DR. WISMAN AND THE LIGHT -- The Universe is timeless. Infinity suggests as much. (Infinity the Universe material uninterrupted continuity).


How can a life end in an an endless Universe?
The universe is one location, how do we relocate?
We are a time encrusted linear culture existing in a timeless-non-linear Universe. We are therefore out of step with our residence the Cosmos. As such our own existence. Consequently ourselves. A few questions abide.
(1). What are the implications suggested by this Cosmic schism?
(2). Can the ironic separation between the Universe and our acquired timely reality be resolved?
(3). All material linear human beings engage through time including themselves culminates as a disposable purposeless event. How would the proposed shift to a timeless non-linear materiality affect human adaptation: Awareness, perception, memory, intelligence. What is the nature of death in the absence of time? In the absence of time does Eternity become immediate… functional. When death and dematerializing no longer result in dysfunctional disintegration, how is spirituality affected. Life? Technology?

Acknowledging until application sustains response these perspectives remain tentative. Perhaps…

The Universe is timeless the earth people exist through time we are therefore out of synch with the in finite timeless Universe, our residence… our origin-source. Professor Einstein observed. "The Universe is no9n-linear." Human beings have created a linear reality. A linear event materializes when one juncture separates yie8lding to another often uncertain juncture. But you can not separate infinity linearly in time , less itself, without fragmenti9ng-denying infinity.

Humans have chosen a linear materiality validated as random-inconsistent results which we attempt to influence through the singular non-material in the Universe... time. One protocol defines our entire existence: Everything that begins ends while ending uncertainly.

We alter the environment and our lives confirming our futile dematerializing beliefs thereby denying our Cosmic predisposition. Presently experienced as space in spite of space. Cosmic space refines as space. All material space humans engage through time, including ourselves, culminates as a purposeless non-directional "disposable" juncture. A life experience defined through linear death. Material cessation.

Linear technology exaggerates-distorts this self displacing materiality. (Examples). The designed utility of your automobile is not complete unless the disposable vehicle can unintentionally crash. Your home is not ready for occupancy unless it can burn down. The four-five major industries on this planet develop and depend on death as a profit motivated- dematerializing end point (ie) life converted to death insurance companies, medical net2works exchanging disease for cure both condition activities valuated through death, lethal weapon manufactures and interment customs. All economies are linearily reliant on exclusionary results. Our linear existence insinuated through time is an unnecessarily ironic experience revealed as denied.

November 19, 2005
updated 2/11/11

Dear Doctor Wisman,

By your kind allowance  please read these words  as you might approach an anticipated memory. These words are more a concentric tapestry than a linear progression. Approaching a spherical resence.

The nice professor Einstein and others offer. The Universe is timeless. Infinity suggests as much. (Infinity the Universe material uninterrupted continuity). Meaning that time is a Cosmically displacing human contrivance through which we experience “our” material reality.  Through the application of time we diminish  we alter “our“ environment. We experience our linear existence trying to control our erroneous perception (ie) time.  Accordingly through time one abiding protocol defines our lives. Everything that begins ends. While ending. Through the application of this vagrant protocol (time) we ironically separate ours linear existence from the Cosmos our Origin- Source. Through choice we unknowingly  perpetuate time irony, sustaining  linear uncertainty, while enabling the fearful  fallacy of our lives....death.  Everything that human beiongs realize through time including ourselves culminates as valueless disintegration. The question i9mplores: The Universe is Eternal why aren’t we while alive.

Allowing a reminder Dr. Wisman the numbers inserted in words the additional o’s or i’s are not intentional, but relevant to the evolving texts. Flow...

Except for the occasional Cosmic whisper, the dream, the coincidence, the answered prayer unknowingly we continue-denying our Cosmic disposition-linearly esteemed as silence. And the Light. The all inclusive-un bordered Light and the presumed sounds of silence are the two of three or four conditions that are compatible with the infinite Eternal also without borders-all inclusive therefore timeless.

Mysteriously on the planet earth God  is denied through preferential worship based on the devaluation of material life practiced and revealed organically as death. The human life is a non-continuity in a continuously Eternal  Universe. We are a self sustaining paradox...we  need  deny-devalue-dispossess ourselves and each other of our own self limiting construct time to legitimize our lives. We separate ourselves from the Light Eternal in many encouraged ways: Time’s linear derivatives are material  disintegrating causality, death, self displacing worship, progress based on ionvalidation,  essential uncertainty, and incremental language...Self displacing worship meaning that  human beings have separated Heaven from earth-deferring their Eternal divinity unto a death which denies their lives. Human beings must die to go to Heaven (attain their ideal bond with God) thereby denying the Eternal Heaven to their life’s inconsistency and mischief. God’s love revealed as forgiven.

* Time is the earth people’s contrivance on this planet.  We are therefore out of sync with the timeless Cosmos where we reside. We acknowledge our Cosmic self by denying our earthly existence. The material implications abound. 

Without  devaluing  “altering” the material world our current existence is not plausible. (Material cause and effect based on diminishing duration). Once again every8ing from inception-experienced through time ends while ending. As such all timely material events are the inadequate to their Cosmic timeless ideal. Earth science is based measurement related to time and linearity. Earth science is revealed through and validates diminishing uncertainty. Unnecessarily...  Through our self determined  practice of time  we  live a conflicted denial of ‘beneficent” flow Universe flow from which we emerged. Our resident neighborhood which is experienced  dematerializing-disintegration… a reflection of our attempt to sustain our material existence through time. We live aimlessly attempting to transcend linear displacement in a Universe that is neither linear nor timely imbued.  Mathematics offers, “There are no straight lines in the Universe.” A straight line meaning...one condition event revealed through a potentially denying secondary event. Examples. Your birth life culminating in death cessation. The same the tree. The bunny rabbit watching the hummingbird. This time dysfunction in a timeless therefore Eternalo Universe that  not revealed as denied, not disintegrating. The opposite of time is Eternity.

How do we casually and ironically displace or separate ourselves from the infinite all embracing Light? Language, mathematics, institutions, interpersonal relationships and our abiding and practiced definition of death. (All cause and effect sequential process experienced through the irony of sequentially displacing time). This life process is experienced as conflict, randomness, inconsistency, irony, and death.  And the ironic-displaced Spirituality on this planet. (There is the Cosmic God and the earthly adaptation. God is displaced through time diminishing dislocation, linearily  dysfunctional language, the preferential Temple from which there is no graduation except death denying Eternal life,, spiritually denied woman, revoked self, violence’s martyred example, death cessation not life and death revealing Heaven).  These displacements if not  immediate then potentially so....either way functional to intent. In the many near distant years ago humans could not influence life's Creation cycloes; night became day, weather, sleep, laughter, disease-injury duration, pregnancy, death yielded from life. Time is the humans personalized earthly contrived cycle.  Within this chosen schematic we live in opposition to ourselves. The pain and danger in our lives resolved through death suggests as much. Whispering once again: This human adaptation denies our Cosmic origin. Which is one of un interrupted Eternal continuity...         

The Cosmos is a boundless “non-linear” refining function of the Light Eternal. Our earthly “linear” existence is actualized through time. Linearity us evidenced when one point is materially separated uncertainly in time … functionally leading to another material point. (Another definition of a straight line or linearity…“a disturbance between to points.” Time and linearity are formulations through which we measure “live” our existence. Currently linear measurement assimilation based on  timely dislocation is essential to our experience. Our consensus insists...we are born to die in an Eternal Universe.  The Cosmos is not evidenced as a displacing-linear process, but as presence.  (Ever presence). Not as our ironic sequential, but as spontaneity. Appreciating that what is sequential process based on exclusion denies or distorts the essential nature of the uninterrupted Universe therefore spontaneously infinite. Further  evidence that our earthly dematerializing adaptation witnessed by our inconsistent -conflicted lives ending in a dysfunctional organic death is not reflective of our Cosmic origin, but rather the result of our erroneous time consequential perceptions.

Allowing the fewer words permit. The Universe is timelessly non-linear. The earth peoples linear reality  experienced through time exist in contradiction to the Universe. The Universe is Eternal. Our adaptation on the planet earth is not Eternal (ie) all material including self  experienced through time ends while ending. In living in oine world we deny both. This mysterious Cosmic exclusion is not essential its  acquired....  

Self-displacing choice explains our causal self-opposing disintegrating  material reality. We alter creation accordingly. Our ironic redundancy. Through uncertainty often valid as denied oppositional  duality thrives. We spend our lives rethinking, researching, reinventing, redefining, remarrying, revaluating and relocating. The simplest perspective abides… if the Universe is one location how can we relocate? Given the sustained irony defines the earth peoples chosen existence. One question flourishes. Can the spontaneous infinitely continuous Cosmos be conjoined materially with our displacing-dangerous  reality. (Question seeds answer. Without the uncertain problem their is no evolving soilution). We continue less the discontinued-denied self.... If we are not actively endangered, lost, afraid, deceived or deprived of self-we are so  through non-essential disposition..... If we are not suffering we anticipate suffering. Our choices are historically witnessed, culturally determinate and institutionally reinforced. We are legitimate and self-tolerant through an ideal of progress that is based on invalidating previous accomplishment once deemed the essence of progress. Yet even amidst our futile displacing reality. We love well. Dissatisfied we prefer good to bad. Desire better for our children. And our earnest plans for the future are beautiful and kind.  Acknowledging we cannot chose what we are unaware of. But  we can benefit from what we are not aware....Lost is a location. Not knowing does not deny knowing. 

Interestingly one material process we do not appear to functionally  alter in order to assimilate on this planet is music. Experiencing music requires no altering casual response. Unlike the world we have created. (Music is its own response).  Music with which we are compatible  is not displacing of its own material nature. Music is suggestive or reflective of timelessness…. Understanding that form realized through time, particularly when abrasively interactive negates-alters or displaces the Light, the Cosmic essence. Form creates borders that are limiting and exclusionary through diminishing time. Whispering again: The sound of “silence” like the Light is  all-inclusive, un bordered. When material form (including life)  is engaged without exclusion through the Light silence timelessness “non-disruptive” efficiency is affected.  Conceivably through idealized subjective silence (DNAsound) all form can be spontaneously assumed to infinite Cosmos. Resolving  contrived material irony, conflict,, uncertain randomness culminating in disintegration  to the reciprocally beneficent Cosmos. (If not  completely resolving then facilitating  materialo  to a Cosmic ideal. Realized through  a divinity of self not preferred  to death. And a non-linear technology.

Understanding and consequently applying the material essence of the infinite Cosmos is difficult given that the process through which we would actualize result (language-mathematics- ourselves experienced in time)…invalidates a “complete” effort.  A functional appreciation of memory will allow us clearer insight on how to give bearing to non-casual…non-linear timelessness in our exclusionary displacing timely imbued world. And how to functionally apply infinity to our reality that exists through its negation. Interestingly memory is like music, silence and the Light….  Only God can remember an event as it happens. In timelessness the memory of the event and the event in  its potential functions are if not  one and the same then not exclusionary (unless subjectively effected in time) because there is no cause less effect in Cosmic timelessness. There is no diminishing separation, uncertain randomness, no dysfunctional inconsistency, no disintegrating displacement inbyas infinity (A perspective on the “infinite possibilities” spoken in in physics). If there were causality… time would begin to factor. Infinity would be fragmented against itself; the Universe would be chaotic.  The memory and the event are the near of one and the same, not realized through disintegrating dislocation ( in this context potential and event are inter changeable). The machine “I” can design next week the capacity to design  and its utility already exists. Spherically. The subjective nature of the machine “its imperfection” does not. This speaks also to cancer, to your  birth and death (and their perception) that are perceived as exclusively derivative or unique to localized-intact form based on exclusionary timely disintegrating. Such an accommodation negates infinite continuity..  But we are not responsible for our own materiality, we do not predate the planet earth's existence, we do not predate  God. (Infinity and uninterrupted continuity are one....time is based on ionterrupting continuity). An 8infinite Universe can not tolerate exclusionary duality revealed though disintegration (ie) cure-disease…life- denied through death without  the Universe invalidating its own materiality. Our organic nature, one of interactive form actualized through time, is not currently compatible with the un bordered nature of the Light or infinity…therefore we must alter “limit” our exist4ence in order to sustain our limitations:  Health is relevant to disease. Success is factored through failure. Will a venture or event provide the desired results. Will those results, even if ideal, result in value. Will any effort be  influenced by unexpected mischief or happenstance (Will a an event, a technology, a journey be an assimilation of the Universe  or will the effort be expressive of our casually displacing opposition. Reflective of our perceptual errors evidenced as our lives. Creation’s divine life diminished.

An uncertain observation like this essay not correct or incorrect...individuals appear distracted, befuddled by allusions to a linear-temporal God however respectful. Relevant to the ideal of observation meaning logic, comprehending and benefiting from the near totality of God is not possible in a world where the legitimacy of  awareness  is  based on its displacement developed through the designed inconsistency of language which is further devalued to the material point of futility through our disintegrating angst-secured through the acquired denying  self. We are taught not to be ourselves. A God experienced in time can only be ideally relevant through the denial, the displacement of the same God. As such deferred idealized through death. Which is the experience on this planet. Explaining why the much of your relationship with God occurs not through life, but death. The suggestion of God in this essay speaks to the Origin-Source. Not a subjective preference based on institutional instruction actualized  through an allegorical death that denies God’s creative effort…meaning life. And the humans creation environment also disintegrating. Human beings are authors of all expect themselves. Believing otherwise humans exist (are revealed) in opposition to themselves and what they “design.”  More simply embraced: Woman-man cannot  ideally utilioze that is the result of their effort. Unless those efforts validate the human inconsistency. As such we reveal love through forgiveness. Pervert death as killing. Wait for God unto death.  Prepare-finance-anticipate extinction to protect our success. We try. We continue. New forms of language are emerging. The divine rive4r flows bye. Holy Temples are the only institutions from which we do not graduate. Those wise of age retire. We create the burdens we resist by carrying. We resist and sustain. How burdened we are yet wonder us. Imagine our beautiful live’s less our destruction.

A beginning

.... The inference in linear science accommodates the aforementioned logic?

…. A geneticist at MIT apparently for his own amusement in 1987 took the DNA code of a fish and placed this design unto a standard musical scale. The result. Melody of a fish. The same approach a leaf. The result. Melody of a leaf. Next this Asian gentleman too the DNA code of a cancer. Eventually played it backwards. Result…. Mozart’s Funeral Requiem. Was this the symphony? Reminding music is its own response, not relevant and valued as altered. Sympathetic with the sound of silence, the light. Also sympathetic and compatible with our non-linear bodies.

....More conventionally the Super String Theory which some believe will unify all the field forces on this planet into one applicable theory…GUT the Grand Unified Theory. This research offers (1). The one non-material in the Universe is time. (2). There are up to 29 dimensions one spoken of as magical in nature. (3). Below the subatomic is a world of sound. (Other studies reinforce). Noting if all sounds assumed in a factory over weeks were to be experienced in one compact moment a grievous death would ensue. The opposite result is suggested relevant to harmonic “non-linear” or timeless sounds experienced under idealized conditions that speak to other than linearly chaotic self displacement the explains our lives. In substance or anticipation. Several observations, please consider the term magical, the reference “backwards” and the notion of a unified theory by a species that thrives-values otherwise. GUT also suggests all future Cosmic events will either the result of human intent or understandable by humans. But again what one species can not perceive does not exclude benefit. Including interactive benefit.

…. Another source, a book The Science of life, written by a conventionally educated biologist at Harvard and Cambridge. This gentleman‘s offering, “There exists a field that functions irrespective of time and space that has its own acquiring memory.” This protocol suggests the non-casual timelessness of the Lioght. Which touches our lives in spite of our linear resistance. Evidence of this presence, realizations or influences that are not machine or human derivative, will follow in a few paragraphs. (ie) This concept has been corroborated by numerous independent studies. In one such study the author of the aforementioned text taught alleged rats numerous behaviors in America. Different alleged rats learned the same behaviors ten times faster in Australia. Again irrespective of time and space. A field with its own acquiring memory. (Are luck n’ coincidence elements of the humans acquiring memory). The term alleged is a personnel courtesy. Humans are species conversant. We can’t possibly have an interactively kindred knowledge that allows us a near absolute knowledge of the tree, stars, dogs hence alleged.

…Note we are departing from linear science. “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Is a linearly displacing effect? The nice Professor  Einstein volunteered, “At the speed of light there is no passage of time.”  Speed is displacement or relocation process activity reflective of man’s conditioned material nature which includes himself. The ideal speed realized as distance is spherical distance. Meaning relocation not based on uncertain displacement or its dysfunctional relocation. Measured-experienced  and revealed through diminishing time. The question implores. If the Universe is one location how can we relocate. The answer is that the uncertain  relocation occurs by denying the Universe as its own source. Actualized as a result of human interference through  force resulting in coerced inconsistency... method and result  culminating in disintegration. We relocate linear material in time by dismissing, devaluing...initial material status in favor of another status location that will be similarly be engaged. (Separation through disintegration realized through time diminishing materiality). Once an event is initiated in time their can only be less time. (Because an event was completed in less time than anticipated or an event can be restarted and more time budgeted doesn't mean that upon initiation the diminishing process is not repeated....because anything realized through time has to end while ending). Consequently material form engaged in time both as process  can only result in disintegration. Human beings similarly engage themselves and each other. A non-spherical anguished uncertain life culminating in death cessation. (Force, power are elemental to alteration disintegration). But if we need think in terms of speed, uninterrupted presence, an ideal of speed (ie) everywhere at once. This status, compatible with infinity, is intentionally denied to reflect man’s acquired reality which revoked their Cosmic nature evidenced by their non-linear body. These learned denying prerogatives we accept as essential value. Repression exaggerated by  earth technology.

We are considering an energy bond-a casually sympathetic… not dematerializing-not random. A spontaneous assimilation.

*Noting all in the Universe whatever its material nature is motion. Motion unique to intent. Intent that defines and influences both motion and evolving intent or result.. This distinct  motion intent create sound or sounds that are unique and reveal motion source, motion and evolving motion intent.. Sounds that  either are disruptive sounds evident of disintegrating linear culoture or sounds that are Light sympathetic with the Cosmos. We are entering a language medium of  non-linear sound. A new world. Resolving our own uncertain irony. A new world where Universe material space expands not into space. But as space.  A refining activity, not altering through uncertain linear dislocation.. Not disintegrating. But compatible-sympathetic with the infinite Eternal.... an infinite nurturing continuity. The Universe is it’s own response.

-Non-linear accommodations-
Acknowledging we are each, repressed and otherwise, the accruing miracle of our chosen efforts. Accordingly contributory. Continuing to inquire less the Cosmic irony of ourselves. Why is everyone taking the same aspirin when this medication can be made sound intimate to the individual?  Efforts to assess and treat these parameters (disease relevant to cure) linearly acknowledges the “timely” material essence of the disease as a displacing-casual process reinforcing the human conflicted irony in a non-localized Universe that is without defining exclusionary duality. But in a non-casual spontaneous world the cure and disease are compatible, both the benefit of the other. Presently in time this sympathetic interaction is excluded by current  acquired perceptual modalities as evidenced by the Quantum Riddle. Consider: (The viral-bacterial status of a hospital can be identified as an ideal DNAs any variance can be easily determined and adjusted. Through relevant and revealing un displaced DNAsound the “healing” approaches an inclusive evolving absolute. (Meaning noit based on process dysfunction and culminating as purposeless disintegration). Seemingly as far as the immediate patient is concerned diagnoses becomes resonant “intended” resolution. Not functional as uncertain. The same protocols (resonant spontaneity verses displacing coerced “alteration” irony) apply (ie) education, transportation, art, technology, medicine less so communication (which is an issue of purposeful “constructive“ or melodic sound. Noting the practical linear source is not origin to itself. Such a condition would speak to linear dislocation-not spherical intent-alluding to spontaneity therefore timelessness.  Engaging the HIV virus with a polar opposite-invasive sound would not be the answer since the essential source or nature of this virus is not itself. And such condition intent would speak to exclusion, denying  the non-localized “Cosmic or spherical” nature of all disease.  Noting cures that are potentially damaging (side effects) are temporary and displaced responses. Identifying spherical sources would allow the actualizing the appropriate DNAsound and provide an abundance of information...which would appear to be the refining purpose of pr4esumed disease. Humans are disposed to solving a problem once the vagrancy is experienced and consequently identified. (We tend to deal with inconsistency or disaster as elemental to the research protocol and design a response-plan accordingly. Casual linearity renders this perspective inevitable). Unquestionably a limited protocol. Through DNAs (non-casual assimilation of information) the substance and nature of a problem can be clearly anticipated before the event. Whether this be the drug use. The discharge of a military missile. The criminality of a person. Though any subjective intervention would require consent that is functionally intrinsic to DNAs. Non-consent is displacement-rendering DNAs other than feasible. Trying to artificially create consent would suggest a foreign element “dislocation uncertainty” to the self relevant all-inclusive DNAs.  We are discussing a process-presence more subtle and profound than the genetic make up of an individual. Indeed the difference is beyond measurement given that measuring is a linear-casual effect. A compatible (not casual) spherical bond that is Cosmically emergent. Accordingly reciprocally attuned. Given that the mere presence of organic form potentially displaces un bordered Light we are discussing a sympathetic  reversal of the quantum riddle. More a sympathetic accomo0dation than a reversal.  Meaning that the exact nature of the spontaneous assimilation we would be able to experience, but not influence entirely. We are only one element of the dynamic. Probability and certitude assume a different activity disposition.

Though the singular life form would be represented through a unique DNAsound given the composite-inter active nature of form material, its DNAs could be fragmented sympathetically into relevantly specific sounds or DNAs. This is true of all material whatever its status. More an issue of refining motion Cosmically, linearly in time uncertainty resolved through purposeless non directional disintegration. A few examples: The aging process…. Aging alterations to individuals basic DNAs can they be identified as a distinct DNAsound and reversed while the individual meditates or sleeps minimizing infirmity and aging. (The aging DNAs both organic and environmental. An absorbent organic acoustic absorbent “ pad”  could be warn  that will register all the  adverse sounds not dnas sympathetic to the to the individual experienced during the day. This approach though would not incloude sounds “anxieties” created in spite of the preferred  self )…. The same approach could be considered with  cancer or other disease activity. More directly... much easier resolving cancer of the pancreas as a sound through a sympathetic melodic sound (at the exclusion of all other sounds in the Universe) than the current uncertain process that is not intimate to the individual and interferes with the attitude, respiration, digestion, and the circulatory system and brain activity…. Ones unique capacity for an un displaced life. (In a sense melodically the cancer can become its own response). Cancer is not experienced as a disease but as information that transcends the organic limits of the individual and the cancer itself…spherically in nature not linear. Beyond cause and effect, the common effect being death. Which would include the disintegration of the cancer in a continuous uninterrupted Universe. Within this context a grievous result would not  be possible. Cancer is only terminal if you die. And if death is functionally other than currently practiced…there can be no worst result relevant to the individual. Presumably so sensitive is the suggested non-casual activity that harm to the cancer would suggest harm to the individual. Further is it likely that cancer, bacteria, virus have their own “acquiring memories” irrespective of time and space and are adapting to the abrasive linear incursions suggested by modern medicine like antibiotics which as a matter of process are losing their effectiveness. But similarly given that the presumed disease process is timeless not casually oppositional to itself (only inherent to this own space) the disease is its own response. Only interactive through coercion alteration. If engaged as such meaning linearly. Through interference and alteration we seem to create our own results. Which like ourselves are confused, uncertain, temporary if successful...even if successful not without deficiency. In result, process or anticipation.

DNAs coded jewelry  that would change color, shape and texture relevant to the conversation-interaction-atmospherics), art, music change form less linear more spherically participant. A Cosmic  geometry emerging. A meditation Sphere self actualizing DNAs. (Five-additional senses presently repressed  s would be much less fragmented). And spherical finance. Meaning development and sharing not secured though and based on loss).

The same formulation applies to a specific capacity or behavior. Again assuming consent otherwise displacement ensues. (If death is not as we assume then aging and disease which lead to death are not as we experience). Also maximizing intelligence specific  to the event or behavior. Presently intelligence is a depersonalized linear condtion that predates birth and is exclusionary. Intelligence is based on someone being less smart or smarter than you. And this before temporal linear expression functional to disintegration. DNAs spherical formulation improves skills relevant to the activity and result like flying an airplane, playing a piano, digestion, meditation, love making. Indeed the concept of skill is redefined. As is the concept of technology. You are flying a better plane in a better much safer way. Interstellar travel becomes feasible when destination and departure are resolved as a non-linear spontaneous one. An accommodation suggested by a Quantum Corridor. Gravity is accordingly accommodated since gravity no longer factors as the inverse proportionality between two objects...gravity no longer is oppositional, gravity no longer has to be over come, but  becomes a sympathetic element to the journey. Gravity winds...

A recent study at Princeton University PEAR Group: (The specifics  of this study are unclear. (Another limitation of language  is that language becomes esoteric to its source intent. Also research protocols from “unrelated” fields are not integrated. Research becomes displacing to a common intent ie engendering of uncertainty and disintegration). Anyway be the way:  a machine as “I” understand was designed with a fifty percent probability one of two results. Like tossing a coin. These researchers realized that who engaged the machine influenced the probability. Further determined that two individuals who “were resonant to each other” affected the probability by a factor of seven. Appreciating to understand that the all-inclusive Light includes the displaced notion of machine or technology. This study correlates with the aforementioned studies including the Super String Theory and the patterned cohesion of logic suggested by this paper. And further suggests that the human even when displaced through technology remains compatible to an acquiring memory of which the human has no knowledge or influence. (A field whose characteristics are suggestive of the all inclusive presence referred to in this paper as the Light which can be engaged through idealized sound or DNAs). Currently technology is an ironic reflection of the conflicted-Cosmically displaced human. In a non-casual non-displacing world the machine, the task and the anticipated result are virtually interchangeable-approaching spontaneity. If not in engineering certainly in process or motion result. We are organically dependent on form; a sublimation of this materiality is inescapable. The issue again becomes one of application, of process. The initiating juncture and the concluding result will invariably be form related. The space vehicle will be initiate departure and substantive to arrival or destination, the process of relocation will be entirely different.

A spherical self-sustaining model relevant to psychiatry. A Sphere or spheroid….(This would be the nature of other non-linear accommodations that would not be displacing of our Cosmic Residence, but reflective and sympathetic. A new formulation language of self beyond essential inconsistency). Currently this field is elemental to disease linarily adapted. The illness or malady is not localized-the entire person is experienced as diseased. A concept that is institutionally, chemically and culturally sublimated and reinforced. So intrinsic is the incongruous dedication to disease that the motivating premise could be reasonably be interpreted as, “you can get better if you stay sick.” A disease is defined as “an invasive and putrefying process.” An inhibiting rational of treatment is carried throughout the reciprocally compromised duration of a person’s life. Involving all the displacing-conflicted vagrancies that certify as essential the flawed irony of self to a futile extreme. Language, the interpersonal inconsistency, the institutional entrapment, chemical intervention, familial irony and motive not always conscious …realized against all the unfathomable variables that result from an effort  “developed” over decades. Insanity is divergent experience that is relevant in its contrast to the norm. It’s resolution as contrast…. Meaning for insanity to be ideally resolved denies-distorts the norm (ie) in the absence of insanity does sanity become ev3en more ironic…therefore self effacing and unproductive.  This science strains the limits of linear neglect. Hope and contempt become the near of interchangeable, yet this experience also testifies to the patience, the kindness and enduring persistence of human beings. Often love knows more disguises than love’s purpose.

Imagine Doctor by your kind deliverance if all these inconsistent protocols, varied self defeating parameters, conscious and unconscious determinations were not fragmented over thirty years, through the foible of memory, family and the debilitating indulgences of disease; but rather all these elements could be assigned… a designed evolving multiple coefficient DNAs that are spherically nurtured and developed against a norm actualized through an evolving wealth of relevant and revealing factors unique to the individual (one of which identifies the DNAs of the individual as perspective presence without disease)… all these non-linearly developing  factors in their final formulary become a non- displacing DNAs language totally unique to it’s source input. A non-verbal language format that is exclusive to that which defines the individual as a functioning protocol. Both in substance and process. A language whose verbally reflective non-linear design is more spontaneous in its effect than one of long term causation based on the sincere improbability of disease model that is relevant as failure sustained through designed limitation. A language-communication experience whose evolving-consistent-un conflicted totality would be affected in the immediate. And be further influenced by the evolving immediacy of self.  A non-linear language, once designed as intact DNAs, would automatically translate current communication to its idealized formulation…a shared personalized artificial intelligence whose nature as DNA realized as sound would not be mechanized but more within the formulary or an organic cloning of information. Appreciating that all material in he Universe is life unless ironically altered by the human. A new language whose evolving structure would be based on the detailed consistent- inconsistent history (past-current-anticipated) as provided by varied sources and methods…. A spherical matrix sustained as designed while cultivating and responding to the immediate human experience. Appreciating that the suggested DNAs language like all material could be converted into different formats to facilitate understanding by family, the patient or the staff. (Each bringing a different perspective to this evolving experience). A panorama of sound converted into imagery is one example…. This spherical model would be so consistent that once engaged and responsively sustaining it would create its own harmonic junctures beyond the anticipation of the humans involved. (Suggested previously, as the reversal of the Quantum Riddle, but this element would also occur within the linear manifest). Reminding we are discussing a material representation more relevant and expressive of the human than their genetic code. Noting a baby is born without language, choice, free of institutional-interpersonal dilemma…this variance can particularly relevant to the troubled human as a refining reference juncture or axis. This entire formulation becomes not an ambiguous esthetic intellectual niche sustained within the limits of language and memory over years, but an exacting active self perpetuating “entity”…a contained design that is not dependant on inconsistent ironic causality (ie) thinking to sustain its non-linear integrity.  The design formula in question would likely be sustained as a “non-linear computer.” (Another essay) Understanding we are in the functional midst of inferred timelessness, minimizing casual inter active fragmentation beyond perception but not beyond valuation. The past becomes less displaced more consistently referable and can be tested against the current self (ie troubled individual) to create viable perspective in terms of understanding the past and giving credence and viability to “future plans.” This parameter or protocol need not be limited to one linear option. Further this parameter can be developed and accordingly assessed when “significant other” individuals are introduced into the dynamic. The spherical entity can be correlated and measured with or against the conscious impressions of doctor and patient. We are discussing the organic assimilation of various organic “acquiring memories” that function “irrespective of time and space.” This  formulation might appear cumbersome, but understand please its potential would be experienced-assessed through a new  language design. Noting that this reference Sphere occurs however repressed as memory, dream, myth, collective consciousness, archetype, genetic memory. Also non linear prayer, laughter, sleep, luck, coincidence, precognition, miracle, your birth-death. (though the realization is linear, expressed casually within the schematic of time. Not reciprocal conversantly spherical. Sequentially not spontaneously…. The Creation presence of this planet. Note the definitions of spin and span. The evolving-resolving transmogrify of form. Span is also defined as the past tense of spin. A past activity or event is suggested to have an immediately relevant motion. Potentially under certain conditions resolving the time anomaly and the inherent displacement of time thus being able to secure timeless memory or the relevant sphere of any materiality. This is another element of the puzzle. Recalling the nice Professors Einstein’s other observation. “If mass is constricted enough the curvature becomes infinite.” Therefore devoid of distance factor or linearity and as such the ironic forces such as temperature variance, torque, centrifugal force etcetera reflective of  this planets the linear sciences (ie) the consequence of ironic de materializing or disintegration. The human equivalent is experienced as realized shared and individual uncertainty. Evident at one extreme as unkindness, deception, violence, coercion, fraud and destruction. Also any event that is manifested as intended, productive and nurturing can change after temporary benefit and become debilitating. Generally all events while planning have to consider the various uncertainties, evidenced as well as  dual opposites which are inter dependant.. Life presently leads to an exclusionary death, insanity verses irrelevance, inherent in  peace are the condition activities that result in  war. Anticipation becomes debilitating and consequential to reesult.

Do you agree when human dignity is experienced as its own sustaining ironic value rather than as a reliant contrast to unkindness, contempt and disease...the human self becomes evidenced more by love than forgiveness.

*A writer’s lovely thought on the nice Charlie Rose’s television show. “There are no inadequate people only inadequate perceptions of them.” This insight dynamic also speaks to the individual’s relationship with self. Imagine this concept not measured-experienced (assessed) through the designed limits of linear casual exclusion, but through a self-sustaining and perpetuating DNAs sphere. Meaning as a relevant and revealing intact whole where all relevant information is tabulated simultaneously, but at given junctures available linearly. With and without relevant subjective inconsistency. Imagine Doctor Wisman as each embracing sound of self (DNAs) is inclusive of the entire person elemental and acquired different aspects of the person can be identified. Acknowledged, engaged and developed. Whether this is a persons heart disease, their ability to drive a car (the entire person as separate and identifiable DNAs). Obviously it’s essential once identified that these “representative sounds” be actualized withion their own Cosmic nature that communes with the infinite Eternal as opposed to ironically or casually. Meaning a realization of ones  Godsoulprint. Imagine  a Sphere, resolving all irony and inconsistency conscious-unconscious shared unresolved or otherwise as in the sphere relevant to insanity…but this Sphere speaks to your spirituality. Your active spirit. Meaning yourself. You and God. A spirit when tempered through language or the best of intentions becomes ironic  to intent and as such distracting. Otherwise fleeting. Even in the ideal a conscious partiality of self.

…What evidence avails the Light ourselves…

What evidence is there of “the Light” in our lives. Appreciating that all is relevant and connected however denied, Cosmically revealing. These are Light sound occurrences or sensations that are not derived from a human or machine, they do not allude to preexisting knowledge, the light events are spontaneous therefore not initially time imbued, interestingly they seem to benefit one person at a time suggesting silence. These Light occurrences are…. Precognition, clairvoyance, luck, coincidence, placebo, sleep, birth and death, answered prayers, consequential mediation (meditation), xenology. Also miracles though miracles can be recurrent, they can visit more than one person. Why sleep? The exact juncture at which a human falls asleep is not casually-willfully determined therefore sleep is a function of the Light. Sleep is spherical not linear.  While meditating you are not language displaced, not dislocated to institution, without motion (the anagram for silent is listen). Meditation is an issue of presences not process. Potentially spontaneous not linarily sequential. Through the process of meditation you attain self presence. Hence spherical not consequent to separation or relevance based on the anticipated self or the unresolved past. Consequently the near of a timeless self. And as such potentially assuming-resolving of the linear irony.

Understanding to comprehend these Light sensations are not conversantly reciprocal. Conversant languages are usually two way communications once experienced become even more displaced, flawed and inconsistent. Indeed this is the designed status of language before its expression. Currently we cannot have a sustained intuitive conversation. Maintain inter actively a precognitive sensation with one another, except as brief one way  resulot.  All these realizations we are examining are non-linear Light manifests. Not necessarily a casual we can assume benefit to origin source. As suggested our current capacity through language, mathematics, and linear technology  reciprocally impairs but does not disqualifies any effect or influence we could have in a non-linear spherical world (ie) the infinite Light. A non-linear reality is not beyond our benefit, but is presently beyond our sustainable influence. We are examining the possibility of  initiate DNAs relevant as a desired event. Such an event would not be disintegrating, would not be co0nseguent to time prerogatives. A resonant time DNAs event would participant , not functional to our alteration force control. A non-linear event would in its totality be beyond our comprehension and control. Suggesting condition actives that might be distinct to each event. Including each event having its own duration or time reference.

Noting when two individuals can identify a common (meditative sound) two can mediate (meditate) in the harmony. Shared inconsistency sometimes expressed as love is less or no longer separated as uncertain. The nurtured self enhanced beyond the limits of one.  Once the human assimilate  the un- displaced sound of self-causality spherical resonance results.  Appreciating all linear skills are learned contrary to the Cosmic non-linear  status of the birth child. Humans are born Light affluent. Without language, incapable of choice, not aware of death, not bonded to institution, the beautiful baby’s relationship with God is one of being  not one of  preferential human knowledge, not derived  through exclusionary Temple. A baby is not born ambivalent to the Cosmis.(Cosmic being... Cosmis). A baby is born not linearly functional, not separate from the all inclusive infinite Eternal Light. The same distinctions can be made about the conception of death giving further credence that death is not a dematerializing-disintegrating  effect, but other materializing. Light affluent. Birth-death two self-defining material events that are not self-chosen. Therefore not time consequent as such Eternal. Reminding time is a human design. In the absence of the humans time is no longer relevant.

Mediating-meditation near the same…when the human being meditates they attempt to reclaim their Cosmic self. A living presence whereby linear anomaly is not time revoked. The Cosmos avails. Distance no longer separates less the separation. Inby timely form we experience ourselves as  ….measurable inconsistent choice, dislocating institution, incremental language, the inter perso0nnel bond is a reflection of these uncertainties.  We have exchanged forgiveness for love. God esttem is baqse don preferential worship ie  timely not Eternal choice. We are light equidistant less ourselves. Accessing the meditation Sphere A Community of one. Residing fraternally amongst the stars. Light  reciprocal companions of Krishna, Buddha, Jesus Christ, Mohammed, Mother Teresa, your invigorating living ancestors. And the Light seed origin of yourself. You have come home. Confirming our residence God’s beautiful planet earth. Place of contrast. On this planet we are dislocated. We learn as learning impedes. Transitory value. We are the presence of our absence.( Rules, rulers and slide rulers)…. Meditating: Sit down as you know you-your body invites. Or sit no0t. In your bedroom. On top God’s mountain or underwater. Your meditation is complete unto yourself. Meditating you are resurrected the reincarnation of your self. Remembering the solitary laurels… life, death, miracles, coincidence, now meditation; not resultant of another human being, machine or a preexisting knowledge. Yours is the meditation. We spend our lives listening to others. Thus are we not distracted of God…. Yet we assist loving one another. We continue less discontinued a few insight. Hoping that by your kind effort like this essay you will of  them nurture the better orchard for us all. Thus God. The Light accruing.....Identify your DNAsound. Isolate the sound that emerges during meditation. Your own OM. An refining synergism. Sustaining guiding. Resolving the earthly anomalies. Of which you are  formulary. (Taxes, taxis and whooping cough). When you start meditating you start, stop you stop? Your home yourself. Acquiring memory  less your timely self. Displaced distracted…. Meditation is not a place of self. It’s you. Though the place can lead to you. Meditation, attending the Light. The meditation flows your body. Expectations are distractions. Remembering the reversal of the Quantum riddle. Don’t expect be expected. Needing help meditating watch a tree, lovingly. You knew the rest not knowing. Whose permission do you need to walk on water.

Floating Light. Mediating our displaced existence.  One perspective whispers. Meditation sphere. Resolving the conflicted spheroid self. A sphere is defined. “A solid geometric figure whose surface is at all points equidistant from the center.” Meditation flows. The frame is not the painting. We are guardians of God’s evolving words however distracted. Words can  lead to silence. You have isolated your unique DNAs. (Upoin death your undistracted forms uninterrupted DNAs communes with the Cosmos (ie) interchangeable with the infinite Light Eternal. The near of sleep meditation the same, subjectively). Any materials or process materials that are in conflicted with your DNAs, your Light seed, will inhibit your meditation. Your cloths, furniture, the acoustics of your meditation room, jewelry and devises (ie) eyes glasses, dentures, tattoos  should be sympathetic with your DNAs intent. Unless you are otherwise inclined. Your divinity the totality of your bond with God is you. Rules are often  detours less so as detyours.(No greater detour than life seeding death. Waiting deaths explanation thus both death and life deniued....Mediation like the Cosmos is non- localized. The room, your house, your family, alleged pets, heart pacer meditate with you. Your DNAs is an immeasurable  formulation…this acoustic Ever presence connects you to the Cosmos. Remembering the singular prayers embrace...any idea is a divine idea if divinely realized-expressed. (The divinity of cancer, insanity the divinity of self. All is God’s only less your determined self, do you agree?) You are potentially transcendent. Intuition, luck, birth, death, clairvoyance, laughter,  music, sleep are (intimate sounds of silence) other transcendent experiences, relevant to your availability. Mediating…you are becoming conversant with God’s timeless memory of yourself. Relevant n’ revealing reciprocally. Noting a timeless memory is the near of interchangeable with the event of self or displacement would ensue and the Light memory would be negating. Only God can remember an event as it happens. God’s nice Professor Einstein, “If mass is concentrated enough the curvature of space becomes infinite.” The concentration of your mass (form) is the willful resonant application of DNAs to the presence of meditation (a Light impending location of self). The curvature of space speaks to the approaching ideal of your body. And body activity. Infinity is the Light of yourself. Clearily mass, curvature and infinity become  “resonant” or chaotic dislocation defines the mediation event.  Your meditation is a reciprocal origin source condition event. All inclusive sile3nce3 beckoning the Light Eternal. Ours when we assume the Light. Relevant to identifying- utilizing your DNAs (and the component meditation DNAs ) we are developing a sound status that is in the nature of silence, not a melodic series of related notes though such a melody can be applicable as far as refining  your meditation…. An un displaced, un bordered sound event that is sympathetic to the Light. As such without exclusion the Meditation Sphere can  be translated to imagery, numeration, a yet to be finalized spherical language…. Or aides like a personalized wind chime that  Light sparkles while you meditate. Spherically all sense are one, Cosmic distance the same, subtlety is the near beyond measurements response. Any variation from you meditation DNAs would register on the wind chime as a distraction though consciously you might not be aware of the deviation. Several seconds later, the time variant to the unfolding dynamic, the polar opposite sound is realized on the wind chime. A near endless linear response variations are possible. Complimentary chime response is possible. Given the intrinsic irony of our lives no two mediation experiences will be the same. Nor the consequent result. Also as in the Music Sphere’s acoustic necklace other meditation aides are conceivable. (Shared necklace). Also meditating in different atmospheres that are DNAs actualized.  Acknowledging a correlation between different spheres. Once the ironic community is resolved the Sphere is One. Or a dynamic to several mediating…. Meditating to a time constraint is displacing. You smile involuntarily startled pleasantly you return. The meditation sphere returns never left. We do. Until we are available again. Finally not finally at all. You have resolved the quantum riddle. When you are inbyas the Light you are nio longer the irony of yourself. You are the response to yourself. Thanki God literally. Light affluent. Smiling the surface of your soul. In the ideal karma and meditation are one. Prayer, meditation, karma-living in the divine self one the same. Whispering once again. Karma is God’s motion  “unnecessarily” denied-disguised as yourself. Your chosen  self. Relevant as instructed. Without disguise you are...                                                

* There must be a better way to end your life than dying. In the absence of time ironic material causality … form becomes willfully an issuance of the Light. The fragmented interpersonal linear link based on disintegration is absolved. When a life form is no longer time insinuated...oppositional duality, Cosmic displacement no longer abide. The 3 dimensions yield to the fourth, yourself. Infinity reasserts. When life is are no longer time engaging  then death and life  no longer the displacement of each other. Death  and life are a functional issuance of the Light. Death is no longer an issue of decay, but of other- materializing. The acquiring memory of self continues irrespective of time and your own space (ie) your form. God’s memory of you continues uninterrupted. (This dynamic speaks to all material all form, Creation). When an earth person assumes the active status of a corpse, they emit uninterrupted DNAs (the sound motion decay of one’s genetics structure). When a human “dies” they don’t go to Heaven. Going speaks to dislocation,  that would reinforce Creation’s separation. A Cosmic Creation of which we are resident continuously emerging. Resurrection reincarnation concurrent-refining  not one less the other. You don’t go to Heaven you stay in Heaven. We are resident of the Eternal Heavenly Cosmos, only otherwise as choice persists.

Pearly Gates, streets paved with Gold, our Moslem brothers greeted by seventy virgins, reincarnation displacing life waiting death…are casually i9nter active form reflective of the earthly incomplete and inconsistent life which denies the Eternal Cosmic consistency. Please note all worship of God is worship. One door opens all. Acknowledging we continue. Upon death you become Heavenly affluent. The Light from whence you came. The same alive by your discretion. Thus all is true as your choice compels. What divinity you incline only you and God can discern. Inclusion prefers. No scholarship determines, but one choice. Divine lessons avail.

Comprehending whereas there is no death there is extinction. Once a God species becomes extinguished, yielding to their accrued darkness, the spherical Light-sound communion (carnatio0nal flutter) has been severed. “ The day the music died.” The darkness prevails the Light? Note dark matter has no frequency, therefore any sound or vibration. Perhaps the memory of darkness is to denies the memory of the Light. Extinction…the death of death. We can not know as knowing allows. But good is good and bad is bad. Creation is life. Less either less Creation’s sake. Do you agree? These words are a continuing valuation of your inference. Certainly more complete “refining” by your insights. Your prayer’s resolve. Your Eternal life. All of ours inby the Light . The Origin n’ Source God’s. We wonder.  By  mystery respond. Explaining  prayer. And laughter. Otherwise irony prevails impeding spirit’s flow. Spiritself is  cause to it’s own effect. Un interrupting unless interrupted. Spirit  material yearni9ng expressed. Grasp  assimilation one. Seed material flower word the same.  There is no void inby God’s creating. We wait for ourselves not for death. All material is Spirit  and as such is so. Creation unfolds not less Creation’s Eternal seed.

Thank you Dr. Wisman for your companionship. Approaching spherical entity. Thus accompaniment.
...and Charlie and...


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