March 2010

When two individuals can identify a common (meditative sound) two can mediate (meditate) in the harmony as one. Once the human acquire the un- displaced sound of self-causality becomes harmonic. Appreciating all linear skills are learned contrary to the status of the birth child. Humans are born Light affluent. Without language, incapable of choice, not aware of death, not bonded to institution, the beautiful baby’s relationship with God is not one of knowledge, preferential Temple or ambivalent choice but one of Being…. A baby is born not linearly functional, musically responsive, not separate from the infinite Eternal Light. The same distinctions can be made about the conception of death giving further credence that death is not a dematerializing effect, but other materializing Light affluent. Birth- death two self-defining material events that are not self-chosen.

Mediating…when the human being meditates they are reclaiming their Cosmic self. A living presence without linear anomaly. The Cosmos avails. Distance no longer separates. Inby the form moment of ourselves we have changed measurement for communion…. Choice, institution, language, the inter perso0nnel no longer define.. We have exchanged forgiveness for love. We are light equidistant. Accessing the meditation Sphere A Community of one. Residing fraternally amongst the stars. Light companions of Krishna, Buddha, Jesus Christ, Mohammed, Mother Teresa, these Determined Ones are your ancestor neighbors.. And the Light seed origin of yourself. You have come home. Confirming our residence God’s beautiful planet earth. Place of contrast. On this planet we are dislocated. We learn as learning allows. Transitory value. We are the presence of our absence. (In the ideal should not a definition ionly be used once. Rules are detours. Be polite and all will come)…. Meditating: Sit down as you know your body. Or sit no0t. In your bedroom. On top God’s mountain or underwater. Your meditation is complete unto yourself. You are resurrected the reincarnation of your self. Remembering the solitary laurels… life, death, miracles, coincidence, now meditation; not resultant of another human being, machine or a preexisting knowledge. Yours is the meditation. We spend our lives listening to others. Thus are we not distracted of God…. Yet we assist. And love one another. With your permission a few sprouts. Hoping that by your kind effort you will of  them nurture the better orchard for us all. Thus God. And the Light accruing .Identify your DNAsound. Isolate the sound that emerges during meditation. An refining synergism. Sustaining guiding. Resolving the earthly anomalies. Of which you are  formulary. (Taxes, taxis and whooping cough). When you start meditating you start, stop you stop. Your home yourself. Acquiring memory  less your timely self. Displaced distracted…. Meditation is not a place. It’s you. Though the place can lead to you. Meditation, attending the Light. The meditation flows past your body. Expectations are distractions. Remembering the reversal of the Quantum riddle. Don’t expect be expected. Needing help meditating watch a tree, lovingly. You knew the rest not knowing. Whose permission do you need to walk on water.

Floating Light. Mediating our displaced existence.  One perspective whispers. Meditation sphere. Resolving the conflicted spheroid self. A sphere is defined.  “A solid geometric figure whose surface is at all points equidistant from the center.” Consider Lori a resonant sphere where the linear distinctions become mute. (Inferring poetry). Meditation flows. The frame is not the painting. Thank you to the nice people at Random House Webster Dictionary. We are guardians of God’s words. You have isolated your unique DNAs. (Upoin death your undistracted forms uninterrupted DNAs communes with the Cosmos (ie) interchangeable with the infinite Light Eternal. The near of sleep meditation the same, subjectively). Any materials or process materials that are in conflicted with your DNAs, your Light seed, will inhibit your meditation. Our cloths, furniture, the acoustics of your meditation room, jewelry and devises (ie) eyes glasses, dentures, tattoos  have to be sympathetic with your DNAs intent. Mediation like the Cosmos is non-localized. The room,  your house, your family, alleged pets, heart pacer meditate with you. Remember one gene of many millions that constitute the integrity of your body can determine whether you will be blind, be cancer distracted or paralyzed; your DNAs is an immeasurable  formulation…this acoustic presence connects you to the Cosmos. You are potentially transcendent. Intuition, luck, birth, death, clairvoyance, laughter,  music, miracle witness, placebo response sleep are other transcendent experiences that are not casual, invariably are conditions events that involve only one person thus inferring silence and are not relevant to your to your conscious intent based on instruction and assigned intelligence but your availability. (Possibly Lori you sent this years past when you explained you did not want to become involved with “a man of words.” By deed indeed as bliss invites the embrace in all it’s nuance is silently esteemed, not measurable inby time and seemingly beyond memories linear grasp. What kiss remembered recalls the same kiss as kissed). Given the nature of the all embracing Cosmic Light this manifest awe is all evident always without exception….Presumably Light  selectivity suggests exclusion ad represent a breach of the infinite Light. The Light is and as such is so, but only God the origin source is omniscient and capable of displacement or breach without schism or linear inference. We are in a sense God’s timeless memory. (Only Giod can remember an event as it happens).   Meditating…you are becoming conversant with God’s timeless memory of yourself. Relevant n’ revealing reciprocally. Noting a timeless memory is interchangeable with the event of self or displacement would ensue and the Light memory would be negating. Only God can remember an event as it happens. God’s nice Professor Einstein, “If mass is concentrated enough the curvature of space becomes infinite.” The concentration of your mass (form) is the willful harmonic application of DNAs to the presence of meditation (a Light impending location of self). And as timeless memory the meditation and the one who mediates become the near of interchangeable. The curvature of space speaks to the approaching ideal of your body. And body activity. Infinity is the Light of yourself. Clearly mass, curvature and infinity become interchangeable “harmonic” or displacement-conflict defines the mediation event.  Your meditation. Ours when we assume the Light. Relevant to identifying- utilizing your DNAs (and the component meditation DNAs ) we are developing a sound status that is in the nature of silence, not a melodic series of related notes though such a melody can be applicable as far as refining  your meditation…. An un displaced, un bordered sound event that is sympathetic to the Light. As such without exclusion the Meditation Sphere can  be translated to imagery, numeration, a yet to be finalized spherical language. Noting the DNAsound of silence is a non-linear manifestation that is inclusive of all senses, others not knowable and is non- casual in nature as such not inconsistent to variables like distance, randomness, variant temperature, weight (these anomalies relevant to the condition event and the involved human)…. Or aides like a personalized wind chime that  Light sparkles while you meditate. Subtlety is the near beyond measurement response.  Spherically all sense are one, Cosmic distance the same and the other breach form linear anomalies like variant temperature, inconsistent weight, forces alike torque…these are displacing formularies that speak to the interchange between the ironic non-materiality of time and material form often influenced by our need to validate-redeem-pardon our perceptual investment in disintegration through selective alteration. A priocess that in its thwarted ironic ideal we experience as non conversant dematerializing death whether this be the human form, a melting iceberg, disease and the process activities  that confirm and perpetuate these end point assimilations such as war, hospitals, insurance concepts etcetera. On the current planet earth manifest methodology based on intent disintegration defines consequence existence. As well as congruent spirituality. A self invalidating human redeeming self through death absence and valuating Creation environment though it’s ironic dissolution has virtually no choice but to esteem-experience an incomplete God…. Any variation from you meditation DNAs would register on the wind chime as a distraction, a sound apparent to yourself, though consciously you might not be aware of the deviation. Several seconds later, the time variant to the unfolding dynamic, the polar opposite sound is realized on the wind chime. A near endless linear response variations conscious or unconscious are possible. Complimentary chime response is possible. Given the intrinsic irony of our lives no two mediation experiences will be the same. Nor the consequent result. The wind chime in question at its basic is suggestive of David’s ornament device at the Men’s Group at Unity Church. Also as in the Music Sphere’s acoustic necklace other meditation aides are conceivable. Also meditating in different atmospheres that are DNAs actualized. Acknowledging a correlation between different spheres. Once the ironic community is resolved the Sphere is One. Or a dynamic to several mediating…. Meditating to a time constraint is displacing. You smile involuntarily startled pleasantly you return. The meditation sphere returns never left. We do. Until we are available again. Finally not finally at all. You have reversed the quantum riddle. When you are inbyas the Light you are nio longer the irony of yourself. You are the casual response to yourself. Thanki God literally. Light affluent. Smiling the surface of your soul.


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