Many many years ago our ancestors gradually came up with an idea called time. Over the countless seasons we learned the different ways of time. We came to realize that by applying the idea of time we could make something end the way we wanted. We gradually learned that through our own endings we could alter our surroundings to our advantage. We became so powerful in the ending ways of time that we began to fear each other. Also by denying, controlling others time we were better able to organize ourselves. And to take advantage of one another. Killing became the most terrible ending. The great distortion of the timeless Eternal. We became masters of time. And slaves to the opportunities created by time. War became the great timely aberration. So wise did we become in our confusion that we came to worship the timely God of our own choosing. Death became life's reward. Our gift to God. Creation's timeless benefactor. Life continues. We learn. We pray. We wander. And wonder. We sing and dance. Seeking the better day.       

As simple as our dear friend the alleged cat Tuxedo just jumping onto this desk:  The Universe we accept is timelessly Eternal. Eternal means endless. Without end. Even though we live in a timeless therefore endless Universe we somehow ended up living in time.(We are out of synch with our own residence the timeless Universe). Time it seems is an amazing idea human beings came up with. An idea through which human beings try to more effectively sustain their experience on this planet. Strange do you agree? The Universe is Eternally endless. We have chosen to live through an activity whereby everything ends. Through time we became non Eternal beings. A denial of the Eternal Cosmos we suffer as ourselves. A desperate anguish we impose on Creation's environment. How did did this exhausting paradox come to be...? Interestingly of the millions of different species we are the only life form that experiences Creation's reality through time. Did we somehow make a mistake? A simple, fascinating possibly necessary mistake that other lifeforms managed to avoid.

Let's try to understand how this mystery might have evolved. God appreciating: When we were born baby children we had no awareness of time. We were Eternal- timeless human beings. Our parents and teachers introduced us into the reality they were introduced to when they were children. Time was part of life. For human's there was no other choice. Time and life had become interchangeable.

All life once begun comes to an end (is) time's “active” basic idea through which we experience “our” reality, including ourselves, the alleged animals, trees and flowers.... Everything we witness and realize through time eventually loses all purpose. And direction. Your first pair of shoes, gone. The corsage you wore at your prom, gone. Your body also eventually will “disappear.” Lost to it's intended purpose. Not really an idea people would want to sign up for... What happened? How did time come to be? What's next?

How did we make such a curious miscalculation. A misstep our cousins the butterflies, caterpillars, tulips and racoons managed to bypass.  Like all other lifeforms on this planet we had to adjust to our surroundings. We had to get along the best we could.  Life isn't always easy on this planet. We each seemed to have our own way of getting through the day. Mice can run and hide. Chameleons change color. Wolves have a great sense of smell. Birds fly away. Deer jump while running. Trees and flowers somehow knew how to stay out of trouble. Ourselves? We could observe and wonder why. We could think. Gradually we came up with the idea of time. Most likely not all at once. Over the many years through time we eventually took over this planet. More precisely we took over this Eternally endless planet through our own time's endings. Our own way of ending something to our advantage. Through our ability change our surroundings we became more effective. Stronger. Shrewder more ambitious. We had learned to alter the before and after of life. Once we learned how to alter what seemed to be the end of a material or event to our advantage it was easier to begin it again on our terms.  We wanted what we wanted when we wanted it. We now call this dynamic cause and effect. But there were problems in the horizon. Serious problems. And amazing opportunities. 

How did we come to be ourselves through acquired time? We can reasonably assume:  All those many years ago the lives of our human ancestors were determined by cycles “events” we couldn't influence. The weather. The day became night. Earth quakes. Floods. And the miracle of pregnancies. Accidents and disease we couldn't do much about. Sadly people would die. Almost always it seemed unexpectedly. (That became our great mystery. And opportunity). Also our ancestors shared the planet with other cycle events, but also other life beings.  Many of the lifeforms faster and stronger. Sometimes even shrewder.  Saber toothed tigers. Nimble Snakes. Smiling crocodiles. Bees and falling trees. Snow falls and glaciers. Also mysterious viruses and bacterias. Not easy. No not easy at all getting along from one day to another. (But all of God's creatures seem to accept challenges as opportunities. Almost as if the challenges were somehow instructions from God). Our ancestors were observant. Maybe lucky. Maybe unlucky. Some of us like we suggested eventually began to notice that all those cycles, the weather, the day surrendering to the night, pregnancies, our lives all had one thing in common. The cycles and events had a beginning. And an end. Night would end. And the day would begin. Which would followed by the night again. Unexpectedly it would begin raining. Then stop. The saber toothed tiger would show up. Then leave. Sometimes people would get sick then get better.  Maybe after a nice dream we'd wake up. Another day would begin. And of course we were born and then down the road our lives would stop-come to an end. What changed? What happened?

Our ancestors gradually came up with their own endings. Our own cycle. Our own special way. When we could end certain event or material on our terms the “before and after” of life became more important. And interesting. Somehow more available.  Initially though if we wanted to change something in a certain way its better to start change before the change ends on its own. Maybe also the idea time kind of started around waiting. And the before and after deal added to waiting lead to hurrying. And not waiting. And making changes “endings” happen faster. And there were always issues of less and more. And not enough. Not enough amongst family and friends might have been our first understanding of sharing through measuring. (Measuring became very important to time). Can you see the idea of time taking shape? Could be what might of completed the idea of time suddenly and in a scary way. We killed a tiger. And we were strangely impressed with ourselves. We had learned more about power through time. The power not only to end something on our terms. But also the power to stop it.  All these different conditions, changes- shifts over many years that lead to time likely overlapped. Time was also a nicer way of sharing and organizing in a calm and orderly way. Our way of sharing with ourselves. And others. Our way our time. Time became more effective when we learned how to measure time more effectively. Be fores and afters.  Beginnings and endings. Later not now. Gave way to days that became weeks that became months. Hours measured in minutes. Follow-revealed by seconds. Sure enough measurements became very important. Without learning how to measure time wouldn't have become nearly as important as it became. Some nice ancestor might have thought of the idea of time, burped then went back to sleep smiling.

We realized that if we could influence endings to our advantage we could do more with life. And life's beginnings. Life would be better. Safer.  Happier. We had good times. And bad times. And during a bad time we could plan and anticipate a better time. We could share more with our family. And friends. We got much better at beginnings. And endings. Because we seemed to be more in control we had better days. More secure, calmer. Being able to share and organize through measuring really helped. We got much better at measuring, organizing- changing the world around us to our advantage. But there was to come an even greater change no one could have foreseen. Related to time,  maybe in a way more important than time. (Tools became devices that became machines).  And through machines designed through the ideas of time we learned there wasn't anything we couldn't do with time. Machines exaggerated the meaning of time. Through machines people could do more with less effort and less time. Machines made us faster. Stronger even smarter. Machines that fly. Others that are good on water. Communicating machines. Thinking machines. Unbelievably even killing machines. All these machines were temporary, disposable, uncertain machines designed through the limitations of time.  Through our invention of time exaggerated by machines we were almost completely in charge of the planet earth. Maybe not? We knew almost from the beginning. Everything experienced through time ends. All time events we wanted to change to our advantage might not end the way we wanted them to. They might fail. Sometimes we would succeed. Sometimes we didn't. Our efforts through time were always uncertain. In an effort to protect our lives we had become experts of uncertainty. And endings. The killing of a few became the killing of many. We denied life while trying to improve life. In an effort to become masters of life we became servants of death. Is that true? Can that be the whole story?

Our story continues: The sun came up this morning. The flower greets the butterfly. Meander9ing rivers welcome the rain. Stars greet the morning's opportunity. Can you hear birds singing. The children are happy on the way to school. The wise will pray. Those less patient will wonder why? We continue: Not fully appreciating that this beautiful planet was never ours to take over. To do with as we pleased. Masters of life? But not Creation. Masters of death not yet. Our endings were not God's. Life and Creation's environment we experienced in time thus we suffered unnaturally. And unnecessarily. Also amazingly we realized even God through time. We separated the timeless Eternal Heaven from our timely lives. And accepted that we had to die, surrender God's gift of life, our lives in time before we could reclaim our endless immediate relationship with God. Presently “On earth as it is in Heaven,” sure, if your buried. We had learned another trick of time. Making real something that hadn't happened yet. Even God's future for ourselves we wanted on our terms.

The aforementioned words are an attempt to give clearer understanding's purpose to this essay. And previous essays which developed concepts that elicit a different way of perceiving reality. These mysterious conceptions invoke an awareness that is not compatible with our current time insinuated non-Eternal reality.

All word's listening intent, whatever their expressed purpose, end as they began amidst the mysterious sound of silence. Other assimilating sounds of silence: Writing, observing, anticipating, laughing, dreaming. Birth and death. Now we approaching our unresolved Eternal attendance. Curious how much effort is needed to excuse substance and purpose not yet realized. We continue pleasantly distracted by polite hope's burden. Anticipation’s dreams unfolding.... Also let's not remember to forget the silencing virtue of other human activities. Painting, sculpting, poems, dancing, peaking politely into an electron microscope, singing we agree, two people joining themselves in the together hoping to introduce another lifeforms to Creation's planet earth, joyous birth. Also of course the active being of dead (ie) beceased. Does each life being have their own distinct sound of silence? What amazing mysteries wait the discovery of our Eternal selves. Can you think of other companion Eternal events. Sure flowers companionship. The alleged whales. The deer still running. Now jumping. God's friendly trees. The thirsty lakes. Ocean's majesty. And our anticipated tomorrows. Our forigiven “waiting” past.

Words waiting on other words. While we search for ourselves.  Yearning for a life that denies Creation's Eternal roots. Curiously there appears to be a perceptual mystery. Possibly when people are invited to read a paper on timelessness. A condition activity that denies through time encrusted words, unknowingly “intuitively” they validate what theior reading by denying what is being read. (Our time abstained Eternal worthiness). From another perspective: We accrue timely information through linear language, store the same information as an intact non linear spasm which denies time insinuation, if we wish to share the accrued information we return to linear incremental time based language. It appears there is much at play in the Universe that we only sense by our acquired absence. Evidenced by forgetting an activity not consequent to choice therefore non linear ie timeless. Politely acknowledging like all else memory is Eternal, God's active memory of Creation, but like all else even memory we experience in time. We in time limit ourselves to dormant memories of the past. Actively non linear timeless memory does not evolve through dislocation, inadequacy, depletion. The before and after of a time event are realized as harmonious origin source. Realized as material refining complimenting the Eternal, not through time's material loss of purpose-direction.  The differential between between time linear memory and timeless non linear memory we resolve through the other than conscious activity of forgetting. A validation of the non linear Eternal self. Also suggestive of a worm hole, whereby a functional condition activity connects- resolves two divergent forms of localized time materiality. Light speed measurable dislocation realized as non sequential mat4erial presence, everpresence.  We can not (presently) react to what we are not aware, respond to what we can not perceive, but we can benefit. Also through effort open previously existent doors. Do you agree we are gradually becoming aware. Awareness itself a new “different” access. Allowing simplicities embrace, non-linear form result includes intent. Thus presently Creation's curtain opens on alleged fiction, music, imagination, lucky, dreams, answering prayers, miracles, your invited birth, our presumed death. And perhaps your next sentence. Should these few pages be entitled, “silently?” We continue thankful for your accompaniment. And nice companionship.

We share words acknowledging them as our own. Yet words in all their wanton magic predate our birth. Politely we submit: We live an exclusionary self denying existence. Unhappiness testifies, pain witnesses, violent hungers explain. (Our dying lives). Is this uncertain-oppositional life God intends that we suffer unto ourselves? Consider please prayers witness: In an inclusive Eternal Universe we can only be the better of ourselves. We can only steal from ourselves. Kill ourselves? Clarities gift continues. A better life not less yourself. Steal from self? No less a neighbors loss. Kill yourself? Please don't. Persist, persevere. Your pain yours and God's eloquence. We need you. The preactivity of the term location, suicide. “I sue us I die.” Thus linearily we reside. Non linearily, “I sue us “we” die.” Ask and offer. Know the darkness claim the Light, ourselves, the fraternal you. Through death's deception, unkindly thievery we give “pointless” value's credence to the linear non- Eternal.  Worshiping divisively God denied ourselves bewildered? Life intended deferred. Wonder us gifts suppressed.
When we share exclusions self denial we revert the God seed to our anguished irony.  Lives impatience preferred, life less the clearer Cosmic choice. We now portion while denying. While alive and “after” the great separation death, life through death cessation exclusion only has value determined if we deny what we create. (All Creation material realized in time eventually looses all utility, purpose and direction). Our unfamiliar Eternal lives and deaths less one not the other directs dying's imposition. Dying is an unnecessary debilitating “unnatural” human experience. Death a God adventure. Both dieing and death life, denied as deferred. Now one less the other, neither both. Thus we live less the concurrent Eternal life God intended. Awaiting death's dreaded favor. Oh our unhappy choices. Our darkening earthly shadow beckons the Cosmic shade.

The life way through which we impose ourselves onto Creation: (We are born. We begin to age. And our lives come to an end). Through this singular design we have claimed the planet earth our own. We are aouthors of all except ourselves. God we've wisely determined sustains with our permission. God's immediate fullness reclaimed after death. Not during the life God bestowed upon us. Curious do you agree? The evidence many exclusionary religions, one God. Holy Temples sustained through violence. No singular Holy Document that sustains the divinity of women the same God love's equal of men. Thus we ration our divinity? Profound irony unbearably self delivered. Again we advise, through “our” timely instrument we enforce our residency. On ourselves. The forest. The little children. Hummingbirds. The praying mantis. God's dreams. Our preferred endings imposed on an endless Creation. What sad curiosity is this...what is good is not. We deny what we value. Thus we die claiming misery understandable. Industries of self profiting from death: Insurance companies, deliverers of weapons, death ascertaining medical networks, after life Holy Temples. Life sustained less lives purpose?

God's Eternal seed instructs. No endings thrive once begun.  Eternity denied denies. Yourself. Family friends. Neighborhood’s. Creation residence temporarily delivered. We pause to breath. Now ask. What grave attends your Eternal life? Your cemeteries not God's. Nuclear spasm extinction whose thirst? Revelation's scream. What enemy not ourselves confides?

Consider politely please our God appointments, our choices, our identity is our own. We love and assist one another. Our cherished Holy Temples nurture. And tenderly guide. But your divinity, your God articulate assignment, the divine totality of yourself is between you and God. You can no9t claim your birth your own. Death your invention? The answer to the question not yet asked? Your God predates the planet earth. Welcome to waiting’s paradise. There is the Cosmic God. And the earth people's ironic adaptation. Ours by troubled impatient caress. 

We are smart we've agreed. Wise in our consensus. Certain in our laughter. Divine by our apology. We separate Heaven from ourselves blame hell our manufacture.(We can be tricky). Consistent to our design of time we are obliged to separate Heaven from Earth. God's gift of our lives must come to a timely end before we can converse God's fruit our own. We call this Cosmic opportunity the after life. A temporal happenstance of being we spend our lives avoiding. While praying for. We witness-anticipate God by our absence. Not a good deal....Heaven our nurturing presence your singular choice compels.
Offered remedy to this schism? The reciprocal God ideal by your approving labor.

What is the “other” way: The most critical, God validating events in our lives we “unknowingly” express as sound not word. (Sound's Light). Sound realized events that are not time recurrent therefore endless, Eternal. Our births. Our deaths. Dreams and answered prayers. The sounds of a smile. An embrace. The yearning soundings of love desired. Healing sounds inviting. Luck, coincidence and the rest. Because we didn't hear a sound does not mean sound intent has not occurred. Many of Gods others, our cousins, the chipmunks, pelicans, penguins and trees hear “better” than we do. Better is a the preferred human term. Differently the gentler whisper. Also consider we hear with our entire bodies. The always body of self.  Ageless sound validates invites the Eternal self. Not time denied. Before and after “when” politely excused, the non linear Eternal abides. Smiling we continue: Further the sound of silence is the witness of Eternal motion. Because like the Light the Sound of silence is all inclusive. Without borders, Eternal, until we subject God Cosmic awe to our ambitious timely anguished ways. We acknowledge by denying. Melodies silence and Eternal light surrendered. Our infrequent quiet reprieves secured through noise. Constant aging time abrasions “slappings” of our bodysouls. (A life of unnecessary accruing acoustic abuse). Sounds our daily weight. Accruing scream, explosions, crashes and collapses. God light deafening witness. Reminding several weeks “sound's corruption” absorbed in a factory in one compact moment we would suffer a disfiguring-unhappy death. Sound stress ages, repressing the Eternal self opportunity. Noise exaggerates time denies the Light. The silence of each nurtures.  The sound of life purpose and death Eternally accrue.  Remembered as forgotten. Evident nonetheless.

For many science is the preferred carriage. Another might say the more compelling road divine, God's delivery. All roads are God, not less the travelers preference. Patient silently esteemed scholars offer. Light travels at 186,000 miles per second. Sixty seven million miles in 6 minutes? Of course a linear dislocation in time. What is the status condition of the Light prior to its initiate dislocation? It's sound presence? It's sound activity presence during dislocation? Does measurement affect this multi faceted event. Does the trajectories destination and origin influence the Light's nature, disposition? Given that motion can be functionally designed-determined as intent, does it not follow that sounds emitted by this Light event are unique to the event. And influence that nature and disposition of the Light sound event....Clearly from the perspective of miles per second one directional conditioned event. Giving perceptual credence the linear temporal schematics (ie) distance, before and after, departure destination, beginning- endings and linear inceptions. (Localized exclusionary events occurring in a non localized Universe). the speed of light there is no passage of time. Now we approach the non linear perception. Conception. During the absence of time Light motion intent becomes ever present. Not functional in time displacement, beginning end, therefore non linear. Eternal. The Cosmic door is opening. We begin to greet ourselves again for the first time. Now our dear companion Albert smiles. (Still busy you might have noticed). When mass is constricted enough eventually the curvature becomes infinite. Offering logic’s opportunity. Mass constriction motion avails an initial linear sound-approaching a non linear condition when mass curvature form surrenders pleasantly. Now the Light. These two concurrent events can be event distinctive. Examples: Inter galactic travel. Another witness from the perspective of death. (Life-death purposefully accrued). What we eerily witness as decay of a human body is motion. Not entirely unlike the motion sound expression-release during life. Non linearily aging does not speak to loss. A condition event we lovingly non-linearly share while alive, often by denying. And non linearly share during the condition activity of death (ie) being beceased. Does this dynamic explain your dreams, influence prayer's response, a spontaneous memory forgotten, what we disguise as luck and coincidence, intuition, forgetting. Being able to more effectively sustain-create these Cosmic non linear occurrence facilitates spasm intuitive language, spherical meditation, our God uniion, God's union with us. And Creation (ie) The Universe. And non depletion commerce, medicine and technology, inter stellar travel. The Mets chances at the next world series. Seriously what is the awesome answer. The question seeds the garden. Distinct person distinct timeless non-linear sound accruing. Or mass constriction gently yielding form to the Light. Polite God's sounds instruction. In the absence of time material dislocation we have your Ever present self. The same while alive. Except for thousands of years your instructions witness compels otherwise. Eternally yours we continue. Sing the music dance the dance. Oh yes thought's echo reminds. During the non linear Universe expansion and contraction the same. Simultaneous spontaneity... Mass constriction curvature approaching the non linear infinite. The same flow non linearly going the other way? Remember half life? Are we experiencing it going in the unintended direction? Both directions not one less the others dislocation.

(Applicable perception). Life is an Eternal continuity, not inadequate seed of our devalued endings. Yet the inclusive Eternal embraces both. Irony gives further value understanding to death. Therefore life. Meaning our timeless death is all inclusive, thus Eternal, the endless place. All is One.  How we live and die accrues all our lives gather and continue. The beat goes on. Life more aware not cautioned. Without fear we have no enemy. Got attended. Thus articulate. Life and death concurrent. Presently alienated.  God sequestered. Our fading selves: Wise, dangerous and clumsy. Note please no complaint gathered hear inviting apology. All is and as such intended so. Know the need seed the fuller prayer. We caution God less our Eternal favor. God does not deny

Be patient. The tree must rise before the leaf can fall: Sound is ageless. Thus nurtures Eternal the Light. The Eternal sound of you. Language delays music the babies smile. Soundings that respond to you. Distracted briefly Cosmically alert. Music is its own response. No argument bellies, but dance. Life less interruptions haste: Mozart, Wendolynn, Beethoven, Edith Piaf, Bob Dylan, Pedro Infante, Richard Prior, Simon and Garfunkel, Mother Teresa, Neil Borg, Lassie and the alleged Charlie dog, Nat King Cole, tulips flower words of sounds uninterrupted. (Yourself entertaining a flower). God's music your own delivered without wrinkles. Reprieve. Reminder. Witness the Eternal sound of you. Presence. Miracle's Eternal witness requires no instruction. Why? Linear's knowings deffer ever presence. Realizable as inclusive non depletion technology. And non linear commerce.

Cosmic reality is non linear. Ourselves the same, denied. Memory forgotten testifies. Our dreams yearning. Your pain's protest, beckoning. Disease waivers. You pray who responds? Death's allegory now you better understand? Awareness guides. Application Eternities door. Yourself. Meaning dearest neighbors when your reality becomes non linear. Eternally alert, articulate ironic brevity and opposition no longer sustains. Less your Eternal resistance less oppositions insistence: Cures seed not disease. Mysteries of luck, coincidence, super position, the precognitions, the forgotten place become sustainable. Conversant. The new language, Cosmic fluency. Death better friend. Dying irony frivolous happenstance. Invigorated we continue: Inter stellar travel. Non linear technology and commerce. Enough for all not less ourselves. Galaxies beckon. Not to worry we can still cheat at poker.  Lie to tell the truth. Words continue our embrace. Forgetting invites remembering. What more miracle once denied. New science? Concurrent prayers? Quantum riddle smiles. Invites. Spherical meditation, mediation. Non-linear intelligence. Transcendent transmogrify stealth technology. Spherical acoustic transmutation. Concurrent cinema. Music's images. Extra terrestrials.(Ourselves? Others?) Now the same neighborhood. The planet earth, welcome, we have been waiting for ourselves. Politely stepping past mirror's wall. Dream's waken our surmise...

The clearer sway. Not far away. All earth science is time based. Progress inconsistency hastened by invalidation. Linear depletion technology. Commerce based on risk. And sustainable inadequacy: A reference perspective: Our gentle Professor Einstein addressed the whimsy of time in most regards. Except to negate. And thus assimilate. The non linear infinite Eternal: We accept that light travels at 186,000 miles per second. What value intent is lost to dislocation separation. Both in material result and the deferred-incomplete perceptual affect on ourselves. An event that functions through linear displacement. (Time verses the dislocation of distance, space time). “Vibrant” location's purpose less dislocations intent. We are attending the morphogenic field. Otherwise interruptions fracture repeated. We accept that at the speed of light there is passage of time. Therefore in the absence of time light material becomes ever present. Profoundly material and material intent result changes. A change that oincludes the human self. Individual and collectively. Non-linearly affluent, responsively alert. Not linearly deficient. All changes not less all. In the functional absence of time, time assimilation, the infinite becomes apparent. Optional. Technological- commercial conversion become evident. Not intrinsic to depletion risk intent design.

Another perspective. All is relevant and revealing, the same, less repetitions thirst. “You can't step in the same river twice.” Unless you jump in one foot ahead of the other? Modest non linear accommodation. El Senor Einstein observes. When mass is constricted enough “eventually” the curvature becomes infinite. Non linear infinite the same. Forms idealized bordered constriction is sound. Spherical sound motion intent. The new materiality, not time dysfunction ally localized. Not time deficient (ie) everything in time loses value intended. Direction and purpose. Through non linear time assimilation, otherwise.(Appreciating patiently and politely “time” acknowledges the non linear Eternal, but does so inadequately, often disruptively and always incompletely.) In the absence of time infinity becomes functional. Optional: The shortest, most efficient distance between two points is the “engaging” concurrent radial circumference of a straight line. Objective not consequent to design inconsistency. Spin span's spherical inch, resolving concurrent gravities weight.

Music is intent. Motion am3ends. Motions intent source explains. Awareness Light assumes. Light's motion creating form sound prescribes. All at once. Always breathes. Spinning spheres. Origin source God the same. Creations garden self amends. Understand? Hopefully not. Gosh the better questions forsake. Awake language hesitates. And delays. You know the way. Dreams consciousness avails, the silence sings guielty forever Cre3ations wonderful schemes. Let's get practical. Let secrets speak our absence we know. Sounds address we've gently dispensed. The Light like sound less temporary borders. One embrace love unforgiven if you will. The photograph of your children. Your eyes uninterrupted memory knows. The same today as twenty years ago. Ageless again testimony Eternity amends. The film, the photograph will begin to wrinkles after your cautious death. (That's technology not idea). More briefly less space. Photograph film indulges time's cause and effect. As such process and result inconsistent to intent. Incomplete. The instantaneous condition activity event between camera and cautious morning sunrise. “Beam me up Scottie if Ginger isn't available.” Fiction's flower tomorrow's seed....Presently technology is time divested. Incomplete. Shucks and awe. Another orchard the garden speaks. What Cosmic season unfolds between the camera and the little girls smiling. There the soundings music plays. The earth people hide Eternity progress claims. Not entirely. One step at a time said the mother nervously walking down from Creation's nuclear gallows. We know we are. God accompanied. God available? More empty spoons than pi... 

Suggesting this attendant God reality can only occur as an after life, not while alive makes the after life and our daily lives each the timely exclusion of the other. Timely consensus insists less consistencies favor we have to die to go to Heaven and remain dead to continue our lifeless attendance. Curious auction life goes to the lowest bidder. Heaven's source nurtures existence through choice full companionship. Remembered to ourselves: Born you had no functional awareness of time. And timely death. You are an Eternal being. God delivered. Denied presently to ourselves. Knowing now we know. Our testimony witness redeems.
...Non-linear effect prerogative....

Through the constraint of language anticipating application we are developing a new perspective on material design intent. Three exclusionary material applications are examined.  (1). Linear time duration. (Functional as uncertain material loss of utility direction. And invalidation). Unresolved material devaluation exaggerated by current time based depletion technology and risk deficient commerce. (2). Non-linear time duration. (Functional as the infinite Eternal). Evidenced as presently undeveloped non-linear technology and commerce.(3). And an optional spirituality not revealed “validated” as deferred separation. A presence of spirit’s good intentions that would include technology and commerce. A spiritual presence not preferred to the localized Holy Temple. Realizing life-death not less life's Eternal Cosmic disposition. Presently experienced as exclusionary worship. Evident as the many violences. The many hungers. Culminating as extinctions radiating seed. Awaiting our active Earthly Celestial functional awe...
Allowing the current defining perception. Human self acquired mystery. The Universe is timeless human beings exist through linearly dysfunctional time. Non linear human beings exist in opposition with their timeless planetary residence, consequently-concurrently with the Universe Cosmos. Accordingly themselves relevant as denied. Time is a non-material human accommodation. Enigma seeking purpose.
Engaged time application a profound measurable irony. All material realized in human time ends, inadequately. While ending incompletely...a valuation intent that begins from the inception of a time affected event. Time disruption creates a sustained perceptual material form anomaly. A deficient incongruity exagerat4ed and further greatly distorted by time insinuated technology and commerce. Indeed all earth science is time based. Accordingly unnecessarily deficient. Again deficiency sustaining perceptual incongruity. Evidenced as and through uncertainty. All material and perceptual events are always dysfunctionally incomplete. Thus facilitating loss of value utility as functionally relevant. Rendering futility, redundancy and human ineptitude pertinent to life environment condition activities. Also perceptual “idea events” and material conditions, pending and active, either are always factored through failure in the immediate or anticipation consequently planning design intent. These active conditions, uncertainty, in completion and failure discretion are all elements of time “coerced” application. (Devalued materialized endings). Concluding this paragraph with two insights: 1st insight: All material events and conditions including our lives insinuated in time are actively inadequate from the inception to conclusion. An enduring loss of value. Purposeful loss of purpose.  Your first bicycle, gone. Nice shoe's worn at your high school prom, gone. Your “aging” organic body self eventually, gone. Perceptually and materially. “Presumably.” Meaning in time even complete loss of material value and direction are perceptually-materially incomplete. (Through our effort lost to us or otherwise evident as extraneous force, energy, entropy or pollution)). Availing a new vista on materiality, the being of self including death cessation. 2Nd insight. All progress realized in time is sustained through deficient process culminating without functional utility. A linear process of value loss that begins from the inception of the vent. Materially and perceptually. Value loss risk evidenced as technology, validated through risk based commerce. And God ideal deferred from this life to an after life. “What our Mom's and Dad's thought was essential to their lives when they were twenty years old now we can only find in a museum or dipsy dumpster.” A defective materiality consequent from the perceptually materialized inception of a condition or event. (Observing all “applied” perceptions are initiate as self perceptions). In a shared linear ideal measured through flawed probability. A singular unifying refrain is considered in its awed simplicity, challenges. (How can any material event end in an endless Universe with a complete functional loss of utility direction intent?) The answer through flawed self perception ass9milated as flawed time insinuation. Perplexity resolved as consensus. Offering again with emphasis human beings are the only species on this planet that experience material and material consequence through acquired time dislocation.(One question's pulse). Can this dichotomy denying of our birth disposition be resolved to the preferred Cosmically intended self?  Revealing our timeless origin source, our non linear identity.  (Offering born without language, predetermined intelligence, unaware of dying's offered symmetry you had therefore no awareness of time, you were an Eternal organically “non-linearly” intended being.) Consider to imagine the otherwise of self a non- linear childhood guided by Eternally articulate parents, brothers and sisters. Neighbors. And much calmer and plentiful neighborhood...Imploring deliberation....How can the suggested cathartic shift be realized to the expressible identity of self. And consequent reality. Relevant as non linear language, intelligence, perception no longer functional through time material deficiency. Historically apparent as the inadequate self. Actualized as non-linear technology and commerce.
One of the compelling theories in physics in the last 30 years The Super String theory offers. “Everything in the Universe is material except time.” As such through non material time we de materialize our material existence. And we call this success. An intriguing accepted incongruity. Thank God for laughter, prayer and inadequacy. We have created a reality that only has ideal value if we intentionally also unintentionally deny our efforts result. An irony of being as noted hat begins with perceptual flaw validated and revealed through current spirituality, commence, technology. Evidenced as knowledge. One example: The five major industries on this planet rely on death through dying as a motivating “defining” profit incentive. Yet dying and death are unrelated. Death activity occurs in the non linear Eternal. Functionally timeless. Death is a God event. Dying is defining a human activity, time based as such prone to value loss. Unnatural. And unnecessary. (Suicide, violence, accidents, over eating, smoking, starvation, executions, drug addiction, time based oppositional diseases, shared starvation, governments sustained through death provocation...maximized as extinction technology). Cautiously clarifying all activities in time and timelessness accrue through incomprehensible interacting patterns conditions and events. Imminent before the event materializes. Events and conditions that transcend efforts to prepare for and avoid an event such as an impending accident or shared consequences of misjudgment. Example nuclear war. Significant material, spiritual, human intent resources are devoted daily to this catastrophic event. An intent event unknowingly accruing. Sometimes refer4enced in the caution, “It's later than you think.” Let's be careful. We pray. Prayer's value prayer's deeds. Excitedly the question resides what is the nonlinear “evolved” assimilation of the Super String Theory, relativity, the Quantum model, gene resonant activity. The same polite reference, our prayers. Our wars. Ourselves. Our children.  Creation's environment.

As offered all earth science is time based. Consequently deficient. From initiate perception through determinant result. Understandably a dynamic flow redeemed through unnecessary contrived invalidation. Temporary invalidation sustained-realized through dysfunctional inconsistency. And failure design intent. Sustained material irony evidenced as inefficiency, disrepair, injury, accident, waste. And accruing noise. Thank God for laughter's witness. Sleep and cotton candy. Even when an event is determined a success they remain inadequate to their non-linear origin disposition; examples: the jet is safely air born, the ship doesn't sink, the cancer cure prevails, the brave earthbound astronauts land safely on the moon, the elderly person dies calmly in their sleep. These satisfactory events are validated and realized through time based science. Suggesting a reasonable and exciting question how would the concept of disease, flight, communication, death and God be experienced in an other than time deficient culture. Consider one of the hard working Sir Issac Newton's three laws of motion. “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” How can re- actively displaced “dislocated” opposites be equal.(In a non localized Universe). Answer because events separated inby time rely on functional separation (as) “inconsistent” oppositional value loss. And eventual complete loss of purpose-direction. Often artificially design coerced intent actualized through depletion inefficient fuels and linear deficient technology. Science and technology compliments temporal accommodation through error valuation, anticipated “measurable” failure. A dynamic “deficient” formulation vindicated through acceptable loss. Indeed linear commerce “economies” reward and profit from loss. Loss reflective of time's deficiencies is so intrinsic to the current uncertain that there is no considered alternative to value loss. Major industries as noted rely and sustaining death irony valuation as a motivation to accrue and refine knowledge and science, while profiting from activity that is best avoided. A profound irony of being that compliments an even greater more troubling temporal anomaly. Destroying what is created. War redeemed through a peace that profits from war. Death becomes the collective prerogative through individually encouraged profit motivated neglect. Currently if human beings weren’t able to profit their misery and death they wouldn't able to sustain their acquired lives. Please understand “I” am not protesting opposition. I'm concerned. I'm afraid. The word's gently embrace direction.. “Be polite and all will come.” Can you sense neighbor the calming shadow of better choice's approach. Offering polite resistance validates a culture that is embodied by shared deficiency. Self direction need not surrender to the collective temporal will. Others less driven by the greed to time explained themselves. Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, Mother Teresa, ourselves on our best days, Clara Barton others gently esteemed you know. And all the gestures brief and Eternal. The strangers smile, a friends prayer, the alleged dog's greeting, the fireman willing, the ambulance driver ready, your Mom and Dad waiting for you to come home.  We are good laboring that we be better than than our disappointments. Thus we labor suffer and aspire.

Though we suffer, accordingly profit, plan and worship...we prefer otherwise. Though progress evolves through loss of value still goodness and improvement result. Flaw, error, loss acknowledge the non linear ideal not realized through deficiency. An inadequate misunderstood acknowledgment validation none the less. Errors guide. We learn. Accordingly we seek and prosper. Knowing good the better of bad. Seeking what has not been sought. Anticipation's beckoning trail.

More clearly understanding the manner through which we engage the material world will be helpful. We seem to invent the manner through which we discover what is already current.  Immediate present. The planet earth predates our effort. Fundamental to being able to affect advantages time's endings is the activity concept of “separation.” When the non-linear timeless ideal is separated to our premature advantage, the result is an inconsistent linear reality. Cause separated from effect. Effect validated through defect. A human dynamic that we value both by denying and profiting from while trying to avoid. The fewer words direction. Infinity denied denies infinity. Time denies defers timelessness. When time does not functionally abstain nonlinear prerogatives “perceptions” become functional. The Eternal sublime immediate.0

The nice people at the American heritage dictionary define separate. “To set or keep apart; disunite. To remove from a mixture or combination; isolate.” Unless you might perceive or devise a more clear and precise application-approach that status dynamics of vectors and scalars might be helpful. Scalar quantities: length, time temperature, pressure, mass, magnitude. Vector quantities: Direction, force, lift, momentum, drag, displacement. The definition of vector. A quantity completely specified by magnitude and direction. Also defined as a  “dimensional array.” A vector refers to any quantity that needs a magnitude and direction in order to more fully understand the quantity. It would appear that in time vector intent “directions” results in dysfunctional application. Creating-resulting in extraneous after effect. Condition activities Realized through linearly deficient scalar intent,(ie) length, temperature, pressure, deficient mass realized through coerced “force” magnitude. Clearly affected length, a denial of the non linear ideal, would create extraneous condition activities like drag inertia, temperature material form entropy, dislocation “material displacement” in a non localized Universe. There are life and event prerogatives “options” that during a non linear idealized event are utilized, evident and functionally apparent in a profoundly more substantive and functionally creative manner. A non linear intact harmonious event affectation. Efficiency not deferred “delayed” through inconsistent dysfunction. And seemingly extraneous “waste” actively interfering results. (Unused materiality). An aberrant process materialized through an incongruity of initial perception, followed by an uncertain duration process that culminates-even if successful as an inadequate temporary result. Also a dynamic that unavoidably results in corollary in “damage.” Need for machine repair, pollution, anticipated failure risk anxiety, depletion use of energy, waste, redundancy valuation. And an accruing abusive sound materializing that currently is not factored. A manifest that affects both machine and human. Also a manifest that can provide essential information relevant to preferred efficiency. And clarification on failed events. At the conclusion of the failed event. And during... The fluidity of a non linear event allows for greater intervention. Material presence, ever presence, less sustained deficient separation. Availing clearer research prerogatives. Utility through consistency in the absence of inherent and design dysfunction avails a modality of intervention effect suggestive of pause materiality. Understandable perceivable when a material event intent is a function of refining. Not displacement “separation” realized through disintegration. Theory and application assume a clearer kinship. Spatial material intent is no longer consequent to dislocation dysfunction.

Prerogative objectives relevant to nonlinear efficiency, light speed dysfunction and the quantified directional magnitude references in scalar-vector schematic are more clearly understood, eventually applied if we examine Sir Issac Newton's laws of motion. Linear perceptual applications of non linear material phenomena actualized as motion. (1). For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. (2). The rate of change of momentum is directly related to the force pressed upon it. In other words when an object is pushed with more force it will move faster and further away. (3) An object wont move by itself. And once in motion it wont stop unless some force acts upon it.  These three laws “observations” have numerous condition activities “objectives” in common. Movement intent realized “coerced” through force. Direction, reaction or a momentum defined as the product of body mass and linear velocity. This motion dislocation dynamic acknowledges that are at a certain development juncture events either should or do exist in opposition to each other. And under other conditions equal in opposition. The keen and hardworking scholar also observes a condition or event must be acted upon by a force in order for there to be a motion result. An activity of force, either design or realized through linear observation is essential to motion result. We can assume that the force utilized must be sustained during the motion event otherwise as suggested the motion event will come to a stop. Creating a temporary “uncertain” event either in objective or unwanted result. Also suggesting that a force condition intent unrelated or otherwise uninvolved with motion unless initiated. Inferring a motive intent conscious or otherwise or motion and force would remain alien. Separate to one another.(9Non linearly motion would crate the relevant force effect, a relevant sustaining sound effect). The 3 perceptions suggest a variance of motion in the Cosmos that is neither consistent nor uniform. A motion prerogative that is relevant and consequent to human intervention either through the dysfunctional disposition of perception or applied design intent which also derived from limiting linear perception. (Appreciating that prior to the active presence of the human species on this planet motion process inon the Cosmos was proceeding as intended). Though perceptually there might be parallels between motion events in nature, like weather, tides, volcanoes, living and dyi9ng, but as suggested there are fundamental differences that suggest two exclusionary motion intent realities. And the differential, the fulcrum is on of time affect either in observation or response. Sir Issac Newton's three laws are evident and applicable through dislocation, affected through contrived force intent, results evolve in opposition and are other than consistent. And motion itself in activity, status or dormancy requires a force effect “influence” that is external, extraneous and external (at least separate) to the motion itself. And at the most basic you have three calculation laws that can not function concurrently. The 3 laws exist through the uncertain disharmonious intent of each definition. Non linearity is excluded. Perception is further compromised when shared through linear language math incongruity, inconsistency which in turn is exaggerated seemingly to the limits of distortion by time imbued technology and commerce. Again value loss prevails, Observing: Motion is intent. Intent infers source. Source references origin. And source consequent to origin and motion intent is compatible to awareness. Both as activity and perception or linear exclusionary dysfunction would determine motion intent without a force initiative.

Not unlike time insinuation being a linearily “imposed” self perception realized before realities ironic displacement can be assimilated; the three laws of motion similarly limit our flawed-incomplete reality. A life motion humanized events relevant through continuous unsymmetrical dying. A destabilizing temporal effect activity that permeates the entire human condition. Life a motion event dysfunction ally apparent at the cellular level evident as disease, exaggerated age negation sustained as unnatural-unnecessary dying. Also choice events, sublimated through individual-collective behavior- distorted by linear time viewed through depletion technology and commerce as progress. An awareness condoned and encouraged by science and accrued knowledge and spirituality which is actively relevant as continuously denied. And values loss as elemental to observation, definition and consequent application. Failure amidst this flawed schematic is not only elemental to process, but reassuring. An inclusive culture of disparity creating a flawed reciprocal and concurrent planetary motion event revealing uncertain inadequacy sustained through flawed oppositional redundancy. And consistent in completion. Linearly success and failure become functionally dependent before a desired event is initiated or observed. Evidencing an organic, environmental and spiritual existence confirmed through opposition, force, inertia, depletion and coerced dislocation. Also courage, imagination and the best of intentions. Wondrous qualities amidst extreme burdens. Explaining while inadequately complimenting linearly erratic-disproportionate scalar quantities of length, time, temperature, pressure and mass. Disproportionate inconsistent inadequacy actualized through vector condition activity (ie) realized as direction through flawed localized displacement-dislocation affected through force depletion that limits duration of event necessitating while creating limiting conditions such as drag, entropy, lift prerogatives. Concurrent further aggravated by the mass density- weight- temperature- pressure disproportion. Exhausting potential event status of designed temporal events that understandably can only be temporarily maintained through inconsistency while sustaining failure prerogatives. And further exaggerated through design inadequacy. This dynamic confirmed “unnaturally ratified” by geometric gravity that values angular disproportion over spherical non linear ideal that doesn’t functionally distinguish origin from source...       

Allowing intermission's consent. A gentle correspondence with Isabella Threlkeld. Artist, bold friend. Cosmic eagerily wandering. Value esteemed by your effort's guide.   

August 2008

Dearest Isabella,

Thank you Isabella for your hospitality. Your memory collectives now availing your Light presence here in Persia.

All we “appear” to affect on our ironically self-designed lives speaks to the virtue of irony. The incomplete finding its final material virtue in the irony or non-continuity in an Eternally continuous Universe. Most curious that the earth people have made commerce of death. For most of us death is life’s tutor. Accepting that life is the better song Eternal, should not death be afraid of life. The simplest flower explains. What death denies the Eternal that is not life itself. Not death’s whimsy. Our accommodation with fear.

Why am (I) writing. A further gardens offer that can not be satisfied by the linear currencies of our lives. The subtle dislocations of fate we call faith, money, the assemblage of word. Expressed ideally as prayer. Waiting. Birthing. Now these few words for Isabella on consciousness.

Understanding if by understanding we must. Is not consciousness the condition of our birth. Before we loose our Godsoulprint, our Light fullness, our Cosmic predisposition, our consciousness to our acgui9red linear angst. Meaning to say: Consciousness is God’s awareness of the Eternal Light. WE avoid while alive. Know as birth. Express through death. And sustain through the oracle of resurrection and reincarnation.

With your permission Isabella, your continued accompaniment as ((Iwe)
Write, let’s search the pilgrimage of these two sounds, Cradled and disguised as words. Conscious and consciousness.

Thesaurus politely offers the following assembly. Conscious:…affected calculated, deliberate, knowing, mannered, rational reasoning, reflective, self conscious, studied, willful…. Now we move to a parallel perception a Universe we sense as consciousness:… alertness, apprehension,, awareness, care, carefulness, concern, heed, regard, responsibility, mindfulness, heed fulness, recognition, realization….

It would appear that consciousness is the Cosmic flower’s seed our Eternal life’s awareness (we consciously) through studied, willful, deliberate rational knowing (unknowingly) deny our consciousness… Our Eternal breathing awareness... which (we) can actualize through the timeless momentary unreasoned of alertness. Realizable carefulness, heedful fullness of mind. Presently only event through the spherical of dream, meditation, inspiration, myth, the allegory of Heaven, archetypes. Our subtle “avoided” guidepost to our Cosmic residence. Unnecessarily avoided as our lives. Our deaths. Our conscious willingness to deny our Eternal consciousness while alive. Presently flow, karma, movement is God’s consciousness unnecessarily disguised as ourselves. Through our lives bargain we call death. While living Eternally. Though we deny the Eternal awe while alive. The Eternal consciousness does not deny us. When we laugh we are in the absence of ourselves. Therefore the presence of God.  Similarly we are born, similarly we died. Similarly we can embrace.


-perceptions perspectives-

…We are the many acquired disguises before we can claim life “our” result.
...We exist in Eternal opposition to ourselves, accordingly we live while dying.
...Must we forgive love it's proof that we prove life worthy of our consent? Forgiven is life's reprieve.
...The future directs that past's dismay. Our life's irony instructed. Shared temporal deception that truth prevail as reason's purpose. Death promises life its true purpose. Wisely we hesitate, wonder, pray. And laugh....
…Curious that dieing requires much less effort and time than not dieing. Of course each either sustain or invalidate both.
...When we are created we are functionally aware only of our non liner Eternal self. Born unaware of time we are timeless Eternal beings. And remain so in conflict-denial of ourselves. And paradise Creation which we experience through our dislocating timely self denial.
Thorn our flower less the celestial seed.
Time is not as disposition suggests.
We live in a Universe devoid of time, yet time compels life-death.
And through time insistent we die.
Well lost in diminishing time our dislocation of self persists.
The non linear Eternal Universe can not be separated from itself less the separation.
No endings thrive once begun.
We are immersed in linear time.
Accordingly we suffer vindicated by our demise...

We continue complimenting breathing's distracting wait:  The nice and gentle Professor Einstein beautifully examined the near all whimsical time adaptions. (Except to invalidate “neutralize” the relevance of time effect. And perceptually proceed accordingly). Interestingly we accept that time travels more slowly for an object in motion that at rest. Current earth science also accepts. “Speed (light condition) travels at 186,000 miles per second.” (Acknowledging the correct phrasing, “Light travels at 186,000 miles per second.” The initial phrasing suggest variant duration dislocation. (What is travel without speed? What is speed without dislocation?) We also logically assume the light in motion is traveling in one direction, only one direction, otherwise linear measurement would be futile. Also directional “preferred” dislocation inhibits potential variant Light conditions and condition effects. And consequent uncertain “deficient” utility intent once the light dislocation objective is accomplished. Offering the question. What is the condition status of light before it's functionally dislocated from its origin source? How is spontaneous light intent measured? Measurement and applied intent the same?  What value condition is lost as a result of dysfunctional dislocation. (Consequent origin source need not suggest dislocation effect or exclusionary location?). What are the sound shift effects of these variant dislocations, sound shifts presently not acknowledged. Appreciated. Expect unknowingly as vector forces. Again if we may the definition of vector. “A quantity completely specif9ied by directional magnitude. A one dimensional array.” Light material dislocation perceptually and through design intent is a linearly determined dislocation of “uncertain” Light material (sound material effect disregarded) intent measured in time. Distance in time (ie) space time. Relativity offers a perceptual insight. “At the speed of light there is no passage of time.” Light material options become infinitely variant. Also dimension functional as or to event or as designed intent source.(Noting the super string theory calculates 29 dimension. though this number seems to change0.0 Accepting that if dimension becomes relevant access, the number of dimensions is infinite.(Assuming the current understanding of the term location...infinite). These insights suggest an applicable material shift. (During the absence of time, time assimilation, Light material becomes ever present. (A non linear “all-inclusive” status condition disposition). The Light being is no longer functionally displaced through time. Affecting a resolution to the linear human paradox, essential loss of value. Resolving uncertainty, inconsistency and failure design intent disposition. A new materiality resulting in a significant shift in observation, calculation. And application. During the absence of time the infinite non linear Eternal becomes “apparent” optional. Everything changes.

We humans have a way of bumping into the shadows of our own impressions. Today's success tomorrow's embarrassing opportunities. Politely acknowledging the convenient schism between science and spirituality. And commerce, technology, education, our prisons and the rest. Meaning our successful selves. Yet there are no failures, contempt’s or breakthroughs that do not acknowledge the preferred Eternal. We seek and glimpse our Cosmic potential in our own time funny clumsy way. Always God attended. An interesting example follows. The nice and bold Professor Rupert Sheldrake has been researching “developing” the morphogenic field. A comprehension of understanding that apparently predates this gentleman effort. The morphogenesis field... (this term a computer preference on the presumed correct spelling)  you might remember, is a “field” that connects species in the absence of time through its own inquiring memory. (If you will allow a smile's polite interruption, “I” remember the nice and eager President Andrew Jackson once supposedly said. “It's a pretty limited man that can only spell a word one way”). We continue: The time abstaining location speaks to the endless Eternal. Sustain the life activity through timeless memory. A memory condition unlike our own incomplete time encrusted memory that is limited to the past.  A timeless memory “Eternal.” God's active “influencing” memory of Creation. Is this kind and adventurous Professor aware he is researching what Holy documents describe as paradise. Not surprisingly the human perspective on this timeless non linear Eternal field is through our friends and planetary companions the alleged animals. The lifeforms who do not experience Creation through time. Therefore dying. Explaining migratory behaviors. Flight patterns. Do you remember the study involving our cousins the alleged rats. There have been additional studies. Will this the morphogenesis field open to evolved non linear humans inviting insight and activity into spontaneous non linear condition occurrences that presently only briefly and incomplete evidence events such as intuition, luck, spontaneous remission “healing,” prayer, miracles, birth and death presumption. Will these shifts in awareness avails exciting shifts, clarification, in inter stellar travel, worm holes, computers, music assimilation, the big bang, medicine, determinant intelligence and creativity, self expression, language formulation. The list like our prayers continues....Thank you for continuing effort. Your gentle and inspiring accompaniment. Without you “we” would not be. Bless you therefore us...

Another insights evolution from our companion Albert Einstein. “When mass is constricted enough “eventually” the curvature becomes infinite.” Meaning form is supplanted by light sound motion. When curvature function reaches a non distinct finite point bordered exclusionary form is no longer actively localized. Linearity limitation has been transcended. Material linear exclusion has been supplanted to the non- linear. Time dislocation ceases. Through this process we have resonant sound material presence “SMP” that is non linearly consequential to the infinite uninterrupted ideal. Appreciating that during a non linear event the reciprocal “reverse” of mass curvature constriction becomes functionally viable. Optional. Contraction and expansion. (The inception or birth of an event and its intended result or conclusion suggested by cessation ie currently presumed death condition activity status.) Suggestive temporal breach of before and after, activities destination-departure, beginning endings. But the effect is now one of functional immediacy, breach form convergence, simultaneous spontaneity. These insights will become more clear, fun and exciting as we continue and clarify our effort. Such a materially coherent event can be experienced, in this context through logic thought, also in materially determinant manner through relevant and revealing sound. A sound light activity condition event that can be design influenced as non linear intent. The final assimilation is one of dimensional light efficiency. Appreciating that these thoughts chronologically describe an event that is both simultaneous and spontaneous. An enhanced spherical event as opposed to an event that is linearly deficient, incomplete. In a true pragmatic sense current linear events are precipitous non-linear events that failed. Offering a conventional definition of dimension. “A property of space a directional application of space.” A directional application of space again we are referred to localized displacement in a non localized Universe. The repressed non linear. A non linear dimension becomes an a distinctive, uninterrupted access way to self. And event. Departure destination less dislocation. Symmetrical cause and effect. Origin source conjoined intent. And more. In an intriguing sense each non linear event becomes an access way to itself. Origin becomes its own sympathetic source. (Motion intent sound actualizes Cosmic source awareness). This dynamic is reciprocal. And concurrent. Functionally current. In completion, failure valuation, directional disintegration are no longer organically functional. Not design consequent. But uncertainty and catastrophe still occur as an element of random inadequacy. The unexpected appearance of an asteroid. Error determination. People will still trip over their shoe laces. Show up at work tipsy.

Offering insight's clarification. Time perhaps was an understandable adaption, initially. Developed gradually as intriguing adjustment-influence on contentious disorder. As we discussed earlier.  A consistent measurable incremental separation of the material. Reflective of the fact that human beings live a bordered, “separate” existence from one another. A reality existence sustained through unquestioned consensus. And conflict that might be anticipated between separate multifaceted beings who live a perceptually inconsistent life. We previously considered the following observations. Given our inconsistent, failure prone culture repetition is important. Language guides in substance and implication. Word's convening echo: Did we miss something? What went wrong? Let's get it right this time. “Let's give him another chance. It came to me.” Anticipation yearns direction. Next year the Denver Broncos will win the Super Bowl. Manchester United always in the mix. And Creighton the NCAA soccer championship, you understand we keep trying. The music claims the dance. And yes thank you gently for your patience. Wonder us unknowable accompaniment. Knowable inspiring. Once again always in ways mysterious for the first time. Did we miss something by understanding? The dance floor turning: Prior to time adaptation human lives individually and collectively were determined by cycle events we couldn't influence. Night became day. (One distinction, not everywhere). Weather. Accidents.(More individual than collective). Other predators.(Violent without malice, gentle, death unaware). Mudslides, disease and disease resolution, earth quakes. (Diseases like time both individual and collective, communal). Daydreaming. Fantasies and hiccups. Would we have survived without sneezing, scratching, sneezing, dreaming, the common cold. (Individual and communal, not intentional, non linearly inclined. God acknowledging what else is new). And always those around us would die.(In time through time in spite of time). “Not our time.” Most often unexpectedly. While we waited for our own self designed demise. Observant and curious we eventually realized that all these events had one particular thing in common. They would begin. And end. The rain would start. And stop....(What is non linear rain fall). Night would become day. The earth quake would begin, calm and stop. What meaning non-linearly “goodbye.” Relief and a sense of completion would follow the end of each cycle event.... We would be born. We would live until our lives came to an end. Apparent natural endings. Availing as noted a vague sense of completion we might value and appreciate, but couldn't effect ourselves. We eventually came up with our own cycle.(Linear cycle cause and tentative effect). Our mirror's walk. Our own contrived advantageous endings. Preferred increments, became consistent “shared” increments that became measurable increments. Time was born. We learned to affect our own cycle on Creation. We affected our own endings on our surroundings. Through time we took charge of this planet. Proud and strong.  Better organized. Often relieved by our success. We became what we are creators. While destroying. Merchants of death. Perpetrators of death. Spiritual apologists. Delegating the God ideal not to life, but to death. God manifests by our selective witness. And consent. We explained God to each other. Agreeing God was pleased. Our joyous success while we destroyed Creation. And defiled ourselves. Killing and killing. And killing

Protest however well intentioned like all linear activities are incomplete and inadequate to intent. Unresolved protest give further value credence to opposition. Failure's consequences are invariably unclear protest in context is inadequate. Often experienced in opposition. And inconsistency. Uncertainty always cradled in the unknown. Oppositioned displaced irony worsened when protest good or bad is born from anger's unrest. Precipitating suspicion and unease. The compelling resolution to violence is to abstain from violence. Invariably during angered uncertainty an individual choice compels community. Otherwise futility seeks final breath. Rendering in completion the near of inevitable. Compelling anguished repetition. Similarly needful perceptions of truth are less than resolving. Impatient to languages intent. Not consequent to communication. And sincerities interest. Brief in clarity. Linearly indisposed. But also suggestive of an intuitive need to pursue life's better sharing. Nurturing womb. Whether vaguely suggested by previous efforts or the anticipation “hope” of a current effort. Institutionally linear irony is further defused- precipitated as structure. Purpos4 becomes limited to linear design. An example: Journalists, editors, commentators devote themselves to pursuing a self defining objective truth “motivated”  by impartial bias. But even when this dynamic is not influenced-impeded by chaotic activities and forces not essential to a communicating the effort even before inception is linearly inadequate. Intransigent limitations determine truth's telling “searching” effort.  Contributing to the linear chaos being reported. Wars, terrorists, bank robbers, executioners, partners divorce. Both reporters and events being reported seeking to evoke a wistful poetic ideal that is being resolved through uncertain anguish. And immediate or impending violence. Success often evident in alienating reproach, resolutions peace seeding future violence and suffering. A dissolution of event followed by mourning. And recriminations. Disparity and essential opposition supplants truth's potential. Exclusion sustains reportage. One communicators wounded soldier is valued hero. Another communicator relates the same event in oppositions contempt. All voices impaired by essentially confused suffering. And noise. Truth's reflection lost accordingly esteemed. Same event not the same event. An unnecessary irony purpose that renders understandings comprehension futile. Consider to imagine. Initially reporters, editors from neutral countries, not culturally invested, relating events without encouraged “unconscious” bias. A United Nations publication reporting to a concerned planetary citizenry. Appreciating that violence to one country is violence to the planet.

Evoking dream's awe. Source Origin. Melodies words the Cosmic winds carry. Your parent's, their parents, family of gorillas, the rivers tree, yourself “removed” how many times before we arrive at a condition status that predates the Eternal planet earth. Your parent the Eternal Light. God's vision. Our impatient dream wakening. Origin source. Before not yet. Yesterday waits tomorrow’s late. Expansion contraction. The planet earth growing. Karma's garden. The bold kindly intention Darwin’s theory of evolution, denying we know, Cosmic flow, infinite reciprocal possibilities. God breath's we wander. Wondering.

We prevailed through peril. Over the last two hundred years risk has become greatly distorted- exaggerated through time based depletion technology. And risk evaluating global commerce. Time based linear technology-commerce have exacerbated time effect result to an extreme approaching material irrelevance. A risk condition activity that is difficult to anticipate, gauge and the near of impossible to influence once actualized. Example: Melt down of a nuclear power plant. People will self engage with thirty time defiant tools, instruments, machines before we leave home in the morning. Before we engage the great machines of industry. Actualizing an unparalleled time insufficiency. Creation's materiality trembles: Pandemics fester. Global warming encroaches. Nuclear spasm weapons. Biological weapons. Triggered. The time of now forever's ambiguity. Value loss has become a life style prerogative. Unconscious, dread. Unrelenting. Thus our prayers hasten. Our potential compels....Examples of time deficient technology. The design intent of your disposable car is not complete unless you can crash. Ships sink. Planes crash. There is no point in your moving into you home unless it can burn down. These material flaws are unavoidable condition of time. (Everything realized in time ends while ending.) These active limitations are viewed as elemental. And accordingly are design engineered. Improvement is a limited prerogative. Indeed one of the major industries on this planet, insurance functions through loss. Loss and the risk of loss in a linear temporal culture have great value. Defining culture. Current life existence. This self denying aspired reality before we examine nuclear-chemical biological weaponry. (This Cosmic insult deserves no further attention. You know. Your awareness is your subsidy). Sufficient to suggest in the absence of the human species our experiment in time will have ended. Time becomes its own evacuated mutation.

Observing commerce is similarly time effect deficient. All profits are realized through active loss potential. Both profit and loss are influenced by risk variable that either can not be assessed, is difficult to asses consistently. These variable inadequacies are encouraged through accrued-implemented disproportion. Sustained through the deficiency of credit. An illusory time affect that encourages people to spend resources that do not exist. One of numerous “artificial” time determinant conditions that sustain value investment through functional loss. Creating insufficiency as a motivating value amongst individuals, business and countries whose common interest is exclusionary value loss competition realized through conflicted often secretive opportunity. Active conflict is an interactive time derivative. Value loss is so basic to the current temporal reality on this planet so much so that non- utility in the context of dormancy becomes an aspired adaptation. Vast material and human resources, resources of spirit and life energy intent are invested in weapon systems whose ideal- encouraged value is the weapons are not used. Resources that could be delegated to developing non linear computer systems, inter galactic travel, implementing global warming initiatives, financing technical and University educations for all. Trillions of dollar are spent sustaining medical systems that are best avoided. An insurance industry esteemed loss. Loss and profit co dependent. More than 70 percent of the American linear Federal budget is devoted to entitlements. Nice talented people are compensated for inactivity. With their own devalued resources. Denied to them when they had greater value. And could have been utilized with greater result. These disqualifying prolonged condition event are administered “enforced” by massiv4e corporate and government bureaucracies that exaggerate disorder they are assigned resolve. Perpetuating the deficiencies they create while opposing. Governments secure function through active military provocation. War's industry anticipation during peace time. Legitimized killing and destruction. The destructive corollary response between threatening governments is suffered by the peoples who surrender their i9ndividual-collective authority and capital to their governments. Benefactors become victims. Soldiers, victim citizenry labored subsidizers. Government and corporate entities converge time irony dysfunction. Success is proportional to an ability to affect loss on others while suffering the same. Ineffectually avoiding loss while creating loss. Valued as insurable loss. (The future denied to the present while devaluing material immediacy, time dysfunction actualized commerce “ie” self investment). A life and material loss evident in both practice and preparation. (The non linear origin, pre activity, of the word activity “patriot” (...I tap the riot...) Loss is value. Active life inadequacy of government and other linearly collective institutions are not consequent to essential human flaw and resultant ineptitude, but the result of individual and collective time affect. And a futile largely unconscious effort to engage-resolve this engineered fiction....Time.

Allowing “inserts” reprieves emphasis: There is the Eternal duration which is endless. And human time duration where material activity ends. Time distortion is revealed as inconsistency... value loss. Failure disposition.  Our efforts in time to create material opportunity, effect advantage are always incomplete. (Time events are linear less their timeless infinite Cosmic ideal). This depleting dynamic is reflected in science, technology, self knowledge. And reflected spirituality.  A procured reality actualized through time derivative death. Corporate profits materialized through risk. Experienced as potential loss. Intended business success is relevant-relevant through shared loss.  (A companies gain another loss). All time designed commerce- technology are deficient from event inception to conclusion. Inherent loss is inevitable, pervading. And potentially catastrophic. Straining paradox loss generates value. This destabilizing dynamic is organic and institutionally reinforced.  All time planetary activity is realized as value loss risk. Status profit is influenced by time imbued “created” global forces that can not calculated therefore influenced.  Without evolving loss culminating as total forfeiture life presently would not be feasible. Purpose is based on motivated-oppositional loss. Major industries rely on death as a profit incentive: Medicine,  weaponry, insurance, interment. Politely observing religions base the Eternal birthroight “Godsoulprint” on life denied as death. God predates the planet earth. There is the Cosmic God and the earth people's yearning adaptation. God's immediacy anticipated life abstention.

Materialized time distortion is evident as knowledge developed through time insinuated language sustained as forgetting. Irony continues: A time prerogative machine event is engineered to fail. Static-self contained machine activity is functional through disposable value loss. A car, computer, plane, hammer’s design intent is uncertain; machine integrity is maintained through repair and replacement. (Inefficiency and design flaw has value). Aggravating irony proper machine use and depletion commerce results in environmental depletion. Following the smoke. Listen to the coughing. Unavoidable risk compels deficiency: Car accidents, ships sink, computers collapse. Predetermined design events cause bodily injury, death. Loss of life and property generates profit. Ineptitude “liability” perpetuates this deficient dynamic generating additional profit. (Financial, political, spiritual institutions accordingly derive “create” motivation and profit validation.) Misery sustained under the guise of inadequate remedy generates great profit. Very curious.  This culture has unintended results. (Time repressed value loss is conscious, unavoidable, essential. And unnecessary.... pervasively realized as global warming, pandemics, limited asteroid tracking. And a “planned” planetary nuclear genocide...initiate intent devised as choice or accident. Exhausting resources of spirit, material and life intent. Purpose actualized through complete loss. The earth peoples experiment with time ends.  

In the absence of time distortion these human- machine events become substantially less coercive and inadequate. Inclusive not exclusive. Cosmically functional. In the absence of linear time deficiency, the non linear prerogative becomes optional. (A shift occurs). Loss has value as active potential not as essential valueless dysfunction.  Dying culminating as death cessation is materially redefined. Dying is a human thing dead is a God thing. When dead “Eternal” we stop dying. Most dying on this planet is unnecessary; accidents, suicide, violence, time based diseases and impaired aging. Human beings are not organically disposed to violence, uncertainty and deficiency. Our acquired time adaption creates “an anxiety” that encourages the many violence’s. And deprivations. We are good not bad. All material events don't end they evolve. Continuously without dysfunctional interruption. Unless we compel-coerce otherwise. And accordingly manifest. A deceptive time anguished existence is incomplete in design. Valid if discontinued.  We are unnecessarily spiritually denied. Curiously deferred to the dislocated after life. Irony, value loss avail and compel insight.  Anguish compels response

Please consider understanding the previous insights are not opposition's protest, but concern. Prayer's hope deed's initiative. Not dismay's culmination. Yearning hopes direction. We are not soliciting confessions apology. Seeking prayers direction. Do you understand? Breathing is our witness. Our testimony. The aforementioned insights are not intended to denounce. Challenge through linear negation. Evoking a shared self invalidating response. Opposing compounds while emphasizing deficiency. Insight whatever its disposition avails the seed of remedy. Amongst kindly planetary citizens. Or those desiring to be so. Meaning the near of all. All deemed bad can evolve to preferred nurtured opportunity.

Human beings are not organically disposed to violence. Greed and rage, corruption. Deception is fundamental to value time intent. Self deception before the collective angst. The great anxiety is that we live in time. Time is difficult. Time is contrary to Eternal disposition. Time values material loss. Through the loss of time. Time sucks....When our technology and commerce is converted to the non linear ideal it will be significantly easier to sustain value- materialize intent substance without definitive loss. Easier more beneficent being good and gentle to self and others. Acknowledge, express and share Creations goodness. Profiting from pain, misery and death. Unproductive and unnatural. When our union with God becomes immediate and conversant. Your denied “deferred” relationship with God will change preswently postponed. Your divine being no longer expressed through available sin validation. Original sin not that original.  And redeemed as forgiven. The change? The life acquired awe is between you and God. Well....Words response yield to music's song Cosmic parallel: Presently we have to separate Heaven from our earthly presence. Giving value credence to a manufactured active purgatory. Sustaining a value culture through sin's opportunity. And encouraged redundant forgiveness that validates transgression.  Presently spiritual irony sustained through death relevant exclusionary religions. Earth peoples religions “tentatively” prefer God through death. Less the gift joy's living offered. Not surprisingly we often create the need for our own prayers. Impatient prayers we presume God's ignorance. Lovely the gentle Rabbi's non linear offering. “Prayers aren't answered. They are the answer.” May we politely inquire? What prayer's re guest not born from life constructively denied. The Eternal non-linearly successfully delayed. Deferred.  We continue. Seeking, evolving. God assisted: A self denying acquired “protected” need that is choice fundamental to your own temporary culture: Heaven is timeless. We exist deny “delay” Creation functional ideal through self defining time. Explaining also why we must die, our lives come to a life God denying end before we can engage the God intended material ideal of self. The Eternal actively God shared you. Curious involuntary smiles Creation’s witness. Whispering offers melody: God predates the planet earth. The same ourselves. God's intent before your parents gentle nocturnal touch. Procreation's smile. We are the God attending immaculate preconception of ourselves. Their is the Cosmic God. And the earth peoples brave-waiting compliance. Consternation. The hydrogen bomb has made neighbors of us all. Together we gather the future forever. Appreciating prayer's song. We must yield the Eternal self. Before forming union with the desperate way, extinction's thorn. We are not alone. Miracle's soliciting kindred companion.

Inviting a smile's consent. Several month's past ago, familiar as now, a nice and lovely lady named Mary at Church discussion expressed concern about hell's unwelcome residency. Trying to befriend the silence “I” suggested. “Wouldn't it be interesting if someone went to hell and they were disappointed.” The silenced breathed its purpose. Subsequently politely wondering. Shouldn't good Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus and Buddhists go to hell. Where they are the most do the most good. Where they are the most needed. Shouldn't bad Christians, Jews. Muslims. Hindus and Buddhists go to Heaven where they can recover from their troubled choices that we might all better thrive.

Another inclusive, not time exclusionary, perception will be helpful. (Acknowledging these conceptions whatever their application are as much yours in the sharing as our in accompanied realization. Thus expression. The same application otherwise linear dysfunction affects). One share not less the other.  Hope's purpose we continue: Appreciating linearly instructed mathematicians offer there are no straight lines in the Universe that are intrinsic to the Universe.  A straight line event we agree evolves from one localized a beginning point separating to another event juncture, a secondary end point. In acquired perceptual consensus therefore practice. Yet the Universe is endless. Inclusion can not be creatively separated from its own origin, less source intent. Logic life invites the offer. “The Universe is not linear.” Logic's experience concurs. Meaning that the Universe can not be separated from itself less the separations opportunity. The after life nurtures. Unavailable. Ourselves alive Eternally denied. We insist. Persist less our God intended selves. We wait our disguise, death, dying's instruction. Thus we engage Creation less ourselves God deferred.  Not surprisingly as a baby born child your body was non linear. (Remains Eternally non linearly as individually-collectively). Your non- linear body esteemed as devalued. Denied undeniably amidst the Cosmic well spring, denied. As such devaluing inconsistency defines. Infinity denied denies infinity. Yet presently from our linearily temporal perception this Cosmic breach is also incomplete. Certainoly in consequence, application. Inviting speculations awe, imaginations attendance. Providing perceptions endless errors. We approach applicable perceptions less incomplete: Our height and weight. Spherical inch accomadating gravities spinning pound? What you owe the bank. The hockey game. Your next indecision. Prayer's symmetry. Your next kiss. Friends, family, societies weighty wordy offer. Much more than your time's burden. Word's chore. And the limits of your assigned intelligence. Intentionally yoour Creation's reality. Your Cosmic body can not be separated from itself and still functions as God intended. (Yet what is death we pray to ask?) Unaware once conceived to time affect your non linear Eternal status yields to linear irony dysfunction. Unresolved death through ill tempered dying becomes your vessel. You are born a God bequeathed divinely intended Eternal being. Until you are introduced into a time encrusted culture. Frivolous incomplete encouraged reality. Through time effect the “endless” all inclusive non linear Eternal self is surrendered to a subjective God and self denying linear reality. Our ambivalent existence discretion shared inadequacy. (Cosmic seed awareness surrendered). Precarious. Your most compelling valued resistance death's validation-organic fiction dysfunctional dying. Creation's harvest the earth people’s strangest sharing. Profiting from the death misery of others. While investing in your own evolving demise. (Consider the Linearly assigned application). Insurance companies value injury, disease and technological designed deficiency. Medical networks sustain the opposing redundant dichotomy of disease and inconsistent cure both inadequate conditions sustained through death while dying. No wonder hospital parking lots are always full. Appreciating with emphasis please these are linear denial affects of the inherently preferred non linear Cosmic ideal. Not unreasonable in the extreme, likely as evolving “separate” bordered conflicted beings we had to gradually make harvest of our linear inadequacy before we could amend ours self to the God intended non linear Eternal ideal. We are not bad. Creation's credible, the approaching incredible

We are informed that much of the Universe is dark matter. Dark matter, energy? The nice and bold individuals at NASA define dark matter, as the absence of frequency.” Revisiting the nice pleasantly available folks sustaining, “The American Heritage Dictionary.” The definition of frequency. “The number of times a specified phenomena occurs within a specified interval.” Sequential events realize through sequential “separated-separate” within an interval. Back to time dislocation inadequacy. Yet minimizing dislocation to an interval. While maintaining linear frequency influenced” derived”  through perceptual flaw further distorted by application. (Frequency “motion” examined through Sir Issac Newton's 3 laws of motion). Clarified by corollary offered insights. Non linear frequency. Presently not our facility. Not through time based technology. Nor self imposed organic limitations. Relevant to passion dark matter verses Light formulation. What term locations wait our eager disposition. Reverse the same. We will revisit, dark matter, frequency, worm holes and gravity's sway.

An enduring abbreviation, reflective example: Relevant to the current disease model. Resolved to the non linear intent. As noted disease is relevant to its desired cure. Both condition activities in oppositional inconsistency. Both cure and disease are essentially problematic-sustained as noted through death raveled and resolved through dysfunctional dying. Again death precipitated through prolonged time insinuated dying. Avoidable, unnatural unnecessary dying. Inconsistent cure also is time based. Not all cures are effective. Cures can be punishing. And damaging. Death disparity defines both conditions cure and disease. Life long anticipations fear sustains deficiency. In time immediate several weeks of radiation. Several days to resolve a presumed virus. Clearly this is a time based linear dynamic. Preferred through avoidance. Linear displacement invariably is realized through cause and effect. Given the impositions of time cause and “defect” offers further insight. Inviting histories eager companionship. During and after the end of the unhappy Civil War many thousands of soldiers were hospitalized in the 19th Century equivalent of mental hospitals. Spiritually broken often young men. Crippled. Memories suffering. Prisoner of war. And life. Friends always unexpectedly lost to death. And life to living. Examining progress's invalidating hesitation. And promise. Most of the medical records indicate the gentle well intentioned doctors attributed the soldiers need for help, “to excessive masturbation.” Today’s treatments scalpels, radiation, chemicals, unresolved paralysis, psychosis and comas, tomorrows polite embarrassments. Interestingly over the many years we are discussing the same organic non-linear human body. From near inception receptive to non linear remedy. Similarly dream's, music, spontaneous remission, answered prayer. The non linear body “hold's” the answers denied as linear questions. The linear organic inconsistency resolved through dieing inadequacy. And your death intentioned self...

Allowing desire's breathe Eternal: If a presumed disease were engaged non linearly result and process resolve time dysfunctions. Disease opposition to cure. Death through dieing. Time incremental treatments. Which concurrently carry over to cure. The one non linear condition activity that is compatible with a linear material uncertain event is event sympathetic-absolving sound. Sound is ageless. Sound idealized as music is the only experience we assimilate without time. Appreciation response requires no linear instruction. Relevant revealing sounds greeted by polite self affirming silence. Babies will respond to music before the learn a linear language. “The hills are alive with the sound of music.” When we identify your DNA sound, accomplished by a nice Asian biologist in 1987 at MIT, we will be able to identify an “irregular” sound presence. Again non linear sound is ageless, not realized through time deficiency... compatible with the infinite Eternal. A presence condition not sustained through value loss. Beethoven's 5th symphony ain’t got no wrinkles. (A sound event that enema ted from the nice and bold composers non linear body). A symphony “written” during non linear silence; a status condition compatible non linear memory, Eternal memory. Availing the unforgettable soundings. Considering: If you were experiencing this symphony for the first time and a series of notes were interjected from “you ain't nothen but a hound dog” the disparity would be intuitively apparent. (Reverse dynamic the same). Suggesting resolution to origin before disease status inception. Reforming through sound intervention is ideal to form status intent. During a spin spheroid event origin and source are the before and after of a time displacing condition event. Similarly engaging the dynamic of coincidence, presumed luck, forgetting, dying, prayer, meditation. (Concurrent language symmetry interaction). Not to suggest a consistency of perfection. But relation to this symmetry and other insights death and death related activities become remedial. Friend not foe. A continuity. An expressible time convergence of self. What is nonlinear sound, suggestive of music, even in the current ideal delayed. Eternally incomplete. Sounds of sound's images. All senses all. Actualized through non linear intelligence, the Cosmic sharing. Concurrent spasm intuition. And non- linear technology not inhibited by depletion commerce. Noting with anguished evolving anticipation, there is no death futilities cessation. But there is extinction. The end of life. And the death of death. “The day the music died.” The time of now is forever. Planetary nest. Cosmic grave yard. Choice...yours

No ones grave mourns Eternity? For thousands of years human beings have lived the troubled reality we created. Lives of loss, pain and tragedy during immediate, the cautioned “brave” anticipation of ourselves. Success secured through failure often the argument to our own potential. Frequently suffering loss not through misjudgment, but life's acquired futility.  People's impoverished life, unexpected disease, slavery, economic turmoil, earthquakes. And machine trauma, sinking ships, car accidents. And always the wars. But we learned. And made good of opportunity.  Our daily chore, hope’s witness life improved for many. Still we continue to suffer. Approaching the near distant enlightened ideal of self as the darkness hastens. Soldiers terrorists all their weapons scream. Babies starve in their hungry parents arms, diseases distract death to life, global warming scientists sponsor. Fear consumes direction's hope. Exclusionary Holy Temples alienate God, governments elicit despair they cause. Nuclear weapons. Ourselves. What prayer's response accordingly seeds?

What intended remains. Must we draw wound to pain that suffering be not. We know what is good. We know what is bad. We prefer good. Appreciating we whisper there is no community of self but self. A slave can choose to pray for his lost masters deliverance. Sing dream and escape. A soldiers only weapon is choice. Hunger invites companionship. Bankers thrift Gardner’s flower. Prisoner scholar. Dreamer's dream. We are each the source of our own accompanied reality.  Patiently God accompanied. Non linearily attended unknowingly aware beyond comprehensions query.

What of time's affect individually defines our choice. By what timely deficiency do we individually prevail? What material coercion defines. Deficient love of others. Inadequacies resentment. Uncertainty threatened. Disintegration's profit, whose foreclosure, designed bankruptcy, citizen financing weaponry. Killing. Which temporal inadequacy do we agreeably share? God's children soldier's cemetery parents consent. Imprisonment spatial enslavement, shared angst, our prisons our lives. Disease's assignment better derives dying thirst. What individual timely tool do you prefer? Exclusionary use of others. Displacement’s alienation. Machine force. Investments risk profit's inadequacy. Do we understand? Inby time we have created a reality we value less value's worth. What is your denying preference? What skills of self? Does your success burden others? Your tax dollars scar Creation? Do your answers add burden to whose questions? Futility? Cheers? We approve what the Cosmos disproves. God? By what reading's effort do you derive? Flattering consent? Deed's opportunity. All answer's guest ions less temporary than answer’s response? Consensus more less the same. Please tenderly appreciate these words do not harvest angry protest, but histories sad telling. Know the flower claim the thorn.

What neighbors labor hastens our witness? God Creation determined individuals. The aspiring good of a coach, a bartender, taxi driver, a friend. Your preferred self. Time's dark encouraged opportunity politely denied to by your better self born to God's intended Creation. Good of Eternal glory endlessly gathering. Historically what non linear Eternally disposed individuals account God not less Creation. Deed's daily chores consistently pursued. Bravely love bold be true. God determined aware. Unrelenting hope and perspiration. Individuals through choice persistent reclaimed their non- linear Eternal birthright. Often wandering God's claim alone. Asking questions seeking answers. Least time distracted. Wandering, seeking, yearning Creation’s guideposts. Not institutionally bequeathed. Well loved of word less conversation’s shuffle. And exchange. Consistently good deed's love esteemed. Delivering God to life less dying's hesitation. Hungry sharing with the poor. Not forgetting charity for the rich. Walking with the blind God's vision. Nothing of gold's reflection. And caviar esteemed. The equal of a pair of sandles. And a destination. Hope's distress suffered. Not delegated. No violence. Enemy loved God delivered. Joy full consistency seeking completion. Deficiency esteemed opportunity. Non- linear beings gently love acclaimed all. Creation's environment embraced. Thus gently amended God's delivery. Healings, miracles, deed's unforgettable words: Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, Mother Teresa. Your tomorrow's self. Miracle sought you are, born God delivered. Born spirit’s seed we continue to learn. You can't have an enemy without being one. Non violence? If a neighbor indisposed strikes me on the head. And “I” do not violently respond. Non violence acknowledged. Esteemed? Yet violence bleeding testifies. Better not to behave in a manner that encourages the unhappy violence of others. And if the lost neighbor violently approaches. Jump in front of the son of two parents. Embrace your impatient friend and hope neither of you has fleas. Meaning no effort is perfect. Effort is purpose. Karma's menu feeds. Also why should the little cousin's God appointed journey be disturbed. Not that difficult. Be polite and all Eternal will come. Already evident less our disguise. Our disguise. Not Creation's...

Time's many words we've discussed. Creation's intended life implores the distinction between the linear self and the non-linear self. The linear self daily you know. And the Eternal non- linear self? What garden's seed flower's Cosmic opportunity. God sponsored born Eternal. Denied by time's unknowing design. Now you know now we are, approaching, the non linear self. Alert less limitations haste. Memory forgotten attends. God's Eternal memory incomplete. Distracted and deferred. We are assigned a static intelligence that predates our birth. Redeeming while validating a disposable culture. We presently rely on less than 10 percent of our “potential” designated intelligence capacity. Actually linear denied life reverently testifies, a lot less. Language deceives, life denies. The many violence. The many hungers. Linear uncertain language deceptively further explains our wit's turmoil. Our dying life's death forlorn reward, follows. Suffering's unnatural. Not necessary. Thus lovers source unforgiven we introduce ourselves. We ask as prayers seek. What is the nature of non linear intelligence? Expressed less forgettable word's delivery. Received less caution's disregard?

When non-linear choice allows applications shared sustenance we reclaim the Cosmic origin source of self. YOur Cosmic Eternal root. Your attended beyond your acquired-assigned limitations. No essential irony compels direction. Eloquent beyond the space time organic temporal dislocation of self. You are intended. Interrupted

New language of being. Concurrently enthused by reciprocal non linear technology. And inclusive commerce. Time no longer claims life death's bargain. Non linear medicine confirms. And of word and wit, we begin waiting we started. Cosmic non linear residency unfold. Gradually beautifully.

Apparent events we previously could not create. Once marginally evident not able to sustain. Events, Cosmic occurrences that are not time current, timeless. Non-linear, spontaneous. Events that do not allude nor sustain existing knowledge. Cosmic utterance that briefly and presumably randomly only affect one person when an individual is less time distracted, unscripted events that are not precipitated through linear language and linear intelligence. Occurrences timelessly Eternal. We know vaguely as silence knows song: Luck, coincidence, prayer's answer less prayer’s pain therefore the fuller prayer, precognition, intuition, twin tuition, forgetting, laughing, clairvoyance, your birth, your death, remission, spontaneous remission, yoour birth self, your acquired death self assimilated, carnational flutter. Consider patiently these event conditions, Cosmic resident non linear activities to be the new language of Creation's being. Wondrous gardens nurturing suggested “briefly” by the ageless sound of music references seeking, “music of the spheres,” super position, harmonic convergence, karma, state of grace, Nirvana, the unresolved after life. Singing, smiling, dancing and laughing again. Hoping, praying and wondering. Of course we could still use words, less the apologies suffering. How is Creation's Eternal curtain opened. Answer not questions birth. Eternally a non linear choice avails not one less the other. Love's re guest response the same. Creation's source compliments the origin of self. Much of awe reveals beyond comprehensions sway.

As there is the darkness, there is the Light. The Light occurrent witness yiour labor you know. Please appreciate there is no “dark” Cosmic menace. All is Light Eternal, the darkness the Light denied. Time's caution, time's instruction. Each time dark event impending an opportunity to reclaim the Light. Non linear imperceptible awe. Clearly includes yourself. Endless echo assimilating. Refining infinite Eternal. Sin's apology forgiven validates value loss. Why such not such suggests. Ask God? We continue: Dark events: Opposite, dissimilarity uncertain, anguished. Time bequeathed are you surprised? And exciting of potential. Dark events unlike Light events can be recurrent, they can affect one person or several, dark events are not spontaneous but occur through choice linear time based events, that allude to and are perpetuated by linear knowledge, unlike Light Eternal are perpetuated by institutions. Prolonged linear events like war, hunger, dying, linear technology and commerce, death profit and death provocation. Dark events implore the Light your choice. Otherwise reveal and validate endings timely angst, gathering despair. Misery beneficent as shared profit. Intriguingly planetary friend and neighbor are consequent and sustained through linear choice. Linear choice centers self. Non linear choice centers God the near all of self. Not one less the other. Life and death one seed. River, mouse, child, tomorrow's shade, Creation's guide. Unless otherwise you instruct. Soldier, saint, beggar, banker not the same. And the same Eternal opportunity. All be so is as so and as such is so. What greetings kiss the same, once again, through choice any darkening concurrences can be redeemed to the Light, our breathe. One smile, an idea, and embrace, a plan, your shared preference and the years of darkness can reclaim the light. Yourself Eternal deliberate the same. Briefly briefly not. Eternally we begin. The new language being of self. Be polite Eternally you approach.

Example relevant to commerce: Practical dream's allowance. Linear depletion commerce verses non linear affirming commerce. Facilitating a multi faceted cultural planetary shift. Correct me if “I'm” wrong. Preferably if (I'm) right. Dynamics beyond contrast assimilation inconsistency. In a non linear culture all is relevant and revealing. Error directs. Not denies. All bad is good unresolved. Consider: Five thousand young human beings, join in common purpose, each taking a mutually shared insurance policy. Term life perspective. Nine dollars a month provides a million in converge. When these individual, 22,000 through marriage-remarriage and children, will have assets in excess of two-three billion dollars. Substantially more through corollary affect. Presently the United States of America spend more on their prisons than their educational systems. (A sad and extreme example of time depletion). If the shared “mutual insurance covenant” is introduced prison will become self supporting. (Sadly 100,000 men, women and children will die in American prisons in the next ten years). Through this dynamic affect prisoner will be able to send money resources to their families. The continued family bond requiring less welfare assistance. Prison partners will be released from their home detention with several thousand discretionary dollars held in an escrow account with their parole partners. The staff managing the detention home can also jo9in the insurance covenant. (Noting in 1994 prison employment generated 1.13 billion dollars). If less than one percent of manufacturing options presently sent over seas were assigned to detention centers financing the insurance portfolio becomes feasible. This non linear dynamic can be globally engaged for detention, refugee centers. And charitable enterprises. Altruistic government government programs like social security can be similarly invigorated. Lessening tax burden. And likely currency valuation will evolve in the near short term to the positive. One dollar becomes worth a dollar fifty. (Current linear valuation (ie) the 1965 dollar value effect is now worth 15 cents, an 80% percent loss of value consequence).  Individual, corporate and government economies become more organic. Much less influenced by psychological impulses resultant from global forces that are difficult to asses. More difficult to influence. Forces that include weather patterns, earth quakes, floods. Currency manipulation. Uncertain energy resources. Planet exclusionary designed event activity initiated by governments and corporations. Often engendering military effect. (Governments, military and corporations are tine deficient convergent in the extreme. Futility, spiritual-material deficiency and loss of life become integral to intent. Also active military prerogatives (ie) sustained war events. Spiritually materially emotionally depleting in duration. And preparation. There have been 250 major wars on this planet since WW11. Between 1950 and 1968 twelve hundred serious accidents involving nuclear weapons. Oh our God. Creation decries destruction.

Acknowledging us. We are in the ways sad joyously invited to join the collective will. Mother, father, child, citizen, astronaut, homeless aspirant, hunter and prey. Penguin,  messiah, cancer survivor. Alone we acknowledge our lost companions. Life deed's dying we prevail. Praying watching the trees. Blaming global warming on the squirrels. We do and don't promising to. Much of life's identity we are. Aware unaware seed the same. Tricksters and fixers. By one destination we clumsily arrive. Yep you got it, time. As such we are as not. Preferred denied. Approaching words lesser disguise. Born Eternal otherwise assigned. What words speak beckoning unknowing sounds.  Dreaming awake God intended. Running, crawling climbing a tree. Self per5ceptions choice. Before tentative fraternity, condemns, applauds, defines. Yes is no may be isn't your trumpet plays. All words silence speaks. Your arrival. Prayer's listen who speaks. You are a self limiting assigned an intelligence not your own. You don't have to bring the damn thing home. Another word for autistic smart. Another word for hello. Goodbye. Soldier less soldier more. Another word's delivery for schizophrenia, opportunity. Begin with a good laugh. There is no ensuing value but love. Guided disguised as pain. Innocent or guilty. Shadows without shade. No prison consents. Divorced? You must have been married. Creation congratulates. We apologize. We dream. And reconsider. Yes let's begin another paragraph. Look for the flower we missed, the uninterrupted life. Welcoming the Eternal planet earth.

Reaching for now. Individual’s assembly. Tomorrow's sphere. We agree. Disagree. Ourselves the neighbor you know.  No critique melodies serenade. Fatigue strains hope's anticipation. Let' s excuse the darkness service rendered. Greet Light's intent, the non linear articulate self. Another word for non-linear? What's your name. A different individual the same. Not the same different neighborhood. Born Eternal not denied. We continue with language. One of several. Your inclusive intelligence encouraged not assessed. An awareness not complimentary to a life commerce based on risk cautioned through loss. A disposable technology depletion events. Non linear unions, Eternal bonding. Thrifts intelligence nurtured as event. Opportunity aides politely directs. Like ocean's waves swimming return us to ashore. Non linear psychic embrace. Two meditate not less the space of one. The same creating an opportunity, thinking and wondering we like to say, working together. Two doors not less the same entry. Like two buddies rowing the same boat. The porpoise greets. Three smiles acknowledge. Now what language Creation's engagement. Once uncommon uncertainties precognition. Now intuitions how do we do. We are told agreeing we prove humans in their ideal use much less of their intended intelligence capacity. Misuse? What song's wit delivers that does not effort's lyrics. What word's intelligence creates biological weapons? What education derives. Tomorrows prison not prison at all. What being we are. Being we are not. Praying gratitude. Not forlorn. Prayer's answer we respond. “Thank you.” God seeking sought. Your love's hands well shared. We continue Cosmic neighbors: What medicine's healing cure less disease's instruction. What death not dying's assembly. Our incomplete story not the end. What war not a war. You can't devalue another without devaluing God. Thus Creation. Accordingly yourself. Garden misunderstood. Soldiers risking life to end life. Cheers, parades and gleeful tears. Creation's pall bearers. Planet earth Noah's Arc. Remembering's melody from the flower children. “What if they gave a war and nobody came.” Over the man many years ago now words and deeds gathered as delivered. Remember Jesus know yourself. Buddha smiles. Mohammed abides. Mother Teresa labor's love. They spoke themselves no great miracle rehearsed. Words deed's you know. Enlightened yourself reminded.

We emerge exhausted by our success. Alert well intentioned being, persistent. Boldly exhausted of purpose arrived. Better attendant to enlightened self, tree, glacier and mouse. God's Galaxies direct. Well into the future we approach the year 2015. Each being Eternal assembly. Parent's seed the stars an ocean. No witness condemns less witness denies. Your divinity God's eloquence. Lamentations limitation's none. And many. Design intent, choice....I pray we listen I am....Please turn around. And revisit that garden's words once again....I pray we listen I am....The same deed's chore, dreams instruction, ocean's picnic, God's baby cow's Creations first walk. All selves the same. Skin, waterfall and foliage. God derive. Opportunity otherwise? Approaching now. Our divine application. Wars success. Success not. Hope's surmise, alive. Today's flower yesterdays apology? Time's parade cautious charade. Hell retired. Heaven preferred. Galactic abidance.


                    These perceptions avail a clearer comprehension of God. Self. And Creation. An active awareness offering an intimate-immediate union with God on the Planet Earth. And the Cosmos. Changing our personal relationship with Creation. Ourselves and each other. Emergent new reality. Reclaiming Revelations: God Creation revealed by your gentle caress. No final words instruct less tomorrow's flowers, the humming birds and our children's dreams. The galaxies beckon
We begin: The Universe logic's perception compels is timeless. Therefore Eternal. Meaning without end. Timeless Eternal human beings have chosen to live through an invented idea called time. Time is a contrived condition activity whereby everyth9ing in time ends, unnaturally. Endless Eternal “timely” humans invested in distressed endings live conflicted with the “endless” Eternal self. A miscalculation we impose on Creation's environment. Delaying God union to an after life. Denying God's gift of life to futility. Abuse, violence, apology. And hope. And prayer. Irony sustains decency, beauty incomplete. Cautioned opportunity. Inadequately sustained as your choice invites.
When born we have no relationship with time. We are born “endless” Eternal beings. God anointed, bequeathed. Awaiting Cosmic “non-linear” validation. Applying our timely instructions we become non Eternal beings. We unknowingly consent to our lives through dying's continuous burden. (We impose our non- Eternal reality on all Creation). Accordingly we further experience God less the intended Eternal self.  Human beings perceptual error denies our active God conversant union, availing glimpse. Abstaining-offering our God appointed potential. We suffer well our success unto Creation, preferring considered love to misery. Religiously resisting God until the after life. We pray is all God intended? We can not know all less tomorrow's thirst. God’s plan for us a response?
Unaware of their miscalculation non-Eternal humans suffer unnecessarily their Cosmic dislocation. The earth people accept their uncertain agony as God intended. A life defined through sustained dying's endings from which we profit. Christians yearning “Revelation's” destruction our emancipation. The violence. The hungers....We unknowingly claim an inept God our disappointment. Thus we seed original sin. Love essentially through forgiveness. Many exclusionary religions one God. We deny our divine birthright, our shared Cosmic seed through unknowing instruction, delaying your divine active Godsoulprint to an after life. Devaluing life God's gift. Many caution a wrathful God. Suffer hell our manufacture. Not realizing times depleting error...                 
Our self designed temporal existence denies “God” our timeless benefactor. Time is experienced through uncertainty and failure, preferably the failure of others. And our tentative life's realized through dying. Thus we have to separate the Eternal timeless Heaven from our time denied planetary existence. Explaining why our lives must continuously end before we can engage the immediate God. Seeking an after life not this life. Without fear. Apology. And endless explanations.
The immediate Eternal self abides, a New Creation, our life's skills finally divinely attended. Answered prayers speak. Spontaneous remissions evoke. Conversant intuition. Miracles eager attendance. Clairvoyance and coincidence guide. Love reciprocally nurtures without apology. Non linear commerce, non depletion technology. Life compels less death's instruction...
Divine seed nurtures less follies awareness. These words truer bearing certainly by your kindly cont4emplation. And love's agreeable demonstrations. Otherwise caution's inept redundancy thrives. Do you agree? Krishna. Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, Mother Teresa, others, yourself on your best days sustaining “nurturing” Eternal non linear identity. Otherwise agreeable neighbors enlightened as denied. Prayer's need prayer's guide. These God peaceful, life ecstatic determined individuals. Labor's persistent choice. God amended. God attended. Eternally distracted wandering peacefully seeking God love's sharing words. Unmotivated by wealth, encouraged linear opportunities. Not violently distracted. Available to the non linear Eternal awe. Similarly Creation's nature. Their Eternal union with Creation's environment, healings, miracles, wonderful God assisted thoughts. Accordingly nurturing your witness. Through their efforts choice life and death God amended. Please consider: These insights see3d choice. We can have an immediate “beneficent” relationship with God. And Creation. And live a life divine. Or spend your life delaying God fraternity. Denying our Eternally articulate self. Denying Heaven our residency. Preferring a God exclusionary reality. The current place of being that values non Eternal anguish over God's engaging Eternal presence. Surrendering God's gift of life to our unhappy choices. (Your existence encouraged by time's depleting anxieties). Waiting for God afraid of death unnecessarily dying while we recover from our non Eternal encrusted labor. Appreciating our efforts gentler awe, the nice-insightful Kathy Bell observes possibly one reason time became manifest, time was the best we could do given our limitations to perceive and experience the Eternal. Our beginning's desperate beautiful labor. Needless unnatural deprivations. Thus we thrive lost brave of prayer's opportunity, divine echo's despair. Approaching who we are, our God effective selves.
All of life Creation expressed through linear timely language we deceptively reveal to ourselves. Events that are Incomplete and uncertain. Life sustained through denial. An existence revealed through language that lo allows for deception. Violence can be initiated-sustained through language. The 6500 exclusionary languages on this planet are subjective.  Ones love is anothers fear. The earth peoples languages are limited to their species. Heavens afterlife defers sound to unresolved silence. Yet dance and joy can claim language their benefactor. And love. Dreams welcome words their explanation. Mom Dad children's account attends life's oracle. Cautious words report death's approach. And announce an Eternal birth. All words assembly begin “end” in silence.  Are silently esteemed. All revealed in time, except time, exists in opposition to itself. Cure shadows disease. Life frequents death. Right excuses wrong. Divorce flatters marriage. Heaven conceals hells attendance. And all in opposition delivers through durations ambiguous temporary invalidation. Furthermore sometimes less each event music, dance, right, wrong, death, life are incomplete in deliveries intention. Reinforced by apology. Irony, denial, anguish, caution and dying's profit explainable. One sentence explains the earth people's Creations defect. The timeless Universe is Eternally endless. All manifested through time ends. What hopes purpose misery subscribes. What life's witness laughter testifies. Reverence caution the whisper breathes. How can any God Eternal event end in an endless Universe. The answer hides the question. Inquiry where all events happily reside until response denies. Prayers explain. Machines assert. And terrorize. We forgive love life's fruit. We are non Eternally replete. Resolved by death. Cautioned by dying. Yet....
Much of wrong becomes right. And the fullness of right esteemed can mellow into futility. True speech can know as many words as good intentions promise.  Accordingly is it not best to leave Creation's seeds to their own instruction. And expression to it's own disguise. The holiest words (“I” know are (I) don't know. God knows). Wrong proves the possibility of temporary correctness. Abstention confides. When we hide we know where to look? The shadows speak, light’s motion has sound. Non linear uninterrupted sound is ageless. Now we approach. Motion all has intent. Intent reveals origin's source. And source origin's awareness God. Unless you prefer realities auction.
Dr. Edward Bono, a nice-bold research in the 1960's, writes about lateral thinking, conventional or vertical thinking. And non linear thinking. “Non linear thinking would be intellectually revolutionary, but such thinking does not have the intent, capacity or capability to formalize concepts as process.”  The flowers mystery the seeds refrain. Linear timely language delivers less the ideal of thought. Linearity is functionally exclusionary. Non linearity inclusionary. Once non linear flow absolves time the infinite non linear Eternally avails. Slowly now the curtain opens. Awe greets our absence. Heaven our omission. Creation our truancy. Truth begs attendance. We continue children brave of God purpose. Teacher, soldier, flower, porpoise alike...
Let's please invite a few insights and additional definitions: (Linear). “Not denoting, involving or arranging in a straight line.” A linear event? One juncture through separation leads uncertainly to another juncture. Not surprisingly the nice explorer scholars offer. “One of the greatest difficulties of a non linear problem is it's not generally possible to combine known solutions into new solutions.” Yes is no and maybe isn't...our time's material displacement persists denying Creation's fullest offer. Resisting God to an after life that denies God's Creation thus ours lives.
The Universe is timeless the earth people live in self denying time.. Events realized through incremental language are devalued by time. This unconscious “acquired” paradox is currently distorted through exclusionary assigned linearly static intelligence. Time dysfunctional distortion further exaggerated through linear depletion “disposable” technology. And risk deficiency based commerce. Spiritually our Eternal births are endorsed by dieing. And after life less God's gift of life. An uncertain life revealed through death's undesirable cessation. Acknowledging the excluding disparity between death and dying. Dieing actualized in linear time non Eternal. Death in timelessness Eternally unfolds. (One excludes. The other includes). Death promises. Dieing forgives.  Remembering ideally we forget. The Universe is Eternally endless. All events realized through time end less their beginning. Curious do you agree? There is time linear duration endings whereby loosing value sustains until all utility and direction is lost. Value gained through value lost. And timeless non linear duration whereby all materiality reveals the endless Eternal. (No endings thrive once begun). Creations planet earth Eternally articulate, preferentially denied. By our prayerful deliberations. Chewing gum, exclusionary abortions and explosives. Not to worry even in a non linear culture you can still arrive late to your final exam. Revert to essential time irony. (Though finality devaluation is redefined, if you don't mind).
Our gently learned benefactors continue their offer. “Conventional-vertical thinking moves only if there is direction.” Approaching preferred inclusion. “In lateral thinking the thought process moves in order to generate direction.” For those preferring science to rehearsal. “In physics and other sciences a non linear system, in contrast to a linear system, the output of a non linear system is not directly proportional to the input.” Indirectly proportional? When proportionately explains differential increment, chronology. Addition forgives subtraction divisions menu? Proportionality subsists dysfunctional inconsistency. Ironically resolved through complete loss of purpose or direction. And continuous disposable redundancy. We continue to get it right because we can't. More not less. Less not more than loess. More or less. Excuse me I didn't mean to burp. Directional cause and linear effect represses the non linear ideal. The flower does not exist by our witness. Nor is our insult the only evidence of its seed. Complete loss of purpose and direction is sponsored our perceptual forfeiture. Yearning we approach origin-source event Eternal assimilation. Ourselves.
Insights endure availing clarity. Approaching undeniable inclusion. Right nudges wrong politely. Unless wrong was rightfully misunderstood initially. Again invalidation. The disposable, temporary cure excludes disease. Cure revealed essentially though disease. Both conditions dying claims. Death absolves beyond expressible comprehension. Opportunity hastens all. Conception your birth. Death conception the same. And more less deficiencies shadow. All life gathered absolving life's retraction. Disapproval if you prefer? The non linear resurgence, death, includes the ones left behind. Concurrent memories less our interruption. Dreams, ghosts, miracles, uncooperative hallucinations. Can't say that saying hears. Luck, coincidence, healing, the miracle again. Not our life's distracted delivery. Whose? Whence? Where? Somewhere. We're not alone just because we're together. Give God some credit.
Interestingly our nice scholar companions offer. “Non linear skills reguire lesser skills. And it is assumed with self training can be a basic tool available to all within the majority.” Perceiving do you agree? When we are not linearly distracted non linear concurrence ascribes. Sleeping less times instruction we dream. Examples follow Creation’s garden flows: Least time distracted “guiding” events neither created nor presently sustained. Brief until time defers. Non linear occurrences: Spontaneous remission, luck, precognition, intuition. Your self unsolicited birth. An assimilating activity event that predates the material inception of the planet earth. Your endless death. Yourself uninterrupted. Static linear intelligence assigned in time does not interfere “your” creativity. Creativity spontaneous enlightenment. Evident expressible in the silence. Writing of a poem, sculpting, peering into an electron microscope. The kiss, embrace, coupling, dream's rendition. Silence Eternally esteemed until interrupted. Results linearly gathered while timely displaced. The silence and the light are two condition activities that are functionally compatible with the infinite Eternal. All inclusive. Un- bordered. Unordered. Until harnessed to our advantage. Noise, broken toys, wars and funerals undeniably organized by the living. While denied...
Irony agony “choice” authentically redelivered non linearly through sleep's consensus, meditation mediation, prayer, dance, music, vodka, laughter, death while dying. And the after life residing across the uncharted streeet.  These event occurrences are linearly assumed as the uncertain, unresolved self. Unresolved conscious self. And introduced into a deficient culture. (Resolution). Cosmic glimpses beckon. Considering events “perceptions” and skills not created in time, not maintained by inadequate linear effort, not represented (recorded)- expressible through developed linearly unresolvable knowledge. Accrued linear ineptitude “thought” manifested as perceptual inertia. Engaging thriving ambiguity. Marginalized “denied” incomplete inception events. Examples half life regression (one way in a two way street). Death instructed conceptions, answered prayers waiting; luck Cosmic interventions tease, conversant intuition, forgetting, dream allegory, inter stellar dislocation, spherical concurrent intelligence, spontaneous remission, concurrent gravity, reciprocal meditation-mediation, linear memory resolution (clairvoyance preconception). These non linear events do not exclude language, but are excluded by language. And represent a new language “perceivable” applicable formulation. The concept experience of expert and knowledge undergo several transitions. Non linearly fields of knowledge and their adherents become interdependent, overlapping concurrence. More so when linearly assigned intelligence is non linearly actualized. Realized with the individual of self, others in common purpose and the active intuitive elements of the field events themselves. Consider current “temporary” memory application in a computer, information events occur in exclusion of all other information events. Affected through linear frequency ie speed dislocation. A non linear computer includes the functional memory, dna memory, of the individual. Consider a computer, relocation vehicles or an idea realized within the schematic of the morpgenetic field. An acoustic spheroid- non linear effect that include technology, commerce, spirituality. Human spiritual life.
Again perceptions gaze. Accrued knowledge summons directions gifts. Listing types of non linear behaviors. Realized “examined” through time deficiency ie accordingly incomplete.
...Classical chaos. “The behavior of a system can not be predicted.” (Chaos is unresolved inconsistency validated revealed “potential” through invalidation).
...Multistability. “Alternating between two or more exclusive states.”  (Functional linearily essential exclusion endorsed by sequential language, exaggerated by depletion technology).
...Aperiodic oscillator. “Functions that can not repeat values after some period. (Chaotic oscillations). (All material time events rely on repetition while eventually progressive value loss in complete  “perceivable” loss of value direction.”
...Amplitude death. “Any oscillations present cease due to some kind of interaction with other systems or feedback by the same system.” (Inherent in all time material events is the unnecessary loss of utility. Singularly or collectively. The loss is only perceptual. The linearly denied is non linearly undeniable). You can't lose what you don't have. But you can be affected by it. Example Dreams active symmetry realized after waking. Disease anticipation. Offered death assumption. Intentionally validate “remember” by forgetting. No cemetery Eternity frequents, except by our self attendance. Unknowingly derived. Futility, death cessation, irony, the happy unhappy rest, a heroic attempt to resolve linear clumsiness to the non linear ideal. Also failure, dying, invalidation, inconsistency, redundancy.
Currently memory status is a much fractured allegory. Memory like all else is non linearilyEternal.  All inclusive Eternally resplendent memory the earth people displace in time. We limit ourselves to memories of the past. Memories non linear Eternal disposition is inadequately “incompletely” resolved as tentative anticipation. Planning for the uncertain future. Non linear memory is marginally implied-cautioned by failure's need, protected by redundant invalidation. Nonlinear memory also displaced “denied” by false memory ie linear time insinuated disease. Death presumption. Exclusionary after life religions. Predeterminant intelligence. For some individuals unexplainable Cosmic non-linear glimpse are “experienced” unwillingly unsolicited as clairvoyance, precognition, intuition. Don't remember to forget the morphogenesis field with its own timelessly alluring “acguiring” memory. Whispering: “Gone but not forgotten,” tearful words echo's refrain. Gone speaks to location. And forgotten the unwilling place of being that resolves non Eternal time, past memories to the God Eternal preference. Our God denied Cosmic predisposition. Let's explain that logic allow reason's pleasure. Because memories forgetting is unsolicited not unlike, luck, miracles, spontaneous remission, your dreams  “forgetting” is not timely imbued, non linear, spontaneous. Meaning Eternally imbued. Also like the aforementioned events forgetting happens to one person at a time, forgetting does not actively validate linear time based knowledge, disposable technology relevant and revealed through invalidation. And sustainable disintegration. Forgetting includes remembering. It t takes a pretty good memory to be able to forget. Again the words compliment the gentle breeze, “Gone but not forgotten.” Also forgetting dwells in the place of the all embracing silence. And the all inclusive light. Do you agree most often, through no choice of your own an event memory touches you on the shoulder. “Now why did I think of that.” Understand please: The distinctions between “origin source”....” cause and effect.)Unknowingly time-instructed you immediately reclaim the Eternal caress to your non Eternal self. The instructed self denying I....Exclusion happily shared less the ideal Cosmic self.
Interestingly recent research offers that each time a person “remembers” memory is slightly alter, improved. Suggesting like all else in the Universe memory is organic. Active, involved, responsively aware. Refining not disintegrating. We continue. What other false memory that cautions forgetting Eternal bridge? An idea, a device, an instrument forgotten to history, no longer in use, still available in the endless non linear Universe. The same the ephemeral idea, invention, tool, cure before its linearly materialized. The seed the flower's yearning explains. Most often all linearily opportunity exists in gradually improving “refining” chronology, inferring the non linear, before the idea event is inadequately accommodated to your neighborhood. Another perspective God's intent predates the planet earth. God presides Creation before your prayer's residence. Inby the place of linearity (death) exclusively “incompletely” dwells in the timeless non linear “all inclusive” Eternal. Non linear Eternal death includes life. Linear life excludes Eternal death. A one way conversation Cosmically abstained while anticipating the after life. Denying we thrive. Valued as denied. We abstain God and Creation our preferred “instructed” absence. Remembered as Eternally forogotten.  Yet life Creation's sun rise continues. The linearly indisposed,  time disguised non Eternal life does not actively include those assigned death. Does not include Heaven. By prayer's greed, many violences, shared hungers often we do not include ourselves.  Greed need prayers heed. We hide to prove we are not lost. One last sentence, perhaps the first, with your permission...cautions pulse: There is no death there is extinction. The end of life. The death of death. The light full carnational dance. Extinguished. Creation's pall bearers will be respectable. Global warnings thirst. The war of wars nuclear spasm. Aberration. “The day the music died.”
Presently we have a one dimensional memory, time's mirror image. Eternally sustained by forgetting. The Eternal forgotten place of self. Dismissive happenstance events we don't choose to forget. Effortlessly sustained. Occasionally unconsciously reclaoimed. Our leaning on the Eternal. Knocking on Eternities door.  Eternal non linear memory embraces all. Non linear memory resolves the aforementioned non linear behaviors as functional event intent. Ineffectual linearily fractured chronology. Until uncertainly complete delegated as past memory. Inby non linear memory now. An events future past is available. Thus timelessness non linear inclusiveness speaks. Failure, inconsistency, in completion, invalidation, value loss disintegration-no longer essential to design intent. Creation's dawn our labor yearns. Our prayers compass. Time dislocation resolved to convergent concurrence. Resolving “assembling” dormant past, unengaged future. Assimilated into one convergent-concurrent event. ((A solition)). Triangulated three dimension actualized to a singularized dimensional access way. Which is the event itself. Concurrent memory allocation.  The event predates itself or there wouldn't be a functional capacity to forget. Maybe unfolds all. Thank all dearily for your accompanement. Thank you words for your companionship...

...Solitions. Self reinforcing solitary waves.
To be continued
Let's please recognize fraternity's guide. Louie Sandy Donato neighbors friend companion to God, nurture's Creations irony, Eden's non linear ideal. We live God attended in our conversations with one another. Joy and anxiety employ divine opportunity. Pain instructs confusion informs. God destination ourselves. Parent's, sisters, brothers, friends, assigned enemies, alleged animals God all Creation's companions thrive. Wondrous assembly God's pulse. Creation's orchards. Cosmic neighborhood motions our direction. If (I) may a brief correspondence. Alert and practical.
Dear Louie and Carl,
Enclosed is a quarter page the nice retired person Richard requested. At what Louie point will our planetary neighbors reach for their screw drivers, blue prints and mysterious wallets. They are beginning to comprehend. (We divert). George Bisacca always resides. Noam Chomsky seeker. Reverend Gillespie one of God's lyric's assembly. Tom Peterson. Recently Eternities continuous unfolding, Fiona, Darrel Draper Teddy's friend, Michael, Peter, Carol. Tom teahcer number's guide. The light's many breathing's shade. There's the sum of awe Curtis Slama, being chased by Buck minister Fuller, yep Curtis unknowings compelling benefactor. James Dillette Freeman, planetary poet. Lorraine Duggin meter dreaming's kind tenure. Emile De Antonio cinema's Don Quixote, truths caution's friend. God's gentle missionary Eric Wead. Dean List, Dr. Kenney. Duncan Schweitzer, Richard Nelson good man, eagle at Fontennel. Tyler Lamar all sate goalie. Tony Signor co-captain, Jimmy Fabrizo we miss you. Mom and Pop God's thankful entry unto this planetary residence. Terry, Chris, Tony, Sunny's daughter the symphony continues. Eternal wind chime. Sunny, April, incredible gentle Rodney. The youngest Samuel. Stuart and Elizabeth labor God's gift. Emily Allison, musician, FBI agent, elegance esteemed. The alleged beloved dog Charlie, Amigo, Cousin Bosco, Rover asleep on Tony's chest. Jennifer Mandy's buddy our friends. Which One and Which One not the other, Sally, Barnaby, Rue, Sweets alive like the rest of us forever. Tio Bruce dear Unclie. Forever doesn't take as long once you get older. Older bolder silently esteemed. Did the monkey have a name? Impending Charlie brothers and sisters. Lonesum, Tuxedo, Mike, Pop's Squirrel, Manolo, Rosie and Rosie’s Mom Daisy Dale. We miss ourselves with you. Doug and Jeanne MCcrae, Graham and Glenn, explorers horizon. Words begin the shadows dance.  Our bold Vicki the alleged ones champion, our kinetic orchestrator Betsy, gentle Dona God's sweetness confides, and Nadine words better song prescribe. Eden's beauty sponsors God amenedments Al, Barry, Ralph and Pat Boone Eden's yearning legislators. What does that mean? Don't ask dance the dance. John Patterson' and Julio Rodriguez, Jimmy Monroe yearning prayer's musical calculation. And Fiona words unfold beauties dream foretells. California's image wanderer fellow veteran life's better friend Carl Zimmerman, Star of wonder Phyllis Coggins. Extra terrestrial commander Carl, we laugh life's allowance. Andy Kydes, Jimmy Fabrizo, Walter-Alex Keisch, Elenita, Senor Copeland. Dr. Parson, Karen Jensen, Lynn Hegeman, Carol King, Zina Bagdonas, Coach King, Coach Loffler...memories Eternal assembly. Mr. Depace. Mr. Joleicur, Mr. Testa. Ponus Ridge Junior high on way to Breind Mcmahon hight school. Happy days. Miss Wilson Rowayton grade school. Miss Spence, Vibrant alive cherished attending allegory. Memories Heaven. Marion Wendolynn Lucas, memories everlasting loving breath, introduced me to God. God's insistence whistling Pastor Sarah and her loyal crew. There's Don Evans thankfully God's aspirant. Sandy Chamberlain life's thorn Creation's flower. Creation's smile Tia Ana, God believable Zulma Barrios, Pria, Anita, Zulmita, Jugincito, Valerie Lucas tender yearning God's attendance. Remi Kirkland words beauty's flower explain. Nancy Morris dream's residence, Dean Hammer engaging peace, Sandy Aquila God knows we wander. God's cautious guardians. Sung ho love derives. Kathleen Vrana what nursing words disguise love compels, no disguise at all. Elaine Schwartz God ascribes life's purpose survives. Dr. Bhatia whisper's breathe. Diane Degan artist God's hippie companion. And John waits the winds instruction, sermon of himself. Wayne Murcier celestial athlete. Dr. Daughton smile's gentler residence. Dr. Weinstein, silent benefactor, gentle Jew God's amendment. Revisiting Unity Churches Sky. St. John, Colleen Engel. “Pray and stomp your feet.” John, Joan.There's Steve Knott, Betsy and Buddah landscaping Calvary Hill. Joan Costello God's approaching shadow: Others many memory abstains love remembers. All
We divert less love's direction....Louie do you agree linear skills include agony. Non linear seed. Disease is time's skillful response whose value guide cautions life its loss of purpose and direction. Inconsistent disease-cure opposition is a linear effect. Question's testify oppositions answer hesitates response. Surgical procedures whereby half the brain hemisphere is removed, the person in recovery remains unaffected. People with assigned “presumed” multiple personality disorder; one personality “same body” wears eye glasses. The other does not. One has allergies. Other not.  One scores high on a linearly exclusionary assigned IQ, the other presumably average. Conditions and events we exhaust our lives avoiding, disease, noise, dying's anomaly, drug addiction-witness boldly our Cosmic endurance. Our persistence Eternal by whatever delivery, homelessness, the frightful deprivation. Learning's planetary messiahs. Esteem witness our success, our potential. Brave we are sufferings companions. The curtain opens. We seek ourselves proof our absence. Planet earth Noah's arc.

Inviting infinity:  These words assembly address the unknowingly anticipated non linear Eternal reality. Yourself not less our neighbors presence. Hummingbirds, crocodile, elephant, human, tree and mouse. The air and the stars. God attended Eternally articulate. Actuality beyond words allegory. And assigned intelligence. Dying's thirst. Aware divine Godsoulprint imbued. Your unbelievable self. Commerce, technology, Holy Temples Creation's divine the same.
Let' s continue exploring Nirvana's residency. Cosmic garden's Eternal fruits.  Currently all machine and commerce intent is realized through value loss. Depletion's chronology. Time-linear insinuated events resolved through inconsistent-incomplete result. Events not compatible with the non linear Eternal ideal. A perceptual process intent sustaining technological commercial limitations. Disposable cars, ships, planes crash. Technologies uncertain progress relevant through negation. Success always non linearly incomplete: Uncertain machine events linearly always create inadequate result. Measurable futility. A form “mass density” event triggered through vector forces, velocity acceleration, that exaggerate linear deficiency. Suggesting by denying the infinite non linear.  Industrial events motivated by commercial profit-failure. Inter active activiti4es compounding inadequacy. Value loss directs profit's uncertainty. Mortgage leaves fall tree's requisition bare. Futility and failure avail destination result. Insanity implores acceptance, rejected. Whispering time is our stumbling block. Prayer's caution. Anguished yet we love, hooray...
Professor Einsteins “inferred” non linear shared insight,”When mass is constrict4ed enough eventually the curvature becomes infinite.” (Observing the non-linearly infinite ideal exists while we deny the same in observation and application). Appreciating non linear event process (as sound valuation intent) is compatible with the infinite Eternal ideal. Mass constriction through relevant-reveali9ng sound maintains form integrity. And form intent. (During time abstention the infinite non linear environment becomes functional. Optional.)  Intent process result is no longer realized through depletion. And deficient loss of utility valuated through failure. (Memory time displacement is resolved to memory origin non linear source, singular dimensional access way). Linearly imposed events are other de- materializing, non linear events are re-materializing. (No value loss in  “form” substance, duration and direction). Affecting non linear intent as process sound assimilation suggested by “mass constriction resolution” compelling the infinite ideal represents a profound shift in how we engage the material world. Actualizing repressed spirituality. Yes failure remains problematic but not essentially as life’s intent not relevant to design prerogative. Human error. An asteroid. Material form intent realized as sound assimilation is no longer deficient as material uncertainty, evidenced as debilitating temperature, weight displacement, gravity resistance, linear variant trajectory. (A profound interactive shioft). A linearly deficient event becomes spherically resonant. Beneficent human identity changes. New discovery. Both in design process intent and result. Engaging transcendent morphogenesis space in spite of time. Affecting shifts in medicine, transportation, communication process, computers excrete.  As noted the essence of a linear time initiated event is value loss, uncertain dislocation and failure prerogative. This limited dynamic in part is evidenced through “extraneous unresolved” debilitating noise. (Interestingly noise once non linearly- spherically examined will provide keen insights into event inconsistency whether the event is failed or successfully. Also while event is unfolding).  The one condition activity that is compatible with a non linear infinite effect is sound assimilation. Non linear sound is ageless, presently unordered, non linear ie compatible with infinity. Compatible with non linear's infinite memory source. Ascribing origin. Harmonious with such condition events as the Eternal self, inter galactic travel, worm holes, super position, intuition. (Inclusive event occurrences that compliment “redeem” the Eternal non linear self. Reflective expressible as non linear language. (Currently limited as the tentative sound of silence). Ever present Light spontaneous sound simultaneous assimilation.  Sound is non linear, not exclusionary. Sound is its own response, self sustaining unnecessarily-unknowingly repressed by inconsistent material time disparity. Non linear sound (light) are the only conditions activities that are not disposable to us. This Cosmic presence is currently limited to linear perception. Denying reciprocity and concurrence. Sound motion of the Light refining Eternal “material” ever presence. Await opportunity. Beckoning the non linear Universe. Deficient non localized events,  human or otherwise,  no longer need be sustained through inadequate depletion... Sound is a conduit to the Light, concurrent.
(I) have been writing this letter in the anticipation of itself for several weeks. Reliving Reverend Gillespie your melancholy quote, “Dieing is the price we pay for being alive.” The first sensation most often called a whom do we pay this price? If we resist payment. Yes why not limit this correspondence to questions. What answers in our lives have been complete. Lasting. A question that only had to be asked once. How can such a self knowing event occur when we are in the constant seeking of ourselves. Perusing an acquired reality we value by denying. Meaning living our uncertain lives while dying:  Lives continuously coming to a practiced-anticipated end. Even though we live in an endless Universe. Inviting a smiles approach. Remembering several years ago a lovely, elderly lady, meaning a few years older than myself, came up to me and said. “I feel like I'm living on borrowed time.” I hesitated politely responding. “You can't borrow unless you have credit...”
Whispering once again God's breath now our own. There is another world of difference between dieing and death. Dieing is a debilitating, self denying human activity we associate with our vague incomplete impressions of death. Like the violence’s, suicide, drugs, alcohol...(But death and dieing are the near of cautious-concurrent opposites). Death speaks to the Eternal timeless continuity. Dieing is a debilitating exclusionary time based experience, influenced an inconsistent cure response. Death is necessary. Dieing is unnatural and unnecessary. Death is a miracle we share in common. Death is a creative a non linear continuous experience. Unlike dying not interrupted less itself. Aware responsive not incomplete. Eternal memory imbued. (All inclusive includes the living, responding less their Eternal selves; cautious prayers, lovely unfinished stories, ghost, unsolicited non conversant condition events like luck, coincidence. And our self denying selves.) Dieing if our clumsy effort to give relevance to the Eternal miracle of ourselves. Recalling we are born unaware of time and death. We are Eternal beings. Instructed otherwise by others similarly instructed. We spend “exhaust” our lives trying to resolve the irony of our existence, dieing, an irony of self without which we would have virtually no identity. Our culture is sustained- revealed through dieing. Without the dieing perogativ3e of killing governments couldn't function. Major industries like life insurance, weapon designers rely on the applied misunderstanding of death through dieing. Religions are based on death valuation denying life.... Meaning our ideal relationship with God we defer to an after life. Intuitively we realize we can only value God ideally by denying our timely selves. Surrendering our time anguished lives. While alive thru dieing. And through death. Explaining why we have little choice but try to resolve this contradiction reveal ourselves through suffering. And visit profit from the suffering of others. Why we have made currency of sin. And liability of life. Why we esteem our relationship with God through encouraged forgiving. However sincere forgiveness gives credence the transgression. Often silencing inquiry. Apologies are much repeated. God's love even less our own need not be forgiven. At best forgiveness delays the love it promises. Is not love seeded thru forgiveness impaired love. God's love interrupted to our preference. Forgiveness avails love as an uncertain secondary promise while denying love delayed as forgiven..

When debilitating linear dieing is engaged non linearly, not at the exclusion of death Eternal, we no longer have an oppositional process (life vs. death inconsistent cure vs. dysfunctional disease) we have an inclusive God determinant event. Disease demonstrates skill. Relevant through gentler error, understandble ineptitude and infrequent usually random failure, but not accordingly essentially determined. Malpractice issues become silly. The God healing event is beyond complete human affect and calculation, but not benefit. Karma invites not arrogance. Please consider these words are not protests. But rather searching's inquiry. We spend our lives seeking our divinity, our Eternal convergence. The undistributed beautiful self. Realized at birth conception. And death.(Also a conception). Denied by our dying lives. Desperate attempts at convergence (the inferred Eternal) ie alcohol, drugs, suicide, insanity, death anticipation, solitude, laughter and sleep. Attempts within self to resolve linear irony. Similarly we wander the barren deserts of ourselves: Homeless, criminality, unhappy, the many hungers and violence. Pain instructs unbearably whispering the way. But also the unexplainable embrace. The God natural love we have for our children. Our prayers waiting. The anticipation of self. Our dreams wakened and asleep. These abilities are not whimsical temporary skills we acquire after much instruction. These are organic abilities born to ourselves like our eyes, our hearts and dreams. Abilities we often value and acknowledge by denying. But we are aware of the denial. And we wonder. Yes we can be bad. But we prefer being good. Accordingly we pray and wander. Seeking what we have to lose in order to find. Ourselves in the company of God                         

Dear George,
I hope in trust you are well, not otherwise distracted. A moments humor. The police officer stopped the little boy. “Is something wrong this is the third time you've gone around the block?”The little boy explains. “I'm running away from home, but my Mom wont let me cross the street.” George a smile's thought opens another door? What would happen if people who presumably died would continue collecting their salaries for a few years? “Generational life assurance?” Taxes would be paid without services utilized except gratitude rendered. The same the household. Sharing none be less. The family would thrive the better day. Currency would increase in value. One dollar becomes two. Half the national debt would disappear without expenditure. Markets would grow less needful expectations.  Love embraced Eternally “actively” remembered. Once soldier, police officer, burglar now gently amended. Insurance companies benefit, a two year premium payment holiday. Profits shared with customers. A hefty “persistent death tax” on insurance companies. We continue asking the planet earths Heavenly residents for assistance. Acknowledging the Eternal bond denied by our timely anticipation. Forty years ago all the cemetery in the USA where the size of the State of New Hampshire. Politely we relocate our Heavenly neighbors to a third of the cemetery. Cemeteries in NYC, Boston, Chicago gently be invited to greener pastures. Providing generous employment for the homeless, runaway children and those gratefully living on welfare.  Planetary-real estate accrued 1000 trillion dollars. Assets managed by this planets Community of Holy Temples. Dead still engaged giving also sharing gifts on Holy Holidays and birthdays. In the beautiful country of “my” birth Mexico, dia de los muertos. What a lovely way to attend Heaven our gratitude. Gradually Heaven our residency am3ended. What glory would reside. Ourselves finally Eternally respondent. Death commended. Praise the Lord and hide the ammunition. Still wondering George. Why not memorial services for the living.

We continue logic and common sense sipping from the same cup. Visiting memories residency. Less time's false memories insistence. What speaks memories sharing when death life's exclusion sustains birth's absence. Eternal self. Timelessly in tuned. Un ordered without borders, all inclusive embrace. Not an existence defined through impatient linear chronology, before and after inconsistently derived. Unless praying waiting's response, meditating, spontaneous forgetting, dreaming, briefly while lucky, coincidental and your non linear birthright, the music's dance without these brief unsolicited Cosmic wonderi9ngs we'd have uninterrupted uncertainty. Meaning under certain conditions we are receptive to the Eternal Memory God awe. Memory is memory during memory. The seed hides the flower from the seed Creation watches. Like all God attended Creation “memory” is Eternal. All inclusive not less God. And our distinct intended infinite selves. Like all else apparent memory is denied in time. Thus we are limited to memories of the past. Linear memory separated from the Cosmic origin source. Thus gratefully we forget. Thus excusing our timely aberration. (Forgotten Eternally we reside). The infinite Eternal separated. Separates all. Life and death, dying thirst impairs life's Eternal concurrence. What speaks false memory. Non chronology that delays, defers, denies. Thus Eternal memories language, memory brief sublime. Otherwise spontaneous remission, luck sustains, coincidence invites response, prayers breathe less hesitations reprieve. You need not forget, forgive, die and disdain in order to sustain. Interestingly dear companion earth researches offer that each time you remember an event the memory is slightly altered. Timeless non chronology, the non linear Eternal self uninterrupted. Memories of the future whisper. You begin to experience memories of the future. The memories of the future begin to experience your intended reality. Your life no longer dying’s worth. Happiness explains...
Brief whisper speaks without conversant hold. Yes presently we lean on time's efficiency or the chocolate chip cookies would disappoint the effort. But by what efforts flow intent why we apply our effort determines or denies our Cosmic roots. Dreams don't need the sleepers permission. Do prayers reguire polite repetition? But what holds opportunity once ironies chronology no longer commands. Love needn’t beg forgiveness another days cautioned caress. Beceased God fraternal not interrupted. Not life less decays witness, but the awe. The expressible awe. Of forever awe. All inclusive, non linear words disguise inadequately esteem opportunity. We wait music's near distant poetry cleaner expression. The impatient living cautioning death dying’s opportunity. Observe their own reality distracted. All incomplete, complete as discarded. What attends ghost, miracles, coincidence, saints “observation and conversation” not disguised-disregarded by our self denying wit. Ourselves less. Less ourselves less Creations witness testimony the same. Fewer words confide. You can't see what your not looking at.

2nd Unitarian Church    

Dear Richard,

Acknowledging futility. And infinity. Born non linear beings we are taught to perceive “influence” reality through an incongruity of evolving ideas that are always incomplete, inexact-inadequate. Existence's immediacy redeemed to a dormant future, forgiven to the materially unengaged past. (A fragmented deficient “unconnected” chronology). Richard “I” recall a former divinity student listening politely to these non linear concepts. Concluding this kind gentleman, “remembered nothing except for the joke.” The same with most others. Non linear Eternal memory is not compatible with linear memory? The dichotomy is resolved as forgetting). These ideas invite people to evoke their timeless Eternal identity which in time they deny to an after life. Perhaps folks sense we are suggesting the best way to continue the conversation is we try “droppi9ng dead.”  Surrendering our God shared promise to time's tentative flesh. Which of our promises survive our lives labor? The children, the bumble bees, the glistening flowers. The oceans, the stars. And our dream's ascendancy.  Boldly wandering we arrive. Allowing an insight. We can assume that resolving linear irony non linearily will affect a pronounced improvement. In effort, result and result duration as well...peripheral benefits. Example. Illicit and pharmaceutical drug abuse currently are risk based, inclined to unwarranted dying. Side effects. Not always effective. Illegal. If the need and the chemical activity of drug activity were concerted an acoustic sound that was compatible with the DNA sound of an individual. Effect would be non linearly assimilated. Not organ intrusive, subject to chemical impurity, the health status of the individual and the international drug trade would be replaced by an audio disk.
Perspective in contrast: Whatever the organic disposition of extra terrestrials. Sightings shared observations suggest a non linear culture. Lips not malleable can't form incremental wordings, likely converse through spontaneous “non-linear” impulses. A significant cranial capacity (human beings use between 5-10 percent of our intelligence capacity). No act of violence has been attributed to these beings except by entertainers. A non linear Eternal culture is all inclusive, not exclusionary. No eye glasses, no body technology, no ta toes, wallets or anatomy's fists. Seemingly androgynous.... An act of violence reverts to assailant to linear irony. Non linearly you can only steal from yourself. The space ship sightings don't mention exhaust or abrasive noise usually associated with linear depletion technology. Current event technology is sustained through force depletion fuel. Newtons laws of motion require force to affect linear motion. A dynamic that in process, design and result is contrary to the non linear motion flux of the Cosmos. The need for time based force to affect a Cosmically unnatural linear trajectory explains issues of gravity resistance, variant temperatures limitations, weight in a weightless environment. (Gravities shares). Describing a process that is uncertain in an infinitely certain Universe. Events designed and actualized through failure prerogatives. And value lost due to linear deficiency. Linear depletion irony further evidenced: Machines often need repair, must be replaced, cause pollution. Linear machines are insured against proper use.  (Progress is based on invalidation of past invalidation).
Consistent independent sightings of extra terrestrial vehicles explain a sphere. Spherical motion beings to resolve issues of gravity resistance. Spherical trajectory? Resolving linear dislocation requiring force sustained through essential risk and value loss of the machine. (Spin and span). One of the definitions of span is the ability of a prescribed motion to reclaim a past event to the immediate reality. Thrust? Fuel assimilation intent?(We can assume the fuel itself must not a function of  “temporary ie time” force depletion). A spherical motion event, whatever its design form intent resolves the limitations of time linearity. Result realized as simultaneous spontaneity. Again in the absence of time affect an infinite ideal becomes optional. Only denied as consciously repressed. Physicists explain that the speed of light there is no passage of time. But we experience speed through linear dislocation creating an incomplete event. A non linear event compatible with the infinite non linear is a complete event. An event not reliant on depleting force utility. Altering to advantage issues of weight, temperature, entropy. Gravity becomes a symmetrical condition. Not resistant. (Motion is intent, intent suggests source and source origin infers “explains” awareness). Non linear motion intent has to be compatible with its origin, the non linear space vehicle and its source energy utility. Sound materiality is the only Cosmic condition activity that is compatible with a non linear event. Again unless disrupted sound is ageless. This dynamic flow includes non linear technology. Suggested by Peare Group, morphogenesis field. And human being “form” is able to experience non linear occurrence such as coincidence, intuition, spontaneous remission, pre birth post death activity. And anticipation. Presently these non linear occurrences can not be initiated or sustained by human effort. When these spontaneous occurrences can be created-sustained in self and technology reality affect changes.  Note all material spatial event amongst humans are triangulated “fractured” in time affect.  (Past- present- future). Three exclusionary conditions of matter, liquids, gases, solids. A tri dimensional form reality, length, width and depth. A non linear sound event resolves materially resolves triangulated linear irony. What is the non linear sound barrier, half life, quantum riddle, dimension, ice cream, gravity? Non linear condition events are concurrent and reciprocal. Not materially paradoxical
Richards quarter page
spherical mosaic
*All events including life realized in time from inception evolve and culminate through a complete loss of utility. An irretrievable loss of purpose. And direction. Events delegated to dormant memory. And an after life that excludes our reality
* The Universe is timeless. Accordingly without end, Eternal. Time encrusted humans live unknowingly in constant opposition to their timeless “Eternal” birthright. This dynamic includes all human activity on this planet, perceptual, environmental, spiritual and designed.
*The only Eternal “non linear” condition activity that is compatible with the infinite-Eternal Cosmos (is) the all inclusive sound materiality of silence.(Silence the sound of Light motion refining). A material condition status we engage by interrupting. All Cosmic event materiality; space, form and process is infinitely compatible with the Eternal non-linear acoustic formulation. Otherwise dysfunctional “temporary” exclusion would define Cosmic intent.  The earth unknowingly acknowledge by denying the infinite non linear. Delaying. Destroying. Giv9ng direction purpose to a time insinuated existence by continuously redefining futility, inconsistent inadequacy. Perpetuating while profiting from loss of value. And consequent human misery. Through planned “financed” extinction giving more purpose to collective death than life.

                            ….Form identity (type of distinct material form) is relevant “actualized” by the specific motion intent of a predetermined form condition activity. During the non linear infinite ideal form is actualized as sound formulation. A non linear event has no beginning. No end. Continuity duration Eternal defines direction. Spherical intent origin source consequence the same. Time duration yields to its own origin. The Eternal undeniable. Human futility continues. Not essentially anticipated. Not inherent to interactive commerce and technology. Form without determ9nant motion intent distorts “displaces” the non linear Eternal awe. Even chaos, value loss, destruction have motion intent. This schematic holds true at the quantum and Cosmic level. Explaining status interaction, planetary orbits, thinking, walking, birth, imagination, coincidence in a singular term....existence. To what extent this value dynamic is affected determines consistency of value result. The sound “print” identity of the acknowledged motion can be utilized to “create” a determined non linearly consequential effect. Compatible human technological actuality. Beingness
During 1977 while living in Shelton, Ct. with my incredible and lovely brother Christopher “I” randomly came up with the following development. Suggestive of a numerical chronology to historical events. An unintentional pattern that eventually permeated into essays relevant to time, beginning in 1987. An expression of words and conjoined numbers that allow for a clearer more compelling awareness. And expression. Presumably patterns that can be personalized “engaging” the individual. And distinctively designed event. (A new language formulation). The numeration around the World Wars is suggestive of Biblical numerology. The number (9) expressive...of beginnings and endings. Recently learned also the number for Eternity. Referenced the culmination of World War 1 “1918.” The culmination of World War 11 “1945”. And Nostradamus projection for the 3rd World War “1999.” Also anxiety of Y2K. A computer design malfunction it was believed could result in a nuclear missile exchange between the Russia and the United States. Note....for the first time since the beginning of the Atomic Age American and Russian nuclear war fighting officers joined in common purpose in an effort to advert disaster.(A moment in the Light resolving the accrued darkness). Validating the Eternal 9....

WW 1


               *Albert Einstein wrote President Roosevelt in 1939 urging that a program be initiated to build an Atomic Bomb, believing the 3rd Reich had embarked a similar effort. The project code named, “Great God K...” 9 Letters.
* World renowne4d scientist gathered in Los Alamos (9 letters) New Mexico (9 letters) to begin the Manhattan (9 letters) project.
* First test code name “Trinity” Bomb named “The Beast.”  Test sight. “Valley of death.”
* Bomb weight 4500 pounds. Sum of 9. Plane delivered bomb B-29...
* Hiroshima detonation mushroom cloud 19 thousand feet.
* Scientist flew in plane number 91 to witness detonation...
* Kiloton yield of explosion 13.5 sum of 9...
* 90 percent of homes destroyed...
* 90 percent of Hiroshima residents killed or injured. Within the first two-four months 90,000 and 166,000 were killed from acute effects of the bombing. Approximately half the first day. Ninety percent of doctors and 93 percent of nurses were killed or injured. Only one doctor Terufumi Sasaki remained on duty at the Red Cross Hospital.  Heat generated by blast 39,000 degrees centigrade.
Nine technicians from Mitsubishi arrived in Hiroshima the day before the explosion. They fled desperately trying to survive the fire storm.  Black rain fell for twenty minutes in the western part of Hiroshima. The technicians drove their vehicle to Nagasaki. On August 9th Nagasaki was destroyed.
...The quiet hope of life...
&Charlie& edited by Sandy Chamberlain
Speak to me of Godsoulprint
Is Heaven where prayers are answered for the asking.
And pain is always a memory gone.
Yes is sin a word contrived to deny my love?
And guilt bastard brother to my conscious can guilt be forgiven by just one word?
Are these words heard somewhere.
Where better sharing is happy conversation.
And love the idle joy of all.
Is such a place of God?
I believe it not to be here.
And here God sustains
and touches all.
So I hear from an honest friend
But yes yes what of love?
I speak of love.
What else can swallow death's appetite.
So I pray and if praying bring love to me,
will the be any cups left to fill...
... poem continues like life your Cosmic meter...

                            We continue Cosmic yearnings preferred direction. A nice German scientists years ago devised the following intriguing formulation. Earthly seed wait's the garden's star glitter's blossom.. There are ten numbers, one through ten. All other numbers are event  “representative” numerical combinations. Co existing in world of ambiguous words.  Numbers linear certitude invite. Complimenting-invigorating an incomplete temporary reality. One is not 2 and two has as many cautious friends as lawyers have nervous accountants. The formulation? The numerical linear spread, considered: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9. Nine is the ending number. Unless that juncture heralds an other beginning. As such  “9” is the number of beginnings and endings. The ancient practice of numerology agrees. Eight is therefore the numerical event that singularly affects the affected numeration of nine. Therefore 8 is considered in its other than assigned activity the number of  “individual” evolution. Now with the help of the nice German explorer we open wonders gate. Unexpected yet apparent. We arrange the numerical linear spread 1 through 9. Remove the 8 from the linear sequence. And multiply the 9 times two. Then the 9 times three. Until we arrive at the nine. The result at each multiplication event. Nine two's. Nine 3's. Nine fours. Excreta.  We have been transported from our linear disposable reality that cherishes invalidation (cancer, atomic bombs, mortgages and hungry children) to a simultaneous non linear intent spontaneous Cosmology....
Let's continue our unknowings serenade. Anticipation validated by logic, experiment and result. Tears, laughter and prayer. Unless we discover a new number we have ten. In a linear world available numbers are inactive unless incrementally engaged. Both in utility and witness. In a non linear world numbers like all are the continuous “uninterrupted” all of awe. (What musical numeration sustains-express your-our evolving identity). Non linearly inclusive of all senses and sensations. Numbers “all inclusive” unbordered. And linearly “time” unordered. The non linear self sustains all. (Ordered-bordered intrusion in perception or technology we’ve established denies Cosmic origin source,  fragmented cause and defect predominate). Examples of exclusionary “displacing” material activity; proportional weight, temperature, oppositional resistant geometric gravity, acceleration, velocity, acceleration during velocity, value loss, force resistance assimilation and force derived from fuel depletion. All actualized through design entropy and futility. All these condition activities are time derivatives. And realized, sustained through linearly incremental numeration. Offering in reminder linear numeration can also measure value loss. A world of minus, negative, negation valuating a time based dysfunctional culture. Non linear numeration event, spontaneous and all inclusive can not be sustained through design futility, linear acceleration, essential loss of value. A non linear event has no beginning resolved to conclusion “end.” Otherwise breach dislocation non utility would sustain as resisted. Accordingly currently value loss “ephemerally” sustained through inadequacy. No beginning casually terminated, perceptually or design render back wards and forwards linear trajectory obsolete. Similarly language ideal. Numeration. Prayer and medicine. Life less dying anguished harvest. Cool.... (Inviting imagery: Gravity is the canvass on which the Universe draws itself. And the Universe is canvass). Nice right?
Considering an initial witness. Approaching non linear numeration. During non sequential “all inclusive” simultaneous numeration numbers can assume any formulation; color, sound, thought, textual language, song, prayer, laughter and anticipation. Memories uninterrupted memory unfolding: And” your” impression in the immediate Eternally resolving. Until denied. Otherwise no value loss includes our available selves. Simulations presently only vaguely referenced as coincidence, luck, super position, spontaneous remissi9on, worm hole, subjective dimension, your birth, presumed death, prayer affect. Through the aforementioned numeration we can engage, create and sustain non linear effect events as noted. We continue presuming politely without apology. Presently location “one or 1” is the individual each of anything. From inception event in a linear world, an exclusionary affect. Active-engaging location number two acknowledges intent. Causality is suggested. “Purpose.” Human involvement already evident. Localized three, in a non localized Universe, speaks to environment atmospherics. The condition status under which the event will occur. A triangulated world, three dimensions, three conditions of matter, all derivative of three conditions unengaged conditions of time, past, present, and future. Should we conclude next in the linear chronology “four” is result. Five result status inviting dormancy and utility yielding to (6) redundancy, loss of value maximized as disintegration of form. And form process intent. (Events delegated to the past). Six the “activity perceptual” inversion of nine, acknowledges inevitable value loss as noted. Seven in numerology is the number of completion. Eight we begin once again, “individual evolution” human, event and material status. Before (9) we conclude “assess” re initiate beginning and endings intent event. Including accruing loss of value; global warming, pandemics, limited asteroid tracking, nuclear war spasm effect. Also death valuating through dying's dysfunctional irony. And spirituality vitalized through death less life. While dieing life’s timely consent. We hide to prove we are worthy of our absence.
Appreciating non linear is also process, not simply effect driven. All numeration activities occur at the same time. In time one time is non linear time. Each event has its distinct time, its distinct numeration. Time becomes inclusive no longer a sequential incongruity valid through inconsistent dysfunction. Partially redeemed through failure prerogative. Yet there must be an initiation juncture. Perceptually 8 beginnings less ending prerogative converts the linear inconsistency previously not “one thru seven.” A spherical span “concurrent” event is created, a vast seemingly spontaneous panorama of activity suggested by the nice Germans mathematicians scholarship. (Until resolved “regrettably” this gentleman name was not mentioned in the text. Acknowledging another’s labor is the good of kind to do). We are discussing each non linear event, whatever its non linear origin source, becomi9ng its own access way. (A dimension). Defined as a directional extension of space, a property of space.(Noting the Super String Theory offers a variant count 27-29 dimensions, one of dimensions consistently referred to as “magical.”) The ninear (oops OK new word location) “non linear” access way to your active Eternal self. The place of always. Where presently we always wait. (The new shift perceptually “logically” is complete). An all inclusive spontaneous condition resulting in a compatibly simultaneous result.(Design intent inclusive). Appreciating there are activities, conditions, affectations that will influence event that are not human derivative. We are only one presence of a mutli faceted Universe.(God predates the planet earth). God intended you predate yourself. Also life through death continuity. Thus timeless inclusion abides. Boldly we harnessed Eternity through an a remarkable idea called time. Beautifully embracing our temporary anguish. A life we protect by denying. We value error's consideration. We esteem invalidation.  We burden death through dying. Delay God concurrence to whose after life. Heaven's anticipation our disguise. Merchants of time masters of uncertainty. (God approved life intended). While we reach for the future, ourselves not less Creation. And there's God Memories Creation. Creation's memory.


Time resolution

These localized insights will examine linear ironies clearer presence. Assessing the deceptive artifacts of time. Well disguised in language, perception and consensual understandings. Creating an unresolved Cosmically denied exist3ence. Examining: Death conjecture. And dying's time insinuated instructions. God deficiency. Depletion machinery. The infinite Eternal. Form constriction assimilation. Non Eternally bestowed intelligence. Ageless music. And sounds of never before. Compelling time resolution, beckons catharsis.

Words province, our disguised affair implies Creation's unknowing perceptions. Inby time resolution a different- extraordinary “source” compels direction's enduring purpose. Cosmic concurrence revealed. By what delivery's haste this blossom flows. Currently time's negation conceals the functionally infinite Cosmos, our unresolved neighborhood. Time implores caution our success. Cosmic paradise we temporarily derive. Our neglect subsists. Creation our God's depletion, the earth people's acquired Eternal allowance. What seed denies flowers Eternal thirst. Language by words permit submit: Time you know of late. Dying life survives. Eternity waits. Technology exaggerates time forsaken. Misery profit implores. Science immeasurably consents. Singular words aggregate: Executions, cigarettes, prisons, wars.....Heaven's unrest. Cemeteries arbitrate. No protest enduing resides, anguished burden's weight. Futility directs our Cosmic origin. Approve Eternity continue. With your consent, a poems residence, your grace amends. Unknowingly apparent. Accordingly astute.

-A poem cultivates our retreat-

These words are like a breeze holding a flower's gentle greeting. A harmony of Eternal purpose. A blossom leading to the flowery wilting. Witness our birth's dying seed? Gathering death presumption. We can call this unfolding...Duration. There is the human enterprise, time duration. And God's timeless duration. The infinite Eternal articulate.

A world of irony ascribes. The Eternal duration is endless. All experienced in time ends. Invalidation redeems. Anguish befriends. Failure validates. Death rewards. Curious bargain the earth peoples success. Curious indeed. By need. And greed.

Allowing logic’s dispatch. The Universe is timeless human be9ings exist through time. We are out of step with our own residence the Cosmos. What conventions time denies inventors breath. Life scrambles death implores.

Millions of species timelessly God's Creation reside. Through time humans took over this Eternal planet. Masters of death merchants of surmise. Nurturing industries rely on death as a profit incentive. Death reveals killing. Religions life death's sacrament. Life denied. God delayed

A baby born you had no awareness of time. You were an Eternal timeless being. Unlike racoons, and flowers you claimed Creation less Creation's purpose. Merchants of death servants of disguise.

Unlike a tadpole and the mouse we must end life to reclaim the self Eternal. Fraternal God we experience denying. Unhappily we pursue our lives esteemed denial. We are not bad less good's preference. Time begs less life's worth. All in time less the futures favor. Dying convenes life uncertain. Failure's existence our reprieve. Time life's incomplete sentence. Unbearable- unnatural time. Perhaps essential temporal error. What God consents. Man denies. Thus existence incomplete.

Time's acquisition reflections folly. Creation's temporary pulse. Two hundred years past ago. Emergent mighty time distorting machines. Bequeathing. More in less time faster. Less failure's thoughtful privilege. Global commerce exaggerates prerogative. Wars world wars. Pandemics. Water's rise arctic ice cubes melting. Communicating machines. Under water machines. Flying machines. Killing machines. Smarter machines. Exodus hydrogen killing machines. Bereavements benefactor. Now apprehends conception. Please no bargain's warning here... An invitation...

Returning melodies wind chime: In order to non linearly materialize a desired event (linear) time dislocation has to be resolved to a preferable ideal. Presently as we've mentioned a linear event realized through time is dysfunction-ally actualized through uncertainty. And loss of utility. Error, failure, entropy and functional invalidation determining flawed “incomplete” results that actualize our linear lives. Accordingly we suffer and profit from misery. A pa9ined doubtful existence reflective of our self imposed failed uncertain culture. The ideal non linear is vaguely “unknowingly” ide3ntified- referenced through inept redundancy). Failure directs our path. Time insinuated linear events are reflective of the earth people's disposable existence. Our curious reality whereby all life encouraged events end. Less their purpose. And direction. A loss of utility direction limitations initial perception, influencing resulting commerce- machine design application. And our organic lives. This dynamic occurs in a refining non linear timeless Cosmos where utility loss, depletion and unresolved uncertainty are not intrinsic to event process and result. A linearly derived successful event is always incomplete.

A contrasting perspective. “A fifth season.” Season of linear abstention? Coherent assimilated attendance. Destiny of now. Imagination’s seeking. Awed perplexity. Our unsolicited dreams. Prayers yearning. Inherent in the tree outside is the intended ability to offer green leaves. We concur error our companion. The tree patiently evidences its two hundred year old seed. Without resistance tree limbs foliage accepts tenants. Gently the tree consents to falling. The trees roots a cele0stial majesty we deny by our temporary witness. Our incomplete Eternal existence. Imagine a map's charter allowing infinities allegory. Whimsical spheres. Lucky turns. Coincidences. Hope's disguise. Eternity greets. Your wit, intelligence, creativity and God familiarity. We continue accessing our desired absence. Eternal residence. Attaining the Eternal self a singular choice. Smile and deed the same. Denying the Eternal self, a lifetime’s unnecessary torment.

In the last two hundred years time based technology and global commerce have exaggerated time distortion affect. While availing inferred dynamic opportunities. Uncertain paradox avails clarifying challenges. Consider carefully please the following observation: By a “resolving” time inconsistent (inadequate) conditions material deficiency can be functionally shifted to a non linear ideal. (Inby) a timeless duration Universe non linear events, material condition status and material process are infinitely Eternal. Expressible Cosmic competency presently denied in time. Unnecessarily. In the absence of time depletion infinities fluency becomes optional. Active. Infinity reaffirmed. Engaging...An evident materiality currently not consequent to human intent and design prerogative.

Reconciling linear time displacement to a timeless non linear affect represents a transcendent shift in technology, commerce. Self awareness. Expressible perception, consciousness and concurrent spirituality. Availing non linearly relevant to individual effort. This paper will attempt to further describe, identify how current time deficient application can be resolved to non linear temporal “Eternal” proficiency. Whereby desired and perceived events need not be realized essentially through failure prerogative. And inevitable loss of value. Again please allow us the presumption of repetition: These trans formative material realities can be realized by influencing (redefining) time application. (There is linear “exclusionary” time duration and non linear “inclusionary” infinite Eternal duration). Both duration condition activities can be evidenced through loss of utility. Through time engaged duration utility loss is essential to process and result. Without loss of value result can not be realized. (Applicable futility is distorted by depletion commerce). Presently linear commerce, industry and technology value loss exacerbated by risk determines process intent. And limits result to inadequacy. Non linear time duration result is neither intentionally-essentially actualized through depletion value loss. During non linear effect failure-inadequate result can occur as a result of happenstance or human miscalculation, but not essentially as an issuance of process intent. Our adaptive deficiencies determine and influence perceptual limitations that are expressed and sustained through linearly time based dysfunctional language. And depersonalized static- linearly assimilating intelligence. Linear intelligence is marginalized “shared” through deficient language, perceptions and mathematics. Linear intelligence is not event or purpose driven. Non linear intelligence is not spatially exclusionary, receptive to sustainable inspiration, intuition, spontaneity. Non linear intelligence is not temporally constrained. Revealing clearer functionally insights into previously time insinuated science. Technological design intent. A near benevolent commerce fluency. And spirituality. The non linear Eternal human awakens. Revealing dramat5ically exposing a repressed linear culture that redeems purpose through loss. Hope inspiring intent dependent on source despair. Your denied Eternal life often imposed on others. Affecting miseries value loss generates profit. Oh the many killing ways. Shared individual tragedy, choice. Industries of horrors. Creation's gift of life spiritually enhanced by death. Realized as life abstained. Individually and together. Curious do you agree? What preferable seed disagreement nurtures. In the nonlinear Eternal all is relevant, revealing while nurturing. No critiques conclusion redeems insult to preferred purpose. The fewer words flowering. All bad nurtures good unresolved.

We will see in this essay how motion sound symmetry will transform perception. As such our active relationship with materiality. Transforming intent design application. Materialized through non depletion technology. Other than risk based commerce. And an actively articulate spirituality that is not sustained through problematic self deficiency. And death cessation valuation. Divinities all preswence nurtures perception. Choice and deed. The question seed's answers blossom. Dearest neighbor may we ask what have you done with Eternity, your life? Currently the non linear awe does not include a sustainable human presence. Appreciating we don’t separate Heaven from earth we separate Heaven from ourselves. What dream survives our cheerful perplexity. Offering with polite appreciation a concurrent “divine” bond “Godsoulprint” is between the individual and God. Holy Temples Eternally guide, nurture, challenge and stifle. God did not avail Creation and yourself with a Holy Temples permission. Yet truly we seek Holy shelter, God fraternity and abide the learning ways, Curious as aspirations redeem, Holy Temples on the planet earth are the only institutions from which we do not graduate. Pray to imagine skillfully well intentioned graduating from your Holy temple like a teacher, a carpenter, a doctor, a beggar, an astronaut, an artist-all seeking the better days God’s love sharing. The non linear divine the gentlest embraced expression. Our linear success you know...

God predates the materializing of the planet earth. There is the Cosmic God and the earth people’s adaptation. Unless your instruction compels. Not one less the other….God now.

Inby non linear duration, form, motion, intent and sound are symmetrical. Materially form coherent... without dislocating inconsistent value loss. Non linear duration is a time abstaining condition that is subjective to intent without preconditioned inconsistent value loss. (Motion form utility can be influenced by sound intent.) Sound and form interact. Form’s motion creates relevant sound, unless linearily intruded upon. An adaptive time resonant acoustic material assimilation will facilitate this fundamental shift. (Resonant acoustic pneumatic assimilation).We invite your patience. Please consider confusion nestles potential. Error compels consistency. And failure guides directions purpose. Observing all motion evokes sound relevant to “evolving” motions intent. The sound affect reflects the current linear temporal accommodation, likely a representation of noise discrepancy. Which is incorrectly disregarded. (Tracking the presumed irrelevance of noise can avail “insight” a revelatory acoustic mapping. Sound simulation availing keen efficient theoretical insight. The blue print assumes animation... “Cool”). Similarly value loss. We avoid entropy linear trail- approaching deficiencies success. Subjective time synthesis will affect an acoustic sound synthesis that sustains-reveals non linear effect. This inclusive spherical sound affectation is ephemerally evident as the sound of silence, presently. And whimsically reconciled through non linear occurrences such as spontaneous remission, intuition, carnational flutter, non conversant precognition, unresolved luck happenstance, birth death concurrence, nocturnal dreams wakened to purpose. We heed our evolved selves. Occurrences circumstantially “process” evident as the morphogenesis field. The other half life. Functional time dilation. Design musicality condition intent. Also as an Eternal life denied. And a God communion deferred. Noting as suggested even these wonder us events are incomplete because they are manifested in other than Eternal environment. Our temporary reality. We must oppose ourselves that we be less denied. We drown in rivers of our own imagination.

Allowing an insight with your consent. “I” realized that I’d never seen a lady pallbearer. Makes sense as sense allow. Women deliver life to this planet. And men carry it out...” Again please if “died” is the past tense of dead what is the future tense. What is the past tenwes of being born. Logic allows certainties reprieve. We predate our own birth existence as does the earth before assuming form materiality. A thriving un bordered place not of word formation. A pace of intentions. And directions presence. Beings uninterrupted place where origin and source politely abide, the Eternal.

A mysterious knowings “eager” seeker, Pete Miller, offers that there is a “brown sound” that causes people to involuntarily evacuate. A sound presence activity we can not intentionally “linearly” influence that has a consistent and voluntary affect on people. The non linear affect therefore source are in question. Questions follow like snow flakes landing on our cheeks. Why not a similar sound effect relevant to other organs. Liver, heart or organ activities such as sleep, thinking, sexuality, birth. And dying's sustenance. Without time we wouldn’t be able to take advantage of death...

Ideas and insights celestial flowers derive. One flower an orchard promises. Pete further invites another intriguing insight. There is a Carlsburg Elephant beer whose taste is influenced by a certain frequency. Clearly the effect is a concurrence between the beer, the person and intent. Not consciously contrived therefore non linear. Interestingly we approach clarifications direction. We will examine frequency assumption...

Eternal memory as location purpose accordingly thrives. Direction's purpose ascribes, sound compels. And explains direction. Less so by our unresolvable direction. Meaning our self inflicted temporal reality, esteemed as denied. Dying's insistence sustained by death unresolved anatomy. Curiously dieing requires much less effort, a moments caress than not dying. An oracle of being we reveal to ourselves through a fragmentation of sound we know as language. An acoustic symmetry we share by denying. We forget. Deceive. Otherwise decry. What is the preferred sounding. The Cosmic calling that we deny. Defiantly defer. What witness lost. A life minimized by languages unresolved chronology. Question's promise. Silence directs.

We swim galactic oceans petitioning the clearer waters. Politely again for the first time. The Universe cannot exist less itself. The Universe is inclusionary. The Universe can not exit from itself. Though human beings otherwise persist. Temporarily reclaiming the non linear Eternal awe to the preferred linear irony of self. While witnessing the exceptions. The child’s life, oceans residents, dreams, Cosmic source occurrences like birth, death, intuition and coincidence. Your next unexpressed thought. Reminding that idealized sound is the one condition activity through which we can hold and mold God's Eternal form, Creation's environment. Idealized sound is ageless. Music sings it's own inquiring response. Concurrence not fragmented disparity. Our impending timeless assignment, the Cosmic dancing. When we can marry the music of self to the music of mind, transportation, medicine, procreation and tomorrow. We arrive. Offering: Concurrent intent is refined (determined) through reciprocity.

Frequency is the clearer-more fluid affect than acceleration’s derivation maintained through prolonged dislocation in a non localized Universe. (Acceleration giving value loss velocity). Uncertainty and depletion harder to influence. The clearer assimilating affect presently denied through a disposable design technology, designed event substantive through in completion. And influencing failure depletion. In non time, non linear duration,"before” and “after” are functionally not relevant. Initiation and event conclusion not consequent to assimilation intent. “Backwards” and “forwards” concurrence preferentially derives. (Frequency becomes symmetrical, not consequent to linear “measurable” encroachment). Resolving protracted deficiency, uncertainty and value loss. Spherical duration effect supplants linear causal deficiency. Backwards and forwards, before and after become other than uncertain less depletions value. And failures “intent” influence. Each transitory shift not less its source. “SpinSpan,” causalities enduring assumption. No endings thrive essentially. The cancer before inception derives. Destination and departure arrive less the cautious derivation of the other. Life nurtures less dying's consent. Death approves continuity persists, awareness abides. Forgetting our attendance reminds. Thus well inspired we continue. Our Cosmic reflection responds.

The non linear Eternal human speaks. Time's warrant resolved, Eternities choice avails Creation's intended fluency. The ocean’s song, the penguin’s lyrics. Child's shared opportunity. Non linear commerce and technology flourish. Exclusions timely deficiencies, miseries profit self denying allegory resolved; wars not, insurable life inadequacy not, time referenced diseases not, combustible baby blankets discarded....Paradise reveals our residency. Impossible? Mother Teresa, Mohammed, Joseph Smith. Jesus the Christ, Buddha. Krishna. Lovingly shared less greed's preference. These humans by choice delivered wandered Creation’s purpose. Abstaining shelter and currencies comfort. No argument violently contributed. N3ither merchant, soldier or God administrator. Smiles prayerful breath. Gentle words loving deeds redeem. As such Godsoulprint esteemed, Creation's healing gifts bestowed. And their neighbors encouragement. Your Mom and Dad on their best day. Yourself the same. Reclaiming choice your Eternal non linear birthright. No great labors deed, Eternal ease. The greater chore, the non Eternal preference. Miseries thriving industry. What more word's need beg your permission.

Active perspective. We are the source of the reality that sustains our temporary existence. But not the origin of the source. The Universe origin is Eternally timeless. We forgive addition subtraction's purpose. We unknowingly interrupt origin to the preferred ironic source of self. Thus we profit from dying thrift. Negotiating the absence of others. Depletion commerce. Cure origin source disease. Each denies the other. Origin's source non linear's endless refining seed. Uncertainty hesitates. Failure forewarns. Death harvests life's source. What inconsistency explains the source origin of events we neither create nor are able to sustain. The Eternal, luck, coincidence, the falling leafs agreement with gravity, oour birth and deaths. The answer prefers the question. What occurrence thrives when we can affect and share intuition, luck, coincidence, forgetting, meditation as we presently experience language. Endless continuous source. We are not alone. We are not in charge. Failure beguiles. Repudiation's success evidence speaks. We seek God's salvation while delivering the misery we convene. Understanding amends. Not understanding the same. Forgiveness sustains love's consent. Who speaks that listens speaks?

Another insight attracts abstention. Sports: Chatting with Creation's encouraging companion Nadine Long, about sports. Silence well accompanied. Predetermined linear limits expanding. Meaning we agree all sporting events are secured viable around linear restraints. A linear constraints that claims length and width to purpose. Vertical goal posts. Linear boundaries- constraints. And our great symbiotic partner. A time measurable duration event. More happy cheers, grunts, groans, whistles than conversation. Accommodated “silence” attending to joy's perplexity. One team consents to win. Another team consents to loose. Each with the cooperation of the other. Always it seems this athletic symphony evolves around an active sphere. Soccer ball, golf ball, baseball, football, crickets, billiards, bowling ball, hockey puck on ice, basketball. Now our inspired Nadine generously volunteers. Once logic complete. Not complete. Now complete the more. “How about swimming.” Sensation challenges thought to purpose. The waters are non linear. All residents timelessly esteemed. The porpoise peeks above the water's edge. What does our beautiful cousin see: Running afoot bi pedaled carnivores chasing a stop watch....

Now with your gentle accompaniment, tenuously reflective of our non linear Eternal bond, we will delve intoning our mystery. Our timelessly affluent selves. “Greetings...” Smiling Creation's pulse prescribes. Allowing a conjoined triangulation of material status presently realizable in three dimensions and in material status realized as three depleting status conditions (ie) matter, solids, liquids and gases. Deficient “fragmented” condition activities influencing uncertain linearly ironic time accommodation. Material value loss vulnerability created through linear time affect. Resolving time application to a preferred non linear ideal resolves inconsistency and functional value loss. Depletion, decay and evaporation. 9(What is the non linear conjoining of solids, liquids and gases. What is the transitory shift condition status between these engaging presently unresolved localized materials?) And reconciles fragmentation. Allowing the greater utility. Non uninfluenced by source application, origin intent and resuolt. Concurrently three dimensional “access way” linear disparity can be resolved to the subjectively preferred time ideal. The non linear disposition would suggest a compatible dimension intent (concurrently reciprocal less deficient initiate juncture) meaning our tentative localized effort previously realized marginally as 3 dimensional linear inconsistency. Meaning our current self displacing Cosmically indisposed reality.(All events require an initiate entry status. Origin inception compatible to its source, however briefly). Each non linear event, natural or designed, is accordingly dimensionally attuned. Dimension is duration access way, the event unfolding as itself. Either denied “fragmented” as itself in time or non linearily revealed- validated. Event as its own accession. Unraveling a trans formative cultural shift. Availing a God Creation bond. Acknowledging prayer is between the Eternal yo0u and God. Concurrent reciprocal. Active always engaging Godsoulprint. Do you agree? All prayers are answered. Otherwise differential and impartiality would subscribe. No response is response. Sometimes as anguished whimsy's opportunity. Deed's prayers clearer response. Prayer's silence claim birth to purpose. Music, laughter, luck, a question or a rash. We continue with a definition. Always in hope and progress incomplete. Dimension defined as “a directional extension if space, a condition (property) of space.” Acknowledging vectors dimensional array. These careful insights will become more clear, more evident of self.

A few words about words evolving. Once words aspiring. Each word’s sound opportunity offers a fuller delivery. “Bitch.” Who speaks that listens prays. Recalling in the years gone bye. And bye. Watching a favorite television show. “Thinking’s Allowed,” on the Wisdom Channel. A woman spoke frail not cautious. Explaining that a man called her a “bitch.” The lady consented to thinking, volunteering the better words sincerity. “There are plenty of families that are intact, family members alive because there was a bitch in the house.” From my experience, sentiment and purpose alike, if (I) had to choose between a bastard and a bitch I’ll go with a bitch every time. A bitch can still be a lady a bastard will never be a gentlemen...Though “I” easily prefer love’s friendship gentler embrace. There are no words that can not love survive.

We should examine the functional concept of form. The nice people at American Heritage dictionary define (form). “The mode in which a thing exists. Acts on or manifests itself.” We live in a world of forms. A bordered localized intensity. More accuately form temporary uncertainty. Form inadequacy. The planet earth is a form. We can not engage life presence, organic, imagined or otherwise unless through our initial perception we assigns form to purpose. Form is dependent on our intent. Yet form predates its own condition status as intent. Similarly form postdates its own dislocation. As such reciprocal concurrence abides. Form is the assumption of its own memory. Without intended form the human body "presently" could not maintain ironic purpose. Yet much of transitory form activity we do not utilize. Lost to depletion value, inconsistency and failure design prerogative. Form suffers our industry. And form yearns articulate Heaven’s residency. Like the Universe all form endears the Eternal. And tolerates the weight of time. How we experience “use” form, including ourselves det4ermines our reality. Includ9ing spirituality. There are other realities, locations: Only one revealed by progress affectation. Source of form? Form of source? Origin or source? Memory of form. Both as formation, reformation and information. From a displacement time perspective. Dormant past memory. Anticipated "tentative" future memory. Memory activity assumes localized space, ephemerally temporary attended. (Incomplete memory). Evolving uninterrupted memory. Memory has intent. Intent speaks to memory source. And memory source “awareness.” Memories motion intent apparent "influenced” by sound's memory source. Memory like music, silence, the light, Creation and our waiting selves is spontaneous. Not timely delivered. In language and wit Eternally forgettable. Form from form abstained avails denials delivery. Form informs forms purpose. We deny. All motion has intent. Source avails intent. Awareness is intent source. Another term reference for memory, source, sound, intent is life formation. Another functional reference “death.” Beceased. The past tense of death is died. The future tense of death? All that is not is... Evolving insights realized through language incomprehension. Comprehension is linear, functional to its own exclusion. Awareness is non linear, Eternal. Offering with polite emphasis, memory includes its own intent, the event’s memory and the memories beneficent. The one remembered. Presently unforgettably forgotten. Much attends our absence. Accordingly we dream, aspire, yearn. Forgetting, intuition, coincidence, Creation's witness eloquently testifies. Yourself, the tree and the possum. Allegation unresolved.

All form is Eternal because the Universe is Eternal. Otherwise the Eternal Universe would exist in non Eternal exclusion to itself. Presently amongst the time insinuated earth peoples acquired on Eternal reality is conflict with the Eternal. Again we sing. "Unnecessarily and unnaturally." Our material world where material form is temporary. Eternal life valued as denied. We alter material to suit our conflicted, temporary immediate needs. We interrupt the Eternal. Thus commerce and technology derives. And manifests. Our knowledge testifies, the after life consents. Eternity falters. Politely acknowledging whatever the ephemeral status of form (forms) identity intent remains Eternally intact. Timelessness explains, Eternal Creation decrees.

One question’s garden surrenders this unbearable, Holy irony to purpose, engaging Eternal form to its intended purpose. Appreciating the Eternal form we are discussing already exists. A Creation's assimilating choice, Eternal self expression; otherwise we thrive withering in opposition to Eternal form intent.

In a non localized Universe localized events "briefly" sustain duration at the functional exclusion of the Eternal nature of the Universe. (Briefly a non segmental clock). Separated form and form deficient activity are compatible with the non linear ideal.(As suggested non linear's super position). Value loss, uncertainty are the consequence of flawed perception. Which engenders inadequate application. Our knowledge reflects. Science insists. Failure redeems. Redundancy merits, laughter esteems. Politely cautioned we proceed, purpose anew. Do fewer words conceal less. Brevity esteemed. Linear rules are detours. Form assumes its own access (dimension) to a forms refining evolving ideal. The inherent nature of form activity transcends its own bordered “territorial” limitations. A super nova suggests abrupt catastrophic change, but not exclusionary to Universe intent. (Loss of form is not loss of identity purpose, but rather shift utility.). The perception of loss should be reassessed). As suggested, “When mass is constricted enough eventually the constriction becomes infinite.” Clearly linear time deficiency through affected mass constriction has been supplanted-resolved to an infinite non linear duration effect. All motion duration has sound. All soound is duration. (A motion event realized “evidenced” by relevant “influencing” sound. Non linear “ageless” sound (silence presumption) and the light are the only condition activity that is compatible non- linear function. The form nature suggests a spherical effect. What is the distinction between a spheroid event and a non linear condition event? One perspective a spheroid is consequent to a singular intent. We continue.... The aforementioned mass constriction event can not be realized through schism linear dysfunction. Uncertain value loss linear deficient cause and uncertain effect has been supplanted by origin source duration effect. An intact transmutation has occurred. The functional linearly uncertain disparity of “before” and “after” has been replaced a proliferation of active perspectives. The most basic linear dislocation “forwards” and “backwards” become compatible in effect. Non linearily these two condition status perspectives thrive not one less the location of the other. The near of interchangeable. An evolved event inefficiently sustained by deficiency has been harmoniously transformed to a subjective spontaneous duration event. This shift in formulation resolves time disparity(before after) and the dislocation of distance location (backwards and forwards). Currently the non linear is realized as disparity formulation resolved through essential uncertainty, value loss. And finalized incompletion. Utility function changes in process, result and identity arenot inadequately fragmented between localized cause and effect, but rather one coherent-cohesive event condition. A flawed dynamic initiated and maintained through depletion force and evidenced through linearly measurable vector affectation ie temperature, weight, gravity dislocation. And form depletion intent. (Linear disruption of the non linear preferred ideal). If you will please allow a definition perspective. A vector references to any engage quantity such as weight, temperature, mass, time, length that needs a magnitude or direction in order to more fully understand therefore apply the quantity. The engaging vector condition activity we realize as force, direction, lift, momentum, pressure. Clearly a coercive materializing flow whereby by mass form altered through value loss intent. Coercive process result predetermines consequence. Again futility redeems, failure prerogative sustained through in completable redundancy. (Not the best recipe for mashed potatoes). This dynamic flow also referenced as a “dimensional array.” (An earth scientists explains....At two thirds the dislocating speed of light a space ship trajectory, our designed form intent, surrenders chaotically to its own non linear intent. (Constriction utility, a catastrophic loss of form identity. Being able to maintain form identity intent transcends temporal linear deficiency to a functionally preferred a non liner fluency. Form and light sound intent become compatible. Dislocation can occur without displacement. A dynamic interchange suggested the localized disparity of before-after becomes non localized or non linear in effect. Form can transcend its own form limitations, functional border and maintain the originals forms purpose. This dynamic metaphorically suggested by “beam me up Ginger.” Or the conjoined formation shift between life inception and death inception. Similar distinction can be made between destination and departure. Giving distance dislocation presently realized and influenced inby time a different form disposition. Cosmic affectation or from intent. Suggesting the design ability to participate-“create” a wormhole. Actualize a morphogenesis field. These applicable observations avail a design intent dynamic that is nonlinear in its disposition. And effect. When our perceptions, our observations are materially validated while directionally denied, both perception and result are deficient. Essence form incomplete. What is functionally lost to observation in the near infinite has “already” become a negotiable access way. We assume each event and the activity that sustains dimension either actively validates or denies dimension. Again the definition of a dimension, “A direction of space a property of space.” A more precise perspective, dimension is conjoined directional time activity. Cosmic purpose unfolding. Non linearly space and property intent or utility become symmetrical. Relevant sound instruction avails shift. What is the distinction between non linear sound and non linear light. The sound of silence and the light presumption being the two all inclusive non linear condition activities that are compatible with the infinite Eternal Universe disposition. The relevant motion of the light creates sympathetic inflouencing sound. Sound affect resolves temporal inconsistency. Sound ascribes instruction, Light reveals intent result materiality. (OLight and sound need not be constricted "altered" beyond their predetermined fluency. Light sustains shift intent instruction. Direction and instruction in this context are symmetrical.

You are not as you are therefore not as you witness. Strangely if we were not able to deny ourselves through a reality of our own design we wouldn’t be able to experience reality as our own.

Let's wander about the circumstances of another definition. A pausing subliminal reflection. You need not study the flower to experience “know” its beauty. You need not listen to hear. Must we sleep to waken. Super position "property" explains. For “all” linear systems (conditions?) the net response at a given time and place caused by two or more stimuli is the sum of the responses which would have been caused by each stimuli individually. Well that’s fine if you can afford the bus fare. Super position infers constriction intent. And sympathetic concurrence. Considering all observations, scientific precepts, neglected theories, discarded "persecuted" assumptions at at a given unknowable juncture are randomly astute. Coherent. All is relevant, revealing and connected...denial is our proof. All scientific precepts drink from the same cup...

Allowing perspectives reprieve. An imaginary coffee break. Attending a smile's invitation. Some years past ago. “I” stepped into our small Post Office in Persia, Iowa.. Aware of my own mysteries greeting. Our nice and lovely Postmaster Tammy Hacke greeted me with a kind smile. Her lively patient eyes. Aware of my own mischief, “I” asked. “Tammy are you alone?” Tammy hesitated. Wisdom claims caution a friend. Finally Tammy answered. “Yes...” I eagerly protested. “Oh come on Tammy give me some credit.” Prayer delivered request the same. Should the answer have been. “Give God and me some credit.” Now ourselves. Presence and invitation approach the same.

Our current dynamic likely evolved from our effort to understand and direct perceived value loss in nature. Creating a reality incorrectly perceived. And inadequately utilized. Actualizing a value loss existence that defines opportunity. Influencing-affecting value loss on others creates advantage. Indeed survival and prosperity. Also linear deficiencies of the human body. Human's value loss planetary interaction with the environment Cosmos exacerbates weather inconsistency evident as global warming, dying's prerogatives evidenced as disease, accidents, unnecessarily deficient aging. And a war disposition peace impaired culture. Death distraction assumes dying's language. These are contrived-response debilitating activities that generate profit while denying life value. Noting currently in time only “designed” music activity can be consciously “intentionally” assimilated through time abstention. Singularly and collectively. Sound under certain conditions evokes and compliments a non linear ageless ideal. Yourself a baby child (conceived) born timelessly “Eternally” imbued will respond to music, validating non linear reality and ideal self, before learning time based self displacing language. During a non linear effect form, its sound motion intent and evolving status are concurrent. Interchangeable without inherent loss. And can be designed “engineered” without essential process deficiency intent. Redundantly redeemed through defining failure. And inherent invalidation. On this planet we insure our efforts to prove our failures are worthy of our success.

Inviting an intermissions greeting. The other day morning “I” was chatting with Cynthia Lynne, a brave3 gentle human being spoke of relinquishing her walker for a temporary cane. (I) responded. Unexpectedly humors spontaneity. “I'm glad my back problems are behind me.” We laughed attending the laughter life? Now wondering what prayer's seed God delivers. What is prayer that is not prayer's response. Is not all God gently attended less our generous waivers? We caution prayer's witness. Creation's pall bearers will be normal. The Rabbi beckons repetitions caress. “Prayer's aren't answered, they are the answer.” Prayer's flower anguished seed prayer's incomplete.

May we briefly wander. And wonder? Like freeing caged birds we are eager to deliver these few words. Two pages become four. And in a breathless glimpse an orchard claims the horizon. Like a growing family. Carefully delivered. “Faith” is an experienced (I've) cautiously wondered about over the years. “I” am careful with life affects that dwell in opposition to themselves. And are measured against their opportunity. Life's agreement that can be lost in sharing explanation. Like life secured as dying. And an active God union delayed to death, life's absence. Love's discourse calculated through forgiveness. Do we need to agree? Love requires no flower but it’s own blossom. Idea's simple sometimes called a beginning. What is the language of each currently nurtured by word's sublime echo. The compass forgives the map its direction. Destination our preferred truancy. We laugh the better song. One seed once a star becomes a Galaxy.

Curiously-wonderfully “talented” young people are offered scholarships to Julliard and MIT. Why not scholarships for the suffering. The hungry. The imprisoned. The homeless. Is not suffering one of our greater skills. Explain to the presumed beggar. “Please accept this we need your help.” Whisper to a runaway child. “Child are not the problem? Your the one who ran away. Please return we need you. We love you.” Share with our prisoner partners, “there is no prison, but our inaugurate intentions. Your loss of freedom denies our own.

time silence esteemed

Reverend Sato


Reverend Nonin Chowaney

Omaha, Nebraska

A few searching aspirations: All inquiring efforts machine or human begin in silence. And conclude in silence. Silence and the light are the two conditions kindred with non linear Cosmos. Times irony. All in time ends. We awkwardly in an endless Universe. Seeking to become masters of life we've become merchants of anticipation. Benefactors of confusion.

The acquired paradox. When born we had no awareness of time. Accordingly we were functionally non linear Eternal beings. Non linear? Meaning all embracing events not revealed-valuated consequent to their own separation. Our bodies when born were non linear ie Eternal. (One event through separation leading to a secondary event.) In time this separation is always uncertain, incomplete less the Eternal. Often noisy. The basic time adaptation. We are born we begin a debilitating age process and our lives come to an end. The silencing invitation. How can event end without purpose in an endless Universe.

Now, already deferred we invite silence’s companion. Laughter. First like all else memory is Eternal. But even memory we experience in time we only have memories of the past. The bridge between time divergent memory and Eternal memory (is) forgetting. We don't choose to forget. We don't always choose to remember what we forgot. Through time we exhaust our lives forgetting our Eternal selves. The other bridges. Silence. Meditation. Laughter and another, the presumption of death. Also the aforementioned dynamic explains our current understanding of a worm hole. An active connection between to divergent conditions of time.

Before surrendering to the non linear spontaneity of laughter. Logic’s detour: Death and dying are near opposites. Death occurs in the non linear timeless Eternal. Dieing is time based, realized through the linear of cause and effect (more in the nature of defect). Most of the dying we affect on ourselves an each other is unnatural, unnecessary. Executions, suicide, group violence, over eating, smoking, drug over doses, time based diseases treated in time distortion. Dying attends disparity and anguish. Immediate pervasive in anticipation. Dying’s noise. Death silence eloquence. Events that are consequent to choice. Curiously also events that are realized through silence. A desperate and groping effort to reclaim our Eternal birthright. Eternal non linear death includes life. Dying doesn't.

For years “I” would discuss these non linear insights with other individuals who of course are linearly invested in time. Except for one word or two, they could only remember what they heard by forgetting. A year ago a former seminary student politely listened to these conceptions for five-ten minutes. Concluding “I” asked this gentlemen if he remember anything I'd said. He answered,”No.” Except for the joke. Recently laughing in order to breathe, (I) wondered? We are inviting these people to evoke their Eternal identity which they deny in time to an after life. Do they at some level of awareness “sense” that they are being asked to “drop dead” so that we might continue our conversation under better conditions. What does all this mean? The meaning is not in the answer.

Technology in the last 200 years has exaggerated time distortion. All disposable machines are time based designed through failure prerogative and value loss. Machine have made us faster, smarter, more dangerous...validating time deficiency. When our technology and our risk based commerce becomes becomes non linear. Inclusive not exclusionary. No longer intrinsic to value loss and misery. It will be much easier for human beings to realize their Eternal non linear disposition. Human beings are not organically disposed to greed, violence. Time creates difficulty, distracting the good of self. We are compassionate.

If prayers response were enduring answers would we need to repeal our questions with another answer. Prayers anguish blossoms answered seed prayers incomplete. Do we create the need for our prayers. Thus faith beckons inconsistently. Forgiveness cautions love. And death bargains dying our protest. We've returned. Never left.

Now is a place much deferred. Delayed. Beguiled. The musicians accommodating tempo. An acoustic timely variance. “Keeping time.” Earth scholars offer, “At the speed of light there is no passage of time.” Consequently during linear time abstention light no longer functions through prolonged dislocation...linear “speed.” Acceleration-velocity don't resolve immediacy to advantage, but exacerbates “sustaining” value loss deficiency through force depletion. What is the perception and function of speed in the absence of time displacement. Event effect not less its devalued dislocation. The ideal of speed, dislocation duration less displacements uncertain depletion. During time absence infinity becomes functional, Optional. The clearer answer...functional ever presence. Non linear the timeless Eternal Cosmic ideal can be properly utilized. Further scholars conjecture as we approach the speed of light time slows down. As such we can politely agree by adjusting concurrently light or time displacement the non linear Eternal ideal becomes negotiable....No longer realizable through essential value loss inconsistency. Heaven attended less dying's folly.

We are discussing metaphorically the inference of warp speed, beam me uip Scottie. The limited- contradictory perception of death cessation given credence through allegory. Not to suggest the irrelevance of such allegory. Also referencing time dilation, previously discussed Cosmic occurrences such as luck and coincidence. And giving further bearing mass constriction. “When mass is constricted enough eventually mass (form) becomes infinite.” Meaning non linearily opportune. Reciprocal and concurrent. Meaning mass constriction can assimilate reciprocally. Coherent material transference. One event destination to another. Concurrently not through inadequate time depletion. Another example we were discussing with our bold planetary a aspirant and dear friend Carl Zimmerman. The astute photographer who listens to “his” evolving photographs. A photographic event: The camera shutter opens. Exposing the film emulsion to the light reflection source, the image activity being photographed. (“I” believe the term photograph is derived from the Greek, painting with light.”) Now we have the stationary image...a photograph. The material near equivalent of the all “ageless” inclusive silence light. The photo print will wither aging, expressive of our deficient time based technology, but the image sustains identities distinct purpose in the evolving forever. The fewer words chronology. Influence the delivery change the result. Intriguingly the mystery by our abstention continues. The aforementioned linear dynamic completely disregards the non linear near instantaneous unbelievable flow between the camera and the images being photographed. Consider to imagine being able to influence the non linear motion intent form status through the relevant soundings. Uncertain inception and unresolved conclusion assume a new thrilling effect transcending our previous truancy. Redefining the concept of machine. And machine intent. Communication. Consequent language and perception. Technology, economy parallel effect. Concurrently resolving the oppositional disparity between disease and cure. Not as the deficient affect between two opposing inadequate conditions in time incompletely resolved thought depletion uncertainty, but rather concurrently. The unresolvable parameters of before and after assimilated to effect as concurrent process. Origin and source symmetrically attuned….And spiritually no longer preferred deferred.

A gentleman politely imagined asked me. “Charlie are you for or against capitol punishment?” I asked. “For who you or me?” After hesitation and my companions anger. “I” clarified. “Capitol punishment is unkind.” The man breathed to deny his better breathe. “But the man killed two other people.” We concluded better attended by our shared memory. “Less unkindness is better than more.”Any more words are not words enough.

A few questions seed their own space. Again we ask less the answers waiting. Eternally? What is the past tense of death? Dying claims the timely answer less death's oracle. And of dying's immediacy less dieing s linear thirst. Now cautions chronology. Progress abstains. What is the future tense of death. The questions answer serves direction's purpose. Response enforces delay. What life endures purpose not attended death cessation's perspective. Our Heavenly warrant. Continuity destination persists. A new words greeting. Life foretold love esteemed. “Beceased.” We will still attain the active status of death. You just wont pay the bill before you die.

Of course the critical perspective is one of direction.(All anticipates critical our success). Direction speaks to motion intent resolution. Purpose, objective, accomplishing. Appreciating that in a linear time based culture “direction flow” is most often an intentional singular directional flow. Relinquishing the current trajectory to an anticipated future directed from a dormant past. A one dimensional “progressive” casual track sustained through sustained inconsistency and defining value loss. Legitimized through failure. And repetition. We spend our lives crossing the same street in different neighborhoods. Always going in the same direction. All locations time designed. You can turn around and go back. But now your going in the same direction in opposition to the first. Forward leaving the initial effort unresolved. Politely remind all in time including direction is always incomplete. Linear events are materially one directional. A compass of before. And after. Life delayed. Life denied.

For two thousand years we accepted the gentle and wise Aristotle’s observation. An object falls in proportion to its weight. Two objects fall, the object twice as heavy as the other object will fall twice as fasts. Galileo politely cautioned otherwise. Both fall each claiming the same distance in time. The smiling star gazer continues. The acceleration of an object will increase as the distance in dissent increases. Clearly we have evolving linear observations relevant to displacement measured in time. But what happens to direction, acceleration and distance during a non linearly affected event not measured, witnessed in time. Well in part the effect result is determined by the distinctive event. The measurable result and the intent process not consequent to its own dislocation or displacements. Event assimilation not consequent to material form integrity. We have a non linear event, spontaneous. Therefore not consequent to its incremental chronology. Deficient or otherwise. The straight line gives way to a functioning sphere. Given the contrasting-denying relevance of our organic limitations we unknowingly share with the trees, rivers and hummingbirds rather than spontaneous it would be more accurate to suggest.... simultaneous spontaneity. Not measured essentially through value loss. And failure based “efficiently” designed engineering. The fragmented scalar quantities of length, time density, temperature, mass and pressure; and the directional magnitude of vector direction, force, drag, momentum and displacement become non linearly intact. Not consequent to depletion valuation measured in linear distance and time. Offering an inferred answer to a questions insight. How can there be an exclusionary “displaced” (essentially localized) event in a non localized Universe? One of the answers suggested. In time's irony is redeeme3d through value loss, failure, in completion, invalidation. And inspiring repetition. Our brave well imagined selves. Qu9ietly God esteemed. Ourselves deferred, not God.

Revisiting politely our gardens labor: How is a non linear perceivable juncture realized. Given purpose and direction. Revisiting our companion the happily perplexed Professor Einstein. “When mass is constricted enough eventually the constriction becomes infinite.” How do we functionally tap into infinities symmetry. Answer...through the sound motion complimenting non linearly active time abstention. Currently an intentional acoustic sound representation limited to noise, language. And music reprieve. (Reminding mass constriction “expansion” can materialize to either affect, rendering time disparity resolved). The one condition activity that is timeless-non linearily compatible with time valuation negation is an event specific relevant and revealing sound. Sound relevant to all event elements. Direction or purpose intent, duration source intent currently referenced as process. And design assimilation which includes the human presence. Direction become intact event not less utility dysfunction. While attempting to maintain directional non linearity. Simultaneous spontaneity. Current motivating concerns relevant to value loss, displacement disparity and time displacement are resolved through sound affectation. Pneumatic acoustic effect. Appreciating that motion intent and form are “near” non linearly duration interchangeable. And this dynamic can be influenced and form sustained without essential loss through relevant sound ie motion. Also at the subatomic level. Otherwise generally the subatomic level would function in denying opposition to the Universe Cosmos. Never is not a place of conclusions and finality. If you will please allow one more observation. Human beings in time are accustomed through force, coercion, consensual insistence, destruction, fortitude consistency and convenient perception to affect and control events. But in a non linear Universe the river always knew where it was going. The moon sets without our intervention. And the babies smile. The non linear insight discussed in these pages might initially seem unnatural. Complex. But there is a self assessing “refining' element to the eventual “desirable” result. We are not alone. We are each the future of ourselves. Much plays the Universe unfolding denied by our g3enious. Limitations nurtured by our good intentions. And bold prayer's undertaking.

Non linearly all directions are manifest. Not one less the other. You still cross the street like before, but the objective is different. Therefore the effort. And result, individual and collective. The objective process being one of technology, commerce. Perception. Expression. And the always of spirituality. Whispering we recall. When our technology and commerce become non linear our expressible lives will avail the gentler Eternal. Value loss will not command. We will not wait God's absence. Will you continue polish your weapons before you feed the children? Will you need an enemy to complete your reflection. The answers you know you touch...

All is the same that is not the same. Again. Disease beckons tentative cure. Life death's patron. Cautious departure compels uncertain arrival. Today is not tomorrow cautioning yesterday? Words echo clarification: “Assignment, track, dislocation, sequence, succession, progression.” Now gathered pleasantly together less time's thirsty denial. The birds sing, oceans float, winds explain Creations testimony. Reciprocal concurrence.

When time through ageless sound can be linearly realized. All directions thrive no one less the other. Completions impending surmise. Destination. Departures concurrence. Worm holes inquire. Morphogenesis directs. Cause and effect no longer sustain less the other. Origin source horizon welcomes. Through non liner concurrence you can politely redirect status intent before the apparent “expected” already evident anguished deficiency materializes. Prevention less preventions need. Inviting science it's consent. We return evolving time dilation. Expressible mass density constriction. Now the next sentence application better attends...


Big bang Bigamy

Once upon a space not in time there came to be a spherically in circling Light fo9rm not yet to be named the planet earth. Timelessly a mysterious planet of much activity. And eventual mischief.  A planetary presence of wonderment. And tentative promise thus real. Much came to witness inofby the Light before the self excluding human became Lord purveyor of the all perceivable. Answerable to the God of his own choosing. Do you remember?

Contrary to the divine flow this life being came to experience themselves in the preferred Light of time displacement. The near all  “created” by this “death” determinate being was only relevant n’ revealing in the non-permanence of self. Hence there progress became explainable by the denying self-reflection of temporary self. A time ironic de materializing reality where dreams were only real of God by the distant wakings. Understandably in the soon of love this life form, wondrous of self-challenge, came to worship God inby a deference of self to the preferred prophet. Majestic Holy Temples rose like mountains,  tributes to the self reflected God. Truly what Karma incredible these earth Universe peoples came to know their love by not, hope by less and their brief successes legitimized by failure. The planetary Godchildren seeded love by forgiveness (loves burden).  Conceivably it is true there has never been in the Light history of God a life presence more devoted to suffering. And as Yang claims Ying the earth people’s life grew ripe to the God miracle knowing of themselves… inofby the Light. As we approach the time of now forever. Eternally abstained we reside.

The earth people true to the God irony of themselves came to know their divinity by the preferred ephemeral of faith. And the many other transient temples of choice. The most eloquent endorser became death. And as such they lived to die while dieing this became their miracle. Not God’s. And from this river their life’s flowed. They killed one another and called themselves men of peace.  So true of sad be truth these brave-delinquent children of God came to know the hope for Creation in apposition to life. And so hope became negotiable thus temporary. The earthly path to the infinite Eternal. So earnest of God they believed their shared suffering, foreshadowed hope…often love forgiven love’s purpose. They were born to die. They built and dreamt what they destroyed. Claiming preferential knowledge their future’s witness. Life love’s progress. Love forgiven  love’s folly. And again love redeemed as promise forgiven. What love forgiven still God’s love. Happiness the mirror of unhappiness. Suffering companion to joy. And anger warned that anger be more. Always time always naught. Death became life’s partner. And love calculated. What curious earthly riddle shades Creation’s divine shadow. What God so decree’s.                                                      

These few word's will assume their own tentative purpose: Whispering politely sound’s reprieve. The Universe is timeless human beings exist in time. We are therefore out of step with our own residence, the Cosmos. Accordingly ourselves.  Curiously all events end unnaturally in time yet we live in an endless Universe. While we continue this words gathering. The implication’s abound.

We were babies born we were aware of time. And death. We were alert Eternal divine beings... We are taught our non Eternal disposition. Politely acknowledging  of millions of lifeforms we are the only species on this planet that experiences Creation through time and death. Also once our ancestor’s self.

Inviting speculation:  Many of those years ago our early lives were determined by sporadic cycles we couldn't influence. Night became day, weather, pregnancy, competing predators, accidents-disease,  while seeking a food source. And always the mystery of death. We were shrewd maybe a littl4e mischievous we gradually came up with the idea of time. Through time, our time, this gentle and beautiful planet eventually became ours..?

We could not fully appreciate that everything, including ourselves, experienced in time ends. While ending. (In time eventually all utility and direction are lost.) One example we are born we exhaust our lives dying approaching death cessation. Major industries on this planet rely on death as a motivating profit incentive: Life converted to death insurance companies, lethal weapon manufactures,  interment, medical networks exchanging cure for disease both conditions validated-valuated through death.  Thru the human adaption “distortion” of timelessness...{time} the planet earth became disposable, non Eternal; our dependance on technology exaggerated our dependence of time disintegration. Cars crash unsuccessfully, our floating ships sink, our homes isn't ready for occupancy unless they can burn down. Our species is protected through self designed extinction, nuclear war. In our lives  endings became paramount. Yet the Cosmos otherwise flows. Endlessly without essential irony, uncertainty and termination. Eternally...

There is a natural activity condition in the Universe that speaks to how long and event takes to unfold. “Duration.” There is the Eternal duration. Whereby uninterrupted events do not end once begun. And time duration. Whereby all events end while ending. Less their intended purpose. Resolving this curious paradox defines “refines” the earth peoples relationship with God's environment. And ourselves. In the absence of time the infinite Eternal becomes functional. Optional. Disparities choice remains. We hide to prove we are worthy of being found.

Reality is not as perceived “experienced,” but as time instructs. Non linear Eternal perceptions are thwarted by our unnatural linear disposition. We live amidst a great unknowing. Our reality (is) continuously actualized in time therefore functionally relevant as denied. Time insinuated perceptions are from their inception incomplete. Accordingly inadequate. Time depletion technology and commerce exaggerate our Cosmic displacement. Thus we invest ourselves We accruing the presumed ideal of ourselves through deficient invalidation. All materialized in time eventually losses all utility. And direction. What question’s answer compliments Eternity. Our unknowable existence rationalized as perceptual ineptitude. In such a world validation is negation. We are a life form that realizes live self through loss. Futility is utility. A profound irony culminating as our encouraged-uneventful absence. (The after life). We are dying’s investment, unnecessarily. Accordingly we thrive, profit, seek God. Express ourselves. Dying is a time based “non Eternal” human asset. Death is timeless, Eternal. Articulate. Un9interrupted. No grave Eternity resides.

In our ill conceived reality what is the relevance of a comprehension and understanding when their value is lost to to response. Accordingly we ask. What is an a sounds echo Chris? (A gentleman writing a book on time travel).  Who are you.  All human event is an (inexact0) self reflective acoustic presentation. Marginalized through language dysfunction. And inadequate contrived perceptions. And distorted death worship. The people on the planet earth continue to sacrifice each other. Slaves to their time effect. Burdened yet we thrive the our yearning’s song. Imagine ourselves unencumbered...Eternally apparent.

Current definitions, functionally incomplete-evolving. Concurrence. “Occurring at the same toime. At once, coinciding,” We create the burdens we resist by carrying. We are each an unthinkable dimension denied in time.  Dimension. “A property of space a directional extension of space.” We are a dimension denied in acquired “imposed” time.” Concurrent non linearity. A spatial happenstance we marginally “briefly” engage through dream. Imaginations yearning. Non spherical meditation. Functional inexactness of vacuum, void, death cessation, assigned insanity. Cornered “isolating”  incomplete images of an otherwise intact timeless planetary spheroid. Most on the planet earth attempt to complete the circle by turning the assigned corner. Consensus breathes. What do we look for when were  lost. Life is an alias. An enchanting opportunity. We’re the unspent Eternal treasure of ourselves.

Form: “The mode in which the activity of a thing exists, unfolds. Acts or manifests itself. Observing time travel is validation of a linear time (I) insinuated reality. Whether the travel or literary or organically functional. Past, present, future. We function through localized evens while residing in a non localized Universe. (Death is a timeless non linear all inclusive... non localized active event that includes our time insinuated linearly resistant lives)….If the dead can sing so can the living.

Earth scientists observe. “At the speed of light their is no passage of time.” Consequently in the absence of time... speed (dislocation) surrenders to ever presence. Arriving anywhere without value loss dislocation. (Perception’s application thrives). The Eternal articulate self. By what gates provocation do we presently enter the lost-deferred world: Intoxication. Music. The forgotten. Death anticipation. Death assimilation dying’s assembly Prayers disguise. Self reflecting void. Tickling. And orgasm. Each a wondrous fleeting inexact step.(Shift)…. We approach the new direction. The Cosmic address of self. Is “void” a term of avoidance. Much in our distracted lives misleads. What are the tools of our disguise. Our imposed misadventure. Reality thirsty apparition.

Politely reflecting on the smiling Professor Einsteins observation. “When mass is constricted enough eventually the curvature becomes infinite.” Happily “gradually” inferring form locality is “eventuality” surrendered to non linear “ageless” sound. Through non linear event relevant sound “DNAs”  current time based depletion life events can non linearly actualized. Engaging the Eternal. Non linearly before and after no longer factor. Spherically you can go to an event before its origin perception. The disease before its shadow caste. Pragmatically as the body self. Currently presence limited to the thrift of imagination. Availing spirituality, concurrent prayer, functional non linear perception. Engendering a new melodic language medium. Poster at Lewis and Clark Junior High school, Omaha Nebraska. “Music is applied mathematics.” Carefully acknowledging Professor Einsteins observations are time based. “Time is an illusion.” The planetary gentleman must of whimsically sighed. While realizing-expressing the functional illusion of his life.                       

One question thrives inviting our Cosmic predisposition, our thriving Eternal selves while alive. Can the schism between our timeless Eternal selves and our current time encrusted adaption be resolved to the preferred God intended self? Politely we continue.  Words are seeds gardens blossom unfolds wistfully. Is it not true. God is our mystery, we are not God's mystery. Are we not obliged to separate timeless Heaven from our time encrusted reality? We must die, surrender our lives in time in order to commune ideally with Eternal God.  Most curious...

The clarifying perspective: “The Universe is non-linear.” Meaning that unlike a straight line the Universe can not be separated from itself. Less the separation. (Infinity denied denies infinity.) Intriguingly when born baby children our bodies were non linear. We could not be separated from themselves and still function as intended. The same the aspiring tree, porpoise, bonobo and your anticipate self. Ideally commerce and technology. But in spite of our Cosmic predisposition we are introduced into a time invested reality where everything ends. In time our non linear Eternal self becomes a linear being. The dictionary defines linearity,”A disturbance between two points.” our anguished accommodation...cause and effect. Through immediate calculations uncertainty life Creation life becomes a failed experience.  Revealed through dying’s harvest. The planet earth’s major industry.

The prophets have spoken beautifully their loving deeds. “Be nice be gentle.” We are not suggesting that human beings are bad. We are disposed to violence, greed and shared unhappiness as our Holy documents testify because we are Eternal timeless beings living thru the anxiety of time. We have created a reality that is valued as denied. Prefer-seeking God through death anomaly. Wondering what grave mourns Eternity. Appreciating dead is a God thing. Dying is a human thing. When we attain the active status of death we stop dying. And most dying experienced is unnecessary. So sad so silly. Violence, suicide, accidents, time based diseases. What true knowing is death when we know best by denying our reality. All progress is based on invalidation. Meaning what our young parents thought was essential to their lives we can now only find in a museum. In and through time “endings” we have created a disposable reality. warming, pandemics, limited asteroid tracking. And death incentive profiteering. And nuclear global extinction. We are a peoples that protects our planetary existence thru destruction. Unnecessarily we suffer much our well intentioned neglect.  We create the burdens we resist while carrying.,.. And yet we love our children the better of ourselves. We seek and thrive our prayers need. Yes we can be bad but we prefer being good. We dance and sing and tell great stories. What would be our story if we did not have to suffer the well being of our success. If we did not have to live dying validating death's permit. Acknowledging the time of now is forever. Offering the anagram (the active non-linear origin source of a term location. And the evolving post activity of a term. God’s loves value grows, our effort esteemed): “Armageddon”....are we done God. Factor also mad and damned” The anagram for...revelations...reveal all the nations. Non linear origin source for “die”...I die id or death is my identity. Anagram for died...did I die “hey smiling” I did die. Our mystery continues well att4ended. Do you agree we are not in the many our intended selves? The evolving non linear origin of the term location for “share”....he she hears (are). We thrive ghosts of anticipation. And wonderment.

Again the divine flowers offering. “Be gentle be nice.”And time compels surrendering anxiety's unhappy contempt. Embracing these gentle understandings coupled with non linear commerce and technology avails a planetary shift. Politely inviting our website (insurance sphere, Sullma, MTC credit card, non-linear machine, psychiatric sphere, cancer 0's, meditation sphere, prison home).

.                               Little children we are assigned a linear exclusionary intelligence, expressible through dysfunctional language, this static quotient predates our birth both in its disposition and application. You are invited to perform on a test that measures you ability to participate in a time based disposable culture. Your test results can't vary five points during your life time. Explaining why humans use between 5% and 10%  of their already diminished organic intelligence capacity. Also rely on a time insulated linear language. Structurally language allows for deception and self deception, all conversations evolve thru forgetting. Definitions vary. There are more than 6500 language on this planet. Word's r us. Speaking to our Cosmic predisposition the denied Eternal awe. These event occurrences don't come from ourselves, they don't reference knowledge, they are spontaneous-not occurring thru time increment and these “incomplete” not sustainable events only happen to one person at a time. Suggesting the silence the light. The two timeless conditions that are compatible with the infinite Eternal, the silence the light are all inclusive all embracing...non linear. (Luck, coincidence, answered prayers, remission, placebo effect, intuition, precognition, twin intuition, your birth, your presumed death, forgetting, sleep, miracles and more you might surmise...The anticipated self.                             

If we may we reach for another observation. Like all else memory is Eternal, God's active memory of ourselves evolving as denied. Cosmic memories non linear residency. But even structurally encompassing memory we experience in time because we only have memories of the past. And of course our memories are of an uncertain reality protected by our many temporary activity uncertainties, one compelling we know as violence. And redeemed as profit’s misery, dying unwarranted anomaly. The sanctuary between Eternal and Non Eternal memory is the enduring capacity to forget. We don’t choose to forget, forgetting is not realized through time. The forgotten resides timelessly Eternal. We spend our lives forgetting securing-hiding our Eternal identity. But forgetting is not a lost place. We wait for ourselves. The forgotten reclaims less sour effort. Eternity smile’s taps our shoulder The time of now is forever as we approach our Cosmic presence. We will forget to remember, more on this later. Now later abides. A memory like the planet earth predates its own existence. God’s surmise. A memory predates in some form its own event, non linearity obliges. Ageless sound we know wonderfully- vaguely as music avails. Motion is intent, intent has source. And source awareness. Creation’s Cosmic journey predates your earthly voyage. Allowing time’s whispering neglectful dance, only God can remember an event before it happens. Again politely for the first time. Thank you be kindness for your companionship. And accompaniment.

So promised of ourselves as naught that one major religion offered Creation’s destruction, as God’s hope be promise. What God build’s to destroy. Many of most divinely wrought believed their Holy Books the true flesh of God than the waiting dreams of their children.  And so we breath cautiously wise of waiting. Death cessation life’s reward,  impatiently earned. Generously shared.

Peoples consensus favoring the Eternal seed delayed, the earth people knew their witness by all intents value as denied. Meaning they believed in themselves while seeking their identity. God ruled by their worship. And all was as true of God as brief. Heaven was distant that life be more. And the children waited. And as stillness still do. Fighting wars reclaiming the violent peace denied. Not having learned to breathe: You can’t have an enemy without being one. Authors of all except themselves their lives continued. Preferring temporary inventions that exaggerated the unanswerable self. Building self-reflecting dark dangerous machines that will damage Creation’s gift. What God seed so blossoms.

And truly of God amidst the hope of these contradictions the earth people loved each other dearly, they feed their children before themselves. They dreamt that life be the good of their prayers answered. Yet true of beauty, well knowing of God, the self defining ones continued to make of time less. Thus bequeathing their vacancy to death. Themselves.  Masters of death protectors of life. Holy Temples merchants of demise. Human sacrifice Heaven’s gate. The givers of time became the deniers of time. Extinguishers of the Light.

In the absence of time dislocation infinity becomes perceivable beyond the surmise of idea, theory and self validating inconsistent observation. Not tentatively but materially “consequentially” opportune like your body, a choice, an ocean or a hot fudge sundae with extra pecans. All event material realized in time are “deceptively” non linearly incomplete from the inception of the perceived or designed event. Consequently all activity derived from those actively inadequate, uncertain perceptions are not fully valid, creating a marginalized reality distorting Cosmic intent. We reside “ineffectually”  in a timelessly insinuated Cosmos…In utility is opportunity. Futility seeds…Loss and confusion Eternally guide. Irony-agony instruct.

A Hindu proverb invites. “Everything will be alright at the end. If its not alright its not the end.”

Time insinuation permeates language, our interaction with environment, institutions denied as  expression, dying, commerce, technology. God insight. And the organic self. Intent concurrence is casually limited to sleep, silence, prayer, laughter, death presumption, music and meditation. (These condition events occur and nurture outside “in spite” of our acquired linear existence). In a linear time based culture conscious concurrence activity presence is pragmatically inconsequential. Conscious concurrent intent is difficult (unnecessary) to asses through incremental measurement. Therefore current awareness. Concurrent assimilation is not fully expressible beyond inference through language or mathematics. Silently imbued. Concurrent response to the non linear is not consequent to deception. Forgetting is not essential to the concurrent ideal? Similarly depletion. Concurrent choice intuitively approaching the Eternal Cosmic ideal. Concurrence localizes displacement less the displacement itself. Each life event is a concurrent Cosmic conduit functionally apparent while denied. Definition of concurrent. “Happening at the same time.” Not time exclusionary, approaching the timeless non linear.  Localized shared chronology. Not essentially deficient, uncertain, sourced through failure.

-Big bang impetus-
--  precipitous intent?--

The Universe scientists have surmised had a beginning they attended by their absence known as the  “Big Bang.” Further concluding that the Universe is expanding from its common origin as a singular event. “A singularity.” (The initial implosion). These observations are given further credence by being able to identify and correlate the variant frequency of radio waves. Wave duration is inherently more consistent than time. Not consequent to deficient denial. The Galaxies nice, bold- squinting professor Hubble organically observed the Galaxies are moving away from us. From themselves? The Galaxies furthest from us are moving at the fastest rate of speed. Intriguingly also suggesting that space is expanding, not the Galaxies. These three observations suggest a disparity of purpose between space and dislocating Galaxy intent, not necessarily intrinsically inconsistent. But not functionally consistent in non linear ideal. (Approaching the non linear ideal, therefore awareness and eventual application). The uniformity of expansion suggests that each Galaxy, or perspective is equidistant to all other Galaxies. As such each Galaxy, each Cosmic event is at the center of the Universe. Including the human self event. (Centrality is compatible with approaching non linearity, but in a linear culture centrality becomes an endless array of uncertain deferred distractions). Questions direct… have any observation been offered speaking to the impetus condition status event of the big bang singularity. Any pre activity independent of the big bang that precipitated the Cosmic inception. Did this activity presence continue as part of the Cosmic unfolding. Is this impetus event perceivable as inquiry. Can we assume that a God conception predates the materializing of the planet earth, otherwise God would not have created the Universe. Further suggesting that God enema ted from the big bang?  God can be considered as the essential essence of the Universe? Are life’s response to unanswerable and answerable questions “perspectives” elemental to the Universe unfolding. We can reasonably assume human presence however non distinct did not precipitate the big bang. Ours presently are self educated assumptions that reflect-compliment our tentative ambiguous existence. Are we able to assume that the non linear Universes inception was similarly represented by its presumed inception. What was the nature of space, if any, prior to occupancy? The inception was a casual, spontaneous in nature? Was the big bang a uniform occurrence. Any resistance? Observation allows us to conclude event activity condition occur rent after inception evolves symmetrically- concurrently to inception. (Independently?) Otherwise likely dysfunctional dissimilarity would explain infinities inclusive consistency. (Infinity denied denies infinity ,not permanently). From a planetary perspective perceptually you can examine the activity that lead to your birth. We can carefully-tentatively surmise “witness” accordingly “participate” in the same event. Though not organically before the inception event of yourself. Casually we are organically limited (while in form), consensual inadequacy and in completion persist-predating “linear” inception. A beginning based on a determined congruence that is singular, self determining ie exclusionary. Presently. This deficient “dislocation” is relevant to time disparity creating a value loss material dysfunction, the past verses future materially inadequately actualized. A dislocating flow dynamic in a non localized Universe that influences the organic self. And perception. (Process influences result, not necessarily conclusively).Concurrently when the cause of an event and its effect, its beginning and its presumed ending can we witnessed, experienced in the same time, concurrently, a significant shift has occurred in our applicable existence. An existence presently not conjoined to the refining continuity of the Universe. (Cosmic shift refinement). You can not respond coherently-concurrently to what you are incapable of perceiving, but any reply or response is relevant acknowledging the Cosmic non linear ideal though incomplete always productive. Also through your amiable disposition you can accordingly benefit. And once beneficent become aware, conscious. Let’s try to determine if the distinction between these two condition events can be conjoined to experience. Without the uncertain displacement suggested by evolving observation, tentative calculation evidenced while sustained by linearly incremental “delayed” language and mathematics. The gardens fewer words. The Cosmic bridge unfolds less its current crossing.

Attempting to resolve Scalar quantities (length, density, temperature, pressure, mass) which sustain material depletion inconsistently while limiting result. These material conditions do not dematerialize “energize” at the same rate. (During the same time). Additionally failure variable, depletion, design uncertainty will create a flawed “time temporary” result. These linearly dynamic events are precipitated through consequential vector forces exacerbating a deficient outcome. (Vector forces displacement, direction, force, lift, momentum, drag). (Vector forces give magnitude to scalar guaranties). Quantities and active forces that are part of our organic disposition, how we use our bodies. Individually and collectively. And environmentally.  Delivering scalar materialized conditions through vector disparity strains the limits of futility. And limits both design intent and observational data to the flawed process that affectt3ed and sustained the event. Evidenced through unnecessary risk, fuel inefficiency and noise. Uncertainty and failure constrain subsequent options to the same deficient process. (How and at what juncture does vector force and scalar fragmented deficiency conjoin as one applicable concurrent event condition?) Being able to materialize vector magnitude scalar quantities concurrently (occurring in the same time) affects a significant shift in value efficiency... utility. Time or duration “concurrence” no longer factors time uncertain displacement technology as eventual loss of utility and uncertain objective direction. Resolving linear uncertainty cautioned “protected” through failure design- intent and result to an intact, resonant event avails a profound shift in our material interaction with the Cosmos. The infinite non linear has been engaged. Preserved while validated. Concurrence subjectively realizes the non linear ideal.

Current science infers the proposed shift. Time dilation indicates that two objects moving in relation to each other will experience different rates of time flow. (Therefore uncertainty and depletion are inconsistent and can be influenced to a preferred consistency. Beyond the current casual irony). Additional clarification physicists offer that at the speed of light there is no passage of time. We can deduce that as we approach the ideal of time abstention (no time) uncertainty, depletion, disposable value loss and determining failure have become less determinant.  The lively and nice Professor Einstein further clarifies the evolving concurrence, reciprocal assimilation, when this gentleman observed. “When mass is constricted eventually the curvature becomes infinite.” While the infoinite ideal is attained linear time is no longer functional. And events experienced in non time no longer are factored through material deficiency, essential uncertainty depletion. Evoking a technology innovation, commerce and language assimilation. Causality occurs within and as the infinite realm. Suggesting all form condition, the totality of the Universe including the human presence is realized and responsive to this infinite Eternal ideal. The material is not only a different “rate” of time suggested by time dilation but a different quality of time. From infinities active domain we can “realize” experience the future beyond anticipation. Perceptual probability also undergoes a shift. Similarly awareness and choice. Individually, collectively therefore the sublimation of knowledge, science. And spirituality. From this perception (inference) likely has more substance than current material substance itself. The hard working Sir Issac’s Newtons law of motion,”For every action here is an equal and opposite reaction.” What happens to opposition during linear time abstaining concurrence? Consequently the effect cure vs. disease; dying vs death; other than spatial dislocation; non depletion technology; risk disproportionate deficiency commerce; spirituality not secured through life denying death abstention. Adding clarity to suggested inference: What perceptions, observations, insight and consequent applications are realized concurrently, not through the linear ineadeguate disparity of language and mathematics. Perceptual insights temporary in their awe. As suggested current insights in science can be more intimately perceived, materialized. And consequently more effectively engaged to life advantage. (An ideal that would transfer to project cost and commerce). Mass density curvature approaching infinity, becomes more viable activity than perception. Again with polite emphasis a material event, including a human can be experienced and influenced through this unfolding assimilation. Referencing previous insights relevant to DNA sound. And sound symmetry effect in general. (Origin source “predates” inception intent). Wondering what is the function of time dilation during sleep. Through time dilation concurrence we can “go back” to the origin of a linear disease. Before the disease assumed presence. The nonlinear ideal suggest the cure is functionally inherent in the presumed disease. And its source intent. Communication and travel approach concurrence ie a soliton. A singular wave.

Allowing hesitations approaching awe: Once again the fuller breathe. Gravity is the canvas on which the Universe is cr3at3ed. And the canvas is gravity. Gravity earth scientists observe is the cause of time dilation. Our patient companion Professor Albert Einstein observes, “Gravity is not a force but a result of the curvature of space time.”A force that acts upon itself without negation displacement? Observing at the speed of light there is no passage of time. During the absence of time displacement all material form is ever present. A localized condition event non localized. Everywhere always seemingly at once. Events that are design compatible with ever present are accordingly concurrent. Not consequent to time dislocation. Timelessly alert. Cosmically immediate, the same machine, process or life form affect, determinant choice. Form defined as the mode in which that activity of a thing exists, unfolds, manifests itself becomes the spherical concurrent origin of itself. Spherical, timeless, either through non depletion design intent, through value loss failure prerogative. Example at three quarters of the speed of light a projectile space vehicle functional through linear process intent, begins to dematerialize. Depletion technology reverts to its unacknowledged origin source. This dynamic initially suggested in this essay as Universe mass sustainable constriction-expanding. Without the suggestion of value loss dislocation. A purpose intact localized event. A localized shift in directional location. Mass constriction without intent loss. Shifting form maintains intent. The same expansion. (The sensation of an unfolding sphere...spheroid). In timelessness “all” already occur rent. Impending origins intent…. Gravity becomes its own origin-source, its own response... not consequent to space dislocation. Being able to engage this dynamic flow affects a morphogentic field, a worm hole. Whereby space distance is not functionally measurable or applied as the “enduring” measurable dislocation of itself. A dimension specific event condition has been actualized. (Dimension ie a directional extension of space). We can assume the non linear organic human is compatible with such an event. Minimum gravity dislocation thrust/ likely not unlike waking up). Utilizing this dynamic through variant “influenced” time dilation allows the initial resolution of space dislocation based on value loss and inconsistent duration. Through time abstention, non linear duration, material is its own ever present intent. External force is extraneous. Unnatural and unnecessary. Value sustained through failure initiative essential to linear time based dislocation are no longer an engineering design imperative. Value loss is consequent to random happenstance, human foible. Example the unexpected asteroid. Falling asleep at the wheel. We have entered into a world of worm holes, dimension, reciprocity, concurrence, pneumatic resonance, dimensional array...Alice in Wonderland smiles.

Again thanking Roget’s 21st Century Thesaurus, offers, (dimension), “admeasurement, capacity, compass, bulk, length, width, size, reach, length, extensity, volume, extent.” Do you “sense” an active image. An evolving determinant condition-activity. Suggestive of form… 

Offering the linear conception of a “Dimension.” Actively defined as a directional extension of space. Referenced in vector as “a dimensional array.” Suggesting affect other than dislocation depletion. Presently a presumed dimension is causalities derivative intent displacement. Intent dislocation timely imbued. Again developing clarification, perception choice intent, the definition of dimension,”A directional extension of space.” (Direction intent “choice” determines process and result. Any reason not to accept that each human beong is a dimension, presently denied to the acquired limitation “interruption” of self.  Meaning an event beginning direction initiated through linear perception consequently a flawed “incomplete” end termination. Given credence through foible and anomaly. (Not without relevance. All relevant rev3ealing and connected). The spatial dimension in question. A voyage in a vehicle. The condition activity of a disease, sublimated to cure or otherwise. The journey of a human being, birth, labor’s travelogue and the presumption of death. A sentence. Non linear a dimension unfold concurrently in same time affect, not consequent to depletion dislocation. Infinity “endlessness” affirmed reveal spatial uniformity. Not cause realized through deficient intent. But origin source intent sublimation. A dimension not affording a temporary extension, a casual dislocation in a non localized Universe; but material space realized a space formation. A stimulation suggestive of pneumatic sound resonance, the morphogenetic field.

Through sound our genetics changes. The quantum riddle more amenable. Presently our DNA is static, fixed. But all material evolves as change realized through motion. Motion has sound. (Sound well beyond language). Sounds suggested by music assimilation.  Sounds of a coincidence. Sounds of placebo. Intuition. Clairvoyance. Sounds of death activity. Ans reciprocal “concurrent” prayer. Your genetics predate your birth as spatial predisposition. A space you assume upon birth. A space you influence while alive. And maintain while dead. Yes your genetics evolve as a motion sound we are not aware of. But nonetheless influences us. In a non linear inclusive Universe birth, life through dying and death itself are functionally kindred to one another. In clusionary not exclusionary. Continuously engaging.

Excitedly offering an evolv9ing insight. Referencing the textual definition of time dilation. “Two objects moving in relation to each other will experience different rates of time flow.” Clarifying the uncertainty, value loss materially during a time insinuated event. Further evidenced by the opposing, depleting disparity suggested by scalar conditions and vector forces. Events representing improvements over many years that were sustained throuigh eventual in valuation. And actively maintained through failure prerogatives. Note time dilation current definition speaks to “two objects.”

Within the scope of non linearity, concurrence, the Eternal an object, impending or active non time the same “objects” can reference conditions, process, intent, material and materiality. Through consistent time dysfunction events, their material disposition and their result are uncertain, deficient as noted. Our current existence. But when time between two objects, conditions or relationships can be “adjusted” to facilitate a particular condition event. A significant shift in material interaction has  potentially occurred. Suggestive of a dimensional array. Acknowledging a previous observation “at the speed of light there is no passage of time.” Therefore during time abstention or resolution, the infinite functional, light materiality (an object) becomes ever present. (Reverting to light condition the origin source of all materiality. Derived and identified through relevant sound), Meaning non linear not consequent to defection linear dislocation ie speed. Remember time is our acquired activity through which we impose our own “deficient” ending on an endless Universe. A Universe where perceptual endings are otherwise. (No endings thrive once begun). When non linear time duration, which includes ironic time duration through inactivity, is affected time activity can be used like molding tool to influence an event. Whether that event is language, the presumption of a disease, spirituality, a space voyage, a computer or a spherical screw driver. When time dilation can be adjusted we can alter form intent to a preferred spatial status resolution. Ironic displacement intent is no longer localized to a complete loss of utility. And direction. Speaking to our current investment in value loss evidenced by conditions like death cessation. Now arriving at a gentler gathering of sound. Durong a non linear Eternal culture birth, life and death are interchangeable. Complimentary, compatible. Not one less the opposing other. Source  motion awareness intent.                          

-Human source impending-
-- Absence proves attendance--

These observations are human determinations. Accordingly these insights, in substance and application are limited to their observational source. The organic human being.

Perceptual changes of the Universe or the human source “eventually” will affect changes in both. (The non linear Eternal compels). When the perceptual shifts between the Universe essence and the human self are concurrent the shift will be profound. Much less consequent to linear irony. Encouraging expressible non linear accommodations in language, material utility, design technology, commerce, measurement and alteration. And spirituality. Currently as suggested “our” observations and consequent applications are realized as a linear casual predisposition. Application intent is largely limited to human need, this self entitled linear distortion is realized through loss esteemed. Consequential linearity “also” has a profoundly debilitating affect on the planet earth as an intact whole. (The Planet Earth is a non linear Eternal presence). The non Linear Eternal will be actualoized through uncertain risk depletion loss such as nuclear war, global warming, pandemics or linear inconsistency through choice will be accommodated to its non linear origin. (The aforementioned extinction formulations represent the accrued linear time depletion maximized by technology in the last 150 years. The Planet Earth’s organic divinity. (Time through human accommodation is organic, divinity and divinities purpose are organic, impending always of ideal). Presently observations and events sustained by memory are initiated- accommodated through linearly deficient language which create condition activities relevant as forgotten. Though what is forgotten is not willfully accessible “forgetting” is still active and influence. The forgotten is a non linear presence. What is forgotten is not forgotten. Which includes our “yearning” ironic and impending need to remember. (Validate self, culture and environment). The forgotten, unforgettable is suggestive “incompletely” of presumed disease, death, insanity. (The condition status of insanity and sanity are incomplete. (Inter actively more so). In a concurrent relationship value determines not oppositional deficiency. Currently the self deferred delays from inception. The forgotten is not a place of loss, but rather where value loss is not active. The same mathematical effect, also incomplete. (Though two conjoined as concurrent effect further resolving linear irony). The value of expressible human endeavor should not be under estimated.  Any condition activity that is not compatible with linear casual disposition is deemed either not perceivable, considered randomly chaotic or otherwise without relevance. But these determinations are calculations.

Attending imaginations residency. ‘I” said to a man. “I’m going to save the world.” The man impatiently responded as men sometimes tend to do. “Your crazy.” I answered politely. “Only if I’m successful.” Offering a reassuring-cautious smile. “Because the world can’t be saved it doesn’t mean it has to be destroyed.” 

Allowing us...
The planet earth predates its own materiality thus we exist.
The Cosmic seed claims the flowers attendance. We are the articulate preconception of ourselves. God's caress before your parents loving touch. Timeless irony, otherwise we consist. inescapably continuous. What death denies infinity. Infinity denied negates infinity. “The beat goes on.”

Sound does not dematerialize. Ageless sound… Light full God sound's motion. Godsoulprint.

imagined blind eyes doth see.  Whose other world between death and dieing: Timeless death Eternally attends. Dying time’s charge futility ascribes: Violence, accidents, suicide, drugs, cigarettes, self oppositional diseases. Death attained dying stops. Death God instructs. Dieing we subscribe. The infinite Eternal can not exit from itself...

How can your life end in an endless Universe?  Flowers thorn we harvest. Merchants of death. Students of demise. Infinity at a glance. God speaks our permission's thirst.  Hunger's derive….Muchos humanos tienen mas hambre gue boca.

Is God our gift to offer?

Born God's delivery. Alertness language conceals. Unaware of death. Uncharted  time.  Light affluent. Intelligently disavowed...

Karma is God’s sound motion unnecessarily disguised.  Hey buddy can you spare a dime. Prisons conceal justice...
The past’s temporal adjustment. Hence what dying attends life.  Celestial silence sings. our instructions haste. Learned oblique. And parallel. fiction’s demonstration.
Silence speaks....Destination God deferred.  Evidence forgotten: the Light --luck., coincidence, answered unanswered prayers, miracles, whose placebo. Fluently “silently’ born. Death we survive.  Cosmos earth people der9ived. witness Eternity elicits. Love laughter trusts. God concurrent.           
-Denied non linear revealing-
-How do people get lost-

Presently the human perspective, singular and collective is as noted a linear preswence. Consequently observations will be linearly limited. (Before inception of the observation then as perception, assimilation awareness, organic expression and design application). Appreciating the initial inconsistency; linear perceptions assimilating while observing are “experiencing” a non linear (all inclusive) Universe. Suggesting even greater relevance to the origin inception of an event. Not to suggest that insights and applications realized from the big bang theory are incorrect. Without relevance.  All occur rent in all inclusive the non linear Eternal is relevant, revealing and connected. Presently also always incomplete, invariably inconsistent to intent. A linearly time affected chronology is not concurrent. Human beings tend not to factor their own organic dislocating limitations while formulating ideas or events that compliment their temporary disposition. In the absence of concurrence existence is valued through disproportion. And eventual complete loss of utility direction relevant through value loss, events realized through failure which exaggerated by linear technology. Depletion is institutionalized through global commerce that converts material worth through disproportionate “uncertain” profit sustained actualized through risk. (Loss is acceptable deemed normal). All perceptions formalized as linear expression are marginalize “limited” from the human perspective. Presently we can only engage, nature, the oceans and space by denying the same. But the non linear ideal remaions active. And influencing. Hence progress sustained through invalidation.  Any desired event deemed a great success is still inadequate to its ideal. One step at a time said the man nervously walking down from his own gallows.  Smiling (I) am...

                                                       -Incomprehensible perceptions-
anticipation explains

The Universe is non linearly derived.  A divinity once apparent we can express. (Not less totality. Not as totality). Realizing the divine self. Imperfectly? Yes perfectly though not knowingly of perfection. Perfection refines. And human beings will continue falling off their ladders. Less so non linear ladders. We know well till proof compels otherwise. Allegories response goes beyond our witness. The God Universe totality we can not comprehend. We can not claim the response of others our own. We are much influenced. The weather. The vehicles missing bolt. Concurrence we approach yearning uncertainly. Accepting chance, obstacle and confused  love as opportunity. Result ours not God’s? Concurrence in a non linear culture transcends linear causality. Concurrence consistently as inceptions opportunity means at the same time, simple nice and lovely do you agree. The non linear is all inclusive, concurrence subjective as choice invites within our limitations. Concurrence choice avails the Eternal non linear. Happily, unhappily. Others anguish our own. Success not oless the other. Uncertainty, failure, value loss (possible) not intrinsic to purpose. When occur rent not futility encouraged response. Once embraced concurrence can be shared. As shared the non linear Eternal manifests. We love ideally esteem concurrently. Concurrently we can not benefit from others failure. Profits from another dying. Affect to life death presumption. The planet shared nourishment the same. Karma beckons God responds. Concurrence realizes God in a troubled world. Thus Creation. No life form less another. Lif3e and death concurrence, Eternity breathes.

Like all else concurrence emanates from the perceivable self defined singular self. And can similarly be denied. Individual least time distracted. Revealed as shared. Any idea can be given credence by another idea. Or rejected. Non linearily both nurture. The same an interactive gathering self.  A human invested in guilt over a past event dwells fragmented in different times. An individual invested in future mischievous similarly impairs opportunity less Creation. Less themselves. A man active in his anger denies the concurrence of another, therefore himself. The “golden rule” not sustained through redundant apology. Forgiveness insatiable encouraged thirst. One emotions being concurrently sustains, love. Evoking the divine self. In loving you have been loved. Otherwise transaction cautions preferred self less God’s purpose. A few clarifying observations with your permission. All of human self in time is incomplete. Flawed non Eternally less Eternities distinction. Example: One strikes another violently. The one violated does not violently respond. Historically thus we esteem non violence. But clearly violence has occurred. One bleeds. The other in memory cringes. Better do you lovingly agree? Not to value violence. Not to behave in a manner that solicits the unhappy violence of another. But if one has failed loves opportunity and approaches you angrily with a stick. Jump in front of the son of two parents. Hod him until God’s peace redeems. And hope neither of you has fleas. Meaning any gentle effort redeems goodness, not less its failure. And of course the little cousins the alleged fleas have a right to their God assigned lives as well.

The nice people sat Roget’s 21st Century Thesaurus assist with the term location Concurrence. “At one, coinciding, confluent, convergent, harmonious, meeting, in rapport, unified...” Thank you…
-Eternal memory unforgettably sustained-

Like all else in in the Universe, form process or derivation, memory is Eternal. Motion responds to intent. Intent explains source. And the source of all suggests awareness. All memorizes harvest. What memory Eternal not God’s? What memory Eternal if not memory of all? The God Universe remembers an event “before” the event happens. Evolving refining not less the same, concurrently, non linearly residing. The seed holds the flower before our witness. “Before” thus source the future speaks. Space and spatial event spontaneously coincidental. Whose memory thus inspiring. Yours? Gods?  You linear computers? Even memories residency we experience in time. We only have “secured” memories of the past. What’s consequence unknowingly we leave to the waitresses, the physicist and belly dancers. Our unresolved selves. The accommodating differential between Eternal memory and our own linear memory is realized through forgetting. We do not choose what we forget. We have no awareness of what is forgotten. Awareness non the less remains presence. We can not chose consistency to remember what has been forgotten. Forgetting does not linearly reside. (Curiously except as evolving immediate memory. Opportunity anticipates God’s investment). The forgotten access is time concurrent. Not op positionally derived. Not the non Eternal prosperous timely place of us. Violence, greed, love, prayer and laughter gently without irony silently esteem. Witnessing the light yourself. Waiting…
-Technologies limitations reveal-
failure applauds

Linear predisposition seeks determinable order while sustaining its own process that affects and depends on disorder. This paradox is accepted because result in commerce, technology and scientific events are realized through values loss. Functional inadequacy is a deficient condition considered natural to planetary existence. Temporal linearity limits perception and application to an inexact- deficient directional process. Our flawed erratic directional cause precipitating and influenced by its incomplete temporary effect. A human effort invariably manifests a singularly directive (ie) direction. Value loss. Disintegration, invalidation compel event exclusion). We are constantly leaving ourselves behind. A self displacing event, not concurrent. The Universe expanding in one direction is an example. Any effect not compatible with the initial predetermined cause revealed and realized through depleting opposing resuolt is disregarded. (During non linear condition direction is suggested and intrinsic to status). Contraction is the spatial opposite of expansion, linearly in time. Through time abstention “resolution” the non linear Eternal becomes manifest, opposition, value loss and displacement no longer factor. Concurrence resolves casual directional displacement in favor of concurrent result. Opposition is resolved manifesting non linear concurrence. From a concurrent perspective, suggested by the presumed inception of the Universe, expansion and contraction are symmetrical. Each the functional relation of the other, at a certain juncture indistinguishable. Cosmic concurrence resolves directional displacement through material depletion. Spatial depletion would be suggested in a non linear ideal if space is a function of form. “A mode in which a thing manifests itself.” Form assumes space inherent to forms purpose ie motion. Concurrent expansion contraction satisfies evolving- refining non linearity. Concurrence resolves displacement without dislocation. Cause followed tentatively by “desired” effect becomes intact. A spherical disposition. Affecting the requisites of linear opposition inconsistency in route to the non linear ideal. (The verb to be already is). But if either expansion or contraction were not viewed “experienced” as the defining effect of the other a different potentially compelling new phenomena would be occurring. Presently uniform consistency is limited to its inconsistency and eventual loss of utility. (Our efforts create their own critique). Success sustains irony failure instructs. Space has form intent.

                                                  -Form depletion compliments timelessness-
What grave mourns Eternity, twice?

Linear casual inconsistency requires evolving spatial uniformity, the non linear Cosmic disposition. Not currently apparent. Space has form? Again form’s definition. (The mode in wh9ich that activity of a thiong exists, unfolds. Acts or manifests itself). Space has form, therefore the presumed “perceived” absence of form has form. And forms purpose, motion intent source awareness. (Information forms). All in the Universe is Eternal, form is Eternal. While concurrently realized. Non linearly all purposefully applies. Otherwise the inception of an event, its perception and desired result would require permanent contradiction. Inconsistency and contradiction would strain the limits of functional paradox. Chaos becomes definitive. Min ably non linear expansion reflects non linear contraction.  Linearly contradiction compliments because value loss defines. Loss of directional utility redeems procedural futility. Better informed we start again. Same result maybe better. How are expansion and contraction derived symmetrically? Presuming inception intent. If expansion and contraction were other than concurrent two permanently divergent Universe process would be occur rent. In the same Universe uniform space. (Perhaps comrade you can devise a more compelling term location than concurrent). Non linearity wouldn’t necessarily be compromised, but the non linear Eternal would be consequent linear to duration function, a chronology. If the chronology is spherical then expansion from one perspective is contraction from another another perception. Presently we anguish: When uniformity is no longer spatially symmetrical the contraction of one event becomes globally relevant and opportune. Resulting in loss of utility direction. Example: The current encouraged contraction of death. Death’s expansion is presently allegorical. Allegory is not without spiritual relevance, the same all in the Universe. At a minimum sympathetic with the whole, the Cosmic infinite Eternal ideal. The big bang is experienced and applied as a single event that is Cosmically representative similarly a singular expansion or contraction event can be viewed and experienced as Cosmically opportune. Availing functional insight. Spatially and otherwise. Non linearily, spherical process, inception is a function of origin rather than distinct “exclusive”  intent beginning or inception. Similarly the related termination of an inception event. Partial to non linear Eternal continuity. Linearily a specific termination suggested a specific inception disposed to termination. A functional anomaly in an endless Universe. What is presently perceived as loss of direction value “termination” is otherwise. A shift. Concurrence intent occur rent. (Gravity creates form not less itself. All materially emanates as material?). Whether the sprouting of a tree, the presumed death of a humming bird, a super nova, the birth of a child or the linearly defined “assigned” intrusion of a linearily encouraged disease. Displacement and dislocation become perceptibly consistent. All has utility. Utility is purpose. Purpose has directional intent. And all result whatever its origin source, whether perceivable or not has Eternal purpose.

Being able to assimilate time deficiency to a to a common purpose, less depletion’s intent effects the Eternal non linear birthright. Availing the disposition to create and sustain interactive Cosmic events presently briefly and inadequately realized as coincidence, death presumption through dying, luck, intuition, twin intuition, engaging the morphogentic field, your birth, precognitive skills, concurrent prayer, clairvoyance clarifying probability, spherical perception, disease cure assimilation. Inferring a new language perceptual medium that would not negate our current language skills. What new music, dance, poetry and theater will arise. All events and others of your design that will facilitate non linear technology and non linear commerce. (Concurrence not less the time of others and your own temporal disposition. Measurably resolving the current organic time disposition imitated at birth. Cigarette smoke, plutonium, endless noise, red dye number 2, combustible baby blankets. Agelessness witherings redeemed by an allegorical agregate death. A mute non- reciprocal death. The list a long one much we know well the offspring of our success. Dying is our major (only) industry.                                                                  

We deny the intent of what we experience in time. Thus we thrive less the intended Cosmic Eternal self. Harvesting value loss to the acquired “instructed” uncertainty of self. The individual before the collective commune. An inadequate pained life redeemed by an ill defined death ideal sustained through unwarranted dying. Times chronological depleting disorder. Hospitals avail cure the interactive opposition of disease both conditions revealed through dieing. Wars seed in peace you know. Your labors tax dollars at work. Technology and commerce harvest “others” dying to purpose. Indeed all in time by deed and seed culminates as a disposable loss of all utility direction. Insurance companies thrive. Cemeteries witness anticipation forlorn. Claim no harvest of denial, self or others, the Eternal concurrence convened. All soldiers memories tearful lonely chore. Design temporal purpose concurrently resolved: Cars no longer crash, ships planes happily arrive, baby blanket  combustible, no more. Life preferred Creation’s companion. The alleged ones lost to our preferred witness porpoise, the elephants, bumble bee, alligator, parrot, hard working loyal ants already concurrent. Eternally alert we bond… God informed evolving resident neighbors all.

Dying is a non esswential oppositional time infused linear activity. When a life form attains “earns” the condition of death they stop dying. Dying integrates and defines life deficiency while living. Through dying’s shared “encouraged” insufficiency time becomes organic. Unnaturally and necessarily. Dying is a disproportionately shared condition activity. Dying currently is fundamental to integrated planetary awareness, debilitating medicine, commerce risk based profit, self knowledge, our exclusionary “nasty” partnership with Creation’s environment.  And our Eternally life denying spirituality. The self imposed dichotomy of dying need not be resolved through the rejection of life through death anticipation. Perspective application is determined by awareness. Knowing is being...Concurrently responding to dying resolves “life” while alive to the Eternal non linear ideal.  Remember concurrence means happening in the same time. Time’s uncertain dislocation “briefly” resolved. Uncertainty, value loss, intrinsic failure...reprieved. We have a dimensional opening. Dreams awakens. Collective memories surmise. Gravity unfolds. The morphogenesis field invites. Music attends silence sings. Prayer’s solicit. We anticipate our intended selves. The gently aspiring Buddhists offer, “Resolving death (dying) while alive resolves the Eternal to the preferred self.” Silence is sharing. The aspiring word motion for “Divine” before the term was constrained to location. Before and after. Subjectively, (I) die dining on the vine. I’m Divine.” You have reclaimed you Cosmic roots. Our Godsoulprint. The carnational flutter avails ie awed non linear flow. The interrupted karmic self. You can’t deny your journey without denying yourself. The availing awe beckons.

                                                    - All irony manifests Eternal duration-
Music’s origin ourselves?                 

Human efficiency derives uncertainly, the ideal timeless deferred to an after life. Life’s uncertainty valued as denied. The Universe is observed through incremental impending dislocation, linear affect is given credence through predetermined static measurement, prolonged wave length duration. Cosmic expansion speaks to linear origin, a functional response “reflection” of linearly displaced human self. Cosmically unresolved materialized conditions of being given  “limited” credence through time affect. We are what we create, you can not deny your journey without  “further” denying yourself.  A duration activity status that is revealed through beginnings, endings, value loss...while participating in an endless timeless Universe. As such contradictory flaw and failure presently are essential to potential. And immediate effort. All manifests in an Eternal all inclusive Universe. A Universe not realized through flawed inconsistent endings, each Cosmic event should avail its own distinctive yet complimentary intact value condition with the events own unique measurable disposition duration. What beauty’s sway speaks o self concurrence. In-completion, depletion, shared inadequacy availing profit, exclusionary divinity-can be resolved to the preferred “intended” Eternal self. Your birthright. Your deathright. An Eternal Universe is consequent only to refining beginnings. Current perceptions viewed as dysfunctional endings are actually shifts. All in the Universe does not evolve essentially as a mirror image of the human’s anatomical skills and limitations. A life span. Span ie shift.

                                                     -Form informs less forms purpose-
Nothing is lost unless its found

Some linear sources believe that the Universe will expand to a certain point then contract. “The big crunch.” Like all else also a reasonable perception. Particularly when reasonable and opportune are sustained through their own deficiency. An observation suggested “encouraged” by unnecessary value loss, the flawed-incomplete presumption of death, reinforced by “evolving” depletion time based technology and commerce. A planetary presence realized and maintained through such inconsistency is obliged to esteem value through failure, uncertainty and depletion while yearning “sensing” the better way. An unresolved dynamic flow reflective of a knowledge volume evident and interpretive  of a human progression revealed- sustained through inconsistent invalidation. Accrued as potentially anguished substance sustained-encouraged by our unsatisfactory linear process developed through a self imposed dysfunctional language process. Spirituality motivated by essential suffering  esteemed through transgression “sin” valuation. And an afterlife reality other than our own. WE have surrendered our religions to our despair.  Currently tentative consensus is accepted as verification, accepting paradox as essential. Our prayer’s labor’s dissatisfaction suggests otherwise. These words we understand we are…Yet languages mystery continues. We continue bold preferring goodness.

Sharing charities caution to purpose. The individually bold imagined self, the non linear determinant self, the shared concurrent self (all) derived through sustainable choice. Distracted in time. Not necessarily impeded. Your divinity, the incomprehensible totality of self (is) a God source. Any choice compels consequences. Challenges inspire. Impair and exhaust. Our Eternal distracted self always challenged. Confusion directs. Institutions compel. Much the good of God. Much the pending good of self. Creation’s Eternal seed already planted. What sharing speaks that others hunger needs. Suggesting politely, reason’s love betrothal: “Charity for the rich.”

-Perception retains logic hesitates-
Can imagination be imagined, whose?    

God concurrence. Over the thousands of anguished years the earth peoples planetary experience has been troubled. Redemption’s value documented in pain. Good and bad each the denying “anticipated” origin of the other. Violence. Innocence and guilt common root. All suffering commonly derived. God one Creators Creations. Exclusionary Holy Temples. The after life. Your life withholding  assembly. One God preferred not less yourself? What death mourns Eternity? God’s children on their knees begging forgiveness. Our success.  Taller on our knees than standing up. Martyrs and medics. Prayers passport less life’s passage. Dying’s hunger Creation’s appetite? God concurrence? Once we  “resolve” our Creation’ “clumsy” investment: time: Eternally we reside. Thus Spiritual eloquence derives. Cosmic Fraternity. Can we only forget what we remember? Is linear memory the guiding impetus when forgetting is non linearily opportune, not timely constrained. The forgotten place is the Eternal impending place.  Origin source. Memories are subjective, individually condoned, also collective. Like all else God’s before ours. The memorable forgotten place is all inclusive, the common bond, collective consciousness, non linear prayer. Is death the great Eternal forgetting. Non linearly astute “actively” death includes life. The living’s forgotten bond. Silence’s gardening. The active Eternal place of us. Our Cosmic glimpse explains: Intuition, inspiration, creativity, dreams, coincidences (concurrent “shared” moments in the light). Birth origin. Death conception. Singing, laughing, anticipating. All the same time concurrence. Uninterrupted self.

-Depletion avails entropy reveals-
Humpty dumpty smiles

The validity of these observations can be given clarity; while complimenting the non linear Universe, if we consider that the Universe is “spherically” expanding and contracting concurrently. (Non linearly intent, process and result the same). (Refining pulse). Exclusion, opposition, value loss, linear irony are functionally resolved. (They always were even while interrupted-denied; the selfsame the divine self).  Time’s self imposed “delayed” chronology s continuously being resolved to the timeless non localized ideal. Expansion is a linear directive, perceptually. We observe influenced by flawed criteria. Expansion contraction is non linear. Concurrence resolves time displaced chronology, past, present and future. Same time, Eternal duration, in clusionary chronology, refining not displacing. (Immediacy yearns totality). Not inconsistently oppositional realized through value depletion loss. Eternal not non Eternal. Though in the ideal including human choice the non Eternal nurtures the Eternal awe spring. The events of the Universe are these events of the planet earth. Independently or inclusive of our own organic partiality. We see this symmetrical pulsation (throbbing)  oin of an amoeba. Birth contraction expansion. Death the same. And the concurrence of birth life ascertained and death assimilation. Hugs and kisses. The origin duration “cyclical” assimilation of a super nova.  Non linear spasm events such as coincidence, intuition, forgetting, your birth and death assimilation. The motion function of vital organs. Heart, lungs expandiong contracting. Eyes blinking. The tides.  Weather’s sway. Transitory concurrent dislocation. God breath’s. Events that affect- direct life like miracles, luck, but are not created nor sustained by conscious life effort. Wordless motion full events not be realized nor maintained through time inception, except through (unnecessary) acquired-imposed denial and consequent depletion. Concurrence deferred. And your next thought….

Understanding concurrence of otherwise exclusionary events presently stifles “impairs”  observation. And application. Once this perceptual anomaly is pragmatically resolved  oppositional disparity becomes functional to the concurrent ideal. (Awareness, concurrence, consignment). Examples of disparity. Distance dislocation. Depletion value. Dying. Death perception through dying. Cure disease dichotomy. Unanswered prayers. War through peace deficiency. Depletion value loss technology and commerce. Time displaced resurrection. Time based reincarnation. Non linearily, timelessly aspiring resurrection death-birth and reincarnation birth from death (occur) together. Not one before the other. The Cosmic uninterrupted flow. Carnational flutter.And likely our next inspired apology.

The divine non linear self. The poet predates the poem? Parents the child? Not less the origin of ourselves. The mirror before the reflection? (All temporary happenstance). Meaning that the planet earth evolves by the planets nurturing “influenced” reaction to itself. Presumed exclusion “separation” seeking preferred inclusion. This divine unknowable “intended” awe is much influenced by the human presence. (We are not the casual origin-source of the divine awe, thoough like all else participatory). Before the concurrence of good it’s occurrence is realized in the human presence. You deny yourself before the planet Cosmos. The anguish of good or the anguish of bad will testify to the merits of our efforts. Failure instructs based on its disappointments.  Dealings thrive less our wounds disguise. Love need not be forgiven our witness.


Assuming space



All Creation events on this planet begin and end in silence. The infinite reclaimed to its intended ideal. Presently all timely inquires into the unresolved silence deny the ever present timeless silence. Thus the light fades our gentlest approach dissuades. The non linear Universe application explains can not be separated from itself less the value of the separation. Infinity denied denies infinity. (Until reclaimed). All in time denies all not time. Time is a human accommodation. The Eternal God’s. Thus we live death our uncertain benefactor dying our delivery. We explain god. God explains Creation, irony imposes. You are born an Eternal being unaware of time’s non Eternal endings. Once time instructed non Eternally you reside. Curious we deny life to prove ourselves worthy of Creation. How does time devaluing dislocation allows us to “visit” timelessness. Why are our inquires always briefly uncertain. And incomplete.

The following perspective is a clearer understanding of past sustained inquiry. Desiring to 3ncourage vindication to the lessor pain “I’ve” succeeded in the past to contradict Eternal motivating value. Often futility encourages inadequacy prevails.

Clearly the choices we’ve currently expressed in life are not often Eternally imbued. If we have un lovingly exposed past transgressions our assailant would have been subjected to abusive linear contempt motivated by the ideals of justice. Sustained by other temporal institutions. Life protectors are not inclined to experience aggrieved inconsistency spiritually.

Guilt chosen over innocence compels life’s burden. Innocence is more productive. Guilt expereinc3ed or witnessed need not be resolved through unloving contempt. Of course to suggest that a specific event was not good does not mean we have no choice but to embark on abusive judgment. And punishments. Thereby giving determinant credence to abuse in all its grievous nuance. Similarly we can not say that the bad event was the ideal of good. Many will accordingly testify. The victims family. And hopefully eventually our transgressor. The laws of all countries similarly attests. As does Creation. The wounded victim perhaps has been organically impaired. Politely offering: A neighborly utopia becomes viable not when we aspire to a culture that is without flaw, failure and betrayal. But when we treat these transgressions gently, without malice. We can choose at our expense a spiritual journey. Not one socially preferred. Not redeemed through punishing abuse. Why at our expense? Because all we do comes with uncertain expenditure. But the non Eternal secured through abusive value loss is the greater burden than the Eternal choice of self. Our Godsoulprint articulate.

When we are denied, violated we understandably seek out others. For protection and love. Too often a family is unwilling or unable to provide nurturing. Often not out of ignorance not eager unkindness. Not only are we individually timeless Eternal beings living in denying time so are families. Time’s ironies shared compund irony.

What are spiritual journeys without further challenge? Eventually tedium and redundancy. Which can also be motivating. (Pain in its many forms compels choice). Do we attend the preferred Holy Temple hoping learned healing and protection will be provided. Are the miracle opportunities ours to resolve. What translation needs God more than life? Life is awareness. God is opportunity.

Like many millions, spiritual refugees, the homeless, the insane, criminals, drug addicts, alcoholics embarked on the same journey not unlike Buddha, Jesus, the Apostles, Krishna, Mohammed and Mother Teresa. One difference between the others spiritual wanderers and the spiritual refugees “they” shared their anguished journeys mission with others. Hope. Remedy. The lesson’s caution. They had a mission more than the encouraged self preferred. Love’s divinity became their hunger. Love shared love’s response.

Significant resources of medicine, of spirit, material resources are devoted to return the spiritual refugees to the linear culture they left behind. Most do not return to the valued agonies and inconsistencies they left behind, a culture what views these people as deceased, unclean and unworthy. A culture that makes unnecessary purpose and profit from misery of others. Choice fully created. On occasion a spiritual refugee return to the preferred agony. Return to the eager knowing ones. They share their story. Deed’s offering. Music, art, hope. Love’s Creatioon’s credence. Silence expresses intent. If we do not speak who will listen? We must know the darkness to claim the prayer’s Light.

What happens when we are born? We occupy-assuming a space that appears to predate our birth. (Yet before and after are time constraints). The Eternal duration includes the concurrent impression of both. Time’s duration uninterrupted time’s irony subsides. Acknowledging: All in time ends, the Universe amends endlessly. No ending thrive once begun, “life’s intent” relocation thrives Eternally, non linearly. (Space as space not in spite of space). We assume “grow into” a space we keep and influence for our entire lives. The space we live in. A Cosmic Eternal space we unknowingly engage-activate “influence” as our lives. We take this space wherever we go. Realizing the good, the bad. The happy. We love, hide and pray in “our” space. Not a space acquired in time, therefore an Eternal space. We live in a spatial conflict with our Eternal space, our Eternal residency. Confusion and anguish witness our timeless Eternal space we realize in acquired time. Mysteriously a space we are not actively “consciously” aware of. Yet an Eternal space that is the awareness of us. The Eternal space of self and us denied by linear language, assigned intelligence, dying’s effect. The time tentative human reality.

When we die what happens to this inner-outer space? We don’t separate and leave the space behind permanently because we live in an all inclusive Universe. Disposable is a time effect. And we live in a timeless Universe. Remembering while forgotten death is a God active Eternal and timeless thing. Non linearly functional all inclusive. Once again politely repetitions query. Observing in time we are born we begin to age and our lives come to an end. Once we acquire times expressions skills, initially language and intelligence, events begin to end (lose their Cosmic source intent) from the inception of the event. Accordingly what is the material true, the Cosmic disposition, of aging, disease, language, technology, religion...of life and Creations. Our Gid “God id” intended selves, fraternally. God one word subsides? Should each of us have a name reference for God. A knowing way. The question claims the answer. Politely we continue our investigation gently acknowledging the presence of our absence. Dying is a timely human thing. When we attain the Eternal status of death we stop dying. Dieing is a time debilitating experience that is unnatural. And unnecessary: Violence, executions, communal wars, sustained suicide, over eating, shared food deprivation, smoking those silly permeating cigarettes, linearly dysfunctional diseases, agings allegory, unsolicited drug over doses. And an after life sought through dying’s surmise…All events realized through incremental language, exaggerated by time based linear technology. And depletion value economies. These are incomplete duration Eternal events revealing uncertainty, value loss, redeemed a failure disposition we attempt to avoid while creating. These unnaturally unresolved events are noise determinant, often rely on an external impetus “activity” whose inconsistent-temporary consequences are difficult to influence. Difficult to anticipate, asses and direct in a human culture that values “profits” from loss and is defined through futility and calculated- intentional life loss. These dying events are esteemed-validated by their own oppositional remedy, time based “treatments” which are ineffectual, costly, death subjective accordingly further devaluing the deficiency of dying and exaggerating profit motivation. These insufficiency’s of being are exclusively time derivative. But time is both an exclusion of the timeless Eternal also an acknowledgment. All in the Universe is infinite, Eternal. Including the activity of absence, value loss, death provocation, anguish, anxiety, disease, depression. Aging? Referencing relevant to sound affect. Most often machine unresolved time sound effect, noise. All the abrasive sound heard in a factory over several weeks were assimilated in one compact moment a disfiguring death would result. The same sounds over years, don’t result in immediate death, but prolonged dysfunctional dying ie unnecessary excessive aging. We continue creating the lesson’s of God’s instruction. And what is good nurturing and noice. We know good. We know bad. And we prefer good for good reason and through good choices. Again prayer’s oracle “when” our commerce and technology becomes non linearly fluent life will beckon “approach” the Eternal already us.

The Eternal best is yet to come,

its a knowing approaching choice away, the

Eternal ideal begins with the choice of self.

Upon attaining “accomplishing” death we become the timeless “inner” space we spent our lives unknowingly avoiding. And unaware of except by inspirations benefit. An ever present Eternal space of self we deferred to an after live we eagerly delay. While denying the inclusive Eternal shared space of self we create anguished learning opportunities. Challenges- obstacles of love, of knowing, commerce, science and technology. A living space we presently redeem “deny” by forgiving, devaluing and deferring: Eternal space of self we sustain by unknowingly forgetting the Eternal. An acquired time dislocating space realized initially through instruction, denying our Eternal Cosmic birthright. Further denied by custom, values and habits, our temporal culture. Curiously we profit thus encourage the dying initially vitalized as “our” Eternal space. Merchants, soldiers, priests, entertainers, and doctors benefit from the unnecessary- preferred dying of others. Through dying we forgive our lives to God. And delay Heaven our attendance less life’s credit. Human beings are funny do you agree? We become the unnecessary burden we resist by carrying. Burdened of self we burden others. God is our acquired “intended” mystery. We are not God’s mystery. The earth people presently prefer God on their terms. They forgive their lives the validation of their success? They value dying. And reward killing. What next prevails the better prayer’s response?

-By what manner of life’s seeking do we reference the occupied Eternal space of ourselves? Cosmic occurrences: Your birth. And death. Unsustainable coincidence, luck, intuition, anticipation, forgetting, prayers yearning, dreams, miracles, ghostly insinuations, DNAsound, theory, science fiction...

-Eternal memories denied in time as unresolved memories of the past, secured as forgotten “beckons” your Eternal space. Nothing forgotten is lost. All lost less life’s mystery resides.

-Sleeping unsolicited by time hastens the Eternal space. We dream Eternally accompanied. While Creation favorably attends.

-Laughter word’s reprieve spontaneously evokes the Eternal space, wind chimes accompany... Flower’s beguile. And smile.

-Concurrent prayers less waiting’s craving invites the Eternal yearning. Poems calm the Eternal nest. Music convene melodies entitlement. Words caution anticipation’s purpose. Creation’s babies know. We educate. Can you envisage other origin-source events? A curious image by your gentle consent. “I” have never seen a lady pallbearer. Women deliver life unto this planet and men carry it out. Sadness cheers pain’s delivery women are being invited to join the many violence’s. When women on this planet are lost to the fist. Children will suffer their tears unrelenting. By what rage love invites? What prayer suffers it’s own delivery?

Non linear activity events compliment the Eternal inner sphere. We were discussing with the eager God determined seeker Thomas Cantrell. Initially years in the ago, seeking linears resolve, a conversation with Curtis Slama one of this galaxies unrelenting “gatherer” wanderers. (What is distance not admonished in time). “A non linear autopsy.” Not time determinant. In an endless Universe, not denied in time body and organ development would continue after death has been impatiently assigned. Both the presumed disease presence and the evolving bodily presence. An acoustic inquiry, ageless sound. Pleasantly recalling the lovely and gentle Terence Mckenna’s observation while dyiing of an assigned brain cancer. “I know a lot about dying nothing about death.” One sentence opens our neighborly Celestial gate. We continue thank you dear Terence. Politely we persist: By what witness do we caution death our curiosity. A non linear autopsy validates the endless continuity, examining an alter human we can anticipate death, thereby prolong and otherwise make the experience more agreeable-interesting. Accepting gratefully that death is not an ending of value purpose direction, Eternally we continue, is there anythong we can do for our beceased brother or sister to facilitate their journey. And what of God’s other children, the ones “we” call animals by what divine gratuity do we kill our celestial companions. A slaughter house is not a home. We continue struggling Noah’s Arc the planet earth? God accompanied love assisted. We can also surmise that like all else death is a non linear experience the dying of one affects others. Spiritually, organically and through shared atmospherics. Death is a shared event situational prolonged event. Their is time based dying. Death Eternal. And killing. Unlike other choices killing is a shared event that can easily and historically has become a chaotic-communal event. The extreme precipitant nuclear spasm nuclear exchange. Currently in preparation. Killing realized as an interactive dying. Shared resistant murder. The individuals who dies is non linearily invested in the life of the assailant. Explaining dreams, apologies allegory, flash backs, ptsd, explanations, decorations and sporadic guilt. (Life’s love obstacles compelling linear time and non linear timeless resolution. Death Eternal remains active). Condition events that are not time derivative rather spontaneously occur rent. Reminding the initial reference, abuse of any kind to a human body “Creation” denies the undeniable Eternalo self. Effect diminishes cause. There is no justice in abuse. Or victory through non linear defeat. Linear dreadmill. All validates the Eternal including unnecessary avoidable anguish. Seems simple enough do you agree? Also of course given the non linear disposition origin intent is evident before the event is initiated. A violent culture more thorn than flower speaks. How does a non linear “murder” scene unfold? Choice….Prevention of violence is one the ideal of non violence. Whatever the development of an event (its) being experienced without debilitating irony and inconsistency is life engendering. Referencing blaming, guilt at the exclusion of innocence, punishment, marginalized banishm3nt. These events anticipate “create” invest in violence non linearily. Affecting the beceased “victim”, the assigned assailant “victim” and the community. Prevention should not precipitate the events prevented. Prisons are terrible for our prisoner partners, preferred criminals and the citizen employees, who condone depletion value abuse, the anguished self assigned innocents. Please understand we do not protest life is less not love enough. Thus default on gentler God opportunity. We observe. Wonder and invite. Love both seed and blossom. Lovingly acknowledging the alleged animals, non linear not time deficient. Not death motivated living the Eternal space of self. God alert. And articulate. Creations first residents.

We continue resisting discoveries journey inventors haste. Speaking to non linear technology. All inclusive event technology. Not defined through essential failure, sustained depletion uncertainty. A time disposable machine, designed, maintained and utilized from time manifest bureaucracy. Other than a spasmodic nuclear war event the compelling time distortion is linear bureaucracy. Human order institutionalized to perceived human advantage. Governments, corporations, religions, zoos and candle stick makers. The undeniable vibrancy of time depletion shared. We return from the troublesome diversion. Back to non linear technology. Clearly an intact concurrent event driven occurrence. A non linear technological event includes human involvement. Pilot, surgeon, musician, gardener and lover. A self intimate inclusion event not design-intent consequent to inconsistent value loss. Example: A non linearily Eternally self aware surgeon relying on a event unique scalpel that only the individual surgeon can use, DNAs compatible on the one specific patient for the singular healing event. The surgeon, the scalpel “sound scalpel” and the patient would adapt to the event. The inclusive procedure is death compatible. Not engendered-actualized through dying. Allowing a smiles invitation. (I) recall being asked by the nice hard working VA hospital technician assisting in a hernia operation. “Do you want a general or localized anesthetic. I answered we did. “Local please if I die I don’t want to miss it.” It’s interesting how sometimes people look they their going to fall before they start laughing, maybe not, Smiling? People can’t smile and laugh at the same time? Laughing the audible smile. Again if we may a perplexity “I” have spoken to others and inquired of myself over numerous years. Human folks touch one another; medical healing reasons, creative reasons like dancing, anger damaging events, love fraternal reasons, spiritual reasons like sharing food with those needful of nourishment and nurturing, assisting with death’s privilege. Where do these few thoughts lead? Tickling? What’s happened with the tickling. “I” haven’t witnessed a tickling event in many years. Their used to be quite a bit of tickling going on. Much of the tickling it seems unsolicited and agreeable. If you have any information on this, on inter stellar travel, porpoises, flowers, disease opportunities, floating locks and keys- anything really we would appreciate your sharing these realizations with the rest of us. For the good of life. And the good of hope. A breathing library of non-linear ideas, sensations and impending...

Death- life is an all inclusive Eternal non linear happenong. Can’t have one not the other. One less not less the other. Eternity accordingly ascribes. When we die we non-linearly gather our entire timeless lives together. Embracing. Our uninterpreted Eternal active space. Finally dying and death happily conjoined. The gathering ensues. An expressible awareness ensues. Presence is purpose. Of course the same thriving way while we are alive. Apparent though through our eager denials. But a denial of the Eternal is acknowledgment of the Eternal, incomplete non Eternal. We interrupt ourselves. And each other. Not lasting. Anguished. Excused and forgiven, repeatedly. Sweet redundancy inviting another Cosmic chance.

We continue. Do you agree somewhat less discontinued. God bless you bless God

Our word’s assembly realities lost intent. Resolved?

The earth peoples acquired temporal paradox compels Creation’s tentative direction? What questions explain seeking's purpose? Our lives testify any success we share will be brief. We evolve through conflict. Distortions exaggerated by time based technology. Life events are factored through failure. Anticipation’s hope uncertainly sustained. Success reverting to invalidation's loss of utility. What explains our encompassing futility? Is much of our unresolved anguished ambiguity explained by the diversity of the human species. (One hundred ninety-five tentatively bordered countries, more than sixty-five hundred languages illiteracy not counted as one, exclusionary religions, economic disparity). Being able to identify-express and maintain common purpose is a task near impossible. These impediments before we consider the suspicions and fears that direct life. Lives perpetuated by disease, dying, death presumption. And the many violence’s. Governments endorse their purpose through death provocation, viol3nce. Individuals, families, gentle alliances are further fragmented to institutions of deprivation; prisons, racism, weaponry, death profiteering- contrived “exclusionary' entities like corporations. Being human is a troubled undertaking. Unnatural? We create often the need for our prayers? Future's hell a prerogative. Anticipating spirit's flower response.

Our embracing issue is not of desire’s intent. But uncertain application. We yearn for peace prepare for war. Joy relates to despair. Sanity begets insanity. Our birth spiritually and otherwise is revealed by death. Love motivated often by response. The singular question invites: What activity impedes our preferred aspirations. We have not been able to share our lives without adversity. Without dread and uncertainty. Either in the immediate or anticipation. Human beings consistently share the activity that sustains our self-invalidation. We impose on Creation's environment. No joy that is not shadowed by agony.

The condition that binds our common destiny is not anatomy. Our bodies are in constant flux. And instability. Some are old. Some recently born. Disease, dying limits choice. Some are burdened by disability. These conditions of self can be influenced more by circumstance than can be resolved “perceived” by willful competence. Solutions are esteemed, but seeded by error, confusion, problems. Our distinctive skills evolve as a response to determined inadequacy. Does the compelling answer dwell more in the dark side? Are human being’s insensitive predators? Are we bonded to common purpose by our misery? Perhaps death? But misery and death deny the preferred self. And motivates our aspirations. Curiously dying not death compels our purpose. Dying is our being's motivator. And profiting incentive. Examples: Insurance companies value injury, accident, disease and death, medical networks inconsistently exchange cure for disease both oppositional conditions validated-valuated through death while dying, lethal weapons manufactures sponsor horror, the interment industry offers dormant residency to death. But even suffering is without common bond. Some suffer others don't. Some die smiling of old age. Others radiated in a cancer ward. Some live and die in comfort. Most in deprivation. What impatient earthly seed harvests less the flowers shade.

All anguish dwells in the shadow of remedy. Unhappiness fosters hope. Death cautions life the better day. Does a singular presence directs all less itself in opposition? What sponsors uncertainties neglect. What curious acuity denies. What academy rewards depletion. What engineering services disrepair? Consider: The activity that binds us apart is... time. We are the only species that sustains their relationship with Creation through time. Yet we acknowledge the Universe, our residence, is timeless accordingly Eternal. (The problem with time?) Everything in time ends. While ending. Despite our bold undertakings. We are the anguished slaves to our own Creation, time. Master and slave the same. Even though we live in a timeless therefore endless Universe. We are born, we begin to age. And we die. Our lives come to an end. This flawed acquired “consistency” defines our existence. Explains our disposable technology, our risk based commerce. And our knowledge of self. Language's subjective ambiguity. Tentative hope. Our earth-bound religions. One cautious question compels response. Reflection and application. How can a life event end in an endless Universe? Our daily chore testifies the answers imposition: The acquired human distortion, time. More precisely linear time depletion. Which functionally denies our Cosmic Et4rnal disposition. The truer residency of self. Consider: There is a Cosmic that activity speaks to duration: There is Eternal duration which is endless. And time duration whereby everything ends. Allowing repetition all realized through time is factored through failure. Is always uncertain. Compounding futility even events deemed ideal are incomplete because they are not functionally expressive of the non-linear Eternal. Does our misery and unhappiness through time appears to be inevitable. Thirst our cup. Reality drowns the drinking water.

Another perspective avails clarity: The Universe is non-linear. Unlike a straight line whereby one intact event is separated to another event juncture the Universe cannot be separated less itself and still function as one infinite Eternal Universe. Infinity is separated from itself is no longer sustainable. Infinity cannot exit from itself. Indeed, in the absence of time infinity becomes functional. In the case of human beings optional because the earth people have choice, we can cheat, populate our lives with death. And forgive our love our purpose. Welcome to the planet earth. Be careful. The people on this planet hurt each other. Unnecessarily. Offering politely. Dying is easy. Unavoidable. And not terminal.

Born we have no awareness of time. We are engaging-actively Eternal beings. We acquire our non- Eternal status through instruction. And environmental imposition. Time’s materialized dismay; extinctions travelogue global warming, pandemics, nuclear horror. Our esteemed evolving invalidation. Yet we are nonlinear beings. Our bodies cannot be separated from themselves and still function as intended. But through time our life intact Eternal disposition becomes linear. We know our linear experience as cause followed effect. In time cause and effect always factored through failure. And uncertain effect more precisely cause and defect. The dictionary defines “linear” as “a disturbance between two points. The more pragmatic assertion: Our history.

Appreciating human beings are not organically disposed to violence, deceit, unkindness, death profiteering and war. The problem is that we are Eternal beings that live in non-Eternal time. In an effort to become masters of life we've become obedient to death. As such we can validate our existence is by denying it. (The problem more precisely). Time isn't easy. Time creates anxiety. All engaged in time disintegrates, eventually loses all apparent material utility. And negotiable direction. Our timely Cosmic dislocation. In time a material event can only be realized if the event ends. We die proof we deserving of our success. Consider our time-based earth bound wonder us religions. Explaining why we are unknowingly obliged separate Heaven from earth. Heaven is timeless we exist in time. Revealing why we must surrender our lives in time to reclaim our expressive Eternal relationship with God, our presently inte3ned Cosmic predisposition acknowledge denied. Many on this planet separate their bodies and souls while alive. They can only reach spiritual fruition by discarding their time devalued bodies. We value God most by denying God's gift our lives. While alive dying is our way of borrowing from Eternity which we pay back with our death's, the uncertain validation of the Eternal. We can assume a time subjective Heaven is incomplete. Lost still we are bold and beautiful...

Noting death and dying. Are unrelated. Opposites. When you attain the active status death you stop dying. Death occurs in the Eternal. Dying is a time based acquired condition, non-Eternal. Dying is linear, death no linear...all inclusive. Dying is unnatural. And unnecessary. Violence, suicide, disease, war, smoking, over eating, profiting from death, drug addiction, executions, war. We are a species that protects life Creation through self-designed extinction. Nuclear war. Silly dangerous earth people. Unnaturally dangerous. Appreciating we must know the nature of a problem before we can engage ourselves to the opportunity. We pray. We plan. The time, now is forever. Whereas there is no death. There is extinction. The end of life. The death of death. The time of now is forever. We create the burdens. We politely repeat our prayers. We anger ourselves blaming others. can't have an enemy without being one. Yet we laugh. Dance and sing. Love our children. We can be bad. But we prefer being good. We know a miracle witness without instruction. We know the opportunities we create by our suffering. And there is joy. Thus we seek our Eternal selves. Presently lost as found.

When human technology-commerce become nonlinear (currently evolving) it “life” will be significantly easier for us to thrive the good of ourselves. Share God's life without exclusion and cautious explanation. Reside God eloquent. Aware of our Eternal birthright. Expressible Godsoulprint.

A reply in time, in spite of time: Language has exciting limitations. Words in their utility do not include or exclude self-denial and violence. Language displacement fosters forgetting, an intriguing presence activity. These words are an evolving “repressed” stain on paper in the hands of a gentle and nice Chinese lady who can laugh in English. But is not familiar with the American lyric. Language is compatible with disease. Yet through language we can examine the limitations “obstructions” of insight, perception and consciousness. Words are compatible with prayer, music, dreams. And imagination. Through words we can question words. Through language we can engage death. Dance. Love, sing. And argue with ghosts. Word’s condone thievery. And disguise justice to our advantage. Words sustain mystery. “Hi please tell us we acknowledge your name. “My birth name is Charlie Woram.” One not less myself source of many. We continue seeking as sought. Devaluing progress in time is sustained through eventual invalidation. Insights, perceptions, awareness, consciousness deliver our temporary deficiency as ourselves to Creation. Our ideal divine condition effects of self are similarly impaired. Temporarily awaiting transcendence. Transmutation. Transmogrify.

Linear, temporal conventions are evoked through uncertainty. While unknowingly realizing the preferred certitude. Words are an incomplete-evolving enterprise. Kindred to confusion. And the temporary self. A function of choice influenced by event. Your last conversation would have been different on the listing Titanic. All expressions human, machine and environmental begin in silence. And end in silence. Language is compatible with the Eternal awe. Birth and death similarly confide. Silence is expression: You can’t take care of yourself without taking care of God. Yet in time God is realized through the denied self. Can we anticipate the knowing Heaven when we must surrender life and consciousness in the effort? God wakens our dreams we sleep.

Questioning time’s functional validity strains the limits of common sense. Yet that assumes “I’ m” aware of your next thought. And either of us can appreciate its fullest irony of carefully planned intent. Inadequacy sustained through our disposable-self invalidating symmetry is (presently) essential to our incomplete acquired reality: A time invested linear effect.

All human evolved reality (including God) realized through time culminates as a loss of “form” purpose, continuously from the imitation of the event. Therefore direction. The child’s first trumpet, gone. Their music? Loves first cautious kiss, memories gentle variation of gone. Our bodies coerced by our time enforced instruction, eventually gone. Perhaps the next question should be where? And from where in the Eternal whence did origin of the event assume presence? Not to question- challenge a species that harvest the dying of others to the advantage of self-indulges absurdity as the source our identity. Consequently, your conscious comments would be reassuring. And rare. Most who listen to these ideas surrender themselves to abstention. (The presence of our absence). Often it seems a psychic reflex not choice. Linear language nurturing nonlinear ideas seed futility. (Seeds claim garden to purpose). Acknowledging the inclusionary all is relevant-revealing and connected. Non-linearly all bad is good unresolved. All however repressed-deferred thrives Eternally. Linearly in time we have made permanent loss a value through industry, religion and life. We cannot deny Eternity we can only deny our Eternal selves. We sustain life through the organic commerce of dying. And reward killing. Exhaustion’s testimony. We deny the burden we create, life. Through dying we borrow from Eternity and pay back with our lives. Preferably the life of others. Politely attending repetition. When you Michael and Cynthia were born, unaware of time, you were actively Eternal “endless” beings. We are organically compatible with the Eternal expectation. Non-linearly “Eternally” body and soul are one. We know miracles without instruction. And miracles know us. We sleep our dreams permission. Everything revealed vibrant true and alive was once (as form) not existent. We forgive our love’s thirst. Understand what we deny. Pray for deliverance while financing a nuclear spasm extinction. Thriving often inadequacy is our reward. These words are not protest. Nativity’s faltering invitation. Planet earth Noah’s Ark. We suffer our success waiting the better delivery. Presently denied as sought. God is explainable in language, but not knowable…

Noting observation’s perspective: The terms resonant, all-embracing, not linear, inclusionary, un-bordered, unordered, all-inclusive are all compatible with non-linearity. The near of interchangeable with…non-linear.

We continue. The resonant bridge. Resonant passageway. Politely with your participant consent, a few definitions. Concurrent observations. Approaching reciprocally the embracing Eternal awe. The nice people at “The American Heritage Dictionary.” Define form. “Shape or structure distinguished from its substance. The mode in which a thing exists, acts or manifests itself.” Now the meaning of dimension suggested by Thesaurus. “Ad-measurement, capacity, extensity, length, scope, volume. Definition of dimension. “A measure of spatial extent. A property of space a directional extension of space. An additional active definition perspective of non-linear. “Occurring as a result of a non-additive operation.” As such we can assume complete. Active additive elements that actualize linear irony, repressing-deferring the non-linear ideal. Ourselves insinuated in time through non- linear commerce-technology. Our value loss culture, Dying’s harvest. The Eternal less life delayed to an afterlife. God’s love redeemed as forgiven.

Correlating insights: As an object approaches the speed of light time slows down. As noted the speed of light there is no passage of time. Consequently, during time abstention speed of light becomes an issuance of presence, Ever presence not dislocation. (Referencing the speed of light 186,000 miles per second becomes a non-linearly intact, resonant-coherent event, not consequent to incremental displacement). What impetus force initiates this linear trajectory? The answer human need actualized as incomplete. Uncertain purpose. The garden grows, ourselves included. We are approaching form resolution. Dimensional access. Suggested by Professor Einstein’s incomplete observation, “When mass is constricted enough eventually the constriction becomes infinite.” Being able to affect mass constriction the infinite ideal becomes actively viable and influencing “expressible” during time abstention. Inby the absence of form dislocation value loss the resonant concurrent Eternal ideal becomes viable-applicable. Noting in 1890 scientists established at half the speed of light a space ship would be one sixth smaller than its designed length. Mass constriction presently is technologically evidenced by catastrophic failure, attrition and depletion. Form mass resolved to pre-design deficiency. Earth scientists further observe. We can’t go at the speed of light mass form would require too much force. But these concerns do not consider the origin all-inclusive status inception of form whereby dislocation utility is not manifested through force. All planetary events have an actively Eternal origin “presence” however functionally or perception ally repressed; trees, penguins, ideas, people, mail boxes. The ideal mass temporal constriction is resonant sound. Note: Motion is intent realized as sound, intent-purpose speaks to identity. Presumed loss of distinctive form does not mean loss of identity purpose or intent. Identity intent is functionally value time deficient. The ageless acoustic event of space travel becomes a spatially concurrent event. Not consequent as variably deficient separation. Sustained dislocation in a non-localized Universe. No longer linearly indisposed. The scalar quantities of length, time, mass, temperatures aren’t being linearly realized through vector magnitude. Suggested by force velocity, direction displacement, lift drag. An inconsistent devalued event sustained through interactive deficient inconsistencies incompletely developed by linear temporal engineering. Energized by depletion fuel imperatives. Incons9stency displacement supplanted “resolved” as un-bordered acuity. Currently actualized as spatial value loss dislocation. (The admonishment of distance in time). Validated dysfunctional by a linear event ideal sustained through oppositional invalidation evidenced as a successful anguished and uncertain cancer cure, frequency communication, travel realized through duration-spatial dislocation. Value sustained through recurrent loss deficiency. (What resonant non- linearly compatible condition presence activity instead of material value loss sustained through coercive vector force? Observing nonlinear event is realized through silent effect. Not thunderous noise. And exhaus5tion. Answer...Presence is gravity’s time dilation actualizing intent event without value loss dislocation. Eternal duration presumed loss has value, uninterrupted. And direction. The timeless being has an optional vibrant, functioning bond with the God Universe. The divine expressible not through transitive faith and the life displaced through death cessation merited as dying. Godsoulprint engaging the carnational flutter. Carnational flutter speaks to the Eternally resonant active assimilating connection between Cosmic events. Evoking confidence advantage shared affected luck, sustaining intuition. Precognitive- clairvoyant valuation. Joy full skills accentuated by inclusionary commerce and technology. A new life.

Looking away the night waits the mornings privilege. Time consents to its own preferred rejection. Thus Eternally resides. We compel hope’s aspiration. Words direct life to purpose. The mystery much of words. Endless parade. Gentle assembly. Words deliver us to feeling. The singular presence. The awed silencing of love. Rage. Fear. The place from which we harvest words to opportunity. The sharing seeking of us. Good and bad. Questions receding answers. Allegory of sin, resurrection and popcorn. Like all else on the planet earth once the place of not. Now all once non- existent. Eternal waiting place of being. Where beginnings do not need permission. And flowers once stars know us by our first name.

Praying we speak. When Holy Temples join themselves to common investment. Commerce. All gardens one. We can only steal from ourselves. Smil9ing is that called borrowing All violence suicide. Breathing knows one voice. Creation intended. Ourselves aspiring. Non-linearly we are answerable to all not less yourself. And to self -embracing all. You can’t devalue another and not devalue God. Love’s allegiance to Creation’s planet earth, Comic echo resplendent. By whatever joy-anguish speaks divinity directs.

Making purpose endearing silence. Presuming your further accompaniment we recommend the opening page on the website….incooperation. net. And the video essays hosted by the nice people at Vimeo. And perhaps the essay Application. The first two pages easily flow, thereafter language assumes its own impatient theater. Our labor beckons. Life continues: Hope rewards futility. Souls nest despair. The children cry. And we compliment God our mission. Tormented, afraid yet wonderfully we seek. There is the Cosmic God. And the earth people’s wondrous adaption.

Crimes, rainbows unfulfilled incantations

“I” have for several years dear Emily weighed the idea of writing you relevant to (linear time uncertain duration and nonlinear duration) related to a contemporary crime scene. Time abstention is the canvas which frames these initial ideas to a common purpose: Reviewing the initial observation by way of probing into non- time, concurrence of the same time and the all-embracing resonance of localized before and after. Depleting affectation. The Universe is timeless human beings live in their acquired time, therefore we unknowingly our Cosmic residence. The astute nonlinear Eternal self. Of millions of species including early humans we are the only being that relies irony time duration to preserve their reality. The defining irony...all events resolved in time end. Life event value loss begins with the inception of the event. Yet we live in an endless-enduring Universe. Human beings have made value of deprivation they create...The loss begins with the perception of self. No-time in the context of duration speaks to change or shift in material status like form without loss of value. Non- linearly the repressed and deferred “before” and” after” of time event inception share a common origion. Suggesting concurrence, the same time coinciding. Each condition status not the devalued irrelevance of the other. These condition non-time casual events we know marginally through limited perception while abstaining from language (ie) sleep, laughter, birth, death presumption and near spontaneous not linear occurrence such as luck, intuition, coincidence, forgetting, super position. These resonant events also do not engage the conscious non-Eternal self. And suggest another world awareness. Perceptually only marginally apparent through deficient forgettable language, linear mathematics and assigned language based linearly depersonalized intelligence. Not surprisingly creative events whether gardenoing, sculpting, sleeping, dreams, painting, poetry assimilation and others are realized assimilated through the silencing awe. More spontaneous than determination. More resonance than calculation. The Eternal self- realizable. Offerong the silence is one of a few conditions all-inclusive un bordered conditions activities that are compatible expressible with the Eternal awe. Acknowledge the Silence claim the Light.

A question’s divinity follows in an all embracing Eternal Cosmos by what seeds identity does a family thrive. Whose brother no less our unborn sister. Our parents purpose timelessly derived. Fraternity less fraternities seed the flower’s presence denies. We are Cosmic family.

The following a contrasting experience clarifies, a biologist educated Harvard and Cambridge explores the morphogenesis field. We previously examined, now expanding: Professor Sheldrake offers this field function in the absence of time and has its own inquiring memory. Not a time-based memory like ours limited to remembering past events, but a timeless memory. Endless. Eternally concurrent memory effect. The initial birth from which others derived, whose memory? We continue seeking our Cosmic roots. Professor Sheldrake taught responsive rats, alleged nonlinear rats evolving, certain behaviors in America, different alleged aware recipient rats in Australia learned the same behaviors ten times faster. Spatial duration dislocation and related value loss uncertain anomalies appear to be resolved. These events witnessed despite our acquired- imposed limitations. Suggesting we were compatible with these events. But presently could not evoke or sustain the spontaneous reciprocal activity. Non- linear activity we can assume endlessly Eternal in its disposition. (Other studies validate this perception). Again, during the absence of time the field is assimilated “intact,” spontaneous. Functionally reciprocal. A concordant functional awareness that transcends linearly “assigned” diminished human intelligence. A limiting capacity expressed in deficiency language that is functionally limited to our species. The continuum field event also suggests a shared intelligence, purpose memory effect. Examples. The migration of alleged monarch butterflies from Canada to Mexico. The sudden beautiful uninterrupted shift of position of a thousand presumed birds in flight. Events we can parallel but only through calculation, inconsistently and often relying on artificial technology. Imagine Emily being able to design a computer, interact with other beings including ourselves, a preferred self within the active scope of this timeless-inclusive manifest field. Whereby memory information is not exclusionary, temporary-not relevant through conceptual limitations currently expressed through linearly inexact language and static-predetermined intelligence. We are considering-observing an active field event through our self-imposed linear limitations become more apparent. Further suggesting our compatibility with the Eternal ideal. Though an intact nonlinear computer would have little “sustaining” use for linear time devalued memory data. Spherically intact relevant and revealing. Allowing presumed repetition with polite emphasis through self-limiting choice we are a species that exists through value loss, all interactive planetary time activity including the human self-culminate with a complete loss of utility. And direction. Your first tooth brush, gone. The bald eagle almost gone. Your favorite apple tree. Gone less its seeds delivery? The forgotten memory, not gone. The gentlemen dead at the murder scene, gone beyond expression? The Universe instructs otherwise.

Words grasp hearts anguished contempt. We struggle dying’s defining aversion. Aware less our reflection. Astute neglectfully endowed. Ain’t easy being human.

Fewer word silence delivers. We approach cautiously. Consensus arbitrates futility. I am bold in my alienation. I laugh as fully alone. Solitude warms whose embrace. Life denied does not thrive less life’s desire. (I) am no chartered ship. Waiting missions haste. No moored vessel weighted anchor’s claim. Caution unless by deception you derive, I can deliver words to clever disguise. Suggesting I am worthy of life’s favor. I direct honesty’s burden. Does your appetite otherwise defer? Curious: More the words “I” in one gathering than a cemeteries accounting. Am I not man enough. Reward speaks others contempt. In a more efficient culture I would be euphonized, alphabetically. Thank you for allowing me to live. Christianity accedes favor’s sin. Pretense this bidding prescribes. Impatience boldness mistaken.

Whose residency attends truth. Breath’s toil. Hope indiscretion calculates. W9ords least abandoned claim love’s witness thus I am irrelevant. We should not risk being generous. Irrelevance suggest assessment. As such address. “Love us Jesus keep your blood. Our sins weren’t satisfactory.” Taller on our knees? Further preamble denies masturbation’s deserving grace. This disguise ends. I am a human being bladder and thought testify. I am entitled to no more birth and death than any other. (Gratefully life God intent weed enough). No warrant requires explanation except to protest: I can read. Write. Pray without permission. I have kissed. And been kissed. These shoes are mine. Doctors heal the wounds they offer. I drink clean water. I sleep comfort rests. The rain prefers my roof. For these reasons alone I’m amongst the grateful. I deserve no more than a beggar’s pleasure. Yet the sad man begs from me. Should I not similarly entertain? Who offers reason’s coin not love. Spends life’s neglect. We reimburse gratitude’s instruction. Ourselves Creation’s occupation.

Living, searching, thinking without the function of time strains plausibility. Though the raccoons, eagles the porpoises and human babies do quite nicely. The following perspective will hopefully be helpful. The nice Professor Einstein suggests. “The Universe is not realizable linearly. An observation offered from a linear world we affect by denying. While approaching the Eternal ideal intent. Nonlinear once again a near spontaneous event that unlike a straight line whereby one event realized in time through separation leads uncertainly to another event always through value loss. Note linear is intact, complete only through intent-design error or happenstance otherwise. And not consequent to its own separation. An “all inclusive” event is not time relevant, accordingly spontaneous (is) not time consequent to the disparities of uncertain value loss. An infinite Eternal “inclusionary” event including life does not end as it began, sponsored by futility, unresolved flaw...its complete. Awareness facilitates choice. A new reality avails. Origin condition status we can assume predates our initial-initiating perception. Acknowledging a timeless “Eternal” event diminished-displaced in time is only denied by our shared coerced consensus. A linear value loss event is a repressed “incomplete-unresolved” inclusive event. An event process condition that would include the engaging human presence. Linear irony is compatible with the non-linear ideal. Unknowingly deferred. Error, disappointment and temporary success motivate further effort. From inception, evident as denied the cancer, the crime, death not death the same, the computer in ideal form intent predates its current materiality. Similarly, its design and utility. And when that inception is not functional through its loss of value, we have a sustainable conversant spontaneous event. As such cancer is not cancer, death the same. A new reality “emerging” expressible through inclusionary technology, commerce and concurrent spirituality. A new reality frustrated by current modalities and perception. Expressible through a more compelling language formulation suggestive of conversant intuition, precognition, temporary “marginalized” events we presently know as luck, coincidence. Presently shared human and machine events relevant through dysfunctional uncertainly and ideally incomplete become intact, complete-with a significantly reduced deficiency usually the result of human error. Utility of space assumes additional proportion, dimension, suggesting people being able to meditate together, pray, think, create, heal in the ideal harmony of spatial unity. Conditions presently suggested marginally by singing, being able to witness the same miracle together. Being able and willing to share the Eternal non- linear space we begin to assume upon birth and do not dispose of upon the inclusive continuity of death. Clarifying and availing functional randomness, infinite possibilities and super position. Worm holes, time dilation, gravity. (The presently denied inclusive nature of embraced not-exclusionary linearity suggests that our current reality would still be relevant through choice.) The all- inclusive Universe includes you. The always of you. The denied ironic self. Not to worry you can still trip over your husband’s shoe laces while intoxicating yourself. Through choice linearity can be affected, example become violent. There will still be failures and tragedies, they will not be essential to our nature. Our Cosmically shared reality.

All earth people’s functional perceptions are time infused. Similarly our commerce, technology, religions. And cemeteries. The same gravity, space, the Light, the darkness? Our great causality. Awed constancy. Be patient look again before you cross the street. The nice politely smiling Dr. Sheldrake cautions reason’s observation to purpose. Observing: Between 1928 and 1945 dropped all over the world. Back to constancy in 1945. What is time’s irony without measurements gentle imposition’s. Metrology respondoing to Cosmic inconsistency in 1972 fixed the speed of light by definition. The nice hard working people at Wikipedia offer: “Metrology is the science of mesur4ment includes all practical and theoretical aspects of measurement.” We own the bar we make the rules. Our time adaptation our reality. Existence realized as the linear affectation of the denied self. Value loss and inconsistency ambiguously resolved through failure, error and uncertainty as maintaining prerogative. Human causality the single determinant. Time in a timeless Universe is relevant to the observer. As we approach the speed of light, temporal accommodation, form assumes contraction. For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. Equanimity realized through re4active opposition? Of course negation, opposition, invalidation are essential to a time affected reality. The future ideal deferred to invalidation. Dying and value loss our tutors. Violently we oblige.

Nice math teachers patiently tell us that there are no straight lines in the Universe that are intrinsic to the Universe. Intriguingly Emily and Stuart when you were born your bodies were non-linearly intact. Complete not essentially consequent to value loss. Not consequent to your bodies devaluing separation, individually therefore potentially collective. Actively divine. Complete not consequent to its own separation. Unaware of time you were an actively Eternal being. In tuned to Cosmic skills we presently only know marginally as brief happenstance, not sustainable choice. (Spontaneous remission, shared intuition, being able to influence uncertain probabilities through determinant sustained luck, coincidence, precognition, interactive super position, gravity). Soon without your choice you are unknowingly introduced into a time insinuated culture. And in time your infinite disposition begins to separate from itself. Ending becomes value that drives our culture. The non- linear in time becomes your linear existence, life events consequent to their own loss experienced as dysfunctional separation. We know as cause and effect. Problem: All events realized affect chosen time paradox are incomplete. Currently referenced through uncertain-limited choice as failure or success, complete, finished. A brief whispering accommodation to preference. They end on our confused-uncertain terms. Static incomplete not Eternal? The unknowing ideal deferred, futility sustained through redundant value loss depletion. These Eternal events are realized “initiated” amidst infinites Cosmic awe, but inadequately through confusion loss curiously “unknowingly” redeemed through failure. Inception is completion irrespective of completion, spontaneity not consciously instructs. Futility-in completion direct purpose. Prayer’s and laughter the same. The Cosmic awe attends. Everything is relevant, revealing. And connected. Except killing.

The focused and gentle Kathy Bell and “I” corresponded. Unaware of each other’s efforts before the effort was shared nor clearly our response to the unresolved effort much of our purpose dwells in the absence of inter active time. Nice. The curious irony of time is only apparent when we knowing initiate an effort in time and we have at least some anticipation of result. We begin already started. Regarding your concerns about people’s capacity to indulge the many violence relevant to the credit card concept. The sky scraper beings with an idea. Our ability to organically create the idea. And implement the idea to purpose. But given that we are born into a temporal culture where all material including ourselves can only be developed inadequately less its complete value. Our organic ability to create and sustain ideas and their expectation is also limited. Because our assigned abilities are limited. We can only build with the tools and designs available. And respond to the needs of our current self-imposed finite reality. But these deficient ideas come from the inexact self- denying identity of self. These limited ideas do not reflect essentially and permanently who we are who we can assume God desires us to be. Remembering we are born timeless Eternal beings. Through our curious and possibly necessary miscalculation “time” we claimed this timeless planet as our own. Through spiritual choice exaggerated by technology and commerce we made great value of loss. Endongs. Witnessed futilities growth.

Corresponding we seek. Seeking we are sought. The night waits the mornings pleasure. Time gently consents its own rejection. Music testifies. Our dreams inivite. Yearning we aspire. Thus Eternity thrives. Hope compels. Words direct life to purpose. The mystery much of words. Endless charade. Yet words direct us to the place of feeling. Uninterrupted being. The awed silencing place of love. Anger. Fear. Desire. The places from which we harvest words to opportunity. The sharing seeking place of us. Questions concealing answers. Answers waiting for better questions. Echoiing the offered allegory of sin, conditioned resurrection. Near bye goodbye Heaven. The current place of not. The Eternal waiting place of us. Where beginnings do not need our permission. And flowers once stars know us by our first name.

Praying we seek. When Holy Temples jooin to common purpose. Commerce. Prayer and being. All gardens one. We can only steal from ourselves. All violence becomes suicide. And God knows one voice, ourselves. Intended...

Surrendering all applications of time is unlikely. But relying on time “efficiency” to linearly experience our religions, commerce, technology therefore our lives is not organically essential. The earth people in purpose and substance are organically non-linear Eternal beoings. Otherwise by our unknowing insistence. Inby the beautiful Eternal all continues. All apparent endings thrive. Awareness direction continuous, When the idea of commerce, technology, religion becomes nonlinear. An oinclusive life avails. Not an existence realized through exclusionary value. The divine Eternal idea of self will be more apparent. Acknowledging that goodness comes from the idea of self, not machine. Though interaction compliments. Not always. Those terrible weapons waiting the choice of self. Divine application’s value unfolds relevant to science, technology and commerce. Religions will reconsider the time before and after life. Heaven now earth resplendent. Assuredly from the nicer loving idea of self-goodness follows. People need not look further for a shared Creations miracle than themselves. Much the miracle resides in our denial. Opportunities need not be obstacles.

Appreciating the varied linear value loss limitations begin with a perceptual -expressed denial of self. The incomplete non- Eternal idea of self. Which is exaggerated by depletion commerce, technology and our wondrously exciting exclusionary religions redeemed through death while alive. Conversant with God less one another. Current break through is artificial intelligence potentially exacerbate the earth people’s self- denying disparity. Artificial intelligence presently is a linear event that maximizes the separation of self from the Creation origin. Humans relinquishing their potential to metallic. Spherically the inclinations of “artificial intelligence” increase by actualizing human potential. (Not machine efficiency sublimated to human ineptitude. Releasing the human and the consequent environment from the assigned temporal limitations. Acknowledging currently human intelligence3 is a contrived distortion of its organically predetermined intended potential. Static in intent design and result, intelligence effect that is event driven less the ideal value of the event. Invariably first realized as the limiting choice of self. The individual inadequacy exaggerated through the collective intent further distorted beyond form aberration by linear technology and commerce3. Exclusionary not spatially shared. Not concurrently assimilated. Like current computers, hydrogen bombs time derivative. Relevant-revealing “actualizing” ideally as temporary, inadequately sustainable through error prone value loss, inherent failure. Often design intent results ideal as avoided. Example the earth peoples most consuming industry lethal weapons. Machine representation can be designed that is capable of judgment, learning, thinking and funct5ioal immortality, but again with polite emphasis these condition status qualities reflect a human culture that values loss. Unknowingly, -unnecessarily-unnaturally. We aspire otherwise. The earth peoples spiritual guest ions ca not be sublimated to a machine. Watson’s AI “does not forget.” Questioning-displacing the validation of the Eternal. A human presence that secure purpose through designed-anticipated extinction. Cures the diseases it creates. And prefers a God abstained from life. A metallic surrogacy that politely bar tends, pays taxes, flies a jet plane, masturbates, applies for a wedding license. Apologize for its parental source? Maybe is at times a term that cautions reflection. A metallic can be designed that prays. Fears its own dreams? Apologies for itself? Laugh off cue? A machine that values- responds to prayers...When all is said and undone an Ai metallic is simply more efficient temporal negation of the human self. Linear research suggests that humans use less than five percent of their cerebral capacity. The human experience values success through loss, creative destruction and planetary Creation through designed extinction. A diminishing reality deferring their Eternal ideal to an abstaining after life. And a development substantiated by invalidation. Either in clarifying the nonlinear ideal or maximizing shared denial. Presently active as nuclear war, global warming. Eventually without a parallel nonlinear human development transcendence beyond human comprehension. Increasing extinctions toleration. The ideal “mind” convergence is a human-machine symbiosis as suggested by the Peare Group. And morphogenesis. Each idea expressed and validated is incomplete through current expression. And need utility. Appreciating the localized “mind” is a human adaptation, exclusionary even when shared through linear time secured language. And intelligence also localized, relevant to disposable precipitant value loss.

Dear Ryan and Mark,

Thank you for your inspoiring thoughts on video games. Allowing the anticipation of a few insights. Like all else realized- materialized in linear time video games are incomplete. Deficient both in design intent and utility. An evolving enterprise sustained through depleting error, an evolving uncertain sense of invalidating progress. The time encrusted video game is played unknowingly in a non-linear Universe. The presumption of a “game” devised and played by linearly indisposed individuals.

A researcher, “I” uncertainly belie4v4 a Dr. Edward Bono suggest there are three tiypes of thinking. (Thinking activity that influences which influences currently realizable perception). First thinking that follows direction. And thinking that creates direction. And 3rd non-linear thinking, defined as revolutionary thinking that does not have the ability, the capacity to sustain as process the ideas non- linear thinking creates. Interestingly this nice gentleman points out that non-linear thinking can be self-taught with a minimum of effort. Understandably since the instruction of others would be linearly manifest. And the effort anticipated in reverting to the nonlinear self would be a validation of the inherent self which we clumsily value and unknowingly condone by denying. Conjoining an interactive video refrain “game” with the ingratiating “adaptive” prerogatives of artificial intelligence, an active medium whose memory function doesn’t evolve through forgetting-would help resolve the self-imposed inconsistencies presently essential to a human effort. Inconsistency that presently through linear time based languag4e and intelligence are presently intrinsic to human personality. The artificial intelligence interactive video refrain would assist in availing programs, perspectives, insinuations that would assist “us” in resolve their adaptive inconsistency. Acknowledging that however compelling such an adaption might become it will remain a human innovation. Reflective of the ideal self however denied. The Eternal is endless in disposition.

We’ve become the self-imposed limitations. A reciprocally active bond we share with our flawed temporary reality. Transcending those limitations while residing in a culture that insists on their observance is a challenge much discouraged. Evidenced in the extreme by witch hunts, punitive law, crucifixions, martyrdom, cultures geared through war effect, religions actualized through death cessation, industries that profit while encouraging dying banality, technology and commerce that sustain-encourage temporal value loss as intrinsic to their own intent. These largely collective condition eve3nts can only be sustained through individual consent. An ambiguity of purpose distracted by imposed notions of insanity, disease valuation and institutional relevance. All Creations denying affectations believed essential in the absence of an alternative. If we may a brief inquiring allegory inferring new direction. If insanity denies the reciprocal concurrent bond what seed claims insanity complete, not less the denying source. What death speaks not less life’s invitation. We continue kindred source the same, approaching less languages anomaly. Now offer3ed as suggested.

Can we assume that these inherent limitations will be easier to identify and engage to non-linear advantage through a “secure” game. An endearing placebo Cosmic event. The presumption of a game event becomes an access way into the denying mystery of self previously limited to the happenstance of dream, answered prayer, music impending, the yearning allegorical after life, laughter and the afterlife. The awe of all we already know as the indemnity of self. The Cosmic glimpse… &C&

A singular question gives bearing to this inquiry. Can the dichotomy, the irony between the linear and the non- linear be “immediately” resolved to “our unknowingly” repressed Cosmic source. Our Eternally intended selves. Accordant with an environmental culture not realized through devalued exclusion. Presently our life intent consequence revealed through form denial. Linear irony is congruent with the all-embracing “acknowledging” Eternal; incomplete, interrupted valid and mysterioously revealed through unresolved error and failure. (Anticipating coherent or resonant-concurrent mass constriction speaks to time dilation). Linear depletion technological events tend to be noisy, energized through depletion fuel. Noise is disregarded as an extraneous annoyance, but represents an acoustic mapping that clarifies depletion inconsistency. The other than linear origin activity of the term “mistake.” (At stake...take -make it (its) a mistake (also references) me, am, I’m…. Assimilating during the repressed accruing: Evidenced as global warming, pandemics, limited asteroid tracking, uranium and chemical-biological weapon stock piles. And causing the impending extinction of our neighbors, God’s children, the elephants, gorillas, whales and the many other gentle cousins. Birth and death the same memory. Offering likely an unresolvable perplexity; there is no death, but there is extinction. From a non-linear Eternal perspective birth revealed dying and death representing the cessation of birth consequence are otherwise. (Inception and termination are continuous, concurrent. Not consequent to derivative linear origin. The end of life the death of death. Absent beyond memories attendance to whom would we pray? How? We must continue uninterrupted Luke, Rin Tin Tin, Charlie, Cousin Bosco, Amigo, there’s Luke and Charlie again for the first time, Rosie Dale and Mom Daisy Dale, Pop’s friendly squirrel and Mom’s impatient presumably impatient monkey, Barnaby downs stairs with lady Sally, Which one and Which one not the other, Secretariat and Rover still jumping on my brothers Tony’s chest. All accordingly testify: And Christopher Kirkpatrick the family’s bold-brave mariner. We are accompanied, realizable articulations beyond current comprehension. You are not alone. Your involuntary dreams, death’s Eternal witness and smiles testify. Melodies enrichment we proceed. Offering music is the only event experience that we can assimilate without relying on time. Eternally disposed human babies will respond to music before incremental temporarily prolonged language. Similarly, flowers oblige. A new world of sound symmetry. Currently all the abrasive sounds heard in a factory over three weeks experienced in one compact moment. The unfortunate person would be dead and disfigured before reaching the ground. The same sounds affront over one year. Dying’s death aging’s disability unnecessarily sustained. Under indisputable conditions sound is ageless. Beethoven 5th symphony is timeless, noot time sensitive. An expressive ageless sound. We are not consciously aware of. What we witness from our time obsession as decay of a human corpse is obviously motion. And motion releases sound relevant to what is moving. The presumed corpse is functioning in a timeless “all inclusive” disposition. We can anticipate the events that lead to the corpse’s evolving status are included in the victim’s sound disposition. As a no longer linear “inclusive” duration chronology. Meaning before the crime event occurred, during and after that are not inherently inconsistent, confused and otherwise misleading. A coherently spontaneous event can be fragmented and examined to asses validity. Provide perspective. Allowing us to distinguish intentional misinformation. Once a spontaneous effect is realized the event can be coherently separated without value loss or disparity, except our capacity to make mistakes. Presently we know in a very limited way through language inquiry, a time sensitive investigation. Culminating as an incomplete linear memory. (Most people appear to find these ideas curiously annoying. Because they contradict the “acquired” essential self. A friend couldn’t remember a signaler word after a brief conversation. Others the same. Not all. Richard a gentle retired CIA person at Church appeared to be intrigued by the concept of nonlinear communication. Such communication would logically l include the genetic makes up of those involved in the communication. Genetic print realized as DNAsound. The spontaneous disposition of such communication would deny linear intervention except as irrelevant chatter. Summoning memory: What words silence esteems, George Bisacca. Spiritually reassuring our correspondence with Noam Chomsky. The inspiring Professor Parsons, Dick Tino, Professor Degrood , Bridgeport University. the dear Phyllis Coggins University of Maine. And there’s Norman Elias smiling. Alex and Walter Keisch, Andy Kydes, Duncan Schweitzer memories thriving companions. And beyond the dream of word: Nancy Morris, Priscilla Oravetz, Kathlene Vrana, Marion Lucas, Pope, Pesrle Dubois, Irene Cooper, Pastor Sarah, Anhelica, Sung Ho, Miss Marshal, Eugenia Herrera. The gently patient John Dillette Freeman. Fraternal companions guide. Well suggested by the nice people at the Peare Group, ideally there is a resonance between human and machine. A sustaining expressive functional bond, hacking becomes the near of pointless. Gently again the caress of a few words delivery. You can’t have an enemy without being one. Are the Ten Commandments expr3ssible in the few yearning words... Be polite and all will come. Your self-us denied. And apparent. More that less be not less than more.

Further clarifying awareness, time discrepancy, perception. Resonance and consciousness. Prior to birth the baby child has started become time indisposed. The mother and father’s nutrition and environment b3gin to imbue the little baby child. When born the temporal assimilation increases, chemicals, nicotine, red dye no.2, plutonium, debilitating aging noise. The baby’s eyes open to a deniable temporal reality. Actively “persistently” temporary. Dangeroous and uncertain. Life dying’s partner. God delayed the afterlife explains. Language our disguise. Consciousness and perception testify. Not entirely. Clumsily and sadly we acknowledge the Eternal. But acknowledge we do. Do you wemember the various bold inquires. The imaginative seeker at MIT. The bold inquirers at Princeton University, Professor Sheldrake gently unfolding the morphogenesis field. Terence Mckenna’s polite determined reach. Professor Einstein’s wind chime insights. Ourselves eager and attendant. Aspiring, waiting, suffering. Knowing birth. The three inquires, MIT, Peare and Professor Sheldrake arrived and evolved through a common presence. The abstaining resolution of unconsciousness. And the abstention, assimilation of form. MIT’s professor giving sound a timeless identifiable connection, the folks at Peare group transcending form consciousness and non- linearly connecting with machine intent. The morphogenesis field forms temporal displacing irony. Morphogenesis field equates to mass. (Notr please morphogenesis is the computers accommodated spelling). And polite mass constriction equates to time dilation. Reciprocally through time dilation, concurrent time, resonant DNAsound mass can evolve to the Eternal preference. “The” intended utility. The resonant atmospherics transcend linear consciousness realized as incomplete perceptions to a Cosmic origin. An Eternal memory. Form assimilation, ironic form abstention avail mass concurrence, engendered time dilation. Whereby value loss, the presumed irony of bordered form, assumes continoung purpose direction. Compelling a new awareness. Cosmically intact. Inviting allowing spontaneity and consequential dislocation “intact” and sustainable. Consciousness, awareness, insight, expression, dying, spirituality. And materiality. Assume being. Enduring. Coincident unsolicited event and luck no longer incidental. New parameters in presumption, probability, institution, exclusionary concurrent bureaucracy, precognition, clairvoyance in a non-depleting inclusionary culture assume expressible inspiration. Conversant and sustainable. Heaven and earth conjoined. Paradise finally the Cosmic seed.

The crime scene: Which has much in common with the earth people’s current relationship with the environment Creation. We are not considering a conventional linear (static) crime scene resolved through time effect. Time perceptions and activities. Yet the crime is an evolving nonlinear event. Meaning an assigned crime not examined through inconsistent determinations. Which can culminate in a failed effort. A deceptively static crime scene absent of a human investigative presence continues to evolve flawlessly. Both as accruing active memory. And the violent event itself. Memory, event and engaging disposition are concurrent. Reminding dictionary definition of nonlinear, spherically flowing. “Occurring as a result of a non-additive operation.” The crime event in its current assessed totality is incomprehensible. (A linear effort, defined as a disturbance between two points is being realized through linear inadequacy). One process essentially impairs both. Negation sustains and determines. A Cosmically distinct duration event has occurred that will be investigated through predetermined scientific time intimidating conceptions. Yet even if the crime event is the linearly compromised the crimes essential nature remains actively immediate, inclusively concurrent. Meaning all events related to the crime are occurring evolving in the same time effect without value loss. Time consistency is approaching its near spontaneous ideal. The dormant active crime scene is no longer active through time inconsistency. Curiously a timelessly accruing death event will be examined through life ascertaining time deficiency. An inadequate incomplete result is inevitable. And encouraged. Only relevant and applicable through oppositional deficiency. Appreciating the undisturbed- intact actualized crime parallels other inclusive4 engaged events with some subjective distinctions. And other random considerations. During a timeless spontaneous human event effort is not the singular casual presence. A slaughter house is not a home. Why do we eat our neighbors? Eternally all-inclusive does not mean “just” us. This realization is not a denying limitation, do we understand? Perhaps you have surmised the unresolved activity that structurally defines the crime scene event permeates in some manner oth4er human events. Including the sense of justice. Whereby guilt and innocence sustain both less the determinant other. The fewer words echo. Innocence is more productive than guilt. Specially if your guilty.

Less distracted we continue: Sadly we still have a corpse that’s been assigned inactive death. An active organic presence currently defined entirely through loss of utility and direction. Cessation. (Duration cessation). There are other linear-time encrusted elements external to the crime. Active elements released before, during and after the crime. An active Eternal presence no longer linearly indisposed. Previously neutral condition elements that prior to the crime were unrelated to the crime that remain active, continuously. We have various exclusionary realities that are in functionally “linearly” conflicted. (Intentionally or otherwise likely both). The initiating assailant. Inconsistent witnesses. And the investigative presence. A convergence of events disrupted in their time inception. All linear conditions that will determine all results. Reclaiming the event to its nonlinear origin initially denied by the reality that predates the crime approaches impossibility. (Impossibility becomes a measure of potential). Technicians will attempt a time reclamation of an event that is no longer in their perceptual sphere. Gathering static evidenced to ascertain guilt culpability realized against the devaluation of purpose. Guilty verses innocence. Justice companion to injustice. Resolution adjudicated through temporal devalued uncertainty, in consequence, process and through preparatory anticipation that predetermines responses. (Including life insurance policies valued through death disparity financed while alive). The paradox: An active victim corpse, viewed as no longer organically functional initially defines inadequately all subsequent efforts. While validating linear violence as a finalized determinant activity. Recurrent the Eternal Cosmic refrain. How can event end in an endless Universe. The temporal detectives do not appreciate that in an inclusionary environment “death” is an active, vibrant and expressive presence. Actively reciprocal. The designated crime event is no less a living presence than those investigating. And mourning. Death disposition and related life activities, actions and choices change when death is experienced as a continuity. Inconsistent exclusionary devalued events become consistent, reciprocally compatible, coherent.

The dormant flawed crime scene can be non-linearly experienced through relevant DNA sound. All material events, unless denied in time, can individually and collectively be actualized as a sound event that coherently encompasses all aspects of the crime. Initially apparent and oth3erwise. All motion emits a “sustained” sound relevant to that which is moving. And that motion sound has an origin source. Compatible to awareness perception. When the event is already concurrent, actively in decay, the DNA sound evidence representation is easier to assimilate. Curiously the corpse is not “essentially” consequent to value loss that presently defines the conscious human life. And other linear disparity. When we attain the active status of death, a timeless event, we stop dying. Dyeing is an unnatural event consequent to time’s oppositional uncertain foibles. A parallel dynamic we are unproductively experiencing as noise related to manufacturing events, realized as irrelevant noise. Or spiritually, organically as sleep and other unknowing assumed nonlinear activities we know as unresolved silence ie coincidence, intuition, answered prayers, meditation, fetal sustenance and the active unresolved activity of death, mistakes, decay, untapped value loss. A Cosmic sound representation we can only experience by unknowingly denying. Once materialized sound timeless effect is engaged in linear time Cosmic infinite potential is deferred to error, inadequacy, functional in completion, mistake and motivated imagination. The infinite impractical. Condition effects exacerbated by current bureaucracy, depletion commerce and technology further displaced linear perception and expression. Accrued as an anguished history. Realized through time disproportionate science.

Referencing research protocols. In the absence of time initiatives, the non linear becomes functional. The Peare Group at Princeton University established an inter active “near conversant” presence between a static machine and human effort. When resonance between machine and human was further established intent recourse increased. Clearly a further significant shift in efficiency will materialize when the expressible human presence assumes their sustainable Cosmic inclusive disposition. And technology reflects the change. A similar resonance can be created between two otherwise excluding static condition events, the crime results, the external crime atmospherics and the investigators. The referenced morphogenesis field evidenced a distinct other than time based memory effect of an event. Nonlinear memory. A self-perpetuating memory condition that includes all aspects of the memory event, including origin. (Source of origin’s source while impending). Eternal memory through time dilation allow us to materialize before it assumes form. And after its assumed its form condition status. We are alluding to relevant-unresolved events suggestive of prior to origin activity. A presumably self correctiong memory doesn’t evolve through unintended- intended value loss. We can “remember” frequenting the punch bowl years ago, but the memory won’t affect your blood alcohol level today. (Not factoring a surrogacy placebo). The study at MIT by the Asian biologist speaks to being able materialize an otherwise inaccessible (past) dormant event to an immediate expressible vibrancy. Reminding the DNA of one of the cancers eventually played backwards on a musical scale, the result Mozart Funeral Requiem. Note please with emphasis “one of the cancers.” And the reference to backwards, ( ie) reversing “devaluing” time effect to origion condition status of an event. (Appreciating the current cancer form is inadequate to its own intent and accordingly utilized). Abstention, negation, invalidation, terminal are temporal devaluations. Ironical and obsolete. We continue breathing we smile. This inspiring Asian gentleman, we continue to look for his name, recalled “we invite” a completed past event and returned wearing somebody eases galoshes. An active expressible connection to the dormant past condition event. A material bridge, an expressible “negotiable” conduit. Time deferred reciprocal. Example: A recent cancer diagnosis can through the aforementioned conduit be treated more effectively at its inception a year ago. Similarly, a failed current effect, theory or event can be coherently traced back to examine development from the perspective of failure. Given that the acoustic formulation is not linear in nature all sensual data becomes apparent, Sound, imagery, tactile collectively, individua giving further credence to observation effect presently realized linearly in language, mathematics anomaly. Perceptual, expressible uninterrupted acoustic. Initially in part reference in earlier essays as acoustic osmosis, pneumatic resonance. Sound is material and materially expressible. Whether the sound of music, the sound of a seed becoming a tree or a presumed corpse actualizing Eternal life. The affecting activity of each research protocol was a representative sound based effect. Not realized through the directive vector sustaining initiates, force, lift, drag, displacement. What is the nonlinear vector equivalent of force compulsion of displacement, drag, localized dislocation velocity, lift? What resonant near spontaneous activity condition motivates event intent. And what human perceptual shift in consciousness facilitate the shift.

Further developing “clarifying” linear scientific precept will assist us. In an Eternal Universe, the linear angst approaches “includes” the nonlinear ideal. As previously suggested... Inviting Professor Einstein’s companionship. The gentle man no doubt politely observed. “When mass is constrictive enough eventually the curvature becomes infinite.” Light affluent. Appreciating earth scientist offer light has no mass. Is mass to some measure a function of time anomaly. (Reclaiming mass to its timeless origin ideal, its current denied disposition). Form mass constriction appears to occur naturally through its own assimilation intent. The tree once a seed withers losing its perceivable form intent. The human child, once conception becomes an adult whose organic form will lose perceivable consciousness intent. Form appearance and intent. Appreciating with emphasis inby nonlinear duration identity intent continues. Vibrant and uninterrupted. Silence is expression. Motion intent does not require form function. Appropriately the transmutation “transition” does not occur through linear temporal language utility, intelligence and acquired consciousness. (Affectation also suggested by the DNAs resonant study at MIT, The Peare group at Princeton University and the morphogenesis field. These three activity insight innovations transcend “bypass” reasoning in favor of resonance. Giving further credence to the all inclusive nature of the nonlinear, includes technology and organic beings Comsoc awareness transitioned from earthly erratic consciousness. A new awareness being, apparent. Explaining the functional essence of worm hole. And inter stellar travel. Conduit dimensional array…. Linear inexact depletion surrenders to the refining all- embracing Eternal ideal. Actively and productively. “Form” is defined as, “the mode in which an activity of a thing exists, unfolds, acts or manifests itself.” Form has an active conditioon status before bordered form is realized, similarly after bordered-localized form is no longer functionally evident. Form is either developed in time through value loss or non linearily through timeless effect. When the development of form, whatever its intent disposition (natural or contrived) is realized in time abstention the development of form can be actualized without value loss. The ageless modality of timelessness can develop space dislocation and its related materiality coherently. Loss of form identity does not mean the loss of specific identity intent. Form intent without devaluation speaks to time do”i”lation acoustically “coherent” time dilation... ie intact concurrent time utility. (Concurrence ie the same time transcends time displacement depletion). Allowing design intent to utilize gravitational time dilation. Nonresistant gravitational pull. No endings derive once begun. Time dilation can be idealized to coherent advantage. Duration becomes a spheroidal condition not consequent to its own depletion displacement. Cause is not sustained through uncertainty effect (ie) defect. And functional inadequacy does not remedy effect to a vague “random” motivating ideal. Realized through linear technology predesign limitations that functionally delays the ideal result to in consequence. Futility sponsored as failure, sustained through uncertainty. And redeemed through in completion. Example: An insurable crime waiting for an uncertain-anticipated victim, life. The crime begins to sustains its nonlinear divine disposition if the crime event is not processed through retribution. Innocence redeems. Punishment denies. The “criminal” is in greater need of innocence. The unhappy criminal denies others and himself through crime. We deny ourselves and the human criminal through shared punishment. Which includes families. And our futures self. The crime actively ends in time, unnecessarily- naturally, but the crime event continues in timelessness.

DVD 1/27/2017 Synopsis

1. Time is an opportunity.

2. Born unaware of time we are Eternal beings. Non-Eternal in time. Time allows us an opportunity to resolve (refine) the nonlinear Eternal self, refining Creation Cosmos. Time does not permanently exclude the Eternal. Unknowingly denial is acknowledgment. The nurturing awe. Nurturing the Eternal to the Cosmic ideal. Reclaim the darkness as the light.

3. Darkness awaiting the Light’s resolve. Non-linear Eternal imbues-embraces all.

*The time of now forever: Time based technology commerce is designed and affected through disposable value loss. Time insinuated technology- commerce evolve through repressed non-linear design. Potentially availing while denied a nonlinear Eternal planetary existence. Actualized inter- stellar travel: Today is the tomorrow God promised us forever. Our choice whether to accept.

* Corporations are default time Insufficiencies. Major industries rely on time insinuated dying as profit incentive. Compounding the time futility of individuals. Time source and conseguenc3e are anomalous. A multiplicity of time constraints formulate default in linear institutions. Disposable product determines purpose. Bureaucratic distortions exaggerate technology value loss. And risk based commerce. Resulting in a chaotic global market that can’t be anticipated- influence in real time. Linear disparity obliges human disadvantaging as asset. (Why are prisons not gentle Universities. All you need is a book. And a smile. Innocence is more productive). What is a non-linear “inclusionary” corporation, technology and commerce? Chosen activities Revealing a sufficiency of the Eternal self, collectively. Eternal life revealing planetary purpose. Death & dying redefined. Killing acknowledged aberration.

*Government time impositions: Time depletion behaviors sustain governments instability. Government personnel protect their ill-defined policies as death provocation distorted through linear commerce- technology. Planetary economies rely on intent valuation based on disparity, loss, failure and significant waste. Policy is often financed by delegating nonexistent resources as deficient debt credit. (Human’s forfeiture of their non-linear identity permeates global existence). Government officials attempt to resolve problems that governing rely on. (It’s funny). Resulting in an incomprehensible irony of being that is intrinsic to linear bureaucracy. Loss of life has value. Planetary governments validate temporal deficiency as patriotic death obligations. Governments perpetuate their own potential destruction. Aggregate chaos deteriorates to grotesque levels of war dysfunction that is financed by citizen victims. Yet government application remains an aspiring ideal reflective of human beings desire to thrive. And survive. Inby the inclusive life Eternal all deemed bad is good unresolved. Futility braves opportunity. Humanity unknowingly sustains the non-linear awe. We are not God’s mystery.

*When global commerce and technology is nonlinearly actualized a collective shift will occur. Availing our shared ancient Eternal self. The nurturing awe of our preplanetary orogon source. Violence no longer a choice through the anomaly non- violence. Emergent science engendering enhanced certitude. Current linear default technology will undergo a morphogenic transmutation. Examining the dysfunctional noise “language” of a machine will initially allow for clearer design insight. The governed should politely discourage the need to be governed. Inherent in bureaucratic havoc oare active conditions that calmly avail calm nonlinear solutions. We unnecessarily create the burdens we resist by carrying. You can’t have an enemy without being one.

1980 September 18-19 in Damascus Arkansas a teenage mechanic dropped a 9 pound wrench into an ICBM nuclear weapon silo creating an oxidizer leak, the hyperbolic fuel exploded catapulting a 740 ton silo door and a Titan II nuclear warhead beyond the silo complex. Twenty- one airmen trying to prevent disaster were injured. Senior Airman David Livingston died of his injuries. If the Titan II warhead had also failed a quarter of the United States would have been radiated. Immediate to the detonation several hundred thousand would have been killed. A significant refugee problem within the territorial United States. Long term millions of cancers would have developed. Millions of uninsured homes, businesses, farms, vehicles, hospitals and schools destroyed, damaged or abandoned. Significant portions of Arkansas and neighboring States would have remained vacated for 20-30 years. A nuclear winter effect would have3 destroyed” contaminated” crops in the United States? Water reserves? United States and World economies? The human and animal gene pool potentially damaged “altered.” One implosion compared to thousands of detonations during a nuclear war spasm event. (Accidental. Intentional). Between 1950 and 1968 Sandia Laboratories reported there were 1200 “serious accidents” involving nuclear weapons. Other countries not factored. Nuclear weapons

9 minus 8 :: Accruing time depletion: Creation environment global warming, pandemics, asteroid tracking limited. Pollution of the planet earth. Chemical, biological all other weapons. Refugees. Extinction initiatives. Please oh no a nuclear war. “The day the music died.” (

(9999) Eternally imbued alternatives. Inclusionary commerce: Sullma, Holy Temple credit card, Assurance insurance, non-linear DNAS morphogenetic technology. Prison prior. Non- linear medicine Inter stellar travel. Intuitive language. Adaptive inclusionary resonant intelligence. Cosmic God earth people’s intonation. Birth conception. Death conception.

Upon form conception, we gradually assume a space that predates our birth. A space not chosen in time therefore an Eternal non-linear space which we spend our lives influencing while unknowingly avoiding. An Eternal space available through life choice. An endless all-inclusive Universe spacing that continues after life presumably ends. Spatially while death perceived body form fades all-inclusive Eternal interactive identity awareness continues. Endlessly Eternity speaks. Heaven and earth conjoined.

The earth people graduating from their Holy Temples. With the awe God thankfully fully unresolved “refining” skills of more patient Mohammed, an independent Mother Teresa, not Jesus violently redeemed, Buddha’s God passion esteemed, Krishna. (Their lives didn’t end). Eternal beings through choice. Abstained violence, wandered yearning God, avoiding linear institution, language poetic, love not claimed to gold, God’s pulse karmic deed determinant. Affirming their nonlinear birthright. Nonlinearly in tuned to Creation environment. Accordingly Eternally astute redeemers, healers, lucky coincident. Miracle’s companions. Much easier being a nice human than a mean human. An Eternal human than non-Eternal human. Be polite and all will come. Words without deeds butterflies without wings. All Holy documents are missing chapters. Your story. There is a Cosmic God that predates the materializing of the planet earth. And the earth people’s temporary adaptation.

Appreciating as mentioned timeless resonant sound assimilation can “does” incorporate “reference expressible” all the senses. Appreciating that all life forms, and life form engendered events have a sensual disposition. Different and surprisingly in many cases more advanced than the human affect. Not linear in disposition. Reference to dumb animals is silly. Self- serving and oblique to0 reality. In the ideal we are discussing imagery, the visual, textual, feel, olfactory, smell and organic sound. These can be viewed “collectively” or individually revealing evolving information about the crime scene. (considering are their any other sensual skills that are repressed through our interactive unknowingly self-imposed perceptual limitations. Appreciating that all events in the Cosmos are intact, coherent, relevant. Presently sensuaol reaction-response are realized through linear consciousness. Perceptual linear limitation reaction “confirming” reflecting an incomplete inconsistent source. Clarification and expression marginalized through deficient language and static intelligence. Acknowledging the sensual skills of other species not temporally insinuated. An apple tree will not bear alarm clocks. Of course in a linear culture value loss is essential to intent and resolution prerogatives. Consequently, determinations are always oppositional to themselves, example, innocence verses guilt. And result invariably as perused through determinant failure. The assigned culprit might get away. Or an innocent man might be convicted. Not the better of good a guilty man will be abused while being denied his fuller God intended innocence. Innocence is more productive. A shared ideal sustainable beyond the deficiency of rhetorical apology. Appreciating that in (during) an all-inclusive event innocence is natural. Otherwise during the oppositional assignation of guilt. Engaging “resolving” innocence through the choice activity of guilt devalues innoocence intent. Know the innocence of your selected enemy approach your Eternal self. Accordingly the active identifying condition of an enemy, of a crime and its consequences undergoes a transient redeeming shoft ie nonlinear beneficent shift. Similarly, the initiating events that lead to linear crime activity and the disposition of enemy. Intervention before tragedy becomes more amenable. Occurrence is reduced dramatically. Crime and enemy become failed aberrations.

Saving without loss. Innocence is more productive. Relevant to completing the crime scene to its pneumatic resonant ideal. Once all the DNAsound is gathered. Placing the one responsible for affecting death “should” complete the sound symmetry. The acoustic puzzle is complete. Much less so if the crome vs (crime) condition event is engaged through the integrating inconsistency of guilt, criminality. Resolved through redemptive abuse. Interestingly many of the values, priorities, condition and prerogatives that define the concocted crime also define the resolution of the crime. Appreciating even when the crime scene, the technology, technological or spiritual event is non-linearly in tuned the integrity of resolution is still based on interpreting data. And motive utility. And information not being gathered with malice or inconsistency. An aggrieving affect usually expressed in one deliberated term, justice. Defined “inspired” by injustice. A temporal exclusionary event currently given credence through shared abuse and death. An incarceration of divine purpose.

Like the rest of us life’s gentle companion, inspring guardian of expression Thomas Contrell joins Albert Einstein, proposing. Is an uninterrupted straight line nonlinear? “Einstein said with a world line like a latitude line around the planet is there any sense in saying one point comes before the other.” An imaginable idea delivered in language, revealed through music, tempered by poetry and laughter can claim virtually any root to purpose. Logic might hesitate, but a reality that exists through depletion’s inconsistency implores imagination’s direction. (All these skillful adaptive dispositions experienced concurrently?) Utility becomes viable because events begin and end less their Cosmic adequacy. The endless Eternal canvas does not condone in-completion disguised as completion’s finality. An uninterrupted straight line is no longer a+ straight line. Dislocation value loss has been resolved. Origin cause without depletion endings, allowing the condition of completion...presumed suggestion of conclusion of event intent. The observation the chronology of an inter stellar journey. If the continuous straight line is solitary in its purpose will the journey linearly denies an undeniable Universe. Not be interrupted by its surroundings. Acknowledging failure through human error often unforeseen and chaotic remains a factor. As well if we wish to engage this consistent linear continuum to a specific advantage will need technology that is compatible “resonant” to the linear continuum. And an energy source that does not rely on vector force depletion. Force depletion becomes inversely proportional to mass resistance when gravities time dilation is not utilized. (Gravity we can assume is not engaged “coerced through force,” but realized. Whether the non-linear “spheroid” technology is a screw driver or an inter stellar vehicle. Acknowledging the human presence must be actively resonant to the intact event. Spheroid in nature. Relying on other than linear computer presence. We can assume the coherent event considered would require resonant technology not currently active. And human skills not presently consciously apparent. A reactive human language that is concurrent. (Events realized in the same time, coinciding events). Meaning approaching spontaneity both in assimilation and sharing ( ie) conversant intuition. And functional intent probabilities consciously influenced by occurrence presently referenced as coincidence, luck, super position, worm hole, morphogenesis field. Offering that time dilation winch is a natural function of gravity, accordingly gravity time dilation can be engaged “manifested,” unless opportunity presence is linearly denied, perpetuating time value loss dislocation. At the speed of light there is no passage of time, but in an inclusionary context “speed” is resolved as an instantaneous acoustic resonance. Silence is expression. Location. And source awareness. Functionally any consciously human event can be measured in time. The duration time intent will determine consequences. Obviously linear time inception is limited as intent and futile in result. An archaic effort to ascertain value direction by distorting the process through which direction intent is attained. Error valuation becomes intrinsic to the human dynamic. We approach a change. Thomas further points out that some current physicists disdain essential causality. Cause and effect. Of course, there is intent, derivation, origin process. You can’t deny the journey without affect destination. Concurrent spherical effect is functional to effect. Effect duration. During a concurrent effect, same time, not exclusionary time dislocation result is not realized through value loss. And essential uncertainty. Failure is also not intrinsic to calculation and engineering interrogative. Though failure, linear inversion remains a possibility. Human error, random event, inexplicable effect or the human beings inclination toward self-destruction sublimated “projected” against other life beings. Lovingly appreciating native tribes, terrestrial nobility’s active belief that the planet earth is alive. Where are we?

Human beings cause events to happen utilizing ideas, systems and formulations to affect desired events. Linear causality determines result, method and duration consequence. A spherically attuned formulation effect changes utility. Indeed reality. And consciousness effect. Causality becomes inclusionary spherical, origin of the event predates its inception. Meaning that design uncertainty, entropy and failure are no longer essential to intent process in attaining a certain result. Such a dynamic flow is compatible with the infinite Et4ernal disposition of the Universe necessitating an appropriate technology, a new self-awareness that is concurrently-reciprocally in tuned to environment Creation. A nurturing mutuality. Evoking a new materiality that is not reliant on coercive vector depletion forces. A new gravitational awe that is noit intent resistant. This collective endearing symmetry avails an evolved inclusionary spirituality. We no longer are obliged without recourse to value either inadequate success or loss to redeem irony.

The Eternally resonant origin-source of the term activity location (divine) avails exciting insight. Divine being the human Cosmic ideal. A God Cosmic fluency. Do you agree? The gently aspiring, silently esteemed Buddhist actively believe we can attain divine Enlightenment if we come to terms with our deaths while alive. Not harvest death through dying. Become non- linearly astute. The resonant “timeless” evolving origin of the singular seemingly static term form location of the word Divine. (I) die dining in the vine. Evidenced the term location suggesting perhaps a karmic commitment the term llocation Dive. As well end and den. Suggesting a localized duration. Offering gotta do more than do the talky talky? Deeds love esteemed silently derive. Listening to the light we breath. Next reference (id). When choice embraces identity Karma. Our yearning definition. God’s motion disguises as ourselves. Unnecessarily. Unnaturally. Wonderfully. Thus opportunities bliss unfolds.

We have some additional exciting clarification on a continuous, uninterrupted straight line. A straight line is a function of an initiating event realized in time through an effect. Cause and effect. A straight line is an interrupted sphere. A conti9nous straight line has no cause relevant to effect. Such an effect would end continuity. A continuous straight line is not a straight line. Each juncture in a continuous straight line is the origin of another juncture and the origin of itself. What effect is realized in one juncture is realized in another. Not less, inclusive of the uninterrupted straight line. We have a spontaneous condition effect. This dynamic speaks to super position whereby an effect upon one juncture is reciprocated at another juncture. Regardless of the disparity of distance, spatial dislocation. Given the organic limitations of humans we might have to settle for simultaneous spontaneity. We have in a mysterious inexact sense created an event that has already been created. The seed does not exist less its flower. Being able to further clarify “engage” super position will have further utility to time dilation, the morphogenesis field. The Peare groups insights. And obviously, Newton’s three laws of motion. Resolving gravity linear resistance to an engaging-responding spontaneity. Gravity becomes a major form effect presence. The perceptual relevance of these insight and our need to create effect will help facilitate new technologies. Nonlinear technologies. That would be eff4ctively subsidized through other than exclusionary global commerce. A planetary symposium. Otherwise disparity will yield futility. Realized as suspicion actualized through violence. Complete surrender to the linear angst.

Completion yearns expressible comprehension. Attending we remember the exploration at MIT. The DNA of a leaf, a fish each on a musical scale a “distinct” melody. What may we suggest is your reverberant melody? A cancer eventually played in reverse. The gentle Mozart’s “Funeral Requiem.” Again, a memories sojourn you can revisit your punch bowl at the high school prom ten years ago. But the effort won’t affect your alcohol blood level. Actually maybe just a little. (An echo’s form of spontaneous remission and inclusion placebo “echo materiality” likely testify). (Acknowledging memory is material location). But not enough to impress the nice concerned judge at your DUI hearing. Remember comrade drive carefully our shared Eternity is in your hands. (What is the nature of an inclusionary uninterrupted car accident?) But what our dear companion the Asian gentleman did was go back in time, more a function of reclamation than intent direction and returned wearing someone else suspenders. A concurrent time effective brodge (bridge intrinsic to event) was created whereby a debilitated current event status like a failing inter stellar journey or blindness can be amended “redirected” based on origin inconsistency or consistency. Meaning the condition status of an event before trauma occurs. Resolving an impediment, a distraction, an opportunity can be more readily “coherently” effected before the impaired condition event becomes catastrophic. The cancer can be more favorably amended one day before its inception than a year later after its grievously matured. Because its opportunity was not attended, welcomed. Reminding Eternally kindness to the cancer and or the person is kindness to both. These insights speak to relevance of resolving resonant acuity through time abstention “cohesion” of an organic life form. The human, the cancer the life attendant blindness. Intriguingly hard working student and Professors “The Peare Group” the same dynamic karmic flow speaks to technology. An event engendered eventually identified and sustained resonance between human and machine. Both flows transcending current linear consciousness. Dramatic effect evoking Dr. Rupert Sheldrake’s bold effort further developing the spatial condition through which such transcendence can occur. A timeless field with its own accruing memory that connects species. And event. An event specific field, dimensional array that sustains species and their desirable events without exclusion and value loss. Without violence ie linear distortion. Field an event share spontaneity. A linear definition of dimension. “A property of space, a directional extension of space.” Non-linearly “add” concurrent reciprocity, attuned to gravitational time dilation. The super string theory counts 27- 29 dimensions the number changes. One dimension consistently referenced as “magical.” (Awaiting further event development on super position.” Dimension inception space event specific. In the absence of time devaluation through non-linear material utility intent infinity becomes expressible. (Reflecting on Professor Einstein’s observation on curvature mass constriction eventually engaging infinity. Noting quiet the definitions of spin and span. One of the definition of span speaks to being able to materially reclaim a dormant past event to current utility. Note carefully please. Alleged animals not only have sensual [perceptual skills distinct to their organic need, they also share a common “mind” intent that is endeared to the active Eternal. Human beings currently are Cosmically indisposed. Purpose is often without community. Planetary.

This is a true story that hasn’t happened yet. A story of a great unknowing. A lost story expressed in a mystery of words revealed by other words. There is in this story only one word that suffers its own purpose intact. A word sought by in completion’s people. A people who spend their lives defying a death they aspire to. Death they avoid while profiting from. A people who take pleasure in education. A bold and sad people eager in their unnecessary burden. A people of many abortions. A popularity of disguises. People who urge their sanity by encouraging insanity. A soldier of mortuary people who beget the brave suffering of others. This untrue story seeks what is real. A young man assigned insanity speaks to a sane man. The sane man is an explainable man, popular at funerals. And oral hygiene conventions. The insane man has a name not of his own choosing. A young man with two parents. And one shadow. His name is You. A stouthearted man well attended in his solitude.


“We are aware of you?” Not fully aware both wait for the other. Neither know themselves less the other. One will determine the others destiny. “I’d like to speak to an adjudicator.” Another word follows. Audible only to the silence. “Please...”

The explainable man speaks. What do you want an adjudicator for?”

Familiar with rhetoric, cautiously answers approaches. “I’m lost to reality.”

The informed man completes the conversation with a great fortitude of knowing. Expressing language audible to you not this writer.

The unattended meeting ends. The imagined enterprise of timely indisposed humans. Whose compass is in their prayers. Our solitude God’s. Those forlorn of life who find delivery in distant wanderings should pursue other demonstrations. Fiction and marriage remain popular. We hear the fuller pulse of yourself, sighing, thinking a feeling thought. Someone asks, “Who is Mark?” Watchful words respond. “The question is the answer?

Generously attended by Alice in Wonderland we continue. Encouraged and alert. Albert, Alice. Thomas, myself and you. All unaware of the next sentence our journey is not endowed in time paradox. Time’s utility presumes our knowing consent. Imagination is moved by different tides. Asleep we dream less time’s ambivalence. And in timeless death we breathe Eternally. Alice smiles. We consent.

Agreeably do we consent? All reflective of our temporal seeds loss. Dying we insist. Uncertainty endures. Failure condones. Nuclear weapons protect. We prosecute the crimes we knowingly commit against ourselves. What auctions bargain is this? In linear world maybe is kindred to caution’s hesitation. Laughter a companion. Poetry’s music amends. Our heart beat God’s. Words can spurn time’s vestibule. Further down the gently imagined road we continue, life not left behind. Now we approach sorcerers, once witches, bedeviled by their own deliberations. Investors in the incantations of themselves. And there’s Betsy, Reverend Cyndi Vicki, Nadine. Ryan and Dona again. How’s that impossible. Now Steve, Donald, Al, Ralph, Joan, Elsa and Barry. And Mark times two. Diane Degan sister Joan, the man at Unity with the bad leg and a good heart, John Yurgis, Dr. Wiseman smoking the same sentence, simultaneously. There’s where’s April, Stuart, now Samuel, of course Rodney, Sunny peeking behind her shadow, Emily playing the piano near the water fall. Chris, Tony and Terry leading whose band listening to the music of tomorrow.

A road sign elevated with the trees permission. “Form is the mode in which a thing exists. Acts or manifests itself.” Alice whispers, “A mode...” Thomas and Albert touch their hearts. We continue the compass of our good intentions. Walking we walked. Eternity approaches. Thomas turns around Albert’s trembling hand on Tom’s shoulder. Alice already knows. On whose other side of the sign. More words consent. “As form approaches the speed of light time slows down.” Albert speaks we listen. A song the words know. “A dimension is a property of space, a directional extension of space.” Whose whispers breath said, “Maybe.” The words assemble further. “A measure of spatial extent.” Charlie not left behind catches up to himself. Leaves are falling claiming space our residency. Thomas is speaking we now God listens. “Professor Einstein you once said that a continuous straight line around the planet would mean before and after’s would be pointless.” Alice smile’s listen. God’s imagined planet continues. Thomas scratches his fingers with his cheek. The four now five are walking together. Also apart. Each the mind of another direction. Alice surprises the silence. Responding to your question, “Are we lost somewhere?” Alice’s reply is complete once started. “You can only prove you lost something once you find it.” Nadine appears tracking the Cheshire cat smiling. Hiding the Color of Time. Walking their dance the merry travelers continue. Gently7 discontinued.

The four earthlings open a bottle God’s drinking water. You are gradually assuming form. A tree once an imaginary seed. “Identity is intent.” Who says?” Charlie thinks if thinking he is.... Albert waits God’s pleasure. A brief chorus called now begins. Who listens speaks. Creation’s favor. “Time is a human invention like all else God necessary. An opportunity whose worth you proved by denying. You had to know bad to know the good of our reflection. You have to value absence to prove our divine presence.” These words were not said in untimely purpose. The planetary seekers accompanied by flowers once stars unknowingly listen. Up ahead now behind. Word’s hiding from behind a tree. Smart words also funny. “In the absence of time infinity becomes optional.” Albert straighten his back, his smile’s yearning closer to the extra-terrestrial Milky way. Alice, Thomas, Alice express the word, “Optional.” Each the same word. Each a different meaning. Charlie and Thomas stop to rest Eternity against their age. One sits the four others follow a ripple of contentment. Albert is talking. Each word the better favor of the others listening. A sound’s assembly. Does time occasional hide from us? Thus breathing provides its own contentment. Albert shakes his bowed head from one waiting side to the other. In a younger voice the old man speaks. “When mass is constricted enough eventually the constriction becomes infinite.” The words were once said that followed. “Who say’s identity is intent once spent?” The silence assumes the answer to its Eternal purpose.

All rose to their fuller height as if one decided. Walking they walked direction knew their name. Motion after such heavy words seemed advisable. They listened to the silence listening to them. Charlie tries to think he’s speaking. Your there aware. “In the absence of time Eternity no longer waits.” Alice thinks Charlie is cute. It happens what can I say. Unaware were catching up to what we missed. “Motion is intent-intent is identity.” Another chorus. “Intent suggests source.” A flower smiles as flowers tend to do. Next still now another lyric. “Awareness explains source.” The night’s day is tired. All agree sleep claims silence our companion. Sky St. John arm wrestling with Collen Engel. Our travelers sleep the dream that can waken tomorrow’s purpose. Thomas looks at his nocturnal friends. And accepts fantasies are real. The proof is in the denial. Don’t-wont-can’t forget Louie, Sandy, dear Elaine and the other mystical guardians of silence. Extra Terrestrial Commander Carl and Fiona. Reverend Gillespie dancing with Noam Chomsky. And you because you know why...

Try to look up ahead its Kathy, Betsy, Christine, Winky Vicky, Steve, Barry, Al, Don the traveling seminary man, Mat the keeper of time, God’s beautiful extra terrestrial woman and her boy friendly, bold Dona and today’s Ryan. “How do you know its them Charlie?” I don’t know the answer listens. Word’s not said greeted by the silence. Listen to the Light To be continued….

Enhanced assimilation application
5/30/17 almost…
& Charlie&

Thorn our flower less the celestial seed? Time is not as disposition suggests. We live in a Universe devoid of time, yet time compels life and through time insistent we die. Distracted well lost in diminishing time our dislocation of self persists. The non-linear Universe can no9t be separated from itself, less the separation. No endings thrive once begun. We live immersed in time. We suffer vindicated by our demise. One question’s grace. How can a life end in an endless Universe?

Reality compels devalued separation. Random certitude. We cross the street. Greeted by success. Cautioning disappointment. Anticipation considers both. Failure claims joy our companion. Uncertainty thrives our neglect. We survive death's permission. One protocol seeds our existence. All ends lost while ending. Even death humans defile irony. We kill. Dying life’s companion. Life and death deprived. We are authors of all except ourselves.

Elephants, ocean’s rivers, mountains nurtured humming birds. Are mysteries inarticulate… (I) can not know a rabbits sleep. A puppies first sight. A trees companionship. Ourselves the same delivered untrue. Our Cosmic predisposition. Denied. Lost we search our absence. Incongruity assails. We create the burdens we resist by carrying. Our linear world floating in abandoned time. Bold in life. Imagined in death. Death applauds we bow.

In 1752 the British Parliament converted to the Gregorian calendar. Citizens rioted. Believing their lives would be shortened by twelve days. Time and life had become interchangeable. Engulfed in time dying life’s tutor. Life disguises the poet.

One question pleads. The Universe is one location how can you relocate. Less the initial location’s favor. Timeless selves time denied. Reflection unfulfilled shadow. Temporary intelligence compels dying our instruction. God the same God denied. Death consents life. Time past is not material. Time’s anticipation dormant mist the same. Thus the flower withers the Cosmic root. We borrow from Eternity. Brave enemy ourselves, lost sublime. Innocence guilt’s wavering inheritance. Pain instructs love’s direction lost.

Intimate contrast. We are born without language. Un aware of death. God embraces less instruction’s haste. Intelligence spherical yearning eyes, sucking lips…life divine. Our bodies are non-linear. (Then linear flux begins. Two parents one embrace? No retains life abstains. How early pain directs. And death allows. Crying words know shame as knowing permits, Eternities invitation-death, the same birth submits. Silence esteems. Death directs less life’s contention. Death’s awareness we ask: The Universe is all what all is death less than all. Death claims our denied Eternity. Your body can not separate less the bodies identity. Eternity refines. Death awareness more. Eternity beguiles evolving all. The Universe perceives. Motion directional awe. Pedestrian stars.

Accompanied politely we trespass. Words predate our birth. As does our birth. Identities purpose. We read we write love. One not of the other less the same? However charmed. A terrestrial view. What life revealed (as not) are we that we do not know. Absence purpose explains. Are we the singular wit. Origin source one smile. Essay synopsis: Perceptual heritage, end value gain, pneumatic resonance, dying assimilation, end value loss, time dysfunction, worm hole, gravity assimilation, Shinto Tree, active-inactive Eternal, resonant mass curvature intent, death cessation, time based religions, non- linear technology-language and commerce, time bridge, Carnational flutter, coincident concurrence, active non-linear death. Accrued time dysfunction: global warming, pandemics, war spasm. Planetary shift? Politely acknowledging your accompaniment.

Rhetorical perceptions: (1). What are the consegunc3e of time, good and bad? (2). The timeless Eternal Universe is endless. In time all ends. (3). Millions of species humans are the only ones who experience existence in time. (4).The Cosmos is material time is non- material. (5). Time active non-Eternal religions are validated through end of life allegory, while residing in an endless Cosmos. (6). Time resolution&timelessness. (7).Die actively in time, death functionally timeless. (8). Born “conceived” unaware of time you were (are) an organically compatible Eternal being.(9).Under certain conditions sound is ageless. (10). Time technology, science and commerce exaggerate time dysfunction.(11). The time of now is always forever?

Inviting a few thoughts suggest4ed. Clarification’s source: Whispering we comprehend anticipating listening's accrued purpose. Same lyrics different song’s attendance. The Universe is timeless “Eternal” we exist in- non-material time validating non- Eternal “self” denial, we accordingly experience existence through material loss. Unnecessarily. All in time ends less its Eternal value. Unknowingly-desperately-unnecessarily we deny our Cosmic origin source. Our profound irony unfolds: Value loss disparity defines earthly religions, technology, commerce. Our lives. Example. We are born, we begin a measurable non-Eternal debilitating aging process unexpectedly our “endless” lives come to an end. We influence- participate in our altered dyoing. We don’t choose our death’s. Amidst the endless Eternal we die. Yet all in time is non- Eternally incomplete including death through sustained dying. (Eternity functionally denied). Our time non- Eternal linear disposition compliments the denial of others. And the Eternal active after life. Active divinity becomes discouraged, challenged. Exclusionary religions inherently conflicted, God denying, resolution left to the afterlife. Not our born Eternal selves. (Ageless sound of self we vaguely reference as dormant silence). All events realized in time eventually lose(unnecessarily) all their material utility. Purpose and direction, futile-inaccessible value loss endings. The presently unresolved- undeclared schism between the Eternal and the non- Eternal. (Yet) the Universe is functionally Eternal. Events do not end denying endings purpose. Millions and millions of species on this planet including early humans we are the only beings who experiences existence in time. (Not including your divine anticipated self). Through death irony. Born unaware of time and death. We were organically timeless Eternal beings. In the absence of time infinite Eternal becomes applicable. Optional. One question breathes intent. Can our acquired time paradox be resolved to our expressible Eternal origin source. The Universe abides duration through which enduring events unfold. There is the Eternal “endless” presently ironic duration. And our self-imposing time duration. Whereby Eternal events are interrupted-repressed. Denying Eternities sway. Our unresolved anguish testifies. Allowing logic’s polite speculation: Those many years ago our ancestors lives were determined by intended cycles they couldn't influence: Night became day. The weather. Illness. The availability of food. Pregnancy. Predators. And the mystery of death. We were observant we came up with our own cycle, time. We imposed our own preferred non-Eternal endings on events that would have ended Eternally. After the many year’s commerce and technology exaggerated time's instability. All time affected material events including life end through value loss. Disposable repair designed vehicles crash. Ships sink into the ocean waters. Air planes malfunction. Buildings succumb to fire. (Time value loss effect). Facilitated human choice. Temporary reality value loss time effect. And weapon intent lethality. Culminating accident prone nuclear weaponry. Value depletion sustained-exacerbated by global exclusionary commerce sustains uncertain gain risk loss effect. Loss devaluation determinant prerogative. Industries, corporations, governments are motivated by dying intent. Contemporary physics offers. The Super Strong theory offers. “The only non-material in the Universe is time.” Through time humans dematerialize the environment and our life’s. We call this success. Offering with emphasis: All in the non- linear Universe accrues explaining global warming, pandemics, limited asteroid tracking, death assimilation nuclear spasm event. And dying ideation culturally sublimated. The Eternal Universe is continuously refining not disintegrating. Presently the five major industries on this planet rely-exaggerate dying (distort death) as sustaining profit incentive: Lethal weapons manufactures, insurance companies, medical networks sustain cure disease oppositions both conditions validate through dying intent, the interment industry. Our aspiring- wonderful religions. We are obliged inby time separate the timeless Heaven from our timely lives. Eternally repressed we are earnest in our dreaded anticipations of an unresolved-inexpressible death. Curiously must end our time encrusted lives to commune ideally with God. Master of an incompletable life. Wandering benefactors of an unresolved-inexpressible death. All perceived- materialized in time is incomplete. Non-Eternal. We must deny our lives to prove ourselves worthy of identity. And purpose. We disguise death through dying’s haste. Born organically Eternal beings we have unnecessarily-unnaturally became non-Eternal beings while alive. Yet we reside in an Eternal Universe. Our origin source.

Another perspective invites clarity: The nice Professor Einstein offerscontinuously, “The Universe is non- linear.” The Universe cannot be separated from itself less the intended value direction of the separation. Upon birth our bodies are non-linear. Intact complete divine our body form intent cannot be separated from itself and still function as Cosmically intended. Realizing all effect in time is incomplete, uncertain non-Eternally manifest. In time the non- linear Universe material ideal becomes linear. Defined, “As a disturbance between two points.” Cause and effect deficiency exaggerated through linear technology and commerce. Please consider: Prayerful human beings are not organically disposed to violence. Greed and planetary contempt. We are Eternal beings living in Eternally time. When our religions, our technology, our commerce (ourselves) becomes non- linear we will be able to experience our perceivable Eternal origin source. Our intended organic divinity.

Like all in the Universe memory is Eternal. Origin source refining memory. Yet the earth people’s memory is experience in time. We currently only have memories of the past. Inhibiting non- linear Eternal memory. (The denied origin of our preferred source). Our active God bond. Accrued mewmory inconsistency is resolved, we spend our lives forgetting (repressing) “displacing” our Eternal identity. The memory bridge, resoloving time irony, speaks to spontaneous “uninterrupted” continuity. Consoidering: Two excliusionary material locations in time resolved without value loss displacement. (Relevant as our active Eternal selves. Complimenting environment Creations. Previously referenced human sensitive Cosmic occurrences. Scientifically as a worm holes. Evident time dilation. Super position. And your denied-suppressed self and fading Creation environment. Suggested assimilating inference research at MIT, Princeton, Texas Wesleyan, Purdue. Fragmented independent study. Inference directs. Echo’s of the resonant inclusionary morphogenetic field),

Timeless shared resonance, an interesting example. Possibly you can offer other concurrent events. Two identical twins at birth were adopted to different families. The two brothers sharing the same DNA perused incomplete Eternally unresolved life’s. Unaware of the non linearDNAsound bond between them. Chance availed a meeting. They drove the same make and model car. Married ladies with the same name. Their lovely children same names. Used tooth paste from a small company on Maine. Cosmic eloquence speaks. Unaware dreaming we listen. The presence of our absence beckons.

We continue anomalies incomplete reflection, resolving:: Dying is a human thing dead is a God thing. When we attain the active status of death we stop dying. Most dying activity of this planet is unnecessary (avoidable); accident's, violence, suicide, time based diseases, impaired aging, over eating, drugs, smoking, wars, weather terrestrial events. Noting dying activity generates substantial motivating material “presumed” gain from dying members to the dying beneficent. Learned study is devoted to shared dying benefits. Personalized dying identity is institutionalized. Governments sustain incentive ideology through dying provocation. Hospitals. Interment industry. Lethal weaponry. Currently the earth peoples time insinuated culture would not be able to sustain purpose, identity in the absence oif dying intent assimilation. Unless temporal value loss is resolved to the Cosmic non-linear ideal. (The Eternal choice of self before-during planetary and institutionalized intent. You must dye, surrendered your Eternal birthright to reclaim your bond with the timeless God denied in acquired time. Not surprisingly Holy Temples on the planet earth are the only institutions from which people don’t graduate. While alive. Allowing logics reprieve God predates the materializing of the planet earth. There is the Cosmic God source and the people’s temporal “linear” adaptation. Linear is exclusionary. Non- linear is inclusionary. Indeed, inherent in all linear time based “incomplete” observations-determinations resides a non-linear inference affect. Denying the Eternal is an acknowledgement of the Eternal. Inadequate, bold and unnecessary. Unbearably. We create the need for our anguished prayers. Our hunger. Our God loneliness.

The earth people’s transcendence: Under value “gain” nonlinear intent conditions sound is ageless. Beethoven’s symphonies do not age. Music is the one chosen condition activity we can experience without time. Music symmetry is its own response. Silence motion sound ofby the Light? Inferred intent. Eternally imbued children will respond to music before they are integrated into a time reality. All the machine sounds heard in a factory over 6 weeks experienced in one compact moment, death effect would be immediate and disfiguring. What we witness as decay is motion. Motion will release a sound relevant to that which is moving. And the sound influences the motion. (Non-linear intent). Motion sound Eternal, indicating an un paralleled planetary shift in condition events such as conditions such as travel, disease, dying, death, memory, meditation, intuition and the other referenced Cosmic occurrences. If that which initiates the movement is compatible with the movement. Vector depletion forces, opposition, functional incompletion, linear time encrusted commerce, technology are examples whereby motion becomes function to deficiency. Resolution limited to imagination and the eventual application of these conceptiuions. Celestial silence self. Your death is a non- linear that includes the expressive totality of your life. An all-inclusive continuity that includes life. Realizable a timeless Eternal sound of life while living of which we are not aware. Non-linear ageless resonant sound is its own response. Meaning inclusionary not realized through unresolved value loss. Now are you listening. Motion intent sound. Suggest source. And source speaks to awareness. Awareness based on perceptual options, resolving our linear perceptual heritage most evident through anguished value loss. Non-linearly otherwise in the absence of dying intent provocation. Now we have the applicable distinction between value loss and value gain, which is also plausible through loss. Non- linearily the near of all loss leads to gain. Two examples yearning progress. And death presumption. The resolution of dying irony. Shared and singular.

The assumption: When you are conceived, a condition event that is derivative of a Cosmic origin source that predates-presupposed your birth and your parents loving effort, your assume a space that predates-presupposed your body form. An Eternal space not chosen in time that you will spend years growing into. And unknowingly influencing. And being influenced by and in spite of your resistance. Your culture requires denial, your exclusion. While you assume the presumed status of death you continue influencing the Eternal space of self. This space like yourself is not disposable. Dispoosable value loss is a function of acquired time. Form changes even disappears our purpose, identity intent remains, Eternally. A great accruing. When form, defined as the midst in which something happens, extinguished form sound intent yield to the Light formulations bliss. There is no loss of identity or awareness. Loss is a time derivative. Dictionary definition of Eternity. “Without beginning of end. Existing outside of time.” All that begins in the Universe never ends. Do you know the source of your dreams. Your life. The response to your prayers. Whose luck. The alleged resonant whales. Our cousins the bees and friendly flowers.

Accompaniment’s effort can be better understood through our Cosmic friends’ endearing observations.Albert Einstein smiles. “When mass is constricted enough eventually the curvature becomes infinite.” We understand comprehending linear form irony can be formulated to a non-linear ideal without value loss, meaning functional infinity. Linear ironic displacement is resolved to curvature time negation. Whatever the material status of form effect remains non-linearly intact. The one condition activity that is compatible with the non- linear intent is sounding. Whether the desired motion or the relevant sound influences material motion intent the result remains compatible to nonlinear origin source. Acoustic curvature. Dimensional intent. Whether the condition event in question we know as cancer, aging, commerce or technology. Appreciating that space itself is a form. Definition. “The midst in which an event happens is created or amassed.” When space form is no longer realized-experienced as space time space itself becomes amenable. This dynamic flow includes gravity. Non-locality is not consequent essentially to value loss displacement. This dynamic presumes life complimentary human choice. The non- linear Eternal ideal becomes functionally deficient, reality altering, through a singular act of exclusionary violence. Whether killing, a localized navigational error, applicable functional denial: executions, shared unresolved hunger, justice based on oppositional guilt ironically resolved through spatial abuse, abortive technologies such as lethal weaponry. And cheating at solitaire without permission. A modest attempt at humor.

Acknowledging we are further invested in a linear culture when as children we are assigned a static- depersonalized intelligence. A formulation that predates our birth and does not vary but a few points during our lifetime. (We use less than 10 % of our organic intelligence). (Appreciating that 100 percent of a material or condition summation is a linear perceptual affectation based on finalized accumulation. What is 100 percent though and within a timeless continuously refining sphere.) Reverting to assigned intelligence limitations. Deficiency more so linearily under what conditions? Intelligence utility has to compliment-utilize a value loss culture, a deniable non Eternal existence that is substantiated through failure prerogative. (Failure informs gives us another chance). Non- linear intelligence intent effect resolves spatial inconsistency. Evident as “essential” uncertainty and value loss prerogative. Availing intuitive conversant skill, precognition, coincident effect, Resonant Spirituality. Presently we are expressing our temporary Eternally suppress reality through linearly deficient language. Language inference evolves through inaccessible forgetting. Structurally language allows for deception and self-deception, inconsistency of subjective and cultural definition. Language condones violent intent. Resolving self-inadequacy overlaps to environment integrity. And engenders “silent” non- linear technology. And commerce. Time exclusion compels consciously acquired knowledge is valid as intentionally denied. The culminating denial act is usually brief. And long lasting. Dormant except as active reciprocal. Reciprocal meaning interactive “engaged” non-linear memory. All knowledge derivative like science and technology are born from similarly limited observations. Science reflects our language perceptual limitations, our perceptual heritage. Examples: The eager Sir Issacs Newton, offers. “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” How can oppositional effects be equal. Because all in time is realized through oppositional value loss. What becomes the inclusionary ideal of this linear scientific perception. Which we can assume would include Sir Issacs’s other laws of motion. Non linearily amended. (*Functional coherent spontaneity). Similarly earth physicists offer. That the speed of light travels at 136,000 miles per second. This is linear dislocating event, we can assume an acceleratingprogression, construed perceptually influenced thru measurable time. Accordingly engendered. Yet at the speed of light there is no passage of time. Can we not assume nionlinearily if light status effect influences time dilation similarity the evolving nature of light can be influenced through controlled time effect duration. Similarly gravity which affects time dilation. Actually all elements must be affect concurrently-ubiquitously including the human presence to affect a non- linear event. Unless convenient self- validating displacement occurs. In the absence of time light becomes a non- linear inclusionary manifest. If you wish to asses efficiency result-intent based through the conception of speed a near simultaneous inter change between origin and source avails that functional assessment. Origin becomes its own source. Dislocation is not consequential to effect. Examples of origin source interchange assimilated cure verses disease, departure-destination, resolving dying incentive, war and peace, peace not sustain through weaponry intent and provocation. This effect is also valid for any form or formation that sustains the spherical effect descried. In the absence of time infinity becomes functional. Presuming choice. A clarifying insight if we may? We consciously choose or dying linear experience. But death a non- linear Eternal effect is not our choice. Consider a memorial communion. Listening silently listening to the accrued spherical sound of a beceased family member or members. A Shinto Tree. Eternally conjoined “consequential” memory event. Complimenting: As we just considered a few minutes past ago now. “When mass is constricted enough eventually the curvature of the mass becomes infinite.” Meaning when form is actualized asinto its non- linear ideal (coherent light sound effect ) space symmetry becomes compatible to intent. We can influence that integrity of a material form such as presumed cancer or a process formation such as inter stellar gravitationally attuned gravity travel. A construed worm hole event. Offering engaging gravity as other than resistant avails gravity’s inherent time dilations. Space become negotiable less the irony of localizing distance. Like praying when were sober. Value loss becomes an issuance of karmic happenstance, not engineering. We will continue tripping over whose shoe laces. Though falling would be a participant event. Fall anticipation influences. Similarly linear instruction. And value loss after the fall.


The question resides: The Universe is Eternal why aren’t we while alive? Are we each the effect of our own determined cause? The source of our own origin? The human experience is a divergent reality. Children are gently introduced into a distracte4d culture where all material realized through time continuously disintegrates. Including the human self. We are taught to repress our Eternal birthright. We oblige. Unknowingly denying the Eternal Cosmic predisposition… from which we can be continuously emergent. (A deferred divinity persists). What awe is lost to your success? The near all on planet earth exist less its Cosmic ideal. The earth people indulge a sustained death materiality that revokes their intended lives purpose. This terminal “disintegrating” life cessation determines the earth people’s daily discourse. Disease, violence, good fortune all events culminating with loss of purpose. We live waiting our end while witnessing the end of all life. Our disintegrating existence. (Through conflict we resist ourselves, our reality: Major industries profit from death while trying to avoid the same. Governments and religions sustain their prerogatives through death. And death intent. (Earthly sustenance Cosmic fiction). The earth people’s life is fulfilled as revoked. A sad curiosity of being. A life unnecessarily revealed, God deferred.

Repressing such a futile existence is understandable, reassuring. Also rare and discouraged…. A peculiar reality. We reassure ourselves by denying our existence. We must st3eal from life to sustain our non-Eternal intent. An incomplete identity. Such irony cannot sustain the Eternal, except as displaced allegory evident after death. The earth people separate Heaven from earth. Understandably the Universe is endless Eternally timeless, the earth material ends through time. Presently you must die. End your time encrusted“expressible” existence to be delivered unto Eternal self. Non- Eternally you survive valid as Eternally denied. Not surprisingly human beings validate their worship forgiving themselves. What of God’s love need be forgiven? When you devalue another y9ou devalue God thus yourself. A nuclear “war” prerogative is maintained to protect humans from themselves. To whom do you surrender if you’re the only enemy?

Revoking such a life through death while alive becomes rational. Yet is denying the acquired life through which we survive the most compelling choice? We can begin to comprehend the denied Eternal by examining divergence. Attempting to conjoin the Eternal with the non-Eternal without repressing either. Irony compels. Even when one emerges who creates a shift, this “enlightened” presence is eventually assimilated into the reality challenged. Elevated to a distinguished sometimes Godly status. “Not one of us.” The lessons offered are easily diminished. An inconsistency of sin becomes revealing and redeeming of the inadequacy created by the non-Eternal self. Transgression- disintegration becomes essentially kindred inhibiting the Eternal. Forgiveness thrives love forgiven.

Those challenging the non-Eternal most often unknowingly approach an enlightened purpose of self. Challenging individuals quizzically evolving through the our birth status the non-linear self… origin of their own source. Most who depart from the linear awe, a life diminishing time encrusted life loss, also spoken of as success-assume the status of a damaged-unworthy self. A transient “limited” life style. None the less a departure, a protest of the non-Eternal culture which insists that you cannot attain a vibrant bond with God while alive. Your non- Eternal being resists your Eternal self. God “created” the Universe therefore yourself. Thus you predate your birth. Yoiur birth becomes a localized event in time in a non-localized timeless Universe?

A baby child is a divine being that has not yet been denied to the non-Eternal culture. Indeed the human body is non-linear meaning the body need not- cannot be separated from itself in order to function. The body is intact, complete, divine. Cosmically attuned. Divinity…the Eternal seed is lost through our shared diminishing-timely interactions. We diminish ourselves. And allow others to devalue us. These behaviors, many deemed natural and necessary, explain our depleting relationship with Creation’s environment. We know these choices as the many violence’s, the many deceits, the many hungers. All activities that reveal the death non-Eternal life . Intriguingly “unknowingly” the encouraged alternative also sustain the death non-Eternal way of life: Being good, successful and spiritual are all death relevant. Engendering your non-Eternal self…

Noting all earthly religions are localized to the planet earth. Not galactic. Yet God is creator of the Universe. The Universe is all inclusive. Un bordered. Un ordered except byas God. Universe includes the planet earth (ie) Creatio0n. The earth peoples inspired Holy efforts do not recognize “while alive” an active Eternal bond with the Cosmos. Current earth religions reveal the ideal self by denying the active Eternal self. Your divinity in its totality is a singular discourse with God, otherwise dislocation fosters.

Through memory effect we repress or can attain the Eternal self. Presently in time we are limited to memories of the past. The Cosmic differential is realized as“what is forgotten.” But life experienced is not lost as forgotten. Non- linear memory is spontaneous…all-embracing thus without border meani9ng without Cosmic exclusio9n. As such “your” memory predates your birth and is not denied by your death. (All inclusive-timeless memory resolves to the Eternal the irony of disintegration). You are God’s memory of yourself…. The Eternally engaging memory of yourself, family, species, planet. The Eternal reciprocating communion. Denied as ironic timely disintegrating non- Eternal choice. Spontaneous is also defined, “without the pretext of thought.” Explaining the current reality including the “self” realized through” timely” thought. In time all that begins ends while ending. Time the human contrivance is the disengaging near opposite of endless Eternal duration. Time is the incomplete of the Eternal.

Many protest the “death” non-Eternal culture. Drug addicts, alcoholics, smokers, homeless, those surrendering to disease of mind and body and criminals. The dieing. Those who question less the answer’s preference. Those death imminent denying death. The God inquiring determioned ones. And your anticipated self. Sustained resources are realized trying to reclaim these aspirants to the non- Eternal awe with minimum success. Many who return “recovered” are silent as consensus compels.

Acknowledging if you’re not invested in the non-Eternal, whatever the suffering disposition, you are evident as approaching the Eternal being of self. For most unknowingly. As earth philosophers offer: “Ending” life while living…meaning attaining the non-linear self while alive. Observing… the Eternal being of self continues to evolve after the presumption of death. Otherwise diminishing schism defines. The Eternal self abides beyond words discerning. The earth people’s existence is a localized (interrupted) reality in a non-localized Universe. Presently the human experience after death (suggestive of any material loss intent) is static. Not expressible. An allegorical mosaic of beautiful inactivity compatible with its origin the non-Eternal life. Not reciprocally engaging. Dormant: Yet the Eternal is continuously conversant. Nurturiong. Otherwise through selective awareness that evokes a convenient0 adequate death which redeems an incomplete non-Eternal life.

&Charlie &Lonesum

“Individuals” divine. Noin-linearilyseeking. Origin source deed’s derive? Holy Temples transcendent. Planetary ascension.Hi God

Any event chosen in time except for sleep, meditation, mysterious Cosmic occurrences such as luck, answered prayers and our seeking’s divine aspirations compel an incomplete, non- Eternal life. Creation’s ideal deferred. We’ve chosen a self- denying existence we esteem by devaluing. What life’s delivery God’s thirst. What prayer complete less deed’s consent? Embracing a brief surmise: The Universe is timeless. Yourself? God’s planetary residence, Cosmic eloquence subdued. Many exclusionary Holy Temples one God, death’s promise delivers. Life denied again and again. Creation’s planetary Heaven Eternal life repressed. Opposition’s shared irony human’s depletion.We manifest our Creation not God’s. Accordingly, we must oppose ourselves, deny life to actualize a marginalized God. These word’s oracle do not hasten shame, but God intended opportunities. Our current neglect. We create the problems that compel our divinities need. Otherwise God inept. Yourself divinely alert? What gift’s skill denied conceals your effort? While reading the next paragrgh please consider the definition of a “dimension.” A property of space, a directional extension of space. Thomas Cantrell, the mysterious Flamingo, observes that the non-linear origin-source of the term location death includes “at>.” The two tenses of self-consumption, ate, eat. The sphericity of “the” and “he.” Localized form resolved to the accrued idealized SoundLight. The Eternal accruing. Where’s your at?

The planet earth pre-existed (in) all derivative form before it materialized as a single Celestial location. We are the immaculate preconception of ourselves. God intent predates Eternal materiality. Reminders embrace. Durations blossom. There is an activity condition in th4e Cosmos that infers time chronology. How long it takes for an event to unfold. There is the endless refining Eternal duration. And the earth peoples thwarted derivation time effect through uncertain- unresolvable value loss. Eternal non- linear deprivation. Timeless planetary reciprocal carnation: During birth conception, we assume a Cosmic Eternal space that predates our birth. A healing God attended spontaneous conflicted space we literally grow into. A non-linear spatial intact residency we occupy and influence our entire lives. A Cosmic Eternal spacing kindred to healing, answered prayers, meditation, intuition. More certainly presently unbeknownst. Politely share with the Eternal space of others or deny. (Deny one deny all). The Eternal space of life inception and death conception. Much conflicted by our non- Eternal disposition. Is this not the place where babies cry, lover’s whisper, dreams dream, our forgotten place, where suicide notes remain unfinished and poems like hide. (Heaven and earth conjoined). A space Eternal we do not vacate upon death formation, discarding is a time prerogative. The Eternal refines not less the Eternal derives. By what linear wit you undeniably dream and sing not less Eternals “death” summation. All-inclusive space the skillful throbs of life by choice and active death conception. Eternity sing’s Creation’s dance, uninterrupted. Ourdeferred life time deprived. Dying’s denies unnecessarily. Allowing please perspective. A thought. A windchime. An invitation. We favor abortion for women. Not for babies. Cloned uteralbequarium. A fetus predates its own formation. Interrupting God deferred.

Inviting a definition for the word location “form” from the nice people at the American Heritage Dictionary. “The mode in which a thing exists, acts or manifests itself.” Non- linearly all has form less the form- source form impending.All motion form speaks-sounds intent source awareness. If we may dear friend another brief intersection. Attending memory. Silence and the Light are origin-source compatible with the Eternal. Unordered, un bordered source, all-inclusive Eternal. Nice and easy until interrupted. (At this memoment we call now the incredible alleged cat Lonesum, who likes to watch the words sparkle burst on the computer screen, jumped over my arm, the keyboard and landed on my chest. Taping a computer key and imposing the next paragrgh from another location. Again we are not alone give God;Lonesum and your accompaniment, our near spontane3ous sum tome credit. Tuxedo and Lonesum like to nest on my chest while (I) write. Purring and humming we continue. Claim the eager darkness to the waiting Light.…Update clarifying….1980 Septembe18-19 in Damascus Arkansas a 19 year old mechanic dropped a 9 pound wrench into an ICBM nuclear weapon silo creating an oxidizer leak, the hyperbolic fuel exploded catapulting a 740 ton silo door and a Titan II nuclear warhead beyond the silo complex. Twenty- one airmen trying to prevent disaster were injured. Senior Airman David Livingston tragically died of his injuries. If the Titan II warhead had also failed “imploded” dependent on wind currents a quarter of the United States would have been radiated. Immediately consequent to the detonation many thousands of children, men and women would have been killed. A significant refugee problem within the territorial United States. Communication systems are likely compromised. Nationwide social unrest, looting and violence? Long term a non- determinant of cancers would have developed. Multiple millions of animal and human corpses creating potential epidemics. Millions of uninsured homes, businesses, farms, zoos, animal shelters, parks, cemeteries,vehicles, hospitals and schools destroyed, damaged or abandoned. Significant portions of Arkansas and neighboring States would have remained vacated for 20-30 years. A nuclear winter effect would have3 destroyed“contaminated” crops in the United States? Water reserves? United States and World economies? The human and animal gene pool potentially damaged “altered.” One implosion compared to thousands of detonations during a nuclear war spasm event. How command, control, intelligence in other countries have responded militarily to a nuclear weapon’s explosion?(Accidental… Intentional). Between 1950 and 1968 Sandia Laboratories reported there were 1200 “serious accidents” involving nuclear weapons. Other countries not factored. Nuclear weapons. Note supposing calculations purpose: Insurance will not cover blast and radiation damage from an accidental detonation, but will cover fire damage if your home does not explode.Patiently observing: Inherent in peace are the human behaviors that lead to war. Inherent in war are the human behaviors that lead to peace. Perceptual Inheritance… Briefly of course we pray our hope. There is no death there is extinction. The night the music died. Now we continue, please.Your happy corpse releases a Cosmic sounding. Your Eternal song. Motions source God intent. When forms motion is complete, form’s silencing symphony extinguished. Behold the light. The silence glows untold.

Please consider Lori Lorraine’s current poem. “Heaven on Earth.” Like the spherical paintings of the nice and gentle artist Richard TermesLori’s tenderly assembled poem has no apparent beginning and no consequent end. No end that will not suffice as beginning. Beginning reciprocally the same.Godsoulprint’s echo. Earth physicist like to smile, whispering, “Infinite possibilities, Super position, Gut and Toe.Seeeking the Cosmic source. Mysterious symmetrical undertaking. Where weren’t we, lets continue: Dreaming we waken ourselves the better siurce. The third lines rendition as easily the fifth. Three words of six in the 7th line will accept two words from the next to last line less its first two words. Can any line be agreeably exchanged for another, not less the purpose of the poem. And God author Lorraine. What is a nonlinear poem?Simultaneously manifest we have an engaging rubics cube. A functional metaphor. A busy multi encircling sphere. Inertia-entropy free. Timeless symmetry not our unforeseeable-planned temporal neighborhood. The rainbow blooms its own permission. Origin and source not less the same. Timelessly articulate. At a certain juncture, the flower blooms, motion speaks Creations seed. Lori’s poem’s kindred music. The words begin to sing

A poem assembly by Lorraine Duggin


Some Things I’ll Miss:

August’s humid, heavy heat

Itchy mosquito bites

Slathering on of oily sunscreen

Sputtering starts and stops of lawn-mowing

Forked leaves of poison ivy amidst the bramble

Nagging profusion of garden weeds waiting to be pulled

Departing for work before sunrise

Cleaning out gutters on a chilly day

Gusty storms

First frost’s resulting decay

November’s gathering gray darkness and fog

Raccoons scratching/scrambling over the rooftop

December’s dreary, shortened, below-zero days

Driving/Sliding/navigating icy roads

Scraping the frosty windshield

Layering with tights, scarves, gloves, boots

The burden of heavy coats

Wet socks

Numb, frozen fingers

Dead car batteries

Gray-green skies of tornado warnings

Scraping muddy shoes

Piercing March winds

Violence of hail pummeling the earth

Some Things I Won’t Miss:

Fluttering flashes of orange/yellow butterfly wings

Ballet of breezes touching spikes of magenta phlox

Smiling faces of purple morning-glories

White sheets flapping on backyard clotheslines

Wafting scents of pastel bouquets in ceramic vases

Dewy texture of downy rose petals

Jagged flashes of lightning in thunderstorms

Maple leaves floating, skipping, dancing

Cumulus clouds clustered in a cerulean sky

Bevy of nuthatches circulating the feeder

An engrossing read before a flaming hearth fire

Marathon movies at the cinema

Sitting on a park bench writing in notebooks with a friend

Sharing combination pizza with my kids

Plump, creamy cinnamon warmth of

Danish pastries

Sipping mint juleps with companions on a patio

Wide-open, staring black eyes of satin-skinned tulips

Warbling arias of songbirds on oak limbs

Forest-green fern fronds amid lacy fiddleheads

First crocus peering from matted damp leaves

Sun-dappled woodland meadows of Dutchman’s breeches

Silk-edged magnolias in bloom

Aroma of verdant peony bushes, pink heads bobbing

Trills of a cardinal celebrating sunrise

Soft cooing of mourning doves on a wire

When I’m dead.

Our mind’s 54 Lori’s question invites? A mindful response if you don’t mind. Our accepted reality offers that all we express- esteem in our lives is incomplete.Accordingly, ironically valid. We are Eternal beings who reveal life non- Eternally. We have separated from our Cosmic inclusive birthright. Our Godsoulprint. Initially necessarily? God opportunity sublime. Many reveal a God experience by separating body and soul. Heaven from earth. Life and death. Marriage secured through divorce. Enemies not ourselves. Cure excludes disease. We spend our lives croissing somebody else’s temporary street. Our minds once satisfactory brains are separated into ego, alter ego, id, unconscious once called subconscious. Unless offered the “divine” opportunity to be out of your mind. Do you agree as disagreeing allows all Eternal and non- Eternal can be divinely expressed. What question’s seed delivers opportunity, laughter hastens. Hope seeds prayers burden, our direction. All roads labor God’s. Walk your shoes God’s Creation. Reverend Simpson encourages endings are source compatible with the infinite ideal. We continue accompanies thrift. Hello our anticipated selves Reverend Gillespie. Reverend Sky St. John, Pastor Sarah Darter, George and MildredBisacca what words suffice not song,Louie and Sandy Donato explores serenade, Charlie Woram Carl and Deann ,Thomas Cantrell, Kathy Bell, your accompanied self, Cyndi and Michael Lynne, Mark, Lori, Chris, Tony, Terry, Chris again, Peter Miller, Tom. The Dean, ageless partners Curtis Slama alongsideBuckminister Fuller, Dr. Patera, Miss Long impresario, Hi Jack, Ralphs ok, Mandy Pitt hello amends life’s better greeting, Larry and Nancy patient neighbors, dear-dear Marion Lucas God’s articulate companion, Phyllis Coggins star of wonder star of light, cherishedZulma, generous-gentle Anita,Zulmita and Jugin, Valerie bold God life’s seeker, and there’s KathleneVrana memories gentle-lively treasure, Vickie Salmon once again not enough, and Elaine Schwartz smiles divine enticement, our dear-dear Tio Bruce gentle pilot, Betsy and Dona on their way, Dr. Bhatia and Dr. Kenney key smiths, Don rebellious seminarian, Steve and Barry God’s tenants,Reverend Collen Engel pray and stomp your feet. Al Schroder rights the preferred wrong, Neighbors beceased, those impending conception:Engaging guardians of the Cosmic nest. Our families without whom….Teachers, preachers candle stick makers. And the wonder of us alleged ones. Morphogenic residents. Blissfully articulate. Memories companions Eternal song.

The Universe is one Eternal location from which we separate ourselves. We relocate, dislocate, substantiate, our God anointed ironic lives to realize unwanted relevance to the suffering we unnecessarily create for ourselves. Non-Eternally astute. We have made harvest industry of dying. We protect Creation through self- designed extinction. Unwilling to relinquish our time duration to God’s Eternal duration. We affect separation value loss. Culminating in complete “endings” loss of utility and direction. Presumed endings non- linear separations maintain direction intent. Evidenced: Intuitive concurrence. Super position. Infinite mass curvature intent. Referenced Cosmic “spontaneous” occurrences. Anticipate, wonder, imagine and speculate. Birth of death. Worm hole. Forgettable. Tomorrow. Time dilation intent. Prayers response. Morphogenic field. Your next inspiration.

The singular creative tool through which we aspire, reveal ourselves God desirable. Being able to reason thought to the better of God intentions. We also fragment, separate endlessly cause to temporary effect. Linear angst. Both cause and effect potentially denied unrealities assignment. Thoughts gifts delivered impaired by thousands of reasoned languages that sustain reasoned thought through unsolicited forgetting. Expression intent that allows for deception. And violence. The mind the dictionary encourages- originates in the brain and is responsible for thought, feeling, will, perception, memory, imagination. But being aware of this mindful franchise will not limit any cerebral skill. Except by the skill’s expressions which are always incomplete. Revealed through failures seed, our curious validation of the Eternal awe. What is the answer. The answer separates the question. Both expressed through our incremental life expressed through tentative language. Substantiated less substance ideal by an assigned exclusionary intelligence. Some more some less. Those hungry and afraid suffer less thoughts privilege. All not enough unless were dreaming, praying or dancing. Must we prove credible what we deny. Please consider planetary neighbor. We need not prove ourselves unworthy of our cradles contempt. Pain and misfortune are divine constructs. Whatever you separate yourself from validates your God inseparable self. Learning is the prayer’s answer.

Non- linearly complete linearly denied. Non- linearly one. Not less preferred evolving Eternal self. Endless source community of self. Spatial limitless intent. Two one not less the other God the same. Your origin birth life source, Lyrical death. Knowing we dance. We music. Sing, sleep, pray and anticipate. Dizziness, tickling, Source, intent, result intact sublime, expressible. Silence redeemed. Solitary validation of self wondrously attended. Inseparable except by mysterious chance. Karma beguiles. And smiles. When we were born we thrive less separations intemperate thirst. Effect nurtures causes purpose. Eternities consent. Inclusive spirit life’s permit. Language breathe hope explains. Instructed we surrender. Exclusion sustains dying amends, the non- linear self. Replete divine. Wondrously proficient. God instructs who explains. Intuitively conversant coincident intent. The future need not begs the past’s apology.

The earth people subsidize violence. Anguished chosen relevance. Unnecessary agony. The earth people exist in opposition of themselves. While desiring otherwise. Many have made commerce of Creation’s demise. Unnecessary deficiency exaggerated by technology. Suffering’s purposwe; the many executions: murder, war, disease, suicide, risk addictions, pollution, gluttony, starvation. Event deprivationsgrotesquely accruing as global warming, pandemics, planetary nuclear war. The earth people burdened planetary pallbearers. Opportunity knocks. Uncertain opposition compels response, divine. Resolving irony, the Eternal Cosmic ideal: Death life’s gentle companion. Enemies not. Recurrent disease beguiles uncertain cure attests. Celestial man-woman approaching. When opposition evolving violent or disease event is resolved as Eternal nion-linear choice value loss is not recurrent. Like all realized time the consequences of violence and disease including death are incomplete. Availing-encouraging God Eternal inclusive choice. Bereavements dark vestibule permanently resolved to the Light. Disease not disease. Divinities “skills” revitalized, God invigorated. Transcending: Linear technology. Linear commerce3. Individual choice beautifully transcending:Self- opposing planetary deprivation imposed on self. And others. Presently: Wars reciprocal victims neglect. Poor hunger wealth pleasures. Woman subordinated man elevated. Without devalued opposition, the earth people would be without engaging identity. Purpose? True? Exceptions? Your earthly mirror God’s reflection.

The observer:We affect a planetary shift by resolving the denied self to the intended Eternal ideal. Since it is through ours displaced selves that we deny the Eternal to the non- Eternal.

Recalling the nice and determined researcher’s observations. There are three types of thinking. A thinking event that creates direction, a thinking event that follows direction. And non-linear thinking which is viewed “revolutionary.” A community of one. Observing…

Creating thought events verses tentative-temporary“following” response indicatesunresolved separation. Exaggerated Inconsistent consensus. Consequent anticipation intent opposition. Currently thinking is actualized through fragmented linear language. Further defused- influenced by static linear intelligence. Our temporary culture which we are compatible with through value loss. An acquired existence that profits from the valuated dying of others. value loss magnified through depletion risk commerce and technology. Further devalued conditions sustained through contrived institutions. Deviations from the anguished norm are discouraged. Viewed often as oppositionalremedied through remedy or linearly validating reward. A fragmented planet realized through localized exclusionary border identity Cultural language disparity. Spiritual exclusion. In the shared enemy affect always incomplete, futility delegated to an afterlife.

The Universe good and bad, Eternal and non- Eternal, the darkness, the Light (non- linearly) all events accrue. Metaphorical, perceptual, de materializing “noise”evident as global warming, nuclear war intent, pandemics, unresolved weather patterns perpetuated by the earth peoples’ temporal depletion investment. Unnaturally. Unnecessarily.

Our companion researcher also points out that non- linear thinking can be self- taught. Also observing that non-linear thinking is not able to sustain-perpetuate the idea events it creates. Patient loving witness of self. Inclusionary. Not exclusionary. Presently you understand. We approach our God intended clarity. We are reclaiming our organic Eternal origin. Our Cosmic birthright.

Before we can affect our non- linear origin source we are obliged to transcend our value loss culture, expressive of the anguished incomplete self. Not through the many linear depletion violence’s that validate linear temporal irony. Resistance approaches reflect. Reminding deny is acknowledgement of the undeniable Eternal. As such we anguish irony, uncertainty and value dying of others. Initially we are invited “obliged” to observe. Transcend casual intent, beneficent self-denying involvement. Patterns will emerge evoking non- linear insight. Cherish the obstacles we cr3ate. Also currently evident as unsolicited occurrence; coincidences, luck, intuition. Brief unsustainable events linearly extinguished. Loss inherent to our acquired perceptual culture. Not the non- linear Eternal events. Loss a function of unresolved patterned dislocation. Not experiencing these non-linear spontaneous occurrences within their own flow, Spontaneous evidences noin chronological, events not realized through separating value loss. Presently temporary repressed ironic “presence” begins to yield Ever presence. Whispering’s suggested as “the butterfly effect” “six degrees of separation.” Yearning Karma, carnational flutter conduit. And the dreaded deferred after life. The utility fullness of these amazuing condition activities linear culture represses. Not denying-thwarting through singular choice avails transcendent opportunity. (We are only in charge of what we deny. We are not the origin-source of the Eternal all inclusive, but we can be beneficent. Birth testifies. Claim the undeniable self. Being an Eternal being is a lot easier than being a non- Eternal being. And a lot more fun Not investing self in an anguished birth exist3ence resolved through dreaded death cessation. Non linearily being healed shifts to healing others. Coincident events become expressible. Precognitive skills amend determinant intelligence. Space and form symmetrical. The children can be amongst our best teachers. Creation environment reflects our nature. Memory becomes morphogenetic. Forgetting attends delivery.

A few aspiring perceptions. Non-linearly inclined: Active interest in DNA ancestor ship is a time form adaption. Materially. Perceptually. All derivative information consequent to time disposition. Temporally the DNA trace information is incomplete. Eventually culminating in direction value loss. The DNA source like our time adapted bodies will lose form intent. Identity. And direction. (Breaks in the fossil record). But when DNA is conformed to relevant non-linear form intent affect becomes ageless. All inclusive. Schism and inconsistency loss resolved through value gain. Non-linear refining “self correction.” Eternal material can lose form intent but not form identity. We will be able to trace your ancestor ship to dolphin-dolphins 20 million years ago. (Fossil form emits relevant and revealing DNAsound). Allowing a perceptual continuity we will be able to trace sound acuity four and a half billion years ago before the planet earth materialized as one location intent. The title of the nice-determined Carl Sagan’s last book comes to mind. “Contact.” Allowing rhetorical inference intent. What can we assume would be the earth peoples stealth utility technology assuming the current linear development in one thousand years. Non-linear stealth. Being able to evade perception. Not unlike being able to evoke altered perception before materially occurrent. Inferring ubiquitous worm hole concurrence. Time reclamation. Those galoshes again… When not consequent to material dislocation, displacement.

Expanding clarification: Upon origin birth source we assume a an Eternal body space that predates-presupposes our birth. A space form intent we spend our lives influencing non linearily. Value gain while living a value loss existence. Our Eternal denial. A form space we continue to influence after the presumption of death. The non- linear all-inclusive self. Noting politely this Eternal resident space unlike our non- Eternal selves is inclusionary of all. Communal awe. A realization source paralleled by non- linear spirituality, technology- commerce and self- intent.

Once accordant uncertain value loss events manifested through failure prerogative, exaggerated by linear technology-commerce and institutional linear flux will continue to experience disappointment, karmic disparity but loss weill be realized through value gain. Over thousands of years, the earth people have attended Holy Temples. They listened. Krishna, Buddha, Mohammed, Gandhi, Jesus, Mother Teresa, Reverend King, Joseph Smith, the Apostles. Expressed. Whisperings breath. Our reinvigorated Eternal selves. Words without deeds butterflies dream’s without wings.

More than two thousand years ago now a young man was nailed to a cross. Jesus was raised beyond his own height. And ours. His Mom on her knees. Listening her son gasping. Droplets of blood splattered-gathering next Mary. Blood is absorbing into Creation’s sand. The unforgiven Judas disgraced forever? The peaceful Nazarene compelled othersto violently shame themselves. And himself. The Apostles disguised themselves with fear. They would also suffer murder. Martyrdom shared dying’s conceit. Is this garden we are invited to emulate? Did someone at the last supper rise. And speak now. Cautions prayer need blood’s tears travail. That which does not ends, amends. Thank God our companion Jesus. What a gentle, bold wonderful man. Wisely of love’s patience Peter Miller questions certitudes impatience. Shared yearnings truth. And the sunshine edit. A house divided niow two homes. Eternalmemory conceives. God is our mystery. We are not God’s mystery. Gently cautioning insight Phoenix Benikowsky holds the Bible to the Light. “God said to job. Where were you when I laid down the foundations of the earth, tell me if you have understanding. God’s ways are not our ways. His thoughts and plans are beyond us. But He will work all things to divine will.” True as true compels. Amidst the non- linear Eternal the past is not dormant-unengaged, but thrives vibrant, immediate and alive. The future is now God immediate. Origin-Source embrace. All bad all uncertain allpainful is good unresolved. The Eternal yearns. Do we know as knowing insists. Know less than knowing allows? Without error’s promise we are orphans to hope. Be polite and all will come. We are born Eternal without disguise. Boldly we create a temporaryexiistence we disclaim. We deny our existence as proof of our intelligence. Yet we sing and love ourselves the better day. We promise. Dance. And belief in life enough to sincerely- unnecessarily die for each other. We know good from bad and prefer good better shared. We persevere. And there is God.The flowers and the children grow.

What sorrow’s regret does not shadow joy’s delivery. The silent guardians of Dictionaries inspired concern offer Eternity a definition. “Without beginn9ng or end; existing outside of time.” Eternity all impending now vibrant. The many ways unfathomable, “since before.” All words agree our approval, thinking we hesitate. If we know less of beginnings than of death’s allegory does Eternity predate Eternity. Eternity predate the Big Bang. The question is the answer. Can we presuppose supposing? Curiously life unfolds the witness of ourselves. The child’spleasure the old regret. Yet neither less the same songs consent. The baby child walks guided another’s hands embrace. The same the old woman and the old man. Similarly the meals assisted nutrition. All know pain’s instruction love’s familiarity. Old and baby young accept help in the shower. Each waits less languages fuller delivery. You see neither is not one less the4 other. By whatever instructions surmise Eternity approves.The seed protects the thorn, the thorn the flower. The sun Eternities blossom. Now I must assist love our dear friends Barnaby’s challenge. The words rest. Labor begins. Dr. Patera is kind.

Consider patiently all in time is always “incomplete.” Non- Eternally realized. Opportunity flourishes now. Incompletion also explains disease, death, violence, uncertain destination tentative departure, gravity opposition. Yourself? (All wonderfully once complete the awe of something else). Oppositions opportunity compels Eternal choice. The denied beckons the undeniable. You cannot crate-sustain conversant intuition, a luck event, but our consciousness is receptive. Once we are not self Eternally denying, non- linearly alert we become Cosmically articulate. Incompletions yearns completions joyous haste. Disease is cure incomplete. All bad in non- time is good unresolved. God’s witness birth explains. Death duration the same. Obstacles non- linearly invite. Divine. Choice.Otherwise inadequacy deficiently repeats. How many chances do you need dear friend before tragedy claim’s futility your breath. Karma’s pulse extinguished. Not oppositions designed ineptitude. Much encouraged anguished choice retains. Which car accident’s delivery result not the same. Whose dead soldier not God’s child. War’s effect war def3ect the same. Failures lesson begets failure less. Life refines presumed loss Eternities value sustains. Soldier, disease, death love befriended reveals the Eternal liasting. (Repressed location speaks, direction waits). Love soldier abstained. Cancer redeemed not again. Death Eternal not dying thirst. Do we understand? Destruction otherwise derives, the victim’s death gently sublime. Soldiers assailant parade. Many incarcerations validate oppositions currency, life’s unwarranted neglect. Our God self -contempt. Sad lonely earth people, sin invigorated. Unnaturally. And unnecessarily. Do you disagree?

Self-opposition avails value loss. Pain and obstacles. The same opportunity often before pain implores. Awe’s destination can motivate. Doubting self- love’s direction. Self-imposed choice. Generously encouraged by others. And our struggles despair. Convergence yearning. Drug-alcohol-smoking addiction futile convergence prolonged, inferring non- linear’s yearning. Overeating starvations compliment insatiable self-unresolved. Suicide. What prayer speaks hesitations breathes. Nonlinear origin of this term activity location. “(I) sue us I die…id.” Acquired identityloves seed, beckoning. You can’t have an enemy without being one. What enemy festers less oppositions thirst? Alone God not less the same. If you approach yourself with ill intent. Embrace God’s child and claim opportunity your day. Dear Sandy Aquila,

Soon Creation’s sunrise will bow its own morning horizon. Silence is expression. Over the approaching years Sandy we have relied on the limitations of language. Yet through language we can question the validity of language. All begin in silence. And like ourselves eventually surrender to silence. Sil4ence motion ofby the Light assuming Creation’s formations.

When time invested non- Eternal beings offer Eternally sustained ideas “sensations”-they only remember the Eternal offerings by forgetting them. Will you allow yourself to remember? Like all else memory is Eternal. But even memory we experience in time. Accordingly we only have memories of the past. The bridge between non- Eternal memory, and active Eternal memory is that we forget. We don’t choose to forget nor arwe we able to intentioanlysoilocit what we’ve forgotten. As such forgetting unlike the rest of our timely existence is not a time investment. But a place where we nurture the Eternal self. Our forgotten “waiting” Eternal identity.

When people laugh they are in the absence of themselves therefore the presence of God. A being of self- current humans reserve to a life denying after life. Our presumed deaths. In excess of a year ago now Sandy we were chatting with a former seminary student. This gentleman listened politely. Eventually “I” asked. “Don do you remember anything that we shared.” Don answered. “No just the joke you told me.” Eventually breath’s clarity surrenders to reason thirst. Again why do people forget? Another smiles perspective. (We are inviting the earth people to evoke their timeoless Eternal identity which in time they deny to an after- life. At some level of awareness these people think were asking them to drop dead so we can continue our conversation.) Human beings must oppose their non- Eternal perceptions “reality” to validate their Eternal identity. Masters of life. Merchants of death. All in time ends we live in an endless Cosmois. All that seemingly ends, our witness’ seed, thrives. Continuously. The flower withers, the seeds flower claims the earth. Continuities claim. Our shadow the same.

Approaching application: all of life realized in acquired time is incomplete. Not Eternally realized as such our ememories like flowers grow. Politely acknowledging only God can remember can event before it happens.( Like your birth Sandy)…Briefly: Words ask more of life than my giving allows. Reflecting-expanding on your interest on the study at MIT on DNAsound. A nice Asian biologist took the dna code of a fish, a leaf imposed these structures over a musical scale. The result. Meoldoy of a leaf. And a fish. The same arrangement a cancer. Eventually played backwards. Result Mozart’s Funeral Requiem. Hank Williams the country western musician offers. “Music isn’t written its delivered. “ Indeed sound is ageless. Beethoven’s symphonies ain’t got no wrinkles. Consider: Memory allows us to revisit the punch bowl at our high school reunion. But the memory won’t affect our blood alcohol level today. This gentleman went back in time and came back wearing somebody else’s galoshes. Meaning “he” created “melodic” material bridge between the dormant past and the current future. A reclamation of the past to the current now. Easier to treat “harmonize” an alleged ageless cancer with a relevant ageless gentle sound. Validating the life Eternal. We remember. All motion creates sound relevant to that which is moving. What we now perceive as motion sound decay after death( is) while alive motion aging (slow death). Evoked ageless God intended sound, the Lights God intended motion’s memory. Our Eternal sound “identity” we spend our lives looking for while denying. Now? When these timeless sounds are delivered to utility planetary goodness will prevail. Revealing God’s incredible Creation. Thank yiou Sandy for your accompaniment. We continue

Silence listening to the Light

Evolving less discontinued. People will listen to these conceptions. And they leave the room. They will not understand. Gently fall asleep. They will anger themselves. N the ways of self They will urge me to stop speaking. Why? Because these timeless conceptions remind people of their Eternal identity which in the current timely reality people must vigorously repress. In order to sustain an existence they spend their lives denying: Everything again everything we experience in time eventually loses all purpose. And direction. Our is a disposable reality. A value loss reality. Everything we experience in time including ourselves culminates as a disposable event.

The most basic example: We are born. We begin to age. Our lives come to an end. The simplest question invites response. How can any event including your life end in an endless Universe. And the answer: Through the human invention of time. Your own life witness testifies Miss Aguila of the millions of species on this planet human beings are the only species who experience existence through time. (Early humans didn’t rely on time). When you were born you had no awareness of time you were therefore a timeless Eternal being. Without end. Loss did not hav3e value. You are introduced into a time reality by nice people who weren’t aware of their own loss. Timeless beings accept time as a natural condition. Curious. Funny. Sad and amazing. And maybe initially necessary.

There is an activity in the Cosmos that speaks to duration. How long it takes for an event to unfold, like your life Miss Aguila, there is the Eternal endless duration. And time acquired duration whereby by all events end. Causing uncertainty. Fear. And regret. Unnaturally. And unnecessarily.

Several years ago we sent you a post card. Observing: When people attain the Eternal status of death they stop dying. Death is a God thing. Dying is a human thing. Death occurs in the times Eternal. Dying is non- Eternal and is determined through time. Meaning: Violence. Suicide. Wars. Over eating. Drug over doses. Executions. Diseases realized through time uncertainty endings. Hunger. Not surprisingly we remind the five major industries on this planet rely on dying as a motivating profit incentive. Most religions are legitimized through death perception while a person is alive. You must die-end your timely life to enter the timeless Heaven. Wake up

When our disposable technology and depletion commerce which defines our current reality no longer relies on value loss. The Eternal becomes optional. Expressible. We won’t design accident prone machines that need to be insured against their intended use. Baby blankets will not be combustible. Planes won’t be engineered to crash. Cure will not be sourced through disease. Hydrogen bombs, chemical weapons, electric chairs, a prison cell, slave ship, will be delegated to Museums of Resolved Horror….. Commerce will be inclusionary. Profit not realized through essential failure. Loss and risk will not have determinant value. Our life’s claim expressible Eternal value. We will have stopped creating the burdens we resist by carrying. We will have arrived.

Enclosed a few pages. Opening to last essay Application. Previous essay. Approaching. Also the opening to the next Time Symposium. (We hope you will be able to attend). On stage. A flickering candle in a bird cage. On the video screen. The dark lonely of night. A child reads the enclosed few pages. Beginning. With many many years ago…When abbreviated reading continues the sun has started to come up. The birds chirping. Creation greets its morning self.

Fifty years ago the United States, a democratic country- women were denied equal access to education. Were denied credit without a husband’s signature. Earlier in the same century women were not allowed to vote “influence” government officials who were representing their interests. Heart research was restricted to males. Thousands of years there has not been a single Holy document that reveals the divinity of women. Your daughters witness, your wives and mothers testify. Men unknowingly created oppositions opportunity to themselves. Non- linearly a woman dismissed-denies the source of the repression. Communal angst. A gentle-brace and caring lady Rachel Carson, a bold woman loving of purpose, wrote a book “Silent Spring” while dying painfully of cancer. Her diagnosis and treatment were first discussed with her husband. The doctors believing women could not speak adequately to the being of their own bodies. The one consistent privilege allowed women equal to men was death. Curious irony of being? Planetary woman divine? Man’s instruction deprives self? You can’t deny another without denying yourself. We can’t validate our deprivations by giving credence to the unsolicited disparity of others. “Could be worse.” “Not as bad.” “Shouldn’t complain.” Thirsts empty vessels. Opposition opportunity. Confusion’s pain directs. What awe’s direction defines the planetary citizen God attends.

Much has changed by not? Soldiers die-killing as instructed, women and men raped anew, the poor feed their hunger’s neglect, children run away hiding their parents, people of color a life denied we live. Terrible weapons continue harvest life. One challenge planetary neighbor. All good is realized divested through “oppositions” bureaucratic uncertain consent. Eternal hesitation. Laws derived from crime, affected through violent enforcement. Justice kindred to injustice abridged human sacrifice. Tortured durations unloving imprisonment, death executions of family members. Incomplete solutions recurrent problems. Inadequacies opportunity worsened by bureaucracy, a time chaotic distortion of the nonlinear ideal. (Thus you live repressed, shared incomplete self). God complete God life Eternally illiterate. Divinity begs delivery. Only God can know “influence” the totality of yourself: Your life limits Eternal memory to forgetting. The answer to whose next question. What betrayals injury festers. Your dying’s investment return. Your father’s drunk instructions. Lost anguish well beyond earthly telling’s comprehension? You and God? The singular Eternal of self. We can discuss our divinity student and Holy Temple encourage. The better answers questions, encourages the journey divine. The planet earth “waits” claimingHeaven’s residency. Surrender your weapons, yourselves.Godsoulprint resides.

Once again whispering we raise the veil. Exclusionary Holy Temples are the only institutions from which we don’t graduate. Others? AA, the Pentagon, a prison life term, high school, death cessation. We continue. Pray to perceive Holy Temple graduates. Focused love eager students of Mother Teresa, The beautiful Nazarene, Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed, Joseph Smith, your Mom and Dad, the Apostles, the Holy Temples host, our pensive self-reflecting all.Self- graduated: Graduate Enlightened patiently divine.The 2nd Unitarian Church offers, “Develop your own theology.” All planetary religions invite divine flowers seed’s delivery. Wakened dreams gentle labor. Each child of God prayerfully devises an evolvingfields of study: Patience. Generosity. Abstained violence. Nutritoion. Love your neighbor for life.Would you rather be loved or forgiven? My parents never loved me is a choice. Claim disappointment disguise love. Know your enemy know yourself. Sing share the dance floor. Learn to teach others how to read. Indulge worry underestimate God. Listen to the silence speak the truth. The little girl sitting next to youchoking on a piece of food? What goodness lasting speaks your love less the gift of first aide. Yes of course learning the many healing ways. Leave the Holy Temple amazing doors unlocked. Well springgifts impending. We will return to the Holy Temple. Tell our stories of joy. And lonely sorrow. God attended love amended. Heal death’s revealing aspiration. What sin not less the sin’s promise? (That’s a question). The planet earth know your prayer’s source. Listening we breathe Divine contentment.God predates the materializing of theplanet earth. There is the Cosmic God. And theearth peoiplesanguished. Wonder us embrace. The time of now is forever. Words predate their own origin. Are words stationary? Flowers on a tree. Engaged through uncertain denial of the words themselves. Is there a preferred motion than music assisted lyrics?Silence is expression. What language silence speaks. Appreciating that all in the Universe is endless including death, “all” in all ways (is) motion’s alive. What expression non- linear symmetry derives? Not consciously apparent while denied in time? What is the language of the deceased, beceased. Our waiting aspiring selves. Language or meditation? Language of hope? We are mysteriously influenced “guided” by events we do not knowingly create, once apparent cannot sustain. Alluding to the forgotten self. (Spontaneous Eternal events not realized in-through time). Cosmic occurrences realized to the Eternal singular not time distracted self. “Denied through temporal risk based global technology and commerce. Temporarily ironic event occurrences that are remembered while eventually in non- time forgotten thus remaining the Eternal space of you, us. Death-life God source events with which we are incompletely briefly compatible. We know “currently in time” as your birth. Your death. Other fleeting spatially constrained glimpses of Cosmic fluency. We can only share in linear dysfunctional language: Intuition, sleep dream and sleep, twin intuition, spontaneous remission, numerical text, reciprocal clairvoyance, precognitive precondition, answered prayers always. And the garden’s aura between. Cosmic clarification, luck, coincidence. And these words surmise, planetary Creation resides. Silence listens. Words embraced.

When we attain the active condition of death we stop dying. Time yields gently to timelessness. Irony avails awe. Simple enough the leaf falls rising the same. Death is a timeless Eternal non- l9inear occurrence, all inclusive. Death Eternal actively includes life a union we deny in time through dying’s sad-lonely purpose. Dying is a “linear cause and effect” human condition realized in time. (Otherwise our choice).Dying is an unnatural-unnecessary value loss human activity. Cosmic irony shared as denied individually. Distortion value loss exaggerated through commerce and technology. Intuitionally constrained.Much timely manifestis sourced through“desperate” incomplete individual human choice; dying dysfunctional affect desperately realized as murder, suicide, drug over doses, war, over eating, starvation, smoking, time based diseases. Profound inadequacy the extra- terrestrial “presence” testifies. And planned spasm nuclear extinction. What to say that prayer’s hear? Again neighbor all current technology and commerce are reliant on motivating loss of value. Loss becomes value the many faces of dying explain. Engendered-encouraged through failure andfailure prerogative. All linearly in the immediate or anticipation. Calculated or accidental.Design intent uncertainty, risk, disposable events from inception to conclusion. Events briefly energized through pollution based depletion fuels. Unnecessary inadequate time conditions actualized through a time-based language that allows “encourages” deception,violence, devaluing uncertainty. Understandably given the devaluing events that preoccupy language. (Temporal anguish better imposed on others). As well laughter, silence and compassionate love sharing. (Non-linear commerce, technology cannot functionally through choice intent condone violent result, value loss. When “karmic” loss defect occurs during a non- linear event due to error or happenstance, the result is catastrophic-not oppositional to intent. During the nonlinear Eternal killing becomes a valueless shared aberration. Inviting: You can’t have an enemy without being one. Giving up on yourself.An enemy to your enemy. And enemy to yourself, therefore Creation. Thus God. Cosmic affront, distortion. You can’t devalue another without devaluing yourself. And God? Martyrdom speaks death’s dying conceit.Death denied as killing.

AH Composition: Dying is a sequential timely acquired experience. Dying is a human thing. Death is a God thing. Death is timeless. Eternal; perceptual loss through value gain. Dying is a human accommodation. Death is a God condition. Dying values exclusion, value loss and negates direction. Dying and death presently are much unrelated. One denies the Eternal. The other validates the Eternal.

Human beings speak of an individual being “deceased.” They cease to be. Life comes to a functional end. They anticipate death accordingly. “Beceased” speaks clearer durations effect. Yet what we witness as decay is a motion. And motion releases an expressible sound (communication) relevant to the motion source. The earth people speak of a body after death decomposing. Composing is the Eternally clear assimilation. Eternities melodic composition. “The beat goes on.” Our fossil companion Lucy maintains the form of her birth a quarter of a million years ago. Actually errors clarity invites Lucy was born 3.2 million years ago now. An active symmetrical chronology that includes a quarter of a million years. (Eternal echo’s speak). Lucy continues to emit. Creation conversant. The bones of Jesus cousin John the Apostle are nestled in many churches. John remains active, uninterrupted, silently esteemed. Language time transcendent. Another perspective on resurrection. Spherical resurrection? Not realized essential through beginnings and endings, Inceptions and conclusions. Birth inception and dying irony. Death ubiquity assimilation.

When you were born unware of times value loss you were organically compatible with the expressible Eternal. God child the light silently redeemed. Not surprisingly children will respond to music before language. Music kindred to the Celestial self. Creations own rewsponse. Ageless sound. Mozart’s ageless symphonies. God’s Mozart himself. Eternal beings ourselves non-Eternally astute. Emitting the Cosmic origin of self. We greet with forgettable language. Uncertain chronology supplants spontaneity. Noise speaks out absence esteemed.

Consider attending your imagination. The anniversary of dear relative’s death. Their Eternal melodies music breaths. The same our own, uninterrupted meditating. The family’s candles light. Eternities music greets. Feelings, memories, sensations. Incantations and mysterious goings about, In the shared absence of time memory becomes Eternal

The Eternal self- accrued. Less exclusions instruction. Meditate the Eternal anticipated self. You can go hiome again. Accordingly heal esteem God’s touch,

Never the same flowers reflection, except by our presently unresolved irony. Synopsis: We approach approaching a new. Mirror’s door. Not again for the first time: Music is the singular condition we don’t have to alter in order to assimilate. Experience. Music intact is own response. Origin not less source. The ageless sounds of Bach’s symphonies. The ageless sound denying sounds of the current self. Evidenced as noise. And language sound deficiency. When we unable to affect the ageless sound of self, conditions like disease. Depletion commerce, technology, spirituality and death affect become otherwise. Opposition is resolved, not essential to intent. Before and after affect become symbiotic-concurrent. Origin does not deny source. Death does not deny life. Dying is no loinger essential as the denied, deniable self.

Graduation resistance, catharsis restrained. The Universe is non-localized. The active benevolence of one location flow. The acquired experience of human beings is localized. A fragmented reality of inter dependent of unresolved separate locations. One hundred and ninety four or five bordered countries. Borders secured by coercive force. And transient treaties. People converse, influence reality through 6600 languages that engender and rely on forgetting. The human mind, a current adaptation, is fragmented into numerous often conflicted affectations. An assigned mind presence sustained through disease prerogative. Men are not women neither both. One preferred not the other? Abortions are not children. And without an enemy most earth people would be without a adequate identity. Yet dying is a human affect. A futile endeavor developed consequentially by humans through their invention of time. Dying is a human thing that denies the God gift of life. And death. Evidenced as violence, suicide, executions, time dysfunctional diseases, murder, over eating, drug and alcohol addiction. And poisonous cigarettes. The hellish horror of unbearable unnecessary anguish. Understandable that the earth people would want to hide their lives in Holy Temples? Can we hide from ourselves if we are lost?

The Universe is one location how do we relocate. Through unresolved value loss. A God offered life sustained though abstention. Unsolicited dying solicits purpose. Without the imposed shared self dying of others, resulting in the suffering dislocation of all the current earth people would exist without purpose. And direction. Industries, religions, medicine, government would exist without motivation.

Let us please walk again this garden, our God matrimony. We gently-lovingly amend Jesus Christ evolved non- violence. Reciprocal seed Cosmis flower:If we are violently denied and don’t violently respond, this is non- violence. But not the absence of violence. Better not to solicit the violence of others. If the human unhappy in their anger approaches with violent intent. Better to embrace the child of two parents, caress your new friend until calm is restored. And hope neither of us has fleas. Meaning the imperfect effort claims God’s response. And as we struggle fostering God’s better day caution none of our little cousins Gods children will be injured. Reflecting less sin’s frequent apology. Martyrdom’s conceitis violence against shared self. Your neighbor. And your anticipated self.Dying the earth people’s desperate allegory. Death God’s gentle invitation. Currently the earth people visit violenceunsuccessfully upon the near of all. Be polite and all will come. Much more the light full wonder an Eternal life than the anguished unresolved violent life.Violence and dying’s commerce we choose death and disease are otherwise than we observe and affect, materialize. Disease is not as we realize. And experience. Disease and cure are time encrusted condition activities as such incomplete. And incompletion relevant from the inception of perceived disease. Symptoms allegorical to temporal definition relevant in relation to uncertain cure’s opposition. Both cure and disease revealed and sustained through the active prerogative of debilitating linear disease. Death cessation motivated disease anomaly defined as, “An invasive and putrefying process.” Disease is not an issuance of our choice. When the disease conception is flawed response becomes diminished. Resurrection and reincarnation deliver death life’s timely purpose. Not consequent to value loss displacement. One not less the others direction. Before and after each claim the other speak.Non linearilytomely impatience. The Cosmos hesitates its own Eternal sway? Ever presence hesitates displacement. Same dance difference music the same. Creation predates thematerialozed planet earth. Form abstention presumes form. Thus there is the Cosmic God and the earth peoples tentative “life” self- denying adaptation. Purpose surrendered to an afterlife. When you assume the origin form of your God intended birth you assume a space whose form predetermines your birth. A Cosmic Eternal space you grow into like a tree. A hummingbird, a cricket. A space not chosen in time Eternal space. Celestial garden resides all you manifested. Nothing ends less endings grace, endless Universe. Upon death conception “you’re” bodies blossoming continues to speak, the space you occupied upon birth. Cosmic dance not decay. Joyous motion; joyful sound beceasedcontroubute to your Eternal space. Communal Cosmic dnasound. Until your God anointed form yields to Cosmic space. Sound availing Light. Lightfulness predetermines your birth. Available now unless you otherwise prefer? The great continuity. God’s voice Creation’s song. Modestly we explain, bewildered our success. The fewer words caress. Ever presence resurrection-reincarnation origin-source direction the same. Beginning nurturing endings. Each not less the other one the same. Yearning echo’s sounds caress.Origins source the all embrace.Carnational flutter. The flowers whisper. The flamingoes dance. The dreaming’s dream. God’s children’s amazing hesitation

Observing politely. Currently: Music- a nonlinear representation is a sustainable, created, experience humans assimilate in the absence of time without value loss.Soound holds its origin the Light. All God motion musically speaking we sing. Creation hears the Light intent commends. Gentle direction the woind gathers.Music’s lyrical pulse. Benevolence, your intended self, these words logic’s birth, the coincident Cosmic occurrences birth, death, luck, intuition to receptive-restive consciousness y9ou presently deny, unnecessarily. Walk the clouds dream your life. Sing the dance. Orion beckons.








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