CHAOS THEORY COMPLETED -- The Universe is timeless. Infinity suggests as much. (Infinity the Universe material uninterrupted continuity).


Cosmic inquiry^
Greetings, “Hello...”
&Charlie Woram&

Why are we real? Why do we live the way we do? What questions explain seeking's purpose? Our lives testify any success we share will be brief. Eternally brief. Likely evolved through conflict. Events are factored through unsolicited failure. Why do human events end while we reside in an endless Eternal Universe? Anticipation’s hope uncertainly sustained. Success reverting to invalidation's loss of utility. What explains our encompassing futility? Is much of our unresolved anguished ambiguity explained by the diversity of the human species. (One hundred ninety-five tentatively bordered countries, approximately sixty five hundred languages illiteracy not counts as one, exclusionary diversity of religions, economic disparity). Accordingly being able to identify-express and maintain common purpose is a task near impossible. These pragmatic impediments before we consider the suspicions and fears that direct life. Lives perpetuated by disease, dying, death presumption. Government endorsed death provocation, viol3nce. Individuals, families, gentle alliances are further fragmented to institutions of deprivation; prisons, racism, weaponry, death profiteering- contrived “exclusionary' entities like corporations. Being human is a troubled undertaking. Unnatural? We create often the need for our prayers? Future's assigned diminished prerogative. Yearning the infinite Eternal we continue...Eternally disguised.

We do not seek less legacies desired intent, but uncertain application. Irony and paradox we subsist. We yearn for peace prepare for war. Joy relates to despair. Sanities incomplete begets insanity's gentle seed. Dyeing beguiles profit's motivation. Preferably our birth spiritually revealed by death? Love sought by response. The singular question invites: What activity impedes our preferred aspirations. We have not been able to share our lives without adversity. Without dread and uncertainty. Immediate or anticipated. We sustains our devaluation. Extinctions dread imposed on Creation's environment. What joy that is not shadowed by agony.

What Eternal shade does our non -Eternal shadow caste. We respond initially to Michael Lynn's linear sermon. Word's shadow less Eternal grit. Word's nest silence complete similarly surrendered. All is not as we comprehend.

The condition activity that binds our common destiny is not anatomy. Our bodies are in constant flux. And unsought instability. Some are old. Some recently born. Disease, dying limits choice. We are burdened by acquired disability. What curious unresolved skill here abides? These conditions of self are defined more by circumstance than can be resolved “perceived” by willful competence. Solutions are esteemed, but seeded by error, confusion, problems. Our distinctive skills evolve as a response to determined inadequacy. Does the compelling answer dwell more in the dark side. Are human beings insensitive predators? Are we bonded to common purpose by our misery? Perhaps death? But misery and death deny the preferred self. And motivates our aspirations. Curiously dying not death compels our purpose. Dying is our being's motivator. And profiting incentive. Examples: Insurance companies value injury and death. The anguished. anticipation. Accident, disease and death, medical networks inconsistently exchange cure for disease both oppositional conditions revealed through dyeing in spite of death, lethal weapons manufactures sponsor human horror, the interment industry offers costly residency to death, the homeless wait. Suffering is without common bond. Some suffer others don't. Some die smiling of old age. Others radiated in a cancer ward. Some live and die in comfort. Most in deprivation. Anticipating spirit's flower we continue accompanied. Source ourselves unknowingly amends.

What impatient earthly seed harvest's flowers beauty divine. Smiles, tears and prayers we acknowledge what we deny. Logic's seed witnessing we arrive. Reality is otherwise, existence the same.

All anguish dwells shadow of remedy. Unhappiness fosters hope. Death cautions life the better day. Does a singular presence directs all less itself in opposition? What sponsors uncertainties neglect. What curious acuity denies. What academy rewards depletion. What engineering services disrepair? Consider: The activity that binds us apart is... time. We are the only species that experiences Creation through time.... Yet we acknowledge the Universe, our residence, is timeless accordingly Eternal. (The problem with time?) Everything in time ends. While ending. In spite of our bold undertakings. We are the anguished slaves to our own Creation...time. Even though we live in a timeless therefore endless Universe. We are born, we age. And our lives come to an end. This flawed acquired “consistency” defines our existence. Explains our disposable technology, our risk based commerce. And our knowledge of self. Language's subjective ambiguity. Tentative hope. Our earth bound religions... One question compels response. Reflection and application. How can a life ends in an endless Universe? Our answer daily testifies... the acquired human distortion, time. More precisely linear time depletion. Which functionally denies our Cosmic Et4rnal disposition. The truer residency of self. Consider: There is a Cosmic that activity speaks to duration: There is Eternal duration which is endless. And time duration whereby everything ends...

Weighing repetition's burden all realized through time is factored through failure. Error and mistake. Life uncertain. Compounding futility even events deemed ideal are incomplete because they are not functionally expressive of the non-linear Eternal. Our misery and unhappiness through time appears to be inevitable. We die to prove ourselves unworthy of death. Be patient friend not understanding the flowers truer seed. Thirst our cup. Reality drowns the drinking water.

Perspective invites hope's clarity: The gentle Professor Einstein offers, “the Universe is non- linear.” Meaning that unlike a straight line whereby one intact event is separated to another event juncture the Universe can not be separated from its all inclusive intended self and still function as one infinite Eternal Universe. Infinity is separated from itself is no longer sustainable. Infinity cannot exit from itself. Indeed in the absence of time infinity becomes functional. In the case of human beings optional because the earth people have choice, we can cheat, be silly, violent, populate our lives with unnecessary dyeing And forgive our love it's purpose. Welcome to the planet earth. Be careful. The people on this planet hurt each other. Unnecessarily. Unnaturally. Offering politely. Dieing's profit time's vestibule. When we attain the status of death we stop dyeing? What curiosity speaks not enough?

When we are born we have no functional relationship with time. We are Eternally organic beings. Divinely articulate, bliss uninterrupted. We acquire our time encrusted non- Eternal status through unsolicited instruction. We become non-linear beings. The all inclusive Eternal includes all less its self “impending” as itself. Our bodies cannot be separated from themselves, less the value intent of the separation and still function as organically “divinely” intended. But through time our Eternal non-linear disposition becomes linear. We know our linear experience as... cause followed effect influenced by defect impending. (Defect deficient incomplete effect). The dictionary defines “linear” as “a disturbance between two points.” Cause and effect common ground uncommonly sought. (Inception point and end point events part of the disturbance). All in time loss begins-includes the inception of the event. What we explain explains not.

We approach a new conception in duration. Approaching us. Availing clarity to formulation science. Origin source seed the same. Technology not less technologies sway. Self not less profits loss-value. What langauge words and numbers dance. The executioners address. Not life auctioned in tears. Good neighbor walrus all. Extinction no more. God attendant. God resplendent

Our perception through which we realize and express life are incomplete. Consequently technology, commerce, divinity, language, the after life and this sentence. Our histories witness. We challenge life our divine direction.

Appreciating human beings are not organically disposed to violence, deceit, unkindness, death profiteering and war. The problem is that we are Eternal beings that live in non-Eternal time. In an effort to become masters of uncertain life servants of undesired death. Accordingly, the only way we can validate our existence is by denying it. (The problem more precisely). Time isn't easy. Time creates anxiety. Cosmic dislocation. In time a material event can only be realized if the event ends less it's origin value. Thus we die proof worthy of our success. Consider our time- based earth bound religions. Explaining why we separate Heaven from earth. Heaven is timeless we exist in time. Revealing why we must surrender our lives in time to reclaim our expressive Eternal relationship with God. Many on this planet separate bodies and souls. They can only reach spiritual fruition, less life's Eternal value, to another life. An after life. Thus we value God most by denying God's gift...our lives. Creation's dream suffers our reflection. Dying is our way of borrowing from Eternity we pay back with our lives. Uncertain validation of the Eternal. Heaven and earth one address. Willfully lost bold and beautiful.

Noting death and dying. Are uncertainly unrelated. Opposites of the same. When you attain death, accept death's invitation you stop dying. Dyeing is a human choice activity. Death God affluence deferred. Death occurs in the Eternal. Dying is a time based acquired condition, non Eternal. Dying is linear, death non- linear...all inclusive. Dying is unnatural. And unnecessary. Violence, suicide, disease, war, smoking, over eating, profiting from death, drug addiction, executions, another war yearning extinction. We are a species that protects life Creation through self-designed extinction. Nuclear war. Cyber warfare. Silly dangerous earth people. Time invested lessourselves. Unnaturally dangerous. Unncessarily desperate. Appreciating we must know the nature of a problem before we can engage ourselves to the opportunity. Thus we pray. We plan. The time, now is forever. Whereas there is no death. There is extinction. The end of life. The death of death. The time of now unfolds forever. We create our unnecessary burdens. Dieing's unkind assembly. We politely repeat our prayers critiquing our success. We anger ourselves blaming others. Whispering we seek: you can't have an enemy without being one. We laugh. Dance and sing. Love our children. We can be bad. But we prefer being good. We know a miracle's witness without instruction. We make friend of other species. And they of cautiously of us. We know the opportunities we create by our suffering. And there is joy. Thus we seek our Eternal selves. Presently lost as found Seeking and aware. God assisted. God accompanied? The question is the answer.

Eternally astute disease-cure's death's delivery otherwise. What hold's our hand we value less our grasp. Shape. Form. Entropy. Value loss. Paradox. Dimension. Motion. Sound. Intent. Linear. Non-linear. Infinity. Eternal. Echoes less their own wavering reflection. Accordingly commerce. Technology. Language. God you decide.

When human technology-commerce become non- linear (currently evolving) “life” we will be better able to thrive the good of ourselves. Share God's life without exclusion and cautious explanation. Reside God eloquent. Aware of our Eternal birthright. Expressible Godsoulprint.

Petition's repetition. We can not hold the flower's vision without interruption. We can step in the same river twice, swim against the flow don't you know. Less discontinued we continue.

All perceivable in acquired "human" time ends "incompletely" less Eternal utility and direction even though we live in timeless-endless Eternal Cosmos. ( In ) time we unknowingly and unnecessarily live a non- Eternal existence, value loss ironically sustained all experienced through time is realized as incomplete. (Not realized as the ideal intended Eternal). A bliss condition of self we defer "delay" to the timeless after life. Even though we are born unaware of time and death... we are Eternal beings. Organically Eternal beings. A reality condition evident beyond the allegory of promise secured through faith and delivered through death (ie) the resolution of our timely "imposed" disposition.

We don't choose to forget. Yet we forget. We don't choose to remember. Yet we remember. Luck, birth, dreams, coincidence, intuition, miracles, answered prayers abide and death's gentle carriage. Unsolicited. Not our timely choices. Thus Eternally attended. There is a source out there. You know by not... We have Eternal skills we can only glimpse because these skills are realizable-expressible in the timeless Eternal sphere and we are time distracted. Willfully, organic skills. Repressed skills of consciousness. All inception in time loses utility direction. God. And this profound irony begins upon the inception of an otherwise Eternal event. (An example). We are born we begin age devaluing duration. And our lives come to an unexpected-unsolicited end. Our life's shared vacancy. Again the simplest refrain, how can an endless Eternal event come to an end. Without purpose, explanation. Witness and duration. The almost complete answer (time) is a human accommodation through which "we" took over God's planet as our own. Tentative masters of time hesitant slaves lost to the waivering opportunities created by time.

Logic invites: There is source out there which we can not clearly perceive, accordingly express, yet a source that influences us. The gentlest questions: Do we dream our own unsolicited dreams. Our perceptual limitations are assumed through linear instruction: Irony and paradox our Celestial footprints. Questions foretell. Do you choose to forget. We don't answer our own prayers. Delivery our weight. All we materialize in time is not as its perceivable Eternally. Temporary en trophies awe. Dreams consent, concession's source? Luck validation is not of our design. We recognize miracles without permission? You can only be late if your on time. You die with life's non- Eternal consent.

(I) recently learned the colors we witness, Curtis Slama eagerly clarified, "colors have frequency."(All knowable is sponsored by not knowing). Those wonderful stationary blues , greens, Autumn yellows once again, brisk reds are actually conditions we organically impose on Creation. These "humanized" coloration's are actually Light expressible as sound frequency. When we reclaim our Eternal birthright through ill conceived "hazy-lazy" death we surrender our colorful limitations- and we are refurbished ofbyin the light. We can assume our consent and God's no longer resistant. Do not words announce our delivery. Immediate, anticipated, unknowingly. We don't observe what we look at accordingly we are not validated by what we see, perhaps our compass speaks.

Concluding approaching the origin of our beginning. Many many millions of species including early smiling humans and the earth people's are the only ones who sustain Creation's experience through time and death. Unnecessarily. Unnaturally. Peaceful hummingbirds, bees and wind blown dreams pollinate Creation to their hearts content. We walk and think and wonder why. Knowing is God's shadow not our own. We are not as we witness.

We are not as we experience. Repetition's petitions? Each snowflakes greeting deliverer's purpose. All current events realized in time end, denied their Eternal intent. Our perceptually apparent reality evoked through "human" time duration is not supposed to end. Human temporal application is flawed. And incomplete. Logic insists, failure intent design testify, error celebrates. Error, failure, mistake, "stationary" that "pause" further value loss. Redundant assemblage. Non-linear Eternal design is repressed by our time constrained reality. Stationary resonate availing Eternal all inclusive-uninterrupted "accruing" silence. Awaiting expressible concentric symmetry. (The ripple waits for itself, approaching). Inclusionary fractal spatially repressed, vibrant potential.

We live unknowingly in an actively timeless-endless Eternal Universe. Time sensitive earth people non- Eternally reside. Spiritually non- Eternally bold. And inept. Wonderfully disguised. And dangerous. Students of futlity. Yet Eternities motion continuously sound unfolds holding Light's available. Unlike time's pause, our reflective not interactive, thriving stationary: Stationary, Eternal pause. Patient witness seeking we contrive. Fractal by any space fractal Eternal the same. Seemingly: Parked cars and history books, beckoning photographs, sunken ship, the Mona Lisa, cemeteries attendance, coloration, attendant dreams, unfolding beacon fossils, caution's pause, recordings, ice pond , anticipated calories, yawns and counterweights. And your next choice. What else invitation invites forgotten? All stationary sublimation's contextual credence to non- utility, non direction, dormant past, forgotten memory, unr4esolved death's intransigence. Linear pause potentials grit and thirst. Otherwise denied Eternally less denials preferred direction. All purpose by whatever calibration avails motions discretion. Non- linear validation. Valuations asserting accreditation. The fossils death's duration testifies. In completion completions sustenance. The forgotten memories source, availing resurgence. All non- linear sensual estimation. The stationary blood stain sensual auditory pulse, visually, textually tactile. Impending non linear stimuli. Memories Eternal reserve. The timeless secured motor cycle recording, the Grassy Knoll, less times departure, distancing anomaly actualized benevolence will attest. All sensual stimuli asserts, dormancy emergence. The forgotten greets source. Noise, separation, fragmentation, stationary temporary permanence celestial prints unwavering hibernation.

The wind shares the stationary flowers motion. Stationary motion's reflection. Life and death's sublime symphony. Non-linearily all moves as one not less the other. Motion's intent sublime. We continue see king's direction repressed treasure. All in non-Eternal time Eternity incomplete. Temporarily we harvest. Stationary in completions pause. Invalidation's fever hastening disposable progress. What harsh direction uninterrupted not life's better pause. Suicide, war, cancer and divorce.

Our "stationary" reflections. Silent-silence. Not consequent to displacement's fever. Vector scalar neutral. Form shape concurrently symmetrical. Not time encrusted. Entropy convenes less value's loss. Destination's seeking sought as departure. Super Position one flower's breath. Intent not less origins source. Spontaneity arrives, derives. Celestial archive. Silently the music amends.

Conversion, transmutation, transmogrify dance divine by any witness dance the same. Sad blood splatter. Guilt preferring innocence. Inter stellar niche. Stationary silencing seed non- linearly esteemed. All inclusive not one less the same. Function without interruption. All stimuli one impending the same. The Eternal non-linear ideal forgotten, accordingly ascertained. Perfections imperfect embrace. Unknowings seed amends. Shucks and awe is part of the game. Slip and fall gravity insists. Laughter prayer redeems. Living learns. Mom- Pop dolphins, eagles and dreams. Pain instructs love's refrain. God's knowing our shadow's attendance.

Non- Eternal Eternal disguise. All in time beneficently incomplete completions yearning. A bliss condition of self we defer, acknowledging our whimsical disguise the after life. Not this life. Stationary pause and wonder. Unaware of time upon birth awareness Eternal pause we are Eternal beings. No seed's apple amendment's yes. You are an Eternal being. Organically Eternal, life your only distraction. A God intended condition of being evident beyond the allegory of faith's tentative promise; resolution of your time imposed disposition. We have organic Eternal skills we can only glimpse because these skills, perceptions and what nots are realizable-expressible in a timeless Eternal sphere. And you are timely unavailable. Avail ably.

The flower's motion leans the winds purpose. The sail boats design will claim the wind's shared direction. Shared stimuli. Not on the others shared intent. Motion or seemingly stationary. As stationary idea, event, purpose, ideal,design is not time interactive until engaged in time displacement creating an incomplete dislocation result. The condition event. Idea, purpose of ideal is realized as uncertain. Entropy determined, incomplete. (Affected by the foorce coercion of time or contrived time force depletion energy forces. Activated coal, fossil fuels, uranium temporary value loss fuels that affect coercive value depletion displacement. Determinant as force engendered velocity temporary dislocation. Velocity value loss exacerbated through acceleration. Ironically realized as a non linear ideal through abrupt value loss. A collision event. Conclude language or math enguiry. Death affectation. Complete through displacing consensus an incomparable event.

Cause and effect uncertain, incomplete trophies guide. Celestial silence motion Creation prefers: Motion is intent. Intent explains source. Awareness avails source. Awareness beckons. What better words, breath's direction, your choice prescribes.

A stationary condition event is not time interactive, but is interactive. In time abstention stationary event is infinite impending. Actively non- linear. Dislocation is no longer realized through depletion displacement. Event intent affect design and result assume their own distinct vector. Suggestive of idealized dimension. Mass constriction curvature, impending transition from shape to form, realized not through observation, value validated theory but application. Loss of shape in an endlessly active an engaging Universe does not mean loss of purpose, identity and utility. Shape accrues form to purpose, suggestive in time as a life activity after death or after loss of utility. Reciprocally, concurrently, fractionally evolved acquired form influenced by shape intent perpetuates form utility to subsequent utility ie shape. Evolution. The planet earth before its location. Yourself death duration and birth duration. Before and after resolvable echos of the same intent.

In a non linear Universe value event gain, currently perceived as loss, either in defect or simply duration, “shape” does “lose” distinction, but forms shape maintains utility identity and purpose. The seed shapes no longer resides as the flower. The flower maintains its form in absence intent either as memory, evolution or the unknowable. Otherwise. Eternity would reside less itself, brief and burlesque. Space itself, also perceivable s empty space also has form. Therefore form intent. Attempt assumable as shape. The nature of shape design intent can be observation, utility. Displacement intent has shape. Shape defined as an event whose outline, form utility, distinguishes itself from all other events. One seed not the other, another galaxies, a vision, a death, a birthing. “A directional property of space a property of space.” The definition of dimension. How many dimensions are there in the Universe as many as their are events. Infinity is an event as is its condition eff3ect. Time through linear displacement limits dimension. Anticipation through relevant whimsy.

Beginning our origin. Millions of God delivered species. Only humans reveal their Creation's impatient seed in time. And through death. God's gift's denied? Humming bird's peacefully fly Heaven pollinating Creation their heart's content. We walk and think to pray and wonder why. Flower's celestial seed convenes blossoms glory.

Through time deficiency humans impose on environment Creation unnecessary life denying- life defining endings. Not aware of any other choice experienced in time is realized through unnecessary Eternal loss. We live a denying life Eternally incomplete. We harvest value loss. Much confused, suffering the many hungers we cause. Eternities motion sound's intent. Intent avails awareness. A repressed "intended" bliss of self we "delay" to the timeless after life. Eternally affluent our life denied. Unnaturally. Unnecessarily. Unhappily the many violence's fester.

Curiously oironies song files birth's beginnings: We are born unaware of time and death, Eternal beings. Organically Eternal beings. A life presently revoked evident beyond allegories temporal promise secured in transient faith. Bereavements end revealed through imagined death. Dreaded aspired.

Awaiting an organic Eternal identity, we can only glimpse: Skill's address expressible in the timeless sphere. Your Cosmic birthright. We waiver time distracted. All in time eventual loses all perceivable utility. God Eternities direction. This irony begins upon the inception of an otherwise Eternal event. One example's nectar: (We are born, we age dyeing our lives end. Unexpected pause nullifying time's chronology). An identity we apologize commanding upon Creation. Again the gentle caress: How can an endless infinite Eternal event come to an end less Creation's Eternal disposition. Through human time duration's offspring the earth people took over God's planet as their own. Masters of time slaves to the opportunities denied by time. Death applauds the future bows. In the absence of time deficiency Eternities life becomes expressible, optional.

Words deliverance gently forgotten not stationary Eternal pause. Floating dream's surmise. Silencing vestibule. Stationary not stationary so. The stationary are not time interactive. Accordingly Eternally affluent. Relevant revealing. Silently designed. Silently esteemed. While temporal commerce affords loss redeemed as risk. Technology exaggerates entropy. And destruction. Reflection's choice.

Origin's Source intent Source's Origin.

Special relativity predicts that as object approaches the speed of light (1) Time slows down. (2). The object gets smaller in the direction its traveling. A space vehicle traveling at half the speed of light would be six- sevenths the size it was on the lanuch pad. The mass of an object gets heavier, so it gets shorter. (Shape intent is yielding to form duration, space timeless continuum.).

These conditioned events measure the linear effect of a singular bodies dislocation. Not consequent to its relative and revealing totality, non-linear disposition. (Reflective of origin source). Weight, mass and direction change when considered and influenced by all other condition events, collectively therefore individually as a singular denied-repressed spasm collective “ing” event effects. Not a function through value loss inconsistent separation Some event conditions not knowable, but still influencing. Presently relevant through value loss, exclusion and linearly designed-created design failure prerogative.

The nice word cautious individuals at " The American Heritage Dictionary," offer a definition insights into the observable concept of mass. "Mass is the measure of a bodies resistance to acceleration." (The non- linear ideal, Ever presence). Ever presence does not functionally “Cosmically” rely on casual dislocation. Resistance is a linear acknowledgment of the non- linear Eternal ideal. We are a denying time insinuated localized presence trying to influence events in a non- localized "timeless" Universe. You can't deny infinity without denying Universe intent. You can only exit infinity by leaving your Eternal organic self behind. Your flawed deficient temporary existence. And your Eternal non- linear dispositions, gifts. Exclusion and value loss define. Identity and identity intent based on compromise. This paradox emanates from perceptual deficiency, not choice. Choice is influenced-directed through unknowingly acquired perceptual deficit, temporal default.

All events currently realized in linear time disposition, however compelling are “incomplete”(non- linearly repressed) are incomplete from the inception of the event, the limitation including effect perception. What we explain is not. What we observe is not. Actually in completion deficiency occurs before the inception of the event. Events emanate from our linearily self imposed source. We seek to validate what we've created. Both in process. And result. Progress “improvement” emerge from the same schematic.

In the absence of time duration inclusiveness determines. Completion without intrinsic value loss. (Simultaneous spontaneity). Concentric concurrence is actualized meaning same center same time. (Evidencing functional essence of Super Position and Chaos Theory,resolving randomness (IE) actualizing continuous “uninterrupted” fractal disposition). Events can be centralized to intent, but not at the exclusion disposition of all other events that remain Universe attendant (ie) compatible. Through exclusionary vector directional force essential displacements dislocation occurs, value loss futility defines. And determines. “Mass” linear definition explains; “is independent of a bodies position, but dependent on its motion in respect to other bodies." Independence “exclusion” of position relevant to motion reveals “initiates” and affects linear dislocation, the repressed non- Eternal linear. Also relativity observation offers mass integrity intent is influenced by acceleration, therefore an immediacy of location is consequent to its coerced “contrived or artificial” dislocation, a functional non- linear disparity which is relevant to linearily perceiving observer. (Many motions one intent the same). (The essence of human identity and the source of their temporary reality). Culturally manifest in commerce, technology, science ectera. And other position events and activities including the human initiator's design intent. Which as noted in time affect is complete, relevant through value loss entropy from the inception of the event. (Again please actually before). Dislocation inconsistent effect is influenced by intent realized through flawed “incomplete” observation validating a value loss perceptual inclination, motion in relation to other body events has been deferred less the deficient event through exclusionary “coerced” dislocation artificial motion. Which is temporary in its process intent and result. And intrinsic to loss intent. Event exactitude designed in and through time (ie) disposable. Potentially design catastrophic in in the norm ideal. Functionally shape therefore intent altering: As you approach the speed of light time slows down and objects gets smaller in the direction traveling. You can only arrive late if your on time. You arrive on time less that material integrity design, intent and result. Displacement satisfies dislocation. This flawed deficet is realized-experienced as success. In completion is experienced- manifested as completion, often reassuring conclusion. Deception and self deception are integral elements”skills” in a linear culture.

Reminding at the speed of light there is no passage of time. But speed of light is a coerced dislocating aggregate of linear direction. Measurable time effected speed is a time effect. Based on a contrived perceptual distortion that is invalidated by deficient intent. Flawed- unfinished result relevant prior to inception. We are derived from by an incomplete immateriality. (Origin linearly affected denies reciprocal source. Affecting a black hole or attaining the speed of slight requires a significant exaggeration of energy. We are examine an event affect, utilizing insufficient immeasurable-unfathomable Cosmic resources to artificially affect its own sympathetic vector or energy. Curiously trying to create “humanize” an event that already exists.(The origin resource of the condition event effect predates application). The events own gravity? Remind time dilation is a function of gravity flow intent. In the absence of time effect, affecting infinite Eternal duration, speed dislocation is resolved to coherent functional immediacy.

Suggested by wormhole, gravity origin, death postulation, sleep, forgetting. And infrequent adolescent vibration. All time assigned insinuated conditions that don't rely on weight, direction, mass, acceleration. And functional time effect is resolved to Eternal duration intent.

There is a source you can not perceive thus not express that touches us,influences. Opportunities whispering. Gently logic speaks. We don't answer our own prayers. Source pr4edates the planet earth's intact immateriality. (You are the immaculate preconception of yourself, denied). What you experience in time is not as it exists Eternally. Dreams we don't chose. Luck is not of our design. We do not answer our own prayers. Life incomplete death the same. We do not chose the death that guides our lives. You recognize miracles why not your children? And yourselves. (Born unaware of time's shift you were an organically alert human being). Arriving late less yourself if your on time. We are more purpose than compass directs. Know the darkness claim the Light's delivery.

pi pneumatics

Through reflective sequential numeration we observe, examine, express and apply our current incomplete culture. (All realized in time is beneficently incomplete). Defective, non-linearly inexact, numeration exhibits and sustains value loss while validating the reality linear numeration reflects. Numbers are much distracted, their ideal deferred. Less befuddled than words?

Numeration is not integrated into word chronology. Each in effect and process displaces the other. Numbers are less ambiguous than words, less time impaired. Nature's flow. Non- linear affirming assertion. No is kindred to yes cautioned by maybe. One is one, two of each is two of one. There are in excess of 6500 languages on this planet, one chronological numeration. Numbers evoke a consistency of silence. Language is uncertain. Numbers prefer-evoke seemingly a more compelling consistency. Numbers are non- linearly inclined. Potentially an all inclusive Eternal affectation. Yet we impose on numbers condition activity that is expressive-reflective of time. Subtraction speaks to a value loss activity, a depletion regression to origin suggestive of time past. Addition and multiplication source the future. Fragmentation fractions. Not entirely unlike language numeration can be used deceptively, condone violence are sustained through forgetting affectation. Though it appears with less inconsist4ency, subjective inconsistency. Numbers can be adatively linearily denied-delayed their value integrity as suggested by subtraction and displacing additiion-subtraction. More so when numbers are revealed through affecting language intent. Numbers are less ambiguous. Yes has as many friends as detractors, 2 holds its own space with less distraction. Language and numeration exist in the service of each other. But not intentionally conjoined. (One of other likely exceptions essays in “inconsideration.”) Numbers seem less dream determinant. Do we accrue mourn loss more in numbers than language. Song and dance rely on beat, numbers disguise, availing sublimation. “Music” remember the junior high school poster reads, “Music is applied mathematics.” Life? Linear numeration? Non-linear numerations? Death? What is time, death, infinity without numbers. Numbers in a wormhole, black hole. Today number the same as yesterdays. Time without numbers. Forgotten numbers. Numbers abstained. Numbers without numbers. In spite of numbers. One suggestion music, endless shadows.

Though these three reflective activities, subtraction, addition and multiplication affect in a consistency of chronology, only vaguely subjective to language. Numbers are kindred to all humans. The hungry man unbestowed of education know the indifference between one carrot and two. And seemingly Creation's mysterious symmetry. Yet numbers remain localized events, each affectation relevant-revealing also different than its numerical sponsor or in solitude. Numbers are with many results, their non- linear simultaneous spontaneity we approach in polite observation. Number cautiously validate a linearly deficient existence. Concisely approaching our deferred reality. Heaven on earth delayed. Politely. Violently. What condition status activity a number before it became a number.

Language causality is a flawed an “incomplete" representation that through redundant progress refutes- evokes deficient observant opportunity. We create the need for our own prayers. The often unnecessary,unnatural need for our own prayers most from from our temporal unhappiness. Linear prayers linearly non-Eternally accepted. Not Eternally assimilated. Smiling we remember, “Many on the planet earth politely repeat their prayers waiting patiently for God to get them right.” Numeration more clearly observes, affects insight and potential application. Application eventually deferred through to other process intent, community, technology, commerce, education. Condition linear temporal activities that rely on collective and individual ambiguity. Language and numeration pneumatically conjoined. Concurrent and concentric. Applicable improvement one not less the other. A new engagement. A new appreciable. Availing sustainable non- linear awe. Please note the inferred convergence reflective of super position, fractal ideal and chaos theory. Randomness resolved to applicable intent. Eternal sustained fractal zeroth dimension. Active soon.

The activity condition we temporarily "linearly" realize and engage as Nine. The seeming stationary dormancy of number can be resolved as metaphor, Nine becomes a gear, a devise, an idea, elemental to probability, impending concentric intelligence or presumed "designated" disease valuated through dying deficiency. (Note please disease is not chosen in time, but is acquired in time, temporal diagnosis and treatment compounds time entriophy distortion). The numeration consistently exacting location condition of Eight, another gear pragmatically chronologically revealed relevantly as the number of individual evolution. Beginning's. Beginnings leading to beginning through endings "9".

The language non-linear Eternal groin of numbers? The numeration non linear Eternal origin of linear numbers. (Nine). “Nine in Nine.” Ten. “ (Ten) net.” (Eight). “Get eight.” (Seven). “ Even see seen eve (of) seven. (Six). “Six is Six.” (Five). “If I five.” Four. “ or for our four.” (Two). “Two is Two. (One). “ On no one.” Any other variations. Ohmissions? ONINON variations?

Engaging "Nine condition activity location" non- linear process effect, chronological atmospherics avails individual choice event effect. Whether an assessed trip to Orion, a cancer evolution, a weather pattern, pneumatic computer. Assessment and affect in idealized progress interchangeable. Contrary to the current linear identity disposition effect,value loss designed through inconsistent failure prerogative and a default result the aforementioned insights can realized as a functional non- linear affect. Currently evident as denied. Compelled by error-mistake and failures direction. In the absence of time linear communication "infinite resonance" becomes expressible. And sustainable. What we presently experience “randomly” (functionally ineffectually) as intuition, luck, forgetting spontaneous remission, twin tuition, precognition, clairvoyant probabilities, space travel cure affectation excetera. A new language identity affection, fractually represented as enhanced spiritually (non-linear prayer affectation), technology, commerce, research, travel, medicine, art, drama and theatrics.

Non-linearily can there be a 2 or 2 without a 4 or 1. Timeless numbers? Are obliging numbers experienced by their utility. Otherwise they reside? Motion is intent. Anticipation is location. Motrin dislocation inspire of source. Non-linearly numbers clam all not less themselves. Smiling life pauses our identity.
Dear friend.
Don't be dismayed by your weight.
One breathes. All wait.
It's just your way of getting closer to the rest of us.

Evolving seeking we continue, repetition petition's awe. Attending memory attending us. Professors Susumo Ohno's lovely thrilling effort, joyful visitation. For “his”amusement one gentle source invites, this gentleman took the DNA code of a fish placed it on a musical scale, result, melody of a fish. The same protocol a leaf, result, melodies of a leaf. Next bold inquiry. A cancer. Eventually engage-resolved Played” backwards. Result, “Mozart's Funeral Regeuium.” Reminding music is the only experience we don't have to alter in time in order to assimilate, we often evoke a non- linear repose. Dancing in silence. Singing in harmony. Moving joyfully in spite of linear preference. And instruction. Babies respond to music before language. While the baby child is still Eternally alert.... Uninterrupted agelessly sound revealing. And relevant. The Eternal non- linear representation of our acquired term location (music) as the textual representation assumes the Eternal sound origin of itself. “I'm the sum of us in music.” Musicality? Again we whisper. Music symmetry is ageless. (Flow the sound convene the light). We continue. If we take yoiur accrued-acquired DNA sound, non linear sound includes all linearly denied activity grievous, nice and loving and loving not. We have your current self. If we reclaim that chronology to its origin we have the Eternal birth sound of yoiu. Yourself less all the nice cream you ate, screams, punishments, linear word full prayers resolved and not, betrays, promises, anguishes, plates falling on the floor. All the dying. Children screams. And killing. Tears and sneers. We have the God intended Eternal awe of your expressible siound. A sounding Eternal representation you can engage-embrace while you sleep, meditate, yoga, mourn and dreams. Welcome to the planet Earth God has been waiting for you. Nice right?

The applicable essence of non- Eternal linear inclusivity, the nature of fractals suggests the personalized nature of applicable DNAsound can be affected onto a simulation computer. A concurrent reciprocally affecting computer. Computer simultaneous interactive mirriroing. Presently computers are time disposable-deficient condition machines, their delivery tabulation linear. The information gathered consequent to refute, linearly interpreted. And deficently utilized. All current computer events are engineered and anticipated through the affectation of failure, error result and linear e3nginering limitations born from pre inception design deficiency. (Computers currently sustain the grand in completion). The computer presents one increment of information at the exclusion of many. The information intrinsic in application validation through forgetting, tempering further value loss. Yet the effect remains inaccessible, otherwise by memories own unskillful volition. The result limited to the effectiveness of the user. And the uncertain, repair prone “incomplete” design nature and process disposition of this time defective-disposable machine.

The non-linear access numerable inception-intent-design perspectives. Min ably a transcendent “interactive” computer begins to assume design purpose intelligence assumes a fuller disposition. Adaptive, cooperative. When human intelligence assumes a greater estimation than ten percent the ability to design a more advanced computer is suggested. The need-utility for such a computer becomes apparent. The greater efficiency and need disposition suggests a less defection interaction, less time indisposed. More non- linearily interactive. A computer in design, intent and interaction with human suggests continuity. Sustainable completion. Error and failure remain problematic but not intrinsically to process determination. And result. Repair inclination is more an issue of on-going adaptive innovation not disposable-deficient intent. The computer improves through use. Response remains subject to need inception propensity. The human must turn on the computer to use it or turn it off. Defer the computer.

A program is designed with a linearly determinant language- beneficently time defect interpreted before application, structurally prone to error and function invalidation. Affecting a revealing “limited” result. A fragmented dynamic that devalues result to interactive error prone increment, human source presence only result consequent as and through flawed emanation. A linearly fragmented dynamic. Unresolved puzzling A machine, its design and the desired intended result are deficient incomplete before the inception of the computer effort or the design of the first computer because either effort (all efforts) emanate prioior to inception from a time defect immateriality, reality. When the program of the computer, its information avenue is determined by a shift in language to spontaneous simulated DNAsound, your distinct Godsoulprint, the self n' genetic motion acoustic affectation of yourself (you) then have a non-linear information system that is inclusionary, non linearly-responsive to your representative distinct self. The information result remains active, not static-stationary. The computer can transcend your limitations affect and effect information insinuations suggestive of intuition, luck, coincidence, shared or twin tuition, simulation spontaneous remission. (Reciprocal concurrent events). Assist with meditation, personalized other than linear medical assistance, prayerful affectations. Your computer. Plug it in, the energy source your self, God self. A reciprocal mirror. Capable of the extemporaneous musical rifts ofby the nice Louie Armstrong or nice Dizzy Gillespie on the condition trumpet. Is rif the word. When musicians play as they breath and dream. Uninstructed, distracted God consent.

“First time” fractal measurable as engaging probabily, not delayed chronological measurement. A fractal changes shape, evolution, but maintains original identity, validating the non- liner Eternal. Continuity Eternal. And the eventual transcendence of time paradox not non- linear origin source Eternal ideal. Our efforts currently are temporary in substance and futility accordingly non linearly relevant. And revealing. "Pi" assumes formulation. Current human affection, including perception can only be realized through inexact observation and validated as potential through "consistently" engaging value loss. Affecting anxiety, engendering violence. Human beings are not organically disposed to violence, greed, contempt, criminality, bad manners and hording; Eternal beings we live an in disposing non-Eternal existence.

Note please the work of the nice German mathematician. (A representive dynamic structure). One through Nine. A linear dynamic. Vertical the same consistency One through Nine. All numerations currently possible, results though in exclusion of one another. First pragmatic. Engage 9 process atmospheric intent. Select 8 specific event result. Multiply Nine times one. Result Nine ones. Same affect Nine times two less the event choice, or personalized accordingly result nine twos.

We have an inclusive,symmetrical result, realized with disparity exclusion essential incompetence deficiency either in intent, design or result. Not knowable in total as complete given the origin organic limitations of lifeforms presence which includes contribution response effect. Random event will continue to occur. Human error. A gear, a rubrics gyro or a shoe lace malfunction. Question why is the basis of advanced mathematics 0 not considered- affected in chronology. 0 origin of its own source. The answer exists in totality. Non exclusion intent affect. 0originsustainssource.

Colors we witness, wonderful blues, greens, Autumn yellows, brisk reds are actually conditions we organically impose on Creation. These "humanized" coloration are actually Light expressible as sound frequency. We wait to reclaim our Eternal birthright through ill conceived "hazy-easy-lazy" death we surrender our colorful limitations- and we are refurbished ofbyin the light. We can assume our consent and God's no longer resistant. These words announce your delivery. Whispering's haste we dance God predates the materializing of the planet earth. Yourself the same. Life and death life the same. Extinction otherwise. "The day the music died." The fuller words their seed your dreams labor deliver. Are you happy.

The origin source of our beginnings. Many millions of species including early smiling humans, we are the only species that sustain Creation's experience through unresolved time and unsolicited death. Unnecessarily. Often unhappily. Unnaturally. Birds aren't homeless, Celestially reside. Hummingbirds peacefully navigating the skies pollinating the flowers. Once stars. We walk and think to pray. Cry and wonder why. Knowing is God's shared shadow waiting our own.

We are taught dear Lori to talk, learn to fib, who taught us memory. Silence? (!) wasn't taught to forget. Could be maybe I have forgotten. Do we have to remember before we can forget. We were taught how to express love. And how to forgive love. Who taught us love? Who taught them? Love's origin “before” the planet earth materialized as one location. Can't remember doesn't mean we forgot. Temporary intelligence assigned, Creativity not. We came up with yesterday, we remember today. Tmorrow? Where's the seed that planted the seed, once a star. Life and self and death and pumpernickel bread one address. Waiting's delivery. Delivered: Next time I see you, I'll buy you a nice cream cone. Remind me if one of us forgets to remember. Again

Excitedly please note the sustaining overlap between resonant time displacement, mass constriction curvature,diffraction-interference, non linear memory, Super Position, non- liner affectation, acoustic pneumatic, Chaos Theory, DNAsound. And Fractals. Inby time abstention infinities materializing symmetry becomes functional, optional. Unbounded utilitarian awe.

The nice word patient folks at Wikipedia offer politely. "Chaos theory is an interdisciplinary theory stating that within apparent randomness, chaotic complex systems there are underlying patterns, constant feedback loops, repetition, self similarity, fractals- self organization and reliance on programming at the initial point known as sensitive dependency on initial conditions." (Referencing). Butterfly effect. Availing the non loinear inclusive we simplify. Vector is a scalar with direction. Without perceivable form vector assumes a time abstained refining immateriality. Non- linear "ageless" sound avails its own coherent vector. Time's vector memories pause, black- holes, worm holes temporary anticipated abrogation. Non- linear time concurrent design sensitive pneumatic acoustics duration immateriality. Entrance exit's departure. Please be patient we welcome your confusion.

A non-linear event assumes its own spatial merit "intelligence" transcending "our" incremental self deficient perceptual presence. Two spatially "separate" (concentric) events (mean9ng) sharing the same center realized concurrently (the same time) evoke Super Position...definition's assembly... "a property in linear systems whereby the net response caused by two or more stimuli is the sum of the response that would have been caused by each stimulus individually." Spatial form disparity-deficiency approaching resolve. A motion event whose distinct intent evokes a defining (timeless non linear) sound influencing "directing"a desired event. Evoking perceptually unknowable yet interactive origin source. (We don't answer our own prayers). Whatever the nature of the event fractal effect evidence maintenance of identity. Resolving the disparity of death through dyeing engendered through value loss. (Eguating death with value loss of a cellular organism, a technologically conditioned event or a material condition quality actualized shared utility ie commerce. The non- linear nature concentric spatially responding event resolved time value loss disparity. (In the absence of time infinity becomes functional). The displacing dis proportionality of scalar vector magnitude is resolved, previously referenced as mass constriction curvature affecting infinities functionality. Einstein's observation given further clarity and utility (IE) technology. The affecting of a distinct shape event without evoking displacements uncertain disparity. (Intent, design, result and human "carbonation" a functionally intact singularity, one spatial affectation. The space time continuum is resolved to its origin indiscretion without prejudice. The infinite Eternal becomes evocative, functional perceptible. (The "disposition" nature of the information effect sought determines the process technology). The medium is the message inspire of the message.

The apparent random, chaotic complex systems (our current value loss existence) there are underlying patterns realized and repressed through similarity and repetition that unknowingly avail a transcendent-timeless immateriality that is functionally amenable with and compatible with the infinite Eternal. Fractal's symmetry and super position give further credence to the inherent non- linear disposition of immateriality and material process sustainable intent, events and material "form absolved" without loss of fractal "directional" indemnity. (Intent direction identity). And source condition status ie cause of its own origin. Appreciating that space devoid of intact shaped 'bordered" form satisfies the requisites of form. God's dictionary commends. "Form...the midst in which something happens or is made to happen." Given the non-linear uniformity evidenced in Super Position and suggested in Chaos Theory the stimuli, the energy- precipitation "process medium" which facilitates a Cosmic event is obliged as well to be efficient amenable with event intent and result. Failure event remains possible but intrinsic to design intent. Origin source concurrent reciprocity. Causality defined-experienced as "a disturbance between two points", resolved. Condition process presently realized as scalar- vector deficiency, evident as event in completion and op positional process, resolved. Currently these temporary depletion op positional, condition status events (limit) Chaos Theory to theoretical observation, not sustainable application. Pneumatic acoustics asserts. The beautiful butterfly has begun her migration.

4th dimension
(Allegories each less distance's haste).

A dimension is defined "A property of space a directional extension of space." Clearly a linear affectation similarly perceived.

A zeroth dimension is a singular point without lengthy, width and height. (Unresolved perceptual form without shape's intent) We assume the designated dimensional point is non- linear in its presentation. Not consequent to vector magnitude. Value loss, source not less its origin. An casual stationary presence. Do you agree we can assume your dimension is than your friends, the giraffe or the tree. And the same.

1st Dimension is realized when point zeroth dimension is extruded into a straight line. Length, width, but no thickness. Can we assume that in the inherent disposition of the 1st dimension are all other variation dimensions. Either in validation or invalidation of zeroth. Consequence and resultant perception substantiates this insight.

2nd Dimension when the 1sr dimensional line is extruded in a direction that is perpendicular to its original direction.

The 3rd dimension, our self designed dimension. All 3 dimensions are time encrusted, non infinite; incomplete accordingly revealed as and through impaired-devalued distortion. Inadequate "inexpressible" relevance.

Velocity, shape, time and time formulation thru abstention? Tesseract the 4th dimension can be perceived but not organically experienced-visualized. Accordingly its time disposition is ambiguous, unresolved not consequent to linear intent. Inaccessible. Expect as ageless sound, relevant acoustic intent. Actress is the infinite Eternal origin of its own intent as is zeroth. Zeroth is the approaching mass constriction curvature, actualized to specific intent by the implications of tesseract. You can go home again, never left just forgot the address.

Evolving seeking we continue, repetition petition's awe. We are an evolving dimension. Gathering's application. Attending memory attending us. ( The gentle Professor Ohno's lovely effort, visitation). Amused one gentle source invites this gentleman took the DNA code of a fish placed it on a musical scale, result, melody of a fish. The same protocol a leaf, result, melody of a leaf. Next bold inquiry. A cancer. Eventually engage-resolved Played” backwards. Result, “Mozart's Funeral Regeuium.” Reminding music is the one of very few experience we don't have to alter “deny” in time in order to assimilate. “I'm the sum of us in music.” Music symmetry is ageless. Timelessness: Mysteriously apparent without loss of identity, sustaining fractal.

Note please the fish, the leaf, the alleged cancer are silently bestowed, without linear temporal language. Not forgettable Eternally inclined. Bestowed?

We continue: If we take your accrued DNA sound, non- Eternal linear sound includes all activity grievous, nice and loving and loving not. Can we assume an accrued DNAsound that presupposes your birth. We have your current self. If we reclaim that chronology to its origin we have the Eternal birth sound of you. Yourself less all the nice cream you ate, screams, punishments, prayers resolved and not, betrays, promises, anguishes, plates falling on the floor. All the dying. And killing. Tears and sneers. We have the God intended Eternal awe of your expressible siound. The uninterrupted Eternal sound of you. God intended U.... A sounding Eternal representation you can engage- embrace while you sleep, meditate, yoga, mourn and dream. Welcome to the planet Earth God has been waiting for you. Nice right?

Now let's invite the seeds gardens waiting disguise, application. You prefer result. We continue thank you for your companionship. And accompaniment. Politely reminding. A non- linear effect, application, is all inclusive. Not consequent to uncertain, value loss separation realized “eventually” through a complete loss of directional utility. (Dimension impending fades away). Appreciating that a non- linear Eternal effect result still acknowledges the individual as a unique distinct present. Resolving non Eternal linear “material” irony. While acknowledging the Universe totality. Evidenced as appearance, DNA, space occupied, voice, finger prints. And challenges. Smiling we begin our shared affluence acknowledging. “Fashion.” A non- linear being through non-linear fashion asserts all the senses. (Sight, smell, tactile, hearing, individually, conjoined, others like luck, intuition, precognition. And yourself. All condition events not sustainable not consequent from choice. Now “e” engage. A perfume that is DNA sound complimenty to the distinct self. (Your Dnasound contains a vast storehouse of information, most not apparent not knowable. All affecting, influencing in some manner accessible, the Eternal accommodation of self). The non-linear perfume would sustain value gain, in a linear atmospheric, this olfactory representation woiuld have to be most adaptive. While maintaining the ideal self . The non-linear “inclusive” disposition of the DNA perfume suggests that two can be sympathetically conjoined. Through complimentary choice the Eternal perfume of two. Affirming the choice of two the awe inspiring potential for irony, joy and confusion. The same dynamic flow “LOTIONS” DNA lotions that would enhance the agelessness effect of DNA sound. Non-linear effect. All has motion identity effect, including aging. Affecting timelessness acoustics deaging is affected. Age remission. Again the term visitation nonlinearily you can not approve your appearance without improving your health. The Eternal confides all Creation resides beautifully. JEWELRY. Jewelry that resolves mirror image. Mirror Jewry. Also fractal adaptive while maintaining identity of DNA union between wearer and solicitor. Jewelry that would adapt, evolve with the conversation flow. The dance. The glance. Subtle. You don't have to look to witness. A SHOE. Shoes that adapt to motion. During motion. Walk. Run, dance, weather motion. Adaptive motion intent. Each foot has its own shoe. Gloves shoes socks symmetrical. Together and apart, right? Motion is intent. Intent speaks to source. And source wonderfully infers “affirms” awareness.

What grave's invitation mourns Eternity. Native American Indians questioned spiritually the foreign settlers practice of owning property. Fences. Rights by exclusion. Private property. State property. Towns, counties fifty states. One country. Private property including Holy Temples. And cemeteries. Continents? One hundred ninety four or one ninety five nations. Borders after birth of wars. Birds, dolphins, Elephants, dreams, ants aren't homeless. Prayers, music and miracles? Disease-cure? Words? Numbers more or less? Ourselves? Did we forget laughter. Memories Eternal. Memories attended. And forgotten. And tears. What does non-linear property mean? What Eternal utility governs.

We were taught how to talk. Who taught us how to listen? One time's uncertain-temporary reflection. The other affluence Eternal silently convened. We accept memory, unlike intelligence we do not impose. We are annoyed by forgetting, interferes with our linear effectiveness. Forgetting not denial able in time approves of the Eternal.

Origin 0 source application awe. Value loss and value gain both non-linearly compatible. Eternally timelessly seeded. No endings thrive essentially. Half life value loss-value gain. We can claim an event from near pre inceptions formation. A spontaneous reclamation validating the revealing value not deficient Eternal. Near spontaneous acoustic mass constriction availing linear dissolution. As such lethal uranium stock piles can be redeemed to their neutral origin. Source less value loss. Deciphering components dreads to their origins neutrality. Resolving intent process grieving dismay. The same accrued garbage, plastics. Non-linearily there is no waist less its value. Flower, seed, intent, withered garden fractals the same. Eternally replete. Eternally complete.

Prayer's solicited response is Eternal. A response we accept non Eternally. (Our incomplete, distracted, non-Eternal selves). We learn divinities motivation. How can we better engage prayer's offer. Engage God. Fraternal. Life and death one address. Many languages. Silence is one. Silence is another.

Imagination life, death, in completion one address. Many forgotten. Temporary wonders non perceptual glimpses. Silence is one. Silence another. Final and last are human terms.

From the human's perspective life is experienced as separations. The linear intact fragmented. Birth is a separation from birth. Death's separation from one, hastening the separation's of other. Death separates dyeing from life. Worship our shared God separation Protestants avoid Catholics. Jew's decry Christians. Hindu's like to laugh. Tuesday is not Friday. The week ends. Divorce secures marriage's promise. Both loves caution. Don't drink unless your sober. Cure is which separation from disease. Why does healing McGuire the sponsorship of disease? Neither prefers the other. This isn't the next sentence. Drug addicts prescribe indiscretion. Promises kept before broken. Two scoops now one gone. Not dead dyeing claims the day. Death attains dyeing denies. Both God's the other ours. Addition is subtraction isn't. Wars separate separations. Borders gather people from themselves. Peacefully people prepare for war. Sears Roebuck isn't K Mart. Taiwan isn't China. Masters aren't slaves. Extinction has no separation The rich aren't poor. Poor aren't either. Neither are either.

Nurturing the Eternal direction's awe. The greater separation, more than death we wonder, beside dimensional flux and life (is) insanity. Denied to cure. Not as cure. The healer, caution their own dismay... others insanity, "an invasive putrefying process. (assigned)" Insanity denies all less itself as itself preferred. All separation's invitations. Pain seeds opportunity, opportunity flower. Separation invites reflection less the reflection caste. Forgiven while denied. Insanity is a prayer looking for a cause,disguising a result. Likie life.

Without memory we would be without shared identity. Our self denying existence would be indiscepherable. Yet those beceased we deny their non- linear Eternal memory to our own. Curious traffic you condone departures without landing.

All a gift from God. Question's separate inspired answers. Separation's obstacles revealing challenges. Divine oracle. Nurturing the Eternal direction's awe.

We don't chose to forget. Yet we forget. Not remembered is not forgotten, until rem3embered. We don't chose to remember. Yet we remember. We are taught to speak. We are not taught memory. Were assigned intelligence, not forgetting. Interesting do you agree. Attending, remembering, forgetting one address the same. Suggesting an activity other than our own reality we sustain as our lives. An influencing inaccessible source activity, not chosen in time, Eternal, timeless. Don't forget to remember, we smile..... We are accompanied. An Eternal happy-anguished milieu we unknowingly deny in acquired time. Adamant awed Eternal. And repressed. Not the morning coffee place of ourselves. The will he love me place. The place of lost wanderings. Executions. Soldiers die to kill. Not the tomorrow motel room hanging place. The old forgotten man kicking the chair hoping his body will not be found before the rent is due. Our laughing- crying place. Our identity hope place. The temporary whose God place. (And yet that very place). Always now the alleged Charlie "dogs" place. Barnaby's, Rosie's and Sweet Alives, Mike, Impending Charlie "and" again not enough Charlie's sisters and brothers. Secretariat's galloping still. Which One and Which One Not the Other. Cousin Bosco, Rover, Tuxedo, Mr. Grey And "hi" Miss Grey, Lone sum, Jennifer leading Mandy up the stairs, Rue and Sharpie mysterious visit at our place. St. Louie Ghost, all the other gatos encantados. Doug n' Jeanne MCcrae vaudevillian and real, Buck Minster Fuller's remembered-remembering place. Our God's not the dolphin, the Moslems and the Jews place. Our space in spite of Heaven's grace. Poems with one author and two parents. What guilt adopts innocence love's companion. Absence beckions presence. Whose tomorrow's once yesterdays place. The cemetery where source visits melancholy. And explanations are taught to wait. George-Lori-Terry-God why don't people laugh when they pray. We deny most what we acknowledge best. Are our obstacles our prayers? Life can't end in an endless Universe. You can only arrive before our expected if your already there. Excuse me sir do you have the time ? You can only arrive late if your on time.

Wandering Eternally seeking life's revoked Eternal choices. Aware our Cosmic shadow lingers.

2nd Coming's delivery. Jesus died, Jesus isn't dead. The gentle wonderer never left. We did. Eternity convenes life's end. Life's labor's choice accrued deed redeems. Only God can remember an event before it happens. What word we speak abstains, God is the word

The Universe is timeless, Eternal; non Eternal planetary homo sapiens live in time. What you explain isn't. What you witness is not. There is a source other than ourselves. We don't answer our own prayers. We don't choose to forget yet we forget. Luck, dreams, death not our discretion. There is a source out there.

Resurrection-reincarnation: Revelations allegory. Life after death is the construed seed of planetary belief, through death's dyeing assimilation you can attain a preferred bond with God. Worshipers are invited sustain a God deferred God value by denying life, a gift from God to an after life. Not this life...

Human being's through interpretative choice have affected a shift. A God endless Eternal gift of life Creation has been denied-delayed to an after life. You have rejected God's Creation life Eternal in favor of non- Eternal existence. Rendering God and Creation your temporary pervue. This unbearable irony has culminated in the earth people's Extinction Culture.

A planetary people who accept self denying-inspired spiritual ineptitude have made individual value of sin. And intended wonderment's Cosmic opportunity. Yet purpose of violence continues. And religion's exclusionary futility. Redemption through redundant forgiveness gives recurrent value to transgression. God's love need not be forgiven. Krishna, Mother Teresa other planetary neighbors through life's choice avail such a life. While denied. God's divine elephants, humming birds, flowers, butterflies, all baby lifeforms children, the rain and the air value the expressible "intended" Eternal of life. While trying to resist the damage done to God's Creation environment, depletion's irony actualized as encouraged intent. Unnaturally. Unnecessarily. Unhappily.

A non- Eternal devoted people's have little choice but to remain in their Holy Temples until they are relieved of their success by death. A death through dyeing they often cause. And profit from in their religions,commerce and technology. Such people must limit their spiritual journey to ritualized pantomime. Obedience. Violence. Lonely misogyny. Never in their God devotion graduating from Holy Temples. God attendant beneficent of Eternal awe...The life relevance of these words is in your translation...Only you can dance the spatial dance sing the Eternal song.

Listen carefully please: God presupposes the materializing of the planet earth. Their is the Cosmic God and the earth people's frightened adaptation. You recognize miracles why not yourselves.

4th dimension
Which one not less the other?

Tom Cantrell generously sent us the article on 4th diemensionality. A historical perspective. Thank you Thomas. Knowledge do you agree is a communal “o” flowering. "Hi Moon and Daisy." As we gather word to purpose, we are an evolving dimension. Summations direction ourselves.

A dimension is defined. "A property of space a directional extension of space." Clearly a linear affectation similarly perceived. What is a non-linear dimension.

Anticipation's source our origin. Inby an all inclusive Cosmos a directional materializing extension of space must be complete “sympathetic” inclusive of all condition activity events knowable and unknowable that deterime effect the vent. Designed or otherwise. All once the pervue of the not known that which is actively not knowable “accessible” remains relevant and kindred to inclusivity. We are only complety in control if we deny what we area attempting to control while redeeming as error, failure, in completion. Prayer and comedy. Holy Temples are of human design. Relevant revealing and connected if youwe are. By what affinity non-linearly we abide prayer. Prayer linear origin non- linear response. Smiling once again for the first time. Many on the planet earth politely repeat their prayers waiting patiently for God through our disguise to get the prayers right. Godsoulprint. Carnational flutter.

A zeroth dimension is a singular inclusive of all (A) point without lengthy, width and height. We assume the designated dimensional point is non- linear in its presentation. Not consequent to vector magnitude. Value loss, source not less its origin. Not displaced or dislocated synthetic to all impending mot less effort or preconception and perception. An a casual stationary presence. Yet inherent in its dormant material disposition are the other dimensions. And the other dimensions in displacement maintain actively the zeroth dimensions

1st Dimension is realized when point zeroth dimension is extruded into a straight line. Length, width, but no thickness. Can we assume that in the inherent disposition of the 1st dimension are all other variation dimensions. Either in validation or invaldiation of zeroth. Consequence and resultant perception substantiate this insight. All three dimension perceptually with observation. And consequent application. The 4th dimension otherwise abides perception utility. A different, not presently immediate, perceptual medium is needed. Inferred by Chaos Theory, Super Position and fractal mirroring. Clearly a casually kindred to non linear affect-effect.

2nd Dimension when the 1sr dimensional line is extruded in a direction that is perpendicular to its original direction.

Physicists observe. "Velocity has the dimensions of length divided by time." Through time abstention length is resolved to simultaneous concurrent intent. Accessing Teserract? Note please the plural to the term location, "Dimensions." Inby time entrophy displacement the non- linear "all in one not less either while both impending" becomes the fragmentation of one as many. And many not one. Super position politely concurs. Chaos theory approaching its intended symmetry accedes. Non linear accordance convenes. Coincidence we like to pray. "A lucky break." Prayers answer questions disguise. Brief, remarkable, beneficent. Consciously perceptually unsolicited and unsustainable. Presently. God assisted God intended we approach, ourselves. Ever presently waiting.

The conjoined perpendicular in the 3rd Dimension avails functional "Identifiable" shape locality through time intent. This dynamic occurs as form in form. Form defined as the midst in which something occurs or is designed-created. In time shape formation which allows form localized intent or identity (is) temporary. Shape its currently perceived dissolution (mass curvature constriction availing the infinite), trans mutates shape identity to form IE space. A fractal continues effect not presently perceivable through current linear language numerical figuration which relies on time displacement, value loss and unresolved displacement previously referenced as in completion. Reminding at the speed of light time becomes ineffectual, non sequential. Through time abstention material displacement is resolved to its own origin, completion Eternal. This dynamic can be influenced to design intent, new form shape valuation through concurrent acoustics intent. Previously referenced as ageless sound IE form impending shape utility not resolved "defined" through time insinuation. Resolving quantum riddle, value loss displacement inherent to process intent. And the amionaly of distance measured through the separation of the distance measured. This dislocation affect-effect can occur seemingly instantaneously or many years, either duration effect subjects intent to unresolved chaos. And is presently engaged-resolved paradoxically through material abstention ie death, assigning value to cure through disease value opposition, exclusionary commerce and technology. And spiritual "time encrusted" identity intent resolved through ritual, not expressible intent-disparity resolved as and through life loss. Prayer need, prayer re guest, response to prayer; uninterrupted fractal mirrors. Karmic vagrancy we presently appreciate as temporary life. Shucks and awe.

The 3rd dimension, our self designed dimension. All 3 dimensions are time encrusted, non infinite; incomplete accordingly non infinite, relevant as and through unresolved distortion.

Our current dimensional perception has shape, but not distinct form in the absence of shape. Duration space is the midst “arena” in which an event is created, realized. And experienced. Space has distinct intent in relation to the shape encumbered. Non-linearity subsists. The deficient vagrancy of dimension have to been applied. The most basic all dimension in 3Dimension or theory are perceived, experienced in and through time therefore are incomplete. And inconsistent-unresolved in application. The 4th dimension transcends shape (therefore form) and we are left with speculative perception. Including the condition activity status of time. And timelessness. (Can we have timelessness with the initial perspective and perception activity of time. Or the reverse.)Casualy that might be relevant, a casually? Again a non linear event, there is not disparate distinction between origin and source, utility and direction, reciprocity abides as well concurrence and the concentric.

Our current presence awareness utility is temporary, one second a million years both temporary, not Eternally endless. In the absence of time ever presence is realized. Form and shape, value loss and value gain, cause an effect, human organic presence “interference” are no longer an issue of effect or defect resolution but of presence. The need for distinct event, event utility, life evolution requires evolving material affection. Specific result consequent to intent. Presently this dynamic is realized in nature, as our perception and in our application, commerce, technology (excetera) through casual incomplete dislocation affected and rationalized “motivated” through either failure or success. Either is temporary ie non Eternal. In the ideal inconsequential. Resolving this intrinsic anomaly while waiting non linear dimensional would suggest that inherent in form shape is a dimension that resolves both in substance or irony to an advantageous result. Each event has its own dimension. In nature. And in the non linear ideal application. And this all inclusive non linear affectation determines dimension as dimension. Allway in all ways. And in all conditions. Including the fundamental current dislocation between life and death. And exclusionary formulation that includes presently all human activity. Erroneously. And only through loss. But not as noted through loss relevance which motivates perception, seeking and preferred utility. Including spirituality. Indeed in the one non linear Universe all activity is kindred relevant to all. All for one. One for all. Spirituality, technology, identity, commerce, language, mathematics are inclusively interchangeably reliant on one another. Recalling previous insight. A non linear technology designed to affect damage, violence renders the technology, those who use it and the application deficient. We allready understand moral wrong. Now we are considering wrong as all inclusive functional futility. An act of violence becomes pragmatically shared. Inclusion excludes both. Identity collapses as well as the spiritual identity motivation that nurtures desired-preferred identity intent. Not as value loss resolved repeatedly through arranged temporary redemption sustained through retribution (the linear culture), but the collapse is structural.

Tesseract the 4th dimension can be grasped but not organically experienced-visualized. Accordingly its time disposition is ambiguous, unresolved not consequent to linear intent. Inaccessible. Expect as ageless sound, relevant acoustic intent. Tesseract is the infinite Eternal origin of its own intent as is zeroth. Zeroth is the approaching mass constriction curvature, actualized to specific intent by the implications of tesseract.You can go home again, but bring a bag lunch.

The earth people deplete their lives. Denying their God determination. When life attends death, dyeing ends. Not life.

Dieing devolves in time, depletion contempt. When you attain the Eternal status of death you stop dying.

Song's whisper Buddhists intone. "We attain enlightenment if we come to terms with our death before we die." Non-linear Eternal origin for term location, "divine." I die dining on the vine (I'm) divine. Smiling we applaud.

“Let's go get a result.”

Has there been an innovation technology, medicine that did not validate temporal value loss, legitimize disease-cure deficiency, endorse war prerogative, authorize identity dyeing

Rama Dass offers, “death is not an error, a failure, death is like taking of a tight shoe.”

Remembering and forgetting are fractals.

Dieing's sharing is a non- Eternal death distracted choice. A berevemants profit draining Creation's enviroment. The denied Eternal delayed to an after life.

We die unhappily sponsored violences. Killing again. And again. Industries invest in dieing. Death disguised as disease. Love denying executions. Whose weapons. Extinction life's boiling ashes. What says suicide that death speaks less your silence.

Disease affectation is incomplete, reflective of organic flaw that is inherent isn the non- linear ideal self. Current disease validating defiencies dieing ideaology. Non- linearily cure and disease are intact compatible. One not less the value of the other, a timeless Eternal ideal. Currently effected linearily through dying defiency. Non- linear death includes life unless yiour dying. Dieing is the much of choice;murder, executions, suicides, smoking, over eating, drugs and alcholo, polution, lethal medical treatments. Death is not a choice. Death is gently related to life. Dying denies both.

Virtualy all medical treatments disregard the individual, the evolving individual-except by incosistent- incomplete acquired linear identity: Genetics, distinct voice, appearance, spatial occupancy, finger prints are not a conjoined presence. Suggestive of DNAsound. The disease, organic flaw is treated as an unsolicted foreign presence. An anomaly that should be greviously opposed. Linearily cure and the inconsistent oppostion of disease-cure, both silently bestowed, non linearily in harmony “impending” harmony with the cooperating body. Both cure and disease-cure are validated and valudated through dying. Temporal treatement often agrevious to the entire body exacerbates paradox defiency. Disease and cure each the fractal of the other. (Treatment response concurrent and conjoined resolved withoiut malady to the cure-disease and its misunderstood origin source disease whose derivative origin ie artiifciality, pollutans. Agrieved and agravted by temporal sound, in the intial referenced as noise. Death is complimentry to life and disease-cure. Deficent incomplete disease perception in oppositional displaced cure. And cure in disease until engaged. Disease invites avails inguiry. And cure. Error, failure disease capacity Cosmic skills. Cure without disase mirror without tentative refection. Disease time's excuse for impateince. Without an invested capacity for mistake we wouldn't of survived. Mistake cautions time our companion. Mistake invites consideration,beckons improvements surmise. Dieing through life is only comptaible with disease-cure through inconsistent cure, diagnosis, anomaly treatment, exclusionary treatment (limited life sdaving treatments not avialable to all). Cure is temporary. Sustained unwarranted expense. Death is free why isn't life. And ill health potential reoccurrence. Petotions repetition. Get it wrong Jack.

The gentle floating Buddahist comprehend. One attains Enlightenment “divinity” if they come to terms with their death before they die. Validating Eternities vestiges while alive. Accordingly we can stop dyfing while alive.

Interesting to wonder, witness, what happens to disease presece, everpresence during observable spontanoue remission. Slow motion DNAsound. Disease is a fractal “dimensional” representation of the body. Meaning the shift of life to death doesn't not compromise the identity of the body.

Multiple personality disorder is a much “incomplete” designed “assigned” ( yet subjectively realized) disease that validates-endorses time linear dysfunction. Entropy, value loss intent . An offered diease. Relevant revealing as accepted. A discouraged condtion activity mistreated with restraint, avoidance. Linear well intention entrophy. One body can have to variant levels of intelligence. Two self tolerant identies, one with allergies, one not. One presence personality wears eye glasses. The other not. Profound organic skills. Suggestive linear researchers determination that huans less 10 percent of their intellience capacity. (What is used is sustained sustain a disposable value loss culture, profits from dying, disease assignment, utility design that values loss (accidents, repair based technology, fires and vbalue loss criminality). Consider to imagine being able to evoke- encourage, direct multiple personality skill. Not unlike waking up. Flexing? More like contraction,perhaps. Learning how to run. Praying. And dancing incredibly while on your feet.

Resolve death's esteemed delivery. While alive. Reclaimed their Eternal birthright. God fraternally attendant. MotherTeresa, Mohammed, Jesus, Buddah, Krishna. Love persistent Eternal birthright redeemed. Kind neighbors well mannered of love. No prophet profit's hate. No enemy prefered to friend. No merchants dieing's sway. Eternity wearing shoes. No immedicacy gone. Everpresence less departures haste...

An exciting companion perception. (Fractals)...." A fractal is a natural phenomena or a mathematical set that exhibits a repeating pattern that displays in every scale. Also known as expanding- evolving symmetry. A fractal is a never ending pattern self similiar in different scales." Whatever the material formulation condition." Examples massive in size or impercitible; impending's evolving galaxy or enduring mouse, life gain or death value loss. Maintaining evolving purpose direction's idenity without loss pattern identity. (Note subseguent distinctons btween shape and form). God soulprint. (Duration, memory, visitation, dream, gravity, prayer memory concurrence, morphogenic space ship intent or computer consult. Origin source predates inception. Non lineaily inception and intent result are compatibly interchangable. Inception prior and post intent status result pnuematicaally affluent. "Get along." Resonant reference to mass constriction curvature evolving to infinity. Consider the Chasos fractal's affectation giving perceptual (visual sensual status)... coherent (accoustic motion tracking) affect... "manageable" credence to a sustainable life event presently realized as and through value loss unresloved ambigity. Potential lllegitimized through failure. Sustained from inception through value loss. Potentialy further realized through invaldiating reduncancy.(Chaos gently realized). The interdisciplinary purposeful rendomness of the Chaos Theory, not chaos at all, coupled with fractals evidence of identity intent being maintained regardless material dispostion gives functional credence to the genlte Profesor Susumo Ohno's inspiring accoustic efforts MIT, Profesor Sheldrake's labor on the morphogenisis field and Albert Einstein's observation that curvature mass constriction transitioniong into an infinite Eternal effectiation. This transdenant event materiality occurs naturally in nature and be designed to effect in technology and commerce. Acknowledging random encumberance, weather, asteroid strike, pestilence, evolutionary flux. And human foible.*( While reclaiming-engaging our nuturing bond with Creation). Engaging materially the infinite ideal in language affectation, disease-cure dichotmy, mass constriction value gain commerce and technolgy. Concurrently spanning duration after (source intent result) through prdeterminant reciprocal inherent in reliance origin. Engaging duration time abstention. Explainable in time. Affected during time abstention "diemensional" polarity. Our potential predates our organic identity.

Eternal form is the Eternal origin of its own temporary cause. Temporary our Eternally distracted glimpse. Thoughts, life's, percetions the same evolving as the same while changing. It's the deal. What's goen on? Fractal good is the fractal good of bad.

Do lies reveal truth's authority. Love's choice

There is the Extinction Culture that human being's profit from. And those who do not similiarily deny. Homeless, mentally ill, prisoners innocent of guilt,ill-immobolized, wanders and refugees, seguestered monks and nuns. Which group's deliverance is divinely appointed? We pray the answer's guestion.

Do love's apologies redeem love's purpose.

Can we deliver ourselves to the where we are going if we haven't arrived to where we've been.

The shortest distance between two points is not a straight line. Because its a distance. The most efficent duration effect between two inclusionary juncture events is an active radius of a spinning.

Efforts to improve uncertaintity inconsistency produced by time application human Effort is realized as a consistently measurable defective incremental flawed chronology. A schematic valid through contrived "incomplete" deniable consensus. Accordingly space inby time abide each other consistently, one less the ending value of the other. Yet each Cosmic event affects its own duration. Logic compells instruction denies. Ininite Eteral exposes Eternal fractal vs non Eternal fractal.

Does love's anger credible by apology hasten God's sublime fraternity.

Dyeing unnecessarily revokes death's Eternal life. Our unhappily distracted selves. The many violences. Death Eternal otherwise endlessly abides. Jesus died. But he's not dead.

What fear claim's God's truth your residency. Roger Craig thank you is a prayer. Randy Arrick, Elmer Moss, brothers neighbors Berrigan, gentle Norman again, Dean Hammer, John Anderson, your children, Richard Pryer, Louis Louie Sandy Ralph and Carmen, Louie's Mom and Pascual. (The family tree becomes an orchard). Pearle and Pope Irene Cooper, Howie Gabel, Mr. Eaton, Wayne Mercier hello again nice and gentle guy, Larry, Lynn and Nancy2, Andy Kydes and his gentle brother, and God beautiful sister, Linda Rasmussen, SungHo, Colonel not Now, joyfull Alex-Walter Keisch, Elenita- Duncan together apart, Their diplomat Micaela. George Sam Beth harty Harley, Noam Chomsky and Emile de Antonio. And you if your inclined pick up the Eternal torch. And carry on. Be warmed. Be happyily shared. There's George again with Charlie

May 11,2018
George Bisacca
Hasta lluego como hoy George...

Time God's Eternal devise. Eternally not. Initation yearns. All time dismally accrues. Less divine amendment. Faith's appointment. Anguish sheperds inguiry. Interupted fits of survival we are.... hiding whose timeless Universe, decieving pallbearers dancing's disguise. Conceptions pulse Eternity undeniable, denied. Temporal vestibule. Human, dolphins butterflies not mapping's Eternal disease. Pestulent winds and executions. Not God's havoc. Immovable feast persistant. Defered clumsily divine. Frightful motive's after life. Orchard's feast misery wise. Otherwise. Disease blossom's impurity. Blissfull mirror's ineptitude. God's assigned dispensary, unwarrnted

Gift remarkable time. George now generously delivered. Eternal deferement choice avails.Distant.... Each good opponent. Each bad worse. All whereby Creation's grill. Thorn's explanation's grift. We commision value denied. Distant gentle claims Eternal. Blind our vision's love. Disease intermutual embrace. A man who suffers his wifes love's demise. Their early day to God's patience. Has a wife. Still yhr moon and the sun. Each partner Cellestial. Ours is an Eternal story, not settlings convenient ink. Life.... ( Our's is an Eternal address). Disease reminds recovery. Both admit love. Death life's seed. Obstacles Celestial orchards foilage. Cancer, autism, death Gods care giving. Divine opportunity Divine.

We rest to dream George. And count the stars. Tomorrow born yesterday's.

Dear Tom our wonderment's conversation: Mistakes? Thank God "I" missed the target. What "whose" mistakes save lives. Can we know? The tipsy man, less aware, crosses the wrong "unintended" street. Intentionally? Right planet wrong street. If our happy friend had crossed the correct street the UPS truck would have made an unexpected delivery. Karma,"God motion unnecessarily disguised as ourselves." Who convinced our disguise not chosen. What intended trail's instructrion do we leave behind we can follow to greet our disguise to it's prefered-chosen burden.

_Does love's anger credible by apology reveals your God denied.
_What fear's preference claim's God our benefit.
_Gravity Cause of it's own origin.

A non- linear condtion event, dream, coincedence, super- position, luck, birth and death as such life potential...denies incremental language thought ideation. But the expressible linear irony can evoke the awe breifly as prefence waivers. Theory anticpates. Prayers hasten. And current life revoke.

... What is the disavowed Eternal non linear origin of numeration 2 9 7. Any number? Incomplete numbers? Melodies impending origin? Numbers words a seed by any other flower garden thg same. What is the probability of 1. Two defered not less one. What was (is) one while surrendering to two. When a factor? To whom? We wait our follies retreat. What atmospheric's intent bolsters numerations delivery? Amassed consensus claims the leaves trajectory. Numbers. "Be me "the" sum numbers."

... Birds like permament Holy Temple attendants aren't homeless. Unless their in a cage. Why do people punish each other, do you know? Innocence is more productive than guilt. Specially if your guilty. Justice precipatated by injustice? What union so concieves?

...What perceptions hasten a triangulated mirror image? Can we deliver God to ourselves if we haven't arrived Eternally to where we've been. Simpilcites caress. The future, your next choice, is not yet time conseguent thus Eternally affluent. Available.

The presumed motoin picture "Halt and Catch the Fire" offers, "Computers aren't the thing there the thing that will lead us to the thing." Attending memories priviledge. An idea if (we) may? Machines designed only to make mistakes, don't have to avoid mistakes. Accordinly assume ironies efficency All progress no longer sustained as invalidation. Error- mistake-failure accrued futiliites juncture, the amassed unresolved infinite Eternal incompleted event. Repetition's seed, negation's perogative. When failures perogative sustains potential deficency asserts. Engendering cathartic resolution. If inception's intent doesn't seed error's process validation futility surrenders a majorities consent. Thank yiouy Charlie cool's the word. Is Curtis hiding ?Can we hide from ohters without hiding from ourselves?

Definition of "shape." Something that distinguishes itself from its surroundings by its outline." Definition of "form." The midst in which something happen or is made to occur." The condtion dispostion activty of space redeems-validates the definiton activity of "form." We lose shape utility to form. In concurrent-concentric space shape loses context duration to form. Shape sustains duration through loss. Loss assumes value gain when shape is transumtated as its form, its origin spatail source. Form through its shape acivity assumes identity intent. Inby time idenity loses utility as contrived value. Shape form symmetery (ie) Eternal fractal. A non- linear transmigrofy viable spiritually, technologically, organically and economically through enduring consent.

We are born the full body growing space ito a durations space we assume that presupposes “presumes” our birth. An Eternal space not chosen in time, denied in time. We influence while “unkowingly”while alive. And actualize non linearily “Eternally” during death. A space we share with others alive and beceased. Referenced in time as reincarnation and resurrection. Our canational flutter, active-engaging Godsoulprint.

Non- linear affectation denies "represses" ( Eternally defers) linear language, linear intelligence, casual perception, mirror image perceptual disorientation, functioanl entrophy. Functionally availing spheroid peceptual ideation. Conseguent material applications ie technology, commerce, spirituality. The aforementioned denied in time while inferring timelessness. As suggested in evolving thought insight symmetry of super- position, Chaos Theory, worm hole and pneumatic accoustic effect. When linearily engaging language and intelligence no longer in time affect-determine perception materiality becomes functional without deficency value loss. Availing resonoant language ideation. Intelligence becomes adaptive to Creation responsive intent. This non-linear inclusivity allows previous language, mathematic intent, incompletion perception. When utility effect is refinded as utility, cause and affect, "the distrubance between to point- events or junctutures (then) conseguent "response" junctures such as disease, travel vector dislocation. Language, science and perception are refined. Availing a clearer expereince. Non- linearily adaptive dying (coerced value loss) affords-avails "currently reperessed" information utility not unlike currrent langage, not through depletion loss, but rather depletion gain. Entrophy accousitcs. Temporary unsolicited yet organically compatible events such as luck, coincident effect, conversant resonant precognitons, forgetting, super postion can be evoked. Coherently sustained. Technology becomes concurrently life sustaining. And global commerce share effficent. Other terrestrial galaxies invite. Appreciating in acknowledging the aforemnentioned sponantous non-linear is source reciprocal concurrent. Spherically symbiotic.

Where are we? Yesterday delivered today "I" attended the gentle Julia Beutler's Yoga class in the warming Light of the Om Center in the Planet's Earth's Omaha Nebraska. Resting on my aged back, comforted by blanket and plump indugence, eyes on the sun roof, (I) loistened to the pleasing instructions thinking the opportunity a cerebral nesting. The two lady students moved patiently in the divine aerobics of their bodie's disguise. I continued in our wandering visualizations. Realizing in the comforting attendance of approaching thought, love's seeking.:... Yes Levitation Yoga, a mind's motion blossoming for those paralyzed, the dieing, the death distracted. Sleep's awakenings. Placebo Yoga's cultivating will. Gravities concentric garden. Dream's tears kissing flesh.Thank you Yoga thank you God. A fractal by any name God the same. Do not butterflies & boirds relly on Yoga for flight. And the blind for sight. Yourself we sleep Yoga, prayers, meditation, Tai Chi wakens.

Silence holding () Light unfolding
Impending website Ohmissions:
Nebraska USA

                            I AM FROM
I ’m from Frank and Sidonia, Marie and Frantisek, Francis and John.
From Thurston, Winnebago, Dacice, Pilsen, Praha, and Milligan.
From peasants carrying sheaves of grain from Bohemian and Moravian fields.
I’m from immigrant ships, folk songs, folk dancing, from brownie cameras, flower girls, from Aunt Marty, Aunt Millie, Uncle Milo, and Aunt Vlasta, my cousin Eileen.

I am from cow milkers, feather pluckers, threshing crews, kolache eaters, egg gatherers, jaternice makers, plum dumplings, knedlicky, zeli.
I’m from thistle, embroidery and crochet, quilts, packing houses, Depression, and soldiers in the Austrian army. I’m from knackermen and dowsers.
I’m from World War II, Vietnam, the Gulf War, and Desert Storm. From Jews, Communists, Catholics, Czechs forced to speak German, from Moravian Brethren, Presbyterian tee-totalers and Hussite church builders. I’m from bilingualism. I’m from “Look pretty and keep your mouth shut,” “Children should be seen and not heard,” and “A penny saved is a penny earned.”
I’m from the polka, waltz, flying Dutchman on beeswax coated dance hall floors, from farmers, homemakers, high school dropouts, packing house workers, pilots, and railroad laborers. I’m from Rosie the Riveter, factory workers, seamstresses, nurses. From “Some Day My Prince Will Come,” James Dean, Elvis Presley, Annette Funicello. “Oklahoma,” and “Gone With the Wind,” and “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.”
I’m from pianos, accordians, violins, recorders, Ravel’s Bolero, and Beethoven’s “Fur Elise.” I’m from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. From Joan Baez and Bob Dylan. From newspapers, library books, poetry readings, and journaling, from San Francisco, London, Stratford, Oxford, and Butte, Montana.
I’m from Brown Park, Dog Hollow, Goat Mountain, the Stink Creek, Fontenelle Forest. South High, Metro city buses, and Caniglia’s Pizzaria. I’m from Campfire Girls.
From Hopalong Cassidy, Howdy Doody, Spin and Marty, Sesame Street.
From Sweet sixteen and Never been Kissed, from cottonwood, yellow delicious apples, bing cherries, apricots, Bartlett pear, mulberry, oak, and draping elms.
I’m from peas in the pod, kohlrabi, tulips, peonies, hollyhocks, daffodils.
I’m from studying Spanish, English, Norwegian, Czech, Russian and French.
I’m from Lassie Come Home, Little Women, and Three Billy Goats Gruff,
From Willa Cather, Ernest Hemingway, A Tale of Two Cities, and James Joyce. From Chinese checkers, monopoly, Solitaire, Parcheesi, Pinochle, cribbage,
From push mowers, the Muddy Missouri, the flat Platte.
I’ve been a mother, a stepmother, a wife, daughter, sister, granddaughter, a sledder, a skater, a skier, biker, hiker, camper, fisher, gymnast, dancer, singer, actress, teacher, secretary, a civil service VA hospital worker, babysitter, newspaper carrier, naturalist, gardener, pet-sitter, poet, writer, reader, blokflute player, and manager of an enormous animal barn full of guinea pigs, rats, turtles, chinchillas, ferrets, iguanas, snakes, mice, and Madagascar cockroaches.
I’ve come a long way, but I haven’t gone anywhere, growing in the place I was planted, digging deep into the ancient turf, fed by underground springs and rich, black, fertile Midwestern earth.


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