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& Charlie&


-refining reciprocating junctures-


… similarly we dream…

The current humans like our ancestors based an understanding of themselves, Creation’s environment and the Universe on the applied belief that all material eventually disintegrates beyond value’s direction. People, animals, trees and flowers would die-dematerialize without further value. We concluded this curious irony was natural. We behaved accordingly. All our choices are limited by this singular determinant. We invested our existence on disintegration that culminated without utility, without continuous purposefully direction. We became Cosmically displaced, separate, Cosmic unequal. We altered our surroundings, hunted other life forms, turned violence on one another-confirming our faith in God and ourselves through aimless disintegration and wavering dislocation. We accepted we were going die, afraid, alone and incomplete. Certitude reliant on probability. Why do the earth people continue this Cosmic indiscretion? Can we only prove the value of our existence by denying our lives?

Initially our acquired disintegration way of living did not include any understanding of the Universe. Other life forms appear not to have an awareness of death’s futility. We continue our lives through this ironic lifestyle. Since you have to die in order to get to Heaven, the earth peoples bond with God is similarly incomplete. The earth peoples worship is limited to the planet earth. Denying our Cosmic origin. You worship God on your exclusionary terms. Your faith is valid as uncertain. We whisper. “God is not your gift to offer.” Accordingly as discretions allows, you deny.

The initial observation was partially correct. The Universe which includes the planet earth doesn’t disintegrate beyond it’s own utility, without value, without nurturing direction. We are part of the Universe. The Universe prevails as itself. The earth people’s applicable beliefs do not decide the Universe flow. Yet the earth people accept their lives are without permanence. All is eventually lost as witnessed. We are the many ways lost death invested. Humans destroy. We are often unhappy. And deliver unhappiness to others. Accordingly we anticipate.

The infinite Universe cannot tolerate disintegration or death without utility if the Universe did so infinity would stop and likely be otherwise compromised. Suggesting the infinite Eternal would end…remember infinity is endless? Without infinities spontaneous continuity its beginning would have been its ending. (But of this only God knows). Obviously continuous meaning not defined through interruption or separation that is without continuous utility. If the uninterrupted therefore spontaneous (infinite) were separated from itself, infinity, along with the Universe, would stop instantaneously. Unlike the human adaptation the Cosmos unfolds as space aspires- inspires space… not space in spite of space while denying space as a relevant continuous essentially spontaneous location.

Pausing as words permit a non-linear, timeless effect that is immediate. And spontaneous otherwise denied as repressed: Your parents, their parents, therefore yourself “removed-deceased” how many times before we arrive at a status that predates the materializing of the planet earth, still your Eternal parent the Light. Yourself. The same joyously the tree, the rivers and humming birds. Your dreams. Yesterday, today and tomorrow as one the same. Indeed “eventually and potentially” are condition junctures that predate this planetary awe. Thus you blossom before God’s intent. Not to suggest we don’t have a say …if saying you will…. Acknowledging humans cannot know all. And as knowi9ng be…

As beggars yearn for love, I ask. One question… can we shift from our collective disintegrating experience and adapt ours lives to the infinite Universe that is not based on the uncertain-futile dematerializing, both intent and substance culminating disposable without directional utility. (Very curious). Can we evolve beyond our self-defining demise? Can our technology, our Cosmic expression of self, transcend our flawed irony valuated through intrinsic failure, non-directional dematerializing and hatred. Assume our riole in the Universe divine intent…

Please understand though resistant we are already partial to infinities flow because we are part of the Universe. Consequently we are left with two conflicted worlds. Our world that is based on one protocol. Everything that begins ends- disintegrates without valued continuity. And a second world, the infinite Universe that is endless- not disintegrating. (Aren’t infinity and the Eternal One-all God’s not less God- or again infinity would be ruptured less itself). Eternity’s woes. In our world we exist as the many ironic separations…death, car accidents, disease, wars. Unbearably you know the remaining poverties, our witness. All in our chosen lives…dies disappearing without any further utility to the living and the deceased self. Not surprisingly our earthly perceptions are realized through material and temporal inconsistent measurements that are also not completely in keeping with infinities uninterrupted flow. Your chosen lives valuated through incremental aging leading to death are another example. Our ambiguous time based language and mathematics are the way we try to express-sustain and co0ntrol our dematerializing separations giving relevance to the Cosmic irrelevance that is us. We witness and treat the flowers, bees, and the rivers as ourselves… temporarily, uncertainly, with no regard for their role and ours (in) infinity…. Our plans even when successful are Cosmically unsympathetic. Accordingly initiated. Resulti9ng in events that are eventually delegated “separated” to an inactive past. Is maybe another word for life? Lives question’s seed unfolds, what is a material destination refining less linearity’s flux? What is our timely existence not measurable as diminishing?

Whispering as flowers wonder… can we be compatible with infinity and so benefit? Mean9ing can we live a less tentative, desperate dematerializing life like the rest of the Universe. Understand please while anticipating your fuller insights… infinity is without defining borders (therefore without separations that are diminishing), infinity is also all embracing therefore does not thrive by excluding or separating beyond infinity’s utility. Interestingly the one material condition that satisfies these conditions (is) the Light. (The human dilemma). When we engage our current self we fracture the Light. Eternity implores. How can the two worlds be brought together that we might be delivered from our futile separations. Intriguingly the sound of silence has the same qualities as the infinite Light. Silence is all embracing; the silence is without constricting borders therefore separations that are incomplete or without utility. Once engaged either the Light or the silence through our linear cause followed by uncertain effect, the Light and the sound of silence disperse. We are not discussing a silence you know. Each life form has it’s own distinct sound of silence as does the Universe and that sound is called the Light…. Acknowledging you interrupt-separate silence its no longer silence. Our lives suggest we are capable of experiencing in a limited manner the silence that is intrinsic to each life form. The Eternal Light silence of al life forms individually and collectively. The sound of Creation unfolding. But this presence is not sustainable and as such not interactive. (Silence reassembles “holding as holding the Light” or the rupture would be definitive. Thus Eternal silence is the sound of Eternities Light refining. The Light flows the silence sings. Through this silence, not linear sound, the proposition is that you can bond with the infinite Light. Our origin source, our birthright. All linear is derived from the Cosmic spherical. Can we assume that the linear irony valuated through time will eventually revert to the Cosmic sphere?

We are discussing a sound of silence (a substance non-linear location spontaneous in nature) that we are not presently consciously familiar. You might ask is there any evidence in our lives that suggests this sound of silence bonding with the light? Yes…these Light occurrences do not come from another person including yourself or a linear machine and when fully realized these Light full events do not allude to any body of knowledge that explains or justifies our existence. Suggesting that the occurrences come to us without separation… only casual to light event which suggests spontaneity. Also these Light events only happen to one person during the linear, perhaps introduced by one person though the spontaneous light event is all-inclusive therefore all-distinguishing. (The question’s persist we continue). Minimizing displacement, inferring silence actualizing a timeless a casual Light occurrence. An event that appears to actually stops time, thereby sustaining spontaneity as opposed to our incremental displacing process finalized as dematerializing that as an end point finalizes without utility, presence or direction. (Obviously a spontaneous non-time event resolves non- utility to the infinite uninterrupted continuity). Demonstrating our organic displacing physiology is compatible with the Light. Also suggesting the likelihood that these Light events are sustainable-interactive and as such can be either expressible and possibly be created, assimilated or duplicated in some manner. (The actual event condition is unclear. Perhaps essentially so). Imagine an interactive intuitive conversation, interactive spontaneous remission; two sharing meditations as one, effecting a spontaneous event like resonant inter stellar travel suggested by quantum corridors and the impending presently incomplete black hole. When the material time oppositional flux ceases “time stops” (meaning our fragmenting-linear material time interchange)… materiality becomes coherent, spontaneous-the linear anomalies like distance, weight, torque, mass displacement, oppositional-coherent gravity are no longer ironically relevant, but valid as resonant…. Sympathetic with infinity not interrupting and random (conditions presently exaggerated by linear technology). Accu8mlated non-utility no longer is valueless (ie) assumes “returns” to the spontaneous refining flow. What does this resonance (I) pray suggest about our spirituality? Our discourse with the divine. Presently a linear displacement through our anguished, ironic lives is defined through death, our spirituality is institutionally-culturally fragmented, and Heaven and earth are separate…. Timelessness speaks either concurrence or interaction with the Eternal. We pause to pray, lets continue…. But when these events occur we defuse-splinter the silent-light event through our separating-linear lives. These Light occurrences are not only fragmented once intact, before presence yielded to process, meaning they are altered from their Cosmic ideal (as) they become evident…. While we become aware and beneficent they are already incomplete-other than ideal. We don’t sustain, nurture ourselves through these occur rent Light junctures. (But once visited by the Light can we sustain the bliss?). These “one way limited ” sound Light events we presently know as… luck, coincidence, precognition, spontaneous remission, faith healing, placebo, intuition, answered-unanswered prayers, spontaneous love “love at first sight”, sleep. And the presumption of disease that currently is validated as demateri8alzing-otherwise disruptive allowing that disease relevant to cure or non-cure represents ruptures of the infinite continuity. Two other events are born through the Light sound silence… your birth and your death. And you’re impending self. (Politely reminding your body’s design predates the materializing of the planet earth (ie) humans did not design their own bodies). As well conditional events such as luck, remote viewing, precognition, myths, archetypes that are presently repressed-not completely neither realized nor sustainable. Also new occurrences that would become apparent when we begin to respond to Light events reciprocally. What else waits just beyond our disjointed reality? Acknowledging all is infinite, without end, including what is presently referred to as information, knowledge and anticipated new fields of endeavor. Reminding…when you are born we are without language, you have no dependent awareness of disintegration or death, we are not effecting casually oppositional separations, your innate intelligence is not yet linarily displace, our union with God is not based on depersonalized instructions. The Cosmic God continues through the baby child similarly all life forms like humming birds, flowers, river valleys and the planet earth. Until with the best of intentions our parents start “teaching” us what they were taught… the separating way that we learn obligingly. Linear sustenance becomes Cosmic irony. When you assume the status of death you are no longer separate as separating you are returned to the infinite Eternal. Cause and effect are no longer linearly oppositional… you evolve without dislocation. As in birth you are not limited to incremental language, you are dematerializing, but not without utility-direction, cause has become effect (effect cause enough)…. You are beyond incremental worship. You are gathered to God. Separati9ng no longer ironically influencing and determinant. We can assume after death there is an (interactive) awareness “presence” activity or our deaths would rupture the infinite continuity. If there were no sustainable interaction after-during death we would return to separation without utility. The Universe location would become dislocated. What is the exact nature of our deaths, interaction after death? Your are realizing, yes? We search. But we can’t know all and remain human. Who we can be we cannot fully anticipate. (We are off spring of the Light). Invariably less ourselves we search, discovery’s haste. Too much is not enough and more will never be. We are not ourselves. We resist our burdens designed as carried (or) nurture self esteem and reward by compelling the burden upon others. Our responses are incomplete, sometimes wrong thus improving. Consequently more incomplete than our awareness presently suggests. What miracle you wait not yourself?

Linearly dematerializing beyond values utility thus we are disguised, denying our spiritual Cosmic birthright. With the good of love’s intentions our parents impose on us the beginning of our earthly masquerade, our separating Cosmic self. We are born as spontaneity affords, our bodies are non-linear, without discriminations language, inertia’s linear intelligence, two parents relocating not one, parents carry us about inferring as displacing begins our disguised dependency on self through others, institutions and God less ourselves. (Not that we should not be caressed as carried, but the question…taken where?) Much of this Cosmic dislocation before we learn the vitality of…no. We aspire desperately we continue. How we react to our disguise, how we share the concealing and the nature of the disguise itself determines who we will be duri9ng our life’s sharing…. You can’t choose a path chosen for you. “Our” linear masquerade is developed through the linear skills (ie) language, linear intelligence, our relationship with the environment therefore ourselves based on disintegration (ie) dematerializing alteration. Through these activities we devalue our relationship with God. And are reminded of the devaluation. Our existence is based on failure, randomness, destruction, pain or the anticipation of the same. Not easy being human. Not easy at all. The tragedy is not that we suffer. But that we suffer much needlessly, compounding our burden, often as recourse of choice we visit our pain and failures on others. Pragmatically often as part of our sad social contract.

Many people resist their disguise that we often experience as “our success.” A disguise culturally esteemed on how effectively we compel others in maintaining their mask. How do humans resist their un heavenly veil…we give ourselves away to drugs, alcohol, over eating, we smoke deadly cigarettes, we accept insanity, we despair in our questions, we invite prison’s risk, self absorption redeems, we rehearse suicide notes, some seek solitude, we hide in our Holy Temples, we hide at work- lost- always under qualified. Great resources are extended trying to reclaim seekers who are determined in their struggle, often without success. People appear not to be willing to give up their self induced misery, in order to return to the fullness of the encouraged disguise. Why? The reasons are individual of course. One reason must be that people realize “intuitively” that if they are not part of the prevailing masquerade, the seeker is God attendant, however desperate…sadly often the seeker is convinced of their own unworthiness. And there struggle is not without impairment further denying self and awareness thus the bliss denied continues brave as Cosmically self deceived, but hopeful and searching. Most curious if (I) may an additional thought. What place of God is this word, when God to each is not God the same as God is the same to all?

Those seeking beyond their disguise are often unhappy. They deny their bliss because they wont surrender their misery, reclaiming fully there lessons perception to Creation’s community. The neighbors multitude, stars, friends, family, trees, happy frogs alike. What choice returning to dismay’s disguise, the answer is the question, the choice of self. Having learned miseries lessons alienations conceit affords transcendence. What else hesitates return? Much effort is made by those who value their concealment to convince the seekers that they are unlike themselves unworthy…that unless they return to their linear disguise they will and should remain miserable. It seems often the seekers accept the assigned unworthiness. The loss of self-love, less able to accept the love of others, coupled with their desolation…the seekers benefiting from life’s journey and being able to share the acquired value becomes too difficult. The redeemers persist in defense (resistance as well) of their own disguise, eager that you deny their own self-contempt by your return… insisting there is no other choice, but to return to the linear fold, the linear human’s success. Rewards are offered. Kind healers assist. Families implore the return of the dejected seekers. Biblical contemporaries walked the desert seeking God, encouraging deprivation, risking death. Current seekers walk the barren desert of self. Most not returning blissfully well learned-inspired to their community… continuing miserable, self-deceiving, angry, intoxicated, lost. Allowing misery to become their final protest, their solitary oblique disguise, yearning alone and self centered. Is why the answer?

Much is taught, well loved of truth and sincere whose value is less its effect. Our promises are brave and good as temporary. Disguise continues. We separate Heaven from ourselves that we might otherwise reside. Death less life avails transcendence. Humans have determined God’s gift of life disposable. The Eternal waits our speculation. The testimony enfolds, body and soul are separate. The kindred of soul wait on death. The suggestion that spirit is not material, foreign to the body, not interactive allows the schism that defines our existence and renders our bond with God ambiguous, indirect and exclusionary. Spirit is surrogate to death and the Holy Temple. Thus spirit, the individuals evolving divinity bond with God, waits deaths judgment while sublimating will and destiny to the Holy institutions. Further separation body from soul allows our human corruptions and conceits of body because the soul is dormant, rendered unavailable. And what is “God’s forgiveness” without sustainable sin. As such we cannot reach our fully expressive and shared divinity while alive. As a result your love is true as preference forgives. What love forgiven still God’s love? Thus martyrs instruct death’s value. Original sin proves God inept. Holy Temples must arbitrate the irony they perpetuate, heaven not earth, and life true as death instructs. Transgression becomes inevitable as necessary. All conditions and accommodations limiting God to the human irony. Thus choice compels not choice enough our linear irony insists. Life less death not enough…

Amidst the struggle, darkness and denial there is reprieve as well. We are bold of learning. And willing to challenge ourselves to the better place of being. And truly there are other Light events imbued in silence, shared as such, not realized through linear language and other displacements. Hugging, kissing, becoming love or the coupling of two as one, our non-linear bodies abound… meditation, prayer response and embracing. What others? True each hug, each kiss is a distinct Light occurrence. A kiss holds Eternities moment. Is it not interesting that often when people who are hugging release one another seemingly without decision. (We hold the Light together ourselves). We fall asleep and waken without deciding…by passing linearity-nocturnal “coincidence” unfolds. Similarly life and death. Understand please I am not writing about our current death practices. I’m writing about life. Our life repressed.

Do we understand? Sometimes hope’s better touch does not understand. Not understanding we dream. Often we pray, meditate because we understood. And we make love, once gently agreed, un needing of explanation’s understanding. When we don’t know God knows. We continue in spite of our displacement evidenced through language, our devotion to the diminishing material- time interchange. Yet are not words locations on the celestial map. Always revealing Heaven disguised less our Eternal selves. When we make love, become love…a shared unique motion of silence ensues, yearning’s inquiry. Evolving-holding silence the Light… all-embracing, all distinguishing, “near” un bordered. The artist knows our non- linear bodies Cosmically resplendent. The unique Eternal sound of two. Through this union God’s children are born. And like sleep, coincidence, prayer’s answer, birth, death, miracles, orgasm, healing, union of sperm and egg, (the exact juncture)… is not born through human choice, as well the human body is not of human design- as a result un bordered, all distinguishing…realized silently, accordingly sensitive to the infinite Light Eternal. When union occurs there is no other earthly relevance other than the essential selves. And the Eternal Light. But unlike intuition, luck, precognition, spontaneous remission, coincidence (the union of two loving humans) is sustained, reciprocal and willful. (The aforementioned openiongs to the Cosmos denied their reciprocal fullness in our casually oppositional world). Further proof of our Cosmic roots, our Cosmic disposition, our ability to communion amidst Eternity: Becoming love…our brief sustaining, reoccur rent- cherished glimpse Eternal.

“When earth people have sex”

Love (in) the Light)

direction destination one

disclosing, irony beautifully Unfolding:

two join (silently)

Like miracles, luck, remission, prayer’s answer…released (sustained reciprocally)

Linear casual opposition yields, love’s sphere

moving holding … warm motion moistures grace…

silence sings


love’s gathering soul

quietly forever dreams

…Where is love…

stars, galaxies and us

Earthly Cosmois sublime

“in loving you8 we have been loved”

Love yearns as yearning loves

God discloses

kissing bodies join

two as one not less any other

becoming love

Evoking … God’s deliverance

Origin parent source (baby light child being)

God origin parent. Parents origin source

before prayers were prayers were once before…


spontaneity Light fully


Recollection’s fountain



starlight river’s valley-_- God remembered

as love remembers God

coupling infinities vow)

Our disposable devotion disintegrates without utility, linear alteration. Our dreaded death orientations explains our desperate lives through which we rupture our bond with God and violate God’s Creation environment. Surely to some extent we are going to continue separating. Our separate body forms require. As suggested we will fall from a ladder (more or less), we will accordingly climb and design the ladder. We will continue to misrepresent events and ourselves through error, luck or ill intent. Yet each silent kiss beholds Eternal. We witness miracles not less ourselves. Thus the silence speaks the Light we. Potentially Light affluent we are. Still we will divorce to prove we were married. And we will eventually separate-translate our bodies to the “sad” story of death. Continuing the uninterrupted life as interrupted. Yet we search, we continue…please note as clarity allows. The Universe gardens itself (as) separation unfolds…the issue is whether the separations disintegrate without utility as humans practice or are the dematerializing separations (refining) sympathetic with infinite Eternal…purpose-utility-direction continues. Eternity reveals Eternally.

The aforementioned insights, openings, parallel some important scientific insights that have not been fully implemented into our lives: The nice and gentle Professor Einstein argued that the Universe is timeless. This observation, do you agree, makes sense because the Universe is endless or infinite. And time is based on endings and diminishing beginnings that will eventually become an inactive-separate past. The nice Professor offered his way through another observation; “there are no straight lines in the Universe.” You can only produce a straight line through devalued separation…a straight line evolves when we separate or deliver one event or condition to another less the initial condition or event. Both devalued as tentative acknowledging the linear activity might fail, result in confusion or surprises. Yet the linear process represents an initiate juncture, like everything else in the Universe that need not devolve linarily. But in our current adaptation we never make it to the other side of the street because our effort defined essentially by possibility. Our departure our destination are tempered. (We also design the street accordingly). One example of this oppositional linear activity birth followed by death non-continuous. Indeed our entire material-spiritual reality is derived through ironic disintegration, inconsistency and devaluation. We know the good of God because we acknowledge the bad of ourselves. We know God best through death, the disposing of God’s gift of life on linear terms. Other examples: body and soul are separate, Heaven and earth separate and apart. killing and dieing while killing…. Our lives are unnecessarily out of sync with the Eternal Universe. Our Cosmic residence. We are out of step wioth ourselves, our Cosmic identity.

Two questions listen…what activity condition will bring us to a world that is not reliant on linear separation and devalued timely disintegration? The answer is spontaneity (our current term). More precisely given our organic linear limitations…simultaneous spontaneity or directional DNAs spontaneity. Meaning simply… everywhere at once. (The somewhere of always). What activity event assumes who you are? What activity event will assimilate who you can become? What chosen event condition will compel the sympathetic spontaneity? Any answer’s question less yourself, less yourself retrieves…. When you can identify or “create” an event that is spontaneous you no longer have separations, you aren’t involved in uncertain-troubling linear degraded activity events, you are no longer reliant on time dislocation…material time interchange. The separations of an inactive past, an uncertain present and a un guaranteed-ambiguous future that creates the material ironic interchange that presently can only culminate through non-utility. (Purposelessness). Through spontaneity we have an activity presence, Ever presence, compatible with infinity. We area in the midst of a timeless, un-fragmented world. We are no longer involved in disintegration death condition that is without purpose…without life continuity. Whatever disintegration and death become, they have value and purpose. You are free. There is no separation between you and your Cosmic life, other life forms and God.

May we interrupt ourselves… uncertainly? No effort is complete most particularly by its conclusion. Several more points, junctures. The most of logic lasting (it seems) is memorable by its brevity: Infinity and timelessness given our own fragmented-displacing self-application are difficult to conceive when the perception and its inevitable expression invalidate the two. Eve3n more so in application.

The juncture in question. Interestingly memory like the presumed sound of silence and the Light (is) not functionally affected through time displacement our dematerializing irony. The memory of you sneaking up to the punch bowl at your high school prom is timeless (therefore without end). The same bow tie, the same eighteen year old. The material memory remains intact. Also like music, silence and the Light memory do not have to be altered, interpreted or defused through thinking or any other formulation in order to be assimilated. (The memory is its own response unlike intelligence). Not ours therefore the Lights or Gods. And unlike the sum and substance of our linear casual experience the memory does not have to be integrated into an accepted-structured body of knowledge. Whose integrity and expression is relevant and viable through the eventual dismissal of the knowledge in question. Further a memory appears to the near of spontaneous in nature. Its causality is curious….Only as curious as we allow ourselves to be?

Considering all this is material therefore materially applicable we have come upon an “idea” most significant. Yes through functionally actualized material memory we can harmonically resolve the schism between our timely displacing and de- materilaizing world the infinite uninterrupted Cosmos. The question was asked by a friend. “Can there be a memory without the event?” Of course in timelessness they are near one the same. God intent. The Universe perhaps God remembering God. Recalling only God can remember an event as it happens. Interestingly as mentioned a baby is responsive to music upon the initial contact with music. Not needing instruction. Does this not suggest a baby remembers music prior to birth? Gently once again. Maybe? Is maybe another word for life?…. A baby is without language, without choice, non-localized, without perception. The basic ways through which we displace (separate) ourselves from the Light. Also a baby is not aware of death. Never finally a babies relationship with God is not one of instructions knowing, of believing, of preference…. But one of Being. Indicating again that the mere presence of form, which displaces the Light I initially thought is not correct. The interaction of form. Meaning choice separates us from God. We are all of us one choice away from bliss.

May we continue? Do you understand beyond words carriage: The timeless Light is all embracing, Eternally all distinguishing…. Infinitely continuous. As such there can be no endings. No death. Only beginnings evolving without loss of purpose-material value…. Unfolding beginning refining. (Life) not dematerializing without usefulness as in our “present” existence, which is revealed through altering “our” material world to confirm the one adaptation that explains our entire existence, everything that begins ends while ending. Endings that can manifest at any time. A dispossessing condition we can effect on others, ourselves and on God’s Creation environment. Consequently God. The human’s version, practice, of death is a condition that makes the (life body) stop… end. Lose direction …cease interaction. Death is a static reflection of our acquired dematerializing process that culminates without direction‘s purpose. (The death of all not just human)…the near opposite of the spontaneous, timeless Universe whose usefulness is Eternally refining. We whisper, “Eternity has value, Eternity is materially continuous. Nothing disappears nothing is disposable. All reappears not less itself the Light otherwise separation would prevail less itself, less infinity.”

Presently the humans have separated themselves from the all embracing- distinguishing-un separated Light, the Infinite Eternal. Therefore the Cosmic God. We have designed an existence that is contrary to the Eternal rule of the Universe. And carried this design into Heaven by separating our life experience from the Heavenly reference. By living less Heavens awareness…. Indeed the earth people must surrender the body given to them by God in order to enter into “God’s kingdom.” We have created two worlds. Two worlds that deny each other. While yearning for one we deny the other…we live in neither. (In separating the Universe from itself you deny your own residence). Your Cosmic existence. You’re Light being. And in doing so, you deny the Light being of all life forms on this planet. Not essentially as an act of malice, but through not knowing because we think that we do. Is not our greatest conceit fear?

Can we deny what we are not aware of? Apparently is this not the activity we call, “my life.” An existence that is contrary to the Light essence of a baby child. Your Light derivative dream’s sleep, prayer’s response, miracles reciprocal witness, your lucky day, spontaneous healing of an offered disease? And the interactive condition status that you repress as death, less life, less Heaven. If we are not dead we anticipate-plan-invest in dieing. Cause others to die. And base our exclusionary entry into Heaven less God’s gift of life. Life and death neither one both the other. Meaning both an active Cosmic affirmation of Eternity as Eternity. (Politely acknowledging our death is ours, but not the invitation. The same our birth not ours. Our lives?) Dissimilarly if we can unknowingly assert “denial” can we benefit from unfamiliar goodness while affecting its negating opposite identified as “our lives?” Should we hold this answer as its question? While not waiting in time.

We believe that the value of death is that death is an end to life. The body no longer has any use. The body is without purpose. We politely dispose of the body. The body it’s determined has no utility or interactive value. Humans apparently accept that God has created a life being, a body status that is disposable. Whose material summation is without direction. They live accordingly, the half-life of themselves. We effect “get away” with this curious arrangement by separating body and soul. (As such you can delay the fullness of our divinity). Also the earth people separate-disconnect resurrection from reincarnation, death from life, earth from Heaven. Actually we separate everything from ourselves as and through ourselves… who we are and will be….We exploit the death of others while attending our own funerals. Humans fracture their Cosmic root. The conversant path of our Eternal continuous being.

Because humans believe that death means that it’s over… life ends (the body stops)… suggesting it doesn’t matter how you die because death has no life value once you are deceased. But in the Cosmos all is relevant and revealing. Eternally. (Continuously influencing all, everywhere, always). It matters how you live, it matters how you die. There is truly functionally a world’s difference between being delivered “dieing” in a God life intended manner. And killing…. assuming yourself as God in a dark partnership with another. Denying God. Denying God’s home, yourself. (There is but one sin. And that sin is killing. All other sins can as challenge be realized as love). Also these event choices are Eternal in result. Your Cosmic journey does not begin with your birth and does not end with the your death. (Interesting presently what we know about death is the assessment of the living whose “functional” knowledge of death is non-existent, not inter active). Our awareness of death is pragmatic, valuated through fear, profit, mythology and resolved through humanized spiritual allegory. Meaning a sublimated idealized life based on angels, saints, celestial beauty, linear subjective judgment, compliant virgins, resolved and redeemable suffering. Are these formulations intrinsic as Eternal? Yes all is not less itself unfolding. Reminding all is material except time. The spontaneous Eternal does not exclude, does not invalidate. But is all embracing, all distinguishing. Consider please how you see you are seen you will be. And whereas Heaven is denied as your planet, Heaven cannot be denied as Heaven. Heaven is and as such is so. As such forever so. Whatever the human whimsy. Inclusive of all plus minus your self-convincing denials. Infinite Eternal Heaven evolves as nurturing. God…our Godsoulprint. Cause and affect one. What more breathe of word than wonderful?

We defuse and confuse our Cosmic presence through forgiveness. Forgiveness gives substance-direction to transgression. Love assumes as love. (Forgiveness is valued as repeated. Love requires no repetition less itself). The earth people are only adequate as inadequacy they define. The one forgiven valid as forgiven. Deficiency relies on forgiveness. Loving whatever the deed accepts the deficit as loves challenge. Learning and love embrace. Pain instructs…. Forgiveness impedes inquiry. Apology and forgiveness fruit’s seed the same. All is God’s gift. Forgiven? Alive you wait for who you already are… What celestial map forgives its own destination? Self and destination the same. Forgive yourself deny God’s love? Forgiveness confirms sin less the ideal of ourselves as love. Hence what sin. What love forgiven still God’s love? Can denial be proof of the existence denied? Anger-fear-greed-violence denied as love is love explained as forgiven. We avail our earthly seed through dismissal… delegating events to the inactive past while redeeming the immediate to the dormant future. Whose results are at times disastrous. We live accordingly. We have nowhere to go because we are already there. We forgive our existence. Forgiving life to death as death. Such is the curious bargain of the material time interchange. Inby the infinite beginnings Eternity embraces all as Eternity.

The Cosmic life does not begin or end with us. The confusion is understandable. We have a body we must feed, rest, offer as life and love. Eventually release as ourselves. A body through which we pray and accept God’s offerings. Eventually something dramatic and confusing happens. The body stops. Requiring no “linear” nourishment, no longer asking or offering. Opposition’s duality no longer abides irony. We have entered into a life activity we only vaguely understand. And appreciate. Our linear options, lifestyles, based on beginning and endings, on ironic separations, on killing, dieing and distorting has from our confused perspective been left behind. Not true actually assimilated. You’ve returned, never left, from whence you came the Light. Dancing between the stars. Our journey is a Cosmic one. Your earthly activities are (un separated) spherical, not less themselves, spontaneous. Thus Cosmically defining…refining. (The darkness waits the Light?) You dwell amidst the Eternal while denying pleasantly the same. Pleasantly you dwell amidst your success while denying the Eternal.

Currently the condition of death unfolds not as non-directional decay, but an actualizing intimate motion of decay (truly not decay at all) evoking a sound relevant to its material nature of the life form unfolding. The sounds of your uninterrupted genetics. Thus genetics, molecular structure are the near final linear hold. Released reciprocally through the interactive assumption of death. The same by your discretion while you are alive. Concurrently when you die you don’t “go to4 Heaven” you stay. Upon death (sometimes life) all life forms become Heaven the Light. Similarly your linear life experience. Communing assuming reciprocally the Cosmois. Reminding as choice you know. The darkness screams frequencies absence. Consuming the Light? There is good there is bad. Chose one be yourself. Thus answer Cosmically. Acknowledging in a spontaneous Cosmos the only one you can wait for inby God is yourself. Share accordingly. Beautifully Eternally. Thus the Cosmos refining.

We sense a world reality beyond our own because we pray. Because we are sad and lonely. Reprieved we return to the lonely sad of self. We anticipate another world because we explain Heaven while denying our divinity. Because we brave our temporary questions. We wonder. We wander. Unloved we can offer love to others. Because we know a miracle not less those who witness. We anticipate another world reality because we don’t want to be bad. Because pain is temporary. Because we’ve gotten better at life. And are willing to share that goodness with others. We yearn for another reality because we ask questions of God. And are suspicious of our answers. And because we wait for more while protecting our children from our success. We feel another reality because we prefer loving. And knowingly we deny the after life while living. Because we laugh when were alone. And cry when were together.

Walking through God’s garden the song of self. Quietly again for the first time. Watch Creation watching us. We whisper life responds. Your parents, their parents, therefore yourself, the trees, the river valleys, the humming birds the same (removed) how many times before we arrive at a condition status that predates the materializing of the planet earth. Still your parent, God the Eternal Light. Arriving? Not one way reciprocally the same. Cosmic conversation…. Life and death speak not one less the other. The Light embracing already attendant. The same your birth before the planets. The same your death not less yourself. Before, less and during the same. Otherwise the Cosmic Bridge unfolds less its own passage. Bridge and all life the same. Non-directional all beginnings refining. Can you understand what we allow less ourselves? Do you want to be with God? Stop looking.

What curious words speak the inexplicable. In one of our war zones God spoke to “me.” The words were said, “Save the world.” As a flower knows the sunshine (we will). Do you persist otherwise? There is the darkness. There is the Light. Wait for a miracle wait for yourself, impede God. You can only deny what you are…aware thus we are Light bei9ngs…. Waiting patiently for us. You explain the better answer’s question thank… God all is God’s. Yes all is ofbyfor God’s. What more to say that saying hears? Any idea is a divine idea if it’s divinely expressed.

Searching dissatisfied we are casually part of our own harvest thus we continue to despair, fail and yearn. But if God’s planet, our world, cannot be saved this does not mean God’s Creation environment must to be destroyed. Do you agree dear friend, the time of now is forever. The planet warms our hearts grow cold.

What happens when we are no longer living in a world of disintegrating separation that culminates without purpose. But rather a world of purposeful spontaneity. We live divested of time material dissolution through which we desperately try to control our uncontrollable reality, consequently we sustain our separations as incomplete, never guaranteed, constantly breaking apart, our final destination lost upon arrival. Actualizing resonant time displacement, idealized spontaneity, we no longer have a separation between cure and disease. The presumption of disease is no longer based on ironic time, ironic separations. Getting worse, human error, dieing is no longer defining experience as experience. (Disease is no longer an invasive potentially dematerializing activity requiring oppositional intervention). A few observations afford clarity: A headache, cancer and the host individual occupy the infinite Universe where all has value, nothing is discarded. No event is without value utility. As such the headache resolved through a spontaneous response that is compatible with all concerned, patient, disease, the medical staff and the resolution itself is sympathetic life value. (Spontaneity concurrent Light, resonant silence, non-separation and timelessness). Again any illness (a linear inconsistency) is as much a part of infinity as ourselves, but we distort these event opportunities. Noting spontaneity is presently a linear inconsistency…. ( Spherically or spontaneously disease becomes an issuance of pertinent information. Not “an invasive and putrefying process,” but rather gentle guidepost). Some form of separation might occur including death, but these are no longer linarily determinant. They do not define-control the event less the event itself). All is derived from the spherical, the infinite Universe, all returns through interruptions disclosure… to and as the Spherical.

Further perspectives: Why is everyone using the same scalpel, playing the same harmonica? You can identify your unique life sustaining sound, already determined by the bold and nice biologist at MIT, consequently you can identify the separating sounds that are not sympathetic the life sound of yourself. And affect a spontaneous response. Other inconsistent, separating sounds whose final linear origin is genetic … infertility, cancer, acquired (encouraged) incompetence. The nice-determined folks at Princeton University PEAR group infer the same. Does the research being done in synthetic DNA suggest the resonant bridge between event and the activity through which spontaneity is realized? We can identify the sound that speaks about your being a surgeon, or a musician and design unique tools are Cosmically adaptive to the individuals and their task. (Assuming conscious intent or displacement becomes determinant). Tasks, behaviors, events all of which are presently realized as a repressed light sound event. (Through reverse engineering you adapt the spherical from the linear to spontaneously sympathetic form). We can identify behaviors good- bad contrasted from spontaneous ideal sound of self, which speaks to your being a good pilot as opposed to risky pilot. Also adapting the individual and cancer to the ideal of one another. (Benefit to either is benefit to both). Enhancing meditation or actualizing shared meditation two or more meditating as one. (Conceivably assuming several past mediation events realized through their DNAs. What is the difference between linear and spherical prayer? And the accordant prayers response? Are not all prayers answered? The nice and gentle offered inferring the divine sphere,“ Prayers aren’t answered they are the answer.” Expressed linarily waiting spherically in silence. As well technology…. a non-linear computer that responds to your distinct self… potentially resolving (relevant to individuals intent and skills) your linear orientation (ie) material time inconsistency, failure potential (ie) non-utilitarian dematerializing. Farming, communication, travel the same. Noting politely please the aforementioned incredibly sensitive material shifts assume consent or displacement becomes determinant. Please a careful aside. All relates as prayer’s response. (Torture is a linear contempt spherically realized). Spherically both suffer not less one. But this you know, yet you continue. Is why question or answer? What love’s answer to say, “I am good man he is the bad man,” but the displacement of love as both less each other.

We are examining a science “awareness” whose intent and result are immediate, not based on years of redundant effort validated through uncertain response. (A science of event symmetry not incomplete able as process). A spontaneous approach will not guarantee result, but the result will be more consistent, less painful, more immediate, not influenced intrinsically through eventual non-utility. (Event, intent, event response and result become near one). We are no longer bound by Newton’s formulation, “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” The essence of oppositional linearity. Our application of gravity changes. Interstellar travel. Your voyage occurs in the spontaneous Universe as a coherent-spontaneous event. Departure-destination the resonance of one near location. Technology, event and result b3ecome sympathetic, casuality is not ironic as devaluing, tranquilization is resolved (ie) 3rd dimensional flux yields to the 4th dimension… Light.

God’s yearning is no longer realized as futilities separation between you and yourself, you and others, others and you, you and God, you and Creation-the Cosmos, the Cosmos and you. Heavenly our residence we reside. Heaven on earth. We can more aptly give reference to the words example of our Cosmic God neighbors like Mother Teresa, Moses, Krishna, Gandhi, Jesus Christ, Mohammed, Buddha, our aspiring selves. And the best day’s efforts better realized by our parents, teachers, friends, spiritual assistants-supporters. And ourselves. Because when all is said and undone in a spontaneous a casual Cosmos the one you wait for is yourself… God attendant aspiring boldly learning. Thus the miracle Light of self. Shared as being loves…

We hope you will deliver these words to their better blossom. Our search will blossom if we do. We pray our labor’s allowance that better be for God’s trees, mountains, water falls, galaxies, peoples and alleged animals cousins all. Without your individual effort, one less all the Universe, we are less ourselves the same. Let’s begin, already started.


0ur Rivers flow. Our inquiry…. With whom do we speak who listens? Approaching the Cosmic bridge. Before time the silence yearns.

Currently the linear bridge of self (the human adaptation) is a process whereby we initiate a movement-separation of self or material from one location to another. A “survival” activity made credible as direction based on timely disintegration. Satisfied as progress quantified through eventual invalidation, while affirming the requisites of diminishing time (the earth peoples innovation?). All confirmed as non-utilities dematerializing self validating void end point.. The earth people live to die, crossing the insecure bridge of our own construct. We create many needs we resist by carrying. The life’s bridge lost to the crossing. We die less ourselves? Not so be so is so. Thus forever is so.

The initial juncture we know as our departure point, devolution we secure as the past. After our bridges crossing we’ve arrived (hopefully-cautiously) upon our destination. Once anticipated as a non-existent future. Our lives journey: We are born. We live dieing arriving upon our final purpose less our birthright, our Cosmic identity. Our lives summation a non-interactive acquisition we practice as death. Before dieing we search our lives “remembered” as the inactive non-material past, w2hile-qualifying immediacy by planning a non-existent future. Often trying to explain (remedy) the past as a preferred future that might not occur as planned, possibly not at all or worse disastrously. (Time material linear interchange, ambiguous bridge of self). Designed with altered materials, tutored by failure, insured to fail not succeed. Often we break apart the bridge of life. Abruptly…subtly. As a group or individual. Knowing-unknowingly…. We pause to love. And forgive our love. Desperately our lives continue. We wait for ourselves, the ones we left behind. Praying lost hope will deliver our best days consent.

Once again. Approaching whisper’s touch. Since the Universe is one location. How can you relocate? (Relocate not less ourselves?). Of course we relocate less the Universe…Having done so. We are not so…. Leavi9ng your birthright, the Cosmic disposition as future. Eventual past. Thus lonely you are afraid, dieing, and dangerous. And conceited. Since the Universe is one location infinitely continuous, where were you before your birth? Where do you hasten after death? What answer is “nowhere” that you explain as life uninterrupted? And continuous. Much in our lives we miss, dismiss, dismay…otherwise Eternal and glorious. Often we are blind by what we see, ourselves.

Like all linearly human “nowhere” unfolds as life displaced. Our bridge design. A construct relevant as not. Revealing linearity’s cause yielded to doubtful effect… defect. Whereby no material application cannot be imminent to itself without dematerializing result, eventually summed as non-utility. Potentially non-utility is an active devolution, impending purposelessness, eventually realized through a static void or darkness suggested by species extinction. Displacement relocation, dislocation less itself witnessed as self…. All that is human, do you agree, our dislocation is first an observation, secured as tentative thought-fragmented through the foible of language and consequent design. And application. As such we live. Our tentative bridge crossing, complete as incomplete. Arriving nowhere having left the temporary place we left behind, we know as void, as nothing, non-existence, as in between, the past, once anticipated future, as excluded, as nowhere, as somewhere, as everywhere, as forgotten, as unanswered prayers, as random, as death’s killing, living while dieing, as fragmented Heaven, hell…(meaning not observable or engaged spontaneously. Nothing can only be relevant-reevaluating formulation in linear time realized through disposable non-utility. Given the human constructs of dematerializing opposition realized through a diminishing material time interchange “nothing” becomes a viable, indeed essential, material juncture. Most particularly when you consider the dematerializing we are discussing eventually is valuated as non-functional, without direction or value. Vacuum-void, nothingness, death ness. Life defined through death. Life death’s tutor. Of course this is one of our pretenses, one of the neighborhoods of self we have created in order to give bearing to our human irony, our temporary selves…an interactive self redeeming (denying) validation of self. Even when the nothing alluded to speaks to the alone of self. Not Eternally material but spiritually determinant as life impending. The fewer words ourselves expressed as instructed. Our wanton disposable existence. We continue, discontinued. (Our crumbling bridge separating us from Heave3n.)…. War’s darkness consumes the Light. (The earth peoples rage devouring Creation). Until there will be naught. Hungry we are alone imprisoned as self. Excuses and executions. Now is our despair. Dematerializing life culminating without destinations utility. (Value without purpose as purpose). Our world the place where we spend bad as proof that good might be better. Politely reminding we are not born bad, but thus acquired as taught. Consequent choice. There is no bad but self-chosen as such. Let’s caution. And continue.

If I may a slight interruption some call prayer. Accepting the Universe is the One location. How can there be so many life forms (ie) presumed-assuming locations. Separate-separating and intact-allegedly. The earth peoples agreements based on consensual observations are often not realized as initially intended. As suggested these valued inconsistencies include the human self-observing as reflected. An evolution of self-dismissal, self-denial, without which this linear negation, our life, would not be expressible… acceptable, rational as esteemed. Without this displaced evolution (futile instability culminating as non-utility)…current language, science, technology, medicine- indeed hope and God worship would not be viable. As such: We are as disagreement fosters… tentative plans self-expressed through conflicted desires controlled as diminishing time. We go our different ways, invariably returning to that we denied by leaving. Wishing otherwise. Creating our prayer’s need. Variant languages. Alive. Dead. Before and while dieing. Always waiting (approaching) our unacceptable selves. Our unrecognizable selves. Life death’s student….

What of God’s Eternal obliges so? God creating as not? Questioned asked. Praying let’s continue. Please don’t despair there is no misery written here that cannot beset free by your smile. Where is the question that suffices all? What answer’s sympathy begs one question enough. Best the questions unanswerable? Not of self-love forgiven. But the “endless” bridge of self. What resides the gentle opposite…. The approaching Dimensions.

In a linear world the only one you can be aware of (less God) is your tentative bond with self or others…less your Light seed predisposition. And asofby God all replete lovingly. Why are love and life two different word locations? In a spherical world you value or devalue another as yourself. An eye for an eye the same eye, your own. The cheek you turn you already slapped as our own. Congruently in loving you have been loved…. In a linear world we spend much of our lives trying to share-occupy-deny the space of another, thus most often less your own. We call this judgment, we call this love, we share not enough, we fear another, we wait our death less our lives, we marry prove the same as divorce, we occupy the space we deny to a leader-a messiah or our anticipated self, we enemy another as ourselves, we yearn for Heaven not immediate. And we worship that we be heard. Finally we surrender the space we sought as sustenance through life once our birth.

We embark on the dimension of self. Presently yourself less yourself. Self defused, fragmented and temporary. What prayers response answers less self: Dimension of self… no vast magic’s recounting. But our great disguise… acquired understanding. Let’s not begin. But continue. Be polite and all will come. Words here flowers better explain. Unless thorn you prefer. Application approaches as the stars the sun.

Life confides less word’s displacement: Let’s pause to comprehend. The Universe is timeless. Sustenance Eternal. The earth people subsist through time. As time less time. We continue? Remember the kind Professor Einstein explains there are no straight lines in the Universe. (What word is “of course” bridges toll…costly self impending). Let us continue cautioning the reflection from the mirror. A straight line speaks to one point separated to the next. Less both once One. As such infinity falters. The earth people’s irony begins. We live in a world of inconsequential linearity…cause followed by doubtful- destabilizing effect. Cause and defect wanton assembly. (If not so anticipated as such - determining accordingly). Linearity also defined and experienced as a disturbance an “alteration” between two points (two troubled lives or one as life through the next uncertain choice). The final reminder explaining our ironi9c, unstable lives…our existence is realized (as designed) from beginning to end as dematerializing without6 utility. (In spite of the Cosmic infinite continuity). Humans live Eternally less Eternity. They approve of God as proof of themselves while disapproving of life. Is God your gift to offer? Whose gift are you? Can we share God less ourselves…. God bless you. And God be blessed by you. Are the two the same embrace?

Our irony begins as instructed and as choice sustained consequentially experienced as linear oppositional dematerializing given credence (Cosmic irony) through material time interchange-dematerializing dislocation. Again the gentle Professor Einstein heard himself disclose, the Universe is timeless and the essential Universe activity is not linear. As such presence unfold the material Cosmos, ever presence, not fragmented process that acknowledges presence through the qualifying denial of both. Refining materializing as separation, not separation dematerializing without utility, value or direction. A lose of utility or direction which as noted can continue beyond the final linear juncture. The Light is spherical darkness the same. Are both the darkness and the Light infinite? One abides less the other? Interestingly earth science offers dark matter is, “the absence of frequency.” We continue searching. There is an additional insight from the nice professor. “If mass is constricted enough the curvature becomes infinite.” Meaning to say as prayers are response. When the displacing linear irony is resolved beyond its timely disintegration the material as infinity beautifully persists. Curvature resolves linearity, infinity avails timelessness and when mass is constricted to its ideal the separation between mass-density and related ironies become determinant as one…. Mass and space become interchangeable as the infinite Light. Presence assumes process. Eternities Light becomes manifest less our own denial. Our inconvenient preference approaches the Cosmically preferred choice. Heaven and earth revealed as one, ourselves offered accordingly. Galaxies terrestrial the same as gently expressed. Meaning purpose-direction the same. Life is not as death our inclination dictates. All else accordingly unfolds. Do you agree less disagreements haste…? Sympathize. Faith pauses fate unfolds. Karma is God’s motion denied as acquired-instructed selves, unnecessarily. (There is more, yourself. Thank God). We return never left. Except as understanding invites. Fallen fruit not less the trees gift. Universe refining. You say there is no God. We trust your ransom demands will be modest. Again the words persist. There is no God. The smile responds. “How can you deny the exist4ence just identified.”? Welcome to the planet earth. Only in a linear oppositional world accommodated time can material non -existence effect material relevance. Once more, hopefully never the same by your reading…. The only non-material is time. All enfolds as seed does tree and the next tree the waiting seed. Temporal opposition thrives less life’s divine intent. What success demands destruction? Very curious not curious enough. You wait for more. You wait for yourself. Be polite and all will come, yourself blessed and blessing as you allow. The only one you can wait for is yourself. As shared not less others. You are incompetent, disabled… there is no Eternal gift less it’s giving. Should we not be thankful otherwise yourself less God esteemed (a suggestion a destination). How you arrive to who you are not less yourself (is) Cosmically resplendent. Explanation invites forgiveness. Explanation is loves thirst. Thirst enough? (Not all results immediate). The Cosmic drama unfolds beyond our own reflection. Form’s disguise disguises all not self. Infinity Eternal whispers. Listen to yourself. Good is good bad is bad anticipating God. Love is love not less whose love as love? In loving you have been loved. Love proof motive the same. You embrace me congratulating, ”Charlie you are wrong.” “I” hesitate as breathing permits, responding. “No I’m not wrong I’m Charlie.” Still holding life we add. “Similarly I am not right, I’m Charlie.” No one can know that totality of one person at any given juncture except God. No one can reject the fullness of your God anointed self except for you. Has not God already spoken alive you are? (Noting each oppositional juncture affords a Cosmic opening to the Cosmic continuity. The Eternal awe our Cosmic origin seed. We meditate and pray waiting for much of our forgotten selves). Do you agree to feel being human could be easier? And more fun…. Often we try not to drown in a pond we haven’t fallen into, we call this planning, anticipating, sometimes success. Whispering’s sigh: You can’t worry without underestimating God. You can’t be lonely sad all alone without denying God. Anagram for “share.” He she hears. “Silent” …listen. Partial spherical anagram for “lonely”…no one only. Anagram for the Light is the Light the Light still the Light. The anagram for love…it’s you. You need more. Thank God.

* Another soul print gatheri9ng. Mapping ourselves spherically. Hence assuring by any error we remain, Light presence. Perspective abounds. Ever presence the same. What infinity less infinity still infinity, but us proven finite speculating about infinity. Enthralled less ourselves thus excluded? Ourselves proof enough, Language and the many other coercions applauding. The hereafter now left behind. Enough logic hidden as logic expressed. Consensually ideal. Currently the earth people have proven to themselves (as themselves) “the speed of Light” is a relevant correlation. Yet the gentle Albert Einstein offered.” there is no passage of time at the speed of Light.” What speed allows dislocation (ie) meani9ng in a spontaneous localized Universe not less the Universe. A diminishing material time displacement amidst Eternities flow? Infinity cannot deliver less itself, hence by what deliverance timely measured does material relocation flourish. The answer implores unreason and force. Yet un coerced Ever presence abides the Cosmos. (It appears from our linear perspective that Light has speed, but is Light dislocation if its motion is a return to itself as itself…. Which speaks to the essential material “one location” nature of the spontaneous Universe, the Light. Spontaneity suggests one location). The spontaneous infinite, timelessness, would render such an event, intrinsic dislocation as location immediately invalidated. Indeed pre- existence could only validated through non- existence. The Universe could only of “been” created because it doesn’t exist. But humans prefers science less the lasting, Eternity wait‘s our instructions…. Let’s continue preferring Logic, thought as sincerities thinking derives. Words conceal thus reveal. Dancing singing once again, “At the speed of Light there is no passage of time.” Hence presence proliferates not passage or displacement. As such infinite spontaneity refining No time no diminishing displacement hence what Light speed but presence, not process. The ultimate speed, Ever presence. (Everywhere at once materially intact (ie) without de materializing energizing as dislocation… hence un bordered spontaneity. As such spontaneity explains infinites flow, not linear dislocation culminating without utility. Without utility directions value stops, Eternity…infinity succumbs. Again one such event in a spontaneous Universe and all would disappear as never was…. Your previous dream never wakened. Your current dance impossible. Your birth-death seed’s irrelevant. Not self defining, meaning self and definition the same, hence infinity as infinity intact already defined). Infinity flows refining. Space motion’s grace… Eternal… Beyond in spite of linear language, yet these thoughts expressed as language permits. Un provable thus defined if define you must. Thoughts not less real than ourselves, unreality does not preclude non-existence. Material all except time. Indescribable except as witnessed. Beyond experience except as experienced. The shorter menu Light can only have speed if compared per affect with or against a dislocating presence (including the idea of ourselves or the idea practice of death as a non-utilitarian juncture). (Infinity is not linear. Infinity is presence. Light fully space evolving-refining as space otherwise spontaneity dislocates. Infinity speaks of space as space otherwise…space ends continuing less itself. Space, material motions the same, refining not the same…not exclusionary less the same. (The linear manifest).

***The inference of current earth linear spatially dislocating (spherically incomplete) definitions.

Let us please look at the “rules” of our linearly acquired world, reflective initially of our organic casual physiology, actualizing a material reality that we must continuously alter in order to sustain our de- materializing existence. And some of the forces “we” create in order to sustain our non-utilitarian disintegration.

*Distance: “The fact or condition on being apart in space or time.” Clearly the essence of displacement. Obviously a linear orientation. What is spherical distance?

*Symmetry: “Structural or independence direction.” Not in total a linear perspective, direction suggests linear displacement. Symmetrical assimilation speaks to distance refined as destination…directional spontaneity or refining.

*Axis: “A line at which a body is symmetrical. A straight line about which a body rotates or may be conceived to rotate.” When axis rotates as and within the assimilating resonance of spin, span, spun resolved axis becomes non-linear spheroid. Material time dislocation is apparent as dematerializing without utility, but this material irony can be absolved spontaneously. An event that is sympathetic to infinity.

*Transmute: “To change from one form to another.” Changing the unchangeable, altered temporarily in time, otherwise spherical transmutation form changes as form, not less space or location occupied. A refinement of material integrity as opposed to a dislocation based on controlled or random dematerializing.

*Centrifugal: “Moving away from the center or axis of a body. Or the component force ie centrifugal force.” Centrifugal sphere. Moving as the center, axis dislocation idealized as spontaneity.

*Mass: “A unified body of matter with no specific space.” By half which half not half still half. How unified if separate while separating from other material bodies. (Is not language mass converted into specific space?) Also defined as… “The measure of a body’s resistance to acceleration.” We can only have acceleration through causal linear displacement measured therefore influence currently through time. Hence no acceleration in space, except as acceleration less displacement meaning…refining or separation dematerializing with utility. Continuing. ”The mass of a body is different but proportional to its weight…independent of the body’s position but dependant on its motion with respect to our bodies.” The quantum riddle has eyes that are included in the oracle of motion. Apparently displacement includes weight. (One of our first mentions of this ebbing place (ie) weight. “To gather a form into a mass.” What density inclusive? And how? Does sound have density, what is the difference between density and frequency? Is density a fragmentation a diffusion of mass resulting in distance, temperature, ironic dislocation rendering the effect control of time if not essential likely inevitable. “An area of unified light or shade.” Finally “shade”…interesting. Distinction between shadow and shade and that, which casts the shadow? Can shade be separated from it’s own shadow without dematerializing irony. Is the sound of silence, donnas, the Light’s shade? Is the Light’s shade the materializing of new form events as the Light refines as itself? Shade…materializing formulated echoes of the Light Humans presently live in the dark shadow of their potential. Is shadow spherical time? What relationship is there between shadow, shade and gravity? Does the material distinction, if any, between shadow and shade a linear one or spherical. Is the distinction between shadow, shade and that which castes one or both a triangulated three-dimensional relationship? Spherical mass has no resistance to acceleration as such distance dislocation, thereby disintegration without utility becomes resonant, casual dislocation concurrently is resolved as spontaneity. Inferring an evolution on Eddingtons law, “Mass is a function of luminosity.” In a spherical mass luminosity and mass are reciprocally interchangeable. Evolving oppositional linearity as directional refinement. Separation is realized not only without loss of utility, but reflective of enhanced utility. Probability becomes a controllable function. Displacement becomes reciprocally resonant suggesting timelessness. A material time interchange realized without dematerializing dislocation.

*Density: “The mass per unit volume under specified conditions of pressure or temperature.” Pressure and temperature earthly linear displacements. What presence yearns the un displaced Light? What density then but agreeable mass? Density also speaks to optical opacity. Interesting…

*Sound: “A vibratory disturbance in the pressure and density of a liquid or the elastic strain of a solid.” (Disturbance?).

*Transmogrify: “To change of form that is fantastic or bizarre.” Bizarre meaning not within the accepted human compass. Whose evolution is based on the eventual invalidation of the same evolution as inherent process and consequence beyond the limits of material irony (ie) functional disposable non-utility?

***Linear dematerializing non-utility does revert to the spherical infinite spontaneity, but only after the current human perspective has lost interest, value and influence. Emphasis of this observation is warranted.

*Gravity: Gravitation is directly proportional to the product of their (two bodies) and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them.” Do you understand, I’m not sure I do? Which I’ve learned can be helpful. And sometimes encourages exciting conversations. Hitch hiking must be fun if your not going anyway where. Yes these definitions in quotes are from the nice people working together to gather the American Heritage Dictionary. The nice folks at Random House Webster dictionary also observe relevant to gravity…. “ A movement toward something or someone. Strongly attracted. The force of attraction between to masses. Earth’s gravitational field.”

Let’s continue feeling somewhat discontinued. Do you notice that gravity becomes relevant and functional as an acknowledgement of two separate body locations? A yearning attracting force presently linearly functional through unresolved or partially resolved exclusion. What happens to gravity when realized spontaneously. Not a field that is inversely proportional. Not functional to the displaced irony between two objects therefore two locations. A resonant, spontaneous field that is congruent with the infinite uninterrupted continuity. Accordingly assumable. What is the flow and flux between gravity and the Light, the darkness, sound? Given these initial insights, allowing applications, earth existence based on incremental dislocation undergoes a decisive shift. Fossil fuels are laid to rest. Let’s return to this perspective. Hope smiles life anew.

Now lets examine the swirling motion of spin-span-spun within the proposed resonant time displacement actualized spherically through sympathetic DNAs…. While embracing an additional component (ie) gravity. Presently gravity is acknowledged, but not engaged like the electro magnetic force. The initial thought is of gravity winds realized through the aforementioned non-linear formulation directed through spherical time or a spherically resonant material time interchange.

*Gravity: First please as excitedly pointed by nice Nick Cook’s book “Zero Point”…. “Gravity is a theory.” Acknowledging the nice people, sorcerers of sound “The American Heritage Dictionary” who gathered the definitions of gravity, the explanations continue…. Gravity is…”The force of gravitation which for any two sufficiently massive bodies is directly proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them. Other words. “Gravitation…gravitational wave (and once again)…weight.” What really is gravity? What is gravity in relation to the Light? Considering Eddington’s offer, hesitations smile. “We used to think that if we knew one, we knew two, because one and one are two. We are finding that we must learn a great deal more about and…” Can you sense the thought rather than the thinking?

…inverse proportionality… “Basically the concept of inverse proportion means that as absolute value or magnitude of one variable gets bigger, the absolute value or magnitude of another gets smaller, such that their product (the constant of proportionality) is always the same.” Definition of magnitude. “Size, extent, luminosity.” The essence of linear displacement and the assimilation of Newton’s 3 laws of motion consistent to a presumed proportionality.

Within the aforementioned perspective, rules and observations lets consider Newton’s three laws of motion. …(1st law)… “Every action in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless an external force is applied to it.” (We have the essence of dematerializi9ng dislocation of a uniform motion that prefers its constancy, yet is lost to an external force resulting in ironic linearity distorting the spherical consistency evidenced as the Light)… (2ndlaw)… “Speaks to the relationship between an objects mass, its acceleration and applied force.” Mass linearly defined as a unified body of matter with no specific space. Once space becomes specific therefore localized (fragmented) in a non-localized Universe through acceleration and consequent response we can assume oppositional dislocation has occurred, linearity has been reinforced at the expense of spontaneity, infinity, silence, the Light. Creating density and consequent conditions such as temperature, dislocating weight, torque etcetera… (Acceleration and force both are vectors)… In this law the direction of the force vector is the same as the direction of the acceleration vector. Acceleration and force are vectors. Definition of vectors. “A quantity possessing both magnitude and direction“. Definition of magnitude,” Size, extent, brightness.” (ie) difference between brightness and luminosity? (3rd law). “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Of course this the essence of linearity. Our acquired manner of expressing our dual exclusionary 3 dimensional existence in a triangulated manner temporal linear dematerializing becomes rational. Dual oppositional form conditions evolutionary triangulated as process…(man, woman; adult-child; birth, death; here- there; lost- found; yes-no; failure…success; peace-war; loved-unloved; progress- progress). But please note with emphasis. The rule of the Universe is all-inclusive. Departure from the infinite Light spontaneous does not relegate infinity (the Universe) to a secondary status, but rather a repressed or dislocated one, a temporary displacement however ironic. Meaning in part that given the nature of life on this planet linearity and time in some form seems, perhaps, necessary… but the initiate juncture of linearity need not always be as suggested by earth science consequent to force coercion, but rather the beginning condition of a spherical event. Once intact form is dislocated from the Light, it becomes reasonable that form can only interact with similar formulations rendering displacement interaction inconsistency understandable, but not essential.

The second two laws accepts the validity of the first necessitating the 3rd law…giving relevance “need” to the dislocation through the force-acceleration directional vectors. The 3rd law speaks to oppositional separation assuming equality to a Cosmically unequal status condition. Within this context the directional vectors speak to dislocation or Cosmic separation. (If the Universe is one location how can we relocate?). The answer is through accelerated direction force (dislocated material time interchange) that dematerializes the material event location beyond utility or the material event location would be refining as spontaneous therefore timelessly non-linear (ie) infinitely continuous or accordingly sympathetic. Acknowledging these observations likely seem discontinuous to the current human instruction that relies on inconsistencies that confirm dematerializing dislocation without utility (ie) refining. Obviously Newton’s 3 laws are the functional counter opposite to spontaneity. Though again they do not necessarily exclude spontaneity since the spontaneous Universe is all-inclusive all distinguishing, without borders. Previously suggested as un ordered, but clearly the vector force opposito9nal intrusion is an ordered intrusion. But as such not spherically-spontaneously sympathetic, not compatible with the infinite continuity, the Eternal. (Explaining in part why God acknowledgment also becomes a dislocation denial of God through preferential exclusion). Acknowledging spherical omnipresence is not due to our linear interactive irony, forcefulness, destructives …(ie) our willingness to alter the essential creation environment, God’s formulation, to ascertain and validate the human irony evidenced as disintegration without utility. Subjectively life less ourselves. In the extreme evident as dimension forced into a non-directional condition (ie) dark matter “the absence of frequency.” Matter without memory. Material or species extinction. When the sound of Light motion refining frequency (the creation of new life forms as a continuity of the “previous” not at there devalued exclusion) is lost darkness has prevailed (ie) extinction. Frequency becomes irregular yielding to cessation. Can we sustain God’s gift of “our” life less ourselves, less life?

According to Newton’s 1st law. “An object at rest will remain at rest unless acted on by an unbalanced force. An object in motion continues in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.” The explanation continues in interpretation, “This means that there is a natural tendency of objects to keep on doing what they’re doing. All objects resist changes in their state of motion. In the absence of an unbalanced force, an object in motion will maintain this state of motion.” According to Newton’s second law. “Acceleration is produced when a force acts upon a mass. The greater the mass (of the object being accelerated) that greater the amount of force needed (to accelerate the object). Meaning, “Heavier objects require more force to move the same distance than lighter objects.” Yet weight appears to be a function of mass assuming a specific space. The weight is symptomatic of dislocation disparity. We can see by resolving Newton’s 3 laws from their linear essential we’ve entered into another motion condition status suggested by spin-span-spun whereby the initiate linear juncture spins as spherical spontaneity is attained… rendering the linear event absolved from the material time linear exclusionary interchange to the Cosmic ideal. One example. The space “journey” is no longer one of location relocation, the distinction between departure and destination confirming Newton’s 3 laws in substance and through technology, but rather a singular event location. Representing a harmonic inversion-conversion of Newton’s 3 laws. Absolving the vectors of force and acceleration to a symmetrical ideal whose “axis” becomes function. Ironic linear form evidenced by weight, density, temperature becomes actualized as essential sympathetic mass (ie) “a body of unified matter with no specific space.” Consequently sympathetic with spontaneity, timelessness, non-linearity and simultaneous spontaneity. A condition suggested by quantum corridors. And black holes that currently are only examined dimensionally as dislocated space. Oppositional ironic linearity requires that the Universe be temporary. We see as we saw as we “were,” taught. Time abides our absence as presence. More correctly, time derides our presence as absence.

A few observations about vacuum. According to the nice people at Webster’s, a vacuum is defined, “as a space entirely devoid of matter (also) an enclosed space from matter, specially air, has been partially removed.” Noting our friend Mike observes… a vacuum can also function as a preserving condition. First can there be more than one vacuum related to the same function without denying the intent of the vacuum? Would two vacuums related to the same function represent two different locations? If so would these two locations be separate, but not apart (meaning) would they be exclusionary but comptaible not oppositional (ie) sympathetically refining. Relevant to a vacuum, any suggestion of void non-utility, how can intrinsic substance be denied to what is ascribed (ie) described. Meaning again everything is material. Because in our current linear reality we ascertain non-value or non status to a material condition (this) cannot be the case. Ineed most likely an important juncture has been disregarded, essentially perhaps to maintain the lionear irony, but none the less over looked. The linear can lead to the spherical, indeed, the spherical is inherently functional withion the spherical. Because the Universe is spherical-spontaneous in nature. Our friend Jim’s suggestion is that a vacuum cannot transmit sound waves. Accepting this to be correct, the relevant terms are transmit and waves-both of which suggest a linear orientation-disorientation. Can a designed vacuum transmit DNAs that is compabible with its designed nature, thereby engaging DNAs to a predetermined intent. Sound compatible with both event and location (both as one) suggests a satus condtion that is compatible with the conception of a vacuum. But more a sense os spontaneous symmetry than void. Again the vacuum void like the refrence to illusion are convenient linear accommodations that validate irony displacement as culminating without value direction. Ascribing non-value to value. The aforementioned perspective also suggesting a possible interactive symmetry between between human and machine and machine and machine or tool and instrument. (After all the extreme of exclusion suggest vacuum). Suggesting a truly personal computer that transcends binary function. (The smile grows a little (ie) why is everyone playing the same piano, driving the same concept car). Helping “us” resolve our present linear disoreintation between substance and expression evidenced by our linear turmoil (ie) wars, famine, not caring. Acknowledging the brain is a sphere accordingly compabible-sympathetic with spontaneity (a memory status) that is non-linear accordingly timeless as such non localized…infinite. Even if in some basic regards we are still involved in a linearily interactive world, but this material reality need not based on disposable disintegration-rather one of refined dimension.

An additional perspective, perhaps unfolding insight. The Light is a spectrum of colors. Given the spontaneous nature of the Light this spectrum is resonant and intact, a refining symmetry, yet each color distinct as separate. Is white Light the absence of all colors or the inclusion of all colors, both at a certain juncture would seem to have to abide or exclusion becomes determinant. Further dark matter once again is defined as the absence of frequency. We now have two frequency’s, two sounds; the Light silence as we’ve discussed and a non-sound void suggestive of the dark. How does this possibility allude to infinity, anti gravity, black holes, worm holes, non-localized Universe. One effect materialized? The other, sound silence Light, material. Acknowledging from our current linear perspective evidenced as inconsistent increment defused further through time what we observe and therefore experience is not representative of what is being observed. We are not looking at what we see. And our attempts to alter our material observations to satisfy our preconceptions based on disposable disintegration-renders the entire effort even more oblique and curious.

*Approaching the Cosmic Heavens, immediate except in time: Infinity of space within space; not causally linear, chronologically imbued through diminishing dislocating time (refining… not dematerializing non-utilitarian material motion (ie) distinct exclusionary temporary location). The opposite affirmation (ie) presence the Light infinite Eternal which is inclusive of the aforementioned linear irony or displacement would define exclusively. A formulary691 (only time “I” intentionally added a numeration ie 9 and 1) not form material proportionate to other forms, not distance but presence (ie) Ever presence. Relocation within location is only possible through dematerializing time material displacement if diminishing exclusion is tolerated as non-utility. Also evident as uncertain direction suggested by randomness and vague probability. And under idealized resonant conditions by altering-assimilating Ever Presence (the core Universe Light0) to material related (or unrelated) forms or locations experienced through dimension. We have a spherical inversion of the aforementioned. Meaning… (In the absence of time there can be no triangulated dimensions (ie) ironic 3 dimensional form functional in diminishing transition or displacement …the absence of non-utilitarian form (is) luminosity the Light refining. Inversion-conversion, simultaneous inclusion-exclusion, meaning that the Light presence, the un displaced-un displacing Light, can be relevantly and reciprocally transmuted to as specific location material event such as inter stellar “travel” without reverting or relying on time displacement or material time interchange…evidenced as departure-destination location dislocation…. Assimilating without altering the one Universe location, not de materializing, but by maintaining- creating a dimension as the entire event itself. Linearly a dimension is defined as, “A directional extension of space a directional property of space.” Through the event dimension the vagrancies of causal time (de materializing) do not factor reciprocally…the ideal of other materializing or resonant refining is maintained…. The inference of distance as space is resolved, the tri-relevant DNAs (the entire event) are manifest as one “sound” brightness or the Light event disintegrates into linear time dislocation, the redefinition most likely catastrophically. The one sound refers to the previously mentioned “event dimension.” And this one sound is sympathetically attuned to the Light therefore not disruptive or altering of the Universe one location, not breaking down into a multiplicity of locations. Such as destination, departure, space vehicle realized in a dematerializing space-time non-continuum the current earthly affectation. The “one sound” alludes to refining, not displacing. The tri event speaks to destination and departure coordinates, including the material ironic anomalies that are peripherally concurrent to the tri event, all of which as described become realized not de-materialized as a relevant and revealing dimensional presence. Negating displacement cancels causality (space-distance coordinates) supplanting the dimensional form inby time relevantly de materializing (with) the harmonic presence, the un displaced event. Which upon completion (the destination itself actualized through spherical inversion completion of the tri DNAs or consequent dimension…the space vehicle and destination materialize. In an intriguing sense a particular musical score is completed. The essence of this harmonic event is realized when the specified conditions, the displacements of temperature-pressure both suggestive of motion and reveal density are resolved to mass luminosity. Suggestive of Eddington’s law. “luminosity is a function of mass.” Spherically the reverse of all these linear laws becomes functional? Also inferring Professor Einstein’s insight, “When mass is constricted enough the curvature becomes infinite.” As such curvature becomes presence (ie) the Light, the curvature is spherical event condition without an axis diameter. No longer a measure to resistant acceleration, relevant to the irony of density mass and time displacement and weight. Speed yields to the infinity of presence in this event instance harmonically or DNAs coordinate determined. Since distance no longer factors, multiple mass bodies become current…“gravity” no longer factors as an oppositional condition activity, but rather influences to the material ideal just described. Congruently weight becomes non-sequential not relevant, the gravitational wave (gravitational forces), the echo of displacement yields to presence (in a sense assumes itself) as the one event dimension. A simultaneous spontaneity has occurred. Not unlike a lifespan or life cycle of a life form realized in the Light before returned to presumed “order” of time. Hence the concurrent inversion. It would be more correct to suggest the event dimension creates itself given the Cosmically idealized conditions (ie) the right spin. Human initiates, but does not control. What already (is) as Cosmically intended need not be controlled or altered.

Resonance is to oppositional causality (as) Spontaneity is to material time interchange (asby) Refining is to spontaneous resonance Relevant connected as revealed “asbyin” …embraced-embracing a simultaneous expanding contracting concurrent transmogrify (each presumed event a refining juncture) a spontaneous dnas temporarily localized)…

( The aforementioned displaced as proven? Any variation is valid)

…Relevant to inter galactic travel “Spin n’ Span.” Suggestive of mass curvature infinity. As the “dislocating” or transmuting mode that might resolve the de materializing vagrancies in inter stellar time displacement within the context of dislocation (ie) departure-destination, time dilation relevant to the altered status of the Light (ie) at the speed of Light there is no passage of time hence the Light becomes presence or other than displaced (infinite Eternal). Seeking the transom, the allowable opening that could allow an intrinsically displacing presence (Space ship contents directional movement) to harmonically become all inclusive-fluid elemental with the un bordering-refining infinity, the un displaced Light event dimension formulary maintains itself as a spherical spontaneity and as such be able to “eventually” revert to its inherent nature or identity (the intact space vehicle and crew). The human form during the spontaneous event reverts to its pre planetary status, Light fully imbued…toimeless. The suggested transom transmogrify speaks to the spin-span spontaneity that resolved linearity and again satisfies two of Einstein’s observations. (1). If mass is constricted enough the curvature becomes infinite. (2). And there is no passage of time at the speed of Light…. Obviously speed is relevant to numerous dislocating conditions that is compatible with Newton’s 3 laws and incompatible with the infinite continuity which as a continuous condition can only be accordingly affect through spontaneity. In a linear word reciprocal simultaneous spontaneity. In a reciprocally resonant event the past doesn’t represent a dislocated event. The fewer words not waiting for the dancing stars, while pausing ourselves. Being able to transcend the space-time non-continuum devoid of lasting damage (idealized spontaneity reverts all material to origin condition as refined) meaning we can conclude intact and conceivably improved or refined (ie) validation of dematerializing without directional utility.

What motion unfurls as seed to flower, moonset to sunrise. What motion pardons linear to the spherical, death’s response, mass constricting yearning i9nfinitys curvature is the initial answer spin, span and spun. These definitions gathered by the nice people at Random House, Random House Webster’s Dictionary. Span: “The full extend or reach of something. A short period of time. The distance or space between two supports. To extend or reach across.” Spin: “To cause to rotate rapidly, twirl. To draw out, protract. To move or travel rapidly. To have a sensation of whirling, reel. Spin off, to create or derive from something already in existence.” Spun: “v. pt. and pp of spin. The past tense of spin.” (Please note I don’t have a keen appreciation of grammar). Do these movements not suggest the curious near non-linear motion shifts of “a flying saucer.”? We can add further perspective to these three symmetrically assuming “directions” if we refer to a thesaurus, the exciting work of the nice folks represented by Roget’s 21 Century Thesaurus. Span: nouns. (distance duration) amount, compass, extent, interval,, length, measure, period, reach, space, spell, spread, stretch, time. Verbs. (stretch over) arch, bridge, connect, cover, cross, extend, ford, go across, link, pass over, range, reach, traverse, vault. Spin: noun. (circular motion) circuit, gyration, revolution, roll, rotation, spiral, turn, twist, twirl. Verb. (go around… make go around) gyrate, gyre, oscillate, pendulant, pirouette, purl, reel, revolve, rotate, spiral, swim, turn, twirl, twist, wheel, whirl. Interestingly “spun” is also not given mention in the thesaurus. (The one mind reference speaks to, spun out of control). Please do you have any insights? Can you sense the imagery, the purpose of motion? At an uncertain juncture words are no longer functional we are left searching for non- linear spontaneous imagery. But I recall numerous other definitions that might add clarity. The nice no doubt eager working folks at American Heritage Dictionary offer that, “Span is the past tense of spin.” Suggesting a past event therefore location can be given an immediate relevance through this particular motion or motion adaptation. Inferring timelessness, casual or refining spontaneity. Possibly simultaneous spontaneity between two material conditions, event locations that we presently experience as separate, random, disintegrating…in one word inaccessible. Assuming this presumed linear displacement can be materialized spontaneously through their respective DNAs we have another perspective on the resolution of linear dematerializing opposition through time to a material condition event that is sympatric with the infinite Light. Previously not mentioned in detail is inter galactic travel whereby departure and destination are spherically or spontaneously actualized, not linearly. Activity conditions suggested by presently unresolved quantum corridors, white holes, worm holes, black holes. And whispering and smiling once again, your birth, your death, luck, coincidence, spontaneous remission, precognition, sleep, answered prayers. As mentioned occurrences that are not casual therefore not based on human linearity, not derived from a human including self and when concurrent do not allude or are not explained or presently sustainable through a pre-existing body of knowledge. Also these temporary events that are immediately displaced linearly (one way not reciprocally conversant) and through response are singular in nature. Further the displacement or defusing during process prior to awareness and is accordingly incomplete prior to acknowledgment. Otherwise suggestive of a compatibility with silence, DNAsilence, linear forms conduit to the Light. We return to our roots. Hope smiles life anew.

A consolidation as brevity allows clarity. Everything in the Cosmos is separating-disintegration, distinction, is the disintegration culminate without utility (our disposable dead end reality) or continuously refining… infinite Cosmos.

Allowing a series of logically integrated insights. Presently not including these essays, we do not have integrated applicable theme or a process whereby we can sustain the presumed dnas spontaneity.

With your permission allowing a recent correspondence to dear friend a man bold of searching words as much an explorer as Magellan, Madam Curie or Groucho Marx’s. George and I we’ve spent well many good times yearning, wondering- sneaking up to the Light. Presently are we all not mimes when it comes to the Light, our body souls.

Dear George,

Briefly as un gathered words might allow. Acknowledging, smiling while looking over my shoulder, forever doesn’t take as long once you get older. But in the somehow irony of time briefly takes a little bit longer than forever… though only temporarily. If I may two thoughts. “I” realized recently why everyone who has generously read some of these essays remembers virtually the near of nothing. We learn linearly, cause followed by effect too often defect; we gather (remember) the information spherically-when need invites we express what we’ve acquired including the divine of ourselves linearly. Spherically we remember by forgetting. You might recall George the offered insight we live in a timeless, non-linear Universe we are therefore out of synch with our own residence the Cosmos, God’s Creation therefore with God and as such both our linear and therefore our Eternal selves. Unnecessarily…. Noting that memory is a spontaneous event, meaning everywhere all the time at once-as such spontaneity is compatible with timelessness, the non-linear, infinite and we can politely assume…the Eternal. Ending this paragraph with a smile. Only God can remember an event as it happens. We are God’s memory of ourselves. Much denied bravely praying. An additional distinction isn’t interesting that you can’t prove you forgot, unless you remember. What does this mean? It means what it means…

Yes the second thought, I might have almost remembered to forget, of the several thousand correspondences written over the years, perhaps I can count two hands how many individuals have responded. I must be careful; truth’s merit shouldn’t be weighed by its immediate invalidation, though all our truths seem to enjoy a temporary residence. Meaning to pray some years past ago (I) sent a poem to nine hundred or was it two times nine hundred churches, synagogues, Buddhist, Hindu Temples-speaking to the idea of graduating from the Holy enclosure. Perhaps one out of a hundred wrote back, not counting those who had inadvertently received an empty envelope. Not counting the metaphysical churches more Christian ministers and theologians responded to the empty envelope than those who acknowledged the “troubling” contents…A poem entitled the Emptying Church that spoke to the idea of folks graduating from Church-leaving to perform wonder us deeds. Apparently when people speak or write one another some insight, some point of understanding, some result of knowing is supposed to be volunteered. Possibly the suggestion that like attending a Holy Temple those reading are not encouraged to rebel their own understanding. Stand up and sing their Holy song of liberty. “I” would think as much from themselves eventually as the various locations of beings we build around ourselves. The understanding “I” almost remembered too forget…the writing is the response, if my neighbors do not acknowledge does not God, is there not substance in love’s labor however solitary, is not a song not heard the better song than the song not sung, are not some of us denied as embraced. And indeed is it not true that all those responded…silence. As such availing their Godsoulprint to themselves and all. Always hoping those reading by whatever spirit will share the better seed’s delivery. Though some of us are source, some as gentle deception allows even claim origin, but none are both origin and source as one. There is only one assembly that accordingly abides, the residence amidst the wiord God. A slight interruptions thought if I may, how can other claim the origin of what they do, but not the origin of themselves. Let’s please continue only slightly (I) hope discontinued.

Whatever the futility of words through these sounds we can deliver ourselves to the silence, the Light impending of ourselves. Clearly the same is true of time and linearity otherwise we would be able though linear language realized in time to light up the silence. Sure we can separate earth from Heaven, but not Heaven from earth. Like “I” suggested to our friend George praying and dreaming isn’t something we do it’s something we are…. Do you agree? Why is it so hard for people to agree when it’s only temporary? Is forgiving really easier than love? Why must God’s love be forgiven as our own? Do people forgive each other to remind themselves of what they are capable of? Doesn’t forgiveness confirm, give reference-to the transgression. But love absolves it. Why do people want to be reminded more of the thorn than the flower?

The observations follow assuming a polite fraternity: Our bodies are non-linear, your genetics are unique; your appearance unlike any other, your voice, fingerprints, and your birth…is a distinct conception of space as space (which predates your birth and will post date your death and that space is the Cosmos)… Such magical originality, lost when we externalize self to a world we’ve created that has very little in common with our resident Universe you avoid as our lives discretion. The continuing Universe source of the planet earth. A reciprocal intercourse. Each flower blooms as the flower is the garden. Abide the fullest vessel… meaning even when we pray we are not expressing the essential self, evidenced by your birth Light being…. Otherwise the denial continues: You are using someone else’s paintbrush, whose paints, the same canvass used by everyone. What logic reinforced by what science infers an alternative that will reflect our non-linear Cosmic nature. Remember the planet earth is predated by the Universe…therefore your evolved essential self is a Cosmic “result or recipe” that predates this planet… or origin negates. We would not be…

Remember the Asian gentleman at MIT. We can identify your DNAsound. A spontaneous sound that is compatible with the infinite continuity, the spontaneous Universe; our sound of silence that is not linear, all embracing, without borders (Same qualities as the all embracing Light…is silence the memory flow). Allowing a series of logically integrated insights. Amidst this harmony of Cosmic “lightsilence” we can identify the sound, which speaks to someone being an artist, a surgeon, or a person “visited” by cancer. Once actualizing the distinct sound we can begin to put together a paintbrush, paints and canvass that is compatible with that sound reference. (A paintbrush, paints that no one else could use effectively). A sound reference you share with no one else in the Universe. Since your DNAsound is all inclusive or it would be fragmented and uncertain like our current reality…your DNAsound is a limitless source of information that speaks to images, designs, materials that are compatible with your DNAs that identifies you as an artist. Reverse engineering is an option, relevant to designing instruments that are also resonant to intent function the user- response…not “functional” as uncertain. Not linear. Additional clarity if you wish. Virtually everything that humans do is separate as excluded, with all our creations resulting eventually in junctures that are without utility, value or direction. And of course as mentioned if you separate infinity from itself you are no longer part of infinity or the Eternal. At least during your effort. You’ve evoked the dark. What are some of our separations? Forgiving your love as forgiveness preferred, wars, life separate from death, earth from Heaven, body from soul, executions, angry unloving divorce, prisons, food-water-medicine-hunger, sometimes waking up from a dream. As well separating cure from disease. Meaning each is relevant as the opposite exclusion of the other that represent of the infinite Eternal. The gentler reason’s whisper. Kindness to either the cancer of the person is kindness to both. Cancer like everything else in life has much to teach us. Cancer is one of God’s life forms and as such should be treated with polite regard. Radiation? Oh dear Oh dear. Cancer is God’s gentle way of reminding people that they are alive. Go for a walk. Taking a break. Decide what you really want. There’s a reason why cancer in a laboratory petri dish is referred to as “immortality in culture.” Cancer can’t end a life only life can. Our belief in cancer kills. Reminding gently you can’t have an enemy without being one. Further near the same dance always the same dance floor… it takes two to make a thief. People die when they’re supposed to. Why? I don’t know. The holiest words “I” know are *I don’t know, God knows. Not to say that those nice doctors and nurses don’t help, don’t save lives graciously. Most certainly they do. Simply whispering there’s always more of Creation at play than we realize. Cancer is more God’s gift to the patient than the doctor. And could be maybe when all is said and undone the doctors do much more of their healing because they care, because we pray. Nothing wrong with being right even if you have to be wroing to prove it. Medicine technology is linear, success related to failure, life to death…caring and praying are spherical. Spontaneous as such infinite as Eternally continuous. In a spherical world, a world where separations do not exclude less the exclusion, the only one you can wait for is God. And if you have to wait too long you might consider the one your waiting for is yourself. Why do people need directions if there already lost?

Recalling the effort of the nice and bold people at Princeton University, the PEAR group. (Allowing please the potential of “my” misunderstanding…. The second kiss can better than the first, you’ll always remember the first and the second allows you preference choice. Maybe may be do you agree is more the private place we reside…. Anyway be whose way. The nice folks at Princeton designed a machine with a 50% probability. Like flipping a coin. They came to realize that who engaged the machine, pressed its button…affected the probability. Next they realize that if their was a “resonance” between the both machine and person that probability would improve appreciably. Imagine creating this resonance between you and your art tools, our medicines, your prayer beads, your team mates …that would transcend your current effort as an artist-surgeon-pilot by an improved factor the nature of which is lost to its measurement, but nonetheless beneficent. (This perspective before factoring resonant time displacement-resolving further anomalies).

Now the Curly haired biologist, his book The Science of life, his thesis, “There exists a field between species, with its own auguring memory (not ours) that functions irrespective of time and space.” This what we are talking about, irrespective of time and space speaks to the Light, the infinite continuity. The sound of silence. (Remember the Universe is timeless we are out of synch with the Universe because we exist and paint and love in time meaning we displace-deny everything we do). Also if you are able to get into this timeless non-linear grove (which you’ve begun by using your DNAs tools (ie) also prayer beads, hammer, car, scalpel, computer, house, food) you’ve tapped into a memory that is not our own. A Cosmic memory that likely includes a vast resource of information, images, ideas, sensations that we spend our lives repressing-denying. Which includes the presently Cosmic memory of self. At the very least the uninterrupted linear memory of self. The acquiring Light self-sound of silence speaks as well to behaviors like meditation, praying, the offered presumption of disease.

Approaching the fewer words embrace: Attending the memory remembering. The questions unfold. What evidence is there of the Light bliss in our lives. These are occurrences that don’t come form a human, including ourselves, when evident don’t allude to a preexisting body of knowledge, don’t involve machines and intriguingly only involve one person (ie) what humans call luck, coincidence, answered prayers, intuition, spontaneous remission, sleep, birth, death, precognition, your next self. Once these events occur we immediately begin to displace them as we do our Cosmic lives, our Light predisposition through linear language validated through time actualized through assigned intelligence unto the earth peoples altered reality revealed though one conception…everything that begins ends while ending. The Universe is separating, dematerializing, but humans have taken this “refining Eternal condition” one step further away and created a material existence that culminates as disposable junctures that are without out valued dire3ction, without utility. Non-Eternal. Indeed humans must surrender God’s gift to them, their bodies, in order to become God attendant. Heaven is separated from Earth. Body from soul as such the earth people cannot attain a divine maturity while alive. Visiting a memory a conversation with Pastor Linda in Omaha,” I’ve finally realized why the Christians, Jew lock their doors after the holy service…to keep the people out.” Oh dear Oh dear Oh dear. And the only institutions from which humans don’t graduate, their Holy Temples. What to say that prayers hear. (I am) not saying people are bad, sometimes bad waiting to be good. Good getting better the children testify easily God’s intent.

Touching briefly on “my” past correspondence relevant to the origin of other folk’s spiritual beliefs. The characterization is as simple as sincere as provoking. You were taught as a child what others were taught as children. The gentle earth people challenge very few, if any, of the basic precepts that were visited upon them as little boys and little girls. Much of it not most of it around faith. Not knowing in the curious of somehow leads to knowing.

As the flower holds the sunshine we’d like suggesting, there are other Light events that we humans do create and sustain inby the silence. Holding hands, embracing, smiling, meditating, love making, holding a baby inside the Mom and outside the Mom. Oh Heavens the words continue. Gentle like the rain claiming the garden’s witness…. When two people become love, they evoke a unique Light sound of silence, having resolved their linear irony pain’s unhappiness. And while loving condone- reside the Eternal. Not surprisingly it is through this wondrous God communing event that babies are born. Noting that whether the lady becomes pregnant is not determined by either partner. Further evidence that we are God’s children. Reminding politely. Your parents, their parents, therefore yourself removed “deceased” how many tiomes before we arrive at a condition status that predates the materializing of the planet earth, still your parent the Eternal Light. As such reincarnation, resurrection is one as refining flows, God the Eternal Refining Creation. Space location as space not space in spite of space. Is it not curious once again George that humans design the burdens we resist by carrying?

As there is the darkness there is the Light. There is no death. There is extinction. Interestingly earth science defines dark matter as the absence of frequency, the absence of sound. (The Light is the darkness isn’t). Darkness unlike the Light does not perpetuates itself, the earth people perpetuates the darkness. Also unlike the Light most often the darkness is not the manifest of one as the silence light events alluded to earlier, but rather are shared, often dark events involve preexisting knowledge and involve technology. The Light is the darkness isn’t, but both are still material. One as the Universe abides the other less the Universe the earth people insist. These dark events and conditions tend to be linear and are realized in time. Meaning to say…cause and defect further denied through time not spontaneous Eternally sympathetic like the Light. There appear not to be two condition activates in the Universe, the Eternal Light and the Eternal dark…evidenced linearly as hell, earth separate from Creations Heaven, body and soul separate, sins of the father, Satan judgment day. And politely one more time the humans insistent need to continue forgiving each other. What love while forgiving is still God’s love as offered? Forgiven acknowledges gives bearing and relevance to the transgression, love renders the same gentle and beautiful. We are not perfect, but do we have to repeat the same apology-forgiveness 589 times…. When one was too many. And twice should be lesson enough. The only sin we acknowledge is killing…inby its many faces. The soldier without the taxpayers support is a soldier without a deadly weapon. All other transgressions are love Light oppiortunities. Pain instructs loves invitation.

As always these are as much your words in the sharing as ours in the expressing. Allowing prayer’s intent the better seed by your gentle discretion.

Now the silence loves the Universe breaths God’s Creation. One Universe One God. Offering… anything that Mother Teresa, Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha-did and are still are doing that others cannot actualize…deeds divine. We can politely assume these God Determined individuals would offer prayer’s cheer to the better seed of our effort. Noiting when an earth person is no longer linearly displaced thus God denying as denied they are Light imbued, the miracles abound…. You are aware you are a miracle. You feel to think otherwise. Such is the nature of your earthly miracle God has provided you a chance to configure the mioracle of yourself. Take a chance learn the dance. Dance the awe.

Love and pretzels,


Amidst this harmony of Cosmic silence we can identify the sound, the melody that speaks to you being an artist or a businesswoman. Once having done so we can begin to put together a paint brush, paints and canvass that is compatible with that sound reference. (A paintbrush, paints that no one else could use effectively). A sound reference you share with no one else in the Universe. Since your DNAsound is all inclusive or it would be fragmented and uncertain like our current reality…your DNAsound is a limitless source of information that speaks to images, designs, materials that are compatible with your DNAs that identifies you as an artist.

Acknowledging the determined PEAR group at Princeton University. They designed a machine with a 50% probability. Like flipping a coin. They came to realize that who engaged the machine, pressed its button…affected the probability. Next they realize that if their was a “resonance” between the both machine and person that probability would improve appreciably. Imagine creating this resonance between you and your art tools…that would transcend your current effort as an artist by an improved probability. Presently evident as sleep, luck, miracles, coincidence, precognitions, birth-death & God. And the improved probability not embracing resonant time displacement.

The dark the Light <> Spirit Eternal?

The value distinction between right and wrong is not singularly immediate to the self or shared value, but rather is the result of our temporal linear opposition…a formulation that in its most essential is a Cosmically spherical experience.

Curiously doctors, nurses, teachers are amongst the few linear profession that are not based on shared exclusion. A priest is not everyone’s priest, a lawyer the same, your Mom and Dad are not everyone’s Mom and Dad, even the brave fireman needs the fire. (These linearly inclusive professions speak to their duties, but also the sympathetic training, all realized as a disposition of self culminating beyond casual displacement). Noting politely, awe of waiting, on this planet God is not everyone’s God, but a fragmented God…an accommodated self preferred God. Yes also an artist, the sign maker, a poet, a musician. Interestingly these creative individuals all work inby the all embracing Cosmic silence…either as participant-recipient or both. But the creative project begins or ends with an act of exclusion, reinforced by the values and whimsy of our planetary culture (meaning) the singular name is credited to the canvass, the poem, the song… An act of exclusion. Also potential inclusion…. Interestingly these creative endeavors are also witnessed in the silence. Another clarification… whatever the futility of language it is through language we can deny language and attain silence…ideal as love making, holding hands, embracing, smili9ng etcetera…What exactly is the distinction between the silence and the Light, the question continues.

Possibly GUT-TOE is a not as much a scientific inquiry as a singular spiritual undertaking. Of course the spiritual in its ideal should include all experience, particularly those activities that are the least spiritual that they might ofby spirit flourish. “I” suggest singular journey because in a spherical world the only one you can wait for is yourself. Otherwise displacement defines our casually ironic acquired reality that exists in the denial opposition of its own Cosmic disposition. Even consensus involves displacement, a temporary condition influenced as random result that will remain always incomplete. But at some juncture we must engage the linear dilemma, share the acquired gifts. Graduate from the Holy Temple, graduate from our acquired-instructed self…. Inviting the fewer words caress…come home. Politely noting you were likely taught as a child in “your” Holy Temple what others were taught as children. Have your spiritual believes varied? Were your spiritual insights encouraged? “I” ask not knowing. Does your faith opened or closed?

Does not the motivation behind the Grand Unified Theory suggests a singular equation- explanation that denies-possibly frustrates further “change” by humans, other life forms or God... Whether linearly interactive or reciprocal. There are those who suggest, “There is no God.” While identifying what the deny. One of the tricks in a linearly exclusionary reality whereby each juncture is only valid through its negation. Reminding the Super Strings contention, “ Everything is material except time.” Though obviously time, however diminishing of the material, is not completely incompatible with the material…evidenced by consequence through the material time interchange. Does this irony become resolved during spherical time whereby exclusion becomes symmetrically concurrent therefore more sympathetic with the infinite continuity refining. As we suggested language can lead us to the assimilation of linear language to the abiding silence possibly the same is true of time. Yes the idealized Cosmically sympathetic use of time can lead us to the infinite continuity, the Eternal us…. Even while we live-dieing an existence that culminates as death indisposition that is validated through an allegory of inaccessible other worldly transcendence. But is of this Universe. Very curious do you agree. Unknowingly we seem to experience ourselves beyond our own reflection, beyond our knowing. Not necessarily beyond our next conversation. Do you agree? Please I would welcome hearing your thoughts, your feelings on these observations…

Relevant to the retention of this information. We accrue information linarily, sustain it spherically in the brain spheres (memory is spontaneous in nature) then express linarily in time through incremental language. But the manner that these essays are nurtured are mostly spherical. (Remember one of the first essay gatherings… a concentric tapestry not a linear progression). And in a linear world the spherical can only be assimilated as forgotten. In part because you can’t prove you forgot. We prove by altering what is already evident until a juncture of disposable non-utility is reached…which in itself is a form of forgetting. The irony of proving repeatedly what appears to be already evident as incomplete is our planetary irony. As such we spend our lives rethinking, reinventing, remarrying, researching essentially relocating (at our material expense) in Universe that is one location. Through our shared casual fragmentations (space in spite of space) while avoiding refining space (space evolving spherically as space)…a happenstance, our origin source, we spend our lives repressing-unknowingly separating ourselves from as our acquired often desperate existence. Experienced through the constant negation of our life’s therefore our awareness. One of many negations is our ever-present dying in order to say alive.. Our own immediate demise, death the medium of commerce, government and earth religions. Life through death, the offered death coercion, death planning , subsidy or cure disease mitigated through death with life benefit. Life it seems too often appears to be a secondary benefit since the nice doctors and nurses don’t want to see you again unless your giving death another chance. We walk through the shadows of some many lives. So many beautiful people appear. And disappear. How about a picnic?

Let’s please remember not to forget while listening to ourselves. Recalling…the occur rent Light events spontaneously (are) relevant-revealing “intervention” events that are not caused by us, when materialized the Light events do not allude to a preexisting body of knowledge and are not technologically connected. Also they happen to one person at a time suggesting the silence of self (DNAs potential) that avails the Light events themselves. Further when the Light events materialize “we” immediately displace them to our incomplete temporal linear world, these Light occurrences are not interactive- conversant. These Light events are what we the current humans linarily are identified as….luck, coincidence, precognition, clairvoyance, answered prayers, insanity, various intervention aides, intuition, spontaneous remission, birth, death, remote viewing, dreams, impending you-after you pr (or) rebirth-afterbirth-reciprocally refining,, sleep, dislocated disease, life death assimilation, ghosts, angels, myths, archetypes, resurrection, reincarnation. Also the human body is non-linear inferring silence. Are not the rhythmic motions of our organs silent…all in the Cosmos is motion, silence does not speak to non motion. We have unhappily accustomed ourselves to motion based exclusion and opposition culminating in valueless non-utility. In an other than human category…expressive spherical technology that is not based on linear disposable exclusion. Also the unknown current and impending. And the unknowable to the human self that nonetheless influences as all eventually does. Sometimes we have impressions about the unknowable two examples are death and extinction. It would appear to be difficult to observe our own absence without being aware of the testimony. Good…bad, exclusion or otherwise the near of everything on “our” planet is perhaps except perhaps, perhaps. A tentative ambiguity in the extreme. Once we externalize into our linear irony a certitude of probability is as good as it gets. Either in the immediate, in anticipation or remorse. But…not always is also our way. And where do surprises really come from. If we must be ready to be foreign that we be loved, if we can only be aware by acknowledging not being aware, if we must die to prove the totality-experience of our lives, if we must question our most cherished perceptions, if we must design holocaust machines to prove ourselves worth of life’s continuance, can we be always fully aware….Do you really think you are only embraced when you pray, when you meditate, when you love each other? Please write down your answer. Seed the garden. Share the awe…

Also we have shared silent Light events that (we) initiate. And are able to share and sustain before after or during the event. These light events are hugging, kissing, dreaming, insanity, handshaking, meditating, sleeping, generous prayer, loving kindly, embracing a baby, reading a suicide note to a caring companion, breast feeding a baby. Impending pre-birth or impending after birth-resonant as refining. Have people in this planet stopped tickling each other? Also coupling. Meaning when two humans resolve irony and join their bodies lovingly they evoke their shared dnas creating a union Light divine. Not surprisingly through this union babies are born, a Light event that is not determined, not linearly casual to either parent. Also the presumption of orgasm is a casually spontaneous We are God’s children before our own. Finally never finally always there are the Light events known as miracles. Spontaneous, shared, resisted-embraced, the Eternal materialized. Noting we do not instruction to appreciate-recognize these miracles…we are kindred. We spend our lives resisting the miracle of self.

Dark darkness abides?

Dark matter (is) defined by linear science as the absence of frequency….as the infinite continuity abides frequency becomes an issue of Light sound frequency. Let’s devolve-evolve to another formulation dematerializing activity that potentially exceeds non-utility. (Referencing in part current earth scientists belief that the Universe will disappear…that the dark will consume the Light and all of God‘s Creation will be as not…). Cautiously politely let’s continue. Unlike Like the Light we can initially assume the dark functions negating material through time consequently denying timeless memory, though not necessarily to a status that is without utility since the dark and the Light are spontaneously Cosmically concurrent. Suggesting there is the Light infinite Eternal that humans fragment through the material time interchange as linear darkness that in turn has a spherical interactive representation like all in the Universe consequently a Cosmic source value, but not necessarily a Cosmic origin. Meaning the darkness is not intrinsic to the infinite Eternal or infinity would be separated against itself. The dark includes our own acquired disposition that enemates from human choices. Meaning to say whereas Light occurrences “interventions” do not derive from another human including self, are not emitted from machine and when occurring do relate to a preexisting body of knowledge, only happen to one person at a time suggesting the condition self status of silence that is compatible with the infinite Light Eternal and evident are immediately fragmented or dislocated. The opposite in all regards is the case with the dark or darkness. Dark events like disadvantaging yourself or a neighbor… killing, war or preparing for war are caused by human beings. These dark events evolve in the opposite of our silent Light selves. Remembering to realize…any idea is a divine idea if it‘s divinely expressed. (Darkness does not beget darkness, darkness does not create itself. Darkness does not create darkness denies. Darkness does not perpetuate itself darkness is perpetuated. The Light is darkness isn’t ). The darkness often evolves and is exaggerated to an extreme by our linear technology much of which is accordingly designed. Meaning linear disposable technology, but also machines designed to destruct while self destructing. (Silly and absurd do you agree, yet we engage one another and ourselves in the same “no” way. Very silly indeed. Let’s please continue….

Amidst the negating-displacing flow, dark matter, anti gravity, death devaluation, vacuums…does darkness extinguish material permanently. Rendering Light victim. Spirit is material. Temporary Eternity? Good bye God? What do you think to feel? Do you agree, let’s continue…

Dark events are singular in effect, but also sustainable as shared, the sharing causes both denial of the event and often those involved in the event. Linearly and spherically. Meaning beyond our earthly displacing selves. Further these events, both Light and dark, are compatible (not exclusionary) because they interact and both accrue presumably in the interest of the Light refining because the Light is the Universe seed. Suggesting otherwise infers a malevolent presence, energy or force in the Universe. An origin presence other than God or a God that devalues-negates the God purpose. Presently the linear oppositional is realized as the dark when the same event is not actualized spherically to the Light. These events like everything else unfold through and as the Cosmis (ie) active Cosmos. Linearly this fragmented Cosmic irony we also know as original sin, judgment day, hell, the sins of the father…reinforced by the orientations of other earth religions however sincere. (Certainly not to suggest irrelevance, thank God literally for our earthly religions, the brave administrators, pathfinders, yearning aspirants and the God determined ones without them misery would have been the best of our day…The aforementioned spiritual fragments are understandable material perspectives in a culture that separates Heaven from earth, valuates life presence through invalidation of the same, separates body from soul and otherwise exists through linear casual exclusion rather than the refining infinite ideal apparent as the Light.

Allowing a brief synopsis. We create dark events. These dark conditions or events tend to deny the silence. They often involve and are exaggerated through technology. And allude, even enemates-validates preexisting linear knowledge. Dark events also involve the one no9ne material time as a displacing condition. Darkness suggests extinguishment. The dark is a Light voiding event. Metaphorically and interactively closing the darkness over the Light Eternal creates time. Timeless surrenders as time. Extinction is an example in the extreme evident through global warming, pandemics, nuclear war, limited asteroid tracking, seed depletion. Each as a compact event with spherical implications, but also as an evolving event relevant as planned, financed and anticipated. Dark event junctures that can become collective or synergistic. With profound linear implications therefore spherical or Cosmic consequences. Similarly resolving these encroaching dark event to the Light affirms the Eternal. As does any good deed particularly when chosen over a bad deed often encouraged, sometimes deemed essential like killing, like war. These light moments are spherically spontaneous, not self separating or linear not self extinguishing. Examples. Smiling, loving, helping, curing please complete-continue the list…

Let’s continue hoping we can go beyond the happenstance of faith in our perspective approaching awareness. Remember in a timeless a casual refining Universe everything is in the near of permanent. As inferred by the infinite Eternal. The near all events, dark or Light, are part of or sympathetic to infinity or infinity would be ruptured or otherwise rendered valueless or disposable as in the current earth culture. Which is the Universe seed, the Light or the dark? Is it possible the Universe will disappear when the acquired darkness consumes the Light? Noting that dark events occur and perpetuate time valuating death of all material as valueless and beyond utilities direction. And Light events are timeless accordingly infinite as Eternal. (Yet through time we can attain timelessness, Nirvana, converse miracles, also evidence answered prayers, coincidence, heal death from our life’s offering…). Now at this juncture (hopefully) we can acknowledge and subsequently develop a distinction between infinity and the Eternal. Yearning we continue: The Light is all inclusive, un bordered, all embracing and ordered by God the Cosmic origin source. Evidenced by logic, observation and our futility. Whereas the dark is casual to the human, unlike Light sound frequency is exaggerated through linear technology, sustained as linearly shared, time imbued. Consequently dark is not compatible with the infinite Eternal the light accordingly thrives. Noting the image of a carnation, a creational flutter, spherically reaching unfolding. Imagine to feel the Light events, your smile, your love excused from contempt, the prayer, meditation, all the good Light shared preferred to the convenient dark, love proffered to forgiveness, peaceful choices (all these chosen selves) spher4ically claim the darkness tofromas the Light determining the Eternal. Whereas the darkness accrues linearly, spherically evident as extinction resulting in a familial breach, a rupture…the harmonious Cosmically nurturing bond linearly realized as resurrection-reincarnation Heaven and earth. There is no evidence that the dark is all inclusive, all embracing, ordered by God, there is no dark Eternal-except for our insistence. Again relevant to death in all its seed, whimsy and disguise you cannot know the flavor with the taste. The same the near fullest of Eternity. We know good we know bad one will prevail as ourselves. Now you know as knowing breaths, your neighborhood Cosmically abides. Accordingly we derive, Eternity now instructs. Will we obliging be the life of life the life of death or the death of death be all, the day our music died.

We have noted previously that in a spontaneous Universe one dark event would cause the Universe to collapse, disappear-devolve into nothingness. ( Our nurtured linear irony is in total validated-evidenced through junctures that all earth religions share in substance or denial…hell, judgment day, impurity, sins of the father. Heaven not earth, life after death not during and after death, original sin, martyrs, Holy Temples places of preferred being not divine catharsis, the exclusion or denial of women children and other life forms, and each religion practiced as an exclusion of another religions (a divinity of purpose that has lead to many wars of death destruction). We have also offered that in an infinitely compatible Universe the material evolves as space refining as space as opposed to our present accommodation space in spite of space. Yet both of these seemingly incompatible and exclusionary activities occur in the same Universe. We have evidence that the Universe evolves “refines” as contrasted or conflicted however amiably and Eternally. The refining evolution good or bad in part (conceivably entirely) emanates from our human choices interactive with God’s Creation environment-exaggerated to a gross extreme by current linear technology. The holiest words (I) know are I don’t know, God knows. Is there good and bad in and as the Universe. Is the bad partial seed to the good. Are infinity and the Eternal one the same. Does one yearn the other. Is timelessness an irony of either the infinite or the Eternal? What are your thoughts? And your prayers? I can say beyond prayers hesitation our lives offered to us are good. Let’s continue. The sun knows the flower as the butterfly greets us all in your dream.. And this is good and beautiful. And further we know beyond prayer’s reprieve that harming God’s Creation is not good. Unnecessary. Killing is a choice. Not killing is a choice. Killing in its many rhymes, riddles and rhythms including planning denies the Universe and materializes the dark. Giving reference to life confirms the Universe. Creation’s good witnesses God’s Creation as Eternal is better than not. And of course we will always speak to and aspire as uncertain because we will always in our shared world include ourselves in the search. Hopefully more happily dissatisfied, prayerfully in awe. Nurturing of God’s Creation gathering which includes ourselves. And through our unfolding selves our spherical bond with God sustaining. The time of now is as forever always. Always is the way. Let’s continue…

Everything in the Universe is material motion. Motion is material. All motion emits a sound that speaks to and of its material motion. These material motion s are evidenced as trees hummingbirds, people, rivers, thoughts, bullets, choices. The material motion is both in the immediate material status. Impending and otherwise…meaning before or after the material status or juncture. Example: The motion condition status prior to the emergence of a tree, a galaxy, an individual human being or after is linearly dematerializing. Acknowledging that before and after are (material time interchange) casually linear concepts through which humans presently self actualize themselves and “their “ environment. As well as their relationship with God. Accordingly an unimaginable God experienced as displaced. A God we can assume is both motion and material without distinction. This God awareness is an impression, obviously not a summation.

These interactive bonds are experienced as continuous displacement of each material events. A process of determining self opposition further fragmented through time…witnessed daily as our uncertain tentative lives. A body life that at each incremental juncture can be extinguished (ie) rendered non functional…a valueless status, denial of origin source. Given “our” developed knowledge technology includes the totality of the human and other species, potentially the entire planet. This status, the time of now forever, is a consequence of will not happenstance. Immediate to the same moment in space we are Cosmically realized as a Light affluence. Which is much denied. Repressed…The totality in question will be for better or worst.

All in the Universe is motion as motion abides refining. The nature of the motion speaks to disposition of silence evoked. Silence is a sound. The sound of the Light refining. The Cosmic evolutionary spheroid. The incrimination, the fragmentation or destruction of the sound Light silence is the dark. As such we have the distinction between the Light and the dark. The dark and the Light are manifest immediate material juncture or events, but also as actives before and after the fact. Both linearly and spherically. Meaning that which happens on the planet earth happens in the timeless Universe. Timeless meaning always. Inby the Universe nothing disappears nothing is forgiven nothing is forgotten while the Universe flows. Everything is and is as changing. In an infinite Eternal Universe there can only be beginnings. Inby the Universe there are no accidents, no mistakes only opportunity. Humans have proven themselves otherwise. And accordingly Cosmically thrive as not. Willful and oblige rather than karmic. Are accidents, mistakes linear intersects, dark junctures, unresolved-distorted otherwise as Light events (ie) coincidence, spontaneous remission, luck. What accident mistakes you know, one we prefer as disease. (Noting the schism between cure an disease represent a separating of the infinity continuity). Karma on the planet earth is God’s motion disguised as ourselves, necessarily disguised unnecessarily.

Given the nature of the human experience, materially validated as displaced the Cosmic infinite ideal is not sustainable. But the Eternal is expressible. Glimpses of the Eternal can be realized. But these Cosmic glimpse events by the linear human are not lasting. Humans thrive in the temporary of themselves. Without death they could not exist. Our ideal expressive ofby the Light (ie) your birth, your death, your Light self denied or otherwise, answered prayers, miracles, luck, intuition, coincidence, healiongs. And the fullness of each yet unknown. Currently unknowable as expressed and not.

Linear forms material is realized as either the dark or the light silence. Which of the two Cosmic manifests occurs is consequent to individual choice. Willful choice becomes paramount to affect. Either the silent Light or the encroaching dark we spend our lives choosing between. Each the process of cause and effect or cause and defect or cause as cause…meaning karma spontaneity as opposed to material indignation. Cause as cause or karma does not guarantee a blissful life in time. But a karmic life will be a life of bliss. Meaning Light fully attuned as opposed the dark manifest. Karma is not exclusive to the juncture of self, Karma is non-linear flow. Karma is as and because of self, not through self less one or all. Karma flows. Karma is

The dark manifest is a linear manifest. Realized through time, often technologically manifest, casually relevant as opposed…. extinguishing or self extinguishing. The dark manifest is not like the Light self manifesting. But nonetheless (is) influencing and influenced. The abiding consequence of our Light dark choices is not one of juncture, but are not only the event results of one life but of all life. ( The all life Universe is alive as life). We whisper praying…our experience is a Cosmic one not a self limiting earth one. The causality is Eternally derivative not linearly incomplete. The thorn is part of the seed. Endings are a form of beginnings.

Given these choice full formulations functional to the nature of form causality realizable as either the dark or the Light humans are obliged to pursue a dual track. Each path mirrored in the immediate by its opposite. Sometimes the unintended undeserved unhappy bad happens. And we can only know why by not knowing. But remember our destinies are not localized to the limits of the human form. The dance is a Cosmically spatial one. Nothing of all begins or ends with you. But we can encourage the good. We anticipate the bad. And claim the bad to the good. The dark to the light.

Sometimes the bad that happens to self is good for others. And we cannot know why because we need to, but we can be certain that good is the better path to good than bad. Good should be encouraged. And bad should be discouraged. And can be reasonably foreseen…. Example: We can assume that all drug dealers-users if they live to be 240 linear years old (Eternity accordingly compounds) will die whatever the pharmaceutical derivative from drug usage or spend their lives in prison depletion. Either event or both will occur when they do. In a spontaneous Universe the entire pond is affected not just one frog. And the effect continues for a very long time past the unhappy demise of the frog in question. Inby a spontaneous Universe, the drug dealer, the drug deal, customer user and result as one spherically lasting. Unfolding dark yearning the Light…

*Human body might be localized to itself, though not necessarily exclusive to its linearity. But the brain sphere is not localized to either it’s organic constraint or localized space. Non-linearity voids distance. Presently observations-informationis gathered linearly, sustained-contained as a spontaneous memory, eventfully when need and opportunity allow expressed (shared) linearly thereby confirming our self displacing irony culminating in valueless non-utility that includes the human self. The brain sphere is compatible with spontaneous memory, which is timeless, voids distance and therefore is potentially Cosmcially attuned. Hopefully clarifying impressions of brain regeneration, the elasticity of the human brain. And our interactive other than localized bond with our Cosmic origin-source…the Light refining -space as space. Unless you prefer otherwise.

Now once again politely the Curly haired biologist in his book The Science of Life “There exists a field between species, with its own acquiring memory (not ours) that functions irrespective of time and space.” This what we are talking about, irrespective of time and space speaks to the Light, (or space through dislocating time there the infinite continuity). Also the sound of silence of DNAs. (Remember the Universe is timeless we are out of synch with the Universe because we exist, paint and love in time meaning we displace-deny everything we do). Also if you are able to get into this timeless non-linear grove (which you’ve begun by using your DNAs tools ie also hammer, car, scalpel, computer, medicine, birthing, spirituality-also suggested by birth and death) we’ve tapped into a memory that is not our own. A Cosmic memory that likely includes a vast resource of information, images, ideas, sensations that we spend our lives repressing-denying. Including the Cosmic memory of you. At a minimum the uninterrupted linear memory of self…. Which is reflective of our Cosmic birthright.

Truly so we can dispose of life’s continuous infinite utility through death, separate Heaven from Earth, body and soul, rich from poor, God from each other and God…. But Heaven, the infinite Cosmos, is all-inclusive. We can separate Heaven from ourselves. But not Heaven from Heaven, which includes all of us…all life forms. (Rosie, Charlie, Tuxedo, Which One and Which One not the other, the alleged dogs and cat, we live pleasantly together in this house, likely already might have a sense of this because they have no interactive awakenings of death). Also evidenced by babies born, once ourselves, luck, coincidence, spontaneous remission, birth-death, sleep etcetera. Conditions, their initiate juncture, are not the result of language, mathematics, assigned intelligence, government program, earthly religions…the activities through which we separate ourselves from our Cosmic birthright, the Eternal Cosmos. Activities as previously noted that do not come from another (distinction linear temporal human being), including self, or a machine do not allude to a preexisting body of knowledge and interestingly when occur rent always happen to one person at a time… when we are the most available to the Eternal Light through our uninterrupted distinct sound of silence.

Thus the Cosmic formulary unfolds enfolding…gathering: Earth science approves, “objects age more slowly as they approach the speed of Light.” At Light speed age not at all? (The object as the Light or the Light would be disrupted). Eternity resumes-assuming. Even as Light has speed, the linear estimate affords, Light curves. Can Light have speed without its own dislocation? Presumably relevant to other objects, conditions not yet the Light. “Mass constricted enough the curvature becomes infinite.” A new bridge happily unfolds. The infinite absolves time; curvature begins to resolve linearity…spontaneity nears. When Light curves, enfolds, does materiality begin anew? Further clarifying during a Light occurrence, like luck, intuition, remote viewing “time stops” or assumes a non-linear status with material. Time is a functioning displacement between two locations, material time interchange. Location and material the same. This resonant assimilation “time stops” availing spontaneity between the two material locations (DNAs resonance occurs) resolving dematerializing without utility as an assumable-expressible Light infinite event. Spin-span-spun. Enfold unfolding. Affording an intuitive conversation, cure not separate as disease, quantum travel, reciprocal remote viewing. Finally we have opened the Cosmic door, not less ourselves. Materials life’s crossing and bridge the same. The trees, your parents, the kitten, your waiting self-predate the materializing of the planet earth (intent result the same)…still the Eternal Light. Linear holds hands with the Eternal. Reincarnation resurrection one the other neither one not the same. Reciprocal awe-directional spherical. God’s own acquiring memory. Timeless, uninterrupted. Space as space refining not in spite of space denying. You can only be lost if you know where you are…. Helps if you have a friend like Mohammed, Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, and Mother Teresa, eventually yourself or a good buddy of course…. Individuals like us get tempted against ourselves. We came to know these beautiful God determined individuals. Their loving divinity was born from earthly effort, Godly the same. Available not less themselves and us. Kindness only requires bravery in God’s absence. (I) love you all effortlessly the same. Does this not God understand

Our Cosmic God determined neighbor the Nazarene died unkindly on the cross. Because we knew death less life. (Junctures evolved Karma). What speaks when death is not…Abraham, Buddha, Jesus, RA, Moses, Krishna, Mohammed, Joseph Smith, La Virgin de Guadalupe, Mother Teresa. Others forgotten as remembered. And yes yourself wondering-wandering, none less God’s dream. You wait for a second co0mi9ng. The nice God determined gentle man never left. Unless you separate Heaven from earth; God from yourself. Spontaneity as such subscribes. You wait for a messiah less yourself? Less yourself your messiah will be. We pray imploring. Miracle self not self enough. You hide already lost. You will not graduate from the Holy Temple, afraid. Are you lonely because you prefer yourself to God. Appreciating Eternally as words are not deeds and seeds hold the flower, God is all….omniscient beyond words chore. And as such is so. These words echo sublime. Searching we pray more complete by your offering. Word’s echo fulfills….The God Determined ones delivered us to this day, thank you is a prayer. Maybe God continue to be blessed by them. And us by they. And they by us.

A brief repose, reflection’s haste. Our companionship real or imagined the same. As such the Eternal listens. Each kiss, each embrace, each kindness God reminds.

words of silence

allowing pause,

The Universe is without time. As such no endings thrive once begun. The Universe is all inclusive, therefore un bordered. Un ordered except by God. (All motion has sound relevant to its material in motion). The infinite Light like the “sound” of silence is without form’s boundaries. Both are all inclusive, not casual, and not linear. The infinite Universe is inescapably continuous. Yourself the same. Eternally we abide or we resist…

Sound does not dematerialize. Ageless sound. The Eternal sound of you the Light…. Godsoulprint.

Your Light is an Eternal response. Your genetic code as DNAsound is not linear. Timeless…permanent as is all in the Eternal Universe. Infinity cannot be separated hence reincarnation n’ resurrection are one unfolding.

Your parents removed the many times before we reside unfolding prior to the materializing of the planet earth. Still your parent, the Eternal Light…. Life and death the same not less the Light.

The past is a temporal adjustment in a timeless Universe. Hence what grave mourns the light, your life. The Celestial sound of silence sings.

Who are we that we speak to hear the silence

A writer observes. “Who you are is God’s gift to you. Who you become is your gift to God.” Another writer offers. “There are no inadequate people only inadequate perceptions of them.” Thus our prayers sing. All has value that which does not invites valued effort.

Karma is God’s motion “sound” disguised as us. God’s timeless memory sustains. Curiously you cannot prove we forgot…. Eternally pleasantly remembering as forgotten. Whispering, “Only God can remember an event as it happens.” Will you remember to forget? You are “born” Light attendant. Life and death not apart. Endlessly refining infinity’s blossom. Hence as the Light our ancestors attend the inspired Light. Mysteries memories wait. Evidence of the Light in our lives? Remembering you can’t have an enemy without being one. Ask yourself. You will know not knowing.

Let’s please walk through “our” Creation’s garden. Presently the earth we live (most of the time) in a self-reflecting world of three dimension (in totality confirmed as non- existence). (The nowhere of dematerializing without utility). With the gentle exceptions of our prayer’s anticipation, meditation, sleep and those luck coincidence, precognitions, curious intuitions, miracles, the yearning for our true selves and our births and deaths…. The 3 dimensions (intersected directions) are length, with and depth. We are examining our bodies, the dimensions of a tree, your house, the planning-building and destruction of your house, (our linear technology), our interactive environment, the witnessed lives of the alleged one, ourselves included: Your dreams, God, our self defined birth and death, Heaven, the galaxies and this planet. Humans named the planet earth now…our Cosmic Noah’s arc. (All based on human linear observation). Actualized in our current 3 dimensional acquired world experienced and sustained through time, activated as linearity, dematerialized beyond consequence in spite of the utility evidenced asby the infini8te continuity. Valued through eventual totality as decay, void, death without life, killing while dying, the preferential God exclusion. And redundancy. And progress revealed as prior success invalidated thus esteemed in time. (What a curious mirror we smile). Further distorting our human observations confirmed through self-serving linear experimentation (ie) science and technology. The sum self-compromising progression of ourselves. Clearly our limitations are compelling. Intriguing, bold and beautiful. Our incomplete, dislocated sometimes festering place of self also evident asby the infinite continuity. Eternity Eternally derived. We wonder. We wander. Wait and sometimes just smile. All these behaviors, conditions of self and shared activities realized in the acquired activities of self. Also our tragedies: The disease of war. Those of us lonely of food, lonely for life. Afraid and alone. Sick and unloved. Remembered as forgotten. The unbearable tragedy is not that we suffer, but that we suffer much unnecessarily and through individual choice. (Yes do you agree individual choice; community only has the will we relinquish)…. Can you disagree for whom do you pray not yourself? Pray for more than one then as prayer you are redeemed. The faltering bridge burnt while crossing. Temporary fictional formulary of self. Destruction proves, death abides, alteration submits. Thus memory suffers the darkness form the Light. Would it be correct to suggest infinity yields as darkness less the imminent Light (still infinity?).Yes clearly the Light can declare the darkness be the Light. Our lives neither begin with birth nor end with death. Begin as both already begun. And can end as both?

A sojourners reminder: There is timeless nion-linear (infinite) Universe and your earthly linear distortion. (Reminding all human timely linearity dictates is not observable as itself). Observer and that which is observed are not one, but denied as each. You are not looking at what you see, experiencing what you hold. You and your wakened dreams are incomplete. The yearning silence is attuned with the linear and non-linear through which we can actualize the Light beneficent. The one condition activity that is sympathetic to timelessness, infinity, silence is the sound of the Light simultaneous refining spontaneity. Silent beauty holds the flower, the mountain range, the stars near the riverbed and us asleep waiting. Dreaming God’s gift of waiting.

I would like to pauise smiling. There is a fourth dimension we know whimsically, the Light. A place of modest knowing. And virtually no reciprocal application. An endlessly refining, spontaneous “space material” that is Eternal therefore timeless. Mysteriously both linear and spherical, timeless and timely. Yet does not evolve in spite of itself. (Meaning Linearly space as space while in opposition to itself or dematerializing eventually yielding to non-utility). The infinite ofby the Light…. a timeless place of awe for which there is amongst the earth people no current method of language, engaging perception or willful experience. Though glimpses prevail evidencing the compatibility of form with the infinite Light (not exclusionary). These non-linear Light events (as mentioned less ourselves) are not derived from another person, including yourself, a machine or allude to any body of knowledge before or after effect. And as mentioned as prayers converse only happen to one person at a time suggesting silence. (Once experienced, not sustained, where do these material Light events “go.” Timeless memory unfurling returning back never left, returning again for the first time refining. Also the sounds of birth and death; pre-birth and post death or rebirth. (Light infinite events like miracles need not be lost as shared. And can be shared as realized). What kiss again kiss enough? Dancing between the stars, infinites caressing glance. Always for the first time. Answer’s prayer, miracles, spontaneous remission, procreation, birth, death, sleep, placebo, meditation, prayer, luck, intuition, your uninterrupted birth, your un-interrupting death, coincidence, remote viewing, remote listening, xenology, impending spherical technology, offered linear diseases, precognition, the yet to be known…the fewer words delivered> yourself. Your God remembered imminent self. Cosmic self-sustainable. The aforementioned Cosmically sympathetic are not conversant. Brief contemplations of the Eternal…once experienced fractured-displaced through language, dislocated as belief and disbelief. Distorting our Cosmic identity. Our real selves. What flower less its root still the sunshine?

Can we pause and go for a walk with a dear friend one of the alleged dog, or the one we mysteriously call kitten now supposedly a cat named Tuxedo, stopping to lean carefully against a secretive five hundred year old tree. What are the words that we don’t have to hear because we already know. Not knowing. We do not share with the alleged ones we call animals, trees, rivers and mountains a diminishing awareness of time because these life forms don’t experience death less it’s own value and the alleged ones do not assign a displacing intelligence to each other. Through our shared mystery we further separate ourselves from the Light, ourselves, God-the Heavenly Eternal. Because we cannot share any of our time imbued linear ironies with “our pets”…our “silent” relationship with them is a Heavenly one. Our shared love with them is true. Wonderful and divine. If it were not for our dear Creation’s friends, who seem to know us in a way we refuse to know ourselves, it is likely we would not of been able to sustain our residency on this planet for all these wonderful and troubled years. Continued tolerating our pain while yearning for our divinity. God blessed us together as family.

We are back to the three dimensions. Through linear technology we exaggerate material displacement to a barely tolerable extreme. A consequent example you sustain as soldier, taxpayer, technician is the extinction of our species. Please let’s continue… Our designed 3 dimensional worlds are desirable- undesirable condition events…expected and unexpected. (As such the uncertain bridge of self). These conflicted activities evolve through separating processes through which we realize the incomplete events of our lives. Ourselves. (Our temporary, linear lives experienced as devalued dematerializing…. accrued worthlessness. (Often “valued” most when forced on another life form or material condition like the environment). We experience our willfully dematerializing temporal lives through an on going triangulation that encourages-sustains our 3 dimensional existences. These linearly intersecting triangulations are integrated unstable dimensional flux. (Examples) 3 conditions of matter (solids, liquids, gases)…3 diminishing conditions of time (past, present, future)… spiritually (9 life, death afterlife) and three conditions relevant to direction or relocation (here, there and nowhere-sometimes alluded to through life as the inaccessible Eternal).

Nowhere and somewhere else are interesting-intersecting place we avoid to acknowledge. We have little practical choice, but avoid the nowhere-somewhere place in our dematerializing 3 dimensional worlds. Somewhere-nowhere is the place where our lives don’t happen, yet do. A non-location (seemingly non-linear) condition we know (less our Cosmic selves) as death, nothing, void, decay, destruction, vacuum, Heavenly after life, sometimes as promises, original sin, the past, the future (the current uncertain material now rooted in a static past influenced by a dormant future). Why do we have to get lost to ask for directions? Can you get lost twice at the same time and the same space? I expect with help, a map and expectations…. How can we get lost if we know where we are…ourselves. Noting please presumed non-existence does not mean non-material. We have made of nowhere-elsewhere the defining activity of ourselves through avoidance‘s neglect. Please politely I implore, “I” am not suggesting we are bad or inept, gosh is the sound prayers begin…. Shucks and awe. Come on one and all lets go, let‘s continue…

Like all human… consequence or anticipation thereof. We are a species that survives through result conditional disintegrative events secured through cause followed by doubtful effect influenced as impending failure or calculated destruction. Even when a desired success materializes the resultant eventual result might bare fruit that is contrary to the success. Whatever the effect always derived through separation culminating without utility. If we don’t accept-or accept, but don’t understand the resultant linear effect- we dismiss (disregard) the activity that lead to result as flawed. Not an unreasonable estimation in a disintegrating world where flaw, humans insist, is essential and can occur on its own. Further our diminishing-erratic process gives the consequent unstable human the impression that they are in “control” because it’s their process-conditioned activities. Sometimes we say our efforts “went nowhere.” Often we determine the effect was not favorable because the individuals failed through human error; miscalculation or unknowable reasons…. Conditions that are essential to the linear experience. On occasion we profess failure because “we are human” suggesting a humbling ideal. But our linear materiality insists… in our world secured through unreliable-unsustainable triangulated separations success cannot be experienced without failure. Further compounding inconsistency success is interpreted as a temporary realization of a disjointed-shared life process that seemingly is without end, except as a summation dreaded “benefit” that negates-dislocates our life’s final gathering as being without purpose or direction. (I) respect our beautiful perceptions of Heaven, but those in line waiting Heaven’s entry seem nervous, unhappy and few. Acknowledging politely all is material except time. Asking if our lives are a denial of Heaven is Heaven a denial of our lives? Thus…(Relevance mirrors irrelevance). (Unreality becomes realities reflection). We attempt to “control” our unstable world while reliant on the chaos. Apparently not fully realizing the solutions, the controls further perpetuate inconsistency culminating inevitably in non-utility. (The solutions in question are of self, not that which is initially consequently external to self). Our current self-exclusionary worship is concurrent with many activities like war, global warming, weapons designed and willfulness intended to “avoi9d”missile holocaust extinction while preparing for the same. Nuclear war fighting officers always worrying about, “an accident.” (Most of these behaviors and action are not intended to manifest as the dread events). Chaotic synergism is common in a linear world valuated through purposeless dematerializing ambiguity controlled through a vacated material time interchange. Resulting in a material time interchange that is materially diminishing and futuristically dislocated.

Exhausting, unbearable and sad. Yet there we are. The family picnic, the children play as songs are sung. The butterflies flying as if describing the sky. Lovers walk so easily of life. Holding hands with each other and God. I mean to say a prayer’s response insists, “I” don’t mean to despair. I am desperate man. And I am unsure. Maybe I am more afraid of the thorn than I love the flower. Soldiers never forget, do they? Perhaps the only ones we can forgive and not deny God’s love is ourselves. I will try harder easier the better of myself not to be the merchant of despair. If you have any suggestions please let me know, please.

Praying we continue… Can the truth be disguised without its lie? I ask hopefully…. We can’t prevail unless we prove we can fail disastrously. Confirming our basic observations about life and death. Most curious through failure and disaster we know we are on the right track, we prove we are human. Do we need so much proof? (By denying life… inconsistency, irony and chaos become essential to the acquired human condition). Must all end as not, even in the ideal through alteration of environments. This entire disintegrative linear flux almost predetermines our need for diminishing time. Where would we be if we couldn’t leave the past behind us? And couldn’t predict-plan a “better” future. What bridge is faith designed less its destination. A future eventually we will relinquish as past. A future that we might dematerialize beyond utility through extinction. (Extinction is an on- going cumulative activity that is difficult to gauge and very difficult to influence. Once terminal as complete most likely impossible to reclaim). Assimilating activity events relevant to extinction …as suggested unrelenting sophisticated weaponry used by few financed by all, global warming, pandemics, limited asteroid tracking or an ambiguous combination for which there is no current language anticipation. A convergence result whereby totality becomes the opposite of itself (of life)….

Presently more than 90% of the planet earth’s species have become extinct beyond identifiable presence). When the elephant, the mountain guerrilla, the iceberg, the penguin and the tulip are gone we will be next. You disagree denying caution’s prayer. Further proof you become…

There is no death there is extinction? When extinction “occurs” both the life process and the life substance end. Whether tree, insect, mountain, glacier, butterfly or human…the parent, the offspring and those not yet born. Do you understand? Who worships God when as life death is not? And life will never be again. Does extinction enfold as the darkness consuming the timeless memory of a Light condition, a life form? What does extinction speak to the Eternal? Perhaps there is no answer but prayer. Words like us are limited. Do these insights require more thought as prayers insist?

“ impatiently invited”

Relevant to the invested interest in anagrams. Are we beginning to understand the issue is not the anagram of a word, but the resolution of our dematerializing linear irony which can be materially realized as our Light predisposition evidenced as a birth-death non-linear resonance that will resolve our life dynamic that is not valuated through a randomness leading to non-utility that confirms uselessness and renders our God bond as muddled, incomplete and perverse…. Denying a limitless Cosmic divinity presently thwarted through a chosen life that fragments the individual even though self is Eternally distinctive (Light all distinguishing).

Clearly if our union with God is experienced as subjective exclusion…God becomes consequent to human intent. Insisting we need not accept God to accept ourselves, rendering God as a subjective orientation encouraged through Christian’s body- soul separation, a schism facilitated by all the holy temples that do not acknowledge a shared God respect. These ruptures are further conditioned when our “nurtured” bond with God occurs through the material dissolution of human form, which is God’s gift to self. The earth people’s assertion is that God’s gifts are disposable. Not Eternal.

Explaining why most often prayers encourage the individual need rather than a communal preference that includes the singular…a communal prayer would be a less linear more compelling expression of the individual’s divinity-God realization. More spherical less linear. Exclusionary linear religions are a reflection of a disintegrative culture rather than a celebration our Cosmic Eternal birthright. (Religions are also the gatherings that have delivered us to this juncture). Yet we the earth people in our spiritual devotion defile-deny other God aspirants therefore themselves consequently God. (Historically approving mass murder). As soldier, citizen tax payer, politicians and holy aspirant…

How can attendant life forms transcend dissonant linear Holy Temples that evolve from the same ironic devolutionary culture as the attendant worshipers? Confirming the divine impotence’s of each devotee…an impotence that becomes the functional identity of holy institutions. We seek an ironic God familiarity through a consensus that separates us from the fullness of God…. Presently expression of the Eternal is not within the realm of our acquired repressive perception based on linear casual opposition (dematerializing beyond utility) that in the extreme evidences extinction. Yet as prayers breathe. You can’t not respond to what you are not aware. But once aware the earth people have not always responded.

The earth people evolving beyond this unholy constraint can only graduate to a void that precipitated and sustains their spiritual vacancy. A lifetime of worship becomes an affirmation of divine limitation culminating with your death negatio0n. The transitory status of the earth people is suggested not by prophecy, but the historical acceptance of your linearly dysfunctional acquired reality revealed in the assimilated extreme through nuclear destruction as intent and through preparation, global warming, wanton loss of species, condoned suffering, anticipated pandemics, limited asteroid tracking, seed depletion (God‘s seeds lost as ours), materializing death beyond utility…. Religion’s spiritual response is complicit. The question is posed if the individual life is revealed to God through death why not the same God’s planet earth.

Please understand presently Holy Temples are a reflection of a linear culture that is based on disintegration. The God mirror we hold up to ourselves is a limited one. (Evoking a reverse image contrary to the divine intent). Creation’s mirror is validated through our own demise and the intemperate devaluation of God’s environment. We alter creation and ourselves confirming disintegration beyond utility. War, the hungers, offered oppositional diseases, spiritual neglect does not represent failure, but a natural consequence of the linear evolutionary self. Not surprisingly in such a one dimensional culture God’s gift to Creation, ourselves, can only be redeemed through self and shared opposition culminating in a devalued death. A life guided by fear ends randomly often pathetically through machine intervention. The tragedy is not that we suffer, but that we suffer much unnecessarily. You end your birth divinity to dislocate to Heaven as if this God cherished planet were born from human toil not God’s. Destruction does not equate authority.

(I) pray that you understand I am not being adversarial not spiritually condemning. (You must know the darkness to claim the Light). The most compelling way the nation states rupture can be redeemed is through the Holy Temples. Meaning those who w2illfully transcend the linear-oppositional seed the denies the infinite Eternal. As prayers are heard please listen to comprehend when an individual actualizes their spirituality, theior Light Godsoulprint, as their education, as business commerce, as their divorce, as their union with cancer not only is the individual transformed, but the Holy Institution… as well the cancer, the education and the divorce. When the individual seeks out his singular spontaneous bond with God transcending linear displacement the planet earth blossoms as Heaven. Life is redeemed as prayers response. How is this made to happen? Do not silence others as your own conceit silence you. Be the one God and you have been waiting for…. The one you know to smile.

Holding embrace: Your parents, their parents therefore yourself removed how many times before we arrive at a condition status that predates the materializing of the planet earth, still you parent God the Eternal Light. As such what beginning what end. Who named you John? Who named you Maryann and George and Mohammed? What shadow less the divine shade. The first essay you read….“More a concentric tapestry than a linear progression.” It seems this word’s gathering you remember by forgetting. The linear denies the sphere. Through life we repress the Light. Unnecessarily

As you forget (resolve) your linear life your Godsoulprint abounds. Can you respond to this invitation unless you are the response? God already knows you as you do not know yourselves. We are only a few smiles away. Listen to the silence yourself. And you will be heard.

Will you allow the symmetry of a poem?

Are not

Holy Temples the only institutions from which we do not graduate.

Weekly of soul inspired and tempered heart,

we return.

Unquestioned fully of God perhaps,

we return.

Leaving each Sunday how truly challenged of Spirit.

Is this the seed of God in Temple so well expressed.

Can we by Spirit guidance be the graduate,

Well learned of all Holy Temples thus God’s good self…

Fulfilled by soul enough, now brave of God,

end the Sunday visitation.

And…we venture off to our daily toil

the equal of our determined soul

making the gentler paradise of God’s investment.


the despairing place of our dying selves.

What tragedy that we cannot by Jesus’ Mohammed’s Krishna’s Buddha’s hand in ours

heavenly resolve a more loving home.

God’s planet earth.

Knowing by the aspired day of leaving, we are not alone.

The better Sunday’s fulfillment forever.

Perhaps by this curious offer Holy Temples would fill.

Once redeemed of God by Church, Mosque, Synagogue, Ashram, the graduated would return

to speak of pain and joy.

Tales inspiring happy and sad.

Some wounded deeply would remain for love’s sharing.

Would not

the many who find no place of themselves attendant.

Lend a careful ear of mind to this Godly opportunity.

What more joy than this.

All replete of God well alive.

Certainly yes, the un attendant absolved of preferred convenience

will be returned to God’s Temple.

The planet earth…

Eagerly of soul and doubt well searching.

Awaiting the day of careful graduation.

Hence the missionary toil divinely more of God realized.

Visiting God to the pained awaiting neighbor.


By whatever smile of hand or heart, the better

Sunday worship by glory returned.

Understand carefully please emphasis and clarification. Not all separation speaks to flaw and irony. Meaning the separation and that which is separated less both as result. Irony and flaw speaks to potential divine or dark choice impending. The Universe appears to garden itself through dematerializing separations. The determinant issue becomes is the dematerializing-separating event culminating without directional utility? A bridge to nowhere from nowhere. Potentially yielding nothing anywhere. Or is the dematerializing event or condition refining continuously. And as such sympathetic, sensitive and responsive to infinity…Timelessness. The Eternal. The question asks is the linear condition event potentially spherical? We continue…. Nearing the dimension of self. God memory of you. Deprived, denied as our Cosmic memory self. Have you forgotten your memory, the memory of your…. Memories do not fade we do. Memories are timeless. Memory has no past, but us planning the future. In timelessness there is a certain memory of the future. The seed of the seed. Interesting and curious do you agree?

With your kind attention a few suggestions hopefully embracing God’s Cosmic garden. Linearity caresses the Eternal, our waiting…. These various economic ideas decentralize, humanize the market place availing a near spherical opening with more benefit at less expense spiritually and materially for the greater number of people. Humanizing the corporate anomaly. The human becomes a dynamic presence. Incorporation becomes Corroboration. Displacement embraced by inclusion.

* A rhetorical question begins. Smiling we persist. What happens if products, inventions (accordingly services) are purchased before they are manufactured? Allowing consequence: You don’t need extensive warehousing. Less insurance. The people become the bank. You don’t have to borrow a million dollars, pay back three, tying up equity for many years. Limiting market events, innovations creativity and opportunity. There is no retailer except shared good intentions. Reminding…bank, insurance, warehouse, and retailer has been refined less their shared displacement. Marketing is not based on uncertain estimation and predetermined priorities and values, but purchased requested as such inspired and motivates. Wastefulness less profit more. Best as shared…. God’s farmers who waken to harvest Creations nest. And are not loved accordingly “know” whose door to knock on imploring explanations harvest. Why? Because there aren’t eight middlemen. Disguised in plane sight. The off shore bank. The temporal bank. Distribution seeding uncertain markets. Sustaining the linear anxiety. The same a homeless gentleman or lady thriving the libraries computer. (Homeless to us not to God). The same the nice folks in prison prospering, sharing. As such goodness smiles. Better ideas better realized. A more caring distribution of God’s Creation. Prayers echo… be polite and all will come. Yes be polite and all will come. (Too much is not enough and more will ever be, unless you are of self kindly love expressing of God thankfully esteemed). The only one waiting for you is yourself. As you were biorn, you will die. Beceased… you do take your accrued life with you. Timeless material memories unfolding, Eternally resplendent. Continuously linearly conversant. And when the peoples join together in common purpose…

*The familial bank timelessly recounting. Savings unified lives long maturing association. Note as dreams alert. Eighty percent of the human beings on the planet earth live in 3rd World Countries. Where family subsists God relies…. The daily challenges…in most 3rd world countries there is little social welfare. No unemployment insurance, no food stamps, health care, retirement benefits. As such family’s love survival sustains, families are closer…. Nourish patiently the image of individuals whose yearly income is between $1000 and $3000 when employed…. Investors in Canada, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Germany or America offer…structuring a family bank over four generations. The initial benefactors. Three sisters, two brothers and family others. The investors offering generational benefactors 1-2-3 million dollars cash and equity over several years. Validated as result. More money than these individuals would be able to save in many lifetimes. Why? Because the investors will own eleven percent of the bank. And will insure the lives of the initial benefactors and their own for a relevant amount. The investors and the family bank are beneficiaries. After four generations, several hundred family bank members…prosperous and love challenged esteemed. Family businesses affluent and kind. Several of the initial benefactors still alive. These countries well of good prosperity investors themselves, purchasing goods and services from developed countries. Regional stresses are reduced, trade increased, markets more efficient, tax base increased, relationship with developed countries become more balanced less defined through instability. And when the families join together in common purpose…Nirvana unfolds. What Nativity more than this… God’s children alive less sufferings haste?

And truly love needs no extravagance, but love offered as redeemed. The nice loving individuals at Finca make a hundred loans available to a family India, Peru, Nigeria. A sewing machine is purchased. A family business otherwise called hope begins. A great movies watching. Better a wonderful life sharing.

* Spirit and the economy: Presently Holy Temples do not intimately engage respective economies…nucleus of a community. Example: Allowing the metaphor of one example suggestive of other investment, credit, mortgage possibilities. A Christian, Hindu, Moslem, Jewish credit card activated not 19% exacerbated through additional fees, but available at 8-9%. How is this possible? The credit card that is not excess profit is discussed and offered by each Holy institution, there is no need for advertising. Less liability insurance, less management costs which likely are tax deductible if tithed in part or whole to the Holy Temple. The Holy Temple will receive two percent tax deductible tithe on the credit card. In the case of American institutions, or those whose capital resources are secured in America…. due to separation between “Church” and State purchases with credit card are not taxable. Affluent member will welcome a credit card at 20%. Holy institutions become more financially secure generating economic activity that is less destabilizing, less subject to the vagrancies of Corporation and government. The wealth resources, including the dormant real estate assets of 360 thousand churches in America can be sympathetically invested. Spiritually inspired women and men acknowledging of good intentions. A bank will profit from your lose. Will A Holy Temple? This economic Eden potentially changing the capital aura of a country. When the Holy Temples become economically integrated, functionally of spirit derived…will not the good be the better divine. The spiritual planetary exclusion much resolved, Light fully attuning…And when the Holy Temples join together acknowledging God One Universe One God. What are the words you hear to speak that as prayer feel?

* In a spherically resonant reality. Heavenly. One prison imprisons all. Consider please a prison less the prison of ourselves. Example: An man unhappy in his anger commits a crime. While detained gentleman works on government contracts. Earning a substantial amount of currency over years. The person who was disadvantaged is compensated from the detainee’s income. The detainee is able to support his-her family, they will not require government assistance. The family who committed no crime is sustained often visiting, week ends together. The student detainee will pay for his own health insurance. And rent.( Factoring tax savings, investments-the “prison” system will eventually be self supporting. And inby the ideal provide services to the community beyond detention, education and prevention). The student detainee will also contribute to the guards and prisoners pension plan….that he or she can as a matter of discretion contribute to after release graduation. (Individuals who are chemically addicted, confused or self-destructive will be treated for their pain and impairment). Detainees will keep diaries, write or record an autobiography that will be discussed in groups. And made available to other student detainees through “prison” radio, paper and TV. The literate will teach the illiterate. The healthy he will assist the unhealthy. Student prisoner exchanges with other countries would provide additional perspective opportunities, learning of other skills, languages and cultures. (Should not student prisoner be able to apply for early release or ask for an extension to lease-sentence?) Each temporary prisons physical structure, aura and direction will evolve. Student detainees will graduate from one conditional status to another. If selected, facilitating release, the student prisoner will spend his last year in a prison run only by prisoners. Citizens who value denying others as witness to their own kindness, perhaps will come to value kindness more. (interaction-reciprocity<> reciprocal-spheroid o0). The evolved gentleman or lady will be released with several thousand dollars in an escrow account with his parole partner. Failure results lose of assets and returns the inmate to a community prison. A “voluntary self supporting center” available for those who might regress due to drug addiction or life circumstances. Criminal acts and violence need not be violently esteemed. When prison are not prisoners we will not be. What free woman or man incarcerates another that they be free one less the other not less themselves freely promised. The fewer words embrace. Give us a break. In the quiet pace of wondering a woman asked. “Are you in favor of executions?” I answered. “Executions are unkind.” The woman protested her contempt.” “But that son of two parents killed four people.” Who responds. “Killing is unkind less unkindness is better than more.” What more need be said that does not as forgiveness speaks. What love forgiven still God’s love. Realized or denied as yourself accordingly expressed.

-The resonant spheres along the same path spontaneity abides-

A spherical self-sustaining model relevant to psychiatry. A Sphere…. (This would be the nature of other non-linear accommodations that would not be displacing of our Cosmic Residence, but reflective and sympathetic. A new formulation language of self beyond essential inconsistency). Currently this field is elemental to disease linearly adapted. The illness or malady is not localized-the entire person is experienced as diseased. A concept that is institutionally, chemically and culturally sublimated and reinforced. So intrinsic is the incongruous dedication to disease that the motivating premise could be reasonably be interpreted as, “you can get better if you stay sick.” A disease is defined as “an invasive and putrefying process.” An inhibiting rational of treatment is carried throughout the reciprocally compromised duration of a person’s life. Involving all the displacing-conflicted vagrancies that certify as essential the flawed irony of self to a futile extreme. Language, the interpersonal inconsistency, the institutional entrapment, chemical intervention, familial irony and motive not always conscious …realized against all the unfathomable variables that result from an effort “developed” over decades. Insanity is divergent experience that is relevant in its contrast to the norm. It’s resolution as contrast…. Meaning for insanity to be ideally resolved denies-distorts the norm (ie) in the absence of insanity does sanity become ev3en more ironic…therefore self effacing and unproductive. This science strains the limits of linear neglect. Hope and contempt become the near of interchangeable, yet this experience also testifies to the patience, the kindness and enduring persistence of human beings. Often love knows more disguises than love’s purpose.

Imagine friend as you patience might allow…if all these inconsistent protocols, varied self defeating parameters, conscious and unconscious determinations were not fragmented over thirty years, through the foible of memory, family and the debilitating indulgences of disease; but rather all these elements could be assigned… a designed evolving multiple coefficient DNAs that are spherically nurtured and developed against a norm actualized through an evolving wealth of relevant and revealing factors unique to the individual (one of which identifies the DNAs of the individual as perspective presence without disease)…all these non-linearly developing factors in their final formulary become a non- displacing DNAs language totally unique to it’s source input. A non-verbal language format that is exclusive to that which defines the individual as a functioning protocol. Both in substance and process. A language whose verbally reflective non-linear design is more spontaneous in its effect than one of long term causation based on the sincere improbability of disease model that is relevant as failure sustained through designed limitation. A language-communication experience whose evolving-consistent-un conflicted totality would be affected in the immediate. And be further influenced by the evolving immediacy of self. A non-linear language, once designed as intact DNAs, would automatically translate current communication to its idealized formulation…a shared personalized artificial intelligence whose nature as DNA realized as sound would not be mechanized but more within the formulary or an organic cloning of information. Appreciating that all material in he Universe is life unless ironically altered by the human. A new language whose evolving structure would be based on the detailed consistent- inconsistent history (past-current-anticipated) as provided by varied sources and methods…. A spherical matrix sustained as designed while cultivating and responding to the immediate human experience. Appreciating that the suggested DNAs language like all material could be converted into different formats to facilitate understanding by family, the patient or the staff. (Each bringing a different perspective to this evolving experience). A panorama of sound converted into imagery is one example…. This spherical model would be so consistent that once engaged and responsively sustaining it would create its own harmonic junctures beyond the anticipation of the humans involved. (Suggested previously, as the reversal of the Quantum Riddle, but this element would also occur within the linear manifest). Reminding we are discussing a material representation more relevant and expressive of the human than their genetic code. Noting a baby is born without language, choice, free of institutional-interpersonal dilemma…this variance can particularly relevant to the troubled human as a refining reference juncture or axis. This entire formulation becomes not an ambiguous esthetic intellectual niche sustained within the limits of language and memory over years, but an exacting active self perpetuating “entity”…a contained design that is not dependant on inconsistent ironic causality (ie) thinking to sustain its non-linear ironic integrity. The design formula in question would likely be sustained as a “non-linear computer.” (Another essay) Understanding we are in the functional midst of inferred timelessness, minimizing casual inter-active fragmentation beyond perception but not beyond valuation. The past becomes less displaced more consistently referable and can be tested against the current self (ie troubled individual) to create viable perspective in terms of understanding the past and giving credence and viability to “future plans.” This parameter or protocol need not be limited to one linear option. Further this parameter can be developed and accordingly assessed when “significant other” individuals are introduced into the dynamic. The spherical entity can be correlated and measured with or against the conscious impressions of doctor and patient. We are discussing the organic assimilation of various organic “acquiring memories” that function “irrespective of time and space.” This formulation might appear cumbersome, but understand please its potential would be experienced-assessed through a new language design. Noting that this reference Sphere occurs however repressed as memory, dream, myth, collective consciousness, archetype, genetic memory. Also non-linear prayer, laughter, sleep, luck, coincidence, precognition, miracle, your birth-death. (Though the realization is linear, expressed casually within the schematic of time. Not reciprocal conversantly spherical. Sequentially not spontaneously…. The Creation presence of this planet. Note the definitions of spin and span. The evolving-resolving transmogrify of form. Span is also defined as the past tense of spin. A past activity or event (no longer active) is suggested to have an immediately relevant motion. Potentially under certain conditions resolving the time anomaly and the inherent displacement of time thus being able to secure timeless memory or the relevant sphere of any materiality. This is another element of the puzzle. Recalling the nice Professors Einstein’s other observation. “If mass is constricted enough the curvature becomes infinite.” Therefore devoid of linearity distance and other ironic forces such as temperature variance, torque, intrinsic human anguish, centrifugal force reflective of this planets the linear sciences and human life no longer define as the consequential ironic de materializing beyond utility…. When human dignity is experienced as its own sustaining ironic value rather than as a reliant contrast to unkindness, contempt and disease-the human self becomes evidenced more ofby love than forgiveness.

*A gentle writer’s lovely thought on the nice Charlie Rose’s and his nice no doubt time feverish hard working assistants television show. Whispering once again. No tywo embraces each the same. “There are no inadequate people only inadequate perceptions of them.” This insight dynamic also speaks to the individual’s relationship with self. Imagine this concept not measured-experienced (assessed) through the designed limits of linear casual exclusion, but through a self-sustaining and perpetuating Dnas sphere. Meaning as a relevant and revealing intact whole where all relevant information is tabulated simultaneously, but at given junctures available linearly. With and without relevant subjective inconsistency. Appreciating as each embracing sound of self (DNAs) is inclusive of the entire person elemental and acquired different aspects of the person can be harmonically identified. Acknowledged, engaged and developed. Whether this is a persons heart disease, their ability to drive a car (the entire person as separate and identifiable DNAs). Obviously it’s essential once identified that these “representative sounds” be actualized withion their own Cosmic nature that communes with the infinite Eternal as opposed to ironically or casually. Meaning a realization of ones spirit or Godsoulprint if you will. Slowly visualize a Sphere, resolving all irony and inconsistency conscious-unconscious shared unresolved or otherwise as in the sphere relevant to insanity…but this Sphere speaks to your spirituality. Your spirit… Godsoulprint A spirit when tempered through language or the best of intentions becomes ironic or potentially too intent and as such distracting. Otherwise fleeting. In the ideal a conscious partiality of self. More on this Light nest…

Recalling music is it’s own response. Music is a casual because these soundings require no response form us to maintain event integrity. Music does not have to be altered or translated in order to be assimilated. As such a minimal casual displacement, not intrinsically linear therefore Cosmically sympathetic. Musicians speak to “keeping tiome.” Though earth music is ideally cosmically reflective this acoustic formulary is nonetheless sourced through earthly anomaly…. In an ideally spherical musical event the experienced becomes virtually non-localized, causality becomes limited to the organic of form. Audience becomes participant. (Musical instrument becomes reciprocal responding to the musician (ie) the response might be visual, tactile, other sensual, a combination or sensually surprising). Presumably the audience and the musicians would rehearse before the final gathering. Why is each musician playing the same trumpet? Not only can a musician, like an F-16 pilot, become ideally compatible with their instrument; also the instrument should be a design unique to the individuals DNAs, their Cosmic birthright. New instruments new sounds new musicians. The theater arena is acoustically adjusted during the music gathering. The audience wares DNAs necklaces engaging (resolving) the conscious and conditioned need to displace, distort, devalue an event. Seating of audience is acoustically referenced. This event becomes potentially a reversal of the quantum riddle. What happens in the ideal cannot be expect4d. Not anticipated. Additional effects. Animation instruments on stage. Ideally the audience and performers rotate directions, though the directional becomes ambiguous when destination is beyond fathom but not valuation. Spin and span. Audience-performers share in royalties. This gathering convening assumes all senses sequentially, at times spontaneously as one. Flashes… involuntary images would likely be evoked. Attuned to the music event or surreal, cultural, mythological, spiritual, historical. (Placebos are not placebos). An organic capacity the human form is attracted to and has sought the distance beyond perception through intoxicants and hallucinogens. But in this instance the participants would not be impaired. And the event gathering would be both individual and communal. The images are real, material and interactive.. Parallel Universe speaks to displacement. Audience and the musicians have created a Duplicate Universe. A musical Sphere. A witnessed Cosmic refinement-refining. Do you think to feel such wonderments are not possible? May I suggest you look more closely when a child smiles. You can’t know the miracle unless you are…

Noting when two individuals can identify a common (meditative sound) two can mediate (meditate) in the harmony as one. Once the human acquire the un- displaced sound of self-causality becomes harmonic. Appreciating all linear skills are learned contrary to the status of the birth child. Humans are born Light affluent. Without language, incapable of choice, not aware of death, not bonded to institution, the beautiful baby’s relationship with God is not one of knowledge, preferential Temple or ambivalent choice but one of Being…. A baby is born not linearly functional, musically responsive, not separate from the infinite Eternal Light. The same distinctions can be made about the conception of death giving further credence that death is not a dematerializing effect, but other materializing Light affluent. Birth- death two self-defining material events that are not self-chosen. Similarly do you agree the same condition light status’s are evident and material while meditating, listening- “performing” music, dancing, hugging, holding hands, coupling, painting can you think having been others whereby silence abounds the light, death does not instruct, language breath’s the kinder touch, institutions don’t persist, love needs no apology forgiven and God breath’s sublime our contentment.

Mediating…when the human being meditates they are reclaiming their Cosmic self. A living presence without linear anomaly. The Cosmos avails. Distance no longer separates. Inby the form moment of ourselves we have changed measurement for communion…. Choice, institution, language, the inter perso0nnel no longer define. We have exchanged forgiveness for love. We are light equidistant. Accessing the meditation Sphere A Community of one. Residing fraternally amongst the stars. Light companions of Krishna, Buddha, Jesus Christ, Mohammed, Mother Teresa, these Determined Ones are your ancestor neighbors.. And the Light seed origin of yourself. You have come home. Confirming our residence God’s beautiful planet earth. Place of contrast. On this planet we are dislocated. We learn as learning allows. Transitory value. We are the presence of our absence. (In the ideal should not a definition ionly be used once? Rules are detours. Be polite and all will come)…. Meditating: Sit down as you know your body. Or sit no0t. In your bedroom. On top God’s mountain or underwater. Your meditation is complete unto yourself. You are resurrected the reincarnation of your self. Remembering the solitary laurels… life, death, miracles, coincidence, now meditation; not resultant of another human being, machine or a preexisting knowledge. Yours is the meditation. We spend our lives listening to others. Thus are we not distracted of God…. Yet we assist. And love one another. With your permission a few sprouts. Hoping that by your kind effort you will of them nurture the better orchard for us all. Thus God. And the Light accruing. Identify your DNAsound. Isolate the sound that emerges during meditation. A refining synergism. Sustaining guiding. Resolving the earthly anomalies. Of which you are formulary. (Taxes, taxis and whooping cough). When you start meditating you start, stop you stop. Your home yourself. Acquiring memory less your timely self. Displaced distracted…. Meditation is not a place. It’s you. Though the place can lead to you. Meditation, attending the Light. The meditation flows past your body. Expectations are distractions. Remembering the reversal of the Quantum riddle. Don’t expect be expected. Needing help meditating watch a tree, lovingly. You knew the rest not knowing. Whose permission do you need to walk on water? And of course these suggestions are only one gentle knock on whose door. The hand that taps is yours and God’s, the door opens you become the door you are

Floating Light. Mediating our displaced existence. One-perspective whispers. Meditation sphere. Resolving the conflicted spheroid self. A sphere is defined. “A solid geometric figure whose surface is at all points equidistant from the center.” Consider a resonant sphere where the linear distinctions become mute. (Inferring poetry). Meditation flows. The frame is not the painting. Thank you to the nice people at Random House Webster Dictionary for the definition. We are all guardians of God’s words potential, do you agree? Let’s continue…. You have isolated your unique DNAs. (Upoin death you’re undistracted forms uninterrupted DNAs communes with the Cosmos (ie) interchangeable with the infinite Light Eternal. The near of sleep meditation the same, subjectively. Any materials or process materials that are in conflicted with your DNAs, your Light seed, will inhibit your meditation. Our cloths, furniture, the acoustics of your meditation room, jewelry and devises (ie) eyes glasses, dentures, tattoos have to be sympathetic with your DNAs intent. Mediation like the Cosmos is non-localized. The room, your house, your family, alleged pets, heart pacer meditate with you. Remember one gene of many millions that constitute the integrity of your body can determine whether you will be blind, be cancer distracted or paralyzed; your DNAs is an immeasurable formulation…this acoustic presence connects you to the Cosmos. You are potentially transcendent. Intuition, luck, birth, death, clairvoyance, laughter, music, miracle witness, placebo response sleep are other transcendent experiences that are not casual, invariably are conditions events that involve only one person thus inferring silence and are not relevant to your to your conscious intent based on instruction and assigned intelligence but your availability. (Allowing an inferred interruption, relevant as all by your divine discretions…. By deed indeed as bliss invites the embrace in all it’s nuance is silently esteemed, not measurable inby time and seemingly beyond memories linear grasp. What kiss remembered recalls the same kiss as kissed). Given the nature of the all-embracing Cosmic Light this manifest awe is all evident always without exception…. Presumably Light selectivity suggests exclusion ad represent a breach of the infinite Light. The Light is and as such is so, but only God the origin source is omniscient and capable of displacement or breach without schism or linear inference. We are in a sense God’s timeless memory. (Only Giod can remember an event as it happens). Meditating…you are becoming conversant with God’s timeless memory of yourself. Relevant n’ revealing reciprocally. Noting a timeless memory is interchangeable with the event of self or displacement would ensue and the Light memory would be negating. Only God can remember an event as it happens. God’s nice Professor Einstein, “If mass is concentrated enough the curvature of space becomes infinite.” The concentration of your mass (form) is the willful harmonic application of DNAs to the presence of meditation (a Light impending location of self). And as timeless memory the meditation and the one who mediates become the near of interchangeable. The curvature of space speaks to the approaching ideal of your body. And body activity. Infinity is the Light of yourself. Clearly mass, curvature and infinity become interchangeable “harmonic” or displacement-conflict defines the mediation event. Your meditation. Ours when we assume the Light. Relevant to identifying- utilizing your DNAs (and the component meditation DNAs) we are developing a sound status that is in the nature of silence, not a melodic series of related notes though such a melody can be applicable as far as refining your meditation….A un displaced, un bordered sound event that is sympathetic to the Light. As such without exclusion the Meditation Sphere can be translated to imagery, numeration, a yet to be finalized spherical language. Noting the DNAsound of silence is a non-linear manifestation that is inclusive of all senses, others not knowable and is non- casual in nature as such not inconsistent to variables like distance, randomness, variant temperature, weight (these anomalies relevant to the condition event and the involved human)…. Or aides like a personalized wind chime that Light sparkles while you meditate. Subtlety is the near beyond measurement response. Spherically all sense are one, Cosmic distance the same and the other breach form linear anomalies like variant temperature, inconsistent weight, forces alike torque…these are displacing formularies that speak to the interchange between the ironic non-materiality of time and material form often influenced by our need to validate-redeem-pardon our perceptual investment in disintegration through selective alteration. A priocess that in its thwarted ironic ideal we experience as non-conversant dematerializing death whether this be the human form, a melting iceberg, disease and the process activities that confirm and perpetuate these end point assimilations such as war, hospitals, insurance concepts etcetera. On the current planet earth manifest methodology based on intent disintegration defines consequence existence. As well as congruent spirituality. A self invalidating human redeeming self through death absence and valuating Creation environment though it’s ironic dissolution has virtually no choice but to esteem-experience an incomplete God…. Any variation from you meditation DNAs would register on the wind chime as a distraction, a sound apparent to yourself, though consciously you might not be aware of the deviation. Several seconds later, the time variant to the unfolding dynamic, the polar opposite sound is realized on the wind chime. A near endless linear response variations conscious or unconscious are possible. Complimentary chime response is possible. Given the intrinsic irony of our lives no two mediation experiences will be the same. Nor the consequent result. The wind chime in its gentle trance is “somehow” suggestive of these mysterious symmetries, joining. Sometimes not knowing is another way of being aware…. Nothing wrong with getting lost if you know where you are or should we whisper, “Who you are.” What other suggestions dear friend can you sing while smiling…. Also as in the Music Sphere’s acoustic necklace other meditation aides are conceivable. Also meditating in different atmospheres that are DNAs actualized. Acknowledging a correlation between different spheres. Once the ironic community is resolved the Sphere is One. Or a dynamic to several mediating…. Meditating to a time constraint is displacing. You smile involuntarily startled pleasantly you return. The meditation sphere returns never left. We do. Until we are available again. Finally not finally at all. You have reversed the quantum riddle. When you are inbyas the Light you are nio longer the irony of yourself. You are the casual response to yourself. Thanki God literally. Light affluent. Smiling the surface of your soul.

Allowing the brief clarification please? Timeless memory (ie) spontaneous memory is interchangeable with the event that is represented by the memory. And the inter change under ideal conditions is reciprocal or spontaneity would be negated. (This includes casual form through time displaced DNAs. A condition that occurs upon the assumption of death, but currently not otherwise. Further the timeless memory of the event (or a time displaced event assumed to a specific intent) represents all potential variables relevant of the event or displacement would ensue and spontaneity would be invalidated and likely linear time would begin to factor. The timeless memory event might be of an interstellar journey. Another more precise formulation to this concept is our nice neighbor Professor Einstein’s observation. “If mass is constricted enough the curvature of space becomes infinite.” As well the resonance suggested by sleep, placebo, luck, the shared unfolding arts, coupling and the other light conditions we know as our tentative temporary selves… Now we have a material process activity related to infinity. Again the mass form, the curvature activity and infinity at a certain juncture become sympathetic and interchangeable or the transition to infinite would not occur. And this inter change is potentially reciprocal. Further these transitions can be effected harmonically (ie) DNAs. Clearly this transition, this transom-transmute cannot occur linearly revealed through time. We would likely have a fusion like event. Spherically through relevant-revealing DNAs this becomes possible. The irony of motion speaks to spin and span. Span you will remember is the past tense of spin. Through a symbiotic of motion, sound cryogenics (non-displaced sound), we are able to give past motion (the past) a current material form, resolving time displacement and as such casually opposing linearity thereby affecting the Sphere relevant to the desired event. The mass curvature becomes non-localized and we have a light sound event or occurrence relevant to a specific materiality or material process. (Note the definitions of spin and span explaining a variety of intriguing linear activities. (ie) Can you see whereby these insights on spin-span in context would allow a “flying saucer” to manifest profoundly irregular linear flight patterns? Appreciating whether flying saucers are material whether “ real” or myth ie the only non-material in the Universe is time). The aforementioned inferring a meditation sphere, an inter stellar journey, a music performance sphere or harmonizing a cancer to the Light origin of itself without materially altering (harming) the resident cancer or the human companion. Remembering a Light event is not the effect of the human, likely beyond human perception-the reversal of the quantum riddle. But also not beyond our valuation as suggested by the various Light events coincidence, miracle, luck, death, birth, divine intervention and your next choice accordingly influenced by your availability. And allowing further insight into their potential reciprocity (intuition-precognition-remote viewing-intuition become interactive)…inferring the spherical language in question. This idealized evolution would include our technology and our spirituality (indeed the effort is a spiritual one) or displacement would assume a different exclusionary nature. Human beings are capable of considerable mischief. Over thousands of years we have altered God’s environment to suit our ironic disposition based on likely initial perceptual errors. And curiously are proud of our apology. But our Celestial mirror has always reflected two worlds. And we are aware and desirous of goodness. We aspire beautifully. We love our children. The poetry flowers. Our dreams are real. Let’s continue beyond our instructions haste. Wonderfully…. May “I” please ask another question, “Why do we kill to eat our neighbor’s the animals, our Light full kin, God’s children not less ourselves without whose permission?” I love the animals we should be friends.

Have we over the many years made and sustained a perceptual error (disintegration) that kept us from our ideal potential, our Cosmic birthright. Effecting upon one another and God’s environment incomplete-disintegrative thoughts less the wonder of our divine intention.

Inviting a curtains opening, a brief overview. Assimilation’s sway. The Universe is timeless accordingly infinite. The earth people currently function through time. (Our 1st earthly machine). We are therefore out of synch with the Universe, our residence. We separate, displace ourselves from our infinite Cosmic predisposition through the causal linear increment of language, mathematics, assigned intelligence, the instructions of death…all derivative of our instruction based on our time manifest. These processes are chosen condition events that validate our evolved perception that material intrinsic to its own nature disintegrates. Also please consider that these activity events are congruent of our selective alteration of God’s Creation environment which is reflective of our disintegrating determinate reality. Measurable time is our effort to give control, give bearing and relevance to this fundamental dematerializing irony that speaks to the one protocol that defines human life…everything that begins ends while ending in opposition to birth essence. These are activities and conditions that are not sympathetic with the infinite Universe. We are out of step with God’s Creation therefore God and ourselves. Very curious do you agree. Is this a necessary adaptation?

The two material worlds are evident, one infinite the other near opposite…can these exclusionary worlds be conceivably joined to the better of our intended selves. A new perception (a new language) not validated as disintegration, but revealed through our resonant communion with God’s environment the planet earth. Not our current inexact dematerializing utility expressed and measured as a word’s gathering incomplete able in consequence and intent. Offering a new language sounding, a new perception, not the current self designed fractured inconsistency that sustains our separation from the infinite, our origin source…. Our intended expressible Light predisposition. Meaning ourselves and through us the new environment. We are examining a new material formulation, a new expression of self. A sympathetic sound formulary for each conceivable material condition or material event in the Universe that will bond us to the fluid Cosmos in the essence ideal reflective of a singular sound because more than one would speak to causality, uncertainty and displacement thus denying the all-embracing Light. And that sound is the near ofby God on the planet earth expressible as denied. ( A singular sound expressed as being harmonic ofby the Light communing…at a certain juncture sound and light become one the same interchangeable. Suggested by the language as expressed, “Let there be Light.”)). A unique and distinctive sound of silence that you remember has the same qualities as the infinite Light (the Light being the materiality of infinity)…. (ie) all inclusive, without borders and once engaged by other than the same sound of the infinite Light you are left with a separating… a displacement of the anticipated union with the Light. (Once again sound of silence like the Light once engaged in an other than sympathetic manner become fractured or defused, yet together in the ideal harmony thrives). Offering form’s mere presence will cause the Light to be separated because the Light is without borders and form has functioning borders. Not entirely accurate because the relevant sound of silence we can commune form with the infinite Light, indeed we are born Light imbued. Yes the Light and the sound of silence are conversantly sympathetic. And can affect the desired spontaneous event. Meaning other than a dematerializing event that sustains our practiced belief in disintegration. Which we often experience “view” as shared violence. Our evolved dematerializing affect functions as process as opposed to presence (ie) ever presence, hence spontaneity which is compatible with infinity. Humans consider near everything disposable including themselves. And God. Temporary as their form awareness is futile and fleeting…. Do you understand to agree Sandy comprehend less yourself displacement speaks to being in the wrong place of self.

Our friend Curtis suggested and index might be of value. Accordingly let’s begin already begun.

…. Causality or cause and effect (Displacements).

…A straight line or linearity. (“No straight lines in the Universe.”)

…The spherical, the sphere or spheroid. And a resonant spheroid.

…Disintegration or dematerializing.

…infinity the infinite Eternal. …The Universe the Cosmos. Our resident neighborhood.

…Spin-span and as excitedly suggested spun. Though a definition of this term has been difficult to determine.

…death or life.

…Harmony, resonance, non-displacement.

…Form, material, materiality.

…Irony, invalidation, selective disintegration

…Light, luminosity, glow.

…time, timelessness.

…random, probability, a certitude of probability

…displacement, dissolution, disintegration, dematerializing, death.

…resonance, sympathetic, resonant time displacement.

…displacement the wrong place.

…The Cosmic God and the earthly adaptation.

* Possibly you will like to offer additional defining perspectives to the index in anticipation or after reading. The same the texts otherwise futility defines. Irony prevails. W are limited to progress.

For me to visiot the seed definitions of these terms to you begins to deny-displace the garden of your person. Your Godsoulprint. If “I” may suggest and you are inclined a dictionary can be a mysterious place to wander amidst the wondrous language designed limits of self. As we approach the new language of self. Consequently the innovative spheroid self. Spherical awareness verses linear irony.

Further we displace ourselves from the Planet Earth through the preferred country. And the preferential Temple. Thus we exclude our Cosmic selves from the Galaxies. Ours origin birth. Denying the God conversant…. Possibly clarity is best offered through observation and inference. Logically congruent…. In a world where everything is Cosmically self sustaining why do humans spend their lives as repetition and duplication which is or can be futile, always incomplete and disintegrating. A constant irony of repeated prayers, rethinking, reinventing, researching, relocating, remarrying, re defining and killing to die. If the Universe is one lo9catifon where are you going? Echo’s whisper being…if the Universe is one location how can you relocate? The prayer answers…if your Universe is one location realized as form to where can you relocate but to self as self the Light divine…. To some extent form dictates this casually displacing repetition …we “never get it right permanently” and ironic repetition confirms our need for casual time and measurement and validates disintegration as the prevailing perspective as well “our” consequential response…alteration…. What might happen if we experience our life events through a resonant time perspective…? As a spontaneity which is reflective of the Cosmos rather than our current displacing material reality realized as conflict and confirmed through eventual decay. Our lives as such anticipating, God consequently esteemed. And experienced. There is the Cosmic God and our displaced variation. Our worship separates-diminishes us from God reciprocally (conversantly) because we displace-devalue ourselves thus Creation in order to acknowledge God. Unrelenting violence thrives. “I” ask that prayers hear. How is it possible to win a war?

* Let’s please begin the unfolding insight with a few preliminary observations. Understanding if by understanding we must that the unfolding dynamic is applicable to the near all linear material experiences on this planet in terms of assimilation to a non-linear ideal…the Cosmos. Our approaching neighborhood.

The Universe is a spontaneous non-localized manifestations of itself. Non-localized. Meaning the Universe is one location. The linear question persists, being that the Universe is one location how can we relocate. And of course the answer is that we do so through linear casual displacement of the Universe is part or in it’s perceptual; entirety…an ironic process validated as disintegration, ordered (measurable) through time… evident and verified as disintegrating through selective alteration. Further aggrieved as the material time interchange…our space time nion continuum.. (“i” all irony enemates from the singular self). But the Universe is infinite as such intolerant of both time and disintegration as being counter to it’s own nature. The activity condition (selective disintegration) through which time is “experienced and material is linearly altered” is also not sympathetic to the infinite Universe… that cannot be an issuance of process, but rather is an issuance of presence or ever presence as such simultaneous spontaneity not the linear increment of displacing causality. (Light having speed is a linear concept relevant to form {ie} not spontaneous).

Once again in more substance non-linearity is no-directional. Meaning that the spontaneous nature of the Universe is an activity condition that is not consequent to the linear process suggested by departure-destination, beginning-ending, cure verses process. Such incremental directional flow (validated through casual options) would fracture the infinite Universe and render the Cosmos other than infinite. Noting only one such event would in a spontaneous Universe invalidate infinity. (If you will allow a brief interruption this also do you sense offer interesting insights relevant to gravity). Clearly there is an evolution in the Universe, but this is not an issue of process experienced through alteration which is reflective of disi9ntegration, but rather refinement. The Universe does not displace-separate into space, but refine as space. The growth is profound and without limit not secured through dematerializing but the beauty of endlessness. The Universe expands and contract simultaneously. God breathes.

The question of this paper becomes more clear given the aforementioned insights. Accepting that the Universe is not disintegrating (therefore definitively any part thereof) is not casually linear and relevant as altered (why) is earth science perusing a cancer “cure” that is localized, casual to the human body involving a non localized extraneous treatment process. We are discussing a linearly contrived dynamic that is consequential to an inconsistent cure that is evidenced through time and validated as and during death or disintegration. Very curious. When we asses the various protocols involved including the determined healers and researchers we have a contrived linearity. A linear maze that is only viable through functional limitation. And intrinsic to failure.

This perspective offers not cancer as a “disease,” but rather what is cancer in its non-linear sense or presence. Acknowledging that the casual dichotomy of disease verses cure also fragments the nature of the infinitely continuous Universe. Therefore cancer is not a disease related to its cure (successful or failed this activity process remains casual displacement) but rather cancer perhaps is a non-localized “information source” that can improve life or lead to the presumed status of death. The issue being developed Young is that cancer can only be engaged within its own uninterruptible nature, not in relation to the human host and not in relation to healing effects radiation or other lionearily displacing interventions which as linear process are diametrically counter to the Universe intent. The cancer is not an earth event….in it’s origin essence a linear event valid and consequent as exclusion or otherwise fragmenting. (We emerged and are resident of inby the Cosmos not the reverse therefore the rules of the Cosmos predominate). The cancer cannot be engaged casually, not linearly therefore the presumption of a cancer cannot be an issue of “alterable-selective ” disintegration. The suggestion is that the alleged cancer must be engaged withion and through its own nature. Which as we suggested speaks to non-directionality meaning the opposite of initiation-conclusion, departure-destination, life-death, past-present, life-after life). A frustrated directionality on this planet which are multi-directional. One example the vertical-horizontal motivation of corporate-government institutional structures which within their own nature influence consequence. It can be suggested that for better or worse a single human represents a directional irony. Everything on this planet is relevant and revealing as it is ironic to it’s potential given the elemental devotion to disintegration. Consequently life can only be validated not through death but as death. In this instance we are examining both life forms the human and the cancer as being other than casually dematerializing.

Given these requisites conditions the cancer can only be engaged as a resonant spontaneity that excludes neither life form or related environment. Currently there are only two activities that humans can consciously engage that are spontaneous in nature, non-linear and a casual (until expressed after assimilation) and these are memory and resonant sound suggested to some extent by music. Neither music nor memory have to be altered in order to be assimilated accordingly approach spontaneity and non-causality. (Noting that the presumed sound of silence and the condition we know as “Light” are the only activity events that are sympathetic with infinity which like the Light and “silence” is all-inclusive and un bordered (ie) accordingly infinite. Also Light and silence like infinity once engaged in an other than sympathetic or resonant manner become fractured, displaced or otherwise invalidated. These insights afford several points relevant to cancer. The cancer must be sympathetically engaged in a manner congruent with its own nature and that of the human host. Harm to neither validates both. Kindness to either should be kindness to both. The cancer and the human can be engaged as such through resonant sound. All motion has sound relevant to that motion including the motion of disintegration or death. (And a sound motion can be realized to satisfy-resolve a condition event that might be ironic in nature like cancer , AIDS , MS, TB etcetera, but we should not assume that the resuilt will be desirous to intent….though when death no longer influences process as presence intent-consequence becomes more acceptable (ie) ironic death less determinant. If the union between the human and the cancer is disruptive (indicated as a motion sound) this inconsistent motion sound can be harmoniously resolved in order to maintain the ideal nature of the human being (which as just suggested can include the presumption of death). There is a sound element in the presumed cancer that speaks to the potentiality of death between and in both the cancer and the human. Similarly there is healing element intrinsic to the cancer human relationship that is not external to this bond. (Casual separation in the near immediate becomes disintegrative.) It might be helpful given the subtlety to consider the concept of a spherical of spontaneous pulse…the pulse of the sound. (A singular relevant vibration). Remember when we’ve witnessed a material resonance that is no longer within the spectrum of the our designed space time non-continuum we have entered into something that is beyond both our “exclusive” direct influence and witness…suggestive of the quantum riddle (ie) at the subatomic level measurements can only be realized as probability because the act of measurements interferes with the activity condition beiong measured… Is it not reassuring that all is not exclusively relevant to our desire or intent. (Intent and benefit become on interchangeable the same)….Politely reminding man-woman cannot know all and remain woman-man. Form is functional to limitation as form. We will remain casually ironic the question is one of degree and intent. The current humans attempt to influence the infinite Light functionally displaces the Light. Indeed there is an understanding in physics that we cannot simultaneously experience Light emitting from two objects, o0ne presumably being ourselves. (Perception is displacement as such we are not looking at what we see). An irony that is potentially resolved through non-linear sound. Note again please the bold work done by the nice Asian biologist at MIT in 1987...as reported by the nice hard working life reporter Dan Rather. This gentle man took the DNA code of a fish; a leaf imposed them over a standard musical scale resulting in melodies relevant to each. The same protocol was pursued with cancer. The melody eventually played backwards. The result amazingly Mozart’s Funeral Requiem. Appreciating this effort represented presumably a singularity of effect.

Also of interest withi9n the aforementioned dynamic is that the melody was played backwards in order to identify a distinguishable potentially relevant melody. Inferring a resolution of tense {ie} time suggested by the related motion of spin and span whereby the motion span resolves the material of a past event to the current. This directional inclination also brings us to the condition of memory. Meaning… the disintegrative nature of the presumed cancer can be identified prior to its becoming harmful and accordingly influenced. ( Under certain conditions memory is spontaneous in nature and as such timeless ie Light functional. All is material except time. Memories are material as such have sound because all in the Universe is an issuance of motion {ie} no greater motion than the presumption of stillness). Each cancer has it’s own memory.

The entire potentiality of any material, a tree, a human, a cancer, and a lake can be assumed and anticipated within its own design nature. This evolving materiality has a distinct sound relevant to the suggested motion. Any intervention good or bad has to be within the range of the design materiality (ie) a tree is not concerned with the flu. The memory range is limited and sympathetic to the materiality. And this range can be identified through the inherent material design of any life form meaning of course its DNA including all possible variance like cancer. Thi9s in part is evidenced by the “fact” that an individual’s predisposition “memory” for all conditions is indicated in the DNA. The origin source of a cancer can be traced to an individual DNA as well as all variant possibilities that include a return to normalcy. Meaning the cancer and the human become sympathetic with each other as a single memory.

Understanding that all activity in the Cosmos is non-linear therefore spherical “simultaneous spontaneity” meaning that the cancer has relevance beyond its own immediacy that is validating perhaps profoundly. Not disintegrating as such within its memory range infinitely continuous as refining. This activity can be assumed but is not knowable in a perceptual linear world. Meaning the cancer like all in the Universe is beneficent to all in the Universe as a reciprocal condition. This is in part suggested when bacteria and viruses relevant to their own “intended” materiality develop defenses “immunities” against invasive unsympathetic intervention. Identifying the nature these immunities would be very interesting. Appreciating that all our perceptions, observations are incomplete (the basis of progress is invalidation) {ie} immunities are not immunities. Most particularly when engaged as such. Considering that the ideal immunity is death. A death activity condition beyond the interest of the pathologist. A presumption of death that does not involve dying. Acknowledging that an infinite Universe cannot exclusively tolerate death as functional and irrelevant disintegration and remain infinite and accordingly sympathetically continuous.

Let’s ask a few additional questions, offer a few observations and pleasantly infer a new perception not based on breaking apart and the requisite linear alteration of God’s planet. Let’s please not be concerned with rules of science, perception or explanation. Rules are detours. The true ideal of a definition is that we rely on it once. Let’s wonder be in awe and appreciate that we cannot be wrong if we are sincere. And we will otherwise be casually unimposing. Let’s begin already begun. Appreciating that the Universe cannot intrinsically-permanently accept the separatist casual duality of cure and disease (any opposing duality including life verses death)… our dual opposing adaptation is confirmed and validated through inconsistent, potentially damaging methodology such as cures that tolerate ironic exclusion and a devalued death as a potential outcome. What a curious mythology emerges. The question begs a gentler answer… why again do life forms condone-experience cancer as a disease? And tolerate abusive cancer treatments. (Very curious do you agree?) Consequently suffering unnecessarily in a Universe that in its essential rejects distress as indicative of disintegration because in the Cosmic resolve anguish speaks to dematerializing as denying of the infinite and determinant of death as non-resonant end point. The Universe is Eternally harmonious, but through our erroneous choices perception is stilted and results become erratic. And distressing. The Cosmos from which each human is birthed is not ironically-intrinsically conflicted. If God plays dice “I’m” quite certain God doesn’t lose. God could only lose to God’s creation). Each human is linearly unique, potentially Cosmically sympathetic… one basic reason our bodies are linearly unique… our bodies occupy a singularly distinct-separating space that cannot be occupied by anyone or anything else without the disruption or negation of that space. And that space is “our” body through out the bordered duration allowed the determinate body space. An interesting question unfolds what happens to your body space when your body loses its casual form (its occupant dimensional space)…. Can we return to the issue of alleged cancer, understanding once again that that the near of everything the human perceives is not the essence of what is being witnessed. Our linear nature relevant as body form renders this irony inevitable more so once our casually linear instruction based on disintegration or material dissolution becomes the singular intrinsic material reality. So fundamental is this ironic adaptation that the human body and related potential becomes easily devalued and must be relinquished to decay (form irrelevance) in order to attain our inherent Light predisposition. This is tragic and curious in the extreme. (Partially because the human evolved a capacity for image interpretation, perception and rudimentary tool making before an evolved language spoken and written). Yet even through the designed inconsistency of language, a parallel to our own evolution, we still witness what we deny. Disintegration denies, alteration confirms and linear causality insists. This profound irony explains our lives therefore our God fraternity…. We become a metaphor to our own abstained potential. Cancer the same. You are familiar with the current cancer treatments…. casually anguished disintegrative i9n nature even when successful that can take years to effect involving the entire body as anguish determines. (Others involved are also strained and devalued). Consider identifying the cancer as a unique sound that can be accommodated by one material sound and no other. (A sound that is much more profound, Cosmically attuned, than our genetic structure; a sound that involves all senses and others some unknowable spontaneously)…. Resolving the disparaging cancer event into a harmonious- reciprocally nurturing occurrence. Effecting within and through their own nature a spontaneously relevant sound interchange that is not ironically casual in nature therefore not inconsistent or otherwise displacing or destabilizing … we’ve observed there can be no ironic separation or instability between the human and resident cancer in the Cosmos. Both the human and the cancer obviously are compatible, not adversarial this reality abides the rules of the Universe. (We die in time not in space (ie) the disintegration of a material entity through displaced time). Not to suggest that all “treatments” will be absolute in result. The human form is imperfect and subject to self-oriented or interpersonal and institutional errors to whatever this is organically inevitable this reality is both perpetuated through instruction that validates the breaking apart as intrinsic to our acquired material existence including our own and each others bodies, our perceptual capacity and our exclusionary- fractured relationship with God. A desperate union often secured through pain that through choice and death valuation gives the greater relevance to the human than to God. Further this defining irony counter to our birth and death status is based on an education that thwarts the self-evolving Cosmically intuitive seed of all life form. Our bodies singular-collectively are material resident in the all inclusive Universe, a Cosmic abiding… unless deferred the functional purpose of which we have no awareness except by the miracle precognitions and our aspirant spherical awe. Don’t you truly sense there is more…? Surrendering our fundamental self fragments awareness perpetuating dualities linear opposition dissolution. Death strangely becomes an accommodation this argument demands a survival that defuses both faith in the Creator and our own validity necessitating our need for controls that are inconsistent, unequal and eventually relevant as dismissed. Are you not aware that life on this planet is amiss? The question is asked your answer is relevant. Essentially so Eternally so…. Remember as we realize the reversal of the quantum riddle (noting the quantum riddle is a reciprocal or spherical affectation), currently we can be valuated ofby the Light, but our attempt to control-influence the Light is futile. Also we are discussing a profound shift in experience and understanding…a death that no longer involves dying. We are offering to sustain an other materializing nurturing new reality not a conflicted one inevitable as demateriali9zied. (We are discussing an intervening experience that is not harmful to the human including such effects as cancer, acknowledging that the presumed cancer speaks of God’s work and influence as well). Therefore the irony is no.1. That the alleged human, alleged in the sense that limitation and eventual form irrelevance or death defines accepted planetary purpose-options… the human through accommodations such as disease while “ alive” are ironically involved. And unnecessarily devalued. This effected materiality, a disintegrative distortio0n of the light intended material, is not only a displacement (self alteration) as experienced, but is further debilitating as an anticipated “fear” throughout a life duration. no.2. Presently the disrupted life like the presumed cancer is treated in a localized exclusionary manner rather than as a revealing nurturing that is responsive-Cosmically in tuned to our environment Cosmos. The cancer is information valuable, through substantial inference prior, during or after the visitation. There is linear erratic knowledge and the spherical awe. Understand when a persons life and their environment can be examined through an a casual subjective certitude rather than a delayed uncertainty response knowledge becomes much more compelling…similarly a multiplicity affects that are presently dismissed without value or linearly oblique to our developed limitations become viable. And this information flow is interactive linearly also reciprocally and in the near of spontaneously. Suggestive of faith healing, the flow of miracle, meditation, intuition, luck, placebo response and the precognitions. Indeed potentially your life linearly, Eternally. You need not be unhappy to survive. Dangerous to prevail. You need not die abstained from life to prove you were alive. You are the love consequent awareness ofbyin God. Which at a minimum do you agree means humans did not create the Universe. All is good in the God intentional Universe unless otherwise engaged. Not just for the one who is host to the cancer, but those who share the same family or employment condition…most activities the human is not aware No.3. The cancer becomes a metaphor for life evolving as and to more…. The cancer intriguingly has a reciprocal God substantive purpose taking from us what is of value to the revealing “disease” sphere…congruently and spontaneously to the Universe. Reminding the Universe does not expand into an other than God purposeful-undetermined space but refines as space. Beyond our temporary agreements and current perceptions. Is not the ideal worth of a definition to sustain the linear definition once or twice, not a sustained meaning that might eventually develop into a building block of collective knowledge…temporary, ironic, incomplete and expressible as disintegrative alteration? Noting that God bacterial-viral life forms develop defenses against our invasive treatments eventually rendering “disease” mistreatments futile. A losing lost dichotomy. Humans similarly develop new variations of the same disease “themselves” which is a reflective of their disintegrative adaptive separation from their home the uninterrupted fundamentally disease free Cosmos. A human without solutions is lost without identity as such problems become intrinsically defining of the human experience. A human unable to cure him-herself yields to futility as such a human without disease is without remedy to self. Aspiration becomes futility eventually as hopes opposition…one of the many unneccarily7 dreaded thriving faces of death disintegration.

Worship confesses inadequacy. What the question begs would we pray for without problems, disease and fear’s uncertainty. Is not the answer ourselves, the miracle of ourselves hence what prayer that does not embrace thank you. And yes thank you again please to the “inspired” gentle Rabbi who offered the inferred spontaneity, “Prayers aren’t answered they are the answer.” (Do you agree we are who we speak?) To suggest otherwise is to advise a separation between God and ourselves…. Do you disagree? Permanently? Linear prayer verses spherical….What prayer that does not include all that does not displace the prayer as yourself?

Once again allowing the Light why is everyone taking the same aspirin when the aspirin can be made sound intimate to the individual. (One aspirin [a unique sound event] would not work for two). Further why is the headaches information, its instruction whose value might involve several life forms or conditions, being chemically defused? Please again the cancer, the headache…the component sound becomes a compelling and articulated issue not a vagrant and dangerous sustained disease (ie) providing distinctive information. Which through revealing-acquiring DNAsound can provide much more reliable research insights that can avail an assimilated cure or resolution…. More correctly not a cure but “a communion or empathy.” (We can assume the headache began its formulation before it became part of your space duration. And your anticipation and belief are part of “the head aches” materiality. In the same way a nuclear biological weapons war is already manifest. And the fact that this spherical event has not occurred is not a success)…. Let’s continue. There is a relevance to the cancer event that is not necessarily disadvantageous. (Consider a dramatic source offers cancer in a laboratory petri dish is referred to as “immortality in culture”). It should be assumed as mentioned before that most current activity events viral and otherwise are simply not as experienced, not as Cosmically intended because of our investment in instability, opposing duality and disintegration specifically in this context death… before, during and after the demise. Noting in a non-casual world all is relevantly sympathetically or unsympathetically interactive not localized to one body space yet all choices and result before share enemates from the individual. The abiding determination has evolved we suffer ourselves unto a disintegrative death and given our investment in alteration we feel it is “natural” to force the same upon others. Holding up the controlling-affecting of death as an example of maturity. Indeed the degree to which an individual can decide the death disposition of others often determines their status in the social order. Very curious. Further relevant to our repressed ideal since to some extent we are dealing with a spontaneous reference3 that infers timelessness (not linearly progressive) the cancer and the headache, any organic problem is much easier to identify before it becomes problematic and once resolved to maintain the norm while applying to person, lifestyle and environment any beneficial information developed from the organic or viral-bacterial anomaly…. A unique self-contained evolving sound sphere or spheroid can be created of the individual human. You step into a DNAs coded spheroid any irregularity is indicated immediately as an unambiguous sound that can be referenced to a catalogue of sounds translated into any linear imagery since an all-inclusive sphere would include all relevant expression. In a sense luck, intuition, meditation, answered prayer are refining spheres until these activity events are self subjected to the feverish irony or ourselves. Which most often is immediate (ie) such irony is time referencing the spontaneous event, subjecting the experience to language dissolution or to the vagrancy of disbelief or the need to belief what has already happened. Belief or disbelief are linear process as expression or displacing that becomes an organic reality substantiated through instruction.

Another perspective we approach the Light, the Light approaching us. Dancing while whistling once again: Why is everyone playing the same harmonica? We are all genetically predisposed (ie) male, female, near sighted, musician or pilot. But these predispositions are realized in a random, inconsistent world, secured through alterable disintegration and the sameness process of alteration. (Method determines result). Earth researchers offer “use” between 1% and 5% of their “assigned” linear intelligence and are as suggested in other ways rendered ineffectual. Not surprisingly that this fundamental irony predominates in a world where life (God’s Creation) is defined and experienced through encouraged disintegration, altering what God created to a prejudiced human “non-ideal” that is defined and legitimized through absence or death…. Again please why is everyone playing the same flute, using the same computer, driving the same car, eating the same meal, looking in the same mirror…? Which presently is a casually exclusionary event, you play the harmonica designed and influenced by others who are most often responding to concepts and instruction that is not their own. Also intriguingly the harmonica is not responding to you independently of your own effort. During a spherical event the irony of displaced causality is resolved all is participant…nothing is simply acted upon. Also the audience as per linear agreement listens [2-3 fragmented-distracted senses] the audiences is wonderfully involved but does not influence the music activity event… If we can identify “yiour” (unsound) or DNAsound of silence (initially effect by a nice Asian ie biologist at MIT), next identify the component DNA sound evident as linear genetic code that speaks to our friend Sandy Chamberlin playing the harmonica then through reverse engineering we can design the unique harmonica that can create those sounds. Allowing of course also for interpretive-creative variations. Further if you cumulative DNAs or spherical genetics do not speak to your ability to play a harmonica what do these various ideas speak to learning. Assuming desired DNAs skills….(A brief interruption accepting that memories are material as such an issue of motion sound cannot memories be given an interactive holographic representation suggesting a form of time travel beyond our current memory collectives like video, books, museums). Again we are discussing a basic “sound” sympathetic to any other otherwise casual separation would result and the Cosmic spontaneous union with the infinite Cosmos would not result. But once the basic DNAsound is separated to component sounds suggested by our greatly varied genetics the variance begins, but the important question does this departure have to separate us from our Cosmic bond or reinforce our derivative separation… Inferring: The two aforementioned processes can be used to anticipate the potential or probability of a desired or undesired event and the conditions that might favorably anticipate and or improve either perspective. One example…issues known and unknown that might affect an airplane flight. Remember presently our information is revealing as displaced, inexact and subject to flawed interpretation through language based on linear instruction in a spherical world which we have to deny-frustrate-fragment to express and value. Our existence is based on a certitude of probability based on inconsistency and other variable activities that sometimes are not always identifiable during a specific life event. Another perspective examining the genetic indication for blindness, any disability or disease and influence accordingly before or after the “limiting“ experience becomes evident. Not only in a singular person, but projected potentially through generations and other presently unknown and likely unknowable parameters. Like cancer or a head ache blindness becomes an informative and accommodating guide to our determinate evolutionary vision, our immediate vision as a species, our potential spherical vision and also our capacity not to be able “to see“ under certain conditions (one such condition presumably death)…presently linear eyesight. Understanding we are discussing various conditions we avoid-dismiss as impairment or disease that in actuality can provide-guide us with a more compelling realization of the human. And God’s Creation environment terrestrial and extra terrestrial. We continue perspective becomes perception-application impending awaiting us…. An airport facility could be immersed with a DNAsound that is unsympathetic or excludes all sounds relevant to weaponry and explosives. Imagine patiently your favorite melody suddenly interrupted by an unrelated sound or melody. This same concept applies to a missile system spiritually for any and all countries except the weapon systems within each country representing the humans evolving investment in self dissolution, though a similar system could be installed to aide in preventing an accident nuclear or biological war which presently is the most likely scenario for this spasm extinction. (The sixth such extinction on this planet the first attributable to one species similarly avoidable through blissful choice, the first impending extinction redeemed to God…. As such the humans becoming transcendent). Noting the only abiding defense system is one that protects-guides the individual us from our own contempt of God. Understanding if through linear understanding we must… we are discussing a sound presence that is unlike anything we have experienced (ie) a sound presence event that involves all senses, that is not casually limited to the linear, but rather Cosmically attuned and further a-sound-presence-event that is interpreted and developed by an intuitive human and an encircling computer com “a spherical computerP” (another essay)…a computer condition that does not function through linear increment efficient displacement based on certitude secured through vagrant probability measured in real time. Indeed presumably the airport facility could also be DNAs coded to identify ill intent, though this might appear intrusive this would involve the consent of the public and is several dramatic steps beyond “profiling” which is prejudicial as displacing and relevant as inexact. Understanding that any harmonic union of sound involving humans would necessitate sympathetic conscious consent or the idealized union could not occur because inconsistency or displacement would factor….

Let’s writing down a few singular sentences, a reprieve or sorts, an intermission. Do you agree words in their gathered mass can be exhausting. Particularly when the effort is to resolve the linear to the spherical through a linear inconsistency validated through the limits of language design and an assigned intelligence that is not supposed to vary within its own determined limits. This of course is silly do you agree. Who you are is who you are. Because someone convinces you what stands before you is not a tree does not mean that you cannot climb politely to the top. The same ourselves.

*Only in time is everything separate while separating.

*The quantum riddle is all pervasive?

* We are separate but not apart.

*Any idea is a divine idea if divinely expressed-experienced.

*Light can be “slowed” when transferred through a substances like water.

* The space-time continuum more “like” the space time non- continuum (ie) ourselves continuously.

*The Universe is one location.

*Our world around us is not disintegrating because we agreed it is and the process is profitable to us through unsympathetic disintegration.

* We create the burdens we resist our burdens by carrying them.

*There is no death unless you prefer. And behave accordingly.

*Self investment in casual disintegration valuates your life through randomness, dematerializing, irony, inconsistency and sustained shared-self displacement. Cumulative non-utility…our self and environmental disposable summation.

*The human body is non-linear accordingloy you can not be separated less yoiuself. We suffer the effort. Very curious do you agree?

Let’s continue yearning-smiling examining several approaching Spheroids that might become relevant inby the application of our lives. Remembering to distinguish as there is the darkness there is the Light. A Light imbued Spheroid is a spiritual experience. Meaning of course a non linear non preferential desired realization of God, an actualized expression of your Godsoulprint. What does spiritual mean. The holiest words “I” know are (I) don’t know God knows. (And thus I strive to know you). Spiritual one perspective might allow, the ideal light reflection of yourself as self? Karma is God’s sound-motion disguised as ourselves, unnecessarily. A spherical self-sustaining model relevant to psychiatry. A Sphere….(This would be the nature of other non-linear accommodations that would not be displacing of our Cosmic Residence, but reflective and sympathetic. A new formulation language of self beyond essential inconsistency). Currently this field is elemental to disease linearly adapted. The illness or malady is not localized-the entire person is experienced as diseased. A concept that is institutionally, chemically and culturally sublimated and reinforced. So intrinsic is the incongruous dedication to disease that the motivating premise could be reasonably be interpreted as, “you can get better if you stay sick.” A disease is defined as “an invasive and putrefying process.” An inhibiting rational of treatment is carried throughout the reciprocally compromised duration of a person’s life. Involving all the displacing-conflicted vagrancies that certify as essential the flawed irony of self to a futile extreme. Language, the interpersonal inconsistency, the institutional entrapment, chemical intervention, familial irony and motive not always conscious …realized against all the unfathomable variables that result from an effort “developed” over decades. Insanity is divergent experience that is relevant in its contrast to the norm. It’s resolution as contrast…. Meaning for insanity to be ideally resolved denies-distorts the norm (ie) in the absence of insanity does sanity become ev3en more ironic…therefore self effacing and unproductive. This science strains the limits of linear neglect. Hope and contempt become the near of interchangeable, yet this experience also testifies to the patience, the kindness and enduring persistence of human beings. Often love knows more disguises than love’s purpose.

Can you imagine substance enough… if all these inconsistent protocols, varied self defeating parameters, conscious and unconscious determinations were not fragmented over thirty years, through the foible of memory, family and the debilitating indulgences of disease; but rather all these elements could be assigned… a designed evolving multiple coefficient DNAs that are spherically nurtured and developed against a norm actualized through an evolving wealth of relevant and revealing factors unique to the individual (one of which identifies the DNAs of the individual as perspective presence without disease)… all these non-linearly developing factors in their final formulary become a non- displacing DNAs language totally unique to it’s source input. A non-verbal language format that is exclusive to that which defines the individual as a functioning protocol. Both in substance and process. A language whose verbally reflective non-linear design is more spontaneous in its effect than one of long term causation based on the sincere improbability of disease model that is relevant as failure sustained through designed limitation. A language-communication experience whose evolving-consistent-un conflicted totality would be affected in the immediate. And be further influenced by the evolving immediacy of self. A non-linear language, once designed as intact DNAs, would automatically translate current communication to its idealized formulation…a shared personalized artificial intelligence whose nature as DNA realized as sound would not be mechanized but more within the formulary or an organic cloning of information. Appreciating that all material in he Universe is life unless ironically altered by the human. A new language whose evolving structure would be based on the detailed consistent- inconsistent history (past-current-anticipated) as provided by varied sources and methods…. A spherical matrix sustained as designed while cultivating and responding to the immediate human experience. Appreciating that the suggested DNAs language like all material could be converted into different formats to facilitate understanding by family, the patient or the staff. (Each bringing a different perspective to this evolving experience). A panorama of sound converted into imagery is one example…. This spherical model would be so consistent that once engaged and responsively sustaining it would create its own harmonic junctures beyond the anticipation of the humans involved. (Suggested previously, as the reversal of the Quantum Riddle, but this element would also occur within the linear manifest). Reminding we are discussing a material representation more relevant and expressive of the human than their genetic code. Noting a baby is born without language, choice, free of institutional-interpersonal dilemma (yet still seemingly aware and responsive to imagery-stimulus) …this variance can particularly relevant to the troubled human as a refining reference juncture or axis. This entire formulation becomes not an ambiguous esthetic intellectual niche sustained within the limits of language and memory over years, but an exacting active self perpetuating “entity”…a contained design that is not dependant on inconsistent ironic casuality (ie) thinking to sustain its non-linear integrity. The design formula in question would likely be sustained as a “non-linear computer.” (Another essay) Understanding we are in the functional midst of inferred timelessness, minimizing casual inter active fragmentation beyond perception but not beyond valuation. The past becomes less displaced more consistently referable and can be tested against the current self (ie troubled individual) to create viable perspective in terms of understanding the past and giving credence and viability to “future plans.” This parameter or protocol need not be limited to one linear option. Further this parameter can be developed and accordingly assessed when “significant other” individuals are introduced into the dynamic. The spherical entity can be correlated and measured with or against the conscious impressions of doctor and patient. We are discussing the organic assimilation of various organic “acquiring memories” that function “irrespective of time and space.” This formulation might appear cumbersome, but understand please its potential would be experienced-assessed through a new language design. Noting that this reference Sphere occurs however repressed as memory, dream, myth, collective consciousness, archetype, genetic memory. Also non- linear prayer, laughter, sleep, luck, coincidence, precognition, miracle, your birth-death. Though the realization is linear, expressed casually within the schematic of time. Not reciprocal conversantly spherical. Sequentially not spontaneously…. The Creation presence of this planet. Note the extended the definitions of spin and span. SPIN….“To whirl, rotate rapidly, twisting bit by bit. To fabricate….To create or derive from something already existent.” (If I may suggest read these two definitions again and imagine your birth evolving prior to conception). SPAN…. “The full extent or reach of something. A short period of time. Extend reach across the distance or space between two supports.” Span is also the past tense of spin. Meaning a past event can be materially resolved without displacement to the immediate material condition. Example…. departure relevant to approaching destinatio0n. And we have yet to of factor our friend Jim’s inspired reference (ie) spun. And observations about vacuum. How can intrinsic substance be denied to what is ascribed as described? Again everything is material except time, defused-dematerialized though linear time, but still material. Jim’s offer is that a vacuum cannot transmit sound waves, suggesting this would include the sound of silence. But the operative terms are waves and transmit. Both of which have a linear orientation- disorientation. Sound refining compatible with both event and location (both evolve as one) suggests a condion (condition) event that is compatible with a vacuum (ie) are not vacuums essential to varied earth technologies like computers, radio, television. But we are discussing a vacuum which is intact and compatible as a refined event. More a sense of harmony than void. Further the aforementioned distinctions suggests a desirable compatible symmetry between the human and the machine, tool or instrument. Why is everyone playing the same piano. Suggesting a truly personal computer that is not binary in its function. And in part helps the human resolve their linear irony either in substance or expression. Even the brain is a sphere and accordingly compatible with spontaneity, meaning memory status that is not linear inferring timelessness…we are still involved in a linearly interactive world. But it need not be a material reality based on disposable disintegration, but rather one of refined dimension. Apparently a vacuum condones, will assimilate silence…

Can you sense the resonant transmogrify enfolding between two event locations, otherwise separated by distance and our own linear inclinations. Mass-density constricting-resolving until its non-linear curvature becomes infinite (ie) timeless, not measurable, not casual, not factored by distance and the other linear anomalies, not explainable by our current language adaptation….Will you also pause to in vision the evolving presumption of your death through these revealing-relevant motions which cross many linear bridges creating the inference of a refining sphere. Meaning a realization of ones spirit or Godsoulprint if you will. Perceive “slowly” a Sphere, resolving all irony and inconsistency conscious-unconscious shared unresolved or otherwise as in the sphere relevant to insanity…but this Sphere speaks to your spirituality. Your spirit Godsoulprint. A spiritual occurrence when tempered through language or the best of casually linear intentions becomes ironic or potentially ironic to intent and as such distracting. Otherwise fleeting. In the ideal a conscious partiality of self. Possibly this limitation on spirit is too severe for several reasons. Spirit is a light manifest accordingly boundless accordingly placing linear limitations on an essentially infinite event is likely incorrect and at best limiting. Further a spiritual light event can be limited or thwarted by humans, we spend our lives accordingly, also such a condition event speaks to an infinite of possibilities…placing human limitations that which is beyond word and perception is folly. God is God the light is the light were hitch hiking.

Friend, as the nice Bill Cosby’s gentle son used to (still) says…. your kind disposition consider please another perception-perspective, Spheroid Yoga, body and soul become one not less ourselves. Motion silent. Meditation motion unfolds…. Presently Yoga is a wonder of self-motion, marginally casual, a minimum of casually pre-designed motion beautifully and sequentially interrupted. Spheroid Yoga is an event activity like personalized meditation that evolves during the effect of encouraged-conditioned silence…is progressive but not perceptually sequential. Consider Kara Spherical Yoga…a harmony of all not less itself. A Yoga whereby each convolution of body is not complete as itself (is not partial to the next), does not evolve through the next, but is partial as the next and not at the exclusion of the previous body adjustment…not sequential but a simultaneous spontaneity that evolves beyond the organic body. (As does pre-birth and the presumption of death). We are not examining an accumulation of motion rather the substantial of more. Not a progressive amendment of motion, but in the near of a spontaneity. Currently Yoga is a wonderful evolution of process. An ideal of interruption that is influenced as a sequential linear event that assumes a totality of self. A developed completeness. But please appreciate we are approaching a non-linearity (a material aura of timelessness)…transcendence. Not defined though influenced by affected displacement. Meaning an activity event that becomes the puzzle as the whole. And the acquired wholeness is not limited the human body space. As the spheroid Yoga unfolds no evolution of body contortion is left behind or consciously influenced by the next. All body formulations become one. As the spheroid event redeems material reality, organically, mindfully the body human is no longer fragmented. No longer separated. (Do not be surprised by levitations. Are not dreams levitations. Before the Spheroid Yoga event there must be preparation. Each Yoga student partner must be DNAs Yoga compatible. The room, the Yoga mats, decorations must not only be similarly DNAs sympathetic, but evolutionary so. A symmetrical event will be occurring. Pleasantness of place and pleasantness of motion know each other. You would not want to ice skate on a summer pond. Likely several days of preparation are involved. The participants arrived attuned. Their bodies not distracted by any activities that would defuse their DNAs Yoga (ie) sleeping pills, remnants of alcohol, divergent anxiety. The participants meditate together as one. (They share a common DNAs meditation component, once they reach their meditation ideal…evident when their DNAs sensitive wind chimes. The Cosmic Yoga begun begins. Each human begins a progression of Yoga adjustments, a conditioned melody of self, influenced by a DNAs vibratory necklace-wristband. Once attuned. Still once attuning. Kara flows others follow as followed, otherwise displacement factors. Evolving reaching beyond the breach of self (anagram fior breach…. Each be the reach)…. Each motion reveals a non-sensual sound, a melody of silence that is aware as intuition speaks and miracles are reciprocals un needing of translation. Remember music is the one experience that does not have to be altered or measured in order to be assimilated. We are reaching for the pneumatic resonance of this event. A rare occurrence. The presumption of the room joins. A Nirvana of sound motion. Sound and motion have become interchangeable. Likely one or two participants have lovingly excused themselves unable to attain. We are reaching through the idealized communal motion silence of ourselves arrive the delivery of ourselves (ie) the acquired memory of the Yoga event. A Light discernible that transcends our perception, but not our presence. We’ve become the dream that sleeps. A timeless gesture irrespective of body space irony. We are no longer involved. Because we are…. Godsoulprint conversant. Suggestive of dream or trance Yoga. We are viewing an event presence that in its fullest evolves beyond the formulary of the body as the body. Consequently a paralyzed person, a chubby man like myself or a time elderly gentleman like Dr. Wisman is not excluded from the Yoga event. Though do you agree we should not assume the limitations of others or your own, accordingly linearity thrives. (A Spherical occurrence is non-directional and not limited to form therefore form status). Indeed Spheroid Yoga event evolves beyond anticipation, on occasion dramatically. Some benefits are not knowable. One returns acquired ofbyin the Light. Revisited unknowably by themselves. Perhaps with interesting stories to tell. We begin the Yoga event by identifying the genetic Yoga predisposition (all that is human has a genetic indicator) this genetic character as motion evokes a sound which coupled with the non-idealized organic evolution of self provides us with several components (1) a baseline DNAs Yoga reference point (2) a DNAs that identifies our current departure from that genetic ideal (3) the motions of body that will allow for the resolution of the second to the ideal of the first (4) a formulation through which we can measure progress (5) Yoga compatibility between individuals clearly relevant to effort made in Yoga and ones spiritual life (^) and an evolving DNAs reference point that becomes perspective to other activities meditation, sexual union, sleep, illness communion response etcetera…this reference point is reciprocally enema- ting not localized. Remember to understand we are examining a human’s Light predisposition which alludes to the infinite and presently does not allow for perceptual activity and also as the Light does not deny any form of image expression in order to assimilate the Cosmic self presence (ie) whatever you prefer including a symmetry of variety to identify, maintain and gauge your evolution…colors, personalized images, sound melodic or otherwise, subjective imagery evident in nature, a sound or image Yoga graph whose influence and indicator is in it’s totality only evident to the individual and also of course we have the group indicator which functions as a sum measuring result upon completion or an evolving indicator that would also serve as a Yoga guide. Finally two lovers, friends, siblings or spouses can form a Yoga symmetry. What does this mean? This means what it means…

Indeed the aforementioned in it’s aura speaks to issues of probability, the engaging of a machine, the birthing of a child, a cancer empathy, as mentioned meditation…allowing the fewer words embrace are availing the more of our intended selves to God. Inserts reflect on spin and span relevant to Yoga.

* Noting please with emphasis relevant beyond knowing… to the observations (ie) headaches, cancer, harmonica, linear air plane flight, language, spheroid Yoga, Meditation, inter stellar travel, Prayer, luck-coincidence etcetera the presumption of death…we are commenting on events-activity conditions once no longer casually linear (disintegrative-altering) are in the active nurturing midst of the Eternal (our origin source)…the Light (affording God’s timeless memory acquiring)…beyond our influence and presently complete valuation except as temporary fleeting effect: Truly functionally finally you are not alone.

*Relevant to linear thoughts on vibrations: When we are examining a DNAs event like securing an airport, affecting a cancer commune, garnishing a de-aging opportunity, unfolding Spheroid Yoga, enfolding a transmogrify between a student and five books, realizing a self spheroid…we are discussing a sound presence which is spherical in nature, not linear (a sound activity event that is its own response), therefore not consequent to interruption. [Another essay unfolds perhaps by your kind labor]. The question abides how are the two opposing perspectives enjoined (cancer & communion etcetera) without affecting an interruption that would negate the desired result? We are speaking to the vobration resolution of form, the willful vibration of self. The answer brings us to vibrations. The vibrations of the acquired self become relevant, possibly an external pulse vibrations that would for example create a sensitivity between airport DNAs security and the intrusive DNAs of a weapon. The relevance of the evolved self becomes evident perhaps defining when we discuss Spheroid Yoga, meditation, intuitive conversation for reasons noted also because we become less reliant on technology and more in tuned to our relationship with the Eternal Light. Reminding that a human can evolve dramatically in an instant (invariably as an issuance of self not technology) going from being an unhappy woman to a happy woman in the turn of a smile’s memory, going from being a punishing man to a man loving of kindness be good in one breath’s decision…this is in the nature of being a mioracle (ie) a human being.

*Acknowledging lovingly to comprehend as we move aliong each word a thank you to God…. As much in the reading as the expressing spherically one in application the same. Both as substance and method predating the materializing of the planet earth. (The wonderful mysterious lingering Eternal Light). Hence what ownerships credit not less ourselves…. What wealth less the poor not poverty itself…. Yes noting all these various method examples apply in their thoroughness to each other, otherwise displacement speaks-though the linear determinant. Meaning: The genetic to our presumed cancer can be identified and through reverse design ( engineering ) pleasantly engaged to no disadvantage to either. Presumably the near of all form dispositions like cancer are genetically predetermined in substance or capacity. We are discussing identifying and responding to a static genetics by assuming its relevant and revealing motion a status disposition previously reserved to the condition of death. We are in a sense anticipating-improving on death (ie) reversing the role of the pathologist. (All is God life form evolving and infinitely more). And through this formulation we can more clearly appreciate the informational nature of the alleged cancer or any other life-death potential activity or disposition. Particularly when through sympathetic sound we can cross-match the genetic sound origin with similar sound patterning in the developed-acquired body and with environmental cancer source or irony. (The human body no longer becomes its own self contained-bordered limitation). Most likely relevant to the adaptive-alteration choice we make or the limited choices availed to us. Thereby providing a profound triangulation of sound affording remedy and much learning. Should not a cancer remedy in its ideal be of harmonic benefit to everyone? As mentioned including the cancer life form. Acknowledging that bacteria and virus make adaptive survival adaptations against our methods and mythology validated through alterable disintegration. We can learn much from one of our neighbors the HIV virus. About it’s profound adaptations…most likely unhappy adaptations by our imposition. Otherwise engendered as the shared polite witnesses of ourselves. Thank you prayers to the nice and waiting friend John for his insistence over the last two yours, in spite of my hopeful impatience, relevant to the importance of vibration within the proposed schematic evolution of form to sound. And Diana’s determined interest in levels what does this lovely artist mean? And the repeated easy distracting reference to…illusions. (“I” know of only one illusion…the nice person’s body is a coffin. Can you wonder to think of others? Sometimes I don’t listen because I do, thank God literally for memory. Often not understanding is the better reference, availing the fuller lasting questions. Don’t questions seem to last longer than answers? Do you not have the sense, the interesting-mysterious feeling that people are waiting for an uncertain something? Are you waiting is your preferred term dissatisfied or unhappy, expectant is nice…. (The essay accordingly evolved, one door opens the other… We never stop learning. And this learning is called life. The anagram for “died” is…. Did I die… I did die. The question asked in time resolved in space. (Appreciating that the question is asked in the past tense after death suggesting awareness for the anagram or spherical sounding to be completed (we do its opposite in our current life) followed by the expressed smile…. The glow of the Eternal. Are your body and soul separate? Do find this separation advantageous. Noting an anagram is a sound glimpse of the Light, which we formulate, or disguise to the disintegrative alteration of ourselves. Our sympathetic reciprocal communion with the Cosmos. Reminding our progress including spiritual has always been based on invalidation, the eventual devaluation of what once was esteemed which given our investment includes ourselves (ie) ideal as temporary. Yes including God further evidence that our relationship with God is the preferred one of self, less God and less the God esteemed of others. Do you agree this is not bad, we aspire and we know good from bad preferring good and we can only respond to what we are aware. What awareness now are you…. Is it overly ambitious or sincere to suggest…if you are repeating a sustained self definition of your Godsoulprint with God (of self evolving often as forgiveness or apology) or the material world you have begun to invalidate yourself. (Affirm your separation from your Cosmic predisposition, the Eternal Light). Noting you are the acquired spontaneity of yourself. And as such timelessly disposed. You are the sum of your life. Not an endless series of events of which this moment is but one. Further proof of this Light inference, this spontaneity (is) that you can take the acquired spontaneity of yourself and claim the darkness or embrace the Light. You can raise the acquired weapon of yourself and terminate another or love the intruder born your sister or your brother spherically yourself. And these are not functionally linear events forgivable, eventually delegated to the past, redeemable as punished, resolved as the better lesson learned…but more so and also a Cosmic pageantry. As there is the darkness there is the Light. The tiome of now is forever. We have acquired the weapon of ourselves and the willful spiritual devaluation of ourselves to affect there use (ie) the darkness. Their presence is use. As there is no death there is extinction. “The day the music died.” Ourselves it’s beautiful playing. All dieing at once what conversation death is to life, but the death of death unfitness and forlorn…linear death prevails The concurrent spherical melody is as God intended we are called home as home we are one at a time.

* DNAsound “spontaneity” refining resonant time displacement. Anticipate to assimilate the infinite Light is materially all-inclusive. A dimensional formulary… includes science, technology, knowledge development, and communication. And new fields currently linearly not conceivable… refining material effects from the 3rd dimensional triangulation to 4th dimension “event” junctures. Including self (ie) two meditating as one, health, discipline, DNAs instrument and behavioral adaptations from linear irony to a spherical spontaneity. Influencing management disciplines currently structured through vertical and horizontal inter personal displacement. (Whispering once again in context for the first time, all linear enemates from the spherical and will revert to the spherical, naturally or as intent invites). Presently earth science, technology and related sustaining functions are relevant through uncertainty, success- failure dichotomy, management displacement and a progress motivation legitimized through eventual invalidation. Which are conditions that are reflective of the acquired human irony experienced through cumulative-collective events determinant as dematerializing. Spiritually and materially valued as devalued… altered to a flawed, temporary condition. Similarly human behaviors are relevant as measurable through displacing time in a Universe that is timeless, immeasurable through integration, infinite as Eternal. All human observation, the essence of all human activity, is realized as tentative thought and expressed through inconsistent language. As such displacement before alteration. Displacement without utility echoes flawed observation and influences calculating and imagination. We are examining a measurement activity applicable as inconsistent while maintaini9ng dematerializing evident as a temporary-improbable certitude. Happenstance and consensual illusion are integrated. Technologically, scientifically and as self we exist marginally. Dreading life while planning non-existence. We are insufficient, afraid, and incomplete, less our divine self. Witnessed and witnessing as such. As we wait for our collective prayers response imagine kindly…if you and related activities were not determined through wanton and improbable defect; but rather actions, choices, behaviors and technologies that no longer confirm the human protocol… everything begun- ends without utility we would be living in a new world. We would be experiencing a life of spirit, technology, science and language interaction that are complete spherically as spirits purpose allows. Not suggesting perfection, but truly a wonderful and significant shift. We continue…. Your DNAsound identified. An ageless sound, we have presumed as silence, which is sympathetic-sensitive to the infinite continuity. Reverse your DNAsound (Cosmically distinct all distinguishing sound embracing of silence) under non-disruptive conditions we have health less the putrefying activity of disease. (Cure verses disease represent a linear rupture of the infinity continuity). All DNA soundings that are not sympathetic to your ideal sound spontaneity as disease, accruing fatigue or otherwise are absolving as identified. Not as intervention, but resonance. The same de aging, medicine, science and technology become sound symmetry, synthesis. A hammer, an airplane functionally ideal as compatible DNAs to self, instrument and function. (Symmetrical spontaneity). A computer-encircling spheroid only you can use productively. Particularly when intelligence, motive-intent are other than ironic as functionally inconsistent while dematerializing. The same your intimately personalized DNAs bottle of wine. The whimsical question answered…. Why is everyone taking the same diabetes medication when the acquired patient, medicine and assigned disease can be spontaneously assumed without determinant displacement, without confirming disease as being relevant and devalued…not fragmenting a human event by sustaining disease or infirmity and a temporary, tentative sometimes debilitating or unsuccessful cure. And availing the source of the infirmity-displacement as information that transcends the singular patient. Meaning that the Dnas of an individual’s diabetes are a spherical formulation that includes all relevant imagery data; allowing the doctor or researcher to trace this “disease” presence activity (ie) including beyond the singular patient. Should be an amazing journey for this planets brave explorers. (Crime scene the same (ie) duplicate Universe earlier essay). We continue: Displacement lingers death compels. Spherically nothing is localized within its own irony. All is shared. (Pain instructs… disease the same-guideposts). Similarly your evolving harmonica, scalpel. (The “sound” instrument suggestive perhaps of synthetic compatible DNA adapting as the event evolves). A non-linear instrument, product becomes resonant to intent and the involved humans. Imagine wearing a necklace that changes color, texture, marginal shape relevant to the conversation you are having. Responding to the evolving aura at the party. Imagine the ironies of infertility joyously resolved. The same your resonant scalpel or banjo. (Inconsistency becomes resonant symmetry, dematerializing becomes directional. The symmetry between patient, medical staff, procedure, relevant equipment and presumed disease process are resonant as one near spontaneous event -evolving as refining, participant without unintentional irony and exclusion (ie) Cosmically in tuned as intent ended. The same a musical performance, a dive along the highway with our family. As such compatible with the infinite continuity. Use and sharing determines the divine Eternal). Also we are r3ferencing inter stellar travel, triangulated relocation accommodated without exclusion (voyage realized in the 4th dimension). A condition event presently evident as quantum corridor. Happily the birth of your and God’s children, our embrace, our silent Light imbued kiss Eternal will remain the same. Perhaps better as better we are.

The aforementioned leading to non-linear inter galactic journeys. Spontaneous allocation suggested in quantum corridors. Non-linear spasms. When time is stopped, two material locations essential to the material time interchange become one. Spontaneity is non-directional, but can revert to linear bearing through relevant DNAs of the two material locations, if the refining condition is not compromised. Denied through linear anomaly or Karmic flux.

* Light full images singing…. Holy Temples are the only institutions from which we do not graduate. The spiritual aspirant listens. The minister speaks to whom? We spend our lives listening to others. We spend our lives talking to others. What flower wait’s seeds return as the flower? Imagine the spiritual aspirant attending the Holy Temple. Not unlike the degree in accounting, dental hygiene. Gathering self accordingly. God yearning self-maturing… conversantly. Eventually leaving the Holy Temple. Not institutionally approved, but God benevolent. Each aspirant a Light being. As your birth bestows, your death allows. And you life denies. Graduating from the Holy Temp0le. Relevant God esteemed. Joyful and imperfect. Seeding Holy words deeds divine. By what embrace, one generation? Do you comprehend the planet earth returned to Heaven. Do you understand? The planets live no less your life desired as living. By what love do you hesitate? Do you agree? Please do you have a response, a plan. Without you chance becomes unbearable risk.

*The Mosquetempchapel ashram of self. Holy Temples gathered. One God. Expressible as graduation redeemed. All Holy Temples One not one less the other.

Must we despair our labor cautioned as intent? What love despairs that is not loved less? What love forgives still love? (Know the darkness claim the Light. The Light refines. Sustain the Light asby the Light, the Light refining)… What deeds divine can speak our lives if we do not know of what we speak. Must you only pray for one? Each opportunities life form not i9ncluded denies all as one. And there is always God as always. You despair you know yourself less God. {Have fate in God} You have arrived. The time of now is forever. Sustain life. Any less the deed of one is less the deed of all. Prayer both smile and word. And labor both as one not less another thus all. We continue hallelujah a song in one word …. Is not awe better than amen? Unless embrace both the same.

Let us co9ntinue cautioning the fire our intent. Redeem life from death le3ss life? Time as time. Love from waiting response. Not less God or more. Brother-sister tree cousins all river’s divine flow…. It would appear that our acquired 3 dimensional world (is) faltering. Prayer’s world none the less. What to say that as prayers hear response. Yours or Gods? Our efforts we have become…. Improbable life unlikely. Bravely we have been remiss. Relying more on our Creations temporal self, many God directions, sublime technology, extinction’s will… darkness all fracturing of the infinite continuity. All not born ofby God like you. Is your prayer’s need your prayer’s answer? What of God given you want not as God given you already are…

Our conversation continues ourselves Cosmically unfolding. Silence unfolds reasons permit. Logic, sustenance invites…. Our words beguile. Effortless. Kinetic, symmetry, beautiful us. Joined. Silenced lips garden flowered.

Thoughts touching. The many words the combinations are endless. Ideal clarity of understanding therefore purpose is rarely achievable. Language its own constraint. Words are us….Ourselves abstained as proven. Language, as we discussed, allows deception, conflicted motives all evolving through the uncertainty of conversation. Even before expression language nurtures fear. (Words, people, yearning). Shifting shadows shades of language. Yet if through language we can deny language, perhaps…. People can gather themselves to common purpose. A business enterprise ideal, dinner lasting beyond memories reprieve. The Eternal flow of a kiss. What kiss twice kissed the same kiss. Still us?

language is best when it lead us to consensus? Harmony. When this happens the words stop. Trust prevails. Love requires no further rendition. Silence nurtures: Hugging. Holding hands. Kissing. Coupling. Often anticipating is best without language. poems lose their words. Mysterious sounds foretold

The most critical moments in our lives, the sounds of those moments, often are not words. Birth, the moments before death. The greatest fears and joys are usually sounds not words. Also “making love.” Eating. Sleeping, going for a walk, reading writing a poem, mediating, waiting prayers response, bathing, holding a baby. Facials expressions. Smiles. Giving birth, holding a flower, watching a tree watching you, caressing an alleged one. Can you think of other unions? If you don’t choose to smile. Must be God’s smile. The nice little girl in the Methodist Church in Iowa offered.

Millions marry and love. Each marriage is unique. Each emotion of love is unique to those sharing. Yet they all use the same words. Love and marriage. The uniqueness is further lost when the marriage ceremonies are similar. The laws pertaining are similar. The divorces even more similar. Are fear, anger, jealously more wanton less unique explaining why it’s more easily shared-acted upon than love. Denial becomes the fuller vessel than giving. Can we hide from love and not hide ourselves? Society resides by its tricks and prisons. Insanity is but one. Sanity is another.

It’s our capacity for love and bold independence of spirit, I feel to think, that leads us away. Beyond and to the explanation of ourselves. Do we intuitively sense that both our love and spirit well be suffocated to a routine of language, custom, ritual, habit and fear. Love at its most true requires freedom. Of being. And telling. And breathing. If you cannot love freely. You are neither free nor loving. Nor loved. Does not love abide less fear’s instruction? What greater fear than not to be loved. Or loving denied. Or as loved forgotten. What greater freedom than to trust all as life intended, thus karma flows as love allows. Sincerity unfolds beyond contempt’s discretion.

Trying to resolve the conflict between the need for love, the need for independence (the freedom to truly love) leaves us with the need for controls. Which eventually stifles the love. Because controls speak to the near opposite of freedom. Controls only work if someone gives up their freedom. The degree of controls is proportionate to the loss of freedom. therefore eventually the loss of love…Is not denial the greatest control. love punishes all as love denied once offered? Unwavering trust freedom enough? The poem that will never be written. The poem that compels all the other poems.

I love our searching. We are explorers. What mystery invites love explains. Resisting torrent winds of better reason. Love compels no destination, but itself. No direction, no reason, no forgiveness. Love does not ask, love avails. Sure why not ask. Chance is not always risk. And love’s risk is love’s opportunity…. Effort destination journey the same. Unless afraid. Unless knowing. Love requires no wisdom. But life and a capacity for joy and pain. Am I wrong less myself? What wrong not right enough when both loved as one not forgiven. So many words “I” would have preferred one kiss. Eternity submits. Oh nice mysterious Sandy at the OM Center seemingly agrees… as kindness bestows kindness affords. (Thank you Sandy prayer’s echo). But through words we can dance. Hold the silent whisper. Wait for Eternity waiting for us, no wait at all, unloess waitin (waiting) you prefer.

Love’s garden blossoms as flower’s seed spontaneously. Kinetic symmetry beautiful us. Words compass waiting oracle. Not us our words yes us. Love is Eternal. Explained in time. Explanation is life’s thirst, not love desires.

Do you agree we revisited the better Eden. Not less ourselves, thus God’s embrace. Now I’ll sleep. And dream myself awake. And loved. Why not?

Please let’s persist examining the beautiful anomaly of incremental language, echoes sublime. As words we are less the song of self? We speak as we live. The assembled word’s witness. And we live as we agree we perceive. If the road falters is the direction lost to its own arrival. (Example). Three people can have five definitions for the same word. Two people in conversation can agree in the definition of a word, but its meaning can be eventually distorted during the continuing conversation. Or in application. Two can speak beautifully and sincerely while one or both is deceptive. One or both can be self-deceptive and not be accordingly aware. One or both can have an ulterior, unspoken or unknown motive. Also several humans might be wonderfully compatible for the many joyful God reasons, but not hear a word as spoken. We speak a foreign language to many others, sometimes the same different language to each other. How did love once not a word become a word? Should we let love escape? Can we assume God only has one language spoken ourselves, chipmunk, chicken, tree, river valley the same. Possibly the inquiry will fail because one hearing to speak has a little too much earwax. And Oh the kettle drum of interruptions. Also our linear language adaptation strains spontaneous memory. And does not involve all the senses. Though music’s lyrics does speak to resolving our linear anomalies. Also a wonder us conversation can prevail, a joyful union will result. Eventually forgotten or remembered otherwise. Further within its own design language allows, perhaps compels, inquiry and evolution in its own nature…. Words reflect or choices and behaviors or which way is it around? The language effort can be lost to related-unrelated events…. We fall down the ladder just after the last word’s smile. (Or anticipate the fall accordingly climb, think and speak). Unless we functionally experience the possibility of falling for one or several of many reasons (some beyond our ability to anticipate or plan for) we can’t climb the ladder. (Curious we fall before we fall still climbing.) And the ladders, the cars, the planes, ourselves are accordingly experienced as consigned. Again the designed utility of your car is not complete unless you can crash the vehicle on the way home. Often into another uncooperative car. This constrictions juncture repeated how many times? Curious gathering two as one less each other. Thus expensive insurance who’s preferred value is that it not be utilized. (Love and comedy thus we survive). Such is the essence of linearity-based separation dematerializing finalized without utility, directions value. Indeed the four or five major “essential” group activities or industries on the planet earth deal with dematerializing as a functional non-continuous end point. (These groups accordingly profit, without non-utility they are without purpose). Meaning no longer representative and expressive of God’s Creation we displace-violate and promise our children. These groups are insurance companies, medical networks, life term prisons, destruction industries like those that make terminal weapons; mutually excluding religions revealing Heaven through death-denying life, religions from which aspirants are not encouraged to transcend to God, beyond the Holy Temples beautiful anchor. These groups depend on bad a conditional event that cannot be good unless the good is validated is risked to bad, permanently. Each good must materially acknowledge its bad intrinsic to process and result. And the one bad defining result is a terminal non-functional ending…bad prevails over good. And when bad results bad is often discarded. Though good can linger within. Additionally these activities strain languages potential rendering it mechanistic, not passionate to our full potential. Language and the earth people are inseparable as separating. Yet, language is its own source to its own riddle, the potential for unfolding the linear mystery of self through this medium and arriving at a more compelling expression of self-remains. The seed transcends as flower becomes seed again. What is the language of the stars, of the trees and the wind? Undeniably language leads us to the distinctive silence of self. Language and music can dance together. Language holds as our prayers speak. And embraces miracles serenely. The Universe must be God’s language. “I’m” not sure, how wonderful to live not knowing as knowing insists. All true spherically as sincere, refining. Until another flower takes our hand. And smiling we walk away.

(No lo9nger “our lives” less living after death feels appealing). But remember please the flower’s pedal from paragraphs ago. We missed something. We can only miss what we’ve walked past. While the seed the flower yearning still as God?

When all is said and undone much can be said not said, when addition is politely excused from subtraction we can be certain we missed one event. Thereby all the others. Whatever many answers not one. Whatever the perspective. Whatever the Godsoulprint denied. (Less your reflection as reflection is not)…. Listen gently (while) prayers know response as spoken: The one event you missed is yourself. There is no deal less yourself. You are the deal. Do not remember to forget the near spontaneity of your birth. silent awe. What more prayer’s answer than yourself.

Relevant to language, the sounds of self, the earth people have agreed amongst each other that a sentence is a complete thought. What complete thought to an incomplete life will always be a lifelong mystery. Words gathering otherwise as complete in substance and process less ourselves? Can one word, one sound location before it is delivered unto our fragmented linear world be more complete. Let’s look prudently at one Cosmic location we came identify in our world as (a) dimension. And of course when we come upon a new location, confusion, a new mystery we assign a new word (or a new sentence designed from old words) to this event or activity adding to the mystery. A word’s definition reflective of our Cosmic inactivity. We are not too concerned if we are incorrect or inaccurate… errors or inconsistencies, even disasters are the basis of what human beings call progress. Also alluded to as hope, the future, not repeating the past, learning from our mistakes through mistakes…much the basis for our prayers. The mystery we seek over the horizon is ourselves. (What would we pray for if we were not unhappy mystery of ourselves?) Once again sadly the essential of progress is based on invalidation, relinquishing temporary validation. (Is temporary a temporal niche. How else we pause less our timely selves). Progress-progress not. Meaning what our grandparents accepted as essential we niow dismiss. And idea, concept or theory that cannot intrinsic to its construed nature cannot be invalidated, is not functional. Interesting do you agree? How many very few ideas, inventions, medicines, products, God perceptions have withstood our many years preference. We maintain, identify ourselves through these conditions and activities. Thus we are Cosmically true as not. Valid as invalid. (In an anticipated constant condition of invalidation). Acknowledging these many constructs do not have a praying life of their own? Amidst our progression is there a seed that flourishes the Light. Yearning our cumulative Cosmic self. Of course…. Whatever the disguise we redeem who we are less ourselves, presently. (God the same, presently). Yes unreality-realities mirror. Non-material-materials mirror. Again what song sings as not. Non-existent does not mean non-material. (The Super String theory whispers gentle silence…“the only non-material in the Universe is time).” Would you agree curious, curiously explained? Nowhere is the Light, nothing, void, killing the same. The earth peoples thwarting of the Light, ourselves. But our lives culminate in death less life, God’s Creation environment we alter (change) that we be preferred unhappily, we destroy life that living be warned of who we are. Thus invalidation promises. Our potential. Thus what prayer listens that God we hear not less ourselves anticipated?

We pray let’s reconsider, beauty our prayer’s haste. What miracles we witness miracles we are. Temporarily sometimes unknowingly. Can you nurture a miracle if you are not miracle yourself. Yes by chance briefly when we’re not “looking.” We dream that the stars be wakened. We know good from bad. Preferring good. We give our lives love to the children that they will become the better of who we might still be. We will kill an enemy soldier less ourselves, yet on the better day we will save the same soldier’s life. When will you learn? And as learning be…. You cannot have an enemy without being one. ( spherical anagram…men my enemy me). How you live denying others Cosmically foretells. As there is the darkness there is the Light. Both Eternal? Linearly you can be forgiven, bad events forgotten …remedied to a planned event or condition. A dead soldier will not complain; but spherically any damage, any disgrace visited upon one of us is timeless, cannot be separated as forgotten and forgive. Thus the dead soldier complains, Spherically as yourself as him-herself and otherwise. The family, the stars grieve Eternally. Until (if) the Light reprieves the darkness: The cheek slapped is one the same reciprocal. Light denied hastens darkness. An eye for an eye, the same eye, Eternal eye. Darkness blinding the Light. What linear salvation that is not reliant on life’s denial, salvations creed. Any displacement, harm, violation becomes Cosmically resolved asby the darkness. Until resolved to the Light. (The reverse?). Human beings believe all enemates from them, they are birthed and give birth, they kill others, kill themselves, destroy mountains, cities and glaciers. Spherically gloriously love the same, watch the children ourselves at pay. What more need be said. The earth people also build cities, navigate the stars, love Eternally. And bravely pray the future. All we are as thoughts seed or life’s flower is predated by the materializing of the planet earth as God’s Light. We are source not origin source. Sometimes not source at all. (Please as being - bliss abides our embrace evolving , we cannot have an enemy without being one to God. And our Eternal selves). The darkness enfolds the Light, the Light assumes the Light. Where will the Cosmic dance…

When you are born you assume a preexistent space, when you die you release that influenced continuous space asinby “yourself..” (A space influenced your entire life, reciprocally, the Cosmos). That space is the Light, the infinite Cosmos. Your source. The origin. Alive deceased still living resolving the Cosmic darkness or complimenting the Light infinite. If linear you must be as causality displacing you’re life’s apology not your Cosmic seed. Cosmically you are neither the beginning nor the end, yet both. You build with God’s clay not with God’s hands. And yes we are wonderful God’s Eternal children. Otherwise Eternally we choose. Eternally more impending….


…We do not observe what we observe. Thus we are not observed as observing. Whispering: We are not looking at what we can see, accordingly experience. Yet we are seen waiting beautifully as we are…

…Non-linarily decay-disintegration is otherwise as infinitely refining. We can assume all enemates from the Light spherical and beautifully reverts. Thus we yearn God’s guidance as ourselves, God accompanied thus aware and aspiring.

…As timeless memory, an event, a condition and their memory are the same refining.

…Refining DNAs and vibration (transitory of material) are sympathetically interchangeable. Compatible with the infinite continuity.

…Refinement resolves displacement irony, oppositional separation, without loss of material value, life form‘s continuous beautiful utility. However briefly, but none the less reciprocally. Luck is good for luck, life is good for life death the same. A question opens one door sometimes closed by the answer. What value any of these words as such by your consent, Eternal by their refining, the labor of our love undiminished.

As one assembly speaks. In an infinitely continuous Universe there is no separation between live and death. Heaven and the planet earth. Yourself and God Let’ entertain the mystery, the location we identify as dimension (ie) the definition is linearly defined as…“a property of space an extension of space.” Note a qualification on previous essays. “A directional extension of space.” Triangulation displacements (schism that is not curvature) speaks to partial loss of dimensional value. Directional as triangulated suggests potential eventual deficit of utility through dislocation of material space in a spo9ntaenous non-localized Universe. The aforementioned definition is a linear therefore exclusionary, incomplete calculation. We fracture dimensions as experienced, three and counting less ourselves. (Not a spherical, spheroid, dimension simultaneous as refining spontaneously…the equanimity of infinities curvature evident as spontaneous). Again offering all of our observations are based on the fragmentation (the denial) of what is being observed as a result our person being incomplete as expressed. (Realized as denied and denying). Let’s follow by carefully releasing this Cosmic word location (words are material) from itself. From the linear oppositional based on dematerializing non-utility. Process invalidation. (Going from somewhere and arriving nowhere). The place DIMENSION released returned to its origin source. “so I die see me dismiss -the- I (in-oin) men.” Further linear factoring the term locations… “miss… I’m…mission.” The term property location is now being released to the spherical. (The timeless spontaneity that begins to refine without borders (ie) infinity beckons Eternally. Redundancy begins to factor. As does inversion (ie) all locations of form. (We can assume some formulations not presently perceivable). Meaning the “m” becomes a “w” The term location “women” becomes evident. Closer to the Light then men on this planet because have injured the God resident Planet Earth. Different concepts begin to assume form integration before further release. A transmogrify has continues. Example. The evolving “s-o-i” unfolding in the plural, reaching, enfold reaching the symbol of Yin and Yang. The resolution of which brings us closer to the Light. This folding-unfolding symmetry of motion further realized beyond current comprehension. Spherically suggesting sounds. (The triangulated 3 dimensions enclosed within the 4th offered…on & in and we-me. Do you notice any other directional junctures. Do you sense we are arriving, at our origin source? Our seed root. Examining actually anagram of your chosen life, reaching for your Cosmic self. A refining formulary that predates the materializing of the planet earth. And is immediate presently as displaced-dislocated. Noting both in prayerful sentiment and logic’s birthright… whereas that which is ours is “us” relevant and revealed as invalidation…the same lives true that which is ours that is revealed as Eternal. Thus we unfold the linear anagram of self. Reaching spherically for ourselves as ourselves. Spherically reciprocal, not one way. Simultaneous spontaneity. You are each a spheroid dimension. Presently linarily distracted as instructed in a linear 3 dimensional triangulated world. (We are separated as self, therefore from ourselves except as denied…in a spontaneous Universe potential and intent are near the same). Resolution of triangulated linear form in a 3 dimensional dematerializing world while maintaining utility delivers us to the 4th dimension. (The 4th dimension includes the 3...if you’re available). Attuned Light fully communing (even) as form…evidenced by Light events miracles, luck, coincidence, intuition, magic etcetera. Communally-interactively the same evidenced by shared miracles. According beneficent and expressive. A light being. Not denied-denying. All Light distinguishing. Not your life’s pallbearer. You can breathe as prayers speak. These words speak poet as poetry. Dream as dreamer. Map and destination the same. We continue…

Continuing…the 4th dimension is non-linear. Sympathetic with infinity, spontaneous (directional in all manner of directions unlike our earthly 3rd dimensional triangulations which are directional as “an extension of space-a separation or distortion of space therefore location” or linear)…inclusive, however fragmented, through form’s 3 dimensional acquired-assigned limitations. Conversant. Waiting for our ironic world to assume the 4th dimension. Functional to all human endeavors or ironic displacement would factor. And in a timeless spontaneous Universe one such dislocation becomes immediate-all consuming. Suggesting whatever the intent, the nature of darkness…the Light defines the Eternal not the darkness. God is good. On this planet God is good as our goodness allows? Some humans suggest God does not get involved. God (is) involvement, your birth, the birdhouse bird the same. God abides: Thus the darkness becomes the Light? (These are words I pray seeds the same). The bond between the two dimensional worlds suggested by your intrinsic “natural” community with miracles. And your sensitivity to luck, coincidence, intuition, remote viewing, healing, remote listening, sleep, birth and death as more complete Light sympathetic near infinite events. Inbyas the 4th dimension… uninterrupted continuity defines, the aforementioned Light events become sustainable. You realize or you displace. Linear memory becomes bonded to timeless memory. Iironic process yields to refining spontaneity. Linear memory like form realized linearly is tentative and temporary (not necessarily a condition of time) before and while being Cosmically assumed. (Linear form and related activities realized as our current lives based on disintegration sustained through time becomes spherically assumed). Life and after life the same. Upon the release of linear form, indulged as death, evidenced as decay (all) linear memories “join” with timeless memories of self. Both memory formulations sharing the same DNAsound. The lingering-enduring linear memory is that of the presumed corpse…as decay-genetic motion’s sound. Your “unique” all distinguishing DNAsound. The temporary timeless corpse becomes reciprocally resplendent. The same the river, the morning dove, the galaxies and your shoe. A rendition of self we experience as awareness. Nothing decays in the Universe beyond infinity’s purpose, nothing is disposable. Meaning assumed-influenced by the Light infinite. You are not alone. A not dislocated-uninterrupted 4th dimension conjoined with millions of timeless life forms “ancestors” (not former) that share the same DNA with yourself…in the evolving refining flow spontaneously all life forms. Your thoughts, deeds, promises, prayers relations the same. Continuing flow amongst the living, presently limited as memory collectives, dreams, marginal apparitions, inspiration, luck, coincidence etcetera. An assimilating unfolding karma evolving beyond your DNA through choice. Resolving-refining the dance between the darkness and the Light. The Universe is One.

The same effect-spontaneous-flow speaks to our referenced new spherical technology, assimilation medicine, intuitive language, inter stellar travel, new music, new self. And God awareness. Affording-enfolding times point of view…a memory of the future. Time material is no longer spatially experienced through non-utilitarian dematerializing, but as material resonance. Remember when the inconsistent triangulated 3 dimensional world is attuned- resolved without irony (as a dnas event) the 4th dimension is assumed and the event in question is accordingly sympathetic to infinity as a resonant event. (A relevant and revealing vibration (ie) dimension condition implicit to the event). A sympathetic-intact self-sustaining unfolding dimension. A Cosmic refinement. Space as space. Not ironic linear fading space. Refining space material, not purposeless disposable material diminished space (ie) the darkness. Explained by earth scientists as the absence of frequency. (Purposeful non- directional materialized sound intent). Direction location the same. The Universe expanding and contracting, simultaneous spontaneity, God breathes. Contraction-expansion, each the echo’s expansion of the other. Thus non-displacement, resonance, timelessness, refining spontaneity. Eternity abounds not less ourselves. Finally

You need more proof than yourself, denial thrives. Your current self separated through self-language assigned intelligence machine instructional displacement<> you unknowingly surrendered… nione the less surrendered. (Machine, language, intelligence fracturing further as institutionally conjoined. Further yet interpersonally. Fragmented as God redeemed. Yielding your Cosmic neighbors displaced. Always displacing as self displaced…

You are death’s students. Subsidizer of disintegration. Devaluing life as selves. Accordingly rewarded. You’ve worshipped that God be obedient to your needs. (Temporary needs valued as invalidated). You made of nowhere your direction. Heaven and Hell the same celestial map. Life through death Heaven became life’s departure. You need further proof….You understood this paragraph while disapproving. Disapproval is not proof denying, but further proof thereof. (Yet curiously disapproval is not always disagreement). Disagreeing does not agree, enough. Must disagreements be disagreeable? Must negation subsist as process. You are Cosmically dislocated. And yuou exhaust self defending-nurturing this irony…Thank God for laughter‘s smile. Sleep. And life. Linearly in time you can only understand if you wont. We continue deferred. Hastened not the same. Know the darkness as you claim the Light. As yourself. The stars beckon closer. Closer still. “Star of wonder star of Light I wish I may a wish…”

Let’s return to the garden. Let’s continue. Introducing the yearning flower. We call waiting. Embracing horizon. The Cosmic citizen. Where choice and self not less others are one. We heal ourselves the environment the better day. Body and soul are not separate. As seed divine or expression. God attendant God attendance God the same? Yes even the bad without utility becomes the good of our effortless love. Faith’s Cosmic fate acknowledged. Patience is faith knowledge is waiting.

(What innocence tested as guilt love’s innocence enough?) A love do dispatch anger rewarding fear. What love denies God’s love? (What love forgiven not less love excused). We are as love ourselves proof ofby God. For in loving we have been loved. By God. Our Eternal writ…Clearly be the Light… being loved by another is no less our love. Confusion beckons love more. Pain instructs love of life unfolds. Why do we calculate differential love? When love is all only less another’s acknowledged. In a non-linear world you can only divorce yourself. The one you are waiting for you waken every morning, Light refreshed. ( As choice and God’s life allows-Yearning search God undistracted). Pain invites love be more not less. (Pain whimsical guideposts).

May we whisper one last time. The one you wait for you already are…. Thus you and God fulfill. You can only lose yourseolf… Interruption acknowledges. (Linear success). Agree-disagree? Two mirrors same reflection. Where are you going if you already are? What question answers. Love spherical both the same. Must you spend your life explaining self as self to self while awaiting self…once transcendent returned to self? You need not seek the Light. You are the Light, but the Light you can extinguish as love redeems Do not nurture these words less yourself. Please deliver to us all near your deeds divine. That we might better of blood, dream and flower be. You need someone more than yourself then as waiting you will always be…. You need God then as needing be… and as giving you will be…. Whi9spering caution. There is no bad that as God persists, you can only offer the acquired bad of yourself. There is no reward in less that love is otherwise. A brief stories companion if I may? A woman holds your wallet, the lady is a stranger in our home. If you don’t treat her with love’s respect. She might not return. Deny a thief deny God. Takes two to make a thief. “I” can’t cherish anything that is more important and beautiful than the “thief.” We miss many opportunities to greet ourselves. Therefore God. You need more than your life. How is this possible? What prayer asks not already given?

There is no problem still a problem, but self. Whispering once more. The earth people proof of self… all results from self. Denial accordingly sustains. What argument can withstand consensus. Destruction? Can two life forms abide the same space? Yourself twice loved once forgiven. Which one not the other. The same your sisters and your brothers? You can only wait your entire life for yourself as self-denial insists. What fraternity dwells? Born our parents choice? Suicide proof of life? Seeds tree your house? Travel the stars of your own design? Intelligence agrees intelligently? Lost and lonely God we know prefers? Protected extinction thrives? The final proof no proof at all. A grave called life. How truly of God can this be…. Be us that all the better we can be

Easily. So not so. Read these words observing the Light. Timelessly yourself unfolding. We know ourselves as knowing we must. Otherwise knowing abandons. All that is ourselves predates the planet earth. The Universe God all the same. Thus we continue. All directions one. Spontaneity refines separation. Infinity speaks we list4en? (Are listening). Your life a Cosmic residence. What life not death the same… Smiling nudging the stars once not again. Your parents, there parents-therefore yourself removed how many times before we arrive at a condition that predates the planet earth. Still your parent the Eternal Light. Do you understand, Eternally? Going both ways. And more. Eternity obliges spontaneity refines simultaneously. Your life as death determined is your manufacture. Your image of self. Life follows as tears do misery. The space you vacate upon death is the Cosmos. The space you assume upon birth is the Cosmos. The Cosmos is

Accepting thus you enter into a new world

Denied after birth, but not as birth…A spontaneous infinite Universe allows no exclusion. No Cosmic separation as the Cosmos. Birth and death not less the other. Thus Eternally timelessness submits. You are ofby the Light refining “prior” to your birth. And after your death. Infinity’s continuity flows. You your Mom and Dad have another parent. God the Light. Your birth witnesses. Your death testifies. Recounting thus we continue

Recalling our embrace: You are born without language, without mathematics, you thrive and nurture without assigned intelligence, there is no awareness of death, your God light is one of essence, not instruction opposes, you are time divested, you are not linearly assimilated. We must have been so surprised. A baby ofby the Light. One of God’s dimensions. Then and then again. The cause and effect people with the best of love’s intentions begin to surrender you to the irony of life. Language befalls. Intelligence bestowed. Theirs not God’s. Time first death follows. God your choice once God’s. Oh dear how very curious…

Recalling cheers embrace: Now death not death at all. What follows still aware? Upon death Light speaks yourself resumed. God reclaims your, time stops- Eternity ascribes, separation compels direction, spontaneity embraces life anew. Awareness embraces…

Much can be said that can better not said as proven. However when all is said and undone. Of death we wonder less ourselves. Can’t know death’s sublime residence without God’s Eternal hold. Awareness speaks laughter cheers. Dimensions unfolding Cosmic travelogue. You need more that logics breaths less breath denied. Logic holds words ideal less denials trumpet. Death does not herald as decay instructs. (Beautiful motion‘s blossom). Evoking the distinct sound compelled by your genetics. Cosmic communion. Your lives memory accrued… spheroid allocation. (Timeless memories do not fade). Only God remembers an event as it happens. “Yourself.” Thus God intent before (as) event. Thus Eternal. Miracle as witness you are. Separation abstained. Linearity assumes the Light. Distance, weight, ironies 3 dimensions yield the 4th.…linearity rests, love consents. Aura we continue

A final thought once called the first. There is no God, but God. There is your God redeemed through death? Yet the tree’s wind confides of God no words suffice. There is the Cosmic God. And yoour earthly adaptation. The God of man-woman not child. The earth people separate God as themselves. God’s Holy Temples preferred as not. violence speaks less love’s permit, Heaven revealed through death…. What sense is this sense enough?

When you die you don’t go to Heaven. You stay. Do you enter greeted by Saint Peter onto streets paved of gold? Purgatory? Nirvana yields? Reincarnation persists? Resurrection allows? Not so yet so. As your life prefers Heaven permits. And waits. One question foreshadows it’s own shade. What of the Universe do your beliefs deny? Welcomed by seventy-two virgins. Angel’s replete wings aflutter. As you desire you are. All sofby God. However as telling silence reaches… these interactive forms amend however gently the Light Eternal. When you die you don’t vacate Creation obliging Heaven. The Light Heaven becomes…. All life forms alive the same. Otherwise as you instruct yourself. All except time materializes. You see you are seen you are. Reminding these words, seed’s echoes. Origin foretells as source obliges. Darkness the Light which bridge crosses refining hesitates. Sincerely (we) continue…

Thus and forever infinity gardens. Yet what to think we say less thoughts delivery. Always? All is God’s as God’s. All life’s flowers seed the Universe. Light yearns. When all is said not said silence blossom? Ask God yourself as deed you’ll know.

The chair you sit denied by sitting? There is no hope? There is no God? What words ourselves still song enough well spoken. Eternal Flower identified deeds as spoken. God is and as such is so forever so. Creation. Thus life speaks will be? What more to say. Except hello let’s continue

Please complete these words…


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