December 20, 2005
December 27,2006
An evolving essay
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Pneumatic resolution of material causality    

A spontaneous assumption of sequential displacement through resonant

Frequency. Breach form convergence: The un bordered assimilation of time through the articulation of a “temporary” dimension. A refining transmogrify gravitationally attuned.                                                 

Form dematerializes linearly through and in spite of its vagrant relationship with the inclusive Universe Light as evidenced by the anomalies of varied temperature, relational weight, assuming distance and seemingly disparate gravity. This casually ironic process remains determinant on this planet. A sequential process conflicted inby it’s own nature? (A spontaneous and profoundly efficient harmonic resolution appears to be plausible). This dynamic (though repressed as ironic form apposition) is potentially reciprocal in nature. The text  “Science of Life” speaks to the essence of this thought, “There thrives between species a field that exists irrespective of time and space and has its own acquiring memory.” Adapting this insight to a materialized resonant intent while negating time begins to explain our concern. Appreciating that infinity is not linear, otherwise displacement or fragmentation would factor. Whereas casual displacement on this planet is the near interchangeable with time, infinity and Light  are similarly interchangeable though not necessarily one and the same.

* (All casual form in self-apposition through the organic pneumatic assimilation of time can be realized harmonically ie non-sequentially or spontaneously. And once realized accordingly expressed or materialized. ) This dynamic already occurs through the linear life-death cycle on this planet, though misunderstood as process-practice-perception… our  experience becomes dematerializing in nature. And is consequently linearly exclusionary. The abiding question becomes-if the Universe is spontaneous infinite as Eternal why aren’t we?

*Appreciating to understand form in time does breakdown through weight-temperature, ironic distance convergence or alteration within the material limit of a singular form or inter actively from one form to another-man and nature’s transformation of form is a determinant intent. Our witness and the effecting of this life cycle panorama is the perceptual consequence of our organic nature that is one of form, therefore functionally incomplete and always potentially flawed. Ideal Sound does not break down to a multiplicity of locations; harmonic sound is complete (its own response)… requiring no casual-apposing expression to realize complete-intact function. Further except as a byproduct of extreme displacement resonant  sound assimilation is not realized through temperature, distance, torque and mass density variables as we otherwise experience in our casual linear world. (Sound doesn’t age or dematerialize ). In part because ideal sound is form’s conduit to the Light, sound is Light imbued ideally or harmonically…not as  a material displacing or disintegrative irony to itself. Therefore ideal sound (in previous essays referred to as DNAsound) is inherently Light sympathetic in nature as opposed to casually displacing. Interestingly “the presumed sound of silence” shares with the Light numerous qualities. This sound presence when casually engaged to form becomes defused or other than “itself”. Though the material sound or motion sound of one material can be (without displacement) be assimilated to the material sound or sound motion of another material. (The material referenced in this essay  speaks to the material integrity of a singularly intact life form, a materially interactive  event, material condition or material condition event). The presumed sound silence seemingly is un bordered and all inclusive. And is not exclusionary. Noting please we are out of sync with the Light infinite Universe therefore our material relationship in substance and perception is limited, incomplete and ironic in nature. Our material adaptation fractures infinity to out casual dematerializing anomaly validated through disintegrative alteration. We witness through time a frustrated and flawed extension of our organic form. Explaining our redundant need to ironically  alter and attempt other than conscious (intentional) bonding with the infinite Light. Several bonding examples are sleep, meditation, luck, coincidence, the brief of precognition, remote viewing (no reference to remote listening), the awed interpretation of miracle, placebo and the life-death interchange when realized non linearly and others. Acknowledging the aforementioned condition events like luck, coincidence are linearly displaced in language and experience immediately subsequent to incidence. Therefore these event are inadequately expressed or appreciated (example) a participant  reference to “coincidence” is a meager understanding and application of a spherical event that materially infers the functional of infinity. Noting the infinite can oinly be acted upon through infinity as infinity or that which is infinite becomes dysfunctional as infinity. Infinity is an issuance not of process linear increment, but presence ie Ever presence; infinity is not an issuance of displaced simultaneous linear causality, but  simultaneous sympathetic spontaneity. The distinction becomes one of refining material without ironic alteration or materially altering material conseq3uent to some degree of dematerializing effect both as substance and defining potentiality. (Noting potentiality influences design and engineering). (An other than linear event is rendered casually linear).  Through the casual displacement of our dimensionally linear world our effort will always be futile, assimilated through external-artificial force… needing to engage a self-reflecting technology to sustain and “improve” our self-ironic predicament. The force and it’s intent exist in paradox to one another. This self-apposition defines man’s material relationship with self. And with God. Woman-man exist more in yearning than in Cosmic substance. Uncertainty defines dreams distract. The Light awaits.

Through the space-time “non” continuum we alter the material to a preferred advantage, while displacing the Light. ( The Light being a material not fractured ideal that can be initiated and realized in time but is functionally timeless or inherently spontaneously non-casual.) The alteration of the Light through form is always temporary. Always consequentially dematerializing. A self-opposing linear process. Invariably redundant in result that is non-harmonic with the infinite Eternal Light. Yet Light nurturing. Light refining. (Not defining which would be a casual protocol therefore altering of the Light.) Light is the Universe ideal. Casual form realized through time remains conflicted and unstable. But not essentially so. Intriguingly the aforementioned condition events like luck, coincidence, placebo are not linear, other than casual and interestingly invariably these events though they can be witnessed unfolding by several individuals otherwise only happen to one beneficent individual. The quality occurrence given these conditions also suggests the status condition assimilation of silence forms irony becoming conduit to the infinite Light material. Meaning material casual dematerializing (verified-pardoned by current earth science technology) has been sympathetically resolved however briefly and subsequently ironically as an initially non-dematerializing event or result. Suggesting the human is organically capable of participating and benefiting from a spontaneous non-linear event. Dwelling amidst the infinite. This would initially include a technology or presumption of technology that is resonant to the spontaneous condition event in question. Offering as an issue of consequent logic the material spontaneous all inclusive Light includes any derivative assimilation like technology which currently functions as an ironic reflection of our casually disintegrative valuation. (The Light material is un bordered, all-inclusive as such  unordered linearly. A spontaneous Light event must be imitated through a resonance other than linear causality, an event that is measurable-evident in time after the event has been culminated not during.

These material inconsistencies are maintained and evolved through consensual scientific and spiritual self understandings whose potential is relevant as  but not Cosmically limited to self negation, a process of form-apposition as indicated which is an actualized extension of self. The linear practice and assumption has always been that all completed tasks were not potentially reciprocal in nature. We lived and died on a linear one way street while dematerializing the path pursued. All perceptual enemates from us. The Quantum riddle testifies to this flaw in our perceptual relationship. The Universe is timeless, all-inclusive thus infinite. We are currently the non-participant anomaly to this rule. Unnecessarily. Ours has been a sequential reality. Not spontaneous. We thrive by waiting. We must constantly re define-reinvent or alter our relationship with Creation to maintain the irony of ourselves. We live while dying afraid of death. We are linearly trapped in designs of our own making. Resolution to this vagrant material reality, spiritually and otherwise, can occur through the DNAs singularity of form thereby by-passing a multiplicity of displacement ie the essence of time. Our current life adaptation evidence by our need for seemingly endless rethinking, relocation, reinventing, researching, remarrying, removing, verbalizing and repeating our prayers and destroying.  This we call progress. Truly an evolution of self that dwells in contradiction to our Cosmic seed potential.

Two points of information or definition one suggested in conversation with our nice neighbor Larry Cohen ie-dual displacement, the second by a nice  musician  who politely  offered  the linear definition of frequency. These two issues will be developed in context….Spontaneity is a presence-process that functionally is timeless, non-exclusionary. Immediate as presence not process. Therefore harmonic. Not displacing fragmented therefore not linearly displacing. The Universe Light is spontaneous. Time causality the earthly machination is self-opposing and self-dematerializing. Both material realities reside in the same neighborhood. Though separate.  Not apart. Not harmonic to one another though potentially so. Why? Because we are origin of the Universe not the reverse. As well our origin is the Universe seed. Finally the earth people spend their lives trying to assume the harmonic commune. Currently settling for non-reciprocal glimpses. Such as coincidence, the precognitions, prayer’s response, placebo (faith healing the near same?) and consequence during man-woman’s celestial bond while engaged in their absence- meaning sleep. (All suggest a capacity for reciprocal light communion however repressed) The nocturnal a world reciprocally attuned.  Acknowledging that the exact juncture at which one becomes asleep is not willfully-not casually chosen therefore a non-casual assumption. We sleep in the Light inference. Waken to our ironic selves. Noting  our current insights into the non linear world of sleep are linear therefore incomplete and otherwise ironic. Through the language of DNAs we will learn much more of and through this frontier. While we sleep we are un displaced, the un bordered welcome recipients of the Light. Reminding. Currently through varied interruption we engage the Light. Yet form even in the interactive ideal compromises the Light. Yet the Light engages us. Once symmetrical refining as spontaneous. Curiously we seek new  more efficient energy sources. We will become each the source. We the earth people will have to relinquish (deny their irony) themselves to the Light. Which they have been attempting to do  since their bi-pedaled inception. Creatively  ofby Creation. Not destructively of the same. This is no distant journey, but imminent of the Light. Not of science, but the Light. The wealth Eternal…self.

Larry’s observation as “I” understood…. a material displacement or alteration does not have to occur exclusively within its own immediate nature. Displacement is a duality or dual in nature. Example: A voyage in space like all sequential material transformations involves the displacement of one location for another, departure verses destination. We have always factored these in time material sequence. Indicative of course of our casual relationship with time. We arrived upon our destination experiencing the relevant inconsistencies (all seemingly exhaustive in nature) that are functionally elemental to dematerializing like distance, weight, temperature etcetera in part exaggerated-controlled or directed (through relevant and related technologies). Whether the active technology was a book, a surgical knife or the space shuttle. The actual material destination was factored linearly (sequentially) as consequentially derivative of intent. Tasks resultants of past tasks were relevant to anticipated tasks or results. The end result always anticipatory and uncertain. Validated as such. And as such each event or task was always functionally and materially incomplete. Incomplete able and always subject to forces not the least of which were the earth people’s expression of self, representing an assimilation of linearly conflicted choices that are precipitant and compounding of the described dichotomy which is currently experienced and expressive of  both the communal and essential self. Our relationship with God similarly is marginal and fundamentally ironic, enfolded and otherwise prohibitive. The earth people believe in the practice denied as perception… that God is subject to and realized through  their varied acknowledgements-otherwise the source-origin, the Godsoulprint of the Universe becomes conversantly mute, a non-sequential pause. Yet God predates the human. And the human origin is not responsible for their own materiality. Man is profound of consensual truth, but avoids logic. Man awaits God’s acknowledgement already the self. Further denying God. For God to interfere beyond our choice to embrace God frustrates the inclusive presence of the Light the earth people refer to as “God’s Will”. Which becomes a subjective perception interpreted through language and institutionally defused.  The earth people worship a linear God not the a spherical God the Cosmic God creator of all Universes. The current human must understand  unexplainable as self and as selves to one another before they can acknowledge themselves or God. Hence irony the defining futility of life. Seemingly a  flawed unnecessary adaptation, Therefore the success that secure irony are in actuality the flawed process of self. We are successfully flawed..

*The questions unfolds it’s own mirror is this displacing material process counter to any other material ideal that is expressive of the earth people? And as such functionally linearly casual but singularly complete within its own nature or as an activity condition event involving a singular or interactive life forms inclusive of their spatial status or location. Inferring a Light communion that is suggestive of the Eternal? The distinction abides between the linear and the  spherical, between the unresolved linear as dematerializing and exclusionary and the linear resolved to its spherical Light predisposition.

The answer appears to be yes. The relevant question abides does the end reference (the causal intent) point have to always remain neutral and inert, not materially engaging as the trip evolves? (Our journey through life similar to the voyage discussed). Can destination and departure approach intent (approach one another), minimizing the anomalies of sequential process and reducing causual dematerializing through the inferred harmony. Evidenced by a voyage in its assumed harmonic spontaneity (a dimensional frequency) that is not determined through changes in temperature, distance, weight, accommodated through gravity. We are discussing an event that has transcended linear process (not foreign to our nature since we are discussing our own derivative origin). Un bordered in nature and inclusive in function. Not acquired through the displacement of materials inby time whereby intent becomes destination through all its varied and conflicted protocols (reflective of man’s own organically displacing physiology)… rather intent becomes not procedural but materially immediate. Not causal. But harmonic. Materially timeless. Accordingly astute. Destination and departure become the near of one. Not functionally separate or casually subjective. Reciprocally spontaneous in nature. Time therefore displacement has yielded to the Light. This profound union, essence of the Light, is no great manufacture of purpose and imagination but rather already suggested in our daily lives. Meaning inherent in a “disease” is its cure or the presumed illness would not be responsively dualistic to its own presence or process. More simply within the scheme of travel destination becomes pointless without the purpose and material function of departure. Yet in the current culture this inferred and essential union is incredibly flawed, not guaranteed and only congruent through much effort and the sometimes of luck and displacement.

Noting when we travel in a vehicle, an airplane, a ship or in the actuality of ourselves walking we are doing so within and through our adaptive linear perceptions based on displacement, destination and displacement, but in actuality the voyage is not occurring on the planet earth, but in the Universe. Meaning the rules of the Cosmos intrinsic as  the infinite spontaneity prevail. Understandably our voyages are  linearly uncertain (ie)  involving other linear events and as such prone to failure sometimes realized as catastrophe.

Let us please look at the “rules” of our world, reflective our organic physiology, which we must continuously alter in order to sustain our de materializing existence.

*Distance: “The fact or condition on being apart in space or time.”

*Symmetry: “Structural or independence direction.”

*Axis: “A line at which a body is symmetrical. A straight line about which a body rotates or may be conceived to rotate.”

*Transmute: “To change from one form to another.”

*Centrifugal: Moving away from the center or axis of a body. Or the component force ie centrifugal force.

* Mass: A unified body of matter with no specific shape. The measure of a body’s resistance to acceleration. The mass of a body is different by but proportional to its weight.

*Sound: “A vibratory disturbance in the pressure and density of a liquid or the elastic strain of a solid.” (Disturbance?).

*Transmogrify: “To change of form that is fantastic or bizarre.”

*Gravity: Gravitation is directly proportional to the product of their (two bodies) and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them.” Definitions are from the nice people working together to gather the  American Heritage Dictionary. Thank you.

Can we please consider several insights by the nice Professor  Einstein. (1). At the speed of light there is no passage of time ie time dilation. And (2). “If mass is constricted enough the curvature becomes infinite.” Clearly once  “Light” is no longer experienced in “time” hence causality or displacement no longer factors; light has become a manifest issue of “effectual” presence not sequential process… consequently from our organic perspective an issue of sound silence (our conduit to the Light0) we become participant ion a new material reality…. A  new dynamic that is presently truly contrary to our nature since it appears we the earth people must be in the constant chatter of linarily displacing thought through self or surrogacy trying to sustain the consensually accepted design delusion that we are in control…. At this dynamic juncture Light and form in the absence of time displacement become the near of inter changeable, otherwise displacement would factor-invalidating the Light expressive essence.

Currently once we are engaged to intent (in time causality dematerializing alteration) the resultant sound becomes vibratory, a potentially relevant and not always revealing frequency meaning non harmonic in nature in initiation, result and interpretation. (All motion has a unique articulating sound relevant to that specific motion. And this formulary of sympathetic form motion and sound under resonant ideal conditions can be interchangeable resolving casual linearity to the spontaneity suggestive of infinity asby the Light )…. But once displacement is resolved, destination-departure (cause and effect) are becoming one or a non-sequential spontaneity-a reciprocal and relevant dimension is being created. Because form  therefore dimension is becoming other than ironically casual or displacing (other than timely)-more harmonic or Cosmically ideal. (As such a new dimension concept is suggested). Again when two materially related points (ie) destination and departure converge simultaneously uninto one spontaneous juncture harmonically “ relevant to intent” (the voyage the space vehicle) a unique  dimension is being  created that is inclusive of the aforementioned dynamic, otherwise we would revert to casual-dimensional-time displacement rather than the spherically resonant event. (Noting that the resonant union or dimension we are discussing speaks to the natural order of the Cosmos, an order that we are other than presently sympathetic)…. Dimension no longer is functionally limited as a linearity-reflective and expressive of space as such-accordingly inter active….(A material status of timelessness has been attained).The event becomes the dimension, refining or temporary “transitory” in nature. More precisely a condition event becomes dimensional. Transitory otherwise the ironic material nature of form would prevail and time would manifest and predominate. (Is this where language begins to fail, between two worlds). A dimensional property and extension of space becomes a resonant conversion of space as refined not altered space, though compatible with both immaterialities or displacement defines.  The triangulated dissonant- conflicted nature of space material in time has become resolved as an acoustic transition that resolves the disparity of causality to the harmonic of the Light. Destination, departure and space vehicle have through the described acoustic osmosis or synthesis previously relevant as linear dimension transitory through the displacement of time now becomes… not an implosion suggestive of Fusion energy but an inclusion (ie) Usion energy) which absolves casual dematerializing to a spherical resonance. Time is no longer vagrant or functional, dematerializing no longer factors- harmonic resonance prevails. A new world of sound light refining. Yes dimension no longer is an extension or linear in nature, but harmonically spherical and accordingly un displacing. (The event within the Light formulary becomes the dimension or the sphere (ie) ACTIVE SPHEROID.  Not time displacing, but intact and immediate. Distance no longer becomes a disturbance between two separate points but simply the reciprocal refining of one point. Infinity of Light has been briefly and harmonically-compatibly  “interrupted” and the resonant-spontaneous nature of the event (the sympathetic DNAs of the destination-departure and vehicle) allows for an assumption of the initially linearly dematerializing material process to the ideal  un displacing spontaneity that is expressive of the Light Cosmos. Accordingly  the linear anomaly of weight, distance, temperature and gravity are assuming a different franchise, one not realized as de materializing, one that is not sequentially defused, but immediately spontaneous consequently reciprocally expressive as relevant sound therefore un displacing-not sequentially casual-not timely. And as such form has assumed a status other than molecular or genetic, but rather a sound presence( as suggested by the Super String Theory) that is compatible with the Eternal Light the refining essence of the Cosmos. Perception and  the accordant articulation become other than linear or casual. (Perception suggestive of intuition, spontaneous memory, sleep-meditation assimilation etcetera). Perception including perception of self is no longer based on impression realized through a thinking process expressed through ironic  language, similarly the spheroid  interactive material event is intact-not displaced…not realized through the current  science secured through self invalidating instruction or  inter active-displacing “temporary” technology powered by an inefficient external fuel source. The difference is between that which casually defines another materially related process through the dematerializing anomalies and an un displaced event that refines the same without irony. Meaning growth that is not dualistic, exclusionary, structurally self altering and de materializing. Light fully attuned as opposed materially time fully displaced. The difference is between the infinite Eternal and the ironically temporary as uncertain and functionally dematerializing. Understanding that the Super String theory speaks of a world below the subatomic made of sound vibrating strings. Acknowledging that in the Light presence “size” or any of the other dematerializing parameters like weight or temperature and therefore the related forces like torque or centrifugal …these are no longer functionally relevant. Except in that they are functional to the transition between the two dimensional worlds, explaining vibrations. (Two worlds at this point ours as displaced ironic casuality evidenced through disintegration and the timeless resonant spontaneity of the Cosmos). These activities, form status themselves, also are casual  factors related to form inby time. (Reminding harmonic sound does not fragment as process therefore is Light sympathetic). And currently the Super String Theory has defined an excess of 28 dimensions. (Eventually “I’m” certain each form will be identified as a potential sound avenue or string connecting to the infinite Light. Currently each human form becomes a dimension though the full nature of this happenstance… but not until a reciprocal “death” ideal is realized). Appreciating that the current death adaptation is linearly self serving and otherwise ironic to the flow Cosmic intent. This self dimensional flow is impeded because humans presently experience themselves as origin to their own willful source substantiated by their own rules, reflective scientific casually incremental conclusions and their capacity to destroy which is reflective of their acquired belief that the natural condition of material is disintegration. (Their argument is as convincing as self denying…fundamentally counter to infinity)….The discussed  Reciprocal is not the current casual practice-perception. Our Cosmic Godsoulprint. When the dimensional-inter active non-linarily articulate nature of the earth person is realized the linear process becomes a Cosmic option. Currently a dimension is defined as, “a property of space-an extension of space.” We have accommodated this definition beyond is casual linearity. The extension normally a displacement becomes a harmonic function of two forms resolved to their inherently ideal nature that is Lightfull and undisplaced. The dimension formulates as space not in space.  And accordingly ideal or temporary to the union. (Temporary is not a continuity of time) A refining function, Light compatible, not defining in nature that as process is displacing and accordingly dematerializing. The indicators of form in ironic process weight, temperature etcetera become refi9ning glow….suggestive of non-linear expansion-contraction ( from the linear perspective the Cosmic  sympathetic casual flux) or impending simultaneous spontaneity. A light voyage or accommodation is determinant and congruent ofby and through the Light. Beneficent man is not in control. Thank God. Literally meaning materially.  

We are in the process resolving the linearly displacing world and assuming a world of sequential spontaneity (The creation of traversing dimensions). A placement of convergence not dematerializing displacement. Given that we are transitioning our world of dematerializing material displacement to a world of materially refining spontaneity we are therefore manifesting an evolution (process submitting to presence-time yielding to ever presence or timelessness)…the linear material anomalies like distance-temperature relinquish as vibration before the realization of DNAs condition event. We have entered unto the nice Mr. Einstein’s second insight, “If mass is constricted enough the curvatures becomes infinite. ” The conjoined two observations speak to the resolution of the space time irony we are perceptually invested in , sustain through alteration and witness as dematerializing….Acknowledging that infinity negates time therefore causality…that which is infinite has no causality unless acted upon by that which is infinite or accordingly sympathetic (ie) substance and effect the same  as spontaneity).  Infinity the ideal of presence process must be harmonic or infinity becomes separated , fragmented, time corrupt. The question abides will the casual engagement be resonant-sympathetic to the infinite Light or disruptive as our current choices suggest. Further once the constriction of mass becomes infinite we have functionally entered unto an un- displaced, un bordered world (ie) The Light Eternal. A non-linear world of presence not process, a refining reality not defining, a world of spontaneity not quasi relational sequence.  We have an activity that resolves the anomaly of space and time in a manner that is other than casually dematerializing, a manner event activity that is infinite in nature therefore spontaneous and as such not intrinsically defined through linear opposition to the initiate event we sometimes know as  catastrophic failure or uncertain probability. The aforementioned suggestive of engaging non-excluding enlightenment. We are dwelling uninto the Eternal. Noting our quest is always one of spirit otherwise interactive  exclusion and irony define. Effecting the same while denying the spirit of self or condition event renders the effort flawed, unresolved and inconsistent (ie) dematerialized….. Otherwise the near of harmonically reciprocal. Once non-specific to time…causality can be personalized to a spontaneity of form that is harmonic and specific to intent, meaning the dimensional transom (entree juncture) we just discussed. (Indeed to assume a non-casual status suggestive of infinity any breach must be timelessly harmonic or causal apposition develops (ie) reverting to time irony…suggesting ironic dissonant Fusion energy…destination and departure (cause and effect more precisely cause then effect our current life adaptation) and all that is inclusive must not interfere with the un bordered (unordered?)…( infinite integrity). We have created and become participant within a harmonically controlled sound  non-conditional sequence, a revealing frequency that is relevant and inclusive to intent (ie) the voyage. Understanding that the voyage transmute includes the instrumentality or technology. I appreciate that the notion definition of frequency, as our friend offered, speaks to a material vibratory pattern that spans and is expressive of all forms of matter ie solids, liquids, gases, light And is transitory in nature.…. Our voyage is measured not in Light years but frequencies that are either spontaneous in nature (accordingly evolving) or casually linear or exclusionary… non-harmonic frequencies suggestive of displacement. (Current science suggests  that dark matter is the absence of frequency.) We are in part discussing a  communing refining dimensional frequency. Reciprocally resonant  and as such refining. Is the material refining of frequency speak to the transcendence of the Universe as the Universe?

*Accepting that the profound sound of silence is our conduit to the Light which is again  un bordered and all inclusive… there must be at a given juncture one sound or vibration that is a harmonic expression of the Light or harmonic sound singularly or collectively would be disruptive of the Light. God exclusionary. And this sound is representative of the temporary dimensional  breach . In non-time in the presence of harmonic form at a given juncture both are the same or the ideal sound would not be sympathetic to the Light. And this inclusive event or union is further evidence of the reciprocal-conversant nature of the Light.                     

Allowing a moment of presumed logic…. Light has sound because its presence is interactive and inclusive with evolving Cosmic form. (The question evolves is the sound a disruptive frequency reflective of our displaced ironic reality or a harmonic frequency attuned to the Cosmic Light) The sound of Light is the sympathetic sound of siloence as we have discussed. Clearly Light is sympathetic to form. But form is not sympathetic to Light indeed form is not agreeable to itself. Any disruption of the material Light creates a vibratory sound or frequency that is likely at a certain juncture compatible with the form that is creating the disruption. (Light does not disrupt Light). But we can infer that the material sound location of silence is in a likely state of constant transition since the condition of silence is intermediary between the two world. We can further infer for the aforementioned reason that the condition of silence is both a conduit to the Light and a conduit to darkness or dark matter. Therefore dark matter is material and has frequency. We can further deduce that given our present dematerializing-displacing orientation that we are much invested in dark matter. (Is dark matter material irony?). When a material condition or a material condition event can only be actualized through the material devaluation of the same material whatever its status we have what must be the essence of dark matter. “I” can’t help sense the critical importance of this insight. We have identified the material nature of our self opposing reality that defines us, but is other than ourselves. The ironic world within our own world. I sense the importance of these observations will become more clear, definite and compelling. Suggesting a world, perhaps a partial world transitory fleeting, of interim time where material and time are both transitory and potentially” trapped‘,” but not as we understand and apply. If linearity speaks to the disturbance between two points, dark matter, suggests a disturbance of one point, negating-consuming in natur4e. Suggests perhaps material reversal. What we interpret and experience as the natural material  ideal, however inconsistent and conflicted, is in this interim perhaps impartial world as suggested reversed. The end point unfold as the beginning point. A dematerialized material entity reverts to its ideal initiate “wholesome” origin. Clearly this would have to be suggested or the infinite essence of the Universe would be fractured. We are possibly examining the darkening depository for all our linearly destructive life choices including our fractured materially- spirituality that were sponsored by and validated our investment in disintegration. (Noting many raptures or wars have evolved through religious devotions). Given the infinite Eternal nature of the Universe dark matter might not be an issue of engaging “creative” frequency or materiality but a 0 frequency-a frequency or presence material condition event whose solitary function is denial throughout its cycle from our linear perspective beginning to end. These activity conditions are suggestive of the current understanding of black holes. In the extreme denying timeless memory.  Or the reversal of infinity as infinity. Clearly our present understanding of infinity includes all divergent activities whose material nature and function, however temporary, have to be included as part of infinity’s endless scope or infinity itself becomes intrinsically finite, incremental and self displacing. These insights also touch upon notions of reincarnation, resurrection and other transitory linear partialities like death and illusory perspectives like paranormal phenomena, mythology and perhaps adding further insight into celestial phenomena like super novas, black holes and the desired-preferred schism between Heaven and earth. Meaning perhaps dark matter is inherent to material not its ironic utility or process, otherwise the dematerializing nature of a condition or event would not occur through process or otherwise because it would be foreign to the material.

We discussed the sound of silence and the Light are all inclusive, without borders. Suggestive of spontaneity and infinity, immediate, impending as such refining. Given that both the presumed sound of silence and the presumed Light are all intuitive and otherwise sympathetic we can assume there is a greater bond between the two than one or both being conduit to the other. “I” suggest both being conduit to each other or exclusion would define. There is no priority one from the other, but that both are functionally related0-compatible as the refining motion of infinity. The sound of silence is the sound of the Light as infinity refining. Given that the near of any Cosmioc activity can lead to the  sound or the Light or the sound of the darkness we can assume that intrinsically the activity in question is either an issuance of  the sound of silence, the Light or the darkness or exclusion (dematerializi9ng disintegration or material extinction) would factor and be fundamental to the infinite Cosmos. We are offering that negation, the activity of darkness, is not functional to the infinite Eternal because exclusion of the infinite Light is the working nature of the darkness though clearly there is some commonality between the Light, the silence, the darkness both in substance, effect and consequence. Very simply the all life Creation is preferable to it’s negating not generating opposite. Creation is an issuance of continuity not discontinuity. Accordingly we can conclude the darkness as a choice, human or otherwise, is relevant to the puepose of the infinite Cosmos. When the Light is preferred or darkness once engaged is resolved to the Lioght the Cosmois flourishes. The children smile, the rivers swim, the trees grow our roots to the Comsos.

A perspective in clarity might be helpful. The fleeting anomaly of time though and as time explains our dilemma in trying to develop these ideas to a level of awareness that is not dependant on the consistent certitude based on invalidation. We maintain and redeem our fundamental understanding of self and all the enemates from self through time therefore invalidation. It is difficult to imagine a more ironic formulary than time. Incongruity is our life seed. Through the seemingly endless self adaptive  instrument of time the planet earth is in a constant state of Cosmic irresolution. The past, the present, the future…each separate from the other and only vaguely interactive through the materially non-casual ideation of memory or anticipation. Meaning you cannot materially revisit a event through your immediately relevant self that occurred ten years ago. Nor can you materially attend through your immediately relevant self an event that is planned two years into the future. Yet without the past-future interchange the materially current now becomes a pointless ambiguity. A non-sequential. Materially non-negotiable….The truly profound absurdity, irony beyond expression (is) that time is the machination of humans. There is no time in the Universe. At  some juncture in this essay gathering we have to ask the question what other instrument of measurable perspective and order (if any) can we use other than time given our organic disposition. More precisely let’s examine time displacement within the Cosmic panorama. Meaning what happens to time, therefore ourselves, in a timeless Universe. Clearly in the Cosmos there has to be an intervening condition that condones the past, the future and the present as a singular intact presence or the infinite nature of the Universe would not  be tolerable as infinity. In a harmoniously integrated-spontaneous therefore timeless Cosmos the Universe would not fracture and disappear at some  evolutionary impasse, but rather the Universe already has vanished. The condition of waiting is one of time, one of linearity-expressive and validated through ironic or displacing causality.  Let us develop an evolutionary human life form through thie metaphor of a window  trying to give clearer bearing to the aforementioned disparate inconsistency of time as our material interchange in a timeless Universe. And once more certain in our understanding be able to resolve our temporal  inconsistency to the Cosmic norm. and possibly through these insights be able to arrive at an expressive measurable material modality than time. First by time material  interchange I am indicating that we presently perceive,  interpret, alter and exchange the material through time. More precisely time linear displacement. This is how we experience our lives, witness the Universe and bond with God.                         

(There need not be, if I may suggest wit further emphasis, a distinction in this paper between material and spirit, acknowledging that in our acquired developing world we most often devaluate the spiritual through our material choices. Indeed our investment in this ironic dichotomy is so fundamental and profound the our current culture linear culture would  not be able to function if we effected the spiritual determinates many of which we are familiar with…. But now actually this distinction becomes more crucial given the observations relevant to dark matter as being functionally correspondent with the Light. The question-issue becomes…given the accrued nature of dark matter, darkness, at a given juncture extinction becomes immediate. Our choices as this juncture approaches that lead to this breach become influenced (approaching inevitability) by the imbalances between the darkness and the Light.  We have in the near of always assumed that disaster was consequent to our immediate linear choices, we would prevail if we remained true to our ideals and God abiding. But the reality is a spherical one. We are dealing with the choices of our ancestors many tiomes removed that foreshadow our choices, our awareness, predetermine our chances for spiritual transcendence. An example of this is global warming. Another is a nuclear war condition event….One of the acquired systems of belief is our linear self evaluation. We are pleased that we have had nuclear weapons for 60 years without using them in a global context. In actuality spherically therefore linearly  the nuclear war is and has been occur rent through many linear activities, disposition and choices that were and continue to be life denying (affirming of the darkness) so much so that the nuclear war in question approached an immediacy that precluded choice. The nuclear war happened in the near of all regards. Except for the detonation. Incredible resources of material, will and spirit were depleted-exhausted in order to create-effect-maintain this human-machine non-utility. Many  individual humans died. Continue accordingly. And all of our lives were made less. The Light extinguished before our eyes.

Fundamentally this speaks to all forms of human endeavor.  The nature of the disruption or breach (anagram - each be the reach) explains the defining frequency and its integrity. If the breach remains harmonic to the event we have created a non casual timeless avenue that congruently denies distance and the other anomaly “rules” of time space. Clearly once this breach is resolved to intent the avenue reverts to the all-inclusive Light. The entire event suggestive of an all-directional equidistant “glow.” The Light equivalent of an enema ting sound wave event ie  one rippling inwardly. (A process that is spontaneously reciprocal in nature or time apposition would factor). The harmonic un displaced motion of the Light. Refining revealing Eternal. Intervening “interrupting” in his inclusive communion of Light sound, the ideal silence, creates a vibratory frequency. Dual in nature, suggestive of departure-destination. Beginning and end. Cause and effect. A vibratory dual displacement evident when an inclusive harmonic body such as the Light is rendered other than inclusive, un bordered or homogenous (a holography of presumed opposites. Suggested in the Super String Theory as a “vibrating string.”) Seemingly an avenue that is elemental to the breach. A dimension potentially harmonic. If this harmonic breach is treated casually, apposition becomes evident and time begins to factor. Hence any activity within the harmonic breach that becomes materially ironic or displacing of its true material nature (the all inclusive Light) the event becomes sequentially de materializing. The difference is between Fusion energy. And Usion. USION being essentially a Fusion like event without displacement. Assuming and harmonic in nature, inclusionary not exclusionary. Creatively Light attuned not destructive. Appreciating that the sound of silence we are discussing, DNAs in general, is not only and auditory effect. But a vibratory material totality.

Brevity infers the Eternal. The question implores. How is this profound affinity effected. The clearer inquiry might be…how is it denied. The answer you know…our lives determined. Casual irony altered as such measured in linear time. Meaning to suggest the profound affinity is occur rent. Evidenced as your birth, the truth of your death. Your waiting spirit. The precognitions. Your evolving  worship. All tentative, temporary and inconsistent. Realized through the dematerializing self. How otherwise that spirit speaks as spoken. As such the near all material Lightfuly imbued. DNAs compatible….  Acknowledge the DNAs affinity between separated  material location events. And the reverse of the quantum riddle is realized. A Light conduit is affected through the distinct sounds of silence. Like the Light separate as a reflection of our evolved consensual irony. Sound and silence the ready of affinity as infinite thus refining. As opposed to defining through alteration witnessed and experienced as dematerializing.

The material irony evidenced by the conflicted convergence of temperature, weight, the varied tensions are indicators, are measurements and expressions of the disruption or alteration occasionally  occurring “naturally“ within the evolving scheme of form perceived and realized in time (a mapping of sorts of the ironic diffusion or displacement of the light) which again is interchangeable with the fragmentation or intended alteration. These distortions of form through time casualty can occur in less than one second or in the event of aging years-incrementally and sequentially derived. But if the harmonic breach is engaged as a sympathetic dual displacement, the process breach becomes a harmonically singular or convergent process hence presence. Self contained, not ironic or displacing. Naturally expressive of infinity. The breach returning to harmony. (The completion of the sound event or dimension assumes infinity). Not unlike a soap bubble harmonically imploding-exploding (more in the nature of spanning) without loss of form… in actuality a refinement of form that involves no displacement of space. (Space evolving as space rather than into space). What remains is the functional memory of the event. Memory itself being timeless in nature, an issue of spontaneity not linear sequence. And the memory of the event need not be an ephemeral recollection, but a material consequence (an event  that as memory can be duplicated) like the completion of the voyage or a transmute. Duplicate Universe as opposed to parallel Universe which is a displacement.

*Here (IO) would like to introduce several concepts. Reminding that the embracing juncture or breach is a function of the Light therefore beyond our ability to perceive or alter since we are organic form consequently Light fragmenting. And accordingly obviously beyond our ability to express and influence in a manner that we are accustomed, familiar with and generally frustrated by…  meaning to alter in a manner that reflects our repressed-segmented selves. But not beyond our ability derive value. We can and do experience what we are not aware of and are unable to control. These forces we vaguely refer to linearly but not casually as sleep, inspiration, memory, dream, possibly forgetting, luck coincidence; we experience as and ironically anticipate after prayer. Relevant to sleep we assume each sleep experience is similar, not distinctly different, and not progressively dissimilar. It would appear that sleep like the Light and the near sound of silence of our nocturnal selves, sleep is the one constant. * We attempt to legitimize these “activities” through what is pleasantly referred to and encouraged as faith. (Next to the destruction of human beings and Creation  “faith” has been the greatest depository of spiritual neglect). Not “the faith speaking to a certain religion” or suggesting hope, but the seed that thrives as encouraged ignorance and is nurtured by fear. God is not evident or legitimized through faith, but asby Creation. Faith has been an attempt to delegate God to man’s selective will and interpretation. Faith is validated through an anticipated linear event the integrity of which is uncertain and might be counter or opposite  to the initial desire. Faith promises what is not apparent or provable. Explaining in part why the earth people refuse to graduate from their Holy Temples and sustain their presence through controlled ritual of thought or practice rather than an encouraged individualistic union with God…. Attaining ones own Godsoulprint8 .

Yes the concepts speak to the two centrifugal forces. Torsion meaning the4 twisting of an object by two equal and opposite torques. Clearly affecting this dynamic harmonically begins to relieve form of its casual nature. Realizing Torsion simultaneously from three related engaging forms begins to suggest the transcendence to which we have already alluded. As form yields to its inherent sound, its non-casual nature, time becomes less relevant and consequently the dematerializing effect is gradually reduced and eventually negated. A juncture previously alluded to as sound cryogenics has been realized. We have left behind the sequential and are approaching the spontaneous. When we have reached un displaced sound, DNAs, we are no longer functioning within the scheme of the earthly anomaly. The inverse proportionality of gravity has also assumed a more coherent (less inverse) nature. In the impending absence of form and related weight the gravitational pull or force has become more sympathetic. Acoustic osmosis has been attained. What has occurred can be more clearly understood through the following insights…appreciating that we have breached the linear and engaged the infinite: An  harmonic energy presence not factored in time or explainable as limitless ironic  relocation. Locality suggests parameter and form inference. We are engaged to non-locality the infinite presence. Spiritually spoken of as grace or bliss, the transcendence of being that would not occur if the seemingly transient torsion transmogrify were not compatible with the human form and the non casual un displaced state of  the harmonic event, or Light. Meaning being Cosmically transcendent  already occur as elemental to the frustrated casual process of the human but we are not aware and when we are as in the context as intuition or miracle these spherical events  become linear or self displacing rather than Cosmically reciprocal.  All the allegory, magic and pretence aside the human form is subject to the same materially displacing laws as all that is Cosmic however frustrated and repressed.. Be the understandings organic or spiritual in nature (both material), assuming there is still a need to separate the Light or God affect to clarify understanding or more correctly perpetuate the advantage of misunderstanding…. Please continue to comprehend the aforementioned within an appreciation of Spin and Span. An initiate material motion evolving into sound cohesion and the material resolution of displaced form to the ideal non-causality of a reciprocal Light event. Definition of Spin: “Causing swiftly to rotate. Swift underlying motion. To prolong or extend form, a twisting web. Definition Span. (Past tense of spin). To in circle as if to measure. To form a span over.” Noting when a past event is materially resolved to a current material activity the irony of casual linearity and time displacement has at least been temporarily determined (ie) timelessness has been engendered…. Appreciating that the approaching non- linear status of spin and span becomes a torsion transmogrify acoustically resonant in status before ironic materiality yields to an un displaced harmonic distance no longer subject to the earthly dematerializing affect. What  substance of form remains as a reciprocal potential is Light imbued through the sonorant  and revealing DNAs and no longer is casually dematerializing  meaning of course that the factors of distance, weight, temperature and the other characteristic ironic status like centrifugal force no longer factor. Accordingly gravity is no longer inverse and proportional, but harmonically sympathetic as well. We have arrived  at a new material reality that is literally beyond organic perception and assimilation, but not assumption and relevant valuation. Do these various conceptions allow understanding how a space vehicle, while assimilating such forces harmonically, would be able to assume gravity to advantage and manifest “abnormal” flight maneuvers that earth observers have credited to these vehicles? The functional notion of span as the past tense of spin speaks to an other than linear manifestation of time within the scope of the two extended definitions… the implications will interest linear thinkers … capable of giving practical application of functional casual detail within the material substance o5f the developed patterned cohesion of logic in this essay. Within the casual limits of form non-linear  time is the near assimilation of non time. Non locality the un displaced, the approaching spontaneity.  And we will not have ignition. But resonance. Another perspective might assist in more clearly understanding. The earth compass becomes a Sphere (ie) “A series of concentric revolving solid geometric figures whose surface is at all points equidistant to a center. In terms of navigation an evolving equidistant center, which remains stationary, while relevant and resonant “revealing” and related events “appear” to be changing. The Heavens arrive to your location. And you to the Heavens (already there), though perceptually in the evolving elsewhere of your displacing-preoccupied ironic self.  Understanding that the linear earth compass has no practical application in the Cosmos as it thrives and refines.

Any presence within this dimensional scheme that is compatible (DNAs symbiotic) to the presence process becomes accordingly manifest. A time breach reverted to the timeless infinite accommodates displacement to near infinity or non-displacing spontaneity. Meaning 100 hundred Light years are resolved in the near of instantaneously. The dimension or avenue disappears when the breach is resolved through relevant DNAs. Essentially the voyage becomes complete with the materializing of the vehicle that created or engineered the breach. This is suggested in another physical law. “The object gets smaller in the direction of travel.” Indeed  earth science explains at half the speed of Light about six seventh of the space vehicle’s length is lost. Clearly a non-harmonic linear adaptation determined through fuel propulsion in a Universe that is not linearly explainable. Yet if mass is constricted enough the curvature becomes infinite. Clearly a harmonic accommodation. Un displaced, non casual or timeless. Weight, distance, temperature have been sympathetically absolved. Sound, Light and harmonic-form predominate. The infinite is manifest, the Eternal Everpresent. Further demonstrating why the current linear assimilation to the Light is a spiritual journey not one of technology and linear scholarship.

*Frequency is “trapped “ like gravity in a sense collected inby form either externally or internally within the functional limits of  relational form. And distorted through dematerializing ie time. But nonetheless apparent. And harmoniously so when conditions become ideal.

* The Light is unordered, otherwise it would be functional to casual effect. Reminding God is the omnipresence of omniscience. The earth peoples scheme is an ordered scheme, the multiplicity of controls reflecting on man’s disordered nature-essentially perpetuated as such.

Let us please look at a dual displacement: In the absence of time  there can be no displacing form. In the ideal of Light frequency it is time (a non material) that becomes inconsequential not form… as form becomes harmonically assimilated. And in the absence of form the Light becomes consequential or inclusively apparent and un bordered. We have entered uninto a world that is devoid of temperature, weight (therefore gravity flux), the time anomaly displacement of distance and all the potentially destructive or dematerializing  forces. A world of profound immediacy. This dynamic process can be realized from any juncture. Meaning this dynamic can be affected reciprocally, in what is perceived as the “reverse” and therefore simultaneously from opposite directions ie-Light integrity can be returned to the causality of form. (Hence within the scope of a developing time dynamic we are returning to the current from the future) Prior to the harmonic breach we dwell disturbed casually in infinity. Awaiting an all inclusive, non-localized holographically harmonic status. Once the breach becomes manifest. Harmonic form is suggested. Therefore a “new” dimension reciprocally relevant to the inclusive event. Consequently a new appreciation of causality becomes relevant (a sense of refining-a sense of growth without dematerializing alteration), the inference of time apposition no longer factors. This process occurs as a sequential spontaneity. The permanent disruption of form (any sense of sequence) becomes harmonic or relevantly inclusive. The breach in a sense is gapped. The time ripple is reversed. The breach harmonically refining through relevant DNAs determines the nature or direction of the “trip.”  Returning form to source through origin. Reminding that the rules of the Universe predominate. And are determinate. The Cosmos from whence we came.                

The aforementioned is sequentially suggested in the definition of gravity, “A force which for any two mass bodies is directly proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them.” Relevant to gravity mass no longer factors, nor does distance in the absence of related-displacing form. As this panorama between time space form and displacement unfolds can gravity be brought to play in a manner that is not only harmonious to our purpose but one that helps facilitate the inter stellar event. Indeed the actualizing of gravity to a relevant form serves -to encompass and secures the pneumatic interstellar event within the un bordered presence. Meaning in this context beyond influence and  the un- bordered nature of the Light. Gravity in a sense becomes that harmonic form uninto which our inter stellar journey enfolds. In a sense the evolving musical scale that identifies and aides in developing the essence of the aforementioned landscape whether this be an inter stellar journey, the harmonic resolution of a leukemia or the near assumption of twenty medical books in a non-sequential moment or flash. (Can you sense the relevance of Spin and Span energy engaging this theoretical definition of gravity)? An infinite axis symmetry has been created functionally dimensional in nature as a reciprocally relevant and revealing frequency. But please note the definition of gravity is exclusionary and becomes functional from the one material perspective, itself the encompassing agent. What happens when the gravitational forces become simultaneously attracted, inferring a desired spontaneity? We are discussing a harmonic force possibly functionally beyond estimation. At a certain juncture through gravity not in spite we become gravity in tuned… no longer inversely proportional in any regard since mass and distance have been harmonically resolved to the approaching or impending union or spontaneity. Clearly at this juncture we are no longer in control, except when being destructive, we are conjoined in a sequential process. Destruction infers spontaneity, but not inby the nature of the Light which is a spiritual creative valuation. We are discussing a concept, a formulation other than energy. Not conventional energy requiring an external contrast or activity to create capacity. The mere presence of form actualizes response. If the juncture or breach is DNAs compatible the resultant energy becomes sympathetic. And harmonic. Remember music is it’s own response. Obviously the same is true of the Light and the silences. In a substantial sense music is our adaptation of the two….

*Gravity gradually becomes harmonic, casually  the essential flow, the ebb and flow of refinement rather than the dynamic protocol involving casual form displacement or gravity during functional dematerializing. Gravity on earth pulls everything to the center of earth. The nice Mister Newton’s apple falls the earth rises to greet the gentle morsel. The further the objects the smaller the forces, the closer the objects the greater the forces of gravity. Heavy materials pull against each other with larger forces. But clearly these are functional responses to forms realized in time realized in a casually linear world. Realities of gravity that become harmonically otherwise when the vagrancies of distance, weight and related proportionality no longer factor. Gravity however briefly within the aforementioned idealized resonant un displaced transmogrify has become its own orbit.

*Gravity resolves not to presence. But asby presence. Inferring the refining presence. The refined ideal of the law of attractions has occurred.

The nice and courageous Galileo observed the arc of a swinging lamp and timed the diminishing swing with his heart beat. The gentleman scientist realized that the full arc of the lamp took as long as the lesser arc when the lamp has slowed. Meaning that an arc of ninety degrees took just as much time as one of  forty five, as thirty five-down to several degrees. Does this not  infer an interesting correlation between motion and time. The inference being that at a given diminished juncture of motion time is reduced to stillness or non-time. And what are the implications for negative time. And what happens to time, our current capacity for observation and the realization-expression of matter when the arc becomes spherical. What happens to us inby this realm? How would we adapt?

If we may give ourselves to a moment of practicality in terms of understanding the difference between what is sequential within the current scope of time-space and what is spontaneous and accordingly harmonically dimensional…acknowledging that a sequentially anticipated space voyage can  “take” one thousand years. Indeed reaching the speeds to make such  a voyage current understanding notes would take several years. Slowing down to a stop similarity would take years. The same relocation within the parameter of relevant and revealing dimensional frequency or spontaneity can take half an hour. (The half hour presumably relates metaphorically to an adaptive effort on the part of the crew). Another example. A law degree can take four years or half of one second. Understanding the fact the law degree was assimilated in four years suggests compatibility. We are not discussing a process that is foreign to our species. Simply a more efficient approach that defies our understanding of process. And our perception of self and Creation. Therefore God. A sympathetic process that does not involve casual apposition that is the defining essence currently of the earth people which includes their distinctive physiology. We are discussing not only transcending linear perception, going beyond formulation process and the inherent dematerializing result, but also essentially going beyond our transient physiology and its entire related anomaly. As form, perception and expression. An encouraged physiology that has linearly anchored the human to their interpersonal and institutional niche. We are discussing transcendence. A brief harmonic transmogrify. Two forms compatibly conjoined (two forms harmonically displaced as one) ie the law books and the student or the cure-disease dichotomy of “cancer.“ The ideal consensual. A material light status that already exists, but does so ironically and is subject to all the relevant material foibles which in this harmonic synthesis have been accommodated uniformly and non casually. Distance is no longer a separation. Temperature,  measurements and un displaced activity are no longer a variant. Mass is no longer consequential to density. Eddington’s Law prevails, “ Mass is a function of luminosity.” We have gone beyond Eddington’s law…what sense of mass remains, as substance has become the Light. Opacity becomes the likely final issue. Not only all-inclusive, un bordered, un ordered, but obviously self-sustaining, self-contained within the described nature otherwise separation-displacement would factor. In the acoustically symmetrical event the axis to the breach event becomes the relevant and light compatible technology. *Understanding that the ideal nature of frequency is holographic and inferring of infinity. As is true of the entire Universe. Prior to it’s non-beginning therefore currently potentially so. The infinite Eternal is natural to the Universe or God would have created the Universe in apposition to the God self….The God infinite God “self.” Allowing the consideration the Godself would presumably be both spherical and linear in nature and function, two effects that would generally displace one another, but are God tolerant or we would not be able to perceive however ironically the God essence. And as such only God can displace creatively, thus Creation, without a dematerializing effect. Appreciating that God dwells beyond an exacting human perception or witnessed expression, but is also  the functional nature of perceptual fo9rm linarily expressed. (And everything else always). The humans are therefore not created in God’s image, but inby as an evolving reflection of God’s image. Though no materiality in the God’s Universe could  deny-exclude God as a functional element of the infinite Eternal. Noting as language speaks language denies, degree, frustrates the absolute. We wait inferring in awe. Our choices ours no less God’s unless otherwise determined.

Please understand whatever the applicable relevance of these developing concepts “much” of life will continue as you currently appreciate and fear. The medical student will still have to cross the street hoping not to make contact with a vehicle. The young lady who has preoccupied your attention might not feel the same way about you. An unhappy man might still hit you on the head too hard and take your wallet. John and I can still sit down and try to figure out which one of us is talking. These things that define our human nature will continue, but given the transcendence discussed presumably our world will be less dangerous more polite and loving. Conceivably given the limitless predisposition of these ideals psychologists might have more clients than fewer. And the therapy session would be less linear more intuitively conversant and wouldn’t require office visits given the non localized implications of the sphere.

*Briefly if you will let’s examine the feverish Sir Isaac Newton’s law of motion. “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Clearly this is a linear concept acknowledging cause and effect through displacement. Realized in time. A sequential application. Like all on this planet is potentially harmo0nically spontaneous, yet the causal opposites predominate. Explaining the need for rethinking, relocating, repeating, endless research, restructuring. Linearly in time the casual displacing apposition seems to be without end.  Fundamentally error relevance becomes the essence of displacement. And dematerializing. But if you can imagine- visualize these adaptive concepts, gravity, Sir Isaacs law of motion, relativity, the Quantum model not as casual and vaguely integrated, but simultaneously immediate… a refining holding motion which we interrupt through the ironic limitations ofin and through our form perception. A process perspective from which we in turn alter the refining spontaneous reality to our own paradoxical satisfaction.  What happens to Newton’s law in a spontaneous world devoid of distance interaction, devoid of sequence and opposites? This is not our interactive world, but can we engage this boundless Light presence to a preferred ideal of self. Yet Newton’s law is elemental to our understanding of gravity. (The suggestion that gravity has form offered by the nice and gentle bus boy at the European Café in Omaha, Nebraska). What happens to the “form” of gravity when its essence is no longer a relational-interactive affect? What happens to relativity when e3nergy and mass are interchangeable with the light meaning harmonic? Squaring mass only has relevance in a perceptually displaced world. A world of applicable fusion that is a reflection as everything of the earth peoples spiritual choices or the lack thereof. Does this relate to zero gravity? What is the frequency of gravity? Presumably more in the nature of a sympathetically attaining (in) frequency. Again the suggestion of the resolution of frequency to the Light or un displaced resonant frequency. The profound affinity of material  (ie) infinity.

Can sound frequencies mutually displacing harmonically as a relevant form assimilation, accordingly resolve the intransigence of form to its essential Cosmic essence…. Is this possible given that form is as basic to our presence as the need for air? How can we attune this reciprocally relevant and revealing sound that will gather us to the awesome Light communion.  What is our organic conduit to the Light? Whether we are discussing an inter galactic journey, the assumption of twenty books by a theology student in a consequential moment or the harmonic assimilation of a damaging virus such as AIDS from the planetary scheme. (Assuming that his virus has not become elemental to our balanced relationship with nature, the one vibration, given our grotesque relationship with the same). Understanding that in a Light world that does not function to distance from weight, temperature and apposition in general any manifest realization of the Light would be harmonic to the nature of the Light or the desired event would not occur. This protocol in religious texts referred to as… “Thy will be done God.”

Considering the disparate assimilati0on of opposing gravitational  “locations.” Not r4esolving gravity through force propulsion, but as gravity through gravity harmonically related to weight or distance proportionality. Reminding that gravity is material and as such has either form or impending, evolving form…. Ideally gravity is not measurable but realized as harmonic frequency while destination and departure become the near of one. Meaning of course non-causality. What happens to gravity when we are not acting upon gravity or being acted upon by gravity, but rather are harmonically a part thereof? Gravity no longer functions as a gradually displacing force relevant and proportional to the nature of the displacing event, a force that must be overcome, but rather facilitates spontaneity in a manner the is unique to the anticipated event…. Form as such becomes transom to itself or Light “admitting” without casual- displacement., without the dematerializing accompaniments which had to be overcome through force alteration relocation which defined engineering design and  the need for power propulsion. Profound limitations ironic to intent when intent is measured as probability and success becomes intrinsic to a likelihood of failure or material disaster….We are further developing mutually excluding frequencies (material displacement) resolved to create a dimension harmonically unique and sympathetic to desired event  function or purpose. A dimension  is linearly defined and accordingly experienced ( casually actualized) as ,”an extension of space a property of space.” But as previously suggested we are now examining dimension as  a transitory  controlling spontaneity which includes all relevant form materials or displacement would factor invalidating spontaneity….The dimension becomes the inter stellar trip itself, the cancer resolution, de aging or the conjoined assimilation between “reader” and ten books…..This formulary  speaks to a Light assuming  event (the near of a Creation event)- a brief harmonic, not displaced, form briefly ideal to intent as assimilated through relevant and revealing DNAs.
.       Further appreci9ate the near of everything perceivable and inter active is triangulated onin this time-casually manifest planet. Two parents…one child. Three states of matter. Three interactive assimilations of time ie …past, present, future, seed fruit orchard, three-dimensional world, Heaven, hell and earth, three evolving conditions of matter. The Cosmically obliging question becomes are these earthly form triangulations going to be actualized through li9narily casual dematerializing based on conscious alteration measured through ironic time; or will these tranquilizations be experienced spherically without functional fragmenting material interruption as a defining chaos either in the immediate or potentially. Spherically whereby cause and effect intent are determinable not as ironi9c process, but as revealing presence that is compatible with infinity as infinite. (Infinity acted upon has to sustain infinity “eventually“ either ironically or sympathetically. As the infinite darkness or the infinite Light. Otherwise the darkness would Cosmically exist irrespective of the God omnipresence. Determining this conclusively appears to be impossible. But within the planetary scheme the evidence suggests the darkness and the Light persist in their timeless struggle, a Cosmic spherical assimilation where all accrues materially on a Cosmic scale beyond the irony of linear distance and the convenient displacing anomalies of time. Hence as there is no death there is extinction. The death of death expressible. Such is our time. The time of now is as if forever)…. Currently the light through engaging linear time has been essentially displaced casually as interactive form creating this active triad which we try to remedy through ironic material alteration. Explaining the redundant futility in our lives. Excuse time causality from our life’s process and we are Eternal amidst the thriving Light…. As discussed we alter this planetary reality, which like the rest of the Comos is Light imbued and expressive, through constant casual alteration evidenced through the interactive anomalies of weight, temperature, distance, mass on and against a gravitational field. (Gravity is the canvass on which the Universe unfolds itself and the canvas is the Light). Is it not reasonable to assume that resolving this time- triangulation must acknowledge and consequently resolve the triangulation formulation that represses and distorts the omnipresent Light to a new un displaced harmonic venue? Consider three ideal forms, conjoined harmonically through assuming DNAs. And as such not linearly  self apposed ….consequently not a variant to (its) evolving self through weight, temperature and the other forces. The three ideal forms are DNAs compatible, they are harmonic unto themselves. Resolving these forms, dimensionally to a co0mmon DNAs resonance and what results is a harmonic formulation to the fourth dimension the Light relevant and reciprocally revealing of and by its origin source. Further evidence that each form including the human is a dimension, one casually lost or self-opposed in time seeking catharsis or harmonic communion. The final material vagrancy has been absolved and that is distance therefore any illusions to speed ( such as the speed of light) or relocation have accordingly been resolved as well from the linear to the spherical.. Without any consequential de materializing which can only occur through ironic form interaction. The vague inference is of time travel, but the material reality is that there no longer is time. No process only presence…equidistant ever presence inferred as form asby the Light through the concordant or un displacing sound of silence.

Relevant to our inter stellar journey are the three forms  departure, destination and the anomalous vehicle involved in the transom “journey.” Engaging the aforementioned formula would be suggested by one sensation creating the breach relocation and the consequent dematerializing forms resulting in an unrelated inversion of time to the Light manifest. The suggestion is that the initial breach sound convergence would crate itself when the triangulated DNAsounds were materialized. The suggestion in space travel lore such as Roswell, an event real or otherwise material nonetheless (only disparate in time in the Light one and the same) suggests that these vehicles are “navigated” by thought. Understanding any sustained propulsion or directional motion is out of the guest ion, consequently all the traditional modalities suggested by our self-reflected technology do not apply. Understanding when the term or sensation thought is suggested we are discussing a singular intact non-casual entity or presence. Not thought as we are currently aware. But thought  unrelated functionally to the ambiguity and linearity of thinking. An exacting and intact presence that predates the materializing of the planet earth therefore is much more Universe representative than our adaptation. The simplicity is beautiful we are discussing and accordingly engaging…the thought of the trip. Harmonic  essence  as thought instead of the ironic material adaptation of an uncertain linear trip is  facilitated  through relevant engineering that’s compatible the our casually altered-dematerializing reality. Spherically the thought of the trip and all relevant thought and engineering become one  and the same or displacement begins to define again, therefore it becomes reasonable to consider that the trip in question would be effected “navigated” through some expression of thought.( Explaining why the Roswell craft presumably was able to “jump” non linearly from one location to another….one thought to another creating a non-localized event).Let  us appreciate we are not only exami9ng-proposing revolutionary new concepts, but also a human being well beyond the current acknowledgement with talents remarkable that can only be realized and appreciated spiritually…. You were your parents linear thought before you were conceived offrom the Light. The voyage would be designed or engineered, as opposed to planned and subsequently engaged linearly. Once the voyage is structured or harmonically secured, the trip would presumably be engaged as it‘s own dimensional formulary. A garden of gravity and the formulated organic forces would be tilled to a DNAs harmonic ideal, the process simultaneously resolved to a reciprocal transitory spontaneity. The actualized trip. We have “arrived” not though time and casual space, but Light fully. We swim not on the ocean. But as the ocean. An effervescent ocean of Light. The trip becomes a sphere, a temporary dimension unto itself. Functional as a spontaneous or timeless memory of the trip. Memory and thought become a such interchangeable, other than a linear manifest.

This formulated perspective or thought is not expressed through language, but as a refined-exclusionary sound that becomes the near of all-inclusive. A presence of process we are not entirely control, resolution or resonance becomes anticipated not functional to origin-consequence because the human in essence is not the source-the un bordered and un ordered Light is…as suggested we are examining the process presence of our origin. We have taken this “trip” before. And continue to do so. This is not an experience foreign unless we become foreign to ourselves which of course is our disposition, our life style. Acknowledging that there cannot be more than the intact whole or less when the whole is understood as everything that birth and death suggests and transcends. ( As such The Universe as a perceivable-expressive whole or totality is beyond a comprehension that is reflective of the human materiality that does not predate itself because this status condition cannot predate God).  Death is a material continuation,  not interrupting , accruing and profound not de materializing or decaying. Currently as form we think often through our senses and of course the inherent limitations of form. And your birth conception (in part) is in the timeless Universe is a non-casual event, the cause of it’s own effect. A function of the Light not of time. Within the evolving concept of thought as a predetermined  reality that predates the materialized planet earth, your birth can be perceived as God’s thought. God’s choice. Clearly  the human is not the origin source of their own form. You are God’s child. Only less so by your affectation similarly so with your earth parents. Your anguished or self educated self-reflecting choices. Not God reflective Light articulate.

*If birth were unique and original to the parents, they would  as origin source be  the origin of themselves. They would predate God. Reminding all is of God’s source. A baby is born with minimal form, without choice , beyond the functional language of self apposition and without institutional entrapment, the babies relationship with God is one of essence not linear preferential instruction, as well the baby child is not aware of death-accordingly not influenced. The same parameter distinctions hold true for the status condition of death, except for the awareness of death. Which as a Light fully evident issue the awareness of death upon death becomes a spherical summation of the accrued-acquired life otherwise displacement would follow. Presumably the summation speaks either as the darkness or the Light, though this summation Biblically referred to as salvation continues beyond the limits of the single form. Also Biblically linearly spoken of as, “the sins of the father.” Upon death you greet all that you have done. And said. The space  refining as space not into  space speaks to the absolution between the darkness and the Light. Consequently does you “status” upon death continue to change-refine relevant to the activities of  the planetary humans. The answer is yes beyond it’s own contrast. Yet the darkness and the Light. What speaks the darkness that listens? Of this (I) know less than little….Perhaps those initially who share your DNA, upon death a refining sound of silence attracted to the darkness or the Light. Explaining reincarnation-resurrection on a Cosmic scale that is both Universe and planetary resplendent…influencing and influenced. (Are forty generations of one family really several million people. Assuredly when all at one time were one, including our cousin the chipmunks, the fish, the trees and “our” dreams. The Cosmic swirl unfolding flow….The communal familial Karma otherwise death would not be a determinant continuity and as such reflective and integral ofby the infinite Eternal. And so resurrection and reincarnation are one unless linearly indisposed. (All “religions” one ofbyas God expressive. Do you disagree hence you are…. Meaning the child woman and the child man is ofby the Light, un displaced only timely ironic asby choice… Light affluent therefore unwillingly awaiting ironic linear instruction.

Understanding to appreciate “the thought of the trip” is both exact -inclusive and a sound.   Meaning unlike any other sound immediate to the Universe at that particular juncture, therefore also within the context of the triangulated dynamic this particular sound is inclusive and un bordered to the event  and as such Light sympathetic. Furthermore as an un- displaced sound “thought” without any alteration a  harmonic sound can be experienced (or reverted) in the opposite direction without  the casual dematerializing irony. Thought minimizes displacement technology attuning “intent” to the Cosmos. Organically of relevance to the space ship since this element explains a return to departure origin, is the completion of the trip. Otherwise this sound dynamic remains the same, departure and destination are inter changeable. Even in the playing and “listening” of music as in the planet earth unlike any other medium that requires alteration even at a minimum translation… music is its own response. As we are in a sense  our own response once the linear partiality of birth and death is harmonically resolved. As a  sound-Light realization that finally is expressible spontaneously without casual self or shared apposition. Or prior to death if an individual chooses.

Can sound frequencies harmonically displaced as a relevant form assimilation actualize the  essential casual intransigence of form to the Cosmic Ever presence. How can we attune the reciprocally relevant and revealing sound to a Light communion? Whether we are discussing the near spontaneous assumption of twenty books by  casually dormant theology student,  anticipating an inter galactic journey  or attempting to assimilate the AIDS virus from the planetary scheme. Assuming that this virus has not become essential to the one essential vibration of the planet, otherwise referred to as the balance of nature. Understanding that any attempt to assume the Light presence does not guarantee the same, though the Light is without ironic displacement…we are. The variance between these two worlds is expressed in religious texts as…”Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.”

Can we gather the fewer words, brevity of sound infers infinity. Our intent is to evolve from our displacing casual ironic reality to the spherical spontaneous Cosmis. We begin the disruptive ironic frequencies we are accustomed to. (DNAs spin and span become initiate when the relevant triangulated DNAs are actualized, the transmogrify begins). Frequencies are becoming sympathetic. Now harmonic vibrations approaching the spherical as this event becomes its own dimension when casual time “the space time no -continuum” (is) absolved through the spherical assimilation of the nice Professor Einstein’s two theories from their linear norm. Remembering to remind. “At the speed of Light there is no passage of time.” And. “When mass is constricted enough the curvature becomes infinite.” Hence the spherical spontaneous event. Meaning that through the DNAs assimilation as spin-span motion of the frequency status to harmonic vibration mass has become non linearly idealized as infinite curvature. Non-causality has been accordingly resolved time  consequently yields to timelessness. We have our Usion spherical event. Other materialized not dematerializing while the event is conjoined by accordant-concordant  gravity. A nice mathematician would do this nicely as an equation. A musician otherwise as well be done.

The disparate assimilatiOon of varied gravitational forces, respondent to an evolving form presence such as the described other than linear inter stellar journey, does  become a determinative concern.  Also in sum beyond the casual affect of man. Like harmonic sound or earth music…gravity can become its own response. Gravity becomes harmonic, inclusive of the formulated event or gravity would interfere un- displaced Light union. Gravity as a near ideal formulation accommodates-facilitates sympathetically with the evolving linear event or events as a resonant singularity approaches.  But gravity must be appreciated as a whole not a sequential force presence acknowledging a perceptually linear evolving or impending event. Ideally gravity can be appraised non-casually by way of  affecting and comprehending  the harmonic Light communion. What happens to gravity when we are not  engaging  gravity or being acted upon by gravity, but rather harmonically attuned to this evolving material formulation? Form becomes transom to itself or Light harmonic in the absence of it’s own causality. Sympathetic yet still exclusionary frequencies approach harmony between Light and sound becomi9ng more so the same as gravity becomes attuned and compatible, other than a force. Understanding that Light requires no cohesion, no attraction other than itself. And is otherwise not compatible. In order that a non-harmonic presence process such as casual form “conjoin” with a foreign presence meaning that Light-a mutually compatible avenue must facilitate this idealized breach. And this compatible breach is a harmonic dimension  “briefly sequence yields to spontaneity”…held together by its own gravity. Gravity would appear to become a respondent factor rather than a presence force that would have to be altered or engaged. Gravity sympathetically joins the flow, the musical scale of sorts. The imploding bubble, a self consuming echo that accordingly becomes it‘s own nurtured substance. Not gravity or dimension as we currently understand. But the dimension itself, the breach avenue, becomes entire desired harmonic event. Just before union. Communion. A transmogrify becomes transom to itself. The self in question becomes destination and departure. These two disparate calculated locations that linearly determine the nature of the trip in our communion, the harmonic dimension as described become an inversion of each other. This conversion helps alter the nature of gravity from form to melody. If correct incredible you must agree. Duality in most all regards has neared the ideal of resolution, including the time differential between current and future rooted in the anomaly of the past. Yes dimension as an influenced spontaneity speaks to the Light assuming a “brief” (notion not of time but inversion) harmonic. Un displaced form ideal to assimilating event by the relevant and  self revealing frequencies, previously suggested as DNAs. Frequencies that are  no longer suggestive of a casual vibratory response to a linear event, but rather an evolving harmonic attunement to the Light.

Appreci9ate again please  the  near of everything perceivable by intent on this planet is triangulated  through time. Two parents one child. “Our” three dimensional world. Past-present anticipating the future. Three states of matter evolving through the fulcrum of time. Birth-life-death. All dematerializing “naturally” evidenced through the alterations of weight, temperature, mass-density, other forces…resulting in a variance of form from the initial juncture which easily encourages the conclusion that on this planet “everything that begins ends.”  This ironic determination and the dematerializing process in question do not consequentially acknowledge and  factor the Cosmic seed. The Light. The time absent Eternal flow. The non-casual refining that does not deny casually the previous refined status in order to evolve. Such is the nature of the Light. The essence of God. And the ideal of love. And clearly in the absence of the time flux the form altering life panorama on the planet Earth is witnessed and realized differently.  Wonderfully.  Undeniably. Harmonically. Can it be questioned that the ironic and beautiful forms of our lives are God intended. Your children shaded by the generous tree waiting for the warmth of the stars. And your next kiss…. Also without question we understand that our lives are if not suffering potentially so. And we despair. And are unloved. And the soldiers march to protect peace while denying it. Yet we reach and yearn for God as  because we exist in spite of ourselves. And what glorious questions we have asked. What answers we have prevailed. But in the gentle now of forever a love offering has been extended. Explained as the Light conversant you. The awed God reciprocal. All embracing as yourself.  Appreciating as your prayers know your voice before you speak amidst the Light there is no triangulated separation thriving for the same. Truly whispering the same as you sleep, thrive of luck or coincidence, of prayer’s breath or precognitive gift… derived as you are singularly so of God remembrance. Hence you sing celestially. No words allowance spent as spoken. Your Godsoulprint waits your Light seed’s instruction.


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