-Death not dying-

The Universe is inescapably continuous, as such what escape speaks death less life… what grave mourns Eternity.

We reside in a Universe that is timeless and non-linear. In opposition to the timeless non-linear Universe the earth people developed a timely-linear material reality. Cause followed by uncertain effects all of which eventually culminate as disposable non-directional events such as death. Human beings alter “their” environment including themselves to validate-satisfy their dematerializing culture. We separate ourselves from our Cosmic lives, living a God diminished existence.

Human motives do you agree are a curious undertaking. Living in a random-oppositional world redemption and destruction become understandable. Either approaches our non-linear or divine disposition. A war resolves opposition and evokes the non-materiality of time. But at great loss, life spiritual depletion. A Cosmically unsympathetic disposition….Redemption confirms our preferred identity which we unknowingly religious soon after birth. Consequently we need to repeatedly redefine, redeem our lives to an uncertain-vacant ideal. Redefining, reinventing, researching existence in opposition to our divinity. We seek the miracle we are offered as life. Preferring others love to our own. (In giving you have received). We know strength acknowledging weakness. Success must anticipate failure. Death is not life. Thus Eternity is relevant as denied.

We spend our lives crossing temporary bridges of another’s design. Our direction is lost to approval or disapproval. Neither will suffice. Yet there is no bridge but self. We occupy the same space we are for and as Eternity. (Living is Eternity’s child).....Eternally refining space as space divine. Otherwise our existence, our presence-would represent a dislocation of space. And the Universe is only one location. Only in a linear temporal world can such activity conditions as distance, ironic separation, non-utility and death become determinant. We have to materially deny what we are in order to confirm an identity which was denied to us at birth. And we return to upon death. We suffer this dislocation unknowingly. We can not make the preferred choice reflective of our Godsoulprint, our Cosmic heritage because we are unaware. Shrewdly we separate Heaven from earth. Our bodies, Eternities space, is divided from itself. Body and soul are separate. As such you can not commune with the stars while alive. Death's many denials become our benefactor. Our preferred existence. Impossible to embrace while alive except through parable. And divinities charmed anticipation. Not surprisingly the major industries on this planet are structured, motivated around death. Confirming our time material insinuation. Very curious. We are so wise in our misery. Those who suffer most yearn their heavens destiny while rejecting their linear reality. They are viewed as malcontents, incompetents, diseased or otherwise regrettably preoccupied. Sincere efforts or resource, will and spirit are offered trying to return these individual to the linear awe. Curiously these often solitary individuals both in lifestyle and in the disposition of their burden-most often reject the offer to return. Reclaim success. A condition they rejected. Regrettably often these travelers are convinced they are unworthy. And as such are distracted from their opportunity. Meaning that if they dwell amongst the linear dislocation...they are non-linearly invested, inclined divine. The beggars are the saints. The homeless. Alcoholics, drug addicts, the insane, the obese, those life diseased who have been convinced they are dyeing, the cheats and criminal. Yet truly of awe the ones most denied of their Cosmic origin are the ones esteemed of good purpose and success. Maintaining the linear irony. Pain instructs us all thus opportunity breaths. We continue Cosmically discontinued protesting our timely linearity. As lionearity opposes itself.

Dislocation by whatever suffering is dislocation the same. The answer to the better question is that there is a better way for all of us. We need not suffer our bodies that divinity be replete. Neither need we suffer as witness or benefactor to this suffering. We are each the same God's children. Accordingly entitled of goodness and good will. We need no savior but life. No bridge but ourselves good purpose. We know without instruction good from bad. We know pain instructs, but instructs best as less pain-allowing love its fuller delivery. We know a miracles witness without permit. We are good. Desirous of better good for all. We have accomplished much in our suffering. What glory our lives would be if we didn't have to reject life to proof ourselves worthy of the gift.

*** Whispering these words approach as a flower might your hand. Cosmic Garden’s concentric yield. (Thorn our flower less the celestial seed?) Time is not as disposition suggests. We live in a timeless Universe, yet through time life compels and through time insistent we die. Distracted well lost in diminishing time our dislocation of self persists. The non-linear Universe can no9t separated from itself, less the separation. No endings thrive once begun. We live immersed in linear time. Accordingly we suffer vindicated by our demise. We can only make final goodness of reality through the gentle parable. I mean no disrespect. Accepting that all is material except time. One question’s grace. Is your witness extra terrestrial?

A linear temporal reality compels uncertain separation. Random certitude. A straight line explains. One point redeemed or not yielding to a secondary juncture. We cross the street. Greeted by success or disappointment. Anticipation considers both. At times failure claims joy our companion. Uncertainty thrives our neglect. We survive with death's permission. One protocol seeds our existence, everything ends. Even death humans have altered to their irony. We kill. Death is life’s kindred companion, killing denies both. We are authors of all except ourselves. The ones we call elephants, ocean’s rivers, mountains nurtured by humming birds. Are mysteries inarticulate… (I) can not know a rabbits sleep. A puppies first sight. The trees companionship. Ourselves the same delivered untrue. Our Cosmic predisposition. Our God soul print. Denied. Lost as found we are broken. How curious the earth people, lost to each other’s construct….Irony surrenders irony more. War absolves oppositions, obliging time’s non-materiality. We create the burdens we resist by carrying. The burdens ourselves. Sheltering children from their parent’s world. We forgive love validating love’s transgressions….Our linear intent floating in abandoned time. Bold in life. Imagined in death.

One question pleads. If the Universe is one location how can you relocate. Meaning die. The space yourself you occupy is the Cosmos.

We are self designed… language unfulfilled increment. Temporary shadows understanding. A stranger assigns a child’s intelligence. One less smart not smarter than the other. Exclusion derives. God a preferential choice. God the same as God denied. Death consents life. Time past is not material. Time’s anticipation the same. Thus the immediate flower withers less the Cosmic seed. And this before the endless linear crossing of a borrowed street. How brave we are. Enemy and self the same. Pain instructs love’s direction lost.

Intimate contrast. We are born without language. Un awareness of death. God embraces less instruction’s haste. Intelligence yearning eyes, sucking lips…life divine. Our bodies are non-linear. (Then linear flux begins. Two parents one embrace? No retains life abstains. How early pain directs. And death allows. And crying words are cryings shame. We need not know that knowing permits…. Finally God’s invitation-death…Intriguingly the same as birth sublime. No language. Death no longer yearns. No intelligence. Our bodies return to their non- linear origin. And of death’s awareness we ask: The Universe is inescapable what escape is death. The Universe is all what all is death less than all. What purpose death. Death awareness less “no” awareness more, Eternity beguiles. The Universe is aware.

Accompanied politely we trespass. Words predate our birth. As does our birth. And identities purpose…. We read we write and love. One not of the other less the same? However charmed. An earthly view. What life revealed (as not) we are that we do not know… purpose our absence. Are we the singular wit. Origin source one smile.

We Have become self entrapped in time: In 1752 the British Parliament converted to the Gregorian calendar. Seven fewer days to the year. Citizens rioted. Believing their lives would be shortened they would lose seven days of pay. Life and time had become interchangeable. Without time we would not know when to die.

What remittance life in lieu of time. One thought whispers un respondent . We are each an ageless DNAsound . Genetics motion’s symphony. Timeless…without end infinity attunes. The poem disguised as poet. Death before life the same. Life the fruit death seeds the tree. No mystery less than life Eternal.

Body soul’s embrace. Your parent’s, their parents, therefore yourself removed how many times before we arrive at a condition status that predates the materializing of the planet earth. Still your parent the Eternal Lioght. The flow the song the joy Eternally uninterrupted. To and fro the same. Eternity is life’s child. Life is Eternity’s child. **** us we become ourselves

Waiting is a timely assimilation if knowingly we aspire. Exclusive knowledge linearly constrains. Spirit is immediate-timeless, linearly denied. Silence the Light accompanies. Life-death-Eternity the same. Spirit’s instruction hastened as denied. sourceGodorigin.

All the same orchard, less our harvest’s share. In a linear temporal culture spirit is unexpected as such “brief” miracles abide, luck, coincidence foretell. Heaven-earth…body and soul are separated thus linearity is sustained. Spirit is separated from itself as ourselves, less ourselves.

Spiroit, the Eternal, the Light, divine journey, Godsoulprint, for each to determine God fraternal.

Spirit embrace’s all. Otherwise God less “our” Creation’s intent. Linearly jurisdiction defines infinity denied as delayed. Spirit becomes like life transient. And negotiable.

In a linear culture the science of math relies on subtraction. An effort to asses and utilize loss of value or direction. This activity condition permeates the entire culture. Imagine a culture that only exists in the summation of itself.

Is there anything less denying of other material dispositions than spirit. Spirit is as spirit is obliged. Otherwise divine effort is not, divinity becomes effortless. Not opposing a linear event avails the Light Divine. Spirit thrives Eternally beyond our estimation. (In a linear world spirit is often born through struggle). A conscious effort to attain spirit. ( Realized expressed as denied). Spirits yearning is a solitary journey that is ciounter to the linear temporal instruct. Spirit is its own response as response. Spirit is its own reward. Resisting-denying linearity can oblige spirit. Exampoles: Alcoholism, drug reliance, homelessness, illiteracy, insanity, obesity, thievery, disease, pain, dissatisfaction, retirement, smoking. And life. All linearly denying conditions that accordingly avail spirits immediacy. Spirit’s need. All solitary chosen activities, imbued in silence that avail the Light-spirit’s opportunity. These individuals are often viewed as troubled, unproductive, needful, and linearly unworthy. Yet efforts to return these spherical wanderers to the linear fold are much resisted. Intuitively their prayers breathe. Pain instructs availing spirits path. Beyond forgiveness’ haste. Each linear event not opposed as love avails spirit. There is no return but self. Life spirit’s song. Denied not denied

Are we not as spirits ideal deprived… linearity insists. Spirit yields to our linear irony. Otherwise spirit would be oppositional to the chosen self. Not all embracing. Spirituality amongst humans becomes a quizzical accommodation. Spirit represents a seeming denial of linearity’s benefits. Amongst human’s spirit is repressed. And conflicted. Humans separate Heaven from earth, theior body from their souls creating the need for their own prayers. Denied as understood. Repeating their prayers waiting patiently for God to get it right. Linearity compels the ideal of your spirits life, yourself delayed, as an after life. Alive we anguish. Consensus moiré the same, the Holy Temple instructs. We forgive one another God’s gift of life.


We yearn searching God. Believing God lost not ourselves? The evolution of spirit amongst the earth people involved challenging the consigned spirit accrued by God determined individuals. These solitary God determinant individuals were co-opted as spiritual icons sprouting religious move3ments. Spirit entrapped once again. Others used the spiritual vigor of the God determined ones to deny their own spiritual destiny. Spiritual acquiescence became a conduit for linear excess. Accordingly spiritual institutions became the obstacles to that which they offered. An articulate communion with spirit. The God determined were esteemed as the preferred children of God in order that God’s other children could pursue their material linear privileges unimpeded by spirit. Body and spirit were separated. Both denied through life. Both denied as death.

Allow please echo’s sublime: You can’t have an enemy without being an enemy to ourselves therefore God. There is no just killing. No killing not God denying. Life predates conception as does the Universe the planet earth. A kiss. Coupling becoming love. Your embrace silently-spherically imbued. Thus spirits oracle. Through coupling’s non-linear embrace preconception occurs. As conception. Accordingly God’s children yearn.

Linearity relies on considered exclusion, current humans aspiring to spirit compel their own worldly absence. All God’s children are beyond distinction as such all distinguishing: The God aspiring labor of Jesus. Mohammed, Krishna, Moses, Buddha, Mother Teresa, your brief ideal self were used by oithers to deny their own spiritual seed, their Godsoulprint. God obliges no leadership-instruction but self. Though through guidance self evolves. Babies born again for the first time. Anew the Light refining.

Divinities spirit avails through struggle., resisting linearity. Those linearly dislocated. Not partial to the linear awe. (Acknowledging that spirit is always immediate). All embracing otherwise spirit would be God denying…. It is through linear timely denial that spirit is thwarted. The lionear awe is validated through opposition thus spirit consequent to the material linear haste. Forgiveness explains love.

We are born spiritually astute ofandby the Light. Otherwise through choice. Devolved from our linear, spirit denying instruction. Spirit is all inclusive thus spirit mirrors each choice. God’s spirit rejected evident as linear preoccupations. Excess becomes denial. We can only give what we deny. Self denial yearns absence. Salvation denies God less ourselves. Improvement temporary as opposed denies improvement. Excess insults.

The earth people’s Eternal view denies life. Therefore God. Temporal linearity is an unnatural Cosmic condition valued as deprived. Linearity leads to war and hunger. The cumulative of war resolves the temporal linear dislocation. Linear opposition resolved. Very sad. Very curious. War, killing are spiritually tolerable when spirit ios loved as forgiven.

Can yoiou attain Creation’s bliss by denying Creation. Amongst humans spirit is deferred. A secondary voice. Illogically spirit is dismissed as a life denying lasting presence. Opposition insists time compels life forgives. Hence life and death not the same, Eternity deprived. Most of spirits sway of solitude derived. Solitude absolves most linear distractions. Silence prayer’s response. “Our” timely venue denies Eternal timeless spirit. Holy Temples explain spirit unexplainable. A preferential God renders spirit jurisdictional. (Prayer’s answer prayer’s need). Many come to a Holy Temple and many leave. Befuddled abandoned by their own devotion. Entry exit not the same? Why do Holy Temple lock their doors?

Dilemma yields as seed when parishioner’s blossom beyond the Temples construct. Not less the Temple. God’s planet earth isofby God. Eternal Heaven and earth the same. One exclude not the other. Graduates would bequeath the Holy Temple resolved to God. Unbordered Holy Temple. God transcendent life before death.

Your Godsoulprint and God is Eternal. Linear source presupposes an explainable-static God. Faith’s denies God fraternal…. Eternities glance. Words-deeds the same. Attending a Holy Temple for life denies God to the Temple. Whimsical divinity. Endless and Eternal not the same.

Love valued as forigiven. God’s love judged. One Holy Temple trespasses the other. Not God? “Is God your gift to offer?” Holy Temples all as one “yourself” jurisdiction Eternal. Cosmic consequence transcends life as life…

You are not as you are therefore not as you witness.

In an oppositional (linear) culture construed through diminishing time everything perceived isn’t experienced in the material totality of itself. (The Cosmic immediacy). What we experience including ourselves is a linear construct, a fragmented separation from its Cosmic ideal. Our lives guided by imminent linear death are an indulgence of distraction. We do not witness what we are “meant” to experience, but a marginal demonstration of the Cosmic identity. No human being who realizes themselves through “our” inconsistent linear dislocations can express the near totality of themselves at any given juncture in time. And this inconsistent partiality is further defused through ambiguous incremental language, linear science and technology infused with time. Through these incomplete life adaptations the environment is altered thereby humans compliment their planetar4y residence as their “acquired” oppositional timely culture (ie) trees, rivers, automobiles, humming birds, life and death are human experiences that are not realized as Cosmically intended. Our disengaging perceptions of a non-linear Universe are linearly evidenced through insinuated time… We are the quantum riddle. The earth people are unnecessarily and dangerously inconsistent. Unknowingly preferring deteriorating material alteration inclouding self to the profound light acoustic efficiency.

We must oppose ourselves that we be less denied.

All linear events that are realized through time culminate through their inaccessibility, losing eventually all value, direction and purpose as disposable dematerialized junctures. Examples: The death disintegration of all life forms and our conflicted” altered” bond with Creation environment. Our tentative materiality is further distorted through technology which itself is linearly constrained…a time determinant activity. This devolution-discontinuity is a linear condition not a sustaining Cosmic inclination. We “thrive” unknowingly of any other choice. As such Eternalo permanency becomes non-permanency “witnessed” through a life after death metaphor that is not interactive or verifiable except as sublime allegory. Presently permanency “Eternity” is marginally realized as a faith endearing orientation, only a partial assimilation of the Eternal presence…. Through oppositional time based knowledge we reject the Cosmos as an interactive presence. Human knowledge is derived and reinforced as a temporary-inconsistent value “purpose” given that the linear process through which knowledge is accrued and validated is realized through a developmental ideal that is based on eventually invalidating what was once esteemed. Knowledge in substance and ideal can not be absolute. Its potential is in its inconsistency. Linear temporal knowledge is valued and preferred as uncertain and incomplete. The earth people proceed in the unknowing denial of themselves. Unbearably unnecessarily we suffer. An earth resident identity is sustained by a destructive alteration lifestyle resulting in the devaluation of our Cosmic origin whose nature can not be resolved therefore expressed through a linear life. As such our perceptions are inadequate to our realities need, both linear and certainly Cosmic. An attempt to control, give bearing to this profound inconsistency through time serves to compound our linear displacement. The simpler words abound…everything in a linear culture dies unnecessarily. And this death or dematerializing is sustained though out life’s duration. Death is the singular material illusion human’s sustain. A dysfunctdional non-directional non-utilitarian disintegration of all planetary life both in substance and process is the cumulative result of a linear culture realized as non- material time. This dysfunction deemed natural and essential is also expressed through destruction tragically giving credence our linear temporal inadequacy…. Linearity time is diminishing in effect. In a linear temporal culture life cannot function without imminent death cessation. Death has become lives credential. The only release from the linear entrapment. Yet life and death are one the same conversation or the infinite Eternal Universe would exist as an interrupted abstention of itself. Linear life functionally excludes the Eternal. Life’s origin. Delegating the Eternal to life’s absence death. Very curious do you agree. Hope inspired we continue.


Understandably death in an exclusionary-oppositional culture is realized as a personalized material end…an acquired time imbued event . Death resolves time and the linear irony, but does so sacrificing our conversant Eternal identity while we are alive. Life is realized as death’s anticipation. Appreciating that existence, however repressed, is an interactive Cosmic continuity. Can death or life be fleeting in an Eternal Universe? If both death and life exist in opposition to each other can they exclude one another in an infinitely continues therefore intrinsically uninterrupted Universe? Death and life are compatible and continuous… this materiality at a minimum is implied by the human prerogative (ie) historically all is valued as eventually denied. Curiously we know ironic valuation as hope, progress and the future. We thrive anticipating the future while forgiving the past once our future. What truths denied that don’t deny life? Politely let’s continue each sentence the flower of our discourse, hopefully more by your shared reading than our writing. (These words are intact-static as complete our insights are otherwise). All realizations whatever their denied status carry in them the Cosmic Everpresence…. There is a better way to live than dieing. There is a better way to end your life than dying. And sustaining death’s irony after you are dead.

Death as a function of finality- permanent exclusion would determine the Eternal as brief and incidental. And like “our” linear life Eternity would be a discontinuous and an incomplete witness of itself. Eternally death and life are expressively interactive of The Universe All. (The Universe is aware of itself). Otherwise life and death as distinct would exclude one another and as presently “conjoined” the Universe would be intolerant of them. Intolerance is the present condition amongst linear human beings…. Children play, we remember, our dreams we waken and prayers we yearn. We seek aspiring. Cosmic glimpses whisper like dew drops on God’s rose pedals. When we sigh do we pray?

Eternal death?

If life is Eternal is not life as death. (Apparently except while living). The Universe is responsive as itself to itself (or) the Universe would devolve- exist less itself. Appreciating there is no past except in time as such what death can displace life from life as death in a timeless Universe. Deny your existence deny the Universe. Death is not a linear time determinant event, but a Cosmic experience. Death is timeless, a spatial refining. The same life (inseparable from death) thus Eternity blossoms. Otherwise by our disposition. Death is not an experience limited to the planet earth. We do not reside in the absence of the Universe. The Universe is the earth peoples origin source not the reverse. Yet the reverse determines perception and application. Accordingly the timeless Universe is only valid as denied through our timely material deliberations. Ourselves the same. Denial is our closest approximation to infinity. And the Eternal. Understanding we hesitate…before and after are linear temporal dislocations without which there could be no death less life’s continuance. Thankfully our understandings are temporary thus our impending awareness prospers not less ourselves.

-If each life is distinct is not each death-

The Universe is attentive

A dislocation of the linear self through “death” can only be experienced through incomplete impressions of the Eternal therefore life and death given that our experience materially separates death from life. Also the life through which we perceive death is not only materially opposed as experienced (the essence of time linearity)…but “our” material existence is further fragmented when life is developed through the disjointed senses and perceptual dispositions we rely on to identify then engage “reality.”(Thinking, learning, hearing, seeing, smelling, touching, speaking, our time investing death life denying disconnected activities further displaced through diminishing time). Through our perceptual disharmony, conflicted senses, we attempt to comprehend totality (the Eternal) permanently from our linear time dislocated perch. Our distractions are significant. (Like our lives distractions in the consequential totality are incalculable therefore not expressible). Suggesting that the human identity, our potential, can not be realized through linear temporal knowledge which is essentially flawed and structurally incomplete. Reminding this irony is our accommodations, our origin, our form presence is non-linear. As such time, linear dislocation (ie) dematerializing are unnatural to who we are…. The condition denying activity (all eventually disintegrates) is the nature of our existence; this prerogative includes our knowledge, our awareness since both are a reflection of disintegrating existence. (Patiently listen please to the ensuing offer). Subjective “silence” is our fringe conduit to the infinite Eternal realigns these fragmenting disintegrative activities. (Death is a silent conditional activity, but not as we experience silence). Time fragments the immediate now because “the now” is consequential to future non-events and past non-material events; both the past and the future are not material… not engaging …non- directional junctures that impose on the now their limitations. By our designed disposition. Time and linearity , oppositional materiality, allows us to dislocate material from itself in the interest of our self displacing deadly commerce. One Unioverse fragmented becomes the puzzle of our lives. And deaths. Puzzled is God to us as we have limited God to ourselves as a subjective-exclusionary choice experienced linearly in time and idealized through death dislocation. The Universe is one location the infinite Eternal persists. As such one God avails. Now is all less our instruction. The now in the absence of the past and or the future evokes the Cosmos (ie) timelessness. The now not dislocated to a past or a future is the infinite Eternal. Timelessness speaks to the continuous now. The future of a future, a refining continuity not a linearly denying spatial dislocation in time.

If we do not understand our lives can we understand our deaths?

Life is materially dispossessed through death…death is dislocated from and through life. Our acquired knowledge of death is marginal. And misrepresented. (A foreign land presumably only visited in our absence). Death is deceptively dramatized in the arts. Misunderstood non-linearly dislocated ghosts haunt. Death on the battlefield- subjective good prevails ( in opposition to itself) over linear evil while humans are encouraged to behave heroically at risk to themselves and others. Executions render oppositional justice based on coerced death offering killing as a reasonable response to unacceptable behavior. (Killing is offered as an improvement to life). Death provides major industries like insurance, health networks, interment, weapon investors with the nexus for profit. And it is through death-life denying dislocation that we enter into Heaven giving religion priority jurisdiction over death therefore life. Also often it is through the totality of death not life that we are prompted to seek the fullest meaning and value of life since we only accept life’s totality through the absence of life. These activity perceptual behaviors are linear distortions of the all inclusive Cosmic culture. Whispering again: A linear thought process can not comprehend a totality such as death since our thoughts are reliant on there own personal and shared inconsistency. Presently life is a linear exclusion of itself as such death through life becomes a contrived ambiguity. Would clarifying death burden life denying the opposing resolution. Life would have to look only to itself for meaning. Divinity would not be delegated to another world reality…. Life through incremental choice does not abide the Eternal except through absence of life sublimated as metaphor. Death embraces the Eternal tiomeless now. Again thinking, hearing, speaking, alteration disintegration, time…. through these disjointed activities we deny our Cosmic identity marginalized as life and death denied. Linear events presently are not realized Cosmically “Eternally” but through alterations that culminate as valueless events. Our Cosmic opportunities are disposed of…. This anguished irony is sublimated through celestial parable that are reflective of our Cosmically disjointed existence. Ours is a disposable Creation. Humans worship God less their reality therefore less God. Yet Life and death are both part of the endless Cosmic journey because the Cosmos embraces all.

-No endings thus begun-

Humans control their acquired reality by denying it. Accepting this irony as natural. And the most compelling denial is death as the condition encompassing event that influences life largely through anticipation since as noted the interactive nature of death is not known or clearly knowable through linear awareness. Presently death is defined as a complete rejection of life. All life potential is accordingly adapted whatever the suffering. But through a breach of logic life does not define itself similarly in that life offers an after life that that condones death as a cessation of life… not interactive (not conversant) as such not relevant to proof. And through the linear inability to prove value becomes proof delegated to partialities such as faith and belief secured through parable. Life is not spiritually and otherwise examined as a constant (as Eternal) because our presumption of death interrupts totally, randomly and ambiguously. And as well at the exclusion of death. A fanciful life after death as linearly construed and offered as reward for accepting linear limitations. Concurrently life after death can be denied those whose behavior is unacceptable. As often is the case the displace3ment, the uncertainty is continuous and the judgment relevant to a person’s death status is left to others rendering life a communal limitation in most cases. In this manner the limits of linear inconsistency are illogically transcended beyond their own limits (offering life after life has been excluded) giving direction to linearity that can not be substantiated. Affecting this inconsistency changes both life and our limited presumption of death for the better because our perceptions are verified. Without fact or proof simply encouraged as a linearly necessary and convenient accommodation. Both life and death become harmonious through convenient irrelevance. Faith as explanation becomes preferential to inspired inquiry. Since the fullness of divinity for most earth religions is only to be realized after death, spiritual struggle, questioning is discouraged. More than discouraged such effort approaches futility. An individuals spiritual identity is explained to them. People attend the Holy Temple that attends them. Acknowledging as prayers speak the responsibility for resolving this spiritual irony is the individuals. Allowing linearity to continue oppositional purpose however suffered is essential because their appears to be no other alternative, life opposing life makes sense. But Everpresence can not be realized through absence, through abstention of the same. Humans always given to intervention and control have further invested in the random totality of death by adapting the condition of death to themselves as killing. Killing strain the limits of opposition and materiality, possibly exceed those limits. Killing is a linear-oppositional event affected by humans rationalized through time and reflective of irony, "death" is a Cosmic solicitation an… entry point, a divine embrace. (Death is ofby the Light divine killings is ofby darkness). Death is partial to the Eternal continuity. Killing appears to be otherwise. Killing is a willful event. A profound time engendered linear irony invariably oppositional in nature. Human beings attempt to give absolute credence to their inadequate lives by being able to deny “control” life as death through killing. (Linearly illogic and hypocrisy are kindred to consistency). Humans only value right or consistency having validated wrong or inconsistency as a related dynamic that further explain humans incomplete culture. Goodness and right become incomplete and temporary. Again killing is a shared linear event with sustained linear consequences often deemed “beneficial” whereas death is a singular Cosmic event, not a human choice. Even suicides prevail or don’t as an issue of happenstance, Cosmic intervention. God’s way.

…Glimpsing infinities sway …

The suggestion that death is unlike life does not mean that death is oppositional to life…. Humans accept that they are not going to live forever. Life is a limited and limiting condition. Their “divine” perception that death is not materially compatible with life is accepted as conclusive evidence. Yet life and death are divine conditions not oppositional to each other unless experienced as such. Please again all humans perceptions are eventually proven inaccurate, incomplete or wrong.. (This condition is experienced as progress)….Our growth spiritual and otherwise is based on bei9ng right briefly and wrong eventually, always….*** Because humans are aware of the activity that leads to death this does not mean they have a material appreciation of the condition of death itself. But only as it applies to life. Not a convincing parallel as suggested since much of the valued meaning of life is in its denial, its opposition or complete negation through killing. (Noting killing is the major “linear” preoccupation amongst the earth people that denies their Cosmic birth right)…. *** Further because a human can kill and presumably “benefit” from killing through their own contrived consensus this does not mean that the result is understood or understandable. Killing is not preferred but linearly condoned and prevalent in a culture where life is denied through death and death becomes distorted through its aberration (ie) killing. (Yet those preoccupied in killing are often esteemed). Killing involves a shared resistance from those intended to be killed thereby compounding not resolving opposition. Exclusion of through killing exaggerates the denial of those involved. Many well beyond the immediate killing participants. A temporal oppositional culture that profits from death and culminates all material as valueless disposable non-events is either at war or preparing for war. Inherent in peace are the elements that lead to war. And war can only lead to its source (ie) peace. Opposition, killing and death profit are perpetuated either in anticipation or action. A linear culture can not end its linear anomaly without ending the war prerogative.

The belief that humans can influence death gives a misplaced bearing to their life denied existence. Human beings deceptively believe they are in control, the opposite reveals the effort. As such deception and confusion becomes elemental to a linear culture. (Shared deception must first manifest as self deception either in substance or inclination). We are involved in the activity of death, we intervene medically, we profit from death, we kill, we die, but even though these activities are compelling it doesn’t follow we have determined the final result. Indeed cure and disease are opposite exclusionary events that are therefore not sympathetic with the infinite continuity. They are linear in nature. Cure and disease have one activity in common they both are influenced by the activity perception of death as a dreaded event. “Disease” events persist and reoccur because their true informational nature is often medically repressed. Disease condition events are symptomatic of a linear lifestyle based on denying life. Death is a spontaneous event as such sympathetic with the infionite continuity, the Eternal. Not an event to be dreaded or abused, but natural, Cosmically beautiful.

Death is a silent condition, realized perhaps as we perceive coincidence. Reminding that coincidence is not derived though time, its spontaneous as such reflective of non- linear continuity, not functional to the linear conditions of time death is not realized or experienced through distance and the other oppositional forces that are born from linear denial or friction nor is death influenced through assigned intelligence3, diseases. As a non- linear timeless event death can not be explained in full through language. Because death’s coincidence is not human sourced. Our perceptions are limited-linearly self serving. Death speaks eloquently to a continuity we are deaf to an awareness we are blind to and a reality we can only perceptually indulge marginally through beautiful metaphor. We are referencing subjective silence of DNAsound. Whispering again… killing denies circumvents and otherwise distorts death.


Death as an inclusive not exclusive event condition is a material motion that absolves time as such is infinite. Thus Eternal? If death excluded life the condition of death would be denying of the infinite-uninterrupted continuity. Death is not a linear-opposing condition verified through time, death therefore is conjoined to life. Death is not a “disturbance between two points” (ie) life and after life. (Because death is non- linear, not time immersed death does not culminate as a dysfunctional a non-directional condition). Death is no9t an issue of decay. Death is not a separation from life or from itself. Once death is not oppositional to life death becomes inclusive of life as life. Death is evidenced to linear survivors through the spontaneity of memory and dream…..And Lightsound occur rent condition activities that are spontaneous such as luck, coincidence, birth, death and the like…. Not an issue of incremental process but presence. Everpresence. Linear individuals can experience spontaneous Cosmic events realized as memory, including active memory of the “dead,” luck presumption, coincidence, remission, prayers response, sleep, precognition and birth and death…. Much of luck, coincidence, prayer’s response is diminished once these events are linearly adapted. Compatibility as inferred ideal consistency suggests Cosmic symmetry. All these lightsound events occur in silence to one person. (Not silence as we linearly reference. Meaning the absence of disruptive sound, but rather an intact sound event that is completely sympathetic…inclusive not oppositional. The Lightsound events are not sourced in time or linearly created since they are spontaneous. But once experienced these events like life and death from the perspective of life- become time-linearly displaced (ie) Cosmically defused. Once evident these Cosmic eve3nts are not referenced from pre existing knowledge. (Meaning their origin source is other than human). They are not reliant on language, time or understanding in order to experience. But it is through these oppositional activities time, language, knowledge, our active linear perceptions of death- life and Cosmic occurrences like luck, coincidence that life and death are denied and also shared however marginally as an interactive Cosmic totality.

Do you understand beyond words carriage. The timeless Universe is all embracing. All distinguishing. Infinitely inescapably continuous. Consequently there can be no endings less the Universe. Only beginnings. Evolving without the Universes loss of purpose-material value. Unfolding beginnings refining. Endings are an inevitable linear consequence influencing perception. The Universe not dematerializing without utility as in our earthly adaptation-explaining our entire existence (ie) everything that begins ends while endings. Anticipated traumatized endings that can occur at any time. The human adapted existence is a dematerialized leading to non-event valueless status we can effect on others, on ourselves, God’s Creation environment diminishing our bond with God. This all consuming linear process marginalize, presumably minimize through time delegating past events to an inactive past and a preferred inactive future. In reality our time control leaves ironic, destabilizing events unresolved. Our linearly inevitable practice of death, similarly motivated, causes the life body to stop. Lose direction. End. Cease interaction. Death is a static reflection of our disintegrating time immersed “developed” reality that culminates without material utility, without direction. (Death of all not just human). The opposite of the spontaneous timeless Universe whose usefulness is Eternally refining. Whispering: Eternity has material value and this value is undisturbed and is materially continuous. Nothing is disposable. Nothing disappears. All reappears not less the light or rupture’s void would define infinity. We have created two worlds. While yearning for one we deny the other. While trying to acknowledge perceive both we live in neither. In separating altering the Universe from itself through our time dematerializing essence we deny our own Cosmic residence, therefore ourselves. Not as an act of malice, not indulging ignorance, but through not knowing because we convinced ourselves that we do.


It is important to note the distinctive nature of miracles even beyond the Cosmic sensibility of the events just recounted like luck, death and life. Miracles can involve all our fragmented senses. They can be apparent to more than one person. These Light occurrences can be reoccurring therefore are not impinged upon by time. And spontaneous miracles though timeless can reference future and past events. Giving further credence to the seeming omniscience of the Cosmos and human beings non- linear capacities both individually. And collectively. Also evidencing that Light events can occur and be sustained within the symmetry of time and linearity. And give Cosmic reference to preexisting knowledge without either condition being excluded…. Does not your birth and the engaged meaning of your death satisfy the suggested meaning of a miracles. With emphasis if I may, however logically intact these insights might be the complete awareness relevant to miracles, lightsound events and the Cosmos speak to a presence of inexplicable bliss that unfolds beyond our present ability to perceive and express. Our lives are not Cosmically complete. Our entire life instruction, perceptual capacity and devotion to alteration works against this possibility. Yet we are able to experience a miracle without preparation. We are biorn sensitive to miracles. There are two differential realities: These distinctions speak to the difference between self realizing infinity in the immediate and our linear displacement of the same. The difference between being able experience-actualize what is spontaneous or having to settle for a linear process that disintegrates continuously until the material event reaches a valueless non-directional juncture. As far as our linear materiality based on alteration is concerned. Material exhaustion. Material depletion. Evidenced as a linear death realized as material cessation. Evidenced as disease. Suffering. A deferred God. And the linear oppositional irony of our lives. Lost opportunity. Meaning each linear trial, suffering is an opportunity to resolve our dislocated irony to the Cosmic ideal. Resolve the linear to the spherical. Attune DNAsound. The Light. Evidence your Godsoulprint. Attune God. Otherwise the disparity unresolved continue. The difference between discussing the infinite Eternal and sensing Eternity. The diversity between now and not yet. The distinction between faith and fate. These distinctions unfavorably explain our lives our deaths. And the divergence between the two. Do you understand? Please offer “your own” insights… Two flowers not less one the fuller garden aspires.

-Self centered dimensional irony-

Noting our language is reflective of our linear temporal inclination. Memory is otherwise. A memory is a non-linear other than opposing condition, spontaneous in nature, experienced in time but not factored through time. Spontaneous therefore all embracing memory suggests a source or influence beyond the one perceived responsible for the memory. Accepting that death is not an end event and that non-linear memories are not an active consequence of exclusionary separation we can assume that a memory of a deceased family member is reciprocally active meaning the deceased individual is “somehow” actively involved beyond the suggestion of memory. Otherwise the dichotomy of separation would prevail. (Acknowledging that such an insight questions the self centeredness of life essential to temporal linear culture)….A memory interactive awareness that is not necessarily reciprocal for most but likely beneficial to all. The Universe when uninterrupted is an all inclusive totality, constantly expressive and aware. And neither death nor memory is influenced as excluded by our disposable non-directional disposition. Though we can accept that in an oppositional culture these shared reciprocal memories are repressed liomited to the self centered reality of self. Meaning that in linear culture in order for dysfunctional reality to become material whether we are discussing our disintegrative relationship with nature, our perception of death or our practice of killing… the human being as a self centered inexact bordered limitation is essential. The issue is whether an individuals self centeredness is used to deny or validate others and thereby confirm or deny your own Cosmic bond. Exclusionary self centeredness is necessary to a denying value loss of life through linear death, otherwise death in a linear world would have interactive value and killing would be viewed as the one pervasive irrationality. Oppositional self centeredness in its extreme such as killing and indulging a dormant-inactive death excludes the Universe to what becomes the collective and indviodual denial of self. (Recognizing… loving not determined by response is the near opposite of denying self centeredness (ie) exclusive linearity). You can not die in a linear world through life unless you accept and practice that your awareness, consciousness and memory cease… become like you disposable junctures or non-events that are without any materially active purpose or direction…. suggesting God’s motives assume value through loss and God’s Creation can be discarded. Our lovely spiritual allegories are but a partial glimpse of the Cosmic Celestial reality. The distinction between Heaven and Earth, life and death and those accordingly invested become linearly non-dimensional in that there is no material interaction between the exclusionary realities except through often interrupted dreams and memories also Light occurrence like luck, coincidence etcetera. Non-dimensional meaning that humans participate in the fourth dimension the light by fragmenting the same into a three dimensional world while excluding themselves as a dimensions (ioe) Cosmic connection. Other searching efforts to transcend our oppositional irony… the linear coercions referred to as judgment day, salvation, sins of the father, hell verses Heaven, repetitive sin negotiated through repeated forgiveness… cursory and brave attempts to escape linearity and engage Eternal liofe. Through our effort we have to settle for our insufficient displacement of the divine Eternal. We must wait for Eternity in an Eternal world Universe. Do you agree this is curious and funny?

All is of God as God isof All. Otherwise humans, Creation environment & science less life…

Life and death in their refined totality at any given juncture are all inclusive condition statuses of the Eternal Light. Compatibilities consistency is Cosmic symmetry. The simultaneous “motion” refinement of death engaging life is a function of memory realized as sound, more correctly referenced as DNAsound rather than silence. One of the nice Professor Einstein’s acquired insights give credence to these impressions. In the theory of time dilation the Professor offers that “at speed of Light there is not passage of time.” It follows that through time we deny ourselves a Light full Eternal experience-expressive of our Cosmic roots. And of course unless the notion of speed is simultaneously reciprocal speed alludes to linear dislocation or separation. As opposed to our culture validated through the disintegration summation that is nuclear war…an event being financed by those who will suffer its consequences. In a timeless-self opposed culture, Eternal materiality supplants finalizing disintegration. Meaning displacing the Eternal or fracturing Eternity from the Eternal is a temporary result or Eternity would be vulnerable to itself. But the complete consequences of such an event are not knowable. Relevant to the event irony of a nuclear war event, pandemics, global warming approaching these extinction condition events from a oppositional perspective serves to reinforce their linear temporal disposition. Sustaining the breach that evolved into the problem. Once a human cause of self has resulted in a linear effect creating a shift resolution through linear intent is very difficult. Success is almost contrary to the nature of linearity, Often requiring the denial or exclusion of others. And often destrucitve serving to validate oppositional forces. ( Can you think of an alternative approach.) An example of this is opposing a war. Addressing the casual ironic aspects that lead to war, global warming would seemingly be more effective, less opposition ally linear more light intoned. Be polite and all will come. One approach is linear the other spherical or resonant.

If you will allow an intriguing interruption. The planet earth has its own motion, therefore a DNAsound that is in harmony or not with the Milk way. What does this mean in terms of gravity which presently is treated as an oppositional force. What does this mean in terms of travel, agriculture, weather patterns. What does this mean in terms of measuring and addressing global weather changes. Asteroid tracking. It’s interesting how questions infer their own answers. Curious that people will share answers, but easily surrender their questions to others. It would seem that if the question can be asked spherically the answer is indicated.

Another of the gentle Professor Einstein’s insights gives further clarity to this non-linear flow. Constrict mass enough and the curvature becomes infinite. Again through time dilation, a birth or death ( both conditions linear presence) in the absence of time become Light events. As such at a certain point linear ironies become indistinguishable or all distinguishing (un interrupted flow) which is the all inclusive infinite nature of the Light. The second insight speaking to mass-curvature and infinity resolving the purposeless junctures like death witnessed as decay in favor of a constriction of form that eventually avails infinity. Light Eternal bordered form resolved as un bordered avails infinity. An example a human form or the form of an apple tree yields through its own nature to the al inclusive infinite uninterrupted continuity. Form consequentially designed is functionally a consequence of interruption. The questions as life choices are determinant-are the interruptions lovingly sympathetic with Eternal Cosmos or unsympathetic as such uncertain, random, optionally destructive, and culminating- indulged as dysfunctional non-events. Each linear event whatever its design or intended purpose is an opportunity to realize-express-affirm the Cosmic continuity…the Light Eternal . Either choice yieolds to the Cosmos, the Eternal. As suggested either creatively or destructively, either as the darkness or the Light. Clearly do you understand in the absence of oppositional form separation becomes all distinguishing or light infinite Eternal. Interestingly the same activity condition is evident at form initiation meaning birth. Constriction becomes expansion form assumes it’s disposition. Otherwise one would exclude the other. Both death and birth are born from the same Universe disposition as the Universe itself. A Universe motion sound disposition sympathetic with love…a Cosmic instruction. Presently the birth of a human life being is introduced to time and oriented to a linear oppositional culture. If these two adversarial inconsistent conditions didn’t become life defining the birth and death of a life being would be complimentary with infinite inclusiveness, the Eternal. Our lives would similarly blossom. Less destructive, more efficient, less shameful, cure not dependant on disease and death not reliant on a life denied. Yes death’s irony is no longer life’s guide. The insistent urging of language aside when is the last time friend you heard some on this planet say, “Isn’t Eternity great.” Awareness is not always substance either is proof.

* Allowing the fewer words embrace…“At the speed of light there is no passage of time.” Therefore in the absence of the demonstrations of ourselves through tiome light becomes manifest, the ideal spontaneous materiality. Meaning being able to sustain what is presently referred to as lucky, coincidental events, effect spontaneous remission, reciprocal telepathic exchanges, conseguent deaging….Accordingly influence language, perception and technology. Events whose linear representation are referred to as luck, coincidental, telepathic, sleep, birth and death are more simply casual occurrences that were not interfered with by humans in there inception. Again speaking to a compatible presence that influences our lives even amidst our knowing and unknowing resistance.(Through diminishing time that stops at death and is initiated upon birth human beings displace their Cosmic roots.) Death is a non-linear event condition (of any material form) that in the absence of time becomes a spontaneous Light disposition that is not factored by distance and the other linear anomalies that are the consequence of linear separation. Non- linear death is Cosmically compatible with all- inclusive infinity accordingly death includes life as life. Indeed during life as these insights will evidence. (A summation reality not a diminishing reality)…. Death comes from life and life from death. Life and death are Cosmically inseparable. (Disconnected in linear time). There is the human beings view of death and the Cosmic reality. Everything the human beings engage ends. Ends less the intended purpose. Note please when we allude to death we are referencing all life perceptual condition material events not only the presumed- linearly convenient end of a human life: The river, bird, human being, tree, rock, glacier, presumed cure-disease interaction, thoughts, perceptions, mysticism, technology, structural institutions, human relationships with the aforementioned as well duration actives such as planning, anticipation, intent and duration itself. Meaning life as perceived and denied by human being, life inclusive of death. Not denied as death. Allowing the gentle metaphor life and death are partners who get along very nicely. Acknowledging a distinction has to be made between death as a nurturing condition event and killing and extinction which are otherwise.

Time influences life’s Creation material environment. Material is always Cosmically immediate, but not in time material linearity. Time past material events are inactive, non-directional as such do not engage the immediate material, the same applies to the anticipated future. Incremental linear process denies presence, Everpresence… the infinite un interrupted ideal. Material through time is discontinuous. A series of incremental interruptions sometimes chaotically experienced. Material through time is not and can not integrated explaining dematerializing and alteration. (Material is Cosmically sourced accordingly compatible with infinity time is an earthly artificial contrivance that is the near opposite of material or is non- material. Consequently time and material can only be engaged through material disruption and disposable dysfunction. Time is a diminishing condition that similarly affects linear material events experienced in time. (Linear separations need not be bad, denying-incompatible with the infinite Eternal). Temporal linear alteration becomes an inevitable futility. Which is why material engaged through time eventually culminates as a valueless dysfunctional juncture… explaining death as a material cessation and the current human life reality as a disintegrating-self dislocating irony. All time linear events have their opposites created through separation. And the opposite chosen good or bad is not guaranteed as the choice made. We don’t always make it to the other side of the street. (Suggesting a variant influence other our own linear consciousness). Through time and linearity death becomes the denying opposite of a life that dematerializes. Destruction in such a context becomes acceptable as is death through the vagrancy of killing.

The human body while alive or deceased is a non-linear form. The space the body occupies while alive is the body. (Otherwise in human tiome)O. A space not assumed at birth, but as birth. (As such birth is not conseguent only to parental conception, the non-linear birth body is realized from a non-linear timeless origin source. Your birth origin is other than earthly linear condition event…. As such spontaneous Cosmically immediate-uninterrupted source….Consider the following refining assimilation’s embrace: Your parents, their parents, therefore yourself removed how many times before we arrive at a condition status that predates the materializing of the planet earth…. The aforementioned is a spontaneous uninterrupted-expressive continuity. This engaging spheroid is fragmented-dislocated in material linear time, but essentially is immediate and constant. Not localized not dislocated. A reciprocal continuity simultaneously conversant denied by humans. Reminding the nice Professors observation when mass is constricted e3nough the curvature becomes infinite. The constriction curvature of mass once infinite becomes at birth a time temporary expansion that will revert to constriction curvature upon death. (Through death returning life from whence life came). Cosmically non-linear expansion and contraction are not opposite dislocations of space. Non-linear form is not eviodenced through incremental exclusionary measurements that are the essence of earth science. (Non-linearly neither size or the variant distances suggested in different sizes are functionally disproportionate)….Separating can be refining, not less the separation-not exclusionary and diminishing. In the absence of separation your body space remains your space after death. As it was before death. Accordingly spontaneous non- linearity is satisfied. Otherwise the infinite Eternal would be fractured, denied as existent. A space occupied as infinity is infinite as Eternal. Always directional….purposeful. Always material. Yourself the Universe always aware. The Universe is more than the denial of the Universe as our lives insists.

The question invites how is a life mass constricted-expanioding availing the infinite inferred Eternal. The question answer’s the same. Be polite and all will come…. Consistency would appear to be the answer. A consistent assertion to the non- linear self, reflecting the uninterrupted Universe. Acknowledging inconsistency is the essence of casual temporal linearity, the preferred value renders life denied-denying, redundancy, random-valuating material as disintegrating… a valueless disposition like death as an exclusion of life vitality. The human is born with a non-linear body and concurrent disposition while acquiring a linear identity. We exhaust our lives displacing our essential selves through linear materiality and non-material diminishing time. (We culminate our ironic lives dying in time not in space). The blessed opposite remain: Reciprocal selflessness seems to be terms that are contradictory. But this language speaks to selflessness not excluding of self that compliments the all embracing Cosmos and as such is all distinguishing (ie) reciprocal selflessness. Not selflessness as a sacrificing of self but a wellspring…a fulfillment. A surrender of linear uncertainty and dematerializing in favor of self sympathetic continuity. The value embrace of life whereby all has value. What evide4nce accordingly confirms? You speak I listen. I speak you listen. If one of us proposes that value be denied, disadvantage, unkindness then what a wonderful opportunity in the immediate to convert the suggested devaluation to the better seed that the flower offers blossom. (Possibly you can think of clearer terms than reciprocal selflessness?) In a linear culture action is based or influenced most often by reaction creating even in an ideal situation a defining uncertainty. Also a dislocation of purpose that invites the confusing innuendo of time. Example if I love you. “I” am uneasy perhaps afraid because my love is to be validated by your response. You might love me in return you might not. If you do, well how wonderful indeed, but our relationship becomes secured by linear accommodations, arrangements, proves many of whoich are contradictory or ill defined. You might say transactions many of which we might not be consciously aware of, the relationship can become an issuance of repetition. Seeking an iompossible proof because the proof is already evident as the love. What better fruit might the gentler seed. The linear resolution of love to the non- linear all embracing awe…in loving you I have been loved. If you do not love me back, I am still in awe of the love presence Iwe have manifested. God’s love. And certainly God’s love is not seeded by our endless linear whimsy. If you do love me in response well how wonderful for all beneficent. All of us because a non linear presence has been effected that transcended linear restrictions like distance, time and limited often ironic causality. We have shifted from linear disposable existence to the spherical awe. The gentler way, the profound efficiency. And of course this ideal life interaction speaks to our bond with all material as mentioned before those mysterious mountains, rivers, ladybugs our perceptions of the same, duration, linear dislocation like travel, relationships with offered linear dilemmas like disease, preconceived intelligence, death, technology, religion revealed through death ir4ony, karma and the frivolity of time…Certainly you have a list offering. Cantdohasto….Can we agree as long as you’d like let’s make that a word. Why not?

An observation relevant to life if (I) may. All life is asofby God’s creation. No life form is less the other otherwise suggesting God’s lesser intent. The trees, rivers, sea gulls, humans are Gods off spring. Children of God. Only by our disposition one less the other. Moses, Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, Mother Teresa were not the preferred children of God less than you, but rather God determined individuals. Godlight consistent as such beneficent of Cosmic blessings (available to all) viewed as earthly exceptional skills. Some of us experience these linearly challenged God determined individuals in awe less ourselves to diminish our own potential. Not accept their challenges. Marginalize-diminish our divinity through willful negligence and institutional convenience. May we suggest the Bible, the Koran, the Eightfold way-all Holy documents are missing a chapter. The chapter of you.

Birth form curvature constriction and death form curvature constriction are Universe source events congruently in tuned with timeless infinity. An observation seemingly all intent motion speaks to a pulse, expansion-contraction…the heart beat, lungs, gravity, life-death, motion of an ameba, a super nova. And the Universe suggesting the Universe expands and contracts simultaneously as one spontaneous intent. A life pulse as the gentle Dr. Wisman observed.(The refining non-exclusionary space of self occupied Eternally, this space is the Cosmos). Included onto death is the acquired life experience otherwise death becomes functional to separation (ie) linear…an oppositional non- directional-valueless event. Cosmic life essence and living can be the same one the other. These two sustainable activity conditions are acquired as death. Rendering death as distinct an experience as is your life. (Distinct not functional to exclusion, but distinct as all distinguishing, self centeredness is an ironically sustaining linear adaptation realized through shared linear denial-affected in time). Noting most time experiences are shared, many based on surrogacy, sublimation such as employment or coercion such ass the military or imprisonment-adding to the irony and dislocation of our lives through time. Yet what we do with our lives is not without Cosmic relevance. How we die is relevant and influencing. Death isn’t a material cessation, death is an expressing continuation. Acting on this awareness “consciousness” the current random-denied life duration expands the meaning of life and death beyond our displacing earthly toil. Both from the perspective of life and the perspective of death. The bond between the two is reciprocally active. Death is not the end of life, life is not the opposite of death. So many words breathing is much simpler. Can you explain these ideas, suggestions, sensations more clearly. Examples would be helpful wouldn’t they? Maybe a children’s story that would be nice.

The activity condition of birth and death predate the materializing of the planet earth or neither could presently be experienced either as linear denial or non-linear confirmation of the Universe. The flower does not deny the seed. Our earthly localized residence is a Cosmic one, subject to interference during life intent. The pre- planetary constriction of the mass curvature prior to birth and after death speaks to an immediate-constant Lightfull disposition displaced though time and material linearity. The same Ligthfull inclinations are potentially suggested through life choice3s otherwise life would exist in rejection of birth and deaths linear temporal disinclinations. Our Cosmic birthroight. Dislocating, uncertain denial presently is the earth peoples life style. This Cosmic devolution is true of all human assimilations such as technology…. Each singular event prior to expression is Cosmically intact- in sympathy with the Light manifest. And can accordingly be expressed. An example of this is travel. The dislocation of travel can be managed as a linear event realized in time between departure and destination. Or as a non-linear resonant event whereby departure and destination do not function as an uncertain separation of one another. (Uncertainty maximized through time innuendo, time insinuation). Dislocation becomes resonant, intact. A spontaneous journey as opposed to a tentative incremental-separated one. The same can be said about the journey from life to death. The journey can deny life diminish death or it can be Cosmically sympathetic. Whatever the choices they do not end with death. These choices accrue. In linear temporal terms these options are light fully displaced-localized as… judgment day, Heaven separate from earth, martyrdom, sins of the father, industries based death profit prerogatives, interment ceremonies. Also separation oif body from soul, spiritual sexism, death as a non- directional material end, life exclusion through death, killing as denial of both death and life. And exclusionary Holy Temples from which spiritual aspirants can not aspire beyond the Holy Temple except through death. Denying the God Cosmos in deference to the earthly adaptation. These linear time engendered activities deny the Eternal to death cessation while denying the Eternal during life. Repressing the gentler way, the profound efficiency.

…Infinity at a glance Cosmic caress…

Joining death, life, birth, time dilation and curvature constriction into the assembly of one phrase. Agaion please: Your life ancestor ship displaced “evolved” through death how many times before we arrive at a condition that predates the materializing of the planet earth. Your origin-source the timeless Eternal Cosmos. Otherwise presently by our timely and shrewd disposition. The same the puppy dog, the tree, the mountain’s valley, your capacity for thought, language, prayer and God awareness. Nice do you agree? By the way it’s nice meeting you what’s your name? Thank you yes thank you very much for your accompaniment? Linearly an essay, a painting, an invention is experienced as derived by one source. Accordingly valued and acknowledged. Spherically Cosmically the source of all as all is the Cosmos (ie) God. Do you agree this does not diminish the singular effort. We are accompanied. We are not alone. Suggesting a variant influence other than our own. Evidenced as miracloes, the limited presumption of luck, coincidence, answer to prayer, dreaming, spontaneous remission, telepathic events, our births and presumed deaths… No word is unheard. No love denied. No pain not regarded. All is relevant revealing and connected. Truly so-so truly so.

Death’s holding venue: Death gently speaks to the existence of all intact forms experienced through time as a localized event process that is unyielding-assimilating and all embracing. Linear non-directional death is corrosive condition that is contrary to the Universe flow. Through the time material interchange we deny our lives in order to determine our destinies. All events culminating in a valueless non-directional junctures. We’ve created a disposable reality.

Our distant ancestor's lives were determined by cycles they could not influence. Weather. Night and day. Hunger. Life-death. Seasons. Sleep-wakening. Digestion. Pregnancy. Disease-injury duration. Knowing-not knowing. And waiting. These cycles were concurrent with a disintegrating material existence. (Everything changed through seeming deterioration).

Time became our “controlling” imposition on lives’ “ uncertain” cycles, on God’s Creation cycles…rhythm. We contributed further fragmentation. Time is an artificial determinant through which we affected and justified our extreme alteration (participant disintegration) of Creation. (Creation could have a past only less an ideal future…the future time insists becomes the past). Through time we included ourselves in the material devolution. We became self denying planetary masters of our own untimely reality. Validated by denying that reality…curious do you agree? Events could be delegated to a past completed status. Relevant only as memories not on going material events. Future uncertain events allowed us planning. Both ambiguities influenced the Cosmic immediacy. (Stop and start-devalue-alter became our timely disruptive cyclical. Eventually the schematic of technology. The inherent material disruption creating temporary power sources). The now became even more fragmented than disintegration obliged. Linearly time diverted this distortion that became exaggerated through power based artificial technology. Our Cosmic immediacy lost to our time insinuation. Time instructed our death determinant lives would have a beginning. And end. A past a future. But in the absence of time what is death that denies as remembered and anticipated. A material event delegated to the non-functional past has become disposable. The same the future a tentative non event. What is killing without death but further distortion?

In the absence of time evolving-impending duration persist. Material shifts, leans and changes. Reality the same. Duration is immediate not less its immediacy. Duration is Eternal. The past non-material in time is a disposable non- event, not an integrated duration. As such the past is guaranteed strangely less a material relevance. The same the whimsical future guaranteed less its certain self. The material immediacy accordingly bridged languishes less its Cosmic duration. Materially impaired-diminishing as sufficient. We spend out timely lives floundering crossing a non existent bridge. Perhaps relieved by our linear uncertainty. Vindicated exhausted by our timely demiose. Simply embraced: In the absence of time we can not say you died three years ago. The future as the past similarly abides. Eternioty speaks less your instruction.

Our disordered life duration only had one ever present constant, “our” incremental flow of time that could only be validated through cessation. Disintegration is measurable in time and through time disintegration material culminated as a disposable juncture. Material in time had an ending, a past and a tentative future. All material is guaranteed as a disposable past, the future is only assumed. We justified our disposable existence because our one constant remained intact. Time our planetary fulcrum. All human experience became time derivative. Only death claimed a greater authority over life than ourselves through time. We would run out of time. But even this happenstance became partial to times allegory. Once no longer time imbued we entered unto Eternity which we know as timeless. We acknowledged time through its negation...

Linear materiality afforded us an uncertain reality of limited duration through time this irony became our “controlled” incremental adaptation. We were not willing to trust our existence. We became interpreters, calculators, negators in the service of planetary deficiency. We could invalidate a future event including ourselves, reinterpret a past event less ourselves thereby denying the Cosmic immediacy. But in the Cosmos everything has value. A super nova, we witness as a localized event has value purpose to the entire Universe. Our Eternal lives the same….. You speak, I listen or I listen you speak. Listening and living the same. (An expressed realization of iour Cosmic origins). Every event before expression is Cosmically seeded. If devaluation is offered this becomes an opportunity to convert the timely denying imposition to the Cosmic symmetry.

…Through non-material “artificial” time we deny-distort the infinite Eternal Light our Cosmic selves consequently we have no choice but to experience our material existence as a disintegrating disruptive scheme given that the past and the future are inactive non-material events that influence “impair” material immediacy. Time is innuendo. Time is an artificial insinuation not influenced by choice. Time has become a natural assumption. Through the material time interchange we are obliged without question to further dispossess our oppositional linear reality through alteration culminating in non-utilitarian disposable non-events that confirm the non-materiality of time….Time being “our” singular artificial insinuation on the material world. By imposing time’s non-materiality on a linear existence humans claim this planet their own-validating this disposition through self confirming dysfunctional alteration that includes destruction and a non-utilitarian death redeemed through parable. Without tome’s past-future dislocation “dispossession” death becomes continuous, timelessly Eternal. Life is uninterrupted. Otherwise preoccupied we are diverted from our Cosmic birthright. Denying the gentle calm. The profound efficiency.

…Presently whether we are involved in time is a non-choice. The suggestion seems implausible. For us to deny time invites a most challenging perspective, a shift. In the absence of time we have to consider our material existence without having to diminish that same existence. All is material devalued though times non-materiality. In the absence of time our lives become materially Eternal. Death no longer instructs life its purpose. There are no endings once begun. Killing is no longer praiseworthy (ie) patriotic, an issuance of justice. We are no longer afraid of death therefore much less so of life. Disease guides no longer defies life. Without time we are timeless. As such Eternally conversant. Accepting that in the absence of death dying is otherwise than currently realized. Human beings are capable of creating what they want most to avoid. Would not the opposite also be true?

…You might remember in prvio9us essays: What events are light occur rent. Luck, coincidence, healing remission, meditation, sleep, your birth and death, clairvoyance, precognition, some memories…These events are not made to happen by a human being, they don’t allude to preexisting knowledge, they are realized by one person suggesting “silence.” These occurrences are therefore not linearly casual. Not sustainable in time. As such these condition events are spontaneous, Light revealing, timeless. A variant presence other than our own. But also “presently” these events can not be shared. Once experienced the light events are immediately fragmented without choice to our linear time denying chaos. The light occurrences are sustained in time by delegating them again without conscious intent to the inaccessible past. Dark events are opposite to those of the Light. Dark events are shared. Killing and damaging property are examples. (Death is a timeless event, killing is a time event). Dark events allude to preexisting knowledge. Dark events are conseguent to accruing behaviors. These delimitating events can be referenced to either the past of the future. They are dematerializing in effect. Dark events are time events, Light events are timeless. Dark events are willfully created by humans * Interestingly miracles transcend the limitations of both light and dark events. Miracles can be shared, they can reoccur in time, they can be knowledge based. Suggesting omnipresent and omniscient origin-source. Lovingly the fact that human beings can experience Light events suggests clearly that we are compatible with the timeless Cosmois, the Eternal. Only otherwise by our choice.

… Eternity cannot be measured in time nor experienced as a linear opposite except marginally through religious parable, instruction and metaphor. Not to say whatever your disposition you do not benefit from the Eternal, Eternity is all embracing. You can benefit from what you deny or are no aware of. But your benefit is delayed in time or otherwise thwarted thus possibly frustrating life’s lessons that might lead to the ideal path of the divine Cosmic self. Also sharing what you do not consciously engage is more difficult. (You are accompanied you are not alone, the infinite Light is all embracing). Eternity is the refining absolution of linear material realized through time. (Refining and alternation are near opposites). It’s understandable that a time immersed linear species must relinquish those conditions in order thrive the Eternal. Linear time is not a negation of the Eternal, but a dislocation. Embracing you gently once again-each linear event is an opportunity to experience or deny the Eternal.

…If we cannot die in time suggesting continuity however disruptive, our deaths have neither a past or a dreaded anticipated future. (Our shifts or deaths are spatial as much as material-continuously connected. Simultaneous events spontaneously compatible). We live in the timeless Eternal Universe. Accordingly material. Eternally expressive and aware. Unless otherwise by our disposition. Life is an availing guide. What have you availed. Acknowledging you can be marginally influenced, but can’t engage what you are not aware of. Are you now aware? And as such inclioned…

…Death is not an earth event, but a Universe event. Death is not a human activity since the Universe predates the planet earth by ten billion years. And the Universe we can assume is predated as and through intent, timelessly. Our death perceptions and experience are accordingly incorrect. Please clarify if you perceive these words to be correct or complete please clarity. Words r’ us as such uncertain. Yet the flowers bloom in the Spring.

…Before and after are time-linear accommodations influencing our material reality without which death could have no confused separation of any kind.

…We fear death, do you agree, because we don’t choose our spatial shifts. Death does not occur on “our” schedule. The origin source of death is not linearly timely therefore Eternal. Death is Eternally continuous as such not an interruption. Death is life. Welcome home

…Relinquishing our self centered opposing orientation, our abuse of God’s Creation environment, not trying to explain death through killing, not pursuing linearly disintegrating choices from which we profit… would begin a planetary self transcendence. A new awakening dimension of self…. Whispering cautions embrace repeated: Exclusionary self centeredness validates-valuates the disjointing death of the individual and the dematerializing culture which culminates in loss of all value and direction through localized beings such as your life. Engaging the all-inclusive Light Eternal means reciprocally acknowledging an omniscient activity as our essential ourselves. Availing humans to a highly effi9cent life culture. A God fraternal presence secured through the divine self not preferential omission. Appreciating the fewer words deliverance. Be nice. Be polite and all will come.

… We “believe” that we control life through time insinuated casual alteration. Our efforts affect a disintegrating culture separated us from the Cosmos, therefore ourselves. We are not linearly through time in control. Nor are we controlled. But rather time-linearity makes control an issue. Control, denial, exclusion and opposition are intrinsically connected to the linear anomaly as seed to thorn and both thorn and seed to uncertain flower.

… Earth science defines a dimension, “as a property of space… an extension of space.” Each life being is a “fragmented” continuous dimensional conduit, presently viewed as spiritually displaced (ie) reincarnation and resurrection dislocated as life accordingly denied to the Eternal Cosmos. Derived as such potentially accordingly expressive. Life Cosmos …simultaneous refining dimensional(s) spontaneity.

…Deny the Cosmos through death deny yourself.

…The planet earth’s religions are so linearly iommersed most are obliged to support-participate in war events in contradiction of their spiritual precepts. Hypocrisy is fundamental to oppositional linearity. Spiritualo vagueness-ambivalence the same. Do you agree?

...Planning-financing a war, winning or losing a war are part of war’s linear temporal dysfunction. A war resolves oppositional materiality thus to some extent time through the irresolvable war event at the expense of Creation’s life. Our linear material time interchange proportionate to the thoroughness of the war event both perpetuates the linear anguish and as suggested resolves oppositional linearity. War is a desperate need to come to terms with our linear irony in favor of the Eternal, but succeeds in denying one from the other. Thus both?

… Oppositional linearity culminating disintegrated dysfunction cannot be resolved without ending the war option. War leads to peace, the linear conditions necessary for war are elemental to peace.

*Denying the war option and all its facet actives shifts the human culture to a Cosmic disposition. The choice of bliss becomes more immediate to the now. Resolving linearity in favor of the Cosmic Eternal absolves the need for war. Life is chosen over the denial of death through killing. Creation’s flow chosen over relinquishing Creation …

…The Universe is separate not less the separation. A timeless sphere refines, doesn’t separate less the separation. Continuity compels not discontinuity. The Universe is one location how can you relocate. You relocate by denying the Universe through yourself.

…There is no past except in time as such what past decries your material living self… your death. What future less yourself.

…War is a near essential compilation- resolution of our linear anguish. Realized through killing not death. Wars sacrifice death to killing. War even before the event depletes Creation’s resources. God’s children killing God’s children. And the accordant need. Creating an oppositional time debt that results in the next war event. There have been more than five hundred wars since WW II…All wars are planetary events. Wars are continuous. During peace utilizing vast resources of spirit, will and material that lead to war. The oppositional disposition of a war is not elemental to a non-linear culture.

…Before and after are time-linear accommodations influencing our material reality without which death could have no confused separation of any kind. Death and dematerializing the same.

…Time is resolved to its irrelevant non-status by not engaging material life as a disintegrating medium. The non-material nature of time can only be verified as a diminishiong condition. Acknowledging the Cosmic immediacy as an Eternal continuity not determined by the inactive past or influenced by the anticipated dormant future. Life becomes it’s own consequence. Like music life3 becomes its own response. God is life not accommodation. Love is not sustained through response ideally, but as love. Not as a past transgression forgiven, but resolved as occur rent though love. As such the linear irony realized as random, opposition, destruction and death irony is minimized. Karma becomes determinant, the spherical human. Self centeredness is surrendered to the all distinguishing Cosmic ideal. Destructiveness becomes oblige, death and life interchangeable as such fear, anger, anxiety, pain have no relevance except to direct the human to the love ideal. Clarifying love’s opportunity. The silence sings quietly forever dreams.

…The designed need for time evolved for a reason. Likely do you agree time is an inadequate control counterpoint to a disintegrating world that in accepting we had to confirm as disintegrating in order to perpetuate. Time became helpful-necessary as an instrument of social order, commerce, more so when science became determinant. Determini9ng when an event would end or begin, including our disintegrating lives became invaluable. But the presumption is that material events do end, that our life experience is a fading one. Acknowledging when a spontaneous light event occurs influence-interference outside the event is presently unproductive. A resonant event is its own response.

… Acknowledging the need for a resonant non-exclusionary human perspective, a measurable parameter the suggested answer is spherical time. Not linear diminishing time valid as its own negation designed to measure( in turn influence) a dematerializing event, but rather a time reference that accrues-validating and refining as opposed to displacing increments. (Measurable spontaneity). Music infers such an activity. As does memory. As does the sile3nce, the birth-death acoustic of ourselves and the condition through which we engage Cosmic benefit. Appreciating to comprehend that silence is an all embracing Eternal manifestation, a subjective awe…much more than is currently esteemed. We can express the silence “DNAsound”…in the compatible ideal silence expresses us. Compatibility is symmetry….We are talking about a measurable activity that is subjective to the individual event being measured. (An accruing summation not a diminishing dislocation between past, present and future whereby the immediate is reliant on the inactive therefore non- material (not engaging) status of the past and future. Accordingly the immediate is valued as impaired. Not Cosmically immediate not Cosmically functional…. Each material event would have its ow3n time activity, gauging is a better term than measuring, not the disintegration of a material condition but it’s resonant refinement that time denies and linearity compels. In non-linear or spherical time an event can not be “done” complete” or gone,” but rather the event remains engaging. A refining resonant process that is reflective of the spontaneous Eternal. Timeless therefore non-linear memory is the memory of an event that only has a future. Always immediate not fragmented, dislocated and dispossessed to an inactive irrelevance. As each material memory of itself is subjective so would its time. A gauging of it’s direction, intent, resonance. The event would assume it’s own purpose. Not altered by a human need to validate-influence a material event to satisfy and conform our linear disintegrating irony….Spherical time creates an appreciation of time as a natural condition activity that is sympathetic and reflective of the infin9te continuity. Each manifestation of time would be the same and remarkably different and exciting. The same given our need an apparent similarity of purpose. And different ion that each material moment is distinct, yes all distinguishing or the events would be exclusionary, but distinct in its particular refinement. It’s evolving juncture. Process and material become one the same, only different in their refining intent. There resonance. The motion of the Light creates its sound of silence its DNAsound. The image of sound DNAST, though given the spontaneous nature of this activity “time” could be expressed-gauged in any manner ideal to the senses. A Cosmic sound that we can experience, gauge and learn from without subjecting the event to our disintegrating timely linear culture the “progress” of which is only relevant as invalidated or discarded. Such is the nature of linear diminishing time and the material experienced through this artificial formulation. Less is the function of more. Extinction becomes an exploratory prerogative.

…Yes spherical time unless “youi” can think of a preferable term. (Youi an unintentional characterization (the concept of error non-linearly is other than defining) speaks to our accompaniment, do you agree. And this in part is the functional of spherical time. A condition activity we do not control ourselves. Which is the nature of light sound refining occurrence (ie) DNAsound. We are bordered anatomically limited functioning in a limitless Creation environment were dysfunctional alternation is not determinant. If such an event occurs we can assume it’s a matter of relevant hapenstance. Largely understandable to us by not knowing. Not malicious, not a valueless destruction. In the context of spherical time we have a spherical schematic not a linear on as we currently experience time. The motion of a spheroid. An encircling sphere that encapsulates within its motion all conditional events relevant to a specific function. Knowable and not knowable. Accepting before and after, initiation and result, past and future being relevant perspectives these junctures occur simultaneously interacting with one another, not at the exclusion of each or themselves, not interchangeable but consistent. Spherical time accrues, valuates-validates, refines does not negates. Spherical time is not an artificial event that occurs in exclusion of or outside of the event being assessed of “measured” but rather occurs during the natural activity of the event that can be mirrored or simulated for observation. What is the nature of this motion? The assessment is one of refining, other materializiong not disintegrating of dematerializing. Function not dysfunction. This is an activity that already is occur rent. First the time motion of each event is unique to the event. No two time events are exactly the same, similar yes but not exactly. You might appreciate the movements in question by looking up spin, span and spun. Spun is something of a mystery in the dictionaries “I’ve” relied on. But the reference definition for span is intriguing. Allowing a paraphrase. A motion that resolves a past completed event to the present. Exciting do you agree?

…Presently whether we are involved in time is a non-choice. The suggestion seems implausible. For us to deny time invites a most challenging perspective, a shift. In the absence of time we have to consider our material existence without having to diminish that same existence. All is material devalued though times non-materiality, a human contrivance. In the absence of time our lives become materially Eternal. Death no longer instructs life its purpose. There are no endings once begun. Killing is no longer praiseworthy (ie) patriotic, an issuance of justice. We are no longer afraid of death therefore much less so of life. Disease guides no longer defies life. Without time we are timeless. As such Eternally conversant. Accepting that in the absence of death dying is otherwise than currently realized. Human beings are capable of creating what they want most to avoid. Would not the opposite also be true?

…Once again additional insights: Through non-material “artificial” time we deny-fragment the infinite Eternal Light consequently we have no choice but to experience our material existence as a disintegrating disruptive scheme given that the past and the future are inactive non-material events. (Life experienced through time becomes artificial. Material realized through tiome assumes non-materiality. (Always the exceptions).Meaning life and material becomes less than their ideal. Without linearity time is not possible as such linearity experienced in time material exceeds fragmentation--material events become valueless non-directional junctures. At least no longer accessible withion the linear realm. Time is innuendo. Time is an artificial insinuation not influenced by choice. Time has become a natural assumption. Unnaturally realized. Time is so basic that we can deny each other time, give another person more time. Human beings are preoccupied with time travel not realizing they are time travelers. Except they have to leave themselves behind in order to get to where they are going. Through material time interchange we are obliged without question to dispossess our oppositional linear reality through various types of alteration culminating in non-utilitarian disposable non-events…Time being oiur singular intact artificial insinuation on the material world. By imposing time’s non-materiality on our material existence humans claims this planet-validating this disposition through self denying disposable alteration that includes destruction and our non-directional death redeemed through parable. (Without times past dislocation “dispossession” death becomes continuous, timelessly Eternal. Life is uninterrupted.

… What future less yourself realized “eventually” as your past. (Material extinguished through duration).

…Death and life are interactive with the Universe All or both would be less the Universe sustaining. The same dematerializing and other materializing. Life- death can be realized as a one activity…a life-death awareness that presently is denied as understood. An awareness that resides amidst infinite Eternal we call life…

…Allowing a more immediate perspective the human body is non-linear. Our linear existence functionally denies our essential form, our physiology (as such we age by dying) …all that is derived from this contradiction must sustain the contradiction as essential or our existence would not be expressible. Linearly in time we must physiologically speak the language we have no choice but to create. Choice is derived and limited to anatomy. Denial of that anatomy limits choice. And valuates exclusion and opposition as well as destruction. In such a culture destruction and death are rational adaptations, but only as they are limited. And not yet realized, like everything else in a linear reality, are pertinent as they are functionally opposed and exclusionary. Not as an issue of choice or preference, but as an issue of functional essence. Meaning death is not as we perceive nor is destruction.

…The quieter embrace. The human body is non-linear as such it can not separate from itself at the expense of its own material integrity, its own identity, its own purpose. Except through damaged purpose. Only in time (ie) briefly. The Cosmic relevance of this are not known, possibly not knowable. As mentioned human anatomy is not without limitation.

…Accepting that the non-directional, valueless cessation of the body form suggested by death is an inaccurate conation activity it follows that the activities like aging and diseases are otherwise than experienced. Meaning not dysfunctional or degenerative or less so. Generally this perspective speaks to a life and life choices that are influenced by the imminent loss of life through death.

…Though progress is based on eventually invalidating that which is esteemed and all material events altered by human beings culminate as a dysfunctional non-utilitarian juncture (all events all choices) realize within themselves an accruing element, a presence of the Eternal Cosmios. The infinite continuity. Because these occurrences are a Cosmic realization, accordingly divine.

*The past is guaranteed the future is not until it becomes the past. The past is a non-material duration event as such through time we die while living and decay upon death and Creation be comes disposable as altered. Accordingly linearly through time we approach both Creation Eternal and extinction. Linearity or non-linearity is a choice. We are capable of either. All events are Cosmic Eternal events before expressed. Linear events are uncertain misuse of material in time, an incremental ironic process. Non-linear Cosmic loight events are spontaneous, consequential-intact Eternal as expressed. Non linear Light Eternal choices do not functionally allow for killing, stealing, forgiving, dying, exclusionary profit, war. When occur rent such events become linear or self denying. These activity conditions affect linearity as an exclusionary oppositional activities that are ideal as avoided, tend to be preferred as memories and when occur rent are non material in their nature. Earth religions exclude on another. They separate Heaven from the planet earth. And valuate life’s divinity though the absence of life. As a whole therefore in its parts earth religions displace God. The earth peoples lives evidence this schism. Accordingly humans suffer much unnecessarily. Much suffering conseguent to material profit. Earth people create the need for each others prayers. And their own. They repeat their prayers waiting patiently for God “to get it right.” Many separating their body from their soul as such their lives are conflict to their divinity while alive. They prefer forgiveness to love thereby validating repeatedly the same transgression that denies the preferred-aspired love. Forgiveness validates linear exclusion. Loving does not. In loving you have been loved.

Reaching beyond ourselves already present: In the absence of time evolving-impending duration persist. Material shifts, leans and changes continue less their own exclusion. Reality the same. Duration is immediate not less its immediacy. Duration is Eternal. Refining infinity uninterrupted. Awareness obliges calm. The past non-material in time culminates as a disposable non- event, not an integrated duration. As such the past is guaranteed strangely less a material relevance. The same the whimsical future guaranteed less its condition status. The material immediacy accordingly bridged languishes less its Cosmic duration. Materially impaired-diminishing as sufficient. The Eternal consistency yields to temporary irony. We spend out timely lives floundering crossing a material bridge relevant as denied. We are relieved by our linear uncertainty. Vindicated exhausted by our timely demiose. Thriving as not as not we must deny. Simply embraced: In the absence of time we can not claim death’s past nor death’s dreaded future. Presently Eternioty speaks less our instruction. Amidst the timeless awe wondrous efficiency sustains. Cosmic purpose avails.

Whispering once again trying to find space between shadow and shade. Many years ago our ancestors lived a threatened existence. We were hunters. And we were hunted. We couldn’t influence the environment: Night- day. Weather. Life- death. Foods, mudslides and betrayals. Nightmares and suspicion. Injury-disease duration. Digestion. Pregnancy…. But we were shrewd. We came up with our own cycle...time. Not realizing in time what begins has to end. The environment-our lives became time displaced. Everything we applied ourselves to culminated as a juncture where all activity and direction ceased. We had unknowingly decided to challenge Creation's rhythms. God’s way. We didn’t understand. God’s endings-not endings at all are part of the Eternal continuity. But through time all ended without duration. Creation became a disposable reality. Our dematerializing existence. Even death was altered as killing. Wars made sense. We lived with death’s permission. Having walked away from God’s Creation we created exclusionary Holy Temples that pleased us. We attended Holy Temples that attended us. Holy Temples became death’s witness. Not able to make sense of life the Temples made sense of death. We could only fully value God after life ended. The Universe is Eternal why aren’t you? You are born not influenced by death and time. We are the self denying answer of our “acquired” incomplete life.

In the absence of time Eternity becomes functional. The Cosmic divine immediacy prevails. We remind you the Universe is timeless…. We die in time not in space. Meaning…. The past is guaranteed the future we can only anticipate and wonder about. The future becomes certain when the future becomes the past. That’s why time is a diminishing experience. Unless theirs a change in perception in your lives. You can only have less time. Accordingly the material experienced through time is diminished. Through time past events are completed. No longer materially active. The problem: Our lives are influenced by the past and the future, two material places of self (of life) that are not materially active. Not real. Denying the Cosmic immediacy. Through time we separated ourselves from our timeless Eternal origins. Eventually all of beauty disappears as ourselves. We had claimed timeless Creation to ourselves and could only value our effort by denying the reality we had created. We had to die to go to a Heaven we denied through time while alive. Time became as basic to us as we were to each other. Two hundred years ago the British parliament decided to switch two the Gregorian calendar. People rioted in the streets. Believing their lives were going to be shortened by seven days. Time and life (denying life) had become interchangeable. But remember time isn't real. Its something we made up. Physicists point out, "everything is material except time." We suffer separating ourselves from our Cosmic destiny-God’s way. All we experience including ourselves ends with the loss of material direction…its temporary. The planet earth was no longer a divine Heavenly opportunity. We had to cease to exist, run out of time to “go” to Heaven. We exaggerate this irony through technology, our religions and economies. The five major industries on this planet perpetuate a valueless death as a profit motive. Our religions offer death not life as being our ideal God witness. Afraid we trusted ourselves more than God. We surrendered Eternity to our desperate temporary selves. We could only value our lives by rejecting “our” existence. We live creating the need for our own prayers. Curiously many humans repeat their prayers waiting patiently for God to get it right. We are funny do you agree?


The Universe’s infinite function is intact as a whole any event not accordingly sympathetic is denying of the Universe totality consequently denying of it’s Cosmic benefits. The complete explanation is Eternity. Evident, immediate and undenied. Presently the Eternal linearly from the human perspective in time occurs through birth, life denied, and death. Presently the Eternal is an incomprehensible reality therefore not expressible as an integrated-localized-linear Cosmic presence. Localized as such exclusionary. The Cosmic now can be experienced within the context of an event as the event when realized without exclusion. Meaning on non-linear terms that are timelessly accrued (ie) the event ionfluenced Cosmically not dysfunction ally through alteration. Timelessly within the linear schematic, acknowledging such immediacy allows for choices that are complete not exclusionary- not dislocated to the futures or dispossessed to the past…. Appreciating currently there is coerced organic difference between life and death birth-life and death that are otherwise simultaneously occur rent- a life presence that is not evident to ourselves as a spontaneously intact whole. The issue is whether the interaction betwe3en life’s primary two events is consistent or inconsistent with the Eternal spontaneous Universe. Life and death reciprocally refine each other. (Reminding the term death speaks to the cumulative cessation status of any form, all isofby life). From the Universe prerogative the cumulative status of a form terminates as a dysfunctional non-utilitarian event or accrues Eternally…the darkness or the Light. Whether your life is one of linear irony or Cosmic inclination is the way of choice. Choice speaks to consequence, the Cosmic entry point.(One choice event can resolve a life time of linear turmoil, anger-consequence and dismay; the Light is all embracing). Linear-timely preference creates a world of redundant denial. A life’s irony spent to aged exhaustion: rethinking, revaluating, redefining while awaiting a dreaded unpredictable death. Profitable to others. As truth holds you hand you can take life with you. Life accrued-esteemed-expressible and aware. A non- linear, spherical or Cosmic life engenders a reciprocal Cosmic bond: Eternities whispering hold. Linearity’s timely consensus sustains linear irony. Causality engages linearity, time’s dislocation the same. Diminishing dislocation functional as shared. These dislocations are exaggerated as distorted through death consensus, through linear technology , depletion material resources and as the human dispossession of self. The singular human must yield the ideal self to succumb to linear distortion-further disordered as time. Each human juncture expressible as thought of event is an opportunity deny or celebrate the Comosis as such self and event. One voice two sources each not less the other.

Universe localized events like super novas are seen as destructive, dematerializing, a loss of functional identity, but given that the Unioverse is a spherically refining Everpresence the relevance of singular events speaks to the identity purpose of the entire Universe. The near opposite of the linear human disposition which influences all our observations. And conseguent behaviors. And knowledge assimilations. As well technological adaptations.

That which is simultaneous and that which is spontaneous are not incompatible. One ideally impending of the other, the same. Allowing for linear inconsistency to be resolved Eternally. The Universe refines, grows--embracing all without purposeful opposition: One tree becomes a forest, one star another, the child becomes a parent, life becomes death, death becomes life, the Dodgers will win the pennant. Spontaneity through simultaneous refining…expansion and contraction. The same the birth-death of a star, the motion of an ameba, your heart, the kiss, inhaling-exhaling, your smile reaching0receding, the tides+, the flowers blossom. All Creations life’s pulse. Space as space refining space is in tune with simultaneous spontaneity, not space in spite of dislocated-altered space which alludes to oppositional exclusion-rendering death and birth’s living as an oblique non-conversant extraction’s from space which are “temporarily” without Eternity’s sympathetic direction. (Space and the material that occupies that space Cosmically are interchangeable). Temporary speaks to either a time reference which can be a life duration or the other than timely spatial interchange within simultaneous spontaneity. A person can spend their life violating their Cosmic heritage. These choices are both timely and timeless in their consequence, both linear and non-linear. Meaning both earthly and Cosmic in result. These conseguence3s are reciprocally active. We influence and we are influenced Cosmically. Most of our lives are localized events resultant from behaviors that are limited- resolved to their linear disadvantage. Examples: Killing is a dysfunctionally shared chaotic event that accrues Cosmically and linearly as the darkness. Transgressions aren’t resolved through forgiveness. Forgiveness identifies and gives bearing to the transgression which tend to become interpersonally redundant. Forgiveness compels apology…uncertain love. Forgiveness is linearly transacted, acknowledging transgression. Love as love’s ideal is not. Forgiveness choices are casually constrained as a linear events. Forgiveness acknowledges a past event while anticipating tentative future non-event. Love not based on response is spherical, Cosmically intoned. Yet all accrues. Either through suffered denial or Cosmic harmony, linearly perceived as bliss or as divine. Love not secured through response renders forgiveness superficial. Forgiveness requires apologies favor. Love favors love. Love based on response evokes temporal linear irony. Though clearly love responded to with love is the ideal, but to base of love on the “likely hood” of beiong loved in return…you understand. Our lives whatever our avoidance are Cosmic events. Karma is God’s motion unnecessarily disguised-denied as ourselves. Smiling we implore… life after death why wait. And as such clearly of love life before death. And after death the same.

That which is linear tends to focus on one event or process leading to an event in order that the event can be expressed or altered to satisfy the linear needs of the current timely human. Examples: The “death” of a singular self. Assigned linear intelligence. The presumption of disease, cure, sleep, diet, employment. Linear education esteemed as temporary in value. Killing, building a temporary a house receptive to fire and singular concept events- economic growth based on economic decline the uncertainty suffered through individual human beings while protecting artificial coporat4e-insitutional structures that curiously artifically transcend time. Structures reliant on converting limited fossil energy into self depleting pollution- fuel. All of life’s material is denied through death cessation or dysfunctional termination-are examples of consequences which are not valued beyond alteration in part because the event once it reaches full disintegration is beyond utility, beyond further linear displacement (ie) alteration, beyond conscious awareness… beyond kindred sensibility and time’s denying devolution. As the gentle Mark Twain offers, “Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.” And so we continue looking over our shoulder to sustain while prevailing through the exclusion of others….As noted Cosmic events are Eternally sympathetic. Our basic linear inconsistency “ironic separateness” experienced in time explains why humans need to distinguish Heaven from earth, their lives from their divinity… by separating body and soul humans create the need for endless inconsistent explanation thereby providing linear purpose and injury to their Cosmically inarticulate existence. You have no choice but worshipping a God that is derived from these unnatural denials-dislocations of self. Humans create much the need for their own prayers. We suffer much unnecessarily. Human beings create many burdens they resist by sustaining (ie) disease, death, inconsistency, time, killing, contrived suffering, linear technology. All aggravated as anticipated and perpetuated. A self designed disposable existence. (Many burdens created we care.) Another example of this divine dichotomy is the non- utilitarian distinction between a living body, an aging body impaired body and a body that is deceased. While all is voice of the Eternal origin source. Why do people age as they do? Linearity further stressed through time compels the aberration. Aging is a linear material abrasion. Aging is an acquired resistance to a culture that dispossesses God to the preferential irony, redeems self through disease, vindicates through war preference and redeems life through its own negation as death. Aging is guantified through it’s ending. Much of aging is affected through accrued divisive sound, vaguely referred to and dismissed as noise. The noise on thius planet is planet is unbearable, damaging and much of this erratic material assimilation is unnecessary. The noise is not material as we know, but it affect our material selves as much as a poison. Most of what we hear, witness, feel, taste and smell in a linear temporal world is foreign to our non-linear bodies. In such a context, death, disease and aging are defensive responses to this intense irony. Cosmic paradox.

Extinction? The end of life? The death of death? Extinction is not about death, it’s about killing denying death as life and death as purpose. The Cosmic communion ends? What can we know and by knowing not deny. What prayer’s response not prayer’s need. Two embrace as one, God breathes. We struggle, we yearn. We stumble and rise. We know suffering and joy. Which do you prefer when you are not as preferred? You know triumph and disaster. Which seed you are garden you toil. Do you know war enough? Know the better words these are but a few. The magic you are God shares. An explorers Cosmic journey. The continuous awed discovery of your Cosmic self. Prayer’s need prayer’s opportunity the same. Prayer’s instruction life. Prayer’s answer born you are. Prayer’s voice prayer’s response near the same. The loving Rabbi offers, “Prayer’s aren’t answered, they are the answer.” Miracle anticipation yourself the same.

The clarion call foretells: The time of now is forever. As there is the darkness there is the Light. Understanding as prayer’s breath: The darkness claims the Light? Each linear event is an opportunity to express the darkness or to express the Light. Once the darkness chosen the dark can be reclaimed to the Light. The Light chosen Eternity abides Eternal. The Light is all embracing. The darkness knows no contempt but darkness. Yet darkness prefers the Light-accordingly respondent. Why both? There is no answer but choice. We can not know all and knowing be…. God preferred less yourself God denied. We will never know all the questions because we include ourselves in the search. Because we need each other. Because we fail and wonder why. Because we succeed and wonder why. We cross the street, the galaxy, the dream uncertainly. Our love hesitates. We pray God our proofs despair. We are born the answer to the question as the answer. We aspire as such we smile and cry-laugh and wonder. We have arrived well earned ready for this next great journey. Galaxies near and away. Remembering: As there is the darkness there is the Light. There is no exclusionary non- utilitarian death, there does appear to be extinction. Perhaps not we pray. (Always we know best as knowing hesitates). Extinction the end of the conversant Cosmic flow? The death of death the end of life. The communion between the two cultures ends. Do you recall: Light events such as life, death, coincidence, prayers response happen to one person suggesting silence. Light occurrences exclude no Creation life form. These events do not reference linear knowledge, they are not derived from a human being. They are spontaneous non-excluding accordingly timeless, Eternally sympathetic. (The seemingly limitless exception to these Light occurrences are miracles). Whereas dark events are functional as shared, relioant on a linear manifest, are time consequential, dark events are disintegrating and can be initiated by one or more individuals. Dark events can be readily exaggerated by technology. Light events more easily embrace a human presence, God’s offspring all life forms. Dark events seemingly are a linear not ofby the Cosmic venue. Earth science points out that dark matter speaks to absence of frequency. Dark events culminate in war resolving linear existence to the dysfunctional void, Light events sustain the Eternal bliss. Not surprisingly within this schematic 90 percent of the 55 million species on the planet earth are now extinct. The nioce Carl Sagan points out 90 percent of the Milky Way is dark matter. Humans have the technology and the will to complete their shift toward the darkness finalizing their dysfunctional nature. Accordingly the opportunity to choose otherwise. The time of now is forever. What more evidence you need. Being you already are. Revelations…Relevations unfolding the human seed. God well accompanied we continue.

As there is the darkness the Light beckons. No Cosmic extinction thrives that Eternity submits. As there is the darkness there is the Light yourself- God you know as being you are. What suffering you know suffering you are. Planetary seed Cosmioc consequences the same. There is no exclusionary death less the Cosmic awe. There is your birth “your” life and the death you know. Lifes-death’s bridge self designed subsists life you are. Deny the Light deny Eternity explain yourself. Acknowledging we cannot know all as all and remain human. We present ourselves through Inconsistent perception-language describing a denied reality validated through the diminishing artificiality of time. In a linearly random denying world there can only be less time not more. More time is based on incalculable happenstance whoch itself (if) occur rent is functional as denied. Yet we continue. Searching each discovery however repressed providing another accruing glimpse into infinities sparkle. God’s purpose our repressed design. You can not linearly choose what you are not aware of, but you can unknowingly benefit thereby. The miracle you know-knows you, the eyes you see, the dream that holds, the butterfly that greets, the flower that accepts your touch. fewer words the flower holds. Extinction and Eternity choose one your residence unfolds. Bless the Universe by whatever journey or iomaginations toil.

Beyond the Cosmic good invited by these words you know the fullest story. Yourself. In spite of our uncertainty, the suffering, the violence immediate and anticipated-in spite of our self designed extinction we love each other. And truly so. Anticpating we pray. We labor. We prosper lovingly, suffer sadly. We share knowing good from bad preferring good. We sing and dance. We feed our children before ourselves. We tell good stories. Unhappy in love today we will love again tomorrow. Burdened what glory we are. We seek wonder. What glory yet we can be…. Amidst your death’s despair what beauties joy we have shared. Imagine your neighborhoods if…


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