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The resonant spheres spontaneity abides

Psychological sphere  

A spherical self-sustaining model relevant to psychiatry. A Sphere…. (This would be the nature of other non-linear accommodations that would not be displacing of our Cosmic Residence, but reflective and sympathetic. A new formulation language of self beyond essential inconsistency). Currently this field is elemental to disease linearly adapted. The illness or malady is not localized-the entire person is experienced as diseased. A concept that is institutionally, chemically and culturally sublimated and reinforced. So intrinsic is the incongruous dedication to disease that the motivating premise could be reasonably be interpreted as, “you can get better if you stay sick.” A disease is defined as “an invasive and putrefying process.” An inhibiting rational of treatment is carried throughout the reciprocally compromised duration of a person’s life. Involving all the displacing-conflicted vagrancies that certify as essential the flawed irony of self to a futile extreme. Language, the interpersonal inconsistency, the institutional entrapment, chemical intervention, familial irony and motive not always conscious …realized against all the unfathomable variables that result from an effort  “developed” over decades. Insanity is divergent experience that is relevant in its contrast to the norm. It’s resolution as contrast…. Meaning for insanity to be ideally resolved denies-distorts the norm (ie) in the absence of insanity does sanity become ev3en more ironic…therefore self effacing and unproductive.  This science strains the limits of linear neglect. Hope and contempt become the near of interchangeable, yet this experience also testifies to the patience, the kindness and enduring persistence of human beings. Often love knows more disguises than love’s purpose.

Imagine friend as you patience might allow…  if all these inconsistent protocols, varied self defeating parameters, conscious and unconscious determinations were not fragmented over thirty years, through the foible of memory, family and the debilitating indulgences of disease; but rather all these elements could be assigned… a designed evolving multiple coefficient DNAs that are spherically nurtured and developed against a norm actualized through an evolving wealth of relevant and revealing factors unique to the individual (one of which identifies the DNAs of the individual as perspective presence without disease)… all these non-linearly developing  factors in their final formulary become a non- displacing DNAs language totally unique to it’s source input. A non-verbal language format that is exclusive to that which defines the individual as a functioning protocol. Both in substance and process. A language whose verbally reflective non-linear design is more spontaneous in its effect than one of long term causation based on the sincere improbability of disease model that is relevant as failure sustained through designed limitation. A language-communication experience whose evolving-consistent-un conflicted totality would be affected in the immediate. And be further influenced by the evolving immediacy of self.  A non-linear language, once designed as intact DNAs, would automatically translate current communication to its idealized formulation…a shared personalized artificial intelligence whose nature as DNA realized as sound would not be mechanized but more within the formulary or an organic cloning of information. Appreciating that all material in he Universe is life unless ironically altered by the human. A new language whose evolving structure would be based on the detailed consistent- inconsistent history (past-current-anticipated) as provided by varied sources and methods…. A spherical matrix sustained as designed while cultivating and responding to the immediate human experience. Appreciating that the suggested DNAs language like all material could be converted into different formats to facilitate understanding by family, the patient or the staff. (Each bringing a different perspective to this evolving experience). A panorama of sound converted into imagery is one example…. This spherical model would be so consistent that once engaged and responsively sustaining it would create its own harmonic junctures beyond the anticipation of the humans involved. (Suggested previously, as the reversal of the Quantum Riddle, but this element would also occur within the linear manifest). Reminding we are discussing a material representation more relevant and expressive of the human than their genetic code. Noting a baby is born without language, choice, free of institutional-interpersonal dilemma…this variance can particularly relevant to the troubled human as a refining reference juncture or axis. This entire formulation becomes not an ambiguous esthetic intellectual niche sustained within the limits of language and memory over years, but an exacting active self perpetuating “entity”…a contained design that is not dependant on inconsistent ironic casuality (ie) thinking to sustain its non-linear ironic integrity.  The design formula in question would likely be sustained as a “non-linear computer.” (Another essay) Understanding we are in the functional midst of inferred timelessness, minimizing casual inter-active fragmentation beyond perception but not beyond valuation. The past becomes less displaced more consistently referable and can be tested against the current self (ie troubled individual) to create viable perspective in terms of understanding the past and giving credence and viability to “future plans.” This parameter or protocol need not be limited to one linear option. Further this parameter can be developed and accordingly assessed when “significant other” individuals are introduced into the dynamic. The spherical entity can be correlated and measured with or against the conscious impressions of doctor and patient. We are discussing the organic assimilation of various organic “acquiring memories” that function “irrespective of time and space.” This formulation might appear cumbersome, but understand please its potential would be experienced-assessed through a new language design. Noting that this reference Sphere occurs however repressed as memory, dream, myth, collective consciousness, archetype, genetic memory. Also non-linear prayer, laughter, sleep, luck, coincidence, precognition, miracle, your birth-death. (Though the realization is linear, expressed casually within the schematic of time. Not reciprocal conversantly spherical. Sequentially not spontaneously…. The Creation presence of this planet. Note the definitions of spin and span. The evolving-resolving transmogrify of form. Span is also defined as the past tense of spin. A past activity or event (no longer active) is suggested to have an immediately relevant motion. Potentially under certain conditions resolving the time anomaly and the inherent displacement of time thus being able to secure timeless memory or the relevant sphere of any materiality. This is another element of the puzzle. Recalling the nice Professors Einstein’s other observation. “If mass is constricted enough the curvature becomes infinite.” Therefore devoid of linearity distance and other ironic forces such as temperature variance, torque, intrinsic human anguish, centrifugal force reflective of this planets the linear sciences and human life no longer define as the consequential ironic de materializing beyond utility…. When human dignity is experienced as its own sustaining ironic value rather than as a reliant contrast to unkindness, contempt and disease-the human self becomes evidenced more ofby love than forgiveness.


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