Richard’s non- linear collision. Transcending perceptual h3eritage. Logic determines its own consensus.

Our lives are a puzzle. One missing piece. 0ur intended identity. We are born Eternally intact. Organically conceived expressible beings. God delivered. Residing in “our” acquired Creation culture that has no use for our sustained- expressible divinity. Politely appreciating on this planet presently all resides as perhaps. Except perhaps. Perhaps. Are we really merchants of menace? Silently we continue

All words, whatever their expressed purpose, are born from and end in the mysterious sound of silence. Other sounds of silence: Writing, observing, anticipating, painting, sculpting, gardening, peering into an electron microscope. tomorrow laughing, fishing without a hook, waiting for yourself, dreaming. And death. Now we approach our unresolved Eternal attendance. Curious how much effort is needed to excuse substance not yet realized. We continue pleasantly distracted polite hoping. Anticipation’s dreams unfolding...

We share words acknowledging them as our own. Yet word sounds intent in all their wanton magic non-linearly presupposes our birth. Politely we submit: We live an exclusionary self-denying existence. Unhappiness testifies, pain witnesses, the violent hungers explain. (Our dying lives). Is this uncertain-oppositional life God means that we suffer unto ourselves? Consider please prayers witness: In an inclusive Eternal Universe we can only be the better of ourselves? We can only steal from ourselves? Kill ourselves? Worshiping divisively God denied ourselves bewildered. Life intended deferred. Wonder us gifts suppressed awaiting…Esteemed bliss of self. Intended Et4ernal being. Reciprocal consciousness.

When exclusions self- denial is shared we revert God seed to anguished irony. Our lives preferred, less the clearer Cosmic choice. We now share while denying. While alive and “after” the great separation death, life through death cessation exclusion only has value shared if we deny what we create. (All Creation material realized in time eventually loses all utility, purpose and direction). Our unfamiliar Eternal lives and deaths less one not the other feeds dying's imposition. Dying is an unnecessary debilitating human experience. Death a God adventure. Both life. Now one less the other. Thus we live less the concurrent Eternal life God intended. Awaiting death's dreaded favor. Oh our unhappy choices. Our darkening earthly shadow beckons the Cosmic shade conceals.

Humans impose themselves onto Creation: (We are born. We begin to age. And our lives come to an end). Similarly in time we engage Creation’s environment. Through this singular temporal design we have claimed the planet earth our own. We are aouthors of all except ourselves. God sustains with our permission. The evidence many exclusionary religions most subsidizing, one God. Thus we ration our divinity? Delay God fraternity. Profound irony unbearable self- delivered. Again we advise, through “our” timely instrument we enforce our residency. On ourselves. The forest. The little children. Hummingbirds. The preying mantis. God's dreams. Our preferred endings imposed on an endless Creation. What sad curiosity is this...what is good is not. Our non- Eternal loneliest disguise.

God's Eternal seed instructs. No endings thrive once begun. Eternity denied denies. Yourself. Family friends. Neighborhood’s. Creation temporary residence delivered. We pause to breath. Now ask. What grave attends your Eternal life? Your cemeteries not God's. Nuclear spasm extinction whose thirst? Revelation's scream. What enemy not ourselves confides?

Consider politely please our God appointments, our choices, our identity is our own. We love and assist one another. Our cherished Holy Temples nurture. And tenderly guide. But your divinity, your God articulate assignment, the divine totality of yourself is between you and God. You can no9t claim your birth your own. Death your invention? The answer to the question not yet asked? Your God predates the planet earth. Welcome to waiting’s paradise. Ours by troubled impatient caress.

We are smart we've agreed. Wise our consensus. Divine by our apology. We separate Heaven from ourselves blame hell. Our manufacture. (We can be tricky). Consistent to our design of time we are obliged to separate Heaven from Earth. God's gift of our lives must come to a timely end before we can converse God's fruit our own. We call this Cosmic opportunity the after- life. A temporal happenstance of being we spend our lives avoiding. While praying for. We witness-anticipate God by our absence. Not a good deal.... Heaven your presence singular choice compels.

The offered remedy to this schism? The reciprocal God ideal by your approving labor. What is the way: The most critical, God validating events in our lives we “unknowingly” express as sound not word. (Sound's of Light). Sound realized events that are not time recurrent therefore endless, Eternal. Our births. Our deaths. Dreams and answered prayers. An embrace. The yearning soundings of love desired. Healing sounds inviting. Luck, coincidence and the timeless spontaneous rest, birth, death, answered prayers, intuition, your next thought. Sound motion of a smile, tomorrows yearning sound. God speaks the silence listens? Because we didn't hear a sound does not mean sound intent has not occurred. Many of Gods others, our cousins, the chipmunks, pelicans, grasshoppers and trees hear “better” than we do. Better is the preferred human term. Differently the gentler whisper. Also consider we hear with our entire bodies. The always body of self. Ageless sound validates invites the Eternal self. Not time denied. Before and after “when” politely excused, the non- linear Eternal abides. Smiling we continue: Further the sound of silence is the witness of Eternal motion. Because like the Light the Sound of silence is all inclusive. Without borders, Eternal, until we subject God Cosmic awe to our wonder us timely anguished ways. We acknowledge by denying. Melodies silence and Eternal light surrendered. Our infrequent quiet reprieves secured through noise. Constant aging time abrasions “slapping” of our body souls. (A life of unnecessary accruing acoustic abuse). Sounds our daily weight. Accruing scream, explosions, crashes and collapses. God light deafening witness. Reminding several weeks sound's corruption absorbed in a factory in one compact moment we would suffer a disfiguring-unhappy death. Sound stress ages, repressing the Eternal self- opportunity. Noise exaggerates time denies the Light. The silence of each nurtures. The sound of life purpose and death Eternally accrue. Remembered as forgotten. Evident nonetheless.

Cyber Peace


Know the darkness claim the Light. Impending silence ascribes. Cyber warfare will evolve into a significant weapon schematic. Generating a much more efficient, profitable war ev3nt. With stealth potential. Which would facilitate virtually no loss to the perpetrator. Maximizing a global value loss effect?

When a countries communication, distributions networks, energy systems including nuclear power plants, farms, reservoirs, hospitals, inter net grid (are) rendered ineffectual the ordered community will turn to panic. Citizens will turn against each other. Such a destabilizing attach would save the prevailing adversary multiple trillions of dollars in in related costs associated with a conventional or nuclear war event. The defeated country’s resources would remain intact. Corporate assets, industries, technologies, Universities, homes, buildings, natural resources. The adversary country’s own resources human and material would not be depleted.

If the cyber attach can be initiated through a stealth event(s) chance of success are increased appreciably. Meaning disguising or confusing the origin of the impending cyber assault. Another country, error, a corporation, a solar flare, a false asteroid trajectory. The chaos suggested by contrived cyber event would be apparent within days. Projections dire and apparent. Scenarios can be easily imagined and planned whereby NATO countries without the aide response of the United States would surrender.

Wars by their nature rely on disorder. Generated sustained intent. The collapse of planetary economic order is likely. Localized conflicts likely. Those actively occurrent worsening. Private and corporate militias inevitable. Neutralizing a nuclear response occurrence accidental or intentional cannot be eliminated.

Now we evoke the non- linear alternative. Acknowledging (amending) that all linear temporal events currently manifested by planetary citizens always exist in the depletion opposition of themselves. All material and perception actualized in time eventually “often unexpectedly through technological flaw” eventually will Lose all identifiable utility. And direction. This depletion paradox is not accidental, but inherent in linear temporal purpose. And essential to both purpose intent and direction. We acknowledge the tentative result and the tentative somewhat ambiguous direction flow through which intent occurs. Generically a communication. One example. A conversation. A telephone call. An expanding example photograph . Affecting a permanent temporary depletion reflective image suggestive of an origin. And a source. Influence as linear intent, linear temporal technology, error affect, light and weather atmospherics. Processing. The final irony viewing influenced by perceptual history, genetic memory. And displaced non- linear life validation. We know little, give no attention or attempt to influence the light sound flow that occurs when the shutter is opened and the image registers on the emulsion. Another example. Mass constriction leading to infinite curvature assimilation. Presently unresolved non linear events denied-repressed through temporal duration limitation. Resolution limited allegorical death perceptions, imagination, anticipation and non linear non temporal and unsustainable occurrence such as luck, intuition, answered prayers, miracles, cure, coincidence. Indeed life and death currently based on depletion effect. And diminishing time duration ie Eternal non- linear displacement-dislocation. (Our lives duration leading to presumed death cessation…. Without value loss, depletion, failure prerogative, dyeing incentive, sublimated destruction human being currently would exist without direction intent. And self-identity: spiritually, technologically, perceptually. In all human regard including our tentative bond with other lifeforms. And Creation’s environment. The fundamentals of language, assigned intelligence, directional science, information assembly, similarly and intentionally deficient. Unnecessarily and unnaturally. All material and perception realized through value loss time is incomplete in the ideal. Prone to the vestiges of temporary and the depletion uncertainties though which the temporary is attained. (This life dynamic is deemed successful). In the eventual as noted all direction and utility are lost. And this flawed depletion condition can occur unexpectedly without warning. And possoible explanation. The great ship might be retired after many years of service. Or sink on its maiden voyage. These apprehending ironoies of being also define, limit the organic potential and direction of the human body. And through this minimizing irony community. Yet the human is Eternal. The Universe is Eternal. We subsist otherwise. Most curious do you agree.

Now we politely return to the beginning of the previous paragrgh. We proceed. When intent occurs either favorable or unfavorable in substance we have a temporary result sustained through duration depletion. This event dynamic is either designed through technology or is “naturally” occurrent like weather, gravity, tides, disease. (These events are perceived- influenced-experienced and utilized within and through the linear temporal paradox Appreciating even these events we influence “deny” because they are timely engaged-realized event occurrences actualized in a timeless Universe. Our temporary, receptive efforts sustained through value loss and failure ideation are determined through painfully “unnaturally” acquired liner temporal perceptions. We suffer our success to the much exclusion of self. References in previous essays as perceptual inheritance. One perspective the manner flow in which we interpret memories. And we identify events, occurrences, conditions. And the manner flow in which these formulations became-become manifest occurrent.

A perspective in consideration: Gravity is presently perceived therefore experienced through linear temporal ideas. Linear language, revealed through exclusionary intelligence and manifest in and through a value loss materiality. Which is always temporary. And always incomplete meaning Eternal non- linear events coerced-cajoled into a linear, self- displacing materiality. Referenced as existence. Life. Reality. And resolved, relived to an after- life. A linear preferential God. These occurrent events, perception and life events are not realized through choice, choice suggests option and opportunity, but rather our time linear acquired culture that we dearly value while surrendering to death, sleep, imagination and artificial convergent organically intolerant intoxicants like drugs, liquors, smoke, food excess, suicide. And the anticipation relief of the previously identified burdens. Gravity is similarly disposed to linear imposition, realized through resistance effect…the inverse proport anility of itself. Yet gravity function through or is essentially sympathetic to and with time dilation, inferring timeless evolving intent, non- linear duration whether repressed in acquired time or non- linearly opportune. Without the temporal constraints of before and after. Measurable value loss dislocation. Perception change as does materiality ie opportunistic formulation. Gravity becomes the origin of its own source. These distinctions are suggestive in the current affect as active, determinant and influencing worm holes. During the causal absence dislocation based on schematic value loss separation, before less effort in the immediate or anticipation intent (spatial fluency undergoes a profound shift). Immediacy transcends dislocation. Value loss, entropy, depletion, uncertainty, failure intent prerogative are no longer intrinsic to intent. Awareness, consciousness, intent, perception, death. Actualized inadequately-incompletely through current linear technology, depletion commerce and a temporal God. From the embracing all- inclusive perspective life and gravity become symbiotic and interchangeable. Indeed by deed, perception, effect-affect dream and prayer in an endless inclusive Eternal neighborhood all is life.

Many non- linears on the planet earth share the same bold deprivation ideation as the great planetary prophets. Buddha, Krishna, Jesus, Mohammed. And institutionally repressed ladies like Moher Teresa.

The deprivation non- liner’s- whose violence is most often limited to self-destructiveness ie drug and alcohol excess. Two examples assigned insanity, accrued homeless others. Yes the retired. “Where have all the flower children gone long time passing.” Monks, nuns, the many robes of minster… religious administrators? Why don’t the earth people graduate from their Holy Temples. Astute. Purpsoefull. Words and rituals without deeds butterflies without wings. Gardens without flowers. Children without dreams.

Though the anguished dormant behaviors are considered debilitating in redundancy. These affectations are also an attempt to attain convergence, harmonic convergence-generally disregarded by the great majority of linear citizens. Whose life styles are deemed worthy. And are affluent in a temporal culture that values neglect, violence. And dying valuation.

The non- linear impending Eternal beings, not unlike the great planetary prophets who struggled hope against deprivation’s despair are trying (knowingly-unknowingly )… to identify a beneficent “divine” mission. History witness Jesus, Buddha and the others did so. Though both “wandering” groupings share a similar non- linear reality… which acknowledged their nonlinear Eternal Cosmic disposition through chosen deprivation struggle. One with mission another not. One loved the other waited. The great planetary prophets were not materially preoccupied, not violent, not sexually indulgent, not military aspirants. Not institutionally bonded. Surprisingly not religiously sublimated. Poetic, sincere and brave. Wandering “homeless” the planetary mission their home. They claimed in their purpose direction a great God mission. Becoming beneficent of the great awe. Non- linearly “Eternally” astute their Cosmic bond timeless. The awesome source… They walked the light. They heard the music.

With emphasis, the defining distinction current non- linear exist without sustained mission, communal purpose. They remain invested in their protesting gluttonies. The singular affection of self. Accordingly creating a time diminution in a localized planet that has acquired and devised numerous extinction prerogatives. Global warming, pandemics, cyber warfare several examples. Note some individuals have transcended their inebriate intransigence if favor of abstention. But continue to give credence to their inebriate indulgences by making sobriety a life- long “addictive” affectation. A self- indulgence of self, yes preferable. But not a planetary mission. Living half measures in an unresolved existence, wandering amidst a community that has made purpose of value loss, profit of dyeing and purpose of extinction. A rational community that witness the inclusionary misbegooten as unworthy. Unclean. Twenty first century lepers: A drain on the great society extinction.

With loving divine emphasis, not meaning to evoke an oppositional paradox, linear beings can also transcend, those who rely value depletion and try boldly with- love’s devotion- thheir determined prayer seeking Creation’s need, themselves. Love that pained be the better of tomorrow. Indeed without the love word’s deed of all immediate and impending we will surrender emptiness to the dark…

Ourselves the others. Burdened well of purpose. Yearning, anguished love determining. Alive? (What witness speaks silence listens). Aspiring planetary companions.…. Acknowledging privacies polite thirst. What song better speaks our name. Too Tall to Crawl. And Flamingo. We write that prayers seek response. Whispering natures tentative breathe. “You can’t have an enemy without being one.” Offering. What caution yearns less ourselves. Seeks less life.” To whom do we surrender if were the only enemy? Cautioned we continue: Not unlike Too Tall to Crawl, Flamingo waits that life not risk hopes attendance. God’s non- linear pilgroms wait success frequenting their lonely dreams. Gone arrived. Finished bold of direction. Aimlessly gathered? Unlike our linear neighbors well clothed of timely success. Congratulated. And anticipated. We spend our lives borrowing from Eternity. Paying back with our lives. Blissful loans redeemed as forgiven. What waiting hastens less time’s restraint. Living on borrowed time friend? Can’t borrow unless you have credit? Whose? While auctioning Eternities favors. Time diminution lingers. Temporary languishes acquired reprieve. All in human time ends less God’s consent, unnecessarily. Yes unnecessarily. What prayers speak that prayers fear. Do you understand? Do you hesitate? Language flowers thorns. “Yes is no and maybe isn’t.” Intelligently assigned well loving Creation-preferring the after- life. Not understanding has merit. You arrive if you don’t. Late if no ones is early. Forgetting convenes Eternities cradle. Sleep dreaming awake. Awake succeed failures consent. Who protests such joy, beggar, addict, Congresswoman applause resonate. Much encouragement. Prayers cheer. Lost wonderers, homeless, hungry- alert. Despairing hope God’s face. Oh honorable merchants of extinction.

Less poetry speaks that reason forgive lives’ favors. Amongst our linear neighbors, soldiers, cooks, bankers whose administrator. All content deemed complete is incomplete. Thus Eternity waivers our consent. And laughter life appeals. All in time ends we insist. Endlessly our prayers confide. Confused? Wonderfully we approach together. Lost as found love forgiven. Amongst words silently redeemed all includes not one less all. Flamingo and Too Tall to Crawl thus all. We are a nuclear family. Auschwitz Creation’s vacant garden. Missiles terrifying migration. Evaporating tears. Oh God Oh dear. Oh dear God.

Acknowledged finished not yet. We dance and sing God’s mysteries. We love our children the hope of ourselves waiting. We can rage and hurt and rage again; but we prefer love pop- corn and tomorrow. We pray our voice that God listen true. We are kind to animals ourselves. We hide content that tears promise not be abandoned. Good deal being human. Let’s continue the favor.

God said, “There is one, let their be two. Their’s two still one.” One known as now. Two knew later. Two still one later three known as when. Only while (when) never happened. All along came what’s next.

There are numbers. And there are words that are not numbers. Both can dance together. Together n’ apart. The radial source concurrent origin circumference of pi.

Words are a human construct not congruent to other life form beings. And Creation environmental “Cosmic” events like the glaciers, the weather the tides. And our deferred selves. Observing: life beings and events are engaged into the un resolvable planetary depletion reality. The earth peoples depletion culture, Human in their time construct deny themselves, their origin and the Creation environment through linear language, assigned intelligence. Human beings accordingly are not presently able to assimilate “engage” the God source (purpose) of other beings. Thereby affecting an incomplete (non- Eternal) usury relationship which is inadequate to the origin God timeless “Eternal” intent of humans. This defiant-deficient agonizing breach is Cosmically unnatural life purpose unnecessary and viewed by earth people as essential and characterized as self- redeeming, spiritually opportune. The essence of spiritual wholesomeness. And success. But when substance intent is redeemed and examined to its totality the earth peoples sustain an extinction culture. In a linear temporal culture, good existence actualized the redeeming substance of bad, the reciprocal concurrent the same. Opposition deviancy is intrinsic to a temporally acquired self- imposed existence. Non linearily good and bad do not exist through inept value loss, in a linear culture most evident as communal violence; non linearily “Eternally” what is deemed “bad” through life purpose, inept observation, error or karmic misfortune as bad and unbearable is the pathway to gooidness. All bad Eternally is good unresolved.

Structurally time insinuated language optionally condones deception, violence and unresolvable value loss. Language reflects the lifeform that utilizes the particular language format. The non- linear orogin source of our self- denying temporal language is spherical in nature, numerical in its melodies flow. An expressive spasm isssuance intent, suggestive of intuition. But the intuitive event cannot be evoked and sustained linearily through time. Presently non- linear occurrences are coincident in nature. Not secured through temporal dislocation usually associated with forgetting, intentional-unavoidable inadequacy and violent assimilation. Spherical language is inclusive, not essential to ambiguity. linear language is either inclusive and exclusive, but not both concurrently. Either is manifest through unintentional or intended uncertainty or interpretive uncertainty…which can include simply not listening. Spherical language given its non- linear disposition intent includes numbers. And other affectations like hand gestures. Spherical inclusiveness, the suggested uniformity does not deny identity but rather allows-encourages a spiritual identity presently denied distorted by linear deficient expression. Permanent “Eternal” intent and anticipated human of machine objective is always incomplete ie non-Eternally actualized.. Its ideal reference sustained though unintentional, therefore not time derivative choice. We sustain our Eternal identity by forgetting the reality we create. In total this is experienced as the after- life. In life time intent in temporary solutions that are sourced from problems that are inexpressibly incomplete, this paradox creating the need for redundancy. We are a culture “repeat” essential to our denied self-event-evident existence prone to remarrying. reinventing, relocating less location. And value loss anxiety existence whereby the God intended planetary residents profit from dyeing assimilation intent, insurance, death functional hospitals. A self- serving extinction culture realized- derived through a time based disposable technology and a value impaired global commerce is exclusionary, variant to unresolved, unforeseen force the commerce unintentionally creates through profit intent realized through value intent per pupated through unforeseen loss. Also influenced by weather events, the winning and losing and preparing of war event. And disparity events like imprisonment, time based diseases. Each incomplete failed non-Eternal event, manifested in an Eternal Infinite Universe, leaves an unresolved value trail. Echoes. Future value source. Directional progress. And hope. Uninterrupted God intent?

There are no random events. Only random people. May we ask. When your alone (iS) talking to yourself different than talking to God when your not listening.

Appreciating with spiritual emphasis these events though denying iof a non- linear Eternal Cosmis are occurring amidst the Eternal intent awe and are therefore intended suggesting great opportunity. Reclaiming the darkness so the Light. But only the God ideal through loving resolution. Redeeming ourselves to Creation

We can unreasonably assume that numbers were occurrent before words. One & two. Were not words spoken of perceived. One is not enough two became an articulate comprehension. Comprehension casually flowed. Two is more than whose One calculation evaluation caused intent. (Example: Two saber toothed tigers one human. Not language compatible). Intents survival compels intent. Calculation advantage preferred. Numbers realized through utility. Three and more avails order. Survivors sharing. Before and now one is dead. Wonder “fear ” encourage fuller knowing. Questions weren’t answers but related. Tears and gasps before shared comprehension. Happenstance n’ paradox- an audible smile.

Human choice and event intent is realized through opposition correlation. Validated-engendered through value loss, determinant failure and deficient result. The evolving opposite of the bad preferred better. The permanent Eternal ideal permanently denied:: (Maybe) :: We the earth people evolving. Life not death. Tears sad smiles availing-compelling better. Recognition greeting the same. Chance fate and trust came later. Should we have begun with arousal. One and One-two preferred the better. Consensus. Agreement. Familiar understandings. Rules once force approaching. Rules detours require linear enforcement. Consensus agreements secure. Agreements opposition’s disagreements not mandatory. Words uncertain defensiveness: We have already easily arrived acknowledging interactive sounds. Groans, gasps and grimaces. Emotions given warnings credence. We near one sentence yet Likely two, three (listening more). One warns and groans, one gasps. Listeners grimace. Knowing better.

Survival encouraged on self- denying culpability. Compelled often exclusionary compatibility. Not enough for Two. Enough for One? Futilities survival. Less is sometimes more. More not enough when one claims better. Consensus purpose computability. Better shared than denied. Hiding seclusion isolation. Gradually evolving expressible deficient computability. Cautioning hands wavering fingertips. Tapping the nose stomping the foot. Survivals caution begets communication. First drums. And dancing. (Whose many years earlier. Still ours? Shared arousal silencing awe. God fraternal whisperings. Man-woman-child and God, when, not yet. God unknowing always ways. (Family and tribe evolving). Consensus evolved as sharing. The kindness of one “love” better often than the love of less one. Not which one the other better. Better two the love of one. Each better. Two go to bed three wake up. Fullest explanations wait our knowing absence. One and One is Three. Mathematically. You see the numbers before the letters. Purpose prefers intent. Disorder fosters order. Order fosters disorder. Laughter congratulates love. Kindness the same. Denial not. Denial shared preferred. Blame’s disqualifying game. Blame sharing explains “sustain” acquired available shame. Born a thorny depletions garden where loss nurtures tomorrows seed.

Trust: Trusting is a word. Thus subjectively uncertain. Reliant on other words. Traffic compounds paradox. Dichotomy fosters irony. Humans death presumption arbitrates dyeing’s birth. Not easy on the planet earth. Not easy at all. Ambivalent ambiguity two blocks north of 90th and Fort. Laugher life nurtures reclaims tears favor. Most is a choice, if you have the time. Trust is better than distrust. Conspiracy and deception. Not as bad on weekends. Yet we are aware. Dreams purpose speak. Our aspirations are divine. Earth peoples seek the better nurturing. Tomorrows blossom yesterday’s seed disappointments. Yet begets tomorrow: We greet miracles without introduction. We protect our children our love be their life. Same air born grasshopper flying hummingbirds. There goes daddy long legs, good morning sir. We can be lucky n’ coincident not solicitations favor. We engender-invest in dyeing. Death dyeing anticipated regret succumbs without our permission. Death presumption is the non- linear Eternal. Thus we can not linearly encroach. Do we answer our own prayers? Suicide. Some do some don’t. Don’t is much better, much. All allowed the sad temporal discretion. Timeless death, Eternities conduit, instructs. Origin source we deny the course. The Eternal planet earth whereby all reside, predates its own timeless materiality. Four billion Eternal the lovely watery planet earth assumed its own material location. Five billion years now ago our Eternal source. You source “predate” presuppose your own birth. The immaculate preconception of yourself. Before and after depletions time constraints. Before during after, reverse simultaneously the same. The flower seeds the flowers seed. Spherical timeless reincarnation. Sphelography. Resurrection uninterrupted continuous. Humans experience their assimilation of reincarnation and resurrection… the anomaly of time dislocation. Giving both birth and death a delays evolving often ironic affectation. Interruptions timely modest pause. The shadow leans on the expanding shade. Carnational flutter. You understand not understanding shade. Carnational flutter continuous interupt4ed but not less the value intent interruption. Cosmic conversations flow. Your dreams, soulful schemes, lucky intuitive vestibule. Timeless forgetting Eternal garden. Alice in Wonderlands worm hole. Death not dying still life. Not understood? Understands misunderstood. Understand maybe tomorrow. What grave mourns Eternity not a flower. Our perceptual heritage predates the planet earth. What the hell did he say? Say it again. Hell no you say it again. Fine later.

Exhausted lost deplete we can go insane. God’s permission not the FDAMA. We can kill ourselves. Please don’t give us life another day. We get along with gravity. Once enemies cautious friends. Two side to every miracle. You disagree? Wonderful reflections consensus we’ve got a chance. Thank you for responding. Like a falling leaf rising to the ground. Did you hear the one about the man who walked into the bar? You probably know they don’t encourage running. Tomorrow another day later called yesterday. Let’s dance. Pray and learn our near faraway way.

Words emerging clumsy hesitation. Facial features speak. Hands assist. Fingers grove and move. Motion procreates. Our bodies dance Words legitimate Cosmic glance. Life predates “presupposes” planetary conception. Thus Creation. Your parent God the Eternal light. You knew. But you didn’t do. Words- schemes-explainable dreams. Merchants of disguise masters of demise, denied. The after- life? Can’t after less before. And…. Give yourself a lake. Aren’t you tired of waiting. Waiting’s haste delays forever yesterday’s today twice forgiven once forgotten. Words exclusionary schemes Cosmic dreams, deferred. Better late than never. Really? Never late forever. You ev4r notice babies, hummingbirds and rainbows don’t talk. Words don’t talk to each other. Songs schemes dancing babies. Painted ladies Eternal wings. The numbers melody continues after death concurrence. Motoin light Eternal song. Presently perceive, anticipated and experienced through value depletion, uncertain dislocation. The instructed perceptual decay of a corpse actually Eternal uninterrupted all- inclusive motion. The awed silencing motion of our Light full self.

Let’s please politely consider the non linearly inspired efforts of the German mathematician. A visual formation the horizontal numerations one through nine. The same formulation one through nine on the vertical. Briefly edit “engage” the acoustic location eight. Numeration evolving to nione which is by its own intent the last number. Number of beginnings and endings. Eight the number of individual evolution. Isolate 8 to our current exploratory understanding. Or isolated when engage to intent. Activate 9 in the linear progression one through nine minus 8 times (1)…result nine ones. Same developed. Nine twos. Nine threes. This event through the appropriate acoustic affectation. DNAs ageless sound will transform all linear limitations associated with the desired event. A cancer remedy. An interstellar trip. New language. A linear transmutation, creating of new forms- that are non- linear in nature. Intent and disposition. An amazing transmogrify defined as the crating of bizarre imagery. Appreciating to understand we are examining “considering” a non- linear infinite event that we can benefit from, but can not control or in any extreme influence conclusively Unlike the current linear temporal affectation which is oppositional, realized as incomplete value loss. And validated through failure prerogative. Oppositional and uncertainly denying of the aforementioned non- linear formulation. Referend earlier as pi in motion. Alluded to as infinite possibilities. Worm hole. Super position. Also clarifying the quantum riddle. Not so much as an acceptable usable perception, but as beneficent intent. This numeric melodic gives functional credence to mass constriction availing infinite curvature. The study at MIT. And the morphogenic field. And resolves earth science to its non- linear Eternal origin. Recognizing these conception will avail insight on how to develop non- linear technology and commerce. Evident and suggestive of the materiality flow that localized as the planet earth four and a half billion years ago. And continues as its own anticipatory source, referenced in time as the future. Please note we have tried to locate the name of both the nice and gentle Asian Biologist at MIT and the nice and gentle German mathematician. These gentleman and or ladies if your familiar with their names we would welcome your sharing them with us. As an acknowledgment of appreciation. Interesting that you can’t prove you lost something unless you find it. The same yourself after death. Before birth conception form intent. Similarly a failed can opener. An functionally unresolved voyage. A stealth communication. Observing excitedly non- linear form representation has in its formulation activity condition intent all sensual event. And simulation. Presently experienced through fragmentation, six, seven senses. Irony expressible through linear language. Linear repressed mathematics. A depletion extinction based human existence. We can currently only esteem-direct our successes through sustainable value loss. Violence. And death irony. Our ability to simulate perceived ideas without awareness, our ability to experience luck, coincidence, answered prayers which we don’t crate and can not sustain speaks to our organic compatibility the active Eternal. Which predates birth and is not denied through death. Unless your ch0ice accordingly dictate. Attending the memory. Everything is material expect time. Time though lingers and seems almost to enjoy catching up…

The critical, tender “motions” of our lives we express in sound motion singularity. Words catch up ourselves left behind. What did he say? One number three words. Three-four words no numbers until later. Words exist in relation to each other. Deceptions refrains. Apologies forgive, eternity incomplete. Eternal across the street, later. Numbers explain the explanation. Each intact not linearly deplete. Minus not goodbye. Plus derives “before” forgetting. During reflection. The other now later .What does your reflection look like if you don’t have to wait for the image?

Scared the voice you know. Touching tenderly affirms reward: The God sounds of dying. Of birth God conception. The sounds of laughter. And horary. These are the perceivable sounds of Creation. Shared amongst the trees, the whales, the hummingbirds, the ants and Mr. and Mrs. dinosaur. Variations of course the same thunder. And lightening. All in Creation caste its own shadows. Day and night. And death. The sun permits. The tides explain. Gravity consents. Our shadows sit waiting God’s shade.

Did we almost nearby remember to who forgets. Two wakeup one returns to bed. Numbers go the other way, less the way away. (Simultaneously). Less is not more like before. Numerations - and +. Remunerations sway. DeathOne silent witness. Words tears are many. Death unexpected-unexplained (planned) the numbers melody play. One gone how many left. Goodbye the silent echo of one word. Death speaks silence listens. It’s true. Endlessly God Eternity abides we explain. Hide and confide.…Eternity death premature. Women deliver life unto this planet. Men carried life out. Holy rituals. Spiritual dowries. The after- life earth people defer. Leaves fall arising. Less God preferred. There is the Cosmic God. Earth peoples searching amazing adaption. Continue here Monday…

We continue words another address. Approaching mysteries trance. Familiar forgotten. Introduce the stars explain ourselves? Words have form. Words n’ sneers not enough tears. “The midst in which an event occurs or is made to happen.” Presently one form less the depletion of the other. Less is more the opposite. Linear life amends. Technology insists, commerce complains. Earth people’s religions wonder-wandering aspiring. Bodily beautiful forms separate less is more the acquired value of somebody. Dyeing consists. As such and such melodies numbers before the words ourselves. And words which one not the other. Waiting sounds forgiven. While forgotten. Immediate or later. Non- linearly the same. The numbers re appear. Dance, sing, sculpt, poems and bumble bee homes, breathing with the electron microscope. Gardening, loving and praying. Another baby. Silent ventures. Words melody restrain. Now both one non-linearly-all embracing we dance. Learned Walrus. And the earthly peoples brave astronauts, welcome home. Do you understand? Hope not dreaming better. Mathematics applied music. Words we know better. All conceals we repeal. Once an angel now a feather. Events aren’t random people are.

When your alone (is) is talking to yourself different than talking to God when your not listening.

Words not numbers. Numbers both? A conversation between two is incomplete. Words uncertain unfolding. Neither speak or listener are in a silent mode. Listening to another’s words while wondering about your own. Silence naught. Silence holds silence dear the Light near. More than one speak listener compounds paradox. Dreams, prayer, forgetting, loving. One way spherical words yearning. Silently esteem. Silent soliloquy not. Words spoken to the lonely silent self God attended. Eternity listening. Words and numbers together? Together and apart. Timely nest words begin. Clumsily, boldly, lovingly end. Which one planned-anticipated not the other. Speaker waiting for the speaker listens? Comprehend quietly we do. All linear….non-Eternal paradox occurs in the Eternal Universe. God we know less ourselves waiting death still God. All is Eternal. All tree, deer, frog and human Eternally Enlightened. Because so is so. And not so. When we are bad and mean and silly we create karmic obstacles that compel our divinity. Our needing to feel better, Less pain more love. The tears, the screams, the pain. Cautious prayers. The promises. Compel direct and Enlighten. One good or bad the witness awe of others. We learn from each other. You might not be aware. Yet aware you are Eternally attended. By choice amended. Good deal being human. In loving you have been loved. Love unlike candy needn’t be negotiated. What love forgiven twice still God’s love prefer end once and forever. Curious do you agree? You give credence to the transgression before forgiveness can be convened. Heavens the same apology twice on Easter. Wouldn’t you rather be loved than forgiven. Forgiveness apologies throbbing shadow seems to close learning’s magical doors. “Forget its ok your only human.”

A word or two smiling numbers. Science more location than word. All science sustained through invalidation. Just a shadow’s hesitation. And God inspired progress. Deny God acknowledge the same. Simple as a tree greeting a congratulatory bumble bee. All realized in time loses utility and direction. Eventually beginning from before. Time dilation. Super position can be better realized through functional kindred numbers. (Numerology of pi). Than words. Remember? As we approach the speed of light time slows down. Time now calls our life’s seed. Numbers can reverse in the negative. Words returned. Denied? Backwards not. More? At the speed of light there is no passage of time. Chronological quick supplanted by spontaneity. Simultaneous spontaneity. The Light. All numbers speak which one not the other neither worse or better. Words sublimate choice. Numbers tend to explain choice intent. Sir Isaac Newton offers. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. We ask how can equal actions be opposite. Equal amidst opposition intent because equality is resolved through value loss. Entropy. Actions in opposition to one another intent symmetrical? Exclusionary events uncertain in their intent, legitimized through failure prerogative validate opposition. Functional expressible uniformity (source not less origin and the reciprocal) engaged a disposable culture is unnatural. Materially aberrant. Also inhibited by linear language and mathematics. All events that end less the value intent of their beginnings negate origin intent. Result in value loss reflective of a self- denying culture that esteems destruction. Tolerates economic disparity. And profits from unnatural-unnecessary “inevitable” life long dyeing affectation. Violence to self and shared violence, accident predisposition, communal wars, time diminutive diseases futility exacerbated through oppositional problematic cure uncertainty. If we might politely interrupt with an emerging question. Can numbers be forgiven with words. Forgotten? The question is the answer? Oh yes Oh no: How can humans walk onto the morphogenic field. Easy enough your already their. Can you prove you lost something unless you found it? Found it must have lost it. The same yourself. Who gave you permission to dream? The dre4am is the answer. Future’s Eternal sway, the unresolved time deficient now claims Creation’s seed our purpose. Attend the garden attend yourselves.

Let’s please briefly revisit time’s dilations flowering garden. “When mass is constricted enough eventually the curvature becomes infinite.” God sings we bow. “Form the midst in which something happens is created or is made to occur.” A pretzel an alligator and tomorrows baby. Vacant space sometimes called waiting (is) form. God body the giraffe, the human and the glacier (has) form. Now evolving form we timely folks call aging. The nasty kind. Constricting form not unlike slow agonizing aging. Before Eternities curvature smile. Origin source One together. Again for the first time usually called later. Process curious beyond our miracles witness. Until the still of today. The dislocating motion timely aging pickle once a cucumber, see you later navigator. And let’s have a baby. Can be tracked by the events distinct acoustic motion. Accordingly gently influenced. Welcome to the planet earth we’ve been waiting. Let’s be more precise. And happy. When we can trace the “constricting” material sound formation of a mass form we can ”agelessly”( without inconsistent value loss) influence the integrity, the direction, the destination of form. Be the process result infinite Eternal or non- Eternal. You arrive before you left. You can’t be left behind if your alive already. Be patient share the credit.

Examples samples and pecan pi…. Let’s fly. A change of pace? Airborne tall again. We have eighty- five nice people including three babies and two alleged doggies boarding a jet plane in Bruges Belgium. “We will be arrive in Boston eastern standard time at approximately noon, tomorrow. Several smiles. One person coughs. The lovely air-line hostess sneezes. The alleged doggies ears go up. After a two- hour delay, weather and comedy, all airborne companions sneezing. And coughing. A non- linear event. Why not the opposite presently solitary healing. Begin again for the first time. At the miost critical times in our lives, the most funny, loving, dying we express not in words-numbers. But God assisted, as is all, prayerful aspirations. Wondrous sonorous acoustic soundings. Coughing. Sneezing. Scratching. A cold wet acoustic. Love less tender words explanation. Your non- linear body astute. Community of one astute. Touch the smiile feel the heart. Cough the entire body resonates. And your cough suppressant neighbor. The same one unhappy-mean bullet. One small hole, today forgiven tomorrow. Entirety gone practically speaking. Our medicine is linear. Isolated. Dying numbers worth salutary words. Localized events in a non- localized Universe. If the Universe is one location how can we relocate. We spend our lives borrowing from Eternity. We pay back with our lives. Broken tea cups, promises, lonely heart club letters. Sanity shared insanity naught. What’s a birth control devise? Simple not enough. If your impatient neighbor collapse a heart attack blame the liver. Apply loving cps. Tickle his ear. One of us not responding. Goose the son of two parents. He’ll smile introduce himself. And get better. Don’t forget he owes you five bucks.

Be patient friend well arrive. Yesterday already. Concurrent reciprocal computer. New friends. Weapons no more and happy jokes. Veterans born not buried. Don’t you remember we hide life in our prayers. Mohammed, Jesus, mother Mary, Buddha bold. Krishna Cosmic toll. Mother Teresa, Dizzy Gillespie, Lassie and other nice and gentle ladies. Dan Rather, Tiny Tim. Susan Sarandon playing Meryl Streep and Art Linkletter watching Big Bird listening to Pavarotti. Neither a costume the better. Yourself closer together. Reflections have shadows. Wakened dreams aspiring flowers. You don’t choose your dreams. They choose you? Eternal conception uninterrupted. Interrupted depletions waiting. Infinity delayed defers Eternity? Knowingly. Unknowingly. Born flowers regress. Stardust serenade. It’s true. There’s more sometimes called tomorrow. Yesteryear gone non- material. Now early later still now. We agree chronologically. Unengaged past. Dormant future. Not timely insinuated. Eternity waits your gentle favor. Born unaware-unengaged by time. Organically Eternal. Until your taught better. Oops…

Words emerging. Each a name. Yes nods isn’t no. No can be yes maybe is the game. Dancing drums reassuring . Good is good bad not much better. Running the same. Words came along. Yes is no and maybe still resisting. Too much is not enough and more will never be. Just kidding. Not really. Who are you? Who are we. Perplexity begets tomorrow. Who choose the lightening not the thunder. “Don’t ask me (I) have an alibi. Called life?

All life was determined by cycles humans couldn’t influence. Rain would begin end. Life the same. Night would end to day. And day to night. Disease came and went away. The asteroid the same. We became cautiously aware. All events that begin end on their own. Life surrenders to death. Morning hastens night. Snow stops ones unexpectedly begun. We speculated. If we could affect our own endings. Much would be good. Better is the way. Emerged the active realization of before and after. Time came to be. And through time we claimed this timeless planet and God our timeless benefactor to ourselves. Masters of cause. Merchants of disguise, Like snow- flakes gently covering the leaning tree. Words emerged. Two words three words. One begins the other claims whose end. Yes isn’t no yes resisting maybe consisting. Enough of that shit let’s have a pizza. You know the rest. Enough pi for everyone. Ready all ready.

Now we will merge music- number-letters the lyrical dance of life begins. Let’s begin yesterday tomorrow already started Eternities refrain. Again a gain. And ahagain. Butterflies humans celestial voice painted ladies. Angels falling gathering feathers. What death speaks that silence listens.

All chosen in time. Dream’s & forgetting unchosen. Actively timelessly Eternal. We spend our lives forgetting our Eternal being. No words ascribe. Numbers abide. Silence esteems God’s whispers. Yourself: “Get back to you when

were needed

You still there? Thank you for your accompaniment. We continue paradox our shoes, destiny our hearts landscape beckons. Reflection resists divine appearance. Eternally astute you can only steal from yourself. Sometimes called borrowing. Thus Eternity delays life our coinfessions. Must we forgive God’s love that life be worthy of Creation. We recently asked an elderly gentleman. “Sir have you lived here all your life?” He answered gently. “Not yet.” We continue smiling: Arrival near. Ourselves near already. WE create the shared burdens we explain by denying.

Eternal completion less the completion of ourselves, Words hide that we hear ourselves speak? Note baker, mother astronaut, father banker, generous thief a non- linear Eternal residency requires no additive support. Loss gains bargains flower. Dictionary and apple tree will testify. Your jury God’s court? Less discontinued we continue. Eternal completion derives. No death bargains birth less life’s consent. Eternal sway much lingers less our comprehension. lost not forgotten. The flowers once stars greet you “hello” as flowers tend to do.

Do you disagree agreements consent? Crucifiction communal self -contempt. Long sentence short life. Depletion, martyrdom, glow full radiation. Purposeless aspiring ineptitude. Knowing- unknowingly you live an unresolved transmogrify protesting self- preservation. Short sentence long life. Not true still true, let’s wonder. Our neighbor yourself speaks. Homeless wonderers. Wandering. Victor, Kathy, Tim, even Steven and Mary. Too Tall to Crawl, Flamingo everyman. Woman man. Two arms. Two legs one dream. Many anguishes. Gluttonous intransigence. Dream enhancers, opiates, radiation and LSD. Artificial non- linear convergent. Seeking sought less love. God? One love one hates. Each shadow less shades esteem. Countries cemeteries procreate. What missions purpose gasps? Assigning deficient vagrancy to others. Where is Abbie Hoffman and Bob Dylan, Fiona, Elenita Muniz, Curtis Lordly Gardner good friend, Nadine Long Cosmic inspiration, Martha, Sandy Acquila silence sings quietly loves dreams, Jodi thank you is a prayer, Joan Baez Janis Joplin Eternally sing, Sandy Chamberlin the credible in incredible beyond words and dreams not likely, Tom tv repairman celestial navigator, Mark Mark the mystery man, Frieda and Cyndi, Peter Carolynn and Mary Andy Kyes, Alex and Walter Keisch, your mother and father, Carla/Bill and Julie. Kathy and her partner. Ralph bold pioneer ghost buster, Barry and Al and Steve. Mike Grossman, Vickie-Phoenix love’s impatient magicians Jim Pelz smile the rainbow conceals. Fiona, Betsy and Dona. There’s John son of man thank God who else, Duncan brave son and father, Joan no love mystery abides, Rabbis, priests, ministers all God alike words conceal we prescribe, Jesus and Mohammed dance the Torah. Adolph Hitler God’s child our neglect. Wouldn’t you have preferred a friend> Water buffalos, melting glacier the same. What if they gave a war and only the mothers came…. Wayne Murcier bueno echo comapnero, Irene Coper, Pope, Dr. Weinstein dearest Elaine. Dr. Bhatia Dr. Daughton-witness silence aspiring awe, Chris, Terry and Tony s love’s shade Creation’s shadow, your list dearest friends God’s instruction. Tall n’ bold Louie Donato Sandy’s dude and Carl and Deann extra terrestrial commander Zimmerman , Mandy Pitt, Randy Arrick, Alvin and Mrs. Ring, Tammy Hacke “Oh come on give me some credit” yep Stanley, Robert Dear Norman and Cleo Elias American royalty: Opiate trail gardeners nurturing lively. “The day the music died?” Not yet. Not yet. There’s George again God amends. Your mother and father now grand- parents, yourselves. Planetary residents speakers of dreams. And tomorrows.

No love’s caution speaks here. We each suffer depletions scars. Son, daughter, burglar and saint. Life depletions journey. All realized ideal less ideal’s completion. Tomorrows soldiers screaming onto Normandy beach? Yet the non- linear, guru’s, convergent addicts, insanities designees, unemployed, homeless, the unborn do not (cannot) seek incompletions favor, completions irony (seeded as finished events) “success” what course is left to the lost seekers. Like gravity seeking themselves amidst depletions harvest. Done finished lost crossing whose highway that direction be our host. The Holy journey. Arrived. No lost inaccessible horizon, yourself. Eternal loving unafraid. Life God’s compass Creation’s seed. Feed the hungry nurture yourself. Guide the blind recognize yourself. Love your neighbor in spite of yourself. And them. Love’s chore life’s direction. Love life better than forgiveness. You can’t have an enemy without being enemy to yourself. And God. By demeanor or smile don’t solicit violence. Nor allow violence suffer yourself. Your injuries. Your assailant approaches, embrace the son of two parents that love’s smiles on union. And hope neither of you has fleas. Meaning no effort is perfect. The little cousin share in God’s journey, God’s children all. Flowers and lightening the same. Abortions? Allowing contempt’s privilege. We favor abortions for woman not for babies. Clonned uteral bequarium. Executions, extinctions stop. Hurt’s don’t do it. Hurts others stop. We beg our prayers in anticipation of catharsis. Time diminution persists. Approaching while acknowledging clearer substance application to these conception insight through the condition activity of communication. (Definition of communication). An inception event either immediate or anticipated resulting in a sometimes ambiguous process influence naturally or intentionally by either perception or engineering intent design and culminating as an incomplete result. A communication. Presently we experience as a linear commu8nication in time depletion “wave” frequency. Presently you and “I” collectively will examine-develop a new communication medium. Interestingly unlike learning a new language or learning how to play an instrument3 these comprehensions will become clear and immediate. Understandable. Because they are reflective of our non- linear origin heritage which we currently deny. And in the non- linear comprehension “knowing” is the near of spontaneous. Knowing in and of itself will assimilate-influence-confirm the expressible relevance of an event. Naturally or human designed. Knowing is being.

We have a near spontaneous communication. In clusionary simultaneous spontaneity. A spasm pulse specific to intent. Unlike the current function of a linearily problematic a phone call, reception secured by uncertain probability of contact-response…a dislocated displacing communicating medium measured and influenced in time. Relevant through language deficiency, actualized through the vagrancies of liner technology further delegitimized through a an exclusionary, risk value loss commerce. Which rewards credit through loss. And success as internet failure. A self-depleting, spiritually vanquished reality protected by armies.

Another example other than a phone call, a dislocation voyage or journey realized through the tentatively depletion sustained medium of destination and departure. Boarding a plane and flying linearly for several hours until you land in a busy airport in Acapulco Mexico. Non- linearly a different kind of journey communication to Orion.

A knowing journey, a transcendent communication shift we will examine and develop through non- linear duration, the morphogenic field, mass curvature constriction, melodious acoustic pneumatic resonance suggested by the nice Asians Study at MIT. And the efforts of the eager students and devoted instructors at Princeton University ie the Peare Group. And your knowing and unknowing participant efforts immediate and anticipated. Let’s begin already started.

Sender and receiver one presence. Time dilation actively factors. Through time abstention infinity, the non linear ideal (is) functional. Peare group offers that there is a distinct active engaging event condition between machine and the induvial utilizing the machine. Suggesting a sympathetic utilizing that would allow the inclusive communication to utilize the active human presence. Your evolving genes, influenced by all efforts including communication directing and defining each communcatioon. Indeed each communication becomes in intent, flow and result a distinct entity, its own language .A distinctive spatial accommodation that remains non linearly sympathetic. A resonant symmetry that would require machine, intent and human rendering interference the near of impossoible. Hacking is limited to comedic reprieve. Appreciating that in a linear interpersonal event, a machine condition event, a spiritually desirous event that the imperfect human is in control of the contrived event. Whether a prayer, a birth, surgery or the destruction of a city. Events that are perceived, construed an implemented in time accordingly as noted consequent from the inception of the event to inconsistency, uncertainty-realized through value loss ie depletion. Complimenting and further exaggerating the self- denying non- Eternal disposition and choice of the human being. This dynamic bold and inconsistent flow often relevant through redundancy. Events are repeated in part to improve or resolve human or machine error, a need for repair. Also these linear temporal events are realized curiously through the prerogative assimilation of failure. Intransient echo. Often mistakes relevant in their denial direct-compel improvement. Reminding that all progress is sustained through invalidation. Unnaturally and unnecessarily. But all bad is good unresolved. Linear is non linearily occurrent, evident as repressed. And deferred. The non- Eternal abides-hastens Eternal opportunity. God whatever or interpreted dreams inaction remains God. Knowable. Unknowable. God is and as such is so

During a non- linear event whether the event condition is perceptual, a plan or an intent result manifested through the human self alone of through machine we are not in control. All consequences, all affecting origin source effect we cannot consistently perceive-anticipate therefore determine from inception to result except through value loss. We do no0t answer our own prayers. We did not create the concept of death. Dying is a time linear depletion distortion of death. We can not manifest-sustain luck, coincident, intuitive occurrences. Though we are clearly compatible with such Cosmic timeless occurrence because once occurrent we recognize the unexpected “surprise” presence. And we can benefit briefly. The presence of our absence. A new gateway availing the beneficent Cosmic awe

Also ships sinking, planes crashing, language, perception and life death symmetry. Prayers communion. Will disaster, failure, disappointment not occur. Disembarking on Orion people can still trip over their shoe laces. Men and women will continue tickling a neighbor’s spouse. The astronaut with a tumor. The sad-lonely doctor with alcohol in his breathe. And there is awe. And God. Tomorrow. And God. Your sons and daughter, a different neighbor will come up with a new idea. And wow once again. Bold Eternities seeking continues if we shift beyoound our self invested extinction symmetry. The silenced Creation life. The death of death. Void succumbs to vacuum?

Numerous scientific precepts, endeavors not currently realized concurrently-symmetrically giving applicable non- linear Eternal consequence to these endearing anticipations. Once again the road sign up ahead. During the absence of time infinity become functional. Opptional. Peare group, MIT DNAsound effect, the morphogenetic field, mass constriction curvature non- linearity, time dilation. And your next dream. Other efforts. Larry Von Sants work at Perdue University. Sonfication of protein Texas Wesleyans University. Indeed all scientific breakthroughs and the perception activity that lead to them are incomplete. Their full shining awaits. Did we forget something. Beside ourselves and the Universe.

For many sciences is the preferred carriage. Another road divine, God's delivery. Patient scholars offer. Light travels at 186,000 miles per second. We measure God’s intent to our satisfaction. Seemingly a linear dislocation in time. (Occurring in a non- localized Universe). the speed of light there is no passage of time. Now we approach the non- linear perception. During the absence of time Light motion intent becomes ever present. Not functional in time displacement, beginning end, therefore non- linear. Eternal. The Cosmic door is opening. We begin to greet ourselves again for the first time. Now our dear friend Albert smiles. When mass is constricted enough eventually the curvature becomes infinite. Offering logic’s opportunity. Mass constriction motion avails an initial linear sound-approaching an all- inclusive condition when mass curvature form surrenders pleasantry....Now the Light. These two concurrent events can be event distinctive. Examples: Inter galactic travel. Another witness from the perspective of death. (Life-death purposefully accrued). What we eerily witness as decay of a human body is obviously motion. Distinct person distinct timeless nonlinear sound accruing. Or mass constriction gently yielding form to the Light. Polite God's sounds instruction. In the absence of time material dislocation we have your Ever present self. The same while alive. Except for thousands of years your instructions witness compels otherwise. Eternally yours we continue. Sing the music dance the dance.

(Applicable perception). Life is an Eternal continuity, not inadequate seed of our devalued endings. Yet the inclusive Eternal embraces both. Irony gives further value understanding to death. Therefore life. Meaning our timeless death is all inclusive, thus Eternal, the endless place. All is One. How we live and die accrues all our lives gather and continue. “The beat goes on.” Life more aware not cautioned. Without fear we have no enemy. God actively attended. Thus articulate. Life and death concurrent. Presently alienated. God sequestered. Our fading selves: Wise, dangerous and clumsy. Note please no complaint gathered hear inviting apology. All is and as such intended so. Know the need seed the fuller prayer. We caution God less our Eternal favor. God does not deny

Be patient. The tree must rise before the leaf can fall: Sound is ageless. Thus nurtures Eternal the Light. The Eternal sound of you. Language delays music the babies smile. Soundings that respond to you. Distracted briefly Cosmically alert. Music is its own response. No argument bellies, but dance. Mozart, Beethoven, David Kyle, Curtis Slama, Louie, Carl. John Anderson. Emile DE Antonio Noam Chomsky, again gardening children’s dreams on the opiate trail. Sandy Aguila, Edith Piaf, Bob Dylan, George Bisacca seeker-sought, Dr. Parson’s and Professor Degrood, tomorrows us, Pedro Infante, aborted little ones returned to God, Sting, Kathy Bell, Pete Miller and his family, Simon and Garfunkel, Lori Lorraine God’s poet, Woram’s once family tree now orchard what a family now Elizabeth and Bret, Jonathon and Samuel. And God oh yes all the wonder us alleged ones, God children my friends. There’s Michael and Cyndi, Mr. Dudley, Freida and Cyni, God’s children our pets and resistant meals, Sky. St. John, Phyllis Coggins star of wonder, Nat King Coles words of sounds uninterrupted. God's music your own delivered without wrinkles. Your assembled gentle One, a Community of One, one the many all each one, Reprieve. Reminder. Witness the Eternal sound of you. You again. And again. Presence. Miracle's Eternal witness requires no instruction. Why? Linear's knowing defer ever presence. Realizable as inclusive non- depletion technology. And inclusionary commerce.

Cosmic reality is all inclusionary. Ourselves the same, denied. Memory forgotten testifies. Our dreams yearning. Your pain's protests. Diseases waivers. You pray who responds? Death's allegory now you better understand. Awareness guides. Application Eternities door. Yourself. Meaning dearest neighbors when your reality becomes not less another’s dying. Eternally alert, articulate brevity and opposition no longer sustains. Less your Eternal resistance less oppositions insistence: Cures seed not disease. Mysteries of luck, coincidence, super position, the precognitions, the forgotten place become sustainable. Conversant. The new language. Death better friend. Dying irony frivolous happenstance. Invigorated we continue: Inter stellar travel. Non- linear technology and commerce. Enough for all not less ourselves. Galaxies beckon. Not to worry you can still cheat a poker. Lie to tell the truth. Words continue our embrace. Forgetting invites remembering. What more miracle once denied. New science? Concurrent prayers? Quantum riddle smiles. Invites. Spherical meditation, mediation. Non- linear intelligence. Transmogrify stealth technology. Concurrent cinema. Music's images. Extra- terrestrials. Ourselves. Others. Now the same neighborhood. Welcome to the planet earth. We've been waiting for ourselves. Politely stepping past mirror's walls. Dream's waken our surmise...

The clearer sway. Not far away. All earth science is time based. Progress inconsistency hastened by invalidation. Linear depletion technology. Commerce based on risk. And sustainable inadequacy: A reference perspective: We cross the distant street arriving less ourselves. Our gentle Professor Einstein addressed the whimsy of time in most regards. Except to negate. And thus assimilate. The no- linear infinite Eternal: We accept that light travels (escapes “our resisting self” from itself) at 186,000 miles per second. Our mind’s eye our terms. An event that functions through displacement. Measured in time. In non- time? We accept that at the speed of light there is passage of time. As such in the absence of time light material becomes ever present. Accordingly our gentler witness offers the Universe unfolds, yourself the same Sandy. Non-linearly affluent. Not linearly deficient. All changes not less all. In the functional absence of time, time assimilation, the infinite becomes apparent. Optional. Technological- commercial conversion become evident. Not intrinsic to depletion risk intent design.

Another perspective. All relevant and revealing, the same, yearning repetitions “petitions” thirst. “You can step in the same river twice.” When mass is constricted enough “eventually” the curvature becomes infinite. (Cosmic pulse). Non- linear and infinite the same. Concurrent simultaneous spontaneity. Concurrent meaning same time. Coincident materiality. Forms idealized bordered constriction is sound. Spherical sound motion intent. The new materiality. Not time localized. Not time deficient, everything in time loses value intended while affirming value gain. Our joyous labors opportunities. Direction and purpose. Through non- linear time assimilation, otherwise. In the absence of time infinity becomes functional: The shortest, most efficient distance between two points is the concurrent radius of a straight line. Objective not consequent to design inconsistency.

Music is intent. Motion am3ends. Motions intent source explains. Awareness Light assumes. Light's motion creating form sound prescribes. All at once. Always breathes. Spinning spheres. Origin source God the same. Creations garden self amends. Understand? Hopefully not thus we persist. Smiling and perspiring. Gosh the better questions forsake. Awake language hesitates. And delays. You know the way. Dreams consciousness avails, the silence sings quietly forever Cre3ations wonderful schemes. Let's get practical. Let secrets speak our absence we know. Sounds address we've gently dispensed. The Light like sound less temporary borders. One embrace love unforgiven if you will. The photograph of your children. Your eyes uninterrupted memory knows. The same today as twenty years ago. Ageless again testimony Eternity amends. The film, the photograph will begin to wrinkles after your cautious death. (That's technology not idea). More briefly less space. Photograph film indulges time's cause and effect. As such process and result inconsistent to intent. Incomplete. The instantaneous condition activity event between camera and cautious morning sunrise. “Beam me up Scottie.” Don't you know.... Presently technology is time divested. Incomplete. Shucks and awe. Another flower the garden speaks. What Cosmic season unfolds Molly Ohm between the camera and the childcare’s smiles. There the soundings music plays. While we hide Eternity linear progress waits. One step at a time said the lady nervously walking down from Creation's nuclear gallows. We know we are. God accompanied. God available? More empty spoons than pi...

Suggesting this attendant God reality can only occur as a life denying after- life, not while alive makes the after-life-Eternal. Our daily lives each the timely exclusion of the other. Self alone the same. Heaven's source nurtures existence through choice full companionship. Remembered to ourselves: Born you had no functional awareness of time. And time death. You are an Eternal being. God delivered. Denied presently to ourselves. Knowing now we know. Our testimony witness redeems.

The Et4ernal space you occupy cannot be denied to you through origin birth or death “instructed” presumption. But your spatial identity can be suppressed. Devalued and denied. Your voice presence is God unique. Yet you rely on uncertain language of others. A child you are assigned a static exclusionary intelligence that “esteems” secures your identity to a disposable reality. An existence denied, diverted, perverted through dying valuation. Self-invalidation. You are expected to participate in the many violence. You profit from the dying of others. A Cosmic marriage secured through divorce. A God ideal life revealed as a life denying after life.

Let’s consider: If one of those unexpected, unannounced “alleged” disease inby time convenes and is gently treated with ageless “timeless” effects the presumed disease (God’s presence as is All) has no uncertain beginning realized through depletion’s incomplete end. No end you understand. (What grave mourns Eternity). But the “unwelcome quest can result in death. Death’s enjoyable- active opportunity. You really don’t have to suffer dyeing to attain Eternal life you already have. Nifty do you agree?

The original imposition is conception? When birth origin begins to assume divinely intended form, this divine expressible “organic” presence is introduced to pollutants, drugs, smoke, plutonian ninety, preservatives. And noise unresolved ideation. Engendering the body to an altered disposition. Fetal unresolved-inexpressible dichotomy. Upon birth conception disease becomes articulate to uncertain-redundant cure. Dying bestows advantage. Convergent addictions- chemical and ephemeral will become counter intuitive to their resolution. The Eternal yields to the non-Eternal. Time effect becomes anticipatory. The assigned disease assumes a value denied by tentative cure. (A birth inclination). Organic problem resolved to temporary incomplete solution. The genome is a partial representation. Our un resolved uncertain reality is organically realized by own denying aberration, exacerbated- sustained by our acquired impaired witness. Fostering an inconsistent incomplete culture whereby loss engenders value. Thus we survive the Eternally unresolved cautious of ourselves.

Lights developing enhanced dislocation suggests an evolving presence a “dev3elopment” suggesting an origin inception. Advocating our ability to evoke the non- linear Eternal to intent. (Non- linearly light sound symmetrical) Well beyond our tentative willingness to legitimize anticipation through self-denying value loss validated through an allegorical death cessation. Assuredly logics baby’s unsolicited smile insists we evoke the Eternal through our birth. Not through choice but as distraught choice. Sustained and revealed as denied. Presently other worldly unresolved death. Our current denied existence on which we impose a probing consciousness. Relevant to our physical “organic” limitations imposed prior to birth, toxics… smoke, pollutants, chemicals, and abrasive acoustics-these constraints are not casually resolved by the inarticulate baby fetus to any intent other than deficiency. Delayed tempered however marginally. In non- time these inarticulate deficiencies become inadequate ending effects delayed-continued after birth. The baby is without language response, perceptua0l defense. A silent unresolved anguish. These unresolved inception impairments (exaggerated after birth) frustrate our non- linear ability to perceive-express intuitively, affect coincident event, pray concurrently and design- engineer non- linear technology while sustaining effort through inclusionary global commerce. Our pre- birth physical inhibitions consciously” unknowingly” exaggerated after birth inhibit our “perceptual” need and impair our ability to resolved-defer events like war, global warming, the many violence’s. And anticipated-financed nuclear war spasm event. Non-event. Catastrophic event conditions accrued and reflective of our value loss existence perpetuated through materialized uncertainty and essential failure. One of the devise inceptions of time is the accepted belief that events end as unresolved directional value loss. They are resolved and completed, limited to memory anguish and joy. All good and bad continues. All good and bad accrues. All bad is good unresolved. All bad nurtures good impending direction unless you insist otherwise.

Extinction is your current-developing residency. Hydrogen weaponry your tax dollars at work. You are an accessory to the thievery that represses your Eternally affluent divinity. A macabre well intended public auction. You are invited while desperately alive to seek your purpose through an inaccessible unconscious. The constant fragmenting of self. Thus others. And Creation. We hide to prove ourselves worthy of self inquiry. Attending exclusionary Holy Temples that frequent life through death allegorical anomaly. (All is relevant and material except tiome). Their doors locked while opened. Holy Temples the only institutions from which we don’t accrue deed to purpose… graduate. To whom do we surrender if we are the only enemy. What love’s origin twice the same. You can’t have an enemy without being one.

Gravity is presently vector-scalar’s accommodated localized displacement of a non-localized condition. Scalar is a quantity that has measurable magnitude specified to a number on an appropriate scale: Volume , length, mass, time ,entropy, pressure, power. All exclusionary temporary depletion conditions sustained through value loss. (Time affected condition activities). Vector is a quantity that has magnitude and direction: Examples. Velocity, weight. displacement, force, drag, thrust, acceleration. We can agree vector is a linearily displacing activity whereby we give scalar “mass” quantity or volume intent, direction. Purpose. (Mass has value but no direction). ( Multi- faceted quantity given direction “motion” through directional force). Through linear technology, reflective of current perceptual heritage, mass volume direction occurs through value loss “entropy.” And is measurable sustained and realized through value loss in technology, process perception and result. One event leading to another uncertain event through depletion activity. Which includes the uncertainty of the event, reliance of depletion value loss fuel source and a disposable repair prone linear technology. Validated through failure prerogative. Affecting this condition uponin the linear uniformity of gravity clearly will create resistance. Explaining gravities disproportional oppositional. Gravities response to depletion angular effect realized through duration displacement.

Our Eternal friend Albert Einstein offers if mass is constricted enough eventually the curvature becomes infinite. (Please consider an iclusionary “spheroid” application. A concurrent event ie same time or time symmetrical. We are Influencing formation through ageless non- linear sound. (sound relates-determines form light as process intent… rendering an a casual event).A transmutation “creating new shapes” ie transmogrify “creating bizarre forms.” Infinite possibilities relevant to form effect event. Noting in time form is limited pretty much to sustained value loss, aging, entropy. Perception and technology compliment-validate this value loss condition activity. But a non linear event accommodates any form shift or can create the same, including what current earth science refers to as “space time”). Gravity as just referenced accommodates intent while facilitate intent. (Time dilation becomes specific and kindred to the event, desired or Cosmically occurrent). Meaning value loss displacement no longer factors. This dynamic flow can be specific to current disease cure opposition, a linear voyage, the instrumentality including the individuals that affect these desired or naturally occurring events. Accordingly human perception will change. Remembering while attending the forgettable a nonlinear event is all inclusive, fuel, technology and atmospherics will be sympathetically concurrent to event. Scalar-vector sustained deficient dislocation no longer affects. Linear depletion and technology concurrent with process intent are now non- linearly opportune. Again with polite emphasis this inclusive dynamic shift process, suggestive of non- linear gravity effect, referenced as worm holes, can be influenced through acoustic sound effect. Ageless sound event specific. Cause and effect. Destination and departure. Life and death. Become symmetrically opportune. We have expanded time dilation effect, the nice work Professors Susumo Ohno, Rupert Sheldrake, the inspired determination of Terence McKenna. The nice folks at Princeton “Peare Group” the anticipated fruition of Larry Von Sant Purdue. Neil’s Borg and Albert Einstein Cosmic hand shake, the quantum model and Cosmology garden the same breathe. And the many other Cosmic seekers. Gentle wanders of wit and whimsy. Good planetary neighbors. Farmer, astronaut, humming bird and dinosaur, bartender, scientist, taxi driver, Mom and Dad. Allegation approaches destination.

Acoustic protons. The resident nectar of a few words. Gratefully visiting with again (non- linearly repetition is the near of improbable probably) our Cosmic neighbor Albert Einstein, who offers, “When mass is constricted enough eventually the curvature becomes infinite.” (Eternal same flower different word’s disguise). Through mass motion constriction sound we can influence form intent, direction status-origin assimilation. Already occurrent, Interrupted by human effort in time, Incomplete non Eternal Mistakes companion try again. Echoes of the Super String, thank you ladies and gentlemen. Our bold athletic scientists, engineers, scholars… planetary custodians. Don’t forget the whales, the eagles, gorillas. Their preplanetary source origin. Darwin’s non-linear serenade. This mysterious dynamic non- linear logic compels, endless time dilation duration testifies can take one second’s evolving pause or a billion years. Examples: Active Lucy continues to emit “direct” 3.2 million years after Lucy’s assigned death. A glacier evolves. Your life which includes yiour rehearsed death Eternally the same. But amongst current humans these events, Creation is linearly perceived, expressed, materialized. And denied. In acquired time material events including our lives are indeterminately flawed from the inception of each event. Desperate unresolved community of self. We encourage reward ourselves with failure. Our Cosmic inroad.

Definition of form. “The midst in whioch something occurs, exists or in created. (Empty space? In relations source to its Cosmic origin self).

Consider to patiently imagine we can shape an event, form, direction through ageless sound. All motion has sound. Sound manifest testifies to either linear havoc, noise or ageless sound. The Eternal motion. The nice George Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue testifies. Bob Dylan, Edith Piaf, Nat King Cole, Pedro Infante , the Mamas and the Papas, Lori Lorraine, Doug -Joan MCcrae and the guys, Chris, Richard. Tom Thomas, Vicki the writing talking group, Satchmo, Steven Spilleburg, Jonas Salk rolling up hios sleeve, Luciano Pavarotti, Picasso, Dizzy Gillespie, Peter Funk, a babies cries, you a whales song, a rainbows melody, Mozart concur. And all the wonderus alleged ones. Friends loyal cosmic attendants. “I know who you are. Oh yeah I know who you are.” When we can resolve harness form intent through its ageless Eternal sound we have a new reality. Exclusionary linear entropy no longer instructs. Eternity witnesses we finally testify. More not less than before. The credible in incredible Curtis, once upon a space not in time (I) saw God’s wandering scholar with Buck Minister Fuller walk bye a library. And then l=like before took a break from later they all curtsied. Do you comprehend agreeably Holy Temple’s libraries and Universities much alike the like. Amazing interesting to. Its true, true enough that true be so. And so no less than so, Anyway be the way. Tomorrows avenue. Tom Cantrell, Mark, Curtis, Kathy Bell, Diane Degan and navigator Richard with Chris. Pete Miller and Vicki listening talk book. All on the veranda watching colors converse. Noam Chomsky mysteriously the same. Colors have frequency? The next sentence greets the presence of our absence. We continue. Oh yeah


Transcending “Resurrections” form. Revelation’s allegory. Life after death is the seed of Christian and other religions belief. The encouraged belief is that through a self- denying death you attain our ideal bond with God. Good worshipers sustain a God exclusionary value by denying life, a gift from God, to an after- life.

Human beings through interpretive choice have affected a shift. God timeless Eternal gift of life has been deferred to an after- life. You have rejected God’s gift of Eternal life in favor of a non- Eternal existence. This profound irony has culminated as the earth people’s extinction culture.

Understandably a people who accept spiritual ineptitude have made a value of sin. Purpose of violence. And futility of religion. A people who can only attain divine maturity through death must live a life of obedience to those who explain the journey. Redemption through redundant forgiveness gives recurrent value to transgression. God’s love need not be forgiven. Love is and as such is so. Would you rather be loved or forgiven? Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, Mother Teresa lived through effort’s choice such a life. While impaired and distracted by others. God’s Divine elephants, whales, butterflies, flowers, the baby life form children, the rain and the air value the Eternal joy of such a life. While trying to resist the damage done to God’s Creation environment.

Not surprisingly a non-Eternal God inept peoples have no choice but to remain in their Holy Temples until they are relieved of their success through death. A death of other they often cause. And profit from in their religions, commerce and technology. Such a people must limit their spiritual journey to ritualized pantomime. Banal obedience. Violence. Often lonely misogyny. Never graduating from their Holy Temples as Jesus, Krishna Buddha, Mother Teresa and nameless others have done. And our waiting selves. Once God attendant beneficent Eternal awe…

God predates the materializing of the planet earth. There is the Cosmic God and the earth peoples frightened adaption. You recognize miracles why not yourselves?

Why do we write y99u. When reason stifles Cosmic purpose. Exploratory shadows self-expression? The Holiest words “I” know are (I) don’t know Gold knows. Derived aware lost we continue. Much encourag4ed we choose a lionear life. The shared disturbance. Appreciating we can smile while we talk. Witnessed a lady the other day. Karly gentle rainbow waitress.

We don’t have to choose the Eternal life. Already chosen, our births. We seek our origin. Believing ourselves the source of our effort. Much frightfully esteemed is assigned to us, impeding-motivating the Eternal. Dying’s pervasive symmetry, profits oracle. Heavens delivery, our Eternal life’s delay. Disguise. Holy water, electric tooth brushes and napalm.

We chose that we can deny God our purpose. Like ourselves words ink predate our star dust luster. Like milk weed they float until they are gathered to our scheme: Sin (is sin). Patriot (I tap the riot rot). Armageddon (Rage are “we” me done God; mad. Damned.) God (go do “the “dog.) God we prefer less Creation’s intent? Children’s crusade. Martyr esteemed. Holy Temples castles. Murdered Jews cushioned pews. Alabaster saints, Jihad, horney nuns. Candles in a bird cage. Words deed’s intent wait our Light’s caress.

Emily Dickenson breaths bird’s song delivered. “Because I could not stop for death. He kindly stopped for me. The carriag3e held ourselves. And immortality.” Thank you for the ride gentle sweet lady, gotten tired of hitching,

A nice earth person gently wondered. “How does the water of the brain become the wine of consciousness?” Oh yes Curtis Slama “likely” located the gentle-nice Asian biologist Susumo Ohno. Thank you kind sir. We start already-continously begun… Attending recollection. There’s Carl Ghostly photogragher. Through relevant revealing ageless sound intent we can affect a reclamation of the temporarily past dormant event. In the absence of time beginning do not evolve less the value of their resolution. No flawed beginnings thrive less the incomplete value loss of their resolution ie endings. We can through linear, Eternally repressed memory, revisit the trips to the punch bowl at the high school prom, but the effort however determined wont affect you blood alcohol level. Through non-linear acoustic sound intent we can actively “currently” engaged a past event. It’s potential inception irony. Example a cancer. Or in more acute probability an “imminent” accident. (We are approaching the material construct intent of sustained coincident intuition, the wonderment of clairvoyance. And expressible-sustainable luck symmetry as materialized probability). Once a past event is engaged, is mass intent constriction can be gently influenced. The cancer, the jet plane crash can be politely redirected to its preferred origin. (Reminding kindness to the cancer is kindness to both host and the resident. (Radiation and chemotherapy are mean. And in the sum of sometimes helpful. Burrows paving the way to the galaxies.

Presently the linear angst of an event is perceived, sustained and expressed through developed consciousness. The individual and shared conscious of individuals. Consciousness is secured through our acquired “instructed” perceptual history. Consciousness intent awareness is sustained and evolved through linear language, static assigned-exclusionary intelligence-manifested through acquired self- imposed linear customs like disease, profiting from dysfunctional dyeing intent, executions, war and war intent. And life after death less life’s value while alive. Also bad jokes and high cholesterol.

Recalling with emphasis dna sound symmetry, the morphogenetic field, time depletion, concurrent icnlusive communication, the sound associated with non- linear “uninterrupted” matter-material predetermined intent like the Cosmic-sustainable all- inclusive non- linear sounds we emit after the active-expressive presumption of death…these applicable condition events evidence a new consciousness. Suggestive of genetic memory, worm hole, super position. Events that do not deny the source, human or otherwise and whose result is not incomplete. But rather expressible sympathetic with the Eternal mysteriously spontaneous Cosmos. As origin source. Value loss, catastrophe can still occur, but such value loss events are not intrinsic to process. And intent. As such are viewed sadly and prophetically as karmic events that are deserving of respect and reflection, learning. When the totality of source person, engineering intent and desired result is functionally intact and inclusionary we have a profound increase of information, some not knowable but nonetheless pertinent as all the all embracing brings technology, commerce, spirituality-life summation to a new level of expression, comprehension. A heart monitor that only the one doctor can utilize that is adaptable to each patient, patient intent. The same an evolved scalpel. Language. Mathematic. Music. Consider to imagine your politely consuming a meal that is only nutritional to your unique self, not based on the exclusion “abrupt resistant termination” of another life form.

Currently earth religions are ritual static, not summation directed through graduation, secured through other life (self-life) exclusionary provocation. Violent. Coomerce driven while not invested in the angst of linear commerce and technology. No single Holy Document that dignifies-sustains the divinity of women. And the divinity of animals. The children’s crusade, martyrs, holy jihad, the purges of Constantine, crucifixions, Revelations …. Oh dear Oh dear oh dear. And still we are express ably in awed ofinby Creation. But…

Sunday still

Transcending “Resurrections-Reincarnations” form. Revelation’s allegory. Life after death is the seed of Christian and other religions belief. Through faith in your self-denying (life temporary) existence you attain an Creation exclusionary bond with God. Worshipers sustain a God value by denying their lives, a gift from God, to an after- life.

The earth people through interpretive choice have affected a shift. God’s Eternal gift of life has been deferred to an after- life. You have unknowingly exchanged God’s timeless Eternal gift for a non- Eternal existence. This profound irony (is) culminating as the earth people’s extinction culture.

A planetary earth people through spiritual ineptitude have made a value of sin. Value of loss. Purpose of violence. And futility of religion. A people who attain divine maturity through death must live a life of obedience to those who explain the abandoned journey. Redemption through forgiveness gives recurrent value to transgression. God’s love need not be forgiven. Love (is) love’s purpose. Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, Mother Teresa through effort’s choice sustained an Eternal life. While impaired and distracted by others. God’s Divine elephants, whales, butterflies, flowers, the baby life form children, your denied intended selves, the rain and the air-- benefit joy Eternal life. While resisting damage done to God’s Creation environment.

Through time depletion you have challenged your timeless benefactor, denying yourselves not God. Your commerce is death. Your hope is less. Yet your prayers are true. And destination is location. “Live long and prosper.”

A non-Eternal God inept people have no choice but to remain in their Holy Temples until they are relieved of their success through death. An unsolicited death of others they often cause. And profit from in your temporary religions, commerce and technology. Such a people are obliged to limit their spiritual journey to ritualized pantomime. Banal obedience. Violence. Lonely misogyny. Never graduating from their Holy Temples as Jesus, Krishna Buddha, Mohammed, Mother Teresa. And God determined others.

God Eternal predates “your” timely acquired (timeless) planet earth. There is the Cosmic God and the earth peoples frightened adaption. Resolve time value loss depletion, reclaim Eternal intent. You recognize miracles why not yourselves?

Active circle: Inviting clarity: Currently the earth people believe that form is essentially made up of protons, electrons and neutrons. (All is true evolving in a non- linear Universe). Appreciating that pertinent to form, evolutionary intent is in forms purpose. Active within the Eternal awe of which our denying is actively relevant. Seemingly un bordered and unordered space satisfies the definition of form. Of course on course space and bordered form are interactively complimentary. Direction ie motion…sound. Form obliges our complimentary Eternal presence. Yes congratulates halleluiah. Creation’s life intent is no longer interrupted by our impatient concern. Assembled few words. Motion is God life Creeation’s intent. Intent has (is) Cretion God source. And Source Reveals God awareness. Ourselves the same.

The Bible begins. “Let there be Light.” Sound construct, God source origin voice divine. (Then). The believable awe. All ancient current Holy documents wait the Cosmic seed. Flowers of light unbelievable. Thank you for your companionship. And accompaniment.

Not so...

Our ironic agony is an unnecessary disguise. An unsolicited unresolved anguish we accept and impose on others. An anguish babies do not acknowledge. Our incomplete non- Eternal reactions are perceptual, our bodies remain Eternal. Denied thus we subsist in anguished conflict with ourselves. A distraction that does not keep us from embracing our lovers. We sing. And dance. Water God’s flowers. We ask questions and brave God’s answers. We do not blame our dreams to sleep. We need to love our neighbors. We create an agony that compels our response. We anticipate our prayer’s yearning response. (The expectant self). We dry our tears with good intentions. We can prevail to the God better self, our births testify. Our prayer’s proof our will. Other planets wait our delivery.

Time is a materialized chronology made up of the past, the present and the future. Material because we have married time to our material selves. Our material loss existence, our incomplete-unresolved existence testifies.

Not entirely…

Through imposed time we give credence to our past and present. But not the future. The future is an anticipated dormant condition not yet engaged in time. (Our collective and individual timeless Eternal future). As such the Eternal self. Otherwise by unknowing choice. Until now. Our Eternal bond with Creation’s environment. And God. We are one wakened sunrise from our intended wonderment. Without a destination, we wouldn’t know when we are lost. Accordingly we seek.

From the non- linear residency why not gently treat the cancer from its God intended Eternal future. Either in resolving ideal or death oinactive “dormant” affectation. Politely induced enduring death. ( Death not dying). Kindness to both gives credible Eternal presence to both. Non- linearly the past is inclusive kindred to the Eternal future. (Origin past future’s past). Treat the assigned canc3er with death’s non-linear consent, delivering life’s purpose. The same flowers evolving seed. Esteem the presumed disease before its surface greets.

Richard if we may your partially amended question. Nature of energy released if two non- linear vehicles collide in a non- linear Universe?

All in the Universe is Eternally gathering, otherwise events would exist in exclusion of the Universe. And the events themselve33s. All is material except time? Actually material time events are Eternally material time impending. Our current lives are tentatively acquired, delayed, our ironic self-designed value loss existence. An unnecessary paradox exaggerated by current depletion technology and global commerce. And profoundly static reciprocal violence. Denied as deficient dying.

The all- inclusive Eternal life includes an active nurturing death presence. Eternal sublimation. Inby the all gathering all- inclusive an active life includes the nurturing time ref3r3ence after life. Heaven on earth we reside, presently denied. If death were a disposable, otherworldly delayed event our Cosmic existence would permanently deny itself. Non- existence its own reflection. Void unavoidable. Whispering purpose once again death and dying are life’s carriage. Now time compels death and exclusionary dying are related in our unknowing fear. Our acquired-assigned loss. Killing profiting from the acquisition dying of others. Killing is unnatural and unnecessary. And should not be encouraged.

Before and after are time constraints. The after- life? Our denied, otherwise all gathering-inclusive-intended includes both. One smile’s direction’s turn short. Nurturing and amazing. Less our current selves. Not one less the concurrent other. Constancy Eternal residency of yearning-evolving now. Our continuous eternal dislocation’ life and presumed death not one less the other. Each the garden purpose of the other. Now one less the other thus less themselves. Our- shared-anguished community. We sing once again tears content, what graves mourn Eternities flower. What is waiting in the absence of time? The question is the answer. (All is material including time). Not unlike your mirrors reflections” bridge.” Our memories, forgettable Eternal. Our dreams wonderings. Such a simulation, future’s residence will helped us with our healings. Meditations. De-aging. Singing and dancing life appreciating Eternal self.. You know yourself the rest. Eternal eloquence. You need more? Great more you are. Without problems we wouldn’t have potential. Do you agree friend? Our problems our source not our origin source. Do we repeat the same breath?

Motion is Eternal intent. Intent Creation source. Source God awareness. What gentle thoughts gathering dear Cosmic friend will you offer. Let the God awe begin. Greet yourself. Hi Charlie…

Appreciating we acknowledge vibrant death sublime can be simulated. Materialized.

Collision is a value loss perception that is materialized and engaged- given deficient credence through linear deficient language and mathematics affect distortion exaggerated through technology. And global risk based commerce. An incomplete value loss process precipitated through time disparity effect. An example of perceptual inconsistency. We initiate consequently witness a reality that is adapted to time displacement, our depleting selves. All inseparable timeless non- linear events and conditions are fragmented disproportionately from themselves. Interrupted in time whereby events begin to lose value intent “identity” from the inception of the time insinuated event. Non- linear events do appear to separate “deceptively” from themselves. Lose functional form identity. An asteroid collides with a planet. A person after their non- linear identity is established through death cessation seemingly begin to decay. Lose body form substance. Before and after birth through instruction and an assimilated culture denied in time, baby beings begin a debilitating value loss age process. Until death perception is attained. (Time’s repressed material duration materiality need not be realized through essential-exhaustive organic devaluation). We are experiencing while witnessing ill-conceived incomplete events that are reflective of our flawed value loss creation. Non- linear events to lose form duration, but do so through value gain-maintaining Eternal duration purpose. Identity intent. Tapping into-affecting the non- linear ideal resolves essential uncertain-deficiency and the perceptual predisposition…accrued forgetting. The delayed “active” Eternal self. The impending Eternal self. Precipitated initially as an incomplete non-Eternal perception of self. What gentle voice speaks waiting less time’s imposition. Through self-Creation presently denied. Anticipating inclusive commerce. And technology intent.

Understandably the energy created and needed to affect our flawed-incomplete Cosmic separation (is) also deficient. The energy is question is disruptive, depleting “temporary” and creates value loss pollution to the event environment. (Allowing a developmental interruption. The ideal value gain energy is non- linear gravity affect utility). One of the most obvious value loss energy transfers or displacements is decay. Inherent casually interactive material depreciation. Essential to linear 3effect. And contrived (ie) destruction-violence. Uncertain deficiency is all pervasive. Loss realized as value. Exaggerated as linear time insinuated technology and planetary commerce, time effected material conditions, initiated as perception. Manifesting a disposable culture. Wealth and poverty sustain deprivation. Each deprivations delivery of the other. May we suggest. Charity for the poor. Charity for the rich. Futility is inherent to effect. Material relief temporary not pervasive. Dysfunctional aging of a body unknowing and unnecessarily precipitated- perpetuated through linear disease, death value loss cessation. Value lo0ss is fundamental and exaggerated by technological effect. And depletion commerce. Both planetary affectations are actualized through value loss risk. And redeem design intent through inadequate process result. (The machine is prone to repair, accident and is also designed to utilize depletion energy).

All in the Universe claims its evolving-refining Eternal origin source. The planet earth would not have materialized without its own origin source. Source that presumes…pre-established form source. No endings thrive once begun. No beginning surmise seed endings imposition. Otherwise we choose temporarily, uncertainly and incompletely. Acknowledging a presumed “welcome” error. All flaw Eternally resides less our reflection. Mentioned in a video and written essay “time travels are 136, 000 feet per second. Current science otherwise represents. Not feet per second but miles. But logics witness explains the foot before the mile. Suggesting an evolving developmental Light activity condition. Thriving responsive non- linear. The light non- linearly inconsistency accommodates. Inclusionary presence magnitude sublime. Resolving linear weight, density, torque, drag. Gravity assimilation, concurrent. Acceleration velocity presence location sustains. Cause effect. Inception conclusion. Life death. Destination departure. Each the origin of its own Eternal source. Appropriately consider please the spherically sustaining extra- terrestrial vehicle. Mass constriction yields curvature infinite ideal. Acoustic spherical “rotation” avails the same result. Mass linearly without value assumes value intent. Whether the mass of a journey, an assigned cancer or a prayer. Echoes of morphogenesis. Form the midst in which events exist. Space and bordered form the same. Each the functional non- linear anticipation of the other. Presently in linear perception all form assumes its non- linear origin through catastrophic failure. Loss of functional identity. Examples. At two thirds the speed of light the linear space vehicle automatically disintegrates. Resolving linear irony through accrued value loss. Ourselves death through dyeing’s imposition. Another example, nuclear war. Global warming. Anticipation esteems the validation of the Eternal self. Non-linear technology intent and non- linear global commerce inclusion. Anomaly

A comment relevant to the expressible source-origin of acquired adaptations of language and intelligence. Language utility and intelligence affect are both time linearly insinuated. Both are essentially consequential to design and unintentional “unknowing” limitations. Intelligence is expressed through shared expressions which are obliged to validate our flawed, unresolved reality. Presently computer language is a linear interpreted. Similarly expressed. And applied. Advanced linear utility exacerbates linear value loss realized through and approaching catastrophic utility loss direction. A failed and futile expression of the non- linear ideal. Evidenced by nuclear weaponry, chemical-biological weapons, expressed-anticipated concerns in artificial intelligence. Otherwise evident as accrued global warming, pandemics and limited asteroid tracking. Also noted industries, religions that rely on dying and related ano9imaly as profit incentive, inducement. Yet like all else language manifest in the non-linear Eternal. Evident as forgetting and otherwise. As Eternal be9ngs resident in an Eternal Cosmos our being’s perceptual perceptions are Eternally source. And directed however incompletely. We are all Eternal enlightene3d beings either by deed or anguished opportunities direction. We are not inherently-essentially flawed bad people. Punishments, imprisonments, executions, wars evoke profoundly incomplete-- static accruing intransigence for all concerned. Unnaturally and unnecessarily. Innocence is more productive. Love blossoms abuse delays and suffers source and recipient. Creativity like memory are much less interfered with, influenced. Both creativity and memory are realized in silence, much less inclined to value loss time activities. Until the result of either is incorporated into our value loss culture. Both ephemeral results, art work, engineering-scientific expressions after their initial seemingly spontaneous “silent” realization “inspiration” these expressions are assimilated into our uncertain, incomplete value loss reality. The conflicted self.

Response: A thought a seed. The planet earth, including ourselves, as origin, Source. We predate “presuppose” our material locality. Non- linearly “Eternally” all reside endless presence. Ever present source. Eternal. There is no loss less the God intended value identity. Except through the distraught human imposition. Awareness is response. Purpose is identity. We are tracing a divine activity presence. Our ancestor ship. All motion divine intent, Light sound expressible assimilation. Awareness is uninterrupted purposeful response. Response refines…Knowing claims seed’s intent.

The current definition of energy.” The property that must be transferred to an object in order to do work, affect a task, an intended “currently observable” result.” Energy is the linear consequential medium through which we affected dislocating value loss. The incomplete nature of the transfer, its instrument process, the contrived-artificial nature of most energy conditions and the intent results “requires” a multi deficient energy effect. A depletion ineffectual fuel source. Current energy schematics are disruptive-inadequate materialized temporal anomalies, side effect. Before material non- linear transcendence can occur in value and process and intent there must be a perceivable need. Need effect becomes apparent through concurrent or non- linear perception. This speaks to a shift in language perceptual skills. A new self- awareness response. These shifts will direct-compel inclusionary technological and economic utility. Current non-linear energy condition intents, wind, solar. Not yet gravity. Global tides and moon gravity tides. Assimilated weather shifts.

Noting please a historical example. According to historians some of the native American Indians who saw Christopher Columbuses ships land were unable to perceptive the shoips they were looking at. The did not have the perceptual background “heritage” that would allow them to form from relevant imagery the composites of the ships. Also, their accrued language was inadequate to the event. The gentle natives never saw men with beards. Horses. Projectile weapons. We presently have the same limitations with attendant extra-terrestrials. And ourselves.

Through time value loss abstention consequent perception and material utility undergo a material shift that complements the Cosmic non- linear source awareness. The fewer words assembly. During the sympathetic absence of time infinity becomes functional. Optional. Light acoustic technology. “energy” is suggested. Note at the speed of light there is no passage of time. Utility becomes functionally non- linear. Through time energy abstention ironic presence becomes non- linear Ever presence. Energy transfer is not realized through deficient depletion. Linearly actualized through intent and event. Energy source intent becomes complimentary and spontaneous in nature. Suggested metaphorically or otherwise by silent energy associated with extra- terrestrial events. Indeed, silence is functionally manifest before and after machine or language event is objectified to material resulting in energy noise. (Noise is a value loss acoustic time anomaly). Nasty damaging stuff.

We will observe how sound motion can affect a material or perceptual event without accrued value loss. (Inviting interruptions symmetry. Gravity in the Universe is the only condition activity that functions without inherent value loss and value gain. Gravity is not consequent to its own opposition displacement as currently accepted). Gravity is its own response. Ironic displacement is resolved. Not unlike music assimilation. Gravity mysteriously seems to transcend the non- linear as itself. Gravity is functionally symmetrical to itself unless engaged. The nature of the engagement determines direction utility result. All motion has direction intent. Gravity utility transcends duration displacement. Temporal perception “projection” suggests that gravity can create time deletion effect. Gravity is the framework through which the Universe unfolds itself. And the unfolding is gravity. The Universe is that framework. All events, conditions, intents are compatible with gravity unless gravity contrarily “linearly” affected. Presently gravity referred to as the weak force can only be engaged through resistant opposition. Music timelessly astute is its own response. Gravity requires no response.



Essays, Glimpses & Consequentials


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All There Is Is All There Is

Echo's response "Concurrence"



Acabamos Manana Empezamos Hoy


Chaos Theory Completed


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