An essay response
thank you

Once upon a space not in time there came to be an in circling Light fo9rm not yet to be named the planet earth. Timelessly a mysterious planet of much activity and eventual mischief, a planet presence of wonderment and tentative promise thus real. Much came to witness inofby the Light before the self excluding man became Lord purveyor of the all perceivable. Answerable to the God of his own choosing.

Contrary to the divine flow, for reasons unknowable, this lifework came to experience themselves in the preferred Light of time displacement. The near all “created” by this “death” determinate being was only relevant and revealing in the non-permanence of self. Hence there progress came to be known as progress the same, explainable by the redundant anguished self-reflection of self. A time ironic de materializing reality where dreams were only real of God by the distant wakings. Understandably in the soon of love this life form, wondrous of self-challenge, came to worship God inby a deference of self to the preferred prophet. Majestic Holy Temples rose like mountains, temporary tributes to the self reflected God. Truly what Karma incredible these earth Universe peoples came to know their love by not, hope by less and their brief successes legitimized by failure. The earth Godchildren seeded love by forgiveness (love's burden). Conceivably it is true there has never been in the Light history of God a life presence more devoted to suffering. And hope. And as Yang became Ying the earth people’s life grew ripe to the God miracle knowing themselves… inofby the Light. As we approach the time of now forever.

Can we know Heaven, our Eternal selves when we must surrender life and consciousness in the effort?

…death not dieing…

The Universe is inescapably continuous,

thus what death speaks less life…

what grave mourns Eternity.

We reside in a Universe that is timeless accordingly non-linear. In opposition the timeless non-linear Universe the earth people developed a timely-linear reality. Cause followed by uncertain effects all of which eventually culminate as a disposable events such as death. Human beings alter “their” environment including themselves to validate-satisfy their de materializing culture. We separate ourselves from our Cosmic lives, living a God diminished existence.

You are not as you seem

therefore not as you witness.

In an oppositional (linear) culture construed through time everything perceived isn’t experienced in the material totality of itself. What we witness-experience including ourselves is a linear construct, a fragmented separation from its Cosmic ideal. We do not witness what we are “meant” to experience, but a defused representation of the Cosmic identity. The fewer words constraint we only witness what we experience while denying. These incomplete material events we further deny by altering in order to assimilate the events into our “acquired” oppositional timely culture (ie) trees, rivers, automobiles, humming birds, religions, commerce, technology, life and death-all human realities that are not experienced as intended.

We must oppose ourselves that we

be less denied thus the more denied.

All linear events that are construed in time culminate through their inaccessibility, losing eventually all value, direction and purpose as disposable event junctures. Example, the death disintegration of all life forms. This devolution-discontinuity is a linear condition not a sustaining Cosmic inclination. Eternalo permanency becomes non-permanency validated through allegory- a life after death metaphor that is not interactive or verifiable except as the sublime allegory itself. (Politely acknowledging all is material except time). Presently permanency “Eternity” is marginally realized as an endearing fiction, only a partial assimilation of the Eternal presence…. Through oppositional time based knowledge we reject the Cosmos. Our resident identity is sustained by a self denying- destructive alteration lifestyle resulting in the devaluation of our Cosmic origin. An attempt to control, give bearing to this profound inconsistency through time based commerce and technology serves to compound our linear displacement. The simpler words abound…everything in a linear culture dies unnecessarily. Often a debilitating experience. Immediate and anticipated. We dread the ghost of our demise. Death is the singular material illusion human’s sustain.

Death incomplete

Repition anchor's seed: In an oppositional (linear) culture manifested through time everything perceived isn’t realized in the material totality of itself. What we witness-experience including ourselves is a linear construct, a fragmented separation from its Cosmic ideal. We do not witness what we are “meant” to experience, but a defused representation of the Cosmic identity. These incomplete material events we further deny by altering in order to assimilate the events into our “acquired” oppositional timely culture (ie) trees, rivers, automobiles, humming birds, life and death-all human realities that are not as experienced. There is truly another world of difference between death and dieing. Death is the intended non linear Eternal life nurturing condition activity. Dieing is a linear time based rejection of the Eternal self...

Understandably death in an exclusionary-oppositional culture is realized as a material cessation of “our” time imbued reality. Death resolves time and the linear irony, but does so sacrificing our conversant Eternal identity… an interactive Cosmic continuity. Can death or life be temporary in an Eternal Universe? Echo's sounds of sound we persist. If both death and life exist in opposition to each other can they exclude one another in an infinitely continues therefore uninterrupted Universe? Death and life are compatible and continuous… this materiality at a minimum inferred by the human prerogative- historically all is valued as eventually denied. Curiously we know this as hope, progress and the designed future. What truth denied that does not deny life? There is a better way to live than dieing while alive. And dieing after your dead.

Death as a function of finality- permanent exclusion would determine the Eternal as brief. And like “our” linear life Eternity would be discontinuous-incomplete as witness and expression. Eternally death and life are interactive as existence thus are concurrently expressive of The Universe All. Otherwise both as presently conjoined “separated” would be intolerant of the Universe.

Eternal death?

If life is Eternal is not life as death? The Universe is responsive as itself to itself (or) the Universe would evolve- exist less itself. Appreciating there is no past except in time as such what death can displace life from life. Deny your existence deny the Universe. Your Cosmic disposition. Death is not a linear timely event, but a Cosmic experience. The same life (inseparable from death) thus Eternity blossoms. Otherwise by our disposition. Death is not an experience limited to the planet earth. We do not reside in the absence of the Universe. The Universe is the earth peoples origin source not the reverse. Yet the reverse determines. Accordingly the timeless Universe is only valid as denied through our timely material deliberations. Ourselves the same. Denial is our closest approximation to infinity. And the Eternal. Understanding we hesitate…before and after are linear temporal dislocations without which there could be no death less life’s continuance. Thankfully our understandings are temporary thus our awareness prospers. Failure compels our acquired destiny. Progress curiously sustained through loss. Invalidation

- If each life is Eternally distinct is not each death-

A dislocation of the linear self through “death” can only be experienced through incomplete impressions of the Eternal given that our beliefs materially separate life and death. Also the life through which we perceive death is not only materially opposed as experienced (the essence of time linearity)…but “our” material existence is further fragmented when life is developed through the disjointed senses we rely on to identify then engage “reality.”(Thinking, hearing, seeing, smelling, touching, speaking are linear activities realized separately and inconsistently through diminishing time). Through our perceptual inconsistency, our conflicted senses, we attempt to comprehend totality (the Eternal) permanently from our temporary perch. Our distractions are significant. (Like our lives they are incalculable). Suggesting that the human identity, our potential, can not be realized through knowledge we lineally develop in time. The condition denying activity (all eventually disintegrates) is the nature of our existence, this prerogative includes our knowledge, our awareness since both are a reflection of the disintegration. (Listen to your smile).Silence our fringe conduit to the infinite Eternal is an invalidation of these disintegrating incremental activities. (Death is a silent conditional activity, but not as we know silence). Time fragments the immediate now because “the now” is consequential to future non-events and past non-material events; both the past and the future are not material… not engaging …non- directional junctures that impose on the now their limitations. The now in the absence of the past foreshadowing the dormant future the timelessness Cosmos deferred. The now not dislocated to a past or a future is the infinite Eternal. Timelessness speaks to the continuous now. The future of a future, a refining continuity not a denying spatial dislocation in time. The uninterrupted self. Eternally replete. Eloquently astute.

If we do not understand-appreciate our lives.

Do we appreciate understand our assigned deaths?

Life is materially displaced through death…death is dislocated through life. Our acquired knowledge of death is marginal. And misrepresented. Death is deceptively dramatized in the arts, death on the battlefield is the medium through which subjective good prevails (in opposition to itself) over evil and humans behave heroically at risk to themselves and others, executions render oppositional justice based on coerced death or killing as collective offering, death provides major industries like insurance, health, interment, lethal weapons manufactures the nexus for profit and it is through death that we enter into Heaven, also often it is through the totality of death not life that we are prompted to seek the meaning and value of life since we only accept life’s totality in the absence of life. These activity behaviors are linear distortions of the all inclusive Cosmic culture. A linear thought process can not comprehend a totality such as death since our thoughts are reliant on there own inconsistency. (The linear and the sphere can not converse-engage in time). Presently life is a linear exclusion of itself death is a contrived ambiguity. Life through incremental choice does not abide the Eternal except through absence of life sublimated as metaphor. Death embraces the Eternal tiomeless now. Again linearly inadequate thinking, similarly influenced hearing, speaking, …. through these time encrusted activities we deny and otherwise distort our Cosmic identity evident as life death alteration that culminate as valueless events. Mysteriously we witness-comprehend a reality that denies denies our intended Cosmic existence. Often we are blind because they can see what they are looking at. Accordingly we further manifest less our interned selves. We exhaust our lives seeking our absence we delay till the after life. Ours is a disposable reality. Yet life and death are both part of the endless Cosmic journey because the Cosmos embraces all

Endless and Eternal not the same

Humans control their acquired reality by denying it. And the most compelling denial is death as the condition encompassing event that influences life largely through anticipation since the interactive nature of death is not known or clearly knowable through linear awareness. Presently death explains-defines life as a complete rejection of life. But through presumption life does not define death similarly in that life offers an after life that presently is not interactive and is unproven. Life is an incomplete constant until death intervenes. Randomly and conclusively. Humans always given to intervention and control have further invested in the random totality of death by adapting the condition of death to themselves as killing. Death and killing strain the limits of opposition and materiality, possibly exceed those limits. Killing is a linear-oppositional event affected by humans rationalized through time and reflective of irony, the other "death" is a Cosmic solicitation an… entry point, an embrace. (One is divine killing is otherwise. Death is ofby the Light killings fosters darkness our suffocating shade). Death is partial to the Eternal continuity. Killing appears to be otherwise. Killing is a willful event. A profound linear irony invariably oppositional in nature. Also humans attempt to give credence to their inadequate lives by being able to deny “control” life as death through killing. (The linearly illogical is kindred to consistency). Humans only value right or consistency having validated wrong or inconsistency as a related dynamic that further explain humans incomplete oppositional culture. Again killing is a shared linear event whereas death is a singular Cosmic undertaking, not the result of human choice. Even suicides prevail or doesn’t as an issue of happenstance, Cosmic intervention.

More clearly we comprehend our witness less mysteries seed. Death is a good place. Dying is a human thing. When we attain the Eternal condition of death we stop dying. Dieing is a linear distortion. Death non linear sustenance sustains. Eternally we speak. Alive while dying suffers miseries thirst. Most dieing is unnecessary and debilitating. Suicide, accidents, alcohol and drugs, burn down designed, institutional and personalized violence, time based disease, silly cigarettes. the current summation our self designed spasm extinction. War nuclear....The end of life. And the3 death of death. Darkness claims the light. “The day the music died.”

…Opening infinities door...

Human beings believe they can influence death giving a preferred bearing to their life denying preoccupation. Several points please....***The fact that death is unlike life does not mean that death is the oppositional to life….*** Humans accept that they are not going to live forever. Their “divine” perception is that death is not compatible with life is accepted as conclusive evidence. Yet life and death are divine conditions not oppositional to each other unless experienced as such. Please note all humans perceptions are eventually proven wrong. (This condition is known as progress)….*** Because humans are aware of the activity that leads to death this does not mean they have a material appreciation of the condition of death itself. But only as it applies to life. Not a terribly convincing parallel since much of the valued meaning of life is in its denial, its opposition or complete negation through killing. (Noting killing is the major “linear” preoccupation amongst the earth people that denies their Cosmic birth right)…. *** Further because a human can kill and they presume “benefit” from killing through their own contrived consensus this does not mean that the result is understood. Sustained as anxieties dread. And celebrated. As well because humans are involved in the activity of death, intervene medically and otherwise it doesn’t follow they have determined the final result. Indeed cure and disease are opposite exclusionary events that are therefore not sympathetic with the infinite continuity. They are linear in nature. Cure and disease have one activity in common they both are influenced by the activity perception of death as a dreaded event. Yet death is a spontaneous event as such sympathetic with the infionite continuity, the Eternal. Death is a silent condition, realized perhaps as coincidence, non linear continuity, not functional to the linear conditions of time, not evidenced through distance, variant temperature, assigned intelligence3, diseases. Whispering again…death denies killing.


Death is a material motion that is denied while in linear time otherwise a timeless therefore infinite uninterrupted activity. Death is not a linear-opposing activity verified through time, death therefore is conjoined to life. Death presence is not a “disturbance between two points” (ie) life and after life. Because death is non- linear, not time immersed death does not culminate as a dysfunctional... a non-directional condition result. Death is no9t an issue of decay. Death is not a separation from life or from itself. Once death is not oppositional to life death becomes inclusive of life as life. Beneficent not anticipated functional anguish. Death is evidenced to linear survivors through the spontaneity of memory and dream…..And perhaps condition activities that are spontaneous such as luck, coincidence, clairvoyance and the like…. Not an issue of incremental process but presence. Ever presence. Linear individuals can experience spontaneous Cosmic events realized memory of the dead, luck, coincidence, remission, prayers response, sleep, precognition and birth and death…. Compatibility suggests symmetry. All these events occur in silence to one person. They are not sourced in time or linearly created since they are spontaneous. But once experienced these events become time-linearly determinant (ie) Cosmically defused. Once evident the these Cosmic eve3nts are not referenced from pre existing knowledge. (Meaning their origin source is other than human). They are not reliant on language, time or understanding in order to experience. But it is through these oppositional activities time, language, knowledge, our active linear perceptions of death- life and Cosmic occurrences like luck, coincidence that life and death are denied shared their interactive totality.

Miracles mirror

It is important to note the distinctive nature of miracles. Miracles can involve all our fragmented senses. They can be apparent to more than one person. These Light occurrences can be reoccurring. And spontaneous miracles though timeless can reference future and past events. Giving further credence to the seeming omniscience of the Cosmos and human beings non- linear capacities both individually and collectively. Also evidencing that Light events can occur and be sustained within the symmetry of time and linearity. And give Cosmic reference to preexisting knowledge without either being excluded…. With emphasis if I may, however clear, logically intact these insights might be the complete awareness speaks to a presence of inexplicable bliss that unfolds beyond our present ability to perceive therefore express, but none the less experience. We are able to experience a miracle without preparation. We are biorn sensitive to miracles. These distinctions speak to the difference between sensing infinity in the immediate and our linear displacement of the same. The difference between that which is spontaneous and that which is linearly uncertain. The difference between wondering about the infinite Eternal and feeling Eternity. The difference between being and been. The distinction between faith and fate. Do you understand? Please offer “your own” insights… Two flowers not less one the fuller garden aspires.


Fiona's University

Dear Fiona,

Allowing the presumption of this communication. Since reading your biography at 2nd Unitarian several weeks ago Fiona....Well one thought leads to an others word's shadow. Language seeking its own illusive shade. Fewer words: You're planning your education over the next 30 years. Intrigues... Patience thrives. Time can seed the fuller flower.

If (I) may a few “curious” words Fiona that will frame the text of this letter. The gentle Professor Einstein observed, “The Universe is non linear.” Meaning that unlike our time based linear existence, the Universe can not be separated from itself and remain one intact Eternal endless Universe.” When human beings are born they are non-linear timeless “Eternal” beings. Our parents and teachers unknowingly introduce us into a time insinuated reality... in time our non linear Eternal disposition becomes linear. The more common perspective...cause and effect. The irony of course is that everything realized through time ends even even though we reside in a timeless “endless” Universe. (Time is a human distortion of timelessness). We are the only species on this planet that experience Creation through time. Time irony permeates our entire experience which is reflected in our knowledge. Sustained validated and revealed through orderly education. Everything experienced through time is uncertain always factored through failure. The basic time insinuation: We are born we begin to age and our lives come to an end. The question compels: How can any material event including our lives end in an endless Universe. Answer acquired time exaggerated in the last 200 years by linear commerce and technology. Clearly there is an activity in the Cosmos that speaks to duration. How long it takes for an event to unfold. There is the endless Eternal duration. And our time duration whereby everything ends. While ending. Meaning losing value intent until the event or life ends. A complete loose of purpose direction intent.

Again with polite emphasis our bodies are non linear, our bodies can not be separated from themselves and still function as intended. But in time our experience becomes linear. (Our education bares witness and perpetuates paradox). This devolution occurs when we are assigned a time based linear intelligence. Our assigned depersonalized intelligence predates your birth. And is static, its not supposed to vary 5-10 points during your life. You are asked to perform on a test that will determine how effectively you will be able to contribute to a time encrusted linear culture. A disposable culture. This limitation is compounded through language also linearly inadequate. Meaning that structurally language allows for the uncertainty of deception, self deception, violence, words are subjective, all communication evolve through forgetting. There are over 6500 language on this planet. Research offers that humans use less than ten percent of their organic intelligence capacity. (Interestingly though Fiona there is no correlation between intelligence and creativity). Politely...our education, knowledge assimilation bares witness to our anguished non Eternal irony as a disciplined process. An evolving tentative summation. Unnecessarily-unnaturally. Subject to argument and other anxieties.

Not to suggest that time duration and linear language will discontinue, they will remain more viable relevant to other duration and language options. The calender remains the calender, the three minute egg will cook for three minutes. Time becomes much less oppositional, not essentially debilitating.

We continue: Human beings are not organically predisposed toward violence, greed, self contempt, rage and illiteracy. And many other deprivations. We are Eternal beings living a non Eternal existence in time.( Time isn't easy). When our commerce and technology become non linear life will become much-much easier. And our education will reflect the change. The Cosmic Eternal roots become viable and apparent. (In the absence of time distortion the non linear becomes optional). Presently all commerce evolves through risk, uncertainty, exclusion influenced by global forces we do not fully understand. Poverty immediate or anticipated is a linear consequence to exclusionary wealth. (Deprivation, loss of value, opposition are fundamental to a culture validated through devalued endings). Everything realized through time culminates with the complete loss of purpose. And direction. Straining irony major industries on this planet rely on death anticipation or dieing as a motivating profit incentive. Religions are end-life-time based. Explaining why we have to separate Heaven from earth while we are alive. Why we have to end our lives in order to commune ideally with God. We create the remedies to our own unnecessary sufferings. Please understand (I) am not protesting or complaining. Wandering.... Inviting patiently as your awareness allows there is the Cosmic God and the earth peoples adaption.

Politely acknowledging repetitions thirst. When our commerce, industry becomes non linear a wonder us planetary shift will begin to manifest. A realization that will be precipitated by a language-intelligence shift. (Inviting the gentler Eternal seed before the Cosmic flower's caress). This catharsis will also be precipitated by “financing.” Presently as noted a linear limitation. If “I” may briefly interrupt if a non linear culture becomes violent those responsible will have become linearly diverted, dislocating denying their Eternal selves. Presently earth governments can not function in the absence of death provocation. When debilitating linear dieing is engaged non linearly, not at the exclusion of death Eternal, we no longer have an oppositional process (cure verses inconsistent dysfunctional disease) we have an inclusive God determinant event. Yes still relevant through error, ineptitude and failure, but not essentially. The God healing event is beyond complete human affect and calculation, but not benefit. Dieing is a human time “end” based linear condition. Death is a non linear Eternal endless activity. Thriving creative and uninterrupted.

Fiona consider to imagine a non linear compact. Five thousand young people form a covenant, a convention, non-linear corporation. Each takes out a 1 million dollar term life insurance policy costing none dollars a month. And makes the fraternal compact beneficiary. The initial grouping will marry, have children. Some will remarry. When the initial benefactors are 39 years old their shared compact 20,000 individuals will have in excess of one billion dollars. For reasons beyond relevant accruing. Presently America spends more on their unhappy prisons than on their education. Over the next ten years sadly 100 thousand of our prison neighbors, men women and children will die unhappily in prison. Through this concept prisons can become self supporting. Prisoners can contribute to their families. They can leave prison with a few thousand dollars held in a shared account. If anguished-desperate our prison partners can return to the productive gentler prison without having to commit a crime against others. Therefore themselves. Deprivation and impoverishment are opportunity for better. Prisons can be good

We are investing in our Eternal selves. Our shared non linear sustaining mortality before we attain death. And after. Claiming the Eternal a material value. Immediate not subject to depletion...

The non linear insurance concept can most effectively be used to finance an education. And the functional needs of the University itself. Young people need not go into debt. No one should suffer deficiency in the service of learning. Universities like evolving-nurturing prison can produce relevant negotiable material results. Actualizing acquired ephemeral essential knowledge during the University tenure. Knowings benevolence seeded to practical consequence. Perhaps familiar happy students in the last semester can form a company financed by (their) University. Most curious that Holy Temples are the only institutions from which people do not graduate while alive. Yet humans graduate “complete” their scholarly education. Remembering: The first Universities were started in Italy by students. They hired the nice professors. Helped develop course of study. When students provide the financing for sustaining the University. And their education based on their shared inevitable mortality, not through crippling debt. Transcending the self immediacy of death inby Eternity. The shift becomes beautiful and exciting. (Opportunity is investment). The less anxious students, who will become the instructors, will graduate without debt. Will proportionately own the University they attended. Remain a partner to the University. How could a student fail in such an institution. Complete their education while still alive. How can an any student's effort be encouraged- motivated.... validated through failure. Except for violence all human effort has value. Except for killing all bad is good unresolved. Wondering as prayer invites: How can “Justice” be realized spiritually through punishment. Unkindness. And human executions.

The value of currency in all its surrogacy is not an organic condition. But rather influenced by unresolved attitudes, uncertain fears, mischief and disproportion. The non linear compact will change perception. And value. Presently 72% of the federal budget covers entitlements. Introducing this non linear instrument into social security, medicare will affect a shift similar to prisons..... The purchase value of the dollar will increase. Presently 40 cents of every tax dollar is invested in weapon systems whose ideal value is that they not be used. The near half of the most adept-disciplined students in engineering, science and mathematics invest themselves in the war defense industry. Most curious do you agree when deemed necessary. The earth people have made harvest of death dismay. While profiting from non utility, misery and dieing. The shift offers the Eternal as material value. Viable and motivating. On the planet earth linear time based religions redeem Eternal life dieing dreading uncertain death cessation. When Holy Temples and their Eternal attendants are non-linearly realized? Heaven's planet reclaimed. What words follow the garden grows. The children and ourselves of good spirit prosper.

* * *

Blasphemy with a smile...

more or less

May 12, 2015

Dear George,

First the whimsy of a few insights. Remembering one of the t shirts. “Once we get older forever doesn't take as long.) Yesterday at Church a nice vibrant lady, a social worker, spoke to the issues of hell. Having read a book about the likely sufferings that might be available. One of the sufferings suggested was unbearable boredom. I suggested, “Wouldn't it be interesting if people who went to hell were disappointed.” “I” sense George the remark caused unease usually associated with perplexity. But....whatever the substance-design intent of hell we have to have a frame of reference, it has to remind of us in someway of our own reality...or we would likely be incapable of inter active awareness.

Possibly hell is in offering's anticipation. Invitation’s response... Hell would remind us of our own reality we helped create. Choices and tax dollars. Once in the little theater of the mind a nice lady said to me, “Go to hell Charlie.” I said, “What do you mean go?” Shouldn't we assume that more so than Heaven hell has more opportunities for the spiritually devoted. Isn't hell where good Christian, Jews and Muslims are the most needed. Hell is where we are the most needed. Where love and healing are the most lacking....Then like Creation, our acquired reality hell becomes our love's opportunity. Where God should be by our witness “effort” the most evident. Expressed thus lovingly shared. Concurrently those intent directed to hell would belong in Heaven where they will be able to heal. Anticipating the God appreciation of themselves...

Of course in a non linear God all inclusive Universe Heaven and hell by whatever dichotomy do not exclude “oppose” one another. (Linearily in time they do). Explaining why Heaven and God's Creation the planet earth must be separated. Accordingly exper4einced. Heaven speaks to the timeless Eternal. The earth people’s acquired adapted reality is time imbued, non Eternal. Further explaining why we must end our time determinant lives to reclaim our relationship woth God.. This unbearable unnecessary schism speaks to our opposition of Heaven. Which influences and have created as hell. We stroke the fire's of hell, our discontent. Hell becomes our Heaven's mirror image. We have created Heaven and hell in our own tentative temporary image. Hell becomes our exclusionary choice less the God preference of self. We shrewdly wait for either whiloe denying ourselves a permanent choice. Salvation becomes a summation of denied to life. Promised to death. We are shrewd the only witness to our shared impatient crime.

Another perspective's charm. Through time cessation we separate Creation to our advantage. Delay ourselves full God opportunity. The after life waiting’s convenient privilege. Further denied while alive. We die. Our acquired linear anomaly from which we profit and define self. Distorted as killing, governments promising menu. Time based technology and commerce exaggerate- distort the aforementioned. All planet earth science time insinuated. Misery much our profit. Direction's guide. Dieing and death dichotomy unresolved. Adding ambiguities schism we create a localized hell and a localized Heaven in a non localized Universe to give credence to an unresolved life. We create Heaven and Hell making passport of unknowings delay. Acknowledging respectively all is material except time. The choice chooses the Eternal, the non Eternal. Love or not. Life or less. Peace or hell.

Holy Temples Engage

What residence not God's


There are five-six million Holy sites world wide? These are a God's peoples institutions. Protected by tradition. And God good intentions. Time accrued, benevolently time invested. Like all else God sustained. And as such ideally divine. We presently seek God yearning abstention. The after life sing's mute the better song. (We are obliged to die to go to Heaven). Deferred accordingly articulate. We hide Creation from ourselves.

Religions on the planet earth are exclusionary. Historically oppositional. Time encrusted language based. Martyrdom esteemed. Women denied. Thriving we apologize. We seek. We deny. We forgive God's love our estimation. Bold of dream. Cautious of purpose. We seek thriving. We deny.

The non- Eternal earth people have made harvest of death, God's garden. The miracle's words invite. How can a life end in an endless Universe. Unfamiliar answer's breath. Still miracle’s guide. God is and as such is so. We approach the Eternal. The infinite Eternal approaching us.

Eternal Temples planetary address. Cautiously we protect Godly Temples from our success. Walls of discontent insulate God's residence. All speaks our prayer's source. Application otherwise. God's home our House. The parishioner- the soldier, opportunity forgives. Sunday rests the banker's harvest. Alms the Temple convenes. Temples lock their doors. Merchants acquit death their surmise. Smiling cautiously forgiven we return. God's Creation we explain. God deferred our lives God dissent. Negotiable faith divinity ascribes. Death's birth Creation's exit?

May we ask what would happen if Holy Temples engaged: Teachers teach. Sailors the ocean's wind. The bakers bread. Prisoners escape. Young lover's blushing hide. Farmer's hope. Mother's and fathers watch us grow. Singers sing. Athletes run. Poet's poem. Humming birds astronauts fly. Alleged dogs bark. We say. Holy Temples watch. And wait...

What prayer's response not this if Holy Temples Divinely engaged. Creations commerce. Reaching divine word's delivery. Harvesting God's instruction. Eternal death's promising oracle. Flower's bloom Holy waters thirst. Our daily labor. Prophet's opportunity.

Consider to imagine the Holy Temples credit card. Say what? God's credit our expense. The Holy temples garden grows seed's Celestial. Greed convenes love derives. Sharing's wealth. God's sway our intent corruption redeemed.

We dream God's purpose. Moses, Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Krishna's, Mother Teresa's labor our sweat. Banker's, Rabbi's, Priests, Ministers, Imam's, Nuns fruit from the same tree. Practically speaking prayer's comply. Absolve the darkness claim the Light.

Example explains politely the same. The Christina credit card. Five percent thank you. Not eighteen. Advertising the sermon speaks many millions saved. Liability the same. Greed's cautious servant. Advanced non linear computers assist. Three percent nest's our futures birth. Two percent tithe gardens to the Holy Temple. Tax deductible. Because of the separation between Church and State all purchases tax free. Governments weapons another beggars chore. The Holy Temples assets already in real estate multiple trillions dollars grow. Growing still Eternities value the non linear insurance concept. Prisons redeemed. Universities thrive. Entitlements reclaimed. Meaning you understand we pray. Debt's God's assets spiritually convene. The merchant, the minister, the rabbi, the Imam global community esteemed. Soldier's hesitate death's capital. Executioners forgive. The banker's Holy Temple God's account. Others suffering obligation’s toil. Prophet’s intent. Profits toil. God's consent. Less forgiveness’s spent.

The planet earth's Holy Temples God's commerce. Divine refrain. One God many doors. One entry, the Milky Way waits

-Pausing please for a few wandering perspectives-

*Consider while imagining the evolved institution; the University, the police station, the mental hospital, the basketball court, your bedroom, the cemetery...

-- Can we love someone less and love God more?

--Why is the silence of six different from the silence of one?

Initially the sensation “impression' was that silence therefore “the light” were pleasantly neutral conditions. In some mysterious manner actively dormant. Inby time salivations harvest. Hungers anguished meal. But it would appear that the light silence is non linear, inclusive and also subjective. An acquired “earned” God intimate language of self. Our conflicted choice. Divinities voice

Perceptual activity witnesses our behavior memory, consciousness, God “perceptions” that eventually become a word's constraint. “Are we done God...mad...damned” are the initial words witness to our growing willingness to destroy the shared life of one another. And accordingly benefit. And profit. In the eventually of time those words became the singular placement. Armageddon. Now this darkening testimony to our desperate selves can be reclaimed to the Light. Know the darkness claim the Light. Often our prayers witness our needs. Th experience we thrive. Know the prayer know the waiting of yourself. The Rabbi spoke, “Prayer's aren't answered they are the answer.” Wait for God. Wait for yourself. You are born God's gift, not refundable. Do you understand?


***Gravity is responsible for creating the Universe.

***Einstein gravity is geometry of space.

***Gravity is a cause of time dilation.

Time lapses more slowly during strong gravitation.

***Einstein? Suggest gravity is not a force but as a result of curvature of space time.

***Gravity has an infinite range can't be absorbed, transformed or shielded against.

Appreciating these definitions from the nice together people at Wikipedia. We once suggested in the manuscript U, “Gravity is the canvas on which the Universe is created. And the canvas is gravity.” Responding to the initial insight,”Gravity is responsible for crating the Universe.”In a non linear Universe were infinity can not exit from itself “all” is in intent anticipation responsible not less one condition quality event. Meaning that inherent in “gravity condition effect” is the Universe. Suggesting that origin is the source of itself. Consequently gravity is timeless, non linear. Consequently and concurrently so. Inferring a initial source event to the Universe” big bang infers both time and displacement though not necessarily a linear disposition because we can not assume a conclusion to the universe. Most particularly if the Universe is expanding and contracting at the same time. Let's continue with this inquiry, hopefully in the anticipation of further confusion. (Certitude restricts confusion invites).

Our companion Professor Einstein, offers, “gravity is the geometry of space.” Each garden grows according to its own instruction. Can we assume that instruction's intent is a non localized non linear condition activity when the Universe flows linearly beyond our ability to comprehend totality's sway, permanently. Given the comprehending-evolving nature of the Universe we can assume the manner “Cosmic geometry” will also shift. (Durations timeless refinement). Not inverse proportionately. Ageless gravity intent result the same. An initial insight explanations pending: Cosmic memory is gravity. We suggest comprehending Universe, human presence is capable of comprehension similarly the Universe. Symmetry in non linearity suggest the presence of both as one. One being all not less the all of any one. Destination's departure, time's displacements angst, non linearly intact. Gravity assumes. Symmetries non localized intent non linearly assumed. Predesignated designed intent, result and spatial-spherical range...un displaced. Form intent space

one. Spacetime resists. Gravity assumes space intent. Gravity and space the same. Linear depletion technological dislocates intent, spacetime reverts. Entropy reveals. Gravity becomes inversely proportional to intent when a localized event “emerges” uninto a non localized Universe. Example a linearly measurable determinant space vehicle. Spatial localized chronology artificially coerced. Energy depletion energy source. As opposed to transforming gravity. Conduit verses exchange. We will revisit these paragraphs. These observations will become more clear.

Gravity is the cause of time dilation. Clearly accepting the non linear essence of gravity time is only or attempt to glimpse the Universe on our terms. Dilation of time speaks to our progress in comprehending.

Gravity is not a force, but the result of the curvature of time space. Curvature gravity resonance, the abstention of casual entropy, absolves time duration as an inherent factor. Non utility of time duration, denial of eternal time duration, suggests spacetime as a reasonable observation. And consequent utility. Whereby material can only have consequence in contrived (misrepresented time) through loss of material intent value. Invalidation directs utility. Gravity is not a force...seems a reasonable insight. But currently gravity can only be engage knowingly and unknowingly active. “Overcome” through force entropy. Gravity is not a force does not mean the gravity can not be engaged as a force utility ie gravity winds. A force current and symmetrical in nature, non linear, or force activity result becomes linearly limited. Futile in disposition.

Gravity can not transform. But does conform. And as such transforms. Again eagerly we will revisit these observations with your consent and hopeful participation. No doubt already knowingly active, unknowingly the same.

-Self displacing dimensional irony-

Noting our language is reflective of our linear temporal inclination. Less so poetry and musically assisted lyrics. Memory however linearly restrained is otherwise. A memory is a non-linear other than an opposing condition, spontaneous in nature, experienced in time but not factored through time. Non linear memory is all inclusive un bordered as such trasnc3nds the spatial organic limits of of the individual. And the origin source of the memory event. Which suggests that even though events are incomplete, loose their form value intent the memory of the “temporary” event continues. And predates the event itself. Memory predates event as the event source. Further the memory event is both individual and communal or collective in nature. These observations will become more clear. Reminding our limitations are acquired. Seemingly pleasantly imposed. We are born Cosmically articulate. Upon birth we begin a time motivated unlearning....Accepting that death is not an end and that non-linear memories are not an active consequence of exclusionary separation we can assume that when we have a memory of a deceased family member the deceased individual is “somehow” involved given that the Universe is an all inclusive totality, constantly expressive and aware. And neither death nor memory is influenced by our disposable non-directional disposition. Though we can accept that in an oppositional culture these shared reciprocal memories are repressed liomited to the self centered reality of self. Meaning that in linear culture in order for dysfunctional reality to become material whether we are discussing our dis integrative relationship with nature, our practice of death or our practice of killing… the human being as a self centered intact bordered limitation becomes essential. Exclusionary self centerpieces is necessary to a denying value loss of life through death. Killing is the fundamental rejection of the non linear Eternal ideal. Oppositional self entitlement, the extreme distracted self such as the abusive misuse of the environment, killing, indulging death cessation-excludes the Universe becoming the collective and indviodual denial of self. (Acknowledging loving not determined by response is the near opposite of exclusionary self preoccupation). You can not die in a linear world unless you accept and practice that your awareness, consciousness and memory cease… become like us obliging disposable lives. Evolving nurtured disqualifying lives that are without any materially active Eternally Cosmic purpose or direction….that suggest God’s motives assume value through loss and God’s Creation is disposable. Our lovely spiritual allegories are but a partial glimpse of the Cosmic Celestial reality. The distinction between Heaven and Earth, life and death and those accordingly invested become linearly non-dimensional in that there is no material interaction between the exclusionary realities except through often interrupted dreams and memories also Light occurrence like luck, coincidence... Non-dimensional meaning that humans participate in the fourth dimension the light by fragmenting the same into a three dimensional world while excluding themselves as a dimensions (ioe) Cosmic connection. Other searching efforts to transcend our oppositional irony… the linear coercions referred to as judgment day, salvation, sins of the father, hell contrasting Heaven, sin negotiated through forgiveness… cursory-incomplete and brave attempts to escape linearity and engage Eternal liofe. Through our effort we have to settle for our insufficient displacement of the divine Eternal. We must wait for Eternity in an Eternal Universe. Do you agree this is curious. And a little bit funny. Yet by whatever cautious smile, God's embrace.

All isGodis All

Otherwise science & technology less life

Life and death in their refined totality at any given juncture are condition statuses of the Eternal Light. Either validating or denying. The simultaneous “motion” refinement of death engaging life is a function of memory realized as sound, more correctly referenced as DNA sound rather than silence. One of the nice Professor Einstein’s acquired insights give credence to these impressions. In the theory of time dilation the Professor offers that “at speed of Light there is not passage of time.” It follows that through time as noted we “unnecessarily” deny ourselves a Light full Eternal experience-expressive of our Cosmic roots. The active Eternal co existing in opposition to nuclear war an event financed by those who will suffer its consequences. In a timeless-self opposing culture, Eternal materiality supplants finalized disintegration. Meaning displacing the Eternal. Permanently separating “fracturing” Eternity from the Eternal is a temporary result or Eternity would be vulnerable to “inadequate” itself. But the complete consequences of such an event are not knowable.

Another of the gentle Professor Einstein’s acquired insights provides further clarity “direction” to non-linear flow. Allowing a paraphrase. Constrict mass enough and the curvature becomes infinite. Again time dilation, a birth or death in the absence of time become Light events. As such at a certain point indistinguishable or all distinguishing all inclusive nature of the Light. The second insight speaking to mass-curvature and infinity resolves the purposeless junctures like death disintegration witnessed as decay in favor of a constriction of form that eventually avails infinity. Bordered form resolved to the unbordered avails infinity. In the absence of oppositional form separation becomes all distinguishing complimentary with the light infinite Eternal. Interestingly the same activity condition is evident at form initiation meaning birth. Constriction becomes expansion form assumes it’s disposition. Otherwise one would exclude the other. Both death and birth are born from the same Universe disposition the Universe itself. Presently the birth of a human life being is introduced to time and oriented to a linear oppositional culture. If these two adversarial inconsistent conditions didn’t become life defining the birth and death of a life being would be complimentary with infinite inclusiveness, Eternal. Our lives would similarly blossom as self determining self and as designed events. Have you heard someone on this planet say, “II love Eternity.”

…Infinity at a glance Cosmic Embrace…

Joining death, life, birth, time dilation and curvature constriction into the assembly of one phrase. Your enduring endless life ancestor assimilation displaced how many times through dieing and inadequate separation before we arrive at an active condition status that predates the materializing of the planet earth. Your constant origin-source the timeless Eternal Cosmos. The same the puppy dog, the tree, the mountain’s valley, your capacity for thought, language, prayer and God awareness. Nice do you agree? Nice meeting you what’s your name?

…Through time we deny the Light consequently we have no choice but to experience our material existence as an interrupted disruptive scheme given that the past and the future are non-material. Through the material time interchange we presetly have no choice but to dispossess our oppositional linear reality through various types of uncertain-incomplete alteration culminating in non-utilitarian material non-events…

… Eternity cannot be measured in linear time. Eternity is the refining absolution of linear material realized through time. (Refining and alternation are near opposites). It’s understandable that a time immersed linear species must relinquish those conditions in order thrive the Eternal. Linear time is not a negation of the Eternal, but a dislocation. Each linear event is an opportunity to experience or deny the Eternal.

…If we cannot die in time suggesting continuity however disruptive, our deaths have neither a singularly exclusionary defining past or a dreaded anticipated future. (Our shifts or deaths are spatial not as limiting material formation). We live in the timeless Eternal Universe. Accordingly material. Expressive and aware. Unless otherwise by choice. Acknowledging you can be marginally influenced, but can’t knowingly engage what you are not aware of. Once aware a new culture follows. Aware you are now?

…Death is not an earth acquired event, but a Universe determinant conditional event. Death is not an exclusionary human activity since the Universe predates the planet by ten billion years. Our death perceptions and experience are accordingly flawed, incomplete. Realized through ironic deferred completion endings. Even though the Universe is endless. Eternal accordingly astute.

…Before and after are time accommodations influencing our material reality without which death could have no confused separation of any kind.

…We fear death because our spatial shifts most often do not occur as intended. We can not comprehend. We do not understand.

…Relinquishing our self oppositional orientation, our abuse of God’s Creation environment, not trying to explain death through killing, pursuing linearly devaluing choices we experience as success would begin a planetary transcendence. A new awakening dimension of self…. Exclusionary self ironic self validates-valuates the individually dysfunctional death. Similarly the dematerialized culture that culminates in loss of all value and direction. Engaging the all inclusive Light Eternal means acknowledging an engaging omniscient activity that is inclusive of self, but not exclusively derivative through self. Availing humans to a highly effi9cent life culture. A God fraternal presence secured through the divine self not preferential omission.

… Earth science defines a dimension,” as a property of space a directional extension of space.” Each life being is a dimensional conduit, presently denied to the Eternal Cosmos. Derived as such potentially accordingly expressive.

…Deny the Cosmos through death and life revealed through dying deny yourself.

…War is a near essential compilation- resolution of our linear anguish. Realized through killing a grotesque distortion of death.

….Planning-financing a war, winning or losing a war are part of war’s linear temporal dysfunction. A war resolves opposition totally thus time in the unresolved context of the war event. And also resolved our linear material interchange proportionate to the thoroughness of the war event. War is a desperate “futile”need to come to terms with our linear irony in favor of the Eternal, but succeeds in denying one from the other. Thus both?

Denying the war conditional actives shifts the human culture to a Cosmic disposition. The choice of bliss becomes more immediate to the now. Resolving linearity in favor of the Cosmic Eternal absolves the need for war.

…The Universe is separate not less the separation. A timeless sphere refines, doesn’t separate less the separation. Continuity compels not discontinuity.

…There is no past except in non material time as such what past decries your material death. What future less yourself.

…Death and life are interactive with the Universe All or both would be less the Universe sustaining.


Given that the Universes infinite function is intact as a whole any event not accordingly sympathetic is denying of the Universe totality consequently repressing the benefits which must be realized sympathetically through the Universe infinite spontaneity. The most embracing of which is Eternity…. Presently the Eternal linearly in time is through birth, life and death an incomprehensible reality therefore not expressive pf the integrated Cosmic presence (ie) the Cosmic now. Appreciating that there might be a fundamental organic difference between life and death birth and death that are simultaneously occur rent not a spontaneously intact whole. Difference is not exclusion nor value loss. The issue is whether the interaction betwe3en the two events is consistent or inconsistent with the Eternal spontaneous Universe. Life and death reciprocally refine each other. That which is simultaneous and that which is spontaneous are not incompatible. The Universe refines, grows – embracing all without purposeful opposition: One tree becomes a forest, one star another, the child becomes a parent, life becomes death, death becomes life, the Dodgers will win the pennant. Spontaneity through simultaneous refining…expansion and contraction. Space as space refining space is in tune with simultaneous spontaneity, not space in spite of space which alludes to oppositional exclusion-rendering death and birth’s living as an oblique non-conversant extraction’s from space which are without Eternity’s direction.

Inviting history's spirit intervention. St. Augustine is quoted. “ Hate is like drinking poison and oping the other guy dies.”

That which is oppositional and linear tends to focus on one event in order that its materiality can be altered to satisfy the linear needs of the current timely human. Examples: Killing, building a temporary a house receptive to fire and economic vagrancy, converting fossil energy into pollution- fuel, all of life’s material denied through death’s material cessation are such examples the consequences of which are not valued beyond the alteration in part because the event once it reaches full disintegration is beyond utility, linear influence, beyond acquired conscious awareness, kindred sensibility and time’s denying devolution. Cosmic events are integrated all inclusive Eternally sympathetic. Our basic linear inconsistency “ironic separateness” explains why humans need to distinguish Heaven from earth, their lives from their divinity… also by separating body and soul humans create the need for inconsistent explanation, direction however random- thereby perpetuating a linear purpose to what is Cosmically inarticulate. They have no choice but worshiping a God that is derived from these dislocations of self. Humans create much the need for their own prayers. We suffer unnecessarily. Human beings create the burdens they resist by carrying (ie) disease, death, inconsistency, time, killing, contrived suffering. Another example of this divine dichotomy is the non- utilitarian distinction between a living body and a body that is deceased. Both are voice of the same origin source, God Eternal

The darkness falls

As there is the darkness there is the Light constantly impending. Pausing Light source awareness intent invites our discretion. There is no exclusionary non- utilitarian death, there is extinction. The death of death the end of life. The communion “Carnational flutter” between the two Heavenly cultures ends. Light events such as life, death, luck, coincidence, prayers response happen to one person, while at inception not excluding another life being, soliciting the simultaneous refining silence-conduit to the Eternal Light. These events are not sustained as linear knowledge. They are not derived by another linear person or from the linearly displaced self. These event occurrences are spontaneous accordingly timeless, Eternally sympathetic. (The exception to these Light occurrences are miracles, can we not assume miracles speak to God’s omnipresent intervention). Whereas dark events are functional as shared, relioant on a linear manifest, are time consequential, dark events are disintegrating and can be initiated by one or more individuals. Light events are silently imbued, dark events accrue uncertainty and are inclined toward havoc. And compatible with current commerce and technology. Recalling earth science points out that dark matter speaks to absence of frequency. Dark events culminate in war resolving linear existence to the dysfunctional void, Light events sustain the Eternal bliss. Not surprisingly within this schematic 90 percent of the 55 million species on the planet earth are now extinct. The nioce happy in knowing Carl Sagan points out 90 percent of the Milky Way is dark matter. Humans have the technology and the will to complete their shift toward the darkness finalizing their dysfunctional nature. The time of now is forever. Revelations inferno's consuming havoc... Relevations the earth people's unfolding, Eden's Cosmic orchard.

Life and death can be realized as a connecting activity…a life-death awareness that presently is denied as understood. An awareness that is compatible with the infinite Eternal. A refining Eternally expressive presence. Embracing Life deferred

What glory human being abide amidst their fear, their sufferings and killing-we also prosper lovingly, reverentially we pray and yearn life better. Imagine your neighborhoods vitality if….

February 27, 2015

The celestially inspired-nice individuals at NASA revisit dark matter, “The absence of frequency.” Frequency a measurable fragmentation of a condition sound event. Therefore linear and incomplete, uncertain. (Abstaining what condition activity, negation acknowledges “unknowingly” that which is denied). Not unlike the Eternal witnessed life’s fading “dieing” presence. Current liner earth science experiences frequency as a... given number of events in an interval. Reminding we know progress instructs less knowings permanent delivery. Intervals speak to linear measurement, fragmentation less the Cosmically preferred non linear spheroid. The quantum riddle permeates. Reality our mirror's tentative reflection. All linear measurements displace what is being measured. We construct relying on the fragments of our confusion. Time prevails less time's materialized intent. We witness a reality we create that denies the world we were born into. We witness less the intended Cosmic vision. Perceptions application near the same. Accordingly the great Cosmic majority waits our fullest discovery. The Awe. Once alert we greet ourselves. Resplendent and alive. Heavenly earth Galaxies celestial garden.

May we suggest the Universe is expanding and contracting approaching itself near the same time. God breathes. Non- linearly expansion and contraction is concurrent. While reciprocal. Resolving time irony. And gravitational resistance. Displacement not less the same displacement ie refining not disintegrating. Whimsical spin and span. Possibly one confusion expansion-contraction linearily different and the same as non linear contraction and expansion. Tomorrow and today “already” back the other way. The amoeba similarity like your heart and lungs expands contracts, each the same going the other way, super position whispers. Cosmic pulse. Birth expands death contracts. Sleeps wakening. Flower unfolds, folds ie times withering. Other way around. Hard to tell time can't spell. A kiss an embrace. The nice lady asked,”Charlie how do you cut your hair in the back of your head?” Whisperings smile “I” answered. “I turn around.” The answer disguises the question.... Politely God's consent the planet earth rotates around its own access. Non linear expansion and contraction. Spin and span the same. Going already been. Remembering not to forget time shakes God's hand. Dark energy? Well see. The sun bows behind its own horizon surrendering night to day. And day to night on the other side. Non linearily expansion. And contraction. Not dislocation. Space refining space. The flower unfolds seeds caress. Glorious color's form wilting the same. Expansion-contraction reciprocally concurrent...Are we short a couple words?

Life-death and material disintegration can be realized as a fluid uninterrupted activity…a nurturing awareness that presently is partially denied. Presently misunderstood. An engaging presently interrupted reciprocal awareness that is compatible with the infinite Eternal. Gravity Eternal the canvas on which the Cosmos draws itself. And that canvas is the Cosmos. Infinities presence refining inspiring Universe. What glory true and suffering human enable amidst their fear, their hungers and killing-we also prosper lovingly. Reverentially praying yearning the better life’s direction. Consider breathing to imagine our better day.

What better seed waits the flowers blossom. Appraise, consider, estimate. The impending transmutation. Presently silicon valley, satellites, computers, stealth technology, weather, medicine nuclear weaponry, communication. The fewer words detained explain linear depletion commerce and technology: Information Theory. “The theory of the probability of the transmission of messages with specified accuracy when the bits of information constituting th3 message are subject with certain probabilities to transmission failure, distortion and accidental additions.” The nice people responsible for the American Heritage Dictionary offer this definition. Attendant sincere guardians of the words. Seeking our truer melody. Heavenly irony one word gathers our lives to harvest, “maybe”....Allowing please an interruptions caress. The nice hard working talented Mandy Pitt works website and video over the recent years with us. No one hand the Cosmic flower thrives.

Louie- Lorraine just thinking people like to day, “ note the definition of information theory.'' It is through this active formulation that we affect “our” perceptions and consequent ideas. And then interpret then results. Profound inefficiency we experience as our constrained temporary success. Much the source of our prayer's need. By what blissful gravities wind are prayers delivered? Delivery speaks to linear's sustainable pause. Word's grace delivery arrives. What repetitions embrace the same, again the gentle Rabbi sings. “Prayer's aren't answered they are the answer.” Thus explained we translate, our absence hastens.

And the interrupting-acquired schematic we experience through disease, dying and death cessation. And validate through the hungers. And violence. Denying God while alive through our death less life preference. Fragmentation secured through denial validated through failure and in completion. Not surprisingly human desperately-courageously seek out curious forms of convergence. The ideal non linear self yearns amidst our troubling neighborhoods. Alcoholism. Drug addiction. Death valuation. Insanity. Sleep. And on the gentler side, poetry. Dreams. Musical. Prayer. And fanciful anticipation. And many seeking flower's enlightenment. Thus seeding life's breath many liive in prayerful solitude. Silencing eloquence. Those like the beautiful Nazarene of keener harvest brave the impatient crowd. Often killed thus curiously delivered permanently to ourselves. Shouldn't we reassess incompetence. Remembering we breathe, except for killing all bad is good unresolved. Bold well intended clinicians harvest disease cure's sorrow. We suggested to the gentle Dr. Weisman,”when people laugh they are in the absence of themselves therefor the presence of God.” Don Rickle's smile's nurturing embrace. Federico Fellini, Cantinflas, the Pope and Danny Katz waiting summations gentlest haste. For the years of writing's seeking “I” would suggest to other human beings, Correc5t “me” if (I'm) wrong, preferably if I'm right. The holiest words “I” know are (I) don't know God knows.

We were discussing with Curtis after the anguished lovely Movie Woman in Gold, the relevance of editing and casting in a movie. In life God does the casting we do the editing. Do you agree the casting is organic, not karmic, otherwise choice become frivolous. We share with God yet God is sharing. What may we ask does a non linear movie look like. A non linear symphony? We are born Cosmically articulate. Upon birth we begin to un learn. Approaching smile the Cosmic pond beckons.

… During a non linear Universe you can only be better than yourswelf.

Accompanying the patient seeker George Bisacca we wrote. If your faith is absolute why do you need it? If your faith is uncertain why do you want it? Are we better he sincere fateful choice “karma” and a honey dew melon. But the singular thoughts embrace. When it comes to God all is relevant and revealing. Denial is opportunities intent. Can people really argue about God? We use God to argue amongst ourselves. Andy conversation other than the most polite denies God the lesser presence of ourselves. Screaming alone protesting pain can be prayer. Screaming at another? Can we devalue another and not deny God? Can we devalue ourselves and deny God? Scanning the horizon. All pathis lead to God. All paths are God. ( are the path you walk). Sure each the others answer to their question. There as many God choices as there are preferred choices. Thus opportunity derives. There is no bad that ? Expanding we yea can noot yield lovingly to good. We petition logic's thoughts better flower. Echo's repetition? What kiss the same, but kiss restrained yet kiss the same.

Mom and Pop so we all begin already started, Terry Chris and Tony, George and Mildred Bisacca, Jesus Christ then and now, beautoiful Elaine Schwartz, Lori Lorraine, Steve Pose, lady Daughton beloved chef at the 3 star restaurant Transference outside of Las Vegas, Kathlene, Charlie the loved and loving alleged one, Madame Curie, Andy Kydes, Dean List, there's Damom Young, Orson Wells, there’s Curtis Slama (waiting’s companion) with Buckminister Fuller like the rest of us loitering on the Cosmic vine, Mr. Depace, Dick Tino, Reverend Gillespie, Silas Marner, Reverend Gillette, yourself another self again, Red Skeleton, Sandy Chamberlain words seed's blossom, Steve Knott “adds” to the Bible his devotion , Reverend Sky St. John, Pearl Dubois, Pope, John Patterson, Richard Nelson golfer, adventurer, beloved Sung Ho, Al Schroeder and Barry Summer's God's impending gift, Danny Withstandly, Richard Smolinski, there's Charlie the alleged dog “I” missed you buddy, Remi Kirkland beauties allegory, yourself, (Angels life disguised attending God's grace). God's lady Eleanor Roosevelt, Julio Rodriguez, Dr. Parsons patient seeker, Eric Wead spiritual pioneer, Hi Rodney we miss you, Sandy Aquila waiting's grace, Yourself once again not the same, Marilynn Monroe innocence suffered thirst's despair, Reverend Collen Engel, “pray and stomp your feet,” Dough and Jeanne MCcrae, writer's friends, Milky way thank you for your patience, Vicky Salmon smiles Noah's arc invites, elephants roaming-angelic unfolding , Sandy Donato brave and bold, Hi Buddha, Kerri Orozco, there's Louie Donato again good deal, Beautiful polite Mohammed delicate Krishna gentle flowers Cosmic shadow, Dr. Kenney and Dr. Bhatia, Mother Teresa thank you love's dying touch God redeeming. Judas we know the truth less ourselves... Noah's arc Star Ship enterprise. And of course again thank God the always you

. -each other by each name's deed God explains-

(I) have been writing this letter in the anticipation of itself for several weeks. Reliving Reverend Gillespie your melancholy quote, “Dieing is the price we pay for being alive.” The first sensation most often called a whom do we pay this price? Yes let's attempt to limit this correspondence to questions. What answers in our lives have been complete. Lasting. A question that only had to be sustained once. How can such a self knowing event occur when we are in the constant seeking of ourselves. Perusing an acquired reality we value by denying. Meaning living while dying: Our lives coming to a practiced-anticipated end. Even though Creation's human activity unfolds endlessly in an endless Universe.

Whispering once God's breathing now our own. There is another world of difference between dieing and death. Dieing is a debilitating, self denying human activity we associate with our vague incomplete impressions of death. But death and dieing are opposites. Death speaks to the Eternal timeless continuity. Dieing is an anguished time based experience. Death is necessary. Dieing is unnatural. And unnecessary. Death is a continuous miracle we share in common. Dieing if our clumsy effort to give relevance to the Eternal miracle of ourselves. Recalling we are born unaware of time and death. We are Eternal beings. Instructed otherwise by others similarly instructed. We spend “exhaust” our lives trying to resolve the irony of our existence, dieing, an irony of self without which we would have virtually no manageable identity. Our culture is sustained and revealed through dieing. Without the dieing perogativ3e of killing governments would not be able to function. Major industries like life insurance, weapon designers, medical networks rely directly on “our” applied understanding of death through dieing. Religions are based on death anticipation.... Meaning our ideal-active relationship with God we defer to an after life. Intuitively we realize we can only value God by denying ourselves. Thus God is denied less anxious impatient ourselves. Surrendering our time anguished lives. While alive through dieing. While reaching for our impressions of death. Explaining why we have little choice but to validate, reveal (resolve this contradiction) through Cosmically self displacing suffering, while visiting and profiting from the suffering of others. Accordingly we have made currency of sin. And liability of life. Why we esteem our relationship with God through encouraged forgiving. However sincere and tender forgiveness gives credence the transgression. Often silencing inquiry. Apologies are much repeated. God's love even less our own need not be forgiven. At best forgiveness delays the love it promises. Is not love seeded thru forgiveness impaired love. God's love interrupted to our preference. Forgiveness avails love as an uncertain secondary promise while denying the love delayed as forgiven.

Dieing is our way of borrowing from Eternity while we pay back with out lives. From whom do we borrow? Life is given Eternally. Not exchanged. Do you agree?

Please consider these words are not searchings. Not knowing's protests. We spend our lives seeking our divinity, our Eternal convergence. Present as denied. The undistributed beautiful self. Realized at birth conception. And death. (Also a conception). Denied by our dying lives. Desperate attempts at convergence the inferred Eternal persist alcohol, drugs, suicide, insanity, death anticipation, also contemplative solitude, laughter and sleep. Attempts within self to resolve linear irony, the distracted Eternal self. Similarly we wander the barren deserts of ourselves: Homeless, criminality, the many hungers and violence. Pain instructs unbearably our delivery the way. But also the unexplainable embrace. The God natural love we have for our children. Our prayers waiting. The anticipation of self. Our dreams wakened. And asleep. These abilities are not whimsical temporary skills we acquire after much instruction. These are organic abilities born to ourselves like our eyes, our hearts and spirited dreams. Abilities value we often acknowledge by denying. Yet we are aware of the denial. And we wonder. Yes we can be bad. But we prefer being good. Accordingly we pray and wander. Seeking what we have to lose in order to find. Ourselves in the company of God

* * *

Forget, forgetting, forgotten, unforgettable. Gone but not forogtten....What have “we” remembered to forget. Our conscious awareness relies on memory. Our memories are in turn sustained through forgetting. Forgotten is the other place of self. The un willfull place not of our own attendance. Not of our own making. Not timely construed. Eternal. Reminding: Memory unless interrupted is timeless thus Eternal. We unknowingly “timely” interrupt God's Eternal memory of ourselves, we forget. Accordingly we nurture and sustain our God bond. (In time we are limited to memories of the past). But all God inclusive memory includes forgetting. We don't choose to forget. We can't prove we forgot. Without choice we forget “certain” events that in time deny the timeless Eternal. Thus forgetting is the place of Eternal happenstance. The forgotten not a place of hunger. Shared violence. The place that time forgot. You can not forget your own death. You are ready Eternal memory attendant. Acquired and arrived. But if its not our choice to forget then whose? Sears Roebuck? While we forget God remembers us. Forgetting is not a gone away lost place. But a holding divine place. The now waiting place. “Unforgettably yours.” God must be whispering. “Be patient hold on. You might forget but I never will.”

Let's visit an idea, an active idea like the idea vibrant once ourselves. Reminding while attending the memory. “All in the Universe is material except time.” And materials realized in time at a determined juncture become non material? Not material to us, yes, incomplete and inadequate, but in a non linear Eternal timeless Universe all material, meaning the universe, remains relevant- revealing-refining. Briefly distracted otherwise by our well intentioned un knowing's. The terminated event is lost to us, including eventually our lives, but not the memory of the Eternal event. Beckoning dream the planet earth, galloping ghosts, Santa and your neighborly self before this watery sphere materialized. And ourselves intact, vital relevant as denied. Thus what death instructs life's purpose. By whatever deafening whisper material nonetheless. Accordingly revealing. Motion's harvesting. The ship before the oceans? The dream before the dreamer? Are we not all angel's ghosts seeking better residency. And extra terrestrials? Our neighbors or ourselves other galaxies residents. What mystery is the truth that proves our inquiry real. Unreal material waiting thirst the same. The better answers question: By what fuller presence do we abide? What dream without the dreamers sleep. What death Eternal without life's consent. All doors closed once opened. Intent the key. The journey continues. Let's examine facts and logic neither less ourselves. Well attended we are....According to several historical sources some of the native American Indians who first saw Christopher Columbus ships, La Nina, La Pinta y La Santa Maria couldn’t see the ships they were looking at. Why? Possibly in their visual history they didn't have the imagery that would allow the to form the composite of three ships. Also the apprehension. Horses never seen before in this continent? Facial hair. Those terrible weapons. Metal chest. Helmets? Two legged men atop four legged horses. New sounds. Oh again those weapons. Noise, fire and distant death. New wounds. New sounds. New fears. What first God explains does man-woman soon deny? Thus prayer and thirst often one the same.

Are extra terrestrials existent? Do other planetary beings breathe the motion of themselves? Not whether, but by what inscription. Fiction compels material direction. Evidence less? There have been thousands of sightings. Pilots, Presidents, pedestrians and Hollywood. Uncertain people remain uncertain. Like the gentle native's, Eden's neighbors, we have difficulty witnessing what distracts our consent. We can only “perceptually” incorporate the extra terrestrials presence into is our science fiction. We hesitate waiting whose better proof. Two neighbors less one neighborhood? Who hesitates that need not wonder? Explaining: Extra terrestrials are non linear beings we are linearly indisposed. The navigational skills of the other terrestrials suggest non-linear technology. And a relationship with gravity that is not oppositional, fluid. All sighting most of spherical systems, no exhaust relevant trajectory reported. Capable of flight maneuvers that are other than linear. No violent act has been attributed to any sighting event. Except by earthly self reflecting theatrics attempting to understand, anticipate and entertain. Non linear technology reflective of non-linear beings can not structurally “materially” condone-affect a destructive “linear” event. Neither design, intent or result. Non linear intent surrenders to linear inadequacy. Also considering politely our neighbors organic disposition as described by eyewitnesses. Often a large cranial capacity. Lips that are not malleable therefore can not form incremental word patterns, but rather communicate through a spasm of information. Being able to sustain conversant spontaneous intuition. All distinctions inferring an other than time based culture. Suggestive of an expressive facility we only marginally know “incompletely” as luck, non linear intelligence, coincidence, precognition, clairvoyance, forgetting, super position, loving, life and death dysfunction, answered prayers. A non-linear informational exchange medium well beyond the current language time insinuated assimilation. Imagine patiently the suggested technology. The space ship and the ice cream cone. Pi in motion...

Considering the aforementioned perspective. The planet earth predates its own materiality. Your smile, whose garden's pear tree, the angelic elephant, your cousin and the mouse. Earthly presence, Cosmic seed. Witness the nice hard working Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. Here. Therefore in outer space before this planet claimed its companionship next to the moon and the sun. The glistening moon, the beckoning alleged stars. Here a life orderly linear progression, natural selection. Life begets life's waiting. In outer space once our residence, the Eternal orchard non linearly derives. Everywhere always God's plan. Less our thrifty instruction. Earth physics whispers gently, “Infinite possibilities.” And super position whereby two separate “points” junctures in the Universe remain symmetrical. And your next thought, smiling wonderment’s purpose well beyond intelligence assigned. How about a computer program, a symphony of images. Half life going the other way (ways). Which way not the other? Projection forecasts we are examining on stealth technology, time dilation, infinite mass curvature, gravity assimilation, dislocation in a non localized Universe, interactive super position.... (independently then simultaneously then concurrently). And ourselves. Infinite possibilities less ourselves? What craving explains hungers thirst...

We are repressed therefore conflicted linear life beings. Alone we can create havoc, pray or cheer friend's despair, love or detest the one loved, sometimes ourselves. We caution hesitate our friends and lovers purpose, wouldn't our terrestrial neighbors. What else do our cautious friends know deferred by our intentions. We profit from others death while avoiding our own. Pervert peace as war that peace be reclaimed. Imaginations nest: What can be know not knowing. Accordingly devise. We insist on proof. Beyond a reasonable doubt we conceal potential. And execute God's children till death's killing do us apart. “Por favor compadre que estas haciendo?.” We spiritually insist that death sustains life. Should we asks questions that evoke not knowing when we are obliged to know by not knowing? What permission begs breathings purpose. Wondering. Seeking. Our learning way. Dancing. Kissing our grandparents knew as sparkling. Life's only permit is life. “Live long and prosper.”

For the first time in this planets knowing history one species has willfully designed a system that connects the planet, non linearly. The inter net. The earth people seek one voice. Also computers. The UN aspiring. What is the sound of a planetary anthem. Already the babies tears, the birds chirp, river and ocean's rushing waters, your smile, the wind trees gentle sway, flowers holding the sun....What music God we hear. Evolving information technology. Reciprocal mediation''' sustaining meditation. Again the evolving United Nations. World Court. Planet Earth's people's religions yearning the Eternal articulate. A reduction by America from 30,000 nuclear weapons to a few thousand. Russian Cosmic family. Race, sex disparity less hates preference. We continue singling we dance. Telling stories of our once current and future selves. We lie knowing the truth. Seeking love claiming love's patience. Always nurturing the children our example, once ourselves. And the non linear conventions offered to you in these essays. We approach our Cosmic Eternal disposition. Do I know extra terrestrials presence as I am able to revisit Marion Wendolynn Lucas patient kiss? Our next conversation directs. Sea hawks good pass better catch, memories yearning. Perhaps the other terrestrial yiou will greet tomorrow. Your friend on the soft ball team. Yourself. Meaning we explain: How not that many years from today you will organize a family reunion, attending will be your terrestrial cousins, brothers and sisters born in another Galaxy. The nice softly spoken Professor Alan Lightman commenting gently on his book, “The accidental Universe...” offers that recent research indicates that three percent of the billions of planetary systems are conducive to sustain life. Are there extra terrestrial, of course? The question hide's the answer. Our Cosmic family waits for us while we wait for ourselves. Can there be a non- events in an Eternal non-linear Universe? Extinction?

Diana's communal dream

Louie and Ralph

on the way to Woodstock

There is a time in space nearing- beyond the distant everglades of despair. An answered prayer called the 1960’s. A loving place believable. A stillness of spirit when flower children, the music and our promise became God’s…. Breathing hope. Effortless trust. We were our prayer’s answer. Wars slain dormant with song. The future’s pulse our hearts. God's nature knew the festival. We danced together. And all of life was invited. As the sun shined we knew the warmth of the moon. Revelations had surrendered. Life had arrived without death’s permission.

But as seed’s are the otherwise of flowers. And God’s mystery is not our own. Gentle tears and the good of hope turned to bad. Evil became the shadow to our shade. The children of peace retreated home. Once a slave ship called democracy. Beautiful leaders murdered. The witness of our eyes. Strange elixirs directed the alchemy of our hope. Joplin, Hendrix other minstrels were laid to rest. (Dylan persists we listen). Our sad heart’s envy, the war in Vietnam, yielded to silence. Three millions dieing burned to dust. Exhausted soldiers came home. Assuming our place on the planet earth, Noah’s Arc.

And one day became many. And the children of peace watched their children grow. And promises once believable. Became songs sad distant songs. Is it not true we do not know the full of God’s instruction, ourselves. Our journey is mystery incomplete. Was our leaving easily the shared Eden evidence of the same?

Must youth's relished innocence be sacrificed? The dark powers of our benefactors, however loved, owned all fences. Secured all locks. We relinquished ourselves. And we came home. And we prospered. Aspiring not to forget. What was not a dream. Not ours to forget. But our gentle walk across the Main Streets of America. The songs remain. God’s art. Ourselves. Now the keepers of the gates. Owners of the fences. What explanation can there be not to return? To a place of Light delivered from the darkness. There is no excuse. No tolerable explanation. Once respondent God beckons again. We will return to the answered prayer. Ourselves. What choice is left? But apology. Eden lost to the darkest sun. Revelations. Not God’s dream. Our success?

*Linear mystery unfolding: The shortest, most efficient, distance between two points is the circumference of a straight line. Say what? Our instruction and life's travail compel, “The shortest distance between two points is a straight line.” Yet mathematicians insist, “There are no straight lines in the Universe.” Contradictions seed our garden. We continue less hesitation's grit.

Let's please consider the linear and the inferred non linear active disposition of materialized motion. Motion intent result … desired event juncture. Beginning with the nice- hard working Sir Issac Newtons three laws of motion. (1). “The law of inertia: An object at rest will remain at rest unless acted upon by an unbalanced force. An object in motion continues in motion with the same speed and direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.” (Several reactions). First speed speaks to “linear” incremental localized dislocation of an otherwise ideal non localized non linear event. An event conditioned by a speed dislocation is not being engaged in a manner that is intrinsic “compatible” with the non linear nature of the non linear disposition of the event and its Universe residence. Creating a condition quality, an effect that distorts “inhibits” the non linear disposition of the event intent, resulting in value loss, inconsistency affect revealed through failure. (A linear time effect beyond insight that is exaggerated by linear depletion technology). Linearly “influenced” inadequate observation explains one localized body at rest in relation to other bodies in a non localized non linear Universe. A Universe which does not acknowledge localized exclusion. ( A “completed” localized event acted upon linearly is a non linearly indisposed event. Evidenced through inherent material dysfunction, failure prone adaptation and consequent “result” inadequacy. Which includes catastrophic failure. What is the distinction between an unbalanced force and a balanced force? Force is a function of material coercion needed to coerce a non linear condition impending event to a linearily inadequate result. Force often applies to a depletion external artificial source combustible, temporary in its disposition and volatile. When force events occurs in nature like weather, volcanoes, water falls perception and utility are influenced by linear disposition sustained by a knowledge reference. Consensus does not always eguat3e to certitude. (Politely reminding all progress in time is revealed and sustained through invalidation). Force whatever its perceived value integrity is oppositional-exclusionary in its own disposition and application.

Motion realized as directional speed dislocation is a linear time based effect. In a non linear Universe all is always active, refining. (Interference alters at cost). Indeed one active event non linearly influences all events. Either as effect might be viewed as or sympathetic abstention... pause. Impending and potential are active engaging condition activities. All motion has intent source whether relevant or perceivable to us. Human argument to the contrary speaks to our ability to affect preferred coerced endings in an endless Universe. Destruction, value loss and inefficiency have unavoidable “value” however troublesome and deficient to linear culture. In time events either observed or designed appear to be at rest, static unless they are acted upon. Inconsequential result, in completion, void associated with failure, dormancy and death presumption encourage the suggestion of non utility, static, entropy and value destruction. Which speaks to our value loss disposition that requires a coercive force provocation. Unbalanced Intent force is initiated, unbalanced because the effort is unnatural (relevant through inconsistency and inadequate value loss)...contrary to the non linear nature of the Universe. Unbalanced because localized coerced events are temporary, incomplete and inconsistent to intent. Whether a force event is balanced or unbalanced the condition effect is natural and contrary once engaging an inconsistent linear process result. (As suggested the lack of value distinction between balanced and unbalanced force is one of degree). Also suggesting the need for an external artificial depletion “contrived” fuel force rather than active disposition of an inclusive self perpetuating non linear event design. Cosmically evident. (An energy condition that is not external “separate” to the material intent). External speaks to separate and a depletion source speaks to value loss. (Running out of fuel). During a non linear event, except for possibly an initiate impetus” thrust” fuel is self perpetuating.

*One sentence foreshadows: Carefully read yourself unfolding once again for the first time. The shortest, most efficient, distance between to points in the circumference of a straight line. Accordingly origin reclaims source non localized consistence derives. The sum of non- linear awe thrives. We continue, discontinuity otherwise...Gravity accordingly abides.

Presently in linear time both the event and the observation are reliant on sustainable linear measurement as an essential perceptual and defining activity. Incremental linear measurement affected through devise instruments or acquired “instruction” observation. Chronology and displacing increment “separation” are elemental to the current linear culture. Measurement alters the non linear material event and its intent. Either as “natural” observation or designed intent result. ( Affecting material integrity). And perception. Measurement whether organic or realized through instrument further alters when results are Calculated-interpreted through linear inexact language and mathematics conditions precipitated by linearly contrived intelligence. Measurable sequential activities that deny- delay “separate from” origin intent. Material integrity is “displaced” secondary to process. Schism, inconsistency, entropy and failure disposition are compounded. Again with emphasis...observation is determined “influenced” by and acquired linear instruction that determines observation- perception. And therefore subsequent application. Further explaining the oppositional nature “reality” of the human culture. Materially evident as denied. Complete through affected endings manifested in an endless Universe. In such a culture failure, inconsistency, loss of denying value are inevitable motivate continuous repetitive effort. Which is similarly limited, but sustaining nonetheless and evolving. (Approaching the shift we are discussing). We find seek consensus progress denies. Rarely are we “fundamentally” surprised because result reflect our reality, knowledge and technology are mirror reflection of time insinuated selves. We plant the disintegrating seeds of our own observations in the timely garden of our design. Again willfully relying on diminished brain capacity, assigned intelligence revealed through dysfunctional language. Yet politely and thankfully acknowledging these observations are language based. 9We are not alone. We dream the breath our aspirations. We don't answer our own prayers. Dream our own dreams. Humans sources suggest use less than five-ten percent of intelligence capacity. A devaluation sustained through valued uncertain inconsistency. And eventually complete loss of utility event. (This measured linear imposition only marginally acknowledge the non linear organic ideal. Cosmic occurrences apparent as the brief fleeting happenstance of coincidence, luck, intuition, placebo, theatrical special effects, life birth ideal and life death ideal. Gravity. And other occurrences as previously noted. Condition activities that are compelling present in the Cosmos before they are marginalized-displaced through “inconsistently” diminishing time dislocation. ) We are obviously limited to results that compliment our temporal existence. We can assume that attempting to measure a non-linear event, a spheroid condition status event would cause the non linear event to become displaced, assume a linear status effect... dissipate into a non directional status... lose value and eventually disintegrate.

* Contrived linear displacement , the consensual shortest distance between two points can only be affected by a measurable external force that is not elemental to the material event intent itself. And is also temporary and depleting in nature. Example fuel. A linearly contrived event, often validated through measurable acceleration which denies the origin status condition of material before intent. And through intent application further exaggerates depletion, displacement and entropy...most evident after source completion. Once again whispering. The shortest distance between two points, isn't. Because it already is. When measurable distance is no longer manifest, time chronology has been displaced to intent. Linearity subverts to the non linear.

(2nd law of motion). “Acceleration is produced when force acts on mass. The greater the mass (the object being accelerated) the greater the amount of force needed to accelerate the object.” Not unlike force acceleration suggests a linear condition response intent...coerced event. (Displacing non linearly deferred “ironic” materialized chronology). A coerced dislocating-displaced event...forced. Again politely the refrain. How can we relocate in a non localized Universe. The answer “inadequately” through unnatural coercive divisive force. ( At cost. Non-redeemable deficient cost... Meaning through value loss evident at the inception of the event and eventually through complete value loss which obviously includes inadequate uncertain intent result …. Unresolved direction intent evidenced by flawed essential uncertainty. (Interestingly inherent in failure are the unresolved non linear elements that would have under different conditions intent resulted in success. Amount of force needed to create- precipitate an incomplete event exacerbates the linear status of the event. (During a non linear event the amount of “force” or energy intent is natural-distinct “evolving” to the event process). We can assume that attempting to measure before, during the event linearly fragments the effort. Measurement assessment independent or after the event either through instrumentality of human judgment is feasible. Reminding that the fool scope of a non linear event transcends “knowledgeable” human presence. A non linear dynamic includes complimentary instrumentality utilized to create- sustain the event. Linearly the disposition of instrumentality is not concurrently compatible with the event. And is elemental to loss of value intent. Reminding that linear inconsistency is a pre design prerogative in current technology. Both dynamic flows are reflective of our self perception. Bravely, regrettably-cautiously we thrive. And learn. We continue approaching our intended selves..... Non linear event must be determinant through non linear instrumentality. And a non linearly inclined human or organic presence. A failed non linear event becomes a linear event, given the evolved self the potential loss is likely redeemable.

Energy “force” is what is needed, created, left over (necessary actually extraneous) when “during” a non linear event is non linearily engaged. The same insight explains why gravity is a condition activity that affects, but we currently can not utilize to facilitate intent relocation. All human activity involves ironic intent relocation.

Continuing with the 2nd law of motion. Appreciating your patience. And your contribution. All efforts linear or otherwise do you agree transcend the immediacy of consciousness. Our knowing efforts in consequence, intent and perception are temporary, incomplete, flawed potentially, fortunately om occasion ease allows just funny. We are briefly excused by our surprised. And we in the sum of times occasionally remember to forget. The sudden inspiration. Our dreams cajole. The lucky informative accident. We do not answer our own prayers....Yes let's consider acceleration and force specially in proportion to isolated mass are unnatural coercive events. (This law accepts mass disposition as materially intact “static” except for the affects on material mass due to motion relocation and the use of force. But if mass changes relevant to intent, the shift compatible with the nature of mass will provide as suggested the energy for its own change. Whether the change speaks to its own structure, substance, location status. This non linear formulation as just noted includes atmospherics like gravity. Acoustically from one perspective mass becomes motion intent.... Considering that the ideal materiality effect, form and otherwise is light sound material assimilation, the aforementioned force-acceleration (balance verses unbalance) affectations by their own intent effect result in uncertainty, value loss and inadequate in- completion.... Again Professor Einstein politely invites, “When mass is constricted the curvature eventually becomes infinite.” Consider this dynamic formulation not coerced “encouraged” thru duration time, but rather instantaneously. A resonant concurrent event, all elements involved and related complimentary. Not entropy loss of value thru inconsistency. Now we are utilizing infinite mass as purpose intent. (One of the interesting concerns as noted becomes the engineered devise “machine” that will allow-facilitate this event. Speaking to linear dislocation realized either by a contrived force or a “natural” event observed as force. When an event is localized, not functional in relation to other events or mass the effect is un natureal to its own non linear nature. Explaining the inverse proportionality of gravity, failure disposition and the resultant inadequacy of the event. The same event non linearly realized affects shift intent as suggested within its own mass. Acceleration displacement through force likely creates “temporary but consistent” gravity opposition that a non linear “acceleration” event realized through sympathetic intent or force would not. Acceleration assuming this is the best term is an issue of spin not displacing dislocation. There is no spin displacement, status remains intact, but there can be a change of direction status or shift. Shift is suggestive of acceleration. And change of direction is suggestive of dislocation. Spin allows for a change of location in a non localized manner. But not through material intent dysfunction. Spin assimilates time variance and related material value loss and dysfunction. (Suggesting a different relationship with gravity....more in the nature of flow). Which presently is denied by both the linear event “process” but the devise machine engineered to affect the material event. During a spin event “in a sense” you return from whence you started without leaving, departure and destination “relocation” are no longer factored through essential depletion displacement uncertainty. We realize previous rules were detours. (Currently the limited exclusionary intent approach is appropriately revealed and validated by failure). If we didn't make mistakes we'd be in trouble. Grinning we continue.... What is the difference between a smile and a grim? Once again these observant distinctions suggest the active relevance of a worm hole. The subsequent definition of span verses spin will further clarify these insights. More on this later. The later now, almost.

(3rd law). “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Meaning for every force there is a reaction force that is equaol in size, but opposite in direction. That is to say whenever an object pushes another object it gets pushed back in the opposite direction equally hard.” As suggested how can opposite reactions be equal? Are these event reaction not less their own displacement. ( Non linear equivalence initiated sustained by derivative exclusion). Can a material event excluded from its original status be equal to its original disposition in a material culture realized through de materializing uncertainty. The answer is yes because displacing loss of value is through uncertain separation is functional to events realized in time. (Time functions through displacing opposition while tolerating value loss intent). Beginning and endings are actively motivated unresolved opposite conditions relevant through contrived-coerced material uncertainty that culminates “ages” through a complete loss of value direction. (Functional futility redeems opposition intent.) Non linear events become linear. Relevant to their coerced dysfunction0al separation. (Redundancy through inconsistency becomes a materially intrinsic value disposition). The schism, the opposition and the force needed to affect change is proportional to the mass of the object being dislocated as opposed. Meaning a small space ship verses a large space ship, a short trip or dislocation verses a lengthy voyage. This disruptive unnatural motion events explain the proportional affect on gravity. And the depletion fuel, the depletion linear technology needed to affect the oppositional motion events suggested in the three laws of motion. Consider the shift in observation process and event if oppositional dysfunctional motion presently resolved through depletion coercive force “artificial energy” is actualized to a more intact, coherent- harmonious result. As process intent and result. The shift in travel dislocation, medicine, spirituality and perception. And the consequent form technology are subjectively suggested...


Current perceptions on gravity

***gravity is responsible for creating the Universe. “Gravity creates hydrogen spheres igniting them under pressure to form stars. And grouping them into galaxies.”

***Einstein gravity is geometry of space.

***gravity is a cause of time dilation.

Time lapses more slowly during strong gravitation.

***Einstein? Suggest gravity is not a force but a result of curvature of space time. Ripples of space time created by matter and energy.

***Acceleration can bend light.

*** Sir Issac Newton believed gravity like light was instantaneous. Einstein cautioned. Light had a fixed speed. Nothing can go faster than the speed of light. Gravity the same. Gravity is flat, otherwise in the active presence of matter and energy. The speed of light is relative.

*** Gravity has an infinite range can't be absorbed, transformed or shielded against.

Recalling development's cautioning seed all progress realized through invalidation...

--What happens if the aforementioned applied perceptions are consequent to concurrence. Not actualized through reciprocal linear opposition. Not an issuance of linear inception influenced and determined through time's displacing foible. Gravity events that are not time aggrieved. Yes duration continues to factor. We wait.... But non linearly the predetermined event is functional to intent inception. Not intrinsically affected “determiend” through devalued non result. Materializing gravity inconsistency exacerbated by depletion non equivalence technology. Limited transient success “influenced” contrasted to catastrophic failure deemed adequate. The previous sentence's seed. Also the survival dynamic amongst dinosaurs...

….Let's please consider the presumption of gravity from the incremental localized perspectives. Accordingly spacetime. “Time...materialized before and after, contriv4ed inception and intent result. “Time displacement in a dislocated non localized Universe. “Time cessation...” What is the active condition status of gravity when experienced non linearly, not time derivative, accordingly complimenting the timeless non localized nature of the Universe? What happens to gravity when gravitational interaction time insinuated events culminates as a complete loss of purpose direction. Non utility. A condition effect that begins from the inception of the event in time.( Spacetime becomes its own anomaly). A condition effect relevant to its own inexact inconsistency. We can assume gravity becomes oppositional to our intent. Inversely proportional to its own factored distance, curious. We can assume all in the Universe evolves “shifts” not less Universe intent. Or event activity would occur in consequentially to its own origin. Extraneous incongruity would factor. Would there not have to be one source origin, a constant. A source reference whose nature condones and facilitates all conceivable shifts. (Infinite possibilities). From this perspective gravity (Eternal memory) condones and facilitates all events while they happen. (Inception not to be confused with the time derivative, “before.” The clarifying reference becomes, “Gravities non linear memory.” An active condition status the resolves oppositional events whether they are realized in time or because they occur as a matter of Cosmic practicality. Examples: (1). Two localized events variant in location and condition status. (2). The variant condition of distance, evidenced by destination-departure, common to an inter dependent organically intact species that evolves through controlled “influenced” dislocation. The defining “revealing” premise of this essay is whether functional distance is realized linearly factored time duration or non linearly factored infinite time duration. (3). Ondividuals lives are completed (presumably end) independently of each other. Most often as a matter of Cosmic happenstance. A Cosmic instruction of which we are not privy.

The continuum after event inception is realized either linearly or non linearly. A linear time imbued event relevant through its own dysfunction interrupts “ functionally fragments” gravities result. Therefore gravity. Explaining the applicable definition of gravity “experienced” through s factored distance relevant to inverse proportionality. Condition anomaly which has utility in space time; the science that facilitated landing on the moon. But this structurally dysfunctional event is realized through force acceleration, depletion fuel technology. And catastrophic failure. Accommodations that are not compatible non linear utilitarian active nature of the Universe. The non localized nature of gravity becomes in exact, incongruously “sympathetic compatible” with with the linearly dysfunctional event. Gravity becomes unresolved. When gravity and event are non linearly compatible symmetry facilitates event. The suggestion that gravity is “a feeble force” becomes otherwise. Dramatically. The metaphor, “Gravity winds.” The need for a coercive depletion energy “propulsion” technology...extraneous. Similarly distance dislocation. Clearly technology has to similarly affect, adapt to non linear gravity assimilation intent. Gravity transforms. Conceptualized event intent compliment gravities ability to create stars and form galaxies ie hydrogen sphere formation.

Non linearly gravity affects effect. (Engaged engaging one tense, each event in a sense its own dimension). Definition of dimension,”A directional extension of space, a property of space.” The non linear conforming mass symmetrically concurrent with localized planets. Each the each of the other. Sound the light, light the sound. You don't understand? Wonderful. Myself near the same. Intuition seeds. Wrong invites less denials haste. All is relevant-revealing and connected. All has value, otherwise by our instruction. The next sentence smiles

Interestingly Cosmic pilgrim gravity and memory share much in common. What imputes “compels” gravity its activity. Gravity or memory without intent source ie void futility. Recalling even time based memory, memory limited to past events is inclined to non linear time assimilation. You attend a high school reunion memory function will adjust for changes in appearance availing active recognition from the human. A human who is non linearly inclined therefore amenable to timeless affect. (The Universe is non linear yourself upon birth the same, until you become through instruction time aggrieved. You become aware of your linearly indisposed residence. A Cosmically dysfunctional effect that includes gravity utility. Like linear time based memory disparity; time linear memory limited to the past and non linear spherical memory with is timeless, all inclusive and Eternal in its disposition. The disparity, the disproportion between linear memory and non linear Eternal memory, including the organic limitation is accommodated in gravitational inconsistency resolved through the perceived worm hole assimilation. Worm hole similar to forgetting whereby two fundamental Universe “all inclusive” conditions memory duration and gravity duration are assimilated. Accordingly functional. Gravity has Eternal memory intent. God source instruction. Currently denied by the self deferring human being.

We continue less discontinued: Perusing perspective perception. Acknowledging while revisiting the aforementioned offerings from the nice people at Wikipedia. We once suggested in the manuscript U, “Gravity is the canvas on which the Universe is created. And the canvas is gravity.” Responding to the initial insight,”Gravity is responsible for creating the Universe.”In a non linear Universe were infinity can not exit from itself “all” through intent anticipation is responsible not less any condition qualified intent event. Meaning that inherent in “gravity condition effect” is the Universe. Suggesting that origin is the source of itself. As such gravity is timeless, non linear. Consequently and concurrently so. Inferring an initial source event to the Universe “big bang” infers both a time perspective perception “a beginning” and displacement though not necessarily a linear disposition because we can not assume a conclusion to the Universe. (Though current science does seem to make that time inherent assumption). Most particularly if the Universe is expanding and contracting at the same time....Well let's continue with this inquiry, hopefully in the anticipation of further confusion. (Certitude restricts confusion invites).

Inexact insight becomes essential, event driven, when essential time material displacement is realized “materialized) in a non localized (non linear) U&niverse. Functional linear continuity isn't possible without in completion, material inadequacy resolved through force energy depletion and entropy. The camp fire burns out before its built.

Our companion Professor Einstein, offers, “gravity is the geometry of space.” Angularity the sphere impending. Approaching getting closer. In a linear time derivative culture we must trace our steps the “before” the predetermined journey is complete. Failure instructs. Repetition uncertain reassures. And entropy validates. Each garden grows according to its own instruction. Can we assume that instruction is exact and complete intent when the Universe flows counter “in spite” of our ability to comprehend, permanently. Given the comprehending-evolving nature of the Universe we assume the manner “geometry” of the garden will also likely shift. We suggest comprehending Universe, if human presence is capable of comprehension then the Universe shares in this “refining” condition quality both as source and consequence. Symmetry in non linearity suggest ever presence. Both in duration effect and the integrity of material. One being all not less the all of any one. Duration and material integrity undergo either a sympathetic or debilitating shift through utility application. One linear the other non linear...

“Gravity is the cause of time dilation.” Clearly accepting the non linear essence of gravity time is only or attempt to glimpse the Universe on our terms. Dilation of time speaks to our progress in comprehending. Appreciating that time dilation acknowledges time effect however diminishong. As such time affects the dilation of gravity. Creating an inverse proportionality to itself. Linear time dilation creates a geometry of confusion. Resulting in entropy intent. Inhibiting gravity utility. Which is exaggerated by force depletion linear technology. Gravity can become a wormole to intent. Worm hole suggests breach dislocation. Rather than concurrent reciprocal symmetry...

“Gravity is not a force, but the result of the curvature of time space.” Curvature gravity resonance, the abstention of casual entropy, absolves time duration as an inherent factor. Non utility of time duration, denial of Eternal time duration, suggests spacetime as a reasonable observation. And consequent utility. Whereby material can only have consequence if contrived (misrepresented timelessness) through loss of material intent value. Invalidation directs utility. Gravity is not a force...seems a reasonable insight. But currently gravity can only be engaged “overcome” through force entropy. Gravity is not a interactively displacing force does not mean the gravity can not be engaged as a force utility (gravity assimilation utility) ie gravity winds. A force current and symmetrical in nature, non linear. Otherwise force concurrence activity result becomes linearly limited. Futile in disposition. Depletion based and extraneous to intent. A non linear condition event is self sufficient sustaining. Not secured through entropy intent. Accordingly compatible with the infinite “currently” inadequate perceived and construed “infinite” Eternal. A non linear condition activity like gravity is only inversely proportional to itself and exaggerated distance through linear insinuation. Coerced presence can be impressive, the hydrogen bomb testifies. But coerced presence activity is a meager echo to Everpresence. Oppositional linearity in time limits event perception and intent event design a localized spatially limited displaced affect (ini) a non localized all inclusive Universe. Because we can not comprehend totality doesn't mean we can not utilize totality. We like all else attend the Universe. We are not “it's” source origin. We are not alone because you were born. And...

Gravity can not transform. But does conform. And as such transforms. (Is transformation.)

The gravities' Universe unfolds Creation. God's instruction. Our consent? Gravities memory instructs.

Can we patiently visit with the nice Professor who made science of time’s whimsy. “When mass is constricted eventually the curvature becomes infinite.” Curvature compels the nonlinear less linearity’s displacing depleting irony. Origin source compliment, time's duration claims itself intact. (We interject mass constriction assimilating the infinite eternal is another functional perspective of the human organic self currently realized through dysfunctional time insinuated aging “aging” culminating in non interactive death assimilation, presently secured through time sensitive allegory).... We return to the previous development. Beginning completions end the same. Spin and span melodies intent the silence sings. In the absence of time non linear intent becomes optional. When mass surrenders densities form sound prevails its own instruction. Light's intent sound's motion explains specific intent. (Motion has intent. Intent derives from source. And source claims awareness). Three acoustic dimension's seed the fourth. A three dimensional circle is a sphere. Presently displaced as triangulated matter (solids, liquids gases) through 3 conditions of time (past present future)...realized through 3 temporary conditions of material space (length width height). An ironic “deferred-repressed) non linear panorama linearly in time materially evidenced loss of value. “Eventually” materially Cosmically esteemed through invalidation. And oops.

The wandering ministerial, the whimsical merchant of wrongfulness, Curtis, evoked, the presumed concept of a cylinder. One word invites a tentative other. A parade ensues. What formation's intent unfolds. An oblong 3 dimensional circle. Tunnel. Spinning sphere's intent, the reach. Expansion-contraction holds. Events forming pause. Sound's echo pneumatic delivery. The spin arrives departures origin. Memories claim. Spontaneous the same. Worm hole's greeting. We will return to this guidepost. Thank you Curtis gentle waiting sir. We are all disguised as pain instructs, patience delays, success foretells. And apology redeems. In a non linear Universe we can only be the better of ourselves. Love forgiven forgives love. God deferred God denied God the same. Does God required more explanation than life...

Each mass density is different (density units per volume) distinct genetics and or molecular structure. ( density each the others flowering seed). It's unfolding status (ie) evolution is also variant. When we can identify densities non linear affect intent, in the absence of linear density dislocation... mass no longer has exclusionary form suggesting sound presence. This inclusive transmutation encompasses non-linear. (Material spatial presence & intent duration, timelessness, likely resolving distance anomaly otherwise localized linear displacement persists)). Functional non linear avails. Destination departure one the same no one less the other. Intended mass claims its own direction. Destination-departure, cause and effect become elemental mass-density non linear application. And contemplations. Loss of value from value is value, Span and shift not disintegration. We wait for ourselves not Creation....Sound intent the ideal of form. Time dilation embraces. Entropy absolved. Remembering at the speed of light “dislocation” there is no passage of time. Thus in the absence of time the light ideal evidenced as non linear sound intent becomes active... self perpetuating-defining. Dieing timely haste surrenders. Disease-density mass in time? Violence less violence esteemed? Resolved to the preferred origin. (Enemy to one enemy to all). Mother Teresa. Jesus. Mohammed. Buddha. Krishna. Yourself. Eternal smile. Cosmic neighbors still. Technology, commerce sublime. Your next computer not less yourself. Trees companion machine no less God's intent. Yourself the same....Welcome to the planet earth. Where have you been?

We were chatting with a nice talented mathematician musician named Charlie Pose at the 2nd Unitarian Church in Omaha. Discussing...the non linear inclusive suggests each person has their own mathematics. We are born Cosmically articulate. All abides by whatever discourse the same. A language commune beyond words tentative shadows. Also suggestive of functional conversant super position, the inference of coincidence, spontaneous remission. We sing less time's restraint. The same clairvoyance and precognition. Anticipation becomes direction. What future tells already told in the telling. An intervening thought if we may? The memory of an event predates the event and postdates the completion “the end of an event.”Memory is non linearily timeless. The question thought being given the non linear consistency of a memory would not the memory of a flawed event have inherent in its own nature the remedy of the flawed inconsistency. Example inherent in the presumed disease status is the cure. The two opposing conditions are only distinguishable in time. Presently the opposition is exacerbated through contrived depletion time based efforts. Like duration depletion chemicals, duration medication etc. Now “remembering” The poster at Lewis and Clark Junior high school also in Omaha. “Music is applied mathematics.” Considering we invite a computers language (memory design) no longer the generic convenience. But functionally compatible through your own mathematics. Creating a melodic symmetry of purpose. Cathartic transcendent. Morphogenesis Eternal memories field, time dilation opening door. A Cosmic bridge. Mass greets density form consents. Eternities embrace. Passport interstellar travel. Cure less diseases instruction. Gardens harvest not bankers risk. Death's caress less dying’s thirst. Peace on earth and good will survive....When the memory mathematics, numerated memory is intimate-distinct to the computer you have a non linear event in assuming process, assimilated instrumentality “the computer” and the organic self. Concurrence and compatibility become coherent. Accordingly expressible. Result process intent shits. The nature of information changes. Similarly information utility. No longer by current linear definition a variant event influenced by the impracticality of uncertainty. Information is intact, not static to conclusion, but rather continuous. Informed results are multiple. (1) Subjective: Unique to self, Intelligence is not artificial but concurrently transcendent. (2).Objective: Result is collective. Relevant to variant community. Same disease in other bodies. Machine effect on other machine conditions. (3). Information pending, inferred certitude. (4). People work, sing and dance together. Sharing thought, similar language. These aspirant event are through acquired and evolving inconsistency, sometimes referenced as consistency are non the less always linearly determinant. Two or more non linearily compatible individuals engaging a concurrently compatible “computer” delivers effort intent consequence to yet another level of awed aspiration. Logic reveals it own instruction.

Recalling the evolving memory: All motion has intent. Intent suggest purpose. Thus direction derives. Source has purpose. Accordingly “knowingly” source abides. Source claims orignis seed. All beginnings, same thrive, intent, source-purpose the same. The seed always the flower one. Motion less time distinguishes. A tad forwards and backwards spinning unfolds. Before and after abstains. Backwards and forwards less time's dormancy the Cosmic journey begins. Spin and span approaching concurrence time dilation claims effect. Timelessness refrains. Recalling the dictionary explains. The motion of span reclaims a past “dormant no longer engaging event or materiality” to the current now. Spin directionally flows. Opening dimensions door. “A property of space a directional extension of space.” Space and material the same. Motion intent, source validation and awareness “consciousness” occur either in inherent sympathy with the localized materiality or in denial opposition of the same. Affect influences result and immediate atmospherics. Examples pollution verses acoustic resonance. Gravity flow verses gravity resistance. Also happy self unhappy self. Eternal self verses non Eternal self. Peace on earth verses...we know the suffering rest.

Leisurely we review, while acknowledging your accompaniment the definition affect of spin, span and spun. And by imagination intent derive. Relevant to issues of mass, force and dislocation both from a linear perspective effect and a non linear one. Dictionary definition of span. (1). The full extent or reach of something. (Note term distinction full). (2). A short period of time. (3). The distance between two supports. (4). To encircle “with the hand” as a measurement. Note another definition for span offers. The motion of span allows a past event to be resolved to the present. Intriguing do you agree. We are discussing a material event not the memory of an event. Now the definitions of spin. (1) To cause to, rotate rapidly. (2). To produce a web that hardens in the air in the air. (3). To have a sensation of whirling. (4). To create or derive from what is already existent. (5). Travel rapidly. (6). To a derive a product from something larger-more or less unrelated. (7). A non negative integral. Relevant to spin as we discussed with Elaine in the lovely of Elaine gentle essay Lightfully Elaine... it is difficult to locate a definition for spun. (Of course just realized spun is a timely reference). A term location that suggests a the past status of a completed event. Memory of the event. Time to disembark and asses. Transcendent as th3e nice and gentle Dr. Spock often wistfully invited. Imagine to consider, visualize the aforementioned 7 motion intewnt directions concurrent to the motion of one intent event. Natural or gently compelled. Wow meets awesome.

In sympathetic context of the aforementioned insights let's examine the unresolved inference in previous studies. The Asian biologists at MIT inspired efforts in 1987, this nice gentleman’s name we will continue to seek, debts smile prayers reserve...seeking relevant to material conditions having their own melodic sound presence. Suggesting a new medium avenue-access way through which we can engage...influence material. Likely necessitating new technology and new perceptions on information. Politely reminding “music” (organized organically sympathetic sound0) is the only experience we create “facilitate” while sustaining that we can experience while abstaining time negation. An activity status condition suggestive of the non linear ideal or being able to convert-correct linear inconsistency to a non- linear disposition. Clearly the work done by this gentleman's work initially devised according to the nice journalist Dan Rather “for his own amusement,” the efforts at Princeton Universities Peare group, Professor Sheldrake's exciting and devoted labor...all these efforts are kindred to one another. Complementary and beneficent. The efforts of Professor Larry Von Sant, also Texas Wesleyan University’s paper on “the sonofication of protein” no doubt also reveal and validate additional inspiration. These efforts (I) am not familiar with, except through the inference of title and intent. Some work is difficult to attain, the expressed language is distinct to the science therefore difficult for someone like myself without the related education to comprehend. Except in appreciation and polite speculation. Being able to experience these efforts and their information non linearily would be significant. Meaning in an other than linearily defuse manner. Of course all knowledge non linearly experienced is relevant and revealing. Concept efforts that are dismissed from inception, concept conclusions that might have been briefly relevant before they were dismissed similarly are still relevant, meaningful. In a time linear culture much is over looked, prematurely dismissed. And eventually delegated to the incomplete-invalidating irony of progress.

Similarly simultaneously insights on time dilation become apparent. And consequentially eventful. “At the speed of light there is no passage of time.” Suggesting that (at) during a time abstention light becomes ever present (in the absence of time infinite non linear becomes optional... apparent) therefore speed is no longer an issuance of dislocation. The material event reflective of the natural Cosmic is no longer a linearly dislocated event. Under these conditions the 3 laws of motion evolves. Acceleration through force no longer applies. Opposition and inertia similarly transcend defined distinction. The timeless spontaneous suggestive of spin and spin technology becomes compatible with simultaneous synchronicity. Utilizing the non linear spontaneous without intended value loss. And variant inconsistency. The designed non linear “spherical” event is compatible-sympathetic with Cosmic activity like gravity, the technology that facilitated “contained” the spheroid event. All of which are also in tuned sympathetic with the organic disposition “inclination” of the human presence involved. Example a space ship event. Under these conditions a worm hole is either apparent or becomes part and partial to the transcendent event. A worm hole is consequential to the event. Spinning cylinder. Vibrating string? Gravity politely arbitrates consent. Each non linear event its own dimension. Defined, “as property of space a directional (suggesting purpose intent) extension of space.” Yourself the same. By whatever costume. Currently disguised....We count our loses evidence of gain. Spherical voyage a communion. Many languages on this planet, one prayer.

Who speaks that listens


We are seekers, sought. Infinity's glance. Validating. While4 resisting. Life incomplete opposition's shadow. Astray Celestial winds astray. We breathe avoiding our companion, death. Peace war's consent. Love's divorce. Dumpsters ornaments technologies innovations. Cures excuse disease. Words haughty knowings about. Noble earth people. Nimbly we create burdens we resist by surviving. Hero's stragedy.

Agonies birth prayers delivery. Poems bold tenor. Love's frolic touching. Wandering music wandering. Dancing stars attend. Miracles apparent. God's children our own. Cosmic unknowing. Smiling God's attendance. Life's permission not death's consent Hid9ing. Death upholds discovery. Magicians of hope. Poet's of despair...

Blissful life deficient. Language map's misplacing. We wait this sentence's end, denying the next word's promise. Curious assembly. Words r' us. Thus time we invest? Explanation God deferred. Magicians of hope. Poets of despair...

Can we please God deliver joy. The better application. Love's worthy apology. Seed prove gardens worth. God's sound our trumpets ear. Earth people delegate authority. No doubt God approves our proof of God...

Death's unhappy decay. Tears sad witness. Symphonies call. Life uninterrupted death's permit. Forestalling the laughter life. Motion intent. Intent source. Awareness resides. God's purpose all.... Less our standing. Body soul separate we discard.

Motions decay waiting’s worth. Ageless motion sounds Eternity. The poem befriends the poet. Sound unheard hearings thirst... Beceased... We hear speak our bodies. Thus we're born. Thus we die. Otherwise by knowings guise... Silence... Divinities language. Ageless sound motion's Light.

Visions undeniable words deny. Mas o menos pero mas menos que mas? Do you agree Carl? Lori? George? Who is George is George. Silence esteems. The silence of one. Not another's. Cosmic matrimony, entices. Bridesmaid's despair. Silencing's Haven. Each less by naught. Time's foreclosure. Life's death's warrant repairs.

Flower seed purpose feeds. Light assembling. And so it goes. Where? Hear

Limits thrift rewarded. Words chorale silent poetry.

There is another realities difference between words origin as there is between the planet earth's seed and its eventual localized blossom. God polite acknowledging flower. Much happens behind the Cosmic curtain. Similarly by the earth people's self appointed authority. What sounds speak less word's departure? Sound the silent wind does speak. Ageless sound. Idealizing sound is complete. Sound is its own response. Eternal flow expressible. Sound uninterrupted. Sound's harvest does not dematerialize. Ageless sound refining. Sound motion witness ofby the Light. All inclusive Eternal sound. Complete unto itself. Not less God its origin source. Our dream's hesitation. We begin harvesting the quiet. Approaching silence. Eternalizing sound

*** Presently any effort to alter a material event to a linearly predetermined result can only be affected through an ill conceived uncertain coercive loss of value. Devaluation interrupted by inconsistency. (Unknowingly other mysterious condition activities linger). This materially flawed schematic is planned and actualized through failure. Cause and our desired limited effect. An inconsistent failure prerogative is essential to a linearly conditioned event. Unnaturally. Unnecessarily. (An “acquired” time coerced materiality accordingly functions). Such event process intent is always incomplete. (Even when accordingly determined). We impose time limitations first on ourselves. (The environment becomes our time imbued proxy). If a desired event is successfully realized as intended result is inadequate. Explaining redundancy and ironic repetition distortion exaggerated through flawed depletion technology....A non linearly conditioned material event realized as sympathetic material consistency is not incomplete coercive and debilitating. Not functionally inadequate, only inadequate as progress compels.... not materialized through essential failure and non linearly denying in completion. Acknowledging human foible. And random event. Weather, an asteroid, the inexplicable. And perhaps unexpected mischive. Otherwise We have entered into the world of the non linear. A new reality. Realized through a more compelling language perception. Spherically in tuned. ( Acknowledging that the Non linear materiality includes includes all current material affection). Recalling the example of Beethoven's 5th symphony becomes an inadequate incomplete representation of its intended materiel sounding with the construction (intrusion) of a disruptive sound presence. Someone hearing the nice brave Beethoven's 5th symphony for the first time would realize something amiss when during of the symphony event there is a melodic intervention from You aint nothen but a hound dog or Itsy bitsy polka dot bikini. (Not to suggest the irrelevance of this music prence in their own sphere. Clearly the non linear dynamic is no limited to resolving flawed inconsistency suggested by disease events like the flu, cancer or the alleged Ebola virus, but also life affirming events and skills. Including the science and technology that results from these skills and perceptions. Talents, aptitudes and inclinations such as intelligence, perception observation and as noted language. Consider that each nonlinear event has its own mathematics. As it has its own language inclination. When iontent awareness shifts, result changes. Consider your non linear intelligence disposition. Not subject to dysfunction and the linear limitations of language. Also several non linearily sharing a skill set with a common objective. A human adaptation currently limited to the linear consensus of shared task, team work. And inclusive schematic that would also include machine design intent. A profound shift in efficiency. And materializing intent. (Reminding that in the absence of time negation the infinite non- linear becomes optional. And prayer activity?) Appreciating with emphasis non linearly sound malleability, altering material through sound produces a much-much more efficient life compatible result. Realized as complete event, not functional as inadequate either as process or engineered designed intent. Non linear events are not perfect, effort will still be influenced by human flaw and error inclination, the distracted tipsy engineer, the unanticipated chaotic event. Also beautifully derivative. Our efforts to comprehend God. Interact with God through ourselves and each other. And God

Speaking to skills, aptitudes, intelligence, language affect which sustain culture and our perception of Creation's environment once we identify your DNAsound, genetics uninterrupted motion...we are able to create and sustain activity effect presently realized inconsistent Cosmically incompatible dysfunction. The linear politely yields to the non linear. The linear time based culture for thousands of years maintained fragmented irony through tentative linear instruction. Maintaining an anguished, destructive culture. Certainly beautiful, brave as well. Through non linear materiality skills and organic disposition like intelligence, language, praying, talents like sculpting , medicine, reading would be decisively more efficient, less problematic. Also a beautiful validating affirmation of self. Artisan, healer, parent, teacher, Holy guides and aspirants would evolve, their efforts much less influenced encouraged expressible inadequacy and opposition. Love's breath's communion. (Self awareness not realized essentially as pain, uncertainty presently “unnaturally” exaggerated by linear technology). Reminding that material linear construct realized through coerced unnatural endiongs results in value loss from the inception of the event. The loss is material, spiritual and environmental. Realized in the immediate accordingly influenced in”the future.” Time immediacy referenced as “now” is the limited and de valued derivation of a dormant in active but nonetheless influencing past. As well the immediate is influenced by a dormant and unengaged future. Linear displacement and dysfunction is evident in time chronology. Conjoining this disparity as sound is much less problematic. Backwards and forwards verses the unresolved past and a non materialized future. Recalling the definition of motion span intent whereby a past event can be resolved to material immediacy advantage. Reversing a presumed cancer to its origin not less the cancer...eloquent resolve. Melody and dance. Reversing the car accident before the breach event happens. Anticipation shadows success. Before the accident's instruction compels engineering intent. Thus the non linear absolves. Material sound sound witnesses less materials betrayal.. Delivery's intent and delivery the same. Another example: The inter stellar journey. Departure registers destination less coercions thrust. Backwards arrives forwards yields. Gravity embraces. Distance the same. Worm hole “wormole” seeds the flowers journey. The inclusive dynamoic includes the human being. Driver, pregnant passenger and roadways travel compliment. One not less the other neither all less one not all (at) once the same. Remembering we pray not all claims our burden. We are not alone. “Give God some credit...” Anticipation is material. Good work the event predates itself. Well beyond calculations thrift. This dynamic flow schematic is compatible with the homoerotic field, speed if light resolution tinme dilation inference and mass curvature intent. And pleasantly implied to us through dream, luck, coincidence, prayer anticipation, intuition, shared twin intuition, clairvoyance, some surprises, precognition....presently event occurrence we could not create, sustain anticipate and utilize. Now yes. Linear disturbance compassionately yields to the non-linear awed Cosmic fluency.

The timeless “inquiring” memory of the morphogenesis field is actively engaged. (Eternal memories conduit). Spherical memory. Awareness sounds, sound intent, God source. Suggesting that human conscience is at variance with Cosmic consciousness reverts disposition and identity to the linear anguish. Perceptions limited activities that in linear time could neither be created and once occur rent could not be sustained now become functional. Meaning non linear intelligence, coincidence, luck, the precognitions, functional forgetting, placebo, meditation-mediation, remission, self and conversant intuition, super position, death sustained through disease while dieing....more. The Cosmos is alive, aware, perceiving, intelligent. Otherwise one skills intent less the other would deny the nonlinear Eternal. Activating transcendent spirituality. All we are and can be proceeded in the Cosmos. Before our inception. Currently our by denial's appetite. Dying’s distortion. Death's material allegory. And prayer, miracle, luck and laughter. And we sing and dance God's music. Yearning the better day

Application speaks we listen. Appreciating negations displacing loss of value avails essential information. Currently esteemed consequently sometimes anguished, always unfulfilled as denied. Young Jake Head a nice thinking weight lifter and mysterious wrestling coach questioned impatiently relevant consequence. Shared application. The presumed untested applicable validation of the proposed “timeless” non linear prerogatives. Observing even in a self displacing linear culture all timely application is foreshadowed by calculation, anticipation and planning. Theory before design intent. Followed by application. Ordered confusion linearly secured before result. Resulting in satisfaction or disappointment. The car, ship, plane like all other machines, tools, instruments. And structures. Example: Once esteemed of good purpose the disposable vehicle must avoid profit generating accidents. Curiously anticipated accidents creating death, injury and property generate more material benefit than the initial intended value activity of the vehicle. Again uncertain pain beckons the non- linear Eternal. Inactivity and misery define and motivate. Ineptitude unknowingly validates the non linear ideal. While alive if you do not agree to participate in death presumption while actively dieing you are not in accordance with the reality. Lord have mercy if Groucho Marx's isn't available.... Politely examining applications intent in “our” time linearly indisposed culture. Already Creation's resident you must die to go to Heaven. Forty cents of every tax dollar amongst American planetary resident is utilized to identify, train and maintain relevant populations while designing and manufacturing essential weapon machinery devoted to destruction. Military, industries and weaponry whose ideal value is non utility. Inactivity.... Medical networks validated through disease and our active death prerogative are best avoided. Individuals will secure expensive insurance they hope they will not need to finance medical treatments they hope will be able to avoid for life. Budgetary entitlements provide funding fiance inactivity. Clerk, Congressmen, retired soldiers, many government employees. Similarly inconsequentially financed despairing individuals. The anticipated poor, those un feed, the unemployed human's looking for the job they can claim by loosing, homeless less whose vacant home, the untreated sick. Inactivity choice sublime. Negligence redeemed through neglect. Innocence guilt a choice. Which one pardons the others opportunity. More resources spent on prison dormancy than sustainable educations. Major investment to fiance inactive presumed death status, interment. Immeasurable resource of spirit, material and intent are depleted world wide to secure through spasm nuclear extinction: What word is curious enough? Massive designed intent inactivity sustained through negotiable inaction. Dying of thirst proves waters value. Consequence esteemed through self defining inactivity. Depletion machine intent suffers result. Presently remedy only delays. Progress the same. Yet we seek approaching we know, theswe words accordingly ascribe. Shall we gather ourselves to purpose. Dreams stir tomorrow’s wakening

Smiling excitably politely we persist: The gentle Professor continues, evolving song's serenade, “When mass is constricted enough eventually the curvature becomes infinite.”When intended or otherwise assumes curvature non linear status effect is suggested accordingly timelessness compels. Functional uncertainty, inadequacy, displacing value loss no longer determine. Intent, process and result are convergent, sympathetically. Evidenced as sound inclusive instrumentality. Sustained as a human complimentary presence. This dynamic would include atmospherics specifically gravity. (And our bodies). Suggesting an other than depletion energy source. Rather the spherical sympathetically mass altering event would provide its own sustainable impetus “energy.” The flower blooms without our permission. Planting the seed is not the seed. The tulip, our term assumes its own instruction. Similarly the humming bird flies. The divine porpoise, our cousin the ant, the elephant of purpose derive. The blade of grass politely excuses the cements restraint. Our lives we thrive opposing. Except when we attain death condition. Death and birth convergence Eternally derived. Not willfully instructed. Naturally the rain drops swim...

The human body brain even when denied is non linearily active. Denial is acknowledgment, in completion, irony failure and loss of ideal intended value result is result. Failure instructs, ouch and oops are cheers. The Cosmic occurrences, spontaneous remission, death, placebo, birth, intuintion, luck, coincidence, Eternal self forgetting, love's offer, the gentle embrace, prayer, prayers response, dreams, dancing, music, remembering, there's that dream again, deciding to have a child, befriending your assigned enemy, laughing, that mysterious surprise, wondering, wandering, sharing...all speak the Eternal non linear intent, similarly our divine capacity. The affirmation of our Eternal birth right.

We knock on death's door, life answers. Remembering we breathe death is a God thing. Dying is a human thing. Dieing linearly depletion derives, non Eternally submits, timely panorama. Thus we suffer disease, killing and the unbearable oppositional ironies. Non linearily there are none that starve, but those by neighbor un feed. Thus the linear angst survives less ourselves. Non linearily there is no soldier not less him, herself. Intent feeds purpose sad result starves both.

Death we have impressions. Dieing factually sustains, life style we might say while trying to look away. Mysterious death: Wondering stories less our attendance. Accordingly incomplete, the timely curtain once again. Killing denies all less killings thirst. Dieing, death and life surrender. Absence attends. Reminding all is material except time. Otherwise the ideal less the ideals seed and result. God by our consent derives, though ourselves derived ofby God. Laughing and praying we celebrate. When we laugh we are in the absence of ourselves therefore the presence of God. Not absence....The journey continues. Knowing we don't know. Upon death's delivery we can't know the flavor without the taste. Once attendant we smile the memories greeting. Life can be the same. Revisiting we pray there is no death there is extinction. The end of life the death of death. The silence sings unattended. True? Seeds neglect wilts the flowers blossom. Gathering. Death's futility convenes. Good is good bad is bad. Which convenes your love. Claims Eternal purpose. Thus the garden grows.

 a pause...
 melodies response...

                                Language is a mystery of its own seeking. Resonant ambiguity flowers seed. Thus we pray. Many planetary languages we speak diverting Creation's dream. Conversations satisfy forgetting's thirst. Words allow their own mystery. Love accounts  many missions as lips permit. “I'm sorry,” Our great attendance. What of God's love forgiven God's love the same? We ask less words answer. Prayer responds temporal investment. We continue hesitating cemeteries invite.
God is Eternal ourselves naught. Language uncertainly persist. Purpose  inadequately explains. Time insists less timely delivery. Why do we hide already lost? The question is the answer, God the same? Ourselves uncertainly denied. God otherwise. God unknowable dreams petition..
Creation's Universe timelessly confides. Eternity provides.  The earth people  resist. What harvest one world not the other. One less both neither the same. Thus shrewd time's delivery. God's timeless planet earth humanity's waiver. We delay life. Dying cautioning death our manufacture. Thus all in planetary duration ends. Yet endless Cosmos we reside. Curious abstention. Death  life's intent. Thus God speaks less ourselves we listen. Exclusionary religions many one God's refrain. Eden's thorn. Anguish years testify. Nuclear triad, now. Prescribes. Hell our heavenly surender. Merchants of life masters of death.
What dictionary common sense bemused. Clearer words approach. All in time ends. The Universe all is endless. Eternity consists God's permit. Our lives end that Heaven the planet earth survive our attendance. What shrewd intelligence this, absence our presence speaks. God waits our success we die proof we reside. Laughter attends our prayers speak.  Prayers we repeat instructing God our purpose. Violence convenes. Herpes and ice cream. One's hunger. Hungers all. Bloods guilt. Cautious innocence survives. Crucifiction stars reside. What death Eternity mourns. Consciousness endures...

What words hold the song ourselves. All times death's bargain  incomplete. No endings thrive once begun. Otherwise consensus speaks. Thus death approaches dying. We pause God's breath, our own. What God knowing holds our lives denied. Enough Creation screams. Extinction persists.

These words thinking sound defies. God the same. God deferred. God your consent's surmise. Delegating. Ageless sound. Earth people's reaching. All bad good unresolved. Good is God. Bad no God the same. All roads lead to God. Destination hesitates.  All roads are God.  Transient word's explain flowers purpose. What deed not better speaks.” Forever is the t9me of now.” Gather the children's dream, our assembly...

 God's song Creation
A sermon's welcome
Dr. Bhatia's correspondence

Honesty cautions truth's delivery? Perception's witness uncertain enterprise. Similarly truth. And God worship? Realities linear distinction's always incomplete, not Eternally imbued. Surmising: Any idea activity is a non linearily divine if divinely expressed.The idea  of self. Life intent. Non violence, cancer or insanity. Pain instructs opportunity avails. Acknowledging all realized through language is an approximation. Music and math? We can assume the same, ourswelves the uncertain source. And recipient. Yet we seek. Awe abounds. Mistakes blossom. Searching continues. God is God and as such is so

A witness relevant as the current life. (A Cosmic metaphor). Again with polite emphasis.  Professor Einstein offers. Logic concurs. “The Universe is non-linear.” The Universe embraces all. (All inclusive). The Universe is everything. Idea, intent, process, negation, validation or imagination. The Universe can not be separated from its all inclusive self, less the value of it's own separation. And continue to function as the Eternal endless uninterrupted Universe. Infinity denied denies infinity. Infinity can not deferred “delayed” to another time location. (Linearily in time we know as present, past and future). Or dislocation “separation” would define in a non- localized (non linear) Universe. The Universe is one location, how do we relocate less the initial location's value. Answer's hold. Incremental time dislocation. Other word's surmise, memories assembly.

Logic cautions reprieve: Excerpt from letter to the God determined Don Evans....We can't devalue another without devaluing God. We can reasonably assume. Yet their worship we insult not our own. Are there none more blind than the wise of God who need another's eyes to see.

When a baby is born, the child’s body is non linear. God's Eternal baby. Born to linearily time attendant non-Eternal self determining parents.  The same logic's witness an event, process or an idea. The body or idea intent can not be separated from itself less value's separation and still function as  result. Also initiating “origin” the body or idea has been separated “fragmented” from its original condition status. The child the process or idea have been insinuated into a time based culture even though we reside in a timeless Universe. Paradox and contradictions begun. The non linear child or life event assumes a linear disposition. Linearity defined in langhusg4e as “a disturbance between two points.” This dysfunctional (Eternally incomplete) dynamic is realized and inconsistently maintained through linear language and predetermined static intelligence.Language and intelligence shen shared further defused. Resulting in an incomplete-damage prone self awareness.  An incomplete flawed awareness of this planetary Creation. Similarly God? Our uncertain existence applicable as linear process cause followed by anticipated effect. Assuming there is an effect result. Otherwise event and process functional as denied; meaning realized through active continuous uncertainty. Event, process and organic self always factored through failure. Always culminating  through a complete “apparent” loss of purpose. And direction. Apparent meaning human beings are limited to our Creation displacing time adaptive perceptions. We actualize as God preferred after  life which denies our reality. Not surprisingly all linear progress culminates in eventual invalidation. Your childhood essentials now in memories museum. The seed of this consequential status evident from the inception of the event or life. The earthly encompassing irony is that all material realized in time comes to an end as an uncertain disruptive process. Even though we live in a timeless therefore endless non linear Universe. Again remedy, Cosmic validation, is lost from the inception of the chosen event. Concurrently life experience. And God fraternity. (We are born we begin to age and we die). Dying is largely consequent to the inadequacy of incompletion.  lives come to an end. A distorted Cosmically denying process linearily born from a flawed life inception. Time dislocation-disintegration begins with the human being. Through time flawed determinant endings this planet became ours to do with as we wish. Two of the most basic linearly contrived time alterations are dying and killing. There is little to no correlation between death and dieing. Unless coerced through consensus. And defective application. Yes even death and dying in a linear world from inception to conclusion are inadequate to God intent. God active presence from the human perspective limited to our Eternally disengaging awareness. Unnecessarily inadequate and incomplete. Dying is linearly redeemed as salvation, the delayed after life, inconsistent sins negotiablle currency, acquired hell Heaven's theft. When death status is attained we stop dying. Dying denies “impairs” death assimilation. Death unfolds in the non linear timeless Eternal. Dying is a time based activity, linear in its disposition. Unnatural and unnecessary: Suicide, violence, war, drug addiction, alcoholism, smoking, over eating, accidents, time based diseases and cures.  Dying depletion misery are the basis for much individual-collective activity essential to commerce, government, technology, self knowledge and awareness. And exclusionary dormant Holy Temples. Explaining life, medical, auto and other insurance. Acknowledging inevitable material “inadequate” uncertainty ie car repair, accidents, disposable car. The condoned violence of government financed by citizenry, victim. Daily truest words dreading, spasm nuclear war. The same our homes. Bodies. And “our” planet earth. God we seek lost in life revealed through life abstention. We determine as death. While dying s sustained by debilitating aging. And sporadic disease.

Many resources, effort amongst current humans are devoted to sublimating- maintaining inactivity.(Non utility). Significant resources are devoted to designing weapons whose ideal purpose is that they not be used. Similarly training and subsidizing personnel, soldiers, scientists, technicians,  managers. Purveyors of disruptive death while “protecting” life. And what word's suffice explaining the all inclusive horror, nuclaer war.  We are the enemy. Your labored tax dollars at work. We are the enemy. We continue? Trillions of dollars are spent yearly on medical treatments, facilities and insurance ventures whose ideal value is that they not be utilized. The earth people seeking God's deferred fraternity while avoiding death's after life. Significant portions of planetary budgets are devoted to entitlements. Near distant neighbors struggling inactivity to purpose drug addicts, homeless, alcoholics, disguised burglars, those offered-accepting mental illness, the unemployed. Anguish devoted determinant spiritual wanders. Deemed unworthy. Lost seeking not invested is destruction's awe. All despair, success and joy thrives as denied divine Cosmic opportunity. Also as the nice ang gentle Dr. Kenney offered, “the retired are a wisdom resource.” Individuals not distracted by an employer, hopefully self supporting able to rest and reflect on their lives. Yet these are the human beings who are retired. What love's deed rests without opportunity?

Disease is linearily in time defined as “an invasive and putrefying process”  an activity that unfolds in uncertain opposition to itself. Therefore the affected human. Meaning inconsistent cure verses recurrent disease. Both often pained conditions sustained and invlaidat3ed by death while dying. This opposing activity often profit motivated cure verses ill defined-selective diseases clearly is a time based linear activity. Amidst this unresolvable maze the nice and brave medical people intervene. Disease is also a contrived condition activity that is treated in time. Two years of radiation. Twenty years of psycho therapy. When the linear dichotomy of cure vs disease is engaged non linearly the opposing schism between cure and disease is resolved “manifest” as a non liner presence, an activity that is not consequent to value loss...uncertainty and dysfunction through dying. A non linear event is not consequential to its own inconsistent denial. An activity relevant as inclusive refining material information rather than value loss and unresolvable decay or putrification.....A non linear condition event can not functionally condone death exclusion “cessation” as motivating consequence.                        

Noting: The one condition activity that is non linearly compatible with Eternal perception and consequence is sound. Ideal subjective sound a non linear condition status we are only vaguely familiar. A Cosmic condition affect we can presently not create “utilize.” But are marginally compatible with.... Appreciating that “music” is the only experience we can sustained that need not be assimilated through acquired time. Babies respond to music before they learn a self deferred linear language functional through forgetting. Ageless music sustains Eternalo life. Language the same through forgetting. But even music is not fully devised and appreciated because its experienced by linearly adapted human beings. A musical notes can not be acoustically duplicated through linear memory, suggesting Eternally based memory.( Music is its own response). Intact and complete while occurrent, ending withpout loss of value or dorection. Appreciation response requiring not linear instruction. Often resulting in spontaneous joyful response. And unskillful celebratory motion. In the oppositional extreme if the factory disruptive sounds “noise” heard in a factory over 2-3 weeks were to experienced in one compact moment the individual would be disfigured and dead before reaching full collapse. Recalling the American Pentagon experimented with black and white noise in the 1950's. Materially self denying humans are obliged to convert any condition including peace to war affect. (Appreciating all motion has intent. Intent inference source. And source explains its own non linear awareness). Acknowledging what we experience as death decay is motion. Any motion releases a sound presence relevant to that which is moving (ie) the acquired organic self and a persons genetics. Which also is unknowingly occurrent while alive. Also significantly the sounds of choice. Nonlinearily accruing sounds of goodness. And anguished shared unhappiness. The Eternal Light soundings of the Light. And the dark soundongs of the violence....DNA sound the subjective uninterrupted sound of self. This non linear sound we presently appreciate vaguely-marginally as the sound of silence.  A completely different way of engaging material relevance. Without essential loss of value direction and functional uncertainty. Again subjective idealized sound is ageless therefore non linear. Curious-interesting example: Mozart's Funeral Requiem an ageless musical gathering has not suffered time's withering contempt. Brisk and vibrant forever. Timeless Eternally astute. ( How much the same ourselves presently deferred and distracted. If an individual heard this symphony for the first time and in the middle of this acoustic development there was a chorus of  “You ain’t nothen but a hound dog” by the nice Elvis Presley people would realize without instruction “intuitively” that something unnatural had occurred. Less in the schematic of music a tray of glasses and plates collapsing claiming the gentle quiet obsolete. The temporary leaves a memories trail. Scars and wrinkles. Reminding all is material including memory except time, Disruptive we choose. Surmising: Once the DNA sound (accruing responsive symphony of self) of an individual is identified, which has been done by MIT, locating the distracting presence of a cancer is much easier. Easier to resolve sound within sound than through disintegrative radiation. (Timeless Eternal kindness to the cancer or the person is kindness to both otherwise linear exclusion is affected). Aggression, destruction suggestive of radiation evokes linear organic futility. Even when an event in a linear culture is deemed ideal it remains incomplete and relevant to its own eventual invalidation because it has not been realized non linearly. Eternally. When an individual or event is non linearily realized those sharing in the effort, including instrument and machine benefit accordingly. Non linear Eternal fluency seeds the same Cosmic blossom. (In the absence of linear time the non linear becomes functional ie optional. We can always revert to time depletion). Boiling a three minute egg. Killing. Being early-late to class. Coming in second in a one man race.

Witnessing like all else in the Cosmos memory is Eternal. But even memory we experience in toime because we only have memories of the past. The disparity between linear time based memory and non linear memory is the activity happenstance of forgetting. We  spend of lives forgetting our ideal intended selves. We are not consciously involved in forgetting. Therefore forgetting is not time relevant, rather forgetting activity is non linearily Eternally imbued. Because we don't choose to forget, we can't prove what we forgot and we can't consistency solicit what we forget....forgetting becomes a non linear condition activity. An inaccessible non event. But clearly not a conditions activity without relevance. Interestingly the conception of forgetting is suggestive of a worm hole. A conduit “space” whereby two condition of time (linear and non linear, Eternal and non Eternal) are connected. Space in relationship to time is resolved)..... A person can traverse “transcend” five million miles in the duration transition of 200 feet. Transmutation-transmogrify. (Inter stellar travel becomes feasible. Distance liner dislocation is no longer materialized (as) time displacement. (Subjective non linear sound becomes the language activity of the forgotten place). Observing this dynamic speaks Professor Sheldrakes devloped insights on the “morphogenesis field” a field that connects species that functions irrespective of time and has its own inquiring memory. Meaning clearly a non linear memory capacity (not time based) much less limited than our own. Not realized through time material dislocation-disparity. Expressive of the non linear Eternal, suggestive of forgetting. And compatible with occurrences such as luck, dreaming, music symmetry, coincidence, birth, death, spontaneous remission, conversant intuition. The non linear language of self. Concepts of distance space dislocation are linear and generally reguire depletion coercive force to resolve.

The nice  Professor Sheldrake, identified in earlier essays as the curly haired biologist, taught alleged “rats” certain behaviors in America different alleged rats in Australia learned then ten times faster. Acknowledging humans are the only species that experiences existence through time ie linear time duration. Perhaps this is a reason why alleged animals reveal their lives through  these on linear time depleting conceptions and self displaced humans beings do not. We are speaking to being able to organically resolve “forget” (non linearily assimilate) time debiitting activities like ptsd, schizophrenia, cancer as a near spontaneous non linear effect without the loss of the memory itself....Meaning body integrity. (Politely whistling once again memories are materially active). Consider a non linear computer. A non linear dimensional flux. Interestingly people we discuss the conceptions with seem to only be able to recall the ideas by forgetting them. We accrue information thru the linear increment of language in time. We store information non linearly. When selectively expressing memory we revert to the linear. It appears if people are offered non linearly insinuated information they can only remember by forgetting. Noting on its own volition memory can resolved time and linear disparity. Recognize an old friend. If we see a third of someones face memory on its own will complete the image. But these nonlinear skills are unknowingly repressed in our culture. When we are dreaming, anticipating, laughing, yearning prayer, forgetting and getting tipsy we become yearning time assimilators. Wondering in time without dislocation. Hiding in plane sight. Non linear spontaneous beings.

The acquiring “inquiring” timeless memory of the proposed connective field. Presently not perceptually reciporcally active. This non linear awe we sense and marginally experience through forgetting. The forgotten Eternal place of self. Our non linear residence. Curious we ask politely yearning. What is the condition status effect in the forgotten place “field condition” when a forgotten memory event is reclaimed to linear consciousness. Not our will's intent. Gods? Are we the God forgotten place, God remembered? What speaks life tells the linear not Eternal God experience idealized in death. What speaks ourselves the non linearily active Eternal awareness. Conversant and alert. What glitter and flow the forgotten place absent of the forgotten occurrence. What speaks to the forgotten place during time effect? What lion, mountains river's rainbow, child's birth, your death not Got attended. God remembered. Memories Eternal and otherwise are material. All material has location space.  What is the distinction between a permanently forgotten event such as someones distant death. Eternity remembers. Time forgets. And the impending forgetting evident perhaps as dying. Can we dwell visit the forgotten place. Without forgetting. What memories are not forgettable. God's active memory the Cosmis. Unforgettable? All answers certain to any question. What hope less pain's remedy. What love's promise cautioned as denied. Eternity blossoms Eternally. No dreams waken less our sleep.

Whisperings polite invitation, Eternal self unfolding.  Historical Holy text's are written in linear language validating and revealing the non-Eternal life revealed through through death exclusion. Yet through all God whispers. Thus we dream, anticipate and nurture prayer's seed. Not forgetting harvesting meditation's silencing sphere. In previous essays referenced on occasion as mediation. Searching timely awed document. Eternally incomplete Eternal the same. Each document not the other. Non viol4nce esteemed. Offering when violated don't strike back. Presum9ng violence God redeemed. Better lovingly not encourage the violence of others. If your assailant lost approaches. Embrace the son of two parents. And hope neither of you has fleas. Meaning the effort is divine. Consequences karma cautions. Another Holy seed's transcript. All Holy documents are divinely incomplete. Word's testimony that don't include your Eternoal story

God is as such. And as such is so. Word's delay caution's God time's vestibule. Then not now see you later. The after life less today's delivery. Thus we bargain God our preference. God origin our source. Holy Temples built of wavering words. Locked doors. And loves God's intentions secured as forgiven. Crusades, parades, crowns, glories. And life death's entry. Blind we pray our own Creations despair. Do you agree?  Inquisitions, prayers and exclusion. Your words deeds to God. Eternal fluency. Born God appointed not death denied. God's embrace before your parents loving touch. Unknowable awe. Endless travelogue. God's burden our response? What God inept gardens travesties flower? Our question's God's? The earth people are not bad. Good preferred testifies. Eternal beings time lead astray. Mistakes miracles shade. Heal the wound love the healer.

Appreciating the planet earth Enlightened. Less ourselves more the evidence. We loose. Life already attained. No God breathes Creation less our determined purpose. Your divinity between you and God0....The awed Eternal totality of yourself only God realizable. All is all not all our memories birth. We forgive, sneeze and over sleep. Hide looking for God. We bargain yes is no and maybe isn't. The unknowable seed. Still “I” yearn clearer understanding of loved companions of years gone bye, Wendolynn, Kathleen,  Priscilla, Faith, Angelica. Unresolved joyous love's permit, yet God we wondrously explain without doubts restrain. Lord have mercy if Groucho Marx's isn't available. Endless thus denied. Our fruits harvest, temporary. Eternal the same. Faith's caution. Wise and true tripping on a shoe lace. We discuss God hold ourselves true together. The totality of yourself. Only God affects. Ourselves available? Your expressive div9nity God and you.  Your willing self. Your choices can caution your foot steps astray. Or the awed divine way. What apology repeated not apology less the same. Life and learn. No ineptitude thrives. Don't kill risk your lofe God's the sam 

an alleged human
an alleged dog
“Buckminister Fuller and Curtis Slama”

Words like ourselves evolve through their designed limitations. Yet words evoke mystery. And can deliver us to the awe of ourselves.

The  Universe is Eternal. Resident ourselves the same as not. Human beings in time conce3de.   Their own deception.

Alleged animals unaware of death Eternally thrive.

What road absolves contradiction. Which direction explains Buckminister Fuller never late. Curtis  waiting. Yet both together. One knowing haste. The other motion’s grace. One explains. The other accepts.
Curtis abstains life Eternal. Death's authority.  Buckminister… Destination departure the same.
Buckminister is Eternal. Curtis waits. One thrives Eternal. The other hesitates. One knows as instructed. Buck responds birth's intent.

One mourns death. Himself. One Eternities refrains. Curtis Eternity disdains. One speculates. The other not.  One arrives never leaves. The other one arrives,before leaving.

One forgives love. The alleged one needn’t. Both are friends Eternally reside. One is aware. The other suspects.
Both error prone. Only one will error's share. One leaves. The other abandons.

Words explain less the word’s expression.
What bridge that does not separate the crossing. One waits cautioning consent. The other consents trust obliging.

If we can not by any reason’s link arrive, concurrent. By what material do we embrace? Thoughtful and together. What process less the road directs. What bridge not lost in the crossing?

What seed's prayer's answers not self denied?

Memory joins the bridge. Less crossings haste. Flower and seed Heaven’s garden.….Let’s explain. Memories hold years distant we do not wait. As human’s hesitate death life’s instruction. Erroneously. Thus Eternally we admit. Ignorance flourishing. Curtis and Ministerial Fuller. Together.  Shifting sands. Ocean’s turn to rivers sway. Different masks the same face. Eternity shifts God explains. Before and after timely restrains. Eternity explains. Curtis and Buckminister. Without end together the same. Now we listen to say. “One is goine?”  Together thus wonderfully not less the other waiting. Thank you Buckminister Fuller and Curtis. Hasta lluego...

  Cosmic editorial
&Charlie Woram&
Michel's sermon 

                      What is our problem? Why do we struggle suffering questions response? Our lives testify any success we share will be brief. Likely evolved through conflict. Events factored through failure. Anticipation’s hope uncertainly sustained. Success reverting to invalidation's loss of utility. What explains our encompassing futility. Is much of our unresolved anguished ambiguity explained by the diversity of the human species. (One hundred ninety four- five tentatively bordered countries, 6600 different languages illiteracy not counted as one, exclusionary  religions, economic disparity). Accordingly being able to identify-express and maintain common purpose is a task near impossible. These pragmatic impediments before we consider the fears that direct life. Lives perpetuated by disease, dieing, death presumption. Governments endorse purpose through death provocation, viol3nce. Individuals, families, gentle alliances are further fragmented to institutions of deprivation; prisons, racism, sexual disparity, weaponry, death profiteering- contrived “exclusionary' entities like corporations. Being human is a troubled undertaking. Unnatural? We create the need for our prayers? Hell the future's invited prerogative. Anticipating spirit's flower response to Michael Lynne's  sermon.

The issue is not one of desire and intent, but uncertain application. Do you agree? We yearn for peace prepare for war. Joy relates to despair. Birth spiritually revealed through death. Love motivated by response.  The singular question appears...what activity impedes our preferred aspirations. We have not been able to share our lives without adversity. Without dreaded uncertainty. Either in the immediate or anticipation. But clearly we are able to consistently share the activity that sustains our self invalidation. We impose on Creation's environment. There is no joy that is not shadowed by agony.

The activity that binds our common destiny is not anatomy. Our bodies are in constant flux, unstable. Some are old. Some recently born. Disease, dying limits choice. Some are burdened by disabilities opportunity. These conditions of self are defined more by circumstance than can be resolved “perceived” by willful competence. Solutions are esteemed, but seeded by error, confusion, problems. Our distinctive skills evolve as a response to determined inadequacy. Does the compelling answer dwell more in the dark side. Are human beings insensitive predators? Are we bonded to common purpose by our misery? Death? But misery and self defining death deny the preferred self.  Directing our aspirations. Curiously dying not death compels our purpose. Dying is our being's motivator. And profiting incentive. Examples: Insurance companies value injury, accident, disease and death, medical networks inconsistently exchange cure for disease both oppositional conditions validated-valuated through death while dieing, lethal weapons manufactures sponsor-perpetuate horror, the interment industry offers dormant residency to the Eternally active dead.... But even suffering is without common bond. Some suffer others don't. Some die smiling of old age. Others radiated in a cancer ward. Some live and die in comfort. Many in deprivation.And fear. What impatient earthly seed harvests less the flowers shade?

All anguish dwells in the shadow of remedy. Unhappiness fosters hope. Death cautions life the better day. Does a singular presence directs all less itself in opposition. What sponsors uncertainties neglect. What curious acuity denies. What academy rewards depletion. What engineering services disrepair? Consider: The activity that binds us apart is... time.  We are the only species that experiences Creation through time.... Yet we acknowledge the Universe, our residence, is timeless accordingly Eternal. (The problem with time?) Everything in time ends. Events continously ending from their inception.... In spite of our bold undertakings. We are the anguished slaves to our own Creation...time. Even though we live in a timeless therefore endless Universe. We are born, we begin to age. And we die. Our lives come to an end. This flawed acquired “consistency” defines our existence. Explains our disposable technology, our risk based commerce. And our knowledge of self. Language's subjective ambiguity. Tentative hope. Our earth bound religions... One question compels response. Reflection and application. How can a life ends in an endless Universe? How can life stop? Our answer daily testifies...again with emphsis our acquired human distortion, time. More precisely linear time depletion. Which functionally denies our Cosmic Et4rnal disposition. The truer residency of self. Consider: There is a Cosmic activity speaks to duration: There is Eternal duration which is endless. And time duration whereby everything ends...Allowing repetition all realized through time is factored through failure. Is always uncertain. Compounding futility even events deemed ideal are incomplete because they are not functionally expressive of the non-linear Eternal. Our misery and unhappiness through time appears to be inevitable. Thirst our cup. Reality drowns the drinking water.

Another perspective clarifies: The nice and gentle Professor Einstein offers,  “the Universe is non linear.” Meaning that unlike a straight line whereby one intact event is separated to another event juncture the Universe can not be separated from itself and still function as one infinite Eternal Universe. Infinity  separated from itself is not sustainable. Infinity can not exit from itself.  Indeed in the absence of time infinity becomes functional. In the case of human beings optional because the earth people have choice, we can cheat advantage to purpose, populate our lives with death. Forgive our love's intent. Welcome to the planet earth. Be careful. The people on this planet hurt each other. Unnecessarily. Offering politely. Dieing is easy. Unavoidable. And not terminal.

When born to form we have no awareness of time. We are Eternal beings. We acquire our non Eternal status through instruction. And cultural assimilation. There is no other choice except to dream. Wonder and anticipate. (Now these word's gathering). We are non linear beings. Our bodies can not be separated from themselves and still function desirably as intended.  In time our non linear Eternal disposition becomes linear. We know our linear experience as... cause followed effect. In time cause and effect always factored through failure. And uncertain effect evolving in result and calculation as “cause and defect.” The dictionary defines “linear” as “a disturbance between two points. A more pragmatic definition...our history.

Appreciating human beings are not organically disposed to violence, deceit, unkindness, death profiteering and war. The problem is that we are Eternal beings that live in non-Eternal time. We spend “organically exhaust” life witnessing the presumption of death as dying. Fiction begs our perceptions. In an effort to become masters of life we've become servants of death. Accordingly the only way we can validate our existence is by denying it. (The problem more precisely). Time is very difficult. Time creates anxiety. Cosmic dislocation. In time a material event can only be redeemed if they ends. Thus we die proof worthy of our success. Consider our time based earth bound religions. Explaining why we have to separate Heaven from earth. Heaven is timeless we exist in time. Revealing why we must surrender our lives in time to reclaim our expressive Eternal relationship with God.  Many on this planet separate their bodies and souls while alive. They can only reach spiritual fruition after discarding their time devalued bodies. Thus we value God most by denying God's gift...our lives. While alive dieing is our way of borrowing from Eternity which we pay back with our death's, the uncertain-unresolved validation of the Eternal. We can assume a time subjective Heaven is incomplete. Lost still we are bold and beautiful...

Noting death and dieing. Are unrelated. Opposites. When you attain death you stop dieing. Death occurs in the Eternal. Dieing is a time based acquired condition, non Eternal. Dieing is linear, death non linear...all inclusive.  Dieing is unnatural. And unnecessary. Violence, suicide, disease, war, smoking, over eating, profiting from death, drug addiction, executions, war. We are a species that protects life Creation through self designed extinction. Nuclear war.  Silly dangerous earth people. Unnaturally dangerous. Appreciating we must know the nature of a problem before we can engage ourselves to the opportunity. Thus ideally we pray. Thus we plan. The time, now is forever. Whereas there is no death. Their is extinction. The end of life. The death of death. The time of now cautions forever. We create the burdens. We politely repeat our prayers waiting for the preferred response. We anger ourselves blaming others. can't have an enemy without being one. Yet we laugh. Dance and sing. Love our children. We can be bad. But we prefer being good. We know a miracles witness without instruction. We know the opportunities we create by our suffering. And there is joy. Accordingly we seek the Eternal. Ourselves

When human technology-commerce become non linear (currently evolving) it will significantly easier for us to thrive the good of ourselves. Share God's life without exclusion and cautious explanation. Reside God eloquence. Aware of our Cosmic Eternal birthright. Expressible soundproofing Godsoulprint

       Addendum 8/11/15
Ageless sound attending
music's impending sphere

                                          The Universe Eternal unfolds without time depletion. Human be9ings live while dying in “through” time. All material including the human body realized through time ends; yet we reside in an endless “Eternally purposeful” Universe. Dichotomy compounds paradox irony persists. The implications wondrously abound. How can this unnecessary-unnatural Cosmic schism be resolved?

The continous Universe evolves intent through “refining” process event.  (Motion intent. Intent is source. And source awareness speaks, intent). The fewer words explain, the Universe has purpose. Each event Eternally resides. The Universe is timeless thus Eternal as such endlessly sublime. The Universe is non-linear all inclusive, consequently ourselves the same. Thus logic insists our lives are devoid of death's exclusion. What reality explains this curious anomaly?

Acknowledging our earthly adaptation “music” is the only “sustainable” experience we don't have to alter in time in order to sustain the self awed experience. While expereincing music we are not time distracted not linearily involved. Which speaks to the timeless “undisturbed” Cosmic origin of music. And our concurrent “limited” yet compatible bond with the Eternal. Our denied compatibility. Interestingly linear time based language allows for “our” non linear insights. And application however incomplete. Of course the non linear is all inclusive. All is God embraced, even our denial. In spite of our linear dislocation still music ascribes. We dance and wonder. May we ask? What would happen to musics timeless flow, if we were similarly alert. Eternally astute. (Resonant modulation intent). Another question please the answer invites. What speaks of space, unoccupied? Ironically assimilated “experienced” as destruction, void, absence, vacuum, negation, death cessation, non Eternal. And of course linear time displacement. Our uncertain and incomplete duration adaption. Validated as denied, while denying.

Other mysteriously similar Cosmic occurrences that unlike music we do not create nor can we sustain. Fleeting Cosmic occurrences not realized in time and also do not allude to existing knowledge. Spontaneous events that are limited to one person. Cosmic events realized when individuals are the least time distracted. Occurrences reflective of music unlike-like music can not be shared while occurrent. And sustained. These occurrences we glimpse incompletely “randomly” as luck, coincidence, intuition, twin intuition. The Cosmic mystery of birth inception, death assimilation, clairvoyance, precognition, forgetting, dreaming away less ourselves asleep, speaking in tongues, ghostly mysterious happenstance, infinite possibilities, super position, the immediate Eternal, forgetting, carnational flutter, dreams, sleep, God convergence. Vague Cosmic events we are compatible with that are evident if denied Cosmically limited self. Other event occurrences incomplete and not fully assimilated ie harmonic convergence, music of the spheres. Ourselves and God. (Unresolved non linear Eternal self). Revisiting the Super Strings theory functional perception, “All is material except time.” Noting non linear events are concurrent-reciprocal events are limited to a timely response. Such events are simultaneous (design intent effect) approaching spontaneity. What is concurrent luck, reciprocal precognition.... Again unloess our Eternal “conversant” disposition is “unknowingly” denied to our linearily inadequate reality we are without purpose. And identity. Presently. Validating disintegration, casual uncertainty, material invalidation. Activity conditions that are reflective & expressive of the dieing self. “Our” chosen reality exaggerated and sustained by time derivative commerce and technology. And a God ideal deferred to an allegorical after life.

Before Dr, Duggin's. Lori's, Glenn Campbell's, Curtis Slama's pending-apparent testimony and always yours a few words politely ascribe....In a non linear Eternal Universe you can only be better than yourself. Otherwise opposition's resistance abides. In an Etenral culture you canonly steal from yourself. Divorce yourself. As such in loving you have been loved. Accordingly God better shared. Thus the invioronmnet less Creation deed's we pray the same. The gentle Abe Lincoln spoke. “As I would not be a slave. I would not be a master.” Thus the Cosmic harvest better shared. The life duration choice is between Enlightenment and linear oppositional dismay. Searching we continue. Slaves to time. Dying less death's unresolved purpose. Examples invite God's gardens seed restrained: Our unnecessary anguished struggle: Profiting from others misery. (Killing). Risking “your” life to kill others. Witnessing the unfed less deeds intent. Executions. Driving while intoxicated. War planning. War activity. Lying less the truth's concealment. Denying others the better worship's of yourself. Guilt preferred to innocence. Killing to eat a thriving alleged animal. Slaught3er house not a home. Your labor witness speaks. Polluted lakes that catch fire. Fewer whales and polar bears reside. Pandemics smolder. Global warming despair. Peace and joy sustained “protected” by nuclear war. (All time linearly time influenced events impending and immediate). What list yours better claims the Eternal list yourself? The simpler seed explains. What hope's truer clarity better compels. Inby a non linear Eternal Universe you can only deny yourself. Profiting from the death and misery of others reverts self to linear denial. Oppositional inadequacy. Do you understand? In a non linear Cosmis you can only steal from yourself. Anatomy allows choice refrains. You can not devalue another, including yourself the nice kinetic Betsy Katz added without devaluing God. Thus yourself. Similarly the Eternal non linear beyond motives disguise. Transgression reclaims you the linear angst. We can assume compellingly. Where to run already there. Once denial prospers linear irony festers. We suffer. Unnecessarily.  And unnaturally. Now breathing we smile.

The clearer vision doth witness, our Eternal selves. Once apparent. Existence would subscribe. The timeless Eternal “endless” Universe. The same ourselves. We proceed amiably. Sound is ageless. Logic insists music testifies. Death abides. Yet form seemingly disappears. Gone beyond our witness sharing: The crayons. The little bird falling the skies destinatoon. The lovely corsage at your high school prom. Ourselves. All gone the same. Were told. We consent our reality. Timely evidence we create persists. We abandon what we create and nurture, ourselves. What truth more truly tells? Sound is ageless we sing again. Eternal form becomes ageless when “fading” form uninterrupted sound. Light of silence sings. Unbordered all inclusive formation, Eternal. Another shadow the same reflection's shade. Form a medium through which Light sound evolves. Refines. Eternally. (Sound non linear design intent). Sound motion instructs the light, already aware. Form begets the Universe, the Universe begets form. Gravity does. A new architecture beckons. We continue. Nice having you with us.

Offering practicalities grace. “Application” another word construes. Once again expanding insight. Music (is) the only linearly adapted “sustainable” conditional activity that does not have to be assimilated in time. Music is its own response. Transcends incremental language. Music causes no injury, but soothing wonderment opportunity. Babies will respond smiling music's opportunity before they learn “acquire” language's subjective ambiguity. Through music we overcome linear limitations and validate the non linear Eternal self. Music the planet earths Cosmic conduit. Musics response “embrace” requires no instructions. Similarly we breath. The ageless sounds....Musics ideal embraces “acknowledges” the non linear Eternal inclusive you. Absolving material dislocating timely irony irony such as disease, debilitating aging as an assimilation of dieing, music hold's less forgetting sake. We begin to dance. Freely without r4estraint. Or with instructions grace. Less languages shared ambiguous reality. The non linear embraces all. As all we allow. The music plays the light sings. Eternally liberated we yearn.

Lyrics join we sing one voice, not one less the other. Straining simplicities explanation: Beethoven’s 5th more than two hundred years since its inception. Aint got no wrinkles. Harmony linearity redeems. “Harmonic convergence,” the nice dynamic Sandy Aquila at Memorial Park in Omaha speaks. “Music of the spheres” another ones reach.  Music always “now.” Ageless sound transcends “aides” our self imposed temporary existence. The ageless sound of you. Sound's residence amends less values loss. Invites the way. We respond join sing and dance. Ageless sound ageless Universe not foreign to one another. In the absence of time memory becomes endless. Eternal attuned: all-inclusive non linear. Not denied by death's symmetry. (Current reciprocity concurrence). When we politely excuse our acquired timely reality sustained by linear thought language we have wandered unto the Cosmic pond. Our Cosmic eloquent selves. Aware finally. A smile begets a smile,  music unfolds, Eternities guide. The gentle PBS documentry “ The Legacy of Heart Mountain” a considered effort examining the interment of the nice love pateint Japanese Americans offered,”Two friends share one soul.” The same music's embrace.

Another door opens. The music that hold's our Eternal reality is an incremental adaptation. A score beginning and an end though not an ending that denies. Simultaneous approaching spontaneity. Linearly ideal non linearily embraced. Waiting’s Cosmic presence, still. Patient spontaneity untold. The Cosmic ideal a pulse, approaching sphere. Heart's circulating rhythm. Whereby origin source arrive less departures impatience. Without denying construed intent. Like the Philharmonic at Carnegie Hall, a space vehicle makes a right turn without slowing down. Your dollar, your peso, your piaster doesn't lose its worth. Asleep the dream wakens you. Gravity is gravity does. No invitation hesitates. Already is the only place. Pulse, expansion, contraction simultaneous, only random flaw waits. Not design intent. Prayer answers ourselves the re guest. We see this symphony every day, politely we oblige. And silently move away. The seed becomes the flower the flower the seed. Dieing's disguise cautions death's despair. Eternity is a place. Aspiring we know consensus conceals. God's pulse Creation.

All life opportunity offended evolves. Choice seeds. The life the after life unfolds, interactively. The conversation continues. Miracles testify, luck prescribes, your birth explains, your death no less the same. You know breathing the rest, yep, your body form testifies. Undeniably.

Let' s continue please another flower testifies. Professor Lori Duggin's witness. Recently Lorraine taught a writing workshop at a nursing in Remington Heights Nebraska. “We were delving into childhood memories, and one resident, a woman about 90 started singing beautiful songs in the German language of her early childhood.” Beautifully the German songs of her early childhood from a town in Western Nebraska. The nurses stood in aw. I did too.” We assume while comprehending. This life's gentle lady is no longer timely invested. Not time distracted. Forgotten by our reality not God. Free Eternally sublime. Thus her memory is non linear. God embraced God assisted. Eternal memory attuned. Whispering recalling whisperer’s insight: Like all else memory is Eternal, but even memory is timely restrained. Thus we presently only have memories of the past. Indy the absence of time God's touch delivers less our harvest's weight.  After life angels volunteer? Our good neighbors love Eternally esteemed. Ageless sound compatible with the ageless Cosmos. Not foreign to one another. The gently compassionate Professor Duggin offers, “They say that hearing is the last sense that leaves us when we die.”  The flowers wilt the seed's redeeming. Leave already there. Absent with cause. No endings thrive loss explained. Rather gainful gathering. Continuities consciousness. Everpresence breaths. Harmony amidst Harmony. All senses one the music spawns...

Another example further pledges and certifies: The same flower a different poem. The gentle boldly inspired Glenn Campbell recently diagnosed with Alzheimer toured the country. Singing the better God songs of self. Unable at times to recognize himself on the video screen. The songs still remembered the gentle man. The anagram of music. “I'm (the) sum of us (in) music.” When we carefully bypass language’s anguished temporal labor, secured through an assigned disposable intelligence dreamily we reside. Alert, alive, affluent.  (I' m) speaks to ofby in God. You prefer Alcatraz, Nagasaki, yesterday's apology today's invitation, the rash on your cheek? Flowers reach endearingly nurturing all the same. Lesson's learned not again...

When we evolve language abstain? Singing dancing dreaming. Our reflection on Cosmic pond. Let's get impractical. Is it not conceivable that the nice people who have been offered and accepted Alzheimer’s can participate musically. A certain melody approaches. “Friends on the way.” Another melody invites. “Lunch with loves ice cream today.” Another wisp of sound. “Your daughters coming today.” When we compliment our distinctive DNAsounnd, divinities sublime echo, currently much denied. Life' s distraction deferred to music. Music joins music. Attendoing music is it's own response. Our dreams permit. The “anticipated” after life. Prayer's love embrace. And the laughter life. What disease God's thirst explains. Dieing's disguise. We restrain. No endings aspire once begun. Op's smiles love's caress. If we didn't make mistakes we'd be in trouble.

Let’s please consider two definitions from the nice people at American Heritage dictionary. (1). The definition for “information theory.” The theory of the probability of transmission of messages with a specified accuracy when the bits of information constituting the messages are subject to certain probabilities, to transmission failure, distortion, and accidental additions.”  (2). Definition of “music.” “The art of organizing tones in a coherent sequence  as to produce a coherent a composition.” Which presence attends yoour divine God fraternity. Both? One not less the others opportunity. Hello and goodbye one embrace.

One designed activity medium is realized through dysfunctional time intent validated while valuated through uncertainty and inadequacy, in completion and eventual complete loss of utility direction. This ambitious tentative dynamic formulation, information theory, explains the design intent and result of current technology, medicine, computers, nuclear weaponry, transportation, communication, satellites. Religions based on death dislocation in a non localized Universe. Depletion deficient commerce and industry are similarly actualized. The 2nd condition activity, music, is not time assimilated. A music event is non linearly compatible- complimentary, inclusive not exclusive, not consequent to loss of value. Music formulation is currently realized as entertainment. Celebration, and to give credence and perspective to spiritual events. Music transcends language disparity, form uncertainty. Music can give credence to language as lyrics. Provide relief, inspiration, clarity and seemingly direction to otherwise sporadic potentially destabilizing events. Occurrences that don't reguire music, but are invigorated “relieved” by music effect. Music must be invited unto events, scored “written” after “responding” to an event. Or inspired becomes the event itself. It's own motivation. Music presently is not intrinsic and distinct reciprocally to the event itself. Music presently is not conversant. Unlike time determinant events music is self sustaining. Inviting our unknowing not instructed response. Meaning much unlike material events “reality” construed in time that are subject to eventual invalidation evidenced as: Ships sinking, planes crashing, car repair, dying, disease. Failed romance, isolation, imprisonment. And music assuredly like prayer heals gives further bearing and elevation to the Eternal opposite of these unstable occurrences. Accepted and encourages as love, prayer, sharing, happiness, birth and death. And your wonderful birthday. Cosmic location we call a day. The Eternal space of you

The music, the tree, the rainbow imagined in an Et4ernal culture kindred all not one less the other. Distinct thus true. Infinities intent the same. Considering durations purpose what activity condition resides “before” music assumes forms chronology. Appreciating the garden knows its flowers before seeds purpose explains. Yet we wonder.  Wandering. Perplexity invites. Praying we smole. Music is nonlinear. Not absolute finality denies. Refining we unfold.  God's our better chore. Thus all inclusive intent and form assume, Cosmic communion. The sun rises behind its own horizon. The same ourselves. Neither birth nor death excludes intent form Creations sway. We predate our own birth. Immaculate preconception. Smiling the same death's attendance. Death's caress before our instructions disguise. Similarly commerce, technologies delivery. We seek validating a reality best denied. Curious. Curious not. Each step success or disappointment step the same. No failure thrives Eternal. No death derives the better word. Progress relevant true once denied. Yet not as denied most true. Each purpose better purpose ascribes. Not unlike natural selections mysterious surmise. Thus Galileo stars explained. Sir Issac Newton, Einstein's gravity same apple different day. The quantum model and the gentle Cosmic wanderer Stephen Hawking. All confide the same. No embarrassment claims the better day. Searching and arriving attend. Each seed the better flower blossoms. Intent and tulip's grace the same. And prayers. Prayer's deeds. Dream's tumbleweeds. Gather endlessly joy. Explained? The oceans know the deserts rain. Yourself love God unforgivable, Eternal refrain. Falling our height sustains...

What speaks dying's death killing's gravity. Death and dying demonstrates another world not the same. Death God's surmise. Dying the earth people tentatively prescribe. Each by whatever Cre+ation's instruction one life's space God confides. And ofby Killing's rift. No question adequately responds. Death and dieing each by whatever leaning Eternity ascribes. Killing death's dying Eternally denies. Killing dying's share less death's promise? One kills another both die. Neighbor's or countries individuals choice the same. Killing time's great manifest: (There is the darkness. There is the Light). Cosmic occurrences we unknowingly recall. Presently in time events that can neither be created nor sustained. Brief Cosmic glimpses. We are compatible without instruction. Eternal echo's of self, non linear language. Currently briefly affecting one individual at “ah time.” When we are the least time designing. Less distracted. Occurrences that do not allude to existing knowledge. Once time insinuated incomplete events, mysterious, relevant, unsolicited brief. What says that saying hears: Answered prayers, coincidence, intuition (not conversant), non reciprocal precognition, forgetting’s appearance, active dreams, not conscious twin intuition, birth and death concurrence,carnational flutter...others weusrecall. Reminding the silence and the light are two active conditions that are compatible with the Eternal “timeless” non linear. Until “while”  engaged in time. Thus brief, not complete. Not conversant and mysterious. (Two reasons). These inclusive non linear events are engaged through linear language. And perceived through predetermined “assigned” intelligence. Now dark events time's acquisition compels. These events are exclusionary, linear. Allude to existing knowledge. Can be created and sustained by humans. Ouccrent and recurrent. Can affect one person or several. But unlike light events which are already Eternally attuned, though conseguent to refinment, dark events by one inspired choice “divine” (a smile, a dream, ah kindness) can be reclaimed to the Light. Dark events are opportunities. Dark occurrences can also “invigorate” the darkness, potential is activity. Offering music transcends both the darkness and the Light.  The silonce sings yearning Light, Eternal well spring. The other your calender invites. The many dying’s. The hungers. Unnecessary anguished tears.                                               

Music's “ageless”  sound transcends form's bordered denial as form ideal timeless symmetry. Otherwise denial's dysfunction would define sound's intent. Music requires no response awareness except sympathies compatible self. The God intended self.  Music is its own response. Creation's all inclusive medium formation not engendering exclusionary-debilitating form. Thus non linearly formulation is sound essential intent. Unless ageless sound form intent treated otherwise “dislocated” in time. As such endings thrive errors remedy. Politely revisiting the Cosmic occurrences, linearily assimlated, luck, coincidence, life, death, prayer's response, healing excetera; events that are realized when an individual is the least time “disruptive” noise sound distracted. Pleasantly alone. Reminding presently the subjective mysterious sound of silence and the light are the two condition activities that are compatible & expressive of the Eternal. The all embracing assembly without exclusionary-conflicting borders....Events that are unlike sound light occurrences that are shared and sustainable (ie) chosen time insinuated are dark events.(We chose between light and dark events, briefly the Light embraced). Darkness evident and active as abrasive sound “noise.” Unresolved unwarranted debilitating sounding. Localized unresolved “denying” sounds. Reminding sounds permeate affect the entire body person. Mechanical sounds. Sounds of damage. Linear discontinuous sounds. Unfriendly other than human soundings. Sounds to which we do not respond ie without remedy. Organically denyoing. Whereas light's ageless sound evident as music are compatible with the infinite Eternal. The non linear beautiful self. Noise is the Eternal denying of the Eternal ageless sound ever presence. (Is laughter music looking for a home?). We can assume noise is a majour factor in the debilitating aging factor. In death decay timeless “Eternal” non linear sound assimilation. In time withering, wrinkles, restless sleep and death's anxiety anticipation. Much noise repeated are the sounds of contrived “artificial” dying.  Noise damages life essence similarly often the consequence of lifelessness. Anguished knocking on Eternities door. The door ourselves. Acknowledging the awed continuity how we die becomes important. Disrutpiv3 noise our witness testimony. Examples. The noise sounds of war. Preparing for war. Killing dieing shared Eternal anguish. The disruptive sounds of a car accident. Machine's metal sounds arguing. The lawn mower. The jet plane. Unwarranted unsolicited television sounds, inconsequential. Violent sounds. Babies desperate crying. Alarming clocks. Recurrent “daily” violent machine sound abrasions. Violent images memoreis sounds. Wounded howling alleged animals. Also consider the odors refuse of sound disruption. The many suffocating pollutions. Unresolved institutional sounds ie prisons. Factory sounds unresolved repetitive-unprotected noise. High decibel music, movie promos, shrill announcements in the super market. Stress condtioned sounds. Emergency sounds.... Similarly and concurrently abrasive noise sounds can be

reversed to their ideal. Loving sounds denial. Each sound a choice. Tender silence choice the same. Obviously preferably before they occur causing trace damage to the entire body. Noises are incomplete, devaluing end based sounds as is all manifested in time. Sound noise unresolved, unsolicited, repetitive accordingly accruing. Considering: Registering “gathering” and countering “resolving” all abrasive sounds experienced during the day, sounds specifically contrary to your DNAs, the enlightened Eternal sound of you would be most joyfully beneficent. Including sound representation of acquired disease “information” and anxiety. Also abrasive sounds evident of human choice, being mean, denying another or self through deception, the unbearable sounds of pain, injury and fear. Unloving God denying sounds. And the Eternal sound of you, Heavenly assigned after death now apparent in deed's opportunity and loives smile. Meet you at the wind chime.

When yioiu refine dieing death's bequest the wonder us shift occurs. Resolving:((Life conceived through dieing anticipating death cessation). Once resolved life preferred as denied and death itself undergo an unparalleled shift. Technology and commerce would similarly compliment. Non-linearity’s embrace explains life and death articulate not one less the other. Kindred continuity alive familiarly astute. What we witness “experience” as the linear decay of a human body is clearly motion intent. Motion releases a sound awareness relevant to the God material moving. Meaning your beceased self. The “source” sound of your all inclusive sound. Which speaks to your genetics. And yiour choices while alive. Shared and individual. All accruing not forgotten as forgotten. An all inclusive life-Cosmic activity that continues. Reciprocal- interactive. After the presumption of death uninterrupted. During and before: The dance continues. The Cosmic ripple. Merrily merrily. Currently an incomplete life's happenstance realized through dieing's freight, hell admonishing Heaven, time based linear disease, Salvation's tentative impatient promise. Fruit's fewer words. Shucks and awe. Perception allows as life explains an example please, the mean and unhappy once nice son of two parents Mr. Adolph Hitler like many choose a life's indifference. Not our own preferred. A life validated by opposition's obstructive denial. In a non linear culture all violence is bad. And unnecessary. A violent act reverts you to the diminishing linear irony of self. (An evolving life continues after death, no ending thrive once begun). All continues the divine conversation does not end.... Attending Eternal memory: You can't have an enemy without being an enemy to yourself. And thus God. Accordingly behave. Can we deny what God perpetuates. We do that not be so, curious. Clarity clarifies. And mystifies. The need to transgress before forgiveness. Thus forgiveness perpetuates the inept God, the preferred self. Need God's love ourselves be the forgiven. War before peace. Hate and love. The nurtured and unfed. What more need be said. Let's put down our weapons. And dance our dance. Spare ourselves further deniable temporary success. God's harvest already ourselves waits. God smile's less our brutalities thrift. Do you agree?            

Babies thrill music's “response” (as musical self)... before they learn language's delay. And invest in death's soliloquy. (One melody embodies another). Similarly plants consent reacting particularly to classical music. Through the contrivance of incremental language we deny our Eternal Cosmic predisposition. Our Godsoulprint. Our music's grace. Dreams we dream. Through time duration the earth people defer, deny, distort their Eternal birthright. Accordingly subsist non Eternally. As such we separate Heaven from earth. Cautioning hells attendance. Consciously “unknowingly” postponing the Cosmic Eternal timeless reality.  Suffering our incomplete uncertain success as progress. Forgiving love preferred. Why we separate life through death. Dying's acquisition is death's instruction. We are curiously assigned. Through unnecessary-unnatural time adaptation we become disconnected linear beings. Non linearly indisposed. We separate all from ourselves. And ourselves from all. We deny Creations seed. The many pollutions speak. You understand? Sometimes more by not. All current understandings once understanding not. Creation our reflection in time approaches the end while ending. Yet we occupy a timeless Universe, God's residence All. Thus our lives come to an end. Concurrently the earth peoples reality is disposable. A species protected by self designed “intended” extinction. Silly dangerous frightened earth people. Brave. And well loved.

The anticipated incremental tense of language similarly inclines. Not so music. Music allows us to transcend the acquired fleeting form of ourselves. Accordingly our anguished temporary existence. Your time disguised reality. Briefly we dance, singing we seek, praying we wander, laughing we breath, birthing we inquire. One Eternal glimpse then another. While the divine mirror unknowingly responds.

Our lives spent rehearsing death. Dying's costume. Profiting from dieing misery.  Promoting death upon each other. Music has never caused a death. Music does not structurally devalue. Music does not end less itself. What music opposes as music does? Musics instrument machines unlike the others discussed. What music requires insurance. Injures. Together we sing one voice. Music duration is sympathetic to form. Transcends while complimenting “reliving” the acquired “imposed” limitations of form. Yet even music is incomplete.

Music language of the Eternal. The planet earth sings. The Milky way listens. All responding. Concurrently. Reciprocally. Not destinations caution. Already there. Always attends greeting's surmise. Music requires no introduction. Appreciation no instruction. Music gentles our success. Motion full light sound convenes. Music inquiry our Cosmic pulse. Who doesn't sing that prays. Might we consider music's deliverance many answered prayers. We dream God explains

The Universe embraces all. Meaning not always consequent to the linear exclusionary disparity of time. The dormant restraints of before and after surrender politely to the timeless awe. Recalling the nice and gentle Asians biologists study at MIT. (Our efforts to learn this gentleman’s name continue). This nice and bold explorer took the DNA code of a fish, a leaf imposed this dynamic over a musical scale. (How we pray to ask?) Got the melody of a fish and a leaf. Next the DNA code of a cancer. Eventually played this structure backwards and got Mozart's Funeral Requiem. Note the reference “backwards.” Ageless “music”  in non time speaks not to inception of presumed disease which otherwise in time from inception would be an “ending” insinuated event. Accordingly intents sustained uncertain and disintegrating. But rather origin, not time consequent. A non linear event, Eternal, not disintegrating, linear irony. Beautifully death Eternally compatible. Not relevant to dying's insinuation.

Inference offers the whimsical Professor Einsteins invites reflection. Inquiring we continue: “When mass (material substance) is constricted enough the curvature eventually becomes infinite.” Suggesting  “interrupted” linear Eternal form reverts to its origin source the infinite. Denial invites resolution. Accordingly the timeless Cosmic garden sprouts. Ourselves the same... presently as choice frustrated potentials compels denied. An initial consideration if we may: Consider the gentle professors observation on mass constriction “reciprocally” as a simultaneous approaching spontaneous event Origin source refining concurrence).. We continue: Waiting for the non linear catharsis.... Ideal mass curvature is a sphere. (A three dimensional circle is a sphere. “O spin's the span.”(Motion's music). A transmutation whereby the triangulated 3 dimensional world is resolved to the one dimensional DNAs refining intent. The definition of dimension speaks. “A property of space, a directional extension of space.” An access way, yourself. Denied we hide. The dimension's non linear endless access of your lives journey. And a voyage's engineered delivery. Inter stellar or bacterial. Waiting wanting we continue....And of reciprocal dimension. A sphere is a Cosmic event wher3eby, in an other than disruptive manner origin acknowledges its own source. Intent result near the same, allowing random happenstance. Similarly non linear design “engineered” intent.  (Music is its own response creating response). Intent event non linearily realized as music's sense not force compels. Observing earth science instructs, there is no denying correlation between intelligence and creativity. The same memory. Music. God. Death. And yourself. Material inconsistency valuated through failure and disintegration and eventual loss of utility-direction is resolved (resolves itself in the absence of disruption) to the non linear Eternal ideal. The eloquent materiality. Form surrenders form to ageless sound. Sounds awareness “instructs” Light evokes the next formulation. The Eternal thrives. Accordingly derives. Simultaneous spontaneity. (Current-concurrent-reciprocity). Non linear awe unfolding. Thus we can learn. And apply. Pray and thrive. All beginnings endings materialize the same not less one not the other. Linearity non linears Eternal seed we pray, often tentatively conceiving the need for our own prayers. Non linear prayers response. Thrives endlessly forver.

This essays presence entitled “Approaching...” The next essay gathering is entitled “Application...” Initially considering two condition perspectives that “explain” material status. (1). Scalar. A term location defined as a quantity specified to a number on an appropriate scale. Examples of “scalar” quantity:: (mass, temperature, time “of course”, pressure, density). This definition also references a device that yields an output equal to output multiplied by a constant. Such as a “linear amplifier.”The second material condition perspective is referenced by the term location “vector” which speaks to direction. The nice people at American Heritage Dictionary define Vector....”A quantity completely specified by a magnitude and direction.” Second definition interestingly. “A dimensional array.” Examples of Vector:: (displacement, force, lift, momentum and drag). A few insight perceptions that will become relevant. *Acceleration ie change in velocity changes time. *Velocity gives you direction. *Direction and quantity gives you Vector. Like all else perceived and actualized thr0ough acquired time displacement. As such time intent explains scalar quantity as  (fragmented or separated) material mass evident as essential incremental measurement-affected by linear effect ie temperature, weight, density. Pressure. These brief, alterable therefore inexact or incomplete condition affects are linearly coerced from the non linear timeless ideal. Explaini9ng the vectors force needed to circumvent however inadequately the non linear functional ideal. Also explaining consequent condition limitations such as drag, pressure entropy, lift prerogatives. Scalar and Vector assessment affect interesting both the condition and intent process result linear limitation. Functional through inconsistent inadequacy. Vector as scalar also reflective of the flow temporal dynamic evident in our culture as life depletion, disease dying.. Exaggerated “forced” in our linear commerce and technology. Determinant reactive conditions that creates “composes”  a drag momentum on the human species. Consequentially and concurrently Creation’s environment which in a compelling sense we know and experience as our future.

What new word's summation will more clearily modify. Claiming well spring the silence. And the Light. The two earthly conditions we Eternally abide. All inclusive, uninterrupted. Without borders less crossing. Infinity at a glance. Muisic we've silently esteemed. Memory not forgotten we deliberated. What else speaks the Eternal not denied. Denial acknowledges Eternal life and death denied. What ageless medium like music light ascribes. The Greek for photograph, “painting with the light.” The photograph. Jimmy Fabrizo runs, the soccer ball nearer the sun, Andy Kydes anticipates. Donny Cloud runs bye. Doris Scudder- Elentia Muniz anticipating cheer. Ageless images Eternity inscribes. Thus we approach the silence. And the Light. Attending another memories garden. A conversation with Carl Zimmerman. Photographer and wonderfull wanderer. What credible activity between the camera and the images photographed.Unwitnessed  Cosmic printings. Eternal oceans. Causality infinity surrounds. Our witness hides. Now years counted ago Sandy Aquila at Memorial Park. Ageless motion picture the words arrive. Explaining harmonic convergence disinclined. Approaching we apply. No flower less our mysteries witness. The silence and the Light. Nearing formations stealth...

What happens to a design event that is not linearly uncertain, evolving through depletion entropy manifest through failure intent, coerced through force, realized through inconsistent temperature, mass density disparity, functional inadequacy suggested by repair deficiency and redundant in completion. Distortive materially contrived events whose designed limitations have peripheral consequences such as pollution, global warming, war deficiency and process instruments suggested by activities like foreclosure and bankruptcy. These flawed results speak effect realized through temporal linear effect. Linearily conditioned events that are flawed from design inception intent as process and as dysfunctional result. When a desired event is not design consequent to entropy, but rather non linear in its origin result scalar quantities such as weight, temperature and time become functionally inclusive. Intact complete. Spherical in nature not linear. Concurrently vector activity such as displacement, direction, force are not consequent to their own limited coercion depletion. Evident presently through what will “soon” by seen as primitive combustion fuel sources. Which includes reactive depletion nuclear fuel. A subtitle to this essay in its charmed simplicity....Inter stellar....”

Beginnings endings deny beginnings desire. Thus the seeds temporary flow, humans masters of the temporary Eternal.  We die proving life worthy of death's caution. What question's answer's apology? Eternities grave Eternity derives? Who reads as listen speaks. God accompaniment All

In a non linear Eternal Universwe you can only be better than yourself. Otherwise opposition's resistance abides. Exclusion festers. Unless thus better shared. The life duration choice is between Enlightenment. And linear oppositional silliness. Dying less death's harvest. We seek our absence abstained as achievement. Dying's anguish death's passport. Blissful anticipation we caution. And dread. Examples invite your gardens seed restrained. Profiting from others misery. Driving while intoxicated. War planning. War activity.We have nade grat feast of violence. Employment, tears and cheers. While families unfed. What good derrives. Lying less the truth's concealment. Excusing others the better worship of yourself. Guilt joined to innocence. Killing to eat gentle alleged animal, our cousins. What list yours better claims the list yourself? The simpler seed explains. Inby a non linear Eternal Universe you can only deny yourself. You can only steal from yourself. Anatomy allows choice refrains. We revisit...we can not devalue another, “including yourself” the nice Betsy Katz offers clarification without devaluing Wilting purpose sad repose. What bargains we reap less tomorrows uncertain growth. Hu The Eternal non linear the same. Once denial prospers linear irony festers. Attending pleasantly a many years past ago conversation with the nice God conversant Dr. Elaine Schwartz about jealousy. What virtues jealousy that does not deny less denials weight. Weighing we wonder inviting logic's gift. If “I” am envious of another person's car, should I in thought or deed pr4efer his own car mine. Accepting his unhappiness my pleasures four wheel drive. Curious transactions we derive alone. The other day chatting with the nice poetry’s gentle companion Nadine Long. Wondering and wandering: In a non linear culture jealously speaks to self love? Aware knowingly reaching for the articulate Eternal. God expressive miraculously astute. Complete this incomplete gathering space with a partial question. What are colors non linearly. Do you know? Non linearly all senses one. Not less languages reach. Our denying culture. Noise cuations abstention. Once again drownings thirst, intelligence assigned intelligence denied.

A brief embrace if we may. Logic and logistics. When dislocation isn't consequent to displacement a fundamental shift has occurred. Evident of asymmetrical gravity. Worm hole assimilation. Non linear intent design? Approaching application. Mom and Dad invite. Rover and Leonard Nimoy

We know death our blind eye. Deceased? Who gathers Eternities tears? Beceased witness prayer's breath.Cosmic purpose derives.The music beckons. We witness corpse's decay, life's disappointment. Actually musics sway. Thus love's truth better resides. All motion releases sound relevant to its source. Ageless sound non linear's grace. All inclusive “includes” your linear life. Deeds and chores and dreams. Apologies and schemes. No seed's flower extinguished. Aware articulate. Uninterrupted we continue. The after life's lost mirror God's gift redeemed. Laughter life's sublime smile. Well earned arrived. Lovingly delivered. “The beat goes on.”  Who speaks silently listens. Well attended, we. Celestial accompaniment.

Can we agree prudently inon space.  God source origin space.  Non linear Eternal timeless space. We adapt to time consequently deny. We are born into a preexisting space that predates us. And the planet earth.  A space that predates our birth. As we predate ourselves. The Cosmic seed. Before the funny slippers. And belt buckle. Thus you preexist yourself. God's instruction. Becomes your zoning waiver. God's endless embrace before you parents loving invitation. Yes an Eternal space, active, ever lasting. Current humans reveal by interrupting, distorting, denying. And deferring. Harnessing time-dieing instructs death the end. Endlessly. Thus we master God our consent. Many religions one delivery. Portions, notion and lotions. We separate the Eternal self. Space time someone said. Love's thirst quenched while dieing. Approaching death the frivolous mystery. The final separation. Explained by incremental “separating” words. The end of our linear preoccupation. The beginning of our Eternal “non-linear” consent. Through your tentative life defined God defer-end existence. We wait forgiving ourselves our purpose that we be worthy of love's consent. We sing one voice ourselves. Preferred. Cosmically gwently amplified. Dance silently esteemed. Light amended. And amending. Praying we wait praying we do. We forgive God's love. Anticipating our better love ofby God. Learning all ourselves. The hummingbird, the elephant and the whale, the peaceful army, the little girl with the little boy. Cosmic neighbors. The stars beckon. Dreams touching. Galaxies, butterflies, consenting flowers. Let's please continue. Already begun


Essays, Glimpses & Consequentials


Dr. Wisman and the Light

Formation iNi

Origin Source


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Evolving Collective Assimilation

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Word Silence

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Meditating Sphere

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Wind Gravity


The Room

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Ageless Buddhist

Displacement Frequency

Wemo Adora

Graduate Divine

Intergalactic Earth Ironies


Eric's Musical Spere

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Ageless Isabella

Noam Chomsky and the Light

Destruction a Linear Event

Missing Canvas

Corresponding Memory

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Leaves Fall Rising

Duplicate Universe

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Ageless Rainbow

Credit Card Sphere

Prison Sphere

Prairie Schooner and the Light

Life Insurance Sphere

O's Cancer


Ageless Rodney We Love You

Ageless Tammy

O 4th Dimensions

Pneumatic Resonance

Resonant Linear Assimilation


An Opening

Tier Assimilation

Light fully Elaine

Assassinations Opiates
Nuclear War

Non Linear Machine

All There Is Is All There Is

Echo's response "Concurrence"



Acabamos Manana Empezamos Hoy


Chaos Theory Completed


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