October 19, 2005

Dear Professor Chomsky,

By your kind allowance Professor please read these words gathering as you might approach anticipated memory. Less a linear progression surrenders  a concentric tapestry….                                                            

…. There remains no argument Mr. Einstein offered. The Universe is timeless. Infinity suggests as much. Meaning that time is a function of a casual linear displacement process (there must be a separation or displacement linearly from one minute to the next in order for time to be feasible)…such an effect would invalidate the infinite continuity of the Cosmos. Through the application of this incongruous perception we alter “our“ environment. One abiding protocol defines our exclusionary lives. Everything that begins ends while ending uncertainly. Through the casual application of this vagrant protocol we separate ourselves ironically from our Cosmic Origin- Source. The infinite un bordered all-inclusive Light. Linarily esteemed as silence. 

* Time is the earth people’s adaptation on this planet.  We are therefore out of sync with “our” resident Cosmos. And from which we continue to emerge.  The material implications abound. 
….  Without causally altering the material world our current existence is not plausible. (Cause and effect based on duration). Through our accepted practice of time casual displacement we ironically- alter our material world. And live a conflicted contrast of our Universe essence. Our resident neighborhood.  Witnessed and affected through dematerializing, a reflection of our attempt to sustain linear time. We live aimlessly attempting to transcend linear displacement in a Universe that is neither linear nor timely imbued. Professor Einstein offers, “There are no straight lines in the Universe.”

How do we casually and ironically displace or separate ourselves from the infinite all embracing Light? Language, mathematics, institutions, interpersonal relationships and our abiding and practiced definition of death. (All cause and effect sequential process experienced through the irony of sequentially displacing-diminishing time). This life process is experienced as conflict, randomness, inconsistency, irony, and death.  And the ironic-displaced Spirituality on this planet. (There is the Cosmic God and the earthly sublimation which is displaced through language, the preferential Temple, the martyred example, esteemed  communal violence and  death not life revealing Heaven).  The aforementioned displacements if not in the immediate then potentially so. Time is our earthly contrived machine. We are its self-designing gears.  Within this chosen schematic we live in opposition to ourselves. The pain and danger in our lives resolved through death suggests as much. This human adaptation denies our Cosmic origin. Which is one of un interrupted continuity (ie) the infinite continuity.          

The Cosmos is a boundless refining function of the Light Eternal. Earth linearity is evidenced when one point is materially altered or negated through casual separation … functionally leading to another material point. (Another definition of a straight line or linearity…“a disturbance between to points.” Time and linearity are formulations through which we measure our existence. Currently measurement assimilation is essential to our experience. We are born to die; our lives on earth are a linear process in conflict with the Cosmic materiality.  The Cosmos is not evidenced as a displacing-linear process, but as presence.  (Ever presence). Not as our ironic sequential, but as spontaneity. Appreciating that what is sequential process (a fragmenting series of separations) denies or distorts the essential nature of the Universe that is an uninterrupted continuity therefore spontaneously infinite.  Noting that “the Light is the material of infinity” is un bordered, all-inclusive therefore without the fragmenting process of separation therefore spontaneous accordingly infinite. (Further potential evidence that our earthly dematerializing adaptation witnessed by our inconsistent -conflicted lives ending in a dematerialized death is not reflective of our Cosmic origin, but rather the result of our fundamentally erroneous and applied perceptions).  

Process self-displacing choice explains our causal self-opposing material reality. We alter creation accordingly. Our ironic redundancy. Hence duality... displacement, opposition and causality. We spend our lives rethinking, researching, reinventing, redefining, remarrying, revaluating and relocating (the simplest question abides… if the Universe is one location how can we relocate): Given the sustained irony and suffering defining the earth peoples chosen existence…. One question flourishes. Can the spontaneous un-conflicted harmonic Cosmos be conjoined materially with our displacing-altered-dangerous and conflicted choices-most expressed through the current technology…that is a reflection of the ironic self? (This paper will develop this possibility). If we are not actively endangered, lost, afraid, deceived or deprived of self-we are so inevitably through disposition. If we are not suffering we anticipate suffering. (Death applauds we bow). Our choices are historically witnessed, culturally determinate and institutionally reinforced. We are legitimate and self-tolerant through an ideal of progress that is based on invalidating previous accomplishment once deemed the essence of progress. Supplementary testimony to our ironically futile displacing reality. Acknowledging that even amidst these burdens we love well. Desire better for our children.  And our earnest plans for the future are beautiful and kind. Acknowledging we cannot chose what they are unaware of.   

Interestingly one material process we do not appear to linearly alter, casually interpret in order to assimilate on this planet is music. Experiencing the harmony of music requires no altering casual response. Unlike the world we have created. (Music is its own response). Therefore music is non-casual, not displacing of its own intrinsic nature. Music is suggestive or reflective of timelessness…. Understanding that form, particularly when interactive through our ironic choices negates-alters or displaces the Light, the Cosmic essence. Form creates borders and is exclusionary. Intriguingly the presumed sound of silence is also much like the Light  …all-inclusive, un bordered and once engaged through form silence like Light becomes defused or rendered otherwise.  Conceivably through idealized subjective silence (DNAsound) all form can be spontaneously assumed with infinite non- casual Cosmos. Resolving irony, conflict, randomness, de materializing (displacements) to the reciprocally Light beneficent Cosmos. Understanding and consequently applying the material essence of the infinite Cosmos is difficult given that the process through which we would do this (language-mathematics- ourselves experienced in time)…invalidates the effort.  Possibly a functional, less linear timely, appreciation of memory will allow us clearer insight on how to give bearing to a non-linear timeless perspective  in our exclusionary displacing timely imbued world. And how to functionally apply infinity to our reality that exists through its de materializing negation. Interestingly memory is like music, silence and the Light….  Only God can remember an event as it happens. In timelessness the memory of the event in all its potential functions are one and the same (until subjectively effected) because there is no cause and effect in timelessness. There is no separation, randomness, no inconsistency, no displacement inby infinity (A perspective on the “infinite possibilities” spoken in in physics). If there were causality… time would begin to factor. Infinity would be fragmented against itself; the Universe would be chaotic. Yes the memory and the event are one and the same. (potential and event are inter changeable) The trip “I” can take next year already exists. The subjective nature of the trip does not. This speaks also to the cancer, the birth, and the death that are perceived as exclusively intimate to the singular form…. Our organic nature, one also of interactive form, is not compatible with the un bordered nature of the Light or infinity…therefore we must introduce ourselves while acknowledging the relevant irony of our limitations. (ie) Whether the trip will be taken. Adequately designed and prepared. Will the effort be competent and not influenced by mischief…. Whether the trip will be in accordance with the harmonic timeless un displaced directive of the Universe (that is within our potential) or will the effort be materialized in the casual opposition of our Cosmically displaced self. Which is the current limited adaptation.

One observation if I may Professor Chomsky, some individuals are distracted, befuddled by allusions to God however respectful. Relevant to the ideal of observation meaning logic, comprehending the near totality of God is not possible in a world where the legitimacy of perception is its displacement developed through the designed inconsistency of language which is further devalued to the material point of futility through the institutional-interpersonal angst. A God experienced in time can only be ideally relevant through the denial or casual displacement of the same God. Which is the experience on this planet. The suggestion of God in this essay speaks to the Origin-Source. Not a subjective preference based on institutional instruction actualized materially through an allegorical death that denies God’s creative effort…meaning life. The suggestion more simply embraced: Woman-man cannot know all and remain the same. Appreciating that when we examine the Light, The Cosmic Creation and God through linear language we are not dancing on thin ice, we are already under water trying to drink ourselves back to the surface. But we try. And we continue. Presumably different forms of language will emerge…. Interestingly our Holy Temples are the only institutions from which we do not graduate.             

A beginning

…. The inference in linear science accommodates the aforementioned logic?

…. A geneticist at MIT apparently for his own amusement in 1987 took the DNA code of a fish and placed this design unto a standard musical scale. The result. Melody of a fish. The same approach a leaf. The result. Melody of a leaf. Next this Asian gentleman too the DNA code of a cancer. Eventually played it backwards. Result…. Mozart’s Funeral Requiem. “I” have made several attempts to locate this gentleman without success. “I” am not an organized individual this is probably to my benefit,

…. More conventionally the Super String Theory which some believe will unify all the field forces on this planet into one applicable theory…GUT the Grand Unified Theory. This research offers (1). The one non-material in the Universe is time. (2). There are up to 29 dimensions one spoken of as magical in nature. (3). Below the subatomic is a world of sound. (Other studies reinforce). Noting if all sounds assumed in a factory over weeks were to be experienced in one compact moment a grievous death would ensue. The opposite result is suggested relevant to harmonic sounds experienced under idealized conditions that speak to other than linearly chaotic casual displacement the explains our lives. In substance or anticipation.

…. Another source, a book The Science of life, written by a conventionally educated biologist at Harvard and Cambridge. This gentleman’s offering, “There exists a field that functions irrespective of time and space that has its own acquiring memory.” This protocol suggests the non-casual timelessness of the Lioght. Which touches our lives in spite of our linear resistance. Evidence of this presence, realizations or influences that are not machine or human derivative, will follow in a few paragraphs. (ie) This concept has been corroborated by numerous independent studies. In one such study the author of the aforementioned text taught alleged rats numerous behaviors in America. Different alleged rats learned the same behaviors ten times faster in Australia. Again irrespective of time and space. A field with its own acquiring memory. (Are luck n’ coincidence elements of the humans acquiring memory). The term alleged is a personnel courtesy. Humans are species conversant. We can’t possibly have an interactively kindred knowledge that allows us a near absolute knowledge of the tree, stars, dogs hence alleged.

…Note we are departing from linear science. “For every action there is an egual and opposite reaction.” Is a linearly displacing effect? The nice Mr. Einstein volunteered, “At the speed of light there is no passage of time.”  Speed is displacement or dislocation reflective of man’s conditioned nature which is one of constant displacement-relocation. Measured and revealed through time irony. But if we need think in terms of speed, uninterrupted presence, an ideal of speed (ie) everywhere at once. This status, compatible with infinity, is simply altered to reflect man’s irony based on Cosmic perceptual preferences that are reflective of their own organic status, which is one of form. And as such currently form process. Also reflective of earth technology.               

We are considering an energy bond a casually sympathetic… not dematerializing-not random. A spontaneous assimilation.

*Noting all in the Universe whatever its material nature is unique motion… that defines its own material nature as motion or energy, this motion create sounds that are unique. Sounds that are either reflective of our displaced reality or sounds that are harmonic with the Light the infinite Cosmos. We have entered the material language of this world of self-sustaining non-casual non-linear sound. Having done so resolving our own casual irony. Consequently the Universe expands not into space, but as space. The expansion a refining activity, not altering, not linearly dislocating. As such not dematerializing… an infinite harmonic continuity. The Universe is it’s own response.

-Non-linear accommodations-

…Why is everyone taking the same aspirin when this medication can be made sound intimate to the individual?  Efforts to assess and treat these parameters (disease relevant to cure) linearly acknowledges the material essence of the disease as a displacing-casual process reinforcing the human conflicted irony in a non-localized Universe that is without defining duality. But in a non-casual spontaneous world the cure is the disease. Both are relevant concerns excluded by current perceptual modalities as evidenced by the Quantum Riddle. Consider: (The viral-bacterial status of a hospital can be identified as an ideal DNAs any variance can be easily determined and adjusted. The same principal applies to effecting security at an airport)…. Through relevant and revealing UN displaced DNAsound the “healing” approaches an inclusive evolving absolute. Seemingly as far as the immediate patient is concerned diagnoses becomes harmonic resolution. The same protocols (harmonic spontaneity verses displacing casual irony) apply (ie) education, transportation, art, and technology… Noting the practical linear inference is that often the source is not origin to itself. Therefore harmonically engaging the HIV virus with a polar opposite sound might not be the answer since the essential source or nature of this virus is not itself. We are also discussing a causal non-localized material formulation. (Cures that are potentially damaging are temporary and displaced responses). Identifying sources would allow the actualizing the appropriate DNAsound and provide an abundance of information. Humans are disposed to solving a problem once the vagrancy is experienced and consequently identified. (We tend to deal with inconsistency or disaster as elemental to the research protocol and design plan accordingly. Casual linearity renders this perspective inevitable). Unquestionably a limited protocol. Through DNAs (non-casual assimilation of information) the substance and nature of a problem can be clearly anticipated before the event. Whether this be the drug use. The discharge of a military missile. The criminality of a person. Though any subjective intervention would require consent that is functionally intrinsic to DNAs. Non-consent is displacement-rendering DNAs other than feasible. Trying to artificially create consent would suggest a foreign element to the self relevant all-inclusive DNAs.  We are discussing a process-presence more subtle and profound than the genetic make up of an individual. Indeed the difference is beyond measurement given that measuring is a linear-casual effect. A compatible (not casual) spherical bond that is Cosmically emergent. Accordingly reciprocally attuned. Given that the mere presence of organic form compromises un bordered Light we are discussing the reversal of the quantum riddle. Meaning that the exact nature of the spontaneous assimilation we would be able to experience, but not influence. And only be able to perceive as probability.

… Though the singular life form would be represented through a unique DNAsound given the composite-inter active nature of form material, its DNAs could be fragmented into relevantly specific sounds or DNAs. This is true of all material whatever its status. A few examples: The aging process…. Aging alterations to individuals basic DNAs can they be identified as a distinct DNAsound and reversed while the individual meditates or sleeps minimizing infirmity and aging. (The aging DNAs both organic and environmental. An absorbent organic acoustic pad can be warned that will register all the distinctly adverse sounds-some unique to the individual- experienced during the day)…. The same cancer. Much easier resolving cancer of the pancreas as a sound through a sympathetic melodic sound (at the exclusion of all other sounds in the Universe) than the current displacing process that is not intimate to the individual and potentially interferes but does not harmonically acknowledge the attitude, respiration, digestion, and the circulatory system and brain activity…. Ones unique capacity for life. In a sense melodically the cancer becomes its own response. (Cancer is not experienced as a disease but as information that transcends the organic limits of the individual and the cancer itself…spherically encompassing in nature not linear). Within this context a grievous result would be displacing and not possible. (Cancer is only terminal if you die. And if death is functionally other than currently practiced…there can be no worst result relevant to the individual). Presumably so sensitive is the suggested non-casual activity that harm to the cancer would suggest harm to the individual. Further is it likely that cancer, bacteria, virus have their own acquiring memories irrespective of time and space and are adapting to the abrasive linear incursions suggested by modern medicine like antibiotics which as a matter of process are losing their effectiveness. Note 100 units of penicillin would remedy a problem when I was in high school now several thousand are needed for the same presumed illness.

DNAs coded jewelry (jewelry changes color, shape and texture relevant to the conversation), art, music change form relevant to the creative work and the participant witness.

…. The same a specific capacity or behavior assuming consent otherwise displacement ensues. (ie). Maximizing intelligence both functionally and idealized to process, criminality, psychosis, nerve disorders. Improving skills in all relevant regard through DNAs, like flying an airplane, playing a piano, digestion, meditation, love making. Interstellar travel becomes feasible when destination and departure are resolved as a non-linear spontaneous one. An accommodation suggested by a Quantum Corridor. Gravity is accordingly accommodated since gravity no longer factors as the inverse proportionality between two objects relevant to the squared distance between them.

A recent study at Princeton University: A machine was designed with a fifty percent probability one of two results. Like tossing a coin. These researchers realized that who engaged the machine influenced the probability. Further determined that two individuals who  “were resonant to each other” affected the probability by a factor of seven. Appreciating to understand that the all-inclusive Light includes the displaced notion of machine or technology. This study correlates with the aforementioned studies including the Super String Theory and the patterned cohesion of logic suggested by this paper. And further suggests that the human even when displaced through technology remains compatible to an acquiring memory of which the human has no knowledge or influence. (A field whose characteristics are suggestive of the all inclusive presence referred to in this paper as the Light which can be engaged through idealized sound or DNAs). Currently technology is an ironic reflection of the conflicted-Cosmically displaced human. In a non-casual non-displacing world the machine, the task and the anticipated result are virtually interchangeable-approaching spontaneity. If not in engineering certainly in result. We are organically dependent on form; a sublimation of this materiality is inescapable. The issue again becomes one of application, of process. The initiating juncture and the concluding result will invariably be form related. The space vehicle will be initiate departure and substantive to arrival or destination, the process of relocation will be entirely different.

……When human dignity is experienced as its own sustaining ironic value rather than as a reliant contrast to unkindness, contempt and disease-the human self becomes evidenced more by love than forgiveness.  Often love knows no more disaguisae3 than love’s purpose. Yet disguise requires effort.

*A writer’s lovely thought Professor Chomsky on Charlie Rose’s television show. “There are no inadequate people only inadequate perceptions of them.” This insight dynamic also speaks to the individual’s relationship with self. Imagine this concept not measured-experienced (assessed) through the designed limits of linear casual exclusion, but through a self-sustaining and perpetuating DNAs sphere. Meaning as a relevant and revealing intact whole where all relevant information is tabulated simultaneously, but at given junctures available linearly. With and without relevant subjective inconsistency.

…What evidence warms the Light ourselves…

…. What evidence is there of “the Light” in our lives. (Appreciating that all is relevant and connect, Cosmically revealing) (These are sensations that are not derived from a human or machine)…. Precognition, clairvoyance, luck, coincidence, sleep, the presumption of birth and death, consequential mediation (meditation), xenology, available self, sleep. The exact juncture at which a human falls asleep is not casually-willfully determined therefore sleep is a function of the Light. Sleep is spherical not linear.  While meditating you are not language displaced, not dislocated to institution, without motion (the anagram for silent is listen). Meditation is an issue of presences not process. Potentially spontaneous not linearly sequential. Hence spherical not consequent to distance or separation. And as such potentially assuming-resolving of the linear irony.

Understanding to comprehend these Light sensations are not conversantly reciprocal. Conversant languages are two way realizations once experienced become even more displaced, flawed and inconsistent. Indeed this is the designed status of language before its expression. Currently we cannot have a sustained intuitive conversation. Maintain inter actively an intuitive exchange with another. Again the reversal of the Quantum Riddle? All these realizations we are examining are non-linear no-casual Light manifests. As suggested our current capacity through language, mathematics, and linear technology disqualifies any effect or influence we could have in a non-linear spherically holographic world (ie) the infinite Light. We would not be in control. We could initiate DNAs relevant to the desired event, but the material formulation of the event we would have nothing to do with.

Noting when two individuals can identify a common (meditative sound) two can mediate (meditate) in the harmony as one.  Once the human acquire the un- displaced sound of self-causality becomes harmonic. Appreciating all linear skills are learned contrary to the status of the birth child. Humans are born Light affluent. Without language, incapable of choice, not aware of death, not bonded to institution, the beautiful baby’s relationship with God is not one of knowledge, preferential Temple or ambivalent choice but one of Being…. A baby is born not linearity functional, not separate from the infinite Eternal Light. The same distinctions can be made about the conception of death giving further credence that death is not a dematerializing effect, but other materializing Light affluent. Birth and death the two self-defining material events that are not self-chosen.             

There must be a better way to end your life than dying. In the absence of time ironic causality … form becomes an issuance of the Light. The casual linear link between length, width and depth is absolved. (When form is no longer time functional- causality, duality, displacement, linearity no longer abide…form becomes an issuance of un displacing Light not based on ironic dematerializing. The 3 dimensions yield to the fourth). Infinity reasserts. Accepting that death is not time active…not time engaging death (and life) are no longer a causally displacing function of form, not linear …death is a functional issuance of the Light. Death is no longer an issue of decay and dematerializing, but of other- materializing. (This dynamic speaks to all form). When an earth person assumes the active status of a corpse, they emit uninterrupted DNAs (the sound motion decay of one’s genetics structure). When a human “dies” they don’t go to Heaven. Going speaks to process dislocation, displacement that would make death time relevant and reinforce our separation from the Cosmos (one all inclusive whole) of which we are resident and emerging. You don’t go to Heaven you stay in Heaven. We are resident of the Eternal Heavenly Cosmos. Not separate and accordingly denying. You don’t walk through Pearly Gates, stepping onto streets paved with Gold or in the case of our Moslem brothers and sisters-greeted by seventy virgins…the gates, streets, virgins are casual-fragmenting-i9nter active forms the active nature would negate the all-inclusive un bordered Light (form fragmenting borders) Upon timeless death form is assumed by and as the Light.  Upon death you become Heaven…. The Light from whence you came.

… Comprehending whereas there is no death there is extinction. Once a God species becomes extinguished, yielding to their accrued darkness, the spherical Light-sound communion (carnatio0nal flutter) has been severed. “ The day the music died.” The darkness prevails the Light. Note dark matter has no frequency, therefore any sound or vibration. Perhaps the one memory function of dark matter is to deny the memory of the Light. Extinction…the death of death.

The determined grasp of these words are a continuing valuation of their own inference. Their potential is in their flaws. And the reader’s response. Appreciating that in the Light these conceptions are as much yours in the reading as they are mine in the writing. Otherwise displacement ensues and irony prevails. Thank you for your kind effort Professor Chomsky.


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