groups deliberations, mass concentric convergence, spin-span, transmogrify, dimensional flux, sustained coincidental “intuitive” concurrence. And the presumed active potentially engaging unknowable.... Appreciating other than disruptive sound is the near ideal materiality. Least ironically localized, not fragmented. As such least prone to time linear displacement. Reminding the “music” is one of the few condition activities we don't have to “consciously” alter in time in order to assimilate. Allowing a question. What was music before it became chronological to its “our” ideal harmonic, reflective of the non linear self. Accepting that subjective or event relevant silence is the ideal affectation of non linear motion, we can assume each spherical intent has its own specific materializing silence. Silence is a motion affect of the Light. Presently more an issuance of the absence of abrasive sounds than a distinctive materiality associated with motion intent. Referencing the morphogenesis “field.” The activity plane is less the field origin condition than a spherical event. Cause and effect becomes spasm duration. Causality becomes non localized. Prophetic and intuitive. We have left our reality. And wandered pleasantly into another dimension familiar by our absence. As the nice and gentle Yogi Barra offered,”De Ja vu all over again.” More precisely again for the first time. Let's consider a clarification on the previous definition of dimension, “A property of space an extension of space, the clarifying distinction is “directional ext4ension.” Meaning we can surmise a property of space with direction or value purpose. Also acknowledging the term “a”, suggesting a singularly determinant “influenced” direction. Evolving purposeful direction. Purposeful duration, at the very least a directional event that is specific and compatible with the infinite Eternal. An access way that is sympathetic in tuned with non linear affectation which we inadequately “incompletely” as coincidence, intuition... precognitive non linear assimilation-expression of information. As such not functional through distance displacement, time variance and dysfunctional+disintegration. Inferring the material resolution or assimilation of the quantum riddle (which presently includes the temporal self), the engaging presence of quantum corridor. Where material integrity event is not dysfunctional displaced through time displacement. Acoustic cohesion supplants “effectively integrates” depletion inconsistency. What was previously vaguely regarded as random assumes substance. Allowing a curiosity of thought through language each quantum event is distinct and Cosmically distinguishing. (The event curiously need not be repeated because there is no need, the event is endless and complete,). The need for functional redundancy refere4nces displacing irony. The non localized becomes localized, time variance or duration inconsistency is suggested. Each quantum event is intact and complete in and as its own nature, assuming its own rational. Design and intent are structurally symbiotic. The event is purpose. Memory becomes its own design. (A memory condition unlike our current whimsical familiarity). Materiality predates event. Previously this coherent transcendence was inferred “evident” (not evident) as depletion process, in completion, consigned inconsistency and loss of materiality ie material cessation also suggested through death. And in material inference suggested and evidenced through relativity, time dilation, mass constriction, timelessness and as noted coincidence, the morphogenesis field. Time dilation time slowing down as we approach the speed of light. But dilation suggests loss of value duration relevant to light speed dislocation measured therefore influenced in time. But the dilation is more an issue of assimilation, if material “linear” integrity isn't accommodated to the light the event or technology eventually disassembles. The event occurrence becomes a memory of a past event which in time denies its infinite non linear essence which we acknowledge by forgetting and trying repeatedly to get the event right. But given that design intent and result in linear technology are always uncertain and the effort is structurally relevant through failure success remains in time a disposable ambiguity. Metaphorically becomes a forgotten tome memory event condition. If we need to think “surmise” in time Light in the absence of displacement speaks to spasm spontaneity. The ideal speed reference everywhere always at once, ironic material presence yields to Everpresence. Through acquired dimension this effect becomes as suggested directional and purposeful. Inter stellar travel becomes feasibility. Practicable.

Considering with emphasis: Currently events realized through time disintegrate, lose value direction, but the memory of the event does not disintegrate with the event. Memory in the ideal is functionally infinite Eternal. In the non linear realm “materiality” a shift loss of material integrity does not essentially lose directional intent. Either naturally or as we are considering by design intent. A super nova from our acquired time based disintegrating culture appears to dematerialize. But from the Cosmic perspective a shift has occurred that mains compatible with the Eternal infinite flux where perceived loss of value maintains purposeful utility. In the non linear Eternal realm the perceived origon “beginning?” of an event ant is presumed “end” are not exclusionary. The two in time seemingly opposite events remain kindred. Each the compatible consequence of the other. Again suggestive of a Universe that expands while contracting. Refining spontaneity. (The two twins in the twin paradox if they don't meet they at least acknowledged and welcome the feasible opportunity). The material memory intent of the event or super nova remains relevant and revealing. A shift in form intent is not necessarily loss. A refining event has occurred not a destructive unstable event. Similarly linear event displaced from the non- linear in time can be actualized. Influencing an existence we have previously discussed as technology, spirituality, community and the being of self. Validating the non linear self, the Eternal self presently denied in and through time. Allowing this consistent convergence allows past events that are spontaneous or inclusive of source to be both materialized and sustained. Previously events we could only acknowledge through linear language and linearily contrived intelligence and consequently materiality. These event occurrences we knew as coincidence, super position, luck, precognitive material, condition events including spirituality differed and otherwise denied through death cessation and a disintegrating immateriality. A perspective....When a linearily designed space vehicle perusing a linear trajectory approaches the speed of light, the space vehemence both in design and intent disintegrates. But the memory remains viable, though a memory in time that is delegated to forgetting assimilation. The forgotten being in non time a place of active non linear materiality. The space vehicle at a predetermined design juncture assumes a memory status, a dimensional non localized access way that previously was limited to destruction or disintegration. You might have elected as to the meaning of supper position, this is a concept in physics that allows two events to share the same without without exclusion, presumably the same space in time. We have an event occurrence that is inferred by time dilation, that is not explained by equal and opposite reason and is suggested by time dilation. We have an evolved spasm event both as non-linear perspective and perception. We can assume accordingly a new language has emerged. That reference an ideal of human potentiality. A new language of being previously limited to consigned static depersonalized intelligence expressed through linear dysfunctional language, an irony of perceptual being valued as denied while suggested rhythmically as conditional temporary events like coincidence, birth distracted in time, death cessation irony, answered prayer, intuition, twin intuition... Entropy and chaos become kindred and the random less oblique and ambiguous. When dysfunction, loss of material utility and inherent invalidation are no longer functionally essential deficiency “less or failure” is no longer integral the material event or the technology that created the event. Depletion becomes substantive. Energy motion becomes symmetrical. And concurrent, integral to the event itself or the non linear is marginalized.
In a linear temporal reality the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. A displacing incremental accommodation in time. (The gentle Professor Einstein reminds, “There are no straight lines in the Universe.” Exaggerating the perception when the two juncture events “points” aren't separated by 1000 light years. In a non linear evolved reality distance suggests presence, a certitude consistency of immediacy, material presence evolving. In the non-linear Everpresence “refining” the shortest distance between two points is the memory of the first event horizon. A material shift maintains form intent without essential loss of value. Coherent spontaneity (verses) a non localized condition resulting in an ironic localized event manifested through uncertain departure revealed through uncertain destination maintained by a disposable dysfunctional vehicle relying on depletion fuel that damages Creation's environment and it's residents. Noting all non linear events need not be consistent in the sense that the spontaneous event might not have value to a certain organic culture like the earth people or the event might be beyond a capacity to comprehend therefore apply. Currently non linear occurrence are common like coincidence, luck, intuition but are time deferred ie incomplete, temporary-not crated or sustained by human effort. These observations are also fragmented or incomplete not inclusive. We continue through functional inconsistency, material irony validated through loss of value direction. In the extreme calculated destruction in substance, intent, life style and through repressed-defer end spirituality. Entropy and invalidation in such a culture becomes explainable material. We the earth people witness our own anguished success while desiring and praying for deliverance. If the Universe is one location, how can you relocate (less) or without the initial location. Answer clumsily, at risk and always incompletely when the event is realized through time cessation.

Through this inquiry "development" we are attempting to create and sustains a spherical event. Which we can only approach through language, but a certain juncture language can be transferred to a blue print, a machine prototype that is not linearily dysfunctional but rather spherically intact. Of course the major distinction between a linear event and a spherical or spheroid event is that the sphere can not be initiated, sustained and evolve through-beyond time disintegration. A sphere is a reflective and compatible with the all inclusive nonlinear Universe. A machine sphere event is obliged to be compatible or convergent with design intent. And result. Cause and effect are near concurrent and intact. Relevant to relocation or travel (destination- departure)... machine vehicle and astronauts are obliged to share a common not exclusionary or depleting structural intent, previously suggested in counter point as DNA sound. Suggested by morphogenesis field, quantum corridor, insight relevant to the speed of slight and the evolved insights on Professor Newtons laws suggested by morphogenesis field, quantum corridor, insight relevant to the speed of slight and the evolved insights on Professor Newtons laws of motion... insights on machine and resonance. And generally the distinctions between time duration and Eternal infinite duration. Clearly there will be a duration factor during the voyage, but duration will not be linearly disintegrating, but rather not displacing, sympathetic and intact. Complete and all inclusive, time or duration intent will be compatible with the infinite Eternal ie whispering again in the absence of time disintegration the infinite discretion becomes functional. We have relocation without dislocation. A pneumatically resonant event suggestive of a material “echo".... "a spasm event rather than dislocation engendered through depletion and engineered through potential-anticipated yet undes9ired failure design. With emphasis we have a spin-span motion condition event as opposed dysfunctional dislocation sustained through an external depleting fuel source. Within the defining limits of fuel verses energy sources what is the fuel source during a spherical machine event. The answer is the event itself. Note the term during, likely the impetus, initiating the spheroid machine event will require a directional surge. The equivalent of starting a machine, directing an object. This vector directional magnitude is compatible with the non linear event accordingly a different perception of energy. And energy condition that is not depleting, not coercive. Except for initially impetus the event creates its own sympathetic energy. Condition is energy. Motrin intent provides its own energy if the event is compatible with Universe flow, otherwise you need contrived, combustible energy which obviously is disintegrating in nature ie dislocation energy. Gravity is energy, meaning the source potential motion... the same, the sun, a worm hole, a quantum corridor, a flower, yourself...Cosmic energy in applications dimensional event if not linearily devised and applied. Note the definition of a dimension,"a condition of space an extension of space." (Denied-deferred through time displacement). More on this conceptual entry into the Cosmic flow, later. Though allowing an initial insight, there appear to be interesting similarities between uninterrupted memory activity and dimension. Remember in non linear memory the event predates itself. Spiritually only God can initiate remember a first origin-source intact event before it happens.... Please note one of the intriguing definitions for span, allowing the paraphrase....materializing a past event to the present. Memory previously more an ephemeral whimsical event is materialized. Much less consequent to willful linearity than intellect. Spontaneous verses linearily ironic. We can assume each event has its own memory as memory both in time and its infinite origin, also each event has its own time duration and its own motion, its own spin and span. (A time memory event perspective reviews the event after initiation conclusion). At a certain revealing and relevant juncture spin and span assume the same status moition intent. In the non- linear no two journeys or material refinements are alike, yet also not exclusionary... in time linearity dislocation repetition is fundamental. A conscious-unconcious effort to resolve inconsistency and in completion. Each repetition event invites insight. And reflective of in completion and material-psychic futility. An effort presently to attain non linear catharsis.

9*9Consolidating these insights to a designed non-linear event. Transcending time irony inconsistency. And related depletion anomaly. We begin with the desired event, a non linear assimlation occurrence....a localized design intent that remains spherically intact. Motoin is intent. Intent suggest source and source infers awarness. (Motoin is information.) These material formulations are all activities, defered, denied in time; motion actitivty that are sound based. All motion regardless of its nature intent is manifest realized through and as sound condition activity. Sound is constant as is motion. Linearily sound is impending given that motion material intent and result are always inconsistent culminating as process and resullt eventually through a loss of directional utility. 9Dimension is impaired. When motion intent, source design and inference awareness share the same sound mat4eriality we have the beginning of a non-linear event precipitated by design intent that is also compatible with design result. All three include the materiality through which the specific non linear event will actualize. (In a time linearily displaced culture the triangulated utility is manifest as the three condtions of matter, liguids, gases and solids. Noting these active material conditions can be affected non linearily). Whether the activity presence is a human effort to improve meditation, sustain intuition, materialize what is currently experienced as coincidence. Currently dysfunctional languag3e medium does not necessarily exclude the present linear language adaption. Similarly the material event might be
spherically actualized through a machine presence activity that is DNAsoound relevant to the designed non linear event. Which includes the distintive human presence. Examples: Inter stellar travel, a non linear computer, paint brush, harmonica or a pair of shoes. As well the non linear or other than linearily dysfunctional event is also conducive to a process condition, impaired or otherwise. A nerve disorder manifest as blindness, paralysis, a sustaining condition such as the linear presumption of cancer or an activity condition that is not necessarily debilitating both in process and effect such as navigating a space ship, using a slide ruler, engaging a forest fire, playing a sport or musical event. Concurrently with the aforementioned shifts we acknowledge changes in intelligence, communication, perception, sensual acuity. And a profound shift in our relationship with Creation's environment and with each other. All these transcendent events are divine....Non linear timelessly engendered=not dysfunction ally oppositional Eternal.

Uncertainty disintegration is resolved to the Cosmic non linear timeless ideal. When organic death occurrs or material disintegrative event are applicably refined (then) conditions, events, design intent and the machine mediums through which linearily Cosmic aberrations are affected undergo a fundamental shift. Disease, aging, life and death itself become other than an issuance of dysfunctional cessation. Both as process intent, utility and result. Example a car, any machine is no longer designed through operative flaw which in turn carries over to result and the resultant value the human. Disease, seeming loss utility assumes value and is not evolve in opposiiton to cure. Allowing the gentleness of intent, kindness to either the cancer or the person is kindness to both. Given the non linear inclusive nature of this dynamic “consequence” is evidenced in technology, communication medium, information, commerce. Concurrently human value. Altering material value intent through destruction and killing become a reversion to linear aberration. Accordingly acknowledged. Maintaining a disintegration culture while pursuing non linear “Eternal” effect becomes exclusionary. Even if function intent such as engineering is non linear if the result is linearily manifest, design intent is not fulfilled. The basic definition of linearity “a disturbance between two points or material junctures” renders both intent and result dysfunctional. When a baby child is born Eternally disposed... unaware of death and time cessation, once the child is introduced to the Cosmically aberrant materiality...the infinite Eternal is denied. Denied unnecessarily through a linear time based life and resolved to an influenced linear death. Termination rather than completion and continuity. This flawed contrived dynamic carries over as choice avails to religion, technology, commerce and evidenced furth4er sustained as accrued knowledge which explains progress through invalidation. When an Eternal life is not material denied to a dis integrative culture the culture itself reflects the Cosmic validation. In the absence of time duration the infiniteideal becomes materially viable. Immediate. Not localized to devaluation. Destroying, utility through anguish become the foreign to self. The near equivalent of trying to breathe under water.

Initiating a non linear event through the relevant sound instruction is the essence of information. And information flow that is continuous, that predates the desired event and is not sustained incidental and accidental breach. Motoin is information deneid, deferred or otherwise. And a motive intent that yield information both in exclusionary result and process which is sustained through inconstant uncertainty. And validated through failure design. The information sound instruction predates the event and continues after completion whether the event result is failed or otherwise. Though the Cosmic flux is without dysfunction human effort can not always remain similarly ideal. Humans make mistakes, we will continue to trip over our shoe laces, come to work tipsy. We are as ideal as imperfection as allows. Our prefered and illusory perfection is sustained through imperfection. Thus we will continue to yearn good. And aspire to the better self. Tolerate bad. And learn from all. Anguish becomes incidental, not functional. Depletion and suffering no longer engendering profit. Life is no longer sustained less death's value.

During a non linear event (other than linear event) before the after of time displacement can the material condition event be resolved to the initial linear status. Yes the infinite non linear Eternal is all inclusive method and result....if the event had not been interrupted in time dislocation linear function would be much less inconsistent, inexact and incomplete. We have the begin of a morphogenesis field that has become a specific incomplete event, an interrupted spherical or spontaneous duration event. Recalling the definition of a morphogenesis field as suggested by the nice Professor Sheldrake, “a field that functions irrespective of time and space and has its own acguiring memory.” Meaning not our current memory modality that in time is limited to memory of the past, not memory dislocated from its infinite or spherical ideal. But rather a memory status that remains active-influence-determining material result...the memory assimilation is not limited to the disengaged-dormant past. Appreciating that during a spherical spin span machine event when the time dislocation of before and after or destination and departure, beginning and end factored to depletion when either before or after is not longer materially functional time dislocation has been absolved to the spherical ideal. A spherical event is only time relevant as consistent duration. Relevant to travel location we have a condition event that does not materialize linearily through time inconsistency dislocation. An event that is sympathetic with quantum corridor. (All evolving-devolving events are an issuance of “travel” or refining dislocation. The event influenced-motivated as or through information. What effect would such a shift have on elements of the quantum riddle, half life and the laws of motion, vector and force. And gravity. We have transcended linear understanding and consequent adaptation....Two questions follow. (1). What is the exact functional nature of this event, its status activity other than already marginally referenced. (2). How can this other than linear time localized event be precipitated, what is the design function presently realized through the linear definition of machine....An element of memory activity should be mentioned in this context. Memory activity as noted like all else is timelessly conditional, not consequent to disintegrating linear dislocation unless of course interrupted into or as a time culture. (Do you sense we have the suggestion of dimension). But intriguingly even when memory is time coerced under memories own volition memory remains functional true to its own nature. Example: Earth research offers. You are attending a gathering of friends after many years absence, you might recognize someone because memory on its own will correct for the time differential "aging." Consider that this is not a willful or conscious effort on your part, but a function of memory. Suggesting a condition activity that transcends the individuals limitations, either acquired linear limitations or the denied non linear ideal of self. Even as an organic non linear presence we are not without limitations. Also memory will resolve linear limitations on its own, if you see only a third of someones face memory will complete the image. Have you had memory sensation when you see someone from behind and they are recognized. Interestingly current earth science is not able to locate the brain area that is memory or memory sensitive, suggesting memory origin in its ideal resides other than in and through or limited to the localized self. Allowing once again discretion smile, if your washing the dishes and you suddenly remember a dear child, perhaps a child that from uour linearily acquired perspective passed away...put the dishes down and acknowledge the presence. (All is material except time and time is only a deferred distraction of the material). Remember "death" is not a time activity, death is not an issuance of linear dislocation, but the all embracing of a former self, inclusive and transcendent. Death is not a limitation except by our acquired and practiced comprehensions. The same distinction the material cessation of an event whether this be a super nova, the melting of a glacier, the death of a the amazing Willie my dear- gentle sisters alleged cat, a dream, a desire, an aborted baby, the Cosmic anticipation of your being. All is relevant n' revealing Eternally eloquent. Only otherwise as differed. Now is a Cosmic place we avoid.

Let's please repeat a few definitions and compel a few others. Observing that through spherical duration re occurrence becomes more an issue refinement as opposed to repetition. No two linear events and be different or ironically redundant without suggesting linear ineptitude. The ideal of infinity or the Infinite Eternal evolves refining as itself. Repetition in technology, commerce and other time life experiences is reflective of in completion suggestive and expressive of failure, disintegration, the after life, death, disease, war, opposition. These flawed events become other than ironically redundant when exclusivity and timelessness are determinant. The Eternal reflection is Eternal. When a computer, travel, health event is inclusive, not dislocation or oppositional intent and result are the near of one and the same. Repetition is suggestive of flaw that speaks to the irony of opposition and ironic material cessation. This attempt at clarity around the issue of reception might be one of the though events through language that become limited by the language medium, expression frustrated. What are others?

*For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
*Gravity based on oppositional displacement. Functional resistance. Elements suggestive of a linear intrusion uninto a gravity mass. What occurs if the same “intrusion” is non linear.
*If mass is constricted enough the curvature becomes infinite. Indy the non linear mass was infinite before- during curvature ie linear adaption. Mass functions relevant to intent
*The definition of transmute. Changing one form to another. The definition of transmogrify....the creating of bizarre forms. Definition in the absence of definition. The correct misspelling of a word. Life in the absence of death. And death while dying. Death abstained through disintegration dislocation. If the Universe is one location how can we relocate.
*Understanding we hesitate, smiling “our” next thought. Time we appreciate is relevant to the observer. Therefore do you agree the observation. As we approach the speed of slows down. We exce3ed the speed of light time goes backward. Explaining the twin paradox whereby in and through these two time adaptations one grows older than the other. Suggestive non-linear resolution. When displacement is further resolved we can attend our own birth and witness our own death. A times ideal has been attained transcending time dysfunctional materiality. We commune amidst the Eternal. What is the organic form nature of our “bodies” and accordingly our ability to perceive, express and design. Waiting we wonder.

The same unfolding convergent dynamic suggested by timeless life-death concurrence also applies to any other life event within the limits of human imperfection. Whether these desired events are technological, spiritual, commerce or the viability of anticipation less the essential of uncertainty and inherent failure. Motion if information. When a motion event is non linearily actualized, mass curvature begins to assimilate, time dilation facilitates-non=linear material resonance supplants uncertainty in process apparent through disintegration also evidenced as incomplete result that is inconsistent to ideal, A material abberation resulting pollution, an event reliant on depletion fuels. A self disruptive design event resulting in extraneous force fields such as torque, noise, centrifugal force. All suggestive of value loss. The non linear event is all inclusive encompassing the relevant technology, human motivation and result. Miniaturization and reverse engineering become more compelling perspectioves. Cool as we used to smile in the immeidate years gone bye our whimsy.

Whispering we breath once again. Your parents, theirs, therefore yourself removed how many tomes before we arrive at an active condition status that predates the materializing of the planet earth still your parent the Eternal light.

elcome home...
* Definition of information theory. “The theory of the probability of the transmission of
messages with a specified accuracy when specific bits of information constricting the messages are subject to failure transmission, distortion and accidental additions.” Note the profound essential limitations of current information expression-tabulation sharing; accidental, failure, distortion.” Difference between transmission or transitions? These linear limitations as noted are evident in language, but when these linear temporal inconsistencies are resolved to a spherical ideal computers, commerce, medicine, travel, communication undergo a profound shift in application, comprehension and energy. When death is no longer an event diminishing and exclusionary of the birth event, but rather a functions continuity, not a breach separation less the separation itself,,,,when death is refined in application then life realized through death, medicine, aging, misbehavior such as war, execution, extinction and life itself
When God relationship is no longer legitimized through death exclusive of life then both life and God

When war and peace are no longer interactively compatible then peace
When disease is no longer revealed and invigorated through death then
When the timeless Eternal is not displaced in time the a non Eternal existence we have

When holy documents can be assimilated embraced as a spasm sensation, the same Eternity, life, fraternity ideal wouldn't you

Relevant to spirituality, the devise expressible self. There is the Cosmic God and the earth peoples adaptation. All roads lead to God All roads are God. Presently religions are exclusionary in their evolution. Expressed in a history and immediacy that reflects our linear temporal culture. Religions based on anguish, after life, transgression and language. A non linear spirituality acknowledges the divine non linear birthright of the individual. A divinity of being. Not a being of an evolved acquired self. To deny the value of another, individually or collectively denied God and self. God Creation is all inclusive otherwise Creation is denied less itself. No one is more or less God determined unless the individual accordingly submits. The All embraces you as you embrace the All.



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