Non-linear economics

An “extended” Familial Banking concept for 3rd World Countries: Eighty percent of the planet earth’s population resides in 3rd World Countries. These peoples generally are not beneficent of welfare assistance more common in developed countries (ie) unemployment, retirement assistance, food stamps, health benefits, education aide, and other social services. Accordingly for this reason and other fundamentally important reasons these individuals are more reliant and secure in their family. The family spiritually and materially remains a more essential presence. The model’s used in developing this concept are Costa Rica and Indonesia, two viable 3rd World Countries with an educated work presence suggestive of a middle class earning $3000 dollars per year, though interestingly Costa Rica is a country that has no military and affords its citizens free medial care, a free University education and other enlightened social services.

The proposal: Nine cousins, two sisters and three brothers, three Aunts, one Grandparent and two parents incorporate into a Family Bank Corporation structured and contracted over four generations. Initially all inheritance assets are transferred to the bank, insurance policies, homes, businesses¼. Hypothetically a Mutual Fund or Insurance Company from Canada, Japan or the United States offers the contractually incorporated extended family two n’ a half million dollars over a determinate number of years. More liquid assets than these hard working individuals would like be able to earn collectively in ten life times. (The question is posed, how can such a generous investment be justified). The initial and fundamental answer: Because life insurance policies totaling three n’ a half million dollars would be issued on initial bank members, eighty percent of these policies would be owned by the Mutual Fund or Insurance Company. The precipitating investors would also own 9-11% of the Bank for a determined number of generations, until the initial policies were justified and other contractually profits garnered. The premiums on the insurance polices would be issued at less than retail on a graduated basis dependent on the success of the Familial Bank. A predetermined amount would be set-aside in escrow to guarantee a short fall on the account premiums. Being the initial investors own 9-11% of the Bank and are otherwise potentially beneficent, skilled consulting-management would be provided with the intent creating a self-reliant entity.

The potential results of such a dramatic investment become apparent immediately and long term to all concerned. Educations can be pursued and completed more advantageously. Family businesses financed. Homes, cars, other appliances can be financed more expeditiously. Home, health, business and life insurance police and other services can be secured and developed from a corporate perspective. The legal, political and social-business status of the Familial Bank member’s becomes appropriately enhanced.

The tax base of the 3rd World Countries involved eventually appreciably improves. Allowing for governments the economic-political ability to provide better goods ¼services, providing an environment more encouraging of investments local & foreign. Also potentially reducing not only internal, but regional social-political stresses. Facilitating trade and reducing the need expenditures on military armaments. Noting that there have been more than 500 wars in 3rd World Countries since WW11 and most of the Nuclear War red alerts through 1981 involved the Soviet Union and the United States surrogated and often self-serving relationship with 3rd World Countries. Lessening an undeveloped countries need for weapon systems provided by developed countries would also stabilize regions and aide in re aligning the relationship and interests between these government entities. Currently the two largest exports in world trade are weapon systems and “illicit” drugs.

Developed countries would benefit beyond the initial low risk investment opportunity, the initial Familial Benefactors would be purchasing goods and services not presently available in their own countries. Cars, computers, other appliances, various technologies for home, businesses and other institutions (ie) governmental in nature, hospitals, construction, research and exploration.

Additional considerations: The Familial Banking Incooperation can be structured and developed over four generations. The Bank itself has helped secure the family unit as a significant presence in its own right, but financially, politically and morally. Early in the fourth generation cycle, several of the initial benefactors still alive, the Familial Bank could number many related individuals bonded together genetically and by common purpose dramatically suggesting an allegiance of purpose and efficiency that is difficult to over estimate. Family Banks can merger or co finance important projects.

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