DENIED -- The Universe is timeless. Infinity suggests as much. (Infinity the Universe material uninterrupted continuity).


In your temporary world "our Eternal location of self" is devoid of the fullest identity purpose. Through acguired time imposition you live an unresolved non- Eternal existence which you impose on Creation's environment. Your time imbued separated reality is based on incompletion. And value through loss uncertainty. You live with death’s encouraged opportunity. Death’s debilitating consent. Temporary success is attained while acknowledging failure’s purpose. The room of self, your ironically unsustainable non- Eternal life, is near Eternally empty as an issue of temporal process. And flawed anticipation. But Cosmically you can only empty a room that is always full. Explaining a life denied. You deny yourself not Eternity. Most curious? Wondrous Cosmic splendor awaits. Beyond your current imaginations sway?

Remember stepping into the room. And your surprised, “The room is empty.” Yet you are standing in the room you claim is vacant. In your non- Eternal world your locations of self are always devoid of your fullest self. Your time imbued culture inadequacy determines non Eternal purpose. Your lives are unncesarily oppositional to the Eternal self. You live with death’s discouraging opportunity. You aspire spiritually to death which you desperatly resist. Success is attained while encouraging failure’s calculated purpose. Each success is "inconsistently" temporary. So you see the room of self, your life, is always near empty as an issue of process-calculated intent. Individual consent before communal irony. But Cosmically you reside"Eternally" while repressing yourself. You seek guided by futility. You value what you deny. Be patient wondrous Cosmic splendor awaits. Beyond your imaginations sway. You imagination reflects your denied self.

Presently all inconsistently linearily designed material events in your lives tenatively evolve through complete loss of utility. Your loss of purpose direction.Your room is designed to fade then expire. Everything you accrue, witness as your awarness, your memoories joyful and sad,all the wonderus learning of shared self, our careful prayers, dreams and aspirations gathered during your life will cease to be. You will die. The room is no more. Your bodies, your awareness- your fragmented senses will stop. You will no longer appreciate and love. From birth this has been your instruction, your witness. All that you once cherished your family, the humming bird, the stars will cease in your self designed absence. A curious accomadation in a Universe that is Eternally purposeful. Continuous. Eternities.... responsive. And aware.

Most curious: Unnaturallyand unnecessarily curious. We are not inept. Dangerous. We are not organically disposed to rage, violence. The terrible wars. The hungers. The shared frightened loneliness. You are Cosmic refuggees. Born non- linear timeless Eternal beings insinuated without choice to a world of value loss, linear deprivation. And unsolicited uncertainty. A desperate world protected by dangerous people. Now you have a choice. And that choice is yourself. Read wander. And wonder. You will learn for the first time what you already know.

Are human beings aware of who they are? You must deny your acquired life to reveal yourself. You delegate awe to the mystery of anticipation less your Cosmic immediacy. You have created a world where the Heavenly Cosmos can only be “preferred” revealed after death's encouraged undesirable advantage. Not while you are alive. Yet we live in the infinite Universe that can not be separated less the Universe itself. Conflict irony sustain your reality. In the Universe there can be no permanent interruption. Infinity denied denies infinity through your self-imposed denial. Your life’s misdirection is the result of your perceptual flaw. You deny your life to prove yourself worthy of a death you fear. Much inconsistency plays your life. Today’s joy tomorrows tragedy. Your comfort is the witness of others discomfort. What is amiss that inspires you?

The Universe is one location if there are two location events they exist in two different spaces of the same location event. In an infinite Eternal Cosmois there is no separation that culminates as pointless material cessation. The Universe is not disposable. There is no empty room. No death less life awareness. A movie “The Fountain” glances at the Mayan spirit. "Death is an act of creation, the road to awe." Similarily life. If death is not as you perceive then your life denied through dying's death is not as you experience. Your existence displaces "denies" your Cosmic origin. Repressing your Cosmic skills. You hide to prove you are worthy of searching for yourself.

Death (is) infinites expressible summation of an Eternal life. Otherwise the Cosmic death would be a termination-a discontinuity of the Cosmic life source. Expressible infinity separated through death could not remain infinite. Eternity would be fleeting. Your living Cosmic awareness need not be deprived while your alive “dying.” In a timeless Universe, our residence, you don’t surrender to a dislocated-inactive past, an uncertain future. (Events yes not yourself unless you deny "expereince" yourself-sustain a disposable disintegrating existence). You unknowingly suppress your Eternal place. Your Cosmic fluency. You have accepted flawed instruction by those similarly instructed. You know no other language.

Life-death can be Universe conversant while you’re alive and while you’re deceased… (beceased). Otherwise either event or both less one would fracture infinity therefore the Cosmos. Thus ourselves. (The Universe would be separated from itself less the value intent separation).You occupy ”the same” space Eternally. An Eternal space you influence while alive. And during the presumption of death. And that space is the Cosmos. Life and death are not identical. They are express ably compatible. All changes not less each change. Death doesn’t end-alter life substance. Similarly birth is not an exclusionary beginning that your singularly intact body suggests. You are the source of yourself, but not the origin of that source. An exclusionary intact beginning would represent another break from the Cosmic continuity. Purpose intact as breach. You are whole but not all. You are Cosmically evident prior to your birth substance. Not a presence activity outside the Cosmos. The room continues accruing uninterrupted Eternally. You are God’s child before your parents as were your parents. Possibly you would appreciate a more practical perspective. You in some miraculous form and your capacity to have children (evoke Creation and pray) predate the materializing of the planet earth. Before human beiongs were relevant as you know them. Do you understand. The capacity is God’s not yours. Through God yours. Your room is God attendant. What is the meaning and substance of God? The holiest words “I” know are I don’t know God knows. What "I" am I less the attendant (I) of God?

In a time "unnecessarily" fragmented reality life excludes an active-engaging death ideal. And life is denied through an ill conceived death. The condition of “death” through life is imminent and diminishing as time, meaning other than Eternal. Life becomes incomplete to itself because life is temporary to death. You have determined and accordingly practice-you are not Eternal while alive.

You must wait for death to complete life. Living denies Eternity unnecesarily. You devote yourselves to denying death. Yet death is not a rejection of life. As such through your flawed understanding of death you misrepresent life. You live a protested-accidental life, diseased, violent terminaly invested. If not so awaiting so. You value life because through life you avoid an undefinable death which is a rejection of your life. Such a curious inconsistency. You must limit or deny the proof of our existence to prove you exist. You forgive life events, dismiss, alter, you blame, you are afraid of the your own existence. You improve wondrously while risking the worst. Extinction. The end of life the death of death….The carnational flutter. The Eternal Cosmic flow ends for a species?

What happens to our life acquired room when we die? Our bodies lose their form purpose, we begin to decay? We’ve made the point you die in time not in space. In the absence of time Eternity becomes immediate, engaging. Upon death your non-linear body assumes a non-linear “un- separated” condition presence-you are no longer Cosmically displaced. What humans witness as dysfunctional decay is the opposite. Death is undistracted motion. And motion creates a sound relevant to the material nature of the form-motion that is unfolding. Each life being upon death avails a distinguishing sound relevant to your distinct DNA. This sound is ageless because it is occurring in a timeless Universe. The Eternal sound of you. Your uninterrupted DNAsound is a sound activity presence you share with 7 million individuals-forty generations of your family with similar DNA. The same motion sound. Spatial infinitie's one endless location. Your body and all you experienced while alive is now part of this undisturbed wondrous formulation, your extended family-Creation. These initial activity conditions are suggested by near death experiences. The culminating encircling non-linear light tunnel characterized by family presence. Sounds sensual coloration a God singular origin.

Ageless DNA spherical sound motion presence you can share marginally with the living. While alive or beceased. Though as mentioned those alive are much distracted. Noting the sound of silence and the light are two condition statuses that are compatible with infinity. The light and the sound of silence or DNA sound are all embracing, un bordered just like infinity. As you know there have been God determined individuals like Mother Teresa, Mohammed and Jesus who accrued and expressed Lightfull skills because they lived a daily undistracted life. These nice and gentle human beings chose not to be violent to others and themselves, they were kind and loved easily, they did not see their reflection in what they owned, they were not defined through God aspiration not institution such as military, governement and exclusionary religion, these gentle women and men valued the music of langauge, they suffered politely. (And they had a God mission). These sensitive beings reclaimed their non linear Eternal birthright as such their bond with Creation's invironment wqs reciprocally beneficent including their bodies and those of others. Like all born divine non-linear bei9ngs preserved their Godsoulprint . And came to be used by others to deny their own Cosmic destiny. Guided worship self entitlement proffered as God labor. Creating the need for their own prayers. Creating life obstacles availing divine lessons. We(are) all available to the Light sound. Their Cosmic disposition. Their roots.

Upon the assimilation of death you leave behind your shoes, the money, the automobile and your uncertain appearance. These material items and conditions predate the planet earth (therefore your birth) in some form or they could not be materialized. But these linear entrapments are not organically part of you DNA, they are separated. But the choices, the behaviors and activities that lead to these possessions of self continue, accrue… you do take with you. Memories are spontaneous accordingly Eternal, continuous. Nothiong in a timeless Eternal venue is permanently disposable. The refining continues. Spherical Memories are no longer linearly dislocated, limited to the past. They are partial to your timeless condition. No longer revealed as forgiven. Not forgotten, lost, waiting or promised. Not left behind. Not conseguent to your material cessation. Resurrection Reincarnation uninterrupted timelessly reciprocal "carnational flutter" junctures that reference all life activities. The Cosmos Eternal.

We offer: Your memory events are not presently reciprocal, not conversant, not sustainable. The person, intent or event remembered (engaged) alive or dead is limited to your inadequate disposition. This presence activity suggest light full spontaneous sound events (that don’t come from person and are not knowledge based) like intuition, healings, coincidence, precognition, your death and birth are similarly experienced or assimilated. And your anticipation. Once realized these light events become distracted to your chaotic-incomplete world. (Note these occurrences happen to one undistracted person at a time suggesting an idealized silence hence the light). And compatibility with the infinite Light, the Cosmic awe). Consider being able to share intuition, healing, precognition, meditation, join in OM, remote viewing "listening"and death awe continuously. (A spheroid intuitive or precognitive happening that does not end with one person). Timeless Cosmic incidents that transcends your need to alter, explain, disregard, believe and devalue. Consider please your meditation, your love, your prayers, your health, your technology similarly enhanced. Clearly your being able to experience these Light incedents speaks to your kindred relationship with the Cosmois.

Your room is only empty as a response to your acquired perceptually repressed incomplete self. The Cosmos is without persist3ent emptiness. (In an interactive culture incompletion-anticipation are part of life, but incompletion should not be life itself). You need each other to continue the human species. One hurts or is hurt both damaged, rooms “lives” overlap. We need one another other that our song be heard. You need ourselves that we need God. You wait for life while waiting for our shared selves. Presently the result denies the need. You live feverishly filing the empty room with disposables a divine spacing already full at birth. You are unsure as your body deteriorates in a Universe that does not disintegrate. A Universe that only separates while improving-never losing substance. Not a diminished separation revealing less. Like parents with a chilod and one of them dies.

You believe that each person is a source unto themselves. A body form with specific spatial limits. An intact personalized body formatiom that thinks, eats-breaths, decides, gives, defines and de3nies. A body that will cease to be through your designed contrivances. Lives fleeting separations. Life form terminations. Your self instructed lives inhibit life significantly. Your non-linear potentially undistracted body becomes bordered to time and form limitations based on inhibiting separations. From the life Eternal community that acknowledges no disintegrating inconsistency, no separation between death and life. The Universe flows life to life, the stars, the flowers are always bloom. All tense now refining, a great masguerade. The Universe is aware. The Universe responds. Listening…feeling.

So unnatural is the Eternal to you that in describing (trying to understand) Eternity you lose much of its meaning therefore its purpose. Your knowing is less your awareness. Again whispering you prove the room full by validating emptiness. (And this before we empty others room to fill our own). Can you express what we are not aware of? Can we imagine our absence while denying ourselves? All designed through knowledge including life is valued if eventually devalued-discarded. Your reality is disposable because you accept that you are without lasting purpose. Your progress is based on invalidating what was once esteemed essential. You can suspect your on the right track if we can reject that path your on. We give up on life to prove death meaningful. In denying one you deny both. Inadequacy determines. And encourages. Unnecessarily. Please understand there is no protest here denial, failure and futility are opportunity.

The Universe can not be less aware, the awareness of ourselves. Interestingly yoiu can not express what we are not aware of but we can experience that presence. We deny Cosmic awareness through incremental inconsistent language, altering material beyond value redemption and death discrimination. But when we are “available” awareness changes. Awareness glows. WE become Eternally opportune. Partially evidenced during meditation, laughter, loving, prayer’s response, your birth, your death, sleep. And what you marginally refer to as the aforementioned like luck, coincidence, unexpected healing. (And the anticipated desire-receptivity). The Cosmos is alive a constant sharing. Yet we can not know All and remain human. Such knowing totality would include a timeless “Eternal” appreciation of self. And others. And their complete unforgettable affect on us. But wonderfully we need not know, be aware-have faith to be beneficent of the Cosmic touch. The Cosmic awe. Your dreams do not need your permission. Neither does the Cosmos. Without denying yourself or another you can avail your desired self. Be polite and all will be. Except for killing there is no bad that is not good unresolved.

You need not wait for what already is. You wait you hesitate you mistrust you deny. You can only wait for yourself “life” by deferring your God intended self, denying others or accepting others denial of yourself. Waiting and mistrust are of timely-exclusionary value if you can compel others to mistrust-wait your linear status increases. They become time invested in you. Linearly imbued separated less themselves. If you wait for death you have no choice but to wait for life. Deny one deny both. In an all embracing Eternal Universe denying your life or death keeps you from your Cosmic self. Life and death are the same flower…

Our sensual skills determine-influence our awarness revealing-while ironically sustaining our temporary linearily deficent reality: Tactile, pain and pleasure direction; visual, awareness, imagery, perceptions partiality; hearing, music, language, noise, expressible intelligence, prayers delivery. And smell. The oppostional conflicted diminshing measurable bad. And good of our acguired reality. Through our sensual appitudes we affect Creation's intended potential, our life's substance forgiven and anticpated. While approaching our Eternal Cosmic appointed origin. Throughout the many anguished year we evoked- maintaining our timely temporary magic with our senses. Always seeded by tomorrows dream.

Evoking Tom Cantrells intutive reference morphogenetics, otherwise incedentally morphogenisis and morphogenic. Language evolves the many weathers of self song, dance, deception, coal mining whispers, unexpected-unsolicted errors. And under water gestures. And actively mysterious expressible Eternity forgotten. Where do dreams go when they "complete" their residency. Now senses allowance we arrive at the life place of "gene." Genetics: The intended genetic symmetry determines our form conception. Our destinations human status. ( Forms predtermined directive, substance before form. And after). Again the same gently leaning smile: We do not choose these genetic formulations, they are therefore not timely insinuated. Senses are timely imbued. Our genes non- linearily Eternally reside. Unknowingly sensually deprived. Yet pains deprivation breathe's our prayers, compells tomorrows innovation. Yes our God appointed Eternal self disallowed in our time's sesnsual thrift. We nest our senses Eternally calm, we dream, we intoxicate,we brag and destroy. Endlessly repeating start again. We hide death allegories worship, life's apology our success. We create our prayer's burdens aspire beautfully. Are we ready for the next dream. You recognize miracles why not yourself. The question is the answers waiting, your next choice. You understand. You don't understand? Great start. Same weather different umbrealla. We are a duration species.

Always accompanies more. Shadow's color linger-quivering shade. An explanation's definition? Color is a function of the human visual system, not intrinsic to process. Object's don't have color, they emit Light (light motion's sound) that appears to be color. We testify God's witness our intervention? Curtis and Tom offers colors have freguency. A duration measurable activity therefore linear "incomplete"affectation. All we know temporary prolonging incompletion once we did not know. Non-linearily astute, uninterupted, Eternally articulate. Non- linear language flow, adpative "re-dfined" evolving inclusionary intelligence. Intutive precognitive. Sensually coherent. Conseguently technology, commerce Eterniites beneficent. What more you say? Prayer's allegory?

Eternally bestowed obscured in time revealed through linearily temporal language and assigned static intelligence sesnually delivered. Our temporary person status potentially expressible by our divine genetic identity presently denied. And defered to an after life. Our genetics not chosen by us choosen by God, origins seed our hope not our assignement. Our genetics in pollution conflict with God's Creation.

What speaks all senses one sensations awareness? One senstation's expression? What awarenss engages our conciousness if our God genetics, our sensual apptitudes and Creation were One?

Entrophy, disease, dyeing, killing, creativity, prayers delivery prayers rsponse are realized imcompletly often desperately by our sensual dispostion. Before our appointed escape death; sensually distored as dieing though occurrent in the sensual plane. Eternally disavowed we are not born killers. Desperate and ill defined. Born Eternaly affluent non- Eternally deprived in time we defend ourselves from our timely success. Divine opportunites obstacles. We hide yet we are lost, shrewed of tomorow, dream attendant we seek out the presence of our absence.

Our sensual reality in sourced by conditions, "perception's incomplete events" that are curently beyond our comprehension. Our awarness. Reality. Therfore beyond our current imagination. Can you imagine imagination disallowed by your alert residency. Yet not beyond our ability to appreciate, once benefiting express, share. Lovingly available lovingly derrived...

Our assigned divinity briefly evoke unsolicited Eternally sympathetic sensual skills suggested by spontaneous Cosmic occurrences, probable coincedence, luck effect, clarvoyant direction, prayers asimilation, evolving impending intuiton your birth and death, what else brothers and sisters (all) beneficent organically comptaible events not realized-not sustainable in sensual time. Sensual transendance genetically joined not intrinsic devolution linear commerce, technology, language, perception and God fraternity. Arriving...

George Bisacca, yourself aspiring self, Reverend Knapp-Rav Nate Seitelbach- Mark Tipton-Sandy Aquila again for whose first time, Reverend Simpson, Memphis Flamingo artful Tamborine Man, extra terretrial Carl's road celestial merchant, dear Barnaby hasta lluego companero, Too Tall "enough" Slama-denying acguiring-dissenting assending, 2nd cousin not removed Buckminister Fuller, Minister's symphony Gillespie: Simpson, Whitehead: Collen Engel: Sky. St. John, Kathy rings the Bell. Gentle Hiroshima's Reverend Sato, Reverend Nonin, Barnaby gets well allready is.... Lori dances with her daughter, SungHo, George Bisacca hastens God's easy disguise, Doug and Jeanne MCcrae, philospher planner Dr. Parsons, linguist dreamer Noam Chomsky, dudes with the keys Dr. Bhatia and Dr. Kenney, Hi Elaine once again not the same, Dr. Degrood, life's youthfull Mr. Depace, Brien McMahon assembled divine memorie's glance, God kenetic Betsy Katz, Dona Roy what celestial abides mysteries instruction, Duncan and Elentia tending Micaela's garden, the two long timers Louie Donato and Carl Zimmerman enligthened "divinities" accomplices, Dearily Elaine Schwarts, Alex-Walter Keisch, Andy Kydes, Sandy Donato mother, wife, fashion model, Jimmy Fabrizo heart beat's dance uninterupted, there's Don Evans God's alert seminarian, Tammy Hacke's song Celestial word's afflutter, "Oh come on Tammy give me some credit." Mike trending tenderly Mangeruca revolver, computers and acid pit, Jim Pelz husking his own shadow, officers of God's aspiring adjournement Al schroder, Russel. Pat Boone and Barry Summers, planetary neighbos Larry Nancy Cohen, Lynn- Nancy Christiansen and you, always you, Anhelica, Mr. Joliecur, Miss Spence. Miss Brown, Zina "cute as a button," Walter Keisch like the rest of us came in second in a one man race- well ahead catching up, dearest Wendolynn thank you thanks God, Zulma, Anita Jugaincito, Zulmita and their nice patient Dad, determined Martha Nunn calming impatient politicians, Oh Miss Oh Grey OH Mr. Grey, John Anderson journey's companion one sentence short, the nurses, Valerie the identical of all, doctors, waiters- waitnresses candle stick makers, gentle smiling's nourishment, Richard Nelson eagel on the 9th catch you later dear buddy, Angels disguise divine woman's surmise, Kathleen Vrana "Hi Mr. Blue," Coach King, Steve Knott God solicted and real, God imagined healer bold innovator Dr. Stephen Weinstein, @ U @ (U) now later than before, again walking the elevated piano Donna Zebolsky, Where's Terence Mckenna, Origin's taberacle Mom and Pop, "Charge" the mornings melody rings, Terry lights the stove, Mom mends our recipies, Chris outside jogging bold, Tony lights himself not the cigarrette, Pop accountings claim, Mandy Pitt thank you is one word, myself practising sleep, Cousin Bosco, Rover, nimble Mike smiles again, Rupert Sheldrake again, Jennifer leading Mandy up the stairs,Profesor Susumo Ohno thank kindly you sir- a gentle attribution's name. Neils Borg were coming already their, Tesla too good not to be true lingering eager seeds, Albert the gentle Einstien and "my" patient family life's eneraing assembly ...Charlie, Rosie, Daisy Dell, Sweet's Alive, Which One and Which One not the other. And all the other divine alleged ones. Imagined alive. And otherwise.

We are concieved damaged Eternal beings, unnecesarily. Witness to imagine our Eternal organic self. Look in the mirror. And dream. The agonies need not define. Can this surmise be true. What mystery beckons our delivery.

Moments concieved we begin to "survive" less the intended Eternal being of self: Plutoniumn, dyes, acid detergents, asymetrical cigarretes, inebriate alcohols. And impairing accrueing accoustics. (Accosutic horrors). Note please with emphasis. Unresolvable damagings incurred by the inclusionary conception child are actualized without protection, willfull awareness. (The baby child remains Eternally affluent).

Organicaly-culturally-enviromentally Eternally confirmed or disclaimed we remain Eternally astute, non linearily refining. Presently affluent while impaired.Thus entrophy, value loss, disease, dieing's symmetery affects our lives. Note the non-linear infinite Eternal reguires "no" additonal determinat,except perhaps self, linear cause and effect otherwise. Existence realized through incompletion disguised as tempory completion. We thrive deficently. Failure smiles success cautions. Ourselves less our Eternal seed, unknowingly our timely choice.

Unaware of our error's timely disposition remedy nutures brevities attribution. Without "knowing" comprehension inconsistency would abide futility without recourse.( Success validates our errors potential ). In an Eternally refining Universe there is no loss that does not define it's prefered infinite Eternal Cosmic origin. Our perceptual-applied deficency the Cosmos nurtures, endlessly. Pain instructs. Failure secures. Defiency nurtures. Death and disease we defer are otherwise than our dread calculates, Eternity prescribes. Yes there is no protest here. No unhappy futile demonstration. (Opportunities divinely motivaed challenge). What God awe we surmise. Timelessly Eternal while timely derived: wars, famines, poverty, wandering refugees, executions, disease, suicide. Prayer's seed. Yearning's herald. Know your anger's refute redeem the Celestial flower to our Cosmic seed.

We search inguiries deliverance. Disease is defined "practised" in time insinuated culture as a putrifyng process. "Eternal disdain." This life disabeling is further devalued through inconsistent differential temporal cure. (Inconsistently incomplete). Both time valuated anomalies, cure-disease are validated by dieing value loss. Irony further compounded: Death dieing dichotomy; dieing a human application non- Eternal linearily indisposed, the other death divine "expressible" Godly embracing assimilation. A multi-tier-triangulating temporal dislocation, futilities anguished non-Eternal franchise. We continue sustaining discontinuity. The aforementioned clinical offering, generously finaced by life's labor is best permamently avoided. Comedy applauds. Prayer's bow. Welcome to the planet earth. Laughter cheer's breath's allegory. Prayer's response tempored by critigue. Enemy defines enemy. Creations environment suffers witness our success. Withering trees, melting glaciers, coughing air, lonely lion's and whales our obituaries witness.Religions reveal death life's defiled-delayed redemption. Extinction's determinant nuclear perogrative, financed to avoid govermental debt. Yes welcome to the planet earth. Good candies nice peoiple. Brave delegation divine allegory. Love preferred.

Down syndrome, autism, blindness, cardiovasular dysfunction, paralysis, insanity assignation,death defceint cessation and other unintended- Eternally unsympathetic disposiitions, are resistant "survival" defenses. Adaptive Skills. Eternally as are "All" accomadating responses. Amongst the earth people the agonies begin at conception. Echoes of a fading Eternal being. Disability and organic impairment are skill responses to lethal atomosperics. Deficently modifiable molecular arrangments will also prepare the baby child for dieing Eternally deniable culture. Functionally esteemed inadeguately deffered. Our engaging dyeing value loss immedicacy. Death deficent provacation reality is presently incentive motivators in medicine, industry, commerce. The current human presense is propigated through self deficent , often unsolicted "unproductive" inception sustaianble endings. Abortion is life? Abortions for women not for babies, cloned uteral beguarium. What absense song's conception. Unknowing extinction's prediliction intutively oppostional, the Eternal Cosmos defiled. Our source origin. Ineptitude is opportunity. Yet what gratitude speaks life the darkness delivered. Good us good bad is bad. There is choice. We knowlife we know death. Which preferred which defered? Caution perceptions certitue? There is choice. God avails your exclusionary worshippings. No life no grace warrants apology.

All events and condtions in the Cosmos, quantum and otherwise, evolve in motion. Purpose distinction....direction intent are motion thus sound fluency. (Our perceptions-comprehensions otherwise repress, defer). Error, failure, inconsistency and prayer's solicting wit our great companions. Infinity denied ourselves denied not infinity. Thus we seek the lost map of ourselves. Witness logics breath: Motoin has intent.( Identities delivery). Denied identity intent, however perceptually flawed, also has purposefull Eternal intent- identity.(Fewer words clarity: Motion is intent, intent has source. And source avails-expresses awarness). In a permamently inclusive Cosmos there is no value condtion that occurs less its Eternal deference. Agony "seemingly" distracts one life,availing divine obstacles learning opportunity, not the Eternal Cosmis. Except in our applicable awarness there is no loss that does not avail Eternally. Origin identity inception "conception" is Eternally fluent. Eternality avails failure directs inadeguacy purpose sustains. Motoin's beckoning symphony.

Ageless sound symmetery can be reversed. A duration's pause. (Origin intent does no evolve less origin's source). A symmetrical accoustic event, a materiality has no origin intent less its purpose. Infinity denied revokes "spurns" infinity when choice allows. Currently infinity dysfunction occurs through observably flawed "instructed" application. Perceptual "conceptual" observations that are a deficent witness to their own reflection. A material event that has no completion less its intrinsic nature can expereince no impairment less its Eternal predisposition. Disease, agony, the incomplete life is value opportunity. Misfortune avails remedy sublime. Joy smile and agony seed the same. &us&

American Heritgage Dictionary definition,"Hope." (1). To wish for something with expectation of fullfilment. (2).Have confidence, trust. (3). To hope ith little reason of justification. (4). To expect, desire. (5). One that is a reason of source of hope.

We continue exmaining the source mean9ing of the term activity location, hope. Hope, "noun." Aspiration, confidence, expecting, dream, day dream. Hope. "verb," Anticpate aspire, be sure of, faith,assume, await, look forward, suspect, look on the sunny side. Hopeful. "adjective." Cheerful, sanguine, serene, trusting, enlivened, opportune.

Hope appears to be human activity that is without perspiration. And scream. A dormancy. Inviting not engaging. There is no approaching rapist. No tumor festering feeling the eager scapel. Hope is a gentle waiting. Hope waits its own seed delivery. Hope is still the gentle waiting. A clumdy nrcessary fictionnal negotiation disguised as an anticpated reality? Hope is a solitary journey seeking the unpredictable destintation of self. Hope's tenure might be the most effective if not engaged. Dreams are second cousins to hope. What prayer years less hopes caress. The gentle reesponsive embrace of self. Hope answer's its own prayer. God's promise assuming form.

Thorn our flower less the celestial seed? As poetry affords. Different shadoiws the same shade. Time is not as disposition suggests. We live in a Universe devoid of time, yet time compels life. And through time insistent we die. Distracted well lost in diminishing time our dislocation of self persists. The non-linear Universe can no9t separated from itself, less the separation. No endings thrive once begun. We live immersed in time. Accordingly we suffer vindicated by our demise. One question’s grace…. How can a life event end in an endless Universe?

Current reality compels devalued separation. Random certitude. We cross the street. Greeted by success or disappointment. Anticipation considers both. At times failure claims joy our companion. Uncertainty thrives our neglect. We survive with death's permission. One protocol seeds our existence, everything ends while ending. Even death humans have altered to their irony. We kill. Death is life’s kindred companion, killing denies both. We are authors of all except ourselves.

Elephants, ocean’s rivers, mountains nurtured humming birds. Are mysteries inarticulate… (I) can not know a rabbits sleep. A puppies first sight. The trees companionship. Ourselves the same delivered untrue. Our Cosmic predisposition. Denied. Lost we search our absence. Incongruity prevails. We create the burdens we resist by carrying. The burdens ourselves. Our linear world floating in abandoned time. We are bold in life. Imagined in death. Death applauds we bow.

One question pleads. If the Universe is one location how can you relocate less the inital location. (Life yielding to death). We relocate less our timeless Eternal selves. Time is a human contrivance. We are language… unfulfilled increment. Temporary shadows understanding. We are assigned a predetermined intelligence linearly oblique. Death compels our direction. Exclusion derives. God the same as God denied. Death consents life. Time past is not material. Time’s anticipation the same. Thus the immediate flower withers less the Cosmic root. And this before the endless crossing of a borrowed street. We are the brave enemy of ourselves, lost sublime. Innocence guilt’s companions. Pain instructs love’s direction lost. Intimate contrast. We are born without language. Un aware of death. God embraces less instruction’s haste. Intelligence is spherical yearning eyes, sucking lips.Life divine. Our bodies are non-linear. (Then linear flux begins. Two parents one embrace? No retains life abstains. How early pain directs. And death allows. And crying words are crying shame. We know what knowing permits. Finally Eternities invitation death. Intriguingly the same as birth submits. No language. Death no longer directs. No linear intelligence. Our bodies return to their non- linear source. And of death’s awareness we ask: The Universe is all what all is death less than all. Your body and death are non-linear. Your body can not separate less the bodies identity. Eternity refines. What purpose death. Death awareness less “no” awareness more, Eternity beguiles evolving all. The Universe perceives. Motion directional awe. Pedestrian stars. Motion is intent. Intent suggests source. And source awareness.

Accompanied politely we trespass. Words predate our birth. As does our birth. And identities purpose…. We read we write and love. One not of the other less the same? However charmed. A terrestrial view. What life revealed (as not) are we that witness less Eternitie's vision. know. Absence explains purpose. Are we the singular wit. Origin source one smile. Remembering while forgetting: In 1752 the British Parliament converted to the Gregorian calendar. Impatient citizens rioted. Believing their lives would be shortened by twelve days. We are engulfed in time, our invention. Without time we would not know when to die. The poem disguises the poet. Universe our residence is timeless…

Inspired by our unresolved lives yearning a few words reflecting on concepts (we) have been politely "developing" since 1987. (We non-lineariy you and I). Availing another world's gentle shadow. A few observations invite lingering clarity: The Universe is timelessly Eternal human beings through acquired “self- imposed” choice exist through time inadequacy. We have unknowingly "unnecessarily" separated ourselves from our origin source: Creation Cosmos. We are unnaturally out of synch with our residence the Eternal Universe. God consenting? Inviting cautious comprehension: Time duration is an activity condition early humans patiently devised. An ironic orderly- destabilizing conception we impose on Creation. Mysteriously defering God awed opportunity. We continue inguiry our own fleeting yet Eternal perceptions.

A logics residency dream's scrutiny. The planet earth predates its own localized materiality. Cosmic seed before "our" tentative Earthly imposition. Expressed intact not less endings delivery. Eternal utility the mirror speaks. Ourselves the same. You predate the planet earth now resident aware. You are an immaiculate preconception. God's address before your parents tender reach. Thus we abide beyond forms allegory. Origin's source birth's divine attribution death's articulation. One word holds, "continously." The fewer words assembly: You are more than you apologize.

Many millions of species on this planet, including early humans, we are the only life presence that experiences God’s timeless Creation in time through which we deny “repress” the timeless Eternal. Everything we experience in time ends through unnecessary value loss identity. Yet the Universe is endless. Active-engaging percepiutal loss “consciousness” is sustained through value gain expressible identity intent, including your life. (All Creation reality animates from the organic and perceptual experience of yourself). Speaking to the infinite Eternal continuity. Curious? One question follows its own purpose. How can any material event end without relevant identity intent in an endlessly refining Universe? The answer unfolds the evidence of Creation we deny as ourselves. Remedy we approach gently. We begin already started the many millennium ago. The allways now.

All planetary species concieved we have no active-expressible awareness of exclusionary time. Dyeing's vestibule. We are born God sourced Eternal beings. With the kindest of intentions our human parents and linear active teachers introduce us patiently to a time encrusted “value loss existence” a culture validat3ed through death while dying. Through time we become non- Eternal beings while alive even though we continue to reside in a timeless Eternal Cosmos, our origin identity source. Engaging this paradox to the God “intended” ideal of ourselves changes our relationship with Creation. Ourselves. And God.

There is an activity "extension" in the Cosmos that avails-reveals the value source duration needed for an event to Eternally refine, duration's unfolding. (Duration.) There is the Eternal duration which is endless. (No events end permanently through value loss once begun). And time duration whereby material events including our lives end while ending. Unnaturally and unnecessarily through decadent-deficient value loss. We have shrewdly created a self- disregarding existence we value by refuting. Creating the threatening obstacles we divine over coming. The earth peoples Extinction Culture. Fire and flower? Your choice

There is the animated-abstained Eternal we defer hesitatnly to an after life less this life, our self imposed non-Eternal pecularity. Our identity potential's relevance unknowingly repressed. Yet evoking our temprary mysterious sellves. We leave a trail of dreams ahead ofus. In living in our other than Eternal current unreality we refute both worlds less ourselves while repressing the infinite Eternal. Your God intended-apppointed "nurtured" self. Other worlds one called tomorrow. Can this strange dichotomy be happily resolved? What are death and dying in the absence of time value loss? Science? Technology? Language? Spirituality?

An examples perspective: Prayers continuity are expressed by linear exclusionary human beings through linear time revealing language. Prayers complete resolved in silence seeking expressive-expressible the Light. Prayers symmetry is expressed by uncertain, impatient and sometimes rude human beings. Linear prayer’s expressible seeking a non-linear Eternally compatible acknowledging. Sensually genetically affluent. No great mountains climb good intentions reach. Speaking to beneficent choice intent. One smile, a words caress, a choice and the many ways of darkness can be resolved, spontaneously life redeemed. The verbal seeking is reflective and inmates from a uncertain often violent species. Yet the prayers response is non- linear accordingly Eternal. Can the prayer’s response be both Eternal and non- Eternally delivered? God is limitless our limitation's prove. Denying the Eternal acknowledges the undeniable Eternal. Need we wonder is the integrity of both the expressed prayer and the prayers response influenced by our disposition. Our availability. (The need for prayer evidences a Cosmic breach. Our disappoinment not redeemed. Two soldier’s enemy to each other praying for help. Once lovers now married seeking divorce, both pray delivery. Already delivered as their love. The question is the answer. Meaning your divinity, your God being is a bond between you and God. Your neighbors answer to your inspired questions. Are your neighbor’s answers. Holy Temples are human structures. Maintained often unhappily-violently by humans. Yet shelter affords opportunity and all is God asserting our inclination. The lesser encumbered God Creation. Yourself. But you already knew. We continue please perplexity our companion. You recognize miracles why not yourselves?

Can we comprehend timelessness through timelessness denying time duration. Another perspective invites clarity. The gentle Professor Einstein observed, we anticpate "need" your observatrion's reesponse. The Universe is all-inclusive not less its intent. Imment always aware. What other term locations speak the same Eternally non-linear identity intent. Meaning all inclusive. The words sing our song's response. Spontaneous, coincident, miracles, your birth & death, dreams awakening, prayer’s hold, garden's being Creation's invitation.

The Universe cannot be separated from itself less the value intent of the separation. (Space condones space eents continous). All remains Eternal. Infinity denied. Denies infinity our unkowing not unknowable choice. Like all else in time temporarily. In the absence of time the infinite Eternal becomes functional. Optional. Let’s lighten up, right? Arrive

Non- Eternal (our troubled lives) are perpetuated through ambigious “time based” language which sustains expression and events through unsolictied forgetting; a language medium that “unknowingly” identifies our Cosmic Eternal disposition through our redunant often unresolved mistakes, our loses, the need for endless repetition. And through death language abstention? Our anguished temporary incomplete non-Eternal existence. We exhaust ourselves spending fragmented time. We concieve the need for our own repeat4ed prayers. Sensually sublime textually translated. Are not all prayers answered, otherwise God response would be exclusionary, Creation denying. The efforts prayer response? Again the prayer's need heralds futility. Our prayer's need non Eternal prayer's response Eternal. Must we hide the proof of our discovery. What secret fortells less secrets labor. The prayer is its own response waiting hastens time’s vagrancy. Waiting the displacing allegory of faith. Destination direction the same, yourself. We are One choice response-engaging our Cosmic predisposition? Otherwise linearily ourselves the cause disallowed as effect. Process or result, intent consequence, now once now or anticipations later, self displacements paradox. The many errorful answers endlessly incomplete. Opportunities none be the less. One leaf’s promise shadows the tree’s shade. Prayerfully embraced we continue. Our questions seed the flower’s rainbows God’s companions. Language like ourselves allows for the inquiry we approach by avoiding. The infinite Eternal can become manifest in religion, technology, commerce and exploration. Indeed by God deed and our prayers the spired reality already exists. Otherwise by our curious “temporary” impositions. Like all else in time the denial is temporarily deferred.

Words assume whose garden's flowering? We complete conversations, solitary and otherwise, to an intended-sometimes acceptably “mysteriously” unintended result? Once words delivery is surrendered to their silent origin. Silence we are most familiar and know little. Less inviting directions fraternity. Yet all we touch, direct and imagine is Eternally incomplete. Time commands we persist. Yet we don’t answer our own prayers. Congratulate our dreams another sleeps direction. We explain, repeat, forgive and hide tomorrow another day. We are in charge destruction proves our Creation’s gift. Yes all is Eternally incomplete. Value loss, tears suffering, abortions testify. Eternally incomplete Eternally attendant. Thus what echoes linger. Remainders our math teachers smiling instruct. Partial dreams. Unsolicited disregarded failures. The dying soldier God's child, our memorial day parade. Unanswered prayers our choice. Interrupted conversations. Ageless Holy documents missing a chapter, your story. God's autobiograghy. A thousand apologies locking inguires door. What joy less joys completion derives. Floating acoustic seed seeking to pollinate the Light.

The nice people at Roget's 21st Century Thesarus offer word activities kindred to "Deny." Contravene, disavow, disallow, refute, oppose, refuse, reject, oppose again, spurn, nullify, exclude, ban, withhold, thumbs down....A familiar neighborhood?

A baby born is a non- linear Eternal being. A God source-origin life being before form substance of self. And your God smiling Mom and Dad. Your happy brothers and sisters. The clearer words assembly: God’s baby intent before your own. Evidence dreams instruct their own intent. Logic avails. God’s Cosmic embrace before our gentle deliverance. Wondrously we surmise? The baby cannot be physically separated from the babies divine intended self and still function as identity intent God intended. (Eternal denial of life Creation is an Eternal opportunity). Whispering again: We prosper our mistakes inclination. But in time the non- linear Eternal becomes linear. Which we know-experience as cause and affect. And in time “cause and effect” is always uncertain, realized through anticipated failure. Always incomplete because the events thru time non- Eternal endings . The dictionary defines linearity as a disturbance between two points. Ourselves the leser beneficent of both,cause and effect, destinaton-arrival, life and death Eternally disallowed. Unnaturally unresolved disturbance. Evoking precision an unresolved event resulting from a presently unknowingly inadequate intervention. An event seeded- disguised in language, mysteriously concealed in mathematics, a repression of the God intended Cosmic self- exaggerated by time depletion commerce and technology. (Awaiting religion's caress). Acknowledging directions thirst: All realized in time eventually loses all perceptual utility and direction. Our eager waiting’s anticipation. Our witness actualized as deficient motion, paradoxical consciousness, impending DNAs technology, non- depletion industry and commerce, infinite acuity technology. Not surprisingly the earth peoples major industries rely on dying as a profit motivating profit incentive.The neighbors chore our profit. Which group behaviors do not sustain less sustenance worth when life’s claims dyeing’s seed. The earth people sustain the tentative-rebuffed existence that will lead to their Cosmic transcendence. Cosmic Creation predates our planetary birth. This ever presence remains in spite of your curious-unint4ended dislocation. The time of now approaches-accesses forever. Death speaks Who listens?

Attending lessening explanation’s miscarriage Inby time we die. Life intention ends less fullfilment' purpose. Yet the Eternal Universe endlessly subscribes. Eternally confides. Less our denying demonstrations. Alive? Nono-Eternally incomplete.

The old woman approached Creation’s Elmwood Park in Omaha Nebraska. Her last step incomplete. Her foirst now the Light derives Eighty years' (A shift) Death’s witness…. Yet no choice death instructs No law approves your death. No waiver delays forever another day.What great common sense explains

Death unlike your birth. Gentle honeymoon divorce explains. We thrive aplogies thirst. Dead unassisted. Time’s consent empty choice. Eternally timely imbued withheld <> unrelenting now deferred. Death wonderous .Our great talent's. Disguise forgiving wound's undeserved refrain.

What sad lonely grief claims such a meolody. Grief unsolicted speaks life’s dissent. Tears dieing's companion. Not death’s.

Soldioers, doctors, preachers, lonely teachers. exwecutioners Death’s generous detractors. Suffering's patient administrators. Weapons dyeing labor’s delivery. Understand?

There is no death speaking God less life’s permission. There is extinction. The end of life The death of death "The day the muisic cried.” Prayers deed we continue...

We grieve. The old woman smiles God acquainted

My gentle-gutsy brother Tony invites a smile. Tony explains smile's amendment..." I quote Snoopy and Charlie Brown; as they sit on the dock looking at the sunset. "'Charlie Brown you know one day your going to die.”' Snoopy: “Yes Charlie Brown one day but not the others.”

My lovely God assisting sister prefers practicalities consent, quoting, John McCain the gentle warrior. “All in life ends.”

But not that sentence?

Nature's fashion: Trembling tree leaves, holding the sun set's shadow. Clouds circling mountain top. Flowers greeting blossom's celestail dance. Flamingoes walking water'd reflection. Naked eyes glacial fading glance. Falling bird flying home. A baby cries God's instructions. Your next walk. Fashion up development a change of grace...

Like all else realized through time defiency, our perceptions are incomplete.Temorary fading form shaped through incomplete sensual conceptions. Constituting our pereputal history. Our sensual expereince are sourced by condtion events that are presently beyond our ability to comprehenison. Conseguently our fleeting explanations and applications; though not necessarily our expereince. We are conceived non linear Eternal beings. The infinite not mesuarable the refining reality we deny. We unknowingly acknowledge by denying. The timeless infinite Eternal self. Our Eternal organic consciousness is source receptive to our transcendant appearance.

Fashion flow

the sum of awe....

Definition denies fashion invites. Transitory form is the midst in which an event occurrence is caused to exist.

We are the mirror image of our receptive sellves. We create in a reality we value by distorting. Preventing. Unnaturally. Unnecessarily. We seek amidst an imagination esteemed by our absence. We are the many faces unknowable. New anticipated desires...

(1). Once called make up. Clarification accoustic creams awakening the mirror images asymmetrical face.There is no beauty less itself.

(2).All current perfumes are manufacured in their distinctive alure. Not yourself. No being imagined can occupy the space of yourself. An imitation is impossible. Your voice, eyes, genes-themotion skin of your bodyes Eternally testify...

(Intent is motiuon. Motion source. Origin source avals wareness, Eternal).

* Whispering: Your Eternal body denied "disclaimed" is Eternally undeniable. Wait don't deny. Silence breathes expression.

(3). Identifying your Eternal motion sound, referenced as DNAsound, evokes the evolving auras that evoke-sustain your presence. The perfume. The transitory creams. The jeweleries.

(4). Jewerlies that shape, evoke, do not reflect. The transitory awe of self. Evident in the eyes. The awe. Fascination of others.Shapes changing jewelries.

(5). Stealth apparel. We percieve the imperceitble. Ourselves. The mirror image of our discontent. Aging health informed. We live the denied image value of our lost non Eternal existence. Will you be surprised to learn that the Eternal has a body? We are each the incompleted exclsuion of ourselves. Consensus abrogates. Understanding denies comprehension.

*The stationary dresses' motoions.*A gown applied, removed, worn once, *A vibrating string. * A couples presentation. Two images, one appearance, stationary. And symmetry approaching. (Does the anomaly of distance have to always influence form).

(6). The dress that becomes "9". The blue print source of stealth apparel. The unkowning aspirations of self.( Changes, adjustments, echoes, freguencies). Accomadated temptations. Editings. There are the many languages. Each one.

(7). Presently most motion evokes a sound that misreprestsns "distorts" the motion that created the sound. Vector noise. All is Eternally recurrent, however deneid-defered, can be rebirthed to the Eternal. Example: All vector noise body asimilated in a factory over 3 weeks atualized on one spatial moment, death disfigurement would result. The same accoustic fregeuncy "coloration" realized over two years result, aging scalar. An affection that can be reversed "forgiven" through the distinctive accrued vector accoustic. A jewerly can be worn that will register all grevious soundings, accoustic reperesntations that can be reveresed "redemed" dusring mediation, sleep, shower...all silencing endeavors.

(8). Should we not begin to accrue, attire, men well beyond their current practcality. The active t shirt as noted.

Shoes that change shape with each step. Female and male attire that deflects-adapts acousitic insult, compliments accousitic gift individually and fraternally. Are button still buttons. Carefull baby cloths, assuredly all fire retardant. Fire resistant about time. Breast feeding attire. A family cloth unique to your family.

Please with your encouraging accompaniment consider the fraternity of a few divine ideas. Death's anomaly affect transcendent. Nurturing good engendering not one excitable realization less the other. Applicantion's non-linear embracing. The symmetery of three words evolving: Reciprocal concurrence converging. Accepting death is not the end why do we acede as if endings survive irony in repition less our intended selves. Do you remember the thought animation. When you attain the Eternally active status of death you stop dying. You are not less upon death. You are more the same uninterupted. Awareness All not less insite our distracted self. Non- linear fluency. Accordingly we acede a clearer union. Offering non-linear insurance, Sullma, non linear commerce and technology. Availing Creation's Eternal. Our divine expressable lives.

Now we engage death's accessing continuity. Life the same. Each shadow Eternities shade. Eternal thriving accoustic Lightfull seed. Let's smile practicalities promise: Why don’t corporations joyfully continue paying the salaries of their beceased loyal employees for three years after they died. Been inactive death assigned. A non-linear insurance will secure this protocol. The dead aware less ourselves, generous thus divine, continue paying taxes. Thoirty percent more than while alive. While drawing no earthly benefit from the gentle generosity. Scholarly we assume. Your Mom and Pop assisting their growing children. Sharing Eternal affluence. Eternal origin of word location…share “he-she hears-are.” Eternal origin of words gone and done. “No one is gone (and) no one is done.”Your mortality nest, you can borrow from in the later years of your life. Except for medical expenses which would be less costly if they were free. Like love and God’s healing.Yes this Godly tax should be attended by Holy Temples, a matrimony of shared God being, that no weapons be devised. Destroying of God’s intentions. Seems reasonable to “me,” how about “yuourself.” Yes the numbers might change also the falling-rising colors of the Autumn leaves. We must protect and amuse the innocent and the guilty.Smiling we breath. Appreciaitng the numbers like leaves change color and shape.

Observing: Dying is a human God distracting defered event. Death a God event. When we attain the continous status of engaging death we stop dying. Dying'd refute like all occurs in the non- linear timeless Eternal accordingly disallowing your intended life. Dying is a linear time sanctioned human indisposing activity. Not eager death’s companion. Unnatural and unnecessary dsiguised as essential revealed and validated linear language, defiecent intelligence and disposable technology and commerce. Our unnecessariy anghished depleting reality...:Suicide, war, murder, drug over doses, over eating, time based diseases valuated and validated thru dying. In accrued time human beings have become an extinction culture. Physics Super String Theory offers, “All in the Universe is material except time.” As such in time we dematerialize the planet earth and call this success. Explaining global warming, pandemics, limited asteroid tracking, extinctions planned prerogative nuclear war. Between 1950 and 1968 according to the Sandia laboratory appointed by the United States government there have been 1200 serious accidents involving nuclear weapons. The time of now is approaches forever. Darkness not the Light. Know the darkness claim the Light. Beneficently Eternally reside. Why must we experience dyeing valued as revoked to comprehend death? If yiou spend “exhaust” your life giving seed credence to death you have no choice but spending your life denying yourself. And God. Creation environment. If you spend your life waiting for death through dying you have no choice but exhausting yourself and others while waiting for life. Your Eternal life, right? Were funny particular do you agree? Thus your extinction culture unfolds. Your Creation'ss mirror. Melting glaciers rising tides, inadeguate asteroid tracking, acedeing distortion pandemics, cyber war choice without substance. And the nuclear war spasm revelation event that you have been preparing for seven decades. These are your children. Be careful. The time of now begs your gentle choices. Your sufficent choice. As their is direction's complelling darkness. Their is the yearning Light.

Considering please while solicting your delivery an evolved inclusive assurance sphere: Many students complete their education in college or technical schools with considerable depletion debt. The debt at times is incurred by the parents. Attend a less linear-exclusionary approach. The students in a community "purchase" term life insurance and incorporate as one entity. Young healthy individuals can purchase a million dollars of insurance for less than ten dollars. Those who "die" in the initial ten years leave the benefits to the surviving students, thereby reducing tuition costs. And debt accrued during their studies. Assuming subsidy from alumni and other groups the return in the polices can be increased. As well as the duration of the policy. The polices themselves can be used as equity so that all students and their families can benefit including those who will "die" before the policies fully mature.

The same structure can be implemented in a community to reduce property taxes. Stabilize and increase equity in a community.Reducing the need for foreclosures. Reliable consistent property values reduce the need to increase property taxes.Ten percent of savings realized through this instrument can be placed in escrow to make no interest loans available residents during difficult financial times. Thereby increasing stability. Drawing the community closer together a living expressible presence.

This dynamic can be utilized to secure the well- being of homeless individuals “ psychic missionaries” or those reliant on subsidy. Individuals or institutions can form partnerships with community members who are temporarily without security or employment. The investment term life sphere on equity can be used to provide services to these individuals. Reducing the burden on family, community and government agencies. Prison inmates can similarly be incorporated. Curiously the United States more on a depletions prision sytstem than their eductional opportunities. Sadly in the next ten years one hundred thousand men, women and children will die while in contained in prision. Their community term life insurance sphere can be subsidized through employment while incarcerated. Prision employment generates several billion dollars a year. (Appreciating Eternal life is an asset. Death need not be acknowledged before benefit can be accrued. But it is unwise to borrow on assets that have not materialized unless both source loan affect and loan benfit recipeitnt are non linearily compatible. But depletion becomes a factor due karmic event or otherwise, the loss differential can be adjusted my increasing by increasing the premuiumn in proportion to the dispoprportiane balance, temporarily). During the ideal evolve prisoner partners can send monies home to assist family and importantly graduate from prision with several thousand dollars inaccrued assets. Reducing a 70% recitivism rate. Held in partnership with a parole partner. Once the homeless and prison partners those otherwise on subsidy return to the fuller benefit of themselves, they would make an increased payment into the insurance investment sphere to increase its viability. And affect a repayment not as debt, but divine expressible utility. The same system can be implemented to secure the viability of Medicare, veteran, entitlement and other government programs. (Less needed life more fully nutured less dyings natural weight). Reducing the burden on structually deficent government therefore the tax payers. A non-linear Eternal devotion. A life Eternal seeking life would render weapons the great frivolity. Already true spiritually. Not pragmatically. Not reality. Not our self exclusionary disposable neighborhood. When we embrace the fraternal all initially through non- linear (all- inclusive) technology and global commerce. While compounding profit and otherwise depletion intent technology (Then) all violence is suicide. Noah’s Arc the planet Earth--- Orion beckons. Spherically we greet ourselves. Flamingo Tom and (I) agreeably concur. Two locations one smile. “The spinning bridge.”

There are no homeless birds. Eternal in flight planetary residents. Human challenges otherwise devise. Crisis realized be weather, famine, political insensitivty can also be similarily be engaged.These unexpected global events are diffultt to influence, but currently unavoidable destruction shared can be resolved to advantage. Global loss can be a global asset when an inspired non linear response is actualized to planeatary advantage. A planetary non- linear insurance fund can be created initially inspired-invested by emergency responders, paramedics, engineers, fire personell, law enforcment, military who respond to catastrophi9c crisis. A nion linear planetary insurance package would pay therir salaries. avail resources for medical care and rebuilding. Also provide food permemnt loans to injured and victims of qn event deprivation. Indeed from the Eternal duration perspective, loss value gain without entrophy or depletion-destruction and death in the linear can be a sustainable assset. Initially in response anticpation. Death and catasrophic loss can in part be redfined through design intent. Homes, furniture, factories and be secured against fire (ie) buildings that are fire deficent. Non- combustible water insulated buildings that shelter life. Storage buildings similarily designed also tier splash collapsable if fire exceeds response assimilation. (What don't fires get along with before they are igniited. Why can't fires be permamenty temporary. In static or kenetic effect what is a fire event in the morphogenetic field.( A non- linear fire?) A casual. Do they ignite on their own, the fire is not the fire of itself.What happens to the fire when its temporarily extinguised.

(All events are in some manner or form non- localized). What is missing in our perception of a fire? Can we cooperate with a fire? What is a ghost or lateral fiure? (All these questions in their intrinsic denial or affirmation relate to Cosmic occurrences like birth presumption, death presumption, luck, coincedence, probabaility, disease, condtion events such as sport, prison, gravity, tides. And possibly even Tom's, Matha's and your reaction response. Dreams? Appreciating with invigorated emphasis once events are incompleted the deficent event is delegated to the dormant linearily inactive past, related to the forgotten place. The place of error and mistake non fullfillement. Note please dormant ins not inactivity. Dormancy is also the essence of the anticpated planned future. Dormancy nurtures the Eternal place.

We continue with the metaphorcal fire. Under what condtions can an ocean or gravity condone a fire. Poluted lakes have caught fire. Acknowledging with emphasis each buidling in utility and function can be DNAsound designed to the specific builings fire dispostion. Each fire is different, each response human and strucutual can be different. Same weather events. Also the eguipment utilized by these determined and brave indivudals is dnas comptaible to them. Foam, fire retardants and water used in my be event specific. Water can dapt to the accoustic of the fire availing a rteonant response. Transportation need no be engineered through accident intent llegitimized through repair, replacement profit initiatves motivated by failure perogative and accepted therfore encouraged deltion incentive. Value loss ideation realized esenetail when progress is llegtimided through invalidation ie passed success become disposable.Disease and death itself need not be assessed, validated through loss in either intent or conseguence. Global weather pattern, gravity, death are intrinsically communal egualitarian in nature health and disaster resolution can smiliarily be realized. Common purpose, common result avail familarity. And fraternity. Reducing govermental inclination to negotiate and devlop policy through death provacation (ie) war. And is conseguent peace through industries. Indeed a war event globably could be treated as a catastrophic failed event, reguring intervention not development. When war loss affect is globaly shared war becomes globally discouraged. Peace can be engenered as its own asset, not as an after effect to war depletion activity sustained through war preperation mindset, industries and depletion attitudes. A community need not be in constant preperation for war in their industry, edcucation, priorities. Allowoing the depreecation of war as inevitable if a country need two years to prepare an adeguate war response the event would be less likely. We were discusing with Nick and Tristan at Office Depot in Council Bluffs the idea formulation of a mistake machine. A machoine whose sole function is to design, develop and utilize mistake eorror potential. Appreciaitng that in the non linear Eternal ideal mistke, a failure or error is not a measure of futility depletion,but an unresolved linear maximized close as we could get to the infinite Eternal. We can do much more than learn from our mistakes. Like ending this pargragh. Noise iritating lethal companion. What does noise annoyance conceal. Noise is expression. Response accoustic effect reflecting and revealing of our value loss temporary existence. Noise effect. Noise accrutment? When and how does noise become fraternal? When do we start dancing to noise? Learning from "our" noise. How do we translate noise into fluid imagery, information. Linear noise irrelvancy<> non linear adptation. Does noise measure "influence" entrophy? Noise after death? Issues between DNAsound and noise. Sensual noise realization. Eternal genetic dispostion. Fetal noise syndrome? Preconception noise? Cheering, laughing, dreaming, hoping, praying are not noise relevant "incompatible," but are influenced by noise. Under what condtions and for what reasons would it be good and interesting to stimulate a noise condtion event. What is good in the absence of bad correlation?

*Without sorrow would joy be aimless. We create self defining "unnecessary" burdens we unnaturally fullfill by denying...

Sharing scarcity equally is abundance. Do we agree resolving selof once mortication’s love immediate or anticpated. Let’s please consider the definition of singularity. Language followed by shadow figures. Dance? Referenced as a black hole. First a questions answer invites. What is the percepual completion of a black hole. The accoustics of a black hole? Noise? Is dark matter the absense of freguency as the nice and brave folks at NASA invite. What gentle shadows opposite direction ascribes. Dictionary definition. Math: “A point at which the derivative does not exist for a given function of a random variable, but every neighborhood of which contains points of which a derivative exists.” Heft language. No way to give a fireman directions? Let’s invite divinities gentle seed much patient science. No less God’s garden by our forgivable success. Success bold Eternally kind we continue, tomorrow knows today. Yes the same definition melodically amended, intervention’s prayer. Invviting the rehetroical allegory of death and dieing. “A point at which the derivative does not exist for a given function, death, of a random variable (dyieing)...but every neighborhood of which contains points for which the derivative exists. We know as Heaven? We also percpitally reference as a black hole.

Words caress amending more fully life through death, less killings dreadful sway, your own accompanied words divine seeds delivery...

Tom Cantrell offers

The spiritual aspects of abundance and scarcity.

Pleasure and pain guide much of human behavior. A person who is hungry will take action toward eating. In this case he will try to move from a scarcity of nutrients within his system to an abundance and the more pleasant emotional feeling which that produces. If one eats too much however it will be counter-productive. Thus abundance can produce a scarcity of pleasure if limits are not accepted. To be able to manage resources is an ability required in times of abundance and during scarcity.

In our society we have an abundance of opportunities to drink alcohol. It’s been estimated that about 10 per cent of the population have great difficulty following the beer commercial caveat, “drink responsibly”, and this seems to be the case with many other pleasure inducing substances. This is an example of abundance being a worse problem than scarcity, but in many cases, it’s the other way around, such as in cases of famines producing mass-starvation.

In the case of an immaterial quality such as is meant by the word “spirit,” and abundance does not become a problem. In his book “The Perennial Philosophy” published by Aldous Huxley around the mid-nineteen-forties he quotes sources from sages and saints of many religions to identify a common goal and method for achieving the ultimate: rejoining the divine ground that is the ground of all being. This is thought to be possible since we possess something within us that is of the essence of what we can seek to rejoin. If this is the ultimate goal of life then a state of scarcity of “spirit” would be a problem, not a state that might prevent developing a problem. The definition of “spirit” is a metaphysical problem which cannot be answered with a molecular diagram as say the definition of alcohol can.

The two realms do intersect in the case of the spiritual and the material. For example Huxley shows examples of “self-mortification” being considered essential in many religious traditions in beginning a successful transition from one’s own personal world to a more fulfilling world. This may involve creating an environment of material scarcity such as a vow of poverty would produce, or fasting or self-denial. Here it is thought that scarcity on a lower-level can help attain abundance on a higher level. How to handle the scarcity-abundance dimension seems to me a problem with no easy answers, as are so many problems of life such as what to say or not to say at any given time….

Thank you dear Tom for your companionship and accompaniment. Martha, Moon and Daisy, "Hi..."

Abundance in a linearily value loss self- displacing culture (is) realized through exclusionary-tolerated deprivation. The implications in resolution joyfully resound. Yet presently the abundance exaggeration of one is the deprivation of others. Non-linearly deprivation becomes global. Bordered exclusion becomes self- entitled identity. Scarcity lovingly shared is abundance.

Validation of our extinction exclusionary identity sustains abundance as consequence deprivation. Actualizing while assimilating an existence that is relevant while refuted through the many violence, dying profit intent, availing a pragmatically disposable existence deemed necessary. A non- Eternal identity, through individual choice as a planetary affect, is realized through unresolved deprivation distorted as a collective delayed abundance. Self- denying “unsolicited” deprivation feeds selective abundance. Deprivation is perceived-encouraged as an evolution to abundance. Economic industrial excess “abundance” is manifested through risk validated through inherent loss ie exclusionary planetary economies secured through militarized death provocation. (Material loss evidenced-realized as value renders exclusionary violence intrinsic to affect). Dying the temporal distortion of Eternal death motivates directional intent through its own deprivation. Observing the five-six major industries on the planet earth rely and invest in dying, The extreme of contrived value loss, as a motivating profit “abundance” incentive. Abundance through deprivation. Exaggerated in the extreme as nuclear war spasm event, cyber warfare, global warming, pandemic and limited asteroid tracking. Accruing deprivation. These catastrophic condtions can be sourced to the individual.

Accordingly, self- sufficiency is disallowed through abundance3. Sharing and abundance become mutually denying. Not undeniably. Irony avails direction. Pain instructs our witness. Encouraged selected abundance (deprivations seed) denies, delays Eternal fluency. Availing non- Eternal devaluation. You cannot devalue another without devaluing yourself…And God?

Linear example active non-linear effect: Origin source of this dynamic avails either Eternal affect or linear disposable result. Future intent-identity remains Eternally opportune. Not in time deficiency indisposed to linear chronology. Americans are 4 percent of the planet earths human population-consuming 40 percent of the worlds accrued resources. This disparity sustained through deprivation abundance can is maintained through exclusionary-shared deprivation. A deregulation of logic that is disposed to violence. The many motivating violence’s reflective opportunity. Self- intent source awareness. We create the burdens we define by carrying. Boldly of good prayer we persist. Knowing bad preferring good. You cannot recognize a miracle without recognizing yourself. Do you agree?

Eternal abundance is conscious inclusionary, bountifully-mysteriously affluent. Scarcity equally shared is abundance, self- mortification, communal denial affecting non-linear opportunity. Intent is substance.

Accepting-encouraging-nurturing self- reflective global Eternal fraternity would render an inter- planetary sufficiency. Transcendent through non- linear commerce and technology actualizing governmental equanimity. The planetary profits, Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, Joseph Smith, Mother Teresa, yourself your choice rejected exclusion’s abundance for communal love. Inclusionary God respect.

Dear George,


Thank you for your companionship availing legal insights. The need for justice it seems is often preicpitated-professed through injustice. Do you agree George innocence is more producitve than guilt specially if your guilty.

December 2nd 2014

The Vicki letter

&charlie woram&

A brief letter touching on some of the ideas we've discussed. You in the last few years have “visited” places of being the rest of us have not attended. All in life avails opportunity. These words are like a breeze touching the flower's greeting. A harmony of Eternal purpose. God is our mystery. We are not God's mystery....

There is an activity in Creation Cosmos that speaks to how long it takes for an event to unfold. Like a flowers blossom eventually leading to its wilting. Or the birth of a human child, an alleged kitten-sustained as life while leading to death. We can reasonably call this unfolding: Duration. Human beings know and experience duration as Time. The Universe experiences the unfolding as Eternal duration.

Clearly there is another world of difference between Eternal duration and time duration. The Eternal is endless. And everything experienced by human beings in time ends. Even though the Universe is endless.

Some of the essays begin: The Universe is timeless human be9ings exist through time. We are out of step with our own residence the Cosmos. As such with our intended timeless selves.

We are the only species on this planet that experiences Creation through time and death. Very simply human beings make a mistake. Through time humans took over this Eternal planet. In an effort to become masters of life human beings became merchants of death. The five major industries rely on death as a profit incentive. Our wonder us time encrusted religions are based on death. You have to end your life (surrender your time) in order to enter into the timeless Heaven. Also we have to separate Heaven from earth. Because Heaven we know is timelessly Eternal. And we live in time. The earth peoples non Eternal accommodation. Death through dieing is our way of borrowing from Eternity. A loan we pay back with our lives.

When you were born a baby child the same as the alleged cats Yakna and Yentle you had no awareness of time. You were an Eternal timeless being. Unlike the kittens, racoons and humming birds and the flowers you were introduced into Creation through times heavy door. You became a non Eternal being. Unnecessarily and unnaturally.

But unlike the ones called animals we have to end our lives ion order to reclaim the Eternal. Our God fraternity. Even though we are already Eternal beings. A wonderful condition of being we experience by denying. We get angry, we hurt and use each other unhappily. Not because we are bad. But because we are timeless Eternal beings living in time. And everything in time ends. Everything experienced through time is uncertain. It might happen or might not happen. Everything experienced in time is factored through failure. Time isn't easy. Also of course through time we experience and sustain life through death while dieing. Whispering once again how can any event including a life end in an endless Universe. We know the answer is through our distortion of timelessness... time. Observing in the absence of time the infinite non linear Eternal becomes optional. It's the difference between time based linearity and the all embracing non linear. But that’s another essay. Whispering we smile. Many on the planet earth politely repeat their prayers waiting patiently for God to get them right.

Human beings made a perceptual mistake, possibly a necessary mistake. God consents all. Wonderus error's stake wonderus opportunity. And that's what were doing.We can be bad, but we prefer being good. We anticipate the better of ourselves. Acknowledging the kindly labor of our best efforts. The God determined chosen devotion of non- linear beings like Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, Mother Teresa and others. They chose their effort. Reclaiming their non linear Eternal union with the Cosmos.. Accordingly the mysteries flowed. We have also the companionship of the flowers. And God's alleged animals as examples. Our own dreams. God's attendance. And our own bold miseries protests.

Denied Undeniably

A non-loocalized all inclusive God on the planet earth is nurtured through a localized insular Temple whereby the God all presence is personalized to a temporary assigned discretion. Availing a confining familiarity that restricts the expressible God ideal to ritual, ceremony, a linearily predetermined validation revealed through an other than Eternal life's after life. Undeniable Eternal birth's aspiring deed. Performance define's ironie's fading shadow. God's Creation our mirror image, beckons.

Sunday worship

Transcending ressurrection-reincarnation's form. Revelations allegory. Life after death is the construed seed of Christian and other religion's belief. The encouraged precept is that through death's dyineg assimilation you can attain a prefered bond with God. Worshippers are invited sustain a God defered God value by denying life, a gift from God to an after life. Not this life...

Human being's through interpretative linear choice have affected a shift. A God endless Eternal gift of life Creation has been denied-delayed to an after life. You have rejected God's Creation life Eternal gift if favor of non- Eternal existence. Rendering God and Creation your temporary pervue. This unberable irony has culminated in the earth people's Extinction Culture.

Understandably a people who accept denying-inspired spiritual inepititude have made indiviudal value of sin. And created wonderment's Cosmic opportunity. Yet purpose of violence continues. And religion's exclusionary futility . A people can only attain divine maturity through death must reveal a life on obediance to those who explain the journey. Gate watchers. Redemption through redunant forgivness gives recurrent value to transgression. God's love need not be forgiven. Love is love. Inby loving you have been loved. Would you rather be loved or forgiven? Krishna. Buddah, Jesus, Mohammed, Mother Teresa, ourselves on our best days lived through efforts divine choice such a life. While distracted and imapired by others. God's divine elephants. whales. humming birds, flowers, butterflies, all baby lifeform children, the rain and the air value the expressible "intended" Eternal of life. While trying to resist the damage done to God's Creation environment depletion's iorny actualized as encouraged intent. Unnaturally. Unnecessarily.

Not surprisngly a non- Eternal devoted people's have little choice but to reamin in their Holy Temples until they are relieved of their success by death. A death through dyeing they often cause. And profit from in their religions,commerce and technology. Such people must limit their spiritual journey to ritualized pantomine. Banal obediance. Violence. Often lonely misogyny. Never in their God devotion graduating from Holy Temples as Jesus. Buddah, Mother Terersa, Mohammed and others have done. Once God attendant beneficent of Eternal awe...The life relevance of these words is in your translation...Only you can dance the spatil dance sing the Eternal song.

Listen carefully please: God presupposes the materializing of the planet earth. Their is the Cosmic God and the earth people's frightened adpatation. You recognize miracles why not yourselves.

Dear Andy,

A late night resonse to your and Alex's inguiries on Jerusalem.

...sadness surrender's corespondence. late night's clarity morning's sympathy. Arguement suckles animosity. Educating war singular abberation. Wounding prayer calculation defiles. Validation grotesgue. Cajamarca. Djahy. Argon Forest. Lexington and Concord. Watts, Hiroshima yearning Nagasaki blood's warrants aspire. Slander Divine. Hallowed Arlington trophies shame loneliness. Exctinction nutured undeserved. Planet earth listing Noah's Arc

Smilng we grace love's unsolicited repreive.

July 27,2014

Dear Danny Katz,

Daniel, five and half years old, walks toward his back yard dragging his baseball bat behind him. He looks around carefully before yelling. “I’m the greatest batter in the world. " He catches his breath and... Danny tosses the ball up in the air. Swings and misses. He inhales then exhales, adjusts his cap, rounds his shoulders And again the ball rises up into the air ….Danny bravely again swings and misses. Exasperated Daniel wipes his forehead. One more chance two strikes. Hesitation then boldly one more time the ball rises higher and higher passed Danny's watching eyes. Danny now swings hard and misses. He shakes his head dismally while picking up the baseball. He inhales and sighs. "Wow." Danny hears his own voice. Looking around Danny starts smiling. And yells, "I'm the greatest pitcher in the world.”

Aspiriing we continue administration's wonder, conceptions temporary joy. Eternity beckoning horizon, ourselves. Crisis brought about by weather, famine or political instability can similarly by embrace be redressed. A person scarred and anguished by a hurricane or other uncertainty can be adopted by a member of the world community...forming a singular entity by those dispossessed. If a person victimized through hunger, social uncertainty, weather patterns eventually "dies" of natural causes, resident government, relief agencies, adoptee partners, community and family members are beneficiaries of the life benefit policy. Resolving or avoiding a famine, political, economic uncertainty or resolving a weather crisis efficiently would create an escrow surplus that would minimize the condition activities and human anxiety the creates unrest through anticipated instability. How many times can you eat the same chicken leg.

Remembering the gentle inspiring Terrence Mckenna's prescribing words. IF every natural born woman had one child in forty years the planet earth's population would be "reduced" (gently naturaly) by half. Not less that more be so, Eternally accompamied...

In the near fuller summation these economic dislocations- related sufferings are an issue of intent, uncertain human design given the destabilizing forces are artificially contrived.These forces are not determinant.They are neither linearily determinant (in) cause nor effect. though related in response..Consequential due essentially to linear irony which functions through displacement, opposition and unresolved inefficiency. And our willingness to profit from the instability which however disguised or sublimated speaks to the death and misfortune of others. If collective groups did not profit materially and onseguenatial awarenss from disease, death, the economic dislocation of human beings (which presently is intrinsic to a linear culture), but only profited from the life benefit...these uncertainties would occur less often, would be less suffering. And when such displacements did occur they would be less damaging more effectively resolved.

Wars dyeing symmetries asymmetrically realized and agrieved, industries debilitating investment, technologies timely implosion, value loss time wavering debilitating cures, your cautioned life’s suffering perplexity (all) testify to time’s incomplete non-Eternal commandment. What of life’s else claims Eternal echoe's remainders. The infinite overlooked. The Eternal unresolved and unprotected. We sleep less time’s instruction, Eternally consented. Uninvited dreams hastening whimsy. Your life Eternal loan well spent? Death’s harvest uninterrupted content. Ghosts our incomplete perception. (Petition's reminder all is material except time). What ghosts instruct our occupation? Linear and non-linear, timely and not. Death familiar and not. The same not the same ourselves.Between the space of now unresolved? Which ghost argues the other, still your sister or your brother? What else do ghosts have in common beside not having to stand in line. What are the material similrities and ironies between ghosts, Santa Clause and the memory dream's of your great great gandmother. (Your perceptual interactions, their's. Non response is a reaction). We greet our neighbors squinting. Life-death interactive, familiar Interestingly no hummingbird ghost, no tulip ghost, no porpoise-pelican ghost. Hosts and ghost? We need a respectable misspelling bee contest. Do you agree? Thank you Tom for lunch at the Keno parlor in Ralston. If you don’t know Keno is an activity through which people practice winning by losing consistently. Forgot to tell our nice of God smiling waitress. We would be in a lot more trouble if the grocery stores and restaurant closed down than the hospitals. "Thank you for the food. appreicated." Why do people need cures secured through temporary life defining diseases. Just asking…. “I’m” going tio miss yiou guys. Not likely. We mentioned to God's Lori Lorraine, “(I) enjoy missing you Lori.” Acknowledging the Eternal ever presence. You ever notice East or West people are always going in the same direction while arriving in distanced opposite temporary locations. No wonder there are so many unhappy- unresolved car accidents. Same life and death, right? You notice. We are taught how to tie our shoe laces, how to behave in a Holy Temple, read and write, wash our hands, shoot a gun always in the unhappy direction…one unresolved condtion activity we don’t have to be taught, die and born. Our Eternal Godsoulprint. All the rest. You know the sing-song. Do you really have to execute each other? Where is it going to start? Again for the first time.

Rumi offers,"What you seek is seeking yiou."

Semantic maze word's seeking assignment and deomonstration, human shadow seeking shade. Listening-watching Tom Cantrell recount experiences, events, accusations, lost causes and TV scripts revant to a book Tom is writing on Roy Huggins. The words in their weights discretion water falls fountain, a cylindrical cascade where no turn of thought and insight is adeguate in its completion, but in the somehow of when reveals promises. We talk about our lives. We persue threatening initiative to tentative advantage. We select the enemie's enemy ourselves. Word's hesitant fever our concerns. We fear. We anger. The next sentence embarrases its own confesion? Easier witnessing Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamiltion aiming weapons in whose direction (than) the same sunshine two hundred years later trying to ferement seed to a life we conceal. And deny to reveal. Apologies, lies not fabrications. Politicians merchants of casual demise. Detonations and unresolved demonstrations. Others conceit easier than our fear's retreat. Watching is easier than retreating. Blood tear's news gentler on the screen than the carpet. (Not always). Yet in the non- linear Eternal ideal, our births witness, our deaths promise there is only one emotion, love. Love nurtures all that denies the same. Fear, anger, dismay, rage, anxiety, depression failures of hopes commision. Seed's promise flower the same. What love speaks less pain's instruction. "In loving you "I" have be3en loved." We need not disrobe love's smile. Neogtiate life forgive our tentativ sanity. Love one cup always full. Casuality cautiously limping lonely strong. And away...The Eternal, the infinite non-linear knows one arrival's song, one grasp, karma....God's motion disguised as ourselves, unnecesarily unaturally disguised. Why do we hide if were already lost? Prove of discovery evidence of hope's complicity?

Human beings are not born with organic need for violence, an organic investment in greed and hatred, shared and individual. We are distracted-deferred Eternal beings living in Eternally deniable time. Indeed even provocation greed, violence and hatred are choice. The choice has become more difficult defer to kindness “less clear” more motivated by depletion's survival engaged through profit and political angst relevant through death extinction imposition, profiteering. Accruing time distortions perpetuating value loss seems to have become more defining. We made a mistake perhaps many-many years ago in devloping time application? Yet time motivates our organic and non-Eterna aspirations to the prefered God appointed infinite Eternal self. Presently exagerated by time distoritve commerce, technology and unresolved exclusionary religions. When our commerce, technology and religions become non- linear, meaning inclusionary not exclusionary, existence on this planet will thrive Eternally. Do you understand? Now we gamble that mild mischief be our companion.


Mutual Betting Fund

A diversion: Reviewing we smile our companionship: The Mutual Betting Fund is an extended waging concept. Unlike other betting concepts that are resolved in a few minutes, a few days MFB continues for an entire year. The wager can involve all the major sporting events for one year. Ten events. Fifteen. The wager can be limited to the Olympic events….

Structure: A world- wide sporting event. A bet is set for a predetermined amount. The wager can be made by one or more people. Over the last seven months until two weeks before the last sporting event and the announcement of the winner or winners the owner or owners of a ticket can sale shares in their ticket. Example: After 4 months some ticket win loss ratio will be much more appealing than others. Each ticket can be broken down into as many shares as the owner or owners determine. A ticket that was purchased initially for $125 dollars (what is dormant currency?) can now sale half its value for a much more substantial amount. The owner of such a ticket might only want to ale ten percent of their ticket “believing “the future betting choices are sound and the value of the ticket will increase. Ticket owners can also exchange shares in others tickets. After 7 months over a three day period separate ticket holders can join half the anticipated value of their tickets with another’s ticket portion, not to exceed half. There are additional “reasonable “ fees associated with ticket adjustments. These fees will be directed to increase the compensation of Mutual betting fund employees. And set up a scholarship fund for their children. Not for profit charities are invited to join in the initial Twenty five cents through $125 dollar purchase. All other adjustments-accommodations are free. Note: Each ticket purchase is document detailing the betting agreement. The purchaser is also encouraged to name beneficiaries to her-his winnings.

Presuming success experts become invested. Events unfold: Unlike most betting opportunities that are settled over a brief period of time the excitement of the Mutual Betting Fund will continue for a year. A few weeks prior to the last betting event media interest will increase. Likely the number of potential winners will be surprisingly low. Potential winners world wide will be interviewed, a reality TV event will unfold. As in Iowa a winner will be offered the services of a psychiatrist. A luxury temporary facility will be made available to the winner. A staff of lawyers, consultants and assistants will also be provided to assure a productive and happy transition to the winner or winners. Forty perce3nt of the purchase of tickets will be set aside for evolving transformative “charities.” In ten years a University will be built for homeless and runaway peoples, runaway children and refugees. The winner or winners can add to this amount from their winning as a gesture of spiritual kindness and to lessen in their tax burden. The winner-winners can also aide and advice on the disbursement of funds. A TV unreality show will be set up the follow the progress of all concerned.

Why is measurable representative currency in a linearily deficent duration culture realized through unpredictable sustainable value loss. Ofcourse the negoitsble currency, which includes other financial instruments like loans, are obliged functionally to reflect the culture diminishing utility. Necessarily? If we can agree obliging diseases temporal contempt, freguent dieing our organic fraternity why not credit materially representative mediums with nurturing value discretion. Gardens and galaxies offer instruction called life.

All ideas upon initiation exist in the probability of maybe. Mandy Pitt commented on the need for instant gratification. There can be a pay of each bet. Two thirds of winning amount can be transferred to another bet. If that bet is not successful 15% percent of bet is transferred secure fund. Wins unlike the current betting experience accumulate not just loses. Can there be more than 100 % of a condtion, a material or event if either "id" is measured in a different materiality, an other than linear existence. How is 1 percent from two weeks past, eight years past ago now different from one percent temporary now? An evolving one percent? What happens when one percent is shared? Why doesn't such a sharing create two percent. Is percentage influenced by height, dimension or gravity. Why is less than two percent different than more than two percent? When mass changes relevant to its scalr percentage why doesn't the perentage change? Are they less? Any suggestion on how the after life affects percentage. Is love shared kindly egually percentaged? What is a non- linear percentage? What happens to percentage, numbers, words, dreams when your not about looking. Why do we attempt to avoid mistakes we need to repeat? What happpens to a question with one answer that becomes two answers,but not two guestions. Are you still reading this paragragh? Are you sure? Can there be a permament question to a temporary answer?

The winning price. Lots of varied negotiable money. One week's collection of the world’s best candies. Assistance in designing a charity intimte to your identity. Possibly with a subsidary (ie) Charity for the Rich. An expanding contracting island in the pacific. Your choice of tides. A role in a Hollywood movie. Money managment instruction. Legal and psychiatric help. Is winning losings sponsor? Does winning have its most compelling sponsoar in losing?

What would be the acitve dispostion of material currency if value intent and application weren't essentially related to loss? A loss activity that reveals and sustains previaling, winning. The greatest accruing amongst the fewest the greater deprivation shared by most. Each the unhappy unresolved fraterinity of the other.

Gentle attempts at gentle "inguiring" diversion continuing. May we invite suggesting a planetary competition. A planetary flag kindred to all the galaxies. All for all forever all not less any one. A planetary symphony already the silendce of music listening to the Light, we near. Hearing the music we near, the silence sings quietly forever dreams. “Thank you kindly.”

+Feel to imagine. The retractable Church roof opens slowly. The parishioners are singing. “Silent Night Holy Night.” Snowflakes falling on our cheeks. Tom embraces his wife to keep her warm. Star light earli3er the piano plays, the music prays; a butterfly lands gently on the microphone. We watch. Eloquent smiles. The butterfly listens. In the darkensing night Reverend Simpson caution’s words prayers resistance. Moon’s witness, starlight reaching. Donna Zebolsky's pistacio piano. Reverend Whitehead distant near listens. Now agan: Kathy whispers breathing apporaching Rick’s leaning ear.Their smile waits their eye’s delivery. The stars again celestial tides. Expression instructs words be listened, love’s the reason. The Church alight. Celestial explosions. Thunder and lightening. The parishioners stand God attended uninvited attending God’s Creation, singing, “Taller standing than on our knees.” The clarinet plays Lori playing the clarinet. Donna Zebolsky dancing with the eilderly elevated piano. Carolyn-Peter conspiring the assembling bongos. Where are Michael and Cydi going already there. Tom and Dudley "nothen" is somethen or it wouldn't be a word. Vicki angle blue aspiring eyes. Chris pursuing's persuit. Wesley celestial librarian Temple by any other same bliss the same. And Mark Tipton God's prisoner. Breathe's pause God's horizon amends. Carefully our children watch life tenderly. God Christens Heaven on earth we deliver.



Other planetary terrestrials?

In recorded human history there has only been one recurrent observable event witnessed by thousands of individuals over several hundred years that has remained unexplained. While verified.

These visual occurrences including simultaneous sighting over disparate distances share a common origin airborn source,evidencing a transcendant technology substaniated by forensic evidence. The visual testimony and material eivdence suggest technology activity that is other than human based.

The evidence validating these visual occurrences easily exceeds the evidentiary standard reguired in a Court of Law, reasonable doubt. The generational testimony of thousands, forensic evidence including film and still photograghs has been organically,perceputally and institutionally dismissed.Evoking a standard of explanation that discredits comprehension.And a relability of logic.

An example might avail clarity. According to historical sources numerous natives who witnessed the landing of Columbus in 1492 couldn't "see" the ships they witnessed, lacking the historical percptual imagery that would allow them to form a visual composite of the ships. Their shock while confronting white men with facial hair, horses new to the continent,advanced weapons further impaired their observations for which they knew no language. In the last half century perceptual limitations have also been distorted by institutional misinformation.

Can we assume that contact resistence is reciprocal.Our culture and the Other than Earth Terrestrial cultures are not amendable to interaction that might otherwise be precipaited by commerce "trade", technology and a common knowledge base. These pervsive distinctions, eye witness accounts suggest, might be more basic (ie)identity. From a human perspective Other Terrestrials appear to non-linear in their organic and technological predispostion. Acknowledging a significant cranial capacity, lips that are not maleable indicating intuitive not incremental communication. Anatomy appears to be androgenus. No indication of attire? Impairment such as eye glasses? Significantly no act of violence has been attributed to an Other than Terrestrial vistitation in five hundred years. Their technology transcends linear trajecory design,"burst" accleration, "abrupt" shift position and no indication of exhaust indicating an energy source more efficent than earth people's depletion "vector: fuels.

Humans are linearily time insinutated. All human events including the organic self are realized through value loss.All temporal events eventually culminate though a complete loss of utility. And direction. The human culture is violent. The five major indstries on this planet rely on dieing (a time) effect as a motivating profit incentive. Goverments actualize motive through military death provacation.

Except for drama,literature there has been no collective-coherent human response.Other Terrestial visiton has been met with confusion,fear and theatrical slanderous misrpresentations: Proposal: Construct a landing stage. A greeting.

Here we are excitedly anticipating perceptual non- linear catharsis. Recalling while evolving the God generous Professor Einstein’s gentle observation. “When mass is constricted “eventually” the curvature becomes infinite.” Incompletion's shadow entreats.

When form surrrenders duration's borders (one locations space not less its space) constriction and expansion are sptaillky interchangeable one condtion event activity the same not less which one not the other. (Simultaneous spontaniety convenes). Eternities non-linear accepts. Time dilation avails. Gravity obliges. Sound's motion "motion's" sound (new effect) cause and effect not less the displacment value of each, once depletion's loss is realize assembling gain. The duration condtion status of "now" endures comptsiby othersie disparate condtion events. (Usually in time intent resolved to unfullfilled intent). Negative positive same conception, dislocation spatially-temporaly unfirmorly resolves. Destination accomadates departure. Non-localized Cosmos affirm. Not clear (already apparent) approaching clarity. Mirror's image one eye. Forgot Eternity not yourself. Life and death each others seed, tomorrow's flower. Half life echos completion, reciporcal non localized concurrence. Dyeing surrenders life's favor. Understand? No? Crossing the same bridge less departures hesitation. Did we learn to sing and run, did runnings song learn us. Dreaming dreams us...May we suggest read this paragragh again for the first time. Add your mysteries glance, dream's everglade. Tapping the table, shoes off, anticpating an icecream smile. Something you who didn't know. Approach tempers melody lyrics sway.

Consider fading linear correlation, approaching non- linear infintie Eternal. Inclusionary value gain intent. Entrophy, sustainable depletion, functional uncertaintity, failure disposition, localized scalar and vector coercive force no longer factor in affectinga material event, human intent endevaor is redifined.

Acceding linear time affect duration both in language “inference” and formulated substance. Tempering clarity and application? Confirming "textually" by unresolvable apparent term locations. (When-during-eventually). Acknowledging our current deficient dislocation linear materiality, functional incompletion. Also acknowledging a fundamental shift from linear causality to time transendant curvature affect. Suggesting a new perceputal though shift evoking a more comprehensive language reflective effect. We continue approaching a shift from value loss deficient materiality to “infinities functionality.” Again when time is resolved less its linear value loss effect the infinite ETernaol becomes "actively" functionally opportune. Subjective determinant time dilation. (One of the entreating shadows). Availing a sustainable reciprocally concurrent material formulation not reliant on displacement value through effect incompletion realized as uncertain linear defiecent result. We approach through thought observation “ intent effect” to clearer God awareness intent. We prayerfullly assume.

Attending accrued liner memory. "At the speed of light there is no passage of time." As such in the absence of time displacment "speed" dislocation assumes non localized everpresence. Spoantaniety. In design effect intent;simultaneous spontaniety. Non-linear of spheroid technology. Presence intent gravity....

You like this planet were born a purposefull Eternal being. In near all regard presently denied mysterially- perceptually. (Logic insists otherwise). Further devalued structured intent; institutional, technological, commerce, spiritually. And expression. Now politely with your accompaniment, linearily and Eternally manifest, we will attempt to give further clearance application to these transitional inclusionary active conditions while non-linearily expanding application into technology, commerce, spiritual self- awareness. Addressing a new awarness correlation.

All has purpose motion intent. Is there purpose unknown beside ourselves. Us thus all.... Intent avails immediate acoustic source awareness. Non-linearly Creation substance or designed intent is duration sustaining activith intent (ie) inclusionary. Cause intent and identity result one embrace. Failure remains possible, but not through essential process deficent intent. (Presently we remind, we petition repetition, time identity intent is realized through essentially uncertain “cause and effect” value loss uncertainty). Incompletion inept linear deficet result which defers non linear efficency. Reflective of our time encrusted existence whereby all events lose utility purpose and direction value. (Linear displacement yearning non-linear infinite Eternal source origin). Our existent paradoxical assembly: Unresolved asymmetrical dislocation, value loss, cause uncertain deficient effect, intrinsic functional opposition, entrophy, death dying dichotomy, mirror image. All endings consistently unresolved temporal affectation. (Ending value loss functional from inception of event). Knowledge conforms, language validates, science invalidates, mathematics witnesses. Disatisfaction compells. Inspiration guides. Dreams nest. Hope resides. Prayers conversantly amend: We continue insitutionally insecured: Paradoxical materiality engendered our anguished reality govermental through death's assemblies, imprisoment duration, accruing war effect, peace war's inclination materiality, localized abundance depletions temporarydisguise, risk profit actuality, cure's oppositional resistance. And the personalized angst: Suicide, human violence, addictions, homelessness, insanity incompletion, crime, abortion, criminal abuse, exclusionary localized “planetary” worship, value loss divorce. And oither anguished linear events perhaps intimate to yourself. All non-linearily accruing: Global warming, cyber war, nuclear war spasm event calculated and accidental, pandemic. Condition activities realized and expressed though depletion technology, risk abundance dislocation commerce, death valuation through dying oirony…Can you reflect on other self imposed human depletions. Yes also linearily prestructured assigned intelligence. Lineariy opportune intellect as a function of source activity responds to events acknowledged by defining-estteming vaue loss definition intent. Intelligence is not adpative-responsive to the non linear pememanet nature of event source. Except through deficency, error and partial utility "intelligence" in the long term ideal thorugh invalidation.... Perceptual intelligence marginally actualized through structurally deceptive fragmented languages sustained through non- linear abstention (ie) forgetting. Interestingly those grammatical signs, guiding words intention, are expressible in silence. Like linearily based assigned intelligence, sourced and invested through depletion localized irony, assigned "individualized" intelligence math efficiency is realized “referenced” into a deficient linear materiality revealed through perceptual “instructed” deficiency value. As noted a functional actuality exaggerated potentially beyond comprehension by current linear technology and commerce. Wow wh9o hid the flowers from the thorns.


Hiding behind whose smile....

Dear Charlie

Cherished friend

Don't be dismayed by your weight.

One breath's.

All wait...

It's just your way of getting closer to the rest of us.

Approaching mass constriction intent resolve. Helpful to consider that these consciously linear conceptions are accruing non-linearly in “your” brain. Also referenced as mind, non localized mind. (Non linearily in intent and substance brain-wind exceeding their localized assigned space). Fuller directional utility becoming more conceivable and accessible. A question's recipe if we may? God's attending Creation presumes your birth, death more not less the same, what's your address pilgrim? Revealing conceptions like pneumatic resonance, spin acuity, transmogrify constriction, spherical intent, affective time dilation responser will make sense in awareness and expressible design acuity. Our non- linear skills are forsaken otherwise denied not eliminated. Humans do you agree are the credible in incredible. We persistently design the burden "events" we resist by applying. Technological, commerical, govermental, spiritual condtion life animation we finance through durtation debt. We go "broke" proving the value of our predictable mistakes. Errors of self without which we currently would not have a perceptual identity. (Not entirely true). Do you agree? Unknowingly predetermined essential entrophy deficency calculated-applied as efficency? We suffer boldly our own temporal obstacles valued and revealed our progress we esteem by denying. Is our linear temporal angst still necessary? No is the sustainable answer that speaks to the better communal residency of yes. Mass is interchangeable with energy if you have the time. And entrophy polluting energy. Permament Eternal resuolts.

Anticpatory asssimilating observation: (A direction before a map). Shape has (is) form. (Has speaks to status intent (is)activity status that results in intent. Natural or designed). Form in duration needn't have shape. Shape suggests (evokes) intent. Formations shape in time duration {shape) loses value utility direction substance to form as form through defiecent linear shape intent. (Reminding error, mistakes, failure, imagination (intent) evidence form mass assimilation. all evolving as motion beyonds times instrasigence). Inby duration Eternal intent form shapes "shapes" formation to purpose. Material Origin soource symmetrical. Dislocation, percived seperation, simultaneous spontaniety likely not perceptuiallly apparent. (God Predeteminations).

Through and as mass constriction (intimated through life to death symmetery) shape form assumes unshaped form (form evolving to refined form intent) condition intent impending. Through this event evolve identity is maintained or loss would be determinant. Pneumatic cohesion remains concurret and recopircally intact. Materially evidenced anf influenced by rlevantg ant revealing sound motion awarness source intent. An accoustic that can be utilized to affect a condtuion, event or process. Cancer symmetery, inter stellar voyage, non linear technology and commerce. Referenced linearily incloined non linarity as subjective memory, Godsoulprint, theory, flawed design intent. Mass constriction is reciprocal to origin as source, symmetrical form shape symbiosis ie shape to form constriction compatiblle with expansion. Non- displacement as seperate localized events resolves spatial inconsistency. Time dilation factors in assimlation, either as time duration or infinite duration, time will adapt to the event. And this dynamic flow can be used to influence value loss verse loss through gain. Half life becomes spherically amendable. Again the uranium stock pile value loss assimliated to pain through seeming "acceleration" deplition. Loss in the functional non- linear is gain. linear loss depletion resolved. (One location not less its depletion, Eternity refines. Nuclear detonation what's missing. What purpose what identity did we over look because we knew). Acceleration not a function vector dislocation, but concurrent (same time) assimilation. Once pleasant again the example. Concepetion birth leading to conception death. In non- linear effet, non time depletion, this event can be expereinced throgh and as instantaneous space formation. And accordingly with greater facility influences. In time chronology not possible simply because much of what is going to happen to the person, the vent, the journey has not occurred and the devises, including the intent of self, are flaowed realized through incomplete depetion uncertainty.

Linear casual temporal anomaly has been supplanted to curvature spin (ie) non-linear motion whereby an event functions not less its own value origin. A casual and non- linear motion source intent resolves temporal value loss. Cause sustained inadequately through deficient effect has evolved beyond uncertain deficiency to source resonant intent. (Origin cause and intent are materially value concurrnt ie definition of cconcurent the same time. Expansion and contraction pulse (the coherent simultaneity of cause and effect) presently realized through the displaced deficiency of a dormant past, and inadequate now and an unengaged allegorical future (ie) future in material non-linearily Eternal-not realized in time resistance. Not less origins valuation. A circle completes itself actualized through design intent, there is no inherent "coherent" structual separation less the the defining value of the separation, excpet (in) incompletion sustained by entrophy. (Is there a term location for simultaneous expansion-contraction. Can current linearily organi humans perceive and subseguently adapt such a vision ie walking on water.... We continue awarness is direction. (Time deficency politely fading). Origin source each the recirpocal substance of the other. New event specific dimensionality actualizing. Time dilation politely accommodating the constriction spherical shift. Identity intent value attain conseguential concurrence. Spherical design intent kindred as Creation. Linear cause and effect, function and dysfunctional separation can be idealized to the non- linear as and through spin resonant acoustic.

A conceptual opening. The shortest distance between two juncture events is the converg3nce of the same displacing juncture's effect. Dispacement need not ocuur through dislocation loss. (How can one localized event functionally exist in a non- localized Universe. The answer through opposotional loss inconsistency ie resulting in deficent "abortive" displacement Asserting politely a new materiality affirming divine utility effect. Ephemeral faith's instruction, transcending: spirit, science and irony the same seedfull dream.

Mass without form effect intent immediate or imagined function's surrenders utility (even) if the utility direction is one of inception value loss. Erratic displacment is direction. Void and vacumn correlate to evolving function. Knowingly and unknowly. Certitude is comedy. Rubic's cube shadow compass.

Definition of form. "Form is the midst in which something is created or is made to occurr."

Definition of shape, thank yiou to the nice and gentle folks at the Americn Heritage Dictionary." Something distinguished from its sourroundings by its outline...a patern that is used to give or determine form." Also. " To improve as to meet a standard."

Mass."A unified body of matter with no specific shape. A large but non specific number or amount." Wow. Unified but no shape? Intent? Large but not specfic amount. Proportionality but noi shape form intent. Shaplessness that can be constricted to form without intent? Inception intent inherent in shaplessness. Intent-anticpation functional to its own delivery. Concurrent to infinity or deficenfinity. Partiality and incompletion define. Substance. Intent. Direction. Symmetrically-Asymmetrically.

A human observable event either in intent, result, effect utility."A sensually acguired perception occurrent in time paradox. Examples: The tentative dispostion of our bodies evolving through loss utility, immediate or influenced in consideration. 2nd Example: The Titanic. In temporary design utility, voyage intent and futility ie design culmination of itent. (Shape reclaimed to form, time depletion resolved through loss opportunity). Our companion Albert Einstein offers observing sensually in time,"When mass is constricted "enough" "eventually" the curvature becomes infinite." Acknowledging duration untent "eventuality" a caluclation through measurable affectation suggested by " enough not enough." Incompletion commends progress avails. Defiency sustains unnaturally relevant direction. What's next owns the house your building.

Presently the gentle professors initial dynamic effect is affected in time through entrophy value loss. Measurable intent devised through inception process result. Depletion value loss is purpose. But the Universe otherwise construes.

Emanation to this mirror's paradox; mass form constriction duration result can be influenced "directed" timelessly through distinct non linear sound effect of the events own intended "natural" motion. Entrophy, process dematerializing inconsistency are no longer essential to event effect. Through revealing time concurrent sound, presently evident as deniued, events result can be developed withoin and through non linear infinite "motion accoustic" dispostion, its Eternal materiality. Even in linear culture sound instruction can create affect and influence materiality. Sound creates. Utilizing this wonderus affect is a challenge for a duration species. There is time duration, Eternal duration, transition of one form the other, denial of each, both(?) and possible assimlation. Duration amongs us humans is a busy intersection. (Otherwise in time imposition. Interestingly time decptive symmetery defect will likely remain relevant in assessing project random utility ie futility affords improved variant insight. Disaster in a human culture born from randomness or ineptitude remains problematic. And their will new challenges). A machine designed to accentuate mistakes suggests interesting insight. Does human error, machine malfunction, karmic malfesance suggest value ideal other than avoidance.

When mass bordered form effect loses intend formation, accured identifiable effect is assumed as spatial expansion. (Space itself has form purpose). Spatial refining form purpose. Gravity it's own breath. (Expansion is contraction effect intent affects variable). A casual, non-linear, Eternal. Nice and beautiful. Mirror image greets. Half life assimilates. An expressible asertion of Cosmic life, Eternal flow. Expansion-contraction... overlapping simuntaneous symmetery: Life flow's reach, motion of an ameba, the tides. falling melting snow, heart, lungs, life death conception symmetry, concrrent (same time still time) super nova, black hole inception conception "imminent" singuarity. Giving further access credibility to worm hole, Eternal memory, dimensional revealing, super position repositionong. Quantum riddle evokes-emenates. God no longer idealized through displacement duration prayers, cautioned through critigues. And calculated absention. And allegorical whimsy. Percive neighbor all is material divine when time insensitivity flower's pause.

The gentle Professor Sheldrake and his inspired son Merlin, partherships are divinely appointed do you agree....we continue father and son compliment these active observations studying patterns produced on water vibrated at a range of frequencies on their website. The “faraday waves” create radially symmetrical mandalas. Variable like temperature had no effect on the wave patterns. By contrast wave patterns are influenced by the diameter of the container and the oscillation of the frequencies. (Cosmo's contained banjo. Image and instrement shape evokes evolved accoustics? The whole in the guitara opens and closes during performance). Evoking form mass relevance. Bringing the question Scalar magnitude and vector direction affect. Weight. Temperature, speed are temporary manifestations. And vector directives like velocity require a contrived force impetus. Force can not be described therefore utilized using Scalar effect. Depletion fuel or depletion perception. Noting the distance between two points is a Scalar. Scalar and vector are form determinant through value loss ie temporary affect. Scalar which includes volume, mass and time itself have a causal relationship with vector magnitude. And that uncertain causality is realized through depletion force effect.( Mass Scalar displacing duration deficent coorelation <>). Weight Vector::Speed Scalar <> velocity::Distance Scalar<>displacement Vector:: Time Scalar<> force::Scalar temperature<>momentum Vector::Energy Scalar<> Torgue…. (Reciprical depletion uncertainty through reciprocal defect). Note the need for variant temporary effect between Scalar condition activity and Vector activity condition. (Scalar quantity requires magnitude and invariant size). A temporary displacement shift vacillated when Scalar Time is turned into Force Vector direction. Force effect like time are linearioy inevitable human accommodations through which we alter the Creation environment to our incomplete and inadequate functional preconceptions. Casually fragmented scalar volume, distance, mass, length, width, temperature when sperical concurrence occurs, non-linear ideal is affected defiecent uncertain material deficent displacment result quantified in time, a portion of a second five years, becomes functionally non linearily coherent. Defiency and displacment are not intrinsic to event. Duration (an inference of time) factors, but not through variant "fragmented" value loss.

Note please sound resonance assumes a different effect directional-substance or magnitude status in relativistic vector-scalar formulation. Including in linear symmetry ie freguency, wave lenghts, silence, noise effect, musicality. Freguency current convention suggests freguency relativistically is a time functdion. And coloration which is measurable in freguency? (Is coloration a function of deficent entrophy "fadong" or coherent enhancment ie non linear timless assimilation). Appears through accousitc responance "resonance" by (resolving) magnitude vector force dislocation effect we have entered into a new dimension. Dimension defined as " a directional extension of space, a condition of space." Through sperical resonance effect "directional extension" is redefined, funcitonal as its own identifiable source. Each event natural or designed in a sense becomes its own dimension. Dimensionally sympthetic with the non- linear infinite Eternal Cosmois.

What are the effects-affects considered in assessed reelevant freguency in relation to the freguency self, subjective or communal through llinear language and mathematical affectation. The containment of self. Non linear...linear and transitional between the two. Duration. And non-duraction. Interesting impending error. Non duraction not non duration. Question do events designed and otherwise need be reactive. Is there displacment in reciprocity? Concurrent reciprocity. Under what condtions does dimension avail tangible effect. Awarness intent. Definition of dimension. "A property of space a directional extension of space." Extension suggesta direction intent. "A" property suggests subjective singularity. An observable accomadation of the morphogenetic field. Remind the super strong theory variant accounting 27-28 plus minus dimensions. One referenced as magical. Vibrating stroings. Subjective directional intent. Clarifying the functionality of worm hole and super position. Mass form constriction. Half life. Mirror image inconsistency. Simulation and probability. A non linear prayer? Does prayer int4ent reside in its inception? Same question language. Communication. Life death symmetery. An extension of space does not necessarily suggest spatial dislocation. Symmetrical assymetrical expansion-contraction. Same breath "function" differing "defering" space? You don't have to book a two way ticket if your allready there (ie) Their.

Further question offered between classical vector Scalar and relativistic shifts facilitated by relativity. Offering form can be twemporary in substance and intent and maintain non-linear ideation if form shift is realized through value gain identity. During a non linear coherent event inception cause integrity is not value interactive with result through oppositional defiency. Cause and effect, origin and source are mateerially comptaible, structurally the near of interchangable materially conseguently functionally. (A duration shift). Entrophy, value loss displacment, half life no longer factor functionally. Not through the disparity vaule loss intent ie entrophy. Example: A stockpile of uranuimun waste can be defused "forgiven" its long term"time" functional value loss, affecting enhanced assimlation without value loss duration. (It's shape formation reclaimed to origin form. Which in a sense occurs through a nuclear blast detonation, but this seemingly temporary event actualized through disadvntaged loss utility). Remember in time value loss, diminishing entrophy begins to occur from the inception of the event. In non time resnanty accoustic assmilation inception realized value gain. No disproportion value. Otherwise the stock pile, the linear disease are rendered non linearily comptaible with Eternal intent. Nice easy familiarily safe.

Which was the origin disposition of the form before inception or conception was distorted to our temporal reality. Example: your body. An icecube. The stockpile of uranium waste. A million tons of accrueing "garbage." (Jewel in a clam shale). Note with emphasis please given time abstained valuation of material status intent value gain reciprocity becomes feasible. Resolving a cancer to a preferred self, not through time derivative force effect like chemotherapy and radiation, but the distinct motion disposition in both the cancer quest and the recipient host. We can also assume that once this non- linear transitory affect occurs the source effect of the cancer will also undergo a remedial resonant. (Origin condition status before value loss inception). Again smiling the same reciprocally resonant dynamic flow can be affected on a stock pile of weapons grade uranium waste. Waste? Value loss. Aging. Death cessation. Realized through a remedied concurrent spiritual resoltuoin, ourselves. Revisiting a previous essays observation relevant to pre form scalar status, functional length, width and depth. Noting percieved vacant space, all is motion intent, also satisfes the definition of form. "The midst in which something happens or is made to occur." Form intent like our body, a tree and ocean or a galaxy and their evolution thereby functionally predate-presuppose materiality. Example: Concieved you begin to assume "occupy" a space that prexists your growing form. A space not chosen in time therefore an Eternal non-linear space. The shared space of our lives, God space. We spend our lives influencing, Eternally accruing, a space not vacated "disposable" in death. Death is a timeless non- linear. The accruing non linear-evolving identifiable space of ourselves. The beat goes on. Movies end we don't. Stationary synthetic localized permanecy doesn't exlude functional interactive continous permancey.

Insights considering the uniform consistency of water, compatible with non- liner sound symmetry. Acknowledging that the human body is 40-75 percent water. The a casual uniformity of water reflects on the non- linear mat4rial disposition of material form…a evolving refinement. Not casually resistent to its own value loss opposition. We can assume that both the nature of the material, its desired event and its acoustic activity can be influenced by compatible-complimentary acoustic intent. Mass constriction overture “curvature” motion non- linearly evolved by its acoustic motion effect itself (its natural evolving) and the designed intent. The gentle transmutation of time linear distorted value loss cancer actualized to its Eternally refining disposition.

Relevant to language similar shift realized as conversantly and perceptually sustained intuition, precognitive skills, luck probability effect, engaged super position, worm hole dimensional transmogrify, spherical meditation, lyrical mathematics, symmetrical event driven intelligence (solitary in discretion and communal). Affirmation non- linear events requiring while evolving different percental skill and language as noted. New gravity? Black hole evolving symmetry? What happens to these Cosmic affectations when dislocation deficency is no longer decetpively consequent to displacement. And previous value loss is relevant functionally to value gain. Non-linear trajectory? Functional design and engineering shifts when these affects are applicable. And need to be complimented by relevant shift technology and perception. Exit and entrance near the same. Designation destination not initiated onby departure anomaly not defined variant unsustainable dislocation disparity. Pollution, war intent, disease disfunction, opposition resident gravity, prayer displacement no longer have an essential source intrinsic to event. There is the Cosmic God

Excitedly we approach super postiion "approaching" us. Two definitions encouraging your excitments impatience. (1). "Super postion states that for all linear systems the net response caused by two or more stimuli is the sum of the responses that would have been caused by each stiumlus individually." We have the potenial irony of speration in a non- lcaized Universe, which inculdes in some form of development all events, being resolved to a non- linear ideal relevant priror to the schism or seperation. We also have under certain dtermined condtions a concurrence of space that absolves temporal dislcation. And material displacemnt. Space actiivity without dislocation vaidating non locality, inferring functional spontaneity. Super position becomnes the active functional inclination intent toward non linearity uniformity. (2). Another perspective defnition. " Super position wave may be applied whenever two or more waves are traveling through the same medium at the same time. The waves pass through each other without being disturbed. The net displacment of the medium at any given space or time is simply the sum of the individual displacement." (7/25/96 Super Postion of waves Penn State acoustics).

We are "now" examining reciprocal concurrent super position. Linearity ofcourse speaks to a dysfunctional seperation whereby two event junctures "stiumuli" are denied their intended non linear utility both in inception, intent result and process through value loss "entrophy" and functional inadeguacy (ie) incompletion, condtion response activitiies that incline, evidence and infer through error defiecncy origin ideal or non linearity. We have through time abstained spatial concurrence and affected aglessness whereby inception identity changes beyond linear comprehenion, transcending our historical perceputation, yet identity subsists as Eternal origins purpose. Loss through value gain no loss at all.

Approaching an iery mystery, emptiness. Definition of "Appear. Come into view." Definition of "Disappear. Pass out of sight. No longer accesible. Available." Currently perceputally available-amenable to us. Our language is linearily inexact, deficent, maintained through forgetting. All language events, consegeunt material event (result) once conccluded to intent effect yields to temporal dormancy and mon linear timeless silence-condition activities compatible-congruent with seeming disapperance. Which in part suggest other than human presence. Our vision? Observations influenced tempered by our langauge, reflecting- peruating a disposable temporary reality. Further defused imbedded in a depersonalized-static intelligence. Our temporary reality revealed, less its Eternal experience, through an other than infinite, non- Eternal, perceputal history. What organic genetic adaptive shifts, evolved sensual skills would emerge as response to material, perceptual, material and enviromental shifts from depletion to value gain. Through duration concurrence, non time symmetery would these organic perceptual skills more guickly. Would evolution itself be responsive non localized, non chronological stimuli intent. Presently evoultion, natural selection, occurs through improved value loss, seeming identity depletion. Non linear seemingly spontaneous Universe evolution suggests Imedicacy" infinite possibilies also selectively determinant in nature. What are the Eternal skills and presence of an Eternal being. Individually collectively? We witness a canvas of our own paradoxical design.

During the non- linear ideal, active or infered in caluclation we still have an inception event and a condtioned "planned" response. However coherent-moderated we still engage an inception event "stimuli' intent result as process therefore activity result a schism. We have manageable duration even if not perceivable. Variation schism "an origion formation" whether the event is witness or utilized through time or spatal inconsistency or resolution we still have origin dislocation in a non- licalized Universe field. Cause and effect with or without defect has been resolved to origin source which inturn evolves to further improved spatial temporal cohension or concurrence as viable symmetery without value loss dislocation approaching simulatnaeous spontaniety. Inceptinet event is adpative compatible with itself, we have uniformity expressible non-linear exactitude whereby space a duration effect become interchangeable. Suggestied by Super position. Evolving futher we seek attainable spontanity through and as utility. Interestingly what evolved from cause an efect, to origin source, simultaneous spontaniety (The condtion effect of allready. Sponaniety Everpresence Eternal Eternity Infinity Now or Is the same One refining).Whereby dislocation is location and intent and result are interchangeable as intent. (Each contribute as source origin to each other, spatial and temporal concrrence (inclusive of stimuli intent human or otherwise) the same teime at "during" the same space. Reciprocal concurrence immediate spontaniety. Sponaniety can maintain "remain" sponaneous as seeming seperation while spontaenously maintaining value gain identity. The inception presence, event or stiumuli must be inherent to the eager procedure. The perspective notoin of "stealth technology" is evoked. EDE evasion detection event. (These three term location perspectives are interchangeable as result, inception and as duration process). We seemingly have a manageable mysterious event that is no longer kindred to space and time or the resoultion of space time to a prefered more efficent presence ideal. We have a Disappearance. ((Substantial "materializing" disappearance)). Condtion, space, human event inclination beyond our organic presence, no longer available-accessible. An origin-source casuality resolved without intent as intent event. Presence consitency<> Everpresence. (In the absence "disppearance" of time thereby the materiality expereinced through "as" time the "Light" becomes manfiest. (Reminding what we witness observe as Creation's coloration is an organic imposition of what is otherwise Light). Origin Source reciprocal and concurrent. Presently to us an acguired non presence. Which we expoerience unknowingly inspite of our aguired awareness, Cosmic stimuli, our knowledge. And our linear temporal divinity. (Inspite because). Examples. Answered prayer, luck, coincedence, death friviloity, dream sleep and laugher. Can you dear planetary neighbor invision other Cosmic occurrent eventualities, beside yourself?

Offering disappearance does not necessarily evidence or evoke absense or abstention or inactivity. All events in time culminate through a complete loss of utility prence. And direction. When we attain death we become inacctively apparent to the living, excpet as time based "past" memory. (Disappearance re claimed appareance intent reciprocally concurrent ie concurrent meaning same time; reciprorcally meaning impending-evolving spotanoeus).(Resolves inference and interference which includes organic human perception and consciousness). Disappearance is a state of being we suspect and misunderstand-misrepresent through death presumtpion. Sense by forgetting. Refrence as unresolved absence. Preconception ie pre birth. We whimsy as the future. And the vague dormant past paricularly while forgotten (in time displacment-defiency). And is a condtion by non linear occurence we do not create, can not sustain, don't occur in time and don;t allude or reinforce our schience, acrued knowleedge, language ie existence, "referening" our marginalized "vagrant" partial realtionship with luck event, coincendence, intution, sponatenous remission, birth conception, death conception (a Cosmic being) we anticpate "sense" through and as super postion, worm hole. And tomorrow.

Tomorrow once today: A consolidation approaching non- chronlogical intent. Again upahead the road sign. "When mass is constricted eventually the curvature becomes infinite." Tracking-infuencing this unfolding event as a non liner sound intrinsic to the event affects a stimuli access to the infinite. Appreciating that a non-linear sound is inclusive of all "sensual"stimuli activity ie imagery, sound, tactile, taste and tactile simulation. "Stealth spontaniety." Not an event uncertainly conseguent to its own deficent tepmporary cause. But a design event, naturally occurrent that is the origin source of its own source origin. (Preocurrence is a a temporal non-presnece, expressive of Everpresence). Clearily during a non- linear "all inclusive" affectation intent and result, origin source symetery must be spatially comptaible. Accordingly temporal limitations, spacetime, have been resolved to abstention ie origin source effect...spontaneous intent. Super postion has been actualized to effect. Interactive wormhole becomes feasible (Non-linearily spatial distance and event trajectory become interchangable)(, time dilation created by gravity becomes amenable to utility "presumed" direction. Need remains the same, human. Intent, design and result in the non- linear become interchanagably compatible. Origin inception defines exactitude. A profound shift in effeciency. Whereby time deficient machine affection, machine activity, the origin design and the planned temporary result become...process. A congruent event. Intact congrurent reciporcity. Unpararalled immediacy Human source Cosmic origin source. The unknowable comes affluent. Such an event would obviously not be limited to human sourcing, which presently is affect through value loss and process deficency

Gravity spontanous? Gravity is the canvass on which gravitry draws itself. And the canvass is gravity....You don't arrive before you leave because your allready there....What guideposts hearld our reflection. "Current perceptions of gravity." (1)). Gravity is the was responsbible for creating the Universe. (Gravity consents God permits). (2). Gravity causes of time dilation. (If yoiur on time).(3).Time lapses more slowly during strong gravitation. Non linearity? (Duration, scalar-vector insinuation. Displacement's intent "intend" displacments). Sponatneous? (4). Gravity has an infinite range. Gravity can be absorbed. Transformed. And shielded against. (Absorbed to its own origin intent). Transformed from its own source, itself. And shielded against. Against gavities inguiry? Ours. What is transformation absorption, shielding without dislocation? In the spontaeous always polarizing. Exclusionary localized perceptions, non linearily perception is application, in a non linear localized Universe. (Timelessness) You can't wait for gravity, but you can wait for yourself waiting for gravity. Gravity presides opportunites avail. Direction explains unexplainable result the same.

Appreciating to consider time abstension, infered disappearance, permeating the totality of the human culture simultaneously would be a mysterious unknowable futility. Current linear language would not be expressible. Mathemtatics would follow uneasily. disorder would be the extent of social order, puncuality would be without meaning, distance unresolved-unexplainable, life and death without anticpation, the oatmeal cookies would be overcooked. How would you wait for a prayers response? Machines would continue breifly in their insistance, but there would be no deed (intended term need deed is better yes?) for their temporary disposable result and temporal product. The machines would be abandoned to their rust.

Would we be able to appreciate Eternity unable to deny or anticpate? Without abstention could we abstain, wait, melancholy, affect disease duration and treamtent duration both conditions. Both condtions valuated-validated through sustained temporal dying deficency. Without abstention we would be unable to value "expereince" the Eternal which we recognize through our planned-anticapted and dread melnacholy absence (ie) disappearance. Disappearance can only by revealed validated, esteemed as invlidation if we esteem that which has disappeared. Our current expereince with this phenomena is revealed through value loss, though the nature of absence or disappearance resolves value loss and time insinuation, but remains spatially active because everything does. (Without space we could deny "avoid" space. estimate space, disprove space...

Without death could we envy life? Presently a world totality without time strains imagination and culpability. Totality is God's pervue do you agree? We rely on three meals a day or the lonely desire for one. We muyst answer questions to forgive our response. We breath more than once. We ask a kind stranger for directions so that we might know where we are? No totality whispers our sleep. And pickles our imagination? But the occasional totality? Oh yes. The we of awe. A kiss. A babies birth. A dad's death. Conceptions emergence. The yes of maybe. And see you later alligator. Once Eternally evolved we can have a iery time party where everyone arrives late because they never leave. Were back....And yes the fantasy hiding from its miracle. The now and then and there-their of time abstention. Infinities surmise. Sure why not? Improved time. Non linear time. Loving shared time. Eternity don't you see evolving, God's our grave improving' intended t location's grace. Creation more leaf, mountani side, high school prom and hummingbird than apology.

Reciprocal garden's awe. We claim ourselves precipitators, humans with intention, we hope. We dismantle and destroy what we build. Children born through our effort. Dieing the same. Masters of cause while "denying "endlessly asking questions sustaining flawed invalidation's progress. The country wester singer offered breath's thought."Music isn't written its delivered." The nice bold of word and gentle Bob Dylan echos during 60 Minutes interview the same. Do you answer your own prayers? You claim neighbors all the credit by accepting less than your entitled. The poem whose words predate your consciousness as your conciousness disguises you. The sculpture the birth of your hands. Mona Lisa's smile? Your's God's? Whose question answers? One not less whose and which owns the other. The nurse, the lifeguard, our waitress. Jesus, Buddah, the gardner and Mohammed. Thank you Mother Teresa. What symmetrical (I) are we the credible in incredible. Oh Cousin Bosco, Rover. Charlie and Barnaby, the fireman, the memories, frecklesvand the chewing gum. Your children yours yet your earliest residency another way Milky Way. Accordingly (I) bowe politely embarrased and serene

&Charlie Woram &

Serene grace of calm last month of when: Peter Miller referenced time in relation to feelings. Kneeling assisting Peter's and Carolyn Eternal daughter. Wondering we wander: Emotions "feeling" our nurturing directional reach. Gentler more consistent than language and mathematics. Love's awe. Fear's direction. Anxities pause. Joy's repose. Non-linearily their is one emotion embracing all not less ourselves... Love... Our shared-indvidual God fluency. But in our uncertain embrace,our violence. Gropping deceptions. Our depletions. And yes our dreams. And promises. And wonderus leanings and learnings. The love is sometimes lost, breifly never forever to anger. Fear....You know the rest. We are embraced again. In loving you (I) have been loved. No need to promise, forgive and negotiate. Unoless you wish to.What does the next word'd mission mean no longer localized to temporary duration intent.

Once again petition's repitition: When concurrent origin and source, once unresolvable cause and value loss effect, actualizes intent not less intended material identity function we have a reciprocally symmetrical resonant event. (A non- linear condition event). The immediate no longer echoes less the dormant past while anticipating an incomplete “temporary” result. Appreciating the “futures” Eternal inclination, not a displacing chronology in time, avails “waits” symmetries concurrence. Meaning the past and the future do not exclude "distance" one another essentially in dislocated space, either through process or duration result intent except in the embracing immediate realized in time acguired dormant inactivity: Otherwise Evidenced directional value loss, entropy, exaggerated aging affection exacerbated oppositional disease, life through impaired "dosability" aging exacerbated through assimilating noise deprivation, life symmetry impeded through mirror image ideation sourced at conception and dyeing depletion effect. Again these materially spatail fractures are being affected, however inageuately, in non linear infinite Eternal space. The infinite Eternal need not be manifested, but simply not denied-nullified thus symmetrically engaged. All can be resolved efficently reciprocally intact through a design structural or organic non- liner ideal. Creation events presently experienced and affected as a deficient "oppositional" disparity between two points or event “life” junctures (examples) cure and disease, life and death, departure destination, war peace collusion, abundance and shared material disparity. Seperation continues, but need not through value loss inception ie oppositonal angst partially redemed through error, failure and our awed persistence. In such an expressible Creation culture spirituality do (dyiou) agree becomes less realities exclusion. Expressible nuruturing. Spiritually need not be localized to exclusionary religions. And still maintain cultural distinctions. But in deed, perception and calculations spiritually is ever present. The spiritual God awe need not be evoked to condtioned event, spiritually (is)...

When mass constriction is Et4ernally intact, non- linearly compatible depletion casual disparity no longer essentially determines affect. Inception affects intent result. Predeterminism (non-linear probability) becomes inherent to measurable intent, transcending linear measurement calculated in time. (Factors as perceptual motivation ie calculation). Ageless sounds materials embrace compels resonance. Uncertainty, inadequacy, disposability, failure are no longer intrinsically procedural to planned "directed" result. Uncertainty human foible or karmic is realized in design, intent, identity, reflection or process as expressible value gain. A new probability continues emerging. The dimensional disposition of a non- linear concurrent event, calcualted and affected, suggests each event assumes its own probability. It's own concurrent langauge that human beings are already organically comptaible with, occurrences not affected in time, miracle ideation, birth, death, intutiion, luck, sponataniety, super position, musicality, silence assimilation ectera. Again a contrived materiality is no longer realized through inadequate error, asymmetrical displacement and non-directional deficiency calculated in anticpation-awareness and implemented in design-valiated linearily deficent result. Contribuitng to environmental depletion, risk "scarcity" commerce, life margianlized worship revealed a life Creation defered after life. Incompletion improved through uncertain redundancy evoking a progress effect that is sustained through invalidation. Clearly a futility burden on human existence consequently shared planetary Creation environment...

A perceptual "functional" memory of the future becomes feasible in design-intent effect. Perceptually-materially functional. Sustained "conversant" intutitive-precognitive ideation. (Determinantely functioing probability-self evolving). Another perspective on probability;not yet allready.... Related-unrelated to imaginations sway. Worm hole materiality time material location divergence is symmetrically resolved. Not through entropy, depletion fuels, archaic force coerced linear trajectory… Presently the one condition source activity that can accommodate origin to source intent result, a perceptual symmetry spontaneity without value loss, is gravity. Impending pneumatic acoustic gravity intent. These insights clarify supper position, linear temporal science, value loss ideation that validates and engenders events like war iorny, risk abundance deficient commerce, depletion technology and asymmetrical dying to an Eternal disposition. Our Cosmic birthright.

Specific spatail intent: All has motion intent identity relevant to that which is moving. An ice cube unfolds accoustically unlike a tulip, a humming bird unlike either or a pelican- an evolving self, interupted or bliss esteemed. Each motion intent creates a sound relevant to its motion. And that sound creates-avails the motion. Accordingly identity changes, evolves either through value loss or value gain. During the Eternal duration ideal all apparent loss is realized as gain inpart through enhanced informational value. Valuating noise, vibration ans shift disparity a few examples. And note ith gentle emphasis we influence the plantery meldoy. Gardening the morphogeneitc field. And time the gentler self reaching for the Eternal flow. Temporarily distracted (pause) as loss often dismissed as elements of non- utility or condtions that precipated failure. Identity and purpose unlike time anomaly persist. The apparent “perceptual loss of form substance, form itself, is not a deficient loss of value direction. Identity purpose persists. (Identity and Creation one the same).

An agless condition event is not without duration. And seeming loss of form intent. Non-linear infinite Eternal event duration evolves through value gain. Inception is not inadguate to intrinsic loss intent, deficent incompletion. Suggesting spatial concurent casuality. No time displacment relevant to form intent; form can undergo shift transmutation, loss of intial form intent, but Eternal form identity persists. (Funtionality does not reguire human awarness. Nor particpation. Occurrence can still be beneficent consegeunt to intent condtion. Condtion effect presently vaguely referenced as surprise, luck, intuitive probability. But these events in time linarity are brief, unsustainable and can only be engaged-influenced value dislocation loss. Being either able to engage, amend, influence such probabilities to intent represents a significant shift in Creation effect utility. And expressible awarness. The complete unengaged past, the domant future in a non- linear spin become engaged-vibrant and influencable. Materiality remains Cosmically "Eternally" eloguent.

A fractal 2/7/18

Excitedly please note the sustaining overlap between resonant time dispacment, Super Position, non- liner affectation, pneumactics, Chaos Theory and Fractals.

The nice people at Wikededia offer politely. "Chaos theory is an interdisplinary theory stating that within apparent randomness, chaotic complex systems there are underlying patterns, constant feeback loops, repition, self similarity, fractals- self organization and reliance on programming at the initial point known as sensitive dependency on initial conditions." (Referencing).

Butterfly effect. Availing the non loinear inclusive we simplify. Vector is a scalar with direction. Non linear time concurrent pneumatic accousitc duration materiality.

An exciting companion perception. (Fractals)...." A fractal is a natural phenomena or a mathematical set that exhibits a repeating pattern that displays in every scale. Also known as expanding- evolving symmetry. A fractal is a never ending pattern self similiar in different scales." Whatever the material formulation condition" Examples massive in size or impercitible; duration galaxy or enduring mouse, life gain or death value loss. Maintaining purpose idenity without loss pattern identity. (Duration, memory, visitation, dream, gravity, prayer memory concurrence, morphogenic space ship intent or computer consult. Reference to mass constriction curvature evolving to infinity. Consider the Chasos fractal's affectation giving perceptual (visual sensual status)... coherent (accoustic motion tracking) affect... "manageable" credence to a sustainable life event presently value loss ambigious. Chaos gently realized. Engaging materially the infinite ideal in language affectation, disease-cure dichotmy, mass constriction value gain commerce and technolgy. Concurrently spanning duration after (source intent result) through prdeterminant reciprocal inheretnt in reliance origin. Engaging duration time abstention. Explainable in time. Affected during time abstention "diemsional" polarity.

(Sound) listening to the Light concivable. When the motion sound of material form intent can be identified the motion direction intent of that form can be influenced to specific purpose shift condition. All sound are non linearly “compatible” computable. (The "evolving-responsive" sound of silence is compatible with the Eternal. All inclusive and un ordered. Self sustaining seemingly spontaneous). Each material event condtion has a distinctive sound of silence, currently acknowledged "allowed" while dnied "revoked". (Value loss unnecesary essential noise). Not consequent to separation value loss. Non- linearly separation can occur but not through loss as the futile-defered of separation itself). We defer into the future, giving further credence and application to ignorance. The basis of our great endurance. Eternally their is no bad that is not good's nurturing resolve. “Let’s be patient." If your confused likely means uou are undergoing a shift in awareness. If the understood were always understandable we could suffice with a few words a couple of numbers and how much ice ream. (We’re cool.)

When you can influence motion form with a kindred sound intent effect you can direct “influence” the particular form identity. The form, defined as the midst in which something happens or is created, can be an event, a process, an expression, a technology, a disease. A cancer, a language, a journey, anything almost, acknowledging the active unknowable. Perceptually or pragmatically. Sneezing and death remain sneezing and death, but altered through perception. Perception is material….

We are discussing acoustic DNAsound. We can politely alter the molecular integrity of a materiality through its own inherent motion. Vibration. Frequency. Wave length. Coloration freguency. Good intentions, evoked intution, affected shared resonant luck, Whatever configuration of thought application you wish to express and through perceptual inclination expression perceive. As long as the activity origin is compatible with form endlessly evolving identity. When this event occurs without deficiency intent form identity remains fluent. Uninterrupted. Loss uncertainty risk is not intrinsic to intent. Error can still occur. We can slip on a banana real or imagined. Indeed error, mistake, failure corrected, dismissed or discarded abide another accousitc entry juncture. Ineptitude flowers its own garden. We needn’t deny each other and ourselves to prove we are deserving of the Eternally affluent abundance.
A poem's commission9
1976 CMHC &Charlie Woram &

Speak to me of God is Heaven where prayers are answered for the asking and pain is always a memory gone

Yes is sin a word contrived to deny my love and guilt bastrd brother to my conscious can guilt be forgiven by just one word are these words heard somewhere where better sharing is happy conversation and love the ideal joy of all is such a place of God I believe it not to be here and here God prevades and touches all so I hear fro an honest friend what am I? that does not cponcern me here in full dandolynn and oak will nourish me in any Spring but yes yes what of love I speak of love what else can swallow deaths appetite but understand I carry no beggers cup wating for passions fill so I pray and if praying briongs love to me will there be any cups left to fill


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