1. Interest rate 10% with two points going to the Church, Mosque, or Temple.
Further securing the stability of the religious institution. And those devoted to the same. The two points donated to the Church, Temple or Mosque is tax deductible.
How is this credit card secure n’ competitive at 10%

2.Virtually no advertising costs, the leaders of the religious institution explain and promote the credit service.

3.Due to the Constitutional separation of Church and State in America this credit system, ie initially card, is free of government regulation which can be potentially inhibiting and costly. Also presumably any taxes, example sales tax on a purchase item, would also be tax deductible. Maintaining these records through the administration of the credit card would be easier and less expensive for the religious institution to maintain than individuals or corporations given the volunteerism and the texture of the management group¼further increasing the viability of this instrument.

4.The spiritual fidelity of the group members would require less liability insurance.

5. Those who wish to increase their donation to their Temple, Church or Mosque could do so by accepting the card at an interest rate in excess of 10%.

6. The stability, financial and otherwise of the Holy Institution would improve as well as the skills of the group members. Accordingly their ability to do good works. The efforts of those involved in maintaining any aspect of the credit card would also be tax deductible. Generating income as part of Ministers, Rabbi’s, Imam’s “service” and responsibility would be appreciably lessened. Allowing for the labor more spiritual less material, this of course applies to the consciousness n’ efforts of the group members. They would become less preoccupied with fiscal concerns given the self administrating nature of this instrument ie the management of which need not be associated with the members of the Holy Institution.

7. One option, possibly most feasible initially, the credit card is local or regional in its utility. Allowing those doing business within the determined area to afford incentive opportunities to the card holder. Also improving the administrative integrity of the card. Furthering this dynamic is the likely hood that members of any given religious group would share many purchasing patterns in common (ie) the same restaurants, retailers, utility companies, loan needs.

8. Conceivably the religious institution, already spiritually devoted to the well being of group members, would also become more concerned about the financial stability of the same. One does not exclude the other. One additional possibility is to establish an escrow account drawn from credit card profits to protect the group members from any short fall such as illness, the loss of employment¼thereby increasing the bond between the Holy Institution and the attendant members.

9. Through the material medium various institutions, regardless of denomination, could join their credit cards to improve the viability of this instrument. Adding a significant common ground whereby those previously spiritually conflicted could find shared purpose. And spiritual fraternity.

10. Though we have been discussing a “Religious Credit Card” the feasibility of the aforementioned concept would necessarily translate to other economic sectors such as loans, mortgages bringing an element of spirituality where previous this presence was marginal or even counter indicated. And also involve in the market economy a significant economic presence, religious institutions, whose previous involvement was dormant or indirect rather than spiritually determined.


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