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In a time determined linear world our lives rely on  efforts to asses and utilize loss of value.  This activity condition permeates the earth peoples  being. In it’s most subtle we know this process mathematically  as subtraction. Otherwise….exclusion, denial, deception, death cessation and disintegration. All essential to the current life ideal. Consider a different reality… human beings that exists in summation of themselves. A creative continuity.

Thorn our flower less the celestial seed?  Time is not as disposition suggests.  We live in a Universe devoid of time, yet time compels life and through time insistent we die.  Distracted well lost in diminished time our dislocation of self persists. The non-linear Universe can no9t be separated from itself, less the separation. No endings thrive once begun. We live immersed in linear time. Accordingly we suffer vindicated by our demise.

Whispering’s haste: The Cosmios motion. The fewer words embraced: Motion is intent. Intent suggests source. And source awareness.  Prologue we continue…
The Universe is timeless, human beings exist in time they are therefore out of synch with their residences the Cosmos. Therefore themselves…. The  Universe is non-linear meaning the Universe is intact-complete as such the infinite Cosmos can not be separated from itself.  The earth people experience their linear reality in time consequently humans live a fragmented self displacing existence that evolves and culminates through cessation.

Lingering sounds of word. Your body upon birth is non- linear. Meaning that your body need not... can not be separated from itself in order to function. Your body is complete. Intact. Divine. Because your body can not be separated from itself death is not a separation from life. Neither is your birth an initiate separation or your birth would be a separation from your death continuity.                      

Accordingly you are Eternal.….God’s Creation uninterrupted. You are Cosmic origin of yourself. (Eternal continuity unfolds).  We lose the Cosmic joy “our divinity” our Cosmic fluency because we compel others to separate from their lives. And allow others the same transgressions against ourselves.                          

Timely Human beings limit  memory to memories of the past. The memory of our first day at the Om Center in Omaha is spontaneous. No need to wait….waiting speaks to time. You do not have to trace back in time all the events that delivered you to that memory.  Memory like your non- linear body resists the limitations of time. We are timeless beings “lost” distracted in time. But that which is lost exists.

We “experience” remember and are remembered by everything because we forget.….We do not choose to forget. Forgetting is not a woillfull place. (All that affects us is not a consegu3ence of our efforts or awareness). Forgetting is without our initiation or end. Therefore not an issuance of time (ie) timeless…Eternal. Memory, forgetting, the un bordered silent sound of self “dnas” the light are one the same. Ageless motion being saelf.

We discontinue4: An event separated in time always culmi9nates as purposeless, disposable event. A dead end.  This limiting activity begins from the moment we initiate “alter” a material separation in time. Your birth begins the aging process. Your bicycle begins to rust. This activity is so basic to human beings that they secure their reality through designed extinction.  Willful violent disintegration as a response to diminishing time becomes reasonable. Nece3ssary?

Distinction: The Universe flow is one of separation. Material space evolving separating… dematerializing. But in time material disintegrates. Dematerializing is natural, Eternally compatible. Disintegration is disruptive. We have been writing-resolving this inconsistency.

Strangely if human beings were not able  to deny themselves through  the reality of their own design  they could not experience reality as their own. Acknowledging the diminished self.

Yes materials experienced in acquired time do lose material purpose, disintegrate. But the all inclusive memory of those same events, which was their source, originally… continues. Because memory is spontaneous meaning everywhere always at once…memory is timeless. Always resolves the “past-future” dislocation of time. Always everywhere speaks to Eternity… As such all that begins is without ending. Without interruption,  Accordingly the memory of you predates your birth…as your source. (God’s memory of you). And continues after your death.  Memory like everything else in the Cosmos is timeless “Eternal” except “while” denied in time. Reminding only God can remember “create” an event as it happens. Human beings confuse effort, invention and design with creation. The flower is yours not the seed. Human beings it seems also believe that destroying gives them authority over creating and Creation.
Observing please the humans perception of God is restricted, based on the acquired “learned” limitations of self. The disqualified self. There is God’s  timeless Creation. The earth people can only reveal the fullness of Gods creation and God by denying self therefore their own reality….(Life revoked through death). Human beings have separated Heaven from earth therefore themselves from both. Of course these linear insights are “incomplete” because they are written in and read in dislocated time.

Because spontaneous memory is all inclusive without beginning or end (without interruption) while alive you influence the Eternal memory of you.  (The divine human “time” interruption of this activity is reincarnation and resurrection)…. This uninterrupted  Eternal activity awareness continues after the presumption of death. And before and during life through repressing inconsistency and distraction. Like the Universe you are timeless, Eternal. Death and birth are enhancing condition events. If this were not the nature of spontaneous Universe. Eternity would be a diminishing experience. The Universe would have lost purpose upon inception….a spontaneous beginning resulting in a spontaneous end. 

Presently human beings experience this Cosmic continuity through the incomplete-inconsistent self…. Life after death less your current life. You must cease to be “disintegrate lose awareness” in order to go to Heaven. God- Heaven-divinity become frivolous-incomplete experiences (like our lives). A reality determined by the constantly diminishing- disintegrating self. Further denied through the shared reality.  We are unnecessarily diminished observers of the great Being. The Cosmos. Our home….

There is the Cosmic God and the earth people’s adaptation. The non-linear Universe is timelessly Eternal. The linear earth people subsist through time. Consequently human beings deny the Eternal Universe their residence…therefore God. There is “spherical time” duration, the Eternal timelessness.  And the earth peoples diminishing timely variation that result in eventual material disiontegration of all material events including themselves from inception.  Confirming the continuously displacing  futility of time. 

Linearity speaks to a material separation which through time becomes uncertain to the immediate Eternal. The separation event from inception is denied through a dormant past and an unresolved yet influei9nging future.  The earth people repress the Eternal awe. Death and disintegration so testify…. death is not life’s tutor.

Everything that human beings experience including themselves  culminates as a materially  non-directional event. God awareness is similarly denied. All self realized value is eventually lost through the earth peoples timely efforts. As such humans have little choice but to limit the ideal of their God fraternity to a “certainty” anticipated after  death, a death which rejects the timely linear disposable human reality. The human ideal (is) self denial through death. Very curious do you agree? You must die to be yourself.

Disparity sustains….Earth Creation is not realized through a singular God, but a fragmented variation therefore a diminished God. In a spontaneous  Universe there is one God all prayers source are derived one as one of all not less one not all.

Offering Cosmic memory hastens unknowing reprieve. Linear-timely events through alteration  eventually disintegrate. But the memory or each event persists, Eternity beholds.  

The earthly God preference is experienced as  inconsistent  love initiatives that are  influenced through predetermioned sin prerogatives that accept humanity as  flawed. Worship and divine deeds are realized amidst this strain. Earthly love is secured through “recurrent” forgiveness that acknowledges transgression rather than God’s determinant love. God’s love need not be forgiven. God’s love is and as such is so. Loving avails life’s lessons. Forgiveness often denies inquiry. Forgiveness validates time… past dormant event  displaced the immediate based on the same transgression likely being repeated.  Unqualified love not conseguent to separation thus timelessly Eternal.

Through  time God is minimized as the denied selof. In time there can only be materially less time.  Because all material events that begins in time end in time less themselves. You can choose not to interfere, oppose, revoke or delay another’s timely material interactions, but you can not   “add” time to another’s or your life:  Currently all material life experienced in time is diminished- disintegrates in spite of value, intent and prayer.  Yet all material is Eternal.

Time’s Cosmic critique. If the Universe had a past prior to its inception the Universe would not of had a beginning. Creation prior to Creation? What divine intent spurns consequence?

Surrendering to the contradiciton many humans have separated their God conflicted reality from Heaven. A Heaven they can only experience after rejecting their own reality through a cessation of a God crated life.(Birth is not Heavens exit). Some religions compound the divine schism by separating their bodies from their soul until death… aspirants are not able to consider-experience their full divinity while alive.  Amidst such compelling spiritual irony the earth people are able to justify “need” violence to revoke the self opposing “suffering” reality they’ve created. But can’t accept responsibility for without disavowing themselves. Blame becomes rational and essential. (You can’t have an enemy without being one).  Industries, theologies, ideologies sustain this God deferred disturbance. Human beings teach themselves to revere and profit from death as omission. The earth people prevail awaiting the dark extinction of their own design. So unbearably sad curious and unnecessary.

How can you wait for Eternity in an Eternal Universe?  Remembering please you are a God determined being. Much denied  by your consent…. As breathing invites without your clarifications these words mutually inhibit.  Your assigned exclusionary intelligence further inhibits your non-linear being which is “presently” Eternally conseguent as disavowed. Your Cosmic value “direction” is relevant- revealing as  opposed. It is illogical to disavow self: Your Godsoulprint . Your  carnational flutter. Individual and communal awe…

* DNAsound is sympathetic with uninterrupted Eternal Cosmios…The near opposite of the earth peoples current reality considered as disavowed: A n inconsistency exaggerated by linear  technology. Death distorted through killing. Your uncertain existence redeemed through religion’s other world which revokes your  realities source. What burdens we carry still we love, The dnasound of self, the presumed sound of silence, is a spontanoius  timeless and non-linear sound presence. Compatible- sympathetic with Cosmic Ever presence3.  The ageless Light full refining sound of self. Not spurned as self.  Not opposed as opposing.  (Spatial shift not less the space itself). The sound of karmic memory. Being able to affect this sound ever presence compels a new meditating, praying- living self which attune God esteem and yearn the better day.

… Our endless relationship with God can not be fully realized  through any earthly life duration? We continue to grow-become more aware sometimes unexpectedly. Others through us, ourselves through others. As such can any Holy text that does not acknowledge that growth be the "final-all-sustaining" word of God at any given life juncture? Similarly can any prophet offer the “final-lasting” word of God to anyone. (Your journey is a Cosmic one “Cosmis” not limited to the planet earth)…. Another individuals final word of God at t he exclusion of your own mutually inhibits your next insight, your Godsouprint. And possibly theres.  Acquiescence and  anticipation the same. You shoulod not be silenced before you react. Before therefore after you acknowledge God. Presuming God through “before” and “after”  are  linear time constraints imposed on an ageless Everpresent God, qualifying the infinite uninterrupted and Eternal self. What one not less the other not less God the same?          

Noting please reading  alone changes these words meaning and intent. Cosmic awareness like life is Eternally active. Permanency flows in spite of consistent dislocation…Accrued as forgotten.  All is actively remembered-materially influencing as forgotten.  A place of great presence where the humans is noit active, not distracted from the ideal spherical self.(It takes a pretty good memory to able to forge). You don’t forget. You can’t prove you forgot. Because proof is a time relevant  linear activity… forgetting in our distracted absence is neither. How many other terms are inactive to their own relevant even linearly assigned meaning? Are not complete.  The same  limitation an idea, a concept. And the activity through which they were derived, given and expressed. Including the idea of machine, disease, economy, intelligence, language formulation, awareness, imagination, process, death and time. The conception of self.  As well response to miracle, precognition, meditation, worship…God.

 … Human beings can change their mind. Human beings can not assume facilities that can not presumed to God , otherwise God exist at the pleasure or denial of that facility.  Holy Texts are accordingly qualified. The mere possibility of such a God change renders all Holy Texts as evolving, subject to change. Similarly religions represented by the Holy Text. What is otherwise suggested is that human beings can grow but that which inspires the growth expressive of God’s “voice” is unaffected- remains static. Holy books not evolving suggests an unresponsive textual limitation.  No less a Holy except by your dissent or consent….Offering except for killing all bad is good unresolved. All emotions other than love are love deferred.  We are the acquiring sum of ourselves. Inestimable. Spherically reciprocal. Expressible unknowable accordingly beneficent…. Motion is intent. Intent suggests awareness.  And awareness source: Creation flows…

... Human beings grow spiritually  the Holy texts does not mirror that individual growth, the text is presumed to be complete therefore  unresponsive. Nor can you or  text anticipate your next choice….Aspirant and text displace one another.  Both denied while denying. Text can evolve as Creation unfolds. Otherwise conflict and disappointment subsist. Presently these insights  are addressed through exclusion: New denominations- religions arise. Different versions- interpretations of Holy Text fostering a conflicted-confused-dissatisfied and incomplete planetary God worship.  Growth fosters exclusion.  A God resentment of others ensues. Inadequacy sustains discourse. What prayer’s need speaks that does not reference our misuse of Creation as ourselves.  The environment is Creation. The same yourself esteemed. The same yourself revoked.

The expressible God ideal is realized by your willingness, your capacity to interpret- apply the Holy text  during your life duration…evidenced by the God determined ones like Mother Teresa, Mohammed, Jesus Christ.  Yourself otherwise by choice determined.  Holy Text tells the story of human effort. After not before. All Holy Texts are incomplete less the story of you.

Giraffes, little boys and girls, ocean’s rivers, mountains nurtured by humming birds approaching the rainbow.  Mysteries inarticulate… (I) can not know a rabbits sleep. A puppies first sight. The trees companionship. Ourselves the same delivered incomplete. Our   Cosmic predisposition, denied. Lost we search our absence.  Incongruity prevails.  We create our burdens we resist, ourselves. Children sheltered from their parent’s world. We forgive love revealing love’s promise. Many apologize forgiving love it’s purpose. Our linear world floating in abandoned time. We are bold in life. Imagined  in death. One question pleads.  If the Universe is one location how can you relocate… less the Universe. We relocate less ourselves-the relocation meaning die. While sustaining our disintegrating reality.  Deceived successfully you persist. Consensus burdens logic’s virtue…

…A compelling  sense of bliss, divinity, nirvana is a temporary-enduring realization. “Temporary” as such not measurable in linear time accordingly Eternally reciprocally sympathetic. Meaning an enduring preswence not dislocated through diminishing time. (Acknowledging time and self denial near the same). Spherical not linear, God enduring  all beneficent. From the linear perspective… memory hastens Eternities breath. If divine bliss “consistent awareness” were complete the divinity would not be conseguent to growth....a blissful aspirant would resist being influenced by others including the Light Eternal. Without growth, uncertainty and conflict, the blissful might become a God authority to self and others… a shared-self limiting accomodation.  Does God require any telling intervention other than your life.  Is not the sincerity and depth of our divinity measurable by its fleeting disposition….yourself.  Shouldn’t another or self  be able to question a lifetime of accrued linear divinity. Thus occur rent are you not left with an even greater God opportunity? Acknowledging  the nurturing God bond is not limited to a linear life time, but continues while dying and after death. Otherwise Eternity denies.

…The Universe Creation is derived from God Eternal, humans have determined that they are not Eternal while alive as such your  self defined  spiritual journey is limited… you can not fully benefit  from your God inquiry….your divine efforts, Godsoulprint. You resist your God bond  through your self defined identity. Often creating the need for your own prayers you can not benefit fuloly from the God response realized through your denied reality….the need source of your prayers where the prayers response is accepted. Your divine inspiration exists and is thwarted through your explainable God repressed culture…. You have separated Heaven from your resident self and  the planet earth. Your divine imagination accordingly fosters…. You have given sin  purpose. In the immediacy of self or influenced as anticipated.   A sin denies both sinner and  victim reinforcing “sin.” Further sustained through encouraged redundant forgiveness. Sin, transgression- inconsistency  perpetuate an irredeemable  timely human bankruptcy in that these ineptitudes remain part of   humanities identity as past-future unresolved events that limit  the Eternal now. Interpreting any Holy Text through essential sin inconsistency re3nders the Holy text inconsistent to itself beyond the linear temporal breach. The fewer words…sins can only be forgiven “briefly” in time.  ( Sin-  yielded its vitality to love rather than  forgiveness  human beings would lose what is essential to their spiritual identity….being able to deny who they are). The ideal of any inconsistency or transgression is that the life lesson should not be repeated, resolved through love…strengthening our love being rather than validating our willingness reveal Creation through the inept- sinful self.  Consider the beauty of the anguished love opportunity resolved not the discredited self, but protected to the future as summation’s imperfect opportunity.  Must we avoid ourselves to prove we are not lost?

What learning ideal prevails when as our prayer’s need and through response we continue unnecessarily denied? (The spiritual journey continues during life and after your non linear death. The Holy text like all is spherically presence.  By your determionation  an inconsistent  word gathering). You have made commerce of death. Heaven is not death’s exit.  What life’s effort that you must disavow divine value…. Often you pray to be delivered from yourself. Yet denial acknowledges that which is dismissed, hope sustains. A conversation with Steve yesterday instructs. You can be Eternally realized while alive. In the sustained moment of self meaning timelessly. (A clarifications pause, Eternity means forever. The human life “form” awareness is of a limited duration, death will unexpectedly “interrupt-divert” your life formed sensual existence. Consequently through our timely non-linearly acquired bodies we can not presently… (knowingly)  assume and sustain the Eternal forever except by “brief” sympathetic thoughts and behaviors that acknowledge and benefit reciprocally from the Eternal God being. Do you agree?). Acknowledging we are non-linear spherical beiongs the aforementioned insight is a linear prerogative.  Did we forget to remember....  In not knowing do we infer and experience the knowing denied. Is not sin evidence of goodness spurned. Can we refute the fullness of Eternity without evoking the same. Our limitations are not Creations.  We are not entirely the self designed mystery of ourselves. Whatever is denied or deferred as limitation or ineptitude can be the distracted seed our fuller being. Tomorrow’s awed deliverance expressed as ourselves. Eternity is value.


…A Holy text can not mirror the evolving growth of an individual or group of individuals. As such Holy Text can not be the complete; evolving the accruing word of God…each individual is uniquely God responsive and accruing. Text can be realized as a non-incremental spherical sound. Assumed by the evolving recipient with minimum distraction. Similarly respondent beyond words telling. A conjoined reciprocal dimensional bonding…

…Presently the human’s timely experience is linearily uncertain realized through inconsistent incremental language in a non-linear timeless Universe.  Holy text is lineariloy uncertain? Both in form or through assimilation.

…The Universe is Eternal. The earth people materially sustain the belief they are not  Eternal until death. Holy text and the words of  prophets are partial to this schism. The earth people create the need for their own salvation. What seed not the flower waiting.

…Humans can change their minds. God can change God’s mind. Otherwise God exist at the pleasure of humans. God’s consent is Gods.  God can change  Holoy text and or the manner in which “the word” is experienced. God’s consent is Gods.

…What attendance upon death? Our journey “learning” continues Eternally (not limited to the earthly timely inquiry) otherwise after death you could presume an equality to God. God’s Universe would be respondent to your instructions. Eternity is not stationary you are part of the Universe flow. What learning that learning is not self aspiring…

…The God ideal (is) evolves consequently through singular choice. You must be aware of yourself knowing before you can express the same. We are influenced in the many ways inspired, but the realization is individual…otherwise awareness sustains less the Eternal self. You experience Eternity inclusively through source of self.  The source experience spheroid self. Creation was not born from text or temple, but need not evolve in exclusion of temple or text.

…Sin is inconsistent to sin’s intent. Creation’s seed  is not flawed. Essential sin denies essentially. Forgiveness confirms the need for sin. Love absolves what forgiveness sustains. What God’s love needs forgiveness…. The better way is the better way.

…You can not devalue another person without devaluing God.

…Any God divisive disagreement diminishes God to the disagreement’s opportunity denied. Those who argue3, differ about God argue-differ about themselves.

…What do you say to hear? 

Language we are…. Unfulfilled increment.  Temporary shadows understandings. Time bereaved.  We are assigned  predetermined  intelligence. Death compels your direction. Exclusion derives source.  God the same as God denied. Death consents life. Irony instigates. Time past is not material. Time’s anticipation the same. Thus the Eternal  Cosmic immediacy is revoked. (Time solicits diminished time).  Temporal flower withers the Cosmic garden disavowed. And this before the endless crossing of a borrowed street. We are the enemy ourselves, lost sublime. Innocence guilt’s companions. Pain instructs love’s direction lost. We continue…

…What is death that revokes life’s consent? What is death as knowing explains? What is death that is not as death apprehends? Like time death is the earth people’s contrivance. Death and time compel each other as consequence less result. Without the non-material utility of time, a materially unengaged future and  past, human beings would have to reassess death. In the absence of time, timelessness, death assumes uninterrupted purpose, a continuing active relevance.  Through the current contr5ived death event,  your former  life  condtion is delegated-limited to the dormant past. “Poor John died three years ago, we remember John.” Except for life’s poetry, our tears…  Upon death  John and the memory of John  humans presently believe John is without material “interactive” utility to the living. You might benefit from Johns labor after the presumed end of his life. But John is gone. Evidenced by Johns “loss” of life purpose and the “decay” of his body…. But the spontaneous Eternal Universe otherwise insists. Infinitely continuously the Universe speaks. The spontaneous  Universe is everywhere always at once, otherwise infinity would deny itself not infinite. (The infinite Eternal Universe… everywhere without exclusion). The all inclusive Universe can not “refuse” itself without the Universe being excluded from and as itself. (The nice professor Einstein offers, “There are no fixed points in the Universe.” (One point or event less the Universe, less itself…defying spontaneous continuity). Giving credence to spontaneity, non-linearity and your birth and death being continuous integrated not separate. Light affluent. )… All events in the Universe refine as the Universe evolving, the Universe does not exist less itself. Material forms like your bodies do change, but the change is not without material purpose, if the change in life associated through death was  without continuing intention the infinite Unioverse would  function less itself…less its continuing all inclusive being.  The spontaneous unintelrrupted  Universe through continuing disintegrating death  woulod disintegrate in a spontaneously. Measurement less the measurement. The Universe can not exit from itself. Exist less itself as suggested by a life3 being who surrenders to death cessation… All Unioverse life events evolve continuously.  All seeming  interruptions purposeful and intended. If you prefer poetries embrace. ( The Universe is inescapably continuous what escape is death. What Cosmic grave mourns life)….

All in the Universe dematerializes, but does not disintegrate-loosing utilities direction. Human beings esteem death and destruction to prove their lives their own, their birth and deaths and those of others a result of their exclusive effort. Consequently the planet’s material is there’s. They  control. Less themselves. They are the origin consequence of themselves. As parents they were born from parents. And all that happens by their wit and plough “labor” is governed by one singular precept: Everything that begins by human instruct ends while ending. And so the earth people’s contrivance (ie) time dictates  awareness and effort. Observing… in the absence of human beings time is no longer relevant. (You plant the tree but the seed is not yours. The same your children thus yourself. And the field you harvest? Within  your linear time restraint you can cause an end event, but the beginnings “Creation” is not yours). Concurrently human beings know Eternity or Heaven by denyiong the Eternal Heaven to themselves until they die…Thereby the earth people are able to experience themselves as their own source. Not Gods. They defer and sustain their inadequacy by delegating their fullest potential to an after life. As such human beings need not “can not” accept complete consequence for their lives including their divine destiny. They regret “oppose” their unnecessary misdeeds thus themselves-born from a non- essential timely understanding of self.  Foster a timely denial of the Eternal to which the human is redeemed as  denied while alive. ( Forgiveness thrives hope restrained exclusions allegory). Without an enemy the earth people would have to surrender to themselves…. (Strangely if human beings were unable to deny their own reality they could not experience reality as their own). Human beings also create the ability to abstain from intended life delaying-deferring their divine potential… evidenced as war the result of accrued peace, death anticipation, intoxication, drugs, exclusionary God denying worship, disease and anticipating-profiting from their demise. Human beings accordingly attempt to prove they are worthy of their deaths value which includes an unnecessarily denied. A divine death value they spend their lives trying to avoid. Presently you can not live without death’s cessation of yourself. You must minimize your life to tolerate imminent death. The earth people afford their lives spending death.  Usually experienced materially and emotionally as others death. The major industries on this planet perpetuate death cessation  as a chaotic termination of purpose. And as a profit incentive. It makes sense within their lives irony that human beings are able to justify the negation- destruction what they create. Ironic to their own existence they are revealed as denied.  Without rejection they could not forgive their own existence. Guilt could not be excused to innocence. And loife’s eloquence would not embrace death’s insult. Accordingly you delay extinction while preparing for the same…. They share “impose” their self- destruction (life ending in death) with “their” fading environment. Self denial is purpose…Indisposed  Eternal beings. The earth people suffer unnecessarily. Very sad. Very curious. Do you agree?

What happens to the 3 dimensional world including the body form upon death assimilation? Observing the body is non-linear mean its function is not conseguent to separation. Which includes the presumed separation of death from life. Through death the non-linear body remains responsoive….alive. (A dimension is linarily defined as “a property of space an extension of space” (property of space and extension one not the same)….  the nature of property is related to its dislocation or extension… the allocation of space which speaks to separation. Also an alteration in time. Noting in  time a dimensional event is one directional, cause and effect-direct to certain consequence. The past is no longer engaging ie dormant. But in the absence of time a dimensional  event is reciprocal. Consequential in the near of all directions. Back and forth-continuously engaging. Example birth and death are one, reciprocally active e conditional activity. Suggestive of the Light, the light sound activity refining…. Presently the three dimensional form is triangulated-altered through time culminating in the final dislocation disintegration including death irony or disintegrations. (Life-death-afterlife, 3 conditions of matter solids-liquids-gases, length-width-depth, all evolving through the time displacing constraints: past, present, future)…. What occurs when these material conditions including life are no longer time active? From the human perspective a condition of ineffectual dormancy or decay ensues, a timeless condition that “presently” no longer has value to the time invested human. The lose of  direction value is immediate to alteration and sustained until utility is lost (ie) disposable juncture….The Cosmic  actuality is otherwise: Spherically, Cosmically…any event can be realized without loss of its innate material purpose. Without functional inherent  loss.  Even events that lose their immediate linear value such as   death or eventual material disintegration (linear availability) are an issue of “other materializing.” A shift. Not a complete loss of value directioon.  Once initiated, once  the mistaken-misplaced incomplete process begins…. three dimensional form, its bordered status,  becomes a 4th dimensional condition activity. Still relevant and available.  Simply the natural extended condition activity. (Sometimes the loss of utility is not the result of a time event alteration, but a failed attempt  result usually involving technology or intentional destructiveness)… Acknowledging current technology is an exaggerated reflection of the earth people’s dislocation of self. Noting  form without borders is the 4th dimension the light or light sympathetic. Spherically actively refining  well spring…a  life based source that you can presently only perceive, engage or benefit from unknowingly, through denial or happenstance such as coincidence (shared incidence infby the Light), luck ( happenstance kindred spheroid), disease remission, (health invigorated through ideal dislocation o0r disease health)…. dream convergence, miracle familiarity, birth and death emergence…known in time as resurrection and reincarnation. And other Cosmic light sound events  that are  source sympathetic with the infinite Eternal.  Observing  without limited interactive borders “form” can no longer be constrained to time. (Form must change ironically under the requisites of time, change that speaks to borders that are exclusionary and temporary)… humans interactive artificial border). Is not each life form a dimension, an access way, to the Eternal source…self. One form begets another not less the same. The nature of dimension is memory.

Inherent and inclusive of the 3 dimensional disposition is the 4th dimension.  The 3rd dimension unfolding to the inclusive 4th dimension which refines to other forms. These activities occur as space through space and “seemingly-actually” in spite of space. Meaning a dislocation of space material resulting in disintegration (loss of value direction) that is immediate to the dislocation-usually the result of alteration through technology. There is no intent activity in the Universe that can occur in exclusion of the Universes intent. The Universe is source awareness of its own intent. (Linearily in time  result or perspective can only be created on opposition to purpose intent). Though the Universe source can not as the Universe be altered less the alteration, this divine activity can be limited-accordingly denied. The consequences of such revoking activity singularly and collectively are not knowable because the chosen events in question culminate as disposable-disintegrated junctures. These events, noin-events can be witnessed, but the substance nature of the disintegrated are not material “void” and as such can not  interactively be engaged except through the imagination and speculation. Appreciating these are acquired human limitations. Conflicted “skills” initiated unknowing upon birth by parents and a culture that were similarly instructed. Acknowledging humans evolve presuming a kindred devotion to the Eternal, not disintegration extinction. Earth science defines dark matter as the absence of frequency (ie) sound which speaks to non-motion intent. A loss of memory?
There is the darkness. There is the Light. By what  knowable purpose are these to condition activities related? Previousloy offered human beings are compatible with the all inclusive un bordered light. The Eternal. Cosmic memory our residence. Suggested by your birth, luck, coincidence, your death, precognition, clairvoyance, placebo, spontaneous remission, miracles, reincarnation and resurrection, sleep, prayer’s response not less prayer’s haste and your uninterrupted self. These spontaneous occurrences are not derived from a living person, they do not allude to preexisting knowledge, each occurrence is singular not recurrent-not sustained as reciprocal due to our self imposed linear timely limitations. As spontaneous other than human occurrences they are not localized timely events. Interestingly these Cosmic events appear to only happen initially to one person suggesting an all-inclusive silence, the uninterrupted briefly non-linear self. But once apparent the light events become inconsistent to your timely linear culture. Initially non-linear they become linear dislocated in time. (With the exception of death which articuolates  Eternity not less life).

Dark events appear otherwise not the same. These condition events appear to be the result of human choice. Most often shared. Tend to be recurrent. Consequently timely and linear in nature. As such not intrinsic to the Cosmos, except as temporary exclusion. (NASA refers to dark matter as the absence of frequency). Hoiw are these two near opposite activity conditions related? They occur in the same Universe. We can assume they are comptaible with infinity. The Eternal. Timelessness and the all inclusive Light. (Are dark events  creating a Cosmic debt. A directional awareness. A light seed. Dark events can be remembered. But are remembered in time because they occur in time. But once resolved to the Light, they are Eternally resolved. Can light events be lost from the Light through dark activity.? Only temporarily because Light events are timeless. And not the source consequence of non-linear human beings. Dark events urge, remind humans of their dislocation from their Cosmic inheritance. Their Cosmic birthright. And as such are essential, kindred to the Eternal Universe. Your Godsoulprint. Otherwise you would be preferred as denied. Life and death would be death invested denying life as is the current earthly condition. Pain would be its own purpose. Pain’s relevance would explain love as is often the current motivation. Death and killing would be interchangeable, the same. And your relationship with God? Would speak to the Eternal summation of self. Love not forgiveness. Eternal duration not diminishing time… reflective of material events including self initiating-culminating through material disintegration. Your current reality valued as denied. Validated by separating Heaven from earth and life through death cessation.

Whispering again as pollen remembers the flower. Dark despairing events are time consequential, the issuance of human choice that denies the Cosmic seed. Darkness is an artificial result-extension of time. A frustrated expression of our acquired irony. People are good. Not bad. People choose to do bad to others through themselves because of the confused diminishing reality created through time. Through time all of the earth people’s choices are contrary to their God revealing. Cosmic soulprint. Good acknowledges bad. Death reminds life. Uncertainty is determinant. You unknowingly oppose what you hav3e created therefore yourselves. You are enemy to yourself. Love prefers consent. You pray that you be delivered from yourself. You wait for who you are. Your fullest burden is hope. Accordingly burdened how wonderful you are. Love determi9ned. Peaceful of good breath and song. Yearning joyfully dissatisfied. Do you agree your best days have been earned. Your struggle love preferred. Divinely  intended.

Noting the memory activity of an event is not limited to human activity which created the memory, but memory represents a life force that predates the materializing “refining” of the planet earth and its life beings. A memory of yourself predates  your birth and continues during and after death activity. Memory is spontaneous-all inclusive-timeless therefore the memory of yourself includes your birth and death without the exclusion of  yourself. The Cosmic memory of yourself. Linearily in time appreciated as reincarnation and resurrection.(You change not less yourself influenced by your choices and experiences). The same the memory of all events in the Universe in potential or otherwise substance the same. The Universe is the unforgettable memory of itself. Only God can remember an event as the event happens. Origin source God’s Cosmos.

Please appreciate the limiting consequences of time are the result of great effort construed… simply of choice. What you deny you have  allready experienced. Not fully. The Cosmos is a material reality not based on your absence (ie) death.  Eternity does not sustain absence.…. Rejection of Eternity is acknowledgement. Your non-linear body speaks this purpose. Your birth’s consent. Presently revealing as revoked. Unnecessarily.

Encouraging the fuller flower not less the garden: Your body is compete as created…intact upon birth. Meaning non-linear. Not consequent to separation ie divine. As such the body can not be separated from itself, less itself. Except through willful denial as denial through disintegration. The irony of self….The body can not separated as itself through birth. And death.  Not upon birth, not upon death. Not as  chosen events that are  compatible with the non linear body. Speaking to the uni9nterrrupted continuity, the Eternal. The non-linear body not separated upon death as remains alive. The same birth. Continuity sustains refining Eternal.

Motion is intent. Spherically intent therefore motion is suggestive of an influencing awareness. All conseguent to source a deriving determinant origin. Refining motion intent, each perspective juncture elemental to source. Which is not possible without awareness. Noting that which moves evokes a sound relevant to the nature of its motion which is itself. Ideally if not initiated through dislocation-disintegration. Not dematerializing through disintegration, but other materializing….Interesting do you agree? Acknowledging the earth peoples suffered contrast to this glowing musical sphere. Hard to get lost if you allready are yet we manage…. (Spherically one the other either the same). Observations on an acquired disposition…. The decomposing piece of wood will result in a different sound relevant to its condtion while dematerializing,evolving. The manner and acquired condition of the piece of wood will influence its dematerializing and conseguent sound response event. Is this a natural piece of wood fallen from a tree- left to its natural continuing evolution or was the piece of wood removed prematurely, treated with synthetics and eventually be burned. This same Cosmic flow… unfolding applies to the human form. Was the human killed or died “continue” under natural conditions. What was the human beings  accrued condition upon death? Physical. Emotional. Spiritual.  (Individually and collectively). What was the nature of his or her life while alive? Was this a person who denied necessarily or a person who denied unnecessarily? A being who did the most of good or the most of bad? Did this person prefer love as loving bequeaths? Remember like your body upon birth your body upon death becomes what your body has always been, but without interuption or distraction… non-linear and timeless. (All inclusive and without end. No endings once begun).These condition qualities which include your reactions to others good and bad are the near complete person. Dislocated as past memories while alive. Active-uninterrupted and influencing memories upon death…beceased. The memories of the person while alive are limited in time to past memories, but when spontaneous through timelessness these memories become all inclusive like the un-bordered all-inclusive sound light the human form is assuming …without triangulated extension or  acquired-influencing refining 4th dimension. (Refining meaning evolving-responding but not in spite of space).These sounds in some manner compatible with the Light Eternal, more so than the timely ironic form,  life sounds which are also influenced by past behaviors, choice not unlike the varnish on the wood. The human continues the engaging-resolving-refining active memory of self. Less distracted more comptaible more aware “ without borders inclusive” with the materiality of Eternity which is also refining. You have become partial to the inclusive- refining Heaven you spend your life avoiding. (Unknowingly to a significant extent because your awareness was limited.  You equated the next page “your death” as the life loss of all the previous pages-rather than one page amongst the endless)…. Because your all inclusive self is not exclusionary your active presence includes those left behind. You are influential resolving linear karmuic  credits and debts as the Light. Which timely  humans can also  experience marginally as ghosts, angels, repressed memories limited to the past. Including dormant text, recordings, movies-other memory systems that tend to be exclusionary-not interactive as such linear…that are secured as institutions through institutions consciously as inconsistent incremental language thought. These memory systems also include technology…. These are partial, contradictory representations of an incomplete reality denied through diminishing time. Once these dormant systems are completed they are most often delegated to the past. And in the future experienced as such. These limited memory systems are 3 dimensional however dormant or limited in interaction, but nonetheless material. (Everything is material the only difference is how the material is experienced. Profoundly simple the difference between a kiss on the cheek and a gun shot). Please remember non linearity, Cosmic spontaneity, is a human disposition suggestive of your human body form. Also suggestive of your inclusive dimensional self  are the tuimeless affectations you know as luck, coincidence, dreams, forgetting, miracles, your birth and death, precognitions, prayer-meditation assimilation, visions, close calls, some inspirations and others you might offer…all of which are experienced as temporary and inconsistent because these divine occurrences are manifested withion your self displacing world. Meaning yourself.  

Motion is sound intent referencing awareness source  acquiring presence, Everpresence , of all Universe condition activity. Including the timelessly acquiring presence of self. The motion full sound intent of self…

… Being Eternally realized does not mean knowing the totality of God. Can we know the totality of God’s purpose, accordingly be aware and beneficent? We wander appreciative of our uncertainty. Certain God does not avoid God’s Creation.  Can we alter creation and not alter ourselves? And God Revoking Heaven’s environment as ourselves.

… Can a conversation with another give greater bearing to our expressible sense of God being. Certainly do you agree…is not the God ideal an issuance of God sharing which would ideally include sharing with self. But given that each person pursues a different destiny, a different  understanding of self such awareness  is realized as  the singular person. You must comprehend before you can share. (The anagram for share…she-he- hears “thus” are). Can not two know the being of God more than one… Once again…the totality of self or a relationship is only knowable by God. Being Eternally realized is the uncertain-denying effort of an accruing choice that inhibits the divine ideal as such is essentially God assisted. Less God distracted as we are distracted from our instructed acquired selves. Thus we struggle our mystery to behold. Whispering once again God assisted. Meaning those who disavow the linear awe-convince3d of their unworthiness….those who have forgotten the determined reality as themselves, yearning their own sphere (ie) the beggar, the drunk, the criminal, the insane, the prophet, the drug addict-many others yourself you know are less God uncertain by their opportunity and discretion.  Pain beckons preferred direction.  Destiny is not exclusively our own as such the Eternal defines purpose. Many reasons testify. Your life’s Cosmic signoificance  lovingly testifies. Extinction lingers as caution not yet reprieved.

Intimate... We are born without language. Un aware of death. Not time insinuated. God embraces less instruction’s haste.  Intelligence is spherical yearning eyes…life divine. Our bodies are non-linear… (Then  linear flood begins)… Two parents whose embrace?  Yes retains life abstains. How early pain directs. And death permits. And crying words are cryings shame. We  know as knowing permits…. Whimsically construed Eternities invitation is death: Intriguingly non-linearily the same as birth sublime. No language claims explanation. Death no longer directs. Intelligence not as intelligence denied. Our bodies respond to their non- linear source.  And of death’s awareness we ask:  The Universe is all what all is death less than all. Your body and death are non-linear. Your body can not separate less the bodies identity. Eternity thrives- refines. Awareness persists. The fewer words embrace. In the absence of time Eternity beguiles evolving all. Life3 Eternities child. The Universe perceives. Motion directional awe’s intent. Companion stars…

… We are each  different, occasionally  confused… for these reasons the manner through which we chose to seek-express God (other than destruction) has to as an acknowledgment of God practicality be respected-appreciated. Otherwise tension and bewilderment defines God need and opportunity. Do you agree helpful to any God determining conversation is listening. Which includes carefully listening to yourself and remembering…being aware of our spiritual growth.  (Learning and directing ideal memory are one much the same). Remembering sustains the conscious God knowing, though that which is forgotten remains material and pertinent. We are not aware of what we forgot because we are not willfully involved in the forgotten place. You can not prove therefore be aware of what you forgot. But you can be influenced-guided by what you are not aware of….what you can not change. Your evolving bond with God speaks to this conception.

… Undistracted you are least alone in your solitary despair. Are you and God separated? Must you seek the ever present? Do you agree you can seek yourself while desiring God. One journey need not conflict the other. Your God conversations are not limited to your shared language. Deeds and aspirations also speak. Life has many Cosmic seasons. Some unknowable. Understanding  your existence through any given life event is one. Others…. Your birth and death, your children, dreams, your prayer and mediation “meditation” ability, visions, miracles, spontaneous events such as luck, the forgotten and coincidence are others…limited to their linear futility. Do you agree you must listen to life, to others to hear yourself… You might think “discover” others touching the Cosmic mystery of ourselves…               

…Do you agree we can not know the near totality of God because we can not know the totality of our sustained lives and the entirety of lives of others who affect us. Similarly we can not know the full consequence events, ideas, dreams, plans and prayers response. (God the spontaneous Cosmos the same mystery and question the same). Our lives are distracted and uncertain, we are dependent on each other as ourse3lves-never certain whether the dependency will be satisfied or our love’s offering will be nurturing as  accepted. No resolution no inspiration is  permanent.  But not being able to know God fully, do you agree, is a good and beautiful. This means we will throughout our lives continue in our learning-sharing more of and about God. Our sustaining God growth.  Also through others continue being God beneficent. Can we assume that God will benefit accordingly.  Sometimes knowing deprives more than not knowing.       

…Allowing clarifications reprieve. We can know… in some manner be aware our accrued lives… our non- linear death is a life continuation of your non-linear body and a resolution of our linearly time ironic experience. (A separation of Heaven and earth is still a heavenly acknowledgement. Our separation not Heavens). Also  referenced linearly in time cautioned as “Judgment Day,” salvation, sins of the father, damnation and endless forgiving reinforcing essential sin. An accrued after life that ois not Eternally ideal because the Judgment event is both an end point confirming the termination of life. Also this event perpetuates the separation between yourself after and before death. Rather than confirming the on going reciprocal Cosmic flow suggested by “other world” non-linear events like luck, visions, coincidence, forgetting, ruminating, spontaneous remission, birth, death, prayer response, miracles and the precognitions. Clarifying we can not “know” the totality of our sustained lives, but we can benefit from that Cosmic “presence” in spite of our temporal self denying existence. Yoiu can assume if your lives weren’t dislocated, a culminating disposable existence the wonder would be the sum of awe. Beyond  incremental  languages ability to comprehend and express. Presently words are us. Offering that upon “birth” yoiur body is no-linear. Meaning that  you do not have to separate your body organically or spiritually in order to engage reality. (Body and soul are one as our Moslem brothers and sisters abide). Upon birth your non-linear body is Cosmically intact, aware, motion full. Unless the non-linear body is separated against itself (singularly or collectively) either through intent instruction or functionally time irony is not relevant. Organic presence remains divine, spherically in tuned toi the Cosmos. The separation, loss of Cosmic bond, questioned-spurned divinity ensues in how you compel others to separate from themselves or compel others to separate from their material needs for your own gain. Examples: Killing, life validated through death cessation, economic dislocation, imprisonment, death profiting, war, disease and war revealed through a peace that leads to war.

… God is an individual and shared experience, we can not spurn either while acknowledging one without devaluing both. The God ideal is spherical, all embracing without borders not conseguent to preferred denied separation. God appears to be unknowingly ironically “denied” by your unresolved insistence.  Any God doubt is doubt about the doubter not God. Any denial of God evolves from the denied or self denying human being.  If your God experience confirms the God discrediting experience of others…your own experience is denied. Can we assume whatever your acknowledgement or denial God remains God?  Beliefs in God are transient to our understandings and needs. The fewer words caress… be polite and all will come. God is our mystery we are not Gods. Karma whispers the leaves aflutter. Karma is… God’s motion “intent awareness” disguised as us, unnecessarily: God actualized… your active Godsoulprint. Accruing DNAs. Carnational flutter…. Faith  reasons. Karma accepts. You can only make happen what allready is by altering-devaluing the same….What esteems what God loves accordingly touches.  The leaves, the snow, your cheek. Asleep we harvest the Cosmos. Waken when yoiur ready...

... If we can not know the  expressible totality of ourselves therefore God can we know God through any representation of God. (Spherically “divine” there is no answer that is less the question). Such as Creation. The Universe.  The Torah. The Koran. The Bible. Your answered prayer. Our own ruminations. Our temporary and likely our evolving-refining  Eternal selves. (The Light Eternal avails common purpose silently esteemed). An embrace. A kiss.  Anticipation we wait no miracle less ourselves…. Prayer. Meditation. Your next insight’s deed inspired. Whose dreams. Coupling. A smile. God’s shared moments All Creation. The Light timelessness Eternal sustained. What is the silence we hear to breathe. The pivotal moments in our lives are expressed sounds not words…Examples: Loves embrace returned. Birth’s awakening. Death’s invitation. Anticipation’s promise. Remissions way. Miracles. Joy’s and fears surprise. Your next thought, capacity blessing the same. Other’s seed forgotten. And God’s waiting gifts unheralded… The yearning sounds of silence. Acknowledging all is God’s whatever the reflection otherwise the same (denied-dismissed as distracted) by our sometimes brave- tentative and sincere efforts. Which continue whatever the inconsistency through Eternity… or rupture, death and material cessation would be determinant… the spontaneous Universe would be non-existent.  We die in time “our time” not in space, the God light inviting Cosmos. You are invitation Cosmos the same. Eternity you are refining. The proof your involuntary smile. Your first breath not your first.  What awareness speaks Eternities intent. What evidence sustains proof relevant as qualified?  You are the proof your eyes you see.

…Knocking politely on memories door: Memories caress invites the next Cosmic embrace. Memory means Creation’s purpose unfolding, timelessly, spherically. We have noted the near of everything that human being engage “alter” through their displacing time culmionates as a purposeless disposable event. Your contrived death and coerced disintegration insist. But the spontaneous-timeless memory of these events continues Eternally. Including the “active” memory of yourself after and during  death. (Death speaks to the accrued memory of your life, evolving, resolving, refining). Memory an active location. The continuation… the all inclusive  memory of its source…your life. (The Eternal memory of your accruing life). Encouraged  events, choices yours and your reactions to the knowing choices and events of others. Your sphere. Meaning the momory of self  memories shared with the flower or the kitten, yoiur family and friends. Whoch were shared and active while you were alive and continue inter actively after the presumption of your death. And there’s. Death is no0t a localized event, not an exclusionary event. Upon death  you are well accompanied…. Reciprocally: Meaning others memory of your living self. And your accruing active memory of yourself after you are beceased.  A memory which predates your birth and postdates your death or infinity as an evolving memory of itself ruptures less infinity’s sake. (Only God can create a memory as it happens). Witnessed:  Your involuntary smile, birth and death God’s Eternal caress. Less than Eternal less than God. Always the children once yourself the same.  Still yourself determined.

*Memories are spontaneous. As such not linear. Timeless. Eternally fluent. All inclusive not conseguent “ideally” to a displacement or dislocation. Presently memory is experienced through time (incomplete) limited  to “dormant” past memories… Spontaneously a  memory of an event can not be dislocated from the  event that initiated the memory… a memory and event are the near of interchangeable.  Reminding non-linearily or spontaneously… material, event and memory and intent refine not less or at the exclusion of either condition activity. One does not dislocate deny the other… Disintegration continues as memory, but the material event is lost as consequence because through time  memory is limited to the completed-dormant past and associated linear-time imbued  inconsistencies. Otherwise memory, intent and event  remain timelessly intact, ideal….evolving. (Memory, event and intent are interchangeable or spontaneity would yield to unproductive-destructive dislocation or disintegration). Consequently even in a linear timely culture a memory of an event  exists as repressed and predates or post dates the event while sustaining its evolving activity “perceived” inconsistency. Thoiugh  the result intent is inconsistent, designed through failure and derived through alteration or material coercion that eventually in time culminates as disintegration. (An incomplete unnatural effect). Again if potential destruction, wasteful dislocation “alteration through force” and failure abide-influence intent…the event flounders-eventually disintegrates (losses all linear value) and memory is limited to a dormant past.  (A linearily time insinuated incomplete event not spontaneous. Creativbely spherically otherwise…again because a memory is all inclousive-not functionally dislocating the memory of the event includes in its evolution  the tool-machine as inherent process of the intact event memory. (The fuel source precipitating the intent memory event is not extraneous-disintegrating or spontaneity flounders. Inherent in need intent is the all inclusive memory of the event before the event occurs as potential not relevant through dislocation disintegration. The same the sympathetic tool process that can stimulate the memory therefore the event, during and at the conclusion of the event memory or memory event. ( Reminding all material experiences on the planet earth existed before the planet earth materialized as those evolving-refining materials. And presently those material activities continue beyond the planet earth. True the same elsewhere reciprocally. A wondrous source yet untapped). The planet earth is not a localized condition activity. The linear culture, like shared participant goal “human activity” becomes assimilated through process spontaneous assimilation. This assimilation occurs presently, but does so as an incomplete material event precipitated through failure and inconsistency…culminating as disposable-disintegrated event. (Obviously worlds of difference between event junctures). Also the shift in origin and intent result will not only decisively change the nature of technology, but also engineering and the nature of knowledge (ie) how knowledge is accrued, maintained and expressed. Example: A spontaneous journey the separation between departure and destination is resolved instantaneously without dislocation. Linearily in time the event is remembered spontaneously as  a past completed intact inactive event.  In the absence of time the distinction between past and future as well as present becomes mute. And becomes functional as a memory event. Again given the near absence of dislocation, except for initiate and result materializing, the event provides its own force field or fuel. The refining compulsion is natural not needing of a coercive depleting fuel source. (Depletion and pollution are time prerogatives).  As such the event, its intent motion or process, otherwise linear, is spontaneous not intrinsic to inconsistent dislocation.  Expect as karma or happenstance might defer like the unexpected asteroid. Human error or mischief.  Though with changes in how knowledge is realized and expressed… the need and likely hood of error inconsistency is diminished appreciably. Similarity the need for destructiveness or mischief. Also the spontaneous nature of a designed-engineered memory event would through its own nature correct or minimize “most” error even if the error  is unrelated to the memory event. Timeless spontaneity… the memory event would continue without disruption, but simply not as intended or designed. Noting…a spontaneous memory event is realized as  the 4th dimension. And also is suggestive of essays on DNAsound A specific memory event can be actualized as a relevant and revealing sound.

Must we deny life its proof

that we be worthy of Creation’s

consent. Our divine awareness…                            

The interruptions are ours…Love’s silence intent is all inclusive, the charmed eloquence of tentative words occasionally otherwise…. The miracle of life is its uncertainty. We ask and seek God inspired answers because we know…. Psychic and spiritual pain need not spurn self or others. Pain instructs. All is God opportunity. Therefore ofby God value. All is God only otherwise by your distraction. You acknowledge what you dismiss. As such God and consegue3nce are immediate. (We wait for ourselves). Should we  spherically  assume any denial of God denies God for all? You decide you are.  God is  an issue of explanation however universal-such awareness… in a linear timely prerogative “knowing” is the result of  inocremental  uncertain perception. God explained qualifies God to the explainer-preferred as denied. You can not know God as knowoing requires. A linear-temporal fragmented  God  awareness inhibits God immediacy, the God ever presence that is in tune with the Eternal Universe. As such sustained opportunity divine thrives. We are capable of a timeless-spherical realizations of self. Examples the celestial fruit oif the  Cosmic tree. Intuition. Miracle awareness. Spontaneous cures reminder. Luck, coincidence, visions, precognition, our birth and death reversed… as well as others waiting’s deliverance. These words are  another explanation approaching a spherical ideal. Another  door. Each life it’s own Godsoulprint. The truelr being abides your witness.  Our yearning is without end accordingly articulate. No response response enough. The question sums. The answer hesitates. The prayers are yours, the facility is not.  Origin sublime mystery  seed the same.

... Curious that you can graduate from a learning institution but not a Holy Temple. Consider if parishioners graduated from their Holy Temple as they do high school or college (ie) a goal inspired individual effort. Graduating self esteemed- God aware and  God purposeful. God would have a singular uninterrupted consequence on the planet earth. God purpose and explanation the same.

… There is no approach to God that is wrong. Seemingly less beneficent, possibly… not  lastingly so. There is no Eternal disadvantage. Otherwise God would thrive less God’s Creation. Politely agreement-disagreement in God are the same. Does God require approval that God be God. Can individuals argue about God not less themselves therefore God?  Is it not reasonable to suggest when several speak disagreeing or agreeing about God they are likely talking themselves, their essential uncertainty.  Perhaps is orchard more than word.  Creation becokons  the flower holding your hand the rainbow’s dream. Awe tomorrow be…

Time’s harvest : We acknowledge as denied.

You sense something is amiss?  An elsewhere  familiar place. Can we revoke what does not exist? Can you imagine imagination? Desperate thriving lost of purpose, human beings alter all to their inadequacy  through time their first tool. Eternal duration deferred. Opposition subsists.   Birth  death life neither. And love bargains loves loss. Eternal self spurned…

What mirror reflects its own design less the reflection caste?              

Eternity waits your smile                              




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