The observations follow: The human body is individually non-linear, your genetics are unique; your appearance unlike any other, your voice, fingerprints, and your birth…is a distinct conception of space (which predates your birth and will post date your death and that space is the Cosmos). All this magical originality. Lost when we externalize self to a world we’ve created that has very little in common with the Universe. Our residence. The source of the planet earth. We are not expressing the essential self, evidenced by your birth Light being. We are expressing ourselves through someone else’s paintbrush, whose paints, the same canvass used by everyone. What logic reinforced by what science infers an alternative that will reflect our non-linear Cosmic nature. Remember the planet earth is predated by the Universe…therefore your evolved essential self is a Cosmic “recipe” that also predates this planet or you would have no origin. You could not be….

Remember the Asian gentleman at MIT. We can identify your DNAsound. A spontaneous sound that is compatible with the infinite continuity, the spontaneous Universe; Your distinct sounds of silence are not linear, all embracing, without borders (Same qualities as the all infinite Light). Allowing a series of logically integrated insights  that except for these essays have presently have not gathered to a common hopefully applicable theme… suggesting a perceptual shift…

Amidst this harmony of Cosmic silence we can identify the sound, the melody that speaks to an individual being an artist or a businesswoman. (Two lawyers at the same time?) Once having done so we can begin to put together a paint brush, paints and canvass that is compatible with that sound reference. (A paintbrush, paints that no one else could use effectively). A sound reference you share with no one else in the Universe. Since your DNAsound is all inclusive or it would be fragmented and uncertain like our current reality…your DNAs is a limitless source of information that speaks to images, designs, materials that are compatible with your DNAs that identifies you as an artist, a pilot, a surgeon. AT the very least affect a condition in the linear world that would allow individuals a more substantial opportunity to express their lives choices by minimizing the linear life chaos on our acquired lives (ie) exaggerated by our technology. And reflective of our singular observation o which humans have built their existence (the material word is disintegrating culminating without utility or everything ht begins ends while ending.

Efforts sustained at MIT,  the PEAR group at Princeton University.                

Now the  Curly haired biologist in his book The Science of Life “There exists a field between species, with its own auguring memory (not ours) that functions irrespective of time and space.” This what we are talking about, irrespective of time and space speaks to the Light, (or space through dislocating time there the infinite continuity). Also the sound of silence of DNAs. (Remember the Universe is timeless we are out of synch with the Universe because we exist, paint and love in time meaning we displace-deny everything we do). Also if you are able to get into this timeless non-linear grove (which you’ve begun by using your DNAs tools (ie) also hammer, car, scalpel, computer, medicine, birthing, spirituality-also suggested by birth and death) we’ve tapped into a memory that is not our own. A Cosmic memory that likely includes a vast resource of information, images, ideas, sensations that we spend our lives repressing-denying. Including the Cosmic memory of you. At a minimum the uninterrupted linear memory of self which is reflective of our Cosmic birthright.

True we can separate life through death, Heaven from Earth, body and soul. Today from yesterday, success from failure-procedurally actively engaging both. Even God becomes a preferential-exclusionary choice….But Heaven, the infinite Cosmos, is all inclusive. We can separate Heaven from ourselves. But not Heaven from Heaven, which includes all of us…all life forms. (The ones humans call animals already might have a sense of this because they have no interactive awakenings of death). The Cosmic infinite non-linear continuity also evidenced by spontaneous “light” events like luck, coincidence, spontaneous remission, birth-death, sleep, placebo, precognition, intuition, eureka insights, etcetera. These a casual spontaneous (therefore timeless) occurrences, their initiate juncture, are not the result of language, mathematics, assigned intelligence, institutional irony, earthly religions…the self designed activities through which we separate ourselves from our Cosmic birthright, the Eternal Cosmos. The light event activities also that do not come from another human being, including self, or a machine do not allude to a preexisting body of knowledge and interestingly when concurrent always happen to one person at a time. Inferring what is currently alluded to as “silence,”

Subsequent interconnected essays will develop as DNAs: A  resonant  event  that is conditional with and sympathetic to the uninterrupted infinite continuum while resolving the linear anomaly without deficiency. 


Essays, Glimpses & Consequentials


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Echo's response "Concurrence"



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Chaos Theory Completed


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