Light fully Elaine
& Charlie & Elaine & U

Elaine kindly consider this gathering. As dreams compel and polite pr5ayer’s anticipate. Our words blossom death's irony to purpose. In our preswence divinely appointed we continue.

Hesitating logic’s thrift yearning melody , quietly forever dreams, transcendent, “I” miss you Elaine. Thus time’s allegory excuses Eternal being. We are... Breath’s desirous word’s resplendent. Sounds Lightfull Everpresence. We anticipate ourselves aware. Mystery. Alive less death’s hesitation.

Allowing us your patience Elaine “I” must surrender purpose to explanation. What time allows Eternity permits. Otherwise we are discreet. Intelligently assigned. We defer. Now Eternally resplendent.

(I) learned not knowing Elaine you died. What loss memory we derive while thriving, unhappily? What death claim’s life’s flowering. Stars beckon. Do we speak less ourselves? Trespass Eternal. Death jests life interrupts. Mystery telling apologies proof. Modesty our hearts derive. What death’s dying life submits. Reason begs.... Thus we repeat our prayer’s waiting for God to get our prayers right. I sense yoiur smile Elaine breathing we aspire. Eternity nurtures life deprived. I miss you Elaine, yet aware. Accompanied we continue. Waiting for ourselves acknowledged evident as denied. Imagination we reside. Let’s continue sought as found. Eloquence the presence of our absence.

Once upon a space disguised in time the nice and gentle Professor Einstein offered. The Universe is non-linear. Meaning unlike a straight line the Universe can not be separated from itself. Less the separation. Intriguingly Elaine when you were a born a baby child your body was non-linear intact, your body presence could not be separated less itself and still thrive. Intentionally. The one words pause...born divine. Like the Universe, our origin source, you were non-linear. Eternally articulate. Your parents similarly consigned carefully introduce to their acquired reality. Life’s ironies separation. Became your non-Eternal life. An existence whereby all experienced through time ends. Death proves ourselves dying. We are assigned a static- de personalized intelligence that predates our birth. Sustained through a linear language sustained through forgetting's chore. Timeless Elaine waits in a timely world. Eden’s flower death’s guardian. We smile anticipation we dream. Accompanied we continue

Whom do “we” ask? What is another word for life? What is another word for love. Is the answer, “yes.. ” Thus inviting all karmic challenges divinely opportune. Can we understand more than words allow? Can we be aware of what we can not perceive? Yes, once beneficent we know. Our eyes instructed are evidence of what we see. Thirst directs. Love explains denial is proof. Well lost enough we continue. Discontinued the same. The Universe is timeless. Infinity suggests as much. Willfully uncertain linearly in time we deny our Cosmic predisposition. Our actively Eternal selves. Time is a human devise. The incomplete contrivance. We are out of step with our residence the timeless Cosmos. Non-Eternally astute we conspire. Death we brag afraid answers all of life’s questions. All in time ends while ending? Implores another question. How can a life end in an endless Universe? Dream’s our compass happily “I” am lost. Accordingly inspired. Thank you is the tender prayer. The nice Rabbi offers, “Prayer’s aren’t answered, they are the answer.” “Elaine?” I smile who breathes? “There we are nice beiung with you.” Memories residence garden’s grandeur.

One sentnece3 is enough the other one cautions. The Universe is Eternal therefore endless. All material events, including ourselves, realized in time end from the inception of the event (in an endless Universe). All beginnings in time are endings that eventually disintegrate. All purpose and direction lost. Thus Eternally we are incomplete. Time hesitates less the infinite Eternal. Both time and the Eternal issuance of duration. The words rush caution hesitates. Patience is faith knowledge is waiting. One word’s shadow ends less the flower’s seed, the other endlessly sublime. Poetry’s caress. Time ends, the Eternal thrives uninterrupted. Endlessly. No ending’s thrive once begun. The nice and inspiring Shelby offers, “What is seen can not be unseen...

The Eternal deferred less our lives. Allowing speculation’s gift. Our ancestor’s labored amidst Creatioin’s cycles. Day became night. Weather. Injury, disease healing uncertainty. Seasons. Pregnancy. Famine. The earthquake, thunder and asteroid. And life surrendered to death. More shrewd than cautions we devised time, our own cycle; thus the earth people assumed control over a timeless planet earth. Death consents non-Eternal beings deferring God articulate. Unnecessarily....Thus we separate Heaven from earth, Giod ideal from ourselves. Misery confirms our joy complete. Well abandoned to our success. We forgive ourselves Creation. Question’s persistent we destroy...

Please note rules restraint. Also the typo’s i’s o’s u’s others and numeration are not intentional inclining current language to non-linear flow... We understand ideally less the explanation of ourselves. Like all memory is Eternal. Denial disproves while acknowledging what is denied. You are God’s memory of yourself. Understanding we hesitate. Word’s parable incomplete. No acknowledges yes preferred. Thriving we thirst. Waiting and knowing dance together. We are awake proof we dream.

Allowing simplicities grace: Without time effect we are timelessly inclined. Presently whether we are involved in time is not a choice. To exist other than through time, deny tiome seems implausible, suggesting a challenging shift. In the absence of time we have to consider our material existence without having to diminishing the same existence. Given that all material through time non-materiality. As we observed everything experienced in time ends, disintegrates continuously “ubntil” a material event looses all utiltiy, purpose and direction. This adaptation is the earth people’s flawed and otherwise incomplete response to the Eternal duration which is without end, accordingly timeless. In time absence materiallly Eternal. Death no longer instructs life it’s purpose. There are no endings o9nce begun. Killing can no longer be praiseworthy, just. When we are no longer afraid of death we are less afraid of life. We are more loving and appreciative of life. In the absence of death dying is otherwise than currently dreaded. We are capable of creating what we want most to avoid. Would not could not the opposite be true. We breathe the environment our lives'. Disease avails and guides, disease no longer defies life. Without time we are Eternally conversant, timeless.

No endings once begun. The Universe is inescapably continuous. What escape is death? What grave mourns your life. Your choice instructs Creation

The time’s nurture revealed through deficiency. Contrast stifles opposition. Insanity cautions sanity. Intervention concurs. As a psychologists do you agree Elaine? (Cause and effect anticipates defect). The singular timely protocol. Everything that begins ends. While ending. How do we repress Cosmic intent? The answer suffers the question, ourselves. Language hesitates, intelligence decries, planned disintegration. And death cessation. Explaining current religion, technology, commerce. Humanity redeemed through death. While dying. Curious visitation. The guest denies the host. Death applauds life’s incomplete rehearsal.

Spirituality. Deferred. There is the Cosmic God and the earthly adaptation. Displaced through time. The preferential Temple, the martyred “violent” example, death not life revealing Heaven. Has there been a singular Holy document that compels-dignifies woman's divinity. Creation’s Cosmos denied. Allowing Elaine the fewer words embrace, in the absence of time infinity becomes functional. Eternally we reside less death’s consent. Words of words more and less. The silence sings quietly forever dreams.

Your body as suggested ius non-linear. (All-inclusive, un bordered). Eternally plausible, unless we choose otherwise. Meaning your body can not be separated from itself. Including during and after death without denying the non-linear Universe. Including the idea of your body. Appreciating the non- linear all inclusive body includes separating another life form from their body. Their body purpose. And also not befoire birth, non-linear timelessness renders the ironically displaced “before” and “after” are otherwise, bridges to the same crossing. Your essential self is Eternally disposed. Only otherwise through choices that validate time disintegration. Common and encouraged by our current reality. Your non-linear body is Divine. Unless denied. Time ending is our mirror. Everything altered through time disintegrates, losses purpose direction and utility. The five major industries on this planet perpetuate death as a profit incentive. And a material cessation of self. Current science, technology, spirituality is time encrusted, realized evolving disintegration. Our existence is disposable. Yet we search. Silently astute we yearn. Capably benefiting spontaneous occurrence speak to the Cosmic self: Coincidence, lucky, clairvoyance, our birth and presumed death, dreaming, forgetting, orgasm. anticipating, intuition, placebo, twin tuition....other Cosmic Light full occurrences. Eventfulness we do not create, that don’t compliment our exclusionary knowledge. Interestingly these spherical spasms affect one person at a time. Offering the mystery we know as “sile3nce.” Yearning light ourselves approaching.

Cosmic timeless events we also can’t sustain. Occurrence from inception have already been diminished by and through our incomplete-uncertain reality. The Eternal Cosmic we seek through music, unrelenting dream. Our imagined self. The wordless self reaching for our ghostly shadow. Critically excusing time’s fluency silently. We embrace, kiss the same, silently audible smile, coupling one together gathering a child from and to the light. We hesitate. We wander. Dance and sing “our” music. Indeed and otherwise music is one of the few experiences we don’t alter in order to assimilate. Unlike luck, coincidence, forgetting etcetera we intentionally gather-sustain and share the music. Dancing inhaling-exhaling without calculation’s apology. Similarly we die...

We sense the unknowing of ourselves. Protesting vigorously our success. We hunger. We risk life to end life. We eat the excess of ourselves. We smoke ourselves. We abort. Worthy of sanities denial we go insane. We prolong cure through disease. And we live to die proving death our benefactor. Protecting ourselves through self designed spasm nuclear extinction. Pandemic. Global warming. Limited asteroid tracking. We create the need for our own prayers. Preferring God less ourselves through death. We trouble life. Yet in the somehow of when we know the better of ourselves. Wandering we wonder. We continue lost as found. Well inspired

The fewer words searching Cosmic assembly. Logic whispers discretions haste: Dancing we think. The Universe is timeless the earth people exist in time. We are therefore out of synch with our residence the Universe. Our Eternal selves. Are we lost partition’s contempt. Thus knowing can know otherwise. The Cosmos is evidenced not as....: One material point event “location” separated to a second through sustained loss of value. And direction. Thwarted ever presence. Functional spontaneity, material resonance diverted through ironic time displacement. The nice and gentle Mark Twain volunteered, “Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.” Eternal refining materiality succumbs do localized disintegration. Understanding “the Light” and the presumed “sound of silence” are un bordered, all-inclusive. Acknowledging ofby “silence” we know little. A foreign land to which we have no passport, Light forming motion evokes its harmony. Presently most sounds are disruptive, organically damaging, reflective of our disruptive time materiality. Offering “quiet” is the absence of sound disruption. Silence is otherwise. Meani9ng non-linear, refining light compatible-expressive and sympathetic. The sound of silence is evoked by light motion and or light motion evokes specific sound silence. (Simultaneous spontaneity). Music is the audible of silence, yearning Light. Consequently the Light and its sound of silence (are) sympathetic, materially interchangeable as refinement with the infinite Eternal. Spontaneity is an issue of presence not diminishing disintegration, interrupted presence, endings. Linearity, a straight line, one source beautifully defines, “a disturbance between two points.” Explaining our self opposing time anguished existence. The artificial self. Noting humans are the only species on this planet that devolve through time and death. Elephants as well? Death while dying shared. The chosen experience on this planet. Maybe is the plentiful place of wonder.

Timely linear thrust is an invalidated beginning point event determined uncertainly as a diminished event end point. Two event junctures dislocated in a non-localized Cosmis revealed through time ironic disintegration. Our Cosmic displacement realized as sustainable death and environmental disregard. Fundamental laws of science sustain material uncertainty. Asking we wonder? Knowing we confuse? How can opposite-opposing reactions be equal. Seemingly unequal opposition further reveal disintegration futility. Other invested perspectives. The speed of light speaks to incrementally linear dislocation. Speed linear non-localized dislocation in a localized Universe factored against time denying timelessness. And gravity: Gravity is based on oppositional displacement. Gravities response to dislocating linear technology. Two of the gentle Professors Einstein's observations like the near all of earth science approach “infer” the non-linear through incompletion and inconsistency. Professor Einstein's time dilation insight. “At the speed of light there is no passage of time.” Therefore in resolving time dislocation speed becomes an issue of non-linear ever presence not incremental deferred displacement, dislodgment. (Non-linear resolves both result and process to its own ideal). Concurrently when speed is no longer functional to dislocation time becomes an issuance of spherical or non-linear infinite Eternal duration. The smiling professors second offer. “If mass is constricted enough the curvature becomes infinite.” Suggesting that when form dislocation “borders” is resolved to a non-linear un bordered inclusive ideal form becomes Light manifest. The Universe is revealed, validated and confirmed. We assume when form is non-linearly compatible to itself through event circumstance the difference between form and Light are kindred-sympathetic. Form and non-linear event symmetry concurrently sympathetic, but not indistinguishable particularly when human presence influences result. The motio0n suggested is refining, not displacing and evident as the sound of silence we’ve been discussing or DNAs. The form event can be approached from either perspective. Suggesting clarity in our observations on inter stellar travel where the displacement between departure and destination is much more spontaneous in nature. A vehicle event can accelerate at phenomenal “speeds” and direction is much less limited to linear displacement, suggesting abrupt change in direction. Which suggests a return to non-linear effect form event. Form change transition is not controlled, more self assuming. Not through considered design or effect potentially chaotic (disintegrating). But refining. Presently in time current linear depletion technology at half the speed of light if “I” remember corrects the space ship begins to crumble fall apart, linearly disassemble. The near of all science is realized-expressed- measurable in time, inconsistently controlled through displacement depletion affected through purposeless disintegration, considered purposefully productive. This anomaly reflected in an ironical process and technology that is revealed, developed, maintained and examined through dysfunctional language and mathematics. The sphere linearly diverted to the ironic temporary conclusion of itself. Another perspective... the presumption of Darwin’s theory of evolution predates the materializing of the planet earth. And evolves ideally without loss of value. Natural selection becomes spherical cohesion. Causality yields to reciprocal assimilation. Quite a paragraph Elaine. Word’s migration doubtful destination. Peeking around whose corner. The rabbit rushing glanciong at his watch. The tree branch cat re appears behind the half moon smile. Where’s Alice walking with Elaine and Marion waiting for Charliue. What does waiting really mean? In time we wait for ourselves less Creation’s sway. Timelessly we evolve reciprocally availing Eternal space of ourselves.

Poetically squinting our eyes to the alleged Stars. Your parents their parents therefore yourself removed how many times before we arrive-realizing a condition event activity that predates the materializing of the planet earth, still your parent the Eternal Light.. Reciprocally no endings thrive. Understanding bereft. Language unfolds less its own pulse. More precisely understanding disclaims what is understood. Shucks and awe we continue. Authors of all except ourselves. Abstaining life to death’s caution

One question abides. Can the spontaneous Cosmos be conjoined with your altered-uncertain, dangerous life. The spiritual ideal realized through death.

We can not chose less oursae3lves. While claiming divine intent. But we can benefit accordingly. The Eternal can not be denied Eternally. Evidence beseeches comprehension. Answered prayers, inspiration, forgetting, remembering, luck, coincidence, anticipation, remission, orgasm. birth and death... the other event occurrences. Language neglectfully strives yes the earth people rely on 6000 languages; yet they share common purpose. And through language we yearn silence our companion. Language we sing the melody ourselves. Once beneficent we become aware if we choose. Humans are not the only life enhancing presence in the Universe.

The Universe is aware

Christmas greeting
George Bisacca planetary

Dear George,

Tuxedo is next to me comfortably sitting on her own weight. Now rising to clean her whiskers. Usually this alleged cat and beautiful friend likes to nest herself on my chest while I write, specially during the winter months. Tuxedo's language of being is unlike our own. Is our word design incomplete? Structurally language allows for deception. And self deception. We can lie to each other and ourselves. Uncertainties of expression encourages violence? Our willingness to hurt. Impractically speaking language presumes we are alert to listening. We share ethical purpose. Similar dictionary. Critical junctures in our lives expressed in sounds not words. We laugh. And cry. Memories lingering return. Running, jumping, dancing at the High school prom. Hiding, sleepi9ng. We scream that words not be heard. Sounds of love, birth and death’s disguise. Cautioning death our attendance. The smile. That embrace. Pain’s instruction. The best of our language’s clarity is in our poetry. Sound inferred forgives words delivery. We sing buoyed by music. Is the best language our promises? Speaking to unfulfilled language. Mysteriously when all is said undone word fosters forgetting. Accordingly we bypass the ineptitude of sound. Yearning the whisperings of our souls. Invited we try again. Searching the better word.

Let’s be the reasonable way. We are using language to question language. And through word we separate the darkness to the light, Claim love. And ours selves. Language cautions wars to peace. Through sound we deliver birth to life, And say goodbye to death. Pleasantly we repeat our prayers. Waiting for God to get them right.

Words approach silence. Sounds devised we are self complicit. Language avails choice. We can betray. I follow the smile to our embrace. Again we love. And hesitate. We join the quantum riddle the riddle of ourselves. We wander and wonder.

Each word resides on the authority of its user. The trumpet does not play the trumpeter, Maybe smiles again. One question begs its own permission. By what salutation of being are words released to purpose. Is desire seeds the flower? What do you say of trust? We trust that good is good not bad. And all of good’s desire will follow. Even if as bad good waits. Trust in suffering doesn’t suffer trust. Words enough from me I say. You need more then perhaps need we are. Did I tell you the one about the bartender and two penguins? Better yet, while remembering the few words to the nice Dr. Wisman years past ago, When people laugh they are in the absence of themselves therefore the presence of God. Oh dear. Yes the moment of humor apparently a true story. The police officer was conducting a police line up. He instructed the first man. “Step forward and say, this is a hold up, give me your money, I have a gun.” The man protest, “That’s not what I said.”


Spontaneous Cosmic occurrences aren’t derived presently from linear beings. Therefore are Eternal. These occurrence as noted above like luck, coincidence etcetera are not knowledge sourced. At inception they affect one person. Suggesting self is Cosmically compatible our adaptive knowledge and all consequently derived is not. Humans resist their lives. And their lives purpose. What they design. Intuitively we are aware of our irony. Offering in the absence of the current human there would be no time. In the absence of time humans incorrectly “unconcsio0usly?” prevail to the Eternal self. Hence death. And an inclination toward extinction. What is accepted as life essential today will eventually be dismissed. Our limitations are self imposed. The reality we have created is disposable. And accordingly valued. The Eteranol need not be revealed only through death cessation. And suggested by death anticipation. Eternal life Eternally subsists. Material design utility similarly reflects.

The near opposite of time is that which is spontaneous. Spontaneity one friends possibly mischievoous unintended definition suggests...“as being without the pretext of thought.” (Some times even amidst denial relevance occurs. Except for killing all bad is good unresolved). Through current thought we created time and sustain our disintegrating reality. Thoughts of the Eternal are not presently materially inter active (denied-repressed). Eternal fluency humans limit-anticipate to death futility, self invalidation. The linear Cosmically separated self through time absence “we” become non-linearly inclined, Eternally divine. Both time and the infinite Eternal are issues of duration, one ends the other is without end. Efforts to correct dysfunctional linear endings are repressed inadequately to self. Ideally are deferred. All Universe is infinite Eternal. Only otherwise in time “briefly” through anguished disposition, indiscretion. Since the Universe is Eternal both time and the infinite Eternal are Eternal, though time denies, defers, diverts and otherwise temporarily squanders the Eternal. What time damages the Eternal resolved, damage nonetheless. Our suffering insists. And persists.

Elaine given that time is the near functional opposite of the Eternal it becomes understandable that we have to reject our timely existence (our non- Eternal lives) in order to be Heavenly attendant. Become Eternally aware. Beneficent and expressive. Be able to embrace pain’s divine iunstruction. Accordingly learn. Aspire and thrive.

Further clarifying: The one material process we do not have to alter, interpret while experiencing in order to assimilate is music. Music is its own response. Music compliments Creation’s Cosmos. What is music (is it silence) given subjective non-linear form. Form refinement, form uninterrupted. An experience that compliments our otherwise denies non-linear self. Not surprisingly while experiencing music folks are about to move about wonderfully, currently without particular calculation. Clear expression. Moving unimpeded freely. Linear form timely derived results in borders and is exclusionary. Intriguingly the presumed sound of silence is also much like the Light...all-inclusive, without exclusi9onary borders. Sound is the motion of the Light seeking ideal form. Though the silence and the light once engaged through time determinant form both are fragmented displaced. (Silencing music of each life form). Conceivably through subjective non-linear sound therefore light sensitive silence (DNAs) all form can be joined with infinite harmonic Cosmos to a Cosmically beneficent (shared) ideal. Shared as design intent, event, self or through other. Does sound instruct light to form, do you agree, yes. Form in turn unfolding refines the subjective form to sound refining form in the furtherance of the Cosmos.

Understanding and consequently applying infinity-timelessness is difficult given that the process through which we would do this language-mathematic and consequent self perceptions (meaning our lives) inhibits and distorts the effort. Unless diverted and denied the Universe is timeless it follows that everything within the Universe is timeless as well, including memory. Interestingly memory is similar to music, silence and the Light. Memory does not have to be altered, interpreted through thinking in order to assimilate. Also memory is not fragmented-affected by time. Memory occurrence is spontaneous and affects folks least from the linear reference. We are limited in time to memories of the past. Sneaking up, following our smile to the punch bowl at your high school prom (in and through memory) you will always be that eighteen year old. Aging in its diminishing irony is a time aberration, meaning aging as a dying medium. Interestingly in and through memory the dormant past and the active now can both be experienced without exclusion. Complimenting timelessness. Presently the inactive dormant past and the uncertain, tentative future influence-determine the now rendering realities immediacy dormant. And incomplete. Appreciating that memories are Eternal, accordingly timeless therefore ageless. Only the Cosmos can remember an event as it happens. Do we agree Elaine we can assume only God can remember an event before the event materializes. As a lady educated in science you might appreciate how according to earth research memory accommodates time and linearity to the Eternal non-linear of memory itself. If a person hasn’t attended a high school reunion in many years and they notice a fellow student memory will loikely resolve the aging process and you will recognize your companion. Also if you look at one third of a person’s face memory will turn the linear corner, complete the entire image and again you will greet this person with a smile. Suggesting memory is active, memory is aware. Since memory is non-linear, without denying border or all inclusive therefore timeless and Eternal the memory must be reciprocally active. Meaning that memory is not sourced or controlled from a singular source or perspective in an exclusionary manner. Meaning essentially through time without displacing the non-linear nature of the memory. Exclusion limits memory to past time consensus, memory in time becomes bordered, localized to the memory event. Non-linear-spontaneous memory is Eternal, supplanted to the linear immediate through intelligence expressed in incremental language. But memory is like music its own source response. Timeless therefore not impeded by time displacement and bordering events like death. The nice and gentle scientist Rupert Sheldrake, refereed to in previous essays as the Curly haired scientist, observes that in the last hundred years of research scientists not been able to effectively isolate the areas of the brain that relate to memory activity. Evoking questions relevant to origin and source. And distinctions between the two condition perspectives. Understandably in part since we are limited through instruction, linear language, and contrived intelligence our time culture generally to validating material through the incomplete contrivance of time. This irony includes our bodies and our brains. In the absence of time that is revealed through death while dying what happens to death, aging and disease that culminate through death. Allowing the image when I’m washing the dishes Elaine and I think or remember a shared experienced with yourself are you tapping my shoulder... am (I) the singular source of the non-linear memory. Are you the source of the memory or am I. Either or both confirms timelessness. The Eternal thrives. Though from a linear temporal human perspective the memory event is not reciprocally engaging, its in a sense one dimensional. And given that the Universe is actively Eternal all continues accordingly thriving, there is no Eternal lose of value or direction, the Eternal eventually remedies any inconsistency. After death we continue or journey prospering uninterrupted yearning. How lovely Elaine how lovely indeed, thank you is a prayer’s response to all prayers. Waiting gently before and after expression. Otherwise should we not assume God is denied to exclusionary self intent. Remembering as remembered attends not to forget. All paths are God.

*** Another reference perspective on memory. Body memory. The ideal of memory is non-linear, all inclusive, without timely interruption “spontaneous” as such not willfully time encrusted. The inconsistency between non-linear and linear memory, time insinuated and time displaced memory as noted is resolved through un willful forgetting. Though forgotten still evident as material, a location. “All is material except time.” Also evident some might forget an event others wont. And the forogtten “suddenly becomes remembered. Suddenly suggesting spontaneously. not in time and without conscious intent or willfully. Another depository of non-linear forgotten memory is the non-linear body. Considering what is remembered needs expression motion. Suggesting insight perspectives into death, life, creativity, non-linear intelligence, luck, coincidence etcetera. Also pre birth and post death. As well the unbearable irony of violence. Wondering we pray why does a nice young lady “stab” another human being twenty seven times. Not fifteen. Why does a jury response by affecting punishment

***Memory derives or is sourced through event. Memory also sources “creates” sustains event. While alive in time memory we secure events as memory. Memory is limited in time to memories of the past. Memory sources events, occurrences in the absence of time. Evidenced through death when we are no longer time distracted and our relationship with God the Eternal is no longer denied as deferred. Memory sourcing or creating events is also evident through answered prayers, dream, miracles, luck, coincidence, forgetting, birth, death etcetera. But once these events are integrated into our linear time encrusted reality the events and occurrences “lose” their Eternal predisposition. The Cosmic occurrences like intuition, liofe after birth, luck, precognition excreta are not sustainable as a way and manner of our engaging material in a Cosmically timeless or Eternal manner. The lose of the event to time through disintegration is immediate. Example you are born, you begin to age and you die. WE are discussing God’s Eternallly active memory of Creation. God’s Eternal uninterrupted memory of yourself, the grasshopper, my friends the alleged dogs and cats in my companion life, the trees, our dreams. These wonder of us life realities are less than God intended through our choice. In time you co opted the planet earth as your own. And through that incomplete vision you view the Cosmiso...

Given in time our experience is realized as sourced exclusion, material valued as denied our experience becomes one directional, we become one directional or linear. The question follows with the answers permission. What “who” are we to Eternity? Who what are we to ghosts? What-who are we to death? Ours and others? Who-what-where are we to our birth? Birth like death can not be a singularly exclusive event or the Cosmos through birth creation is denied.

In the absence of time aging and death become otherwise. The t -shirt smiles. “Forever doesn’t take as long once3 you get older.”

Reviewing briefly. A brief interruption wondering of the various ways we measure time rather than incrementally. And what that might suggest oabout time. How the concept of brevity might vary with event and from person to person, person to event and conceivably event to event. “I” remember Elaine one of the t shirts we tried to develop. “Forever doesn’t take as along once you get older.” (Interesting sometimes folks say, “an idea came to me.” Back to memory. We do experience memory through time. Limiting spontaneous therefore all inclusive memories to memories of the past. Material events in time lose their utility, end, disintegrate...but their memories like everything else in the Universe unless denied is Eternal. (We resolve the difference between Eternal memory and our memories limited to memories of the past through forgetting). What happens to a forgotten memory event or person. Obviously in the Eternal these memories don’t disappear, lose utility purpose. Only through time development do event memories and people memories disappear, become valueless. And of course from an infinite Eternal perspective often in a linear temporal culture often the value loss is intentional. Examples killing, destruction, generally the dispositiong of a disintegrationg existence evolves throiugh value loss interrupted by gain. Though however indirectly, inconsistently or deceptively the motivation is almost always value gain. Compounding invalidation and uncertainty. Because an idea, a person or event disappears as an issue of functional intent this usually means the corresponding memory also becomes dislocated. Either as the representation of an event or as its source. And of course all events predate the materializing of the planet earth, including the planet earth both in substance process and through intent. God intent. Where were we...that thought Elaine was a modest attempt at humor. Interesting we don’t have to remember to breath, maintiain organ function or laugh further suggesting we are the memory of ourselves. Continuing memory. God memeory of self....Clarifying forgetting is not a willful condition event therefore spontaneous accordingly timeless ie Eternal. We can’t presently “willfully” access forgotten event memories, but they can access us. Not unlike luck, coincidence etcetera they access us singularly, but not at the exclusion of others. Yes referencing the nice and inspiring Professors Sheldrake language “irrespective of time and space” with an intent other than our own. The clearer perspective becomes one of source and origin, not cause and effect. (Sound not coercive force). Memory is Cosmic sound, Light intent. From our perspective DNAsound. Your genetic sound. Your uninterrupted denied bond with the Cosmos...if you desire. And are able to maintain through life application. Heavens we all are aware how disruptive people can become. Not infrequently the motive and intent of disruption is experienced as success. Can not the ten commandments be expressed in the following word’s gathering: Be polite. Yes be polite and all will come.

Allowing Elaine a shared memoment reprieve. “I” as with three dear and lovely friends the other day, Jack, Betsy and Dona. Us together we be. Together we are presuming effort‘s intent. Also a nice waiter named Jewel, an accounting student. I’m pretty sure that’s the young man’s name. Some times it take “me” several years to memorize another’s name. (I) men no disrespect. Does forgetting claim the better memory, the Eternal waiting of ourselves. I take a pretty good memory to be able to forget, right? Anyway be the way, the spontaneity or humor I shared many many times, specially with the nice people that bring food to strangers. You might remember the moment of humor when I was a temporary chauffer in the years ago driving through New Jersey. The bumper sticker read. “Don’t steal this car its already stolen.” Seems a curious and sad we have3 many chances to joi9n together, yet we casually pass through each others lives. Lost in the occupation of ourselves. A little humor’s audible smile is a chance to join. Share beyond irony and encouraged inadequacy. Open the door slightly. Actually remind each other there is no door, but the ones of our own design.

A beginning already begun. When (I) heard on the news these words from the truth’s news determined and nice Dan Rather, I stopped to breath. Remember my alleged dog Charlie, we were living together. Anyway once more is still the way.... Earth research approaches the sphere: A biologist at MIT for his own amusement in 1987 took the DNA code of a fish and placed this design unto a standard musical scale. The result. Melody of a fish. Then a leaf. The result. Melody of a leaf. Next this Asian gentleman too the DNA code of a cancer. Eventually played it backwards. Result... Mozart’s Funeral Requiem. Another symphony? The memory is the same we are different in its assimilation.

Note “backwards” motion intent. Suggesting origin source. Approaching the denied Eternal. Uninterrupted essence. Approaching pre form. Backwards and forwards, before and after share a different materiality in the absence of time disintegration. An affecting refining resonance is determinant. You might observe these research protocols address notions of sound, time and resonance, approach non-linear spontaneity rather than linear measurable irony or displacement.

A non-linear sound is a spherically resonant event. Evident as realized through all the senses independently and together. A sound motion awareness realized through source event stimulus. Each event with its own duration, evolving time sequence that can be validated through perceived disintegration but does not validate the same. Birth is such an event. The death life Eternal activity of death cessations, the same. Life ideal “similarly.” And as noted luck, coincidence, mediation, remission, placebo etcetera when materialized beyond their initial irony. Evident presently as denied through depletion technology, commerce and one way reciprocal spiritiuality. Meaning A God nururturing ideal available and realized The Cosmic disposition, life and death .

More conventionally the Super String Theory which some believe will unify all the field forces on this planet into one applicable theory, GUT the Grand Unified Theory. This research offers (1). The one non-material in the Universe is time. (2). There are up to 29 (This number changes) dimensions one spoken of as magical. (3). Below the subatomic is a world of vibrating strings. Suggesting sound. Are we not a Cosmic dimension, presently denied, material form triangulated in time.( 3 time conditions, before during and after: 3 states of matter, gas, liquid, solid; life death after life, length, with, depth. When these linear formuilations are released to the non-linear (the 4th dimensions) oiu have a light full Cosmic consistency). A dimension is defined... as an extension of space a property of space. Presently repressed. A slightly mischievous insight if (I) may. Can an all inclusive grand unfoied theory be revealed through time exclusion? Can a single unified theory be sustained and not include the wonderfully inconsistent and imaginative human source. Relevant to the previous insight regarding reciprocal memory doesn’t earth science examine-develop half life in the wrong direction. We can assume “either” direction might be relevant and revealing if one doesn’t evolve at the exclusion of the other. Non-linear resonance prevails over disintegration. Each condition activity is the complimentary informing mirror image of the other. Emphasizing time material disintegration isn’t irrelevant , however limited time linear disintegration occurs and is concurrent with the Universe Eternal. The infinite Eternal condones this activity, our observation is that the effort is unnecessarily inconsistent, flawed and essentially incomplete. Spiritually the observation offered, except for killing all bad is good unresolved. (Once all good God Eternal rendered otherwise through abusive time disintegration). Death happens, disintegration happens but we view and experience these Eternal events through a flawed reality. Our capacity to perceive is limited through time dislocation. We do not see, comprehend therefore can not utilize what we can’t observe-examine. Yet knowledge is transient. Also not known before known. And in constant flux or temporary. One more offering invites. One definition for dimension, a property of space an extension of space. Is there any inclusionary reasons why any life space form should not be considered both a localized dimension and a non-localized one. Why dimension extension should be linearly limited. Rather and a reciprocal non-linear access way. We persist in the presence of our absence.

Another effort gently encourages. Once more Professor Sheldrake, gentleman conventionally educated at Harvard and Cambridge, patiently offers. We assume conventionally. Of course a student or teacher can take a yard stick and walk amidst the stars. Now the intriguing words. “There exists a field between species irrespective of time and space with its own auguring memory.” Do you understand to feel Elaine the yearning timeless Light inferred. Research example. “Alleged rats were taught numerous behaviors in America. (Alleg4ed meaning what can not possibly know the true being of the little cousins, hummingbirds, elephants, rats, rivers, oceans, stars and ourselves). Different little ones in Australia learned these behaviors ten times faster. Are we suggesting possibly identifying the acquiring venue of luck, coincidence, precognition, intuition, conceivably miracle that through actualized DNAs can become reciprocally conversant. A dimensional access way to our Cosmic selves which we only know marginally through luck, intuition, coincidence, forgetting, our current life and death application also perspectives like superposition since these non-linear occurrences are from inception deferred-dislocated in time. Is this not also suggested when virus-bacteria acquire resistance to our invasive efforts. Further suggested by disease presence, death cessation itself, our linear culture all speak as resistant accommodations to the Cosmic awe. The great Cosmic fluency.

The previous study suggests that in the absence of time memory assumes an infinite Eternal material condition status. Memory becomes at timeless accordingly fluent. (Can the same effect be initiated- sustained for humans without interruption ie displacing disintegration. If memory existed independent of its source representation memory woulod become time based either limited to the past or evolve sustain itself through forgetting thereby complimenting tolerating flawed incomplete disintegration. Yes material entities in the Universe do de materialize, but do not lose value, direction and Eternal Utility or identity awareness. Death remembers life forgets. The Universe is the acquiring Eternal memory of itself. Ourselves, the trees, the kittens and hummingbirds, the planet the same. One question modestly embraces, does God predate Creation. Before and after speak to time dislocation. A sphere, the non-linear, the Eternal duration has no exclusionary initiating event juncture or a related or unrelated event that would negate that initiating juncture. Perhaps the perspective becomes one of origin, the possible sympathetic distinctions between origin and source. Acknowledging once again the limits of comprehension through language. An intriguing limitation further frustrated in the sharing. Appreciating that language allows, encourages the critique. Yes through language we approach silence. Language should not be underestimated particularly when numeration and word are joined. Suggesting a new comprehension resonance, another aces sway to material form which of course includes ourselves. The two conjoined When all is said and undone our awareness and our existence through that awareness will most likely evolve through some form of uncertain imperfection. But our frustration reaction to this futility need not be destructive, unkind and debilitating. We need not have to suffer each others motive in order to validate-prove the worthiness of our potential. Killing another being is a choice. As is celebrating self and God through violent disintegrating agony. Not surprisingly presently exclusion defines life presence and fundamental to progress through invalidation. Spiritually, politically, scientifically and progress is substantiated through the invalidation of the same progress. What our ancestors accepted as essential and critical to their lives now you can only in museums, attics, memory, history books or refuse disposal locations. Not to suggest that progress excludes Cosmic non-linear fluency. Each evolutionary element in progress, both in result and intent, knowingly of otherwise leads us to the Cosmic infinite ideal. None be the less our culture in time is disposable. This existence is influenced through duration misrepresentation meaning time, the most embracing Cosmic misrepresentation is death. Specifically our willingness to use and profit from the death of others while accepting the death futility value of ourselves. Soldiers human beings risk their lives to kill other soldiers human beings. A curious and unbearable curiosity the exemplifies the earth peoples timely culture. Death applauds you bow. Is it not an unexplainable sadness explained that you accept your life’s purpose can be revealed by extinguishing the same life, diminishing life, indulging agony. Please what are your words on this , your feelings, plans, your needs. There is no death, but there is extinction. The death of death and the end of life. Is this true, Eternally true. The holiest words we know are we don’t know God knows. We know good from bad and we prefer good. What prayer speaks when there is no vice. Whispering we pray, the time of now is forever

Now we carefully approach the Cosmic garden. Hummingbirds and angels alike. A new life. A wondrous materiality. Non-linear or spherical application: Inviting answer we beguin: Why is everyone taking same aspirin, engaging an alien substance through vital organs that are not related to the ailment? Why is everyone playing the same harmonica? Doesn’t relying on the same instrument limit creative effect to the instrument design function utilized. Why are we living in an other than DNAsound intimate house. (Confirming Cosmic denial through linear time pertinent machine). Running, walking wearing a static de personalized pair of shoes. At the most basic, before the DNAs component-start with a different shoe for each different foot.( And this consideration before DNAs is factored). Shoes form consistency different stationary than in moti0on. Why are we climbing the same ladder? What is a ladder? What is a non-linear ladder? A ladder that responds to the climber. Reduces chance of fall. And during a falling event accommodates participates in the fall. When design instrument-tool and machine can be made sound intimate to each individual. Non-linearly validating to the distinct self. Self and machine adaptive to the evolving one and the other. While acknowledging task. The same task not the same task every time. Your organic uniqueness which is also an element of your non-linear all Cosmically inclusive self is repressed-differed “delayed” to the after life in our current culture. Uniqueness meaning your voice, your genetics, your finger prints, yoiur appearance, the “Eternalo” evolving reciprocalo space you occupy. All assimilated through fragmented senses, distorting stimuli, expressed through dysfunctional languages further displaced through assigned divergent intelligence. (Your space you occupy is diminished “lost” in time, but the space you occupy is the Eternal you. (Hence the conflict time and space). Dancing we sing. All is God’s and Godfully intended. All paths are God.

Elaine allowing words sincere intent. The uncertain tentatively denying refrain is, all paths lead to God. A God fraternal relationship like life becomes incomplete while alive. After death otherwise. Suggesting human beiongs prefer God after death. Though the choice is inconsequential. Meaning that the Universe is timeless accordingly without end or Eternal. We exist in time our existence through choice becomes non- Eternal. We are as such obliged to separate Heaven from earth. We must surrender our lives in time “die” in order to join with God Eternally. We prefer God throiugh death while alive. Yet clearly the relationship is ideally actively reciprocal. God has the first and last word sensation, sensation itself. Assuming inclination. So we have the two inclinations, paths. All paths lead to God. And all paths are God. One linear and time encrusted the other non-linearly sustainable and Eternally inclined. When the human self changes existences changes to reflect the shift. Questions invite: Why must profit be motivated through loss-risk investment. If investments were not mortgaged against time how would these monetary instruments be initiated and sustained. If death is not as we realize, if material utilized through planned disintegration what happens science, technology, commerce and religion that rely on loss of value utility and direction. If we do not have to reject life to live...?

Is bliss a presence condition event that is sympathetic not conflicted with its material origin. Likely not functionally depleting. Whispering: Why is everyone munching on the same candy.... Medicine, knowledge fluency, language expression, transportation. The near all changes. Each human is a distinct sound. DNAsound. A few examples: The aging process. Once and individuals DNAsound is identified the component sound that speaks to the specific aging process can be identified and reversed. Deaging factors. The same dynamic mediation...currently referred to as meditation. (Linearily we thrivbe avoiding mistakes, non-linearily all is relevant- revealing and connected, all has value). Similar to aging changing the presumption of disease. Allowing the Universe is infinite, without inconsistent opposing duality, disease and cure become sympathetic. Cancer in an other than death invest culture becomes an issue of sympathetic information. Not exclusion, death. Orientation begets result. Kindness to either the cancer or self is kindness to both. All is thriving- Cosmically nurturing compatible information. If death is not as you dread then cancer need not be engaged as a divisive-disintegrating menace. Accepting that if time therefore death are not as we dread then all condition activities like disease, aging indeed life are not as we practice. Interesting Elaine? Whispering each embrace Eternal. No embrace ending. Eternity in a kiss.

As we inferred to the Sandy lady in Omaha woman Elaine, we know often least the tentative “incomplete” investment of ourselves. A hesitation and consternation often imposed on others. Now the few words approaching silencing meditation ie mediation. The identification and expression of an individuals unique DNAs meditation sound. Expressible as a specific medium light, sound, music (your distinct genetic wind chime), spiritually your DNAs sympathetic prayer mat. Your non-linear Om (intact Body Om). Suggesting acquiring your unique evolving Om. Your ageless sound, the Eternal sound of you. Creating a meditation sphere. Non-linear meditation “mediation” can also mean two in the space of one. Are not dream’s flowers similarly attendant. By what arrival do we depart.

Please note seed’s contentment. The partial evolution of time divisive, exclusionary events in previous essays: Prison sphere. Life insurance sphere. Sullma familial banking sphere. Cancer O. Mediaiton sphere. Other’s. Interesting Elaine the bear of all expenditure amounts are determined by others, not self. The cost of a car, dental floss, heart surgery, food; need excludes or inhibits need. The few exceptions, tips to the nice waitress or waiter, a charity sharing, allowances to the children. Wondering still the dilemma of governments and corporate institutions. Deficit financing ie need exceeds expenditure, expenditure exceeds need; the nice earth people through surrogates spend more money than the have. If you can spend money yuou don’t have why can’t yoiu save meoney we don’t have. There’s the answer in the previous sentences three interventions. yuou, yoiu, memoney Meanuing commerce, currency, budget, mortgage, presumed risk management are not sustainable culminations of the incomplete self. In an inconsistent culture revealed through uncertainty, loss of value, depletion technology and death commerce proportion becomes ambiguous. Very hard to define. And harder to implement. Disproportion becomes motivation. Wealth in the midst resolvabloe poverty often driven by an insatiable “need” to accrue temporary material conditions which like violence are a refloection of time irony disintegration. The t shirt reads, “Too much is not enough and more will never be.” Unfairness claims advantage’s purpose. Success denies. Death, irony, depletion, misery don’t necessarily define all events, but they do influence and direct those events. Event and self eventually joined, frustrated and perplexe3d.

The same refining an evolving presently linearly displaced time insinuated behavior. Maximizing a skill like flying an airplane, playing a piano, digestion, athletics, love making. Which woulod include a dnas “harmonic convergence” between tool, instrument, machine and self. Interstellar travel becomes functional because the extremes of destination and departure are resolved experienced spontaneously as a singular juncture. Not unlike the spontaneioty of memory, inspiration, the presumption of death. And yes back to the mystery of luck, coincidence, intuition. Our eventual technology becomes a reflection of our evolved spontaneous, non-linear self as is our technology presently a reflection of our timely ironic self. Machine and machine utility do not evolve, they are re defined. Both human, machine and purpose experience a transcendent shift. Utility is not defined through and as error management, flawed machine, uncertain result all of which reveal and encourage exclusionary result. Realized as death profit motivation, risk loss investment, human dislocation like war, hunger and self animosity. And God deprivation...

Another study Elaine at the lovely exciting Princeton University also speaks to this shift in technology: A machine was designed with a fifty percent probability, one two results, right? Like tossing a coin. These nice researchers and certainly the nice and excited students realized that who specially and individually engaged the machine influenced the probability, the result. Apparently suggesting if we understand that there is a other than acknowledging activity bond between the machine tool and its user. Beyond the choice, maintenance and proper use of a machine like a lawnmower. Makes understandable sense if our relationship with our selves, our Cosmic disposition is incomplete-inconsistent the same limitation would carry over to machines that reflect those limitations, machines that are derived from the flaowed incomplete self. Further suggesting that improving “resonance” improved the probability. We assume this spoke also to improving efficiency value, if not in application then in comprehension understanding. Likely both. Appreciating to understand that the all-embracing Light includes the displaced notion of machine or technology. We are examining nothing less than re defining the concept of a machine in design process, application, utility, energy source and the relationship with user. A few relevant questions linger. Can we assume that a non-linear machine compatible with the Eternal self can not by utility definition and design be “used” to devalue, destroy property and life. Would-could a human Eternal person either design or use such a machine without excluding self. Such a machine it would be assumed had lost its value. A broken funny machine. Currently technology is an ironic reflection of the conflicted-Cosmically displaced human.

We surmise the non-linear self includes a sympathetic bond with a machine. The machine is a reflection of your ideal timeless self. Appreciating your body is unique. Your voice. Fingerprints. Genetics. The space you occupy. Meanoing your Eternal space of self. Self pre existing space you assume at birth, influence during life and don ’t surrender at the convenient suggestion of death. Your material reality should reflect these Cosmic non-linear sensibilities. Offering most divine ideal expressions are silently imbued. Kissing, hugging, coupling, giving birth, death, happiness, love before and after it’s encouragement. Silence is the absence of our often chaotic, troubled self. Each person has their own sound of silence. The celestial silence, sometimes referred to as “music of the spheres” that can be associated with the presumption of after death. The Cosmic fiction. Are luck, coincidence, remission healing, precognition, forgetting, orgasm, laughter, super position, the morphogenetic field, the presumed paranormal, your life and death. And yes the anticipated self, the one you have been mysteriously waiting for. Suggesting a Cosmic language we repress in time. What really is a luck event, a shared incidence in the light referred to as coincidence, what happens to intuition and precognition when these condition activities are as immediate to the individual and shared self as our current dysfunctional language. What happens to life? What happens to death? And God. Us? The Planet Earth. Inviting Elaine another perspective. A location of self that does not deny or defer the location itself nor the condition event activity within the location. Including life. Within is other than ideal dimensional reference. Elaine we are in need initially of a few more words. And a new manner of expression assimilation & assimilation expression. Eventually spherical terms, like word numbers as a start which would include a participant effort other than our own. Previously mentioned as flow. Once more with polite emphasis words should not be underestimated. Words are influenced by the users intent. And that intent can be good or bad, linear or non-linear. Words are accordingly not without their magic. Another t shirt we made available. (Life after death, why wait?) The answer to whose question if we may? We wait because were getting to much out of dying, profit too much from the death of others. And we wait because were trapped in time. We believe we have no choice. Another t shirt invites reflection’s whimsy. (Is God our gift to offer?). Previously “flow” is suggested by being able to sustain what has previously commented on as luck, coincidence, forgetting, intuition etcetera. Appreciating that a conversation, a text, an event, an education is “stored” as non-linear memory. It’s accrued and expressed linearily in time. Imagine to consider if you could realize-express the Bible, the Torah, the Koran, a relationship of many years in as a conscious intact sensation. Imagine to feel the eyes, the smile. And subsequently become similarly conversant. With one another. With life. The Cosmis. Our Eternal selves.

The other perspective, listening feeling the melody. Who was the nice philosopher who smiled, “You can’t step in the same river twice. “Embraced once more. Your parent’s their parents therefore ourselves removed “evolved” how many times before we arrive at the condition status that predates the materializing of the planet earth, still our “your” parent the Eternal Light. Whether the “removal” is evidenced as death, birth or decisively the process that leads (disintegrating-culminating) in birth or death.

Understanding for birth and death to be non-linearly compatible with the Cosmos birth and death have to predate and post date the initial intact event. Suggesting an activity that is not exclusionary to both birth and death before-after and during each event is material evident. More precisely you exist before you were born and after you die. (Adding clarity to the notion and application of abortion). And this condition activity is influenced and is influencing before birth and after death. Linearly in time referenced as reincarnation and resurrection, though these two events are based on birth and death being intact, complete unto themselves displaced events. Not reciprocally related. Offering ambiguity resolved. We favor abortion for women, but not for babies. (Resonant “clone” uteral bequarium). Understand the living bond between mother and baby, consequently husband and familoy during pregnancy speaks endearingly to a life ideal...Exceptions compel. Acknowledging that abortion is a reflection of a culture that is self aborting. In a non-linear Universe life begins before conception. Nuclear triad, global warming, 95% of species expired, loss of rain forest, extreme environmental self neglect. A death revealed existence.

The aforementioned Cosmic Universe sphere whereby the planet earth is materially predated before this planet became a functioning location four billion years ago in a fourteen billion year Universe. In this thi9s condition Ever presence activity is viewed as trillions upon trillions of connected- disconnected earthly events. And the earth peoples relationship with outer space is one until recently of observation rather than activity. But the condition activity we are referencing is both reciprocal, on going...not disconnected. We influence and are influenced by Cosmic event activity well beyond our current comprehension. And we similarly influence those events though presently in time this Cosmic bond is incomplete, deferred, unstable and through choice destructive. This reciprocal Cosmic bonding currently we experience through dream, the Cosmic occurrences like luck, coincidence, forgetting, miracle, intuition....etcetera exclusionary religion revealed ideally through death. A spiritual life revealed through death relevance vindicated through death parable. You understand Elaine? It is a curious that we ask each other if we understand when we do not because we do. Yet throiugh this deniable assemblage rests the waiting Cosmic seed, the carnational flutter. We often “complete” these essays thanking another for their companionship and accompaniment. In time a wonderment that is consciously limited to incomplete-interrupted memory. Memories of the past. The other Cosmic event, luck, coincidence are spontaneous, not consciously sought out and once occur rent they are immediately denied to our Cosmically denied culture. And once evident are not sustainable. These events are brief and fleeting and from inception other than their idealo Cosmic self. Reminding in time all events end “disintegrate” from the beginning-inception of the event. (Disintegrate meaning disappeared to linear self, not to the Cosmois). Your born you begin to age and you die. Our entire existence is based on this Cosmically futile timely aberration. The earth peoples curious magic that tricks the magician. We spend our lives resisting form while trying to benefit fro the same. We must deny ourselves, our life in order to live, thus creating an anguished existence. Either in the immediate, anticipation or witness. The Cosmic ideal of ourselves sustained and revealed through the convenient and time essential contrivance of death. A curiosity of being that is consciously sustained through the violence's which ware maximized through a planned nuclear extinction. Oh dear Oh dear, Elaine what are we going to do? We create the need for our prayers which we deny through the need that compels the prayer. Concluding this gathered paragraph with a smiles breathe. “I” suggested to our beloved friend George Bisacca on “my) grave stone at one more word. Etcetera...

All we “appear” to affect on our ironically self-designed lives speaks to the virtue of irony. The incomplete finding its final material virtue in the irony or non-continuity in an Eternally continuous Universe. Most curious that the earth people have made commerce of death. For most of us death is life’s tutor. Accepting that life is the better song Eternal, should not death be afraid of life. The simplest flower explains. What death denies the Eternal that is not life itself. Not death’s whimsy. Our accommodation with fear.

A further gardens offer that can’t be satisfied by the linear currencies of our lives. The subtle dislocations of Cosmic fate we call faith, money ideation, the assemblage of word. The gentle happily inspired Terrence Mckenna commenting,” The miracle is confined to the meaning of the word.” Expressed strenuously as prayer. Waiting’s pulse. Birth’s consent. Continuing our visit during the last interview Professor Mckenna aware of his imminent “death” offered, I know a lot about dying, not much about death-except that it goes on for a long time.” Smiling we attend the Eternal memory of ourselves.

Now these few words for the beautifully aspiring Isabella Threlkeld on consciousness. Now is when if forever isn’t? Understanding if by understanding we must. Is not consciousness the condition of our birth. Before we loose our Godsoulprint, our Light fullness, our Cosmic predisposition, our consciousness to our acgui9red linear angst. Meaning to say: Consciousness is God’s awareness of the Eternal Light. We avoid while alive. Know as birth. Express through death. And sustain through the oracle of resurrection and reincarnation. One of the two politely seeking-eager researchers, Terence Mckenna or Rupert Sheldrake offered. ”Evolution does not account for consciousness. But evolution is derives from consciousness.” It’s nice listening to friendly researchers, buddies, the gentle fraternity of knowing. Let’s search the pilgrimage of these two sounds. Conscious and consciousness cradled and disguised as words. Thesaurus politely offers the following assembly. Conscious: ”Affected calculated, deliberate, knowing, mannered, rational reasoning, reflective, self conscious, studied, willful….” Now we move to a parallel Universe we know as Consciousness:… “alertness, apprehension,, awareness, care, carefulness, concern, heed, regard, responsibility, mindfulness, heedfulness, recognition, realization…”

It would appear that consciousness is the Cosmic flower’s seed our Eternal life’s awareness (we consciously) through studied, willful, deliberate rational knowing (unknowingly) deny. Our Cosmic consciousness waits. Our Eternal awareness which (we) can vaguely actualize through the timeless momentary unreasoned of alertness. Realizable carefulness, heedful fullness of mind. Presently only event through the spherical of dream, inexpressible meditation, inspiration, myth, the allegory of Heaven. Our subtle “avoided” guidepost to our Cosmic residence. Unnecessarily avoided as our lives. Our deaths. Our conscious willingness to deny our Eternal consciousness while alive. Presently flow, karma, is God’s motion “consciousness” unnecessarily disguised as ourselves. Through our lives bargain we call death. While living Eternally. Though we deny the Eternal awe while alive. The Eternal consciousness does not deny us. When we laugh we are in the absence of ourselves. Therefore the presence of God. Similarly we are born, similarly we die. Similarly we can live.

Yet can we bargain the better life without death's passport. Our charmed benefactor that fruitfully denies our Eternal awe. Blessed commerce we seed to death's best students. Articulate as killing, scathingly. Anticipating our dreaded demises. Indeed as deed be done the four-five major shared industries of self afford death jurisdiction over life. Heaven resists life's apology. Designed apology we bargain one not less the other. Ourselves less both not one. Waiver’s reason initiates choice uncertain, assembled language. Exclusionary God subsists Mirror’s consciousness: Consciously incomplete world. Celebrates as proof. (Consciousness and consciousness). Each shadow the others shade. Neither shadow’s shade of self. Irony derioves ironies bequest. Prayer’s response reveals irony that inspired the prayers request.. Praying shadow on life's incomplete reflection. Life and death. Each the excludes either thus neither both.. Unconsciously attending consciousness. Accordingly we transport. Life's bordered auction in a borderless Universe. Lowest bidder defect‘s cause. War without peace mirror's apology. Consciously evidence less love's caste. Witness traffic deprives traffic. What seeds apology the better flower blooms. Children's memory smiles forgotten. Dutifully testified as witnessed. Consciously burglars of consciousness. We steal what was ours before the theft. Guilty-innocent suffer judgments success. Each burden's weight of the other. Thus we hunger Eden aplenty. The rich get richer. And the poor are denied the insult. Charity for the rich. Charity for all. Death applauds life bows. Who cheers deaf we listen. Prayer's repeated as forgiven. We mean no unhappy disrespect. Know the darkness claim the Light.

Behold, behold, hark-hark the angels sing. Logic's persists. Seed of seed we know. Conscious-consciousness one the same. Prayer-prayers answer one. Life and death caress, not one less the other, less ourselves. Neither dreamed not anticipated. What logic belies love need not forgive. In a timeless Universe. The future survives. All else laughs. Life’s Eternal death comprehends. God permits y our consent deferred. Why? The question or the answer. Yield right of way greets our lost intersection . Education insists the fuller writ. Morticians commend authorities haste. Forgiveness beguiles. God we pray less life's Eternal. Revelation yearns the Bibles next chapter. The Cosmos waits destination ourselves the same.

Feverish jury our peers. The jury returns never left. Onin God’s Universe there is no separation less the separation. As such briefly we separate. Separate never apart. Life and death, yes and no, consciousness-consciousness, here-there “now” the same. One address sustains direction, Eternal Cosmois. What more to say as sayiong hears God we near. “Have a nice day. Be kind to each other.” The few words allowing yoiur gentle consent satisfies the ten commandments: Be polite and all will co9me.” May we suggest for your loving consideration. The Bible, The Koran, Torah, the four fold way, the Baba Gita are all short one chapter. The story of yoiu. Our story, Armageddon resolved. Revelation’s Eden’s garden derives.

Inviting a gentler assembly. What evidence warms the Light ourselves? What evidence is there of “the Light” in our lives. Walking politely the aspiring garden . Waiting flowering seed. (These are sensations that are not derived from a human, inviting a distinction should we say a living or existing human or machine, don‘t reference preexisting knowledge and are sympathetic-compatible with the silence)…. Precognition, clairvoyance, luck, intuition, twin tuition, coincidence, sleep, placebo, orgasm, spontaneous remission, the presumption of birth and death, consequential mediation (meditation), xenology, the paranormal. Sleep? The juncture at which we fall asleep is not casually-willfully determined therefore sleep is a function of the Light. (Fall asleep fall in love?) Sleep is spherical not linear. You sleep with God in the sounding Light waking up blissfully refreshed to “your” clock‘s alarm? Now further into the material realm, sometimes referred to as non-material, fiction, fabrication. Santa Clause? Acknowledging the little children's anticipating smile, once our own. Santa Clause is non- existent isn’t real yet the ideal influences reality. Much sharing and aspiration. The “dead” are no longer with us, yet we mourn, we remember, we dream, we gratefully spend their savings. We can not materially engaging the dormant past or the future yet bioth timely perspectives qualify-determine the immediate now. Whispering’s melody once again the Super String theory convenes a few words excitement. “All is material except time.” What is real, what is material or otherwise deferred is much the bargain lost. The unhappy prince invites. “There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

While meditating linearly-historically referred to as are not language displaced, not displaced to institution, least time preoccupied, without motion (the anagram for silent is listen). You are seeking the mysterious-unknowable self. An invariably inadequate effort realized, expressed and beneficently denied in time. One way reciprocal you might say. We avail our distracted, God differed self. True likely much of the Cosmic benefit we are beneficent, but not aware or lose to our awareness. Also if not lost then repressed in trying to express to others and self through linear language. Though meditation, referenced as mediation, is an issue of presence not process. Both culminating in the ideal as one. Potentially spontaneous not linearly sequential. Hence spherical or boundless. (Understanding please once again to comprehend these Light sensations are not conversantly reciprocal). One way realizations once experienced become displaced consequently flawed and inconsistent. Currently the human cannot as offered have a sustained intuitive conversation. Sustain a precognitive moment with another. Noting when two individuals can identify a common (meditative sound) two can mediate in the near of one. The same “thought” expressed not through the language but as suggested through Light intuition. Once the human acquire the un-displaced sound of self (uninterrupted DNAs) becomes non- linearly inclined. Appreciating all linear “skills” and there devaluation are learned. Humans are born Light affluent. Without sequential language, functional timely linearity, sustained death valuation. Spherical harmonic presence can be relearned. Understanding to appreciate that the human can not chose what she or he is not aware of…But they can benefit from that awareness and accordingly benefit. And the awareness concurrently benefits. Are we the awarnbess of ourselves? What awareness less divinities' touch, The seed knows the flower because the flower is the seed. When we are not invested in timely linear choice we are approaching the Cosmic awe, our Cosmic origin-source. Further this beneficent wonderment is not limited to the self. We are the origin source of ourselves. We are not the self centered, localized self. An understandable and to some extent necessary confusion in a species who believe their lives are revealed and sustained through the diminishing loss of that same life. We are not a world unto ourselves. Not individually not collectively...

Spontaneity, interactive intuition. We are describing a planetary shift another reality, a Cosmic concurrence. Reflective of the non- linear Eternal self. Appreciating miracles, dream, music, joy, luck, coincidence the enthralling relief of the new reality will require little explanation. Suggested by a wondrous familiarity. Were home. You can go home again. Further as we observed Cosmic occurrences like coincidence, intuition, luck, precognition, your birth and death are not as you observe or experience because from the moment of inception these occurrences are defused, fragmented to our culture. And likely reciprocally impaired. Further denied once marginally realized in time, interjected into our repressed depleting-disintegrated existence. These Cosmic events however denied evidence your Cosmic self, your Cosmic birthright, Godsoul print. Your non-linear self. In a Eternally denying timely world we often create the need for our own prayers. Do you remember the Rabbi’s offer. “Your prayers aren’t answered they are the answer.” This would be a non-linear perspective. We can only “wait” for our prayers response in time which created much of their need. Not surprisingly we have to die, reject our reality, to go to Heaven-since our acquired reality is the opposite of the Eternal. The Eternal is endless. And our current reality is based on endings, deficient endings that are reflective of a depleted presently incomplete able reality. You are source Cosmic origin yourself. You and the space you occupy are Eternal, the material changes in the human organic self we experience through death cessation influence he space you occupy. Through the space you occupy you are Eternal. The changes you experience in material form change to form without loss of identity purpose. In time you must deny yourself in order to worship since you must wait for your “preferred” God ideal while alive.

Dark events are related to the light all Eternal. Unlike Light occurrences which we can not chose rather chose us dark events are chosen. (By denying the darkness we avail the Light). Dark opportunity events allude to prior knowledge they are often shared and recurrent therefore not light silent indicated; consequently dark events are time encrusted events. Though dark events are spiritually self denying and otherwise damaging they are accepted as natural. These events can generate material profit through technology, religion and commerce. Dark events are institutionally invigorated. These darkening behaviors are chosen non- Eternal events...incomplete, but recurrent. And tend to sustain behaviors', often economic or political that can continue for decades. Once dark events are evident the can be redeemed through choice to the Light Eternal. Indeed dark event are Light inclined, once evident they are either re claimed to the Light Eternal or continued to the darkness, denied as self. The time indisposed planet earth is an unnecessarily disintegrating, unnecessarily a death insinuated culture accordingly non-Eternal as such inclined and likened to darkness. But intriguingly a singular choice can claim-return a dark event to the Light Eternal. Whereas changing-converting the sound Light Eternal to darkness requires a sustained effort acknowledged as self denying. Dark events are sustained and validated through forgiveness, are God inhibiting. Sound Light events are reve3aled-validated through ideal love sharing. And confirm, reveal God nurturing

The words that follow speak to a linear unfolding of a placebo event to its the non-linear intent. (Like material in time presently repressed). This unfolding of placebo activity also references the non-linearity of coincidence, intuition, disease, forgetting, death cessation, DNAsound, accrued probability and other condition activities previously denied Cosmic predisposition. Observing: Is a placebo response is based to a deceptively encouraged belief that a non-biological placebo is actually a cure to specific disease. Consequently the placebo encouraged belief results in a remedy in more than half of the cases otherwise delegated to conventional medications. In spite of linear temporal limitations appreciating through incomplete otherwise inconsistent thought belief humans landed on the moon. And returned. (Is the displacement, the deception in placebo dark events, engendering fear, disease, death belief, validating commerce and technology depletion). If an encouraged vaguely determined belief can create a cancer cure. Can’t assume a similar like belief can create the cancer. ( The disintegrating disease is created not consciously over a period of time ). Further when an individual can assume the placebo effoect belief through self and not deceptively through another person a significant shift has occurred. A Cosmic bridge has been crossed.

The disintegrating disease that evolves in time that can end a life in an endless Universe, has been consciously transcende3d. (A life defining time disintegrating event has been resolved to its non-linear Eternal origin). More precisely you have overcome time to the timeless self. Disintegrating linear irony is resolved to the non-linear Eternal ideal. Through resonant suggestion transending mechanical or chemical intervention. Two exclusionary time encrusted events, cure and disease have been abridged to the non- linear Cosmically Eternal individual. The divine self. ( A non-linear life event wont tolerate destruction or loss of utility as a culmination of its process). Noting people become impaired and die from recurrent diseases that reveal and perpetuate the timely non-Eternal disintegrating self. When a person can actualize the non-linear self the Cosmos is at play in their life. Again we are discussing consciously creatively altering the organic self in a manner that is the near opposite of aging, disease and death cessation. If this can be done with an impaired condition like “terminal” disease through a dying patient please pause to imagine what can be done with an alert, other than Cosmically denied life being. This materialiutry evolves while the human is invested in a depleting, incomplete reality that is relevant sustained through dying and culminates through n’ as death. Interestingly professional mourners were known as placebos. What are the implications for commerce, technology and expressible spirituality. Also in ways that do not allow a complete explanation. We offered we can benefit from what we are not aware of assuming our availability as suggested by our limited relationship with coincidence, intuition, disease, death perspective precognition meaning life. Intriguingly what “we are not aware of” exists before our birth and after our death, including ourselves in substance evolving form or formulation. How we experience a life opportunity also speaks to the expressions and creations of that life being? How meaning language, perception, consciousness? And how we realize life through science, art. technology which is a reflection of our evolved self? Our knowledge of ourselves will reflect that change. Consequently our spirituality. You will be a different being presently through miracles, dreams, imagination, magic and anticipation. Noting these concepts developed in tentative language like the near all of everythiong amongst the earth people dwells in uncertainty. Yet we wonder otherwise. Amongst timely earth people the near of all is perhaps, except perhaps. Perhaps...

Elaine these evolving word’s intent were initially titled; linear anomaly, the dichotomy of destruction, a deniied-distorting spheroid pulse. thwarted spherooid pulse. These words are reliant on logic. And can become tiresome in that manner. Logic can it seems help when writing, examining issue or potential issue events that emotionally speak horror, futility, impending disaster. “I” will intervene with an occasional reprieve, a memory, a gentle thought, a moment of humor. Another reference title for these words. “The time of now is forever.”

Destabilized destruction of a three dimensional form involves instruction, planning, preparation, investment, offense, anticipation and a concordant reciprocal disposition. (Destruction in a linear temporal culture is a life long optional disposition, a lifestyle the near of impossible to avoid). The aforementioned activities only have value consequence if the entire destructive formulation is not utilized or even if “intent” suffers damage. (One destructive posture engenders many others).

Eliminate any activity facet and destruction is sublimated as a non- event. The most compelling willful destructive linear assimilation is war. Peace is not the absence of war. But rather inherent to the condition of peace are essential elements that become manifest as war. War cannot happen without peace. This linear interactive process is futilely unproductive since war leads to peace. Given the structurally pervasive nature of destruction a non-linear culture would have to transcend this dichotomy to regain- maintain its Cosmic disposition.

Appreciating that destruction is the extreme irony of a temporal linear culture. Meaning that one destructive presence can only value and validate its purpose if it concedes and condones its own destruction. Given the value resources invested in destruction much of the destruction occurs before the destructive inclination is affected. As noted the ideal in destructive predisposition is that the amassed process representing a major material and life resource investment is not utilized as intended. Straining economies and political postures that are based on internal and external opposition. Preparation without destruction represents a significant static depletion of industrial activity that in the long term can be almost as damaging as war. That an industries ideal potential can only be realized as a status similar to the dormant-inactive condition prior to the manufacture of their only product is an interesting linear irony. The parallel equivalent is to design a medical procedure that is only effective if it is not used.

Another irony to the dynamic of destruction is that a destructive event by its own designed nature is functionally a self diminishing one. A destructive event results in the loss of creative life purpose. What is being suggested through these insights is a simple proposition… can a destructive act be creative- not realized through a complete loss of utility-directional purpose. The question is posed is there any condition activity in a non-linear event that might be creatively sympathetic with destruction but not by its own nature be self defeating and otherwise inconsistent. Seemingly destructive but not damaging. Vaguely and perhaps unintentionally suggested by the missile defense system.

Elaine let’s intervene with a different awareness. Suggesting a more compelling formulation of thought. Appreciating that numbers are more concise, less ambiguous and less subjective than words. Both word and number conjoined as evidenced in these essay-provide additional clarity. Inferring a new language, less linear, less contrived by time. Allowing memories direction it was in 1976 that (I) walked into this information. A sensation. Followed by a trip to the library. Appreciating Elaine that numerology is n ancient practice still in vogue. A perceptual activity of thought “I” know little about. Acknowledging that in numerology the number (9) speaks to Beginnings and Endings. And observation allows there are only ten numbers, any variation relies on these joined numerations. Interestingly the nice and inspired Aztecs developed and I assume assigned perspective and value to the idea, the concept of “0.” What follows are three dates, the culmination of two world wars during the twentieth century and Nostradamus projection of a third world war in 1999. Recalling that at the turn of the millennium there was a concern that due to a computer design flaw computers world wide would fail. And possibly nuclear missiles would self discharge. This somewhat mysterious concern was called Y2K. Please note the development on the three dates.

* * *

World War I

World war II

World war III

1918 (1 and 8 is 9)

1945 ( 4 and 5 is 9)

1999 _______

Now the pattern becomes more. Any of these three dates added or subtracted from each other all without exception culminate in the number 9. Next the information provided by the nice and calm library. Did you ever notice Elaine how each room activity it seems has its own distinct sound of silence. Assuming the human activity allows for the sound event.

* Manhattan Project code named. “Great God K.” (9 letters).
*Los Alamos (9 letters). New Mexico (9 letters)
* Manhattan Project (9 letters).
* Hiroshima (9 letters). Region of the first detonation. Jornado del Muerto.” Journey of death.
*Squadron flew B-29’s. Activation date June 27, 1945 Engines on Enola Gay tunred 2:27. Starts down runway 2:45 .
* Scientists “witnesses” flew in plane number 91.
* Bomb 9000 pounds.
* Bomb 10 feet 9 inches. Weight 9700 pounds.
* Mushroom cloud 9000 feet.
* Bomb equivalent to 9000 pounds of TNT.
* 98 percent of 90,000 homes destroyed.
* 90 percent of nurses and doctors killed or disabled.
* Between 99,000 and 100,000 earth people beings killed.
* Kiloton yield 13.5 ...Heated generated.
* First detonation code named “Trinity.” Bomb named. “The Beast.”

Anecdotal information. Mitsubishi sent a group of technicians to Hiroshima the day before the detonation. The 9 technicians survived and relocated to Nagasaki. Additional anecdotes? The clear meaning of this data is not knowable through our current language construct? Numerologist, others? This accumulation of event, numerical coincidence sustained over several years, eventually (not consciously) imposed unto language leaves a sense of awe, unresolved mystery and a sensation of ignorance. Acknowledging everything is relevant, revealing and connected. Data on Nagasaki not tabulated. Enough. Anguish. Limits. Are reasonable perspectives.

The following an update acknowledging your past support. (Our last contact several years past). Clarifying, expanding the effort to the present. Our initial contact titled, “Opiate trail: Vietnam, assassinations, opiates and the nuclear triad” Recently we introduced a 15 minute you tube video. Additional efforts follow. Our initial contact with John Anderson of the Washington Post since 1983 ended abruptly. Other sources remain active. Emile de Antonio learned from a CIA functionary at the UN that the operation out of the Golden Triangle was code named “The Long Silver Train.” Acknowledging the possibility of disinformation. Previous development focused on the Golden Triangle updated to Afghanistan.

Consider with emphasis: No there is no effort nor desire to ascertain guilt or culpability in this effort. Our interest is to clarify historical events. Through paterns determine conseguence that are not necessarily otherwise apparent to most, including those who are responsible for the events. These violents by their own nature are inconsistent at time beyond comprehension. Certainly explanation. These events are actualized, witnessed and subseguently related through the dysfunction of language which in the ideal evolves through forgettting and structurally language allows for deception and self deception. Suggesting that these events occurred as related and their meaning is only as suggested becomes perhaps the most compelling distortion. Also the coneguences of these events on idviduals and community continue. Further we do not want to suggest that anyone working for the CIA or any goverenment agency of any country are inherently bad people. These are good people persuing what they perceive to be doing is essential and life sustaining. All bad is good unresolved. Yet there is violence and there are conseguence. And though we accept good is preferable to bad the anguish and havoc of bad persists. We seek the truth we hope.

A cohesion of intersecting patterns: Synopsis perspective: When a federal agency is able to bypass checks and balances associated with congressional funding the same agency can pursue independent prerogatives. We were “fighting” in Laos and Cambodia hiring thousands of 11-12 year old Laotian mercenaries, CIA's Air America providing a million dollar a day bombing sorties. Only a few Congressmen were aware of these events and the White House. Congress therefore did not provide funding. Also Senator Church and others had become more active inquiring into CIA activities. Senator Church we understand compelled the company to dispose of their extensive financial holdings. (The operational solution to the monetary constraint became opiates.) An abandoned soda bottling facility at Da Nang Air Force base was converted to a mortuary. Dead American soldiers organs were removed and pure opiates concealed in the empty stomach and chest cavity.(Fifty pounds of opiates in one KIA converts to a thousand pounds of street product). Senator Church's intelligence over site committee examined these crimes without we assume public resolution.... Coded coffins were intercepted at Dover and Andrews AFB by CIA morticians. The senior editor at JF Blair Publishers in Winston Salem provided us with public documentation relating that in the 1970's seven-eight US Air Force Sargent were arrested in Winston Salem bringing in coffins full of heroin. Media dubbed the effort. “Dead man's dope.” Disposition of trial is unclear? Also a Nam marine we spoke with offered the company owns mortuaries over seas and “uses” deceased tourist similarly. We have no corroboration on this. Noting: Prior to America's” invasion” 7% of street opiates came from Afghanistan, after US established military control including sophisticated surveillance heroin sales in America from Afghanistan increased to 60%. Microsoft sales last year were 57 billion, drug sales world wide approximately 670 billion. A partner back east relates that heroin use has increased appreciably specially amongst women. Applications to the methadone clinic at the West Haven VA hospital have increased by 20%. Consider developed countries without pharmaceutical drugs and opiates. The same population without opiates and pharmaceuticals after a nuclear war. (The opiate culture as other than determinant criminality will become more clear).

We should explain over years we've made no effort to ascertain guilt. "You can't have an enemy without being one." We are interested in the consequence evidenced suggested in coherent patterns. Interestingly on numerous occasions we shared 4-5 pages of non-linear information, folks would respond-indicating they already knew what had just been read. When asked half an hour or several days later what had been read that was already known to them. They could not recollect a single fact. It would appear that folks “gather” information through the linear increment of word, store the information as a non-linear spasm of information-when obliged express a memory the process reverts linear language. When the information is offered as a non-linear condition affect it appears folks remember by forgetting. Possibly we inadvertently arrived at an effective “security” devise whereby historical data and acquired information could be collected and deciphered. An undercurrent of history. The process it seemed became self editing. Acknowledging our inclusive motivation. All this information over the years has been made available to OSI at OFFutt AFB in nearby Bellevue, Nebraska. Strategic Air Command. Home of looking glass. of special investigation. Our effort is not exclusionary. Relevant to a nuclear holocaust... to whom do we surrender if we are the enemy.

We continue intersecting assimilating patterns: President Kennedy was considering ending the war in Vietnam. Also after the Bay of Pigs JFK weighed transferring intelligence gathering from the CIA to the military. After President Kennedy's murder the Vietnam war continued for 12 years. Five years later Robert Kennedy is murdered, the war continues for five more years. Senator Kennedy was seeking nomination for Presidency while opposing war in Vietnam. Robert Kennedy's primary win in California likely assured the nomination. All other remaining candidates on either party supported the war in Vietnam. All assassinations and assassination attempts assured the war in Vietnam would have the support of the presidency, governor Wallace withdraw ofter being shot strengthened candidate Nixon's positing on the south. Senator McGovern, after his vice presidential candidate dropped out of the race-never seriously contended. Several weeks weeks prior to Senator Robert Kennedy's murder Reverend King was killed. One hundred and thirty cities rioted. Ghetto residents had resources from looting with which to purchase opiates. Covert activities, increased need for financing and secrecy followed the Tet Offensive. Anxiety over the involvement of China and Russia increased. The murders of Senator Kennedy and Reverend King and the riots dramatically shifted attention from the continuing Tet debacle “intersect” to America.... During the five-six month Tet Offensive initially many American positions were over run, the American embassy in Saigon was lost to Vietcong insurgents. Walter Cronkite announces to American public, “I thought we were winning the war.” American middle class begins to turn against war. Media became more critical. Subsequent events will shift focus.

Amidst the revealing “intersect” assassinations, Tet, the riots, the 1968 Chicago democratic convention protests military began to convert abandoned military bases into detention centers anticipating worsening riots. Concerns about revolution were expressed. Consider in this chaotic context opiates become a sinister form of social engineering. (Is it conceivable there was no awareness on this affect). The disadvantaged who had shown a willingness to riot nationwide and might have sustained a “revolution” many were addicted, otherwise involved in the drug trade. More than million were in prison or on restrictive parole most for low level drug offensives. Campus and middle class culture was also influenced by drugs. Remembering the 60's: Draft protests, campus unrest “riots”, civil rights movement, weather under ground bombings, black panthers, women rights movement, Warren Commission. All countered against the motivation of the hippie movement. Abbie Hoffman, Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin, Jimmie Hendrix, Woodstock.... The Vietnam war, Laos, Cambodia. President Johnson. Richard Nixon. Spiro Agnew. Senator McGovern.Water gate. Malcolm X, the Diem brothers also murdered. Three attempts on President Ford. And yourself friend, enemy soldier alike, tax payer victim, planetary citizen and thosae unborn who would inherit the dark shaows of this despair. And the hope. And the responsibility. We are anuclear family.

Again throughout this effort we have made no effort to ascertain guilt individually or institutionally. Determining quilt begins and perpetuates an exclusionary oppositional process. Conventionnally developing the effort beyond consequential pattern invites futility. And risk. Though clearly this is a human reality born from choice. And the disregard of choice. It is conceivable indeed likely that no individual or individuals pursued “instigated” these or most of these events to a commonly desired “suggested” purpose. But the patterned- interpreted historical results remain the same well within the limits of certitude. There is no statute of limitations on truth, denied or otherwise. While acknowledging its evolving disposition. Subjectively motivated events resulting in patterns become objectively apparent when no effort is made to justify one oppositional perspective over another.

Developing linear casual information is not without value, but at a certain juncture futility defines, even language appears to become deficient, mechanized, prone to jargon, substance displaced to sound bite. Oblique to its ideal. And these limitations structurally evident as ambiguous motive are influenced, not always knowingly by deception or self deception. Example: John Anderson at the Washington post, the editorial writer not the reporter-produced a documentary identifying the individuals who died in an unexpected seemingly “violently” that were involved in activities or events related to President Kennedy's assassination. An actuarial company in London England determined the probability that the number of individuals who died in a similar like manner associated with one event were a million to one. Accepting the accuracy of the documentary and the probability study...why was their a violently sustained effort to conceal or perpetuate the fact that the man who killed Kennedy was arrested on the same day the Presidents was killed. (At what level of bureaucracy could these events of been authorized and implemented). It would seem there are instances even in the ideal when a question loses value intent as the answer. Thousands of books, documentaries, movies, investigations and millions of classified document give credence more to futility than thoroughness.

Immediate prerogatives: How many police officers, FBI agents, DEA agents were killed or injured while responding to criminal activities resultant from drugs being brought into this country by a tax subsidized Federal employees. How many citizens and residents over dosed on drugs brought to this country by their government. How many men, women and children were arrested, convicted and imprisoned by the law enforcement community that might have sold them the drugs. Babies born drug addicted. Many private citizens and residents were killed, injured-lost property as a result of condoned criminality. How will family, friends, veterans, the public react to additional evidence proving that soldiers killed in action were violated. Tragically the drug trade has global and localized consequences. As many Mexican citizens have been killed in the last decade as American's who were killed during the Vietnam war. The violence is also manifest as fear, corruption and the losst of spiritual-material resources. According to one source on NPR radio only five percent of drug murders are investigated in Mexico.

One third of soldier in Vietnam had security clearances. War and the events leading to war have become more guarded, less media access, greater involvement of the private sector beyond profit motivation. Maximizing the need for secrecy and disinformation. Exacerbating contrived-coerced burdens on language. Also it's difficult responding to a global nuclear event for which(except for the tragedy o9f Hiroshima and Nagasaki) there is no historical reference. Reacting to what we acknowledge by denying. Nuclear war being a planetary event that we have no cultural-environmental reference. A global event which once occur rent impairs witness. Allowing a brief departure the United Nation's charter never to my knowledge considered a corps of journalist who are not culturally distracted in their appreciation of truth.

The operating model for a winnable nuclear war argues that the country that is able to peruse conventional military options and rebuild essential infrastructure has won the 3rd World War. Note there were three nuclear war red alerts high death com associated with the Vietnam war. Several accidental strike events that were “interrupted.” Acknowledging miniaturization technology. Battle field usage: Presently a grape fruit size device can be fired from a shoulder howitzer that will yield a hirosh9ima level detonation. First atomic bombs weighed 4500 pounds. Question: How do you compel selected American to assist in rebuilding LAX, JFK, Eppley, portions of inter state 80, communications, disposing of billions of decaying corpses. Human and other species. Their are tons of lye stock piled in this country. Note 800 roentgens of radio activity kill most warn blooded animals, several thousand wont kill most insects. Most insect population growth respond to food source shifts? But after a nuclear holocaust event culture identity, life and death will undergo profound debilitating displacement. Science and technology become inadequate to human need. How will trust, language, family, religion. identity be affected. And the human need to mourn? Those who will conduct a nuclear war it is assumed will be it's likely survivors. The significant number of individuals who prepare, profit- plan and will conduct a nuclear war give immediacy and increased probability to a planetary holocaust. A catastrophic occurrence being tax subsidized by the labor of its victims. We are being asked to accept the purpose and consequence of nuclear war on faith. Extinction as process offered as deterrence to extinction. Does our species's acquired karmic debt... devolve. Possibly at a certain juncture beyond our collective ability to respond even before the event itself. Are accidents involving nuclear weapons and weapons systems influenced by this karmic dynamic. Indeed vast resources of spirit, material and human intent are devoted daily to our extinction. How does this affect our individual and collective awareness. The suggestion that hydrogen bomb has been its own deterrent does not acknowledge the resources of spirit, material, intent and anticipation that have been and continue to be exhausted in the furtherance of a global holocaust.

A central perspective. Once again with clarifying emphasis: The consistent operating model for a winnable nuclear war has been,”the country that is able to sustain a conventional military option, rebuild, maintain public order will “win” the 3rd World War. What options does a Marshall law government have to control and influence a dispirited work force. Compel individuals to work in a radiated environment. Currently the ideal treatment for the pain associated with radiation poisoning is an opiate patch. Is one of the behavioral modifier,”Pick up the shovel or give up the patch.” The shovel or the slide ruler. What other resource “value” might opiates have after a nuclear exaggeration and distortion of current abuse.

The nuclear triad is a mechanized system designed, maintained and secured through human imperfection in an insecure world. Eric Schlosser in his book “Command and Control” quotes Charles Perrow's text “Normal Accidents” observing , “....the complex system is a process that can not be readily modified or turned off, accidents are normal... these accidents don't lend themselves to satisfying postmortems since it is often difficult to explain at what stage in the cascade of bad events..that “disaster” becomes irreversible.” (Miss-sent messages are a serious problem in all bureaucracies). Prior and during the Cuban Missile Crisis messages to Moscow from the Russian Ambassador in Washington were written by hand and delivered to the Western Union office by bicycle. Only after this crisis was a telephone link set up between the major powers. A study by Sandia Laboratories that oversees the security and production of nuclear weapon systems-determined that between 1950 and 1968 there had between at least 1200 “significant accidents” involving nuclear weapons. This terrifying dynamic does not factor accidents and miscalculations involving the Soviet Union. And the “many” other countries that now have nuclear weapons. (Error's and accidents involve miss-sent messages, miscalculation, computer and human error). Objects often fall into silo's. In 1980 in Arkansas a nineteen year old airman dropped a socket while performing routine maintenance, the armed Titan 11 missile became “a time bomb” resulting in an oxidizer air pressure leak. If the remaining oxidizer had come onto contact with the rocket fuel the missile would have exploded. A single Titan 11 missile has three times the force of all the bombs dropped during World War 11 including Hiroshima and Nagasaki. If the Titan 11 had detonated duri9ng the accident the State of Arkansas would have been wiped out. Millions would have suffered internal and external radiation death and injury. Arkansas would not have been habitable for decades. During cold war a B-47 carrying an armed with a Mark 36 hydrogen bomb caught fire in Morocco, six weeks later a Mark 6 landed in a back yard in Mars Bluffs South Carolina when a crewman mistakenly pulled the manual-bomb release lever. The explosives detonated, but the nuclear core had not been inserted. 3Ci Command, Control, Communication and Intelligence often only has has an uncertain and potentially chaotic few minutes to correct a human, computer error, an accident or miss-sent message before the event becomes irreversible.

Final reference patterns. After discharge of missile likely up to six months of nuclear winter, not factoring contaminated crops, soil “stock piles” become determinant. Food stuffs, water, medicines, limited medical equipment, insecticides, lye. And opiates. Pattern perspectives in development: Where massive underground storage and living facilitates constructed and maintained on the backs of the oppressed through the opiate trade, thereby maximizing security and not straining the economy. Imposing a macabre adaptation on the history of slavery. Would economists agree that the opiate trade actually assisted economy and social security. Drug crime polarizes different social groups and legitimize institutions. The relevance of social engineering noted. An economic stimulant? Poor steal from well to do, these loses are covered by internationally diversified insurance companies. Lost products are repurchased, stolen materials are reprocessed through pawn shops-further validating the corporate structure without culpability

Allowing an opportunity to resolve pessimism to a preferred contentment. Hopelessness can become it's own self motivating context. Often we appear to create the burdens we resist by carrying. Yet human beings know good from bad and prefer good. Our efforts know the better of our anticipation. Often we create the need for our own prayers. Yet we pray. We love our children the better of ourselves. Witnessing the bold knowing of the better life intended daily there are events that speak the better hope we trust. The nuclear freeze moment in 1981, Reverend Sato a Buddhist from Hiroshima and others marched across America urging a freeze of nuclear weapons. Congress was one vote short of enacting that policy. Dissidents like the Plowshare 8 "broke" into a General Electric plant in Pennsylvania, a nun, two Yale divinity students, a professor, a former marine, others were arrested while praying over a multiple re-entry adaptation that would allow one ICBM to deliver 8-9 nuclear war heads to guided targets. Though American media rarely reported these events, still Emile De Antonio wrote and directed a documentary, 60 minutes devoted on segment to these protests, the Buddhists always in attendance at their trials providing a spiritual nexus to intent. Those who drafted themselves to action knew their worthiness encouraging fraternity. Our dread compels action. And continued prayer. We are each the choice of ourselves.

Diana's communal dream
December 28, 2003
Louie and Ralph
on the way to Woodstock

                              There is a time and space nearing beyond the distant everglades. An answered prayer called the 1960's. A loving place, believable.   A stillness of spirit when flower children, the music and  promise became God's breathing, Hope. Effortless trust. We were our prayer's response. Wars rendered  dormant with song. The future pulse our hearts.  God's Creation knew the festival. We danced together. All life invited. As the sun shined we knew the warmth of the moon. Revelations surrendered. Life had arrived without death's permission.
But as seeds are the otherwise of flowers. And Gold's mystery is not our own. The good of gardens and gentle tears turned to bad.  Evil became the shadow of our shade.  The children of peace retreated. And assumed their place once a slave ship called democracy. Beautiful leaders were knocked to the ground. Strange elixirs claimed the alchemy of hope. Joplin, Hendrix other minstrels were laid to rest. Our sad heart's envy, the war in Vietnam, yielded to silence. Three million dying burnt to dust. Exhausted soldiers came home. Our residence on Noah's arc the planet earth.
One day became many. And the children of peace watched their children grow. Promises once believable ... became songs sad distant songs. Is it not true we do not know the full of God's instruction, ourselves. Our hearts tender garden is mystery incomplete. Was our leaving easily the shared Eden evidence of the same?
Must innocence be relished then sacrificed to forgotten youth? The dark powers of our benefactors, however loved, owned  the fence. We relinquished. Yielding to maturity once disdained. And  prospered. Aspiring not to forget. What was a dream. Not ours to forget. Our gentle walk across the Main Streets of despair. The song's remain. God's art ourselves. Now the keepers of the gates. Owners of the fences. What explanation can there be not to return? To a place briefly delivered from the darkness. There is no excuse. No  explanation. Once respondent God beckons again. Will we return to the answered prayer. Ourselves.  What choice is left. Apology? Eden lost to the darkest sun. Revelation's embrace. Not God's dream. Our success?

What are the word’s memory that are true when writing about our planned extinction. Who attends the funeral, but God. It was a dark place in the early morning. A lieutenant woke us up 3:30 in the morning. Words and horror, breathing. We hit the Russian Embassy in Hanoi. Run to the intelligence buildiing. The White Elephant Tan son Nhut air force base. Nuclear war. Colonel Now? Sounds of sounds? Eyes. My combat boots. Did all the others run. Was this a joke? The joke’s on us. Hurrying no further than myself. Terror hurts. Disappear? Reappear? Neither both? The image lingering near away. Cousin Bosco, the driveway, dead. “Even the dogs are going to die.” Darkness breaths? Space waiting is... God spoke, sternly the words were said. “Save the world.” The words were said. How tall an ant taller than me. Waiting space. I don’t remember asking. The question. “Did we have nuclear war?” A question to an answer? Was it a joke? The jokes on us. The absent space. Vacancy. When is gone. All ways of knowing reveal. “Save the world Charlie? Are you insane?” The answer cautions. “Only if I’m successful.” Struggling we thrive ourselves delivered. Because we can not safe the world ourselves, doesn’t mean we have to be destroyed. No endings thrive once begun.

Save the world. What words explain their own source. Insanity defends madness. A hallucination? Where is it written that God can’t speak to you through the moisture on a blade of grass. Your daughters smile before she was born, a hallucination. Searching. Wandering wondering. Years avail consent’s purpose. Any idea is a divine idea if its divinely expressed.... The idea of cancer. You. Tomorrow. Us. And the idea of insanity. Smiling reprieve in the little theater of the mind, “I” said to a man. “I’m going to save the world.” He cautioned. “Your insane.” (I) responded. “Only if I’m successful.” Do you understand friend. Our struggle is uncertain. We aspire. We agree confusioin directs. Pain instructs. Knowledge hesitates. Cosmic challenges await. Because we can’t save the world free of our dismay, it doesn’t mean the planet has to be destroyed. There is no death there is extinction.

The following few pages examine a non-linear historical development. A logically integrated effort to examine purpose without focusing on linear irony and human culpability. Thanking those who helped during the 25-29 year effort sustaining the benevolence of friendship. And good intentions. The uncertain-ill determined effort began in 1983 with a call to a reporter at the Washington Post, John Anderson. Psychic confusion unknowingly resolved linear anomaly to non-linear fluency. A historical mosaic emerged delivering war, assassination, opiate trade and institutional betrayal to an accrued darkening. Non-linearily all benefit from good all are complicit in the bad. There is no judgment hear, but witness. Know the darkness claim the Light. The purpose is not to determine guilt or validate the cult of enemy, but to examine result intent, consequence. Appreciating that war damages. The paradox is not between war and peace, but rather the activity belief that good can come from war. War leads to the peace denied by war-inherent in peace are the inconsistencies, the darkening ideals that lead to another war event.

… incriminating mural….
a cohesion of intersecting patterns
-War-assassination-political intent-opiates-

… This mosaic unfolds in an imagery of word…Straining the limits of a definition for linearity, “A disturbance between two points.” Acknowledging that the Vietnam war precipitated three nuclear war red alerts high deathcom. Our choices... …

A clearer perspective to an undercurrent of American history that has altered this country’s direction. And spirit. The mosaic delineates motive. Suggesting a cohesion of evidence that establishes a cohesive pattern of complicity around five themes: Assassinations, the Vietnam War, a parallel opiate economy, perhaps unintentional bureaucratic corruption. Meaning willful individuals not necessarily aware of the eventual results of their determinations. But nonetheless consequential.

The correlation begins: Image…. (1). Saigon is the transshipping center for opiates in the Golden Triangle. A significant percentage of the world’s opiates come from the Golden Triangle. Image …(2). President Kennedy considers ending the war in Vietnam. Soldiers start coming home. He’s assassinated. The war & opiate trade continue. Vice-President who replaces JFK favors war. (War continues for 12 years). This pattern will be repeated. Murder-war-opiates. Seven assassinations or assassination attempts of Presidents or Presidential candidates in 18 years (all) perpetuate the war I Vietnam. Image…(3) Opiates being brought into this country by government operatives. Headline articles Eight Air Force Sergeants arrested in North Carolina bringing coffins full of opiates. (Articles Winston Salem Times). Disposition of trials? Image… (4) Soldiers killed in Vietnam…internal organs excavated- disposed of initially a converted Pepsis cola facility DA Nang AFB…pure opiates inserted into empty cavity that would be cut many times before made available in the streets. Coded coffin returned to America....Andrews, Dover Air Force base. Emile de Antonio “relates” while working with us, De Antonio activist movie director (nominated for an academy award on his documentary on Vietnams war) meets with CIA operative at UN…determines circa 1991 this operation coded . “The Long Silver train.” Image …(5). Martin Luther King murdered during Tet Offensive… American forces were being over run through out South Vietnam. Covert operations increased. 150 American cities riot. Poor have money from looting to purchase opiates. The CIA’s funding needs increased…Congress was not aware of our incursions into Laos, Cambodia and Thailand also the determination made Congress would not fund additional troops. Opiate trail becomes more essential. (Vietnam is known as the CIA’s war). Again whispering as kindness invites we are not suggesting any group or individual is bad. When good is revealed through bad linear dichotomy persists. These words speak to a desperate searching. A yearning for the better way. Acknowledging that not all this information is exact, correct beyond clarification. Any error is not intentional. Any effort you can contribute to clarify is gratefully appreciated...

Observing with emphasis no collection of information, however sincere, is without error. Inconsistency and error compels further clarification. Availing hope’s discretion. Your efforts in the service clarity are encouraged. There is no bad here unless decency denied opportunity. Except for killing all bad is good unresolved. You can’t have an enemy without being one.

Correlation: Senator Church forced the CIA to sale all their corporate interests. Compelling the CIA to search for other forms of financing. (The checks and balances on the CIA are funds provided by Congress.) If this funding can be bypassed the CIA by passes Senate over sight Intelligence Committees. (Leaks from Congress that in the past have exposed agents to danger and compromised CIA operations)…. CIA was fighting in Laos and Cambodia hiring thousand of Laotian mercenaries many 10-11 years old, CIA’s Air America was spending a million dollar a day on bombing sorties. Except for a few Congress did not know about this military incursion. CIA finances?

Image ...(6). Several weeks after the assassination of Martin Luther King Bobby Kennedy is murdered after winning the California primary which likely assured his nomination for the Presidency. Senator Kennedy opposed the war in Nam. The Vice-President Hubert Humphrey assumes the nomination… supports the war. (As does his opponent Richard Nixon). Suffering in Asia suffering in America continues...

Progression review: Three murders, one attempted murder. Same consequential result. (More than 30 violent deaths associated with JFK murder (ie) documentary- Anderson Washington Post. British actuarial Company estimates the probability of that many people associated with one event dying violently is one in a million. An old woman falls out of a speeding car. A man mugged murdered in an ally way. A dancer at Jack Ruby’s club who spoke public ally about Ruby and Oswald meeting before the assassination, suicide. A “prostitute” witness suicide. Officer in charge of President Kennedy’s autopsy film ready to retire has job with Network TV, suicide…gun found in wrong hand. (Perhaps the contempt that encouraged violence is our belief that we would be exempt from violence).

Fading images except the eyes. Background the war in Vietnam. Soldiers killing to die. Bombings falling next to ascending burning draft cards. A village on fire a child plays in the sand. Chicago riots. Saigon Tet Offensive Vietcong suspect with a revolver to his head. Kent State college coed holding wounded friend in her arms. Poor sharing a needle. A soldier in the fetal position. A woman’s hand placing a flower in the barrel of soldiers M-16. Munitions and body bags stacked next to K- rations. Fading Arlington cemetery. Two Kennedy’s. Reverend King . Wallace shot. Vietnam war memorial 3 million names. Policeman shot old woman robbed. Gov. Wallace shot his candidacy ended. Assuring Nixon’s victory. (Wallace was drawing votes from Nixon in the South). If Nixon had lost Democrat who strongly opposed the war would be President. War continues. Opiate economy the same. Further secured due to lack of treatment centers, including ten’s of thousands addicted Nam veterans (not tested) not treated at VA Hospitals. The karmic snake enfolds: A flurry of random sentences encircles the snake’s head. Parallel opiate economy sustained by an autonomous government agency-continues. A military source indicates company owns mortuaries over seas returns American nations-opiates stomach chest cavities. International insurance companies pay billions on property stolen. Pawn shops pay 10% on value. Insurance companies pay on full value on items that will be replaced. Economy stimulated. Everything factored, including-excluding the war, what are the economic implications? . The poor are unable to resolve their poverty through politics, protest or revolution because one million in prison for drug use, drug addicted or dealing. Opiates become a form of social engineering. (Half of black youth in major cities have gone through the criminal justice system. 70% of worlds illicit drugs used in America.) Less than 5% of opiate addicted Vietnam Veterans treated in VA hospitals. Crime, ghetto riots, war, assassination, corporate profits …distracting conspiracy protocols . Drugs and related activities, impede revolutionary prerogative along with “some” powerful leaders no longer answerable to the people. About 30 million individuals suffered permanent injury in Vietnam. There is no estimate as too how many died, suffered or were otherwise diminished due to the drug trade.

The mushroom cloud… reaching beyond the mosaic. The war in Vietnam engulfing in a radiating cloud the planet earth. This incriminating mural does not include an intimate understanding of violent death, demeaning patterned activities in North and South Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand. And the other countries involved in the war in Vietnam. As well as those in America families and peace protestors who suffered injury or death. And were otherwise dispirited-devalued by the enduring violence. (The refrain sustains in. You can’t have an enemy without being one). . “Balanced hypothetical” : What other “activities” did the parallel opiate trade finance that might not have been approved by Congress or the public.. (Postulate)….. The prevailing model for winnable nuclear war has been the country that rebuilds first and pursues war conventionally prevails.(1) element. How do you maintain order amongst a work force (ie) radiation. Treatment for radiation pain 3 day opiate patch. opiates. Ideal behavioral modifier “pick up the shovel or give up the patch. Where would hundreds of thousands workers and supplies be housed and maintained. (Factoring 6 months of nuclear winter at a minimum ). Key government employees. Including military personnel and equipment protected from radiation contamination. And citizen survivors? Maintaining these locations secret would be a decisive strategic advantage. For the aforementioned reasons were these locations financed through opiates. Further what would be the ideal medium of exchange for months if not years after a nuclear war. Credit cards? Currency is no longer backed by a stable government, banks also are no longer operational. Are opiates the ideal form of exchange? Need therefore value appreciably increased. Opiate flow controlled by a marshal law government becomes a continuing form of social-political control. Domestically and internationally.

Aside: During cold war Soviets -USA trying to defeat one another…defense expenditures became determinant. One of numerous reasons why the classless Soviet system collapsed. Americans edge, the autonomous parallel opiate economy in all its implication. A closed society Soviets kept drugs out. USA had two economies-one secretive used to influence countries direction... suggestive of Soviet ideology. And part of nuclear triad? Note 10 nuclear war red alerts through 1981. Two accidental. And several broken arrow incidents...loss of nuclear war head. The question is offered. What is freedom of speech and assembly if decisive issues and activities are kept secret.

Does these integrated facts, observations transcend reasonable doubt.

Background: Did US government involvement with opiates begin during WWII (ie) Lucky Luciano assists Navy in exchange for early release. (This mural is a mirror). Unlike cancer these activities were born from choice.….From gold to heroin Trotsky gold bullion. Trotsky sent by Germans with 30 million in gold bullion by railroad train to Russia hoping to create unre3st (ie) keep the Russians out of WW1. Clarification: Senator Church compels CIA… date?…Pure opiate conversion rate to street heroin 1960’s and 70’s. (Also profit margin verses labor and distribution compared to other capital ventures such as cars, appliances and services like medical). Shift from gold bullion to opiates. Why?…Winston Salem trial 7 sergeants results? Ended due to national security interests?…VA statistics on drug treatment Nam drug use. Virtually no drug testing by VA during war? Was testing possible, effective. Opiate use in Vietnam by soldiers substantial. Law enforcement priorities during war. (Whatever the pragmatic answers the questions identify and sustain human trauma). US State dept. during WWII asked Ho chi Minh to assist against the Japanese in return State dept. would aide with free elections after war. Americans went back on their word? Result 30 years of war with French and USA.

What is the meaning of history when contextually the witness is limited to the past. The temporal-linear development perpetuates and encourages its own disintegrating flow. History becomes incomplete to itself. It’s potentialo is inadequate to its purpose. Can we aspire from our mistakes if our mistakes define the essential self. In the absence of time disintegration events that culminate in are experienced coherently. Not chaotically. Destruction, killing, betrayal are no longer acceptable contempt's. Efforts to benefit from destruction or the threatening of destruction-not unacceptable, but the dementia. Collectively and individually.

Understanding that a war event in a linear culture resolves the very linear irony that created the event, the linear reality itself. Meaning casual opposition, the fundamental ironic separation that is essential to our linear culture is absolved through the war event. In a linear temporal culture the separation is either constructive or destructive. Either disposition in process and consequence is highly inefficient. Both influences have to be considered in all linear activities, these two conditions are related and integrated. Obviously including technology, the utility of technology and the eventual disposition of the technology are essential-defining prerogatives. (In a linear technology the designed utility of your disposable car is not complete unless you can crash it on the way home, one of many events including productive usage that will render your vehicle useless. And each loss of use or misuse is necessary to value utility).Without exception in the earth peoples linear-temporal adaptation all material events realized through the altering of environmental material eventually assume a dysfunctional, non-utilitarian status. Ours is a disposable material accommodation. Noting these events, realities, inclinations are willfully consequent. (War is a concentrated, localized representation of this linear inclination). This dysfunctional irony includes the human body which is a non-linear form linearly realized, therefore denied as experienced. Death and destruction culminate this Cosmically denying irony. Noting this process is consequent to choice.

Can you sense to feel Eloaine these word’s intent speaks to violence, our seemingly essential protest of self. But the motion being is different when soldiers confront one another. Afraid, unhappy-violent surrogates. The fewer words constraint. You can not have an enemy without being one. The assimilating anagram for the word, patriot. “I tap the riot.” The anguish we breathe we suffer. The rose pedals hold the flower. Except for killing all bad is good unresolved. Assuming decencies intent.

The non-linear timeless Universe of which we are a derivative functioning part does not work in this manner. Separation or what might be viewed as destructive events in the Universe are Creative. Space material is not altered in spite of the material itself. In the Cosmos material refines as the material not through loss of material value. (Other than destruction verses constructive we have other oppositional linear parameters (ie) success verses failure, anticipated certitude verses incalculable improbability. So fundamental is degradation in a linear culture that progress is validated and motivated through evolving depletion and eventual loss of value. Meaning what is esteemed presently only has value if eventually it has no or less value. Given our dependence on technology this curious dynamic further impairs the human ideal. Material degradation-depletion eventually leads to material loss of identity. Loss of direction- purpose. Our potential is based on diminishing our potential. Yes innovation improvements are made, but these also are realized from inception through value loss. Acknowledging that vast resources of spirit, material and intent are devoted weaponry. In a linear culture self destruction is inevitable proportionate to the destructive event including spasm extinction or the elimination of an entire species. Considering even a destructive material event eventually losses its destructive purpose because it culminates as a completely diminished event. Destruction becomes valueless nothing is left to destroy. As such willful destruction exhausts the limits of our linear temporal adaptation. Realized as willful futility. A destructive disposition through improved efficiency and by its own nature eventually leads to self destruction. Destruction is a temporary inconsistency-potentially complete in its exactness. Destruction eventually is realized as a dysfunctional non- event. Presently in the extreme valuated irrationally as extinction. (Irrational in that the valuation presumes value beyond total negation, beyond experience). Allowing simplicities consent... there is nothing left to destroy. More accurately no one left invested in destruction. Further when this final depletion occurs time itself no longer factors since time is an earthly non-material machination reliant on the source of its contrivance. Time is an artificial measurable perspective perhaps created in an attempt to infuse order into our disordered linear materiality. The opposite effect resulted. The burdened linear immediacy “now” was further fragmented-distracted by a dormant non-material past and by future “impending” non-events. The linear immediate intact materiality was not clarified through time, but defused and further dematerialized through effect or consequence. (Time is an imagined devise denying timelessness, the nature of the Universe; our inherent disposition-denying time would appear to be a reasonable motivation). Destruction can only occur in and through an inclination toward non-material time in the extreme realized through complete nuclear destruction. In an active destructive event the past and the future are not materially relevant- only consequential to the immediate if damaging. Consequently destruction is not part of the time continuum. In the absence of time seemingly the ability and perhaps need to effect “realize” destruction becomes void. A void event speaks to inconsequential or limited destructive effect.

The concepts of “before” and “after” represent a linear breach that is a function of time and are materially consequential and denying of the non-linear or spherical immediate. Linear humans create an inactivity dysfunction we know as the past and a future whose material dispositions affect immediacy rendering the now as a material event reliant on those temporal non-material conditions. As such the now is incomplete-dislocated from itself. Time engaged to material linearly actualized (is) the shared interchange through which we alter Creation’s material beyond recognition. The linear material time contrivance facilitates the humans “ability” to affect valueless separation events from infinities timeless Universe. Time is the one non-material in the Universe. Whispering once again: Through the enforcement of time onto our linear materiality we further displace our existence compromising our Cosmic connection. Linearity and time are dependant on one another, but not essentially so, other options seemingly abound. Through our linear timely choices our plans eve3ntually become non-functional…the conseguence3 of our no0n-material orientation. All life vitality culminating less life Eternal. Briefly we dream not less ourselves.

Recently Elainoe a lovely lady came up to me in Persia. Politely protesting. “Charlie I’m living on borrowed time.” Not hesitating to think, we responded. “You can’t borrow unless you have credit.” Smiles speak souls bargain...

Can a temporal linear culture only absolve its own irony, its own breach separation from the Cosmos through material disintegration or self destruction. Again localized destruction is an anomalous event because the Universe is creative.( The planet earth is sourced from the infinite timeless Universe, not the reverse) The infinite as such continuously uninterrupted, not defined as separated, not disposed to futile uncreative destruction. Separating infinity suggests more than one infinity. This is not a problem if both infinities are sympathetic not inconsistent, if they are exclusionary- inconsistent (destructive to one another)-infinity could only function reliant on its exclusion, other than infinite. Infinity becomes deficient, linearly ironiuc. Infinity would become its own interruption, linear as opposed to non-linear, limited not limitless. The Universe is non-localized one location, it can not dislocate from itself less itself. The Universe can not separate less itself, less the separation. And sustain its infinite Eternal substance. Except in a linear temporal reality. As dysfunctional consequence and uncertain destabilizing process. At cost.

The nice Professor Einstein offers the Universe is non-linear. Not consequent to its own separation. Intact and creative. Seemingly destructive events like super novas have a value to the intact Universe. These “destructive” events are non-linear, creatively sympathetic to the whole. Not devalued as localized intact as exclusionary while strangely inclusive. Not dysfunctional, time infused. Destructive events on the planet earth are linear, uncreative, realized in time consequently culminated as non-material in nature. Destructive events are unsympathetic to the material whole as such self destructive. Through time this material aberration…the consuming irony extinction or self destruction can only be delayed while indulged. The perception of “the enemy” offers itself as an example. You can’t have an enemy unless you become an enemy. In the absence of war you are limited to being an enemy to self. To whom do you surrender if you are your own worst enemy. Since this is an unwelcome disposition an enemy becomes a dysfunctional projection of an ill tempered self. Which is reciprocally greeted with similar acquiescence. And self serving, self defeating aggravation.

Given that linear destruction in a non-linear Universe the destructive modality seems to accrue seeking to resolve-destroy its own source thereby reclaiming the non-linear Cosmic ideal. This linear coercion is evidence3d in devolution of technology, willing to use worsening weaponry and citizens willingness through consensual taxes to finance this historical aberration.

The Universe is creatively spontaneous meaning everywhere always at once a such timeless, not linear, not materially-functionally exclusionary of itself. (Infinity is not temporary not inconsistent). Not an ironic incremental process influenced by time innuendo-valued through dysfunctional loss of material integrity, meaning, its Cosmic value and direction. Accordingly the Universe is not linear and timeless. Presently the earth culture is a linear time imbued schematic. As such the planet earth exists and functions through the dominant human species in opposition to its own residence the Universe. This planets origin source. Allowing with prayer’s emphasis a more immediate perspective the human body is non-linearily alive. Our linear existence functionally denies our essential form, our physiology…all that is derived from this contradiction must sustain the contradiction as essential or our existence would not be expressible. We must speak the language we have no choice but to create. Choice is derived and limited to anatomy. Denial of that anatomy limits choice. And valuates exclusion and opposition as well as destruction. In such a culture destruction and death are rational adaptations, but only as they are limited and not realized. Like everything else in a linear reality death and destruction remain pertinent as they are opposed and denied. Not only as an issue of choice or preference, but as an issue of functionally inferred essence. Meaning death is not as we perceive nor is destruction. There is a greater dematerializing, destructive time engendering component to killing than there is to death. Death is a singular un willful Cosmically sympathetic event, a non-linear occurrence not sustained by time accordingly in tune with infinity. Killing is a shared linear event. Time imbued in that its effects are continuous, sustained-influenced by preexisting knowledge which is a linear manifest. There is less expressive difference between life and death than there is between death and killing. In the absence of death cessation “killing” becomes the singular irrationality. A shared exclusionary aberration.

Destruction as we know it cannot occur as a spontaneous non-linear “timeless” event or the Universe would self destruct instantaneously through a singular destructive juncture. As such the Universe is not functional to destruction. Otherwise Cosmically destruction would be functional as impaired ie) there would be no inconsistency between order and disorder. Destruction is a linear event accrued through time that eventually is resolved to timelessness. Consequently an issue of redundancy, brevity and inconsistency. Destruction in a linear culture is not structurally inevitable but inclined. Because temporal linearity is not a material disposition, it is subjectively adaptive( ie) experiencing material linearity through time is a human device suggestive of trickery. Can we reconsider a review: ( A linear event speaks to a condition activity realized through functional separation). One point, event leading to a secondary point-juncture, event. (An event is any material activity including thought, the only non- material is time as suggested by the Super String Theory). Once again: All time insinuated planetary activity perceived and contrived by humans manifests as uncertain, disintegrating linear events. Linearity on this planet is redeemed as invalidated, oppositional, inconsistent, curiously random. Before an event can be realized as valid, consistent or other than random the inherent uncertain qualities of linearity have to be factored. We cross the street uncertain of our success. Most of the uncertain variables that might impede a successful crossing are a consequence of humans investment in temporal linearity. And if the crossing is a success invariably the event has to be repeated. Failure is structurally inevitable. Always as anticipated. Sometimes the failed event is misunderstood as success. Occasionally crossing the street failure is either not as severe as calculated, misunderstood, inconsequential or only revealing well after the crossing? But presently a linear culture if not functionally requires then compels that our existence in its totality be diminished, invalidated or dysfunction ally destroyed. This coercion of life purpose is so fundamental to current humans that destruction becomes a self actualizing celebratory event. The stuff of parades, medals and profits. This ironic orientation resolves the linear dilemma to the spontaneous preference. But obviously does so a great cost. Again once a war event is complete the essentials of linearity have been briefly resolved. Suggesting separation, the oppositional also marginally renders time less relevant.

Here’s the need for a gentle smile’s reprieve. A smile Elaine the surface of our soul. Everyway be the way in the sum of a few years ago (I) was a the nicely attend Super market in Council Bluffs. Oh dear there she was. A nice young lady, sadly pain held her face. Standing behind the cash register. Her face spoke less words explanation. A year earlier. The high school prom, the basketball game, cheering life g3entle and kind. Her eyes, lost smile, the question asking, “My God am I going to be standing here five years from now.” I know that question. Hallelujah isn’t the world peculiar Charlie Woram shows up. There’s no one in line who might be inconvenienced as (I) pray. The fruit, the cheese are on the counter. I look at God‘s hope waiting. The young lady looks at me. I’m raising the two letter bottle of soda pop, in bold print the words insist. “ONLY One Calorie.” I complain, “Yeah right only one calorie, but they never tell you where it is.” Alive she laughs alive again. There are many ways of saying, I love yoiu, keep on trucken, its ok...

We return never left, searching. Curiously at the most critical junctures in our lives we speak-reaching less word’s delivery: Laughing, the sounds of birth, kissing ourselves together with God, coupling's intent desiring to introduce a baby child to the planet, breathing, dreaming, watching, our sounds of dying, the witnbessing tears, music singing we dance, applause and cheers, a handshake and a hug, one kiss not enough, anticipating good, dreading bad, hiding, when we spook one another. What else can you think to say. Unhappily the many ways of the soldiers, tax payers, families waiting, soldiers crying, remembering, bleeding. And the wind. The stars. The unwritten poem...

Human beings are anatomically separated “incomplete” from one another. We are accordingly dependant. Any independence acknowledges the dependency. We will spend our lives crossing the street. But our capacity to understand- assimilate and experience non-linearity and timelessness suggests that our crossings need to be (so) uncertain. Profoundly inefficient. An application of the spheroid or non- linear intent both in purpose and technology suggests that crossing the street need not be affected and measured through intrinsic failure… defined coercive improbability. Failure and inconsistency in a non-linear event can be limited almost entirely to happenstance “the unforeseen” which includes human error and possible mischief often pronounced as political and economic behavior. When departure and destination become the same… spontaneous inconsistency no longer becomes determinant. When death through killing is no longer a life determinant influence, when destruction is not optionally inevitable to dematerializing then the breach essential to linear beings becomes Cosmically sympathetic or non-linear. Destination, departure are realized as concurrent- sympathetic, birth and life one not less the other. Refining permanency supplants dysfunctional-disposable materially. Killing becomes aberrant. The one sin. The singular insanioty.

Examining these issues through a missile defense concept: Initially the issue of defense, defiance or deterrence acknowledges offensive intent. Which as indicated only is purposeful if the offense is apparent as reciprocal. In a linear temporal culture the only compelling deterrence is the deterrence of intent. Absolute deterrence can only occur in the absence of event that creates the need for the deterrence. In a linear world reliant on dysfunctional dematerializing these are functionally impractical perspectives. But as offered alternatives are evident even within the linear irony. But new perceptions arrived at differently. Spherical physics if you will. A missile defense concept implies a near absolute deterrent value if both opposing conditions or forces share equal deterrence. From the spheroid or spontaneous perspective this deterrence need not be reciprocal. The near absolute nature of the deterrence renders offense ineffectual. Not to suggest this would necessarily inhibit political-economic misconduct the opposing self displacing nature of which speaks to the linear humans need to invalidate self and through self the consensual community.

We begin on a creative not a destructive prerogative. A shift in culture identity. And technology. We are discussing a defensive technology that is much more efficient. Incorporating a new material orientation. Absolving the linear time imbued dichotomy to a greater assimilated consistency. Linear irony resolved to a near spontaneous event. A different approach to time (ie) resonant tiome displacement. Time rapprochement. Presently material is experienced through a material time interchange. A space time non-continuum. Whereby the localized nature of the Universe is fragmented eventually beyond measurement. Therefore linear utility. This paper does not concern itself with technology. But simply limited to the concepts considered including trajectory. (Functionally all that is linear begins or ends as metaphor). Once this artificial linear intent(i) trajectory is resolved beyond its functional inconsistency spontaneity becomes evident and coherent technology at least in its initial stages is implied.

When the human self changes all that speaks to existence reflects that change. We are suggesting -availing a planetary shift.

The problem is that we are addressing not one trajectory, but a multiplicity of trajectories. Accepting that all is motion a trajectory speaks to any designed “purposeful” extension of form. Not the least of which is machine and human inte3nt. This essay in detail is limited to “contact” trajectory. (Noting in anticipation where this paper will lead, a dimension by earth science is defined as “a property of space “an extension of or toward space. “Of or toward” are this writers distinctions. Clearly to resolve dysfunctional linear irony (inconsistent trajectory) we have to consider another dimensional perspective beyond the current linear adaptation (ie) length, width and depth. The initial dimensional reference not linear, the is the 4th dimension-an inferred generalized spontaneity. But we will see that what we are really engaging is a subjective dimensional plane which suggests a multiplicity of dimensions. Indeed each spheroid trajectory event becomes a dimension. An intact material event not reliant on any other material activity or intent. Its nature is spontaneous not linear. Consistency is an inevitable and structural by product of a spheroid event.

The space between two locations is a relevant linear convenience on which inconsistency is determined and realized. Space is material. From a spherical orientation there is no space between. In this sense trajectory is not a linear uncertainty. But a pulse…a spasm pulsation. Suggestive of simultaneous spontaneity. Not reliant on dislocation.

We are discussing resonant time displacement as it is suggested by intent spontaneous sound in previous papers referred to as DNAsound. Acknowledging there are two conditions that human beings are capable of perceiving, but can only utilize by fragmenting or denying, those two conditions are what are inexactly referred to as the Light and the presumed sound of silence. Both of these two status conditions are all inclusive, un bordered as such tiomeless . And all distinguishing. But as suggested once these spheroid conditions light and sound silence are linearly engaged they “presently” lose the all inclusive quality that makes them compatible with infinity. Except after and during a destructive act through which the linear inconsistencies are resolved. But as indicated this destructive disposition is costly, inefficient and involves retaliation (ie) culminates as self destructive. As questioned earlier can the destructive intent or trajectory be resolved creatively. Can linear efficiency reach such a level that destruction becomes functionally irrelevant or non-reciprocal. When destruction is no longer reciprocal its nature is limited to self destruction.

Recall the work the exciting- mysterious done at MIT by the nice Asian biologist. (“I” should explain we made a consented effort to locate this gentleman's name and work by way of expressing appreciation and acknowledgment. But as you know Elaine I’m easily confused by what people call organization and making sense. And no doubt (I) deserve most of the credit for the shared uncertainty. Eventually I was referred to a Professor Davis, but there seemed to be fifteen of them. Then I was referred to a nice Professor Larry Van Sant at Purdue University, but this gentleman had been beceased ten years. The lovely secretary was happily saddened to hear this gentleman name. So I went back to my shared solitude. That would be a nice t shirt, “I’m not alone give God some credit.” Back to the inspiring work done at MIT. As interpreted and sublimated. A distinctive sound was identified to all materials. This sound was non-linear in nature. Not realized through time. A sound more expressive of our form physiology than our genetics. Which is an incremental configuration. As is our molecular view of all materials. Of course these perspectives are based on examining and interacting with material form once the material form is intact-functionally bordered. But this is not the original status of these intact forms. Not only is this form status evolutionary from the linear perspective, but all material on this planet once were not existent. Because substance form predates the materializing of this planet. (The planet earth is 4 billion years old the Universe 14 billion). Pre planetary form substance was and is compatible with the Universe whereas our linear time adaptation is not. Our accommodation is dysfunctional-valued through dematerializing, dispossession, alteration or destruction. Pre planetary form substance is timeless and compatible with infinity. We can conclude that the Universe is an evolving event that evolves through an activity that we can perceive, but do not fully understand-certainly do not affect as our culture. The fact that this planet once did not once exist speaks to this process evolution. (Cosmically a non-linear event).This paper attempts to identify this spheroid process and bring that presence activity to specific application. We have identified its linear timely negation. And you can only negate, devalue or avoid what you already experience, but necessarily aware. But negation and avoidance is not utility.

Speaking Elaine of avoidance’s folly, the nice Midwestern folks like to say, “There you go....”By way of giving credence to a point made in conversation.” For the last year with the exception of doctors who perhaps have a beneficent and proactive relationship with death, virtually everyone else reacts the same way. The words are expressed, “There you go.” And old Charlie responds. “Hey that would be a great name for a mortuary.” Hesitation perhaps caution before laughter, then the refrain is repeated. “There you go.” Followed by laughter. Seemingly my companions in laughter's deliverance want to stuff me in the mortuary before praying their laughter to God. Intriguing responses suggesting a spontaneity beyouund thought’s increment. Another moment if I may? A year before two years ago “I” was sitting with our dear friend Curtis Slama. And Curtis’s alleged dog Buck Minister Fuller. We were discussing the after life. When (I) misspoke myself people like to say. “I” started talking about the “Laugher life.” We laughed to breath. The anagram for laughter. “All gather true.” One L one L....Curtis jumps up and down protesting the indiscretion. Rules are detours we explain.

A linear trajectory verses a spheroid pulse. Appreciating that in the initial stages we are examining a linear trajectory responded to by a spheroid event. A spheroid or spherical occurrence is a non-linear spontaneous event that is not determined or influenced by linear anomalies like distance, mass density, oppositional-inconsistent gravity and other forces like centrifugal in favor of an acoustic transmogrify (the creating of bizarre forms). The spheroid event is not measurable in time, but can be acknowledged though not utilized-relied on through disintegrating time duration. Obviously if such an event can be created or recreated you have a much more efficient even. One of the conceptions that lingers unresolved is…acoustic osmosis. What do these two words mean? You might appreciate “your own” response. Non-linearly comprehension is reciprocally sustainable as intuitive, presently experienced incompletely-otherwise uncertainly as precognition, coincidence, morphogenetic field. Engaging and being engaged by your Cosmic disposition.

What question yearns answers consent? Can we ask without knowing? What is it about the terms linear and non-linear in “my” brief conversations with others that seems to cause unease, impatience? One explanation, we accrue and express information linearly, but we store the information as intact non-linear memory consequently when information “ideas” are suggested that are non-linear in nature forgetting is evoked rather than accruing. In one instance a lovely lady generously listened to me for too long before she politely complained that the felt she “was fading.” Either an issue of tedium or actually sensing the lose f her self denying linearly acquired identity. Once again non-linearily always for the first time. In the Universe ideal an event can not separate less itself, less the separation. Meaning a perceived separation during a non -linear event occurrence does evolve less material nature-purpose, does lose utility direction, it’s productive. No extraneous elements abide such as variant temperature, distance inconsistency. A linear separating- unnaturally dematerializing event creates extraneous forces that the linear separation is reliant on such as extraneous variant temperature, centrifugal force, mass density distinction-consequent in part to the irony of distance (the extreme of oppositional material) as well the need to react to gravity as an inversely proportional activity condition. Engaging, actualizing material and material intent as a sound resolves these material inconsistencies that can only be validated through acknowledged failure, destruction and material irony. Recalling the “souind of silence3” and the light are compatible with infinity in the absence of linear dislocation. Actualizing the sound to a subjective intent that is in harmony with otherwise inconsistent variable results in subjective non-linear dimension. Meaning a property of space that extends as it contracts, a pulse. As such a time contraction. ( Referenced previously as acoustic osmosis). Once again a non-linear event can not separate from itself, less the separation and remain non-linear. Spontaneity is interrupted. Meaning in a manner that is disadvantages to the material nature of that which is separating. The non-linear material activity event refines, other materializes does not dematerialize. Examples witnessed to the contrary witnessed as death. Material forms designed through value loss, like your disposable car. Cure revealed through disease. The activity through which you are convinced that you are dying. (A darkening placebo). Material profit through concurrent loss. Depletion technology. Machines designed to self destruct while resulting in value loss without redemption. Exclusionary religions. Prisons. Executions. Can you think of others? A linear presence human or otherwise allows for awareness, productive intent-we can assume an all inclusive-timeless non-linear material event includes similar like qualities that are significantly more compelling in affect given the differences between linearity and non-linearity. The actual event is not controlled as a consequence of human intent. Humans and their reflective technology as linearly separate and inter dependent. Uncertainty to some extent will determine their prerogatives even if its limited to not knowing. Humans can not know all. Knowing is without end, an inexact critique of time; also knowing does not often pause to reflect consequentially on the ideal or the denied self. Effect subsists as effect validating uncertain-dysfunctional cause. Philosophers, poets, musicians, writers, artists dwell in the periphery. Interestingly their endeavor’s discipline realized amidst the silence ofby saelf.

Also wistfully we cheer sporting events. Athletic sporting events are constrained linearly. Rules, officials restricting linear parameters like side lines, goal posts...measurements including time limits. But the near of all sporting events are engaged and evolve around the motion of a sphere, a non-linear object. Soccer ball, bowling ball, golf ball, ping pong ball, basketball, foot ball, a badminton bird. (Others “I” didn’t remember to forgoet). Right marbles, the rugby ball, cricket sphere. Like life we chase the sphere disguised as ourselves. The only sport not reliant on the sphere is violent harm boxing. Through all sporting events evolve in relevant silence. During sports, music, dancing, art, cinema, sculpting... we reprieve ourselves to God. Events created in and through silence. The motioin sound of Light purpose. Athletic prowess is largely a gift of birth reflective on our non-linear Cosmic predisposition. During sporting events problems and solutions, calculations tend to be immediate, not realized through acquired time based knowledge. And deliberation. Similiarily dancing and the arts. Witnessing the cheering happy audience. Cheering joy and disappointment. Fewer words surmise demonstrate spontaneously. Luck intervenes the Cosmos. Though force can influence a sporting event, coercion is not allowed . A sporting event begins and ends in the brief of time. Unlike the time ambiguity of other earthloy events, there is a sustainable beginning and end. Uncertainty and failure do not exclusively define. Death and life cheer together. God rests our good intentions. Good sportsmanship is good. Bad sportsmanship is bad. The winners have pleased the good effort. And all are satisfied decent cause of themselves. Exhausted life's innocence is redeemed.

Word’s it seems can infer beyond meaning’s suggestion, sounds of sounds, expanding our earthly dilemma. “Do you have the time?” Suggesting time is a possession that can be transferred and shared. “I am late.” Time becomes self essence that allows for an impaired dislocation of self. “He ran out of time.” A hurried depletion of self. “Sorry I’m late.” “I’m early.” “Don’t be late.” Folks become immersed in a time schematic. “Don’t be late.” “Am I on time.” Time and being become inter changeable. “When did he die.” We die in time. “What time is it?” Each answer is brief , interrupted endlessly. We continue wistfully. “Better late than never.” “I wish I had the time.” “The world that time forgot.”

In the absence of time we are timeless. Presently whether we are time involved is not a choice. The suggestion is implausible. We can end our lives, but not time. Time persists the deceased timely dislocated as memories of the past. For us to deny time invites a compelling perspective, a shift. In time absence we have to consider material existence without diminishing-end based disintegrating existence. In the absence of time our lives become Eternally pertinent. Death no longer instructs life its purpose. When we are no longer afraid of death much less so of life. Disease, aging that culminate through death become otherwise. Without time we are timeless, Eternally conversant. In the absence of time dying becomes otherwise.

Human beings are capable of creating what they most want to avoid. Would not the opposite be true. The Universe is inescapably continuous. What escape is death? What grave mourns life.

Relevant to this inquiry. The body is non-linear. Simply the body can not be separated from itself. Material substance can be altered, but not beyond its own integrity or identity. As such death is not a disruptive discontinuity. Except by violating the rule and flow of the Universe which is our linear disposition on this planet. Killing though is a linear casual event realized in time. An interactive dysfunctional accruing dark event. Non-linearily all accrues until refined. Whispering our despair. Whereas there is no death there is extinction.

Acknowledging previous essays, spin, span and spun (spoun is an immediate reference) in the dictionary you can appreciate their relevance. These three self contained activity conditions “motions” explain how flying saucers can shift direction non linearly and attain extreme accelerations. One of the intriguing definitions of SPAN is… the motion of span allows a past event to be resolved to the present. So you have a past non-material dormant event usually only relevant as a memory or a static object that can be retrieved “materialized” to our current status. (We assume under certain conditions this includes an object like a space vehicle. Departure resolved to destination you have the beginning of interstellar travel. Warp speed is the science fiction reference. Consider the motion energy of spin not realized in one directional plane, but ten thousand spins within and as one localized spatial intent. Spatial values whose direction can be changed. (Is change when the transportation event becomes its oiwn dimension…sphere.) Direction and speed. Consistently, consecutively concurrently or any combination thereby-sympathetically or opposition ally. Then factored to span. Affecting a complete dislocation of time and space.

Definitions: Span… (1) The full extent or reach of something. (2). A short period of time. (3). The distance between two supports. (4) To encircle with” the hand” as a measurement...Spin (1) To cause to rotate rapidly. (2). Produce a web that hardens in the air. (3). To have a sensation of whirling. (4) To create or derive from something already in existence. (5) travel rapidly…(6) To derive a product from something larger-more or less unrelated.(7). A non-negative integral. Spun. Intriguingly (I )haven’t over the recent years found a substantive definition for term “spun.” We continue motion our smile. Motion is its own intent, intent motion. motion intent. Intent can suggest source. Source is either linearly contrived through time, dysfunction ally derived, planned and anticipated or spherically-spontaneously pertinent. And source evolved through awareness; current awareness is revealed through depletion linear technoilogy that is reflective of a time disintegrating culture that inhibits a spasm spontaneous materiality which is compatible- expressive of the infinite Eternal.

Some folks Elaine seem to find these word ideas bafflin8g…annoying. These insights might be contrary the language relied on for their delivery. A time based language sustained through its shared uncertainty. Not to suggest ambiguity is without beauty, but need it be essential. Should it be indicated. The irony of one observation unfolds. Are these words difficult to translate to self? The Universe our residence is timeless we exist through the human invention of time. Everything realized through time ends in an endless Eternal Universe. What are the implications spiritually and otherwise?

Inviting once again. Spiritually the Universe is timeless therefore Eternal we subsist in time consequently we are while alive non-Eternal beings…out of step with our own residence the Eternal Cosmos. Through our choice of invented time we have chosen a non Eternal existence. We are obliged while living in time to separate Heaven from earth. We must surrender our time insinuated lives in order to embrace the Eternal toimeless Universe…repressing our Eternal bond with God. Our iodeal God relationship is deferred. Delayed. We live while dying in an endless Cosmos so that we can experience God and Creation on our terms. We prefer God through death.

In the absence of time disintegration these incomplete and fleeting occurrences become conversant, timeless. Sustainable Cosmically fluent. Not revealed through flawed dislocation, inclusive uncertainty and death. When the human self changes religion, technology, commerce, death change. We have a planetary shift.

As suggested initially in the previous paragraph other time determinate condition events can be similarly influenced. Such as are, language, age, disease, contrived disintegration and death. Event conditions that determine technology, commerce, perception and religion. Noting such shift change can not occur without similarly changing self. Presently death through aging is an expression of time deficiency-denying the Eternal memory of self. Also transcending is the ideal mediation of self evoking and sustaining a meditative sphere of self. When the material self can be experienced through assumable choice which is evident as a new sound, Dnas, previous limitations that were reflective- expressive of time disintegration can also be materially transcended. (Observing any motion shift will create a material sound expressive and revealing of that shift). Facilitating work, sexual uniuon, relationship between human and machine. Language becomes inclined toward spasm sharing of information, reciprocal intuition which in turn influence respective technologies. We are examining (is) reasserting our non-linear Cosmic self. Our Eternal seed. Remembering when we are born are bodies are non-linear...all inclusive self, intact, complete. Our bodies can not be separated from themselves without loss of intended life value further speaks to the current irony of death cessation and birth. Bodies do change form, but the essential spatial self is Eternal. Distracted through life not lost to death. Evident presently as life sustained through the denial of disease, aging, imminent death. And the anxieties associated with anticipating these evolving limitations. We are a species that is willing-obliged to destroy while trying to profit from our own destruction. Destruction intent assimilated as the anticipated planned extinction. We suffer unnecessarily once conscious of this irony anguish obliges self relevant as denied. In order to attiain the ideal of ourselves we must either die thereby separating ourselves from our flawed existence or we must deny ourselves which results in deficient effectiveness. This dichotomy evidenced as drinking alcohol, ingesting drugs prescribed and otherwise, smoking, eating beyond digestions limits, age retirement, vacations, also the institutions of disease, prision etcetera. Generous resources of spirit, material and intent are devoted to “return” those of divergent life to the “preferred” paradox without much success. Folks are invited to return to that which they have rejected. Those who do return are obliged to embrace consensus. Integral to this disparaging dynamic are the Holy Temples. The many exclusionary denominations fragmenting God, the preferred acquiescence. Imagine patiently the aspiring divine awe of yourself if you attended the Holy Temple as you attend school. Evolving personal-shared goal availing your God intimate engaging relationship with God. God self approved while alive....In one generation this divine conception alone would render the planet earth safe. Do you agree? Is this not true?

An observation if (I) may. Individuals appear distracted, befuddled by allusions to a linear God however respectful. Relevant to the ideal of observation meaning logic, comprehending the near totality of God with conscious intent is not possible in a world where the legitimacy of perception is its displacement developed through the designed inconsistency of language which is further denied through the institutionally exacerbated as disintegrating “incomplete” experience. Which includes disbelief sometimes initially realized as belief. (Faith incremental sustains an excess of uncertainty). A God experienced in time becomes ideally relevant through the deferred denial of the same God. There is the Cosmic God and our earthly adaptation, evolving. (God awareness predates the materializing of the planet earth and its inhabitants). Currently God is human preference based on instruction realized through an allegorical death that delays God’s creative effort…meaning a life deferred to a life denying after life. You can not deny yourself or deny another and not deny God. We are bold an good. We try. We continue. We are beautiful. Our Godsoulprint aspires. The divine rive4r flows. Carnational flutter approaches. We are the galactic children ofby God. Whispering as miracles breathe does God need the preferred ideal of ourselves in order to realize God intent?

There is the Cosmic God and the earth people’s adaptation. The non-linear Universe is timeless the linear earth people subsist through time. Consequently human beings resist the Eternal Universe their residence…as such God creator of the Universe. There is God’s “spherical time” duration the Eternal. And humans temporary-diminishing variation.

Linearity speaks to separation that in time becomes uncertain to the immediate Eternal…the separation itself is denied to an unresolved past and an uncertain-influei9nging future. The earth people repress the Eternal awe. Death and disintegration so testify. Death is not life’s tutor. Yet the earth people prefer God the ideal through death.

Everything that human beings experience through time culminates as a disposable non-directional event. God awareness is similarly tempered. All self realized value is eventually lost through the earth peoples timely efforts. Given these displacing inconsistencies humans have little choice but to limit the ideal of their God fraternity to a “certainty” anticipated after their death, a death which rejects the timely linear disposable reality. The human ideal is self denial through death. Very curious do you agree? You must die to be yourself.

Disparity sustains….Earth Creation is not realized through a singular God, but a fragmented variation therefore diminished God. In a spontaneous all inclusive Universe there is one God all prayers source are derived one as one of all. There is one God. Not the preference of many.

The earth people’s God preference is experienced through an inconsistent ideal and a love prerogative influenced through sin that accepts humanity as potentially-inherently flawed. Worship and divine deeds are realized amidst this strain. Earthly love is secured through forgiveness that acknowledges transgression rather than God determinant love. God’s love need not be forgiven.

Through time the earth people’s God is minimized, similarly selof. In time there can only be materially less time. You can choose not to interfere or deny another’s time, but you can not “add” time to their or your life: All experienced in time is diminished- disintegrates in spite of value. Intent and prayer.

Surrendering to the contradiciton many humans have separated their God conflicted reality from Heaven. A Heaven they can only experience after rejecting their own reality through a cessation of life…a life that is a God Eternal creation. Heaven is not birth’s exit. Some religions compound the divine schism by separating their bodies from their soul until death thereby the denied-conflicted aspirants are not able to consider-experience their full divine potential while alive. Amidst such compelling spiritual irony the earth people are able to justify “need” violence. Many divinely anointed life beings have been destroyed as a rejection of God’s creation (themselves) therefore God. Industries, theologies, ideologies are maintained to continue this God deferred disturbance. Human beings teach themselves to revere and profit from death as omission. The earth people prevail awaiting the dark extinction of their own design. Unbearably sad curious and unnecessary. How can you wait for Eternity in an Eternal Universe? Remembering please you are a God determined being. Much denied only by your consent. What are your insights, clarifications.

Add dnasound prayer meditation: The dnasound of self, the sound of silence, is a spontanoius sound accordingly timeless and non-linear. The ageless sound of self. The sound of karmic memory. Being able to affect this sound ever presence while meditating, praying or living attunes the individual or shared self to the unfathomable Eternal Cosmios…

… Our endless relationship with God can not be fully realized through any life duration? We continue to grow at times unexpectedly in our awareness. Others through us, ourselves through others. As such can any Holy text be the "final-all-sustaining" word of God at any given life juncture? Similarly can any prophet offer the “final-lasting” word of God to anyone other than him or herself. Another’s final word of God denies your next insight, your God bond-Godsouprint. Before by your acquiescence certainly in anticipation. The God presumption of before and after are time constraints imposed on an ageless God, infinite Universe and Eternal self. What one not less the other not less God?

… Human beings can change their mind. Human beings can not have facilities that God can not assume, otherwise God exist at the pleasure or denial of that facility. Holy Texts are accordingly qualified. The mere possibility of such a God change renders all Holy Texts as evolving, subject to change. Similarly religions represented by the Holy Text. What is otherwise suggested is that human beings can grow but that which inspires the growth is unaffected- remains static. Holy books not evolving suggests a textual limitation. Accordingly no less Holy except by your submission. We are the acquiring sum of ourselves. Inestimable. Spherically reciprocal. Expressibly unknowable accordingly beneficent. Motion is intent. Intent suggests source. And source awareness.

… God can be realized-experienced in ways other than language: Silently. Dreaming. Waiting. Miracles. Birth. Death. Pregnancy. Lovingly. Respecting Creation’s environment. Smiling. Unknowingly. Can you wonder to think of other ways. And means.

... Human beings grow spiritually if the Holy texts does not mirror that growth (which the Holy text can’t because the text is complete-static) one eventually displaces the other. Presently this insight is marginally addressed through exclusion. New denominations- religions arise. Different versions- interpretations of Holy Text fostering a conflicted-confused-dissatisfied and incomplete planetary God worship. Growth becomes exclusion. A God resentment of others ensues.

…A compelling sense of bliss, divinity, nirvana is a temporary realization. If divine bliss “consistent awareness” were complete the divinity would not conseguent to growth....a blissful aspirant could not be influenced by others possibly including God. Without growth, uncertainty and conflict, the blissful aspirant can become a meditating God authority to self and others… a shared-self limiting accomodation. Does God require any intervention other than your life. Is not the sincerity and depth of our divinity measurable by its fleeting disposition….yourself. Shouldn’t another or self be able to question a lifetime of accrued divinity. Thus occur rent are you not left with an even greater God opportunity? Acknowledging the nurturing God bond is not limited to a linear life time, but continues while dying and after death. Otherwise Eternity denies.

… Given that what is derived from God is Eternal and humans have determined that they are not Eternal while living it is in the nature of your self defined spiritual journey that you can not fully benefit from your God inquiry. Your God bond is denied through your self defined identity. Often creating the need for your own prayers can you benefit fuloly from God response. Your divine inspiration exists and is derived through a reality that is in opposition to God…. You have separated Heaven from your resident self and the planet earth. You have given sin essential purpose. Self identity. How often do we learn-prevailing as our prayer’s need is denied. You have made commerce of death. Heaven is not death’s exit. What life’s prayers effort that you must not disavow divine value….Yet what is denied can be accepted. Our conversation with Steve yesterday instructs. You can be Eternally realized while alive. In the sustained moment of self meaning timelessly. Being Eternally realized does not mean knowing the totality of God. Do disagree that agreement prevail? Can we know the totality of God’s purpose? We wonder appreciative of our uncertainty. Certain God does not avoid God’s Creation. Can we alter creation and not alter God? And ourselves? Denying Heaven’s environment as ourselves.

… Can a conversation with another give greater bearing to our expressible sense of God being. Certainly…is not the God ideal an issuance of God sharing which includes sharing with self. But given that each person peruses a different destiny, a different understanding of self such awareness is realized as the singular person. You must comprehend before you can share. Once again…the totality of one or a relationship is only knowable by God. Being Eternally realized is the uncertain effort of an accruing choice as such God assisted. Whispering once again God assisted. Destiny is not exclusively our own as such the Eternal is cautions purpose. Many reasons testify. Extinction lingers is one.

… We are all individuals, at times confused, living an inconsistent incomplete existence for these reasons the manner through which we chose to seek-express God (other than destruction) has to as an acknowledgment of God practicality be respected. Otherwise tension and distraction defines the God inquiry. Do you agree helpful to any God determining conversation is the listening way. Which includes carefully listening to ourselves and remembering…being aware of our spiritual growth. Remembering sustains the conscious God knowing, though that which is forgotten remains material and pertinent. We are not aware of what we forgot because we are not willfully involved in forgetting… the forgotten place. You can not prove therefore be aware of what you forgot. But you can be influenced-guided by what you are not aware of….what you need not change-deny in order to experience. Your evolving bond with God speaks to this conception.

… Undistracted…likely you are least alone in your solitude. Are you and God separated. Must not seek the ever present? Certainly you agree you can seek yourself while desiring God. Your God conversations are not limited to your shared language sustained through uncertain faith. Deeds and aspirations are examples. Life has many seasons and reasons. Some of which are presently unknowable yet potetially relevant. Understanding your existence through any given life event is only one. Your birth and death, your children, dreams, prayers response, visions, miracles, spontaneous events such as luck, the forgotten and coincidence are several. Others you might think of… Any otherwise dark event can through singular choice be delivered to the Light, thus yourself. Concurrently God determined.

…As offered We can not know the totality of God, one reason is because we can not know the totality of our sustained lives and the totality of lives of others who affect us. (Similarly we can not know the full consequence events, ideas, dreams, plans and prayers response). Our lives are distracted and uncertain, we are dependent on each other as ourse3lves -never certain whether the dependency will be satisfied or our love’s offering will be nurturing as accepted. No resolution no inspiration is permanent. But not being able to know God fully, do you agree, is a good and beautiful. An all embracing limitless opportunity. This means we will throughout our lives continue in our learning-sharing more of and about God. Our sustaining God growth. Also through others continue being God beneficent. Can we assume that God will benefit accordingly. Sometimes knowing deprives more than not knowing.

God is an individual and shared experience, we can not deny either while acknowledging one without denying both. The God ideal is spherical, all embracing not conseguent to preferred denied separation. God appears to be unknowingly ironically “denied” by your unresolved insistence. Any God doubt is doubt about the doubter not God. Any denial of God evolves from the self denying human being. If your God experience confirms the God denying experience of others…your own experience is denied. Can we assume whatever your acknowledgement or denial God remains God? Beliefs in God are transient to our understandings and needs. The fewer words caress enfolds be polite and all will come. God is our mystery we are not Gods. Karma whispers the leaves aflutter. God’s motion disguised as ourselves, unnecessarily. God actualized. Your active Godsoulprint. Accruing DNAs. Carnational flutter…. Faith reasons. Karma accepts…. You can not make happen what already is... God’s love accordingly touches. The leaves, the snow, your cheek.

... If we can not know the expressible totality of ourselves therefore God can we know God through any representation of God. Such as Creation. The Universe. The Torah. The Koran. The Bible. (Holy documents reliant on linear language sustained through dislocating memory ie forgetting). Also your answered prayers. (Most answers realized through light sound silence). Our own ruminations. Our temporary and possibly our Eternal selves. (The Light Eternal avails common purpose silently esteemed). An embrace. A kiss. Anticipation. Prayer. Meditation. Your next invitation. Whose dreams? A smile. God’s shared moments. Timelessness sustained. What is the silence we hear to breath. The critical moments in our lives are expressed by sounds not words. Acknowledging all is God’s whatever the reflection otherwise the same by our brave-denying- tentative and sincere efforts. Which continue through Eternity or rupture, death and material cessation would define…the spontaneous Universe would be non-existent. We die in time “our time” not in space, the God light inviting Cosmos. We do not deny or die in God’s Eternal duration. You are God’s invitation Cosmos the same. Eternity you are refining. The proof your involuntary smile. Your first breath not your first. What awareness speaks Eternities intent.

… Memories caress invites the next Cosmic embrace. We have noted the near of everything that human being engage through their contrived time culmionates as a purposeless disposable event. An experience process realized as the Cosmically denied and denying human. Your contrived death and coerced disintegration insist. But the spontaneous-timeless memory of these events continues Eternally. Including the memory of self after the presumption of death. Or spontaneous all inclusive memory would exclude the remembered event from its source. Meaning the momory of self or the flower or the kitten. Reciprocally: Meaning others memory of the living self. And your accruing active memory of yourself. Which predates your birth and postdates your death or infinity ruptures less infinity’s sake. Your smile God’s caress. The children once yourself the same.

Must we deny life its proof
that we be worthy of love’s consent?

Most of life’s interruptions are ours not God’s interruptions. Though the near all of situation- event can be surrendered to the Light manifest. Love’s silence is all inclusive, the charmed eloquence of tentative words occasionally otherwise. The miracle light potential of life is its uncertainty. We ask and seek God inspired answers because we do not know-not because we do. Sometimes because we know or knew. Pain need not deny inclusively or exclusively. Pain instructs. All is God opportunity. Therefore of God value. All is God only otherwise by your distraction. You acknowledge what you deny. As such God and consegue3nce are immediate. (We wait for ourselves). Should we spherically assume any denial of God denies God for all? You decide you are. God is not essentially an issuance of minable two sourced (non-reciprocal writer and reader) language explanation however universal-such awareness in a linear temporal prerogative, the result of inconsistent inocremental calculation as such uncertainty. Non-reciprocal meaning the readers can not question the writers. A linear-temporal fragmented God awareness inhibits God immediacy, the God ever presence that is in tune with the Eternal Universe. As such sustained opportunity divine thrives. We are capable of a timeless-spherical representations of self. Examples. Intuition. Miracle awareness. Spontaneous remission. Luck, coincidence, visions, precognition, our birth and death as well as others. These words are an explanation. Another door. Each life it’s own Godsoulprint. The truer being abides your witness. Our yearning is without end accordingly articulate. No response response enough. The question sums uncertainty. The answer hesitates. The prayers are yours, the facility is not.

... Curious that you can graduate from a learning institution but not a Holy Temple. Consider if parishioners graduated from their Holy Temple as they do high school or college (ie) a goal inspired individual effort. Graduating self esteemed- God aware and self God purposeful. God would have a singular uninterrupted consequence on the planet earth. God purpose and explanation the same.

… There is no approach to God that is wrong. Potentially less beneficent, yes… though not to lasting disadvantage. Politely agreement-disagreement in God are the same. Can individuals argue about God not less themselves therefore God? Is it not reasonable to suggest when several speak disagreeing about God they are likely talking themselves, their shared uncertainty. Perhaps is orchard as much as word. How are you?

Beautifully of understanding Elaine a baby like Alex your daughter is born without language, not death invested, not time deficient, not validated through violence. Yes a on-linear baby. A babies relationship with God is an issue of Being not created need surrendered to life long instruction sustained by redundant forgivable apology. A baby is born Light affluent. We are all God’s Eternal children. (Our successes earthly are our Cosmic disappointments). Our talents are many not yet realized. Miracles, luck, healing, answered prayers require no translation. We sleep, love, birth and die, laugh enjoin ourselves to music and miracles without instruction. We mourn our lives sensing ourselves an unresolved divine mystery. Curiously Elaine whispering once again Holy Temples on this planet are the only institutions from which we do not graduate. Imagine our smiles breathe if we attended the Holy Temple as you did your various degrees, an astronaut his or her training, a dental hygienist meaning a self deeming goal oriented divine discipline facilitated by the Holy Temple, but revealed through yoiur bond with God. We die God assisted. Not self denied, not God denied.

What is the material dynamic of death, the death activity of self. rememberiung as 3we unfold; motion is intent, intent suggests source, and source avails awareness: Explaining. What in time is viewed as decay is motion, that which moves and ho9w it moves speaks to the non-linear sound released. An activity not limited to death. The sound motion you release dnas will be different than my own. We have different material genetics. But we share similar genetics with other humans, other life forms and the planet. We were told the scholarly God inspiring Deepak Chopra offers that forty generations of “your” family is seven million individuals. Clearly this is a linear perspective, spherical math motion is much different (ie) not essentially reliant on a singular origin source, but not excludiung or denying the same. Other than a cohesion of logic and the aforementioned studies offered what other evidence supports this non-linear dynamic. You might be aware Elaine there have been numerous instances when genetic idwentical twins were adopted to different homes upon birth. They run into each other thirty years later realizing they share much in common. They have married a woman with the same name. Their children the same name. Driving the same car. Same uncommon tooth paste, if these siblings were neighbors residing in the same community these “coincidence” or timeless non-linear similarities would not be occur rent. Suggesting a commmo0n profound influence, the extended family suggested in part by the Shinto religion. To what extent is the identical dna of the twins relevant? How is dnasound relevant in spherical motion than the representation of linear genetics?

Finally not finally at all...can any of yiou nice earth people think of other examples, perhaps experiments that might explain, clarify and avail clear implementation to these offerings. Curiouly we pain r and d isn’t shared even in medical research?

We remain Cosmically active after death. As we do while alive uninterrupted by death though repressed and otherwise deferred. Our bodies are non- linear (ie) all inclusive therefore our presence speaks a status condition before birth and after death. This ever present activity is compatible with the Eternal noin-linear Universe. The Eternal speak to Eternal beginnings. Not to suggest the intent of our parents is not relevant to our birth? Choice influences-determines material intent. Much is inherited beyond current awareness, relevant as denied. Some religions separate body and soul explaining why it is difficult indeed by deed discouraged to develop and express the spiritual fluency while alive. The separation is resolved in a sense relived through death. A death awareness not evident at birth.

Our Cosmic residence-ourselves, we revoke: Suffering the many hungers. The many violence. Your earthly successes are not as you esteem. The exclusionary God. We do not graduate from our Holy Temples while alive. Accordingly attendant the Holy Temple would grow with each graduate. The graduate God self approved lovingly revealing. What words say that prayers hear. We explain God to a self denied through death. While alive and after death. Curious Elaine on this planet we often resist the burdens we desire as success. Maybe through choice resist the influence of linear success preferring anguish realized through drugs, alcohol, over eating, offered disease includiong insanity, accepting death assimilation. Substantial resources of spirit, material and int3ent are assigned hoping to return those resistant to the linear awe with little success, those protesting hesitate to return to the life rejected. Most who return yield to consensus. Others also question creatively, artists, writers, professors, healers, teachers. We all wonder why? Another question smiles. Why do most Holy Temples lock their doors after the weekly service? The answer keep the people out. What dream wakens no9t ourselves. Prisons are available around the clock, liquor stores , food markets, cemeteries, casinos. Not Holy Temples. Oh dear oh dear oh hear...

Approachiong whispering’s birth: Death sublime not dying infinity hence continuity. In the absence of time irony form becomes an issuance of the Light. Form and Ligth are kindred, silently refining. Death is not time-engaging death no longer denies form as form. Death thrives non-linearily. An issuance of Light being. Eternal duration breathes. Death is no longer an issue of decay and dematerializing, but of other- materializing. (This dynamic speaks to all form). When an earth person assumes active motion of a corpse (presently dismissed as decay), they emit uninterrupted DNAs. When a human “dies” they don’t go to Heaven. Going speaks to the earthly dislocation that would make death time relevant through loss of utility and direction. Not Eternal. You don’t go to Heaven you stay in Heaven, not less Heaven thus yoiu are reciprocally embraced as Heaven. All life Heavenly Eternal. (Do you remember Miss Sandy ) “You become Heaven.” You evoked a sound, a sound evoked you, previoiusly unheard. Also the anagram for silent is listen. You are not separate from the Eternal Cosmos. Do you walk through Pearly Gates, sit onto streets paved with gold or in the case of our Moslem brothers and sisters-greeted by seventy virgins…these are time i9nter active forms. Yet all paths are God. Super String offers. “All is material except time.” The material in time incompatible less itself hence disintegration self denyoing and violent disposition. All is Eternally relevant and revealing. There is the darkness there is the Light. Both accruing? Upon timeless death form is assumed asby the Light from whence you came. Anguished whereas there is no death there is extinction? Is such anguished irony Eternally possible? The death of life the death of death. Once a God species becomes extinguished, yielding to their accrued darkness, the spherical Light-sound communion (carnatio0nal flutter) has been severed? God is an issuance of Being.

Spherically all is Eternally familiar in loving you we have been loved. Otherwise by your willful determination? Thank you for your accompaniment and companionship Elaine, Eternally we derive. Breathing wei compel hesitation to purpose, together we smile. Yes thank you is a prayer.

Transcending the planetary God. There is the Cosmic God and the earth people’s acquired adaptation. All is material except time. Aall is preferred material even in time. All is Eternal except time. Though the time displacement is brief eventually assimilated or the Eternal would be essentially impaired. Displaced less itself, other than Eternal. All is divine otherwise by choice. Karma is God’s motion disguised as ourselves, unnecessarily disguised.-deferred. Thus the Pearly Gates are real. All is Cosmically material thus vitally real. We ask how Universe attuned are your reasons. A conflicted divinity acknowledges approaches your all inclusive divinity. Given the materially displacing limitations of time no one as we presently know life can know the totality of a person except God. As such your determinant divinity is between you and God. Your divine journey is unique only defined-determined by the words of another if you acquiesce. Your all embrace is with God, your totality the same, your divinity yes. All arguments about God acknowledge God. All God arguments argue self. You devalue another you devalue God thus yourself.

Remembering embraced, except all bad is good unresolved. Not graduating from your Temple you are denied to the Holy Temple. You become God deferred. As death allows we are observers, influenced-acknowledged as denied. Unnecessarily. Your birth and death are non-linearly all inclusive (not interrupted) an endless God source. We are a reciprocally nurturing Cosmic being. Nice


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