Prison Sphere
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An evolved prison concept

A prison is a shared experience, a linear casual reality that is consequentially self diminishing of all concerned, the determined criminal, the administrative jail keepers, the tax payers and the citizens who will come in contact with the released “inmate.”
The shared prison of self on this planet are contrived locations of reciprocal abuse.

An essential experience of lost opportunity. The American prison is the largest urban industry. More is spent on the current prison concept than on education in the United States.
The proposal: A prison graduation system actualized through employment, self examining growth, safety, education and a greater regard for the “victim of crime.”

1. Separate those who are disposed to violence from those who are not: A safer, less destabilizing prison inmates and administrative personnel. All eventually treated not as innocent but as deserving of innocence.

2. Inmates are assigned a credit voucher that will avail a monthly status of the prisoner’s detention experience. Initially a daily point assessment involving guards, the inmate self and others, this system is coded to protect against conscious manipulation . Both negative and positive behavior is affirmed structurally in an other than punitive manner. (Other than encouraged behavior allows insight on the individual that will eventually encourage a more constructive prison experience for all involved. And in this sense is positive)¼.Inmates enjoy benefits, status upgrade based on point totals. Example one inmate teaches another how to read both are acknowledged.

3. Graduation is functional from within the prison beyond benefits and status ie phone,
Movie, library, computer privileges. Also structurally better a “better” detainment reality. More spacious detainment area without bars, a status detainment area that is administered by prison inmates administrative supervisory assistance which becomes more paramount and determinate of parole opportunity. This level of imprisonment represents more a surrogate self functioning society than a constrictive prison. (If the inmate residents are unable to live amongst themselves, the suggestion that they are ready to return to society comes to question.

4. Criminal behavior is acknowledged and treated as self limiting behavior involving a choice experience that is negligible, defeating of self, devoid of common sense. (The prisoner needs help). Group therapy, psycho drama, daily updating journals which are shared and individual, a prisoner’s 12 step program (the last step an intimate self inquiry, self expression that remains personnel), individual therapy, the publishing of journals, literary works, performing of plays and video’s within the one prison-regionally and nationally. Sporting events involving state and national winners.
¼.All these programs paid for by the resident inmates¼.

5.Currently prisons generate 400 million dollars through inmate labor. This could be the income status of the prison experience of one State. Resident inmates performing work that is beneficial to society, not directly competing with the private sector and the income levels partially proportionate to the corollary benefits realized by the prison. Employment work opportunities that are also “created” through the ingenuity and sincerity of the resident inmates.
Example: A young man is “serving” ten years for regrettably committing a crime, the individual in question is an experienced welder. He can earn 60 thousand dollars per year.

  1. Relevant to the courts determination the victims will be compensated.
  2. The young man will pay for one third of his prison expenses.
  3. While in prison he will pay taxes.
  4. Also this young man will provide income for his family, lessening the needs of family members to go on welfare and be otherwise disadvantaged by the young man’s “choice.” The fiscal benefits to society are also evident.
  5. Upon release the resident graduate leaves prison not with a change of cloths, one hundred dollars and a restrictive parole arrangement that increases the likely hood of further crime, but rather the hopefully matured n’ resolved young man leaves prison with 35 thousand dollars that will go into an escrow account with his parole partner. If the graduated individual violates parole or commits another crime half this money reverts to the prison system, the remaining half to the prosecutors and defendants office. A national fund.
  6. Based on money earned while in prison, graduation performance, contributions made to family, society and the prison itself while a resident inmate the detained individual will own a percentage of the prison issued as stock valued proportionate to how self supporting the prison becomes. This investment dynamic continues after discharge, meaning, the resident graduate can continue to make contributions to the prison, provide volunteer work, continue employment initially developed while a prison resident thereby increasing the value of his or her stock. The value of the issued stock is shared with juvenile services, 70% for the troubled -pained youth. Which assuredly includes needs relevant to run away children
  7. Upon graduation 5% percent of the residents income will be returned to the state ie the tax payer until the remainder of his or her detainment education is paid off on a mortgage basis ie with interest. Assuredly many graduating this experience would become intimately and functionally expert in many related areas that would be advantageous to prisons and society.

6. A detainment preventive voluntary “prison” is built, those with a prison record including juvenile, with or without a drug addiction can voluntarily reapply for minimum restrictive detainment rather than commit another crime. This program would also apply to those who have been treated for sexual or violent offenses (or predispositions) but not necessarily incarcerated. Sexual predators ,wife batterers, those disposed to or trained in violence, stalkers, others who might be aware of the symptoms that lead shared abusive behavior would conceivably request an interview requiring some form of intervention including voluntary detainment before harm becomes manifest.

7. The issue of drug addiction and criminality, initially, requires different detainment-treatment protocols.

8. Minimum detainment graduation criteria is established. Whereas a high school student can not receive a diploma not having satisfied pre requisites, the resident detainee must also demonstrate consistent success relevant to his or her subjective needs and the expectations of society. Those who do not satisfy the graduation criteria and have served the duration of their “sentence” are released with concern and prejudice indicated. Registered as potential re offenders and must under go a more aggressive parole experience.

9. Inmate detainees who become ill during their detainment will receive treatment equal to that available to any citizen. Any inmate who dies during their detention will receive a proper funeral, one that is in accordance with their spiritual beliefs. If the interment occurs on “prison” property the funeral will be respectful and scheduled at a time convenient to family members. The tombstone marked by relevant “desired” information other than a number.


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