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Approaching the God Cosmos                                                                                           

Allowing a prayer’s pause. Searching God we wander? Opening Spirits door… exit’s permit. Spirit speaks all flowers thorns alike. Logic’s contentment Spirit to form derives. We begin where Spirit we abstain. The Universe is Eternal why aren‘t we consciously. Opening the Temple’s doors. Appreciating Creation’s fences. Not all of our construct…

There are no straight lines in the Universe; linearity is the consequence of ironic causality… an earthly dematerializing contrivance reflective of the earth people’s organic investment in time. Linear-dual opposition is expressive of the human’s attempt to create ordered perspective from a random-conflicted reality where distance is the disturbance between two points. Hence dualities opposition. Chosen forms displacement of the Light. Suffering so we live. Incomplete of Spirit. Heaven’s residence our absence explained. Evidenced as death expressed. Of flesh and witness the same. Choices many not one enough. Institutionally secured as not…. Organically perception is the subjective displacement of what is being observed. (Alteration is functional to earth’s causal form). Currently essential to the humans dual-exclusionary reality. Our linear successes are our Cosmic disappointments.  A life experienced through conflict, the interpersonal imperfection, the designed flaw of institution (all) realized amidst the random foibles of a life defined through death…. Death life’s tutor. All chosen as such. Functionally evidenced through dematerializing form. This material anomaly… form revealed and expressed through it’s own dichotomy-beyond answer… impeding the earth dwellers relationship with The Cosmic God. (The origin-source). The Cosmic God. Not the earth peoples temporal, inspired, interpreted linear exclusi9onary adaptation. (What God presence Divine enfolds as pain’s witness). If earth peoples do not experience God reciprocally God is fragmented as denied. Curiosity profound. The frustrated non-reciprocal mythological awe. Man prefers God less himself hence God less  Creation. The dichotomy begins while ending. May we approach ourselves to you?

* To deny the God Cosmos is to deny your origin. Yourself.

There are three expressible-revealing materiality’s thriving the Cosmos.  “The Light.” “The darkness.” And the “choice” of one not the other: The earthly derivation…a conflict to which daily we neglectfully aspire. The choice…a sequential self-opposing causal process expressive of form causally assimilated as the artificial contrivance of time. Evidenced as daily proof inescapable… everything that begins ends. (Time is an earthly machine the humans are it’s displacing gears). Hence thriving lost the daily desperate of self. A punished life intermittent of hope. Heaven vacated while living. Understanding the causal time anomaly is the earthly manifest through which we revoke our Universe Celestial residence. While anticipating otherwise through imperfect words agreement. Disagreeably realized destruction follows. Dying while expressing life. Born aging to die. How curious the earth people know. While sponsoring not knowing. 

The Universe unfolds…there is no time in the Universe. Accordingly the Cosmos is Eternal as infinite. God more the same. The infinite Eternal blooms spontaneous. Not causally sequentially fragmented. The dynamic essential to the affecting of time. What im9plications thrive?  A Universe that is spontaneous-accordingly  refining… is God expressing. Not unstable ironic causal process. Perception as perception’s presence. Otherwise God reflected to man God less explanation’s preference. The earth people must cause the effect be real, hence God displaced as witnessed. Thus earth people’s reflection unfolds Cosmically incomplete. Life disappointed as life nurtured real. Explaining death life’s reward. You know the truth not knowing. We are desperate. Pained and dangerous. If not planning awaiting so. Beyond our Divine seeds instruction?

What of the earth people story does not resonate the Divine Cosmos? Infinite otherwise not Eternal? The earth people’s linear essential displaces the Celestial. Words sing less the song… prayers beseech prayer’s need. Flawed-ironically consensual the human temporal form. Displacing the Universe, therefore our communion with Cosmic God. The Origin Source Creator. The earth people are out of sync with the timeless Eternal Universe, hence God the same.

The earth people’s vagrant choice blind’s the Cosmos to self. Therefore living spiritually displaces self.  Puzzling… a life legitimate by its negating absence. A distant non-consequential Eternity fosters the earthly chore … what Heaven could tolerate man’s irony. Hence the death cult. Sacrifice of self. Irony follows as seed do flowers. The earth people optionally forgive their own love that loving thrive. And vindicate their flesh as sin that sinning reveal woman and man. Some proving the same by denying otherwise. This acquiescence is consequential to choice. Opposition’s choice dualities harbor. Uncertainty suffers all-displacing the earth people from their Cosmic roots. Rendering God the preferential abstention of self through worship’s devotion. Hence neighbor the same. Is not love enough that love need not be forgiven? What love forgiven love the same. Curious…transgression must be acquired to be forgiven. What love’s utterance is this…

What God is this that so decries God’s Creation? The answer is the earth peoples God…. The earth people kill explaining life. They hunger amidst great harvest. They torture- violence not enough. Revealing darkness. The earth dwellers have designed their own extinction. Please understand what inadequacy resides…. No vile unkindness evoking the human self. Humans know the truth. And they do not. Their residence is not Divine Celestial. Will you understand? One cannot choose what awareness denies. And so instruction begs divinity reside elsewhere. What cannot be chosen as choice is not. There are only the flowers you know. Until flower you become. The time of now is forever. The choices are choices not.  Whereas there is no death there is extinction. The earthly garden naught the Celestial seed’s commune silenced…. So the earth people unfold. Good Eternal of origin. Source of self. Dark of purpose. Waiting sustained so Heaven be not. What love forgiven still love. What miracles you wait not yourself. The time of now thrives as forever.

The question prevails Divine. Can the two aforementioned Universe material realities, “the infinite spontaneous” and “the conflicted sequential,” be conjoined materially to the advantage of the earthly ironic temporal adaptation. Thereby rendering dematerializing, incoherence, i9ntrincis conflict, God fragmenting- as being other than determinant. (Acknowledging a Divine reciprocal reality). Expressive of the Eternal Infinite. Where life is not life less living. Alteration is not affected through conflict, irony and dematerializing. Culminating in the self-reflecting practice of death. Was man-woman born to live. While anguishing life. Displacing a conversant divine mediation through worship. What human spirit awaits the God Cosmos? What darkness impending thrives our midst. There is no death there is extinction.

The Cosmic catharsis occurring? How can the beautiful diminution evidenced as language, mathematics, art, music and religion transcend their own self contained-inconsistent and displacing nature. A current earth reality where exclusion even prevails as inclusion. And the current material all is often most valid through its disfigured alteration or destruction. You’re out of sync with the Universe therefore with yourself. What origin-source denies origin?

Presently on the planet earth the ideal spiritually is displaced. Supplanted-ironically dispossessed. A shared negation of self prevails restraining. (God familiarity?) Faith only applicable as faith, thought abstaining. The logic is inescapable the earth people through life fraction God. They must cause what they effect, the irony of themselves…God the same. Their worship is a sacrifice to their Cosmic absence, themselves. Their communion with God is allegorical. Preferential thus conflicted. Legitimized as sin and reinforced as love sponsored through forgiveness. Miracles are random. Not conversant…. Linear consciousness abandons intuition, precognition, dream’s inspiration, coincidence and luck… as not a reciprocally conversant assimilations of the Cosmos. The expressive origin-source immeasurable God (of) all Creation. What Spirit of self thrives that God be heard as witness. What deed of flower accordingly seeds. The question begs is God our gift to offer…. Currently the earth people must of spirit fade to reappear that exclusion reassures. The Cosmic God on the planet earth is….Self ironic as form. Displaced as language. Deferred as choice. Deified as a life’s duration’s pre3ferential Temple. Martyred against self. And relevant as revealed through ironi9c death. Hence what Eternal voice the same. (Yet Spirit speaks not contradicts divinity that Eternity elaborates). Any idea is a divine idea if divinely expressed. Idea of self the same. Destruction is human not divine. We are the blinded memory of ourselves. Accordingly we witness God explained.

Allowing our own method of language, duality resolved as inference, what world abides where objective is not attained through disturbance. Linearity of process does not exclude derivation. And culmination does not exclude wholeness. Amongst the earth people God is choice. The earth people worship a linear God not the Cosmic origin-source. Thus impeding their Godsoulprint. The nature of the Divine presence relevant to preference revealing, as process irony denying…incomplete subject to accommodation. Choice manifests through the inherent self-contradiction of life form, the negating institution and shared self-contempt. The human community. The inadequacy of the individual is not resolved to God, but utilized to sustain the Temple. Divinity becomes a Cosmic pretense. Explainable disguise displacing. How could the offered divinity not be God denying when ideal communion is secured by life negation… death’s decay. A status the earth people determine is opposite articulate to the life God created. The irony becomes inescapable “we worship God while denying God.” Churches, Mosques, Temples, Ashrams do not facilitate a spiritual self-maturing, self Light conversant. The Temple can only avail Creation’s Divinity upon death thereby not confronting their own causal irony… Liberation from the linear ritual entrapment of institution in the favor of a self-intimate relationship with God. While alive. The God like Temple explaining-availing God for life’s duration becomes the aberrant ideal to the earth people. Born Light derivative… beyond language, choice and institution. Children’s lives maturing-displacing become congruent to the earthly Temple. Servants to the Temple worship. The truth speaks beyond arguments reason. The devotee leaves the Temple to return. And accordingly will return the same to leave. Needful of God through the localized Temple. Not herself. Not himself. Not leaving the Temple after years of challenged-encouraged introspection, Light astute magical. Eloquent so and availing to Creation. Not inofby God. But deplete, redundant, dependant, love forgiving. Divinely actualized as corpse. And as such Temple beneficent? The Temple sacrifices the divinity of its adherents to its own benevolence. The social order the same.

Understand to dream thus knowing, the God ideal of self speaks to self. And through you to others. The Lights evidence the same unveils. Prayer’s answer as you speak…. The prayer is origin derivative ofby the Light. Prayer’s answer as process negates the inclusive Light. The prayer’s answer is not cause to the prayer offered. The prayer is its own r4esponse. Otherwise the prayer interrupted as response would be its own displacement. Do we wait for God or does God wait for us? (Resurrection-Reincarnation spherically the same similarly refining as one another). Who waits for God, but the earth aliens. Eternity does not interrupt. The Temple defines-consents the miracle before the witness. A relationship with God speaks to one. Intuition, luck, meditation, prayer, sleep, memory, karmic inspiration, Nirvana, precognition, availing coi9ncidence, birth and death hold one not more. All-inclusive always not preferentially thus the light displaced, if wakened of choice you are available. God’s light embrace denied as displaced life. Meaning to say you were born from God as one. So you remain. Godsoulprint. Unless otherwise you choose. Who waits for God waits less themselves. And so the earth dwellers have chosen. Acknowledging please. Beyond answers reprieve the Holy places of this planet are the Holy places. Accordingly nurturing thus defining. Witnessing the love inspired earth people often are searching beyond themselves, thus ofby God. (I) offer no dark acknowledgement of thought, but clarity of the Light. Aware any acknowledgement of God is a preserving acknowledgment of God. And it’s truest meaning is God’s to esteem.

*The mediation the spherical you. Meditating…. DNAs Light attuning. When a human initiates mediation they are alone. Not the midst of languages fever. Approaching non-causality. Eased of interpersonal haste. Impending non-linear. Evolving spherically. Distance one yourself the same   Eyes closed less perception‘s witness.  One location. Consciously asleep. Listening to the silencing (spherical séance reciprocal) of self. “incarnational” flutter.  Nearing your origin seed Celestial. Form assuming the spherical Light attunement. Self sphere melodically (silently) assuming apposition. Resident earth alien you derive. Evoking your DNAs, attuned beyond forms casual irony. Distance yields the Milky Way accompanies. The human meditates reciprocally a community of one. Life-death axis symmetry the same. Reincarnation-Resurrection’s flow not end point juncture beginning the same, rather partial to the continuity suggestive of infinity7 of which birth and death are proportionate. Not form from form or from form to form as form. 

Spherical material séance reciprocal what death not life, but form refining? Forty generations of one human life are numerous million lives. “Acquiring memory” Light of yourselves, spherical whisper. Can this be so explaining precognition, your luck, intuition, coincidence, your dreams the rest you know. Saying waits application’s residence. What melody summed of gifts communi8on esteemed awaiting your valuation. What limit you are limit you are not. You are God’s memory of yourself refining Eternally. Only God can remember an event as it happens. Spherically reciprocal. The angels do sing your song preferred. You are root to the Cosmic tree. Otherwise by motives application. Acknowledging wonderfully this planet predates it’s own existence. Hence you are prayer light the same. Allowing knowing and application not the same.

Of death’s appointment you hear that listening thrive. Death ideally lives yourself unfolding.  Sleep-meditation affluent death the more. Not linear not casual temporal naught. Hence attuned the infinite Celestial. Conversant Light consciously Eternal. Joyously beyond words glory. Not fragmenting of self and others, emitting initially uninterrupted DNAs. What death remains. But your tears witness. Delivery and ironies consensus. Understanding that praying hears. There is no death there is extinction. Once a species no longer of self aspires, the communion Cosmic derides. Birth and death not one the other. Yet like flower and seed the same. God’s consent deafened at dream’s door. Do you understand? Your choice? Gods you know. Yourself.

….For each Temple there is another not the same. One door opens God which God not the other. Thus divinities Celestial protocol excused. Confirming that the planet earth is God’s Temple seed. What more door divine than y9our wakened eyes. Do you disagree? Hence you are…

Imagine as prayers breathe prayers gather God’s memory accruing. A Temple wonderful, not docile displacing ritual, but resplendent of spirit’s deeds. A residence of unanswerable self-intimate questions labored ofby God. What love is this but miracles choice.  NASA organizing approaching Mars. The Temple of spirit’s purpose less? Kind researchers gently intervening cancer from life. A Temple’s mission less that death abstains? When all is God. Children happy learning to forgive addition from subtraction. A Temple less that God be so? A man desperate once of crime God accompanied released from prison. A Temple knows no release but death? Mosquetempchapel good intentions door enough.

….Why do the Holy Temples lock their doors. As much by key as answer? Why do the Holy Temples lock their doors? What strange answer’s miracle is this…. To keep the people out?

Logic’s tender flower divine: In the absence of time there cannot be causal linear form de materializing that form be not. What ends unexpressive and indistinguishable in the absence of time? (The aforementioned sequential resolved the Light issuance prevails). Accepting that death is not time active-not time engaging death therefore is without linear casual form-consequently Light fully attuned. Other materializing Eternally resonant as refining not de materializing witnessed as ironically defined. The presumed corpse enfolding continues emitting revealing harmonically sympathetic DNAs. Joining the lifetime assimilating expressed summation of self. Appreciating no choice lives gift is lost upon “death.” The Light is all-inclusive thus un denying.  Body and soul are one not two separate as displaced. (Slap your neighbors cheek soul the same, God violated. Turn not the other cheek, but embrace tenderly your assailant that neither suffer further harm). Allowing death’s modest disgui9se is an issuance of the Light your departures juncture is determined byof  the Light. Unless violence’s darkness willfully flows. Continuing logic’s divinity. Upon “death’s” surmise you don’t go to Heaven. You stay. Otherwise displacement resides, Light denied to form, thus God less Eternally. The stars well sung persist. What Pearly Gates, Moslem Virgins, angel’s aflutter…interactive forms negating the inclusive all-embracing Light. No less the same, the same as more. Yes as hasty words retreat. Upon “death” you become Eternally the Light. You stay in Heaven. Heaven abides spherically articulate. Good deal you must agree.

Acknowledging logic’s divinity beyond thinking’s reproach. Inby the casual absence (times neglect) you cannot have dimensional form (ie) the casual temporary link between length-width and depth. Hence sequence or linearity abstained yields to spontaneity. The infinite Eternal.  Upon “death’s” consent causality becomes presence less process more not displaced, not exclusionary. No longer of timely form hence timelessly Light bequeathed. Comprehend impossibly what wit’s reflection not linear displacement of the same. Cosmically spherically conversant Eternally so…. The Eternal and the earthly angst now harmonious. Expression’s holography once conflicted earthly seed. Now reciprocally conversant. Form’s reference all-inclusive and un bordered. Hence Eternally infinite as articulate. Cosmic residence uninterrupted. The Universe is infinite yourself otherwise? Issuance reciprocally inclusive…life-death the same the Light You dream as dream and dreamt you are. Refinin2g Eternally vibrant r3ecipocal…. a non-linear dimension while expressed. Three form’s dimensions refining as one, the Light reciprocal. Sense your smile’s resolve once embraced by anticipated death’s dismay.  Eternally you are. All the Universe material so. Thus the Universe refines less expansions haste. Space as space refining not into space what space? Man-woman think to suggest otherwise explaining death not life. Consequently altering that the same be preferred as not. Explaining destruction. Killing preferred to death. How does this casual irony unfold in a Universe less linear distance, separations way. So man-woman wait death’s divinity avoiding Heaven on earth. What is man’s that is not God’s, but man’s contempt of God.

And of salvation’s concern? What God loves you less needing love the more. All upon death’s blossom are embraced asuntous the Light. Truly otherwise the Light less the Light Eternal not love the more God esteemed. While alive each choice timelessly accruing. Hence the darkness. Hence the Light. And so the darkness festers. Assuming extinction’s venture. Understanding apology forgiven not. Violence of any seeds explains the darkness throbs. War conceiving peace not peace the same. The darkness beguiles. One prison’s gate not God enough? Once extinction dark becomes Heaven silent Light extinguishes. Death un witnessed well of love. Graves attending graves. Loves- tears- ash. Birth no more death the same. The darkness now not the light. No prayer’s heard. None be said. Eternity less our reflection. How sad unbearably. The fewer words abide: There is no death there is extinction. But true as birth and light the same. Each good deed of divine loves purpose timelessly accrues. Dark choice the same. No past convenient as forgiveness. Eternity provides less darks purpose. Revelations gardens the Light beauty’s life affirmed. Sustenance God all affected. Heaven and earth one flower’s child. Tomorrow not past the same. Glory sings Creation’s lips. What signature these words need, but your eyes. Soul the same.

We die in time not in space. We spend our lives inby through time hence we exist in opposition to ourselves. Our Eternal origin. This we call success.

Yearning to explain death and life are other life approaching. Life Light’s presence. Not forms process. Refining harmonically. Not causally dematerializing advantaged as such. Light full beyond languages folly. Beyond dualities opposition. Beyond thinking not beyond thought’s valuation…. Perception’s presence. Cause-affect the same. Nearing Light eloquence. Not linearly sequential hence spontaneous. Spherically attuned. Born Light articulate death the same thus Eternal. (While living choice is your own). Divine communion thrives materially articulate. Hence technology not self-reflecting. Intuition-precognition speak conversant.  Infinite as Eternal not temporal that form be less not divine. The earth people’s choice as choice. The Cosmic God evident. The earth people’s worshiping seeds dismay. Celestially otherwise. Awaiting our Cosmic birthright. Aspirant divine. Not killers. Ofby God more than Temple. Temple Beneficent graduate. Spherical not linear ironically casual. Knowing death not dieing. Proportionately life resplendent. Heaven anticipates your residence.

What path the Light bequeaths. The blind man walks the cane. God’s eyes watching. The Imam, the Minister, The Rabbi speak of God their voice. The minister soul life’s silence heard as spoken. The parishioner devoted deaf as spoken. What Spirit foretells another’s eloquence not God’s. Temple and tomb door the same. The teacher, the carpenter of skills acquired -God opportune. The parishioner worships twice the same lost remembered. Once again…. Why are Mosques, Temples, Churches, Ashrams the only institutions from which the earth people (once acquired of God) do not graduate? Absorbing lingering redundancy. What worship endlessly God the same. What cause man himself enough. While the earth woman waits spirit’s oracle. God’s words shared not your own. (Divine deed’s waiting). Consequent-congruent God. Each graduate community of one celestial. Intuition’s voice reciprocal. Beyond linear folly. You cannot choose a path chosen for you. We spend our lives listening to others, thus we are distracted of God. Your voice not another’s. God we thrive. (Original sin what curious gift bestowed). At no loves expense forgiving. Embrace sin and sinner indistinguishable. Hence what sin, but thankful love’s opportunity. Pain instructs. Love unfolds. The Light less the darkness. Eternal redeems conversant. You can’t have an enemy without being one… yourself God realized. Linear spherically attuned. The words your own once God’s  we continue…


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