formation ini

Thursday 6th November
Dear Lorraine,
Our conversation. By the table. Sometimes the words catch up less their opportunity. Each word seeking the other. “Is there life after death?”
The answer forgives the question. “No.” There is no life after death. Logic's common witness testifies. Dreams and the same. (death). The dead do not buy girl scout cookies. Life insurance waivers. Credit cards, disease and time surrender. Prayer's hasten their own oratory. Their garden is not ours. Allowing interruptions seed. (life) Our lives denied. Revealed through dying's neglect. Culminating in death decay. Forgiven to allegory. Begs the beggars patience. Is there life before death. What life forgives death's passport. Whispering before and after are time constraints. Fiction given residence. What grave mourns Eternity.
Death is life uninterrupted...
No there is no life after death. There is activity. Wonder us, eloquent and sublime. The poem becomes the poet.
Now please Emily Dickinson breathes,“Because I could not stop for death.
He kindly stopped for me.
The carriage held but ourselves
and immortality.”

formation ini

Time duration is an inclusive activity condition whereby anything materially engaged ends. Continuously endoing. All material events actualized in time culminate as a disposable juncture....a complete loss of purpose and direction. Yet the Universe is timeless “endless. “Human beings validate-valuate their existence by denying the same reality. Basic example. People are born, th4ey beigin a debilitating age process validated by disease, violence and eventually a cessation or termination of the organic self. The end of life. Logic invites a response. How can any material event end without value direction in an endless Eternal Universe?

Time distortion is revealed and experienced as inconsistency and uncertainty. All events realized in time are factored through failure. This dynamic is reflected in science, technology, self knowledge, spirituality and the presumption of death while dying. Inconsistent corporate profits are sustained through risk evident as potential inefficient loss. The ideal of a business success is realized through exclusionary loss: A company designs or improves a product, the success causes other companies experience loss or failure. Resulting in instability and anticipated anxiety that intrinsic to the business dynamic. This linear process is organic, institutionally immediate and relevant as designed. Further denied through expectation. Not surprisingly major industries on this planet rely on death while dying, the complete and “intended” loss of value a motivating profit incentive.

Materialized time distortion is also evident in technology which is sustained through linear time based science. A machine is engineered to fail, this is a pre design condition that is time relevant. The machine event and its result is also experienced through disposable value loss. Linear cars, computers, planes, weapons are enginered through value loss. In the ideal the result is temporary, the machine will have to be replaced, will need repair. The machine will result in further value loss intrinsic to risk relevant-reflective of time based culture. A risk distortion that is exaggerated by technology. Event examples: Car accidents, ships sink, computer systems collapse. Causing bodily injury, death. (All major financial, political and spiritual institutions derive identity, motivation and profit validation from this essential linear inconsistency.) A loss of value integrity that is reflected in damage to the environment. Manifested as a non linearly, all inclusive, accruing dynamic which is unintended and inevitable.(Coercive loss of value is conscious and life defining. Consequential to intent which becomes global. Examples: Global warming, pandemics, limited asteroid tracking. And an engineered intent designated planetary holocaust. Nuclear war breach. An all inclusive exclusionary event perpetuated as accident, human error and bureaucratic flaw. And engineered design uncertainty.

These activity conditions are evident as intent, result and as the life process that reveals limited consequence. Even when result is desirable always incomplete. In the absence of time distortion, organic and institutional these events human, machine and procedural become profoundly less diminishing, materially coercive and inadequate. Business venture, engineering , medicine become non linearly actualized. Inclusive not exclusive. Even random loss has value as potential not as dysfunction. In an other than linear time based culture material value loss, most evident as dying becomes redefined. Material events don't end they evolve. Continuously. Unless manifested otherwise. Please note with emphasis.* In the absence of time displacement the non linear ideal becomes optional.
Whispering cautiously we arrive: The Universe is timeless human beings exist in time. We are therefore out of step with our own residence, the Cosmos. Curiously in time all events end yet we live in a timeless therefore endless Universe. The implications reciprocally define our relationships with ourselves, each other. And God Being as reactive reciprocal awareness.

When we were born baby children we had no awareness of time and death. We were Eternal divine beings. We are taught our non Eternal disposition. Politely acknowledging we are the only species on this planet that experiences Creation in spite of the timeless Eternal as time and death.

Inviting speculation: Many years ago our ancestors lives were determined by cycles they couldn't influence. Night became day, weather, pregnancy, competing predators, accidents-disease, source of food, always the mystery of death. We were shrewd maybe a littl4e mischievous we came up with the idea of time. Through time displacement this gentle and beautiful planet became ours.
Difficult to comprehend an alternative material reality that is not time based, whereby all including the human self, experienced in time ends. While ending. (In time eventually all material utility and direction is lost.) One example we are born we “age” exhaust our lives dying approaching death cessation. Major industries on this planet rely on death as a motivating profit incentive: Insurance companies, lethal weapon manufactures, interment, medical networks that interact cure with disease. In time death validates reveals life3. Through the human adaption “distortion” of timelessness...{time} the planet earth became disposable, non- Eternal; our dependance on technology exaggerated our reliance on time disintegration. Death's consent sustains our identity. Cars crash, ships sink, our homes aren't ready for occupancy unless they can burn down. The Universe doesn't work that way. Our species is “protected” through spasm nuclear extinction. Endings are essential. Yet the Cosmos flows otherwise. Endlessly without irony, uncertainty and termination. Eternally...

There is a condition activity in the Universe that speaks to how long and event takes to unfold. Duration. There is the Eternal duration. Whereby events do not end once begun. And time duration. Whereby all events end. Resolving this paradox redefines the earth peoples active bond with God.... God's environment and themselves. In the absence of time the infinite Eternal becomes functional.
One question thrives inviting our Cosmic predisposition, our thriving Eternal selves. While alive. Can the schism between our timeless Eternal selves and our current time encrusted adaption be resolved to the preferred God intended self? Politely we continue. These words are seeds the Cosmic garden waits our residency. Is it not true? God is our mystery, we are not God's. Are we not obliged to separate timeless Heaven from our time encrusted reality? We must die, surrender our lives in time in order to commune ideally with Eternal God. Most curious...

Perspective compels: The gentle Professor Einstein observed,”The Universe is non-linear.” Meaning unlike a straight line, one event through separation leads to another, the Universe can not be separated from itself. Less the separation. (Infinity denied denies infinity.) Intriguingly when we were born baby children our bodies were non- linear. We could not be separated from ourselves and still function as intended. But with the best of intentions we are introduced into a time invested reality where everything ends. In time our non- linear Eternal self becomes a linear being. Evident as endless separations. The dictionary defines linearity,”A disturbance between two points.” ie cause and effect. As calculation or anticipation...cause and defect. Because life Creation is experienced through the possibility of failure. Dying and uncertainty. Either in intent, planning or result.
Availing further perception. The Super String theory, the essence of the Grand Unified Theory offers, “All is material in the Universe except time.” Consequently through non-material time we dematerialize the planet earth and we call this success. In the absence of the current time based humans God's planet reverts to viable Eternal options. Presently Eternal as denied. Be polite and all will come. We can not react to what we can not perceive, once aware application follows. “Pray and stomp your feet.” The inspired Reverend Colleen Engel invites...
Resolving linear dysfunction avails a shift in perception, technology, knowledge assimilation ie our lives. The gentle Einstein further reflects, “'All science, measured against reality is primitive and childlike-and yet is the most precious thing we have.” Science and all God the same.

The prophets have spoken beautifully their loving deeds. “Be nice,” the many ways invited. We are not suggesting that human beings are bad. We are disposed to violence, greed and shared unhappiness our Holy documents testify. Accordingly we abide because we are Eternal timeless beings living thru the anxiety of time. We have created a reality that is valued as denied. Do we prefer God through death. Wondering what grave mourns Eternity. Appreciating dead is a God thing. Dying is a human thing. When we attain the active status of death we stop dying. Most dying experienced is unnecessary. So sad so silly. Violence, the hungers, time initiated- treated diseases. What true knowing is death when we know best by denying our reality. All progress is based on invalidation. Meaning what our young parents thought was essential to their lives we can now only find in a museum of a dipsy dumpster. Through time acquired “endings” we have created a disposable reality. warming, pandemics, limited asteroid tracking. And death incentive profiteering. And nuclear global extinction. We are a peoples that protects our planetary existence thru destruction. Unnecessarily we suffer much our well intentioned neglect. We create the burdens we resist by carrying: Yet we love our children the better of ourselves. We seek and thrive our prayers need. Yes we can be bad but we prefer being good. What would be our story if we did not have to suffer the well being of our success: The anagram for Armageddon....”are we done God (also factor) mad and damned.” An anagram suggests as evidenced the non linear origin of a word, it's origin source. Consider the unfolding Cosmic anagram of self. Yourself presently denied?

The divine flowers offering. “Be nice.”While time compels anxiety's unhappy contempt. Embracing these gentle understandings coupled with non-linear commerce and technology avails a planetary shift. Politely offering our website (insurance sphere, Sullma,
MTC credit card, non-linear machine, psychiatric spere, cancer 0's, mediation sphere).

As little children we are assigned a linear intelligence that is static and predates our birth. Applicable test results that compliment and reinforce our time disintegrating culture. You are asked to perform on a test that measures you ability to participate in a time based disposable culture. Test results can't vary five points during a life time. Humans use less than 10% of their linearily assessed organic intelligence capacity. Also we rely on a time insinuated linear language. Structurally language allows for deception and self deception. Conversations evolve thru forgetting. Definitions vary. There are more than 6500 language on this planet. Word's r us. Speaking to our Cosmic predisposition the denied Eternal awe. These event occurrences don't come from ourselves, they don't reference knowledge, they are spontaneous-not occurring thru time increment and these “incomplete” not sustainable events only happen to one person at a time. Suggesting the silence the light. The two timeless, all inclusive and non linear conditions that are compatible with the infinite Eternal. (Luck, coincidence, answered prayers, remission, placebo effect, intuition, precognition, twin intuition, your birth, your presumed death, forgetting, sleep, miracles and more you might surmise. The anticipated self. Reflecting: Krishna, Buddha, Moses, Jesus, Mohammed, Mother Teresa as God determined effort reclaimed their no linear Eternal birthright. Their material bond with this planet shifted. Explaining healings, mysterious skills, miraculous events...

Inferring placebo, spontaneous remission and faith healing. Cure n 'disease function thru relevant oppositional “linear” separation. Both are sustained by dying and death cessation. If cure n' disease were treated non linearily, not op positionally, not linearily defined as anticipated loss of utility and direction. Sound “DNAs” is compatible with the timeless non linear. Verses time treatment radiation, chemicals which must engage-deny the entire body. When the definition of death changes, life value activity and death itself undergo a sympathetic shift. Whispering we observe, motion is not decay. Each persons genetic motion sound is different. Forty generations of your family 7 million individuals. A non linear active Eternal presence. Yet death awareness is beyond perceptions intent. Can't know the flavor without the taste. We ask? The question is the answer. Dreams, healing, coincidence, your luck, intuition more you know not knowing. Events we can not presently create and sustain. But we are beneficent. Helps to be available. The time of now is forever as we approach our Cosmic predisposition

We create and deny our reality through words. The words we choose determine whether we and others are happy, afraid, loved or unloved. Whether we fail or triumph. Individually and collectively the words we use witness the meaning of our lives. Many of these material sounds occur in conversation. Our lives with each other, the environment and God are determined through the uncertainty of language. We love, are afraid or alone through the declarations of others. And others through our expression. Our words speak our prayers merit. We anguish, suffer and hide through our choice of words. Memories garden flourishes in word. Similarly we anticipate and attempt to prevail over death while dying. One answerable question trumpets words delivery. Presently silently esteemed. Is there another language medium through which we can engage our lives, timeless Creation and God that is not time encrusted? Observing through languag3 comprehension we affect application. Whispering we continue somewhat less discontinued...

Thank you for your gentle sermon Reverend Gillespie. (9i) don't know why “I” think of 'thank you' as a prayer. Though not knowing is not the absence of what we seek to know. We can not react to what we are not aware. But we can unknowingly benefit from the same. And subsequently respond. We are not the origin source of all we experience. We are not alone. Also the results of our efforts are never fully apparent. Uncertainty compels essential in completion. We live a life of echos. We exist in the presence of our Eternal absence. This incomplete- uncertain reality is actualized by our time determinant belief that we can not realize the Eternal timeless ideal self individually and collectively until after we attain death. The expressible Eternal self denied while alive because we live through our adaption of duration time. (There is the Eternal duration which is endless, endlessly thriving and time duration whereby everything end while ending.) Through our ability convert material conditions to ending events we claimed this planet as our own: As such: We are generous in our apologies. We create the need for our own salvation which we “shrewdly and desperately” delay till after death. Thereby allowing us to pursue our time anguished lives.

Human beings are unknowingly prudent seeking what they value as denied. The Eternal ideal resolved and deferred till after death. Additional evidence of our Cosmically abstained selves: We need to sleep to dream. We delay the immediate self while planning our next move. Anticipated improvements we esteem by eventually invalidating. We need to live while dying to attain through death cessation the Eternal idea of ourselves. Unsolicited events such as luck, coincidence, intuition, spontaneous remission, death, birth, reincarnation and resurrection we can not create nor sustain. Incomplete realizations we attempt to appreciate, but can not fully understand. As non-linear Cosmically compatible condition events these occurrence like resurrection and reincarnation are continuous, not interrupted...Eternal not consequent to death cessation. In substance and process, in perception and consequence, Cosmic realizations that become repressed, denied and deferred. These are timeless events that are repressed by existing knowledge. These non linear occurrences interestingly only happen to us while we are alone. Presumably alone. Alone by our contrived perception. Therefore not distracted by our timely acquired existence. Alone not distracted we are silently esteemed, Cosmically disposed. Eternally inclined. A divine timely affinity denied unknowingly amidst time's self displacing agony. Our anguished impati4ent community, anxious troubled neighbors, living the denied intended Eternal self revealed ambiguously through death while dying. Bravely and afraid.

Once again on the Cosmic dance floor we are non linear Eternal beings who through time become linearly indisposed. We live separated from ourselves. And each other. Preparing, anticipating, profiting from death while trying to avoid the end. The mathematicians observes, there are not straight lines in the Universe. One event leading through separation to another event and in time these fractured events are always uncertain factored through failure. And the eventual loss of all purpose value and direction which can be immediate.(Everything we experience inadequately and incomplete in time eventually culminates as a disposable juncture). Our lives continuously ending we impose unto God's Creation. We labor challenged- provoked by our own perceptions. Infinity denied denies infinity, the same the Eternal, therefore God. Very curious indeed by deed and aspiration.

Unaware of time and death upon birth we are non-linear beings, Eternally gifted. Eternally expressible. God's expression. Until we are instructed otherwise. Whispering once again we are the only species on this planet that experiences Creation through death and time. And sins, wars, disease, taxes.. linear commerce and technology. Offering we are not bad life beings. Who need to hurt each other and ourselves. Living in and through time we are provoked, anxious and afraid. Time isn't easy. We oppose ourselves thus we anguish, plan and apologize. We have become distracted from our timeless Eternal selves, our living “conversant” bond with God while alive.

We maintain this tentative-ambiguous bond through language, assigned intelligence, sustained uncertainty and a death culture. We create a need for our own endings. Hence disease, wars and extinction events like global warming, limited asteroid tracking, pandemics like the Ebola virus. Treated and perpetuated in time. Culminating in a transmogrify a nuclear war spasm event. Again please with emphasis these events are a reflection of our time invested selves. (In time all ends). These created events we spend our lives avoiding, while profiting from. War through death activity generates the greatest employment. In non time “the non linear” these anguished condition events are not (can not) be divisive, debilitating, terminal. Not realized less their Cosmic intent. The earth people have become merchants of anguish and dysfunctional death. Once again we stop to breathe. All bad is good unresolved. Except for killing all bad is good unresolved.
There are light accrued event as noted like intention, luck, spontaneous hearings and answered prayers. And dark events such as war-war intent and dying while Eternally alive. Which includes profiting from the dying and death cessation of others. (Theirs another world of difference between death and killing.) Our bodies remain non-linear 'Eternal' even thouigh were living Cosmically dislocated in time, explaining our disposition to divisive diseases, social-political anxiety and death while dying. Our sustained effort to resolve time to our intended selves. Compounding life's burden (time's anxiety) shared becomes singularly self denying. Explaining our disposition towards insanity's relief such as depression, anxiety, drug addiction, rage, alienation. And suicide. As well enlightened purposeful self clarity. Acknowledging the desperate unbearable burdens; still we smile, care for each other, nurture our children, worry about the environment, promise goodness too one another. Imagine to pray and breathe if we did not have to fear our lives...the neighborhoods we would reside. The games we would play. The stories we would tell.

Inviting the mystery of words. We initiate-generate these separated events like words, mirrors we hold up to “our” reality trying to comprehend the futility and direction of our success. Through great effort we try to improve on the consequences of our labor. While denying the same. Our bold paradoxical efforts made more difficult by the dysfunctional nature of language. Of course language is linear, separated incremental words. Words have tense or time, they have gender, structurally current language allows and facilitates violence, deception, self deception, subjective definitions. And language assimilation is sustained by forgetting. Also prayer, laughter and God awe... Words r' us less our Cosmic selves. (Not always). These human events and their language originate from the presumption of silence. Words can also lead to silence, the non-linear condition activity we tentatively know as silence. We dream, become love and yearn silently. We wonder and wander, solving the mysteries of our own creation. Which we share with God. All uncertainty a sublimation of the most compelling mystery, ourselves. Perplexed trying to comprehend the origin of self verses the origin-source of God. Not fully aware that the effort is the comprehension. We can not know all and remain human. Which evolved first the imagined or the imagination, Can we imagine imagination?

What is the origin of a word before it assumes its assigned form. Before sounds are time constricted as words. As we consider a new language medium and consequent perceptions. Offering that all motion has derivative sound. (Motion explains intent, intent r3ferences source. And source functional awareness). And all form is evolving and therefore an evolving sound. Now we approach the Cosmic sounds of self which we “know” and acknowledge by denying. Did we briefly discuss anagrams Reverend Gillespie. The non linear ever living source of a word before the word assumes its time based formulation. (Considering we are an anagram ourselves). The word die. Non linear origin source ie anagram: (9I die) (its my id)....died.... (did I die “smiling” I did die)...Death...the two tenses of self consumption in time. We are born, we spend “exhaust” our lives releasing ourselves uninto the Cosmos. Concurrent origin anagram for death. (I) eat, ate “the death.” Releasing ourselves while alive to our Cosmic origin source. Through death idea's and practices we unknowingly live the Eternal of ourselves. Clearly when this is realized death becomes otherwise. Similarly time. We reclaim our Eternal selves, our Cosmic predisposition. Application follows perception, the Cosmic shift occurs. The consequent denials are resolved to a displaced-deferred God, opportunities intended for ourselves. We return Creation to God.
Carefully we reflect on our divinity, the totality of self, Eternal being self is between you and God. Your choice, your purpose your distinct conversant communion with God. The Holy Temples instruction, our families love consult, your friends earnest good intentions aide and clarify. And are inclusive of your God choice. But when all is said done and undone you and God are One. (Offering Cosmically life essential expressions are sounds). Often less word choice. Organic life Eternal sounds realized and heard initially as silence. The many silences. The soundings of birth. A hug. A shared embrace. Love’s touching. Your breathing. The sound-sounds of death. (Sound speaks to the event and sounds we an assume the activity process leading to the event). Sound of luck, coincidence and intuition. The sounds of whimsy. A humming bird. Sounds of yearning. Laughter. The silent searching sound of two joining, hoping to “have” a baby. The gentle God distinct silent sounds of your smile. Because we can not sometimes hear does not mean there is no sound. Also you hear with the entire being of your body. Singularly then together. The happy sounds of those who assist with a birth, with death, with healing. The creative sounds of the artist, the musician, the sculptor, the writer, the researcher, the teacher, the healer, the God administers. The sounds of a child learning to speak. The sounds of hope's delivery. The sounds of God's tomorrow

The nice and death appreciative Stephen Levine recounts in his book, “Who dies...conscious living...conscious dying.” Pam was asked if she wanted anything before she dies. She answered smiling, “Ten more years.” When Pam died someone said. “Pam was a noun she became a verb.”
Now an ideal time reference, the lovely echos of your sermon. Lonely (anagram of word therefore self)... only one one only one. As non linear beings we are a cherished God community. Anagram for share, the word through oi]ur denied selves. (He she hears). Hope and hopelessness mirror each other, thus opposition thrives. Alone as you noted Reverend Gillespie we seem to suffer more, the disease, the anxiety, hunger. We begin to separate from ourselves. Also the need for prayer grows. And prayer being. Alone we suffer the ravages of time. Anagram (I/m it tie me). All roads are God. Are you alone we ask ourselves? Who asks that listens not God. Anagram for untimely. (9I'm it let me untie my time). Noting the non linear “divine” functional perspective includes non linear relationships, technology, commerce industry. And Creation’s environment. Inclusionary events that cause no harm that reveal, validate and sustain Eternal duration. The anagram for timelessness...a sounds gentle breeze unfolding. Soulful gentle wind chime. When we dream are part of the dream. Dream attendant, wonderfully unaware, Cosmically conversant. God assisted we sleep.
Except in a reliance on each other to occasionally explain- clarify numbers and words function independently of each other. Another example of time based exclusionary denial. Note the unintended numeration in these essays. Giving additional perspective and direction to language. Another example. Many years ago living in Shelton Connecticut with my lovely-gentle brother Christopher the following numbers and word pattern “became” apparent: The culmination of World War 1, the culmination of the 2nd World War 1945 and Nostradamus projection of the 3rd World War 1999. Also the date of the y2k dilemma, it was believed that a computer design malfunction might cause the Russian and American Missiles to discharge unintentionally. Adding or subtracting any of these three dates from each other always sum as the number 9. (In numerology and the progressive development of numbers is known as the number of beginnings and endings). Followed by the concurrence of history witnessed through language and numeration: Professor Einstein writes Franklin Roosevelt encouraging the president to begin an Atomic bomb program in 1939. Project code named, “Great God K.” Nine letters. Manhattan (9) project. Los Alamos New Mexico, 9 and 9. Hiroshima 9 letters. Weight and kiloton yield of bomb both the sum of nine. Scientist witnessing detonation flew in plane number 91. Mushroom cloud 9 thousand feet. Number of individual human beings killed or injured 90 percent. Homes destroyed 90 percent. A concurrence of word and number reflecting a non linear event. Nuclear war. The singular event in this gentle planet's evolution where the singular and collective3 choice of one species will determine the shared future of the planet earth. A catastrophic spasm assimilation. There is no death, there is extinction. The end of life the death of death.“No death extinction.”Who worships God that God denies? What prayer forgives God our success?
Gently we anticipate God's response to our prayers. Our fears, dreams and plans. Logically esteemed. Witnessing our lives merit. As there is the darkness there is the Light. Which one speaks not less the other our choice redeemed. The Light nurturing, silently speaks the Eternal. Endlessly refining. No endings anguish less Eternities purpose. Darkness cautions life's purpose. Pain instructs cautioning God's direction. Ourselves learning. Wise dangerous and forgiven, Darkness pauses we hesitate. Observing timeless Eternal occurrence we can not presently create- maintain in time. Thus we die, fear and love each other. Dark festering choices can be reclaimed to the Light with a word, a smile, good intentions, And good deeds. Noting the culmination of 3 World Wars, nuclear war, Y2K: For the first time in more than fifty years American and Russian nuclear war fighting officers joined together in a peaceful-concerned effort to avert a planetary holocaust. Thus a shared Eternal effort transcends. God speaks we listen? We kill ourselves through each other, very curios. Culminating in the earth peoples preoccupation with end day events: Revelations. The Mayan calender. The Rapture. WW111. Our death's apprenticeship. Grotesque time insinuated chosen events. The earth peoples experiment with time ends with them. Creation's loss. “The day the music died.”

“It's always darkest before the dawn.” My nice and determined father advised his struggling son. Darkness hints “holds” the light. We pray the darkness please deliver the Light. The following a beginning juncture to assimilating spheroid or non linear condition events. A reassuring perspective Reverend as patience allows. Acknowledging the work of an inspired German mathematician. Noting 8 is considered the number, the energy of “individual evolution.” A localized event before we do or do not evolve to the numeration 9. “Beginnings and ending.” Exclude the numeration activity 8 from the progression one through nine. Multiply the nine times two the result nine two's. The same result with the remaining six or seven numbers. Of course 1 through 9 represent all the numbers and possible number combinations. (Linearily in time). Zero a designation derived by Aztec mathematicians allows for the development of advanced mathematics. 9We can consider linear and non linear numeration. The linear zero suggestive of a void, but not inactivity and the non linear zero. A clearer functional sense of completion-not derived or consequent to deficiency and inconsistency. Ten speaks to completion. One we can assume speaks to the singularity of an event. Engaging this entire dynamic non linearily creates a spherical process and other than exclusionary or oppositional result. The anagram (unfolding development of an event) identifies the origin source coefficients, non linear information that allows-facilitates a non linear machine event that is not functionally structured through dysfunctional design intent. Evident as failure result, disrepair, depletion fuel source, temporary flawed affect...all realized through linearily time flawed perception. The self completing spherical result concurrently encompass design intent, function result and relevant structure. Presently static depersonalized linear machine. This anticipated theoretical formulation in a real and material sense predates it material conception. Complimenting the non linear nature of the Universe. Minimizing human foible organic and conceptual. Non linear inclusive memory becomes origin source of event rather than time dormant. Event functional as opposed to reflective and whimsical. Which becomes the functional nature of a non linear computer machine. Where the computer leads all other machines will follow. Including the viability of inter stellar travel. Concluding this paragraph with one of the riddles that interest mathematicians. Are equations invented or detected as we evolve. We will revisit in another essay this formulation and the paragraph on dimensions.
Excitedly happily expanding: A linear earthly event in technology, medicine, travel, commerce, in life and death “acknowledges” unknowingly the non linear ideal. While denying. Yet life testifies medical treatment events can heal. We do arrive to our destination relying on the linear vehicles. Late early always on time. We are alive. We yearn and share our dreams. And all Holy Temples nurture God our timely preference, waiting. Any God worship worship's God. We sleep God's consent the proof we waken. We dream unwillingly. You sleep alone? The same prayers response. We leave a trail behind ourselves that we follow. A venue of words, ideas and technologies temporary stepping stones. Celestial pathway. Reminding each term event has material sound origin that is compatible with the infinite non linear ideal. Our Eternal birthright. All motion has material sound. Including the motion of the distinct self. All denied material motion has sound. As well the denied or anticipated sound motion of yourself. Intent has sound. Imagination has sound. Purpose and death are sound. The motion sound of your prayers, individual and together. We know as your unique voice, your genetics, the space you occupy, your choices, your finger prints, your appearance. Unique “separate” to you and others. Not to the Cosmos. Thus linearily we pause. Language hesitates silence approaches. During the all inclusive nonlinear, there is no less, no exclusion, no opposition. There is no “no” that yes denies all may be. Maybe's pause ascribes seeds Eternal garden. Smiles sounds. Pre birth the same not less death's sway. Luck and coincidence have sound. Placebo, soundings spontaneous remission “healing.” Life is sound Eternity the same. The sounds of a technological event, commerce, a spiritual fruition we hear less their Cosmic origin. Waiting sounds of self. Origin sound the Cosmic source. Because we can not hear a sound, does not mean there is no sound. Nor that we have not heard. We hear with our entire body. Clarifying consider to imagine all the noisy sound you heard in a factory during two weeks were experienced in one compact moment, less than one second. You would suffer a disfiguring death. Now consider all the abrasive-displacing sounds experienced during 87 years reviewed and actualized in non time. One organic non linear presentation. Influenced agings, the diseases, distractions, havoc. Verses birthing life nurturing soundings. Sounds breath the Cosmos the same. Distinguishing please between the silence and the quiet. Quiet speaks to the absence of disruptive sounds. Presently most of society sounds are damaging and disruptive. Contributing to disease, aging and death dysfunction. Good, nice, sounds complimentary of the Eternal self reverse the same. What is the activity that predates a sound? We can presume as knowing sincerity allows, intent, therefore a source awareness which speaks to origin. God's contentment all. We hear the music before we sing the dance.
Time is linearily perceived- experienced as potentially beneficial if shared. A linear company pursues a profit objective through risk while generating possible loss or failure by others. Partnership invites consensus. Valuates inter active forgiveness. Much repeated. Can we resolve fear to the better intransigence. Time not shared becomes self denying? Despair's burden heightens. Blame's perspective. Loneliness. Is love not shared love denied. What death without death's witness. What jail without the sad jail keeper. But solitude also engenders the clearer Cosmic opportunity. Enlightenment whispers gently, “your over here.” Alone we are least time distracted. Alone creativity thrives. Alone we die embracing the Eternal. Alone the silence sings quietly forever dreams. Alone you are born Eternally astute. Alone we dream accompanied. Alone we are the prayers answer. Do you agree comrade people can not argue about God. God is and as such is so. The earth people can use God to argue amongst themselves. We are funny. Remembering easily the bumper sticker in the 1960's. “What if they gave a war and nobody came.” Attending memories breath,”You can't have an enemy without being one.” Smiling we yearn, fulfilled. “In loving you we have been loved.” What love needs permit. Love needs no agreement that love denies. Love breathes. Agree? Disagreeing preferring love's burden? These words thrive the sharing of yourself. Be nice. And nice will be blissfully. Be polite and all will come. Already present as denied. Why do people get divorced if there already married? There is the Cosmic God and the earth people's beautiful adaption. All the same one not less the other. Each the same through love's deed each other. Cosmic family tree celestial orchard.

A sound's interruption if “I” may? A Buddhist offered the insight. We can attain enlightenment, divinity, if we die (acknowledge the Eternal, while we are alive. Reaching for the Cosmic roots of this gentle flower. Divine: “I” die dining in the vine (id). Thus through choice consistent I'm consequentially divine. A nice- generous attorney Robert Kohorst wondered. “Do these anagrams hold up in other languages? “I” don't know. If not why not? One of this planets wondrous poets Lorraine Duggin smiling explains the subjunctive in English. Sounds not sense the poet's like Lori sing. Symphonies of dance. Not unlike the wandering ministerial of the middle ages. We continue breathing the active karmic gift of our ancestors. Karma speaks God's motion disguised “denied” as ourselves. Unnecessarily denied. Why do we hide if were already lost. Lost as found don't you know. Like our lives are many rules detours? God is a word?
Once upon inby duration's Eternal space in spite of time we continue: The “denied” activity condition of the concept location “dimension” is linearily defined by the dictionary, “A property of space an extension in a given direction.” A dimension potentially is a roadway. Reciprocal. A venue and an avenue. Concurrent reciprocal time dilation's sway. Displacement without dislocation. Anticipating the concept perception of a worm hole, a quantum corridor. Resolving the quantum riddle ie at the subatomic level all measurements occur in probability because the act of measurement affects what is being measured. Reflecting: “Measurement” basic to earth science is a linear time based affectation, complimenting unresolved linear inconsistency ie Cosmic incompletion. Otherwise as process availing while repressing “deferring” a mass of information that is also denied through language thought. These are image sensations compatible with all senses concurrently, transcending, but not excluding functional thought perception. Suggesting the ideal organic sensual self. And eventual application. Coefficient morphogenic coordinates, asymmetrical? Each formulation unique to each event. Repetition in process speaks to irony and time in-completion. Unresolved re4pition suggests restraint. With your accompaniment, the acknowledgment of our non linear relationship denied in time, deferred self allegorically delayed till death, let us examine the origin sound source of the localized term dimension. An initial transmutation of material space. Suggestive of timelessness. “i in on.” Allowing the concept activity of progression, these terms become conjoined. Concurrent. Less localized less time denying. We continue less discontinued. “So I die “see” me dismiss the I in men.” (me we id). Acknowledging the organic time denial of self is imposed, sublimated onto the planet. And good God intent. Noting the activity of witness ie “see.” The resolution of the localized linear “I”. “Dismissed.” We have become to resolve oppositional time displace3ment suggested by gender “men” “I”. The location “I” repeated. And opposition itself. The term location evolving, approaching its non linear origin. And source utility. We have inversion the “M” becomes a “W” now we have the term presence of the term location activity “women,” Observing attaching value through exclusion or denying value as utility are linear time affectations. Allowing please a second presumed interruption. The smiling God's nice Professors Einsteins observation. “When mass is constricted eventually the curvature becomes infinite.” This is the activity condition we are observing. And seeking to utilize. Approaching our Cosmis neighborhood. Further reflecting, the non linear reciprocal nature of a dimension event resolves and harmonizes time dilation as one concurrent event juncture. Our meaning the God All. The Cosmic origin source. (“is”). Unresolved untapped dormancy. At a certain location, relevant to intent. Meaning the purpose of the event journey determines the nature of the venue avenue ie dimension. In a non- linear event, intent, result and the activities that lead to intent effect are all one. Not exclusionary. And not exclusively determined by the human presence. Yes at a certain juncture presumed location space. The I's the O's the terms “die” and “dismiss” and “miss” and “end” begin to assume a spherical condition presence. Suggested by the vaguely indicted symbol of yong and yang. The resolut9n of which resolves the linear angst to the infinite Eternal condition. The intended timeless origin source. Presently deferred to death. Denied while dying. Actively suggested in time by the marginalized occurrences luck, coincidence, spontaneous remission, placebo, intuition, super position, the morphogenesis field, death cessation, anticipation, imagination. Labor's inspiring gift the nice Asian biologist at MIT, the work of love inspired Larry Van San at Purdue University, the Peare group at Princeton, sonification of protein at Texas Wesleyan. The generous inspiring Noam Chomsky at MIT. Always the alleged ones. Wakened dream's attendant. Family tree's Noah's Arc star ship ascending.

And your God determined duration self. Yep for sure your God determined duration self. Life is hope and hope has purpose. Appreciate all motion has intent and relevant materializing sound. The aforementioned activity condition evokes a materializing sound. Material intent. The inter stellar trip. The functional non linear computer. The worm hole. Two conditions ofby time, the infinite Eternal duration and time displacement duration presently intimated thriough forgetting. Now a materialized spherical concurrent ideal.

An example of a non-linear materialized event affectation. Presently realized most often through machine. An inconsistent, uncertain-oppositional temporary “time” process. Consider to imagine a registry patch on your skin, perhaps a piece of jewelry that absorbs all the abrasive internal and external sounds that are not non linearily compatible with yourself. The sound of self DNAsound. Presently sounds that perpetuate dysfunctional aging and decisive dying (ie) conditions such as disease. Anxiety...Reminding if all the sounds you heard in a factory your experienced as one compact moment you would suffer grievously perhaps death. The same dynamic realized through your entire life. Gradual acoustic anguish evident as noted. The registry patch would absorb all self denying material sounds that are contrary to your ideal non linear self. During mediation ie meditation, prayer, sleep, showering these sounds can be reversed. Availing kindred resolution. Nifty is a melody “my” inspired hard working sister Teresa Lee enjoys. Nice

Memory like all else is Eternal. God's memory...(Me more my memory0... God's Creation memory if not God whose the better business bureau? Ours? Yes imperfectly, yet evolving. (You can not remember without being remembered). Like all else in time Eternal memory is denied. (Timeless memory timelessly undeniable, Eternally active). Endless Eternal memory, denied in time” our life construct,” not through death cessation Eternally articulate. Imperceptible. Inby time we only have memories of the past. The difference between the two time condition durations, the Eternal and the non resolved through forgetting. We spend our lives forgetting our Eternal identity. Interestingly we can’t prove we forgot. (We exist by proof...our proof). Forgetting is not a lost place, its a thriving place. The unwillful- unwieldly place of self. (A place we unknowingly go to meet and convene with Eternal ourselves). We are washing the dishes and suddenly (not really in time) people say, I remember something. It came to me. What did I forget. Where was I. We hide behind our gifts delaying credit to God while waiting for the after life. Interstitially as we get older, a time reference and condition, we become forgetful. We become forgettable. Eventually (*we believe) we are forgotten.... Assuming the greater God memory of ourselves. Finally we waken in our dreams. And we recognize God...
Approaching logic's mystery, melodies yearning unresolved: Dying is a human thing “dead” is a God thing. When we are dead we stop dying. Most of human's dying is unnecessary; accident's suicide, violence, disease and impaired aging. We continue less interruption’s haste, our Cosmic reflection smiles.

Allowing a sentiments embrace: Can we love this planet and each other less and love God more? The question begs apologies answer.

Kathryn Schulz in her New Yorker article “Final Forms” quotes epidemiologists William Foege and Michael McGinnis...“nearly half the causes of death in the United States are due to tobacco, diet, physical activity, alcohol, toxic agents, microbial agents, firearms, sexual activity, motor vehicles and illicit use of drugs...”
The Universe is all inclusive, not less its timeless self. (9Non-liear). Infinity less infinity denies infinity. As such in time we are denied. Thriving the profit neglect of our dying selves approaching death's folly. Praying we wonder. How can a life end in an endless Universe? God's embrace not less God's intent. Leaves fall rising. When born we had no awareness of death and time. Thus Eternally intended while alive we thrive, denied. Sadly instructed we spend our borrowed lives. Unaware. Gently suspicious, absent with cause. We hide to prove we are worthy of discovery. Oblique and parallel. We are not alone proving otherwise.
Acknowledging death's anticipation castes an exhausting shadow. We yearn thinking we wonder. Are we aware of your timely self (presently) intended as denied. Arriving while deferred. Before and after delayed the same. What miracle resides temporary haste? Confusion seed the same. Broken promises promise still. The seed knows the flowers will. Questions are prayers answers. What death are we witness proves. Proof obliging. Teacher student intelligence assigned. We caution no disrespect. Love needs no reprieve but love. (In loving you we have be3en loved). What meaning knows that meaning explains. Well dressed of fear's habit. And of love we need not know that knowing delivers. Love's signature the same explains. In loving less expectation's creed you have been loved. Forgiveness whimsically delays. What of God's love needs forgiveness. Enough be said silence hastens the better word. Hell be damned let's have breakfast in bed.

What death's soliloquy speaks obligingly. What death denies the better self. What imagination thrives direction lost. Death foretells the end while dying? What end once begun not end itself? Delayed eloquence deaf we sing? What brave we are abstained while prevailing. Absent we prefer. Our laughter confides our prayers negligence. Love forgiven garden mysterious. Extinction's refrain. Revelation's dying lead's the dead astray. Hiding knowing we are lost. Lost as found the compass prospers. All God promises not God less the same. No shadows yes. Yes the same. Gathering we breathe. All bad is good unresolved.

Celestial blossom's instruction. God is our mystery. Suffering our prayer's need? Words abiding we confide. Thus warned we proceed. Caution hope ourselves the destination? Wick the candle flutters. We are not God's mystery. Embraced we sing. Forgiving ourselves God's intention, sin's validation. Let's begin already started. Whispering we appreciate. Inby a Universe of self not separated less its purpose we can only have one Cosmic adversary. Ourselves. We can not devalue another person and not devalue God. Thus the non linear Eternal thrives. One emotion's being thrives less the inflicted others. Love nurtures Creation's seed. Anger, jealousy, fear otherwise derive greed's purpose. The God determined ones testify; Mother Teresa, Mohammed, Jesus the Nazarene, Buddha and Krishna. Others by singular deed God esteemed. And accruing. No endings thrive once begun.

The word's explain beyond derivations purpose. The Universe is timeless the earth people exist in time we are therefore out of step with our residence the Cosmos. Lost as found we seek less our Eternal endless selves. The Universe is non linear, your body thus the same. Inby time your body remains non linear explaining our linear oppositional thirst, cure derived from disease, death cessation delivered while dying, aging's dismay, insanity sanity's shadow. We must oppose “deny” ourselves to prove we are worthy time's contempt. All material including life experienced in time ends. While ending. We prevail death applauds. “Our” existence actualized in time culminates as a disposable juncture. A complete loss of purpose. And direction. Our lives exhausted waiting for ourselves. Validated as denied we die. Born unaware of death and time, Eternally arrived. Then time's auction begins. We suffer unnecessarily. Our success testifies.

There is another world of difference between death and dying. Death “Eternal” is a timeless occurrence dying in time devolves through loss of ideal Cosmic purpose. And direction. We wither on the Cosmic vine of our own design. We exhaust our lives anticipating a fictionalized death through dysfunctional dying. We hide to prove ourselves worthy of our absence. The word' s lean on each other: Exclusionary-oppositional event conditions deny-delay the non- linear Eternal to a time convenient after life. Whats going on?

When death is more clearly understood, accordingly engaged, then the conditions activities realized as death through dying become beneficent. Not dreaded and materially invalidating. Meaning life currently experienced through disease, violence, aging undergo a Cosmic shift. Life is a gift do you agree dear friend. Death? A gift twice given returned to God, Marion Wendolynn Lucas unfolds. Preferio tus besos sin tus labios conceindo adonde eres. Adonde voy buscando hoy?

Dying speaks to loosing “abandoning” material purpose common to (all) material events that are actualized in time, including the human body. Our entire live reflect our death invested materiality. Accordingly perception and behavior are influenced. We conceive harvesting the irony our discontent. Acceding we perceive. Responding to our earthly design. Denying, deferring the Cosmic self. The Cosmos the same. We are blind searching for God's vision of ourselves. Bravely we protest our success. Dying yearning for the Eternal, ourselves evidenced as denied. The Eternal self deferred until we surrender our diminishing-debilitating time investment. We hope the better of ourselves rebuffed as hopes nurturing. We seek to hide our absence esteemed. Yet the butterfly knows the cocoon. Similarly we wonder authors of all except ourselves. Amazing we are life born Eternal denied as life. Good born from bad each refutes the others better waiting. Guilt anguishes innocence. Imprisoning a life being is unkind. The prison's cause claims imprisonments purpose. Unkindness fosters less contempt? What prayer hides abuse. Less unkindness is better than more. Thus Eden's better apple thrives.

Currently loss of material value including death through dy9ing are time determinant. Explaining the human experience. Realized and evidence3d as time based science, language, technology. A shift to a non-linear, other than linear time ideal profoundly changes our material reality. God perception the same. Acknowledging the “transcendent” expressible divinity after death while dying, not whoile alive. Industry profiting from life denied as dying revealing an ambiguous death becomes anomaly. Time derivative effects that reveal-validate dying such as global warming, pandemics, extinction of species, pollution are no longer intrinsically consequential. Soldiers risking their lives to kill, destroying, suffering shared torment become aberrant. No parade bequeaths a pall bearers song. Nuclear weapons surrendered God's life's better self. Life pr3efered not as life denied blossoms birth's gentler purpose. The anagram for patriot “I tap the riot.” Any soldiers death God's burden. We cheer tear's our hero’s folly. Suffering more less ourselves. You can't have an enemy without being one. To whom do we surrender if we are the only enemy. You seek God, stop looking. All roads lead to God? All roads are God. Do you agree? Disagreeing prevail?

We approach the horizon approaching us, the non linear awe. Greetings our Cosmic predisposition. Our birthright. Eternally eloquence. Cosmically resident. The carnational flutter sings.

*Remembering while we forget. Let us please open the door again once closed in passage. The Universe is all inclusive never less itself ie non- linear. Mean9ing we realize the Universe can not be separated from itself less the separation and remain n9on linearily “intact” timelessly Eternal. Infinity less infinity apparitions witness. Another view infinity less infinity infinity not. When you are born your body is n9n linear, intact, complete, accordingly Eternal thus divine. Your body can not be separated from itself. And continue breathing's reach. Through time dysfunction the Universe, your body disposition become linear ie “unnecessarily” consequent to dysfunctional separation. Reminding all material events including our lives are realized less themselves. Valued as repressed through Cosmically diverting-diminishing time displacement. Life realized through dying anticipating an ill def9ined death, explains our reality through technology, science, spirit and self sustained as denied while denying. Failed or accordingly devised. Disposable. We prove subtraction addition's thirst. We live separated from our Cosmic origin source. Anticipating rehearsing the final separation. Absent in life abstained in death. What's going on? Please let's be more be careful. The time of now forever derives.

Whispering we approach. The nice people at Random House College dictionary define a dimension as, “A property of space; extension in a given direction.” We are an access way, the all embracing venue to the great Cosmic awe. We are each a dimension. Desired through meditation, clumsily imagined in death, witnessed as miracle, answered prayer and dream. The nice lady on TV wondered reaching,”if there our dreams why do they surprise us.” Whispering the non-linear self Cosmically in tuned predates birth and post dates death. “The beat goes on.” Diverted- denied as darkness, thwarted in time diminishing success. Suggested in the brief timeless spontaneous occurrence we neither devise-design and can not sustain. Witness the lucky intervention, shared unsolicited incident in the Light-coincidence, expressible as clairvoyance, intuition, twin tuition, spontaneous remission, your inclusive non linear birth and engaging death, seeded as forgetting. Others you know to wonder, yes? Including your anticipated self. “Extinction inverts dimension: “The day the music died?” God's memory dimension the same. What prayer spoken less the need prevails. In the abs3bence of human beings who prays to God that listens. Carnational flutter flounders. Yet God we know less ourselves. Were not God's mystery, God is our mystery. Wonderfully we seek. Amazing earth people. Allowing a smile's companionship. What is the maintenance dose of a placebo? Ourselves. Once again Dr. Daughton smiles.

The reflection caste's the stars shadows. Melodious whisperings of the spheres. Motion is intent. Intent suggests source. And source infers “nurtures” awareness. Now there's a bus stop worth waiting's pleasure.

Seeking we continue: An all embracing-gathering event rema9ins intact through Eternal infinite duration. Whether the event is natural to the Cosmic flow or non linearly designed. Linear events construed in time exist in “unnatural” opposition to themselves. As such disease relates to cure both credible while dying hastens death. Curious values validation. And off course Eternal life time diverted to an after life. After a life disqualified as uncertain, life events calculated through failure culminating with a complete loss of utility all devised as dying. Scientific precepts are time refuted. Revisiting the hard working, truth determined Sir Issac Newton's law of motion. “For every action there's an equal and opposite reaction. ”Opposites can be equal time insists, loss of value redeemed. Opposition's displacement begs timely exclusion. Inconsistency argues relationships purpose. The same all earth science. Thus all progress valid as rebuffed, eventually. How does eventually temporarily thrive? Waiting we survive our success. Recalling the nice, patient and gentle Dr. Parson's class at Bridgeport University, quoting a companion, Em maul Kant's Universal prerogative. Allowing paraphrase. “Any truth that denies one individual invalidat3es the same truth.” The all inclusive non linear we aspire. CS Lewis, “Alice in Wonderland's friend,” offers. “All moments are in this moment.”

Cure verses disease are linearly constrained-time relevant in exclusionary opposition. Yet Eternally kindred. Repressing, denying is flawed acknowledgment. Acknowledgment none the less, in time all ends thus is incomplete. Well intended we intervene abstaining: Exclusionary cure-disease functional as life rebuffed. Intervention derived through abrasive scalpel, radiation and interment. Life critiqued death's witness. Abortion? We favor abortion for women, not for babies. Cloned uteral bequarium. Presumed assignation. Thorn the flower protects itself. Illness, brain tumor, broken bone, retardation, insanity, death are all skill set. No endings thrive once begun. Endings further distracted through healing inconsistency. We seek yearning wonder us Eternally sublime. What graves mourns Eternal life. We are authors of all except ourselves. And all of life. Interesting do you agree? Observing earth researchers offer there is no correlation between creativity and intelligence. One assigned the other resides. Interestingly memory is one of the few awesome activity conditions we don't interfere with.... Why?

Accepting there is no death cessation, God's Eternal memory of ourselves continues uninterrupted what then speaks the end of life? Passed away, gone, deceased. Inby God's all embracing Universe there is no way away less God's voice. Gone we understand less comprehensions witness, not absent. Not abstained. Ourselves distracted-unavailable. deceased (ie) Beceased. Lives continuing Eternal summation. As such death is not the inevitable organic irrelevancy. Initially shucks and awe. Appreciating deaths compelling voice, not unlike our current distracted lives, we can't know the favor without the taste. Consequently how “death and dieing” assumes a greater Cosmic relevancy. Killing we know less ourselves less God esteemed. A Native American Indian tribe offers beautifully, excusing translations wit, “When you die you should be in the best shape so you will get the most out of your death.” Our smiles the surface of our souls. God and soul and body One not less our neighbors All...Body and soul are separate? Accordingly yoou can't reach your ideal spiritual fruition while alive. Death's bargain instructs. Dreading we oblige. Curious?

Appealing logic's witness. What we witness as the decay of a human body, speaks blissfully to the “all” acquired motion of self. Motion offers sound. Relevant revealing that which is moving. Life uninterrupted death sings. Anticipated angels witness. All is material except time. Forty generations of your family, gathered by your life's embrace are the many millions of individuals. Now chorus the Light bequeaths. What then dream's whisper. We listened. Et3ernal memory gardens. Less chores complaint. Answered prayer's reverberate. Miracles glitter the sun shines flowers. What more miracle than this life denies. Thus allegories and ruminations. What birth conceals death's purpose? Our instruction. Prayer's anguished seed. Are you alone? Oh come on gi ve God some credit.

All predat4es the materializing of the planet earth. The seed before the planetary flower. Seed full blossoming Everpresence. No endings thrive. Begin again refinong not displacing. Waiting we wonder. Let's begin already started. One perspective allows. The nice and dete4rmined Charles Darwin's theory of evolution, a linear progression, predates the planet earth as a non- linear conditioning event. Spherically reciprocal. Earth physics infers as infinite possibilities and super position, simultaneous half life reciprocal. Otherwise by whatever birth exclusion defines, linear disturbance explains. As Nancy Reverend Gillette invites. The ripple grows not less the ripples purpose. Does this not speak to life on other planets. Enlightened Native American Indians offer: Planets “live” life themselves. Greetings we await. Waiting we've arrived. “Borrowing fear from the future.” The gentle Reverend explains. Is it possible dear neighbor instructed we witness half life going in the wrong direction? Briefly all hastens apologies reprieve. Meaning all progress is sustained through invalidation. Improvements disguised less improvements purpose. What your Mom and Dad esteemed essential to their youth, now you can only find in a dipsy dumpster or memories museum. And God. God you know we worship by our consent. God's image our choices. Thus we neglect our prayer's need. Forgiving our love God's purpose. What of God's love need be forgiven. Our success extinction derives. The time of now forever thrives. May we please ask? What are your plans. These words dear friend are seeds. The garden is in your hands.

Science speaks we listen, tentatively. The grand unified theory, the non linear community. Evolves. Destination and purpose the same, less consistencies haste. The Super String Theory offers,”Everything is material except time.” As such we dematerialize the planet earth and call this success. Curious our dreams better fruit. We seek the absolute while denying life, ourselves death esteemed. Masters of life sponsored by death. Forgetting the expressible Eternal “self” we survive. Creating our salvation's need delayed till death. Aren't we smart? Parables, whispers and apologies. How shrewd we are hiding from our own magic. Awaiting our absence to reveal our presence. We hide to prove we aren't lost. Recognizing the forgetting place, our Eternal residence, a community gathering. Eden's nirvana breath's reprieve. What seed blossom's mystery shadows without shade. Whereby space3 no longer delays its direction. Ever presence and presence blissfully confide. God acknowledging smile we witness. What speed of light not less arrivals destination defers origins haste. Time compels the singular event. Cause and effect. We cross the street. Early late the same we arrive on time. The singular Cosmic sharing of self left behind. An event can not presently occur “somewhere” on the planet earth unless it occurs “sometime.” Somewhere delayed summed in time. Yet the Universe is timeless. Non-linear non-localized Universe, ourselves localized. Arguing our own reflection's smile. Thus when is otherwise when when is not. What happens to distance in the absence of time? Language laughs our directions arrival. Another garden better explains, the gentle Albert reminds, time is relevant to the observer. Time dilation sways. You approach the speed of light time slows down, you exceed the speed of light the thought permits and time's delivery returns. Ourselves the same. Each event approaches the other our intent. We travel the dislocating temporary roads of our design. Child, adult and alleged cadaver one form not less the other. Reciprocity breaths, your reflection winks. Destination and departure hesitate wandering haste. Seeking our arrivals departure. Less is more. “Since before.” Like the rest of us our friend Curtis Slama quotes God, we hide behind the credit. Timeless journey explains. Not material materializing in time, but other materializing. Arrival and space ship the same. Localized disintegration has no claim. Worm holes access avail non-linear relocation. Less displacements travelogue.

All by whatever witness God derives. There is no God, the mystery beckons. Love replies embracing reasons purpose. How can you deny the divine presence you just identified. Other words approach. Interesting that we can't smile while talking. Inviting the nice and soft spoken Carl Sagan, “Extraordinary claims reguire extraordinary evidence.” Accompanied we continue. God created us we responded with exclusionary religions. Exclusionary religions sustained through preferential instruction. Politely observing there has not been a sustainable single Holy Text that dignifies the divinity of women. Inclusion acknowledges Eternal life duration. Praying we continue Holy Temples are the only institution from which we do not graduate. Except through death exhausted less life's breath. Histories witness avails. The good true of God loving deeds spoke individuals labor. Brick and flesh one both not always both the other. Why do Holy Temples lock there doors? Both by key and answer. Too keep the people out? There was a woman frozen to death outside a Church in Omaha Nebraska. Praying we breathe, may we suggest. The Bible, The Koran, The Vedas, The Torah, Tripitaka... all Holy documents are all missing a chapter. Your story. Ours we yearn and wander not punishong wonder. Timely deferred Eternal while alive.

Another leaf the same tree inviting insight's contention. “When mass is constricted the curvature becomes infinite.” Reciprocally concurrent the same. Throbbing the shadow claims the shade. The bubble bursts without losing its shape. Contraction and expansion direction the same spontaneously evolving not less derivatives purpose. Simultaneous spontaneity Cosmic pulse. Time obliges consent. Remember in the absence of time infinity becomes materially functional. Immediate and apparent. Evolving as always. Eternally astute and eloquent. Ourselves the same. Now evidenced ourselves by dream, design's application presently denied. We evoke the coincidence, converse through intuition, invoke placebo engage the non linear computer. We esteem our worships desire, “Peace on earth.” We protect the trees, the elephants from ourselves. We build the prisons we prefer less our attendance. From whom do we hide if we are lost. Children guarded by hydrogen bombs. Chemical biological weapons. Begging we understand these are not oppositional complaint's. Wonderment’s invitation. Know the darkness claim the Light, the seed's star glitters.

What word's anxiety speak that saying hears? We continue breathing we hesitate: The nuclear triad is a mechanized system designed, maintained and secured through human imperfection in an insecure world. Eric Schlosser in his book “Command and Control” quotes Charles Perrow's text “Normal Accidents” observing, “....the complex system is a process that can not be readily modified or turned off, accidents are normal... these accidents don't lend themselves to satisfying postmortems since it is often difficult to explain at what stage in the cascade of bad events...that “disaster” becomes irreversible.” (Miss-sent messages are a serious problem in all bureaucracies). Prior and during the Cuban Missile Crisis messages to Moscow from the Russian Ambassador in Washington were written by hand and delivered to the Western Union office by bicycle. Only after this crisis was a telephone link set up between the major powers. The Sandia Laboratories that oversees the security and production of nuclear weapon systems-determined that between 1950 and 1968 there had between at least 1200 “significant accidents” involving nuclear weapons. This assessment does not factor accidents and miscalculations involving the Soviet Union. And other countries that now have nuclear weapons. (Error's and accidents involve miscalculation, miss-sent messages, computer and human error). Objects often fall into silo's. In 1980 in Arkansas a nineteen year old airman dropped a socket while performing routine maintenance, the armed Titan 11 missile became “a time bomb” resulting in an oxidizer air pressure leak. If the remaining oxidizer had come onto contact with the rocket fuel the missile would have exploded. One Titan 11 missile has three times the force of all the bombs dropped during World War 11 including Hiroshima and Nagasaki. If the Titan 11 had detonated duri9ng the accident the State of Arkansas would have been wiped out. Millions of individuals would have suffered radiation death and injury. During cold war a B-47 carrying an armed with a Mark 36 hydrogen bomb caught fire in Morocco, six weeks later a Mark 6 landed in a back yard in Mars Bluffs South Carolina when a crewman mistakenly pulled the manual-bomb release lever. The explosives detonated, but the nuclear core was not inserted. 3Ci Command, Control, Communication and Intelligence often only has an uncertain- potentially chaotic few minutes to correct a human, computer error, an accident or miss-sent message before the event becomes irreversible. We pause soliciting God's patience. What extinction prayer's need delivers us from our own success. In the absence of the human species time becomes mute. The earth people's timely experiment ends. There is no death there is extinction. (Non linear breach?). The end of life, the death of death.

Resonance. (Acoustic Osmosis). The ideal form in a sound pure atmosphere “medium” is sound intent. Light infinities sway sounds we hear silence nears. Let there be light the words were heard. The sounds of Silence motion's the Light. Sound less linear's energized displacement. Torque haunting push and pull and all the rest. What melody we would sing less death's haunting chorus. Original sin not that original. The only sin is killing. All other transgressions open love's door. Unless you prefer sins apology.

These words intent the better by you thought's reflection, aspiring our labor's deed. Thus inclusion thrives. God hope's anticipation. Our endless journey. No one3 left behind. Consider to imagine the first Unitarian Universalist Church in another galaxy. A synagogue, an Ashram. A Mosque, a Buddhist Temple, another Holy Temple or the evolved non linear equivalent.

Remembering we forget unforgettably. Like all else in the Cosmos memory is Eternal. No endings thriving once begun, Eternity's guidepost. But even memory we actualize in time we are limited to memories of the past. The differential between timeless duration memory and timely displaced memory is the place we know as forgetting. Interestingly you can't prove you forgot. And forgetting remembers you when forgetting wants to. We exhaust our lives forgetting our Eternal self, denying while deferring God active memory of ourselves. Forgetting we wait for our Cosmic birthright. Politely whispering once again the function of forgetting, deferring the infinite Eternal, includes such events as dying, loss of material utility and direction. Forgetting suggests a non-linear access way whereby disease, designed inadequacy suggested by accidents and aging ineptitude are no longer essential to the human time encrusted self. A brief aside if we may? Wondering why have people on this planet stopped tickling each other?

The activity between the Eternal beings of self are resolved as forgetting. Interestingly you can't prove you forgot though prove you are. Forgetting does not mean lost gone away. Sad demise. 9Forgotten is a place, a Cosmic presence ie Ever presence. We spend “misspend” our lives forgetting our Eternal selves denied in time. (Similarly Creation's environment. existence). God's environment catching up to our success left behind. Thus we repeat, start over, dismiss, demise. Thrive incomplete. Eagerly we pray ourselves the reason for our prayers. Creation wait's our arrival. Involuntary smiles anticipate. Gardens, forests, elephants and sleepy meadows dream as well. God wakens the night. And greets the morning. We are not alone...

All is material evolving substance eventual form vary. Inviting metaphors gaze. Numerous historical sources observe that the Native Indians who witnessed Columbus's landing on the new continent were understandably startled beyond comprehension. Never having seen horses, advanced weaponry, men with facial hair, metal head and breast gear, different manners of prayer and self. There is suggestion that some Native Indians couldn't see the ships they were looking at because they didn't have the memories to form the composite images. After thousands of extra terrestrial sightings are we not similarly limited, unsure of our witness, limiting the certitude of our unresolved conclusions to science fiction. Consider of the first encounter contact reservations our neighbors not ours. Understanding we are linear “oppositional” beings, extra terrestrials are non linear “inclusionary” beings. Alone in a room we can become violent, tipsy, become distracted, die or divinely breathe. Extra terrestrials evolved disposition reflected in technology and manner of self. All artists depictions based on eye witness recollections suggest lips that are not malleable, lips that can not form individual words. Likely our Cosmic neighbors converse through spasm information, reciprocal intuition. Most testify to substantial cranial capacity. Their navigational skills and technology suggests a transcendent non linear acuity. And no reported extra terrestrial aggression. Suggesting opposition non- linearily resolved, peaceful beings.

All is relevant revealing aond connected. Accordingly non-linear thus sustaining. One echo reveals foreshadowing the other. Denial acknowledges. Death and disintegration reciprocate. Intent is form form's intent. No ending thrive once begun. Is not the forgetting way not unlike a worm hole. The quantum corridor. Concurrent channel between two seemingly uncomplimentary divergent times. Hello goodbye less hesitation’s departure. Once again for the first time. Do human beings observe half life going in the wrong direction? We follow ourselves waiting to beg9n our departure.

Why forgive the div9ne that has been given. Apologies instruction our linear choices are more incomplete. What apology's forgiveness without transgressions value. Sustained. What of God's goodness need be forgiven? Twice better? Tempered as denied goodness deferred. Agony, prayer's anguish and endless uncertainty derive. We insure thus profit from flawed intent, design and result. Non-linearly the event, the intent, the design near the same, refining. We create our burdens. Resisting death we embrace. Pain tutors life's despair. Struggling pain protests and guides our denying lives. Eternity's glimpse temporary us. Creation we labor existence trembles. Not always. The children wait, we pray, sing-dance and wonder why. All prayer's seed celebrate. If you worry less hopes design you underestimate God.

Carefully we search wandering about the Cosmic garden. Upon birth we are non-linear beings, timelessly Eternal. Kindred Cosmos. Invested in acquired duration time we divert-oppose the non linear Eternal self. The infinite Eternal. We unknowingly protest our Cosmic origin. Our timeless Godsoulprint. We live while dieing in opposition to ourselves therefore each other. (Opposition and irony begins with the matured individual self). Death testifies life apologizes. We seek adversaries our reflection. Repetition’s example subsists. Time's uncertainty, in completion and deferring compels inadequacy, repetitions lack of resolution. Cure vs disease. (Relevant to repetitions echo is it curious that you can experience the same disease opportunity more than once?) Laurels opposition which the seed less itself less the other. Living while dying reproaching death persistent. As dying's duration distortion we spend our lives profiting from, others demise (ie) war, executions, death relevant life insurance, disease through recurrent disease both exclusionary organic selves sustained and valuated as death and dying, interment industry, lethal weapons subsidized by intended-anticipated victims. Death profit actualizing is interactive, collective and individually motivated: Drug addiction, suicide, intoxication, accidents. (Self actualizing self opposing condition events sustained by the participant employment of others.) Anguish condemns our success. Pain instructs destination.. We pray cautioning delivery. Again the Rabbi smiles. “Prayers aren't answered they are the answer.” Answers response not less ourselves. Thus the timeless non linear thrives. Otherwise the unknowing God waits. While we wait for God. Many on the planet earth repeat their prayer's waiting patiently for God to get them right. What prayer offer needs prayer's labor more, our success beguiles.

The time of now forever thrives. Ourselves Eternal, Eternal naught. We have become the weapon of our permanent demise. Impending. The earth peoples oppositional amassed irony collectively secured, secured through nuclear war. The earth people's non linear darkening acquisition. A self designed spasm extinction event. A planetary status event subsidized by tax payers, providing employment for many. Pall bearers carrying their own weight. Time irony assimilation also evident as global warming, limited asteroid tracking, pandemics like the black death. Cancer, aides, nerve disorders, insanity idealization, other diseases sustained through cure, profit incentive. Valued as repressed while sustaining self and collective opposition. Ironically sustainable conditions non events that are singularly actualized, collectively motivated. In an effort to become masters of life we've become merchants of death. Through time we have made harvest of our absence. Even God is deferred by most to the ideal self after death. We exhaust our lives forgiving each other our success. Yet we suffer less our joy, we hate preferring love, we care for others in pain. We pray the truest of ourselves. We know the good of who we are. Sensing the better of who we can be. Good not less than good cautions. Anticipating the answers to our questions redeemed through prayer. Consider patiently joy's delivery if pain, fear, death and disease were not our guides. What neighborhood would we reside. Breathing the same sentence we repeat remember the children. Once ourselves. Why are the people hungry?

Please understand these words do not condemn. What judgment redeems-nurturing victim’s assailant's thirst. Both God's children. Judgment redeems love less love's need. And love' s expression. Except for killing all bad is good unresolved. Need an enemy need less yourself. Oppose opposes. All Eternal seeds blossom. Less by our toil? We approach the preferred knowing of ourselves. What problem doesn't seed solution. All contempt need love's permission. We thrive we regret we learn. Whats the answer to the question, the question is the answer. These words reading whatever their beauty reguire no bold breathing. Understanding you do, not understanding you don't. Both promise. Not knowing compels the better questions? What more exciting question, but the one we can not answer. There is no fallen fruit that doesn't deliver seed to Creation. Will we prevail? The question is the answer.
Clarifying as prayer's need avails: Human beings are not predisposed to being bad, organically inclined towards the many violence’s. Our birthright is not defined through death cessation, dying and disease. Timeless Eternal beings we are angered, frustrated inby time. Thus lost and wanton in sharing our acquired denie3d self. Lost seeking lives abandonment. Pain instructs direction. Prayer's guide and dream's imagination foretells. No great mountain burdens. Desperate the travel's road compels. The children, hummingbirds, dolphins know. No distant galaxy defines our arrival, less our lives. We anticipate born obliging. Anguish knows our yearnings purpose. Karma God's motion ourselves unnecessarily disguised. Divine our struggles desire speaks. Be polite and all will come.

Blissfully inclined we continue. Surmising: Except for the many killing ways all bad is good resolved. Bad opportunities remedy. Less anguish resolved. More precisely: All is non-linear (all inclusive) without exclusion the Universe t4estifies. Ourselves the same abstained revealing death's flawed instruction. The anomaly of cure verses disease is an incomplete adaptation. (Linear exclusion validated and valuated by death cessation, the end of an active life, the loss of purpose direction in an endless Universe). Hence disease is non- linear. Not less itself, cures abrasive-oppositional intervention. Cure and disease shared anomaly. Each defers and reference the other, abrasive intervention sustains irony. Paradox subsists. Meaning we pray our word’s the linear solution is the problem. Time duration treatments and chemicals cause damage to unrelated organs, the entire body and the environment. Interventions too often ineffective. Life death's side effect? The many drugs and radiati0ons. What activity condition is non linearly sympathetic with any event, death, disease dreams the same. The answer sound, sympathetic and alert. Explaining: Each person is genetically unique. The same each persons God soul disease, not disease thriving information. Reminding we sing. Motion is intent, intent suggests source and source infers awareness. Ourselves the same presently denied. God's lyrics and sound one the same. Your cancer (God's cancer) has a distinct sound shared less favors haste with your resident self. Once the sound intent is identified we can offer a concurrent sound. Harmony convergence the same. Kindness to either the cancer or self kindness to both. And of death. Death greets life not less life the same. Eternally sublime Eternally we submit. You need more as less then less survives. All is not known when knowing abstains incomplete. While inconsistently delivering. What is death time tells less our knowings consent. What really is death's breath and song? What is life’s mirror when death' s reflection castes the darkest shadow? Of death's fullest flower you can't know the eye's flavor without the taste. Presently. Wondering we wander what flower need's introduction God knows.

Let's nurture flower's language to the seeds better purpose: Reading and writing kindred assembly not one less the other. Gently reviewing before we let go. Stewie God's alleged dog comprehends. The Cosmos thrives not less itself. Mystery and direction the same. In time the body remains non-linear explaining oppositional resistance resulting in dysfunctional disease, irony, anguish dislocation and the value associated with death cessation. In time disease thrives less oppositions cure. Better medicine for some. Anguished unresolved for others. Your sisters and your brothers which? Opposition-resistance “coercion” validates inadequately while attempting to redeem linear time to the timeless non-linear ideal. Any non-linear condition status activity perceptually evolves as information revealing and validating Eternal life. All is a skill set including death and disease. Disease not as the dictionary condemns. “An invasive and purifying process.” Pain instructs chaos is opportunity. The non- linear presumption of any condition activity including cure is idealized sympathetic sound. Not contrived duration time ironic interventions evidenced by haldol, radiation, scalpel. Heal one heal approaching all. Thus love's embrace. Unless yoou know otherwise, then otherwise proof you are.

And of God we ask never knowing all. The many conflicted-exclusionary religions. Angels, devils and divine bargains? All is material except time. One religion less the other, love God's opportunity. All roads lead to God? All roads are God. “Why can't we get along?” The nice gentleman Rodney King implored. What question less another seeds better purpose. We walk questioning our lives miracle's direction. These words assembly there better value our attendance. Endless and wonderful. Let's continue, love, thrive and care.
We seek we yearn we improve. There is no death denying as denied, there is extinction cautiously we pray. The time of now is forever. Breathing we breathe. Breathless we yearn response. The new ways approach. We begin already started. Hope our direction strives. Thank you for your accompaniment. May God continue to be blessed by us. Ourselves by God.




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