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May we continue? Do you understand beyond words carriage: The  timeless Light is all embracing, Eternally all distinguishing….infinitely-inescapably continuous. As such  there can be no endings. No death. Only beginnings evolving without loss of purpose- material value…. Unfolding beginning refining. (Life) not dematerializing without utility  as in our “present” existence, which is based on altering “our” material world in order to confirm the singular adaptation that explains our entire existence, everything that begins ends. Endings that can occur at any time. A condition we can effect on others, ourselves and on God’s Creation environment.  God as well. The human’s version, practice, of death is a condition that makes the (life body) stop… end.  Lose direction …cease interaction. Death is a static reflection of our acquired dematerializing process that culminates without utility . (The death of all not just human)…the near opposite of the spontaneous, timeless Universe whose usefulness is Eternally refining.  We whisper, “Eternity has value and is materially continuous. Nothing is disposable nothing disappears. All reappears not less itself the Light or rupture would define less infinity.”

Presently the humans have separated themselves from the all embracing- distinguishing- un separated Light, the Infinite Eternal. Therefore God. We have designed an existence that is contrary to the Eternal rule of the Universe. And carried this design into Heaven by separating our life experience from the Heavenly reference. By living less our Heavenly awareness…. Indeed the earth people must surrender the body given to them by God in order to enter into “God’s kingdom.” We have created two worlds.  While yearning for one we deny the other…we live in neither. (In separating the Universe from itself you deny your own residence). Your Cosmic existence. You’re Light being. And in doing so, you deny the Light being of all life forms on this planet.  Not essentially as an act of malice, but through not knowing because you  think that you do.

Can we deny what we are not aware? Yes this activity we call, “our lives.” An existence that is contrary to the Light essence of a baby child. Suggested also by your Light derivative dream’s sleep, prayer’s response, miracles reciprocal witness, your lucky day, spontaneous healing of offered disease. And the interactive condition status that you repress as death, less life, less Heaven. If we are not dead we anticipate-plan-invest in dying. Cause others to die. And base our exclusionary entry into Heaven  less God’s gift of life on death. Life and death neither one both the other. Meaning an active affirmation of Eternity thus both. Dissimilarly if we can unknowingly assert  “denial” can we benefit from unfamiliar goodness while affecting its negating opposite identified as “your life?” Should we hold this answer as its question?  While not waiting in time.

We believe that the value of death is that death is an end to life. The body no longer has any use. The body is without purpose. We politely dispose of the body. The body upon death it is determined has no utility or interactive value. Humans apparently accept that God has created a life being, a body status that is disposable. Whose material summation is without value-direction. They live accordingly, the half-life of themselves. We effect “get away” with this curious arrangement by separating body and soul. (As such we can delay the fullness of our divinity). Also the earth people separate-disconnect resurrection from reincarnation, death from life, earth from Heaven. Actually we separate everything from ourselves as and through ourselves. We exploit the death of others while attending our own funerals. Humans fracture  their Cosmic root… the conversant path of our Eternal continuous being.

Because humans believe that death means that it’s over… life ends (the  body stops)suggesting it doesn’t matter how you die because death has no life value once you are deceased. But in actuality in the Cosmos all is relevant and revealing. Eternally. (Continuously influencing all, everywhere, always).  It matters how you live, it matters how you die. There is truly and functionally a world of difference between being delivered “dying” in a God life intended manner. And killing…. assuming yourself as God in a dark partnership with another. Denying God. Denying God’s home, yourself. (There is but one sin. And that sin is killing. All other sins can as challenge be realized-redeemed as love). These event choices are Eternal in result. Your Cosmic journey does not begin with your birth and does not end with the your death. (Interesting the current death status is the assessment of the living whose functional knowledge of death is non-existent. Not inter active). Our awareness of death is pragmatic, valuated through fear, profit, mythology and resolved through humanized spiritual allegory. Meaning a sublimated idealized life based on angels, saints, celestial beauty, linear subjective judgment, compliant virgins,  redeemable suffering. Are these formulations intrinsic as Eternal. Yes all is not less itself unfolding. Reminding all is material except time. The spontaneous Eternal does not exclude, does not invalidate. But is all embracing, all distinguishing. The question abides how Universe responsive are your beliefs. Consider please how you see you are seen you will be. And whereas Heaven is denied as your planet, Heaven cannot be denied as Heaven. Heaven is and as such is so. As such forever so. Whatever the human whimsy. Infinite Eternal Heaven evolves as nurturing God…our Godsoulprint. Cause and effect one. What more breath of word than wonderful.

We confuse our Cosmic presence through forgiveness. Forgiveness gives substance-direction to transgression. Love assumes as love. (Forgiveness is valued as repeated necessitating  the transgression. Love requires no repetition less itself). The earth people are only adequate as inadequacy they define. The one forgiven valid as forgiven. Deficiency relies on forgiveness. Loving whatever the deed  accepts the deficit as loves challenge. Learning and love embrace. Pain instructs. Forgiveness impedes inquiry. Apology & forgiveness  seed the same tainted fruit. Our death’s denial (while alive) we wait for who you already are.  What celestial map forgives its own destination? Self and destination the same. Forgive yourself deny God’s love. Forgiveness confirms sin less the ideal of ourselves as love. Hence what sin. What love forgiven still God’s love? Can  denial be proof of the existence denied? Anger-fear-greed-violence denied as love is love explained as forgiven.. But “I” expect when despair has taken its final thirst forgiving your individual self has bearing. Is suicide self murder, I can’t claim another’s knowing, but life is intended as better. Shared… rewarded as anticipated….

We avail our earthly seed through dismissal… delegating events to the inactive past while redeeming the immediate to the dormant future. Whose results are at times disastrous. We live accordingly. We have nowhere to go because we are already there. Please don’t remember to forget Inby the infinite  beginnings Eternity embraces all as Eternity. Cosmic life does not begin or end with us. Confusion is understandable. We  must feed our body,  rest, offer as life and love. Eventually release as ourselves. A body through which we pray and accept God’s offerings. But… eventually something dramatic and confusing happens. The body stops. Requiring no nourishment, no longer asking or offering. We have entered into a life activity we only vaguely understand. And appreciate. Our linear options, lifestyles, based on beginning and endings, on ironic separations, on killing, dying and distorting has from our confused perspective been left behind. Not true actually assimilated. You’ve returned, never left, from whence you came the Light.  Dancing between the stars, our journey  is a Cosmic one. Your activities on Main Street are (un separated) spherical, not less themselves, spontaneous.

Presently the status condition of death unfolds not as decay, but as motion evoking a sound  relevant to its material nature. Thus genetics, molecular structure are the near final hold. Released reciprocally through the interactive assumption of death. The same by your discretion while you are alive. Concurrently when you die you don’t “go to4 Heaven” you stay. Upon death (sometimes life) all life forms become Heaven the Light. Similarly your linear life experience. Communing assuming reciprocally the Cosmis. Reminding as choice you know. The darkness screams frequencies absence. Consuming the Light? There is good there is bad. Choose one as yourself. Thus Cosmic response. Reciprocally abiding.

We sense a world reality beyond our own because we pray.  Because we are sad and lonely. Reprieved we return to the lonely sad of self. We anticipate another world because we explain Heaven to ourselves while denying our own divinity. Because we brave our temporary answers. We wonder. We wander. Unloved we can offer love to others. Because we know a miracle not less those who witness. Because pain is temporary. We anticipate another world reality because we don’t want to be bad.  Because we’ve gotten better at life. And are willing to share that goodness with others. We sense another reality because we ask questions of God. And are suspicious of our answers. And because we wait for more while protecting our children from our success. We feel another reality  because we prefer loving. And we knowingly deny the after life while living. Because we laugh when were alone. And cry when were together.
Walking through God’s garden the song of self. Quietly again for the first time. Watch Creation watching us. We whisper life responds. Your parents, their parents, therefore yourself, the trees, the river valleys, the humming birds the same (removed) how many times before we arrive at a condition status that predates the materializing of the planet earth. Still your parent, God the Eternal Light. Arriving? The Light embracing already there. The same your birth before the planets. The same your death not less yourself. Before, less and during the same. Otherwise the Cosmic Bridge unfolds less its own passage. Bridge and all life the same. Non-directional all beginnings refining. Can you understand what we allow less ourselves? Do you want to see God?  Stop looking.

In one of your war zones God spoke to “me,”  save the world the words were said. As the flower knows the sunshine (we will). Do you persist otherwise? There is darkness. There is Light. This you know as  knowing you allow. Wait for a miracle wait for yourself, impede God. You can only deny what you  are… Aware thus we are Light being… patiently waiting. You have a better answer, explanation, thank God and please share with me…All is God’s less so as consent compels. Yes all is God’s if your willing to liovingly share with God and the rest of us as God has all life…Anagram for lonely. “No one only.” Anagram for died. “Did I die (smiling we remember) I did die.”


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