Many students complete their education in college or technical schools with considerable debt.  The debt at times is  incurred by the parents. Consider a less linear-exclusionary approach. The students in a community "purchase" term life insurance and incorporate as one entity. Young healthy individuals can purchase a million dollars of insurance for less than ten dollars. Those who "die" in the initial ten years leave the benefits to the surviving students, thereby reducing tuition costs. And debt accrued during their studies. Assuming subsidy from alumni and other groups the return in the polices can be increased. As well as the duration of the policy. The polices themselves can be used as equity so that all students and their families can benefit including those who will "die" before the policies fully mature.

The same structure can be implemented in a community to reduce property taxes. Stabilize and increase equity in a community. Reducing the need for foreclosures. Reliable consistent property values reduces the need to increase property taxes. Ten percent of savings realized through this instrument can be placed in escrow to make no interest loans available residents during difficult financial times. Thereby increasing stability. Drawing the community closer together as a living presence.

This dynamic can be utilized to secure the well being of homeless individuals or those reliant on subsidy. Individuals or institutions can form a partnerships with community members who are temporarily without security or employment. The investment term life sphere can be used to provide services to these individuals. Reducing the burden on family, community and government agencies. Prison inmates can similarly be incorporated. Their community term life insurance sphere can be subsidized through employment while incarcerated. Once the homeless, the prison inmates those otherwise on subsidy are return to the full benefit of themselves, they would make an increased payment into the insurance investment sphere to increase its viability. And affect a repayment. The same system can be implemented to secure the viability of Medicare, veteran , entitlement and other government programs.  . Reducing the burden on government therefore the tax payers.

Crisis temporary or otherwise brought about by weather, famine or political instability can similarly be engaged. A person dislocated by a hurricane or other uncertainty can be adopted by a member of the world community….forming a singular entity by those dispossessed. If a person  victimized through hunger, social uncertainty, weather patterns eventually "dies" of natural causes, the resident government, relief agencies, adoptee partners, community and family members are beneficiaries of the life benefit policy.  Resolving or avoiding a famine, political, economic uncertainty or resolving a weather crisis efficiently would create an escrow surplus that would minimize the condition activities and human anxiety the creates unrest through anticipated instability.

In the near final summation these economic uncertainties and related sufferings are an issue of intent,  un certain human linear design given the destabilizing forces  are artificial in nature. These forces are not determinant. They are neither cause nor effect...Only consequential due essential to linear irony which functions through displacement, opposition and inefficiency. And our willingness to profit from the conseguent instability which however disguised or sublimated speaks to the death and misfortune of others.  If collective groups did not profit in excess of investment from disease, death, the economic  dislocation of human beings (which presently is intrinsic to a linear culture), but only profited from the life benefit...these uncertainties  would occur less often, would be less suffering. And when such displacements  did occur they would be less damaging more effectively resolved.


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