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Ours is a troubled reality. An existence which evokes sustainable loss as an integral material incentive that unnecessarily-unnaturally reveals-fosters our identity. Our lives. Material loss, events coming to an end “explains-directs” the earth peoples planetary purpose. Spiritually, scientifically, technologically and commercially.

The compelling paradox: If we deny “loss” in our lives we disclaim our potential, our identity, our direction. Most curious. (Major industries on this planet relay on dying as a motivating profit incentive). Indeed exaggerating loss, often realized as the loss of others, determines the level of success each human will enjoy. You design a new pair of roller skates other roller skate manufacturers go out of business. Functional loss in a culture that is realized through designed loss of utility, endings seems reasonable. Wars without engineered loss sustained during peace time would render war implausible. Insurance companies exist on loss-depletion subsidized by those who loss value through membership. Medical networks sustain uncertain health priority through the op positional dichotomy of cure-disease (both) conditions actively defined through self defined dying that defines an allegorical death. Most planetary religions actualize God worship through exclusionary consent. One historically violent religions opposes another. Almost all religions rely on denying active worship to an after life. Not this life... We non- Eternally defer our intended Eternal identity affecting loss, uncertainty our temporary motivating reprieves. Upon birth inception our lives begin to actively end. This mysterious paradox we impose as success upon Creation's environment. We ask lyric of Creations melody how can a life end in an endless Universe? The answer the non material human innovation, time.

Over the great many years human beings could only sustain purpose by denying the same purpose. Progress is sustained through invalidation of ideas and designs that were once deemed essential. Loss displacement has become intrinsic to direction intent. What your Mom's and Dad's thought was essential to their lives now you can only find in a museum, a dispsy dumpster, your melancholy polite memories. Yours preswently is a historically developmental prerogative that has culminated in global warming, nuclear war, cyber warfare, pandemic. The millennial human investment in temporal loss is culminating as designed extinction. The time of now is forever. No whimsy speaks, technology and your witness's labor testify. Yet survival remains determinant. Problems compel response. Prayers are answered. And your dreams waken you from memories.

Understanding our end loss paradox compels the clearer solution. You must recognize your reflection before you can redesign the mirror (ie) Creation. Indeed the human success through loss extinction pervades the entire planet. This not endemic through an unavoidable evolutionary niche, but rather choice. The human presence is not a corrupt-undesirable identity but rather a flawed and inspired affectation. The earth people are not organically disposed to violence, futile disease, substance through loss; but rather we are Eternal beings denied through temporal determination as our defining prerogative. Through time pervasiveness we have become and value a non Eternal identity. Accordingly we value loss as our purpose. Unnecessarily. Unnaturally. Unhappily. Know the problem embrace the solution, yourself. Your time based technology, commerce and spirituality can be resolved concurrent non linearity...Quantum.

Though all that event end accrue in an all inclusive endless Universe. The good. The bad. Our lives. Inby the throbs of time we unknowing create Eternal obstacles whereby we redeem or deny planetary existence, our Cosmic predisposition. What we witness deceptively as completion, the end of a material events, the decay of a time insinuated corpse is actually motion. Uninterrupted motion w2hich releases the accrued sound of that which moves, the timeless sound of silence. When you attain the God intended status of death you stop dying. Death is a God thing. Dying a human thing. We deceive the benefit dying of others. We dance, pray, sculpt, write, dance, sing (inby the solitary silence of our selves) celebrating Creation our temporary home. We create the burdens we resist by carrying. God exists by our consent. Holy Temples are the only institutions from which you do not graduate. Learned of purpose, God joyful and aspirant. Your Holy Temples are mortuaries where the living come to celebrate their end. Most cur5ious human beings are rabbits being chased by the wolves of your consent. Imagine the gentler walk by the nearby celestial waters. You recognize miracles why not yourselves.

A container is a contrived human shape through which we experience-influence the material world. And approach the unreal. (Shapes identify and determine our lives). The shape of the container determines its purpose. Through perceived Creation's shapes we have experienced and adapted to the planet earth. The evolution of this planet has been realized through shape. The planet itself is a shape. As is the human organic self. Trees, meadows, mountains, tides, stars, whales, humming birds are shapes. Shapes that evolve in response to their own assigned needs and their interaction with other shapes.

Through shape adaptation “containers” the earth people have imposed their own shapes intent onto this planet. The shape containers are artificial in purpose-design and result. Change the shape containers change reality. Shape containers are designed through time linear deficiency. Accordingly are incomplete. Relevant through functional ineptitude. Time insinuated shape containers exist in contradiction “opposition” to the the planetary based shapes on this planet. Contained shape utility exaggerates value loss among st humans. And though us Creation's environment. Intrinsic to the designed utility of an artificial shape container is failure result, functional uncertainty. Events and affects created by shape containers are accordingly incomplete, problematic as designed. Progress potential determined through functional shape invalidation. Again: Artificial “incomplete” shape containers exaggerate and distort time affectation. Contained shapes are a human adaptive condition whereby the human is able to assume control influence over their perceived existence. Example of container shaped machines: cars, radios, planes, hammer, computer, small and big guns, syringes. Words, skirts and coffins. Heaven contained.

What happens to a planetary shape planetary when the shapes outline looses materiality? What was the origin source of a shape before the shape became apparent? (Institutions not unlike machines are self contained entities that subvert human will to exaggerated temporal indiscretion).

The shape container culminated over 60 years as an evolving container machine. Through container machines we have made of Creation our own image. We contain God's ideas to our purpose. Over the many years man and woman shaped Creation's purpose with their hands. And thighs. And then: the steam boat, the telegraph, cotton gin. Gatling gun approaching the hydrogen bomb, the telephone, the car and the air plane. Oh Dear oh dear Oh dear.

We have imposed our non Eternal disposition on God's timeless Creation. Our metal propulsion planes fly like birds. Our adaptive boats claim the oceans our own, the whales, porpoises retreat. The butterflies wander. We hide in drugs and alcohol. And Holy Temples God revealed though death. Many God foreign machines are designed to destroy. Other time deficient container machines unexpectedly dysfunction . Container machines affect designed accidents. Machine anomaly can suffers catastrophic failure in the machine shapes interaction with the Eternal environment. Ships sink in storms. Lightening strikes air planes. Disaster and pollution the human compass. Unnecessarily. Our prayers are not contained. Our lives consent our dreams. We are born unaware of time. Timelessly Eternally astute. Our children's smiles testily. And you know.

The non linear origin source of the word active location, machine....” Man in machine him.” Or: “Man came in machine.” Through chosen ejaculatory designs man chose his own image over Creations imagination. Our lives designs not God's purpose delayed to an after life. Thus we desperately credit God with our consent. Will y our chosen disaster continue? Unnecessarily.

What is a non linear Eternally vibrant machine in purpose therefore design?

We can not acknowledge “witness” a prophesy without validating-revealing the source of the prophesy, our incomplete selves. Our denying material uncertainty and its related inadequate witness includes impressions born from observation. We attend Creations incomplete witness. We ingratiate the relevance of a prophesy accurate or inaccurate. Either determinate witness is flawed. The perception's prophesy can only have bearing if secured through loss of perceptual utility. (All in time is realized as non Eternal effect of unintended utility loss). Prophesy can not be experienced as God intended until we learn how to prophecies the past. Meaning reveal and nurture the bliss source of ourselves. The prophesy of the future is sourced in the past. The Eternal future, unattended of divinely repressed self, welcomes God intended opportunity. Until denied. Prayer is realize as its own source...

The past and the future are chronological junctures in time through which we patiently deny God's expectations of ourselves. Prophesy. This defining temporal distraction we resolve through death. Our absence. Humans current ideal prophesy. An allegorical fanciful wonderment. Busy of angels, welcoming flowers. And nutritious candies. No doubt true as is all that we in eager of our incomplete manner invision. God seed nonetheless. Our bold reaching for the Cosmic celestial we acknowledge by leaving our troubled selves behind. Dying death's denying's deceptive shadow. Screams and unresolved dreams. We unknowingly glimpse the “source” of prophesy. Not presently the “origin” of prophesy. These words are but moist seeds approaching the Eternal garden of yourself. Gentle word's static waiting. Yearning's celestial meolody. We continue this journey.Thank you for your accompaniment.

Mirror images greet anomaly. Why are time encrusted cures amenable through recurrent time actualized time enduring disease, both cure and disease a immediate in origin validated-valuated through dyeing uncertainty. Implications All intent has motion sustained as relevant acoustic.

Physical “material” events affecting a human body favorably or unfavorably “are supposed to” occur non- linearly as does all in the Universe. Acknowledging in a non- linear Universe current existence evolves through sustained deficient effect (is) the essence of end based “accruing” linear non Eternal materiality. (Infinity denied denies infinity). How does this dichotomy affect loss, life, aging... In a non linear Eternal Universe “perceived loss” occurs as gain is a condition status we are presently unable to realize and therefore engage. Suggesting: Loss-depletion is an adaptive skill, sustaining Eternal potential value at any cost. When we are one day old, conception time, we were already ingesting nicotine, red dye number 2, pollution. Suffering damaging acoustics noise. (All factory soundings over 5 months experienced inby the immediate would result in a disfiguring death. Under different conditions sound is ageless, Mozart's symphonies no wrinkles....All disease has motion-acoustic relevant to its intent. Similarly resolution.

Presently these are time insinuated debilitating event conditions potentially while resolve “delaying” time paradox. Often painful event conditions compel inquiry. Pain and noise instruct. Dyeing is a skill. An enduring communal and individual instructive skill. Disease currently is defined as “an invasive and putrefying process.” Thats silly. And unproductive.

Death explains- defines our lives. Yet death is not as we realize, survive and employee. Death is realized through a chronology of condition material events we entertain while eagerly avoiding. Death is a function of time therefore non Eternally incomplete, without intended conscious utility. Died is a condition status ascertained after death has been assigned. We witness death the absence of ourselves while entertaining our demise. “Die” is an instruction. Dyeing is an activity through which we harness our defection death experience. Our majour industries rely on dying as a profit incentive. A random and ambiguous undertaking, the preferred death of others. Without dyeing we could not explain ourselves to death, to ourselves. And God. We would live less our unknwingly acguired identity. Most curious you must5 deny yourselves to prove life is worthy of your embrace. What is amiss our re3flection prays.

Physical “material” events affecting life favorably or unfavorably are supposed to occur non- linearly as does all in the Universe. Unless denied by perception event intent. In acquired self imposed time the non- linear ideal becomes linear. All perceived and actualized as linear is relevant through its own casual deficient dysfunction. Events end as intended from inception. Accordingly cause and effect events, their acknowledgment and treatment is incomplete, flawed. Why? All events actualized in time are realized through loss of utility direction. Our is a value loss culture sustained through invalidation. (Progress revealed- inventions, concepts, practices are dismissed, invalidated). “This inconsistency includes perceptions. And our organic selves. (Our perceptions are without effect unless they can engage non utility). Again: All events ending “loss” begins from the inception of the event. Yet the Universe is endless. Without shared loss. Presently: Like all material time opposition ally disposed events cure exists in contrast-opposition to disease both conditions validated-valuated through dyeing. Dyeing dysfunction is unnatural and unnecessary. Time deficient events; violence, suicides, wars, executions, over eating, drugs, cigarettes and time Insinuated diseases.( All industries-technologies on this planet rely on dyeing *Preferred value loss) as a motivating profit incent6ive). (Dyeing is a self imposed linear time based condition, choice based,death is timelessly “non-linearly” accruing). When we attains the continuous status of death we stop dyeing. This communal self denying paradox, unresolved connection to the non linear efficient ideal (is) linearly denied, resolved through after life allegory not practical effect. And insistent invalidating attempts at resolution.

As noted in a non- linear Universe currently existence evolves through sustained deficient effect (is) the essence of end based “accruing” linear non Eternal materiality. (Infinity denied denies infinity). How does this dichotomy affect all other events one example: aging... In a non linear Eternal Universe “perceived loss” occurs as gain a condition status we are presently unable to realize and therefore engage. Suggesting: Disease is an adaptive skill, sustaining Eternal potential value at any cost. When we are one day old, conception time, we were already ingesting nicotine, red dye number 2, pollution. Suffering damaging acoustics noise. (All factory soundings over 5 months experienced inby the immediate would result in a disfiguring death. Similar acoustic dynamic over five years we have the suggestion of slow death through accrued unnecessarily defection based aging. Under different conditions sound is ageless, Mozart's symphonies no wrinkles....All disease indeed all events have motion-acoustic relevant to the events intent. Similarly resolution. Non linearly source events: presently unsolicited dream's, prophesy, intuition, cancer, luck can be engaged utilized, currently linearly denied. Denial is clumsy-silly acknowledgment. Inby a non linear culture loss sustains Eternal disposition. Truth fullness need not be depletion based. And punishable. Innocence is more meaningful “productive” than assigned guilt. All origin is source. And source origin. Disease, aging can be gently .redeems to the preferred God intent. Your conception that predates your God intended birth and sustains your death.

Presently life experience is time insinuated debilitating condition potentially resolving time paradox. Often painful event conditions compel inquiry. Pain and noise instruct. Dyeing is a skill that can be skillfully realized. An earned non linearly “beautifully” acquired acquired death is both life and death preferable to falling form a twenty story building. In a non- linear all inclusive continuous Universe how you die influences your Eternal disposition as does all. Normandy beach of dear oh dear oh dear. Your enduring communal and individual life is an instructive-learning skill. Easier to love than deny love. In loving you have been loved.

The morphogenetic field is a timeless presence with an Eternally adaptive memory that is birth and death neutral. We do not choose our birth;s and deat5hs in time, we subscribe. Disease, dreams, intutions, inspirations, answered prayers confused time's receipt prescribed the same not the same: Meaning that the non- linear integrity of The Field would be negated if birth were conditioned to death and death explained condoned a temporal conception. Birth and death in nurturing one as the other both “Eternity” would be excluded. The quantum corridor, Super Position similarly testify affect, Everpresence reve3als-sustains Creation's effect. Two events, life and death, today and tomorrow, war and peace millions of miles “dreams “ apart yet each is the immediate material reflection of the other. Distance duration, paradox, displacement's shared location, unresolved instruction surrender happily to immediacy. Time abstained Eternity abides. Infinity spells all words the same.

Our two timeless companions, explorers Neil Bohr and Albert Einstein agree less life's repressed preference; when mass is “intentionally” constricted the curvature “eventualy” becomes infinite. Our intent, Gods not the same exclusion favors utility. Futility instructs. Intent fractal's distance not less the same, Eternity obliges. Meaning when you can acoustically (ageless sound) influence “track” the preferred “designed” mass of an event Eternity abides. The Field obliges non linear life intended, Cosmic consensus. Super Position the compass cheers. Gravity greets our attendance. One direction less distance destination's departure the same. Fractal the mirror smiles. What distance hastens death.s impateince less The Field's surmise. What after life waits our admission, not now.

At the speed of Light time abstains. Time accrues negation's thirst Eternities refraoin, dislocation's choice resides duration's immediacy. Dream's hastenings invite. Please pass me the screw dr4iver.

Death explains- defines our lives. Yet death is not as we realize, survive and employee. Death is realized through a chronology of condition material events we entertain while eagerly avoiding. Death is a function of time therefore non Eternally incomplete, without intended conscious utility. Died is a condition status ascertained after death has been assigned. We witness death the absence of ourselves while entertaining our demise. “Die” is an instruction. Dyeing is an activity through which we harness our defection death experience. Our majour industries rely on dying as a profit incentive. A random and ambiguous undertaking, the preferred death of others. Without dyeing we could not explain ourselves to death, to ourselves. And God. We would live less our unknwingly acguired identity. Most curious you must5 deny yourselves to prove life is worthy of your embrace. What is amiss our re3flection prays.

The morphogenetic field is a timeless presence with an Eternally adaptive memory that is birth and death neutral. We do not choose our birth's and deat5hs in time, we subscribe. Disease, dreams, intutions, inspirations, answered prayers confused time's receipt prescribed the same not the same: Meaning that the non- linear integrity of The Field would be negated if birth were conditioned to death and death explained condoned a temporal conception. Birth and death in nurturing one as the other both “Eternity” would be excluded. The quantum corridor, Super Position similarly testify affect, Everpresence reve3als-sustains Creation's effect. Two events, life and death, today and tomorrow, war and peace millions of miles “dreams “ apart yet each is the immediate material reflection of the other. Distance duration, paradox, displacement's shared location, unresolved instruction surrender happily to immediacy. Time abstained Eternity abides. Infinity spells all words the same.

Our two timeless companions, explorers Neil Bohr and Albert Einstein agree less life's repressed preference; “when mass is constricted the curvature “eventualy” becomes infinite.” Our intent, Gods not the same exclusion favors utility. Futility instructs. Intent fractal's distance not less the same, Eternity obliges. Meaning when you can acoustically (ageless sound) influence “track” the preferred “designed” mass of an event Eternity abides. The Field obliges non- linear life intended, Cosmic consensus. Super Position the compass cheers. Gravity greets our attendance. One direction less distance destination's departure the same. Fractal the mirror smiles. What distance hastens death.s impateince less The Field's surmise. What after life waits our admission, not now.

At the speed of Light time abstains. Time accrues negation's thirst Eternities refraoin, dislocation's choice resides duration's immediacy. Dream's hastenings invite. Please pass me the screw dr4iver. Not just yet...


All experiences; birth, language, death, machine conditioned events, flowers, trees and the arts (are) attended, conducted, preempted by Eternal silence. The all gathering silence interrupted by our great temporal knowings, once the effort complete we surrender our wisdom's to the silence. The earth people's Eternal temporary mirror. And thus we continue. (Silence our Tutor). Our Eternal voice. Non- Eternally expressed. What does the Great Assembly “words” hasten promise warn about the silence: Thesaurus speaks. “Silent.” Unvoiced, nameless, wordless, phonic.” The protest continues. “Hush, inarticulate, dumb, incoherent, soundless, damned up.” There is a reason why we dream, attend death, procreate, hold hands, birth in silence. Creation speaks we listen.

Many years now ago our parent ancestors weve “determined” lacked a developed voice box, they could not consciously rely on “expressible” incremental language. They could not acquire “sustained” vocabulary. They didn't depend on an assigned- manageable- intelligence. They were unable to affect-share time anomaly. “ What time is it.” Is she's late? When will he die?” Deceptions were more difficult, less calculated. Goodbye and hello? “I'm sorry,” another story. In the absence of language, time and intelligence. Our ancestors relied on memory. An acquired memory evolving lesson's opportunities. And timeless memory not asserted through incremental language. An Eternally sourced memory human beings now identity as The morphogenetic field. A timeless (non-linear) field that all species except humans depend on to sustain-express their role in Creation's environment. A field that is compound and crystal adaptive. Non linearly planetary Universe inclusive. The morphogenetic is a quantum field origin source that engages. And can be engaged. Adaptive and wonderus. A field we are excluded from because we are time insinuated, we rely on uncertain linear language revealed-validated through unsolicited forgetting. A wonderment's location we visit in our dream's sleep. Our prayers. And our tomorrow's. Witness we will. Yes a planetary attending that has its own evoking-incurring timeless Eternal memory. Remember we've vigorously discussed in past essays and videos the alleged rats were taught certain behaviors. Different alleged rats in Australia learned the same behaviors ten times faster. A thriving-throbing “benefiting” affectation that would include all of the little cousins. Mysteriously crystals and compound alike. Whales converse thousands of miles apart. Creation's environment's many examples abound. In the absence of time all life except humans existence occurs in the Eternal now. Computer duration, travel location, medicine intent life-death, spirituality are we alive in the morphogenetic field? These words whisper the truer song we hear. You will comprehend knowing by your witness. And benefit.

Prior to language we could not acknowledge an orderly God. God acknowledged us less the interuptions of ourselves. Bold in temporary time. Educated of self. Dangerous, proud and lonely. We instructed God our consent. God spokes to us the words of our own consent. We created divine obstacles. Insular worship one oportunity. The many others of violence. Greed's explanations became our sharing. Extinctions greed apporaching, solicited prayers cautioned we continue.

There is time duration, Eternal duration. And non-linear duration. And much of shape, design, form's chaotic assembly each seeking the consent of the other. The sum less its Eternal puropose, human reality. Confused? Your confusion reassures. Our mistakes, our confusions, our eager apologies, prayers and laughter guide us beyond our current selves. Incremental time encrusted language speaks we listen less our Eternal selves. Our celestial cousins spontaneously reveal utterances immediate. Morphogenetically attuned. Our translations we hear? Birds chirp-tweet-sing- warble, raccoon's “trill”, elephants “trumpet,” dolphins “click,” swans “cry,” Whales, “sing,” cows, “moo,” tokay geckos, “croak,” Dolphins, “click,” donkeys, “he haw,” chickens, “cluck” (females; “chaw-caw, bah-gawk crow”) males; 'cock-, a ,doodle-,doo”, giraffes, “bleat”, hyenas, “laugh,” moose, “bellow,” linnets, “chuckle,” that lovely bird is “chirping” again?, magpies, “chatter,” monkeys, “scream and chatter.” Humans pray whispering silences, singing their own redemption, dancing Eternities song. Abd “OM” we sing life's dance. We hide our own words love's cautious discovery. We continue boldoly spirit uncharted. God's shared love's assembly compels observation. A sentence relying on language is incomplete. Our smiles divine. Our tears celebration. We continue approaching dream's hesitation.

Language is a mystery of its own seeking. Resonant ambiguity flowers seed. Many planetary languages we speak diverting Creation's dream. Thus we pray. Our conversations satisfy forgetting's thirst. Words allow their own mystery. Love accounts as many missions as lips permit. “I'm sorry.” Our great gathering. What God's love forgiven. God's love the same. We ask less words answer. We continue hesitating cemeteries incomplete invitation. God Eternal ourselves naught. Eternity permits. We resist. Time insists less time's delivery. God's “unknowable” dream petitions. What harvest one world deffer the other. One less hold's neither both the same. Death cautioning dying our manufacture. We delay life. Absence our presence speaks. God proves our success we die, denying Eternity. Curious abstention. God speaks less ourselves we listen. Exclusionary religions. Eden's thorn atomic bombs. What shrewd absence our presence speaks. Radation silenced prayers speak. Prayers we repeat instructing God our suppose. Crucifiction stars reside. What death Eternity mourns. Forever is the t9me of now. Gather your children's dream's our delivery.

Who are we? Desire’s intent uncertain application. We yearn for peace prepare for war. Joy compells despair. Sanity begets insanities assignment. Our birth spiritually and otherwise is revealed by death. Love motivated often by guided response. A question invites: What activity impedes our preferred aspirations. We have not been able to share our lives without adversity. Without dread's uncertainty. Either in the immediate or anticipation. Human beings consistently share the activity that sustains our self-invalidation. Time. We impose on Creation's environment. No joy that is not shadowed by agony.

We reflect the now of then...The condition that binds our common destiny is not anatomy. Our bodies are in constant flux. And instability. Some are old. Some recently born. Disease, dying limits choice. Some are burdened by disability. These conditions of self can be influenced more by circumstance than can be resolved “perceived” by willful competence. Solutions are esteemed, but seeded by error, confusion, problems. Our distinctive skills evolve as a response to determined inadequacy. Does the compelling answer dwell more in the dark side? Are human being’s insensitive predators? Are we bonded to common purpose by our misery? Perhaps death's acquisition? But misery and death deny the preferred self. And motivate our aspirations. Curiously dying not death instructs our purpose. Dying is our being's motivator. And profiting incentive. Examples: Insurance companies value injury, accident, disease and death, medical networks inconsistently exchange cure for disease both oppositional conditions validated-valuated through death while dying, lethal weapons designers sponsor horror, the interment industry mortgages dormant residency to death. But even suffering is without common bond. Some suffer others don't. Some die smiling of old age. Others radiated in a cancer ward. Some live and die in comfort. Most in deprivation. What impatient earthly seed harvests less the flowers shade.

Infinity cannot exit from itself. Once? Not twice. Indeed, in the absence of time infinity functionally thrives. Human intent opens all gates? We can cheat, populate our lives with death. And forgive love our purpose. Born we have no awareness of time. We are engaging-actively Eternal beings. We acquire our non- Eternal status through instruction. And environmental imposition. Time’s materialized dismay; extinctions global warming, pandemics, nuclear horror. Our esteemed invalidation. Yet we are non-linear beings. Our bodies cannot be separated from themselves and still function perceptually-consensually as intended. But through time our life intact Eternal disposition becomes linear. We know our linear experience as cause followed effect. In time cause and effect always factored through failure. And uncertain effect more precisely cause and defect. Attending memory the dictionary defines “linear” as “a disturbance between two points.” The more pragmatic assertion: Our history.

Appreciating human beings are not organically disposed to violence, deceit, unkindness, death profiteering and war. We are timeless Eternal beings that live in non-Eternal time. In an effort to become masters of life we've become obedient to dying not death. As such we can validate our existence is by denying it. (The problem seeds the flowers solution?) Time's challenge? Time creates anxiety. All engaged in time disintegrates, eventually loses all apparent material utility. And negotiable direction. Our timely Cosmic dislocation. In time a material event can only be realized if the event ends. We die proof we deserving of our success. Consider our time-based earth bound wonder us religions. Explaining why we are unknowingly obliged separate Heaven from earth. Heaven is timeless we resist in time. Revealing why we must surrender our lives in time to reclaim our expressive Eternal relationship with God, our presently inte3ned Cosmic predisposition acknowledge denied. Many on this planet separate their bodies and souls while alive. They can only reach spiritual fruition by discarding their time devalued bodies. We value God most by denying God's gift, our lives. While alive dying is our way of borrowing from Eternity which we pay back with our death's, the uncertain validation of the Eternal. We can assume a time subjective Heaven is incomplete. Lost still we are bold and beautiful...And we yearn the better knowing of ourselves.

Noting death and dying. Are unrelated. Opposites. When you attain the active status death you stop dying. Death occurs in the Eternal. Dying is a time based acquired condition, non-Eternal. Dying is linear, death no linear...all inclusive. Dying is unnatural. And unnecessary. Violence, suicide, disease, war, smoking, over eating, profiting from death, drug addiction, executions, war. We are a species that protects life Creation through self-designed extinction. Nuclear war. Silly dangerous earth people. Unnaturally dangerous. Appreciating we must know the nature of a problem before we can engage ourselves to the opportunity. We pray. We plan. The time now is forever. Whereas there is no death. There is extinction. The end of life. The death of death. The time of now is forever. We create burdens. Politely repeat our prayers. We anger ourselves blaming others.

Whispering....You can't have an enemy without being one. Yet we laugh. Dance and sing. Love our children. We can be bad. But we prefer being good. We know a miracle witness without instruction. We know the opportunities we create by our suffering. And there is joy. Thus we seek our Eternal selves, currently, lost as found. When human technology-commerce become nonlinear (currently evolving) “life” will be significantly easier for us to thrive the good of ourselves. Share God's life without exclusion and violent explanation. Reside God eloquent. Aware of our Eternal birthright. Expressible Godsoulprint.

A reply in time, in spite of immediate time: Language has exciting mysterious limitations. Languague and the mater5ial reality languasge fosters and creates are incomplete. Words in their utility do not include or exclude self-denial, violence, the negation of the words expression. Language avails its llegitimacy forgetting accrued expression, an intriguing “ironic” activity. These celestially foreign words guide the evolving “repressed” gathering. The more familiar symmetry in wit's laughter and musics lyric. Language is curiously compatible with disease. Yet through language we can examine the limitations “obstructions” of insight, perception and consciousness. Words hasten evolving prayer, death and dreams. And imagination. Denial thrives acknolwedgment. Through words we question words. Language engage's death's disguise. Words invite: Dance. Love, sing. We argue with ghosts. Word’s condone thievery. And disguise justice to our advantage. Words sustain mystery. “Hi please tell us “we” acknowledge your name. “My birth name is Charlie Woram.” Words promise cuddle woe while disguising identity. One not less myself source of many. We continue seeking as sought. Devaluing progress in time is sustained through eventual invalidation. Insights, perceptions, awareness, consciousness deliver our temporary deficiency as ourselves to Creation. Our ideal divine condition effects of self are similarly impaired. Temporarily awaiting transcendence. Transmutation. Transmogrify.

Linear, temporal conventions are evoked through uncertainty. While unknowingly realizing preferred certitude. Words are an incomplete-evolving enterprise. Kindred to confusion. And the temporary self. A function of choice influenced by event. Your last conversation would have been different on the listing Titanic. All expressions human, machine and environmental begin in silence. And end in silence. Language is compatible with the Eternal awe. Birth and death similarly confide. Silence is expression: You can’t take care of yourself without taking care of God. Yet in time God is realized through the denied self. Can we anticipate the knowing Heaven when we must surrender life and consciousness in the effort? God wakens our dreams we sleep.

Questioning time’s functional validity strains the limits of common sense. Yet that assumes “I’ m” aware of your next thought. And either of us can appreciate its fullest irony of our carefully planned intent. Inadequacy sustained through our disposable-self invalidating symmetry which is (presently) essential to our incomplete acquired reality.

All human evolved reality (including God) realized culminates in time as a loss of “form” purpose, continuously from the imitation of the event. Therefore direction. Thus distance. Seperations furrow. The child’s first trumpet, gone. The music? Loves first cautious kiss, memories gentle variation of gone. Our bodies coerced by our time enforced instruction, eventually gone. Where? What is duration distance not measuable in time? Eternally whence of where did origin of the event assume presence? Challenging invitation to a species that harvest the dying of others to the advantage of self-indulges. Absurdity as the source our identity. (The presence of our absence). Often it seems a psychic reflex not choice. Linear language nurturing nonlinear ideas seed futility. (Seeds garden purpose). Whisper acknowledges non-linearly all bad is good unresolved. All however repressed-deferred thrives Eternally. Linearly in time we have made permanent loss a value through industry, religion and life. We cannot deny Eternity we can only deny our Eternal selves. We sustain life through the organic commerce of dying. And reward killing. Exhaustion’s testimony. We deny the burden we create, life. Through dying we borrow from Eternity we pay back with our lives. Preferably the life of others. Politely attending repetition. When you were born, unaware of time, you were actively Eternal “endless” beings. We are organically compatible with the Eternal expectation. Non-linearly “Eternally” body and soul are one. We know miracles without instruction. Miracles know us. We seek our dreams permission. Everything revealed vibrant true and alive was once (as form) not existent. We forgive our love’s thirst. Understanding what we deny. Pray for deliverance while financing a nuclear spasm extinction. Thriving often inadequacy is our reward. These words are not protest. Nativity’s faltering invitation. Planet earth Noah’s Ark. We suffer our success waiting the better delivery. Presently denied as sought. God is explainable in language. Knowable?

We continue breathe our gentle hesitation: Any logically coherent insights about applicable potential (in) religion, life, the preferred self, spirituality, commerce, technology are flawed “misleading” because these chosen condition behaviors are expressed-explained in language that is self motivated, uncertain, deception-violence condoning and secured-revealed through forgetting. Language is a time insinuated- materially displacing affectation accordingly denying-repressing of the ideal Eternal which includes our preferred anticipated selves. Relevant currently as denied, a deference of self further disallowed to an after life which excludes this life. All experienced “envisioned” in time is experienced less its Eternal self. All material Creation realized through time culminates through a complete loss of utility direction. Including your time instructed “acquiescent” life. This unhappy, unnecessary process begins from the perception of an event. Loss is not created essentially through language, but is realized as language. (Again we petition.Language allows “invites” challenges its own acoustic presence. All beckons the Eternal denied.) Perception awareness can be realized “acknowledged” and expressed unless they are reflective “compatible” with a time value loss culture. (Evolved in the last 74 years as an Extinction Culture). Non- utility as a life process is actualized as the self denied Eternal self. Chaotic anomaly repression most apparent in violence, casual exclusionary disproportion, time based commerce-technology and death through dyeing sequestered religions. Abiding solutions. Resonant in clusionary not time disposable spirituality, commerce and technology. A machine affect that identifies and affects error value to an “inferred” non-linear perceptual advantage. An evolved language responsive “resonant” to the morphogenetic field. A timeless planetary field, Heaven on Earth's inviting Everpesence, a Creation field that is timelessly Eternally memory adaptive, actualizing. God reassuring. Your current Eternally beckoning residence evident apparent as denied. And violated. Be polite and all will come.

Forgettings location: We don't presenlty choose to forget. Yet we forget. Forgetting is not affected in linear time. Forgetting reveals validates the non Eternal. While revealing, in the prsence of our absence, the infinite Eternal. The repressed condition avitity “forgetting”affects timelessness and time. An event that is time convergent of both its origin and its evolved denial we vaguely exppereince “incompletely “ as the allegory of an after life. Wormholes. When time displacment intent, of both timeless and time are resolved to effect “distance” is resolved to presence. Everpresent effect. Distance in affected the absence of time? What is non linear duration? Different than linear and non linear time duration. What is non linear space affect. Non- linear gravity? Non linear death? Your non linear self, Eternally suggested during a time abstanied birth.

Is timely advise the gentle vice of good intentions? We are much the presumption of ourselves. Deception our keen companion. Yet seed's intended blossom will claim the flower's witness. Love caution's love's reckless arbitration. Concerned words, gathering their frailty to our preferred witness- “pain”denying the God preferred purpose of yourself. Disease- injury? All injury-disease is another's timely assembled “curious” ration. Fewer words toil garden's “while.” All is not as it seems. We pursue the miracle of ourselves by our own disguise.

Whispering's attendanc3, gentle Cosmic winds. Being's Eternal soundings. Ageless sounds. Gershwin, Louie Armstrong, the Beatless, Willie Nelson, Mozart, Perry Como. Pedro Infante. John Middleton. George Burns and Gracie Allen, Nat King Cole, Edith Piaf wow ourselves listening more... Dizzy Gillespie's music. The wind and the ocean waves. Leaning flowers. Butterfly wings. Ageless. Our current time based sounds affirm-reveal ending's depletion's in an endless Eternal Universe. Unresolved sounds. Machine noise. Sounds of damage. Screaming sound's of tears in the calm star light. The earth people's language that sustains through time, loss, deceptions. Condones “encourages” futilities violence. (Also in language we pray, dance, love and wonder). Our word's ranching's we yearn Eternally. Ours is a conflicted non Eternal expression. The interrupted sound of the God intended you. The trees. Floating snow flakes. The children. Eternally we react. Poetry, our unsolicited dreams. Dancing the music. Our tomorrow's. Do you recognize our absence. Are you listening. Your Cosmic shape approaches.

The gentle musician Einstein begged good intention lives frailty. Inviting smiles amendment. “The Universe is non linear.” Explaining all includes itself. The Universe is not less the Universe intended. Infinity denied denies the infinite Eternal. (But not Eternally, repression acknowledges). Much is at play we hide aware. Our compass laughs our direction.

You are the non-linear totality of yourself. Born as such otherwise devised by instruction. There are many words not one speaks God well. We pray our prayers emancipation. We are one. Intact, complete, divine. Our finger no less divine wit than than our brain's consideration. All knowings shatter Creations mirror. God's fractal? There is no injury that does not direct God attendant. No pain that does not sing God's instruction. Our healing's abide exception.

All divine well misplaced. Temple's lock their Holy doors. Secured against human entry. (We waiver this planet our own). Cemeteries address. Uranium stock piles plead. Maternity whisper's abortion's patience. We proceed. Non- Eternally oblique waiting death's commission. Thus we are deficient. Disease ourselves our foster parent. Much temporary imploring inguisitions. Chemical-mechanical exhumations, surgery weary abouts. And the other dreary sums of self. Unpleasantness much discouraged of soldier, floods and executions. We are what we do. Mortician and God laugh each other's benediction. Advise we pray. Reside we hide. Planetary friend claim the God generous of yourself. Whimsical Tai Chi. Bring yourself attended. And some Turkish taffy. We are not what we do. Much is at play that lingers unknowingly.

Human beings are the only species who experience God's Creation through time. And death. Immediate and anticipated. All in time ends even though we reside in a timeless-endless “Eternal” Universe. In time the God Eternal deceptively ends. We settle for a non- Eternal existence. Everything we experience in time eventually loses all perceptual utility. And direction. Your first pair of shoe laces gone. The smile's corsage you wore at your high school prom, also gone. Gone where we ask directions. (Beyond memories identity?) Like the corsage our lives (we are taught in time) also wither- come to an end. One more time please playing that banjo, the clarinet, the tambourine. “How can a life end in an endless Universe? Answer begets regression's response through the human “innovation” of time.

*The Eternal Universe is timeless, endless, human beings live in time-an existence whereby all events including our lives end. We are unnecessarily-unnaturally out of sync with our own residence, the Cosmos. Born unaware of time we were organically Eternal beings, endless. Time isn't...real.

(The sanctification of time, the Jewish scholar surmises.). Still the night reaching for the morning's thirst. Born: We unknowingly assume a space that presupposes our biorth. A space3 not chosen in time. A timeless Eternal space. An Eternally expressible space we grow into while alive,we sustain and contribute- to our Cosmic residency.

Through death duration we “surrender” our acquired body shape to the Eternal space of self. All our choice, behaviors and potato chips. Expressible as the now uninterrupted Celestial space of self. Your Eternal idenity unnecessarily denied while alive, opportunities choic3e.

Your body's shape “fading glimmmering” motion, your life's completion,witnessed as death decay cessation, now evoking your acquired-interactive sound of self. Divine assembly. Your Eternal identity unnaturally denied in time. Motion ofby the Light sound listening, Eternal sound of silence, listen...

All experienced in time eventually loses all utility and direction. Your body, your shoes, yiour assigned cancer eventually gone. The after life is time sourced derivative.

….Millions of species live on the planet earth, human beings are the only ones who experience existence in time. Time is a human adaption. Through time humans become non- Eternal beings.

Experiencing value through loss. …..Earth technology and global commerce are time based.


Physics Super String. “All in the Universe is material except time.” All realized in time is incomplete, non Eternal. Infinity denied denies infinity.

Our initial time realized perceptions are flawed, incomplete. ….. All end events begin to end from their inception. (Born begin to age die).

….18th Century British Parliament converted from Julian calendar to the Gregorian affecting 9 fewer days a year. People rioted in the streets belivie9ing their lives were going to be shortened by 9 days. Life and time had become inseparable. Yet we remain compatible with timeless source occurrence which we do not solicit nor sustain. Death, luck, birth, coincidence, intuition, miracles. Dreams answered prayers. In the absence of time these events become Eternally expressible, sustainable.

…..Dying in time and death are unrelated. When we attain the status of death we stop dying. We die in time. Dying is a very difficult human thing. Death a happy God thing. Death is Eternal. Timeless. We continue

…. Language is evoked in time. All duration conversation end, once begun. All communications evolve through uncertainty. Failure disposition. Evolve through unsolicited forgetting. Structurally allow for deception. Language time abuse condones violence. Expressing “sharing” through language is Temporary and incomplete... Words r' us.

....Universe is non- linear, (all inclusive) our bodies accordingly the same until compromised in time. Non linear less itself ie linear. Cause and effect, in the immediate or anticipation cause and defect. Eternal infinite separated from itself.

….Inby time we live in a culture we value by denying. Majour industries rely on dyeing as a motivating profit incentive. Insurance. Weapons. Medical networks. Interment. Research. Knowledge evolves through n' as value loss.

….Dying is a human thing death is a God event. All time based dyeing is unnatural. Unnecessary. Involves choice. Suicide, violence, executions, over eating, drug over doses. Singular Eternally denying events exaggerated by technology, commerce.

….Time duration whereby e3vents end less their intended value. Eternal duration whereby events appear to end (time perception). Loss of shape intent refinement. You are much less than the intended capable of yourself. Individually collectively. ….All earth science, commerce, technology is deceptively complete, temporarily, relevant through eventual invalidation. Failure utility integral to potential. Disease is an incomplete perception further value deferred through time duration treatment. Years of chemicals, radiation. Cure diseases paradox sustained through unresolved dyeing. Currently without value loss, interrupted by often unsolicited reprieve, human identity would be without direction purpose.

…..Planetary time revealings Religions. There is the Cosmic God and the earth peoples adaption. The ideal expressible spiritually deferred to an after life. Not this life. Denying the gift of life and God the timeless benefactor. Holy Temples are the only institutions from which attendants don't graduate. While alive.

….Religions expressed through temporal language. Institutions of violence. Wealth. ….Ritual temporal anomaly: Aspiring religions. Yearning

…..God presupposes the planet earth, there is the Cosmic God Eternal and the earth peoples timely “incomplete” accommodation.

….Uncertain language avalis uncertain divinity.

….Global time based commerce and technology exaggerates time deficiency. Disposable machines. Uncertain design need repair. Machine event sustained through failure prerogative. Machines insured to protect against proper use frailty. Cars and planes crash. Ships sink. Baby blankets n' cribs catch fire. Your home is not ready for occupancy unless it can burn down. Weapons work. Cancer doesn't. Human beings have refined their extinction culture.

...Even though events in time end without distinction, all events accrue in an Eternal Universe. Good events. And bad conditions events. Explaining global warming. Impending nuclear war spasm event. Cyber war fare. Limited asteroid tracking. Pandemics. Industries motivated through insurable selective dyeing distortion. All bad is good unresolved. We create obstacles reaching for the Eternal. Ourselves. Creation environment. God attends. We amend. And learn.

pi pneumatics

Through reflective seguential numeration we observe, examine, express and apply our current incomplete culture. (All realized in time is defienctly incomplete). Defective, non-linearily inexact, numeration exhibits and sustains value loss while validating the reality linear numeration reflects. Numbers are much distracted, their ideal deferred. Approach bowl-soup one.

Numeration is not integrated into word chronology. Each in effect and process displaces the other. Numbers are less ambigious than words, less time impaired. No is kindred to yes investigated in maybe. One is one, two of each is two of one. There are in excess of 6500 languages on this planet, one chronological numeration. Our gently alert fellow writer Chris Peters points out the Aztecs had a numeration not one through 10 but one through 60. Numbers evoke a consistency of silence. Language is uncertain. Numbers prefer-evoke consistency. Numbers are non- linearily inclined. Potentially an all inclusive Eternal affectation.

Langauge casuality is a flawed "incomplete" representation that through redunant progress invalidation evokes observant opportunity. We create the need for our own prayers. And progress. Numeration more clearily observes, affects insight and potential application. Application eventually defered through to other process intent, community, technology, commerce, education. Condtion linear temporal activities that relly on collective and individual ambiguity. Langauge and numeration pneumtically conjoined. Concurrent and concentric. Applicable improvment one not less the other. A new engagement. A new precivable. Availing sustainable non-linear awe. Please note the infered convergence reflective of super position, fractal ideal and chaos theory. Developmental 1-9 & 9-1 concentric fractal result, concurrent process ie simultatnous.

The activity condtion we temporarily "linearily" realize and engage as Nine. The seemingly stationary dormancy of number can be resolved as metaphor, Nine becomes a gear, a devise, an idea, presumed "designated" disease valuated through dying deficency. The numeration consistently exacting location condtion of Eight, another gear pragmatically chronologically revealed relevantly as the number of individual evolution. Beginning's. Beginnigns leading to beginning through endings "9.”Engaging "Nine" non linear process effect, chronolological atmospherics avails indvidual choice event effect. Whether an assessed trip to Orion, a cancer evolution, a weather patern, pneumatic computer. Assesement and affect in idealized progress interchangable. Contrary to the current linear identity disposition effect,value loss designed through inconsistent failure perogative and deficent result the aforementioned insights will assume functional non- linear affect. In the absence of time linear diferential "infinity" becomes defining. First time fractal measurable as engaging probabily, not delayed chronological measurment. "Pi" assumes formulation. Current human affection, including perception can only be realized through inexact observation and validated as potential through "consistently" engaging vaue loss. Note please the work of the nice German mathematician. (A representive dynamic structure). One through Nine. A linear dynamic. Vertical the same consistency One through Nine. All numnerations currently possible, results though in exclusion of one another. First pragmatic. Engage 9 process atmospheric intent. Select 8 specific event result. Multiplu Nine times one. REsult Nine ones. Same affect Nine times two less the event choice, or persanlized accordingly result nine twos.

We have an inclusive,symmetrical result, realized with disparity exclusion essential incompetion defiency either in intent, design or result. Not knowable in total as complete given the origin organic linmitations of lifeform presence whcih eincludes contibution response effect. Random event will continue to occurr. Human error. Gear, a rubics “gyro” or a shoe lace malfunction. Question why is the basis of advanced mathemtics 0 not considered- affected in chronlogy. The answer exists in totality. Non exclusion intent affect.


The shape of time? We continue seeking's sway. Time shapes. Whatever perceptual and verbal li9mitations determine your lives direction, either as source, through application or resolution.... shape and time are reciprocally affecting-influencing in the conjoining. Time assumes “engages” shape. And shape is affected by time. Linear value loss time effect affects shape accordingly. Non linear duration effect affects 'shape ,deffering value loss dislocat5ion. Like all else realized in time the conjuncture between space and time evolves beyond our ability to comprehend. Therefore influence- apply. But these condition exertions; source, perception, resolution-application are an evolving “transitory” enterprise we experience through shape. (Knowingly and unknowingly). In a Universe of shape's this includes the intended-amenable shape of human beings. Through and because of shape we experience shape,form, motion, loss, life, death, hope, prayer. A midst this panorama of conditioned activities are we able to sensually envision, utilize shape approaching its Eternally intended ideal? Is it not reasonable to ask what is your shape otherwise unknowingly repressed in time. Are you fully appending your shape. What gifts do you unknowingly conceal. Are these concealment's intended? You impose your shape's intent on Creation's construct, what otherwise is Creation's residency.

We visually comprehend effects, conditions, behaviors, events through an opposing polarity. Life not death bargained through dyeing anomaly. Visualized mirror images shape. We have suggested what we perceive is not as perceived. Once perceived inadequately we further devalue through choices conditioned by time. We can also assume that intriguing conditioned responses realized through and as shape are occurring without our awareness. How could this amazement be otherwise when we are not fully cognizant of our Eternal purpose realized through shape. We make much purpose of denying the shapes and shape determinations of others. Including the other of God's children, the trees, rivers, humming birds and singing whales.

Also we make much good shape of God assisting others to their preferred intent. (Our divine communal architecture). Our shape is the amenable source of our prayers. Our God determined shapes are our prayers? Much in the wandering wonderment of Creation Cosmos. What was your shape's source before you were born? Whatever awe we are capable of, whatever anguish we suffer, whatever dream we attend, whatever butterfly- flower we greet. Whatever prayers response we convene. Heavens greeting. These amazement's will either occur through shape- because of shape. Your shape. Sharing shape is Creation.

Intelligence, language, reasonableness and ownership influence existence. Shape determines. Shape determines evolutionary niche. What shape's secrets nest your future. The shape of mass constriction curvature? Your morphogenetic shape? The shape of Everpresence. Shared shapes sharing. What music shapes. Distinct motion languages shape. Motion is intent. Source avails intent. Source shapes. Does maybe have shape? Incomplete, repressed. Denied. Destroyed. Dematerializing. Dyeing s unresolved shape. Death has shape.

Guestions hold answers purposefull shapes. Initially preexisting impending perceptions. Expressible spirituality of raccoon, ants and cactus. Extra terrestrial angels.

We can not have direction without shape. We experience direction motion as shape. Currently a denied (depletion displacing) scalar vector (shape”anomaly like weight, length, acceleration, depletion. All deprivation shape intent destination is realized through entropy, loss, depletion, failure prerogative actualized through an external depletion fuel source. Uranium, gas, other temporary pollution deficient risk fuels. But shape in its intended ideal is non linearly concurrent, shares a common center with the infinite Eternal. Inherent in infinite Eternal shape is its utility direction. This effect occurs naturally or can through design intent. “When mass “shape” is constricted enough through shape eventually the curvature becomes infinite. Curvature speaks to intent result destination. A cancer cure, a voyage, a prayer, your birth. Your death. Yours? Presently these affections are realized uncertainly incompletely through value loss validated curiously through risk and failure anomaly. A mass constriction Creation duration event can be influenced by its own natural (or designed engineered) motion acoustics. All motion has sound relevant to the motions (evident as shape) intent. Whatever the disposition of disease its condition status is lost to the deficient unresolved chronology of time. Explaining re- occurrence of disease (Rewrite the above paragraph).

The shape of in between? Your shape is your God assigned identity, invariably impending.::Before you assign your next weapon's promise.... What have you overlooked direction furbishes. What is the shape of events to come? Your acquired realities shape...

There is a source out there, a timeless Eternal source we seek unknowingly ineptly in time. A Cosmic source divine we deny unknowingly that embraces us. We resist. We oppose. We repress. We defer to an after life, not this concealed life. You apologize. You pray. And laugh. The Source by whatever disguise is us. Event conditioned relationships we can't presently evoke. Once occur rent have difficulty sustaining. Our lost wavering-inviting reality. The planet earth. Your birth. Your death. We don't answer our own prayers. We don't solicit dreams. The lucky break. We didn't create the Planet Earth. Yet we do benefit from...During time's omission infinity becomes expressible. Reciprocal awe. We are physically compatible with the Eternal, currently unintentionally. When born we had no awareness of time or death, we were responsive Eternal beings. In time you became Eternally confused. Often unhappy. Currently you experience the planetary morphogenetic field through timeless death presumption. Death realized as an allegory of non- interactive “incomplete” transient beliefs. Temporary unsolicited and unsustainable impressions, sensations. Whimsy, dreams, intuition, ghost symmetry, the many coincidences, precognitive skills, birth and death, luck, tempered clairvoyance. Unresolved impending precepts like worm holes, super position, chaos theory, fractals. The unknowingly Eternally preferred self.

Now through these God determinant insights human beings can begin to utilize the morphogentic field. Where events don't end less their Eternal purpose, all nurtures Eternal. Major industries wont rely on dyeing “endings” to generate profit. (Currently technology and global commerce exaggerate time insufficiency). Weapons makers. Cure and disease not validated- valuated through sustained profit motivated dying. Insurance companies need not subsidize our death's to their profit. Millions of localized Holy Temples value aspire to an exclusionary after life, not our God assigned birth life. Words do not knowingly hasten by their reading source.

Now “your designated” Heaven is separated from the planet earth. Because Heaven is timelessly Eternal the earth people subsists in time. Through time we took over this Eternal planet. We made Creation our own. God our devotions preference. Inby our time we worship the timeless Creator benefactor of our own choosing. Death applauds we bow. Through time “our time” we mortgage Eternity and pay back with our lives insufficiency and termination. Collectively not necessarily individually.

Our distant relatives like God's offspring neighbors, the butterflies, the dolphins, the hummingbirds, the flowers lived an Eternal existence. Not reliant on time. Unaware of contrived inception based unhappy endings, our ancestor relatives lived in a Creation world free of wars, pollution, executions and expensive diseases. THEN. In time we stepped out of Eden. And into the future. The morph-genetic field the planet Earth.

The Morphgenetic field Heaven on Earth.

There is an interplay between design, form and shape, inferred through error-failure irony. The Eternal yearning evolving. Temporally alluded as resurrections, reincarnation's nurturing vestibules. God's localized awe less Eternities continuity- “Carnational flutter.” Be patient we dream our own wakenings.

Planetary territorial fragmented adaptation: Restrictive linear borderings: Countries, towns, provinces,counties, prisons, states, contenents, ghettos, cities. Hemispheres. Oceans, frozen river currents, contented floating ponds. Back yard fences. Orion beckons. Common purpose. Common prayer.

For the many thousands of years the earth people have lived the troubled reality. Lives of loss, pain tragedy anticipated. And blood's immediate. Anguish shared “imposed” on environments Creation. We became the argument to our own potential. Often suffering loss not through misjudgment, but life's acquired futility. A people's impoverished life, unexpected disease, slavery, economic turmoil, earthquakes. And machine trauma, sinking ships, car accidents. And always the wars. Those terrible wars turned into cheers, absent family members lonely tears. Endless parades. Die and learn. But we learned making good of daily opportunity, daily chore or hope’s witness life improved for many. Still we continued to suffer. Approaching the near distant enlightened ideal of self the darkness hastens. Soldiers their weapons scream. Babies die in their hungry parents wavering arms, diseases distract death to life, global warming scientists sponsor and fear, exclusionary Holy Temples alienate God, governments trade in despair. Nuclear weapons wait your designed instruction. What prayer's response accordingly seeds?

What intended remains the same? Must we add thorns to suffering that suffering be not. We know what is good. We know what is bad. We prefer good. Appreciating we whisper there is no community of self less self. A slave can choose to pray for his masters deliverance. Sing dream and escape. A soldiers only weapon is choice. Hunger invites companionship. Bankers thrift gardener’s flower. Prisoner scholar. Dreamer's dream. We are each the intended source of our own reality.

What of time's affect defines our choice. By what timely deficit do we individually prevail? What material coercion defines. Deficient love of others. Solicited unsolicited. Inadequacies resentment. Uncertainty threatened. Disintegration's profit, foreclosure, bankruptcies loan. Temporal inadequacy benevolently shared? God's children soldier cemeteries parents consent. Imprisonment spatial enslavement. Bestowed angst our prisons our lives. Disease's assignment derives dying thirst. What timely design do you prefer? Exclusionary use of others. Displacement's alienation. Machine force. Investments risk inadequacy. Do we understand? Inby time “imagined” we have devised a reality we value by denying. What skill is your denying deference? Does your success burden others? Your tax dollars scar Creation? Do your answers add burden to questions. Futility? Cheers? What we approve the Cosmos disproves. God? By what reading's effort do you derive? Flattering consent? Deed's opportunity.

Time's many words we've discussed. Creation's intended life implores the distinction between the linear self and the non-linear self. The linear self daily you know. And the Eternal non- linear self? What garden flower's Cosmic opportunity. God sponsored born Eternal. Denied by time's unknowing design. Troubled denial troubled road deferred. Now you know “now” we are approaching, the non linear self. Alert less limitations haste. Memory forgotten attends. We are assigned a static-shared intelligence that predates our birth. Redeeming incompletely while validating a disposable culture. Linearly we reverently less. The many violence's. Many hungers. Linear uncertain language deceptively further explains our wit's turmoil. Our dying life's death forlorn compensation, follows. Suffering's unnatural. Necessary? Thus love forgiven we introduce our lives. Know your acquired-solicited darkness claim the Light. Each choice event in an Eternal non-linear presence. There is no bad that is not good aspiring.

New language of being. Concurrently enthused by reciprocal non- linear technology. And inclusive commerce. Time no longer claims life death's lost bargain. Non-linear medicine confirms. And of word and wit, we begin waiting we started. Cosmic non linear residency unfold. Gradually beautifully. Conceivably events we previously could create. Now in time evident not able to concoct- sustain. Fleeting events, Cosmic occurrences that are not time current, timeless. All including, near spontaneous. Events that do not allude to existing knowledge. But become given our response partial to existing knowledge. (Non- Eternal Dark events Eternal Light events). Both the same Eternal seed.... Cosmic utterance that briefly and presumably randomly only affect one person- when an individual is less time invested, unparalleled events that are disregarded through linear language and linear intelligence. Events timeless n' Eternal. We know vaguely as silence knows song: Luck, coincidence, prayer's offered answer therefore the fuller prayer(no response an answer speaks) precognition, intuition, twin tuition, forgetting, clairvoyance, your birth, your death, remission, spontaneous remission, carnational flutter. Consider patiently these event conditions, Cosmic resident activities to be the new language of Creation's being. Wondrous gardens nurturing suggested “briefly” by the ageless sound of music references seeking, “music of the spheres,” super position, harmonic convergence, karma, nirvana, the unresolved after life. Whose Chaos Theory. Singing, dancing and laughing. Hoping, praying and wondering. Of course we could still use words, less eager apologies suffering. How is Creation's Eternal curtain opened. Answer not questions birth. Eternally a non- linear choice avails not one less the other. Love's request responsiveness the same. Creation's source compliments the origin of self. Much of awe disclosed beyond comprehensions sway.

As there is the darkness abide the Light resides. Know the darkness invite the Light. Cosmic fractal's nurturing. The Light occurrences witness yiour labor you know. Please appreciate there is no intrinsic “dark” seed Cosmic menace. All is Light Eternal, the darkness the Light denied. Time's caution, time's instruction. Why such not such suggests. Ask God? We continue: Dark-Light impending events: Opposite, dissimilarity uncertain, anguished. Time bequeathed are you surprised? And exciting of potential. Dark events unlike Light events can be recurrent, they can affect one person or several, dark events are not spontaneous but occur through choice linear time based events, that allude to and are perpetuated by knowledge, unlike Light Eternal are perpetuated by time debilitating institutions. Prolonged linear events like war, hunger, dying, linear technology and commerce, death profit and death provocation. Misery beneficent as shared profit. Intriguingly planetary neighbor dark occurrences through which we knowingly and unknowingly seek the Light are initiated consequent and prolong through linear choice. Linear choice centers self, tentatively, briefly. Non- linear choice centers God the near all of self. Not one less the other. Life and death one seed. River, mouse, child, tomorrow's shade Creation's guide. Unless otherwise you instruct. Soldier, saint, beggar, banker not the same, the same opportunity. All be so is as so through choice any darkening concurrences can be redeemed to the Light. One smile, an idea, and embrace, a plan, your shared preference and the years of darkness can be reclaimed to the light. Yourself Eternal same. Briefly briefly not. Eternally no beginning less begun. The new language being of self. Be polite and all will come.

Now a tender smiles inclination. Design a shoulder's guidepost. We continue cautioned of success.

Is thought less deed the vice of good intentions. We are much the presumption of ourselves. Deception our keenest aspiration. We love ourselves life more complain less. Not. There is no scar here, but hope's exhaustion. Brave bold ofby God we continue.

A continuation we aspire. Observing infered non- linear adpation imparted “repressed” perceptually as dormant activity. Source. Awe. Non- linear duration. Ascerting the organic Eternal self. Currently we've observed time based technology, global proportional disparity- exclusionary risk based commerce, linearily inspired death relevant worship; condition activites reinforcing the earth people's temporary value loss existence. An inefficent “incomplete” defiecent application of heat trasnsfer, mass dislocation, shape intent and form valuation are the condtion material activities through which we “design” actualize temporal linear paradox evoking value loss entrophy during an otherwise non- linear timeless existence. Vector scalar dispostion repressed-revealed as zeroth accoustic dimension. A relevance infered by the gently inspired explorer Profesor Ohno, The engaging Peare group at Princeton University, Profesors Sheldrake's and Terence Mckenna's devoted labor on the “accompanied” morphogenetic field and the bold seekings of our happily persistent companion Albert Einstein. All thriving incomplete, tomorrows celebration. And yourself accompanied and unknowingly alert. Awe non-liner proxoy. Improbabilites functional awe scrutinizing locatioon, a an evolving perceptual bearing.

Now we examine global, economic-govermental “ordered” acute inadequacy. Our ordred earthly angst. Miseries institutional harvest. Provacation's violent disposition unnatural- unnecessary. What darkness becokons the Light's grace . Hesitation we continue: An unrestricted global parallel economy. The following synopsis is an effort to examine and develop opiate trade curiously as an economic global model. One of the most successful “impeded” planetary corporations, Microfot, generates 67 billion dollars in ptofit “taxable” capital a year. The drug trade 690 billion. Opiates are a crop. In the following essay a material metapahor. Why not our question implores, the same benevolent efficency foods, medicinces, books, clean water, shoes, eye glasses. And cotton candy.

A non- linear perspective. Fractal economics, fracticality. (If (I) may). “The Universe is non linear.” Meaning that unlike our time based linear existence, the Universe can not be separated from itself and remain one intact Eternal endless Universe.” (Complete not less its incompletion). When human beings are born they are non-linear timeless “Eternal” beings. Our culture unknowingly introduce us into a time insinuated linear uncertain cause and effect. Paradoxicaly all realized through time ends less it6s direction and utility even eventhough we reside in a timeless “endless” Universe. (Time is a human distortion of timelessness). We are the only species on this planet that experience Creation through time. Our time encrusted reality permeates our knowledge. All events are factored essentially through failure immedicacy. Or anticpation.The basic time insinuation: We are born we begin to age and our lives come to an uncertain end. Death cessation. (A dysfunctional seperation from ourselves and others.) Our life denied to an after life. The question compels: Clearly there is an activity in the Cosmos that speaks to duration effort needed for an event to unfold. There is the endless Eternal duration. And our time duration whereby all explainable ends. Utility loss begins from utility inception.

Human beings are not organically predisposed toward violence, greed, self contempt, rage and acguired-imposed illiteracy. And many other deprivations. We are Eternal beings living a non Eternal existence in time. Time isn't easy. When our commerce and technology become non linear life will become much easier. The Cosmic Eternal roots become viable and apparent. (In the absence of time distortion the non linear becomes optional). Presently all commerce evolves through essential risk, uncertainty, exclusion influenced by global forces we do not fully understand. (Deprivation, loss of value, opposition are fundamental to a culture validated through devalued endings). Everything realized through time culminates as a disposable juncture, the complete loss of purpose and direction. the major industries on this planet rely on dying as a motivating profit incentive.

Five thousand young people form an incooperation. Each takes out a 1 million dollar term life insurance policy costing nine dollars a month. And makes the fraternal compact beneficiary. The initial grouping will marry, have children. Some will remarry. When the initial benefactors are 39 years old their shared compact 24,000 individuals will have assests in the multiple of billions. For reasons beyond relevant accruing. Presently America spends more on their unhappy prisons than on their education. Over the next ten years sadly 100 thousand of our prison neighbors, men, women, children and mental pateints will die in prison. (100,000 x 1000,000). Through this concept prisons can become self supporting. Prisoners can contribute to their families. They can leave prison with a few thousand dollars held in a shared account. If anguished-desperate our prison partners can return to the productive gentler prison without having to commit a crime against others. Therefore themselves. Deprivation and impoverishment avail life investment opportunity. Prisons can be good...Aspiring from prison gates to gardens foilage, the earth people an incooperation. Directions awe. Orion beckons.

The value of currency in all its surrogacy is not an organic condition. But rather influenced by unresolved attitudes, uncertain fears, mischief. And designed disproportion. The non linear compact will change perception. And value. Presently in the United Stastes 72% of the federal budget covers entitlements. Introducing this non linear instrument into social security, medicare will affect a shift similar to prisons.....Allowing speculation: The value of the dollar will increase. Example: Presently 40 cents of every American tax dollar is invested in weapon systems whose ideal value is that they not be used. In an effort to become masters of life the earth people have become merchants of death. Profiting from non utility, misery and dieing. The shift validates the Eternal as a shared material value.

The non linear insurance concept can effectively be used to finance an education. And the functional needs of the University itself. Young people need not go into debt. No one need expereince essential deficiency to sustain life. And learning. Universities like evolving-nurturing prison can produce relevant negotiable material results. Wealth and poverty are opportunity.

Unlike any other marketable global products or services opiate trade is not impeded by tarifs, taxes, restricitve regulations and instituonalized freemarket compeition. Car manufactures spend billlions of dollars on advertizing, marketing, quality control unfriendly drug distriubuters are not “impeded” by similiar expenses. Car and other companies efforts are through inherent designed failure. And possible bankrupcy, an event that might be sourced from global events unrelated to integrity of product success. Opiates have one form design, effect. Opiate trade is a global enterprise whose unimpeded-unrestricitve availability would be the envy of any government or major corporatation. With the illegal help of international banks, an unconventional-less institutional distribution system opiates are readily available to human beings of any age, regardbless of health, economic status. Untraceable cash purchases are are secured the collateral of self, not banks, regulasted corporate retailers. (A delivery system more effective than internet shopping more conveni9nt than UPS). If the same health and nutritional warnings were legally reguired of opiates that are reguired of aspirin and tooth paste the warning label would caution that millions of individuals have died as a result of the designed use product. Opiate crops are unrestricted in trade restrictions, regulatory legislation. Law enforcement is impeded when a product's clients are both willing “addicted” victims and criminally “impaired” witnesses . Opiates need not be insured against libaility. Not major drug distributor has ever been sued for causing disability, death to a client customer. If a candy were marketed without nutrion information extensive fines would be imposed. Recurrent vilation would likey result in loss of license. Disabeled drug users are much more abpt to be imprisoned for drug use and related activities than those who provide the drug a including drug cartells corporations, banks, and mean-unhappy politicians. Yet the singular currency is individual choice.

(Note with emphasis essay inccooperation. net.... “Opiates assasinations and nuclear war.”

Opiate trail prologue: Truth compels evasion. When innocence has been amended to guilt's abuse justice has been surrendered. Knowing fosters the light's dark soliloquy. Curious awe: Consider please: ( mid day noon time ). Your standing in a darkened living room. Open the curtains. The light's immediacy claims its intended residency. The same room midnight's attendance. The room lit by candles and your dreams. Open the curtains. The darkness remains outside. Benevolent to its own waiting. The enclosed one page, a prayers abbreviation, claims the darkness seeking light. We wait for the after life. Denying our prayers response. Without deception truth would have no purpose?

Dearest Amy and Genevieve availing dream's consent. All good of hope attested. The near all of pain's protest resolved to life's gentler seed. Wars surrender to garden's peace. What then anger's joy would be our delivery. What adversary not ourselves. What adversary please not ourselves. What conversation not solitary. God intended life amended. What sin's apology would redeem tomorrow's pleasure...Do we fear more the loss of love than beiong unloved. All you have to speak is “yes.” And forgive no it's eloguence.

Correlation polite acknowledging. Casually linear events, private, public and secretive are realized in chronology. These events, immediate or recorded, reflect a value loss culture that is fundamental to time. All events once initiated come often to an unexpected-confused end. Particularly events that are realized through violence. This chaotic dynamic is not an aberrant process, but rather accepted and encouraged. Inherent in denial value loss existence is the repression of the non linear timelessly disposed “Eternal” reality. Not oppostional cause and effect events that can be reported in additional detail many years later, but always in their casual immediacy. Good verses bad. Victor verses anguished. Destruction verses abstained destruction. Singular acts of violence once exposed are often resolved through further violence. Justice secured through punishment, lethal executions, public shaming. Though these events are often individually precipitated and in retribution singularly suffered-they occur in a repressed Eternal arena that transcends linear purpose, our acquired reality. Our prayerful consciousness. A correlation of throbbing events that seek out a continuous and preferred Cosmic balance. An Eternally seeded reality that is repressed in a human encrusted non Eternal existence that sponsors-invites the Eternal intended. We delay our anticipated “intended” Eternal identity to an after life. Not our life, our life surrendered to another life. Though the events in our culture end, the endings accrue in an endless Eternal Universe. Where all nurtures unforgotten.

The morning's apprentice. I am strong enough to weaken purpose. I will write sensibly. Wander wonderings purpose: Logic insults response? How can two people abide? Your smile Genevivie clever eyes claim Eternities instant. Our gene's shadow. Occuppy a singular space. We can only be lost to your reflection. The same dream a thousand beds. Birth's death unsolicited. Are we temporary love of other's? Truest compass failure. Love married to forgiveness. Without deception truth would have no value? Poetry laughing chasing order. Mourning words, Today's tomorrows forgotten yesterday. Genevieve, “ Does hope requires more breathe than life.” Does love instructs pain denying God's fullest pleasure. The dance holds the song the sculptures patience.

We have recovered good words their easy fall. And still love screams. And babies ransom life. While questions wait their evacuation. Sensible words insensible. Less satisfied enough, the kiss alone, imagination accompanied. Apology parent's familiarity? I am alone God attended. Well abstained.

Let us employ cemetery Eternities patience. Attend consent. Nice talking Ram Das quoted the New York Times. Teachers were asked in 1940 what distractions denied learning's delivery. The truth spoke it's witness. “ Running in the h hallway. Chewing gum, talking out of turn, not putting litter in the waste basket, stepping out of line.” The same question's fever 1990. “Drug and alcohol abuse, assault, rape, robbery, suicide...” Come on kids saddle up.

Dear Kathy, Pete, Tom, Martha and Curtis, Wesley, Lolla, Lorraine, Amy, Genevieve, Mom and Pop, Nadine navigator's shadow, Betsy venting dance, Danny mending our fence. Dona polar oppsosites nurturing shade, Steve, Vickie Salmon's invitation standing room only, Russel, Barry. The cherished alleged ones. Hi Charlie, Barnaby. Rosie Dale. Which one and Which one not the other. Impending Charlie leading the others running the horizon away. Sandy times three you and me, Al, Andy, Richard Nelson eagle's putter good friend, Walt and Alex, Elenita left the sidwalk. Alfonso Faba, Santa Claus and Ho chi minh.Duncan's friendly shadow. Noam Chomsky light tower, Carolyn. Joan, George life's eloguence. The waiting others. Lassie and Festus. Darrel and Phil the enclosed few pages are a desperate correlation of tragic events that we are all experienced as perpetrator, witness and preferred survivor. No effort is made to ascertain guilt. Solicit retribution. We invite. Know the darkness claim the light. Know the scar heal the wound. Whereas all bad events whatever their concealment accrue Eternally in the endless Universe (good) events similarly accrue. And thus we are the witness of our times: Nuclear war. Global warming. Chemical biological weaponry. Impending cyber war. Limited asteroid tracking. (And the much better of good God's awe enhancing). Through the many humanoid choice over the many years it has come to pass, the time of now is forever. This beautiful planet floats gently amongst the celestial stars. Noah's Arc...

Inviting logic's consent Reverend Dagrave. Prior to language we could not acknowledge God. God acknowledged us without interruption. Bold in time while residing in a timeless Universe. We instructed God our consent. Educated of self. Dangerous proud. And lonely. We created obstacles divine .

Opportunities. Wars. Insulation's worship. (Gathering prayer's whisper). Holy Temples are the only institutions from which the earth people do not graduate. How can life expression end in an endlessly expressible Cosmos. Extinctioon culture.

Correlative Summation Orchard 9 (ic's) information conveners

“...interactive events locations.

Individuals, institutions.

Circa 1944-1985-1994

Functional inception: Mobster Lucky

Luacian9o meets with US Naval Intelligence WW II.

Facilitate invasion of Italy. “Bond between mob and US intelligence secured.”

(1). DaNang AFB South Vietnam; soda pop bottling facility converted to “opiate” Mortuary. First stop Silver Train.

(2). Circa 1974 (I) met with Captain Alex Keisch US Merchant Marine. (File). Dover AFB Opiate Trail operational. DaNang mortuary (KIA's) chest-stomach cavities impacted with pure opiates bodies intercepted USA CIA morticians. Fifty pound of pure opiates 1000 pounds of street product. Heroin distributed by Mob.

Checks and Balances. With its own financial resources. CIA can bypass congressional over site, budgetary approval. The CIA can proceed unchecked. Secured by law. And Company Bank.

(3). Tangential correlative events. Murders, national security and opiatees. JFK begins to return soldier from Nam, President murdered 1963. Nam War continues 11 years. 1968 Martin Luther King murdered 130 cities riot. (Increase covert operations). Increase opiate flow. South Vietnam over run by NVA Vietcong,Tet Offensive. Company needs increased assets. Finance Laos. Cambodia. Air America CIA Air Force. Three weeks after Reverend King's killing Bobby Kennedy murdered. Senator Kennedy ran on platform to end Vietnam war. War continues 6 more years. ( Dead Man's dope Winston Salem NC?, unresolved.) (Shift). Funding of Contra against the Sandinista in Nicaragua. Company builds air strip on Santa Elena y Rosa Costa Rica. Property once owned by my father and others, initially owned by the Samosas Family. CIA built airstrip on Santa Elena to assist the contra in Nicaragua. Iran contra, Gary Webb “Kill the Messenger.” Docudrama. (Shift). Prior to USA Afghanistan intervention 7 percent of opiates being sold in the US to Americans came from Afghanistan after United States secured their territorial presence opiate sales in American streets from Afghanistan increased to 60 percent.

(4). Interactive functional effect. Opiate influx, criminality,assassinations polarize public. Impede public “media” response. 1968 Democratic convention riots. Government begins to convert abandoned military bases to detention centers anticipating increased revolutionary fervor. Black Panthers,Weather underground, Civil rights. Dissident culture (is ) opiate “subdued medicated.” Hundreds of thousands active and would be dissenter in prison for low level drugs offenses. Many arrested convicted by government that facilitated their crimes, sold them drugs. Increase resources Company. Bank chartered in Australia, initially managed by Company operative who oversaw drug trade in Laos. Bank avails secure laundering of drug profits. Opiate trade stimulant to economy: US private sector “crime” loses (repurchased- affianced) covered by Internationally diversified insurance Companies. (During Vietnam 3 nuclear war red alerts high death com).

* Dormant response: Media's focus on casual news immediacy. Non linear textual development frustrates linear response. W made no effort to ascertain culpability; individual, institutional guilt... You can't have an enemy without being one... Improved government misinformation. Unknowing institutional compliance ie courts, local law enforcement.... Federal law does not allow CIA to be sued for intent, only negligence. Whistle Blower statutes? Inquiry operational.

(5). Emile Deantonio meets with UN CIA asset opiate trail coded “Long Silver Train.”

(6). Washington Post 1982-1998 dormant. Senator Harkin deferred.

(7). Omaha World Herald circa 2009 dormant. Excelsior Mexico DF? Washington Post? Difficult to enforce resolution on long term historical events. Particularly when influenced “determined” by events that have not occurred (ie) a nuclear exchange or accidental discharge. Criminal respondents are not apt to volunteer information. Non-linearly patterned information events are subverted by a linear response. Individual and institutional. It's your life.

(8). Correlative vortex: Opiate stockpile critical to nuclear war strategy. Operational model. Country prevails that “rebuilds” first after nuclear strike exchange can proceeds with conventional military options. World War III resolved?

(9). Fort Knox significant opiate stockpile. Treatment for radiation “pain management” opiate patch. Behavioral management. “Pick up the shovel give up the patch.” How do trained agencies control the “compliant” rebuilding of infra structure. Airports, food distribution, water resources, interstate communication- transportation. Hospitals. Worship centers? Public chaos management. Sewage. Maintain Marshall law, non judicial enforcement. Secure several hundred million decaying corpses. Resolve plague, pandemic concern. Environmental corruption. Anticipated and not. 800 roentgens of radio activity will kills most warm blooded animals, not insect life. Insect populations shifts relevant to food source.

(10). Unresolved criminality: Federal Agency sales- distributes opiates. Subvert “impair” Constitutional intent. Increase in private-public sector crime. Murder, theft, money laundering, drug sales, corruption. Many thousand “individuals” imprisoned by government that facilitated heroin sales. Many thousands of individuals dyeing from drug over doses. Babies born drug addicted. Tax expenditures. Criminal misappropriation of tax dollars. Latin America, Mexico, Central America deaths related to violence half a million individuals. Law enforcement deaths: DEA, FBI, local police. Sheriffs dept. Unknowing CIA assets. Corpse desecration. Dishonesty.

“A Whistle Blower.” Wikipedia defines, “is a person who exposes information on activity that is deemed illegal, unethical or not correct within an organization that is public or private.

Whistle Blowers are offered protection guaranteing their freedom of speech, protection from retaliation for disclosure of information that exposes gross mismanagement, gross waste of funds, abuse of authority or a substantial-specific danger to public health. And safety.”

Consider if illegal drugs could be converted into an acoustic representation. DNAs drugs. Quality control? Over dose? Criminal involvement would be eradicated. Availability, an audio cassette, radio loss of life-crime reduced. And the need for coercive governmental enforcement. Transfer resources? Examine why drugs are needed.

1980 September 18-19 in Damascus Arkansas a 19- year old mechanic dropped a 9 pound wrench into an ICBM nuclear weapon silo creating an oxidizer leak, the hyperbolic fuel exploded catapulting a 740 ton silo door and a Titan II nuclear warhead beyond the silo complex. Twenty- one airmen trying to prevent disaster were injured. Tragically senior Airman David Livingston died of his injuries. If the Titan II warhead had also failed a quarter of the United States could have been radiated. Immediate to the detonation several hundred thousand would have been killed. A significant refugee problem within the territorial United States. An increase in cancers would have developed. Unlike a nuclear war event homes, businesses, farms, vehicles, hospitals and schools destroyed, damaged or abandoned would have been insured. ( If a claim is filed insurable distinctions are made between blast, fire, sonic and radiation damage). Significant portions of Arkansas and neighboring States would have remained vacated for 20-30 years. A nuclear winter effect would have3 destroyed” contaminated” crops in portions of United States? Water reserves? United States and World economies? The human and animal gene pool potentially damaged “altered.” There is no model that would accurately predict damage, response is accordingly limited. One implosion compared to thousands of detonations during a nuclear war or spasm event. (Accidental, Intentional or combined). Again with emphasis. Between 1950 and 1968 Sandia Laboratories reported there were 1200 “significant accidents” involving nuclear weapons. Other countries not factored. (Current information file development). Nuclear weapons.

Numerous individuals can identify a common sound, they meditate as one. Meditation hastens its own oratory. Engaging sound of self presence becomes endlessly imbued. All speaks not less another. The carnational flutter swims. Wind chimes sing. Dreams waken sleep to purpose. Morphogensis attends. Quantum lullabies. (These searchings relevant-revealing as yourself).

Learned skills are contrary to the Eternal disposition of a child. Humans concieved light affluent. Without language, incapable of inconsistent choice, unaware of death. Not institutionally bonded. God Beneficent. Not knowledge essential. The preferential Temple waits innocent admission. Ambivalent choice yearns a singular voice. Super position on a park bench.

Concieved Eternally astute, musically responsive, the Eternal Light. God fluent. What life forgives death life's passport. Death not cessation's. Othering Light Godsoulprint affluent. Birth death God chosen. Yet birth's death life denying. Formation ini. The poem becomes the poet, fiction given residence?

night riders


The car turned toward the far side of the moon. Leaning distance approaching the ramp. The car has stopped. The street lights competing for the nights attention. Engines dark nights running. The stop sign. Three cars. Left, back, right. Head lights glaring glance. Left car forward. Three cars going. The car ahead stops, slowing. Left children's nights abandoned school. The red light startles left turn. Waiting then when: Two cars one ahead not the other. The blinking red stops accelerates. Two follow one the other. Route 191. Motions car running. Stationary engines turning. The leader stops the three cars slowed. Faster each car now the other. Moving the night stars watching. A mile each the same. The dark white car stops. Instructs space the same. Mysteries walking legs. Explanation caution's forgiveness. The car faster left light blinking. The rear car matches. Index orf coincedence. Speed limit holding the night. One more breathe wagers the other. Two faces.... Aware-aware the dark night's glare. Nearing right the red barns pigs confinement. Left the gravel road. Over the the stars near distant hill. A home my home. The lead car turns. Fear's companionship calm commends. The car stops. Two faces theirs not mine. Death has a guiet side. Wait twenty seconds now twenty one. My cars reverse. The back cars ride lost to calculation. Slow polite wheels turning into Bo bo Plombecks driveway. Turn 191 quietly toward Persia. Moving car knows its instruction. One mile the car stops. And breaks the law called a half circle. Going home 315th street. Over the hill the stars my home. Turn now right from left whence I came. The road is vacant I'll keep my name. Curious night's dead mans fasting...

Now ago The Greek Restaurant American Amy, Charlie separating shadows from their shade. When has a residency not our own. Flow. Karma. A left on 90th and Maple. Remembering whose six years ago a poetry reading in Omaha Nebraska. Provoke Poetry group hosted by a civilian citizen who had a sensitive communications job at Offutt AFB. Dream's scream: Working out The Opiate Trail. Two OSI dudes appear. Same barber, same shoes, two piece suits. Narrow round same age skin. Were zoning paradise. Military not one word. The gentle men left after a couple of tastes. “We'd” been dropping off information to OSI, the years. Planet Earth Noah's Arc. Nathaniel came bye twice now again. We didn't happen. Karma. “God's motion disguised as ourselves, unnecessarily-unnaturally disguised.” One thought Saigon jumps. (Death is a personal and intimate experience). Next assembly claims silent space. Man named Friedman wrote the authoritative work on cryptography, coding and decoding. “Index of coincidences.” Cool shelters. Thank you Amy the involuntary smile. We can only be late if were on time. “The beat goes on.” Cinderella dancing with Abbie Hoffman. Louie and Carl playing the trampoline. Curtis and Tom squeezing the tambourine. “Excuse me buddy can you spare a crime.” Past crimes in America. Woman right to vote. Free the slaves. Unencumbered access to education and health treatment. Stop a nuclear war.

Tomorrow's Jesus

Our endless story continues...

Each flower bequeaths the next season's shade. Jesus died on the cross denying while alive His Eternal endless life. Soliciting God's children his violent accessories. Violence is bad. Not good. There is the Cosmic God, the Eternal source presence that predates the materializing (and) the earth people's current life denying after life adaptation.

Sustained we continue: Any suggestion of knowing is not intended: Ignorance “magic's pretense” transcending convention, scholarship, language. Intuitions ignorance our compass. Value loss, pains temporal vestibule our singular distraction. Now time “ourselves” expunged. Result the only seed. Today's promise yesterdays attendance.

Pain a singular pretense location. Any exclusion of the Universe less itself is folly...“futility.” Failures chore, ironies so9urce pain's location. Yes the shoulder is the source of the pain. Pain's origin the body. Treat the shoulder deny the body. Which includes the shoulder. Sleep, laughter, orgasm, death, Eternity, activity witness testify nonlinear familiarity. The aforementioned not chosen time derivative thus not consequent to our conventions. Knowings, rules and remedies times oracles. Results attendance temporary, uncertain, external, artificial. Pain's persistence, recurrence “defines direction” implores opportunity. All diseases. Injuries one language pain. When you are invited to a foreign land, all divine, learn the language. Pain source origin your bodies opportunity.

Pain affects a change of body shape, inflammation, rash, discoloration determining location. The bodies response, ourselves busy elsewhere (pain, bandages, medications, explanations and expenses); our bodies pain's gathering invitation. Locations remedy bodies origin, pains memory... avails healing pain's direction. Invitation.

Again we whisper pain not chosen in time, but time accrued. Symptoms coordinates one source, your entire self. Time prolonged. Locate the pain, accordingly focus. Avoid the “instructed-identified” source yourself. Accordingly convene. Must we hide to prove we are worth of being lost? The previous sentence an intermission. That which is not chosen in time, avoided in times treatment, has one origin source, the Eternal. Ageless adaptive sound. Morphogenesis. Which includes all motion silent, our DNA sound, a massage, some rest. (Motions silent intent the Light). Timely medications the same also primitive. Time's side defects, deceits. Treat the body reassure the shoulder, pain's helpful “welcome” minority. Prayers, music, ice cream also helpful; not timely conversational. Anything else? Water the flowers, dine with your lovely husband. Get out of bed stop imitating the dead.

Mysterious origin assembly “term” location “shoulder.” so hold our old shoulder. “Hour.” Pain speaks, we listen, seagulls fly. Painted ladies don't wear makeup.

* * *

Emancipation anticpation's spherical seed: Shape in time has lost “defered” shape effiency. As and conseguent to perception. Shape design inby time exagerates shape anomaly. Inherent i9n shape is its design amiability. Which is repressed “distorted” in linear time duration. Time displaces shape from itself. Measurable linear5 value loss sustains-excaberbates value loss. Conseguent to error, failure effect, external entrophy such as fuel deplition- weather. Event dynamic culminates through loss of utility- direction. Shape in non- time becomes concurrent, concentric and reciprocal. Design, shape, form become symmertical. Resolving affection evokes source transendenace. Failure remains problematic but unlike intrinsic linear to form-shape-design intent. Failure-error inconsistency become not a defered instructional accomadation “instruction” but a correceting modality, immediate to event foible and otherwise. Reminding human being “perception” is not the enemating sole affectation. Progress invited by “while” denying.

Resolving currently essential incremental measurement to concurrent effect avails time abstention (concentric- concurrence junctures) reciprocally. Sponantiety's intact measurement. Presence. Address is event. The Cosmic field, morphogenisis, resolves displacment to origin event assimlation relevant to location. Casuality becomes spatially concentric, concurrent and reciprocal. No cause less its effect. Direction not invalidations discretion. (Reverse reciprocal concurrent contentric). We can't go back in time. Pay back a loan never borrowed. Time spent is depletions service. But we can reclaim a past event, seeeded well in todays blossom. Less our eager attendance. We dance our whisper, Disease is skill. Death articulate. Dying distractions chore. All God splendor. The Grand Canyon is not a scar. Time dilation less entrophy and mass constriction without curvature intent event. Dislocation becomes an issuance of simultaneous reciprocity. Fractal dislocation, reminding “everything is material except time.”Materiality formulation “efficency” is determined by interchange between shape, form design interchange. Mass acceleration issues are accomadated to accoustic intent. Sound ageleness, sound agelessness also is a non linear “spherical” formulation. Percepually, organically an access chamber, a dimensional flux, a worm hole whereby divergent time disparity is resolved shape constriction, entrophy-depetion associated with scalar vector activity need to over come temporal material irregularities. In the near absence of time infinity becomes coherent, optional. An evolving immence. The Eternal avails expressible immedicacy. Shape “refinement” evolution “form process” is Eternal.

The proceeding paragraghs infer expressibe symmetery presently deffered as percpual value loss paradox. Followed by linear definition.

Approaching acguired paradox, infinities inferred, vestibule. Infinity denies time therefore casuality.

...What is time without increment.

...Duration without chronology redefines distance.

...Does infinity sustain flawed-deficenct duration, how.

...Location realized through time can be reversed is time reversed as well.

...Time affects shape, entrophy one example, another death. How does shape affect time.

...What is inactive time? Acceleratin without displacment. Dormant time. Time inertia.

...Can displacement ocurr without dislocation. Repeatedly?

...Does death reguire identity. If li8fe is realized through death is death also temporary. What is death without identity.

...Does timelessness have to acknowledge time effect inorder to realize time abs3tention, the infinite.

...Does time presume motoin as source awarness.

...Does casual irrelevance affect time disposition during the absence of intent. Does time intent reguire a reason. Time without resul?

...Can time be shared without contrived consensus.

-Definitions n' inferred response-

….Mass is the measure of a bodies resistance to acceleration. Mass is independent of a bodies position, but dependent on its motion in respect to other bodies.

*Why does mass resist current movement modalities. Future actuality is Eternal until realized through time. ….Super Position: a property of linear systems whereby the net response caused by two or more stimuli is the sum of the response that would have been caused by each stimuli individually.

*If the net response of two separate compatible stimuli is the sum of each stimuli event individully why is the exaggeration of the accrued two stimuli event needed. Presently an event realized through failure, depletion energy. And value loss. Shape cessation. If the individual summation event does attain functional utility. Can the same status be attained in reverse affecting a devaluation “valuation.” origin. Examples: Reclaiming “reversing” a cancer to an origin neutraility or shaplessness. Another example. Accruing the half life of urianiumn, a uraniumn stock pile, to non status. These would be an adaptive morphogentic events. Not time disposed. What is the condtion of half life duration in the absence of time activity. A non- linear field is non- linearily adaptive. Value loss becomes value gain. Resolving clarifying our current adative modality: All progress realized and sustained though invalidation. All events realized through time accrue less the intended value of the event. Deficient incompletion directs opportunity. Double parking will continue to be a problem....

….Shape:Something that distinguished itself from its surroundings by its outline.

*What was shape before the evolving condition became a shape. After? Are these two conditions before an after dormant. Can these two conditions be reversed? Does shapelessness sustain shape ideal. ….Form: The midst in which something happens or is made to occur.

*Why doesn't compatible midst status activity remedy a loss event: A plane crash. Death through deficnecy, anti matter. Distance through loss separation. A black hole. All earth science realized though oppostional inear language and mathematics are incomplete, value loss ironic. And paradoxical. The nice Mr. Newton offers. “For every action there is an egual and opposite “linearily displaced” reactions be egual. They are so because the observation compliments a materiality realized and affect through inconsistent value loss entrophy. Our initial perception are similarily flawed, inexact, the perceptions would have no applicable value if they didn't compliment validate value loss. Or loss persued “developed” as a value through invalidation. Redemed through design failure. And uncertain duplication.

….Matter: In modern physics not a fundamental concept,definition proven illusive. “Encouraging.”

More: Matter is a physical body of the Universe as a whole. Physics: Matter is an entity display gravitation and inertia when at rest as well as in motion.

...Does “can” gravity source intent “motion” supplant inertia as displacement motion. Non- linear gravity? Non- linear inertia? …..Inertia: The tendency of a body at rest to remain at rest or a body in motion to stay in m notion in a straight line unless acted upon by an external force. (Also). Inertia resistance to motion, action or change. Gravi8ty pause?The tendency of a body to resist motion. Is there gravity intolerance?

*Inertia not unlike failure design prerogative, error facility, redundant invalidation (pragmatically avails) opportunity to avail the functionally infinite. Inertia non linearly actualized affects infinite Eternal disposition. Accepting the senses have an organic origin and receptivity that Is spontaneous until actualized-introduced through language to a value loss materiality “matter” what is the sensual validation of inertia, infinity, matter. Gravity through vector scalar paradox “irony” is experienced as response effect opposition to itself. Gravity and light are likely symmetrical iorny resolved through shape constriction. Gravity we can assume “requires” no precipitatn externalized perception origin event application.

…. Senses:A physiological capacity of an organism that provides data for perception.

*How is a spontaneous infinite compatible event (sense sensation response), reflective of Cosmic stimuli, denied to its exclusion duration. Speech sustained incremental is not a sense. All other senses are spontaneous, non-linear, morphogenic compatible until engaged through time paradox.

….Mass: A unified body with no specific shape. “Burp.”

…..Fractal:A fractal changes shape evolution, but maintains identity. (While?) Let's get fractiocal.

….Energy:The work that a physical system is capable of doing in changing from an actual state to a specified reference state.

*Human energy. A myopic actualized use “misuse” of energy. E=mc2. A significant time value loss condition event. Current non linear concentric-concurrent culmination. Hydrogen bomb detonation. Did we forget something. What's missing? A tea cup breaks a bomb explodes?

….Chaos theory: Is an interdisciplinary theory stating that within the apparent randomness of chaotic systems there are underlying patterns, self similarity, fractals, self organization and reliance on self programming at the initial point known as sensitive dependence on initial conditions. Example... Butterfly effect. Birds aren't homeless unless their in a cage. Current science is a cage...Describe a non- linear cage. Do we chase the ghost created by our own collective enlightenment?

Initially God's Schodingers cat implies our feline cousin is both alive also dead simulatanously. Possing the question where exactly does quantum Super Position end and reality begins-collapasing into one and or the other. We continue. Begin before inception. Politely noting. All is God seed less our planting. We harvest Creation's witness words wait hastening shovles delivery. Uncertain words forgotten disposition words cradle. Meaning words deny their own attenance rendering our assembly thrifty, nimble- functionally incomplete. No implores consent. Time begs Eternity non Eternally indisposed. Lost our singular discovery. Thus all found is not. Before we can agreeably disagree the agreement (is) deffered. Denied the compass directs. We observe ourselves less Creation's identity.

The inception. Before the beginning. Mirror's polite. God seed cautious planting. Reflection Creation's cradle. Words survey life's delivery. Forgotting Creation's craft. Burglar victim the same account.Words nimble assembly incomplete. No yes confides. Confession approves Eternity begs time indisposed Lost our singular discovery. All found not. Decline reflection's Creation. Denied the compass stalks.

We expereince limited self imposed time myopia as casually contrived intent affecting a limited “incomplete” perception-awarness through desired linearily planned result realized as temporary success. Events casually paradoxically incomplete from inception through conclusion valuation. Incomplete in origin. Incomplete in methodology. Profoundly incomplete in completion result. A Paradox defiency sustained through distance displacement anomaly. Failure-error avails “compells” remedy. Currently distance reguires duration measurable localized seperation. Uncertain displacement dislocation. Without subjective designed intent seperation junctures, each event juncture the interchangeable origin of the other distance would be otherwise than currently expereinced. (Gravity resistence resolved). Inferring in resolution concurrent super position, reciprocal mass constriction, interactive fractals. Functional randomness exagerated by linear design flaw no longer intriniscally influences event. Limitations become karmic, human foible, mischieve and inexpicable. Suggesting inferred status condtion activities culminating in functional reciprocal mass constriction active event ideas actualizing completion. Constriction union curvature pulse. Concurrent near concentric mass curvature presently percived constriction, resolved. Example: Birth constriction leads to evolving mass shape which in turn in process is realized as mass constriction we experience as death. Birth and death. Each the articulate source of the others intent. (Both conception effect). Currently birth and death, inception and result are two dependent status condition events that are seperate in applicable duration incomplete unresolved in time that permeate-define the human culture. Currently each event resolved by the denial value intent of the other. Birth is not death and death negates life through dying which is a defered deficency of both life birth conception and death life assimilation. Inter active consensus becomes effect. In non time duration (non-linearily) these two incepetion result events rely influence each other (not) through seperation distance anomaly influenced by “static” design agent and enegry disposition-further subverting a natural phenomena. (Perhaps now we can release Schodinger's grateful cat from her entrapment. And ours). Denied-delayed co-dependent value loss industires that sustain effect intent through value loss entrophy. Active inertia. Example another sample: A displaced location voyage reguiring a week to “complete” accomdating distance duration deficency, depletion fuel representing most of the dislocation vehicles mass weight, intent influecning risk valuation, non adaptive machine design not utilizing non linear resources like pneumatically reponsive time dilating gravity. Realizable as result assimilation “constriction union curvature pulse” (ie) meaning that the “completion” and “inception” of the dislocation event can and do in the ideal influence functionally deterime one another without dislocation defeincy as process result vector scalar engineering intent. A sphere seeding its own intent, commendable materiality. (The shovel should be sympathetic “accomadate to its use, adaptively influnced by use, acknolwedging individualized particpant use). Inception result each the source origin of the other. Proive porocess symmmetery. Facilitate. Shared mass constriction affects profound resolution with minable deficency factored as event adaptive probabilty design...Deficent entrophy can be an active asset.

An intervention if “I” may in the quise of an impateint question shared with the audible smiling Tom cantrell. “Do any of the alleged water animals sneeze?” A reassuring image do you agree, one of the cousins... an aligator or a shark sneezing. Tyrex. Our other cousin Mr. Snake...

A distinctions clarification. Temporal human beings are invested in both death and dying. The alleged animals, our wonderus neighbors, oblige death their needfull Eternal companship, but are not involved in dying's anguised spitefull misadventure.

Thank you we continue: Simpler spatail thrift. A material event we percieve through time instruction ideation as “begin.” Similiarily through design intent or happenstance anomaly the same “evolved” event ends. Inherent in the events beginning, natural or designed, is its ending. An ending that is either complete or incomplete. Neither relevant through negation of the other (ie) result functional completion less intrisic value loss. Which we experince through “inearily assigned” loss of value continuity. (In time loss of value can be assesed after effect, but loss of value continuity can not be accessed, therefore is not adaptive “infuencing” event effect, except intrinsic unresolved juncture design evident through calculated error potential).... Direction distance can be resolved less itself, its dislocation duration. Functionally inherent non linearily in the ending of the event is its beginning. (Structurally relevant to disease perception is its functional cure-deficent through time duration uncertgainty.) Which through acguired “limited” perceptual utility we are obliged to dismiss. An irony obliged-perpuated by linear language. Explaining the potential in error and failure perogrative as well defered value loss realized as a need for progress, resolve prophetic failure, error “incompetion entrophy” to prefered advantage. Linearily in time endings and beginning however potentially concurrent and coherent will be compromised to distance seperation, loss of utily value predeterime design perogratives. But non- linearily neither beginings- endings “Inception resolution” exlude each other either in succcess incompletion, value loss, through distance duration anomaly. But this reality materiality is lost to current intent effect. Inby the non- linear pulse endings completion and beginnings completion are value intent interchangeable and as such intent sympathetic source functional. (This intercahnge is presently infered-sublimated through value loss depletion fuel. The interchange is determined through and as deficent source intent. Vector scalar fuel risk evident, pollution based, in the immediate non- linear sponanteiety limited to catastrophe. Meaning inherent in each spatial materiality “event” is its intent. Also availing its resolution source “energy” affect through which resolution is intended- detemined. Event status influenced as itself and its percieved completion evolution. Event value continuity becomes a perceputally active function of super position rather than distance anomaly. Adaptive shape location interchange resolves distance anomaly. A dynamic infered exceed the speed of light you go back in time, possible though adpative shape-location effect. Also current physics observes apporach the speed of light object constricts. Eventually assumes a non linear status, the object dematerializes. (Reverts to its origin b efore design). Both endings and beginnings are source condition to the events. And each inception juncture is origin to itself and the other. Active concurrence duration symmetry.

Distance in our culture is an imposed effect.An anomaly that includes physiology. “The shortest distance between two points is a straight line.” Endings derive beginnings deny. Of course: We witness our planetary administration. Distance is a function of separation, a coerced temporal folly, (in) a non- linear inclusionary Cosmos. Extension not distance spherical functionally consigns. Gravity winds agree. You can't separate a (shape event) without denying either. We can only separate the infinite Eternal through value loss, actualizing a non- Eternal paradox. Our temporary existence. Uncertain and anguished. All our choice events are Eternally incomplete. The non-linear all inclusive linearly in time separated from itself. Including our lives. All realized in time exists in opposition to itself, our Eternal potential. Thus failure directs, error explains, temporary guides. Depletion confides. We distance Creation away. Through the dying death of life we conceive. We experience God beyond our children's life's and delay to another life, the after life. In Universe each event, each choice is central to the Universe. Compatible endearing. Unless distance duration abides.

We are born assuming space that presupposes “anticipates” our presence birth. A divine space we occupy “influence” as ourselves. Eternal space chosen otherwise non Eternally replete. An intended shared God space. A space in death release we transfer, our uninterrupted Celestial identity. All one not one less one the same. “Friendly.” Light sound silence unfolding, DNAs. Same true in application machines. The linear deficient non- linearly Eternally embraced. Good and bad assumes, daily denial accrues. Global warming nuclear war replete. Whispering we Eternally6 forget. Often our great surrender, “I'm sorry.” Agony our passport ineptitude's currency. We surrender unnecessarily dying our profits vestibule. Weapons life insurance temporarily conjectured disease. Always the after life not tomorrow. Understandably life's value temporary. Forgiven eternally forgotten. Choice Godsoul print immediate confides. Uneedful explanation's apology. Distance deferred. Holding hands kiss again. Smiling dreams understand. Godsoul affluent distance immediate. Death distanced bridge Eternity ascribes. Birth death conception the same. The alleged animals friends. Marbles scrabble. Embrace tightly hanging on. Song art n' dance.

It is lifwe understandable all our expressions, reality, we value by Eternally forgetting. Why we don't graduate from our Holy Temples. God accrued bold of deed's desire. Not surprisingly the events. Choices most immediate to ourselves are without distance. Not needful of linear expression are the most God beneficent. Smiling life again. Huggings shared breathe. Birth and death. Love touching. Pregnancy. Our dreams tomorrow. The hummingbird, the kitten and the flower. God's enhanced dancing. Meditation, tai chi, yoga and massage. Eagerly we wait for ourselves. Not God. Choice and chance attendant. You can only get closer to God if your already there. Disttance is choice, acknolwedgment is location.

During a no0n li8near mass constriction()union event time value loss is no longer event determinant particularly through displacement distance. Seperation is no longer realized through dislocation displacement. (A functional shift in spatial integrity). Initially affected as a human event before sublimated to technology, science, commerce and spirtualit ). The materially assigned and engineered beginnings and endings are no longer functional as inception and designed result exclusilvely. Each duration juncture, beginnings-endings- are interchangable as source effect or information. Effect can result in functional cause. Cosmic occurrences linearily not solcited or sustainable, intuition, luck effect, randomness, clarvoyance (become) functional as material effect, enginnering design intent, or as information including language duration. Given the non linear distinctivienss of each event, effects no longer sourced through the contrived human ideation, we can assume the uncertain redundancy of language is not longer applicable. Each event assumes its own language. It's own spatial material interchange. These events as noted we are already compatible with distinctive-personalized, dreams, birth, death, luck, forgetting, intuition, precogntion, but these occurrences “presently” are not sought, not functionally shared and occurr in functional exclusion of their material temporary reality-apparent through functional value loss. “Pulse glimpse.” We experince as temporary. But that which is temporary, in the absence of sustained time duration displacement has more in common with the infinite Eternal. The fleeting Eternal surivies its own brevity. That which is lost to us functionallly and perceputally is otherwise, vital and active. Futility condition status occurences that are acknowledged as disposable. Exampe samples: A vehicle sustained through instrincis value loss. Depletion risk fuel. Your life. Disease wich preciptates “inspires” cure dimmissed to cure effect which itself is uncertaintity actualized through temporal paradox. Cure can be damaging, influenced by agony and fatality. Indeed spirituality is expereinced through self abstention, the after life denying life immedicacy. A self appearance “ Eternal birth” immediately denied in time to a non Eternal existence. A life's effort redeemed through the death exclusion of the life duration that inspired Eternal effect. A being no longer expressible in linear language. Politely reminding death through dying is is a human cont4rivance; death in the absence of life through dying avails the Cosmic awe. Organic shape gained to an inclusionary “identifiable” Everpresence. The God apppointed body during active death reclaims “a similarity” an active orgin status that presumes and influences conception. Beceased. These mysteries like death, prayer, laughter, dream, God can be claimed to language, their fuller birthing transcends these shared printings to the fuller awe affleuncy, Godsoulprint. Witness the Light hear the near y “our” coive. Meaning? What was a word presence before the two condtions, self and effect intent, approached each other.

What was a word presence, everpresence before the two condtion, self and effect intent, approached each other's active immedicacy. What is the origin source of silence? Light? Through time abstention evidence upon birth and during death we did not function thropugh the shar4ed denial of self. Awareness, perception source, location and expression a singular...We did not have to recirpocally amend ourselves to sustain our “personalized” advantage of creation. Made credible through self denial, profit through loss, death credibility. Cosmic adolesecnce. Made credible through errror, failure, incompletion. Laughter and unrelnting tears. And extinctions promise. Bold our obstacles we reach Heaven prevailing over our temporary disguise. We create the burdens we happily “successfully” resisit while denying. Denying the “unknowing” prefered Eternal aspiring. You don't knock on the door to get out. Anticpation our attended compass. We can particpate in our prayers. Freguent our dreams. Greet death without dying. Gather gravity our intended direction. We smile chating last night with the gentle-bold Louie Donato, Orchard 9's navigator. “Dying can't be improved on.” Yet we do loss and gain aspire the same (ie) killing. Our major corporations, industries, Universities focus on dying as our scholarships incentive. A profoit motivator. We alert, unncessarily deny, violate life through dying, our sustainable brief. Our profound temporal adaptation. Our protest's invitation to the Eternal. Dying is an inguiring human thing. Death God gentle God thing. Death n' dying each the gentler inclusionary ancipation of the other. Death Eternal prefers life to dying. Dying's unnatural anguish life's unnecessary “resolvable” weight. Gravities pause?

This new location materiality is of no applicable value unless their is a compatible information valuation shift. A new method “manner” of sustaining-expressing-tabulating and infering information perception. A status condition activity presently realized through uncertain,incomplete, incomplete “distracted” language formuatlion. (Not time interactive “stationary” in the arts). Mediumn reflects result. We are examining a new location resolve, not expressible ideally through measurable incremental language presently revealing- validating space “inaduagetly” as “a” time continium. Origin not less its cause. Expansion contraction of the same pulse material event presenlty realized as life death dislocation duration disparity. A dislocation disparity that affects all material events realized though in time. Value identity intent through loss, both as deficent result, inception intent anomaly and language duration ie incremental language, mathematics. (Language and mathematics share the same bowl different appetitie consumption same melody).

New to us an expressive event materiality infered through unsolicted influencing events. Occurences we neither create not are able to sustain, we know and expereince inadeguately in duration therefor effect. Affecting engaging radnomness referenced as luck, expressible intution currently randomly coherent but seeming response need affecting, forgetting memory ideation resolve, answered prayers, music, sustainable precogntions, accousitc mass constriction, life and death and death and life, wormhole way access. And your next thought....

Shape “design” constriction actualized through depletion acceleration (resolved)-culminating as inherent process defines purpose (ie) measurable non- utility. At the speed of light displacement the linear space ship disintegrates, (mass constriction) reclaims its non linear functional origin source, source location. Location and shape become symmetrical. To affect a non- linear intuitve duration effect, object, location intent or distance, resolution intent effect are near interchangable. Value loss remains possible but not as design initiative. Value is no longer assed though loss. Event likely percived as error based random limitation. The same death. Disease anomaly. The many sufferings. Commerical profit based on depletion risk sustained revealing result. Money loaned on money?

Adaptive shape in form, concurrent-concentric assimilation engages Super poistion? Invites non-linear utiliy. Fractal effect. Mass constriction avails fractal. Reciporcal fractal assimilation. Example accelerating urannium depletion half life. Fractal continuity. (Expansion contraction “simultaneous spontaniety” (interactive concentric reciprocity)a curvature as opposed to measured displacement “seperation” validated while revealed through value loss). Mirror image? Gravity? Chaos theory integrated less its randem peorgative. Newtons laws of motion, relocated to their fuctional disaplaced orgin. Simultaneous spontaniety avals intent, direction otherwise defused during Everpresence ie abstained time light manifest. Sounc accousitc avails direction, intent specific, remedy. Noon linear techology and global commerce. Inclusive spirtiualty.

Concurrence need not be effect sustained “affected” because it already is “intact” sustained. (Event inclusion is location). You can not evoke-sustain ideally by denying. While assigning value defiency to the ironic anomaly. The Cosmos gardened.

Expansion-contraction, suggestive of constriction union, less value loss factored through scalar vector resloves distance displacments anomaly. At the speed of light there is no passage of time. ( Modulated Light reciprocity avails different forms of utilitarian time condition). One is slow. Another now. “Interchangeable concentirc concurrent. “ Loss utility direction suggested by value loss death presumption, enaged. Reactivated. Now likely limited to ephemral dream occurrence, presumed luck effect, coincedence, repressed clarvoyance. (Temporary ineffectual events not sustainable not knowingly evoked.)

Another approaching presence “residency” intent realized as everpresence. Abiding super position resolution. Worm hole utility. Further availing the morphogentic field, recpiproacal and concurrent gives clear credence to seperation anomaly. Life through flawed death anticpation. Death throug dying anomaly. Exclusionary techology and global commerce. Spirituality. (Sound not petroleumn, uraniumn. Value loss resolved through depletion. Affected through polution, noise. And effect “success” defiency.

What is concentric resonant super position, localized? Randem certitude, reciporcal probability? What is clarvoyance, really? (Inherent in any event is its intended evolve.... Example birth, death; disease cure). Clarvoyant certitude immediate or probable in a self denying culture, a self abstaining acguired reality. Clarvoyance less linear's displacing projection, rdeemed through defienct value loss. Reciprocally active, simultaneous spontaniety, clarvoyance. Being able to examine the dormant completed non material past relevant to the to the “completed” planned future defeicnet event. A continous mirror. Throbing assimilation. The interesting movie offers, “Computers aren't the thing their the thing that will lead to the thing.” What happends to event manifistation “thing” when the human anomaly is included in the concentric-concurrent process. (A non- linear affectation). Concerns about artificial (still linear) intelligence are resolved? The source remains human. What can't “linearily impositioned” intelligence-induced robots do? Serve time in prison? Laugh in its sleep. Wet the bed unexpectedly. Respond to it's own prayers reguest. Cheat on its own coin toss? Gentle interuption. Where is the alleged Charlie dog, dear freind, mystrical companion. Amigo Rover, Sweets Alive, Barnanby Rosie the same. Oh dear Noah's Arc offers its song. We are not alone. Plead innocent to a crime. Dance the dirty dog with Tom Cantrell. Smoke a mystical joint with Louie, Snookie and Sandy Donato. Share God's pizza with Amy Albertson, Rent a room from Carl Zimmerman's ghost town in Bodi. Where? Impending Curtis Slama gathering mysterious shadows shade, like many awaiting inspiration's cause. Hi Buck Minister. OM Sandy Aquila OM. Celebrate “Oh” Genevivie Nicole Williams poem's accompanied appreciation. Eye's God's light reflection. Buy a back dated news paper from John Anderson. Best stories between sentences. What else conceals. Correct us if were wrong preferably of were right...

Do “I” understand correctly, computer “code” is the language through which computer programs are realized. An event related specfic language. Not word based code, not life representiative. Futile, awe and uncertain. Good purpose intent“efficent” event driven code. No betrayal lurks, no violence wit hinders, no shop lifting sojourn. Good code. We are asking the machine to be the good of us we are unwilling to be. We've improved on Creation's instruct. God's will our own. Understandably we are leary of such machines, robots, artificial intelligence (our suto divine self devised self). We surrender to our lost consent. Our goodness secured by a utility bill. Oh dear Oh dear oh dear. An undeniable life denied, choice, prayer and gears. Noam Chomsky breath's. “We will surive by choice and will condtions that aren't influneced by natural laws.”

Death the fractal of life? Life lioke. Accepting briefly that death is the opposite of life, what is the fractal of the opposite event. The value loss defeinct opposite. Complete? Fractal origin perception? Life and death reciporcally concurrent, not realized through value loss defeicency. Shape continuity surrendered to form ideation. The presnce of our absence. The functional absence of our presence. Impending. We continue...

The World Treasurey of Religious Guotations, edited by the nice and eagerly genlte Ralph Wood, explains. “ Fundemental to Judaism is the santification of time.” Following paraphrase to assumming explanation. Claiming the non- Eternal to its Eternal origin. The watchfull Eternal now.

A Jewish Proverb sings. If the rich could get someone else to die for them the poor would make a good living.

Does on questions response avail a singular directr5ion. Women and men? Obstacles flowers alike. The God birth intended gender dispositions are organically disimiliar. Does all most all enough derive from this Cosmic root? Is anatomy fate? Do miracles have3 gender? One question beget's its own prayer. Is their a spiritual difference between men and women. Words response answers nest. “Yes” begets “no” either preference companionship confides. Words suckle their own thirst. Tweet tweet chirp chirp. Love allows more lips than lips amend. Without uncertainity hope would be an orphan. You recognize miracles why not yourself.

Life and time have become interchangeable. In 1752 the Bristish Parliament coverted to the Gregorian calender. Citizens rioted in the streets. Believing their lives were goi9ng to be shortened by twelve days. While losing twelve days of pay. Curious. Life in time duration Eternities child. (I” trust i8n hope and the Yellow Brick road is happy birthday missiog a chrous.

The preferred of time we impose on others. Their time preference our choice. Soldiers, slaves. under appreciated employees time's burdened pallbearers. Even in solitude time cautions “directs” our existence. A rumor, a neighbors ill intent, pollution, a cancers greeting. All time mortgaged. Our greatest mortgage, “life after death.” Life's hesitation resolved, the great delay. This coerced flow we know as “cause and effect.” We cause what happens to others. And ourselves. Always guided-reprieved by failure-engaged (influenced) by linearly continuous death, dying. (The avoidable dying purposeful cause of its many adherents). Acknowledged please in a non- linear timeless Universe loss is not defining. Even in purpose distanced by designed opportunity this appears to be true. Fractals. Super position, dreams testify. Active perspectives currently not being utilized. Accordingly it is desirous that we be the temporary effect of our calculated “self denying” cause. Much Eternally suggestive as noted we do not cause, but once occur rent subjected to our menu. In celebrating our cause we deny source. We calculate, determine, estimate, engage-we cause. Process we secure by our greatest harvest. Again and again“I'm sorry.” Again and again. Preferring submission to leanings task. What greater cause not diminished by temporary effect, sponsored by rumor, shoe lace, always the gun fire. The answer claims its own purpose. Politely acknowledging mysterious neighborhoods, fate, karma, chance, you lucky dog. And the celestial Universities of self we create; drugs, alcoholism, homelessness, Holy Temple redundancy, abortions, refugees, insanity, dying vestibule. And your terrible wars peacefully financed. Memories mirror you know the rest....Listen breath inby the non- linear no one is less all not more the less of others. Seeking clarity, explanation, aspiring prayer suggests we need to be the source of our cause. A comedy we attempt preferring God our choice. Our divinity? Need for response impairs relevance. Understandable temporary burden. Should we at some life juncture retire success to God purpose. We know good enough. Surrender calculation to fate. Estimation to God purpose. There can be success in failure. And success. Do know. You are not alone.

Lilly Tomlin sings. “We are all in this together. By ourselves.” Oscar Wilde promises. “Be yourself everyone is already been taken.” Golda Meir's protest smiles. “Don't be so humble your not that great.” The Charlie Rose television show offers. “There are no indaguate people only inadguate perceptions of them.” What do you say Dear friend. We listen...

Now Betsy the mischevous funny man. “Sweet heart I'm going to let you give me another chance3.”

Miracles are skills. Reciprocal awe.

Do we kill ourselves because we are tired of dying? Please don't....

To whom do we surrender if we are the only enemy?

Many on the planet earth politely repeat their prayers waiting pateintly for God to get them right.

I do as I say I say as I am, infinity at glance...

Words listen silence speaks less ourselves. We are inviting peiople to evoke their timeless Eternal disposition which in time they defer to an after life at some level of awarness they resist-suspect we are asking them to die so we can contioinue o ur conversation.

God attended Hindu's offer, remembering. “Everything will be alright at the end, if its not alright its not the end.” My dear sister and brother Tony Terry smile Eterniites attendance, Chris commended.

Many years ago our near distant timelessly immediate relatives did not use incremental word language. They intuitively could not rely on shared-consensual “manageable” intelligence. Without language our ancestors could not “share-enforce” time. Death accordingly was a different accommodation, adaptation. Before and after life otherwise construed. They self actualized timeless memory. Non- linear spontaneous utterances. Not Eternal forgotten. One not less seed's contempt. Unknowingly less language deficiency on the morphogenetic field? A timeless field that all species except humans depend on. Humans defer allegorically to an after life, not this life. A field that has its own acquiring (all eve3nt inclusive) timeless Eternal memory. A field we are born into and came from that we unknowing avoid while alive and return to upon death. An active field that includes all memories, genetic being one. Remember our other neighbors the alleged rats, rats is a human term, were taught certain behaviors. Different alleged rats in Australia learned the same behaviors ten times faster. Acknowledging politely our measurements “limiting” interference. A sensual anomaly that includes observation. We clumsily listen to ourselves witnessing whales communicate thousands of miles apart. Creation God's memory. You must quench time your thirst. Only God can remember an event before it happens. Eternal patience. God listens the whales, the porpoises and the humming birds speak. In the absence of time all life on the planet except humans existence occurs in the Eternal now. Amending: Computers, travel. Medicine, life and death in the morphogenetic field? By what instruction do you recognize a miracle from a hiccup. You recognize miracles because you recognize yourself. Embarrassed and alarmed. Words speak cautions waiting. How can words mean something when we don't? Memory, echo's there's a source out there.

Let's dance the music's lore cheek tah cheek, repeating love's gentle favor for the first time. Encouraging divine intervention. Human beings are the only species who experience God's Creation through time. And ordered death. All in time ends less its assigned “human and God purpose” even though we reside in a timeless-endless “Eternal” Universe. In time the Eternal seemingly ends. We settle for a non- Eternal existence. Everything we experience in time eventually loses all consciously functional utility. And direction. Your first pair of shoes gone. The corsage, your Moms Pop's life's, the buffalo,our tears the gold fish (we are taught) all in time ocame to an end. (Endlessly). Like the flower plucked from (its) celestial earth, we wither. And die. One more time please playing that banjo, the clarinet. And that tambourine. Attending the Eternal imagination, your residence. How can a life end in an endless Universe? Answer through the human question of time.

We dance singing our naked bodies at a glance.Like all realized in time paradox our perceptions are incomplete. Our sensual experience are presntly sourced by Eternal conditions that are beyond our ability to comprehend. Engage and influence. Explaining our futile temporary applications in an endlessly enduring Universe. Yet we experience awe we do not solicit. Fleeting glimpses. Our dreams nocturnal. Coincidence, intution and arrticulate miracles. Unaware of time we are conceived Eternal beings. Once time assimlated the infinite immeasurable is the reality we unknowingly deny. The timeless infinite Eternal reflection. We approach our source transcendent consciousness. The silence sings guietly forever dreams. Poems wait breath's expression. Our celestial appearance. See you at the fashion glow...

Fashion flow the sum of awe....

Definition denies fashion invites. Transitory occurrence the midst in which events unfold. Gratefully we approach resonant jewelry, acoustics creams, Elysian perfumes. And super natural apparels.

Mirrors evolving image of our receptive selves. Time astute we create a distorted reality. Preventing the preferred after life. Unnaturally. Unnecessarily. We seek amidst an imagination esteemed by our absence. We are the many faces unknowable. Wonderful desires...

(1). Once make up. Clarifiying acoustic creams awakening mirror dreams. Celestial asymmetrical face. There is no beauty less the Eternal self. Beauty consents. All not deferred is beautiful. God acguaintance...

(2) Current perfumes are assembled in their distinctive vapor. Not wakened allure of self. No being imagined can occupy your Eternal space. Imitation impossible surrenders tears to smile. Your voice, eyes, genes-the motion skin Eternally testify...( Motion has intent. Source explains intent. Purpose avails awareness. Infinity at a glance). These words tender folly are the dream of you, approaching consult.

* Whispering: Your Eternal body denied is Eternally enduring. Pause.... Caution celestial favors don't deny. Silence sings the light dances.

(3). Identifying your Eternal motion sound, referenced as DNA sound, elicits the evolving auras that evoke-sustain your Eternal infinite presence. The perfume. The transitory creams. The jewelries. Gowns and scarfs,slippery gruffs. And treasures.

(4). Jewelries that shape, evoke, reflect motions shared appearance. The transitory reciprocal awe of self. Eyes. The awe. Fascination. Shapes changing jewelries. Rainbows hidden in a glass...Material migrations.

(5). Stealth apparel. We perceive the imperceptible. Ourselves. The image of our discontent. Aging health informed. We live the denied image value of our lost non Eternal existence. Will you be surprised to learn that the Eternal has a shape? We are each the incompleted exclusion of ourselves. Consensus abrogates. Understanding denies comprehension. *The stationary dresses' motions.*A gown applied fading, mystical, worn once. *A vibrating string. * A couples presentation, two dress one. Three images, one appearance, stationary. And symmetry approaching. ( The anomaly of distance does not have to define form). What is life less dying's identity. What darkness that does not beg the light.

(6). The dress that becomes "9." The blue print source of stealth apparel. The unknowing aspirations of self.( Changes, adjustments, echoes, frequencies). Accommodated temptations. Editing. Hemline emerging, cleavage gently tightening shifting colors. There are the many languages. Splendid echo. A scarf dripping light trailing the night. The shoes those shoes. One not the other still the other. T shirts without seams. Inside out still in 4 images seeking others.

(7). Presently most motion evokes a sound that misrepresents "distorts" the motion that created the sound. Vector noise. All is Eternally recurrent, however denied-deferred, can be re birthed to the Eternal. Example: All vector noise body assimilated in a factory over 5 weeks actualized on one spatial moment, death disfigurement would result. Dark static assonance, the no of noise. The same acoustic regency realized over two years result claims aging . Remedy. Your wrinkles God's fingerprints. Otherwise an affection that can be reversed "forgiven" through the distinctive accrued vector acoustic. (The reversal release of the day's damaging soundings). A jewelry can be worn that will register all grievous soundings, acoustic representations that can be reversed "redeemed" during mediation, sleep,coupling, shower...all silencing endeavors enhanced.

(8). Should we not begin to accrue, attire, men well beyond their current practicality. The active t- shirt as noted. Apparels for the temporarily poor. Wealth and poverty are both opportunity. Creations companionship nurtures all.

Shoes that change shape with each step. Female and male attire that deflects acoustic insult, compliments resonant gift. Button still buttons. Acoustic zippers, seams and hemlines? Echo slippers. Swims suits for the naked body. Acknowledging the sun and your pulse. Moon, sun, tide, fish familiar. Careful adapting baby cloths, blissfully fire retardant. Floating socks. Gender vestments inferred. Honeymoon's apparels invitation. Flame incandescent eerings. Sensually warm vapor immitimg gloves. A family cloth unique to each family. Creations galaxies will greet your arrival.

There is a source out there, a timeless Eternal source we seek ineptly in time. A continuously available origin source we experience incompletely. An origin source we know ephemerally in dream, unexpected coincidence, unintended opportune luck “ incomplete occurrences” we can not currently evoke once occur rent can not sustain, but in the morphogenetic field these Cosmic occurrences can be situated, sustained-they are beneficially expressible. A new language and numeration not less our current accommodations. Spirituality. Technology, In one words blessing, yourself. Event's we can't evoke can only sustain by denying “repressing” in time endings. The planet earth. Your surprised birth. Your assigned death. We don't answer our own prayers. We don't solicit our dreams. The lucky break. Timeless Eternal Events that we did not evoke. Can't sustain. But we do benefit from.... We are organically accordant with the Eternal. When we were born we had no awareness of time or death, we were Eternal beings. In time we become non Eternally unhappy.

Now through these God determinant insights human beings can begin to utilize the morphogentic field. (Quantum corridor). Where events don't end less their Eternal purpose, all nurtures Eternal. Major industries wont rely on inept dyeing “endings” to generate depletion profits. Weapons makers God n' self forsaken. Cure's opposition disease not validated- revealed through abrupt sustained dyeing. Insurance companies need not subsidize our death's to their profit. Stock brokers taxidermy.

Heaven is separated from the planet earth. Because Heaven is timelessly Eternal the earth people subsists in time. Through time we took over this Eternal planet. We made Creation our own. Inby our time we worship the timeless Creator of our own choosing. Death applauds and we bow. Through time “our time” we borrow from Eternity and pay back with our lives.

Our ancient relatives like God's offspring neighbors, the whales, the wolves, the grasshoppers and those mysterious flowers lived an Eternal existence. Not time reliant. Unaware of contrived unhappy endings, our ancestor lived in a Creation world free of wars, executions and expensive diseases. THEN. In time we walked hesitantly out of Eden. And into the future.

Interuption resumed. Paradoxical conlcusion the global incusionary trade metaphor. If planetary services, products and technologies were availabe to planetary citizens with the same level of unimpeded efficency as opiates the world economy would expereince an unaparalled resurgence spiritual in its affect. Referencing: Medical supplies. Farm crops. Cars. Farming eguipment, clothing, clean water, credit, books, computers, musical and sport eguipment. Significant reduction in taxation would result perpuating a less coercive planetary ecomomy. Reguring less governmental imposition. Less corporate devaluation (ie) corporations not basing value gain through shared corporate value loss which is transfered to human clients-assimilating Creation defiency. Communiites reguring less enforcement. Resources private, capital and governmental could be defered life improvement, wholesomness and innovation. Interestingly weapons and medications whose utility is ideal in non- usage reguiring warning lables protecting customers would still reguire oversight, legal impositions and cautioanry trade limitations. A contining critigue on a culture that invests and secures a culture they value an persue by denying. A temporal culture whose major redemable profit is the sustainable dying and suffering of others. Life converted to “temporary” death insurance companies, lethal weapons, medical networks where cure and isease are both valuated-validated through dying, the interment industry. And religions which resolve the Eternal birthright to as a defered after life disgrads Eternal life immedicacy. And governments engaging “securing” policy through militarized death provacation. While finacing and preparing for planetary spasm events ie nuclear war, biological warfare, global warming, limited asteroid tracking, cyber warefare. Curious...

These directive corruptions of being are based on choice endorsed by intent. And extinction schematic propegated by profit.

Witness suggests “violence” has assumed a decisive voice. Echo's of our instruction. Violence we exist less our identity. Spiritually, technology, commerce. Violence stifles language, violence which language condones. Encourages as deceptions frustrations, shared and solitary expression? Our time accrued value loss culture is precipitated and endorsed through undesired violence. (Violence our temporal misunderstanding). All time encrusted events from inception to their unavoidable conclusion come to an end. All utility direction is lost. Curios paradox- we live in a timeless “endless” Universe where events, forms and shapes can seemingly lose material formation intent, but God purpose immateriality identity continues. We are the sustained proof of our vandalized mystery. Not knowing knowings seed. Absence greets presence. And Ever presence denied as presence completes it's own expression. We continue God attended unsolicited of self. Seeking the evidence of ourselves we concoct while denying. Harvesters of death unnecessary dying. The human philosopher Nietzsche offers,”Without music life would be a mistake.” We continue desperately creating the need for our own prayers. “When we run out of tears we laugh.” Thomas Mann solicits...? We continue. Home bound refugees. Worshiping God our own ritualized preference. Spiritual dormancy. Guilt innocence's kindred shadow. Please understand there is no protest here. No tedious fateful complaint. No enemy condemned by our embrace. There is hope. There is opportunity. What enemy opposes denies us enemy the same. To whom do we surrender if we are the enemy. Yet tears moisten our lonely cheeks. And there is blood's motion on the sidewalk. And as there time is there is less time. And yes through God's gift of time you are invited to examine, witness and express the challenge of your Eternal timeless origin. As there is more time there is less time. Do you understand? God is our mystery we are not God's mystery. Right or wrong God the same. Yet our prayers speak our voice. And we suffer the mystery of our children. Mystery ourselves God of our own choosing. Blood on the sidewalk. Tears on our cheeks.

Road rage. Violence in cemeteries. And Holy Temples. Shopping centers. Fist fights on airplanes. Death wounded school yards. Frightened class rooms. Sporting events and movie theaters. Sad days. Unnecessary anguish. Executions sanities warrant. Executions are unkind. Violence the same, less unkindness is better than more. Innocence is more productive than guilt. Specially if your guilty. What innocence judgment speaks life denied less life's avail. There are gardens of joyful calm, poetry readings, your dreams, your attended-nurturing memories. Your preferred self. Tomorrow's yesterday today's seeded opportunity. Do you understand we have become marketers of despair. Creation mortified. Soldier, tax payer. Worshiper. Yet maternity wards hold safely the flowers of own Creation. And the many poetry readings sing less our saddest thirst. And we know good the better of ourselves.

We continue yearning claiming sway to purpose. Absence seed's blossom's delivery. We are source accompanied. Each snowflake's greeting delievers Eternal purpose. Our perceputally apparent reality evoked through "human" time duration doesn't end. Human temporal “inception” application is flawed. Conseguentially incomplete. Logic insists, failure intent design testify, error celebrates. We live in an actively timeless-endless Eternal Universe. Time sensitive earth people non- Eternally reside. Spiritually inept. Sad of God. Wonderfully disguised. And dangerous. Yet Eternities motion sound unfolds holding the Light available:.. Planetary non- linear territorial assimilation: Countries,towns, provinces, contenents , cities. Hemispheres. Shared back yard fences. (The stars hasten). Paris, Bolivia and Orion the same map. Common purpose. Common prayer.

Through time deficency humans impose on environment Creation unnecessary life denying- life defining, shape distorting affiliations. All realized less purpose limits orgins, endings irony. Direction lost to Cosmic destination. Not aware of any other choice all expereinced in time is realized through unnecessary Eternal loss. Living a denying life Eternally incomplete. Making harvest value of loss. Confused, suffering the many hungers we cause. Eternity is motoin sounds intent. Intent avail awarness. A repressed "intended" bliss of self we "delay" to the timeless after life. Flow generous Flow. Eternally affluent life denied. Unnatrually. Unnecessarily. Unhappily.

Curiously oironies song lifes birth's awaitings: Celestial contentment. We are born unknowingly time impaired unaware of time and death, Eternal beings denied. Organically Eternal beings. A life presently revoked evident beyond allegories temporal promise secured in transient faith. Bereavements end confessed through imagined death. Dreaded. Aspired. Our journey begins. You can only be late if your on time. Smiling we cheer Creation.

Awaiting an organic Eternal identity, you can only glimpse: Skill's address expressible in the timeless sphere. Your Cosmic birthright. We waiver time distracted. All in time eventualy loses all percievable utility. God Eternities direction. This irony begins upon the inception of an otherwise Eternal event. One examples nectar: (We are born, age our lives end). An identity we apologize commanding upon Creation. Again the gentle caress: How can an endless infinite Eternal event come to an end. Through human time duration's offspring the earth people took over God's planet as their own. Masters of time slaves to the missed opportunities disguised by time. Death applauds you bow, perpendiuclar to ourselves. In the absence of time deficency Eternities life becomes expressible, optional.

There is a source we can not percieve thus not express that touches us. Opportuniites whisperings. Gently logic speaks. We don't answer our own prayers. Source pr4edates the planet earth's intact materiality. (You are the immaculate preconcepton of yourself, abstained). What you expereince in time is not as it exists Etenally. Dreams attend us. Luck is not of our design. We do not answer our own prayers. Life incomplete death the same. We do not choose the death that guides our lives. You acknoweldge miracles why not ourselves? You arrive less yourself if your on time. We are more purpose than compass directs. Know the darkness claim the Light's delivery.

God essentialy we are not as we deliver. Remember. Progress. We are niot the soldier, merchant, sceintiest and candle stick maker- God anticpated self.

The Universe is timeless, Eternal; non Eternal earth people live in time. What you explain isn't. There is a source, a source other than ourselves. A divine source which includes our undenied selves. We don't answer our own prayers. We do not instruct our birth. Explain our death's response. We don't choose to forget. Yet we forget. We don't choose to remember. Yet we remember. Luck, dreams, death unrelated to dying, unsolicted. There is a source out there.

Ressurrection-reincarnation: Revelations allegory. Life after death is the construed seed of planetary belief, through death's dieing assimilation you can attain a prefered bond with God. Worshippers are invited prolong a God defered God value by denying life, a gift from God to an after life. Not this life...

Human being's through interpretative choice have affected the encouraged shift. A God endless Eternal gift of life Creation has been denied-delayed to an after life. You have rejected God's Creation life Eternal in favor of non- Eternal existence. Rendering God and Creation your temporary pervue. This unberable irony has culminated in the earth people's Extinction Culture.

A planetary people who accept self denying-inspired spiritual inepititude have made indiviudal value of sin. And composed wonderment's Cosmic opportunity. Yet purpose of violence continues. And religion's exclusionary futility. Redemption through redunant forgivness gives recurrent value to transgression. God's love need not be forgiven. Krishna, yourself otherwise by choice, Mother Teresa, our gentle Jesus- other planetary neighbors through choice lives such a life. While denied. God's divine elephants, humming birds, flowers, butterflies, all baby lifeform children, the rain and the air value the expressible "intended" Eternal of life. While trying to resist the damage done to God's Creation environment, depletion's iorny actualized as encouraged intent. Unnaturally. Unnecessarily. Unhappily.

A non- Eternal devoted people's have little choice but to remain in their Holy Temples until they are relieved of their success by death. A wanton death through dying they often cause. And profit from in their religions,commerce and technology. Such people must limit their spiritual journey to ritualized pantomine. Obediance. Violence. Lonely misogyny. Never in their God devotion graduating from Holy Temples. God attendant beneficent of Eternal awe...The life relevance of these words is in your translation...Only you can dance the spatial dance sing the Eternal song.

Listen carefully please: God presupposes the materializing of the planet earth. Their is the Cosmic God and the earth people's frightened adpatation. You recognize miracles why not yourselves.

God an Eternal non-linear Ever presence expressed in deficient incomplete non Eternal language. Any expression of God in temporal language renders God in the immediate inexpressible. Consciously God becomes other than knowable. Of course the unknowable transcends “acknowledges” however ineptly that which we deny as knowable. Denying identifies what is being denied.

A multiplicity of languages, linear irony, times manifest, dyeing investments “render” the realization therefore the expression of God as futility. We can agree futility is a reasoned “necessary” aspiration enema ting from a non- Eternal culture that has made value of loss. Should we assume that our view of God determines God's view of us. God presently on this planet is an incomprehensible-explainable potential. Though we ineptly conceive the desperate need for most of our own prayers, the prayers response is God's. God source is relevant to locality? Without source and locality God would be the near of inexpressible. Without residency. We know God in consensus with other humans. One of many species. Not necessarily a God consensus. God we have determined is obedient to our need to obey-deny God.

Detour. God predates “presupposes” the materializing of the planet earth. There is the Cosmic God. And the earth peoples bold, timely, violent adaption. Affecting evoking a God ideal that is relevant through the absence of God's gift of life. The after life. Not your life. Humans continue to worship God through human sacrifice. The earth peoples Extinction Culture persists.

During life worship the planetary human “surrenders” their distinct union with God, their Godsoulprint, to the historical holy brick. Institution. And lifelong human surrogates. We know God through our disguise of God, ourselves. These expressions reveal their fuller seed as your expression. Your words. Deeds. Miracles acknowledge you kindred inexpressibly divine.

Isisn't it is isn't (is) is it? (I) issn't it is More...

Not so we are. We approach the umbrage absence of ourselves. Colors we witness, wonderful blues, greens, Autumn yellows, brisk reds are actually coloration condtions we organically impose onto Creation. These "humanized" colorations are actually Light expressible as sound feguency. We wait to reclaim our Eternal birthright through ill concieved "hazy-lazy" death we surrender our colorful limitations- and we are refurbished ofbyin the light. We can assume our consent and God's no longer resistant. Do not these words announce our delivery. Whispering's haste we dance God predates the materializing of the planet earth. Yourself the same. Life and death life the same. Extinction otherwise. "The day the music died." The fulller words their seed your dream's labor delivers. Are you happy.

The nice and gentle writer Mitch Ablom offers in “his” book (Five people you8 meet in Heaven). “Heaven is where you come to terms with your past.” One breath's sentence abides awe's delivery. Upon death's gentle consent all accrues the future as the past. We assume if you resolve the ironie's anguish of your past, blossom's current seed, you will begin living the intended miracle of your life. Do we agree the future until engaged in time is Eternal. The past dormant-unengaged except by the whimsy of memory also invite the infinite Eternal. Uninterrupted except blissfully by our gentle refining inguires. No one dies in the past, suffers cancer, survivies D-Day, Eternitieis seed instructs. All is Eternal otherwise by your command.

What reality speak not our mirrors reflecttion. The fewer words design we approach carefully. Are you unhappy?

One questions answer like our thirst will not fill Creation's Lake. What words attendance enough? What answer better less the question's answers ? What kiss imaginations tear fraternity enough. Alone enough proof of absence? What apology not sins inspiration. What kiss twice promise nurtured. What God without confession. Confession enough? What grave without companionship? What death mourn's Eternity. Answers deny your questions pupose. Thus language speaks who listen.

Can we God deliver ourselves if we have not arrived gently from where we've been. Promise implores forgiveness convenes. Divorce love's brides maid. Do not apologize what comprehension condemns. Abortion's seed 's flowers thorn. What guilt not guilt's innocence prefered.

Discontinued content we contempt. We devise the burdens we forgive once not enough. Ourselves destination's anguished away. Word's commend our words delivery, the pelican speaks our dreams. Chatting mysteries with Lori Lorraine, Peter Miller, Chris Peters. And U.... Have you noticed pall bearers are men. Women deliver life unto this planet men carry it out....Well wait for you. We continue now amended. What concentric speaks Eternities dowery. " May I introudce myself?" Thank you. "My name is Nicky." I just lied it's called the truth. Lies hasten truth's seeds delivery. Forgive me father my sins weren't satisfactory. All is not as it seems.

A Love exciting comedian a lady named Sarah Silverman offers cautiously anticipation's smile. Explaining: Spiritual prophets devoted well beyond words carriage seemed to suffer their God devotion. Buddah, Jesus, The Apostles, Joseph Smith many sad of unnecessary suffering's haste.Thus legitimacy derived: Jesus died on the cross for our sins. How often blood sings the earth peoples song. “Jesus died for our sins asleep in bed surrounded by his favorite toys?” The answer hides forgiving the question's apology. Noticing still attending observations: The spiritual prophets whose foot prints we follow to Heaven;none rellied on a surragate other than God. None leaned on instition other than dream. They wandered Creation their home. Purpose their voice. God thus their companionship.

Memory abides silence impending? Forgetting non- linear duration abides silence amending Eternal?

The origin source of our beginning. Many millions of willfull God intended species including early smiling humans, currently we are the only species that endorses Creation's expereince in time. And unresolved death expereinced through dysfunctional profit based dieing. Unnecesarilly, unnaturally. Unhappily. The frightened place of self. Hummingbirds peacefully fly the skies polinating Creation their hearts content. We walk and think to pray. And wonder why. Knowing is God's shadow not our own.

We approach the silence already assumed: There is the Eternal Duration. Time Duration. And non- linear Duration.

Non- linear duration from the human perspective speaks to DNAsound subjective intent. Non- linear duraiton is the condition activity through which we resolve, actualize the current time entrophy adpation to its denied origin source the infinite Eternal ideal. Eventfully. Reminding we whisper in the absence of time the infinite Eternal becomes functional. Optional humans will continue by acguired choice, through karmic happenstance be be able to suffer their existence. Themselves. And their children.

We inguire anticpation's surmiose. What is the origin of the word location laughter. Anagram? Depend on whose laughing? The non linear correlation of a static term “thought” assumes a motion accoustic relevant to symmetry. Shared. Presently an adaptive word evolution relevant to the linearily extended sentence, paragragh. Being able to identify, utoilize and express the non linear accostic term evolves comunication to another level. Resonant labor directing our delivery. The term love evolves-adapts through expression. The singular word flower avails the orchard of its own expressible source.

We can excitedly wonder whether “non- linear” Eaternal information once shared can only be realized exopressible by forgetting, expression recollection suggests an Eternal immediacy. Yet denial is acknowledgement. Inby a non linear dispostion you can only be better than yourself. Gently so by Creation's shared embrace.

Time is a self imposed God condoned anomaly. An interesting, curiousily mysterious human accomadation. A flawed, incomplete and likely necessary effort to adpat the timeless Eternal to our survival invested selves. (All in time mysteriously ends less its intended Eternal duration). Yet logic speaks and life witnesses, one question's seed, how can a material presence like your life, the river, the alleged hummingbird, the galaxie come to an end (disappear lose all value direction) in an endless Eternally refining Universe. Ofcourse the answer to our labors question (is) time. Through time, our time, our clumsy, bold and magical disposition we attempt to convene the timeless Eternal to our impatient advantage. Through time imposition we began to worship the endlessly Eternal God of our own choosing. We spawned a reality, a life existence we value by denying. Unnecssarily avoiding. Our endings not God's endings became our commerce. Our many after not this life religions. We prayed in time while waiting for ourselves, the Eternal answers delivery. We created the need for our own prayers. We esteem forgiveness giving redunant value to transgression. Confusion dieings anguish with death Eternal; opportunity. We had to die inorder to reclaim God's gift of life to ourselves, our freinds and family. Creation's pallbearers? Planet earth Noah's Arc. “Star of wonder star of light....” Dearest Phyllis Coggins the University of Maine.

E=mc2 all earth science perceptions are deficent through their perceptual inception, flawed in process, incompete in coseguent intent. Progress testifies results explain. Validated-valuated through value loss perogative. Yet relevant in their potential. Aapplicable. Essentially relevant in the ideas eventual invalidation. Ideation utility that often is adaptive to value loss events like weaponry. If E=mc sguared carried a warning label like cigarrets and medications the label might read. Handle this precious idea through deficent application can lead to extinction. Better prayer's deed than, “good luck.”

Not that many years ago our paternal ancestors lived their daily lives without relying on linearily self displacing language. Their observable responses, inate intelligence, were near spontanous. Suddeness calucalted and esteemed. They could not evoke-sustain shared diminishing time. Impatience, waiting and death otherwise calcualted. The anceints rellied on non- linear memory. Not time based memory expereinced-referenced as often unresolved memories of the past. But timeless Eternal “intuitive conversant” memory. Awarness alive. Anticpation clarovyant's trail. Heightened senses. Non- linear fraternity. Suggestive of the morphogenetic field, Creation's planet earth. Our relatives lived in a Heavenly Creation planet free of redunant wars, executions-murders and expensive educations. Then: Our active relatives invested their lives in non Eternal time surrendering Eden to the future.

The wonderful opportune curosity of these ideas will be more apparent to you. Your Eternally active self, denied, resolvable. But you understand friend you can only deny what you allready are. Yet denied you are. And so we dance. And sing. Eagerly wondering why. We pray often the merit's sway of our own indiscretions. And promise our children the truer day. We approach God's mirror our cautious reflection. Whispering caress to purpose: All is God's and as such is So. No leaf, science, lover's misdeed, smiling frog or galaixie testifies otherwise. Except by our voice? Thus we pray the dreams of ourselves. God's wakening.

Let's get Creation practical. Claim prayer's sway God's dream's persistence. Flowing Eternal origin of the word location Lonely. One variation. "No one only. One" You are accompanied Always. Always is a place. Yourself “ so us you our self.” What you will learn. You allready expereince Not by word. But dream's breathing invitation. Cosmic seed's inent. And promise. Organic and sublime material's yearning the same. Our disguise unfolds. Now the words sing their birth. We witness our testimony. Non- linear Duration...

Echo's consistency denied. All earth science intent. Process and result is time resistant assimlated. Consguentialy always incomplete in its inconsitency. Failure directs exhaustions virtue. Error esteems paradox. Repitions need petition's surmise promise derrives. Perspective promises. The bold impatient travelor Sir Issac Newton's apple falls. Gravity explains gravities explanation? Apples other shadow's bounce complains. One event in a non- localized Universe. Explained in tentative words and numbers mysterious subsistence. Now we smile our reason's eye. The same apples trajectory from the opposite end of the globe, now the apples is falling upward. Each velocities distance surrenders anxiety to the other. Gravity begins to consent less oppositions favor. Same polite event, metaphoricaly materially, from mid po0int eguator. Centrality atending both apples. Concurrence resolves oppostion. Distance near the same. Neither apple the same claims less the others distance. Two words on the spherical compass, invite clarity. Concurrent, the same time; concentric, the same center. The opposite mid point to the original eguator (ie) duration's observation. Time's inpatient instructions persist, faultering. A mirror image resolved seeds perceptions origin in time contrived. Accordingly denied. And of half life? Half the door gathers non linearily duration's exits whole. Entry the same. Entry-exit the door. One not the other which one derrives. Designs temporary discretion, confuses direction. Result. Destination departures delayed arrivals Dislocation, entrophy Eternally breathing reside. You can only be late “absent” if your on time. Timelessness instructs detour. Scientists pray “spending” attention. From our lovingly clumsy and mischevous persepctive. Only God can remember an event before it happens. What words say that saying hears.

First Light: Caution the wind's our direction:The Light pervades its own expression's reflection. Eternities enduring fractal. There can be no (mirror image) of-by-through the Light. The Light is without shape. Yet includes shape, Eternal shape. No outlines abide “less” the relevant Shape. Origin Source One, again. No dislocation's worth less location's inception source. No location not location. Otherwise by our uncertain “incomplete” instruction. We bend (angles) unaware the light our application. Separation our Creations bending, linearity displacement's distancing s junctures. Time's enduring depletion's enforceable law. Cause and effect not Eternal effect of cause. Inofby the light there is no gone. No less. No done. More? Creation submits we surrender?

We incrementally displace the light less its origin source, our temporal anticipation. Observing: Light travels, less its own presumed location. Eternally imperceptible many thousands of miles per second. One miles less the previous yielding another. Fractals rippling “incremental” fractures. Light no endings derive, not beginnings. Perpendicular oblique and depletion parallel, mirror images perpendicular view. We bend the Light less the non-linear direction, ourselves. Linear humans material's Light, our persistent acquired value loss, time's commandment. Shapes value's loss the Light denied. We bend the timeless Light to non Eternal darkness. Logic again confess, all in time ends less its Eternal pleasure. Shape shift availing Light intentionally infinity commends. Ideal mass “shapes” constriction ascribes Light's resonance advantage. Infinities expressible eloquence. Self intuitively conversant. Eternally attuned. Genesis machine's satisfy less time's agrievement. Global commerce, technology non linearly transcend. Time's locations fractal wormholes time convergent Venus. Galaxies arrive our departure. Again please shadows attendance. Eternally attuned. Genesis machine's satisfy less time's agrievement. Global commerce, technology non linearly transcend. Time's locations fractal wormholes time convergent vents. Galaxies arrive our departure.

Light's consent our allegory, the after life not this life. Death less life our commerce the darkness speaks the Lights witness. Light our manufacture. Turn off the light our consent turn on the Light the same. Luminosity lights acceleration we commend. Arrival departures pause. Attain the speed of lights (Lights arrival) time surrenders delivery. “At the speed of light there is no passage of time.” All time manifest yields duration's Eternal. Eternity can only “wait” for itself. Deny our presence value our absence. Absence is location's wonder proof's license...

We error our success proof our direction. We suffer the darkness forgiving the Light. We forget Eternity promising death not life. We separate Heaven from Earth our architecture. Appreciate your breathes witness. Lost esteemed; yet we retain organically compatible with the Eternal Light. Briefly God the Light's invitation. Unknowingly, actively we are compatible with light timeless events. Briefly alert we hesitate pause. Spontaneous timeless occurrences we do not initiate. We can not sustain. We pray not answering our own prayers. Glimpses that don't allude from our time based knowledge. Event occurrences “not recurrent” that only happen to one person at a time, when you are the least time distracted, available. Your birth. Your death. Whose dreams. Coincidence 's temporary address. Spontaneous remission. Miracles convene. Forgetting celestially reminds. All genesis flowers, the morphogenetic field. What celestial flowers seed forgotten attends us...

Know the darkness your success claim the Light your consent. Dark foreshadows the light. Dyeing convention all timely coerced. Events of loss. And end. End now futilities anticipation. The place of gone. And done. And why. Our acquired industrial might, our commerce, our religions rely “reveal” sustain dyeing as a motivating profit incentive. Unnatural. Unnecessary. Unhappy events time incited. Value endings dismay. Gathering storms over morphogenesis. Time's prompts. Wars preparations wars. Shared executions. Cancer's life's funding. Many suicides. Smoke, drugs artificial duration, alcohol's thirst. Accruing obstacles we devise, availing opportunity. Repress the darkness hasten the Light. The extinction culture.

Essential suffering exaggerated by time based technology, commerce and religion. Your disposable pollution car engineered to crash. Ship and anchor sink. Planes crash their departures arrival. Your home not livable unless combustible. Same the babies warm blanket, “have you no shame.” All insured to protect against proper use. All lost replaced. Obituaries profit, except life. Weapons value storage. Non Eternal unresolved disease positions cure's devaluation. Disease God's prayer's opportunity.. Curer's surmise. Our demise. Three years of radiation. Scalpels, chemicals. Shock treatments. All financed profits loss. All experienced in time losses all utility. And direction. Significant earth resources constructing hospitals we pray, avoid. Curious comedy without audience. Prayer without source. Weapon's ungrateful, the same. Expose your darkness ascribe the Light.

Know the darkness “seeds” the Light. These dark events are created by us. Dark events initiated and sustained by human choice. They allude- enemeate from our accrued knowledge. These contrived darkening occurrences unlike Light events (are) tend to be recurrent. Inviting the Light. These unbearable occurrences can happen to one person. They can happen to millions of God birth individuals. These event occurrences unlike Light manifestation are chosen. The darkness excludes “denies” the Light. The Light invites proclaims the darkness. Killing. Dyeing s profit. Guilt a choice not innocence. Love forgiven not love preferred. Timeless space God invites, one flowers sentence, a love's embrace, a shared glass of water and years of darkness can be returned to the Light.

Holy Temples, one not the other, prefer death life's neglect. Life denies death beckons. Martyrs masquerade. Taller on your knees you bow. Women less divine delegations “desecrations” birth. God's neighbor our flowers. The porpoise, the humming birds, caterpillar and ant. Tree, river and mouse. What more we say less you hear. You recognize miracles why not Creation not less yourself, unhappily the Light Infinite Eternal. the Light's invitation your direction? Dear Neighbor,

We can for the purpose of our divini8tes survival assume there are two groups unknowingly (actively) attempting to claim Creation to their dream. Those of much success. Glitter and essential considerations. Many soldiers surrogates tax payers. Those of our preferred aspirations dreams. A planetary grouping gathered together in three words. The Extinction Culture. And there are The Wanders. Hopes assigned refugees, drug addicts, drunks, modest criminals, retirees, mental patients, discouraged transgenders, those approaching death lost in dyeing, those recovering, prostitutes lonely life's clients, yes artists, ministers, musicians, social workers. Eager healers. Those by their weights despair claim neglect their employment.

Most of the hope's wanderers not unlike the homeless prophets Jesus. Buddha, Mother Teresa. Unmarried. Unencumbered of institution without Holy Temple. Without military. Without the bank's mortgaged jewelry. God's neighbors suffering violence of their own reflection. Those of glitter, the glitterati, in good of themselves offer much assistance, prayers and peanut butter sandwiches. Offers gentle most often rejected. Those of want are wise not to accept what they rejected (or) was rejected for them by God. The singular distinction between the refugees and the self chosen prophets 9is that those costumed for thousands of years in the temporal masquerade of our love and respect had a mission. Purpose. Their deeds their words. They spoke again and again their labors delivery. Why do you cross the street Sandy?

Ligthfully Elaine and U me poem OM

Elaine please consider this gentle gathering.

As dream's compel.

And polite prayers anticipate.

Our words blossom death's irony to purpose.

In our presweence divinely appointed we continue.

Hesitating logic's thrift yearning melody

Quietly forever dreams, transcendent.

(I) miss you Elaine.

Thus time's allegory excuses Eternal being.

We are desirous words resplendent.

Sounds light full ever presence.

We anticipate ourselves aware.


Alive less death's hesitation.

Allowing us your patience Elaine “I” must surrender purpose to explanation.

What ti9me allows Eternity permits.

Otherwise we are discreet, intelligently assigned.

We defer now Eternally aware.

I learned not knowing Elaine you died.

What lo9ss memory we derive while thriving, unhappily.

What dream claims life's flowering.

Stars beckon.

Do we speak ourselves, trespass Eternal.

Death jests life interrupts.

Mystery telling apologies proof.

Modesty our hearts derive.

What death's dying life submits.

Reason begs...

Thus we repeat our prayers waiting patiently for God to get them right.

I sense your smile Elaine breathing we aspire.

Eternity nurtures life deprived.

I miss you Elaine, yet aware.

Accompanied we continue.

Waiting for ourselves.

Imagination we reside.

Let's continue sought as found.

Eloquence the presence of our absence.

December 2nd 2014

The Vicki letter

&charlie woram&

A brief letter's embrace dear Vicki. You have “visited” places of being the rest of us have not attended. All in life avails opportunity. These words are like a mysterious breeze touching the flower's greeting. A harmony of Eternal purpose. We pray God is our mystery. We are not God's mystery....Yearning we derive. There is an activity in Creation Cosmos that speaks to how long it takes for an event to unfold. Like a flower's blossom eventually leading to its wilting. Or the birth of a human child, an alleged kitten-sustained as life while leading to death. We can reasonably call this unfolding: Duration. Human beings know and realize duration as Time. The Universe experiences the unfolding as Eternal duration.

Clearly there is another world of difference between Eternal duration and time duration. The Eternal is endless. And everything experienced by human beings in time ends. Even though the Universe is endless.

Some of the essays begin: The Universe is timeless human be9ings exist through time. We are out of step with our own residence the Cosmos. As such with our intended timeless selves.

We are the only species on this planet that experiences Creation through time and death. Did human beings miscalculate. Through time humans took over this Eternal planet. In an effort to become masters of life human beings became merchants of death. Major industries rely on unsolicited dyeing as a profit incentive. Our wonder us time encrusted religions are based on death. You have to end your life (surrender your time) in order to enter into the timeless-endless Heaven. Also we have to separate Heaven from earth. Because Heaven we know is timelessly Eternal. And we live in acquired self imposed time. The earth peoples non Eternal accommodation. Death through dyeing is our way of borrowing from Eternity. A loan we pay back with our unhappy lives. Elestial's loss investment.

When you were born a baby child the same as the alleged cats Yakna and Yentle you had no awareness of time. You were an Eternal timeless being. Unlike the kittens, raccoon and humming birds and the flowers you were introduced into Creation through times heavy door. You became a non Eternal being. Unnecessarily unnaturally. And unhappily.

Unlike the ones called animals we have to end our lives ion order to reclaim the Eternal. Our God fraternity. Even though we are already Eternal beings. A wonderful condition of being we experience by denying. We get angry, we hurt and use each other unhappily. Not because we are bad. But because we are timeless Eternal beings living in time. And everything in time perceptually ends affecting application. Everything experienced through time is uncertain. Terse. It might happen or might not happen. Everything experienced in time is factored through failure. Time isn't easy. Also of course through time we experience and sustain life through death while dyeing. Whispering once again how can any event including a life end in an endless Universe. We know the answer is through our distortion of timelessness... time. Observing in the absence of time the infinite non- linear Eternal becomes optional. It's the difference between time based linearity and the all embracing non- linear. But that’s another essay. Whispering we smile. Many earth people politely repeat their prayers waiting patiently for God to get them right. Laughter's prefred salute.

Did we shrewdly make a perceptual miscalculation? But error can be corrected. Error and uncertainty can avail direction's opportuni8ty. And that's what were doing. We can be bad, but we prefer being good. We anticipate the better of ourselves. Acknowledging the kindly labor of our best efforts. God determined chosen devotion of non- linear beings like Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, Mohamed, Mother Teresa and others. They chose their effort. Reclaiming their non linear Eternal union with the Cosmos. Accordingly the mysteries flowed. We have also the companionship of the flowers. And God's alleged animals as examples. Our dreams. God's attendance. And our own bold miseries protests...

Querida hasta Lluego Vicki


Taught thought: All thought is taught and experienced in time, whereby all events unnecessarily and unnaturally end non- Eternally. The unexpected life redeemed by opposition. All thought activity, its need, the expression and futility, foibles of thought are linearly taught through time. Even though the ideal of thought and all else) is relevant and expressible through a non- linear timeless materaility. Repressed anticipated echoes. Repetition's implausibility. Repetitions intent presumes result, yet process seeds uncertainty. And randomness caution's locations destination.

Our reality is revealed in time, even though we reside in a timeless Universe which includes the planet earth. Everything including thoughts experienced “expressed” in time will always be incomplete. In completion is a path. Futile- frustrating because we are experiencing our timeless Eternal identity through time which denies our Eternal identity, limits our potential. Everything experienced in time, including the human body self, will culmi8nate through a deceptively complete loss of utility. And direction. Even progress is sustained through invalidation. What we thought was essential to our lives when we were in hioght school n ow we can only locate in a museum, a dipsy dumpster, our memories, dreams. Movies and fading photographs. But please appreciate these unnecessary-unnatural limitations (good and bad) are occurring in an Eternally accruing Universe. Denying acknolwedges. What we deny is undeniable. What we don't know is knowable. The essay ends completion begins.

But clearly through language potential, therefore thought itself, we can examine the legitimize of our efforts. Our perceptions. Approach the Eternal already Everpresent. We are Eternal beings we prove our Celestial roots by denyi8ng them. Appreciating though all events end non Eternally, the “loss” (9good and bad) occurrence “accrues” in an Eternal Universe.

Bad accruing global warming, pandemics, nuclear war, cyber War. Good accruing as well. Also the bad evolving. And ourselves. All bad is good unresolved.

Roget's Thesaurus:: Thoughtless: Anti social, apathetic, deaf, boorish, heedless, hasty, hot headed, negligent, primitive,indifferent. Self fish. Unkind. Unheeding. Thoughtful: Analytical, absorbed, astute, kindly, concerned, deliberate, observant, observative, helpful.

We can not affect a significant shift in pereceputual application without actualizing organic mind presence that is abel to invision and event affect, the emergent perception. We begin allready thriving anomalies grace. The nice people at American Heritage Dictionary offer earth sceintists cautionary definition for the conception “matter.” In modern physics, “matter is not a fundemenal concept its definition has proven illusive.” Modesties caution ,incionsistenices umbrage we continue we with God's former tax collector Sir Issac Newton. The apple: Concurrent-concentric visual application mind has expanded beyond “inspite” of its own denial. Engaging birth Eternal origin. Casualities opposition's material echo transended. Less oppostions reflection. Mirror image resolutuion, casual image perceptual material inconsistency transmutation-time unburdening, affecting a globaility of mind God intent (affects) a non- linear transmiogrify. Awe reciprocal: Organic mind Creation's symmetry. A reciprocally conjoined “deliver” organic perspection, not less assigned linear adapation, to everpresent intent. Infinite Eternal. If you oblige yourself to witness “experience” life less the nurturing source of your life you wont see to breath what you are looking at.

Each expression of fading echo of a previous sentence. How do forgetting and clarvoyance relate. Folly and futility share the same blossom. Joined by words anomaly, sponsored entrapement. We are often much of costume less of design. Mind annointed paradox appointed. Non- linear origin source of the evolving word location activity “mind.” The diminished mind. In the dim We are much of fragment. And accumulation. The brain thrives less its mind? Manageable intelligence assigned to sleepy happy children. Not enough ego seeds ego id super ego forbids. Conciousness shadows unconsciusly, Insanity apporaches imposed assignment. (I'm) over weight must be something I ate.

Infinite engaging Eternal: Currently recognized as denied. Utiliity deffered. We approach ourselves reality approaching us. Ever presence's Eternal seed: Sustaining self evoked non- linear language affectation. Intution, precognitive clarvoyant probabilities, luck's unsolcited evoking, prayers disguise, super position, mirrorer images and fractals, half life not which half, chaos theory convened less randem's feast. Scalar magnitude exposed through value loss entrophy, defeincy uncertain intrinsic intent, failure error reassurance lletigimized through paradoxcial repition and (vector) validating magnitued loss as motivated direction become resolved ,coherently condtioned as dimension. Event driven zeroth dimension. Defintion of dimesnion. “A “directional” property of space, a condtion of space.” (Direction suggests purpose intent. Ameanable utility. Design. Manifest, denied as vector scalar. Zeroth dimension, depicited as a dot, the absence of length, width and depth. Actually non-linearily the three directional scalars conjoined. Fractal by any name Universe the same. Length, width and depth each the reflection of the others strained yearning origin. Each the displaced soliloguy of the other. Super Position compliments. Chaos theory consents less random's discretion. As such is so each event by God seed orearthly evolved discretion ie dimension. Avenue's destination. All paths lead to God. All paths are God. “Hitch hikers guide to the Galaxie,” nice book title words. Words accompany. Thank you. Oh yes what other wonderments wait our delivery. The some of awe. Young earth children speak to sing, “Awesome.” Has an address. Galactic pedestrians hitching hiking Jupiter who will pick you up?

Acknowledging the bold and nice John Eurich's compelling essay on thought. Thoughtfully we respond.

Taught thought approaching echoes: All thought is taught and experienced in time's repetition, not in duration's totality, all thoughts and their sponsored events deceptively end “non Eternally” unnecessarily and unnaturally. The same inception. Casual dismay. Thought often the consolidation of word through words. Presently thought consciously solicited activity, its need, the expression, the consequent-inspiring futility, poetically charmed foibles are linearly taught through Eternally displaci9ng paradox of time. The Eternal wordless awe approaching us in our silencing sleep, dreams, accrued death, creative wonderment's. Our smiles. Embraces. The children. Wordless Creation. And Cosmic occurrences such as coincidence, karma, intuition. Heaven wonderful opportunities, we can only get lost if were looking for ourselves. Smile... Even though the ideal of thought and (all else) is ideally relevant and expressible through a non- linear timeless Eternal materiality. The infinite Eternal activities often invite Our existence not expressed in time becomes an Eternal manifestation.

Our tenous existence is revealed in time, in spite of time, even though we live in a timeless Universe which includes the planet earth. Includes time anomaly. And our selves. Everything including thoughts experienced “expressed” in time will always be incomplete. In completion is a path. Enduring and fertile. Futile and frustrating because we are experiencing our timeless Eternal identity through time which denies our Eternal identity, limits our potential. Our identity including our bond with God is uncertain-unresolved. Not yet complete. All shape contrived in time, including the human body self, will culmi8nate throuigh a complete (anticipated-planned) loss of utility. And direction. Even progress is sustained through impatient invalidation. What we thought was essential to our lives when we were in high school now we can only locate in a museum, a dipsy dumpster, our memories and dreams. Our movies and fading photographs. But please appreciate these curious unnecessary limitations are occurring in an Eternally accruing Universe. What we deny. What we don't know is knowable. Waiting claims location.

But clearly through “evolving” language and the trans formative need for language, therefore thought itself, we can examine the legitimize “expand” of our incomplete and unresolved efforts. Our perceptions. We are Eternal beings we presently prove our Celestial roots by denyi8ng them. Limitation's awareness (awareness) skill the same. Totality speaks all listens-listening.

Appreciating though all events end non Eternally, the “loss” (9good and bad) occur res “accrues” in an Eternal Universe.

Bad accruing global warming, pandemics, nuclear war, cyber war. And your unhappy day. Good accruing also the bad evolving. And ourselves. We wonder wondering: Without deception would truths expression warrant such compelling effort.

Roget's Thesaurus:: Thoughtless: Anti social, apathetic, deaf, boorish, heedless, hasty, hot headed, negligent, primitive,indifferent. Self fish. Unkind. Unheeding. Inattentive, incautious, impolite, primitive, uncaring.

Thoughtful: Analytical, absorbed, astute, kindly, concerned, deliberate, observant, observative, helpful. Farsighted, cerebral. Musing, philosophic, keen, intent, meditative.

Attend the darkness claim the knowing Light's companionship. We have referenced Cosmic occurences neither initiated nor sustained in time, spontanous in nature. Expressive of the timeless non- linear Eternal ideal. Conditioned events that do not originate-reflect our acguired knowledge. Not evoked though language or intelligence. Events like luck, coincedence, answered prayers, death and life source presumtion. Occurrences that only happen to one person (through one others) when we are the least time distracted. Silently imbued Light attended. Events in space not reocurrent, not influenced in process through failure, error, uncertainty, depletion. And dyeings ideation. Events not compatable with chosen deception, unwarranted violence, deceptive entrophy. Timeless occurrences experienced through human unresolved time intonation, therefore imperfectly displaced. Not reocuurent. Not needed during sleep. Less needed during the silencing motions; meditation, tai chi, Yoga, art, music ie Creativity.

Dark events are lost to the Light? They are occurrent, recourrent unlike events through choice. Time insinuated dark events alude “stem” from our linear time based knowledge. Can be evoiked though language, intelligence. Thought seemingly incomapible with the Light, related common Eternal. Endless source. One not less the loss of the other. Opportunity. Interestingly gentle the darkness deniable can easily be reclaimed to the Light Eternal, the God prefered-nurturing self. Years of unhappy anger, dark benevolence with one letter, a smile can redeem reocurring darknes to the Light. And we are friends again. The same two war conflicted countries. One choice peace. Interesting of mystery we note, a tithe's accompanied conversation with Memphis Flamingo Tom Cantrell, we observe life's theater-inviting memory. If you are in a dark room, you open the curtain. Light in an instant less of itself congratulates the darkness to itself. Darkness redeems. Similiarliy otherwise if you are pleased during in your well lit living room,light sponsored electricity, candle, logic or your dreams and you open the curtain: The dark stays outside. The darkness know its place. Arriving by our betrayals, hungerings and strangualtions. Stationary dark politely cautions it's hesitation. Waiting the Ligths invitation. Nice n' easy.

Fractals resolve opposstional polarity. Concentric concurence is defered as both origin. And sympathetic symmetrical intent. Resolution vari8ed to probability. Temporal reversion non- linear value loss disparity, failure inconsistency suggested by the disngaging affectation of before and after is resolved as resonant reciprocity. Accomadating the schism “distance” presumed defered delay of super position. Chaotic randemness of chaos theory. Casuality redeemed as uncertain effect. All of which otherwise in repressed potential “concentric concurrent-reciprocity” are resolved in design, intent and preception as incomplete. Incompletion relevant as distance, defered partiality, esteemed and redeemed through value loss. In the resolved absence of time dislocation immedicacy becomes exactness. Distance is defered as origin intent, not less its source. Fractal simultaneous reciprocity. Spheroid resonant causation. Mass, shape, form and design intevention “localized” as intent source. One moving part,pulsation, origin result. The expansion-contraction of pulse is both concurrent and concentric to reciporlal intent, ie event. (Resonant defeincy, unresolved efficency, is evidenced as noice. Resonant protest. Dissassembibng asymmetrical constriction, collapse. Spheroid resonant casuastion is compatible as and as gravity. Casuality is gravitational as gravity, continous intent. Ageless gravity does not sustain “carry” disproportional sound, accousic dislocation inherent in distance, dislocationally oppostional immedicate or procedural. Without displacments distance what design arrives?

We examine: Special realitivity predicts that as object apporaches the speed of light (1) Time slows down. (Time that has been artifically evoked while displacing its acguired materiality). (2). The object gets smaller its gets smaller in the direction its travelling. (Mass constriction curvature avails the infinite Eternal option, but in time deficncy mass shape intent is lost to flawed assimilation). A space vehicle traveling at half the speed of light would be six-sevenths the size it was on the lanuch pad. Passengers? The mass of an object gets heavier, so it gets shorter. (Shape is yielding “initially” to form duration, spacetimeless continumn.) Shapes adapt to condtions evolutions.Machines do not statically indisposed change location. Inertia is an activity. Different continuity approaches.

A petition's visitation, appreciating the nice people that gather dictionaries to purpose. A definition of shape. “ Something the distinguishes itself from its surroundings by its outline. Another representation of Fractal. “ A never ending -repeating pastern that is similar in every scale...”

Ideas like raindrops are dissimilar. And alike . The raining drops share uncommon purpose. Origin source. Process Creation's welcoming response, our uncertain greeting. Much perceptual is lost to the evaporation's knowing. Our lives deniable. We are not as we explain Creation to ourselves. The after life begs consensus. Our troubles. Opposition implores. Enough our prayer's protest. Condemned forgiven good cautiously we explore. Temporary our benefactor.

Greetings nimble perpetrator your attendance speaks. By whatever garden motions allure the same. Eternal wavering. non-linear unfolding's caress. And crickets prayerfull greeting, “Morphogenesis.”

Mirror's reflection expands. The new sharing: Engaging willfully a shared non linear conditioned event avails life's Eternal identity miore substantial. Awareness, presence, divine intent. Cosmic conscious awe; technology-commerce divinely symmetrical, All the God space of one denied. Presently we dance our song, bird's migration, swimming bold the torrent waters to save a life “ours.” Making love we say. Becoming love we pray. When two breath as one God' listens.

God attendant unforgettable venues of ourselves; absent, alert, anticipated. A location's place ripples constituency. A time's concession politely abstained. Death greets life's apology. Because your non- linear body can not be separated from itself death is not a separation from life.

Everything in the Universe we can presently perceive and imagine changes shape to accommodate its evolving purpose except machines.

Disease is non-linearly fluent, unknowingly complete, otherwise by cure duration's timely opposition. Uncertain scalpel, prolonged radiation, chemicals, shock treatments. Half a million dollar bill, again, disease value's repetitions unresolved loss. Curious magic's apology.

“You don't understand?” Hope cheers. Articulate we've arrived. Lost direction cleverly derives. There is amongst us much of metal's plastic smile. A place of haste instructions dreary delegation, “machines.” Machines we fly, float displacing water, one direction cars, permanently killing machines. (Efficient through dying's risk). Smarter wavering machines . Auditory recording machines. And what's next machines. All by whatever bolts direction “Time based machines.” Through these designed shaped locations we claimed Creation our Temporary. Merchants counterfeit. Machines: Created in our own image.

Patience there is no apology here we forgive. Raindrops caste celestial overcloud. The flowers and painted ladies testify. Today reflects tomorrow's address. “Next” Creation's duration's while. Approaching ageless pneumatic sounds. No ending's displaced God inceptions. Amenable non- liner intent. Listen your prayers respond. Your dreams guide.

All machines exaggerate time's value loss entropy, inconsistent machines redeemed through failures instruction. All in the Universe changes shape. The apple seeds the ground its flower. The child grows vertical the shoes horizontal walk. Death smiles we cry. Our hands pray. And scratch. We fight fists our hand's disguised. The stars light yields arrival. The raindrops gather the river flows the tides the Heavens allow.

Shape location we currently experience through inconsistent “diminishing” loss of value. Experienced as completion benefit. Through machine's depletion we unknowingly exaggerate human value loss. Curious contempt. (If) human and machine shape effect in intent were timelessly, non-linearity realized (then) we would Eternally experience “express” ourselves amenably life's Creation. Our death's gentle be also. Not witnessed horror's wars, executions. Cancer, starvation. And dying based “violent” crucifictions. What violence speaks not less our intended selves?

Machines do not change shape. Machines change location. Less the locations purpose. Shapes gentle evolve God's will. We can witness politely assume. Current shape's utility require depletion fuel. Locations ambigious-unresloved compromise. Half life our mirror images wavering reflection. Machines risk their proper use, insurance profits dyeing explanations. All machine reliant industries on this planet sustain their intent, there communal purpose affecting dying's loss as a value. This profound extinction anomaly is perpetuated by machine. Unnaturally. Necessarily. Purposefully.

A machine with no shape's response is not kindred to the human presence. Eternally adaptive Morphogenesis invites otherwise. Non-linearity obliges Eternity consents God always. 0 ( ) 0...Only God can remember an event's status origin before “our” event happens, happens.() A non- linear machine is intact less its location's temporary irony. Meaning that assuming purpose the machines claims temporary location to uncertain intent. Value prefers, loss is loss negated. A genesis machine event does not deny. Value worth's indiscretion. Dismiss human consent its source. Meaning that a non liner machine event abides (concurrently intact) process, intent, result and human source. A machine that does not validate the non linear Eternal is only complete in its failure. A timed machine anomaly requires a temporary risk value loss “pollution” fuel source. Affecting vector giving scalar value direction through entropy. Failure completion. Non- localized displaced through deficient effect, deficient process effected through design disparity. Machines has one lasting value effect. Abstentions. Machines do not have “active” fractals. Manufacture....

Shape identity equals intent. Again shape identity equals value purpose as intent. Reciprocally evoking concurrent pneumatic intent. Get the dictionary dear companion each word disguises a flower.

An intact machine event provides its own fuel, evolving shape identity. Mass constriction curvature. An acuity of identifiable being status than can be influenced as itself. The loss of shape maintains identity shape, the identity “form” origin of the shape “has” was its source. Any event is its location. Fractal defines identity utility less value loss, super position obliges. A machines fractal is disrepair. Fractals super position engaging locations intent. Time dilation's a casual functionally resolved. Fractical's source concurrent reciprocal. Wormhole's destination arrives. Time paradox amends. Each event dimensions sway. “A property of space a directional extension of space.” Extension immediacies fractical choice, dislocation arrives. Inception amends distance commends. Distance derives arrival. Entropy shape's shift Eternal articulation, identity persists.

The current machine conception is incomplete. Flawed in design application. (Most inconsistent to a “non linear” machine occasion event is the successful completion of a current machine event). Machine events are erratically uncertain. Machine are conceived, designed-their purpose is actualized in time. Revealing while confirming time deficiency. All time insinuated events occur from their inception (and thereafter) in exclusion of the timeless materiality in which these events are unknowingly envisioned. And manifested. Repeating with emphasis machine events purposefully and functionally deny the ideal machine result. Machines are disposable. Require repair. Machine intent functions through human error. And are realized from inception through failure prerogative. Machine users are encouraged to insure themselves and their machines during machine use. Machines perpetuate while exaggerating a human culture whereby all events culminate through a complete loss of utility. And direction. Machines perpetuate and often grossly exaggerate time irony depletion effect. This limiting machine actuality is realized through inadequate source disallowing perceptions that preserve our value loss materiality.

Machines contain displacement. Unlike human actions whereby shape and location reciprocally influence one another. Both in response and intent application. Machines maintain a static “uninvolved” shape. Unless the machine through its own design dysfunction affects destruction. By definition a non- linear resonant machine can only affect destruction through initiate invalidation. Reflective of a self antagonistic identity. Our perceptions “initiatives” are also incomplete. Otherwise we would have no use for our temporary insights. And active perceptions. (Machines like humans occupy in utility an Eternal space that presently is not in use). Appreciating inept machine events favor “attract” resolution.

Machines through intent are complimentary to ourselves. Our evolving considered needs. Improvement determines. Finalized misuse is consequent to human not machine determination. Though all events, spiritual, commercial and technological are actualized in their non Eternal time encrusted ideal these material machine events (are realized) in an all inclusive timeless Universe. All in the infinite Eternal Universe is Eternally occur rent. Either in validation or refutation. As such failure is curiosities validation. Denial acknowledges that which is being denied. Noise has language value. Utility loss “displacement” conceals function. Loss of directional purpose is functional to implied immediate remedy. (Timeless effect) resolves duration displacement, separation paradox and flawed continuity to immediacy.) These atmospheric material affections, spiritual I their nature are rarely fully considered in affecting progress. A new language perception is suggested, pneumatic resonance. Event subjective acoustic mass constriction-expansion. Linear duration anomaly resolved to spherical functionality which would include the engaging human presence. Non- linear utility includes all condition representations that influence consciously the machine event. Some representations not knowable but functional. Resonance not displacement dislocation- entropy coerced through vector scalar anomaly. Before their can be application there must be a need for application utility.

Recent planetary insight innovation. Peare Group Princeton University. A machine designed with a 50 percent probability. Like flipping of a coin. These nice and bold explorers came to realize that the individual who affected the machine influenced probability, evidenced as desired result. When resonance familiarity between the machine and the person was “increased” probability result affected as preferred “enhanced” result. Presently these results are relevant in exclusion of a culture that values dislocation inadequacy entropy, kindred deficiency. Compatible resonance in a temporarily displacing planet is “a” foreign representation.

Like ourselves machines occupy a functional space not chosen. A space denied in practice and perception. Presently referenced as the space time continuum. In the absence of time validating choice, the space functionally is infinite and Eternal in its “potential” disposition. A form space that condones-encourages non linear events. Machine, human and spiritual. As noted these events are presently linearily evidenced through failure inspiration, mortgage deficit finance sustained through time duration loan practices. And spiritually a functionally deferred after life which gives credence to active and metaphorical evil. Current anagram non linear echo duration for... “live” (ie) livevil...resolved mirror image dichotomy). We are self actualizing a reality we can only ideally experience by avoiding. Interestingly non linear timeless concepts appear to be difficult to assimilate in time duration. Evidenced consistently by an inability to retain, bordedum, falling asleep, annoyance. Noting these reactions are not language initiated, not calculated, but rather unconsciously reactive. And suggestive of an awareness that is compatible with our non linear Eternal birthright which we deny through individual and institutional value loss choice. Yet evidence3d as a current Cosmic world reality evidenced by unsolicited timeless occurrences such as unsolicited death, untimely sourced occurrences like intuition, luck forgetting, the morphogenetic field, dreams and others as previously noted. There is a source out there that we can benefit from, but can not presently conversationally engage. (These words approach). Glimpse events that are not sustainable. But defining. These events do not function through distance anomaly. Are not sustained or derived in time. Are not recurrent. Eternally sourced as origin. Only spatially occur rent to one person. These source imperceptible events we know vaguely by random utility. And inception perception “inspiration” that is ironical, incomplete, deficient. And available. Spatial shape evolution location is source. All reverts to and emanates as source location. As such location ed sourced events are intrinsic to intent event, non linearly all functioning. Intuition not uncertain “remedial” calculation. The need for depletion time based energy fuels is not machine event defining. Shape is conducive to intent utility as source location. Once the winds. And decisive ocean waves. Gravity resonance. Echo anagram “now immediacy” resonance... “nowon.” Revealed sustained through design-application acoustic mass determination. Cosmic melody intent disproportional distance. Time disparity reveals source perception. Each event its own unified functional dimension. Random eloquence. Dimension definition, reflective but inviting applicable resolution of current limitations. “A property of space a directional extension of space.” Direction is source symmetrical. Metaphorically origin is destination.

A non- linear machine events avails-engenders its own source affect. Linear machinery is reflective of our anatomical limitations, accordingly limited in design application. We can not affect flotation while falling. We can only be late if someone else is on time. We can't sing “American Pie” under water. WE do not have the same sensual abilities as other alleged animals. You can't fall up only down. Mirror image opposition can only be resolved by concurrent-concentric imaging? Distance resistance anomaly is resolved “asto” (need new verbs) origin while engaging source, duration immediacy. But these anatomical inhibitions “modifications” given utility value disposition can be acoustically materialized. Non- linear machine design intent can not be volatile, failure, catastrophic value loss can not be intrinsic a machine occasion. Any disposable event is karmic not design disposed. No pollution. Depletion fuel is not sequential to dislocation. (Pollution and noise measure of unused value utility. And comprehension. Event gravity symmetrical, respondent. Gravity time dilation concurrent-concentric to event dislocation. A dynamic suggested by worm hole ideation. Our concentric ability assimilate timeless Cosmic occurrence. Experienced and perceived inordinately as luck, intuition, (dormant probabilities). Precognitive skill befuddled by language. Ideal symmetrical spirituality deferred “delay denied” to another life. An after life we currently practice by denying a functional divinity to exclusionary institution, esteemed martyrdom, static machine dysfunction. And death through industrialized dying valuation. Our time manifest destiny.

We've observed that current machine effect is not shape-event adaptive. Interestingly human anatomical DNA does evoke “anticipate” a particular behavior including disease, but does acknowledge “secure” linearly acquired “imposed” events and choices that reinforces our value loss extinction culture. Reinforcing identify genetic DNAsource is identified after the deficiency is acknowledged. Under certain conditions as noted DNA sound, the melodic -connected DNA presence is adaptive to the evolving non- linearly Eternal immediacy. (DNA symmetrically communes). The ideal dynamic is denied through time's casual deviation that avails a flawed perception of a behavior, event or disposition. Our existence fostered through disease devaluation, designated intelligence, memory lapsed based language. Our linearly perceivable genetic identity is a cause and effect-defect insinuation. The i9nconsistency occurs upon perception inception. Revealed through time consequent timely application. Examples: Industries that rely on sustaining dying paradox as a profit motivation. Disease cure deviation, both time perceived condition activities sustained through loss ie dying value. A duration enigma bolstered as commercial cost efficient deficiency meaning we profit therefore “encourage” our suffering as validation.

Current DNA resolution can occur after deficiency is noted through limited life style choices and interventions (or) transformation effect can be realized through acoustically pneumatic intervention. Which resolves subjective source event to non- linear origin. Through acoustics. Water memory? Cellular moderation ie accommodating a material reflective event to its preferred disposition or origin. Reclaim the presumed diseases to its initial, harmoless cultural delinquency. The non- linear acoustic affectation is intuitively adaptive. A casual reciprocity would not intrinsically rely on displacement deficiency, like a debilitating value loss disease assignation. Non linearly suggestive of adaptive DNA problems- solutions are concurrently compatible. Suggested by fractal effect. And super position. All choice influenced events other than violent choice behaviors are non linearly Eternally inclined. Activities both institutional and indvidualthat presently involve “people working together” (per suing shared linear plan) this one dimensional arrangement becomes trans formative both through human organically adept ability and evolved machine design inclination. (A symmetrically occasioned human machine event). From one perspective spatially distanced non linearly inclined behaviors are eclipsed to a duration immediacy ie two working as one. Non linear event and human non linear disposition evoke unanimity. Example:Accostic timeless sound union resolves disparities investment. Spiritually, technology, commerce, science, our knowledge base. And death. Death while alive actualized less dyings anguish;cancer anxieties anticpation, cancer activity, cancer duration mistreatment (ie) chemcicals and radiation. Cohesnion otheriwse Marginally suggested by meditation,yoga, tai chi other silence spaced spiritual practices, sporting gestures. Death assimilation currently allegorically dormant. And regrettably shared catastrophic events like car accidents, plagues. Events when temporal displacement is resolved to a common intent resolution. We shouldn't remember to forget, prayer, individual and collective. And your God inspired suggestions, ideas and plans. Which include in the generous of yourself reading and gathering these word ideas to their preferred realization. Cosmic union. The machine human connection “occasion” bolsters the non linear opportunity effect. Machine assumes cooperates with intuitive human response adpatively no relying on casual value loss paradox. Event failure can still occur due to human or machine foible acknowledging loss is not a design incentive either in psychic motivation or functional intent result. Control “influence” is inherent to effect process valuation, but a not force coercion futility “control” trying to affect uncertain linear machine purpose. We experience children, rainbows, raccoon and turtles through adult human terms, but its enough isn't it to smile our witness. Our reality formulation emanates and is directed, consciously appreciated and influence by genetic acoustics, itself genetically source. And our “evolving” adaptive incomprehensible spirituality.

Let's please examine the time paradox anomaly from a less humanized “neutral” perspective. “Evolved human.” Shape-location : In a duration conflicted culture evolvement shape intent will remain functionally inconsistent, uncertain in process intent and unresolved in consequence. Affect is realized beyond the defined limits of shape outline. Both human and Creation nature condition effects are “influenced” disposed to deficient result from the initial perception that compels activity. Both shape and location compel-explain result. Shape is perceived and realized in time, location we are not functionally preoccupied with, location until engaged through in time irony remains non linearly infinite Eternal. We can assume due to our neutral awareness location when participant in a shape participant irony (is) less impaired. Remains non linearly-Eternally available. One example the accelerated aging of your body influenced by and through time influenced disease activity, horrific noise accumulation and external events such as violence either in the immediate or anticipation which includes active preparation. As noted the initial motivated perception must be amenable to a value loss time duration culture or the event and its need would be without foundation purpose. (Denied percepti8on is acknowledgment of preferred duration perception). The location in which the event is shaped perceptual intellectually and is materially fulfilled occur in a time based reality not decisively shared by location. Even when shape is rendered ineffectual or absent, the Eternally disposed location where shape resided maintains shapes accrued identities purpose. The Eternal duration effect is measured and evidenced by memory, maintained and determined through learni9ng, motivated by redundancy and the human talent and boldness during failure. Also attendant in spiritual allegory and praise like prayer. And goodness.

Our chosen inherited reality we realize through shapes we influence to our singular timely purpose. Through shape evolution unfolded. All shapes and their utility in the Cosmic flow are Eternal until engaged in time flux. Shapes do not permanently evolve uncertainly less shape-location's Eternally infinite integrity, ending less their intended “prearranged” identity purpose. Perceptions, choices, shapes that are compatible with Eternal intent are themselves Eternal until engaged linearly “separated”otherwise. Clearly changing our shape interaction, including interaction with self and environment will affect-influence location in which shape and shape activity reside. The interactive response is symbiotic and reciprocally Eternally articulate. Noting with polite emphasis location is also Eternal. Thus the rivers oceans tides, the ants and butterflies, the stars and galaxies speak. A celestial panorama observation ally denied, for now. Experiencing-engaging Eternal “shape-location status” materiality will require a language, commerce, technology (location utility) that will not deny, distort- defer our Eternal inclination toward lacking, non utility or allegorical whimsy. Facilitating a Eternal value shape-location identity purpose. The fruit of ideas are functional “influenced” defined inby their undeniable nourishment.

All in currently perceivable Universe utility intent has shape. And the perceived affecting shape must be compatible with location, if both shape intent and location are Eternally intended the result will be non linearly fluid. (The event less the value of the misrepresentation alive din measurable time displacement). Presently all human activities are realized through shape intent utility result, shape activity result currently must be reflective of a limited the human body life awareness. A life body existence based-accomplished through the many deprivations. Wars, hungers, dieting, violence's; peoples instruments through which the earth people initiate-accept-generate “success.” Thus Creations environment location sadly withers. Either in Eternal location value intent or non Eternal value loss. Either value effect is actualized on and through location, usually referenced as reality. Op positional disparity inadequacy between Eternal and non- Eternal intent affects location and shape a functional irony resolved to a deferred an after life, not the immediate life Eternal non completion insufficiency. The transition shift to an after life requires functionally dismissing life shape integrity through death decay. The end of life sustained allegorically that location subsist Eternally. Slick...treat the trick.

Human being often change shape. Adapting to Creation's environment obliges shape change. Shape shifts that reveal, deny, or suggest “invite” the Eternal. While altering shape affecting-influencing location. Location condition status confirms or represses shape intent. Shape is perceptually in involvement temporary location result evolved into the Eternal, though temporary in anticipation and immediacy is Eternally rooted. Human beings change shape, influence location shape, in near all activities. Including death presumption. Either in choice or choice accrued. Examples of shape change affecting location. Playing soccer, praying, drinking water, engaging a rash, sleeping. (All events, conditions, status whatever its futility affect, good or bad, will accrue non linear inby the Eternal everywhere ever lasting. All good better, All bad reclaimed to good we pray to wonder?) Also global warming accrue as location, reciprocally affecting shape. And actively dyeing through bereft-unsound death function. Death intent condition status is symmetrical change in shape location because the activity represents an uninterrupted enactment of self, time resolution to the Eternal ideal. Shape and location are realized as one, non linearly all is compatible without loss. Eternal concurrent-concentric symmetry. (Location activity can also affect shape, examples, tornado, winter storm, avalanche, house fire started by lightening).

Death cessation. How does a life event “end” in an endlessly continous Universe? We do not experience our intended lives events endlessly in a Eternally continuous Universe. All realized-actualized in time has lost its Eternal non- linear utility. Human beings inadvertently complete, conclude, terminate. Events experienced in non Eternal time are always Eternally incomplete. Deferred invalidating progiress. Cessation's singular voice all ends. Non Eternal endings (evidenced as success) our singular Eternal apology. Curious adaptation. We have made a value of loss. And deferred incompletion. Our essential source. Dying a human enterprise. Our lives denied inadequate protest. We “invite” sustain, disguise. Thus we suffer our reflection: disease, executions, wars, the many suicides-overeating, smoking, alcohol, drugs... Understandably defeated we surrender our lives to another life. Exhausted lonely and afraid. The3 after life preferred avoidable address. Our lives denied inadequate protest. Catharsis impending. All motion's purpose evokes sound relevant to the motions intent. The wind, the scalpel, kiss the same. Motion is intent's “sounds” source. Approaching we continue. Observing: Under certain conditions life's music is ageless, endless. Your uninterrupted prayers, Mozart's Funeral Requiem. All realized in time Eternity adores. Ourselves otherwise non-Eternally we deplore. Time abstained infinity explores. Distance less displacements lore. Separation abides less separations purpose. Meaning there is perceived seperation through value loss displacment. And seperation “shape partiality” through value gain seperation. Absence has materiality. Non linearly origin avails source, timeless immediacy. Value gain intent “seperation” sustain non linear eloguence. Before not after less the same. Direction distance abstains. Spontaneous arrival never left, seemingly perception a locates. Difference “indifference” between linear distance. And non- linear distance. Shortest d istance between two pints is a straight line. Sure if you have the time and you've already bought the ticket.

The nice gently aspiring professor Ohno identified our DNAsound.. Ageless sound. Reclamation not chronology. Your genetic life sound's motion. Life and death the same bodies symphony. Any life expressive visitation Eternally resides. Interrupted by our interventions. Duration's irony less the timely interruption avails the infinite Eternal. Our favors depletion Eternally accrues. Meaning endless identity we persist. Different shapes same evolving identity. Endless is the word.

Politely we intrude, units high school those many years ago now 8 uni8ts of pencillin would “resolve” a bacterail visitation like veneral disease, now “then” 50 years later the the intervention needed several times the initial amount. The lifeform disease presence is non linearily adapting to our grevious timely interventions. Acceping the presence logic continuity of all life Eternal, shouldn't a person continue to be treated after being assigned the condition activity of death to improve the shared “evolving” disposition of the disease. What are the spiritual practical impliocations of this functional insight. Ofcourse the death or end juncture can be accousitcally simulated. Death has advantages. One advantage good way of staying head of your insurance premiums. And the hospitals bill. Hospitals, insurance, wars, smoking, weapons, executions, prisons are value ideal if avoided. Why must we avoid our success to survive? Self identifying successes like an after life we finance. Acknoledging the viability of our conversation with Nick Beck and Tristan; desigh a utility machine that only makes mistakes. Resolves the avoidable complextity of error dysfunction to the infered “prefered” intent. Currently Ironically material events effectively “ unintentionaly repressed” realized through progress potetnial revealed by invalidation. A perceptual shift that can take two seconds or a thousand years. Without error dispostion we could not effectively recognize location.

All has motion's sound death the same, material vibrancy. Your life uninterrupted DNA sound endlessly abides thus life afford continuity. Your body can be treated for-from its death. (Death's agent all is life the same.) Accordingly death the Eternal anticipated sound of yourself, not deniable preferred. Discontinued politely we continue. No end persists. Future and past entries origin the same bridge. Sound intent can anticipate the bodies purposeful demise. Accordingly claim the intervention welcome and familiar. Previously material time fully absconded. Burglars and saints the same wallet. We borrow from Eternity pay back with our mortgaged lives. Silly willy lovely peoples lost as found.... Resolving time material deficency life opportunity becomes commendable, spiritually articulate. Claim death your advantage life survives our educated apology. A life not denied to the Eternal love conserves.

Please another perspective. The nice musician Albert Einstein,smiles, life agrees our consent, “If mass is constricted enough (eventually) the curvature becomes infinite.” Constriction reciprocal birth and life the same. Constriction and expansion location shift the same. Volume's locations fractal.Endings no less their inception. When you can engage the motion sound of an event,disease, vehicle or candy you can influence the material nature of the event by involving the available mass constriction or presumed expansion sound to its preferred uninterrupted intent. Still a sound? Either as a material event itself, an active death or the acoustic observation of the event. Suggesting a new language. Reciprocal theory. Distance duration is resolved less seperations value loss anomaly. Distinctions between distance and extension. Linearily and non li9nearily. A new world materialism.

A life prerogative if you will. Time's observable vestibule. Flower and cautious calculation witness commend. Time oblges less itself witness convenes. Here today gone now once tomorrow. You can only be late if your on time. Tom laughs life anends. Daisy barks Dawn alerts. Barnaby congratulates. Continue arrival forgotten. When yo0u can influence the “directional” duration mass intent of a condition event “it's shape” you can alter its purpose, shape, location. And projected “probability” intent, near functionally. Agreeably depletion fuels pollution no longer in the game. Non linearly partiality is totality. Alter politely the regenerative disposition of an indeterminately assigned cancer. It's motion good again. Not less its value's intent. All has purpose. Another symmetrical alteration please. Length and width without depth. We witness without application as abstention. Another sample. Life after death. Answers after death. Not less life's surrender. Another space opens once a door. Non linear mass affected to polite designs intent. What happens to distance not displaced. Wait for that taxi tomorrows another way. Now a definition's pause, cross roads one direction. Almost. A dimension. “A property of space a directional extension of space.” Mass denied invites dimension denied. Super string counts twenty more? (Remding at the speed of light there is no passage of time. In the absence of passage dislocation continuity the light- thus materiality effect including technology and life utility become everpresent, not actualized-engaged through value loss end, process uncertainty entrophy, displacement distance paradox. Condition events redeemed through failure and human error disposition). When the constriction mass of a material condition event has been assimilated to its infinite origin, the invent has become its own dimension. Stealth without material shape, location and shape one not less the same. Life-death without destinations arrival. Depletion instruction not address. Another visitation. Man, woman and machine. Mass constriction intent. Your artificial limb no one elses. Like finger prints. Better yet always tomorrow. Entropy and inertia resolved loss locations thirst, inceptions gain acoustics gain. Shape reclaimed, origin source approaching one the same. Nerve regeneration. Uranium erasure. The blind will see tomorrows apple tree.

Another apple the same seed: Shape activity location can also be reciprocal in value effect or loss. Suggested by non linear Eternal continuity. (Fractals- Super position and chaose theory validate). Over the increment opportunity of perhaps twenty years (I) knew as near polite cautious witness allows a lovely gently alert lady named Nancy. A massage therapist. Recalling the assigned Eternal intonation of the term location “massage” before the term location became relevant to our temporary, value has loss utility. “The sage amassing the age.” The massage occurs in a silence compatible and engendering of the infinite Eternal. Gathering gentle motion, shape not less location. Both Eternally accruing. The ageless silencing event is reciprocally near concurrent-concentric. Not consequent to value loss appeasement. The silence speaks the Light's motion. Intriguingly realized yesterday visiting Unity Church in Omaha Nebraska this lovely human being it appears hasn't aged nearly as much as the near associated of all others. Thus the non- linear Eternal abides. The same gentle love's discretion ascribes.

Abiding Nancy's insights relevant to youth maturity, other factors nurturing reveal. Meditation, nutrition, peacefulness. All motion substance ofby the silence nearing the Light. The same Yoga, Tai Chi, sleep, laughter. And the non- linear “Eternal”unknowing yet active self. Evidenced as spontaneous remission, reciprocal coincident events. Other Cosmic occurrences. Appreciating we acknowledge the Eternal denied. Denied? Unknowable? We dream, sneeze, walk before we learn how. And why. The poem predates the poet. Music waits the musicians attendance. Yourself the same. Wakening dream's permission. Thank you Nancy for your gentle insights.

Also influencing shape Eternal intent, collective events that deny, shape reality, mirror image dicotomy, institutionaly repressed individual: Wars, impaired economy, pandemics, weapons industry. Industry group behaviors that rely on dyeing opposition to sustain-define profit ie shared material utility through random and selective loss as a value (ie) value loss. Tools, devices, machines that facilitate can greatly exaggerate value loss changes in shape location. Also trombones, scalpels, rosary beds, books, parachutes....

Interestingly we are given to logic's mischief. Obervations gripe. We can say fully aware,”The chair isn't there.” We acknowledge the material relevance of a chair n' location while deny both in conjunction. Further validating our authority through negation, abstention and loss. Other term locations of dormant direction, “illusion” Tezerac one of how many not enough dimensions “void” 'inertia” “nothing” “vacuum” “entropy....” “illusion” Can you attend to think of others? Sometimes hello and goodbye.

We proceed exposing our non- Eternal franchise. Incompletion disguised completion. Deceptive conclusion denied success. Eternal life practical-evident by our avoidance. Mistake additional disguise. The error dismissed. The many forgivings. The forgotten event forgotten unwilling again. Noise a wonder of translatable information. We disregard and protest. The same not ntelligent. Insanity and disease. Genius and retarded. Disregarded portholes to our Cosmic origins. Medicated, violated politely dismissed.... Yawning the curtains of this stage. (I) explained. A babies first smile God's genius unquestionably. My intelligence assigned intelligence disguised. We smile our involuntary God witness. There's no God you say watching me pray. (I) heard my own reply. “How can you deny the existence that you just identified.” Praise the Lord and hide the ammunition. God we've decided to let you give us another chance.

Gathering the Cosmic winds. Asserting the earth peoples dysfunctional, localized loss existence. We observe consequently apply. “The shortest distance between two points is a straight line.” Distinctive value loss activity influenced by scalar vector materiality suggests each line is at some juncture distinctive? Affect, interpreation, result. But ours as repetition implores is an incomplete non-Eternal manifestation. Yet your nice math teachers explains, there are no straight lines that are intrinsic “expressive” of the infinite Universe. A straight line is born separating from its own initial juncture event. Infinite Eternal separated from its-own presence, infinity denied. Consider the most efficient conception between to points is the radius of a spinning sphere. (Extension not distance). Location is sustained as origin availing “sustaining” source. The non-lin8ear mapping of the term location “Distance.” (sent-is-ten-stance-die-id-dance). Any other terms, terminations. Did we forget event-choices other than ourselves. Now definition location of the term location“s” (Dime3nsion.) Initially we are concerned with direction as a temporary event. Explaining distance realized through uncertain “unresolved” value loss self- disqualifying event. Expressive of human beings entire culture, less anticipations intent. Yes shape does appear to lose its outlined integrated condition status. The ice cube melts. We die our bodies acquired claim. Outlining shape lost, but not value. Eternal value. No beginnings thrive once begun, shape disposition loss a transfer to location's material. (Form identity). Example. The acquired loss totality assumed “assembled” through the non linear totality of death. Death relevant as end termination “end assigned completion” of a journey, a machine event. A disease evolution. Your next thought linearly realized. Death not Death. A directions extension of space, not distanced from inception event, an event which becomes the spatial “active”property of the extended event. Definition of a dimension. “ direction extension of space, a property of space.” Currently not engaging condition activity not expressed in distance loss value rather celestial awe. Referenced “sought” in our prayers. Witness in miracles. Attended in our dreams. Sought in our aspirations.

A machine any shape assumes it's location: A machine changes location but not shape, therefore does not Eternally evolve. Location shift invariably design and choice intent. (Currently no shape location interchange other than loss). Often the loss the singular “immediate” machine option, bombs, electric chairs. Weapons. Presently machine shape activity does not affect-influence location-shape interchange except through value loss ambiguity. Smoke, pollution, waste. Global warming. Once location suffers accrued shape result, often not anticipated, difficult to influence accrued loss assumes varying levels of permanency. Accrued value loss. Which potentially affects all shape integrity regardless of individual shape intent, talent, will. Similarly shape intent can accrue in the preferred God Eternal ideal. Treating others with familiar kindness: Prayer, assisting refugees, treating enemies and devalued others-criminals, minorities, the disadvantaged. Also your next choice. A machine is disposable, but in non- utility remains indisposed. The machine has influenced shape and events, but in non utility does not accrue loss of location abstained shape. Machine can have memory, contrived memory not whimsical memory legitimatized through non temporal forgetting a validation of shape location utility or the non- Eternal resolved to the infinite Eternal ideal. Machine instruct, but only as instructed. Machines have shape, but machine location is functional to human choice. The choice selection actualized through machine is invariably not redeemable. Except through redemptivbe value loss insurance That which is affected through will, inspire of preferred willingness assumes accrued permanency intent. You can not reclaim an execution, defuse and exploded bomb. Redeem a lynching. Apologies, forgiveness are ephemeral contrived devaluation, reliant on often repeated transgression, devaluation that gives inept value to loss. (In the fundamental time is a deception). A machine can have a past and a future, but only through human intent. Through machine designed in time machine has exaggerated shape value indiscretion. All machines are unpredictably disposable, loss not assessed in time, machine design is legitimized through invariable failure prerogative. Machine shape only affect location through value loss default. Cars and plane crash, ships sink, houses burn down, bombs explode. Loss of condition events, non events, that are presently a design linear prerogative. Replacement is a singular industry. After prayer failure our keen potential speaks hope's direction. Pollution is the functional memory of a machine. Noise our obituaries chorus. Major industries are designed to protect people from the proper use “response” of a machine. Human disposition to machine, machine itself affects loss, damage, injury, death debit ie dyeing as defining profit incentive. The shape intent location of human presence can only be sustained through loss deprivation. Through loss as a value, affecting loss on others as a shared random value event. ( Major industry rely on dying as a motivating profit encouragement). Dyiing as sustainable process. And dying cessation assimilation. (An activity limited in effect through flawed perception sustained by language anomaly. Death is perceived-experinced as a value loss activity that is reflective of all material. Loss culmination is reality. Unwarranted terminoation is effective, essential to current location shape intent. All events, choices are non Eternally incomplete. Termination is complete. That which is not knowable, not reflective-encouraging of value loss is without perceivable utility. Currently. Indeed the human non Eternal response to opportunity is measurable and sustained through accrued approaching extinction. Concurrent termination: Accident prone nuclear war, spasm pandemics, cyber war disposition, global warming. Human being willingness to affect shape less the value intent of shape affects loss as location. The devastation of the planet Creation environment. Shape and location conjoined. Location is the origin of shape. Shape emanates from location and reverts back to location once shapes purpose is complete. Eternally replete or through utility loss Eternities measurement, aspiration's allotment. Several days past ago now “I” was resting in thought at the VA parking lot. Alone by my instructions surmise. Chatting with my dear companion friend Nadine Long in the presence of her “our” absence. Accordingly in partnership our conversation insured otherwise not. One location one shape two sources. Resulting in the idea for a T shirt. Not unlike life's inviting fraility. “Life will get better its already worse.” Fraternities benefit reaches “transcends” current perceptual materiality. Emraching the other world. We know marginally less interactive sustained choice benefit as dream, sleep, Haven not on earth, luck-coincidence and other non- linear occurrences. Yes Nadine and (I) “now you” share equally. Changing the market place don't you know. More does not tempt less. All loss has value. Heaven on earth flowers choice our reflections choice. Each egual share in the profits venture. Thank you for your companionship. And your accompaniment. Thus anticipation, imagination, ghosts, dreams, the presumed dead “beceased” prosper partnership, shape n' location the same. Opportune timelessness.

Shape location n0on linearity convene, fractals converse, super position convenes approach, intuition speaks (less languages deceptive calculation) our sustainable conversant choice. Intelligence, awareness opportunities seed. Time more generously amends utility loife. Clairvoyance hope explains, luck the same. Value yields loss. Shapes faded harvest location's gain. Forget ting's flower less memories thorn. Soldiers serene playfully. Death no longer dyeing shame. Our cousins, grasshoppers, birds, flowers and imagined dinosaurs neighborly attended Celestial planet abides. Machine design complies opportunity. Genesis exceeds birth's loss.

Another perspective on shape location assimilation, interaction, evolution which includes all shape disposition including the human body through out its duration including death presumption. Death or termination “completion” symmetry might reference a completed tourney, a functional design, an evolving assigned cancer, getting to the other side of the street. You are conceived. You begin to assume a space that presupposes your birth, a location space you will grow into, your full height. This not a space you chose or was chosen for you in time like your body disposition, accordingly the location is Eternal in its assumption status. You will influence this location your entire life, all your choices, agreements, disagreements potato chips you consumed, conditional activities that will accrue. When you attain the evolved status of death the space you occupied will not be relinquished will not be disposed of, disposable loss of utility is a time affection. The presumed loss of body shape accrued utility will be transferred to the location (now uninterrupted) location you occupied all your life. And in the absence of shape irony, that uninterrupted transference to location becomes a spatial accommodation. Shape location space Eternal.

Thomas Cantrell and (I) were chatting, inquiring about the internet. Numerous experts suggest the internet might develop consciousness. Shared? Inferring some measure of unconscious? A conjoined evolving gathering. Seemingly assuming its own location. While changing shape; adapting, accommodating “responding?” Ourselves less so sleep. The mirrors reflection complete shadows silhouette. Wavering impatient image? Machines we can assume are not designed, manufactured, independently of ourselves. The nice eager researchers at the Peare Group seemingly agree? Recalling the machine event that established that machine and human were interacting “sharing” a determined “cause” intent. Affecting resonance between machine and human improved “increased” desired effect. Though a machine can respond to will we can assume the machine can not initiate will less the human instruction or benefit. A mirror less a reflection castes no shadow? Active reflection? Shadows reflection. Shadows quivering mirror image? Echoes reflective shades.... All event's conditions, immediate-anticipated involve the entire multi sensual body. Senses impaired, distracted. Not conjoined. (Echoes repetition of sounds through reflection). A rusted junk yard Ford Mustang not the same as a “horses” active lively corpse. Stationary gallop. One active Eternal the other dormant alert. One endures contributes the other not less so depletion accruing value. The internet machine abides usage. Not connection, “inter connection.” Dormant acoustic reciprocity. Acknowledging-asserting the model. The computer, an extension of ourselves, not unlike the screw driver, the guitar. And our prayers an extension draw bridge to the Eternal.... In completion: Like all else immediate- anticipated in time contrivance Internet usage is incomplete. (Usage is not connection). Linear not infinitely disposed. The internet machines knowledge source is time value loss based. The computer the same. The materiality of accrued information, the shape location design of the computer function are relevant-sustained through invalidation. Progress explains. Information delivery status is also time devolved, incremental dislocation. Velocity acceleration “speed” legitimize current efficiency prerogative, but from a non linear atmospher5ic “speed” hastens value loss result. More value can be ascertained- accomplished more quickly, though failure-entropy-inconsistency are potentials gateway. The incomplete internet assimilates “reflects functionally” the information we rely on. When our information need evolves photogenically both in substance and expression the appropriate machine intent will evolve. Machine and information parallel development. Non-Eternal linear in completion currently referenced as completion. Acoustic motion mapping of term location. Source of word location before textual shape assigned. Non- linear acoustics motion mapping, the origin activity of the word avails helpful perceptual information. Also machine noise, human non verbal expression, fractured soundings also offer information. Polar opposite depletion often parallel-overlapping soundings. These might be “initial” seed roots to new sounding, language and communication affectations. In completion. “Come on in met let me complete me ten.” We hide planetary potential unknowingly behind “our “ own words. Language our disguise. Sense irrelevance. Mirror's echos. Reminding all sensual soundings affect the entire body; dreams, death's, wars and prayers. Echoes Eternal...Non-linearly inception completion's haste.


Sight. Hearing. Smell. Touch. Other senses? Potential actualities? (Definitions): “A sense of a physiological capacity of an organism that provides data for perception.” “The nervous system has a specific sensory system or organ (sensor indicators) dedicated to each sense.””Senses their operation, classification and theory are over lapping topics studied in various fields; neuroscience, cognitive psychology and philosophical perception.

Our senses do not require incremental language to initiate, sustain or recall a sense event. “Our” senses assume their own coefficient “substance” from conception without instruction. We are born sensually alert. Born not yet sensually accommodated, distracted. Gradually sensually surrendered to Creation's linear reflection. Not unlike perception our senses are relevant to that which precipitates a sense event. Like all else in time our sensual potential is incomplete. Reflecting-validating without choice intent a value loss culture. Thus we see, hear, smell and touch. (Non-linearly repressed).

Sensually in the ideal we are origin of our own intact purpose. A chronology immediate. And astute. Non linearly timeless. Eternal community. We share sensual events without essential uncertainty. Without planning. (Concurrent and concentric sense occurrences). Sensual realizations referenced as memory without value loss. Unforgettable as forgotten. Each sense claims it's genetic organs source. Nasal, visual, organ skin. Sensually we are Eternally ascribed. Also impaired expressed through individual- shared language anomaly. Sense presence have some of the same gualities such as timeless Cosmic occurences (not sustainable, not conversant, spontaenous non reocurrence, one person affect) examples intution, twin tuition, clarvoyance. Lucky...Death and birth. Each sense event stimulated by an external event. Solicited unsolicited. Senses are organically conjoined with Creation. Whales, woodpeckers and roosters similarly actualize. Other lifeforms have different sensual skills, ability to sense water pressure, magnetic fields.

Have we lost senses in time acquired language, in completion. Senses diminished. Conjoined “self” sensual ability? Fraternal? Including other species? Non linearly can sense events be shared. What sense adaptation will a non linear Eternally disposed culture require-encourage. The unsolicited medium, resolved linear space location, through which fractals and super position sustain convention. And reverberate. (Recalling availing Chaos Theories functional insights: Underlying interdisciplinary patterns, constant feedback loops, self similarity. Apparent randomness). Sense events the same? Senses transcend do not deny while relying on assigned-temporary intelligence impulse, words allegory. Consciousness? What is the smell less the impaired odor acquired. Touch, smell, feel location less time's imposition. What touch less instructions violence...Sense perception, organic indicator and nervous system does no oblige, precipitate violent discretion, senses witnesses. Validate help resolve anomaly with certainty.

Yet birth delivered our senses respond-correlate Creations separation. All human in time is incomplete less its intended condition status. (Expressible shape location). Thus our impaired-distracted senses witness-validate the fragment of our self imposed i9dentity. Our incomplete senses unsolicited incrimination. A smell by any other name Creation's apology the same. Creation's eyes of our own reflection. We continue anticipation we sense answers. Sixth sense “intuition” some suggests. What expression silence heard. Some neurologist invite 21 senses. (Pain, pressure, temperature). Also gentle scholars, bold explorers offer “Interocetpive senses,” sense activity that process internal information, activity. Hearing not speech. Dreams?Sensation's sense. Sexual, individual and conjoined. Location sense. Evolving sense. Dance the answer's questions. Senses secured-enema ting from receptive organ, sum ourselves, evokes DNA sound. Suggesting: Communal motion of the senses. Non linearly confined with observation, non-liner intelligence. Creative dexterity. The painting, the dance floor expands, beyond our invitation,essential invalidation. (Cosmic validation). And death the question begs sensual r5esponse. And machine? Human-machine con sensually conjoined? Computer initial approaching example. Computer presently limited to its current memory linear “exclusionary” validation. (Machines compatible “evolving” human surrogates). Computer text converted to linear language, confirming solicited incomplete information. Current machine intent design, a localized presence without sensual indicators. Machine's don't feel. But they can respond to human impetus. Machines are human surrogates, machines event investments occur rent in a non linear culture. Machine devises without individualized “ shared cooperative intent” would be without functional recourse. Dormant, neutral. Many machines each the surrogate substance of user. Intent. And communal consequence. A variance extreme. Hydrogen bomb's. Electric chairs, stethoscope and clarinet.

We repeat conceit “speech” currently is not a sense. Understandably we understand “our instruction” speech is linearly uncertain. Not completely unlike the other senses, without calculations encouragement near spontaneous. Thus we suggested we are excluded from the non- linear morphological field? All other planetary residents a singular burst. Yet denial is acknowledgment. Non linear includes all. Including all less itself. Witnessing all conversation emerge a midst non linear silence. And similarly “after” a brief for most confusing Eternities visit reclaim the silence refurbished. Good or bad. The choice invites, life compels. Words without deeds butterflies without wings, words deeds the same.

Any whispering echoes “vibrations not frequency?” Noting sense origin activity reveals-influences shaped body location nervous system, perception and anatomy. Sense disposition interactively. Less conscious choice intent. Body and extended location. Examples: Sense presence of a 32 million year old fossil. Light from a star hundred million miles away. Sense immediacy transcending time and distance displacement. Otherwise acquired linearly adopted. Current consciousness, perceptions seed, sensual interactive presence validates value loss deficiency (ie) basis of disease cure opposition, machine function intent, current life anomaly. Dying's franchise. “Is real really...” Brian pi's, “What do words mean when we do not.”

The night yields day to opportunity. Thus contrast survives opposition. All exists less its purpose. Accordingly we approach existence, whose reality. A presence whereby all ends inspite of our prayers resistance. Yet we charter and contrive in an endless Universe. Our appointed residence. Paradox irony companions.

What mystery festers seeking victim's disappointment. What shadows irony shades hope's invitation. What question's answer denies accusation. We sustain liberated of direction's instruction. Compass lost identity. Divinely we attend. No despair not good. God our mystery. Our mystery not Gods.

Now we example that life be proof enough of life. No scholarship here ascribe- pains simple lessons suffice. All pain knowing testifies witnesses origin its purpose. Thus promised life's trial begins. All innocent of guilt preferred, otherwise pain and treachery would one shadow caste. We petition repetition those lost need not hide. Pain is good life promises. Student will survive the teacher. We continue the tree will not fall less one apple's lofty promise.

(The arts lasting silence). Light, silence music ageless engagement. Eternal events can not be separated. And remain.(Silence motion's witness light).

Poems- paintings- sculpting, dancing music completed are stationary unlike ourselves silent chronology. Not real to us. Timeless sensual glimpses into the Eternal. Contrasting the Eternal selves we deny while alive. (The dancing arts survive life realized through shared endings). Until we've agreed the after life. Not this life. Not us not now. Poem's us survive. All intact love's Eternal arts evoke all senses. Less the sense of self. Do our Eternal creations wait for us. The Eternal witness denied by us in life, yet delivered by our own trembling hand. * * *

Paintings, sculptures, poems. Heaven's scent. Gentler coy. What grip paintings hold. Imagining's host poem's sensual dispatch. Lip's canvas kiss conceals. Blood's landscape resurrection's tourniquet? Sunflowers near distant shade. Melting watch spilling time. Stationary dreams, falling. Soldier dying endurance complete. Mona Lisa's stubborn smile. A poems river flow...

A poem is a source of its own direction. The poems own river flow. Breathing efforts consent. We arrive eager demonstrations. Knowings about, rosary beads and gout. Prayers response prayers reguest? A poems love's lost podium? Value explanations we deny. Right n' wrong hesitation's auction. Thus we die delaying Heaven our favors. Whose after life not your life. The poet owns the poem God the author. Guilty pleads sad worthy of innocence. Unlike our cousins, the humming birds, porpoises and those raccoon's we know death dying's commerce. Stubborn killing relentless. God slow holidays. Poems written with erasers.

Withering anniversaries. Word's gather convalescent. Nest hastens art. Word's joy pollen's grip. Moist tide birth conceives. Groping death. Mom's tear's sculptors stone. Mirror's lean away. And away so far away. Who are these poems that are these people. What urine's word thirst commences. Hidden concise. Beggars conceit love's parole. A legates. Rattle babble chatter in bottle. Taller standing than on his knees? Feeling's touch. Life's permission that's all I wanted to say. “ Please pass me the potato salad.” Will you give this poem its fuller glance. Dance God's chance with us. Viola's tap dancing ballet?

An alleged poem

Wendolynn adonde voy buscando hoy. Solamente se

la verdad sin langrimas

no importa Wendolynn

ojos de mis suenos

te amos mas gu amo el amor.

Enojada tu sonrisa

Ayer fue

adonde esta hoy?

A mis labios no te mueres.

Adonde estas?

De mis lagrmas no te guieres?

que es la palabra

ahora de amor.

A mis labios no te mueres.

en el sueno me despierto...

la hora de esperar

si las estrellas me ayudan caminar.

Porgue te mueres?

Que de Dios conoces

que te vayas?

Adonde voy buscando hoy.

Espero querida

pero no me dices...

ayer eres manana

adonde esta hoy.

Adonde voy buscando hoy.

Buscando hoy.

Que silencio puede ayudar.

Adonde busco

buscando hoy.

Mis ojos no ayudan

las lagrimas son tuyas.

Ayer no eres manana.

Perdido voy.

Buscando voy.

En Dios te encuentro

otra vez?

Palabras de morir

no mas que no

por favor no mas gue no...

Adonde busco mas

que soy yo,

buscando hoy.

Prefeiro tus besos

sin tus labios

conociendo adonde eres.

Adonde estamos

en las montans esccondidas

buscamos hoy.

Te amo mi guerida ayudame con Dios.

* * *

Bad opposed yields good? Most all amongst humans abides opposition. Waiting denies the Eternal, distance's opposition defered. But there is no sense advocate “indicator source” for opposition? No sense bond response that consents machine an evolutionary niche. Spirituality based on life abstention. How are your senses engaged in “your” Holy Temple? Machine idealization in design, process intent and result? Sensual connection limited to value loss: Noise, pollution, damage, repair, disposable value. Sense response activity condition enhances vector scalar “measurable” limitations. Sense... a function of duration immediacy. Not essential to interpretation, analysis, explanation. Like our capacity to experience luck, institution, coincidence organically predisposed. Smile wait for yourself approaching. Arrived already delivered. Senses compatible with morphogenetic field. An endless summation.

(Presently) no sense “awareness” response that consents, concurs machine “interactive” function intent. An active response symmetry. No senorindicator. No asymmetrical concurrent response. Machine has no adaptive reciprocal sense, except during “incomplete” utility effect validating a value loss reality. Machine obliges response, does not advocate response. Machine response is only subjectively respondent through unintended error, failure preoperative. Mistake impedes while validating non- liner machine ideal. Error like sensually confirms human machine intent interaction. Otherwise no sensual human-machine compliance bond. Temporal machine utility bond stalled “installed.” Value loss integrity thwarted. Peare Groups research into human machine interaction, sense effect suggested by resonance and probability inclination. Resonance suggest an other than intended influence, motion sound intent. DNAsound machine adaptive symmetry. Vibration echoes? (One sense can be connected to another). Suggested by luck, coincident and failure operative events involving machines. Selective machine preference, favorite hammer, piano, blanket suggest the aforementioned kindred symmetry. Contrary to previous insights under these condition effects machine shape begins to “change” actively adapt “interact” from and with location. Shape time duration, location non linear Eternal.

All intents delivery motion speaks. Our senses our genetically sourced. Each sensual impetus is an intact sounding, organ sourced, its motion genetically construed. DNA sound. Sensual inception functions agelessly. Without insufficiency except as witness senses validate sustain the Eternal. Senses unlike language, mathematics, reality are not uncertain. Sense impairment is only in consequent witness, participation-not intrinsic to their functional intent. Example pollution. Design disposable disposition. Unlike machine dormant non utility. The human body continues releasing sensual activity after death presumption. Communicating. Death duration. A condition event which includes “assigned” cause of death. (Suggestive of the functional cessation of any event). Treatment awareness response can continue after death presumption. Disease adapts relevant to our ironic interventions, more penicillin is need for the same disease 20 years later, disease is an evolving (non- linear continuous) interactive condition “life form.”Endless. Would it make sense to continue to treat “influence” a assigned cause of death disease after death is assigned Sense awareness consequent to motion intent. Explaining dreams. Ghost materiality. Cosmic occurrences. After death experiences, after a time perspective indulgence. Motion has intent. Intent reveals source. And source explains awareness. No endings thrive once begun, except by our self denying witness.

Fragmented senses reflect, echoes, a fragmented reality. (Now we reach beyond ourselves). But do not functionally contribute to the fragmentation, the value loss. Sensual sensations impetus assume their own anticipation. Sense memory does not evolve as process through forgetting. Sense symmetry, fractal pulse. Evolving senses ie mental illness, disease. Resolution of opposition, cure vs disease, death vs life, death vs dyeing are abridged through intuitive sense. (Perceptual sense of self not denied). You can not in language or language forum ie contempt, deception, uncertainty evoke through sense. But their inherent redemption, Eternal disposition is sensual. Lightfuly manifest. Your ability to sense a miracle. Dejavu? “Afterlife” dejavu? Witness Eternal continuity. Conjoined super position? But senses evoke themselves. Explanation ours not theirs. Senses interpreted consciously, but not sourced through consciousness, but as consciousness. Senses adapt, during sleep? Dream. The sense of silence. The Eternal sense. All senses one gathering, Unresolved, impendiong senses. Dimensional sense, sensuality. Any sensual event we can accommodate our own confusion. Theory and good intentions. But the deception is ours not sensual.

(Presently we engage a static-deferred condition machine event).There is no recognizable sensual bond response that defines machine “interactive” function. During exclusion value loss response symmetry inferred. Aspired? Suggesting an other than symmetrical response. Machine has no adaptive reciprocal sense, except during flawed utility effect. Unexpected results experienced as failure effect. Machine obliges response, does not advocate subjectively influence response. Machine response is only reciprocally respondent through unintended error, preoperative failure inclination. Mistake-error impedes value loss while validating confirming non- linear machine ideal. No sensual human-machine compliance bond. Failure error uncertainty, entropy are shared human-machine effort. Most apparent as value loss indication “symptoms,” noise, pollution, rust, disrepair. And human machine injury disposition. Time machine utility bond impedes-denies as installed. Designed. Machine dysfunction validates potential. Peare Groups research into human machine interaction, sense effect suggested by machine-human resonance. Enhanced event specific probability inclination. (New reality). Resonance suggest an other than intended influence, motion sound intent. DNAsound machine adaptive symmetry. Vibration echoes? (One sense presently can be connected to another). Suggested by luck, coincident and failure operative events involving machines. Selective machine preference, favorite hammer, piano, blanket suggest the aforementioned kindred symmetry. (Incomplete3 preference). Currently senses reveal-validate value loss reality ie pollution, violence, global warming ectera. Our sensual bond is incomplete some alleged dogs can break a scent into 3000 “real” condition active elements. Inaccessible to us. Presently? Contrary to previous insights under these condition effects machine shape begins to “change” actively adapt “interact” from and with location event. And human presence interaction. Shape time duration, location non- linear Eternal.

We wonder an object falling without direction intent-source, the same event than the same object purposefully directed. Does displacement require location distance anomaly. The event creates “determines” the location. Distance reveals a displaced deficient vague anomaly. Ilusionary consensual sense. The shortest distance between two points is a straight line). Dislocation event validated-revealed through deficient result, condition quality during inception of the temporary event. (Temporary displaced event in a non linear Eternally atmospheric Universe). Active straight line in a non localized Universe is only currently possible through duration deference. A non- linear straight line suggests casual spontaneity. Dislocation is a consequence of a denied spin result. Suggestive of mass constriction actualizing the infinite Eternal. Origin sourced event not manifested through intrinsic value loss, Seoperation less the value of the separation. Distance not valued through separation precipitated by a temporary depletion force or energy. During a non linear dislocation events, linear cause and effect are each origin source. Each the intent inception of the other. Reciprocal concurrent convergence.

Assertion intent: Previously noted. (Motion is intent (has intent). Intent suggest “avails” source (is source). And source infers “explains” awareness “continuously”). Current machine function is static “flawed” responsive, not cooperative. Relevant to a sensual interactive “influencing” connection between human and machine, the reciprocal concurrent of each of the triangulating Cosmic active conditions status capacity (are) “potentially” functionally relevant. {Motion is intent. Specific Intent specific condition motion.} Through time duration these two condition events are separated, when occur rent-engaged in time , these defining motion events are realized through deficient value loss, measured in scalar vector effect.

Non linear duration suggested by non- linear sensual sound “intent-motion-source” these materially defining events are conjoined. A static non-initiating shape machine however efficient can not affect its own mass constriction actualizing infinite intent. But the transitory event facilitated-created by machine can affect timelessness without designed entropy dislocation, however ineptly all is realized in the infinite Eternal. (A temporary event not realized through value loss uncertainty abides the infinite Eternal). A duration machine affect suggested by defining failure intrinsic to linear temporal process. (At the speed of Light there is no passage of timelessness (is) an accommodating material condition. Time materiality becomes negotiable. Non material still has substance intent. Time can be slowed, accelerated, stopped. Non- linear disposition of timelessness, the infinite Eternal, indicates machine and human presence are partial and responsive to the timeless “infinite ” actuality. Concentric concurrent events. Reciprocal suggests non directional “access juncture” within the context of displacement exclusion. “Spinning pyramid.” (Mass constriction intent). Each event is Its own compass. Direction intent less displacement. By your own design you have a new neighbor: Your cooperative electron microscope. Non- linear computations including language symmetry. Your clarinet is retired after your presumed death. Except in concurrent recordings. Audio recordings that evoke the images relevant to the inspired “source” sounds. Sensual concurrence2. Cosmic self and event derivative. You can loan a robot money, but your going to be paid back with your own cash. Machines are machine people are people.

Mass curvature affecting infinite intent can include shape design. Stealth evolution, shape not detecting its own material presence. Decay (Loss of intent fac iltated “suggested by shape) non- utility, functional deficiency, displacement, separation are not without function intent ie identity. Shape is a phase. Perception and observation on which we currently base of scientific precepts are incomplete. Flawed perception determines incomplete result. Suggested by invalidation, failure, error disposition-our current directional motivating compass.

We witness-experience conditions, intents,behaviors, machines, commerce “reality” through construed perceptions that become “incomplete”events and behaviors which are reflective of our time insinuated reality. Consider mass constriction evokes mass expansion. “Spasm pulse” events that are incomplete pending their intended non linear resolution. Birth expansion. Death contraction. (Reciprocally concordant).(Reciprocally responsive spinning pyramid).The motion intent of an amoeba. Lungs. Heart beat. Tides. Super novas. Digestion. Laughter. The planet earth. This dynamic flow, concordant spasm pulse, speaks to the non linear flux intent. Includes as suggested distance resolution not revealed through distance chronology displacement. Spasm pulse is predeterminant. Big bang Big crunch anticipation. Concurrent resolved less dislocation “impending”intent. We currently plan, design, affect conditions and events intrinsically relevant through their invalidation. Referenced as progress currently in time an essential anomaly. You can only get lost if you know where your going.

“Things move in relation to each other.” Motion intent need not be dysfunctional in its duration effect. Duration is effect defining. When time slows down light travels a greater distance. When time concurrent efficiency, dislocation continuity, process is interchangeable with design intent effect. “Distance and time don't increase in the same constant.” Unless distance intent assumes its own intent location. Shape intent is symmetrically consequent. Shape intent is relevant to its timeless intent. Time diolation, length contraction, entropy, dislocation displacement are mirror concurrent. Not separate however related scalar -vector contention effects. Fractal presently proportional symmetrical materialiity-fractal intent assumes motion symmetry. Proportional material inconsistency in shape intent and material dynamic , molecular or genetic is resolved by motion intent. Subjective intent mass constriction availing the inception source of an event, its Eternal origoin. Super position motion event fractal.

Through acceleration velocity we cover more distance, the nature of the same distance “lacking”deficit, in the same time condtion effect. Time remains a constant deficient. Value loss limitation exacerbated by distance “linear” delusion. Projectile dislocation sustained by shape constancy. Not non linear duration, constancy measured through entropy, failure prerogative, time limitations and temporary depletion fuel. Deficient affectation given functional rationality through time constancy, currently a limit medium. If time itself can slow down, speed up, and these duration affects are subjective to intent event (shape identity resolution) utility shape function changes. When duration is subjectively influencing intent-motion-source distance is no longer a separation constant. A mile a foot become variants. A significant shift accommodating travel duration, mechanical causality. Language uncertainty accommodating intuitive variance. Concentric concurrence recurring a compatible expressible symbiosis. (New music new instruments). Non- linear sense transceince. Art, dance, cinema,photography, memory, communication, travel dislocation, medicine reciprocity; these condition events presently stationary or constant to controlled dislocation continuity ( not time value loss interactive) become subjectively active to participant viewing. The landscape changes. The dance floor, the canvas and the paintbrush adapt. Time entropy dislocation, directional causality no longer a subjective (fuel coerced projectile) duration measured not through operational “resistant” entropy, but rather motion intent ie mass constriction intent innovation. Acoustics supplants depletion risk fuels. Expressive realization of the Eternal self.

Completing the circle without turning a corner. Perpendicular assemblies. Our Cosmic companion Albert Einstein volunteers observation. “Time is relevant to the observer.” The observer is relevant and revealing to his-her own auguring identity. An observer whose functional idenity might be denying of self, organically impaired, insitutionally distraced otherwise as noted. Need the active influencing observer be human. The observations have to be relevant to the medium in which they are realized? (A valu8e loss materiality). Either in validation of value loss or its exaggerated evolving futility until otherwise-non linearly realized. In non linear relocation effect casual linear projection is an exclusionary event revealed-sustained through value loss distance. Separation value loss in its ideal suggested by inherent design failure, an intuitive repose to our own non linear nature,actualized as a triangulated event. Being able to simultaneously source several condition effects of time therefore mass constriction directional. Affecting compound gravity affect as origin to our source intent. Gravity assuming its own time dilation adaptive modality. The triangle becomes a zeroth dimension. A wormhole accentuation, not resolving several variant of time, but utilizing-coherently in utility effect...absolving “resolving” time anomaly.

All inclusive Gravity currently is the form midst in which all happens (as such origin source?), evolving; time condition events a midst (a timeless non linear gravity affect) that are “event” resolved by gravitational time dilation. And effect shift the linear shaped events are compatible with. And confirmed ...validated through value loss “self “ exclusion.

Time duration materiality “shape design” is measured- compatibly influenced- through adaptive non linear time dilation (during the evolving time dilation repose infinity becomes amenable, approachable, actively concurrent reciprocity super position. Distance effect becomes fractal to initiate intent event). Effect duration is realized through evolving consequential displacement “distance.” Physics observes “time slow light travels greater distance.” Suggesting like all else time impedes the light. You can't wait for infinity without denying the same. Until distance in the absence of time becomes a spontaneous event. Influenced by length constriction or mass constriction. When displacement, perceived separation, can be influenced by designed shape constriction determined by amenable “adaptive” time (presently influenced by depletion fuel trajectory (distance)... functionality “intent motion source” becomes immediate in time. Near spontaneous. Distance is not affected in displacement miles, light years, seconds; but immediacy. Observer intent becomes effect intent. “No greater speed than the speed of light,” exception affected inception immediacy. Now has location. The shortest distance between two points is itself, the event (event intent) not its separation validated by imposed secondary measurement. Inherent in a specific shape, natural or human design, is all its potential variant affects before application. Our application more the limitation than the shape. All shapes however distracted convene eventually the Eternal infinite ideal. Distance. “is die ten stance id dent.” A reciprocal concurrent distance. A throbing center. A dot. Pulsating shpere. Reciporcal pulsating sphere appears stationary.

An ageless echo, a reflection non-linearly therefore in the ideal the sponsoring event, can not be separated from its origin without affection “distracting” location or shape or both less their value origin source. An echo or substance reflection sourced from a previously completed event is not acoustically dissimilar from its anticipated design, in time completed two weeks earlier. During the absence of time distraction the motion echo of waiting past event and a future are not prepositionally dissimilar. Non- linear shape duration intent resolves relevant inconsistency-revealing functional ideal. Entropy as displacement is resolved functionally. Functionality leaves an echo trail, location. An event can be materially “functionality” assessed as the event before materialized in what in time is referenced as the future. Echo probabilities. The event in ochoe substance can not be utilized conventionally because it has no shape. (Though all suggests shape intent, purpose). But there is location. And location in the aforementioned context is information. Functional information. The absence evolved of shape is not the absence of (its) location. Continuous source. Agelessly this is true of music, imagination and ourselves. Previous presently perceptually non- existent shape transfers acquired identity intent to location. Reciprocal bond . “Spinning bridge.” Appreciating prayer's distinction between wisdom, knowledge and information. Appreciating the inspiring reassuring documentary, films nice, gentle-life patient benefactors, InnSaei.

Usage hesitates now our anticipation. If you “anyone” processes a request on your computer, “When did the Miracle Met's win the World Series.” The appropriate answer is delivered. Complete? Only in our temporary-distracted consensus. Computers are an efficiency medium system response also like time (and in time) a distortion of the material temporal anomaly which includes initiate perceptions and the information consequentially derived,knowledge. (Knowledge a source from which we draw insight, identify sustain need and inspiration to design-utilize computers and other machines. Once the computer information re guest is con sensually complete the otherwise reciprocal event is satisfied becoming dormant (ie) inertia, second cousin to entropy and depletion. Computers are turned off, life, weather and gravity continue. Yet all remains non linearly active. Value loss, absence,sleep, death duration remain active. Otherwise only by our limited consensus. Unknowable defines. (Our great success unknowings birth). You request an address on your computer. The response proves your arrival. Consider two weeks later sustained dormancy engaged the computer updates. (Unknowings unsolicited intent). Approaching the non- linear approaching us. What you missed if you hadn't arrived late. Information chronology changes. The same information disposition. Non distinct probability becomes immediate. Not deficient “displacement” based. Information is not always consequent to its own temporal dislocation. (The same ourselves and our derivatives). Previous time resolved occurrences like intuition, coincidence, luck, death that could not be initiated nor sustained can be sustained “now” as.... information. Non- linearly active information. Both as human perception prerogative. And machine design inclination. Not necessarily as materiality. Our choices, our need for information will continue to be influenced by our organic shape location. We will arrived at our Eternal origin. Functionally optionally. Still prone to a stomach ache. And the need for a good giggle. You can still have bad luck and not know why. Your imagination attends to you, gift of admission. Breathe...

We continue seeking the flowers shade the seeds intention. Born one the same one deceased, wonderful-mysterious attendance. A few words reprieve interruptions reach. We wonder wandering about life's amendment. Genevieve abstraction promises. Love the more you keep the less you have. We caution labor's smile....We search. Apprentice like all else continuous words have their own Opposition, good and bad, ourselves...

Love the more you keep the less you have

Does love have gender...

When hope shepherds love to purpose. Yearning amorous inspiration. Melancholy salute to the days isolation. Each day our lives gathering. Love's exploration. Love's discovery. An estimation we deceive ourselves understanding. A fever's calculation we offer as love. And love's perplexity compass enough.

We assume our direction's reason birthed of good purpose. But there is more at play than our wit's reflection. We are truer witness of our future than our past.

There is good reason deserving why a woman (I suspect knowing) would receive us her residency: I am gentle. I am funny I am. I love easily. With the calories effort of an imagined butterflies fluttering wings. Generous I am better borrowed than forgiven. I disdain “I” the better one. I make no forgiving menu of apology. Sin's appetite left to sin's invitation. True I am not the athlete once of good sprint. If I fell I might not reach the ground. Better said the ground would reach me before I the ground. But falling I would not grab another's company my comfort. I am not afraid of solitude. Thought accompanies despair attends. Yearning amends respiration. I do not complete a sentence in one night's fuck. Those of awkward appointment who sought to kill me, their disappointment is not my burden. Their Company is God's not man's. I am a mysterious man. A monster's smile of goodness. Lost well divine. I pray to laugh. I only lie to tell the truth. And rarely cry preferring why.

Where is the woman who will speak good need of this nourishment. Attending doubts better solitude. Her address mine.

There is a place Mcfoster's restaurant now gone on 38th and Farnam in Omaha Nebraska. Across the street the Three Brothers Bar. Many years ago till intact, memories, alcohol's timeless cheer urinals resonant fumes. Frequenting distant years ago on the way to Vietnam I was evicted for accepting Marie Paul Vestrate's lips, ours. (Now mine). Crime prefers lasting fleshes indiscretion. Napalm trumps love's patient lips. Now the recent time's delivery. A woman we appeal, friendly not yet friend, life's preferred assembly interrupted by conversation.

I spoke myself listening, “Are you a lesbian?” Time's pause hesitates caution. Now the woman speaks. Brief dignity one words gentle gathering. “Yes.” I heard the word myself understanding, better love's gentle comedian than soldiers decline. Truth conceals its own happy sorrow. I spoke. “What a coincidence.” We heard the words I heard I said. Speaking alert dreams following. I answered I said I did. “Me to....” Curious companions space one steps retreat without moving. Fears shadow has no shade. Life's comedy speaks forgiving reason, not truth. Now I implore God's patriot explains. “I am less violent than some women. More feminine. Her breasts an old mans fuller sway.” Thus forgiven anatomies injustice I concluded sincerely near away. “Why can't reason triumph. And we transgenderly embrace. Excuse scalpel... suffering patient's couch. We risk life's loss retrieving the child from the winter pond's sharing, why not love enough life's only season. Reasons character love's not enough add a light switch. (What light conceals darkness delivers). Now our woman, her eyes the fuller of God's attendance, speaks. Earnest logic brief severe. “How about that familiar insurrection.” I write the answer here I easily speak. “Opportunity conceals God's ventriloquist?” One of us smiled life's surrender. What poem reads not reader amended. To whom do we surrender if we are love's only enemy.

We return dream content chores invitation.... Dislocation is not affected defined through displacement. Displacement a space location less itself requires temporal irony. “At the speed of light there is no passage of time.” All is materially kindred (light affluent sourced); otherwise less itself by unresolved choice. Memory is the Light's purpose.

These perceptions actualized render gravity an amendable source, engendering. Influencing intent. Presently gravity is viewed as a geometric maze. Functional dislocation. Impendoing fractal. Wavering super position. Gravity is all finally not less itself again. Purpose fullness and timelessness interchangeable. The reflection reflects the moirror. Time dilation comfortable leans . A human teserac detoured. The closest current encompassing “non- linearly referenced” fractal facsimile to gravity (though entropy abstention) is fusion “dislocation” implosion. Silly and sad.

Of course these conditioned “observable” (time percieved) events measure the effect of a singluar bodies dislocation. Through current value loss shape adpation. Not conseguent to its relative and revealing totality, non- linear disposition. (Shape dysfuntion influences and is influenced by linear dislocation defect). Weight, mass and direction therefore speed change when considered and influenced by many other condtion events not factored, including dormancy. (different from inertia). And prefered inclination whispered through failures advocation. Some not knowable, but still influencing.

The nice word cautious individuals at " The American Heritage Dictionary," offer a definition insights into the observable concept of mass. "Mass is the measure of a bodies resistance to accleration." But not distance? (Acceleration n' distance validate temporary relocation in an infinetely Eternal non localized Universe).The non-linear ideal, Everpresence. Does not functionallly rely on casual dislocation. We are a denying time insinuated localized presence trying to influence events in a non- localized "timeless" Universe.

All events currently realized in time disposition, however compelling are “incomplete”non- linear from the inception of the event, including effect perception. How does a concurrent-concentic event affect shape. Form, mass, design intent. And gravity.

Incompletion we offer with emphais can be non- linearily abiding, infinite and Eternal. One of the great evolving avenues. Question answers prefrence? Is the incompletion Eternally atuned. Is the incompletion time indisposed, demonstrated-communicated through value loss. Without incompletions choice the earth people would only have one reflection. Lauging and sad.

In the absence of time duration inclusivness determines. Asserts. Simultaneous spontaniety. Distance approaches its origin less displacment. (Concentric concurrence meaning same center same time). Functional essense of super position and Chaos Theory, continous fractal disposition). Events can be centralized to intent, but not at the exclusion disposition of all other events. Through exclusionary deficent intent displacments of dislocation occurs, value loss futility. Mass linear definition avails "is independent of a bodies position, but dependent on its motion in respect to other bodies." But the observation offers mass integirty intent is influenced by accleration, therfore position of immedicaly before effect is influence by intent realized as flawed observation validating a value loss perceptual inclination. Motoin in relation to other bodies has been defered less a non linear ideal.

Reminding at the speed of light there is no passage of time. Functional Everpresence abides. Effect on perception? A coherent comprehension of thought or active perception? But speed of light is a coerced dislocating agregate of linear direction. Based on a contrived perceptual distortion that is conseguent to design intent. Stationary time is not active time. Validated through and as predetermined measurment. A scalar vector in its own tentative selective sway. (Origin linearily affected denies reciporcal source). Affecting a black hole or attaining the speed of slight reguires an exageration of energy. We are examing an event affect, utilizig immesurable-unfathomable Cosmic resource that effect their own sympathetic vector or energy. The events own gravity? Remind time dilation is a function of gravity flow intent. In the absence of time effect, affecting infinite Eternal duration, speed dislocation is resolved to coherent functional immedicacy. Origin supplants casaulity.

We hasten Mass's approach. Mass defintion's language implores.”A unfied body with no specific shape. Physics clarifies? “The measure of a bodies resistence to accleration; a mass of a body is different but proportional to its weight (is) independent of a bodies position, but dependent on its motion with respect to other bodies. Mass impends the impending. Observation caution's the observerer. Can we empty gravity? How do we manage to bake a temporary timeless brownie? Gravity asks Gravity answers.

Mass's approach politely. Mass defintion's language implores. “A unfied body with no specific shape.(Amenable to specific shape intent either lineraily deficen shape intent or non linear), Physics clarifies? “The measure of a bodies resistence to accleration; (resistance to linear dislocation in a non localized Universe. Acceleration resistence also suggested by value loss entrophy effect. And shape constriction during temporal acceleration)... a mass of a body is different but proportional to its weight(non linearily weight shifts with intent?) (is) independent of a bodies position,(position status is altered through mass intent approaching shape utility... but dependent on its motion with respect to other bodies. Motion realized through sympathetic accosutic intent is in harmony with other bodies, including the sh ift shape intent of a singular body intent, reflective of super postion. And chaos theory less intrinsic randem effect. How do we manage to bake and eat a brownie? Gravity asks Gravity answers. Gravities canvass is designed through gravities intent. Gravity is the intent conseguence of ittself. Gravity doesnt have shape it is shape. Gravity abstains time while creating duration which includes responsive time. Gravity doesn't have designs it is design. Gravity is the canvass on which the Universe draws itself. And that canvasss is gravity. The acasuals awe's response, gravity.

We've unknowingly approached guantum entangelemnt through the back door. Entrance exit the same. A cheer's embrace the explorer Niels Borg. The American Dictionary speaks. Words like flowers claim the sunshine seed's purpose. Our words blossom the stars insstruction. “Matter.” Physics: “An entity displaying gravitation and inertia when at rest or when in motion. Definition. “Inertia.” The tendency for a body at rest to stay at rest or a body in motion to remain in motion in a straight line unless acted upon by an external force. (2). Inertia resistence to motoin, action or change. (3). The tendency of a body to resist acceleratiion.” Acknoweldging progress, invalidations smile, we can proceed politely accepting definitions resistance the prefered canvas. Each canvas shadow the previous lansdcapes echo. All is revealing elevant and connected.

Quantum leap: We can not know well unless we are disposed to knowing what we once could not know. All affected in time paradox exists in the functional (uncertain and deficient) separation “distance” of itself. This curious gap initially functional as knowing and not knowing- we bridge through measurable “chronological” word-number based observation, technology, commerce and spirituality. The functional relevance of the gap is determined through value application. Constituted “loss” as a value. The second condition relevance conceived loss as “gain” measured-motivating error, entropy, failure, noise, redundant deficiency, fundamental in completion but not functional as such. One event condition is time based deficient. The later timelessly “ephemerally” disposed. We will examine fractals not only relevant to shape and location, but condition...In the immediate idea chronology is without displacement. The quantum shadow smiles. Functional immediacy renders time, pause.

In an infinite Universe not disposed through chronological duration all occurs when it does. Each event's demonstration consents itself. Not surprisingly mirror imaged human intervention creates a schism disparity. Body form, an evolving shape in time influences observation. And utility need. In time all construed events eventually lose all utility. And direction. A disqualifying perceptual nice that compliments our “adaptive” organic disposition. A frustrating affections. In such a planetary dynamic failure, error, echo redundancy affecting progress though invalidation are presently essential to the human identity. All these events whatever their value fluency first must be realized”initiated” through perception. We can not engage without being aware of what we engage. Our awareness are sensually derived. Ascertained. But these initial sensations, that are compatible with our Eternal compatible selves, become materially indisposed, limited and incomplete because they're intercepted-realize through linearity displaced language and mathematics through which we evoke and sustain our temporary reality. (Note all animals share many the same senses. Humans less so through self assigned localized intelligence disparity).

The quantum entanglement. Generous disparity between aspirant explorers Niels Bohr and the Albert Einstein, each stroking the same oar of the others boat, yet their perceptions remains an unresolved dichotomy? Each the impatient fractal of the others evolving echo. Chronology based on inception? What is the acasual question of the others compatible answer. The question is the answer, both either as one. Each one either still both the same. Super Position junctures will remain “viably” separate, without functional “shared” effect. What separation speaks less distance's thorst. Physicist observe that a single connection two super position junctures, events or references would require speeds of 13 million time the speed of light. “Sir could you please give me directions to where I am.” A causality has an address. The compass stalks waiting our favor. One of location presence not distanced dislocation. Relativity does not allow for such conditioned eventuality. Relativity offers that cause and effect can not propagate at the speed of light. Yet physicists agree at the speed of light there is no passage of time. As such there is no disparate material distance displacement during time abstention. Measurable dislocation as denied distance, becomes a spacetime anomaly. Cause and affect each the others fading shade. Origin its own cause. The utility born from such a non linear affectation will like remain “often” casual. Human organic disposition as sharing requires some measure of causality. A casual quantum substance relativity shared. Exceptions? Robots, the surrogacy of enhanced tech utility.... are not the origin of their own cause. Without a past resolved as a future their fractal becomes a limited impracticality. Which can be realized as functional excess. Another perspective: They can not pay their utility bill unless they borrow from us. The acasual non linear avails: Everything is everywhere always at once. Any separation for this flow dynamic, whatever its purpose must sustain the quantum fluency. Distance and separation can still occur relevant to function, but only through the material validations of the events which includes their distance affect. What is waiting affected through value location loss as gain? Answer profound efficiency. Pause duration. All is articulate of its presumably preferred self. Life and death are both Creation kindred to one another. Two flowers nurturing celestial seed. The both of each afford the others worth.

Immediacy a casual disparity of two opposing conditions. Life and death. Inception effect termination cessation or continuity. Dormant or active. Any cause that is the cause of any effect. Can a human presence be both alive and dead simultaneously. Inby a spontaneous all inclusive Universe each is the permits source of the other. Dormant or inactive. Does dislocation have to be immediate to its source. Opposition consistency. Denied through and as spacetime vector scalar distanced anomaly. Question is the answer reciprocally. Inherent structurally in shape condition is its distinctive localized shape. (A temporary perception but temporary is a time function). Shape even when resistant, by human intervention, is also compatible with lose of shape. That absence, evide3nced by location void suggested by the birth of a child, the blossom of a flower (is) also compatible. If these two conditioning events are examined concurrently, each the origin of its own source we have super position symmetry. Effort to assert through flawed inexact perception evoking deficient t distance based causality. The suggestion of casual dislocation precipitated by external, functionally unrelated force suggest current human intervention is flawed. Value affect direction suggested by failure direction, need to separate intent, unresolved human error disposition. We are attempting to utilize material location to our evolving uncertain advantage. We want-need to experience Creation environment on terms that are reflective of our identity. Our terms substantiated as progress redeemed by invalidation. Curious paradox. An experience environment that predates the active perceptual presence of our species. Indeed predates the materializing of the planet earth. We want the Eternal in its totality imperceptible Cosmos on our non Eternal terms. God exists by our preferential consent. Failure compels assurance. Acute resistance begets willfully calculated destruction. In such a dynamic culture, existence opportunity, understandably lose has value, failure avails direction, distance affords assurance, the temporary promises. And the after life guarantees. Yet we laugh and pray, we yearn our direction. We love our children the promise of our direction. The animals like ourselves our neighbors. We accept inertial our compass. We dance sing and pray again that our voice be heard.

During time abstention infinity becomes functional. Without choice choice is not. All events affected in human time end less their inceptions value. Sample: You are born, you live and your conciv4ed life comes to an anticipated end less its intended eternal value. ( You were conceived without your conscious intent, you are born unaware of time and death. Accordingly you were an organically Eternal being. Your expressible Cosmic sensual identity denied in linear language. Actualizing your incomplete often dangerous existencd. Unaware you are assigned a manageable intelligence expressed thru deficient language.

Yet you are able to assert your eternal self through stationary, not time interactive art, poetry, music, sculpting,dancing, love's whispings, conception, gardening, peaceful inquiry. (All these events and others you might invision are expressed and sustained in silence. Subjective-aguiring silence. DNAsound compatible. The all inclusive subjective silence embodies the Eternal awe). Silence motions the Light. Gravity comprehends. Once these creative presentations are time asserted loss as a value sustains our extinction culture. These awareness events communicated in language and mathematics are evoked as incomplete non- Eternal perceptions. Consequently through your current reality all Eternal material events including your body self, ideas and prayers from inception lose their “conscious” expressible Eternal utility. This great deficiency is exaggerated by time engineered technology and risk deprivation based commerce.

The Eternal awe. “Shucks and awe.” While alive you remain Eternally expressible (active) though the arts, your babies, your dreams, your shared unsolicited love. And your “misplaced” inadguately perceived death. Profoundly distorted as dying. These Cosmic occurrences happen to one person at a time. When you are less time interactive, you have chosen silence. Once time integrated these Cosmic occurrences expire, drift, they wont reoccur. Except as dormant memory. (These Cosmic events can be politely shared). (A glimpse of the light the brief embrace then gone). You experience these unsolicited timeless “gentle” events, not ocurrent through singular or collective loss, luck spontaneous remissions , intuition, precognition's, forgetting, answered dreams and prayers. Luck, probability suggestive of clairvoyance, currently unresolved a casual quantum entanglement. Also your “assigned” choice influenced birth and death. Denied by dying affect. Current vector cause followed by effect disposable technologies, commerce, industry can only express the infinite Eternal “compatible”ideal through distortion and devaluation. Your ships sink, your cars crash, your planes are safest grounded, your homes and baby blankets are designed combustible. You are a very silly people. Your time based religions are validated not through your active concious life, but an allegorical after life, life death negation. Through worship you deny God while alive. To a life inaccessible after life. Your major industries rely on an insurable”sustainable value loss effect. Often you value your weapons more than your life's. You deny Creation's environment your loose. Death distortion dying. Dying is a time based human death misconstrued activity that is Eternally unnecessary. Unnatural. Denying of death. Dying is a human thing death a God thing. Executions, murder, over eating smoking, drug addictions, value loss disease cure validated-valuated though dying. Death is motion intent. Death duration is a shared “reciprocal” articulation. Receptively the Eternal awe approaches you. Source. Your response? Your active death duration, silently imbued, the undeniable acquired expression of yourself. Eternal uninterrupted. Presently. Life awe available to you when you are not.

There was healing prior to medicine. Time imposition claimed healing less deaths consent. Dying the impatient arbitrator. Endures: Prior to the preferred perplexity of tome dying was not deaths shadow. Value loss not. Disease time coerced to oppositions consent, cure, gave credence to invalidation. Uncertainty. Endings kindred to the Eternal we consign our own. Creation's dream became our opponent. In an Eternal Universe all is puirpose, not less its direction's purpose. Disease engenders-avails Eternal purpose. Direction. Disease guides. Expenditure affirms. What would life's Creation look like if death wasn't anticipated-influenced by dying. Inby the Eternal ideal death n' life needent “isn't” realized “coupled” as dying's casual preferred opposition. Tumor, disease, injury hastens guides Eternal adaptive survival at any cost. All bad is good unresolved. We instruct God otherwise. We approach. Approaching us. Offering anguish our unnecessary testimony. Fractals compass Super Positions address. Destination arrives. Life imprisoned th4 after life our escape.

Through language source “forgettable perception we sustain our timeless predisposition in order to maintain “tolerate” our linear temporal reality which we experience by denying. Everything realized through time from the inception of the event is non linearly incomplete;events materially end even though we reside in a timeless “endless” Universe. This enduring value loss paradox we confirm and exaggerate through our linear time based technology, global depletion commerce, scientific progress sustained by invalidation. We have made a value of loss, purpose of depletion and commerce of death presumption. Most curious.

Acknowledging that we don't choose to forget the events that define our lives, these events, behaviors, perceptions are therefore not forgotten in time. Through forgetting we enter into our timeless disposition. Our Eternal endless identity. Where percived loss has Eternal value. An identity secured consciously upon birth, you are born unaware of time and death you are an organically compatible Eternal being. Gradually you are introduced into time insinuated existence, defined through enduring loss (ie) linear disease, multi faceted violence, religions through the cult of death worship. Benevolently and violently you profit from the life loss of others, therfore yourself. Unnecessarily. Unnaturally. And unhappily.

When a condition,event, behavior is forgotten the occurrence has been deferred to the non linear Eternal ideal, an awed condition whereby events do not end through a sustained loss anomaly. Cancer, schizophrenia, blindness, paralysis can be forgotten, reclaimed to the non linear ideal whereby events when they appear to end do so by confirming the presetly unsolicted Eternal ideal. As easy remarkable as opening your eyes for the first time. All materially manifest has vlue pupose unless ocerced otherwise.

One approach the smiling explorer Albert Einstein politely ob- severed. “When mass is constricted enough, eventually the curvature becomes infinite.” Infiite... Meaning value loss no linger defines. Note the reference “eventually” as a functional characterization of time. “Space time continuum.” The time paradox is resolved when the mass constriction of specific event, a travel voyage, a cancer is accrued-developed through its distinctive motion sound. (All motion has sound relrvent “reverent” to its intent). Some acoustic events are ageless, Mozart symphonies do not age. Through non linear acoustic symmetry the disease, the distance in a voyage can be resolved without essential loss displacment. You can go home again. Appreciating that in a non- linear Universe you can only be better than yourself.

The morphogenetic field is not divisible. Eternal actuality thrives. Vector is scalar with direction, otherwise derives. Genetic sta5tionary spiral linear mirror confides. Mirror image the spiral encircles its own approach. Motrin intent instructs. The genome adapts. Dialogue abides Creation instructs. The stars, the birds, ourselves, the trees and mountains clouds one breath confides. “Our” genes cross the street waiting for ous to arrive.

* * *

During conscious time abstention “assimilation” infinity becomes functional. Without choice choice is not. All contrived events experienced in human time are unnecessary-unnaturally defice3nt. Designed conditioned events that end from inception less their intended Eternal disposition. Sample: You are born, you sustain an incomplete self denying existence. Unexpectedly your conciv4ed life comes to an anticipated end less its intended eternal value. (Clarifications reprieve). You are born without your conscious intent, conceived unaware of time and death. Accordingly you were an organically-expressible Eternal being. Your Eternally intact Cosmic sensual identity denied in linear language, manifesting your incomplete often dangerous reality. An attentive vulnerable child you are “issued” a localized manageable intelligence manifested through time insistent language and mathematics.

Yet you are able to assert your eternal self through stationary, not time interactive art, poetry, music, sculpting,dancing, love's whisperings, conception, gardening, peaceful inquiry (all these events are in vision expressed and sustainable in silence. Subjective-acquiring silence. DNA sound compatible. The all inclusive silence embodies the Eternal awe). Silence intent motions the Light expressible. Gravity comprehends. Once these creative presentations are time asserted loss as a value confirms our extinction culture. These awareness events communicated in language and mathematics are evoked as incomplete non- Eternal perceptions. Consequently through your current reality all Eternal material events including your body self, ideas and prayers from inception lose their “conscious” expressible Eternal utility. This great deficiency is exaggerated by time engineered technology and risk- deprivation based commerce.

The Eternal awe. Immediate and impending: While alive and otherwise you remain Eternally expressible (as)-through the arts, your babies, your dreams, your shared unsolicited love. And your “misplaced” inadguately perceived death. Profoundly distorted as dying's (lifes) displacment. These Cosmic incedents happen to one person at a time. When you are less time interactive, you have likely chosen silence. (Individually or collectively also evidenced as love's nurturing). Once time integrated these Cosmic occurrences expire, drift, they wont reoccur. Except as dormant memory. (These Cosmic contingencies can be politely shared). (A glimpse of the light the brief embrace then gone). You experience these unsolicited timeless “gentle-easy” happenings, not o current through singular or collective loss, luck spontaneous remissions , intuition, precognition's, forgetting, answered dreams and prayers. Luck, probability suggestive of clairvoyance, currently unresolved a casual quantum entanglement. Also your “assigned” choice influenced birth and death. Denied by dying shared deficent affect. Current vector-scalar disposable technology, commerce, industry can only express the infinite Eternal “compatible”ideal through distortion and devaluation. Your ships sink, your cars crash, your planes are safest grounded, your homes and baby blankets are design combustible. You are a very very silly people. Your time based religions are validated through after life, life death negation. Through worship you deny God while alive. To a life inaccessible after life. Your major industries rely on an “insurable”sustainable value loss effect. Often you value your weapons more than your life's. Death distortion coerced dying. Dying is a time plighted-- death misconstrued activity that is Eternally unnecessary. Unnatural indiviudally. Exagerated shared unnecessarily. Denying of Eternal death activity. Eternal the same life denied. Dyings vestibuklles: Dying is a death anguished human thing death a Life Eternal God thing. Executions, murder, over eating smoking, drug addictions, value loss disease cure validated-valuated though dying. Death is motion intent. Receptively the Eternal awe approaches you. Your active death duration, silently imbued, the undeniable acquired expression of yourself. Eternal uninterrupted. Presently. Life awe available to you when you are not. Asleep your dreams remind. Your music guides. Your Holy Temples occupy. And your children knowing cry.

* * * *

During time abstention infinity becomes functional. Without choice choice is not. All events affected in human time end less their inceptions value. Sample: You are born, you live and your conciv4ed life comes to an anticipated end less its intended eternal value. ( You were conceived without your conscious intent, you are born unaware of time and death. Accordingly you were an organically Eternal being. Your expressible Cosmic sensual identity denied in linear language. Actualizing your incomplete often dangerous existencd. Unaware you are assigned a manageable intelligence expressed thru deficient language.

Yet you are able to assert your eternal self through stationary, not time interactive art, poetry, music, sculpting,dancing, love's whispings, conception, gardening, peaceful inquiry. (All these events and others you might invision are expressed and revealed in silence. Subjective-aguiring silence. DNAsound compatible. The all inclusive subjective silence embodies the Eternal awe). Silence motions the Light. Gravity comprehends. Once these creative presentations are time asserted loss as a value often unknowinglyvalidates our extinction culture. These awareness events communicated in language and mathematics are evoked as incomplete non- Eternal perceptions. Consequently through your current reality all Eternal material events including your body self, ideas and prayers from inception lose their “conscious” expressible Eternal utility. This great deficiency is exaggerated by time engineered technology and risk deprivation based commerce.

The Eternal awe. “Shucks and awe.” While alive you remain Eternally expressible (active) though the arts, your babies, your dreams, your shared unsolicited love. And your “misplaced” inadguately perceived death. Profoundly distorted as dying. These Cosmic occurrences happen to one person at a time. When you are less time interactive, you have chosen silence. Once time integrated these Cosmic occurrences expire, drift, they wont reoccur. Except as dormant memory. (These Cosmic events can be politely shared). (A glimpse of the light the brief embrace then gone). You experience these unsolicited timeless “gentle” events, not ocurrent through singular or collective loss, luck spontaneous remissions , intuition, precognition's, forgetting, answered dreams and prayers. Luck, probability suggestive of clairvoyance, currently unresolved a casual quantum entanglement. Also your “assigned” choice influenced birth and death. Denied by dying affect. Current vector cause followed by effect disposable technologies, commerce, industry can only express the infinite Eternal “compatible”ideal through distortion and devaluation. Your ships sink, your cars crash, your planes are safest grounded, your homes and baby blankets are designed combustible. You are a very silly people. Your time based religions are validated not through your active concious life, but an allegorical after life, life death negation. Through worship you deny God while alive. To a life inaccessible after life. Your major industries rely on an insurable approved value loss effect. Accordinly calculated Often you value your weapons more than your life's. You deny Creation's environment your loose. Death distortion dying. Dying is a time based human death misconstrued activity that is Eternally unnecessary. Unnatural. Denying of death. Dying is a human thing death a God thing. Executions, murder, over eating smoking, drug addictions, value loss disease cure validated-valuated though dying. Death is motion intent. Death duration is a shared “reciprocal” articulation. Receptively the Eternal awe approaches you. Source. Your response? Your active death duration, silently imbued, the undeniable acquired expression of yourself. Eternal uninterrupted. Presently. Life awe available to you when you are not.

We can fractal a conditioned event. A cancer cure. A destination. Your fractal companions self already evidenced as identical twin. Fractal evokes super position. Which transcends time value loss deficiency. The fractal event resolves the cancer, spontaneous motion effect. Validating the Eternal. Not unlike mass constriction. Eventually the curvature becomes infinite. Engage the motion to the desired infinitely conditional event. Duration conditioned form becomes subjective, non linearly conditioning avails energy source. Acceleration dislocation is amenable to immediacy. Like evidenced as a distracted pause. Thank you words. The beat goes on....Isn't the involuntary smile a resolution of mirror image opposition. The smile is a fractal. 131

Fractal idealized dislocation, Super position Symmetry, mass constriction resolution are all realized-examined and affected through two junctures, shapes, perspectives, idea's. The utility of which will be utilized through human shape formulation, our organic reality affect. The definition of shape, the outline of an object that distinguishes it from other objects is challenged by quantum entanglement. Unnaturally and u necessarily. The symmetry evident between two seemingly exclusionary localize shapes with varied intent in actuality create a third shape formulation (form the midst in which something happens, which potentially resolves Opposition duality, separation and the paradox of distance. Shape has shape, adaptive and evolving. All probability is certain, uncertainly realized. Infinite possibilities in non linear duration effect are immediate. All is the center of itself in the Universe. The Universe is expanding and contracting simultaneously. Ne example life and death. Another the tides. Gravity. Inception during beginning.

No specific shape. Intent is shape in progress accomadate as and through form. Time dilation implies. Everpresence compells. Fractals, Super Position consent. Timelless-endlessness ascribe. Accleration is a coereced lineaily “temporary fuel” energy force exclusionary trajectory that validaes localized casuality in a non-localized Universe. Non-localized speaks to non- linear location value affectiation. Non- linear duration reveals “validates” event origin as its own source. Shape, form, mass symmetry. Motoin intent source. Motoin reveals by its own sound motion intent ie instruction. Source intent motion engered revealing awarness “instructions” source.

What condition occurs when acceleration is realized as a concentric concurrent event? (Mass shape gravity affect-effect?) Anticpating development, the correlation between super postion, chaos theory and the morphogeneitc field when previously exclusionary, value loss based events are expereinced through time abstained shape compatibility. Clearly the event status suggested would- could not be manfiested and converved through language perception ideation-non linear memory would be the abstaining affectation. Once completed the event status condition would be subjected to any form or analysis or exclusion would be defining through interpretation. Utility? The event once realized to effect could be subjected to value loss. Randomely the unexpected asteroid event or a caluclated destructive act, choice. But such an event in a linear culture esteemed as value dying events would be invalidated. Entrophy would influnced, inherent or calculated, but rather fuflity casuality. Worthlessness. Presently value loss has a shared value dispostion through temporarily engaging value largely realized in trying to affect remeedy. Trying to transcend events beyond incompletion and functional intent through failure derrivative.

Let's peer beyond the edge of these eager sentences. Arrive before deliveries expectation. Fractal geometry? Origin spin mathematics, melodic affectation. Endorsed “transfered” intuitive probability duration. What i s the related mediumn condition activity infering energy that faciliates fractal concurent displacement. What is the shape form status activity prior to its repressed temporal perception? What is the current energy perspective needed to affect “reveal” a fractal event. To rejoin the same event. The accousitcs. When value loss is not crated or precipates a fractal event what shift occurs in distance perspective, materiality, material constriction. And accrued time condtions such plague dispostion, nuclear war activity preperation, cyber warefare machination, global warming, uraniumn stock piles. These depletion condtion activites rely on vector-scalar acitivity and ideation to maintain status. Yet these entropy based activities enemated from condtions that were other than depletion relevant. Eternal condition. Reciporcal reversnion is reasonable to assume. Through choice by miore non- linear Eteranllly disposed humans. And the relevant necessary non- linear machination.

We hasten Mass's once again for the first time approaching “evolving...” Mass defintion's language implores.”A unfied body with no specific shape.(Amenable to specific shape intent either lineraily deficent shape intent or non linear). Physics persists clarifies? Earth physcists excitely admit, they are not sure of a definition for matter. Defintions ambiguity question utilities direction. We continue. “The measure of a bodies resistence to accleration; (resistance to linear dislocation in a non licalized Universe. Resistance therefore aceleration displamcent impedes intended shape process form intent). Failure ideation, design error, entrophy reassures. Invalidation promises. ( Nick and Treston interesed in the machine- computer that only makes mistakes, an accelerated valuation computer. A computer that complete's mistakes, resolving temporary value loss breach juncture). Acceleration resistence also suggested by value loss entrophy effect. And shape constriction during temporal acceleration)... a mass of a body is different but proportional to its weight (non linearily weight shifts “reshapes” with intent?) (is) independent of a bodies position, (position status is altered through mass intent approaching shape utility... but dependent on its motion with respect to other bodies. Motion realized through sympathetic accosutic intent is in harmony with other bodies, including the shift shape intent of a singular body intent, reflective of super postion. And cChaos Theory less intrinsic randem effect. Motoin defines the direction event of that which is moving. And shape utility engenders direction. How do we manage to swallow the baking brownie? Gravity ponders Gravity explains. Gravities canvass is designed through gravities intent. Gravity is the intent conseguence of ittself, evolving. Gravity doesnt have shape it is shape. Gravity abstains time while creating duration which includes responsive time. Gravity doesn't have designs it is design. Gravity is the canvass on which the Universe draws itself. And the canvass is gravity.

“For every action there's an egual an opposite reaction.” What dormancy preciptates this abrupt departure? A principal of physics? An insurance3 mandate? What is opposite twice each the incompletion of itself exagerated by the other. What nest nutures such tentative eguality? All is material except time. Entrophies pause, reflections mirror image. Completion incomplete errors compass. Fractals guide the mirror is the reflection. Opposites temporaries haste. Arguements smiling companionship. Fractal's chaperon. An opposite by any other name? Opposite position site oo pose oppose it. What smile complete less half a smiles waiting?

The shape of Eternity: Still presently the condition effect of time? These words like raindrops waiting the flowers mysterious amendment: Whatever perceptual recognition, verbal li9mitations determine your lives direction, either as source, through application or resolution.... Both shape and time are reciprocally affecting-influencing in the conjoining. Time assumes “engages” shape. And shape is currently affected by time depletion. Like all else accomplished through time the conjuncture between space and time evolves in spite of our ability to fully comprehend. Therefore influence- presently apply. These perceptually unresolved condition exertions; source effects, perceptions, resolution-application are an evolving “transitory” enterprise we experience marginally-incomplete through shape. (Knowingly and unknowingly). In a Universe of shape's this includes the intended-amenable shape of human beings. Through and because of shape we experience shape,form, motion, loss, life, death, hope, prayer. Midst this panorama of conditioned activities are we able to sensually envision, utilize shape approaching its Eternally intended ideal? Is it not reasonable to ask what is your shape otherwise unknowingly repressed in time. Are you fully appending your shape. What gifts do you unknowingly conceal. Are these concealment intended? You impose your shape's intent on Creation's construct, what otherwise is Creation's congregation. Cosmically reflective. Eternities shape. Approaching immediacy awaiting our Eternal self awareness.

We visually comprehend effects, conditions, behaviors, events through an op positional polarity. Life and death through dyeing anomaly. Visualized mirror images tentative shape. We have suggested what we perceive is not as perceived. Once perceived inadequately we further devalue through choices conditioned by institutionalized time. We can also assume that intriguing “influencing”conditioned responses realized through and as shape are occurring without our full awareness. WE subsist in a world of “what's next” is not enough.... Even in the Cosmic Eternal ideal of self the Cosmic totality is well second our grasp. How could this amazement be otherwise when we are not fully cognizant of our Eternal purpose realized through shape. And what of shape's creation we can engage we do so by denying. (Our evolving yearning incompleteness). Our prayer's dream's salutations. We make much purpose of denying shapes and shape determinations of others. Yet we acknowledge miracles without instructions haste.

(Reciprocally). We impose our own temporal memories, revealed through forgetting, on the Eternally active memory of other life form beings. And events. Their -memory motion's distracted-repressed to our memories distractions. Dislocation defines. Including the other of God's children, the trees, rivers, humming birds and singing whales. (The cartoon smile's its companionship. “Alleged killer whales.”) Yet inherent in each shape is its Eternal purpose. Tree, space ship, human life form. Validated or denied. Our potential same shape's center “i8nclusionary” sharing, concentric-concurrent shape. Evolving awe.... A shapes outline distinguishes one shape from others. Shape can transcend itself and (shapes) outline “borders” both of which are perceptually currently incomplete.

Shape evolves “refines” beyond itself as itself not less the determined itself. The activity condition that invites-precipitates-, engages the shift will likely determine both shape and intent result activity. Usually an activity external foreign to the shape. Affecting a limited, contradictory depletion event. Example: The eagerly anticipating Kelly and Zach Weinersmith in the book “Soonish” observe. “Eighty percent of the space ships temporary depletion mass is its temporary volatile propellant.” At a determinant acceleration “depletion risk” shape begins to lose its condition intent shape, constriction. Proportionate to speed dislocation shape dematerializes. (Shape reclaims its origin through loss, our perceptual loss). Considered: The shortest (most efficient) distance between two points, junctures, events, ideas is not a straight line. Because its a distance. An event distanced from itself “dislocated uncertainly” inviting linear vagrancy. Depletion cost one factor. Delivering one pound of substance intent into space “cost” between 5 and 10 thousand dollars. (Temporary “depletion” value dollars validating risk disproportion commerce). A multiplicity of depletion events affect-defect. (Borrowing is an intriguing temporal phenomena). We borrow from debt to repay loans...funny. Failure “inactivity” is more reciprocally concurrent than preferred “limitations” success. Materially redefining to origin source: Examples: Fire. Explosion. Death decay imposition. Weapon utility. Weapon non- utility. Disease propagation through anticipation. A bump in the night. These abrupt norm departures represent a time temporary breach from the Eternal memory disposition. Events and their associated life association surrendering to temporal memory anomaly. Failure generates investment. Compels innovation. Defines profit status idealization. The shattered mirror reflects. Immediate or structural intent anticipation. We fail trying to avoid failure that Can direct” redeems our progress. Interesting do you agree?

Inherent in failure is its applicable-functional resolution. Either in immediacy, anticipation or calculation defect. Scant shape deficit- entropy compounded by event corollary uncertainties; finance, weather, structural flaw, happenstance, corruption.... Essential uncertainty ideal through depletion unresolved uncertainty is our compass. Often uncertainty is dismissed as extraneous to intent, calculation. Random explains, probability directs, nature defines, human foible. (Examples). A corpse is relevant to its acquired intended condition resolution. Perceived consequently engaging decays is symmetrical motion assuming its own acoustic. Distinct language. An event affectation that resolves dyeing effect, dyeing idealization, language dysfunction, disease, injury, violence, commerce imposition. Meaning you have in the presumption of death attained your Eternal identity. Functional awe. A process activity awe that was inherent in your identity shape before you died. But through unknowing choice determined otherwise. Your allegorical awe gentle partial perception's assimilation.

Shape does not occur, function, resolve in isolation to itself. Mass a current “partial” definition. “A unified body of matter with no specific shape.” Impending shape. Deferred shape. Shapes qualified evolving shape. Noting current earth thinkers have not arrived at a compelling definition for “matter.” We experience birth, life and death through shape. And shape anticipation. Shape in its evolving is Eternal, permanent. Our instruction's whimsy represses otherwise. We conceive mysterious wonderus opportunities.

Shape in a non- linear all inclusive Universe is not functionally limited to its own intent. (Change shape response is an evolved extension of stealth technology). Which includes shape's motion intent (ie) motion. All affects have motions relevant to their function, intent and availing resolution. We expand the definition of mass. “ Mass is a measure of a bodies resistance to acceleration.” Appreciating from a shape design perspective acceleration is depletion function. Acceleration defuses shape to distance value loss anomaly, linear vagrancy. You cross the bridge you left behind. (Influenced by temporary depletion fuel, perementloss effect). The nature of depletion dislocation through acceleration, particularly if influenced through velocity affects both shape integrity, design engineered structure and intent. And form Creation atmospheric accrued pollution evidenced as global warming. (Enhanced acceleration affect mass shape constriction without favorable resolution. Current dislocation separation is affected by some degree of acceleration displacement.... (Current resolution in completion process through uncertainty value loss.) Vslurlossis (word-words “error” assuming shape) likely....Value loss is a self correcting modality we dismiss as failure, disregard as noise, esteem as catastrophe.

We continue. “Mass is independent of its body position, but dependent on its motion in regards to other bodies.” Non- linearity at its core is obliged to avail a uniformity to status, but condition that must be compatible with intent, result, effect ie motion. Non- linearly immediacy and a dislocation position or effect through determinant motion are symmetrically interchangeable. Note definition of “fractal” changes shape evolution but maintains identity. Validating non linearity, the infinite Eternal core.

Why does healing require the sponsorship of disease? Structural, contrived inconsistency is resolved through value loss direction opposition to itself. Shape whether a cancer, a space vehicle or related perceptions “value loss” is resolved concurrently to itself if shape evolves through intent motion, reciprocally to intent. Our bodies are constantly changing shape. Machines change location not shape. Except through value loss. Repair prerogatives, disruption intentional-accidental, destruction. We need a softer computer. A computer formed event, currently realized as static design localized structure, that does not change shape during function intent. Machines are casually static processing “affecting”exclusionary value loss events. A non- linear machine event incorporates all related event motion includi9ng events not perceivable viewed as random. Coincidental, luck indisposed. Such a value gain machine or machine whose loss evolves to gain must oblige shift change which includes the human presence which is a study of functional shape change. Except again during a value loss event, disrepair, breakdown loss of utility . In contrast the human body shape often changes shape thereby initiating accommodating an event. An event relevant to human function like praying, eating, presumed infirmity. Human change shape is a consequence of choice. Machine location change intent is limited to redundancy. The machine is not adaptive to itself, except as designed by human discretion. Human endeavor realized through loss, depletion, uncertainty, failure and error. Engineering these futility frailties “presently” in a machine as a functional adaptive “autocratic” machine discretion would be embarrassing. And comedic. Human potential would be dismissed to machine potential intent, the current inclination.

The human body shape will also change shape function to affect-perpetuate a machine event. Roller shaking, poll vaulting, driving a car particularly during an accident. Change shape can be varied. And often intuitive. All current shape events, machine of human, are realized in time through value loss inefficiency. Value loss is a condition that is contrary to shape efficiency which is Eternally disposed. Each shape is distinct in its design function, design is imperfect, functional through varied error and human frailty. Similarly each human shape is distinct for similar and more compelling reasons. Human choice, varied DNA, limitations imposed through death, cultural disposition, DNA inconsistency exaggerated through value loss interference. Actualized through dyeing disposition. Each person has a varied time sensitivity. Most often realized through imposed value loss opposition life irony such as prepositionally assigned infirmity. Machine engaging time value loss infirmity do not function currently with the human disposition, other machines, or elements of a singular machine. Machine and human regardless of result currently is an exclusionary experience. Cure continues to be valuated through dying disposition. And disease redundancy. Cure disposition often affects damage, injury, death. And given time duration affect considerable expense. (Non- linear cure remission is in the nature of spontaneous). Recalling excitedly the Peare group's efforts at Princeton University. A machine designed with a 50 percent probability result effect. Like flipping a coin. No influence effect designed into the effort. Realized that who engaged the machine affected the result. Machine and human were interact ting. After creating resonance between machine and human probability result was more consistent to a ideal pattern. Presumed. When a machine and human interact. Presently the interaction between human and machine, particularly during stress inconsistency like accident, disease or war is asymmetrical. During in design intent, perception process effect and result consequence. Adapt, accommodate common purpose a profound shift has occurred. Value loss has been reduced or eliminated. Source disposition currently incidentally resolved as luck, futility, skill, vagrancy of event coincidence become more active. The event becomes non linear. Luck becomes a near confirmable skill, futility negotiable, intuition-coincidence garnish direction's destination. Improved “dormant” affectations of self that can be learned. And taught. Eternally amenable. Death remains a factor dyeing much less so. Prayer assumes efforts eloquence.

During the presumption of death shape releases “redeems” life's acquired memories to and as the God Eternal intended self. The forgotten redeemed to the unforgettable.

Whispering echo's reprieve we are not time's victims. Time like all is a God gift whereby the Eternal is challenged in time to the God preferred. Time occurs through separation-opposition denying “challenging” the Eternal through our choice. Enemies yo9u greet as yourself. You can't have an enemy without being one. You need not celebrate greed excess to the disproportion excess of self. You don't need two pairs of shoes if your asleep. Smile alive loan one pair to your desperate neighbor. A glass of milk. A tender embrace. Love is a choice. Negation is a choice. Suicide is an unhappily shared choice. Need “we being” hide from yourself that love wait your discovery. Struggle. Pause, challenge. A six pack has calories, a rope does not.

Actualizing shift perspective we make much good shape of God assisting others to their preferred intent. (Our divine communal architecture). Our shape is the amenable source of our prayers. Our God determined shapes are our prayers? Much in the wandering wonderment of Creation Cosmos. What was your shape's source before you were born? Whatever awe we are capable of, whatever anguish we suffer, whatever dream we attend, whatever butterfly- flower we greet. Whatever prayers response we convene. Heavens greeting. These amazement's will either occur through shape- because of shape. Your shape. Sharing shape is Creation. Tap tap rhythmically- politely the source that conceived-created the shape. All in shape intent attends its purpose. Unless interference, dislocation's displacement defines. A good idea, the next idea the same revealing a value through loss effect. Do cars have to crash? Do houses have to burn down? What's a car? What's a house? Disease conjoined to emplacements cure influenced by dyeing dysfunction? Eager words for an old chubby man. Rhetorically we abide. “Charlie are you afraid of death?” Answer sometimes I do. “If your giving me a choice I'd rather have a pizza...”

Intelligence, language, reasonableness and ownership influence existence. Shape determines. What shape's secrets nest your future. The shape of mass constriction curvature? Your morphogenetic shape? The shape of Everpresence. Shared shapes sharing. What music shapes. Distinct motion languages shape. Motion is intent. Source avails intent. Source evoked awareness. Intent origin source awareness shapes . Does maybe have shape? Unresolved shape, denied, repressed, destroyed. Dyeing s repressed shape. Death has shape function, intent...

Yesterday “I” ran into of course a beautiful woman. I don't think it was love at first sight she wasn't looking. Smile's involuntary attendance. Smile more than less. Unsolicited attendant. Smile it's own fractal attendance...


Greetings infinites address, quantum leap, attendance sublime: We can not know unless we are disposed to knowing what we once knew- we did not as substance know. Yearning we proceeded. Error our keen companion. Ignorance, certitude and invalidation, our guides. Same book all shelves evolving.... All affected in “observable” time paradox exists in the presumed separation “distance” of itself. Observation is measurement. And measurement our mirors”temporary” reflection. Reality forgives consensus amends. Error applauds failure condones. ( Measurably assigned distance functions consequent to intent based on human observation). This curious gap between knowing and not knowing- we bridge through measurable duration inconsistent “chronological” verbally constured observation actualized as technology, commerce and spirituality. The functional relevance of the redundant gap determined unnaturally as spatial time completion is determined through depletion duration vector scalar value application. Consciously-unknowingly integrating “loss” as a value. An abbe- ration endured as distance. Non localized expanse. Conceptualized loss through gain. Application is time based deficient. Movement “progress” sustained through eventual deficient invalidation. Bold failure, error disposition, vector scalar depleted anomaly avail symmetrical directions sway. Harnessing Super Position. Conjoined other than perceptual fractal concurrence. Cosmic “fracticality.”

A quantum reality evident as optimization. We gather wood and eguations to fan the ancient campfire. Need influences result, result determines approach. Access utility. Comparing current computer intent with a Quantum variation computer application. (Presently already designed). A nice and gentle young lady on youtube assists. Sample: Ten people sitting at a dinner table. The veriables in terms of sitting choices ie affected in the millions. Beyond the ability function of current computers. Not only as computer technology, but information integrity. Current time insinuated information models suggested “influenced” by linear language engaged through computer language (relevantly shaped technology duration) can not engage acasual fractal symmetry. We are obliged to change our perception utility. Add one more person the veraible uncertainty increases expedition ally. Another charmed example. Optimizing information flow limitations. “The monarch thanked the craftsman for designing a lovely chess board. And invited the offering of a reward. The appreciative craftsman accepted suggesting as a gift two grains of rice doubled for each of the fifty four sguares on the chessboard. After five or six spaces the craftsman balanced a teaspoon full of rice. After the fifty fourth block the pile of rice was the size of Mount Everest. New perceptutually expressible ways of manner beckon approach.

In an infinite Universe not disposed “influenced” as chronological duration all occurs when it does through its intended non- linear abstention, material event invalidation immediate and or anticipated. (Non linearity inferring spontaneity). Anticipation not functionally perceivable. Each event consents itself otherwise by our intervening disposition. (In theory, design, engineering, application and probability). Our error securing interventions are not reflective of species ineptitude, but rather are organically deliberative. Not surprisingly opposition ally casual materaility is suggested “sublimated” as or through by mirror imaged intervention creating a schism disparity. Also spontaneous sensual responses fragmented through language applicable deficiency. Singualrily imposing, collectively exagerated ie conversation. (Is it not curious that the same language can be used for success as failure. Interpersonal technology, commerce, communication (sharing) affected through as dislocation. (Depletion distanced duration). Precipitant to non linear spasm ideal, but denied through inception perception. (Sensual temporal adaptive anomaly actualized as our organic identity). Yet Human sensual aptitude is morphogenetically adaptable, compatible, otherwise as noted through time language mathematics franchise. Examples luck probability, language transcendent intuition, repressed in intuitions, forgetting assimilation, “your” next inspired idea. Acknowledging these spontaneous occurrences are not consciously evoked. Cosmic occurrences suggestive of unresolved super position. Concurrence concentric denied b y current human organic disposition which includes linearly subjective perceptions. Temporally relevant as denied. Perceptions apparent a casually viable, not linearly sustainable. (Linear distance based expression surrenders spontaneous concurrence to functional loss disparity. A currently unnecessary error-failure “adaptive” evolutionary organic anomaly that includes perception, observation and awareness... consciousness. Accepting the Universe is a casually sourced what singular credit should we admit not ourselves? What witness perception derrives not influenced as dispostion.

In spacetime affectation all (shape) construed events are perceptually flawed as affected-perceived shape. All shapes natural, technological, adaptive and organic (including death) are experienced through deficient-incomplete shape. Thus utility is impaired, limited. Inby time shape endures inexact space. Resistent oppostional space. And space denied endures shape. (Varied shape outline locations affect space as shape in reltationship to their condtion status, active or impending).Shape includes form location. Form realized-expereinced as the midst in which an event emerges, evolves and presumably loses utility direction. This form symmetry relevant to shape deficiency currently includes distance displacement. Linearily deficient space duration dislocation is inevitable. Affecting a culture existence that values undeniably loss as identity-direction. Perception is linearly myopic, limited to immediate intent utility. Exclusionary space duration resolved as temporary distance. But the distinctive outline of each shape in relationship to other shapes affects shape disposition identity as form. Space has shape. (Gravity?) The mirror reflects itself. During its construct....We consider a time dilation vestibule. Distance infinite to its on source. Gravity is a corridor quantum “accessway” to all including itself)..... Otherwise a spirituality based on life cessation, major industries that rely on dying as a profit incentive. A species that values non- Eternal utility, securing weapons, medical networks, disease idealization, death through immediate and differed avoidance. Distance duration anomaly resolved through vector scalar “depletion” corruption becomes functionally reactive, inevitable. (Separation negates non linearity actualizing distance concentric non concurrence). A frustrating affections. In such a planetary dynamic failure, error, progress though invalidation are essential to the human potential. All unknowingly coerced events whatever their original value fluency first must be realized”initiated” through perception. We can not engage without being aware of what we perceive? Our awareness based reflective reality as noted are sensually derived. Ascertained. But these initial sensations, that are compatible with our Eternal compatible selves, become unnecessarily materially indisposed, limited and incomplete because they're intercepted-realize (percieved-observed) through linearily displaced language and mathematics through which we evoke-disguise the Eternal rrooot of our temporary self displacing reality. Temporal uncertainty is sustainable as durational distace, influenced as applicable measurement. Error and failure assure relevance value to effect. (Progress based on deffered effect ie result). If we denied failure we could not succeed. Note please repitions polite emphasis human beings are organically compatible with Eternal sensations, stimuli, perception which currently are defused once occur rent. If repitions occurs in an evolved spatial duration, knowiingly or otherwise, does repition speak to one the same. (Same temporary book different shelf). Non temporal, not distance duration “distance” affected occurrences vaguely realized not functionally interpersonal a luck, coincidence, forgetting symmetry, telepathy, precognition, clairvoyance-actives that give current non- perceptions expressible substance. Currently these sensations can not be initiated, sustained human organic identity. Percetual glimpses lost to linerar effect. These occurrences can be anticipated, not shared. But can be witnesses in duration immediacy. And memory. Examples miracles. Answered prayers. Death. These Cosmic occurrences resolve sensual identity beyond current limitations. Inferred technologies, commerce and technologist presently ecumenical through disparity and denial. (Note all animals share the same senses. Humans less so through self assigned intelligence disparity). These observations give further credence to quantum presence identity: Super Position articulation.... Fractiality.... Morphogeneis.... Pneumat5ic resonance.... Acoustic osmosis.... Mass constriction curvature disposition.... Localized distance, distance without separation. Noting the morphological field adaptive affectation includes crystals and compounds. And the Field itself. Fractal is inception based. The planet earth is the localized fractal representation of itself. Concurrently super positioned with the Universe. Suggesting force contentions liike gravity are amenable to quantum asymmetry. Sourced? Suggesting technology, observational expression, commerce, spirituality, death awareness is amenable to the Eternal origin source ideal. You can go home again.

Niels Bohr gently speaks. We dance. “Every great and deep difficulty bears in itself its own solution. It force us to change our thinking in order to find it.” Thank you sir.

The morphogenetic field is a quantum corridor, reciprocally concurrent. Inby a noon linear exacting Universe all is access way. Orgiin source the same, othewise by our intervention. Acess. Access need not suggest dislocation-depletion distance. Observation is perceptualy material locality. Super Stringing offers. “all is material except time.” Attendance fosters. Harnessing Super position morphogentically spheroid. Resolving up spin and down spin, percived “directional” location disparity. Like incremental duration frequency an effort to adapt “convert” quantum inclusiveness to linear franchise ie space time discontinuity resolving distance dislocation through value loss deferred ideal. Redundancy secured improved value loss sublimated as delayed progress.... Teleportation transfers without transmitting. Transmission increment adapted to distance duration. Efficient simultaneous dislocation, Whereby localized spontaneity satisfies adheres-abides Super Position. These material location ideals are observable can be tested coherently but like GUT and TOE do not incorporate the organic human presence. Except though value loss, samples, disease identified in time (as time) and treated in time. The fractal of a cancer is the intended cancer. Cancer value loss and cure affect are oppostional, fractal value is temporary. Distance duration based. A casuality, super postion fractal suggests immedicacy. Spontaniety. Deffered when events is identified through value loss. Excacerabed as directional oppostion. Location the same. (Distance increment defraction human intervention initiated as perception is currnelty only value appropriate through imposed loss which is reinforced validated and sourced as a body impairment whose reciprocal value is witness and estemed through a body of knowledge that values loss. Frustrating dyeing-death concurrence. The organic self an evolving identity evolves in the manner it interprets and creates information. Intuitive spontaneity verses linear language enhanced though forgetting idealization and error failure prerogative. Value loss and value gain though perceived loss are concurrently adpataibe otherwise by our organically limited intervention. Life and death are value interchangeable otherwise otherwise by our organic indisposition. Both are intentiy based as origin and source. A casual in duration ideal. Not life after death, but rather during death. Motoin intent commutable. Mutuality.

“The quantum entanglement.” Generous disparity between the gentle Niels Bohr and the gentle Albert Einstein remains an unresolved dichotomy. Super position junctures will remain viably separate, without functional “shared” effect. Physicist observe that a single connection two super position junctures, events or references would require speeds of 13 million time the speed of light. Relativity does not allow for such condition event. Relativity offers that cause and effect can not propagate at the speed of light. Yet physicists agree at the speed of light there is no passage of time. As such there is no disparate material distance displacement through time. Everything is everywhere always at once. Any separation (from n' for) this flow dynamic, whatever its purpose evokes the quantum fluency. Distance and separation can still occur relevant to function, but only through the material validations of the events which includes their distance affect Waiting affected through value location loss as gain? Answer profound efficiency. All is articulate of its presumably preferred self. Life and death are both Creation kindred to one another. Two flowers nurturing the same celestial seed. Each both prove the others worth.

Space detour


Definitions are based on observational experiences that determine “influence” our acquired reality. Our consciousness inconsistent. Affecting a reciprocal paradox. Perpetuating a non Eternal incomplete, non linear experience consequent through loss. Definition of SPACE: “An interval of time...a blank or empty area... An interval in an telegraphic transmission when the key is open or not on contact....” Definition of SHAPE:” To give form as in shaping...The outline of an object that distinguishes one object from another.” Inherent in all shape is the shapes intent. We experience as event and the space the shape occupies. This flow occurs naturally or through human intervention. All evolutionary reality was adaptive through shape. And seemingly shape negation, non- linear “endless” refining affect. Current reality is experienced through shape; technology, commerce, spirituality. Unless influenced by an external force, including perception, shapes are localized. Shapes are complete. Occupying as neutral not interactive space. Shapes intact unto themselves unless acted upon. Giving further perceptual credence to evolving shape including its presumed absence. Definition: Mass. “A unified body with no specific shape.” We can assume unresolved shape that is being intruded upon ie value loss affect. Definition: Fractal. “ A fractal changes shape evolution but not identity.” Suggesting an Eternal identifiable permanence. The aforementioned observations explains a linear existence, existence linearly perceived and experienced through cause and effect. And through exclusion and failures inferred value idealization a more expansive reality. And of course our imaginations smile. Dance and sing.

In a non- linear inclusion Universe space and shape can access each other. Likely are interchangeable. The nature, the disposition of access ( source inter4change) determines expressible potentially conversant “materially negotiable” reality. Walking, jet propulsion, birth and death affectation. Currently all human efforts are asserted through depletion, the loss of value. Indeed loss has become a value. (All material experienced in time on this planet comes to an end, loss of utility-direction begins at the inception of the event. Example: Your born, you begin to age, your life comes to an end). Loss of value is presently experienced and affected through shape in space. Casually during this dynamic unfolding space is neutral. Dormant empty space. (Space sometimes refereed and deferred to as gravity). Catharsis: Two- three shape junctures (one juncture is intent) actualize-create a “shared” space that has a distinctive shape therefore purpose. (Non linearly all is intent interactive). Space is no longer a neutral, an empty area, but subjectively event interactive, influencing. A spatial medium that can influence and facilitate events. Natural events like birth and death and weather. (Weather in the immediate or long term ie global warming). Presently these event are experienced in spite of space. Not through and as space. (Space realized as distance, volume, density, scalar conditions overcome by depletion vector forces, including gravity repulsion, mass determined as a resistance to acceleration. Design-engineered intent events (humanized events) are also spatially amenable; disease-cure interchange, departure destination transcendence, conception revealed and defined through approach time death cessation. These events need not be space experienced through distance, value loss such as dying death devaluation. Failure determinant technology, disposable cars, ships that sink, homes that burn down and hydrogen bombs. Observing when you were born, you occupy a space you influence your entire life. And after death. A space you did not chose, not chosen in time therefore an Eternal space. An actively Eternal space you are not conscious of...

Presently as noted chosen cause and effect time conditioned events are not subjectively space sympathetic, concurrently engaging, presently these are non- eternal, temporary events, defined through loss. Loss sustained and further “deficient” influenced as distance duration. (Deficent failed use of space). Observing spatial neutrality invariably experienced as resistant. (Mass verse acceleration). Currently: Space becomes cooperative-accommodating, influencing through unsolicited sleep, getting lost. Non distinct randomness, luck disparity, coincident occurrence. And avoiding death while perusing dyeing. Actualizing space as having shapefull purpose affects a dramatic shift. Shaped space, shaping space, suggestive of interactive gravity-becomes cooperative. Space and space an influencing reciprocal bond, event conducive.... Accessible without their being a breach between space and shape. Shaped space compatible to shapes intent resolves resistance, distance disparity. In the absence of spatial separation value loss disparity is resolved to a profound immediacy. Quantum space becomes event effective ie responsive. Suggested by super position, evidenced by fractal idealization. Harnessing super position, the infinite accessible, becomes duration space subjective to a specific event as noted. Distance dislocation is seemingly resolved to immediacy. When space is subjective to shape intent fluency becomes applicable. And perceptualy enduring. In the influenced abstention of time, distance, duration and human organic anomaly including perception infinity becomes subjectively consequent.

Volume is not mass disposed if mass is not intent-resistant to force dislocation. Volume mass is space neutral unless engaged as displacement dislocation-depletion. Volume less space distruption vector scalar direction resolved to intent. Deficency no longer a fluwency. Consider the ephemeral. The floating mist rising through its fading location. Cessation material. Absence. Disapearance. Non utility. Cessastion. Destructions natual”sustenance” and divisively contrived. When a material event ceases to be. Shape without outline, non utility, dormancy, the assigned past, the future anticpated, life intent before death, death assigment (when) these events occur or viable in the non occurrence of anticpation they “remain” a memory. Influencing vitality. A memory of a past event, a depleted material, a failed occurrence “continues” to influence. Similiarily the memory of a future event. Current event dispostion materialized as a future occurrence becomes much more plausible if actualized acasually-not conseguent to duration distance. Prability responds to inevitability. (Acknowledging human foible). Once past or a non- seguential inception. A morphogentic event. Realized in a morphogenisis adaptive “fieled” . Compounds, crystals, non liearily disposed lifeform beings. Eternal materiality is resolved to its intended idenity, distance duration resolved as super position. The same position shared less its distance effect. Appreciating before an a event is relaized, expereinced, witnessed for the first time this comsic event ocurrence has a source identity. Your child. The parents to the child. When death concurrence occurs identity is mantained. Source presently becomes time confused . (Non-linearity concurrence and contentric are interchangeable, assuming interchage spontaneity. Appreciating that an Eternal, non-linear event “avails” its own source identity, giving credence to fractals, super postion and the morphogeneitc field.

In the non linear source beceosm deceiminated, fragmented; 6500 languages, linear mathematics... (Fractal mathematics ie spherical geometry-zeroth dimension)... life death aribitrated through valued dyeing, many one dimensional Holy Temples, failure perogative, value loss. Definotion of linearity. A disturbance between two points. The planet earth and its Cosmos. Reciprocal “one” way mirror.

Spatial disparity inhibiting shape thereby denying life, invariably was delegated to technology. Spatial disparity “agony” though choice exaggerated by technology often realized as violence. Singular, collective, duration and the non- linear “violence” impending suggested by global warming and nuclear warfare. Machines were delegated tasks we could not as “denied” non- Eternal beings realize as our own, even though the machines enema ted were reflective of ourselves. Disfranchised human surragates. (A cars machinery duplicates all human organ functions). This linearly self displaced irony was perpetuated by communication mediums including language that were realized through value loss, forgetting, structural deception in shared verbal expression, condoned violence. (Non linear “mysteriously” unresolved perceptions, events, expressions vaguely “incompletley” referenced as apparitions, magic, poltergiest. Science fiction like “sublimated” status condtions that are expressible inby a linear culture, but not coneguent to interactive utility). These spatial limitations were further displaced through designed intelligence that made a localized intelligence more manageable. This intelligence was neither space nor shape subjective. Artificially designed and affected. An intelligence value that was amenable-expressive-encouraging of a value loss culture. The valuation effect also including language predated the human birth. And had to be value amenable in a non- Eternal violent culture. When shape and space become symmetrically amenable new forms of expression and being will emerge, examples, evoking conversant intuition, variants such as luck, coincidence become applicable. Two brain hemisphere becomes spatially concurrent. Spirituality is no longer specially realized through loss of shape. Fragmentation is no longer elemental to identity intent-cure verses the shared disparity of disease, life verses death deferred to an inaccessible after life, deprivation poverty verses deprivation wealth. The brain need not be functionally compartmentalized. Separated from itself therefore from the rest of us iee Creation including the Cosmos. During time abstention realized through spatial shape concurrence dislocation can be sustained less dislocations disparity. Super5 position becomes “fractalized” fraternized. You don't have to go to be where you are...if you're already there.

We can not presently realize direction without shape anomaly. We experience direction motion as shape. Vector is scalar with direction, our canvas avails positional displacements gravity. Currently a denied (depletion displacing) scalar vector “shape”anomaly like weight, length, acceleration, depletion. All shape intent destination is realized through entropy, loss, depletion, failure prerogative actualized through an external depletion fuel source. Uranium, gas, other temporary depletion harm based depletion fuels. Disregarding depletion denies value loss information. Decay and noise are disregarded. Nothing included is superfluous. (Another determinant energy source free will. Our inexact-inconsistent & wonder-us permit). But shape is non linearly concurrent, shares a common center with the infinite Eternal. Inherent in infinite Eternal shape is its utility direction. This effect occurs naturally or can through design intent. “When mass “ delayed shape” is constricted enough through shape eventually the curvature becomes infinite. Curvature speaks to intent result destination. A cancer cure, a voyage, a prayer, your birth. Your death. Yours? Presently these affectations are realized uncertainly incompletely through value loss validated curiously through risk and failure anomaly. A mass constriction Creation duration event can be influenced by its own natural (or designed engineered) motion acoustics. Mass constriction curvature through reciprocity “concurrence” becomes quantum “all” motion has sound relevant to the motions intent (evident as and through shape). Organically human beings are unable to fathom all motion viability, but we can nonetheless benefit. Once beneficent “possibly” become awarness. Perception,awarness, consciousness both in inception and utility can be improved; linearily and non-linearily.

The shape of in between? Your shape is your God assigned identity::Before you assign your next weapon's promise.... What have you overlooked direction furbishes. What is the revealing shape of “accesible” dimenions to come? Definition: “A directional extension “property of space. Transitional fractals. Actualizing super position. Migratory worm holes. Cosmic access.

Without reason we have no purpose. Purpose compells reason's direction. We are what we “try” to do. Worth the result denied. We wait for ourselves, alreay delivered.

Thomas Cantrell offers a provactive-reassuring perspective. “What is the worth of the Planet Earth.” Measured as a daily currency index. Global rememdy resolution. Instant extinction mortality. War affectation. War peace industrial investment. Refugees. People in hosptials. Abortions for women not for babies. People not admitted to hospitals. Global warming index. Those hungry and thirsty Insurance claims. Holy Temple assimilation. Missing children. Angry soldiers crying. The alleged ones safwe residing the morphogenetic field. Euphanizing life beings. Executions? Sad lonely suicides. Animal food slaughter. Luck? Best proporitonal least. The assesment of death earth dweller, otherwise value loss redeems, echoes of Immanule Kants Universal perogative. “If one individual is eliminated from a truth that truth is invalidated.” Expressing the cautios courtesy of paraphrase. Can you fully comprehend the value direction of the planet earth without asking your freinds and family. Questioning yourself.

Without a capacity for error, pain we would reside less our full potential. We would be without potential. Our love is the near equal to the pain me must risk to solicit love? Oscar Wilde impatiently smiles again.”If England treats her criminals the way she treated me she doesn't deserve to have any.” Why aren't goverments nicer? Why is death's imposition goverments kindred companion. Time's angry festering vesitibulle. Soldiers time's great Eternal deniers.

Without fear, neglect and pain love (life) would be without vibrancy. Beyond motivation. The seed of our prayers would be limi8ted to laughter. Drowned memories tears. We must be willing to lose the love of others. Be willing to explain in suffering their betrayal. Inorder to know the purpose of love. It's awe. It's need. And simple beauty. Correct us love us still.

What causes us the most dismay. Our response to lost love? What compells our freinds, family, lovers and enemeies to avoid us; irony often expressed in unresolved anger, alienation, despair evidenced in the unnecessary obstacles we design for ourselves. The question is the answer. Knowing's anger, despair, lonely again, pain welcome love gentle companion. Pray otherwise pray for absence. All occurs God's consent. All path's are God. Disagreement is disguise. Also welcome opportunity.

What is the nature -the incomplete disposition of our perceptual heritage. A condition status activity realized prior to language. And authorized cause and effect linear intelligence. Though memiory during the same evolution was viable, therefore adpative. Learning was adaptive expressive as event sublimation. Prior to time insinuation. Events and conditions were expereinced-influenced through shape utility. Including individual selves. And each other. Prior to language effect time depletion casuality was not evident, memory was non- linear in its purpose. Suggestive of the morphogenetic field. Presently non linearily realized as consciously inaccesible forgetting, non seguential conversant dreams, luck happensantance, indeed your untempered birth and your benelovlently expressible death. In the absence of ascibed expressible intelligence non- linear memory would like of been realized through evoked-expressible intuition, reliant luck credibility and reliant coincedence. Healings would have been evoked spontanously, fatefully. Remission inherent to disease, not through oppositons haste evident through impending loss. Dying was not an adaptive modality that generated material benefiting currently religion, industry, insurance protocols, war based technology. Death was not defined anticpated-experinced through dying devaluation. In such a culture what is the shape of death. As such the shape of life. Is percepual heritage solely a function of memory? In such a God peaceful culture divinity resided not behind locked doors, but the childrens and parent's smiles.

We are nurtured by a non- linear Universe. We are non- linear beings. Denied in time as linear humans, in time casually seperated from the fullness articulating self. Relying on our much seperated fragmented contrived existence: yes and no, ego, id, conscious, unconscious, opposition, life and death, late, early, Heaven not earth, hell imagined with an address, prisions within prisons, cures disguised as diseases, intelligence coarsed from one ephermal organ displacement, linear mind. (Your fingers “source” have intelligence). Non- linearily your born active intelligence can be spatially “compounded” shared, observable expressible intelligence can be event specific, adaptive. Intelligence can b e sourced beyond self. Prayers source the origin of Intelligence.

Shape Event. Currently distance is location, duration displacement location. Origin denied to effect. Distance duration applied through shape. Shape denied. We can only experience intent as a location through distance that displaces location as intent. (Defers location to itself less the origin of itself thus source impeded). Physicists currently reference this linear anomaly as space time continuum. Sustained linear dislocation is influenced “incrementally measured and applied” as incremental time. Time is a continuously diminishing affectation, all in time culminates from event inception as direction loss “a process” realized eventually through complete loss of utility. Thus direction. Loss has location consequences. (Loss perceptual abstention). Loss duration “resists” negates linear anomaly. Loss like forgetting is an activity, inaccessible, yet affecting. Currently loss is valuation without linearly conscious result. “Loss location lost is not on the compass, it is the compass.” This unnatural otherwise no0n linear Eternal event condition is legitimized through entropy process. However repressed, denied this non- linear infinite affectation is further non- linearly evidenced as incomplete. (All events realized through time depletion, space time displacement are from inception through culmination a partiality of loss. Non- Eternal. Not infinite. A functional loss. Loss is realized as a value apporvable result; lost is location consequent. A loss example from which the near all other loss affectation stem...the loss of your life. Resistance “loss inclination” linear effect as noted is also evidenced through error-failure which is intrinsic to linear process. (Noting inquire-observations are also incomplete). Non- completion, entropy, error, failure represent an unacknowledged conduits-non linearly symmetrical. Presently suggested by the need for “endless” repetition. And the inevitable loss of Eternal purpose, our mysterious existence. Politely noting “loss” through inception perception, loss consequent as value deficient effect exaggerated by current commerce and technology is not absence. Loss is not absence. Futility is not abstention. Hope is hope.

Current earth science, technology, commerce and spirituality are defined “explained” through our self imposed material temporal vacancy. Throbbing impending dormant aberration. Unnaturally. Unnecessarily. Dangerously. A complex “fragmented-separated” human self identity (is) realized presently as a need to subvert, understand through limited comprehension alteration. The seed for change is shape. On this planet currently all has shape or is sourced from shape, including words. (Except time). A human denying Eternally imbued identity resists the accommodating shape design through shape value loss. And through incomplete (unresolved loss) persistent as examination of error, failure,deficiency. Results of examination, observation are progress suggestive by further error, failure impairment. All inclusive events suggestive of “loss” linear self abstention such as death, sleep, meditation are otherwise. Artificial “purpose denying” dispositions such as inebriation, drug addiction, insanity resist current life in favor of loss. And also deliberation not time immediate events such as dancing, music, art, dreami9ng asleep or awake, drama events that are time neutral, either linearly dormant or apparent in-through silence, cathartic experience ...often examining loss coherently. The good-bad-dangerous human self identity was transferred-imposed unto the earth resident planet. The unnecesarily sustained “unsustaiable” loss of planet value, injury was (is) used to subsidize the human Eternal loss of self. Accrued as global warming, pandemics, peace through war mentality. Pervasive war disposition. All culmination of solitary burden, the individual opains, sufferings, hungers, abridged injuries and diseases, and suicides. Suffered alone also collectively resolved through love or further pain. Either a continuous Eternal opportunity. Loss is evidence, witnessed, initiated and culminates though unintentionally deficient use of shape. Damage deficiency accruing in the corollary of “midst” form. Form presupposes shape as its form. Resolution of value loss identity is difficult “unnatural” since the dissociation of self begins with the seed essence of limiting inception perceptions. (Perceptions can not be realized unless they confirm value loss, linear depletion). Perceptions in a depletion based culture are deferred like life itself less the ideal of their substance. Deferred currently relevant as denied. A future encouraged by failure-error, attendance. Application. And result intent. Perception awareness exists less the validation of their Eternally intended ideal. Perception-awareness source exists less is revealed Eternal essence. Heaven's “after life” materialism is not presently based on observation. And conjecture application. Experience? (The after life the forgotten life). Actually there are the Cosmic occurrence, miracles, visions, coincidence and your both and our presumed asleep acknowledging death. God shared Eternal soliloquy? Heaven's after life is considered through loss. Loss that continuously maintains its own attendance.

Shape is event. Event isn't shape? The referenced self limiting “validating”depletion anomaly are experience through shape. At all levels of shape material including distance anomaly (current shape duration effect intent) are intrinsic to all “source” refining Eternal immateriality. Super position, mass constriction curvature, fractals validate through coherent logic application, not presently consequential intent. Currently:

The repressed human identity evidenced and actualized through. Entropy technology, commerce, spirituality are experienced-necessarily exaggerated through duration depletion shape. Shape currently exists dwells in exclusion to its origin form, through flawed perception and loss reclaimed less the “suspected intuitive ” Eternal preference. And origin. More precisely integrity self determinant effect shape duration. (Integrity less the Eternal ideal is integrity not). Shape is destiny. Destiny shapes form as itself. Shape exists-dwells in its own form. Currently shape event effect as suggested is incomplete, flawed- thus continuous opportunity. Shape in completion can only be experienced though its loss which has an identity source. Like ourselves loss leaves a trail. The same perceptual paradox. Absence is invalidation but not negation. These condition shape prone conditional activities includes direction through distance usually affirmed through velocity-acceleration, unresolved hastened failure duration. Measurable velocity is an effort to direct “influence” acceleration beyond its own depletion location duration. (Deficient urgency are ideal less their dislocation duration. Ideal “complete” velocity acceleration, scalar fractal vector effect, super position conjoined, ideal velocity acceleration are resolved as the light. At the speed of Light there is no passage of time...measurable time dislocation (deficient incomplete presence) is no longer plausible, niot necessary as all inclusive Everpresence. The non- localized Universe. Displaced presence absolved to Everpreence. Anomaly separation sustained, hastened immediacy resolved as contrived dislocation whereby shape begins to surrender to temporal dislocation immateriality. “At resolved speed light dislocation there is no passage duration of “time space”....meaning time through space continuum, discontinued. “Passage without aging depletion.” (Shape is affected) Materiality reclaimed to its inception, the Eternal Universe manifest.... An event specific adaption, planetary, institutional, individual. And accruing behaviors. Bad and good, resident darkness or Light manifest. One that includes one includes all either by validation or denial. Denial becomes opportunity. Passage becomes affected immediacy,chronological loss. Presence fractals ever presence. Revealed “ironically evoked” currently through self separating “incremental” distance. Distance duration strains non locality-renders gravity resistent. Velocity is the incremental of acceleration-valid through mass anomaly.

Inviting definitions reassurance. “Mass is the measure of a bodies resistance to acceleration. Mass is independent of a bodies position. But dependent on its motion in respect to other bodies.” Faster than the speed of light, presence effect, not past event conducive, but the affect is shape effective. Faster than the speed of light you logically go back in time. We can assume reclaiming a past events process, non linear effect presently linearly denied strains comprehension effect. You can't eat the same candy bar twice. But th rough shape timeless symmetry you can experience the shape event again. Memory less forgetting effect. Eternal memory. This can occur through inception event, not necessarily through repetition shape effect. Future and past event are both currently dormant. Not infinite Eternally engaged. One denies the Eternal as effect, the other through anticipation ie planning and design. Both past and future resolved value loss paradox through time abstention. Either as process intent (or) not developing investing in value loss. Accordingly distance no longer is realized through dislocation entropy, but as extension continuity. Slow mass constriction approaching origin. The half life of a uranium stockpile, a cancers neighborly visit amended politely to origin. Reclamation process effect, not a function of awkward uncertain chronology. Potential evident through pause error. And mistake failure prerogative. Depletion entropy. Validating the denied as undeniable. Immediacy thrives.

(The denied Eternal valuation is the human identity, the human mission). The encompassing affectation. Birth begins with aimless aging and culminates through unresolved examined death, the loss of expressible materialist utility. (One question beckons reprieve, how can an infinite Eternal event end in an endless Universe. The answer, only nothing ends. Thus begins.

Inherent in each shape is its intent, intent event. An event in nature occurs through its relevant shape. Shape is the determinant seed of event intent. A tree can not get drunk. Shape determines identity intent duration. Presently shape is being utilized without complete regard of its non linear intended purpose disposition. Though our interaction with nature. And pragmatically through the human culture ie technology etc. Inherent in the identity shape of an assigned cancer its its shape disposition, its Eternal continuous functionality. (Shape can be lost not its Eternal identity). Loss is a contrived perceptual accommodation that gives credence to uncertainty, failure-error. Dislocation acceleration, value. And life itself. Loss is immediacy without purpose. Or purpose deferred. Loss avails direction prerogative. Loss nurtures the completion of in completion. Gain is the fractal of Loss. This form perceptual transformation includes the human affect, technology, science, identity, spirituality. The nature of a journey, presently realized through depletion shape space time continuum, can be affected non- linearly through the relevant engineered shape utility.

In time diverted “shape reliability” we are reverting to non- linear memory compatiblity with expressible-inclusionary perception. (Noting please with emphasis shape includes the molecular dispostion of a shape location). And tentative shape accomadating material locations such as half life, material convereted to uranuim utility thought at this level event utility is derived and percevied through deficent “unfinished-unresolved value loss.” (Dieing we sustain-coerce while resisting as our success. While matter's material resists us. Expressions agony similarily asserts.) What would be the shape-designable dispostion intent “effect” of technology, science, language, art, music, religion and commerce presently effective through value loss. And dyings valuation. Shared uncertaintity and violent dispostion. And exclusionary defiecent effect. Perogatives actualized linear time effect. Prior to time anomaly, shape compatability, shape resides in form as its own form. Form beind the midst in which an event occurred or was created in “during” space formulation. Our unforgettable ancestors enviroment form Creation was free of polutants, violence utlity, free of expensive diseases. And not funny side effect medications. No war anticpation. Prisons and murder farms. Evolving non linear oigin source of the word location Shape. “He she ape.” Now Tom Cantrell. And Tom's lovely wife presence Dr. Martha Nunn. George Bisacca always, Nate Eckley, Nate Bolte. Where are Sarah, Anhelica, Priscilla and Kathlene, human beings magicians of gentle abstention. Terry and Barnaby. Healing's gentle touch Dr. Patera, alleged ones Eternal companion. Miles Oravetz arm wrestling Martha Stewart, Emily and the drone man, celestially attuned Viola. Stuart and Liz. Reverend Simpson Reverend Gillespie, shadows celestial hesitation. Tony seguro esta bien, Sunny and April. Patient Rodney Eternallly astute. Randy, Arrick, Sandy, Willie, Winnie, Ralph and Carmen. Debbie. Recent miracles Genevievie and Amy. Angels concealed dreams wakening. And cautiously wakened dreams. What's your resident name? Curtis catching up to the Viking Buck minster Fuller..... Your delivered self and your God's aspiring children. We are each the each assembly of one. Not less one another one. A non- linear communi9ty. Source. God's guided current's seed our desperate prayers. Evolving prayers God eloguent. Light esteemed silence delivered. Ourselves prefered. Source divine attended.

Within the intended non- linear designed shape formulation, in substance or intent (lifestyle) is the relevenat “seed” design, designs...the shapes “forms” evolution. The tree claims the air knows the butterfly.... Denied-linearily “time” distorted during percepual inception. The denial an invitation. Unresolved “imcomplete”shape (therefore form) deficency is delegated to the unresolved past. A futures hiberation. (The future nurtures the Eternal until we engage in time irony, our choice). Our charmed futilitie's trail. Our cautions troubled angry identity. Design nature's intent or our well intentioned intervention. Sometimes malice God misconstrued. Which in repressed time duration we deny as iniitial perception-defered through language, linearily imposing intelligence- incompete result, flawed process (activty conditions) that validates while disclosing our self limiting perceptual heritage. Which includes our self perecption, engaging identity definition of ourselves. And the culture Creation reality that enemates from this flawed, “integrated” dynamic.

Those many thousands of years ago accrued as now our ancestors did not rely on spoken-listening language therefore couldn't utilize conscious (langauge accesible) intelligence, in the absence of these intriguing condition activites our distant parents depended on inclusionary memory planetary field-not current time sponsored memory evolving through incomplete-distracted percepton influened by forgetting, awarenss presently referenced as consciousness ascribed by an unconscious. Yet dream attended, their inner smile ours. Ours theirs. And memory non linearily interactive depended on us.... We lived in a world of familiar shapes.Our ancestors we can assume relied non- linear (all inclusive memory). The forgotooen “forgetable” accesible to the immediate need. An active awarness which was compatible-harmonious with Eternal form Creation. Neighbor amenable. Violence as not explainable. Justified. An Eternal everspresence not defered to an after life, damaged through war, oppositional duration diseases , unbearable noise and industrialized-commerce based dying. God's Holy planet earth. Memory facility expressible in the immediate.

One word's worth became many not enough. Each words residency a spherical attendance. Chronology divine uninterrrupted. Love's coupled apology commanded the multitudes word's dealy. Violence the same instead. Do you comprehend prefering acguired understanding? Not more enough less enough. Truth's abreviation lies our popular intervention. Now we claim expression to pollens purpose. Our's God's voice we speak sound intact. We laugh. Dyeing's breath pronouncement. Fear's scream our truest verb. Couplings two not less than one together. Nine calender words another. Not words God's rubics sentenced forever. The next space is complete, your witness.

Celestial refugees we migrated from Cosmic Eden, stepped boldly in time into the future, once timeless-endless Eternal beings, God acguainted now time invested we began to claim Creation our own. God through choice our timeless benefactor gingerly acknowdging our absence, the after life, this life deferred. We spend our lives borrowing from Eternity we pay back violating Creations environment while denying our live. Denial spawns opportunity, pain instructs. God consents.

The planet earth is a shape realized in and through form, a planet constituted of many other shapes. Apparent? Intended. Shapes that are incorrectly percieved and utilized through “from” time inception. Paradox sustained through value loss utility. A planetary formulation exagerated by unknowingly willfull intent expressed, further time distorted, in technlolgy, global commerce. And religion. The purpose of non- li8near duration is to reclaim shaped duration intent to its non-linear Eternal origion. Once validated as perception convert perception ideation to non linear technology and inclusive commerce. And origin source religion. Words-rituals with wings Eternal deeds redeemed. Yes is the good of always.

No specific shape apparent to utility? Intent is shape-design in progress accomadate as and through form. Time dilation implies. As we approach the speed of Light shape begins to constrict, eventually the mass curvature is infinity actualized. Either through dematerializing value loss or intent driven accrued “fractal” materializing. Time slows the Light incircles meldoies shape esteemed. Everpresence compells. Fractals, Super Position consent. Timeless-endlessness ascribe. Acceleration is a coreced lineaily “temporary fuel” correced-referenced exclusionary trajectory that validates localized casuality in a non-localized Universe. Non-localized speaks to non- linear location value affectiation. Non- linear duration communicates “validates” event origin as its own source. Shape, form, mass symmetry. Motoin intent source. Motoin reveal as by its own sound motion intent ie instruction. Source intent motion engered revealing awarness “instructions” source. Super collider parked in reverse. Speed direction's origin dislocations source? Absence destinations direction locations non linear origin, greviously derrived. How can we get lost if were already plesantly abstained. We intuitvely seed the intended Eternal self. Divine attendance irony amended. Do you understand. “No?” the answer claims the questions delivery. Great we proceed futility-joyfully our spinning compass. Rubics cube mirror image affirmend. Location amended to location. Perceptual resolution amends functional “accomdating” paradox value loss index ie mirror image, asymmertircal gravity, death through defeincent dying assimlation, meaurable entrophy. The oppostional angst generously impeded by failure, error dispostion and defered seperation, shapae anomaly. Dreams, prayers and laughter. And disease driven skill opportunities, securing “protectiong” the Eternal. The adpative Eternal at any cost.

Presently “mass”determines the strength of the mutual gravitional attraction to other bodies. Mass is both a property of a physical body and a resistence measure to acceleration. Mass less acceleration's linear haste kindred to shape's intention approach form's originating source. Availing new perceptrual skills. Asserting: Linear vector scalar resolution, perceptual conjoining, half life convergence, value loss direction entrophy in intent, design and corolary reliant force fuel depletion actualize space less time continuimn. Linear fragmentation yield to fractal symmetry. Unsolicted “forgetting”( validatiing time dysfunction) to an unsolicted ideal becomes conjoined to consciousness intent. (Including intelligence not marginalized, not localized to the signular self-not reclaimed to reinforced through time subjective defiencent forget based language. Organic mind intent becomes functionally relevant to human and organic synthetic event intent. (A non- linear all inclusive event includeds the active person, presently inly as a risk benefit component. Example accident risk driving a car. An exposure insurance source to faciltate profit value loss. Reminding that most major industries, group singular efforts relly on perpuating dieing as a motivating directional in profit, design. Revealed further prepuated through defeint exclusioanry global commerce. Adolescent militarism. And bold uncertain language hibernation religions actualized through acguesceint unresloved death. Death tentative, deffered. And away. Fractals avaling patient reflection. Glow. Fractals definitio0n furhter delivers. “A fractal is a natural phenomena that exhibits repeating patern displayed in every scale.

Tom and (I) enjoyed a dictionary conversation discussing the many geometry's. What basic shapes determine this planets utility application. Shapess conseguent to our utility through value loss design. Shape dispostion that predate our births. And this planets localized materiality . Shapes that are compatible with their own siource as source. And in the interaction transcend locality evoking field responses. Heats. Energies. Masses. Motoin of motions. Numbers demonstrating numbers concealing words, ourselves. Tom is there a fractal geometry. Origin -Source fractals. Fractal of mirror image? Fractal of past memory? Dormant memory? Fractal of a miror? Wow what a party what are they serving? Death's fractal? Life? Birth? A failed, damaged, fading fractal? Our oppositional rassuring accomadation. Our creation's witness testifies our choices acquired. God consenting testimony of the bold Creations apsiring gentleness of wonderfully God resolving life beings like Nadine Long. The credible in incredible Betsy Katz, Dona Roy, Caroline Miller, Geneviive Williams and you. And those God thrifty guy God people still chasing Normandy Beach. Eternities completion “our answers” denies God our benefactors. Our dematerializing deafening echos. We know God's yearning best by our confusion. Our gentle turn on the cross.

Accepting logics insistence dying in a timelessly encrusted reality is more significant than the current adapation based on a time relieved after life. In the absence of time based dying profitering “blissful” continuity becomes determinant. Amenably valued. How you die determines the accrued relevance of your life similarily how many cholestral cigarrettes you shared yourself with over the exploratory years. Acknowleding death is an all inclusively accrued Eternally expressible event. We share life. We share death. We shouldn't share dyeing.

Curious of linearily necessary our persistent need to measure give functional “consistent credence” to chronological fragmentation which is functionally llegtimized through value loss consensus. And perceputal devaluation. Measure. “Sure as me.” Do maps have more destinations than locations. Does seperation suggest more than one destination. What would a a nice map of the planetary Hemisphers look like if the visual rendition of Brazil included the Milk Way. A transitoniong map. The stars, the tides, our dreams. A mapping not realized visually inby distance location, located. What is a spherical photogragh. A spherical map. A spherical word. Events impeached not less thier Eternal origin's utility. A spherically we can functionlly invision a reciporcaly assumable prayer. A spheroid tamberine. A car, a ship, a flying directional form designed not less direction's indiscreet destination.

Mass utility and perception realized-experienced through mass resistance to accleration becomes resolved to what perceptual effect “advantage “ in the absence of acceleration or acceleration altered by velocity. (What is acceleration as an acccoustic event. Velocity an event speciiific resonance? Ever- presence not realized through displacement dislocation. Mass shape constriction is resolved. Incremental dislocation distance, actualized spatial immedicacy. Event shape devaluation becomes contentric-concurrent to shape condtion expressible event (ie) machine utility, medicine, aging, language. Spirituality. Life. Perceivable inception expression. Gravity utility. Energy is no longer a function of reference, depeltion. And polution. Distance is redefined, therefore form affect. And the influence of form envioment on shape intent. An identity utility. Like one of Kevin Walker's perception instructed seemingly stationary photograghs. Change the photogragh change the camera. Half life resolution which is an energy depletion transfer, a constriction of shape can be resolved to origin infinite Eternal utility. (Shortest distance between two points is not a measurabe straight line because its a distance. Let's pause the waiting of ourelves. Invite the music's pleasure.

Purpose of a poem?

Well I don't know to give an old man's face a brighter glow.

Make white snow whiter snow.

Dance with an elegant one eyed pelican speak Yiddish to a smiling Mexican.

Turn a fist into a handshape

War finally into a gentle peace

Why even amuse Emily my little niece.

Whisperings? Can we hear the whispering of three while listening to ourselves. During certain conditions sound is ageless: Eternal. Timeless soundings. Mozart's symphonies no wrinkles. Our current time based sounds affirm ending's depletion in an endless Eternal Universe. Unresolved human sounds, machine noise. Sounds of damaging. Screams the sounds of tears. A language that structurally influences time after time, loss, deception's betrayals. Condones utilities violence. (Also in language we pray, sing, love and wonder). Our words teaching's we yearn Eternally. Ours is a conflicted non-Eternal expression. The interrupted sound of the God intended you. Your children. Eternally we desperately reach for poetry, our unsolicited dreams. Music's dance. And our tomorrows. We recognize our absence. And we listen. Accordingly we dream our awakenings.

Shape location we experience through time duration consistent with depletion's uncertain value loss; if human and machine shape were realized through timeless non-linear intent ((Then)) then we would have an Eternally adaptive-expressive reality. The machines. Our bodies. Our spirituality. Also yes “our” death's, our God attended deaths, would not be determined by our silly dyeing ways: Executions, wars, cancers, starvation, martyrdom crucifixions. Our neighbors sufferings. Beautiful gentle planet Noah's Arc our journey continues. Thank God...

These words are an occurence less their intended residency. Without laughter and tears no promise confides. The first "sounds" enclosure, word location Thermo Dynamics. Carefully defined by competent temporary constructionists. "The Physics of the relationship between heat and other forms of energy."

Energy in word's linear inclination asserts witness & definition. Appreciating currently conceptions are proven by validated theory and practice that reflect value by deficent denying. Without depletion loss as a defining condition activity concepts like heat, energy, thermo dynamics, corporation and country would be without applicable identity intent. Yet boldly we aspire: (During) the resolved abst3ntion of human time adpation infinity becomes viable. Repressed emergence. Apparent. Amenable to enhanced perception. And application. Duration is maintained as event secured probability not accelerated displacement?

Energy a time validated, stationary definition: "The work that a physical system is capable of doing in changing from an actual state to a specified reference state." (In High School we used to call such engaging wonderment sex). How did that X get into that cautiosly inviting word location? OK and yes? One next to each other, followed by one gently imposed over the other X. Aspiring the resolution as one ..... We have a contrived localized condition effect (desired event) casually through impendiong loss activity (energy) tentatively in time descrediting the non- linear Universe location in which the linearily opportune- deficient event is realized. Events process potential is llegitmized through event intrinsic failure. And human error as potential. Hide and seek near and away lock the liguoir cabinets humans are back in town. What is error really? Less its avoidance. Mistakes? Are most mistakes solitary in their location? How can a mistake be avoided without the same mistake being realized, as process llegitimized. Can mistakes be shared, influence result intent without contributing to value loss? A world of inference. And tentative shadows.

Heat? Maybe is a popular destination. Let's continue unimpeded by opportunites conventions. Heat we are poitely informed is a form of energy that can under predetmined conditions be transmited through solids, liguids and empty space. Empty space heat utility reguires radiation. Shape, form, weight, energy, heat, mass all have process effect result in common. Heat is a conductive mediumn, involving a fading “consistent” disloication through fleeting displacement. Dislocation represents a shift in location affecting both inception condtion and result inteent, less the ideal in a non localized Universe. Displacment need not perhaps include dislocation, displacement depletion. Dislocation is casual. Affected by an accesorty temporary energy “risk” source. Displacement unless effected by dislocation sustains origin as source. Each can lead to the other. Dislocation direction intent is reguired inorder to effect a temporary result. Both dislocation and result “presently” process and result are realized through and as incomplete defiency. (Our affecting witnes of life cycle Creation exagerated unsympatheically by technology, gobal commerce). The emphasis degree of directional dislocation is realized as alteration ie acceleration. Dislocation urgency in part is an intutive counter respoonse to entrophy-depletion as value loss. An awakard self and Creation denying of the infinite and the Eternal. Degree at either displacement valuation exagerates distortion result. (Motoin has allready been effected that is not compatible to non- linear shape intent). Indeed loss in its contrived utility becomes a value. Conseguently we have a culture whos majour industrial, economic, govermental and technoloigcal scientific endeavors are design intended through value loss. Failure initiative . And directional ineptitude. These condtions, behaviours, coerce3d valuations and displacements are most often actualized through dieing. Dieing is an incomplete active loss valuation of death. Dieing shape value loss seemingly “preceptually” occurs without value transfer (share) between shape and shapes related form utility. Yet all evokes the Eternal. Dieing is an unguestioned response to a value loss initiative we value by resiting while perpuating. A consistency in error has value if resolved. Not by denying error but by revealing. Form being the midst in shwich “which shift or switch” shape occurs. And resides. Concurrent, concentrico identity conjoined, evolving. Concenetric repirpoval, concurrent reversable. Ascertaining remedy of our flawed “defiently aspriing” oppoistional time intutive schematic is also relevant in emost human convenventi9ns. Cure vs disease, enemy ideation, success failure, detinaton-departure, gravity dislocation, sanity sponsoering i9nsanity, life and death. All human condtion a activites further exagerted as note by commerce, technology, knowledge derivation. Indulgent anomaly reinforced by instituional angst whereby defiency becomes more tool than design. Enhanced repitition. Petitions inguiry. The gentle Albert Einsteins assures us. When mass is constricted eventually the curvature becomes infinite. Pollen's wit unfolding: A motion events whose accoustics can develop event specifics determinant motion to prefered non- linear resonant effect. Deficent casuality resolved to non linear origin- source. The music shares the dance. The dance floor floats our imagination. Compass our disguise. We arrive the past our future. Amused...

Appreciating with polite emphasis non-linear Eternallly disposed “adatptive” occurences can not be realized through “shared” dislocation displacment (intent) precipitaed by duratioan depletion fuel ie energy source. Source energy imputus includes human willfullness. Non-intutive- linear materiality would not include distinctly outlined exclusionary shape. Mass shape are interchangable as intent source. Exclusionary shape can not as a function of itself deny its own determined formulation “effectively” or non linearily unless its converted into its origin mass ie applicable resonance. Naturally or through designed intent. This perspective enhances “develops” interactive Fractal integrity. (Seperation less dislocations value loss.) Also referencing super postition convergence. (Resolving distance value impairment. Distance becomes applicable less dislocation.) Chaos theories random component resolved. Worm hole is infered. (Two displaced time junctures actualized as commmon intent.) Examples: Non locaized inter stellar travel. Affected medical events presently randomoy referenced as spontyanous remission. (Oppositional affect suggested by the encouraged disaprity of cure vs “distanced” disease or value loss distanced “sperations” dispalcement is actualized non linearily intact as fractal. Super position. Chaos invites adative shift in terminology.

The event non- linear actualized event itself provides impetus effect availiong intended result. (Mass constriction motion activity). Depletion risk energy is marginalized or not relevant. Defiecent result is limited to a random factor (ie) rogue asteroid. Human allegory miscalculation, misuse, humans foible the intoxications. (Mass constriction curvature). Curvature affectation compatible with non linear origin source. Mass shape assimilation affect. (Ageless resonance assumes non- linear designed effect thru accoustically influenced mass constriction. The event must be kindred functionally to the human organic presence which previously in linear temporal effect was realized as incomplete, detached and depletion based. A relevant question perhaps all becomes is relevent in its functional irony. What is the morphogenetic mirror image of a right angel. Non linear source resolves perceptual limitations. Previously perceptions, observations, awarenss could only be realized if these occurrences were compatible and expressive of a value loss materiality. (Our material existence). An enhanced shift in material utility avails concurrent perceptuality. Accelerated observational acumen. Shape formation, whatever the design source, exists as form while transferintg shape intent to form design as its own source likely gravity as evolving form, evident as formation.

In the absence of heat activation less energies displacing depletion heat motion defines “shapes” intent effect. (Heat coloration freguency supplanting value loss acceleration. Intent effect assumes vector, heat coloration freguency, scalar result. Each super postion fractal of the other. Heat is the identity motion print of a material condition events activity, evolving shape intent formulation. Vector's fractal failures delivery, esteemed location. Everpresence derrived. God's fractal Universe?

Heat is motion formation not yet fully realized as sound. Acceleration excacerbates heat displacement deficency, increasing entrophy, dislocation mass efficency and represses sound acuity as noise or impending noise. (Noise is unresolved value loss accoustic activity, its own impending ideal. Noise is the result of information repressed and represents information disregarded. (Noise has (is) language potential). Words in an abiding sense are an effort to give noise purpose to discretions silence. All accousitcs begin enemate from the silence, are realize in silence and evolve into the involving silence. Silence is the motion accoustic of the Light, the Cosmic seed. (Silence is Creation listening to you). Motion silence ascribes the Light as the Light. The origin of source. We thank you. Subject to interpertation intent. Noise is unresolved accostic direction intent presently associated with flawed energy depltion effect. Noise is infered motion's “direction” unresolved probability. (Everything is going somewhere because its already there). Form is the midst in which something happens or is created. Emopty space has form utility shaped into form through heat energy loss valuation constriction. Destination is location. Accosustic perceptual intutive valuation presently not organically attuned to human prescence dispostion. The same can be said of sleep, death, God, your next thought, inspiration, promise, dream or prayer. There is a source out their. Yes here as well...

We politely acknowledge logic's non-linear (all inclusive consistency). Words not of words. An atmospheric assimilation whereby all events, whatever their value loss effect, maintain their “repressed” infinite Eternal identity. Approaching functional quantum effect... Once again reaching beyond repetition's shadow.... all events realized through “by” human beings are always incomplete, events actualized through a complete loss of utility. And direction. All including perception is affected through loss (ie) a validation of “acquired” time utility whereby all events end. (Repressing the human's Eternal predisposition). A profound-curious inconsistency in a timeless endless Universe. Denying a Cosmic constitution whereby all conceivable refines not less itself, including events experienced material cessation. Examples: Cessation motivated denying “sustained” condition events: The many linear time based distortion death adaptations. Affected through reciprocal violence, medicine, industry. commerce. Also linear spirituality secured through uncertain time encrusted language. Observing major industries rely on dying, availing value loss identity as a motivating profit incentive. Individualized success measured in benefiting from the displaced loss “dying” affected exaggerated-globalized through distortion instrumentation sustained through language, after5 life ideation and disposable depletion technology. Sustained dying cessation defines life. And death anomaly among st humans. You perpetuate the status of death paradox dyeing through industrialized “ ironic resistance” that creates what your attempting to avoid. Human beings spend their lioves over coming what they oppose, themselves. Through time acquired insinuation human beings become non Eternal beings. Paradoxically born unaware of time and death organically-expressible Eternally disposed lifeforms. Unaware of choice, deferring unbearable irony to an after life, human beings once time educated proceed in opposition to themselves. Loss opposition preferably affected on disadvantaged others. Though through time duration in an all inclusive Universe all will surrender life as their abstained selves. And they will pursue their lives in shared denial of an existence, a diverted existence displacing our Eternal birthright.

We perpetuate an unnecessarily anguished life.... Disease based medicine “reveals” through opposition bold healings that engender value loss condition events that validate existence. (A temporary duration existence in an endless Universe...temporary often confusing loss...temporary bolstered as its unresolved affectation). Accordingly unnecessary cure inconsistency exists in opposition to a paradoxical disease “both” legitimized through acquired death imposition. Fiction duration. (Both cure and disease are expressed in exclusion opposition of themselves- each other through dying validation. And valuation. Disease is diagnosed “validated” in time and treated in time, accordingly each conditioned event cure and disease (is) incomplete inconsistent to preferred intent as of it's initial disposition. Paradox compounded through treatment which is time gregarious, loss value affecting (ie) radiation, chemicals, blunt instrument surgeries. Disease is opportunity not putrification. Disease is good denied. All in the Universe intent refines less its erroneously perceived identity. Disease becomes analogous to time deficient life. Approaching quantum medicine a casual awe...

Availing clarity offered by the fewer words discretion. A medical event need not be experienced, bolstered through the forgettable-deceptive uncertainty of language. Shared-conflicted agony engaged at duration cost without steadfast consequence. An acoustic non linear language would subjectively identify, adapt the duration medical uncertain event from its regressed, denied materiality to an awed consistency. Which includes without envy or malice the skill of death. A subjective non linear sounding that accordingly would be multi sensual. Including potentially a “shared” subjective sense ungiue to this exploration. A spontaneous quantum pulse, accommodating while transcending the current suggestion that human beings have 21 senses. The folly of disease becomes an awe exploration. Enviable life reflective. And survivable.

Disease is not chosen therefore not time derivative in the preferred ideal. Disease, injury, death cessation can be anticipated through contrived events that are incomplete and inconsistent to themselves; actualizing an immateriality that evokes paradoxical events we encourage by trying to prevent. Progress inception introduced through invalidation, process though futility. Language not evolving “responding-adapting” through immediate utility frustrates potential. (Attend a minimum update definitions every few months. Some ways not like weather reports. And consequently treating events infected in time through methodologies that distort exaggerate the essential value loss disposition of time. Distortions: Mechanical. Chemicals. Gases. Radiations. Metalics: Vector scalar instrumentation that are not human intuitive. Cajoling lethality through dying symmetry. The initially denying timeless disposition of disease, ill defined as itself, is further deferred through cure opposition also time infected as noted. Duration manifesting the otherwise quantum spontaneous healing experienced deferred through a dormant unresolved past directed as process linear anomaly to an unresolved able “incoherent” functional future revealed through the inconsistent persistence of the delayed immediate. A curious paradoxical dynamic that is secured. influenced though debt based exclusionary financing. Secured, substantiated by an adaptive-reflective knowledge base that in its ideal is relevant though eventual invalidation, preferably immediate. All medical resolutions remained unresolved in the present through failed dying based resolution or recurrent anticipation. Insecurity and pain is integral to current medicine. Presently you can only influence drying effect if your dead. An aberration eventually surrendered to a desired death which we spend our lives avoiding while pursuing. Pain and side effect are dismissed organically. Similarly machine machine is not assimilated as intent instructive.

All in the Universe Eternity instructs has value unless otherwise affected. All loss as cessation remains determinant. Accrues. Whether the cessation activity of a human body, a tree fallen in flight, a galaxies consumed by its own disappearance;events consequent to our own derivative perceptions that can only be presently materialized by deficiency and in completion. Valued spiritually through deferred after life. We delay life to an after life. We spend our lives borrowing from Eternitya nd pay back with our lives.... We delay our births, Eternal. Yet all is value expressable as skill. Death is skill, current disease represses while representing skill. Dying value loss diverts-depletes skill. Misdirects.... When you are one day conceived. Time abrasive events become recurrent” Your survival struggle has already begun. Ingesting your Mom's neighbors nicotine, red dye no. 2 in food, alcohols and deficient based medications and alcohols, plutonium in the milk source. And damaging death abrasive acoustics. (Blast from the TV, radio, traffic outside. Should we need not mention domestic violence. Down syndrome, blindness, still birth, assigned retardation, presumed deformity are all skills. Eternal survival at any cost. Whispering. The Eternal denied acknowledges the Eternal. A quantum event, fractically subjective, in the absence of unsolvable language becomes reciprocally a concurrent-concentric intent. Meaning witness is response interchangeable, observing the frivolous exacting disease becomes healing. Spontaneous remission is is affected. Identifiable n' enduring. You can take your smiling remedy home with you. Radiations, cutting surgeries, autopsies are delegated to a museum of the past once the future. Brave, bold, spiritually heroic. And exhaust5ing.

Placebo, spontaneous remission, death symmetry and disease itself. Are neither consciously sourced or “initiated- resolved in time chronology. All relevant in duration affectation. In a non localized Universe disease, life are not derived as their perceived “diagnosed-interfered” selves. Cause is not origion. Perception is not witness. Yes it is...Perception is origin to its Cosmic connection, accordingly available, until rooted into linear opposition anomaly. Preventive medical care including research protocols must address “substantiate” in process intent and event consequence disease dichotomy validating deficiency and value loss as determinant priority. Improvement when occur rent is marginalized, incomplete, relevant to paradoxical invalidating continui9ty. Preventive medicine, preventive health begins to parent an intact coherent ideal when previously diagnosed disease, cure inconsistency, death and dying pathology are referenced-actualized as non , probability, non -events. Personalized non event. Abstention, non utility, void. Empty, “information” ,disappearance, likely dark matter are without shape intent. But these misty ephemeral atmospherics occupy space. All accrues after loss utility is affected, perceived or utility depleted amongst the earth people. Accrues as evolved functional available source or as inception origin source. (Fractal sphere actuality). Actualized to human intent ie pneumatic resonance, acoustic osmosis. Information utility is upgraded profoundly; intutive resonance meaning intuitive duration is affected, spasm information-not increment frequency sustaining duration displacement. Affectation intent that will allow utilizing, observing, harnessing, compiling and interpreting quantum super position fracticality. Self exploratory twin tuition. Clairvoyant perception influencing probability intent, interpreting-experiencing the future with reciprocal effect. Presently the future inby is limited to past events.

Each human events becomes the unique origin of itself, reflective on the Cosmic Eternal space humans occupy upon birth and release their identity to upon death. A sympathetic event that is reflective, revealing and adaptive of dimension ally distinctive genetic appearance, acoustics, spatial organic disposition. And accordingly adaptive. Each mirroring unique to reflection. A responsive evolving image, a quantum mirror. Currently how can different people look at the same mirror and get different results. Perceptual “consensual” ventriloquy.

Lovely gentle Gracie Allen....Stood politely in a theatrical kitchen. Her friend challenged God's patience. “Gracie you can't even add two plus two.” The comedic prophet's delivery smiled h er response. “Oh yes I can.” Gracie waved her vertical hand up and down. “ That's two plus two that's four.” Still singing Gracie continues. Her soft hand side to side sliding across the horizontal. “That's two plus two and that's twenty two.” Wow and now. A gate is opened. And prayers are answered. Pi greets its own intentions. Intersections circle. Endlessness smiles sublime. Infinity stops for a drink of water.

Maybe has an address. Next to the corner of hope and remedy across from now near the intersections of tomorrow and the macabre. Maybe. We consider: Inby the years ago not stationary x number of units of penicillin were needed to remedy a bacterial infection. Today the same infection x times ten units. Our little neighbors protest-adapt. Like ourselves prefer to stroll. And wander. Inherent in all life motion is a talent for death presumption, death lives. Accepting the Eternal continuity, the morphogenically adaptive bacteria like the human will surrenders motion to preferred intent, die. Appreciating continuity should continue to treat the death deceived person or bacteria during the fullness of acquired self to improve the disposition of one or the other therefore both. Offspring Creation redemptive. Appreciating that a disease, illness, death or injury is diagnosed and treated as a localized event. Linearly isolated subjected to material paradox. Research is similarly disaffected. Evidencing the Eternal fractal treatment can continue after death through a surrogate acoustic enduring fractal.... The origin source of the tumor, the lost eye, the motorcycle accident-in the many ways distant impending. An quantum intervention that would politely remedy the current tumor. Without loss to the tumors purpose. (Any chosen devaluation in the Cosmos devalues well beyond immediacy).

Once again thank you to the gentle-patient explorer, Susuno Ohno. Yesterdays seeds hasten patiently tomorrows shade. Appreciating that death conception not unlike the first few moments of birth conception is an interrupted presence, evolving, adopting accordingly accruing. Non linearly. Meaning what we witness and affect as death cessation, loss of utility, decay is actually profound relevant- revealing motion. Your acquired shape, the shape of the giraffe, the porpoise, the easy blue flower unfolds its acquired identity to the Cosmos. An evolving fractal event. Apparent awed activity to the rest of us we politely inquire as our dreams, our forgotten memory selves when we are available. Not distracted. Also evident we inquire as the Cosmic occurrences discussed. Condition events we do not initiate once evident can not sustain. A Celestial glimpse immediately absorbed, retained as our reciprocal consciousness. Intuition, luck, your birth, death. And the other oracles of being. Your next thought inspired invitation. We smile the half moon of our existence. Thank you as we've mentioned on the video essays, “For your companionship. And accompaniment.”

Consider the aforementioned event occurrences facilitated through and as subjective space, quantum super position, spontaneity, birth, death (are) what other words invite your presence events whose inception is concurrent to their intent, reciprocally, interchangeably otherwise displacement irony would persist. Spontaneous reciprocal dislocation. We have a functional pulse. A spheroid stretching its own return. Suggested the reflective motion intents of the tides, birth contraction expansion, death the same. The motion of an amoeba, your gentle heart, accompanied by your loyal lungs, gravity, the flowers blossom receding to its origin shade, your mornings awakening. The Universe Creation expanding and contracting as we reach. Spherical tri reciprocal pulse. We forgot something. Ourselves?

Continuing breathing's sway. At the speed of Light time stops. Mass becomes infinite. Suggesting during time abstention Light non- linear everpresence becomes determinant. Yes time stops the Eternal duration continues unimpeded. All mass is infinite when non linearly kindred to the Eternal ideal. Once mass and shape are non linearly identified, actualized all utilities are consequent, including our current deficiency. Causality, cause and effect, before problematic application offers to junctures separate paradoxically “functionally” related by distance duration. A displacement of the continuous uninterrupted infinite Eternal source which we acknowledge unknowingly by denying. Unknowing, denying, intuition are opportune to consciousness, encouraged in theory. Not yet utilized. The seed hold's the symphony. You don't answer your own prayers. Buy the lottery ticket not the luck. We don't order our dreams with a side order of french fries and a milk shape. We have temporary answers we secure through failure. Invalidate to temporary progress. Exclusionary casual events redeemed to cessation, accruing cessation. Yet included midst these depletion activity conditions including the after life is our predisposition. Unexpressed talent. :Our Eternal imaging awaiting reflection.... Previously offered: Two shape adaptive redemptive material events shape triangulated to a third (intent event) affects space, presently denied as vacancy, as functional substance. Shape fully apparent. Spatial shift materiality not unlike shape that is subjectively by cause and effect origin source. Availing direction without value loss affect, presently vector scalar utility engaged through depletion “extraneous” fuels. Intent access spatial duration avails its own impetus. In distance time duration referenced as energy. Triangulation reciprocity engages super position to its undeniable intent. Let's remember one tree begets an orchard, the orchard once a tree. Causality is the symphony of may stars.

Let's consider with your encouragement's cheer sports. Variance assimilation s sponsored by some gentle chaos. For seven minute of the second half of a soccer or basketball game a player on your team starts playing for the other side. When you can skill learn new skill levels of uncertainty.....Now a a mile race. Eight runners, lady's and gentlemen. Four running east four running west. They will face pass each other four times. Finishing together in opposite directions. Strategy changes, less chance of injury, eye contact during what distance percentage of the race. One more ease up on those injuries. Injury to one injury to God. Contact compatible uniforms, gravity compliant. The sensual acoustics, learn what we already know. Ted Williams could see the knitting spaces on a baseball, spinning at ninety five miles an hour. Surgeons and ballerinas. Why can't cancers be taught.

Fractiality supplants causality. Example of absolvable tri dislocation, concurrent reciprocity. Life, death and dying. Actualizing these (already actualized) to a singular intent resolves dying value loss intent. Shape formulation actively transcends influences beyond its bordered outline. Evolution perception in the absence of perceptual time. At the speed of light time stops, dislocation is resolved to infinite mass. Definition perspective. “Mass is independent of a bodies position, but dependent on its motion in relation to other bodies.” Duration resolved dislocation, concentric-same center. Currently not fundamental to technology, commerce risk depletion, spiritual identity. Tri motion intent evident as coherent reciprocal sound...

Were back never left? Much happens not by our wits delivery. We respond to Dr. Martha Nunn. Yes much happens good-sad and wait till tomorrow that is not by our wits delivery. Not calculation. In spite of sturdy finance. Weather's poltergeist. An astronomers smile. A politicians prayer. And the evidence of ourselves is other than we witness. Thus we pray. Yes assuredly planetary women have been denied. Not allowed the egual pleasures men visit ourselves upon Creation. Yet consider pateintly. If equality had been the same smile's reflection. Our species would have surrendered apology to life many years ago. Women waited. Women watched. Mother's of Creation. Now astronauts, soldiers and surgeons. If women lose themselves to the angry weapon. The children will follow. And done sadly we will be...

Nirvana's Eden has an address. Approaching our purposefull absence, a source presence dwelling beyond our conscious self. The functional dislocation-depletion resolved. Currrent shaped reality in perception and design application is niot functionally relfective of shapes origin source, shape identity function...the active non- linear Cosmos. Are we experiencing the fullness of what we observe. We examine and actualize flawed unrseolved perceptions, observations marginly revealed whi8le sustained as and through linearily incremental instruction, affecting a methodology that further impedess our inception perceptions. Our observations. Awarness. Our intended potential, Cosmic birthright. This observational anomaly, fascinating paradox includes our bodies, minds and consciousness, intilligence through which we express, remember, endure, deny shape identity therefore ideal utility. Availing guiding inspiration: Flaw, error, uncertainty, redundancy, failure, entropy and relevant succcess are the seed potential compelling-directing our expressible Cosmic birthright. Also currently however minably through our denied-delayed body assembly we engage condtions and events that beckon... pote4ntially transcend the aformentioned anomaly and paradox. Most aparent the many investmenting in dying. Availing while repressing a source other than the current human presence. A kindred source inviting. An unknowable source compelling. Influencing. Eternal need immedidate and anticpated. Mass constriction, accousitc assimlatin previously refrenced as pneumatic resonance, prayer, mediation, dreams, laughter, time dilation, yoga, tai chi. Carnational flutter. And your next inspiration. These aspirings individually, otherwise, in choice anticpated and immediate. Non- linear duration acknowledges inclusive locality and is defered or denied “relevantly” intact or chronoloigical dislocations, fragmenting, seperating and dieings affectations, intimate, commercial, technologically. And spiritually.

The morphgenetic field, the cumpter on occasion spells as morphogeneis (is) a time abstained field that has its own acguring memory. (life specfic event memory). Timelessly inclusive of individual and collective events. Conditions, locations, shapes, form. The morphogenetic filed includes the planet earth, is the planet earth. Each events fractal departure (is) a dimension, “An directionl “intent” direction fo space, a property of space. Presently humans can not engage “be” this field given the human investment in time, Eternal divestment. The field resolves dysfunctional dislocation entrophy time. Non linear assimilation. The near affectation of spontaniety. Appreicaitng with joyful regard... as amazing as this field resides, in immedicacy and and anticpation its still being percevived visiualized through repressed, marginalized human perception, linear ideation. And an intutive need to disregard in favor of value loss, entrophy and destruction.

Seeking further we repeat echo's blissfull salutation. The Universe is timeless humans live in in deivised self entitled time accordingly we seperate Heaven from Earth, both realities from ourselves a dislocation paradox resolved through percepually flawed death endings insinuation. The non linear planetary inclusive morphgenetic field resolves anguished intrinsic to dichtomy. “Heaven waiting oin earth.” The current life- being benefeceries, other than time fractured humans, the dolphions, the eagels, the ones you haven't seen and the butterfly “butter flield ” still oblige hunger, injury, disease. Intended? A prayers immediate response. A fractal computer that adapts to the shape forms event. Events not relevant-revealed by oppositional events. A cure not seeded in assigned disease. What injuries worth void of death's carraige. A planetary sharing divested of greeds exclusion. Our near spontaneous religions one door, not the locked gate of the other. Your childrens future. Your own. Will you continue eating your neighbors? Killing risk dying memories active cemetery. We persist beckoning life our companion. Evolved senses. Perceptions? Your language. What aging timelessness ascribes. Is that a photogragh? The house design daily adpation. The next accomadating symmetrically desination's location. What weapon that does not evoke memories lasting tears. What then music's swim. And ghosts metphor material the same? What imagination not residence. The fractal fire's heat less scalars magnitude? Fractal misspelled fractical- the engaging same, we smile. What more secrets does “Creation's Cosmic field” the “caranational flutter” the “Eternal accessway” offer. Invitations? How why? What abortion explains? What grave mourns Eternities resolved invitation. What war greets peace familiar?And the flowers gentle Eternal neighbor. And those beceased whose life came to an end in an endless Universe, what attendance explains. What will their voice? What will your mirrors disguise speak? The familair spheroid dream? Our next voyage? Yourself good luck be the better. Orio9n beckons awarness, blissfull.




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Tier Assimilation

Light fully Elaine

Assassinations Opiates
Nuclear War

Non Linear Machine

All There Is Is All There Is

Echo's response "Concurrence"



Acabamos Manana Empezamos Hoy


Chaos Theory Completed


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