and by Charlie Woram and…

“I’m” writing companionship abides. You and me the lesser displacement the Light abides. Timeless memory searching. Applying functionally the idea of infinity …is difficult within a life process that negates the infinite through perception and practice. Meaning our determinate-displacing conclusions about the material world continue to be an expression of the human ironic self. Timelessness appears more accommodating, but in timely displacing world we continue to exclude the Cosmic presence. But the implications of an infinite timeless memory become more adaptive. God’s Memory…. The Universe God remembering God. Not casually (except to God if causality so abides), but spontaneously (ie) God presence the Light. Inclusionary, un bordered. Therefore (expanding) as space not into space. Consequently without end. Explaining non-linearity. And non-locality hence un bordered spontaneity, the Light. The all-inclusive un bordered Light. All is the divine beginning refining essence. Infinity becomes credible…answerable.

Suggesting further that all material on this planet has inherent within its form intent (as a functional memory)… a refining essence (the Universe the Light) as un bordered presence or sequential fragmented process- Light memory nonetheless. Certainly relevant to the infinite continuity of self. God remembers… you are born casual to God. And God remembers you when  “die” casual to God. Hence the conception birth and  the conception of death. Born Light affluent we will spend our lives worshipping God while searching for ourselves realizing the conflict as motive not proof of divine displacement. Curiously illogical. Expressing the Light God memory of ourselves or not. Now knocking on memories door. We are God’s memory of a material dream wakened by our birth. Reminding to breath like myths dreams are material.

*Recalling all motion has a distinct sound relevant to that unique motion. This Cosmic design (sound intent) is God’s purposeful memory of all form whatever its nature. Casually defined as language. Spontaneously applicable… the Light refining, the infinite Eternal. Nothing perceivable, imagined or expressible is excluded however repressed.

The manner of thought in this essay is not conventio0nal: Spherical memory and linear memory. Noting the distinction between instantaneous spatial- linear memory and spontaneous memory that is infinite Eternal therefore not displaced, non-localized, not functional to time displacement or ironic causality…. Spontaneous infinite memory within the non-linear spontaneity of memory is materially inter changeable with events or material status. The implications of timeless memory are mysterious. Availing new mediums, it would be more correct to suggest transformations of perception and expression. Within the franchise of timelessness past linear events can be duplicated   rematerialized….  re- witnessed (beyond the current memory collectives)… but not casually re-experienced therefore not materiality or consequentially altered because we are amidst the infinite all inclusive-un bordered and form intent or process invalidates this presence. (Unless form harmonically attunes as memory).  A new spontaneous memory status. As such the memory becomes a transmute, transitory, a transmogrify…a harmonically (not casually) resolved event. Light determined not human altered or displaced. Events current to the immediate now within this timeless memory schematic can be refined as other than conflicted or ironic (spontaneous Light beneficiary) as long as form remains intact and harmonious to the subjective event…otherwise the un- conflicted Light communion is invalidated. Such an effect is sympathetic to the infinite Eternal nature of the Light (Eternal memory)… or else the spontaneity would not manifest. Memory sustains. (Memory unlike intelligence is its own response). Curiously the ironic self through choice has to initiate this Light dynamic. Availing themselves to the Light without displacement or the prejudice of form. Essentially by totally entrusting self to God. The future within the aforementioned process given the conflicted irony of form is an issue of intact event… in as much as the seed is the flower. The determinate question becomes will the transmute or transition occur within and by the de materiali8zng protocol of time or harmonically through and as the Light which includes form under idealized conditions.

Relevant to the aforementioned development you might remember the work by the curly haired scientist offering, “That there exists a field with its own acquiring memory that exists irrespective of time and space.” Initially as previously suggested a field active within this dynamic (acquiring memory irrespective of time and space) suggests the Light. This thought explains an acquiring therefore interactive memory field that is not linear (irrespective of time-space displacement)…its causation spherical in nature therefore as suggested timeless. An acquiring spontaneity that can be engaged. But the issue has to be considered, how does the light become functional or interactive given its spherical or holographic nature… the un bordered and all-inclusive nature of the Light questio0ns the casuality of interaction. Time within the formulation of space can only factor through the displacement of space, the causal fragmenting of space or material. Clearly space devoid of any time-displacement consideration or influence has an assuming nature (not fragmenting or exclusionary) that is endemic to the life environment of space or space material in a most compelling and representative manner. Since displacement is not involved we are discussing the creation of space as space rather than space into space through displacement evidenced and reinforced through dematerializing. Space’s own intrinsic protocol that satisfies the aforementioned compelling timeless non-displacing schematic is an acquiring memory. The sustaining timeless permanence of memory suggests as much. The acquiring memory becomes the non-displaced spherical causation in question. An inf9nity that can be influenced, harmonically. Space into space suggests displacement and the likely hood of dematerializing, also fragmentation and a cause and effect function. But given that memory when not displaced is timeless and is its own response (space as space), the inference of causality within this schematic becomes an issuance of harmonics not de materializing (reminding that music (music silence) has similar qualities to timeless memory). Are we discussing an ironic process (like ourselves) yearning for the equanimity of presence, otherwise spoken of as divinity….  Understandably since the sounds (DNAs) created through this protocol are much more sympathetic and Cosmic representative of the infinite Eternal than by our earthly linearly and chaotically displacing adaptation. Function i9s motion (as motion spherical causation requires no external alteration or impetus other than its own intrinsic nature which whether expressed or not is reflective-potentially expressive of the Cosmos otherwise the universe would not be infinite, but exclusionary and fragmented)…the suggestion is of a harmonic or un displaced sound as the ideal materiality involved either as presence or harmonized process. In our own organic nature we have seen that interactive dependence, with the exception of birth and death, is critical to our linear survival through calculated choice whose validity is relevant as improbable and otherwise inconsistent. Understanding the current earthly Cosmic displacement or separation is a material accommodation of a flawed-incomplete perception; our material reality is not endemic or limited to that perception and the resultant ironic adjustment. Function is motion without external impetus expresses as much availing the non-localized linear or the spherical. Our current choice linear effect can only be sustained through displacing alteration and an ironically redundant investment in the materiality of wastefulness that is evidenced-reinforced as the material contempt… our displacement finalized as death dematerializing as opposed to harmonic-other materializing. Let us maintain the attempted clarity of this parameter. And refer back to this transom to better understand our troubling earthly journey as a separation from our Cosmic destiny. And how the two near opposites might be conjoined, one infinite as acquiring memory the other materially self dislocation…measured and influenced through the artificial anomaly of time. Our smiles guide the voyage is our pulse. And by our sincerity reflective of the Cosmos God’s. Do you agree? What certitude is there in an answer that the formulary of our birth denies? And our death proves. We continue we are the journey. Our body souls our sails.

* Understanding patiently to comprehend an “acquiring memory” functioning irrespective of time in space speaks clearly to an activity that influences us that is other than our own linear spatial existence which we consciously and ironically reveal through the anomaly of time displacement expressed through the current self and our adaptive technology. Is this acquiring memory evidenced as luck, coincidence, intuition, precognition, remote viewing realization that are not casually derivate of human of machine (not the impetus of our consciousness) and once experienced becomes not reciprocally conversant, but displaced-defused through the current vagrancy of linear exclusionary self which includes our violent indecency. The evolving materiality including our ability to convey-experience our person and technology are two mediums through which this other than conscious or unconscious spherical spontaneity can be realized.

Note please relevant to technology… the memory which is the material is its potential function. And function can be an event (natural or affected) that becomes material memory displaced or harmonic based on application. Further inherent in a materialized memory, however fragmented, is the essence of the infinite Cosmos… the subjective ideal (the particular material utility, event or function) can be realized without irony or displacement through relevant and harmonic sounds. Reminding that the Light is all-inclusive, un- bordered therefore non linear…spontaneous and sympathetic with infinity.  This dynamic protocol includes the presumption of technology that currently on this planet is a reflection of our ironic-displaced self. Again…the memory in the material is the function. Meaning that no artificial design or external fuel source is inherently essential in defining-determining an   event or harmonic process whether this is an issuance of transportation, computers, medicine excreta. Clearly if the design function is Lightfully imbued as relevant and revealing un displaced memory both the design and the function are without defining-restraining border or external impetus such as fossil fuel or for that matter the casual displacement of thinking. Meaning that the machine is not critical or as critical to the mission, the mission becomes the defining function…in this sense the determinant machine. When the timeless infinite is applicable (as un bordered spontaneous memory) that can sympathetically be attuned or designed to a desired event and its needed accommodating technology we have a development that is no longer suggestive of the current machine vagrancy in concept-design and application. (Memory and thought are interchangeable but not as thinking, the same principal applies to the irony of machine which is reflective of the inexact sequential process that created the machinery ie thinking…encircling complete as incomplete hence irony). Current technological result and its related design are both functionally imprecise and dependant-influenced by a multitude of process (invention, design, financing, random event, environment, repair, fuel, utility based on training, rules) all of which are also displaced and displacing…a certitude based on ambiguous probability. New modes of thinking and resultant application are needed. One thought… harmonic nano technology. No doubt Curtis, Jim,  Reverend Holloway (what silence fosters music denied as word dependant), dearest Kara motion thrives mysterious as flowers rise, Larry-Nancy Cohen and their beautiful daughters. One with the Peace Corp in Africa, hopes memory is Eternal. Understanding to breathe not words seeking each others purpose, but like an Eternal garden (a material place) that welcomes you lovingly with each careful step. A place of self. And yourself unequalled unlike yourself will be able to animate on these potential perspective memories which already include the memory of self. Indeed deed divine spontaneous will avail the inspired innovative self. Like sleepwalking we will run already arrived. It is helpful to know what is being supplanted in detail (the current technology) in order to fully appreciate and apply any breakthrough. People devoted to linear thinking and the resultant affirming technology hesitate before approaching a different thought modality. Definition through error consistency. Contradiction affirming exception. Two tier spherical computers availing a continuity of information event, rather than assimilation junctures or solutions that are only consistently relevant through their invalidation. And as such spherical, but this reference goes unnoticed given that linear process is based on exclusion, negation…ideal in solving one problem at time (to a related inconsistent whole) when the Cosmic reality affords that everything is relevant-revealing-connected consistently so. Each material occurrence (once a spontaneous uninterrupted timeless memory) if harmonically condoned becomes an event dimension. A consuming harmonic vibration unto itself. An example of this…the designed quantum corridor at the end of this paper. Whereby the displacing apposition of destination and departure become non-localized. Time becomes ironic to displacement not dependant on it. Time travel has no defining relevant, Light event materializing does, though a “past event” can be duplicated to its original expressive exactness. Which in a se3nse is what is being done with memory translocation, through the designed transom, past and future (departure and destination) are being duplicated to their original memory. The memory of the interstellar trip before it occurre3d… or was materialized as a non-linear spontaneous-spatial event. Acknowledging that non-locality is space.      

Interestingly currently our memory collectives tend to be inter actively stationary. And non-respondent. Though a memory can be altered, but only through deception or error. As such possibly the one functional exception to the triangulated reality on this planet (suggesting duality unresolved ie 3 states of matter, 3 conditions of time, 3 dimensions etcetera. Whereas memories flow is resolved ideally within its casual affect.  Memory collectives: Books, museums, movies, audio, and cemeteries. And perhaps sleep. Dual meaning currently these memory systems (as a formulation to an event) do not respond to your reaction. Not linearly. Do you agree the awe of memory one of how few others protocols-experiences we do not receive instruction on this planet.

The nature of Light, timeless memory, is without resistance inter active or otherwise. The Light all embracing is without casual irony. The infinite Light is inter active with form as harmonic sound that is sympathetic to the Light. From the human perspective DNAsound. Resistance through displacement and conflict is currently the nature of form on the planet earth through the willful determinations of the human. Our capacity for destruction and altering God’s Creation in order to sustain the self opposing irony of self no longer appears to be the equal of their accrued spherical love. Acknowledging the design and utility of mans evolving technology, which the human cannot futuristically anticipate and in this sense completely influence… it becomes necessary to expect random spasm extinction. (It wo0uld appear that he darkness has it’s own auguring memory). One example the Y2K concern that a computer design might accidentally discharge nuclear missiles. Another is global warming. Another is bacteria’s acquiring resistance to antibiotics. (The acquiring dark memory)  the earth people have been contributing to for many years both through technology, deferring Spirit and the continuing determinate denial of self. The fragmentations created by the very same process have been utilizing to justificatory the process protocols creating the fragmentations. The inconsistency sustained in part through the irony of language unambiguous self-serving conceptions such as “policy.”…. All materi9al or materialized is spherically accruing as acquiring memory. Materially remembered while remembering. Only varied or evolved in form or form process intent. Understanding to comprehend (in the Light and the darkness impending) there is no abiding distinction between the investing belief in Revelations and the event, between the human’s design and deployment of hydrogen weapon and their use. Means and end are one the same. Both in the Darkness and the Light. War is not dignified -resolved by the peace. The disruptive event materially accrues. The dormant presence of grotesque weaponry is in and of itself in the spherical darkness an active spherically developing event. As is the willingness to engage, finance, improve the same. Note above all else the conscious ability of the earth people to attend the Holy Temples of Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed and chose-behave contrary to these God devotions exhausts hopes purpose, our remaining lives breathe. What one anthems prayer explains this planets God seed.

The described timelessness (memory panorama) spontaneous (continuous uninterrupted) gives a different perspective understanding to birth and death…. The mystery smiles. But let us move from knowing to application. From tr5ansformation away from alteration. From dematerializing to the harmony of other materializing. Remembering God as we are remembered as opposed practicing spiritually a preferential choice. Hence an exclusionary indulgence. Tuxedo, God’s alleged cat, is next to me greeting tongue to paw grooming the top of his head, once the alleged Tuxedo and I can attune our acquired and sympathetic DNAsound likely we will be more conversant. The puzzle has many faces casually disguised as one.

Understand please all is the impression or presumption of “God memory.”  The relevant-revealing meaning (substance and application) we do not currently comprehend, though you are partial (daily assumed) and as result derivative. Consequent and valued. You are born  partial and consequent of the infinite continuity. Meaning that your substance (in all possible potential) pre-exists the materializing of yourself as form and after. Memory sustains as memory. Memory unfolding referred to on this planet as conception. We are born without the utility of language, the instructed need, without a capacity for linear thought, essentially non-localized. Our one motion, our one location is life. We are music respondent with a distinctive preference for some harmonic sounds. And without an awareness of death. You are pre conceived and conceived Light affluent. A wellspring of the infinite Light Eternal.  Reciprocally God remembered. Only otherwise by your choice. And your unawareness…. God is an issuance of Being. Not immediate and functional to instructions knowing. Not revealed through believing. Though currently belief and knowing are the inevitable casual linear expressions of self. Without reciprocal spontaneous perception. You must alter what you experience and accordingly Celestially invalidate, disqualify thus as part of the Cosmos suffer the same. (Appreciate please as a baby your form does not completely invalidate the Light embrace. Light displacement occurs when perception becomes “casually” ironically interactive. (ie).  Reflecting God’s Light becomes preferential to self rather than God’s Creation the Universe therefore God. The Light flow becomes profoundly limited and ironic. On this planet these are currently organic and institutional mandates. One example is the condoned patriot (anagram…tap “the” riot) “killing” of another for self or institutional advantage while risking and devaluing your life …God’s memory of God. God’s memory of you. And your memory of God. The earth people’s drama is a Celestial manifest. We are spilling God’s blood unto Heaven.

God remembering God (the Universe) is God’s cause tofbyfrom God’s effect. Mysteriously of awe non-causality? Hence spherically the Light. As spontaneous intent God realize the Universe. Seven days suggests displacement, the calculation of uncertainty. Non causal-non-linear Spontaneity also speaks of “a beginning” unimaginable, a presence refining immeasurable and no ending conceivable. Beyond our labor’s perspective. Clearly ofby Creation’s kindest witness not beyond our valuatio9n. If as choice you are…


Relevant to the Light ideals of birth “ preconceived all knowing- all perceiving“…understand these are linear terms. Most particularly in application. Quietly…. Beautifully we grow beyond the initial presence of your birth, learning lessons taught to your parents, submitting instruction to linear memory while displacing often sometimes “forgetting” our God memory formulary. Your life will be devoted to denying the Light or expressing the Light. In a timeless all embracing Universe our choices are timelessly accruing as memory… the darkness or the Light. And spherically relevant and interactive with the darkness. Linearly influencing. There is no “Judgment Day” but your consequent Eternal self. Memory accruing. Unless extinction derives.  What Salvation’s entrée unto Heaven when accordingly you reside. Celestially the darkness or the Light. Which is why forgiveness is illusory to love. Interrupting misleading love the (one) essence linear-spherical of God‘s memory. The human wounded needs your love. Not your apology…. Would you prefer to be forgiven or loved. Forgiveness-apology affirms-perpetuates man’s irony. Love confirms God‘s memory of God‘s Creation. Apology-forgiveness is linear and exclusionary. Love is spherical. Why this is so? Woman-man can know all and remain the same. Knowing is casually consequent to ironic being. Being is…. And as such is so. Form displaces form. The ideal advent is otherwise. The linear self must deny him-herself to perceive-plan the future that is relevant by its eventual dismissal.

Only God can remember an event as the event happens…. Hence God remembers God the Universe. Unless God is not integral to the Universe as the Universe. Hence what ominsce3nce Creation nurtures. What dream that hope be desire?  Two examples or is it one of the aforementioned memory thought. Your birth. And your death. The answer yet unknown questions…how can we abide the God memory without altering (ie) displacing the Light…. Love all as God. Unless yourself preferred otherwise as intended. Another example. Your last choice redeemed as your next. Form as form does not essentially deny the Light. What Harvest that is not God’s seed. Nourish God’s memory. Your choice answers. Words will blossom deeds to purpose. And deeds Eternally reside. Accruing as the darkness or the Light. What of the darkness God abides. And so compels. The Holiest words I know are (I) don’t know. God knows. Blind we see claiming the Light “our” direction. We see another not looking at ourselves. The time of now is forever us. Miracle witness we are…

Hopefully while reading you are unfolding your Godsoulprint (initiate and acquired) hastening these words to their fuller blossom. Can we agree quietly as this door opens? We have a spherical venue… linear avenue. Memory…familiar immediate to ourselves-expanding. Simplicity whispers the Light our guide. Our approaching selves. Too many keys to how many locks linearly entraps the casual irony. Fading we become…. Initially two venues were discussed over lunch last Sunday. Kindly assisted by a lovely waitress kind of self’s delivery. Acknowledging that currently language and mathematics are the linear process through which we essentially displace (once the light) ourselves from the Light. Our Light communes are not consequent to intent, not conscious. Spherical not the linear effect of a determined cause. How can we create a language presence that is not reliant on consent and inconsistency? And the applied sustained -undistracted sincerity of the conversant. A language not unlike music. Recalling that music is a non-casual assimilation. Music is very much unlike language decisively more spherical or boundless in effect than linear. Meaning that when a human listens to music silently they do not respond with music or with thinking in order to assume the music, they are assimilated by the music. Singularly and collectively. “I” might add the music assumes the entire person not only through the hearing-auditory function. Music (is) mediation (meditation) assuming un interrupted form. The music of silence. (Also music the sounds of the womb). Non-casual not linear harmonic form therefore spherically approaching the Lightfully self.  Music remi9nds us of our Cosmic origin. You recall  we agreed to communicate (talk) to one another by exchanging single words. I found the experience singularly unproductive. Benign then curious…. In retrospect intriguing. Simplicity deeds the dearest clarifications. Appreciating that we are discussing (created) a non-casual medium that speaks to our being indirectly assumed. (Almost non linear). Not us assuming. I’d suggested that a sentence is other than a complete thought. Single words are suggestive of complete thoughts that are altered in verbal sequence. Interestingly by the time I had exchanged responded the second, third time to your response and the fourth (I) had forgotten the previous expressions. As linear memory fades the infinite spontaneous memory approaches. (The opposite of structured language). If our memories were more politely excused what other memories gifts might have prevailed. Approaching the un displaced spherical self. Your fascinating insight is that our effort was “reflective.” As opposed to casual. Yes indeed not of our ironic selves since we weren’t communicating linearly as an issue of linearly displacing process. The non-linear reflection of itself is the Light. (The linear spherically forming). Therefore potentially or presumably reflective a presence other than our conscious selves.  I started to feel absent, I might also use the term dumb… please understand without disrespect. More in a whimsical irrelevant manner than devalued. And of course through intelligence we displace one another linearly reinforcing our displacement from the Cosmos. The greater the assigned intelligence the grater the potential displacement of self and others. (Memory process is functionally the near opposite of intelligence process). Also clearly accepting or assigning such a status is uncomplimentary to God…. (That which damages-denies one reflects God accordingly). Linearly displacing intelligence when conjoined, (two as one)…Light’s door spherically opens. Must two conjoin as the Light before one can express self as the same? Selfless love the same. Though curiously selfless love cherishes the self the more. Spherically. In loving you I have been loved. Inby God. What response more than your reflection already so well loved?

Intriguingly memory like music, like the Light and the mysterious status of silence…memory does not have to be altered or translated in order to assimilate and appreciated. Also memory like music does not de materialize consequent to the function of our time-invested vagrancy. You are still young well of wit and kind mischief dancing at your high school prom thirty years later. Interestingly the desired ideal of a conversation is the consensus of silence, music is appreciated amidst the silent place, memory the same, meditation similarly and silence as silence does. Our conduits to the Light silently embraced like a baby holding the Light….. And as no material memory is permanently forgotten your accrued lives memory (yourself) upon death does not dissipate to non expressiveness, but rather you are re3claimed to the memory timeless the Light expressive. Where those appreciative of your linear companionship can revisit you in the many manners collective and otherwise. Spontaneously such as in “your” sleep or in the smiling thrift of linear recollections. Your sleep meaning that given that sleep is not willfully casual or ironic accordingly its symphony is boundless. No fence anchors distance. No distance explains arguments haste. Sleep knows neither soldier or hungry child but God. You are the angel wakened ofby  “your” rest. Your next choice vigor’s anew. Miracle or contempt of miracle yourself.

….What memory knows a smile not Eternal.

….What was your first memory before language knew your name. Meaning to say memories need no language but awe. As such the Light unfolds.

The aforementioned effort spherical research as opposed to linear scholarship. What difference abides. The source origin God the Light not displacing man-woman. That which is learned-acquired is not relevant as eventually dismissed (ie progress), but sustaining…a continuity of value. Spherically what is acquired is intact and complete. Unlike linear scholarship that is casually related and dependant on a preexisting body of knowledge that is not intact, but rather its value is its irony and fallibility. The designed nature of linear knowing or scholarship is one of uncertainty or probability. Artificial credence and practicality applied through linear ownership. In actuality both linearly and spherically leading most often to ironic displacement through institutions (not the least of which is a network of arbitration and enforcement) and the anomaly of exclusionary possessiveness. (Too much is not enough and more will never be). Whereas spherical scholarship acknowledges God before man, not as the exclusion of man-woman. But not at denial or damage of life form.  If linear knowledge is accordingly applied its nature becomes spherically timeless, all embracing, not displaced. Lightfully attuned. (Further indication that the earth people are derivative of the Cosmos. And one choice separate-away from its miracle). Is a miracle from one perspective form assuming before we explain the same to ourselves. A surprise form. Not yet displaced hence blissful. Is not the near of everything upon the conception of our birth and death miracle surprise the same. The Light intemperate. Affluent embracing.

The effort is two or more not less one or more. Whoever speaks all cheer the self as one, otherwise irony thrives. One less to the other God supplicant the same. What4ever the material value born, the pretty garden beautifully shared. Thank you... the gentle lively waitress a Mom…the same on Mother’s Day. All is relevant-revealing and connected unless you get in the way. And if so two questions pervade. By these words chore where are you going? And have you been there before? In displacements time the repetitions is endless unto death. And the destiny hence ambiguous as denied. And so We the People  “spend” our lives relocating, researching, seeking remedy, repaying, remarrying, refusing, rebuilding, reborn, redesigning, reinventing. Chasing our ghost’s reflection …success redeemed by our failure. Divine proof evidenced real by our absence. Not absent, but waiting-searching-yearning. Not sensing what we search for?

And of forgetting what mysterious nourishment derides. Reminding we instruct “well“ supplanting what we already know as birth the Light.. We claim our lives defining death. Their surgery is complete. Dual opposition our tutor insists. Death brags. Hence we must remember to forget. We are discussing linear memories spatial and exclusionary by design. Without excusing the present from the past the future would have to wait indefinitely. Linear memory is an exclusionary process. Hence time displacement once again. What memory imperfect not as forgetting amongst those derivative from a non-reciprocal past and a future non-conversant. Forgetting is the displacement of the memory. (Further proof of our Cosmic root even forgetting we ca not know or claim permanently). Our memories reflect our turmoil. Without for getting’s haste our thrift, our peace, our sleep…what more word than chaos. It takes a pretty good memory to be able to forget. All of God’s gifts otherwise as unwrapped or shared. And of course you don’t forget. While you do very interesting do you agree. Always needing we are or awaiting such appointment. Turn time’s corner. And the distant angel approaches. Your high school prom date. The kiss. Once again for the first time. Further whisper’s proof, the Light hold’s you as you reach for the dark.

Memory based determinate intelligence becomes otherwise than casually limited, not exclusionary therefore not localized-meaning in part not relevant to the disparity of distance and related anomaly… not consensual to linearity and otherwise adaptive to displacement. A memory like intelligence, holographic suggestive of spontaneity, not influenced by preset rules and structures (one of which is deceit).  Less localized within the physiology of the human brain. Clearly requiring a different language process. Approaching the intuitive.  The question speaks to the origin-source of memory. Spontaneous or instantaneous…. Instantaneous memory we know about. Spontaneous memory given its all inclusive nature, timeless, we can currently only experience through incidental awareness. The mere act of perceptions negates this presence. Also interesting that this effort required two individuals, one applying himself in this manner creates a non-responsive sequential effort that is self-affirming. (Two individuals otherwise displaced, harmonically resolved, attune ideally God’s memory). Do you remember the suggestion that conception like inter galactic travel possibly can only potentially be functionally derived through the shared mind conjoined efforts of two (or more) individuals? Non-exclusion the Light converging. Certainly two events destination and departure. And with the spontaneity of events as one, two individuals ideally reside before the harmonic function of one. (The two being the one who leaves and the one who arrives. How different from the one who sleeps and the one who wakens. Both “journeys” spherical not linearly frustrating)…. Is not the human at his best in partnership? We dream of one another. Love each other. Pray and meditate beautifully with each other. And for each other. End war together. Share memories. Sing together. Work and hope with one another. Conceive God’s children together. Acknowledge ourselves through one God. Most of these joining realized as silence, two festive and real as one. Harmony of purpose. And sound. Blissfully we can.

Displacing self with the intent of becoming spherically expressive-at this juncture appears to be too contradictory of self and intent. Particularly on the issue of yielding assigned intelligence…the medium through which we linarily displace (define) one another from self to institution and away from God to the encouraged advantage of the ironic self. (Me meditate in the absence of intelligence and our prayers are the few words). Currently people work together, but the effort is effective within the accepted-structured limits. Imagine all the people working as a singular presence. Working as we sleep, meditate and dream-not linearly distracted or displaced. Harmonically Light attuned. (Which linearly is what is attempted through computers)?  The protocol we are examining is spherical mind energy. Divine energy. Please appreciate the human’s material gifts of self-approach that which is boundless. The human on this planet has devoted the collective self through individual acquiescence to diminishing, altering, destroying these gifts. Whether this is intended or not is not knowable. Though the consequences are self and God denying…. Further consider the prayer or meditation presence…. The un-displaced in tuning of one person suggests the absence of the current ironic self. But is also evident through the other than conscious potential effort of the individual suggested by the ideal of sleep, birth, meditation, the precognitive glimpse enlightenment. One issue is maintaining perceptive and inter active awareness during these spherical junctures. And encourage a reciprocally conversant Cosmic communion.

Interestingly current linear research on memory indicates that memories unlike intelligence, which is localized-organically, form or reside throughout most of the human brain. Also of interest the form-image the human brain creates in- order to retrieve a memory is that of a “net.” The next question considers… what is supposed to happen during meditation? What was supposed to happen during our reflective apparently non-casual volley? (Interestingly memories can be actualized by one word, a smile, a dream, a thought, a breeze, a scent or sound, memories do not have to be plotted out linearly in thinking-verbal detail consensually or otherwise as other events. And further even though causality might be much varied the same many others for different reasons can experience memory without necessarily sharing the same time reference)…. Linear thinkers concern themselves with consequence focused on an effort casually expressed often within a determinate time frame. Possibly the question was not what happened, but what did not happen. Given that exclusion and intent are related the questions seems particularly relevant. Do we have to be limited linearly to cause and affect further displaced through ironic duration. (Interestingly the precognitions, luck, coincidence, inspiration, sleep are occurrence (though experienced by one individual) nonetheless seem random (not linearly causal) in nature rather than willfully contrived. Therefore we are searching for a result and a process other than what we are accustomed. What other response might be considered initially on the surface? What didn’t happen? What were we spared? Effecting a  “clearing of the way” seems reasonable for what is linearly referred to as luck, precognition, inspiration etcetera (our Cosmic affluence of which we experience little) rather than a contrived consequent event that either can be, is, or will be defined through the ironically linear defining realities (randomness, conflict, confusion, harming, forgiving in order to love, incompleteness, inadequacy, corruption, indebtedness, self reflective success rather than Cosmically attuning…. The notion of  “something” happening suggests and reinforces a flawed incomplete (artificially controlled) casual process to an event of self the result of which is not necessarily functi9onaly desirous. Indeed most often Cosmically therefore not linarily. The artificial controls are many in process, conception, irony and toleration. All these practices and protocols reinforce the human irony as intrinsically essential. And inevitably consequent. These artificial controls are…language, mathematics, deceit, altering environment from Creation, war, the acquired instructed self substantiated through a body of knowledge, the life defining perception and practice of death, a spirituality based on preferential exclusion… legitimized through the non-reciprocal de-materializing of the God derivative human form (ie) death. Allowing the fewer words…what you must learn to become and sustain yourself as a linear adult on the current planet earth. Until the evolved-acquired self is completely denied through your death. Witnessed and anticipated as forlorn.                  

We smiled a recent Sunday. “Can there be memory without the event?” The initial answer would appear to be in timeless memory the event and the memory are one and the same (God intent) or displacement would reveal the abiding Cosmic relevance. Even if the event is potential in nature. (In the Light potential is actively refining, but not functional to casual displacement. The potential is not acted upon. Not waited for or delayed). The issue is one of harmonic refining instead of ironic time displacement or dematerializing, the issuance realized as space not into space but as space refinement. One question is answered how can we relocate when the Universe is one location?  Harmonically the Cosmic orchard thrives…. Thinking more as thinking allows: A baby is responsive to music without instruction or an assimilated contact with the melody in question… does this not suggest that the baby predates his or her own conception. Yes there is reference to genetic memory. Appreciate currently such linear suggestions are valid as incomplete and temporary and otherwise ironic to their own inference. Recalling again please the exciting observation in the by the curly haired scientists,“ there exists a field between species that evolves irrespective of time and space and has its own acquiring memory.” The non-spatial timeless field in question suggests the affluent-uninterrupted memory of the Light. An ambitious, beautiful and startling perspective since the suggestions infers the near absolute (spiritual and material) qualification of the current self. Questioning in the extreme how we currently live… ironically displacing self and “our” environment. But spherically aforementioned perspective does not speak to denial and loss of control, but the opposite…the conversant and expressing realization of the Eternal self. Further confirmation of our Cosmic residence however resistant we might be…. Given that the acquiring timeless memory in question is not altered or devalued by our disposition this further speaks to the Eternal continuity of our existence whatever our choice and disposition including death. If death would factor as a dematerializing end point to linear casuality then the schematic in question would not be timeless. And space or the spatial would be relevant as the cessation of form through its own active acquiring termination or death. The simpler sounds briefly eternally embracing…the Universe is infinite everything that is the Universe as the Universe continues. However the garden grows or withers its maturation is Eternal as infinite.

Attempting to give spherical realizations linear substance through the casual of thinking (defuses) the spherical event. Is it reasonable to believe that these spherical glimpses (prayer, meditation, intuition, luck, loving ideally) not casually linear in nature-otherwise displaced after the event or occurrence will be realized in an uninterrupted total expressive comprehension we experience during the status of sleep. Currently our one consistent spherical or Cosmic effect. Does not God remember us in our dreams? (What is the distinction during sleep between your body and your dreams when neither responds to your instruction?) Whose authority resides. The unconscious? And if this displacing parameter is otherwise (as inevitably intended) whose voice gently touches your ear as whisper). During sleep upon wakening you are reinitiated to yourself. This transformation is essentially significant. Let us waken before sleep. We can consciously transcend casual irony, the displacement of self from God…. (Shucks and awe)…. You are born Light affluent. Timeless memory spontaneity resides. All senses one. All pained disappointments guideposts. All distance you, infinity is your glance. All form’s discretion is all-inclusive-un bordered memory of the Light. Otherwise desperately we learn. Anguish promises less. God’s gifts can be reclaimed. More easily truly than as yourself acquired sadly denied. Forgetting memories shadow. Your sleep God’s shades the Light. Learning bliss thrives as expre4ssion. What of a smile do babies know before themselves? Yourself the same.                   

Another venue resolving the casual breach (anagram for breach…each be “the” reach). Spherical venue linear avenue…. The clickers exclusionary Seven (a friend mysterious of excitable thought) and I discussed in the eagerness of conversation… Two individuals initially each holding a soft sounding device. Each time on offers an exclusionary (distinct from inclusionary) idea, thought, feeling or word the clicker is sounded. Creating a parameter perspective to the conversation other than casually conscious. The aforementioned can also be realized within and through the one word volley that we attempted. Perhaps a third person accommodating-availing the two. Slowly the music approaches. The next transmute is a DNAs clicker. One for each. One for both. One for intent. And conceivably a DNAs clicker that sympathetically evolves while anticipating. Influencing the ideal between to the two seekers or conversant. Attune to the Eternal memory or we reaffirm its linear denial, an entrapment of the Light. Whichever protocol clarity ensues. Yearning the uninterrupted conversation. Ourselves. Prayer’s answer we are.

The mystery of memory. Ourselves. Clearly everything materially perceivable on this planet evolves as form intent.  And functionally and materially is predated given that  “our” origin source preexists the forming of the planet earth. (And of course the Universe in substance and intent was-is created by God not by us humans). This divine Celestial arrangement includes memory. The initial impetus to Creation (which includes form and form implication) was timeless in its initial-essential nature therefore infinite Eternal. So is memory consequently God’s memory? (Allowing the involuntary smile and sense of logic, thought minimally displaced). The planet earth experience given our disposition is timely imbued and accordingly displacing. And ironic. The prevailing chosen irony amongst humans is that they are born. And will die while aging. Interestingly these two defining events, birth and death, are not intrinsically designed and chosen by human beings. (This irony includes suicide. The essential juncture of death pertains to the all-inclusive Light. And is accordingly not willfully determinant. The death is not predetermined this would invalidate the essence of choice consequence. And death as the singular choice of self would invalidate the essence of the Light to casual time. And would speak to the Light as being derivative of its own displacement. Though clearly how one lives which includes there death is relevant and revealing to the Light. Suicide is not a sin. The only sin is a sin.  What sin when love is preferred to forgiveness. Your Heavenl7y reward can be your next choice. And as such yourself that choice.

The distinction is between that which is un willfully -unconsciously accrued therefore reflective of the spherical as opposed to linearity consequent. This distinction also clarifies the difference between a natural spherically accrued death and a linear one like the killing of another that is a linearly shared death manifest. God’s choice our death or yours killing your neighbors while devaluing-risking your life. A linear darkness. A significant opportunity to reveal the Light has been denied. Otherwise the choice in its the potential consequences are boundless. The all embracing, un bordered, infinite as spontaneous Light. But the killing of another is a un willful exclusionary displacement that accrues both to the darkness less the Light. Given that the darkness is Light denying. The two do not dwell independent of each other. What wondrous God opportunity denied. Two as one less all. Tragedy of choice unequalled and accruing. Not surprisingly these two alterations of form intent are accordingly misunderstood. Consequently not utilized-experienced within the Cosmic intent. Let us visit ourselves beyond the self-expression of why. Approaching the imperceptible. Language and consensus are linear displacements. Celestially repressing. Current language is a linear casual process… spherical expression is not fragmented-casual not in any sense interrupting. How will we develop this skill, the same as all skill-the need and the questions? Reading these words hopefully your conceptions will lead the clearer way. The Cosmic Celestial is a spontaneous presence accordingly infinite… the obliging self resolved as divine. Through “new language” effort we are attempting to transcend the structural limits of current language expression in order to attain (reciprocally) a clearer and more beneficial Cosmic ideology or protocol. Transcend ourselves. A functionally less repressed-ironic human Lightself. This paper is about Cosmic source memory. How to attune this wellspring. Understanding first how we departed from the Celestial fold. Approaching the cookie before its material inspiration in all its varied and evolving relevance. (Before memories seeding the Light infinite claims all). Divested of timelessness…spontaneous memory acquires form’s substance.  Once displaced linearly this memory becomes potentially but not essentially ironic to its Celestial origin. Examples of spontaneous timeless memory sleep, intuition, death, coincidence, your next choice, precognition, divine intervention and the approaching spherical knowing. The essence of linear memory is spontaneous memory spatially ironically displaced: Consequent as process …the troubled self, randomness, dematerializing evidenced by weight variance, temperatures, torque, your next choice or the continuation of the previous choice, proportional gravity flow, ironic death, disease, war, displacing technology, preferential Temples…The extinction. The non-casual affect is other than linear. Non-localized therefore resultant of infinity refining. Space as space intended not space into space as space altered and extended. Memory and form event are interchangeable. While nurturing. Memory abides the Light as the Light refining. Darkness’s only memory function is the extinction of linear material memory. The affect on the spherical Light material if this extinction occurs is likely not knowable. (Dark matter has no frequency; linear earth science offers and materializes). What memory God’s thrives amidst the darkness?  Not knowing we dread. What answer without questions permit? No prophecy speaks. Yourself you know. The time of now is forever. What Light sings without God’s memory of us? More words than this are tombstones.

Contemplating…. The Universe Light is timeless accordingly infinite expressed as Eternal, the earthly accommodation is one of the Light displacement influenced “measured “ through time causality evidenced as de materializing and valued through negation, alteration, destruction or ironic anticipation of the same. We are consequently out of sync with the Cosmic Universe of which we are derivative and an immediate-functional (consequent-conjoined) residence. The earth people have determined that the rules of form are determined from their perceptions of form, these conclusions are uncontested. This applicable process of understanding is causally linear as displacing process and self-evident as such. All applicable casual determinations are consensually revealed as ironically defined consequently flawed both in method and result. Amongst our defined human self both method and result are contrived to suit our ironic observations and perceptions of self-proof is contrived or linearly distorted to fit these perceptions-observations. Means and end are separate (conflicted as described)… linarily displaced and as such less Cosmically consequential.  Non-harmonic. This is a human design. Essential to consensus in all variations. (Remember please the value of institutions is dependant on the integrity of individuals not the reverse. Including the institutions of science, language and the institution of the future). We prove the irony of process through temporary ironic result. We devise rules that we prove through our capacity to find method in inconsistency and certitude in probability. Our willingness to deviate or disregard the same rules further compels the linear displacement. We blame others the mirror of ourselves. We punish, devalue, kill and thus esteem the oracle of justice. We legitimize success through potential failure which enemates from the fragmented human sublimated spiritually, politically, institutionally…hence the defined-designed self. These linear entrapments are a subjection of the human life determined through the protocol…everything that begins ends. We are flawed both in substance and process. Indeed weakness, corruption, doubts, inefficiency are deemed inevitable…essential to our maturing self in that over coming these artificial designs determines our individual status. (Or their graceful opposition). The acceptance, interpreting and perpetuating of these artificial designs influences and justifies the structure of government and other related artificial structures or institutions. Including tempering the institution of family and religion as well as the institution of the time. The cultural application of these designs further perpetuates linear displacement. Another reason why our God relationship with God accordingly becomes culturally geographic rather than planetary. Thus availing the Cosmic God. Indeed these qualities of weakness, conflict, doubt, uncertainty are so entrenched in our current self awareness that affecting these burdens upon others for business, personnel or political gain is acceptable and encouraged. Further explaining the intrinsic-encouraged need to forgive as a disposition (a choice) essentially defining of our love for one another as calculated and qualified. Functionally the structure of self that condones and encourages contempt of others (congruently contempt of self) is a reflection of the displaced linear human self defined through co0nseguent dematerializing which is most evident in our determining application of death-decay as a natural reflection of life.

* We crate the burdens we resist by carrying.
Not surprisingly our prayers are not interactive reprieve, The Rabbi offers, “Prayers aren’t answered they are the answer.” (Linearly the response to the prayer is the prayer’s displacement. But the prayer‘s response do you agree would be spherical.)…. our love becomes inconsistent bliss. Relevant and revealed as such. God is a result of choice, separate and external from self, consequent to a life time of reinforcing instruction whose text and process is anomalous to your birth and is legitimized to the institutional ideal rather than our unique self and pre-post planetary relationship with God. Perhaps an essential adaptation in a linearly defined community where all (li9feform potential as process) is in its ideal referred to a non-existent reference point  (the future) that might in the near immediate (and eventually) will exclude your distinct self. Given this uncertain protocol we are at any immediate juncture not answerable to our full complete divine pot4ential. This is understood, accepted and considered inevitable. Indeed spiritually the fullness of self is delegated to the de- materializing status of death. Do you agree this is curiously illogical? God has given us…life form. And through its denial we are given back to God. Yes certainly illogically curious. Silly actually. (God’s voice through ironic choice). Unquestionably the current ironically flawed process limits result. And these limitations humans have determined are intrinsically essential to self. And that which is derived from self. We live to argue against-oppose our Cosmic birthright and that of others. Not surprisingly the human suffers. Destruction is justified to result greater than life destroyed. Curiously most illogical. Devaluation of form can reveal form. Exclusion secures the norm. The Cosmic God is incarnate as linear source, elective as origin and linearly preferentially entrapped. This anomaly evident in medicine, education, community (the nearby all assimilations of the displaced human) and inby ones Godsoulprint…. Love is not suffered as love, but revealed … relevant through forgiveness. The humans have prevailed upon Creation and are proud of their apology.

If God as choice denies God what choice is left?

We are currently born to die, we justify killing fears the same, witness hunger amidst the prosperity of self, torture to extract truth from ourselves, prepare-anticipate divinity globally through the extinction of God’s Creation (ie) Revelations…. Such sustained irony speaks to choices that could only validate process through its limitations. Validation and hope are revealed through human imperfections that neither define potential nor were evident when you were born…. What human would rise from prayer and proclaim “I am the sum proof of God’s divine presence on this planet.” And to whatever degree relevant and divine not be creating an (encouraged) exclusionary presence through expression and experience. Revealed through the irony of language, interpersonal angst and in the “ideal” actualizing as institution. Yet to suggest otherwise is to deny not only your birthright, but also the essence of your initiate birth. However fragmented and denied you are still the source of all linearly essential… seed anticipated Cosmic potential…. The divine evidence persists. Acknowledging the labor of The Determined ones: Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, Mother Teresa, and loving others perhaps yourself the same only less consistently (the others cherishingly not well known except to God) have been decisive in sustaining the evolving divinity of the earth people. Spherically and linearly. Their labor was great, their contribution brave of love, and their presence divinely inclusionary. The exception only proves the rule if the rule determines while denying. The Determined ones spoke that others spent their lives listening. Hence the listeners did not rise from prayer to their Celestial presence. We spend our lives listening to others thus we are silenced of God. Who instructed the Determined ones beyond instruction? No more or less the equal children of God the Determined ones made themselves available to the Light, God’s accompanied and so expressed themselves. At a chosen juncture thankful for their linear instructions they gave their hands and heart to God. Accordingly they learned. Accordingly they spoke. Deeds and words the same. Yet all are the equal children of God. As such no less of gift or responsibility than the Determined ones. Which one of us could not (should not) rise from prayer and proclaim, I am as I was born the sum proof of God’s divine presence on this Planet.

The earth peoples evolution including spiritual is relevant as temporary. The “true reward” is not of this earth…. We must forgive our suffering rather than accept the challenge lovingly (excluding, displacing, devaluing others thus ourselves)…. We love selectively through agreement or disagreement (excluding, displacing, devaluing others thus ourselves)…. Illogically curious hence less than divine. What Salvation when as Heaven you reside. Is a determinate self-adoration evidence of loving Creation (ie) God? When your birth’s intent is evidence of the unequalled love. And loves denials are loves opportunity. The man-woman must know the instructed irony of their own face before they can claim the mirrors reflection. Pain instructs. Harvesting your pain onto others denies your Godsoulprint. And that of others. Their response likely will be. And so the darkness grows and claims…. Humans extinguishing God’s life from others? Former wives. Forgotten friends. Are not your memories bliss like God’s…. Thankful guideposts leading to the divine garden of yourself. What logic’s instruction proves that your body, born Light affluent, is not of God’s Creation? Your body and soul are separate. Then yourself of God the same. (The eventual dismissal or alteration of any idea or its application sanctions the idea or its result). An incredibly flawed design of great inconsistency while desiring otherwise. Illogically the achievement in consequence invalidates the process from which it was delivered as well as expression. Given that error is essential to this process it is not surprising that earth prisons are considered an industry. (Guilt revealed and weighed against the benevolence of innocence). What freedom when derived born free. What freedom institutionally assumed. What freedom protected by force. What freedom instructed so. What freedom hungry and afraid. What freedom compelling others enemy less than free. What freedom yours when others are lonely of food and afraid of you. Freedom given once twice denied. Are you more free alert casually full of self or asleep? (We exhaust our lives displacing the Light ourselves). We are so invested in this self-contained irony that an after death mythology has been created that has no reflective equal in life. Revealed through death based on a valuation of life when the life is the least beneficent of the kind assessment. Lives experience that is pragmatic denial of the same mythology. Hence Heaven and earth separate and apart. Non-reciprocal not conversant. God’s purpose is revealed and culminated through decay and anguished tears? What direction’s explanation can lead us to our Eternal residence when explanation denies the direction? We cannot respond to what we are not aware. In brave and anguished futility the humans must deny the God seed of their birth in order to hear Gods voice. Not realizing their form is that voice. God is not about believing. We do not know God. These are casual responses based on choice that often are engendered by our own self-doubt, the spiritual institutional anomaly and our inter active self-inquiry. God is about being about. Confirming that Light revelations are singular (ie) sleep, luck, precognition, prayer, and meditation. The sometimes enlightenment and inspiration. The challenges of form derive as proof. You need not know yourself happily well pleased to be Light affluent. And as such you will be…

Again please the issue is un displaced memory. Spherically un bordered, spontaneous as non-localized. Not linear consensus. The opposite of displacement and de materializing. The singular community of one. Attaining the spherical self absolves distance…. Minimizing causality, linearity, institutional irony. Non-locality abides. The notion of initiating point end point (destination-departure) become mute. When one of us assumes such a status language, perception, relevance, communion is no longer linear-trans actual or consensual. The self assumes a different perspective form of person. Of language. Of functional intent. Engaging another in a displacing manner reverts the spherical person to displacement. Indeed it is conceivable that when one who is spherically attuned attempts to harm (displace) another the intended effect will befall the initiate. Beyond intent.

Is it not enthralling that even linear memory is holographic or spherical in nature? If you were to notice a third friend’s face you had not seen in years, memory will fill in the missing features. A face you had not seen in many years, memory will casually resolve the inconsistencies and your friend will be returned to you…recognizable. What memory whispers precognition, clairvoyance, luck, coincidence, intuition and miracles. Occurrences to self are not derived from humans or machine. What instruction may I ask have you received to dream, to smile, to yearn, to know-benefit from luck or coincidence, what instructio0n have you received that encourages-insists you resist the miracle of yourself.

The memory we are discussing in its origin initiate substance is timeless in nature. We inquire about an earthly memory that is relevant and functional to time through casual displacement. The current earthly memory is a memory of the past. Rooted in the unresolved past. Unless forgiven less love‘s offer.  Experienced-sublimated  (obviously ironically) in the present and from this fragmented current status designed and referred to the non functional (non-material or partially material) ambiguity of a future. Clearly timelessness has been fragmented-disintegrated as displacing time and this dichotomy has to be sustained through further Light fragmentation to maintain the purposeful material self…. But we are discussing a timeless memory. God’s memory of you. Not casual. Not linear. We do not currently converse spontaneously exchanging intact memory. But memory is a presence process that obviously involves us. We are discussing memory of the Light. Light’s memory (ie) form. What language is this we hide? Given its non-casual nature this memory presence is all-inclusive. Un bordered. A relevant continuity. Intrinsically Cosmically purposeful as uninterrupted whatever the seeming interruption. (Does sleep interrupt, luck, clairvoyance, inspiration, miracle). A light memory not linearly ordered (ie) disordered. A light memory spherically so…. A memory presence that includes pre birth and the refining status of death. A memory derivative that includes all as material origin prior to its materializing which non the less can be fragmented. Once the person assumes the status of “dead” they become memory intact…spontaneous, un bordered-conversantly reciprocal. Ofby the infinite Eternal.  Do you agree? Hence you are the same alive divine (accordingly of gift) otherwise by choice. But as suggested most humans can only experience by fragmenting themselves and further altering their environment to satisfy-reinforce that ironic assimilation which includes the current technological-institutional adaptation as a reflection of this ironic-desperate self. Within the linear memory adaptation of the earth people, the suggestion becomes reasonable…upon birth God remembers you the Light unto form, upon our “death” God reclaims or remembers us. Inby a timeless all embracing Universe all choices accrues materially, God remembers. (If you will reincarnation-resurrection two temporary sides to the same door which happens to have only one side)…. No event is expunged as forgiven or by being delegated to the past. Hence the darkness hence the Light. Whether acknowledged or not the human drama is Celestial. Otherwise linearly adapted through consensus, instruction, self-deceit or altering a memory event. That which is spontaneous, not casual is without distance. Memorable. You breathe to dream amongst the stars. Whether the human retains a partnership with God after birth (while alive) is a merit of choice that is much discouraged. Witnessed as well through the valued martyrdom. Do you feel to th9ink that God’s memory is sustained through the violent schism (ie) the gathering darkness through the willing martyr attended by his encouraged self-devaluing executioners? And this image claimed devout proves man worthy of himself. And God. What of God’s beauty is this…. A gentle-beautiful man nailed to a cross. “Forgive them Father for they know not what they do.” You disagree. Then you are the cross. (And so two thousand years of history explains). Once the event occurred as accrued. No longer…. Not worthy of woman or man. One crucifixion example enough too many. One apology unforgivable the same enough. Your violent death no less than the murder of Jesus. Jesus would have risen no less the miracle if the cherished Nazarene had died peacefully. Any violence not the worth of God…. And if through deed exclusionary the God ironic human’s culture is optionally defined through destruction, usury and death become prevalent what divinity amongst us would suffice? The answer is beyond perceptions haste and languages contradiction. If sins currency you must your sins challenges are yours to redeem as love no one else’s. Do you disagree? If so whose life is yours. Must we hide if we are already lost? Reminding our choices Cosmically sway. Daily we pray for more than ourselves. Prayers we are God’s remembrance of ourselves…. Eternity all.

Your birth and death realized as a distinct initiating and displacing end or beginning juncture claims displacement’s causality, not the Eternal Universe. When the very presence refining of both predates the forming of this beautiful God created planet. Upon birth you are given to form’s choice in time God’s seeded memory. Resolved linearity by death, not time engaging not time expressing, hence Light expressing. Your form releasing acquired uninterrupted DNAsound. Your evolved-earned melody reclaiming you to the Eternal Light. (God remembers God hence Creations' Universe). The Universe expands, contracts spherically hence spontaneously. So God breathes. Pulsates. Contractions like all material. Your birth, your heart, your death, the amebas way, your childhood memory and oh that kiss. No exclusion motion refining. Space as space hence the vastness unequalled un conflicted infinite spontaneous, the Eternal thrives. God remembers God. More the nature of refining than displacing. By what journey God unfolds Creation (I) only knows to ask not knowing. Refining Spherically… the only other choice currently within the linear scheme whispers to forgetting, displacing, constant re defining, de materializing, space from space into space hence disruption. Recalling the quantum riddle. (ie) At the sub atomic level all measurements occur in probability, the act of measuring interferes with that which is being measured or remembered. What we are discussing is the reversal of the spherical reversal of the quantum riddle, engaging the Eternal Light… affluent while alive less ourselves. Quoting the smiling Curtis Slama, hearing himself say, “Behind every straight line there’s a sphere.” Appreciating to understand once Light bequeathed your choice, your perceptions or observations are not because these casual assimilations or expressions of self negate the essence of the Light. You are in God’s hands the Light. Remembered… you are all you need you are. Fear not death your births inheritance. Both spherical the timeless awe. Hence reincarnation-resurrection the same. Otherwise in time…if you do not prefer the Eternal by choice or disposing, your birth and death the Eternal prefers you. Time less yourself ironically Celestial. Do you live where you reside. Must you move to relocate? Where is God when at you chosen Temple you abide? Upon leaving? What door opened twice still the same. Unless you are…

What language remembers when your residence is Eternal? What choice still but one seeded as understood defined as repeated. Hence what language God’s less the words of self-consensual to self or others. What curious earthly trail is this hastening the Eternal while leaving Eternity behind?

Let us ask the question answered. Simplicity thrives. The same leaf falls while rising Celestially. Ourselves the same. What whisper we are that we must speak to listen. What dreams are we that we must waken twice? We are as we chose. No Temple seed so instructs, but God’s breath your own. Whatever your linear responsibility whatever your acquired or assigned shame you are one choice not distant as Eternal. No instruction not worth the less of yourself. No good deed rewarded but as the good deed of self. Remembering to acquire memory is spontaneous. Not the consequent linear of your tentative self. You remember your first kiss.  Is the delivery sequential? What causality sparks the instant? What invitation attends this garden? God returns you to your timeless self. And there you thrive the kiss values you once again. An instant smiling Eternally. You hear a lecture of ten thousand words. Wakening the morning seven words unfold. What selective memory spontaneous unfolds? What guidepost directs? God remembers you. What miracle here but yourself. More than choice God accompanied. Always the Light embracing Eternally. You think otherwise. Thinking otherwise you are. You wait for God? God forgets, denies, and delays? Of course be naught. You wait for the next God challenge of yourself. Remember being remembered you are Celestial. Much of the challenge confronted form you are. Reminding each deed accounted amongst the stars. As prayer’s whisper your word’s sought delivery not next door. Linearly right or wrong right enough to smile. The choice words you are delivering the deed Eternal. Lower the weapon yourself. Preferring love. You and enemy now one the same. Fraternal God resplendent. You search for angels. Encounter your peace love memories …Celestial self. Proof denies what evidence acclaims. A miracle? Your next choice? Easily you are God’s memory formulary. Resist and be not. And as not, another choice, hence not. As such not enough.

From one extra terrestrial to another. Memory alien thrives (Amidst the Cosmos as the Cosmos material actualizes spherically not linearly. Light refining event utility a spherical multiplicity not liners' singular. Our other terrestrial brothers and sisters, like the earth people galactic children of God, await our choice. Our decency. Do you understand?

Which came first the recipe or the cookie. Both God the same. Otherwise displacement thrives. Whose voice speaks we ask to hear, better knowing. Celestially the playful morsel thrives all nourishment. Amongst the earth people as denied. Thus God denied. Delay defers Celestial nourishment. God’s remembrance the infinite Eternal. Infinity harmonically interrupted. Less infinity is so not less Eternal. The inter stellar trip 1000 Light years. Linearly departure resolves destination displaced. Engineering, co ordinates, thrust propulsion, time defining. Gravity plotted. All man’s machine, displacing echo of ironic self. Linearly contrived casually distorted relevant as improbable. When the trip already evident as remembered before departure. The material and the memory one the same. Curiously the suggestio0n do you agree extra terrestrials navigated through “thought.” The same as memory…approaching spontaneity. Thought not linearly displaced as thinking. The material becomes the transom memory of the trip. Quantum corridor. The nice Mr. Einstein reminds, “At the speed of Light there is not passage of time…mass constricted enough becomes infinite.” Hence mass-density one. Linearity otherwise distance the same. Causality and intent the same. Motion all hence energy we are. (Spin n’ Span). Span the past tense of spin. Hence a past event given immediate material relevance as a functionally related immediate motion. Memory is timeless material (not linear ironically casual) and not de materializing. Hence what destination based on departure. God remembers all. We do not. And of gravity the earth people insist. The inverse proportionality of gravity becomes inconsequential when two bodies or events are attuned without displacement as one. What two bodies the question implores when all events harmonically is the singular memory (hence gravity does not attract-resist)…. And as such similarly the variables of temperature, torque, weight harmonically accommodated when these anomalies of distance and time are functional as one. Sympathetic not displaced….  Linear-casual memory functional as a past-present- future…functionally revealed through conscious alteration of the immediate material (dematerializing) has been attuned to origin-source (ie) timeless memory. A status refining where event and intent are one. And harmonically inter changeable. (Intent ie yourself and your comrades and  the sturdy vehicle). Birth death the same. Destination departure the same. Love as love expressed. Not justified as redeemed. Not nurtured as forgiven in order to reveal again. Form remains functional to its limitations. If limitations you must. Less so disastrously. God is and as such is so. Not less the de materialized witness of self.

You know these things. Knowing we are not. Believing when disbelief anchors intent. Let us turn the corner of ourselves. And greet the one you are… The lost wandering self. Greet happily the anticipated self. The past future of which you are delayed as now. Linearly “thriving” successfully explaining your absence. Flowering your Cosmic seed. Remembering non-causality assimilates linear memory spontaneously .You cannot deny God’s remembrance and not distort… displace yourself. And as such curiously you are reminded once again. What next step breaths our lives God’s remembering. All skills God’s instruction. First step another the father holds. The mother’s smile. The baby remembers. Let us pause. Our linear instruction. Remembering sensations that are not derived from human or machine. Not casual. Not linear. Not language. Hence Eternal glimpses. Tempered less to language. (ie) Your birth. Your death. Precognition, clairvoyance, luck, coincidence, memory, sleep, laughter, “your” next thought, enlightenment, capacity prayer’s meditation, choice no less unless as choice yourself you deny, God’s baby child now your own, your parents no less the same. And of love initially from whence as whom…. Ask yourself. Responding less the words your God voluntary smile. What would your current life be less death’s contempt’s delayed as Heaven? Trees and moon and friends as such accompanied. The address you know you are.  God remembrance motion you are…. Still we must look to see. Hear to listen. Two sides to every street we know.. Language silently foretells the better passage…. You are crossing the side approaching us. Intuitive love unforgivable. The earth people whisper. New sounds not less themselves silently apart. Heaven listens. Welcome the one you known. The one you pray for. The one who sleeps.


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