December 2, 2003

 Music’s  Sphere
and by C. Woram and…

The visual-auditory anagram of  “Musical” approaching spontaneity or it’s sphere is…Call  I’m us... music. The linear anagram for silent (is) listen. (An anagram begins to release a word to its Cosmic Light origin from its timely displaced exactness). A wonderfully melodic pause suggested by the ideal continuity of music. Once a material becomes Light imbued, the material process thrives without distinction, all-inclusive and un bordered. Consequently all senses become one. Awareness embraces undeniably.

Without logic reason falters, inquiry becomes stilted. And our limitations pervade. Reason invites our many foibles. Even mathematics must consider another’s temperament. And it’s own evolution. Whereas logic seems to sing it’s song alone ideally. Evidenced by a suddenness of cohesion that beautifully denies the vehicle of its own delivery-language. Inferring a non -casual exactness that suggests timelessness. Once a moment of logic is embraced this presence of thought becomes self-contained and will require little to no further attendance. Logic delivers a glimpse of God. Whereas the reasoning of thought invites the confused neighbor of self. Ironic self-reflection. Logic nurtures fruit and seed as one. Until we proceed 2with the question of ourselves. The perception of our shared self-awareness. Is it no so with music ? (You need to see God stop looking).

The nice Professor Einstein argued, proven by the American Air Force, there is no time in the Universe (ie) “ at he speed of Light there is no passage of time. And if mass is constricted enough the curvature in space-time becomes infinite.” Clearly at this juncture linear-causality therefore time are no longer relevant. Yet the practice, the argument continues, “that light has speed.” But such a notion argues the apposing causality of time, speed speaks to relocation. Further suggesting that the Universe essence the Eternal Light is other than one location. And is thereby segmented-seperat4ed- displaced-not conjoined as the infinite Eternal:  More clearly light can only have speed relevant to at least two related objects (thus separation) one of them moving hence  ironic causality ie  we measure. Give credence through time. (Even if the moving “timely” object is “the consensual idea” that Light has speed. A reflection or sublimation of our own motion). What ofby the Light is music not otherwise the same.

From the earth perspective there are two worlds, two material realties. The time material interchange and the Light. Time is a linear function of cause followed by uncertain effect (more precisely cause then  temporary effect), a process that is dematerializing-everything in time that begins eventually ends. Whereas the Light is spontaneous, all-inclusive, un bordered therefore infinite as Eternal. And as such all distinguishing. Appreciating this other world (the Light) reality is contrary to our essential organically displacing presence witness through linear thought and often five disjointed  senses. And our Light predisposition further displaced by our acquired-chosen “need” to externalize self perception by altering “our” material world in order to satisfy our casually-correlated time conflicted presence…our ironic reality based on the unequivocal materiality-everything on the planet earth that begins and is nourished as life ends in the material dismal of itself.  This almost complete exclusionary dichotomy also currently determines our separating or denomi9national relationship with God as an earthly manifestation rather than a Cosmic one. Understanding these protocols “place” you elsewhere than where you currently  “reside” as an exacting, conflicted and inter active life form. We are a wonderful and anguished partiality of your Cosmic Wholeness. A material familiarity seeded as choice. Realizing once your earthly fruit is conjoined Cosmically all changes: The Stars beckon. Quietly we are reaching for the Light. Conversantly. Reciprocally. Eternally. Greet your smile alive again for the first time. Truly so. This you already know. But linearly knowing is a partiality of bliss. We proceed waiting for our eyes to claim us. Want to feel your smile listen to the music. Blissfully. Do you agree your  smile is the surface of your soul. You want to see God stop looking.

The earth peoples experience is a linear one. But advanced mathematics offers,” there are no straight lines in the Universe.” The linear is based on one point casually and linearly derived and defined by another point. A separation that presently amongst the earth people evolves as a separation that is ironic to intent because the process is based on disintegration.  Further evidence that time is other than material in the Cosmos. Time being the ultimate casual, polarizing reality that is linearly manifest (ie) one point functionally related to another based on schisms or separations that are curious reflection  and assimilation of disintegration. Meaning to say time is based on a past that becomes distant-no longer materially negotiable except as memory and a intangible future that similarly influences-defines our lives. Not surprisingly human beiongs are in a constant sate of invalidation. Life becomes death’s student. We suffer or accordingly anticipate. God’s gift as self and God’s Creation environment has become disposable to the human. The inference is clear Time is an earthly machination, a consensually fabricated reality. Not harmonious with the Cosmic flow. And then there is the music. The melody of love before the birth of a baby child,

*The third reality-the encroaching darkness ie the absence of Light frequency. The refining silenced to naught. The death of death Eternal. As there is no death there is extinction?

Continuing this inquiry written through the space-time non-continuum. Unfolding…death the mask of time. What thrives the Cosmos that the earth does not? And why? Time patterns like our lives are an ironic-casual determinant of a completed past influencing an inconsistent present dependant on a nonexistent future. The Universe we accept, suggested clearly by timelessness, is infinite. (Time is the cause of it’s own interrupted effect, hence the endless causal apposition or material self-negation. We must leave behind what we begin, delegated to the past. And so we live our de materializing existence while acknowledging Eternity). Ying greets Yang. Disagreeably. Consequently infinity is realized inbyas the Eternal Light… not in the material self-exclusion of time displacement)…. Our experience on this planet is contrary to the infinite Eternal Cosmic flow; we live a materially frustrating experience secured by our material adaptation through time-our Cosmic absurdity… everything that begins must end in the material near opposite status than suggested by it’s origin. The music stops. The human body dies. The glacier melts. The children learn of fear and  shared death, they’ve stopped listen to the music. Of themselves. (The physiology of our senses are casual in nature, we must look at an external object in order to complete the visualization as an elemental and functional life reality. Acknowledging that language and mathematics the essential medium of time’s cause and effect, through which we explain, share and alter our perceptions are displacements themselves). Again our “chosen” relationship with God is inclusive of these vagrant temporal patterns, which denies the Eternal, the God Cosmos. Yes the Light Eternal…the divine eloquence uninterrupted, the wondrous refining evident beyond our organic ability to currently appreciate, influence and affect. But not beyond our ability to experience, however blissfully incidental and suppressed these Light sound sensations might be. The awed blissful sounds of silence. Understanding that the one sound the earth person cannot reciprocally engage through the organically displaced self or through the surrogacy of machine is the near infinite sound of silence. (Possibly we are discussing the music of self, certainly not silence as we have presumed knowing. The suggestion in part is that each life form has a self unique sound of silence).)….Noting that discussing, writing about or giving silence to the application of thought and this mysterious presence becomes other than silent.( Does this dislocation also hold true during music).What truly is this inclusive-un bordered (like the Light) sound of silence that echo’s the Light beyond earthly acoustics. Yes the profound silence celestial of you. What does this mean a…silence. How does the silence become music? And is our current musical adaptation the near Cosmic ideal. Do you remember Stacey and Sandy in the previous essay, the reference of a piece of resonant jewelry that changes color, texture and seemingly shape relevant to the conversation your sharing at a party. Imagine the same the guitara your holding. Responding to your heart beat, singing and the love of the participant fans. My body smiles.

The suggestion is that at the near most fundamental we are amenably displaced as sound, each unique sound speaks to the likelihood that the sound is a co0unduit to a Light relationship. Sound is more Light subjective in the sense that sound is less apt to be defused by other material process since the representative sound (previously referred to as DNAsound) is less the consequence of interactive forms because DNAs is more inclusive much less reliant on causality in part  because the “sounds” in question dwell below the sub atomic world. The profound whisperings of Light refining. Sounds in the nature of silence. The many silences of us.

*Given that the Light is all-inclusive technology in design and adaptation would be included. Current machinery is an incomplete and flawed reflection of ourselves. All earth science( to some extent music) is based on measurement, of course the increment of measurement fractures our bond with the infinite Cosmios. Our origin source. (Would it be more correct to suggest that “our” interpretations of music, adapting music to our linear selves, is subjected to measurable-incremental notes that are subsequently resolved to the ideal continuity of music?)  Frustrating our Light predisposition, our Cosmic destiny. What is the sound assimilation of music less these linear increments? Do you agree it is curious that we can talk and write about music. (I) think thinking is our way of saying we don’t know. And wouldn’t it be wonderful if we did?

Let’s please continue and hope the most wonderful guest ions we leave unanswered…. Everything on this planet derivative of the human is the conflicted-dematerializing partial of the Universe whole. We are often what we choose next. 

The near of always our choice is  a response “recovery” from a previous uncertain choice. Our earthly successes are our Cosmic disappointments. And linearly legitimized as such. Institutionally, inter personally, individually. Each choice is relevant to its opposite. We seek joy. And encounter misery. We offer love. And are greeted by isolation. Our language is evidence of this anomaly, each word related to the next, reliant most often on the listeners response. This causal dynamic dependant on being understood. Further tempered by sometimes-flawed ethics of both parties. Always our efforts relevant by the uncertain (ie) whether the effort will be supplanted by an extraneous presence or force. All framed through the contrived institutions offering to protect us from our disordered condition while perpetuating the same. Our lives are futile, temporary, or at any given juncture potentially so. Attempts to excuse us from chaos are always fleeting and relevant to our failures potential that are rarely the consequence of our singular choice and the desired spirit of self. Could this painful vagrancy possibly be God’s gift? Intended as the always of ourselves. What to say that saying hears. Wouldn’t it be the full of wonder’s love if we could whisper to one another in the same (not away) holding way we feel to hear music. Eternity in one kiss. The simplest of life is….The beautiful earth woman is pregnant or she is not. The soldier leaves for war or he does not. The child crosses the street, safely. We hope. Is it not true that hope requires less expression than prayers? If true is it true? “I” had started to refer to the simple charms of silence. Holding hands. Kissing. Coupling. I remember telling Dr. Wisman several weeks past ago, I don’t recall letting go of anyone I embraced. You can…. I understand. But like dreams and sleep and answered prayers doesn’t just happen. We embrace reaching for the Light. And then the Light let’s go of us. Yes in loving you I have been loved. If you need a response from someone you love it helps to have a guitar in your hands. Why do people need their love vindicated, confirmed and explained. Yes it appears to be true. It takes two to make a thief. I’d like to suggest its ok not to understand everything as we go along. Isn’t that our hope. Why look as if we know what were looking for? Isn’t that how love works? Isn’t music our way of knocking on loves door? I ask to know. And in knowing will ask again. Can prayers be repeated. After the first aren’t we just talking to ourselves. People are funny they pray to God. And they believe God’s response should be there’s when they are the need for the prayer‘s often repeated. We wait patiently until God gets it right.

Please excuse the occasional divergence. Let’s continue shifting through the sand until we find our hands…. The planet earth is incongruous with the Universe flow, not the reverse. The Universe determines we resist. Our spiritual aspirations, recent scientific observations and our communal misery attest accordingly. The earth people’s accommodation is conflicted and consciously validated through ironic dematerializing and spiritually actualized constantly through release “dematerializing” of the material ultimately through presumption and practice of death. Referred to Biblically as “going to Heaven.” The Universe Light pervades wondrously. The earth people’s timely adaptation dwells as a sad reflection. Only partially so. Whereas we exist in denial of the Light, the Cosmic Light pervades as all-inclusive one location (which includes the human self however denying or explained). We are not beyond “the Lights” valuation of our lives. This spherical reality is evidenced in our lives through what is imperfectly referred to (and experienced causally in time) as coincidence, luck, the precognitions, miracles, answered prayers, xenology, faith healing, spontaneous remission, sleep, placebo, the non-linear of borth and death (we will develops this a little later as well as the presumption of disease like cancer) and other realizations no doubt currently beyond the utility of our diminishing languages … these are sound-Light sensations that are not again human or machine derivative (ie) not linearly casual, not inherently dematerializing within their own nature, not ofby “our” time therefore ofbyas the Cosmic Light. We are capable of numerous  chosen processes, while timely imbued, which are also  Light availing. These are meditation, laughter, sleep, and the mystical allegory of birth & death. Also wonderful and temporary occurrences like hugging, kissing and love union. Interestingly the concept and application of temporary can not be quantified or measured “suggesting” a status event other than time. These  are realizations and practices that represent our evolving yearning for a clearer relationship with God and our casually sympathetic experience with Lightfullness. (Note please the actual juncture at which we sleep is not one of choice, not causal therefore of the Light. Laugher is also involuntary). Interesting the aforementioned material light-sound experiences are singular in assimilation, though given to shared conjecture hence displacement prevails hence time not the Light. But again the actual Spherical contact or communion, like our  fraternity with God is exclusively singular. The one process that is both Lightfully Cosmic and linearly communal (time immune) is “Music.” Though presently realized as a partiality of the Cosmic flow. The fullness of this observation will become more apparent in this inquiry. Thank you for your patience. And of course you companionship, spherically our accompaniment abounds. (We are least alone when we can prove we are). As well potentially insights that will allow for a less displaced-interrupted experience with the Universal harmonics. Over the ages alluded to in literature as the “Music of the Spheres.” And whose visual realization might be our dreams. What dreams share that sleep denies wakening nonetheless?

*Our singular relationship with God further speaks more clearly to the irony: Churches, Mosques, Temples, Ashrams are the only institutions from which we do not graduate. What more answered prayer than this….The only angel we can hear to sing our love is ourselves. Why do Holy Temples lock their doors. As  much by key as answer. What miracle of laughter is this, Christians, Jews, others? lock their doors to keep the people out. What Heaven resides man’s chore less God’s will?

The earth people search seeking the clearer evidence of themselves. At the end of the inquiry they settle for who they agreed they are. The very condition that precipitated  the search: Correct me if I’m wrong help me hide if you suspect me of being right….. First please let us examine recent innovations in science that reflect on the presence of the Cosmic Light flow in our ironically dislocated lives. You might have of heard of these studies before? Can you really sing the same song twice…. In 1987 a biologist at MIT took the DNA code of a fish and imposed this structure over a standard musical scale, the result melody of a fish. The same protocol, a leaf, the result, a melody of a leaf. Next his Asian gentleman took the DNA code of a cancer, eventually played the structure backwards-resulting in “Mozart’s’ Funeral Requiem.” (Will you pause to wonder of this)? Backwards suggests a resolution of the linear resolving linearity’s irony. (Noting a non-linear from can not separate from itself less the separation making death  experienced as a material cessation without direction....illogical). One inference is clear as logic suggests. There is a connection with the Cosmic flow. And the communion is one of “sound.” Further logically everything material on this planet predates the planet earth or we would not be able to realize the same in our lives, this includes our capacity for imagination, our relationship with God and our relationship with music however incomplete and frustrated. And further this Cosmic wellspring remains untapped. And only the most evident to us when we are the least available to ourselves. (ie). Sleep, the ideal of meditation, the congruity of laughter or the inexplicable happenstance of coincidence, miracles, the precognitions and finally the “effortless” assimilation of music. We are residents of a Cosmic undertaking pleasantly-quietly unfolding. Only through choice can this “awe” be denied. One additional thought if I may, the question becomes, how as  the result by the nice man at MIT influenced by his effort which of course was linear involving a human who has since childhood instructed-conditioned   in the displacement of our Cosmic selves. Remembering the quantum riddle, meaning, that at the sub atomic level all of our measurements “observations” are realized probability because our activity interferes with that which is being measured. We are now examining the reversal of the quantum riddle. Because in the Light, possibly the ideal of music, we are no longer in control. The Light is the abiding assimilation not ourselves. But this is a linear cause and effect perspective, what happens is we are less linearly distracted, less casually displaced, less delegated. What happens to ourselves? The Light amidst our throbbing selves. What happens to “our” music. Is it still ours?

Another breakthrough in science further clarifies. A British researcher conventionally trained at Harvard and Cambridge, developed the following in his book “The Science of Life.” The brave researcher’s first name is Rupert. This nice gentleman’s premise, substantiated by other researchers, argues, “that there exists between species “a field” that thrives irrespective of time and space and has its own acquiring memory.” Will you pause to comprehend the previous sentences gathering (ie) the Light approaches embracing. “Approaching” by our resistance. Evident by our not knowing. These words the Light becoming you…. This innovator taught alleged rats in this country numerous behaviors. Different rodents (by any other name God’s the same) in Australia learned the same behaviors ten times faster. Again whatever the earthman's perceptual conclusions, alterations of material…the unambiguous suggestion is that there is an energizing flow that affects our controlled, self limiting-enfolding lives in a compelling manner that previously we were not aware of…“Irrespective of time and space” suggests the Cosmic flow to which this paper alludes. “With its own acquiring memory” becomes evidentiary of a presence activity that (no.1) we are not aware of (no.2) a un displacing process that is influencing of our lives that is not significantly distorted by our ironic choices (no.3) and as suggested by the efforts of the Asian geneticists at MIT this presence-process appears not to be casually related-meaning not factored by time. But rather melodic relevant and revealing sounds. Therefore elemental to the Cosmic flow and (no.4) the evidenced researched is that this flow, this Cosmic activity is most and perhaps only evident to us through our capacity to appreciate the mysterious and harmonic sounds.. Yet this presence process seemingly timeless in nature is a material reality we are able to engage consciously. (Given that we are organically displaced these harmonic sounds, the profound silences-become our conduit to the Light Eternal. Noting again please the commonality between the Light and silence relevant to the un bordered, all embracing inclusiveness of both)….We are approaching “taping” into the acquired timeless  memory of ourselves. Music at a minimum that invites all senses. Including the distinct unique sense of self. Meaning  music that only each individual can hear. But now we have gone beyond hearing. We are discussing music we can see. Presently we have limited music to our most neutral, least displaced and undeveloped  senses…hearing. I am not aware of any scientific breakthrough that has been based on sound. Interestingly attempts to convert sound into weapon systems have failed. How do flowers respond to “our” music? Are we able to deliver an answer to ourselves? What is the music of our birth? And as suggested before why is everyone playing the same harmonica? How can we identify, design, the ideal instrument of self that would allow a “musician” the playing of those impossible sounds that whisper to their Cosmic heritage. Is music “our” acquiring memory, its echo, our attempt to hold the Light. Ourselves.

Interestingly this mystery appears to be the most available to the earth people on a consciously sustained -uninterrupted basis when they are the least involved with their conflicted lives, meaning while they are sitting quietly being entertained by the sounds of music. Is not assumed a better reference than entertained? How about delivered? (A Light-sound realization that is consequent through non-reciprocal choice). The understanding that this presence predates the materializing of the planet earth and is Cosmic in nature speaks to material reality that allows more insight to our experience inby music. Meaning that seems to be a proportionate relationship between being influenced by music and how displaced, linearly interrupted the performer and the audience member tend to be at when the musical experience occurs. Both performer and listener speak to loosing a sense of time, least preoccupied with their lives, while ideally participating with one another musically. And this in spite of the many forces that inhibit this ideal musical timelessness. The consensual awareness that these sound events occur without the need for the linear controls that define the displaced earth life give further bearing that the musical is not earthly in origin… (ie) music is a process sensation we can neither control and more importantly have no need to control or interfere with while listening. Further music is a group event during which participants are the least casually displaced or conflicted. The most harmonious. Do not these  acoustic flows perhaps explain much of the beauty of music. And yet to be assimilated promise. Perhaps why during the musical event many listeners give themselves to further spontaneous behaviors (minable contrivaced) like dancing or efforts to further relieve the listener or performer from the earthly bondage, this need to release the earthly self evidenced through the ingestion of alcohol or drugs. Particularly amongst the young, the life forms closer to the Light origin or birth as they approach the increasing linear displacements that the contrived society will demand of them.

Our self-inflicted riddle continues to unfold. Babies and adults intuitively-effortlessly can distinguish appealing sounds from debilitating sounds, suggesting a kindred relationship with sound prior to the consciousness of language. (2). A question relevant to the more immediate light origin of youth. Accepting that in the beginning or non-beginning God created everything, how can your mother and father conceive the baby you as their exclusive offspring? Would this not suggest a presence more than everything? (9death being what less than everything still everything intact). Acknowledging that mating, conception and birthing are the most ideal linear activities assumed while inby the Light. (Least verbal the most loving less displaced more ofby the Light). Is not the exacting moment of conception one of presence not process therefore Lightfully essential. And indeed the baby is born Light eloquent without linearly displacing skills. These insights suggest a relevance to reincarnation and resurrections (both casually displacing) as not being exclusively relevant to birth and death. But rather a continuous reciprocal and reciprocating flow, we resist, but nonetheless influence and are influenced through. (Our assuming relationship with the Light). Most evidenced possibly linearly through music. Explaining conceivably why a baby is music aware and responsive before the perception-awareness of language. (Since there is no material death how can there be a functional resurrection, reincarnation similarly potentially redefined). Meaning that in the absence of death birth becomes sustained- an uninterrupted continuum that predates the presumed birth itself. Otherwise birth (secured and defi9ned by death) itself would by a form of death ness, a permanent interruption of the Cosmic flow…. The earth people adapt and alter by what they see to think. Consider please that we are discussing a Universe presence we are presently deaf to through sight and the other senses that most often are experienced independently of each other. We appreciate music but we have not “learned” how to be instructed or be assumed by this Light medium reciprocally. We have not learned how to be both performer and listener simultaneously. Meaning we do not respond with music as music preferring our current exclusionary bond with music.. The earth people have left the planet earth assisted by space vehicles, but the human children of God have not learned “how” to deliver the Cosmos to their lives. We can navigate the Heaven’s, but holding each other without first excusing fear from love…?

In the little theater of the mind I said to the angry earth woman. Don’t you love me? Did she say “no” or did she lie to get to the truth and said “yes.” Either way be whose way, I said. “Wouldn’t you prefer to love me than this that you are offering yourself and me.” Love predates the materializing of the planet earth. Inby an infinite spontaneous Universe seed and orchard the same.

*The fewer words abide the kiss Eternal. As suggested before. Yet the same seed never the same flower…. Yourself Sandy, your parents, their parents removed how many times before we arrive at a status prior to the materializing of the planet earth. Still your parent, still yourself  the Eternal Light. (The same music’s flow). And this flow is continuous,  its not casual as separating , its non directional. Otherwise the infinite flow would be fragmented. And infinity what shatter into an endless number of little unrelated pieces. This  flow also suggests no distinction between what we call resurrection and reincarnation. We are discussing the music not of our many lives, but our one Eternal life. Many less one would return us to separation from Eternity. Linear beginning and endings. Rather than the spherical influenced and influencing of  the Cosmic self. Acknowledging prayers weight. As there is the darkness there is the Light. Noting that the nice people at NASA speak of dark matter as “the absence of frequency.” Some or any sense of sound? Have we approached the music of darkness.                          

*Further to suggest that one Cosmic child is preferable to another speaks to displacement of the Light, the infinite fracturing. Yes Jesus the beautiful Nazarene was born through immaculate conception. So were you. Otherwise by the proof  of your insistence. You are God’s child. Before you were delivered as the Light to and through your parents. You remain God’s child unless the chose otherwise…

*To deny the God Cosmos is to deny your origin, yourself.

The words continue fading like  rose pedals cautious of their own  thorns, there protectors. The field of physics has also entered into this unfolding arena through, The Super String Theory. Which prominent scientists ascertain will present us with. The Grand Unified Field Theory or GUT, more simply the theory of everything or TOE. These thinkers propose, “We will know the mind of God,” anticipating that the entire Cosmos will be explained by the one singular equation of thought. And accordingly through this understanding we will be able to affect ourselves upon the material Cosmos. The conclusions of The Super String Theory are three fold (no.1) Everything is material except time. (no.2) Below the subatomic level is a world of sound. Clearly a universe of unfathomable, beautiful all expressive sounds of silence. More compelling than your dimensional genetic code, the silence of you. Your ever-present awaiting communion of you and the Light. Am “I” correct that it is by other than acknowledging our individual and shared God> music-the aspiring silence we know through the calm of sleep, the wondrous ease of meditation and the anticipation of prayer‘s response (that) we lose God‘s hold on us. Our Godsoulprint, the Carnational flutter, the eager miracles and precognitions become otherwise. Anchored we remain on earth. The awed lessons of the Cosmos waiting. (no.3) There are many more than a few dimensions. One dimension often referred to as “magical” possibly the dimension we are currently discussing. Your person. A dimension defined as,” a property of space an extension of space.” With no reference in this definition to the materially evolving status of this material presence process ie dimension. The earthly anagram to dimension…“so I die see me dismiss the I in men.” (What is the sound, the music, of this motion release-that presumably can be simulated by an instrument (ie) suggesting there are as many dimensions on this planet s there are life forms)….Appreciate the following logic and by your choice personalize: In the absence of time therefore displacing causality there can be no dimensional form based on the causal relationship between depth-width and length. And in the absence of form we have… The Light. Can you see to witness the implications approaching the Eternal? Accepting that death is not time active, not time engaging, it follows that death whatever its truer Cosmic nature is without form, without dimension therefore a presence protocol of the Light. And presumably sympathetic with the distinctive silence of self…. Death becomes an issue not of casually ironic dematerializing (aging to die) but of other materializing. A transcendence we know as birth, we claim as the linear “spiritual” allegories of death whiole alive.  Not an ironic “troubling” function of spatial forms… therefore the limitless Eternal. Infinite if you prefer. And clearly in the absence of death we no longer are invested in the dread-disruptive-dematerializing interruption practiced and anticipated by the earth people, we have rather a continuum the nature of which materially redefines life. Death becomes timeless ofby the Light therefore not your death at all. Further by this kind logics allowance Jesus the Christ will not return as linear form instructs. The beautiful child of God never left. Unless you prefer death to life. The choice is yours. Between decay and the Eternal. Between the futility of anguish and the hope and prayer inspired by pain, revealed by music. Between your earthly wants and the Cosmos. The Bliss. (Always acknowledging man-woman cannot know all and remain the same, God omniscient the earth people not). We surmise God knows us before we do. The embracing choice. “This” brisk allegory continues. “Going” to heaven speaks to an earthly separation, times displacements not the Light (no) upon the presumption of death you don’t go to Heaven-you stay in Heaven Lightfully uninterrupted. And un interrupting. Blissfully conversant. You are not greeted by the many Moslem Virgins nor walk through Pearly Gates; these are timely forms that would negate the essence of the Eternal Light….Yes when you “die” you become Heaven and you stay in Heaven, this is logically coherent.  Do you disagree by your loving patient thought, yourself conversant ofby God or do you agree-disagree by the instruction of others. Whom others silenced. We spend our lives listening to others thus we are silenced of God. And so we do not graduate well eager and brave of God from the Mosque, the Temple or the Church. But reside there full of life less of hope. God’s pallbearers. Yourselves. Were you not born to sing? God’s song. Yourself.

*You are a dimension. Presently a fractured dimension.

*Upon union with the Light or death your body soul continues with an evolving DNAs. If you will allow the image a cemetery becomes not a place of sad repose. More a celestial library, a music hall, a maternity ward, a garden.

*We “die” in “time” not in space. We spend our lives inby-though time hence we exist in apposition to ourselves our Eternal origin. This we call success.

*The Universe does not expand, displace, space into space in spite of space. While denying space. But as space refining. Thus Eternity breathes God’s instruction. We must choose between dematerializing. And refining. Between the Eternal. And the darkness. “everything is material except time.” Revelations, ghost monsters, hell, hatred, the devil, extinction are all material formulations “formularies” of the darkness. The darkening echo’s of ourselves.

When you resolve the linear irony of depth, width and depth (the construct of form) validated through time, revealed and promised through death, vindicated by displacements irony and uncertain despair you become a dimension known as the fourth dimension the Light.

Two choices avail: Your current self-merchant subsidizers of the global death, Revelations the impending extinction (the dark Light absence) or walking familiarly conversant with God the Light. Yes each life one ofby God in God, the same each life’s “death”. Your singular matrimony inby God. Life and death the same. What is the true nature of “death?” We cannot know our language denies the silence, the flavor of form repressed the Celestial taste. Further knowing is of life, yet the Light (death’s unambiguous retainer) is all inclusive-therefore knowing is not excluded. A partial question. In death do we forget ourselves? More accurately as we age do we become forgetful, forgetting our lives. And are kindly remembered by others as God begins to reclaims us…timeless memory. Forever doesn’t take as long once you get older. Another question that understanding pleases. What of one who kills another? Man’s harvest not Gods. Hence the death is of the killers not the one claimed to the Light as victim. And so the darkness grows. And the Light succumbs. And Revelation’s darkness glows, our patience. And instruction. What darkness that does not open the door to the Light. What more of the darkness I do not know. Except for the terror. Terror’s waiting for us.

Again like the other breakthroughs, it appears, that we are gradually developing a discourse with another world reality, presently evidenced by our denial,  also suggested by dream, our “belief” inby God, mythology and  “our” music. Wonder us conditions that we have convinced ourselves are available to us in their expressive ideal only upon death. A world we had no access to, which we denied while and as living and one we only knew through mystics, the ideal magicians, saints, musicians and the sound beneficiaries of music. All a brief caress. But what words prefer the flower to the blossom in your gentle hand. Let us continue until the door you open knows no sound. But your gentle, silent, beckoning smile. The Eternal wakening. Allowing by your patience a final incandescence of thought. The place of thought invited by the singular word predates the planet earth Lightfully. An offering of thought we displace through thinking carried as word. Strangely one word two words more than three as your cherished friend listens happily waiting to respond. Yet logic knows no friend but sincerity. As a leaf falls to rise logic thrives. And without this intended birthright we would be chasing flea to thumb rather than word to hope selflessly. Thinking fosters man-to-man waiting for himself; logic harvests the opening door to the anticipated silence. God’s symphony to the Light. Do you want to see God stop looking. Do you want to be with God? Stop waiting.

Cautioned politely may we continue: “I” suggest musicians again for several additional reasons. Like sleep, dream, the facility of coincidence and the availing of the precognitions as well as miracles and luck (music) is an experience “for the listener” that requires no conscious interpretation or linear education of any kind, the experience it appears is not even one of assimilation but rather more in the nature of assumption. And is immediate to birth or earth conception. (Most likely prior to the earth inception of form). Interesting through music the organically displaced human (five senses, potentially conflicted organs, the separation of body and soul, the perception and practice of death)…this self-dislocated human experiences the self potentially as one harmonious presence. No longer a vagrancy of time, but in tuned to the Cosmos. The distinction between performer and listener is cosmically and logically only relevant in time because in the all-inclusive Cosmos one is the same as all, therefore not separate or separating … non-casual. (Eternally Ever present). And within the breach of logic it can be suggested that the performer must first hear “be” the music before the “soundings” can be played or presented. (That indeed the listener and performer are not listening or performing an externally contrived manifest to and of themselves, but literally listening to their Cosmic selves played back to themselves.) Not surprisingly the Italians, Greeks, French and Mexicans, other earth nationalities have a music that is inherent to their national-cultural reality, possibly the first beautiful collectively linear adaptation of the Cosmic sounds. Folks prefer music that is kindred to their person, harmonic to their own DNAs. Acknowledging again that all predates the planet earth suggests an origin-source other than the intact, self-defining human whose relationship with God is the most apparent upon their “earned” and acquired absence or death. (Very curious do you agree? We are the most by not, our children, the yearning trees, our dreams the same. Certainly man’s fruit not Gods). The intrinsic nature of music also speaks to its Cosmic root. Meaning that unlike language, mathematics-music requires no apposing-causal response of material to appreciate.  Music is its own response. This unfolding self-embracing presence requires no explanation that some comprehend and others do not, like the Light music embraces all. And except for you like the Light music is without border. Flowing consensually of God awaiting a benefactor. Curiously like prayer “the music of us” is the one seemingly auditory experience that does not seem to lose substantial material integrity to the exactness of repetition. (We can hear the same song many times and be relieved).  But not unlike the fleeting irregularity of coincidence, miracle or luck and everything the earth people materially coerce and assimilate or materially alter in time our appreciation of music must also represent a dislocation of the Cosmic Eternal sound. Interestingly musicians speak of “keeping time.” There are other expressions that those familiar with earth music are privy to that hint to music’s Cosmic nesting. (We must alter the Cosmic “music” to our organic-institutional irony). We can witness the initial schism in the separation between performer and audience. The limited number of instruments. The requiring of rehearsal. And the needs to mystify- personalize music as the origin, source of its performers. Music the most Cosmically inclusive experiences in a linearly-segmented world remains exclusionary requiring arrangement (ie defusing of the whole) and numerous other contrivances in order for the music to be made available. The abiding questions become (no.1) what really is music? (no.2) Whatever is fuller Cosmic nature of what we call music… to what extent and how can we more fully becomes part of this wonderment.

Let’s consider the difference between linear music and the spherical impending sound. The musicians, the musical instruments and “audience” of tomorrow. Oh dear need we breathe to pray. Presently music is as music you’ve felt to hear. Already suggested imagine  yourself playing instruments never seen, heard before. Repeating the refrain. Why is everyone playing the same banjo. When all that speaks the evidence of yourself (genetics, voice, appearance, birth-death space) are   unique as self. And  unique as the space you occupy that predates a your death and post dates your death. The Cosmos you occupy. Which we spend our lives denying. Your DNAsound, a spontaneous presence that does not function as denied (identified by the nice gentleman at MIT) in a more compelling non-linear manner has all the “information” that speaks to who you are (your Cosmic bond)  including your musical self. More precisely your ideal musical self that includes the Cosmically sympathetic instrument. Not only is this instrument distinctive, possibly only subtlety, but its use is not going to be linear. Did I already mention the piece of jewelry changing design through use, yes, your  musical instrument the same. Responding to itself and you and you to your instrument as you jam. We approaching music that evolves “beyond space and time and has its own (not our) acquiring memory. Do you remember the suggestion two mediating as one when two are able to identify and nurture their shared DNAs evoked while mediating. The same condition event would happen, between yourselves and your other band members. You are no longer separate and apart. Certainly much less so presently whiole playing than in life, I understand. But were  moving to another place. The band becomes one. A spheroid. A Cosmic form. Which includes the audience, now differently in tuned, responding differently. Indeed they in the ideal become part and partial to the band. Given that we are discussing an event that is spontaneous, that is not based on ironic separation however harmonious the musical performance would include and evoke all the senses. Meaning this music event is not only heard, felt, but also seen with its own context. Meaning the music would evoke visual images, tactile sensations, what we currently experience as odors and combinations thereby. For several reasons including  certainly not the least the  “different” audience it would appear to be impossible experiencing the same concert twice. Sharing royalties with each audience would make sense. And help sustain the music sphere. I would not be surprised to see the audience and band rehearsing before the main performance. How would such an event be recorded? Could be maybe that’s another essay gathering. Remember  presently our technology is a reflection of our denied-denying lives. The Light is all inclusive this embrace includes technology.

…The first Light moment of Creation must have been a song, a melody. The neither of both? God’s intent a lyric. “I” know to wonder. The ideal of prayer the absence of self. Man-woman cannot know all and remain the same. Does not believing  God deny God? Must you believe in a tree to enjoy it’s shade. God is and as such is so…. Do you  need faith to listen to music. Appreciating that everything including music predates the planet earth or we wouldn’t be able to experience in its current disguise.

The trend in physics towards non-locality (one location) and the joining of the physical laws with consciousness further reinforce and alludes to the approaching Cosmic presence. And “now” more so than ever before our need to become conversant with the Cosmos. Suggested by the presence and our willingness to use the self-reflecting technologies that will profoundly interrupt the Cosmic connection if not extinguish the living of life on the evolving divinity of the Planet Earth. This also evidenced by the Lightfull learning’s that are being made available. Understanding that the need, the willingness to embrace and the availability of these Light gifts are inter changeable and harmonic. Further availed by the brave and inspired work of MIT, the text “Science of Life” and the Super String Theory all provide additional insight into the nature not so much as to what music has been for the many thousands of years, but what it has not been. And can be. The nice Asian geneticists work at MIT speaks directly to the relationship with harmonic sound or music and this planets DNA identifying network. The efforts by the curly haired British researcher alluding to a field that exits irrespective of time and space and has its own auguring memory further unfolds a non-linear presence as not being time reciprocal, dematerializing and displacing. The studies that a baby who is unaware of language (therefore not able to casually oppose) or plant strongly prefer some sounds to others, addresses an activity beyond linear inter active consciousness, and infers the suggestion of an “acquiring memory” that is independent of human choice our linear entrapment-alludes to the Cosmic flow. A preferential harmonic bonding with our Cosmic roots. The Super String Theory evidences that all is sound, indirectly integrating timelessness (therefore through non displacement non locality) as a relevant factor to this dynamic. Indeed music in its reciprocal flow is its own response intercepted or interpreted as a partiality by the human. (The question abides if the Universe is one location how can we relocate… to another location). Yet the earth musicians credit themselves as source- authors, composers of music. Understandably on the planet earth the earth people are authors of all. Except themselves. Consequently of course how can they claim origin authorship of any material process, except ironically, since they are not responsible for their own materiality (including their own bodies)? And unquestionably the answer is through displacement or time (one can not exist without the other). And given that we are separating ourselves from the Cosmic Universe, the Eternal - the God affluence our Godsoulprinting because we can’t distinguish permanently between bliss and our pain our need to dematerialize and aspire to Heaven through death becomes more understandable. As does our need to seek reprieve, joy and relaxation from the one available-conscious Cosmic flow… music. Through sleep. Meditation. Prayer’s beckoning. Laughing. And patiently waiting. Certain there has to be more.

Does it not follow that our essential material self-definition keeps us from the fullest assumption of music. (ie) Our conflicted relationship with self, each other, our vagrant relationship with institutions (including the institution of music) are protocols casually opposing in nature that are also evident in the organic dynamic a process through which we hear music… such as pre set rules that govern the scoring of music, the limited instrumentality, the need to design and maintain instruments, the need to educate musicians, the need to organize-lead- rehearse-critique. Further determining the nature of the musical experience. The acoustic forums we attend to listen music, our very physiology (we limit ourselves to hearing music), the psychological components that bring us to music, our need often to attend a musical event with others, the need to often insert lyrics or language unto music, our belief that music has a beginning and end point and also our conclusion that music enemates from musicians-that the audience or fans are musically non participant listeners (meaning) in part that these life forms are not responding with a musical presence that dwells or exists irrespective of the performance they are witnessing. And seemingly the near of always exchangeable material currency influences, becomes a gauge whereby the legitimacy of the musical group is determined. Do you agree? We hear only a subdued-dislocated portion of the music that is available to us.  (Is is not so with God? Do you know God as well as you know your neighbors children?). If you claim yourself the answer is yes may (I) ask politely what gentle games reciprocally do you play with God?  Not surprisingly as the earth peoples lives become more tentative, more sublimated to machine, more displaced (most inclusively of by darkness evidenced by their self designed extinction) the nature of music performance has changed. Sadly music performers over the ages have often given themselves self-depleting behaviors (many dieing young), but this kind of self-devaluation has increased. Perhaps intuitively, meaning beyond conscious knowing, these ministers or conduits of music realized they were being esteemed…. Not as partners with God in music but as the source of this beauty. Their lives irony denied the very essence they were availing to others, the pain amidst the beauty of music for many must have been unbearable. Also in recent generations as the need for the Cosmic connection has become more desperate, (the need for the Light or God is rooted and preponderant to the darkness in our lives) musicians and their fan participants have given themselves to other than musical behaviors. Burning instruments on stage, destroying the same, the reliance on extravagant displays and paralleling these behaviors are audience members ingesting drugs, alcohol and “dancing” to the music in a manner that is self injurious. (A hundred years ago the suggestion that a musical event might have involved death and injury as expressive of the music performance would have been dismissed). It appears that music performers and fan participants are asking more of music than music can avail. Understanding please.  That the earth people can only hear-assume the music that they have allowed themselves to be capable of receiving, the music appreciated is a Cosmic reflection of their own evolutionary divinity. Yes the music divine essence is available. But we have to be receptive.

Now we’ll lead this paper to that placement of self whereby we can supplant the incongruous, ironic dematerializing of our selves (our environment shared self destruction) and avail a gardening of music previously unrealized. Appreciating to understand a life forms relationship with God is a singular Eternity, a happenstance of Light availed through revealing sound, otherwise the journey becomes endlessly self opposing, ironically casual, limited to the organic body made relevant by the many linear entrapments that celebrate life on the planet earth and explain our separation from our Cosmic seed. Reminding you were not born on the planet earth. Indeed as mentioned the origins of this planet linearly measured in four and a half billion years, like you, speak to a material presence beyond organic awareness, beyond the evaluation of imagination and resultant expressions. But not beyond God’s purpose. In thousands of earth years an evolution of determined yearning, devoted searching that continue presently as an articulation of self.  Man-Woman desperately needing an explanation for their existence. And offering their suffering, love and forgive nesses as evidence that justify the need to know. And the deservedness of result. Do you sense…. The child is not lost to the man. The need for wisdom does not make a man wise. Nor always wisdom shared agreeably. But wisdom explains the futility that compels the need to be wise when innocence of love was once enough. And accordingly ofby God. Man-Woman must explain God to themselves. Are they not aware of whom they are speaking? Whose voices they hear? The answer you know. What prayer’s thank you? What House of God not God’s Home this planet. Well fenced by important words. Self-congratulating love forgiven as love. Soldier remembered gardner forgotten. You have seized God’s Creation as your own. And are proud of your apology.

We persist. We pray and continue. Not4e please the following suggestion might appear initially inadequate to what is being offered. (In the all-inclusive equidistant holographic Light small is large and the reverse).  Consider that one erroneous note of music whether the inspired “Under the Boardwalk” or a glorious symphony will not only represent a stark interruption of the “intended” flow, but most likely will be apparent on the first hearing of a piece of music, presumably complete through our design. We are discussing a material sound-silence- presence more spiritually intact than the molecular or genetic structure of a dimensional form materialized in time. (One “damaged” or altered gene will redefine the life of a human being). Reminding we are member of the Cosmos not the reverse. The Universe is timeless and non-linear therefore without ironic  displacement meaning separation based on dematerializing as opposed to non oppositional refining; hence the expansion of the Universe is otherwise than described. Partially answering the question of what is the Universe expanding into. (Spanning?) We are entering a place of presence not process. A place not of conflicted linear continuity, but near spontaneity. The approaching Light. Yourself included. A locality not of definition, interpretation but of refining.  Refining as opposed to defining which evokes consciously that which is being defined and is consequentially reliant on a separatist- incremental medium through which the explanation or definition unfolds invariably as language or mathematics and the dematerializing violence’s we affect through the same…clearly a casually- linearly dislocating activity. (The gathering darkness). Whereas “refining” addresses a harmonic presence that evolves within it’s own non-displacing nature and is not reliant on an externally opposing agent to either affect change or explain the change. (ie) Suggestive of the inclusive, borderless Light. We are discussing the creation of new worlds, the Eternal unfolding presence.  Not at the inclusion or exclusion of the Cosmic awe, but as the same. Presence Eternal becomes the infinite effect of its own harmonic cause .The refining creation of space as space within space and not at the exclusion of space material. Motion presently the dislocation of material. Now a beauty’s sequential spontaneity. All joyously the same not the same evolving beyond language. Beyond consciousness as consciousness. (If a time perspective is needed to suggest this flow…the future of the future as the future or ever presence that is ever-present). Further this “refining presence” would have to be experienced as motion therefore sound to any dimensional form human or otherwise who themselves are a study of motion. Hence attuning God through the Light sounds of ourselves. The near holographic spontaneous anagram (dimensional release) to music becomes “ I’m us> music”. “Musical…Call I’m Us….” Musician…Am I us (or I am) in “the” music (factoring can I?)…the musician …” We are all musicians, most a denied, our choices our song. But this “Refining Music” need not be realized as the near Cosmic partiality of the past. The future unfolds as ourselves divine, otherwise by choice. Our Eternal spin…

Span is the past tense of spin. The formulation of a flying saucer that spins and spans would explain the amazing changes of direction and abrupt accelerations (meaning) that span, as an issue of time would be other than linear affecting or influencing causality beyond apposition and therefore displacement. Developing on this more later. Whether flying saucers are real or myth… either material none the less. May I suggest look up spin, span and spun in the dictionary. The implied resolution of linear form (visually) is within my limits intriguing. Please look up spin, span and spun in the dictionary imagine a musical score accordingly construed.

*Consider please the “Cosmic revealing Presence” we are approaching through a clearer understanding of music. An assuming presence-process that through it’s Cosmic nature resolves the vagrancies and dichotomies of time causality that define our self apposing material nature which includes our role in the Cosmos. These anomalies realized as the interconnected and conflicted realities of distance, weight, temperature, torque, density, mass, gravity etcetera…the evolving time contrived-conflicting elements of form through which we experience and witness our displacement of the Light. And live our dematerializing lives. These conflicted realities are peripherally suggested in the “arranging” of music, but much less so in the appreciating and performing of music… the divine echo’s of God. Identifying the shared DNAs of performers-audience-instruments-theater (in the pervasive we are discussing the theater of life) and assimilating this lesser displaced status to the DNAs of our sleep, prayerful, meditative, laughing selves, and our miracles will allow us to further attune reciprocally to the Eternal Cosmos. And more clearly appreciate and affect miracles and the gifts derived through luck, coincidence and precognition. (What is lucky music?) Accordingly through this parameter protocol, touched upon previously in other essays as acoustic osmosis, sound cryogenics and related concerns, our causal-dematerializing relationship with travel, communication, education, medicine, entertainments will become more Cosmically conversant more in tuned to the Eternal. The linear-essential ironies in Relativity and the Quantum Model become integrated asby the partially pre described parameter availing in the ideal the essence potential of inter stellar travel.  Our inquiry do you agree is one of spirit not machinery or the externally displaced greed’s of self that currently define the fragmented earth people would continue to be conflicted with the external whatever it‘s nature. Of course spirit is ofby the Light. The truer machines will follow.

Interestingly the immediate suggestion is that memory is holographic explaining the vastness of memory, collectively and singular, allusions also to genetic memory. Why is intelligence functionally limited and limiting, not like memory that is vast? Do you agree memory is not readily given to the currency of alteration, the twisting assimilations that intelligence is subjected to on this planet? Memory knows the quietest-loveliest institutions the museum, the art gallery, your family album, the cemetery. We requisition the planet through our intelligence. And apologize to forgive ourselves through memory while we anticipate our memory of the future. God’s timeless prayer for us. Through assigned intelligence we displace, disqualify Creation and each other from the Light Eternal. We suffer the disharmony of each others assigned intelligence. There are no smart people on this planet only smarter. The anagram for intelligent…tell it to “the” gene. Anagram for genius…I us in “the” gene. “I” meaning God. Yes “I” understand one e…. Many linear rules are detours. Where do these departures lead? Do not musicians have the fewest rules when they play? I’m asking.

How can this less casual opposing timeless refinement be approached or facilitated.  The answer seemingly is becoming more available, less displaced-separated from each other and ourselves as spirit therefore the Cosmos. Becoming a God self-sufficient presence, accordingly explainable. Not consequent to or dependant on the linear entrapments that define the earth peoples immeidate4 status. And accordingly through choice available as and inby the sound Light, already we, though otherwise preferred through self-choice. Appreciating to understand: No.1. Each person is a unique sound, their Cosmic connection or Godsoulprint, a sound more fundamental than their genetic molecular state.  Our dislocated-conflicted nature of this “sound” explains who we are and how we live through the choices we make. This process is also sound manifest. Linearly and Cosmically.  This sound material reality can be identified as DNAsound as suggested by the Asian gentleman at MIT. And this near spontaneous dynamic can be more easily shared is reciprocal and reciprocating with the Cosmic Flow because the indicated DNAs is less displaced, less opposing of itself, less the time manifest therefore more asby the Cosmic flow.  Our ability to meditate, to fly and build plane are component sounds represented as DNAs of our total Cosmic sound presence as is our ability to play a musical instrument. The same our heart “disease, our displaced intelligence etcetera.  As these sounds are unique, beyond our conflicted self-definition, so are the instruments, which we are able to design, and play within their linear limitations. Understanding that inby the Cosmic all flows beyond limitation.

We are each the instrument of God, least displaced in the reciprocal of music. As inby the Light “all” is materially evident, within each human dwells a musical instrument that is expressive of their evolving relationship with God the Cosmos. New instruments new sounds new process. And since this DNAs (DNA sound or silence) dynamic speaks to the inclusive dynamic flow of which we are a dislocated presence, we are all not only receptive to these sounds, but these new music’s will attune us more to the Cosmos, to God. (God does not deny. We do). Further these Cosmic instruments of self when played together will avail in harmony new sound assimilations, attuning us closer to and by the Light. Congruently more so when the “audience” realizes their presence beyond listening and offers-responds with the Cosmic instrument of self. And conceivably contributes to the music’s nature or sound beyond the auditory since we are discussing becoming in tuned to a Cosmic ideal that is spontaneous, all inclusive, non-exclusionary and reciprocal and reciprocating. Therefore blissfully revealing. And blissfully articulate. No.2 or is it 3 or 4. More pragmatically: (We are discussing a new sound experience that involves more than human activity or presence)…. No. 3.Further the building where the sounds are presented, well beyond acoustics, has a sound presence or DNAs that can be made much more harmonic to the “intended” performance. This facilitated by the work done in this area by MIT, Texas Wesleyan, Purdue and Princeton Universities (Princeton having established that two individuals who are “resonant” to one another can affect the contrived probability randomness of a machine by a factor of seven. The theme of these words is that this resonance is beyond linear limit and includes- transcends  any activity or material form). Suggesting Sandy and Shelley the resonance of yourselves, your musical instruments and your voices together and individually times seven suggesting a 700% “improvement.” And this is but one element of several suggested that would transcend linear irony or limitations. The seemingly incongruous applies as well. The cloths worn, the jewelry, which you are sitting with, the type and amount of food ingested would also become determinant factors. Seemingly unimportant? While holding your breathe visualize opening one curtain in the darkened room to God’s gentle sunlight. No.4. Developing that realization that given the greater non-displaced-all inclusive nature of these new musics we are examining material sounds that are experienced well beyond the current notion of hearing or listening. Beyond current perceptual awareness. But rather a sound presence that is also tactile and visual. And these would be more experienced both communally and singularly. And through these materials actualizing the individual is transported beyond the current self. Potentially availing the humans to preceptors that are precognitive in nature. Meaning of course that new senses would be factored beyond the current organic five (ie) sight, smell, taste, feel and hearing. Understandably with some variance to the individual as a singular one sense. (Reminding that inby the Light all senses are conjoined as one)  A divine sound presence you can see to feel while hearing spontaneously. Being realized-walking as a one harmonic identity, your post-pre earth status. Alluded to in dated religious texts as “Going to Heaven.”  No.5. The likely hood of a process to avail or prepare the participants to these new sounds would appear to be appropriate. Meaning…the humans are conflicted, the inherent sound presence that speaks to these conflicts would similarly be distorted or non-harmonious. Preparing (as suggested by sleep or meditation) those involved resolving the sound angst of self becomes feasible. And this DNAs transom transition is both singular and communal and as such beyond the displacing irony of willful choice. No.6. Further given the harmonic Cosmic union- involving other life forms with sensual gifts significantly exceeding the human becomes a possibility to further exceed the potential of the new presence or as a transitory medium to a fuller flow. Exceeding the organic limits of the human becomes feasible since this is what we are discussing. Joining the sensual gifts of other life forms through their harmonic DNAs with those of humans given the proposed transmogrify (the creating of new and bizarre forms) becomes plausible when you consider this is (already) the shared status in non time, a light full presence attained-attuned through relevant and revealing sound. (The allowance of New Worlds). Conceivably these sensual assimilations would speak to additional new instrumentality (ie) alluding as well to all forms of externalized synthetic assistance. The fullness of the God performance ie experienced as performed and afterwards when the individuals “return” to their God intended organic nature. Beneficent of what learned-acquired miracles. (Acknowledging please the stage-music and stage speaks metaphorically to the entire of man’s Creation).  But previously though we return refreshed the musical door has been opening to close. And we have always returned to ourselves not having been completely free of our displaced-exclusionary material reality. Now the invitation is one of communion, a Cosmic alteration. The gifts are not external and temporary. You are the gift. You’ve become the door. Conversant with the Light yourself.                                

God is and as such is so

Please note we are resident in a timeless Universe. Hence the Cosmically displaced earth people. Acknowledging organic man-woman cannot know the Universe all and remain the same, the earthly self indefinitely.   Each choice good and bad manifests materially as such, timelessly, and accordingly is not divinely relevant to linear earth consequential cause and effect except briefly and ironically.  And not conversantly-reciprocally. Our chosen lives separate us from the Light. The separation is sustained through the happenstance of apology-forgiveness elemental to love and the many other casually opposing contrivances that explain the current earth culture. Understanding that as each choice occurs in the all-embracing pervasive and timeless Cosmos… and as such is a function of the Light Eternally not the displaced man. (The good) is Eternally of the Light, revealing reciprocally as such. (The bad) is of the darkness materially accruing of and as the same. The earth people’s choice, their prayers, their wars, plans and dreams materialize Eternally as such. (Each choice beyond and in spite of consequence is materially permanent). Wars are not resolved by victory or a return to peace. The apology does not materially alter the incident or event that warranted the apology. These travesties are of and by the earth people. And to date continuing as such. But as the darkness sums so does the Light. The good of loves kind deeds accrue Cosmically as well.  The earth people’s effort is a Cosmic struggle. Conversation Celestial. And realized as such. God is ofby and inas the Cosmic Universe of which the planet earth is one divine evolving presence. Separate from the Cosmos. But not apart. The union approaching. Be this unity the Darkness or the Light.

The Spherical anagram for “The Devil”…(be ) evil and live-die or live the die[ing] evil. Darkness by any other name still the same. What love God nourishes non-sequentially of the Light. Love not that you be loved that Creation be so. Thus you are loved ofby the Light spontaneously. Light inception presence not process, your Godsoulprint manifest not linearly entrapped. Life needs no reason but life. Any experience is divine if divinely expressed. What more scholarship than your breath. God’s anointing. The resonance or anagram of share. She he hears factor are…. Allowing literal clarification. He she hears as we are or we hear as we are. We are the music we hear…

The earth dwellers evolutionary relationship with God has been a choice of God preference, exclusionary of the God wholeness. The Planet Earth’s divinity. Man prefers his worship of God to the God Cosmos. You cannot deny God and not prefer your linear manifested self “yourself” whatever the religious surrogacy of this choice. Faith in God is a linear trans actual ebbing relationship with the Cosmic Creator. Faith realized through language and separating self speaks to the uncertainty of self-sublimated as the uncertain God. The human is tricky. One can have faith in God if the devoted prefer themselves (their worship) to God. Do you agree you can faith in your neighbor? Your communion with God is one of fate of Karma (ie) God’s motion disguised as self. Unnecessarily. (Noting there is linear karma and spherical karma). The earth people self shared forgiving mischievous dangerous self. What darkness derives man-woman perceive before the tainted fruit. The entrapping user of others. God is not an earthly material reality of many religions, but a Cosmic God. One God. One Universe. One All. Singularly communing. What God you feel to know you claim by not knowing yourself. Do you agree? Patiently do you agree again? Yet again by what search? May I ask. Do you ever worry about being right? When progress’s lofty seed is relevant by eventually dismissing the same. Not so with God? What divine answer then not tomorrow’s promised question. What reverence once sincere alters constructed of bones. And so we thrived learning of love God derived sequentially. Why do you feel you have to repeat the same prayer? Your prayers are linear, the response is ofby the all embracing Light as such all prayers are answered. God’s answer not necessarily ours. Now the insight gifts of God ofby the Light. Worlds divine asofby one breathe. Spontaneous. Not casually self-apposing. Eternity whispers back. We respond?

*Reincarnation and Resurrection are not relevant to the time of our birth and death. And they are. Ying yields to Yang. And simultaneously the reverse. Birth and death therefore reincarnation and resurrection are functions of the Light consequently would not suggest the casual displacement of resurrection and reincarnation.

Do you understand for the Light to determine a preferential choice for an earth person (therefore exclusionary of others), this process of determination and choice itself negates the Light? And reclaims the Light to time. The Light conversant- reciprocal unfolds before you, which the earth dwellers perspective is spoken as the time partiality of reincarnation and or resurrection. The reciprocal refining is true as a carnational flutter and potentially conversant as such. Do you agree? Correct us if were wrong. Preferably if were right. All earth doors open by closing. Meaning that the Light is always available and lovingly not excluding. By our choice singular we become not accepting of this God availing, the Light. Each is anointed by God as one, son and daughter. Accordingly choice fully only answerable to God. And so the darkness prospers. And of good our choices, our embracing of the Light…the Light refines glowing of Eternity.

The earth people seek and experience God in and through time, accordingly there relationship with God is a denial of the fullness of God (therefore the God denial also the denial of themselves)-the Eternal Cosmic God. The earth people’s relationship with God is a preferential ironic reflection of casual self more than God, explaining the many religions on this planet as an exclusionary partiality of God. The awareness of God less perception. Struggling less struggles thrift to know God. And knowing unresolved as such. A Christian or Jew or Moslem cannot each pray to God and not deny the wholeness of God as the divinely desired choice, thereby compromising their own devotion.  This disaffirmation is evidenced daily. Accruing Et4ernaly as the darkness. Man’s denial of God through himself. Agreeing so. And not acting materially. Darkness more. Do you understand to feel? Comprehend.  One God. One Planet resident of the Cosmos. One choice singularly realized asby the unique Godsoulprint of self. Not to suggest God is not aware, God as the Light is awareness. All loving as loved. The question begs not of God. But to the earth people. God did not create the Universe by your worship. Of God the Light (IO) speak. Witness beyond I can only know through pretense. And illogic. The allness of God-God only knows. “I” beg to know. And gratefully will always wonder. And wander. Not gardener. But one seed. The self like you born ofby and through God. And that self linearly frustrated through the choice of Church, Mosque or Temple. Accordingly we accept God while silencing ourselves to and of God.  Gratefully we pray the preferred mystery of ourselves while abstaining God. Our perfection inofby God is the irony of our linearly compromised self. Not surprisingly all earth religions offer the fullness of a God relationship upon death - the material absence of self. Strangely when the very materiality of life is the seed of God not displaced woman-man. What license speaks to man such authority that earth excludes Heaven? And so man-woman prefer themselves as instruction. Not miracle.

Allow please the following Light trail of logic… which unfolds God the Light Cosmic Eternal spontaneously from the God of the earth people as a temporal experience based on ritual, explanation, coercion and therefore the near exclusion of God - to the aspired divine all loving Cosmic presence as process. Appreciating that without logic our knowing desire for God is mute to our labors perception. Logic unfolds as the tender flower divine. In the absence of time displacing linearity (the Eternal Cosmos) there can be no form or dimension that is the linear cause and effect of length-width and depth and in the absence of form (what is referred to and practiced as dematerializing or death) we are in the presence-process of the Light. Continuing: Accepting that death is not time active or time engaging, therefore, death is without form or dimension and thereby the linear indulgence of death becomes an assimilation-assumption of the Light. Not dematerializing. But other materializing. Not an interruption-separation defined by time, but rather a refining assimilation-assumption of the Eternal self. Not conceptual to birth and not ended through death. Life and death the same bridge crossing. Entry exit spontaneous the same. God’s hand rests our shoulder. A divine continuance.

Whispering once more: The suggestion that the singular self upon death’s separation “goes” to Heaven speaks to a timely linearity of displacement process. And begs the question from whence we came? The one self does not go to Heaven…you stay in Heaven. Never left. Evolving. Refining. God’s lasting pupil. Not man’s. Divine conversation uninterrupted. Unless interrupted. There is the Light there is the Darkness.

Possibly the following distinction by your agreement will allow clarification. “I’m” alluding to the issue of “past lives regression.” A past life is an issue of form alluding to current tenants of the Light. One negates the other. And consequently the current appreciation of past lives. Past lives are not past but immediate realizations of ongoing former lives that are currently being experienced. The notion of a distinct form within the Light such as Cleopatra further invalidates the Light, but since the Light assumes all upon “death” including identity each life form maintains this presence collectively as uninterrupted or collective memory. Again past lives speak to time reference displacement and the “lives” in question are Light resident. (Yet if we ourselves are Light imbued, what conversation abides?) These are two worlds are not separate in the Light. Suggesting a past life ofby the Light offers that separation. And in our linear experience the Light presence would be exclusionary and displaced. We draw these un bordered  “presences” like the precognitions, sleep, and coincidences etcetera to ourselves imperfectly through the casual nuance and irony of form.  The all-inclusive Light, un bordered and  un-fragmented nature explains why several women can claim the identity of Cleopatra. You will please notice that these Light realizations like precognition or communing with the experienced as deceased tend to be singular one way sensations rather than conversant. Evidenced as imagination, past life regression ( linear event of the spherical), ghosts, dreams and possibly realized as luck, coincidence, the precognitions which are partial occurrences the complete nature we are not aware. And in their totality  like are not able while we exist as body form singularly and interactively. However imagine, visualize these events within the panorama of the spherical band-audience performance. “I” smile sensing the answers reprieve….Once again currently when the Light presence is assumed to form inby time displacement initiates. Brevity and inexactness prevail. We get in the way of one another. Most assuredly the Light. Encouraged so. But this is choice. And choices can be divine. Meaning other than displacing, Light articulate. The darkiness waits for the Light’s embrace. There is not one Light condition or event that cannot be evolved  to the  refining Light or a dark condition or event that can be similarly absolved (darkness is not complete as its own dark nature) otherwise in an infinite spontaneous event darkness would prevail. And God would be as we prefer.                    

The anagram of dimension flows both ways. Returning never left. While leaving as returned. “Life” n’ “death” articulation. Blissfully awareness beyond comprehension.. sDNA and DNAs. “Enough curvature of mass becomes infinity,” now Eternity released-returned to life. God’s child is born. Yourself eloquent of the Light. Awaiting words chore. Wellspring of the Light. Presence n’ process holding hands. Yourself not lost now returned. Circularly. But spanning. (Defined in the dictionary as the past tense of spin). Release n’ reclaim. God’s breathe. The refining Universe. The butterflies’ wings do flutter. The Universe doth sing. And God is. And as such is so.

Briefly the riddle again.  Accepting that in the beginning God created everything. How can your Mom and Dad have you as a distinct baby unique to themselves? Would you not be more than the God determined everything? Clearly. And once again of kindly please. We are resident of the timeless Universe not the reverse. The earth people are out of sync with the Universe not the Cosmos our origin-source with us. Hence your birth is not exclusively timely manifest. Appreciating that the Universe light is all-inclusive. Your are born ofby the Light through conduit of the all-embracing silence. (Through harmonic or Cosmic sound since our relationship with the Light as casual form  is exclusionary). God’s instruct. Lovingly chosen by your parents. Well un displaced tenderly all embracing through love, your Mom and Dad availed the Light. As they their parents…. Recede the progression quietly enough and the parents in question no longer reside on the planet earth “four billion years ago.” This Universe representative. Light formulation is only otherwise through our ironic-casual displacement of form inby time. But thrive as the  awed elsewhere of the Light. The same your “death.” By what logics instruction or prayers wit can there be less than everything? We “die” in time not in space. We spend our lives in casual opposition to ourselves and others hence disengaged from our Eternal origin. Your Mom and Dad’s the same. Until we recede the progression quietly enough and the “death” witnessed is the aspiring witness of the Universe (ie) the planet earth not yet materialized. But we have seen that forms insistence frustrates the Light hence your birth and death’s articulation are initiate substance of the Light. And the divine silence. Which has properties similar to the Light. Seemingly limitless. All embracing. And negated once engaged. When we hear for the silence we are no longer listening to ourselves. We are born. And die. By God instruction. “Let there be Light.” And so the miracle unfolds. Yourself the Universe the same. Otherwise the choice as you choose yourself. The past remains interactive, unfolding. Forgiveness thwarts love less the love forgiven. Disintegration is the earth peoples ironic assimilation, a historical choice inherited. Linearity need not be dematerializing, dematerializing the same. And ofby time what bargain spoils the fruit and not the seed.

We are God’s timeless memory of ourselves. As such we acknowledge God’s gift as God. Noting the mystery…only God can remember an event as it happens. Suggesting intent before event. And event before intent. Thus spontaneity flows refining. It is interesting do you agree: You cannot prove you have forgotten something. Do you think that upon the presumption of death you cease to be of God’s memory Eternal?

But what words are these. Not more words the same. And the Universe answer is the new language Eternal never old DNAsound. A presence of sound that transcends form. And you are Light beneficent. Rising from your knees. You speak as you listen the silence sings. Unless you prefer otherwise. The same your technology. God’s children you already know. And dream you sleep. Recalling the precognitions, luck, and coincidence. Prayers answer, miracles reminded. Mediation (meditation) thriving. Though currently these realizations one way reciprocal. Incomplete as understood. What more words too many not words enough. 

DNAsound the new language spontaneous: The Cosmic stars traversed as one. The near of instantaneously. You and cancer harmonically resolved as one. Not two violated that one be not. The medical books spontaneously DNAs conjoined with the compatible student. Convergence resolved not casually sad of apposition “thriving” therefore not ofby time. The Light attuned through relevant-revealing and reciprocals sound. Linearly sequentially segmented no more. No longer essentially conflicted. Consequently form remains intact attuned to the Light. Of Heavens kindness we respond. Communication, education, technology, medicine, transportation, entertainment, indeed perception and spirituality (now) Light ascending. Accordingly respondent.

Allowing the DNAs is our conduit to the Light and the Light pervades near absolute what direction time flows (by whatever initial inference) is holographic (ie) without linear distinction. Meaning (significantly) that if we harmonically conjoin the past of DNAs of a material process to its immediate present we have resolved causality to the Light and therefore time is no longer relevant as displacing. We have arrived at a protocol parameter beyond linear choice. The spherical assumption of your unique music, Godsoulprint, with two or more conflicted material entities as described. Remember please music is it’s own response, the least displacing process requiring virtually no alteration in order to assimilate. We are discussing a status beyond causality and apposition, your harmonic profound sleep of silence. You’ve become Light relevant and revealing. The Universe pervades, the one location where the DNAs remedy is Ever present. And consequently form becomes Light imbued.   Reminding,“ If mass is constricted enough the curvature of space-time becomes infinite.” Dematerializing no longer validates. Other materializing prevails. Simplicity follows given that cancer, HIV viruses are forms and therefore not compatible with the Light these presence processes are absolved not grievously to the Light but agreeably or harmonically. One doesn’t disappear to the light, but appears. A spherical articulation. We have in a sense gone back in time… to a status prior to the cancer’s visitation. Further given that the Light is un bordered, not linear, the aforementioned process can be reverted back to the original form by simply reversing the process. You have returned without harming the unwelcome visitor which was reflective of your linear irony, not harmonic with the Light. Your original-essential self. Your God intended self. The same dynamic speaks to inter stellar travel. The assimilation of those law books. Interestingly, unless “I” am mistaken, this dynamic Light flow (except for the rudimentary earth skills and rules) would not apply to the performing of music or the painting of art because the dynamic light flow amenably displaced is already manifest in these areas. The resolution Light flow we are discussing also works on the dark side. Meaning that a molester of children’s disposition can similarly be DNAs resolved assuming consent. Obviously such a transition of form to presence Light and the “reverse” can only occur under ideal conditions which are harmonic to the transition being actualized. This addresses any concerns about an engineered society or individuals being forced to assume behaviors that are contrary to their values. Example: A young medical student is about to assume five textbooks on brain chemistry. But the assimilation does not take form. Why? In this case because one of the textbooks has amongst its word flow a bookmarker. Reminding what can happen if one gene has a regrettable disposition like cerebral palsy. The dynamic we have just reviewed is even more sensitive, requiring the ideal harmonic. Consent is material. And profound. Choice defines this planet. This dynamic already is evident in our lives, the presumption of death, the mystery of sleep, the precognitions, the spontaneous flow of memory, the sometimes of inspiration, dream’s visitation, miracles, prayer’s delivered as answered, xenology and our linear attempt at meditation. A brief thought if I may relevant to the acquired displacements like intelligence and the partiality of meditation. When two can meditate together harmonically, think together by identifying the shared DNAs (for either) the casual displacement has been appreciably been resolved to the Light. Resolving the further causality through time negation simply compels the greater Light experience. The catharsis of self and communal apposition. This synthesis includes to a lesser degree technology and our active relationship with the same.

The ease of an example as we approach continuing our shared journey. First please thank you for the prayer’s kindness of your companionship, your accompaniment, your music  Eric, Stacie and Shelley during this deliberation.. Inby and of the Light the reader and writer the same, otherwise displacement thrives. The music stops that we sleep to hear the silence. And the silence us. And loneliness prospers to naught….One more example, echo‘s refrain: Arriving at the DNAs: of the reading of a book begun on Monday. Harmonically conjoined (already so inby the Light) with the completion of the book on Thursday allows us to bypass the linear sequential process we know as time displacement. Before or after the fact. Meaning the experience can be DNAs coded after it’s been linearly experienced over several days or affected non-sequentially when the book and the compatible reader are DNAs harmonically joined and the experience becomes spontaneous. And this can be DNAs coded as an anticipated probability. Meaning the DNAs Light cure can be inferred from the presence of the presumed disease. The same inter stellar travel. And the near all of self through your kindly disposition and so we harvest the Light ourselves ironically displaced as form intended. Waiting the day of our arrival. Referred linearly as “Heaven on Earth.” Finally the sound more breathe than word.                 

Greeted blissfully by those “departed.” The awed accrued completion divine of yourself. The Light is all embracing, all loving, all un denying: The all you knew to share-feel-dream and think and thus “while alive” that was loving tender of the Light greets you as the shared Eternal spontaneity of yourself. You do not lose awareness, memory upon “death” this would deny the Light as infinite all embracing and non- exclusionary. Hence collective memory. Otherwise the light segmented as the Light, ourselves separate. Not ofby the Light. Hence the darkness. All of our lives choices thus encroaching. The Cosmic struggle thrives. God remains the same? Omniscient beyond words folly. Not beyond expression. Thus Creation.  Awareness, joy, all loving of the night, hope redeemed as hope, loving as loved effortlessly.  Refining…. Your fo0rm the Light. Available you are: To be by whatever love not left behind. Hence dreams visitation. Reminding if your sleep nests your absence as the Light, what harness holds your dreams. What Light awaits your disposition. And yes sweet coincidence, shared incidence ofby the Light, the sometimes introduced as luck. What precognition knows your name not the Lights? What visitation divine knows your door. Not yourself. Lovingly you see you’ve returned. Never left. Of miracles? Answered prayers?  Worlds more true than words deny? Woman-man cannot know all and remains the same. How could it be otherwise for the many reasons ,one, you will know yourself after death. The fullest telling divine is beyond the earth peoples writing. Many times many again beyond the loftiest imagination. Oh the awe. What Heaven of gift you will reside. What word God you will know? And so be so. Forever so. What silence we reside. Music our smile. Love less our efforts chore.

What days of awe unfold? Prayers we hear, ourselves the same. Celestial map our wakened dreams.  Finally we are…            


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