Through the linear material application of  incongruously dislocating time  we alter “our” environment to satisfy our dematerializing preconceptions. (Time and material on this planet have become conjoined). The time material interchange based on the insinuation of time explains-limits our acquired lives. The Super String theory observes, “Time is the only non-material in the Universe.” One abiding protocol defines our exclusionary lives. Everything that begins ends. (While ending uncertainly). Through the casual application of “our” vagrant protocol “time” we separate ourselves ironically from infinite un bordered-timeless Cosmic.  Everything materially altered in time culminates as a non-utilitarian disposable juncture...material cessation. Ourselves included through death- the material dislocation of the human body from itself.  Currently the major industries indeed life itself profits on this planet  from death as a dematerializing chaotic end point that culminates beyond utility as a non-event.

Without linearly altering “our” world reality through time current existence is not plausible. (Cause and effect based on diminished duration). We live a conflicted contrast of our Universe essence. Our resident neighborhood.  Human life is witnessed and affected through intentional-unnecessary dematerializing  a reflection of our attempt to sustain our linear adaptation through time. We live aimlessly attempting to transcend linear displacement in a Universe that is neither linear nor timely imbued. We can only validate our existence by denying it. Not surprisingly the essence of progress is invalidation, negation. Meaning what was esteemed as knowledge, science or technology  is valuated-redeemed because these breakthroughs are eventually dismissed. Cause and effect eventually cause and defect. Appreciating that in the absence of time infinity becomes functional. Though the human experience will always the result of accommodated separation, the separation need not be essentially devaluated through effect. Meaning an uncertain dematerialized component need not be essential to human effort. Success need not be inevitably defined through failure. A valueless loss of material purpose is not essential to material integrity. And the material irony suggested in non-directional cessation need not be integral to technology. Machine deficiency and depletion need  not be  elemental to design utility and function. A computer can be non-linear. Meaning the computers effect does not have  based on information derived through preferential exclusion. Accepting that the Universe is infinitely continuous, not based on purposeless dislocation. All activity and  information is relevant and revealing. Separation need not be denied by the separation itself. These perspectives esteem of spirit.

How do we casually- ironically displace or separate ourselves from the infinite inclusive materiality? Through our time determinant linear reality experienced through incremental deficient  language, linear mathematics…the manner through whioch we realize-materialize our existence which is valuated and estimated through depersonalized assigned intelligence. And most essentially through the unquestioned investment in death. Which also speaks to dematerializing of all material time altered events as a valueless-non-directional void. This life process is experienced as conflict, randomness, inconsistency, irony, calculated failure and death cessation. Esteemed as denied, curious life motivation.  The aforementioned displacements if not in the immediate then potentially…. Time is our earthly contrived disposition. A designed artificiality. Within this chosen schematic we live in opposition to ourselves. The pain and danger in our lives resolved through death suggests as much. This human adaptation denies our Cosmic origin. Which is one of un interrupted-sympathetic continuity….refining  continuity not dematerializing futility.

The Cosmos is a boundless refining function. Space refining as  material space not in spite of material space. As suggested earth linearity is evidenced when one point is materially altered or negated through casual separation … functionally leading to another material point. Time and calculated linearity are formulations through which we measure our existence. Currently temporary therefore ironic measurement assimilation is essential to our experience. Example…we are born to die while dying.  Humans impose their contrived formulation  on the shared environment that is exaggerated through  technology. The Cosmos is not evidenced as an ironically linear process, but as presence.  (Ever presence). Not as a invalidating sequential condtion, but as spontaneity. Appreciating that what is sequential process (a fragmenting series of separations however valued through alteration) distorts the nature of the unionterrupted Universe as such spontaneously infinite.  Noting that “the “Light” the all material of infinite Cosmos  is un bordered therefore without the fragmenting  separation consequently Eternal. Similarly the presumed sound of silence is compatible with infinity. ( Whispering once again: Our daily dematerializing discourse influenced by failure evidences a life sustained and ending in death….This way of life is not reflective of our Cosmic origin, but rather the result of our fundamentally erroneously applied perceptions. A question unfolds. The Universe is Eternally continuous why aren’t you? 

Cosmically self-displacing choice, collective and individual, creates our opposing material reality. Our ironic disposable material time interchange is an acquired disposition based on instruction. Time is functional as diminishing. Material form experienced through time is similarly extinguishing. Depletion defines intent. We alter the environment accordingly. Life’s futile redundancy. We spend our lives rethinking, researching, reinventing, redefining, remarrying, revaluating and relocating (the simplest question abides… if the Universe is one location how can you relocate less yourself, less life). We do so by exchanging-altering the material to a non-material disposition. The consequential for the inconsequential. Example life for death.)  This diminishing irony sustained as exclusion -often as suffering defines the earth peoples chosen existence…. A question flourishes. Can the un conflicted Cosmos be conjoined with your altered reality presently exaggerated through technology. And exclusionary economies and religions.  As suggested if we are not actively endangered, lost, afraid, deceived or deprived we are  through disposition. If we are not suffering we anticipate suffering.  Our choices are historically witnessed, culturally determinate and institutionally reinforced. Politely do you comprehend: We are legitimate and self-tolerant through an ideal of progress that is based on invalidating previous accomplishment once deemed life essential and ideal. Yet even amidst these burdens we love well. Desire better for our children.  And our earnest plans for the future are beautiful and kind. Acknowledging we cannot engage with what we are not aware, though we can benefit. There is much at play denied by your perception.

Interestingly one material process we do not appear to linearly alter, casually interpret in order to assimilate on this planet is the construct of music. Assimilating  music requires no altering-educated response. Unlike the world we have created. (Music is its own response). Therefore music is not displacing of its own intrinsic nature. Music is suggestive or reflective of timelessness…. Understanding that material linearly determined through time, particularly when interactive through our ironic choices negates-alters or displaces the Light. The Cosmic essence. Conceivably through idealized subjective silence (DNAsound) all form can be spontaneously assumed with infinite Cosmos.  Resolving  interactive dematerializing irony, randomness to a beneficent Cosmic affluence. Understanding and consequently applying the material essence of the infinite Cosmos is difficult given that the knowing-language process through which we would do this invalidates the effort.  A useful appreciation of memory will allow us clearer insight on how to give bearing to non-linear timelessness in your altered  time imbued reality. And how to functionally apply infinity to our reality that exists through its de materializing negation. Interestingly memory is not entirely unlike music, silence and the Light…. In timelessness the memory of the event in all its potential functions are one and the same (until subjectively affected) because there is no cause and effect in timelessness that denies either. There is no separation, randomness, no inconsistency, no essential displacement that distorts or denies the infinite spontaneity. Material form need not be separated less its separation both in process and altered form.

Time in its Cosmic ideal is a spontaneous event, other than linearly displacing. (We can not imagine or fabricate anything including “time” that does not in some Cosmically compatible manner predate the planet earths materializing. As such imagination is an activity potential  predates the planet earth  anything derivative from imagination including time has to be sympathetic the  with infinite essential Cosmos. Timelessness acknowledges time. You have to acknowledge that which you deny. The fewer words allow…a form of time exists in the Universe that is compatibloe with the Eternal. An activity we have distorted on this planet as diminishing and corruptive. Hence spherical time meaning  assimilated everywhere-always at once. Not time based dislocation and dematerializing. Spontaneity  does not allow for material dislocation through static based time. Each material has its own time scope-consequently the experience or shifting of that material is not dematerializing but rather in tune with its own inherent time. Spontaneous (ie)everywhere-always-at once in the absence of material time dislocation or alteration condones all reversals without minimizing exclusion like life to death or death to life or the material shift of any material condition event. Half life is an enhancing activity do you agree not a diminishing one. You approach all concepts from your disintegrative avocation. Even the Eternal requires life denial. The same your life. The same the Universe. And God. Interesting do you agree? And curious.

Our capacity to sustain, express and presumably solicit memory suggests human beings are compatible with non-linear spontaneous events while functionally alive. (Birth and death are spontaneous  non localized events not conseguent to dysfunctional interruption therefore life and death pre-date...postdate their shift substance or physical identity). Indeed  earth science offers  the human body is non- linear. Therefore all-inclusive… without borders, birth as an initiating event and death as a terminating condition would speak to material borders. ( Limitations in a limitless Universe).  An interruption of the infinite continuity. Also inherent in memory and  other spontaneous  is a capacity to resolve lime and linear irony evidenced as disease, failure prone technology, the exclusionary birth or material death cessation…all current planetary condition events that are not compatible with the infinite Eternal.  A brief aside.... The following is a function of memory not human intent whioch speaks to the willfulness like qualities of memory. (Also suggested by forgetting-an event not chosen, explaining why you can’t prove you forgot. Recalling what is forgotten is also not a willful event. But that which is forgotten is materially substantive. And as such a location with which we have an uncertain...a denying relationship. Given that the human memory capacity is relevant to and influenced by forogetting our capacity  for memory like the near of everything else humans consciously engage is also limited and circumspect. We had started to write about memories ability to resolve time and linear irony....(And we have to ask what would memory be without this distraction). You understand memory has inclinations that are non-linear and timeless even in the midst of your acquired resistance….Presently “ memory” is experienced through linear time dislocation, memory has an origin which is confused as source. Also linear memory is localized meaning limited to the individual, several people can share a memory but this condition event is incidental. Presently we can not exchange memories (information) as we do language. What happens when memory can be sourced spontaneously.  We have intuitive spasm communication. When this is translated to the human can imagine the shift. What does this mean relevant to computers...we have the essence of interstellar not based on uncertain dislocation. Presently intelligence is linear as is perception…everything derivative like technology or kno9wledge  is linear in time. Meaning incomplete-denied to some extent always and eventually culminating without any value. Not intrinsically inefficiently expressible, but once realized expressible as inefficient. Success is temporary. Failure is inevitable as part of the life continuity.

If  the material infinite were functionally linear through insinuated time the infinite Universe would be fragmented against itself; the Universe would be imperceptibly chaotic, its material purpose would be its own negation. Assuming the memory and the event are one and the same (potential, intent and event are inter changeable consistently). The life activity condition already exists. The subjective nature of the  activity does not. (All condition events, conjectures, material had to predate the materializing of the planet earth or they could not be experienced )...birth, death,  cancer,  ideation, mountains, rivers, humming birds and romance…. But our organic nature, one also of interactive form, is not compatible with the un bordered nature of the Light or infinity…therefore we must introduce ourselves while acknowledging the relevant irony of our limitations. Meaning whether the activity is chosen. Adequately designed and prepared. Will the effort be competent and not influenced by mischief…. Will the activity be in accordance with the  timeless-non linear directive of the Universe (that appears to be within our potential) or will the effort be materialized in the casual opposition of our Cosmically displaced self. Even spontaneous events like memory are experienced through our contrived temporal limitations. Straining further the credibility of time. Memory is limited to the inactive past. There is no memory of the future unless denied or meaning humanized to the past. Memories can be shared, but only linearly in time through incremental flawed language not as the spontaneous memory event itself. Though such events are inferred imperfectly as intuition, precognition, luck, coincidence. And Life and death themselves. If life could be experienced as its own spontaneous memory as opposed to our alteration. Clearly a shift occurs.....We are God’s memory of ourselves. Through linear time all is relevant to its own absence, abstention and negation. Even death is distorted as killing. The thought. “there is no God.” The response, “How can you deny what you just identified.” But like all else our God fraternal disposition, our Godsoulprint is relevant as denied. We deny a preferential God through exclusionary worship.

Individuals often are distracted, befuddled-even threatened by  any perceived material reality that does not sustain the contrived  immediate.  What you need and yearn for you deny. New conceptions otherwise developed through a designed inconsistency of language while further devalued by institutional-interpersonal irony seemingly approaches impossibility. Our Cosmic formulation can not be revealed through  a  life ideal  that is secured through the eventual dispossession of  life accomplishment. Success is temporary- consensually divisive. (Your potential is based on your considered or consequent invalidation). An idea  experienced in time can only be ideally relevant through the casual displacement of the same idea and the process through which the idea of life was derived. We are  discussing a different material orientation that is not time imbued and non-linear (ie)) spontaneous in nature. The current human whose linear dislocation of self is acquired would not be a determinant as denied. Consuming denial or failure becomes more an issue of happenstance than elements that are basic to purpose and result. A curious, illogical disposition that is inherited. And  adaptive.

Approaching the fewer words. We continue our daily lives sustained and threatened by imminent  death. The earthly submission… Noting once again we can not chose what  we are not aware of. But can be accordingly beneficent.  Aspiration yearns knowledge tolerates. Though historically once aware we have not always chosen. We die in time not in space which is timeless, therefore Eternal. If our timely perceptions of death change, our lives are redefined. Presently the five major businesses on this planet deal with death as a profit incentive and a dematerializing chaotic end point. Life converted to death insurance companies, lethal weapon manufactures, medical networks that exchange cures for disease both conditions valuated through death, interment and religions who have co opted  death as their jurisdiction....Can you think of others? How about the human process, need that culminates and is satisfied by these gatherings. Humans intend the burdens and sufferings they resist by carrying. A smile invites...God’s presence requires no scholarship. Youi are Eternal by your birth and denied by what we learn. We acquire our death orientation which includes killing.

Current form depends on the fleeting irony of its materiality. The answer begs the question by what destination will be derive? And arrive? Must we ask of life what has already been given? As mentioned the sound of silence is also much like the Light…all-inclusive, un bordered and once engaged by form displaced. (Suggesting the “silencing” music of all material including humans)…. Conceivably through  subjective silence (DNAs) all form can be sympathetically conjoined without a defining dematerializing effect.  Resolving  irony, conflict, randomness, de materializing (the displacements) as we know them to a Light reciprocally beneficent ideal. The DNAsound of a presumed disease offers…a guide relevance. Cure verses disease dichotomy speaks to a breath of the infinite continuity particularly in the absence of material death cessation.( Possibly one of the reasons humans are still alive is because they have not found a cure for the common cold). Our DNAsound we spend our lives denying. Sound is material. *Is DNAsound the sound of silence from the linear perspective the Light assuming form. Including each form shift.

Understanding and consequently applying  spontaneity inferred by infinity (timelessness) is difficult given that the process through which we would do this (language-mathematic-ourselves experienced in time)…invalidates the effort. Given that the Universe is timeless it follows that everything within the Universe is timeless as well, including memory, time and life. Interestingly memory is like music, silence and the Light….Memory does not have to be linearly interpreted and as such altered through thinking in order to assimilate. Memory is less so the servant of time. (Presently we adapt memory to time limiting memory to a past reference). Memory can adjust for time and linearity . *Memory form the linear perspective is ideal form or form not  denied. Remember the perspectives on memory offered by your high school reunion. As such memory is not loinear, spontaneous not intrinsically casual and its nature is timeless. Further the human is capable of experiencing  spherical (other than linearly disintegrative)accommodation….Only God can remember an event as it happens. In timelessness the memory and its  event source  are one and the  same spontaneity defines. Not cause and  disqualified as effect.  The suggesting becomes one not of material alteration designed to satisfy a preconceived uncertain time effect, but rather the nature of refinement. Not material space into space-in spite of space, but rather space as  space. Refinement without exclusion. Separation not less the separation.

Uninterrupted-non disruptive sound is ageless. Sound without borders one of which is the bordered dislocation of time. Non-disruptive sound is a sound that is comptaible with the Light. As such Eternal timeless. Most sounds resultant from the denying-dematerializing human experience are therefore limited. Erratic. Ideal sound assumes anticipated borders or limits, compatible with the infinite. Therefore ageless we can assume contributing to the aging experience. Observing once again. Death is not as humans perceive therefore aging which leads to death is also not perceived therefore experienced. The planet earth has a sound, infinity, Creation all the moves all that moves confirms Creation’s melody or denies the same.

-Implications thrive-a sympathetic energy bond-                                              

Why is everyone taking the same aspirin when this medication can be made sound intimate to the individual whose headache is also unique evidenced by its own DNAs. The same cancer, heart disease. Why is everyone playing the same harmonic, using the scalpel, flying the same jet when these adaptive technologies can be made sound intimate to intent, task and individual. Presently our linear time insinuated reality exaggerates our dematerializing existence. We discussed wondering...your home is not ready for occupancy unless it can burn down. In a linear culture repairing, destroying, dysfunction and replacing  are essential to engineering intent. If a plane can fly if it can crash. You can only live if you lose your life. Consider irony, uncertainty and disintegration resolved to shared functional resonance. Departure and destination are resolved as a singular event.  No longer functional as separate, inconsistent, oppositional while acknowledging incompletion (ie) a perceptually accepted and consequently engineered component. Suggesting inter stellar travel.  Medicine, education, transportation, gravity (relevant-revealing to the compatible event rather than oppositional)… the near all changes.

*Motion is intent. Intent suggests task. All of which infer source. These conditions are either spontaneous realities or fragmenting. When a spontaneous condition becomes task disciplined memory is affected. But as memory becomes specific and reflective of intent. The desired memory eve3nt though triangulated no longer is time factored. Triangulated meaning intent, task and subjective motion. AS a spontaneous event you no longer have machine, task, human engaging in an arena of essential uncertainty. Remember a memory not materially dislocated to time intact, refining. And can be accordingly engaged.

Appreciating  the following observations on gravity and memory are an initial flow ie initial draft. The value of all these insights, conjectures, applications are as much in the presumed reading as the presumed writing.(We are not alone in part because the concept predates our birth). Material and spiritual are inter change3able, suggesting schism. Relevant as choice. Materially “I” am entitled to one share as there are human  being on this planet. Spiritual intent is beyond measurement and haste. Let’s continue less discontinued do you agree..... When gravity is no longer engaged as an oppositional condition activity we have tapped uninto and as  the Cosmic canvass. Gravity is the canvass on which the Cosmos unfolds itself. And that canvas is the Cosmos. The metaphor... gravity winds. The electro magnetic force on this planet is experienced as a significant determining energy. Gravity as a subtle  defining presence. Influenocing-determine the fall of an apple, the trajectory of a plane, the location status of a galaxy. (Gravity influences but can’t be influenced). But if gravity can become singularly active or reactive to a specific event, our relationship with motion therefore energy changes. Example: A  motion event the flight of an airplane, a trip in an automobile, the direction of an asteroid, the toss of a baseball… each have their distinct DNA sound because the nature of the motion intent is distinct. The object in motion is in harmony with its intent direction or the desired purpose would not occur. Gravity is or becomes responsive…sympathetic no longer oppositional to this formulation otherwise dislocation would factor and spontaneity would be denied. This singular motion intent we can also  assume influence the status motion in the area through which the vehicle motion is manifested, meaning gravity-usually referred to linearly as trajectory. These three events, object, intent and trajectory presently are realized as oppositional condition events. All current motion on this planet is realized through Newtons 3 laws of motion, the most basic…for every action there’s an egual and opposite reaction. Opposition and the forces needed to overcome resistance we are examining as the compatibles synthesis alteration of gravity (ie) gravity avenues. The trip or relocation has become less linear, more spherically attuned.  Considering  the motion of a hundred compatible cars (same DNAs) sharing the same DNAs relocation status create the opposite of an energy vacuum that would facilitate the journey. Motion can also be thought of as force, though not displacing more in the nature of compulsion. Factor a distinct gravity bond unique to the shared journey. The remains of the dinosaurs(fossil fuel) can be laid to rest. Accidents are no longer accidents. Vehicle break downs and their motion venues ie highways and atmosphere are no longer determinant as damaged. Interestingly this activity condition is already occurring, but not to our knowledge therefore utility. The same all these offered shift conditions and adaptations. Realized as repressed and denied, always culmionating as non-utilitarian non-event. (The trip ends, fails, the vehicle can break down and eventually disintegrates) We live by the denied rules of the Universe, but the denial is not complete. We can only deny what is experienced, the denial is partial. We reside as part of the Universe origin not the reverse. We can deny God. Is God denied?

*Note Dnasound relevant to gravity, motion intent (linearly referenced as direction, relocation or trajectory) we are discussing a resonant force, a pneumatic resonance sympathetically involving all the activity events like task, intent, machine, fuel, gravity related to a  chosen activity like a journey. The journey becomes an intact spheroid (pneumatic resonant spheroid) availing its own efficiency including the fuel component that is not utilized as depletion. Measured either as fuel loss, mechanical inconsistency, the structural failure component. The aforementioned resonant event can fail, but not as a designed element of the event itself. Usually not anticipated but nonetheless essential to the linear event. Human error remains a factor, mischief or an unexpected event like asteroid collision.

Observing the Universe awe ideally can be realized the most efficiently through a singular formulation logically sustained. The elemental  choices are thought, perception, idea, insight, memory-conditions of self when experienced through an  inconsistent temporary reality are erratic and inconclusive in their demeanor. Their disposition. As mentioned before not surprisingly the ideal through whioch these activities of mind can be measured is the ideal of progress. Even when progress is consensually esteemed and  benefits are  shared equitably progress remains  as an ideal relevant and revealing as denied. (Again the disposable human reality). This includes the idea itself, the process through which the idea is developed and sustained, the consequence of an inspiored idea like a machine or machine function and  the organic and spiritual integrity of a human being. Also the human brain realized ideally through assigned linear intelligence is also substantially denied. Before death and after the presumption of death. Interesting do you agree? Is it reasonable to conclude that you are presently doomed to the progress of ourselves? The answer offered is a response to yourself…

If a memory of a human or machine human event is functionally continuous as design-experience and intent… the conclusion of the event is much less problematic. Next we consider memories of the future. Not as a clairvoyant inclination necessarily. But functionally being able to anticipate and  a human or engineered event with much less regard for inconsistency, uncertainty or failure. In a way  gravity becomes the memory cavass of a desired event. An instantaneous event like inter stellar non-linear travel or spontaneous remission or intuitive conversations speaks to the issue of  uninterrupted memory. An expressible, applicable awareness of the event as it happens to a high degree of probability approaching certitude. The near of instantaneous. Not before. Before is a dislocating time application. The third element  explaining spontaneity becomes applicable (ie) at once. Everywhere- always- at once. Motions is no longer linear. Spin and span...the event consequence motion of a spheroid. Reminding please seek out these terms in the dictionary. Span in part speaks to a motion that resolves a past event to the current. Materializing a past event, thereby ingratiating time in a more productive way. Interestingly its difficult to find a definition for spun. Which I assume addresses a past motion. Speaking to the timelessness of a motion full spheroid. A material event with a current vitality and a future. Not functional to disintegration which materially is realized as a past tense dormant condition. Another reference to such status perspective is to suggest and experience that a person died five years ago.  Your life is a self designed futility.

*Forgetting we can not access, linearly influence in time therefore the condition status we refer to forgetting represent a spherical timeless component that in intune with the Cosmos. We forget. But are not forgotten by that whioch we forgot. (This formula speaks to all activity). The forgotten becomes a new-significant place. A new-significant activity parameter that includes choice, design and intent. A new place presently referenced as depletion, failure, dismissed, dematerializing and inconsistency. In the organic self we know as death, aging and disease and the anticipation thereby. We can not react to what we are aware or we have disconnected ourselves from like the past, the future and death…but we can benefit these Cosmic timeless conditions.


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